Faith, Fatherhood, and The Life an NBA Player

David Chadwick
Sunday, May 20th
Cody Zeller and his dad Steve join David to discuss faith, being a father and the NBA life.

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Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick in. Talk about tonight reached a BC welcome to show. In case you don't know this is the faith and values program that tries to intersect different issues people pop culture through the lenses of faith and values it's always a pleasure. Having you be with me this week and all weeks now. Going over eighteen years together it's been such a great ride thanks so much for listening. Well I have a great show today and I'm looking forward to it because actually today I get to celebrate my wife Maryland's and my fortieth anniversaries or anybody that stays with me for forty years thank you so much for all who are applauding right now. Is an amazing woman and she is just wanna shout out to Maryland how much I love you appreciate you. Thanks for standing behind me and all of those tough times in Tuesday's I didn't think I can keep going forward. You were the one who was always there for me. Love you much thanks for forty years hope we can have another 102030. Together until. Whenever we go to okay. So thanks again Maryland and I have a special program for you guys today not in studio with me is Cody Zeller. The power forward center for the Charlotte hornets. And surprisingly not known until just a couple few minutes ago his dad Steve Zeller is with him so I said come on open up a might join us let us get to know you as well. This is going to be a fun show to date guys thank you for being with me today Cody thanks. Yet thanks for Amazon notes if you must tranda. Turner or current schedules. Yes but via the F thank you and Steve good to have you as a guest today too thanks for being here. They turned onion news element congratulations. We're losers deal wow and it is hard to believe it seemed like only yesterday we met. And we walked on the island. We started our lives together been a great life together and we'd love basketball I you know I played basketball at North Carolina is as some of my listeners know. My son David was a division one scholarship athlete and my. Son Michael was Smart enough to swim and not play basketball and college swim with the university Missouri. And it's just been fun to raise boys who love sports and I know you did that he Steve let me start with you right now and I think this would be great for you people here. But did you always know your boys were going to be great basketball players because kodi he's not the only son who plays basketball. We've got three sons and the good lord justice with. The the for dominance because all three right seven wow and a no weeded knows that there would be great basketball players. A stellar but he we went from. Iowa is where my wife and met where schools sweethearts. And from California and Minnesota. And we have a boy meets Wednesday. Morning below point 00. Boy in Minnesota. Removed Indian and sausages and we and in Indiana for. When they were fueled first rate do you. Mean girls. And we didn't know we they would given him some. Statements. It's the Indian. Men. A. Yeah hotbed of basketball deeply. Entrenched in tradition like the state of North Carolina is maybe even Morse. With basketball mania going on. And coding do you remember the first day you fell in love with the game of basketball. A girl with the best all my hands. You know for as long as I can remember and you know secede drawn out. You know it was two older Brothers from me. Everything was competition. Not just basketball look. Everything pizza eating contest you know. Races we we've played tennis who played football men in the on the front yard. You know so I think that account. Competitively and today. Is the bleachers to that some. We have always broke play amass so we would say. There weaker open in town 121000 and southern Indiana. Paradise would you ovals 7000. Hala good news is so down on Friday and Saturday nights so it is maniacal kind of shows you a big you have vessel isn't Google sun India. Hoosier mania Steve Steve this rule quickly I. It's code he's Brothers odd and I in North Carolina mini bus recognize obviously Tyler who played at the University of North Carolina but would you give us an update on all three just where they are and who they are. Sure Luke is he's in Bloomington Indiana and he works for old national bank. And leave. He's married and they've blessed us with very grandson. Which the grandsons are you've been there are a lot of fun and then we've got to. Tyler who has moved from. All over with Cleveland to Boston to Brooklyn and you just got traded to Milwaukee halfway through the season. And him and his wife has blessed us with a grants on this one year old. McCain went out always tease the grandchildren are God's greatest gifts and boy are they something real armies yeah so much for MI joke I say all the time and of people are part of that is so cool. Is it Biden and grandchildren were so much fun at a skip parenting altogether because the wife as a third they're merely perfect and only one other person that war the year that was more perfect and agree there a year ago and that's the one that we worship and love. Listen we need to talk some further we got to take a commercial break Cody Zeller the power forward center for the Charlotte hornets is in studio with me his father Steve. On this beautiful made the twentieth my fortieth wedding anniversary what a day will be right back folks this is news talk eleventh and WBT. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick from. I in studio with me are. I feel very special people ones Cody Zeller he is the a power forward center for the Charlotte hornets been here couldn't help long nails even by owners and a hundred years not a simple. Yeah well. And surprisingly better in great guest as well his dad Steve has joined us and it's just wonderful didn't know you guys in and have this time with you to talk about you just get to know you better. I'm coating them come to Yunel I you have. Obviously I've been in the league the NBA for the last five years but before that you went to the University of Indiana correct. You know into India take place that I growth and so in India. And you know Derrick or about a lot of different schools and really tough decision to make mistresses. You know a young kid in my school. And you mr. basketball in Indiana weren't you go through lesser all three of viewers to rest on India and really I didn't know that that's fascinating what an honor that must be while this so salute Quinn's Notre Dame Tyler went to north conversely. And tiger critter by a little bit everyone by a near redundant. Indiana Butler and North Carolina so I can play with talent for a year Butler to spend it. Two national championships with Brad Stevens. And then you know India knows the whole state just kind of yeah and get things rolling a little bit so. The I don't know Magnus is go to India and to stay there two years. But I enjoyed everything are off the best of course and you know the the fans really embrace me and the great tradition there and. Graco we and you beat North Carolina. Your second year there didn't use I mean you wanna. Humbly come before me. Asking for forgiveness for that all full for a four romping and we'll say the margin of victory it was a pretty substantial. Have to. It was a drubbing it was awful it was ugly I remember the game we couldn't throw the ball on the ocean and you guys really want it doesn't 10 or better it is a year. Well to talk to me about it you know there's a lot of debate now about the one and done and you obviously two years and then left what goes into. A kids' thinking process to leave early from college and in the NBA. I think goes a little bit Lou is different because I was I was really focused on goodness a good degree. And Tyler Luke have both so well for years school. And they really had never crossed my mind even those. You know McDonald's all American and mr. rust on India. Under imagine don't have the chance to leave for the NBA. Who's really. I think halfway through my freshman year. Start in the tower on the phone and we're talking about all of the Carolinas. Some. You know feet out that you relief for the draft and so we're kind of talk about. And Taj so what about you. And it never even crossed my mind you didn't think you might be an early never departure. I thought why when I committed India thought it was going to be used for years to get my degree. You know now in my have a chance to go to the NBA dislike my Brothers decided I'd take in the same same paths my brother's life grownup. And aside never really customize that's a bigger reason why we came back my sophomore year for one digit at least closer to getting my degree. And then for two. In and enjoy muscle conscious experience at photos of it for years and after I came back from my software you're kind of in the back reminders by him well last year so that I can you know kind of enjoy the last year of college so. Now could you have left after your freshman year and been drafted do you think yeah I think I would have. They project from an obvious top ten panic even after your freshman year Russian air so so you really gave up potentially a lot of money and a bit of a risk to go back injury wise to do your sophomore season. It was a huge risks and there's so many guys that have come back burner for next year and hasn't on Weller. Injuries there you know the teams are focused on stopping that guy so. Those are really an actual motivation for me going in in my software near the other one be one of those guys. I'm curious Steve your this is coatings father now commended the Mike are you counseling Cody during this time period. Where there to stay or to leave what's your thought pattern at this point. Action at that point so. You know Laurie and I'm on what floor in time we have talked a lot about on mature and they get their education so. The counseling that Cody got wasn't. Not to go to the NBA of the counseling was you will get your degree. I don't care how butcher to figure out a way to get your degree and he has done. Now while that's cool and that's really the best of both worlds that you were able to get into the NBA post Richard agreed. So Cody being the sophomore year you pretty sure throughout the season that you are going to enter in the NBA at the into the season yeah. Their account and how in the back among a lot of it like you're saying with the the one and done as a and its interest love does being so young Lee. So they kind of protect our you're going to be in you know three years and seven years and torture in your prime there. So Tyler's stave off for years and world news would be I would make him. He kind of fell in the draft a little bit just because he was old as senior wryly as a unit didn't drafted seventeenth. But he was you know the C player of the year and had you know great college career results like you've penalized for being older is debacles are more younger bodies in the. And injuries do you think that's it Steve I think it's the boot that length of careers that they can have so they always say it takes about. Two to four years Bergman BA player to adjust to league. They've got that out of the way and valor in their prime earlier on. And that's fascinating so it's of Cody did you expect to go in the top ten after your sophomore year. In the draft yeah and the secretive process. You know gone through the draft and at the go worked out for ten different teams and you're from. Tutors twelve. You know fly Andy's city meet with the the front office working out for the team. Or the hornets one of those team just Lawrence for one yes so. But I mean on draft day eating goat one of any any thirty cities and you didn't know and at all no idea. Until Davis or analysis so. Just a crazy you know creeping in it you can be living in any city year around the country. I was election night. I was very excited that news Charlotte both. On and off the court received great city and but really happier than what it seems like you've adjusted well and the thing ensure long you've had some injuries this year you know okay. Yeah I'm doing better facilities. You know as a test in time for me. Throw ominous this in December. And you know the first better. Significant injured during the season and you know they kind of kind of tests where your identity is that because you know best clothes taken from men and so much of what I do is is on the best full court but it. You know kind of may vary check myself of you know this is my identity in my faith in my family and there was two important or is this tournament but on basketball's them. Those taco months especially mentally forever. You know feel a lot better now and notes to get certain exe. Well this has been a year of interest for basketball fans in the Charlotte hornets a lot of changes now going on how to use a player adjust to the changes that occur he no longer have a head coach she's not sure exactly who the next head coach is going to be. A Mitch Kupchak a former North Carolina player who might know from my past is now the GM how do you handle all this Cody is it just kind of a day by day thing. Yes stuff Communists kind of work. When we signed up for hidden in professional sports are in clear fairway and it's the team is in play and Weldon you know there has to be changed and that's the the bottom line but you know world people and we all. A lot of the staff it's not just not just the coaching staff Wednesday they would go a lot of the you know trainers strength conditioning. Video corners although it down so all those folks dismissed as well this was a new store and a completely out so. So I really feel for a lot of guys have been around 05 years here and in those of the guys around every day see you really get to know well and I think the coaching staff. Is already interviewed for the job sitting bill and then another year left they're deal. A lot of support staff laden video corners and a you know the assistance. You know they they got to find other job is pretty quickly just because there. There make enough where they can take a year offered. Only to have to support their failings so. You know let those the group part of a professional sports in Peru a feel for those guys because of a god knows the world so. I've been trying to open very kemba. It's tough time for them. And when I guess in your faith which are going to explore in the next segment to a more deeply but you wanna help people out as much as you can be an instrument of God's. Love and mercy their for those folks solution. Like he says it's. You know there the Christians and order is a sooner or dealing with the change. Much better just because they have a a solid foundation and you know in this tests and some idea of kind of tried to try to reach out to them you know kind of expresso so. Sometimes their own. So really does get down you don't know what the future holds but you do know who holds the future that I couldn't and that's where your faith lies and mean I've been there are few times in my life I think anybody who has faith knows exactly what you're talking about and you're all season regiment what's that gonna look like. Take some time off now. Development the he'll completely and give back and do some lighter stuff. You know lifting in paternity things a play tennis in school. So almost seven foot one tennis player or bush played doubles list of Lynette just. To I mean is God's Lola as a net. I actually played decent non tennis in the summer and please Bobby Jones Earl you know Bobby loves to play tennis those units in North Carolina grant tonight NBA all star. So anyway it's this kind of necessary BO a kind of stay in shape and do other things and disagreement about fools you and so. When I start taking it seriously for the season when he released. Upping your conditioning and trying to get stronger. June July LB. Be big months for Regis on the court and in the in the later every day. That'll be a little bit lighter and in August and then really mostly to be back in September. An entry details aren't over so. Can make it there and in nine we tried to get you on the show throughout the season and we tried to state that date does nothing worked and it's disease and this is K I think for eight months that your weaknesses and his new listeners though for us is no holidays and no weekends there's no. Note that assists you know practice the players or game day so yeah gets hectic future. When we come back what have people have a glimpse of a week in the life of an NBA player what would like to go on the road and I don't think it's as glamorous as a lot of people would think it is and also Steve won't include you in the next segment talking about how. How do you raise great kids how do you have faith be a part of the foundation of your family and Cody get into some of your personal faith which I think people would love to hear about. I'm David Chadwick this is news talk Clement in 993 WBT will be. Right back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is just talk 111098. Just you beat Pete welcome back to the show if you'd like to get this program where Cody Zeller in his father's feet. From beginning to end please go to WBT dot com scroll down to the weekend shows look for the David Chadwick show and you can downloaded it you're the podcasts from its beginning. To the in Cody Steve thanks so much for being with me today really appreciate your time together. Cody I just think folks would love to hear about a week or two weeks in the life. Of an NBA players in do you think the glamour and the Monday and the jets and the arena is in the sounds and sights and all that wow what that must be like. But I know enough guys who played in the NBA that is not as glamorous as you might think it is talked to us about a week in the life of an NBA player. Like you said this is no results Paulus cut that to be its. No displaying 82 games over the course of the season is its challenges because. You know win or lose you play well you play bad. You know and come right behind it so. But he said that the trial stuff. You know we're either. Who played all the players on the Rhode Island. Everything in between is a lot of just recovery and rehab. Trying to get ready for the next game and so. And back to backs must be brutal back to backs as tough as well. So a lot of times will. It on you know practice day you'll prices. 1032 redundant in 1230. You know issue before and after. Certainly colds a lot of recovery. And the reason for about it 2 o'clock it's the next India. 3452. Or fine suit. There will be free for the rest of the night so. I have fairly kind of Roman data's young so twelve so. And aunts uncles and cousins on the road but that's a good easier to get up Tuesday to coming to dinner with friends we have been friends in that city and but it is in the game day would be in a shoot around 10 o'clock. Come back to the hotel room in a bye to the console launch new taken now. And then head back here in for. Via creative stuff game seven. Finish up 9930. Fly either to the next city or back Charlotte so. It's lot of travel it's a lot of gains and sprightly a lot of people who knows a lot of down time slow time and in hotel rooms and fit in my own development. And no stuff on sale is as it is the only from the wife and kids so much and it's for me a lot of time it's. Idle time as the bills and that's this challenging does the temptations of the MBA here. Our own their own. Our there's groupies are there people that that make themselves available to you know we hear the stories but does that really a lot of stores are pretty true true unfortunately and yeah. So learn how to draw boundaries around yourself don't you mean definitions and life and not not just the not just the groupies the hear about obviously there. Thursday's signal to reduce them I'm a single guy and and his dating it's. You know the only comes with the the money in the spotlight and and some Mueller checked of that. Bono excellence attraction to me more than. You know would you be around if I throw wasn't all of this all of this brings along with that so. So that makes it sound as well. Well I know that. We we have to always be aware of those kind of things and and Steve my guess is you tried to raise Cody well to handle those things. Weller and I was can actually cover the business own surprise to. Laurie and I and both Tyler and Cody did the same thing. We always meet with them and indeed when they come out Indians have supper with from the night before and as they were walking out there hotel room we do meet him in their hotel rooms there watching other hotel room they take a picture. Of their number. Of their hotel room and the first time it was kind of like okay it's kind of weird bit or two ago and and then we saw both of them do so we asked Cody increases. When you go to different places every night so it's kind of embarrassing when you are on the tenth floor and you end up going to the Ninth Ward that's where you were last night. One and around the nieces Canada so you just take a picture of the. Who would fall. That kind of thing goes on in the NBA I have one my rookie year order you know kind of half with this season and Elie said January uses code so it's much easier you're savvy of the season started. Via the all star break in February so. You know the games lenient that the needle. Refresh a little Buddha a breath of fresh air in minutes you know going for the playoffs after. After meals or break but it was January months when here. Jerry game thirty game forty and you know play announcer forty insulate it really start looking at the the playoff seeding yet but it's you know you still play and real and ideas the best players in the world so. The story. It was my rookie year we've played in in DC and we're on the back to back and Boston. And so you know we get you know two through 3 in the morning and so I go out to get a bite the alliance like come back and and my Keyon Boston wasn't working. And so wacko him back down. The front desk and I do Mikey knew my keys org reactivated. And I give it to ominous has the a blanket on it and it's from the night before. As soon as the the Washington monuments of Washington DC robe on. It's like I don't think your other cities that. I can give me new C I don't know what room I don't know. Format so anyway it it's. You lose track record I bitch you do a year Cody something else that people don't understand and I am not nearly as tall as you or I'm almost 68 but. If you're 71. And and your Brothers or seven footers as well. People don't understand life as a seven footer what are the biggest challenges you have to face it is it is. Under you at times it's. Flying on airplanes is tough. So much as some my friends were headed to Carol Owens can be years ago on. And I love the reason parks all of the roller coasters and so I was I was excited right along and so I looked up on a letter of their website. And for eight of the ten big roller coast of they have a sixth but he I. Oh really so I was like little kids you know couldn't couldn't quite as isn't quite well a like Jesus is disappointing when you're too tall size so at houses devastated for a. Where people think about light fixtures they poke your head on those doorways or whether he's eight inches all you have to duck under every doorway. And we were joking all hear about this one I've had people. Who would invite me over in the house I'm just so why don't you ever invite me over and one person sheepishly said well the reasons because there's always dust on the top of my refrigerator and I don't want you to see that I can't get to a tickling deer rabbit out of there on the same thing of of remind name in the dust on top of people's refrigerators before so. You know there's pros and constant pressure and the clothes there yet and bids that are usually around 68 to may be some a seven foot euros and choose or you know so. Well my first purses as the California king bed. Oreo in the NBA just because I've been through Canada a queen bed and on going sideways and so. Yes Steve I'm I'm curious do you you can lower your wife raising 37 footers that challenged dear did you have to. Stocked refrigerator with extra food and clothing cost I just can't even imagine. Fortunately it worked didn't the Turkey industry so I was able to bring home a lot of meat because as a refrigerator. And we were just commenting that Cody was just home and he was open the cupboard door and stood there and looked for something deed which said that looks familiar. All I'm used to do certain. Let me start Wii U Steve on this topic because this is the heart of the program. You have a fake yourself you're in orient and you tried to instill that within your son's that was important you right. Absolutely. We would go to church on Sunday and and then when the age you started it became more complicated pay used not sensitive to those of us who believe in one worship on Sunday. And go to my son and it actually be advanced us even more because Luke. Took the oh lead in. We would actually go over Bible verses and different things on the trips though we at all or did time in the caller order travel and he and he would. It was his big test to build them a Bible verses. And we'd go over that and sometimes we can get into some. Long discussions that would go into the hotel room and they were just continue on night after night. And did did you ever worry about your sons and how successful they were in sports and being able to keep them grounded. In the faith that you laureate had a plan their hearts. Absolutely it's a it's a challenge and big thing is just to keep communicating with them keep asking him there's something in the you can do him and hopefully. My dad like Cody says raced twelve of us and and he's passed away but one of the advice is he gave this is you better have their respect by five other ways. It's going to be back when their teenage. That's interesting. How did you try to gain that respect from your three boys as their dad give us a good dead tip today on May the twentieth 28 team. I think a. Lot of it had to do with. Asking the right questions and I wasn't always the perfect dead others and stories like Nintendo which are. Or too long and drawn out to I learned the hard way on. That you had to. Give them the respect and be able to. Asked them questions and that's on them learn from my dad race them and then as you do that that develops the relationship that where they then can trust that you really care about them calls guinier in a relationship with them as their Fokker yet we spend a lot of time with me rebounding. And I and you him great conversations they did achieve and that was the best conversations we go into the gym and it was kind of our little sanctuary and. We know folks if I can give you this parenting tip that I've given so often in a mini you've heard the speaker tired of it I'm gonna say it again kids spell love T I in eighty. That they just do and as you spend time with them they know you love them and you can speak into the hearts and develop them. Cody Zeller and Steve Zeller my guest today Cody power Forbes senator for the Charlotte hornets Cody when we come back when we talk about your faith and how that's influenced your life and how it helps continued to guide you and David Chadwick will be. Yeah. I'm ready I'm David Chadwick is there's talk that 59 street WBT welcome back to that you hope you enjoyed it it's been fascinating for me as. Sports pledge basketball Manhattan studio with me my friend Cody Zeller. And his dad's feet with a surprise guest as a realizing you coming today Stevens so good to have you thanks for being with us guys and. Go to here's a question I'd love to intro this segment whip. On you're going through your basketball schedule and you look at your gut you've got to play against and you go alone oh. I've got to play against. Who would that person beat it causes the most angst in your heart to play again. Give me a couple of answers for one there's different there's givers thousands of flying. Against different guys so. Tough has got a garden DeMarcus Cousins is a lot of problems it is he's so strong and so physical. She's threes now. So he's he's someone you know I know I'm along nag guard them real quickly my son play. It against him they were the same year and I remember and you use game where they were playing against one another. And I saw him I turn the person next to me I said that guys approached Khatami and he washing threes even the and I thought how does a guy seven foot be able to do all the things he does especially. With his movements. Exactly that when it's definitely tough to go arteries. The I would rather guard someone like him then someone like Stephen Adams. This disease he brought the of the strongest leave very physical. And he's offering real often threw down. And he's either as ours many points is not you know you know it's more thought Russell Westbrook when you aren't. Plains of Casey. So the focus of the game plans a stop Russell Westbrook but it if you Stephen as out of ignited then you know they can be the game for a split. I would rather almost garden you know I mean scorer. Just because if you all the monitored 28 that he had you had a good game so that's not a bad thing rupiah 27 I played well there's definitely more room for air there so. Likable guys league there. My favorite got a garter I would say is certainly is a drug guarding her group as a huge standard whiskey. And east on that I Garnett was still is still not normal for me disk is you know of that little kid inside of me is things that's pretty special so. The first time I've I guarded dirt. My rookie year. Coaches give us the scatter report on. You know of dirt and you know a big game plan Lewis was built around him and so he's gone through and he can ask his questions were hurled through and who's talking about there was he's post that game and you know he likes the news that the step back feet away. And threw her on the the right block Khamese that was blocked as you like better. Else like that washed in my whole life like this and knows the answer. He says it doesn't matter a class act go to a a a and so so we. Who recently gave stars in and I'm garner pretty well the first the first half he's one for eleven. With four points. And I generally get my head inside the doors and on and passed on that thought process and how much solace here on. I think it is pretty cool so he ended up eleven for 21. And yet 45 points. So it was like OK I get a sense sadly had to wait a second hand he had embodied there rode on down the stretch in the fourth quarter we could be so. Aaliyah and I get it now it clicked it on pretty good. All right I'm I'm gonna ask this with a dead in the studio because on your owner. Is Michael Jordan considered one job if not the greatest player of all times and those of who watched him. In the eighties and nineties especially can remember how fantastic he was decode you've got to play against. LeBron James and many think today the greatest of all times if you had to choose between the two. Who would you choose. And go with the object away June against just got to rate then your salary Zagat Al Assad to sit and answer but. The views yes and he was he used say that is different generations. As well so it's different. A different style of play and everything else so. But LeBron is is. Pretty pretty completely had me at sixty wanna guess the smuggler two years now as soon as best a unique talent and Steve you would say between those two having watched them you'd say I would also go to Michael literally please. He took a beating every night in it is news that differed. And different there yet it really isn't in LeBron James reminds me of a tight end. Who can just forces weighted basket overpowered people close I can think Shaq when he played but he just overpowered people nobody can Goran was so strong missing thing. With LeBron James delegate to what's most important to ship Cody Cody your personal faith I mean your your faith in the lord is very real to you which you talk about that please. Yes for sure I mean I. Who would debts in here growth and the real small Lutheran church and the pews and innocent. As this is as a kid it was a the most fun for me to go as a as a real little kid McConnell and kicking and screaming. And once they got into middle school in the earlier is a high school. With the guidance of my older Brothers. I kind of you know took abolish so there's something here illnesses this is real and I kind of you know wanted to get more into it want to learn more and as my as my high school years. Grew right. At search more into the faith and bill my face but I don't think it was really tested until I went college. And you know and lesbian a spotlight guided Indiana. Being away from home for the first time. You know all the temptations there and and slows a trying year a couple of years for me and then. Getting dressed and the abuse. He even even more tests in my face and you know us I think I think my faith has gotten stronger each. You know each challenge throughout my life and the move in Charlotte on Tony years old that in Noah a single person wanna got here. You know joining the MBA obviously is. Is challenging for my face. Of I think my faces got stronger and like we talked the beginning is. You know it in this league it's you figure out what's your what your life is built on whether it's. It's basketball and you know earlier here up and down on every loss or is it. Built on your faith and built on your family and values and you know without without the faith I don't know how guys late this through the third season with. How challenging it is. Knows how long season is. In a dozen downs and at all yet the pressure of the of playing well as a individually and as a team and for me it's that's been huge for me rather face the rock and you know his skis carry me through a lot. So what what I've heard you say nothing is so key for listeners to notice when I believe with all my heart that the questions identity. You know where do you find your identity thief I dreaded the in the game of basketball or whatever in life you're going to find ups and downs and it's an insecure foundation but if you find your identity in the lord. Knowing that he control your life and he loves you no matter what. That's what gives you the strength to keep moving forward. Yeah and and Bobby Jones we talked about just through briefly early on he's he's been huge for me just because. He is an NBA legend his doctors retire from the series sixers yet agreed MBA career but. Like set his faith is so much more important than which you know the best of course so he said no pro walked away from the game and just kind of put that in the past and now it's fun to see you play as Greinke isn't. And duels little things and he never looks back on his playing gazes you know chapter of his life for it now is kind of moved Honda. The bigger better things are more important things so. And it's not a numb and got to Charlotte home planner. No injuries or anything else so I'll go talk to Bobby and he puts things back in their perspective really really could do it. But more importantly it'll. You're you're speaking their own other subject that we don't have time to get into the dust of power mentors. And the importance of having people who have walked life. Be able to speak in your life to help you move forward. We're running out of time Steve thank you so much for your time today you can look like bury bad guys thanks so much for being here and Cody. Any final thoughts in ten seconds you'd like to share with our listeners today. Not think sermon on like a citizen if I quit the quit accurate to Liasson in your wife. You know coach Rivera so. I'm thankful as soon make it work and I am glad to come back it's I wanna may not. Great wolf folly of closely this year we wish you all the best and play well and play. And healthy way I think that's important to hey everybody thanks for listening love god love your neighbor those two things yet a lifetime's worth of work to do. Talk with you all next week.