Faith Focus Friday - Ministries Are Here To Serve Us, Another School Shooting

Vince Coakley Podcast
Friday, May 18th

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From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so liberty. This system fits Coakley radio program. And good morning welcome to our Friday broadcast good to be back with you. We wanna start off with some breaking news we're following. This is in Texas at this hour. There is C. An active shooter situation that's going on the at a Santa Fe school tractor schools unlocked dale lockdown. After an incident involving an active shooter. The Santa free independent school district announcing. This incident on the website at this point we don't have any additional information. We don't know if anyone has been injured or not. This is about forty miles outside of Houston witnesses told several outlets they saw a girl shot in the leg those reports at this point not been confirmed again. Active shooter situation. Santa Fe. This is outside of Houston and we will continue to follow this story. Also. And threat from the freedom caucus. To take a farm bill. They're trying to push for an immigration vote the house freedom caucus. Mark meadows right here North Carolina trying to flex some muscle on this particular issue. And we will see where that gross a couple of developing stories here at the top of the broadcast. I want to start to oh. We if a new rule. That is expected to be announced today this rule. And it's not new because this has been done before. They proposal. That would effectively banned Planned Parenthood similar organizations. From providing abortion and related services under the same roof as operations funded by federal family planning grants. You may be familiar with the Hyde amendment prohibits the use of competitive. Federal family planning grant funds for abortion but organizations like Planned Parenthood have traditionally used the federal money for other health services. While using private money for abortions and related services sometimes. At the same facilities and of the same staff shocking isn't it. We're based out of Reagan era regulation championed by abortion rights so opponents. The new rule would force into decent received so called title ten family planning funding. To maintain physical and financial separation between taxpayer backed operations. And any related facilities that perform abortions support procedures. Or receiver for referrals about them. This is a good executive step. This is a signal. I'm sure that largely. Connected to the elections as well coming up the mid terms. Two anti abortion activists. Where the president's coming on this particular issue and also we just had federal funding approved. For Planned Parenthood just a few weeks ago. Republicans are very concerned about the possibility of losing seats they need to motivate their base this is one of those issues that can actually. Do that. There's not a lot of enthusiasm out there this one of the things that you may have noticed. When you look at the numbers and some of these elections. We've seen a high turnout for Democrats. A lot of Republicans still see reason to go out to vote. This is one of the things I've also warned about repeatedly this. Mindset. That so many seem to be in focusing on a single person. In this case the president could brightest in the rear end. There were other candidates. There are other people out there the German impact a huge impact on what happens I think in another perfect example of this. Now. This is a little else different in the sense that we we had any kind of handicap situation where in Charlotte. In Mecklenburg County there was not the ability for Republicans to get out and vote in this particular election but among Democrats. They voted for someone who's going to get rid of the 287 G program. That's huge. This is one of the consequences. Of. Having. Radical leftist Democrats. Winning elections. Turnout is vital. Absolutely vital. So hopefully we'll hear about this rule. An official announced little bit later on today. That the trump administration's going to follow through on this and deny funds to clinics that even discuss abortion. Let's understand and remember what this is this is the extermination of babies this is not choice. It's not about women's rights. Contrary to what you're going to hear a mainstream news media. I wanted to take the opportunity as well to tell you about a website because we've got new people all the time and some of you may not be familiar with this website that I've highlighted a number of times before it's worth revisiting. The website is called black genocide dot org. Black genocide dot ORG. If you do not checked out this website there it's eight treasure trove of information if you haven't check this out yet you need to. In fact I had to refresh the screen because there the first screen the landing page for this. The information on it is earth shattering. I had to refresh it so like it actually save this and share this with you. Here's what's posted. The purposes website is to expose the disproportionate. Amount of black babies destroyed by the abortion industry. I want you to listen to this. You may want to pull over if you're driving because this is absolutely astounding. For every two African American women they get pregnant. Run will choose to abort. Premier repeat that again for every two African American women to get pregnant one will choose to report. A black previous five times more likely to be killed in the womb then a white baby. Can somebody explain this to me. Then also explained three. The silence. Of so called civil rights leaders so called black leaders. I've never heard them discussed this. I really haven't. What I have to. For every two African American women to get premium one will choose to reports. Quote from. Supreme Court justice Ruth but as he Ginsburg. 7209. Just nine years ago. Frankly I doubt at the time roe was decided. There was concern about population growth and particularly growth and populations we don't want to have too many of. Did you really say that yes she did. The goal of abortion. And so called family planning has always been. To reduce the populations of undesirable us who's on deserve else. Who are these and desire bolster their black people. Can I find it amazing that the same people who were supposedly complaining. About blacks. Who are under threat by police. Are the same ones. To have nothing to say about the extermination. The systematic or Sturm and extermination of black babies. This is our future. And this quote. From reverend cleared Childress. The most dangerous place for an African American to be. Is in the womb of their African American mother. She won these fax for a little while folks share this website. We're still on social media encourage people to read. Get educated about this this is the real under covered story in the black community. We are killing ourselves and our future. This is still since Coakley radio program the plunge didn't pinch. And 19 minutes after 10 o'clock our Friday edition of the Vince Coakley radio program could. I started off talking about this rule that to be announced today from the drug administration about federal funding. Banning federal funding for abortions. And I went into a web sites. That I encourage you to check outs called black genocide dot org. There's an extraordinary amount of information here wanna encourage you to check out. Ands. I'm trying to remember here because there's something that I came across it. It's not hearing it's they must have moved into pro he reorganized this website but when the facts that brought out misses in the context of all of the media attention abouts. Police shooting. Black people. If you wanna put that into the equation. And consideration. Of the history of lynching in America I think it was this website. That did some research and he figured out. There were probably about 3000 or so people. In all of American history who had been lynched blacks. Ends they made the point. In three days. We kill more black babies. Then the entirety. Of blacks who were killed by lynching. Think about this. Because in what makes this worse is we are willing participants in the extermination of her own race. Here is one of the items that I wanted to point out. If you click on the Planned Parenthood. Section. Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider and America's 70% of their clinics. Anybody in studio do you wanna guess where 78%. There clinics are. One wild guess inner cities urban areas you better believe it therein minority communities. 78%. In other words they don't put the clinics in Ballantine. They don't put a Muppet highland creek. They put him in the foot. There's a reason for that. Blacks make up 12% of the population 35% of the abortions in America. Questions last year are we being targeted. Isn't that genocide we're the only minority in America that is on the decline in population. If the current trend continues by 2038 the black vote will be insignificant. Did you know the founder of Planned Parenthood Margaret singer was devout racist who created the negro project designed to sterilize. Unknowing black women and other she deemed as undesirable. Society. The founder of Planned Parenthood said colored people relate to human weeds and are to be exterminated. Use her vision being fulfilled today I think so. Again. Check this out lots of great resources sheer black genocide dodge or Jeep. The subjects that deserves a great deal more attention and here's the irony drew is the champion. Which political party is the champion a baby killing. And especially black baby killing because it's disproportionate. It's the Democrat party. So isn't it quite ironic. That Donald Trump and we talked about the Shasta and a member Donald Trump's comments where he basically. He he wasn't rocket science to make this comment folks that. The people crossing our border that are part of gains. Our animals. Is that really complicated. Do we have that audio by the way I I don't think our. You weren't really get to the right no I don't think we have the trump audio but this has been. Just distorted. And the implication has been that Donald Trump is talking about illegal immigrants know he's talking about gang members. In every single person who is distorted this story. They know what they're doing. But more to the point isn't it interesting. The audio home about to share with you. Here is a person who is supposedly concerned. Abouts. Human beings. And yet the most innocent and least protected human beings on the planet. I don't care about that we're gonna share that with few little bit later on. Because it shows the hypocrisy. Of the left. Because they don't care about human beings they only care about some human beings. They're the ones who should make the decision. Let's get your thoughts on what we've discussed so far let's begin with Josh good morning walk cancer. Hey man good morning thanks Mick McCall right there or should do while sir. You brought up the point you're discussing earlier at people wanted to go beeper. Look up Margaret Sanger her her history had. So urgent by the eugenics are from there are around early twentieth century. The target minorities and body eugenics program at their origin that the UK. And a lot of the German. Pre World War II. Learned a lot about that stuff from. Are you Janet that the UK Margaret Sanger she. She is the controversial character she made a lot of very. Damaging comments regarding minorities that he Janet said that dog and on the rab all are wryly. I'm sure you're are you aware that without really order I. He truly sad about this Josh is an amazing. That's you know you would think that somebody who founded an organization like this. Would be fill a five would be viewed in history as a really bad person and hear this organization is celebrated. She Israel pillar in the air. It store or bar you know doubt about it. Yeah that's a great way to describe that Josh I do appreciate your call. Tony good morning welcome. And good morning. Are you talking that counting yes I am indeed. I apologize for not being quite ready okay first and foremost thank you for crying out that the fact that. Mental mental mental abortion clinics are setup in an area where we're checking out minority entrance unborn. I should thank you for that first of all secondly. I believe that god gave us the church before the Supreme Court did. Unfortunately many of us don't recognize that. Thirdly. Well I would never tell the woman she could not have an abortion. I would desperately ask her to examine all of the facts. And not function in addition here. Because the attacks now show us first of all that the baby. And you'll. I'll feel a typical campaign about the abortion and secondly is there research showed it in China. And didn't Indio where are courting the female. Baby. If common and that's to come there ramifications long term for the mother and future pregnancies. Can be devastating. Shell or we knew we have not been told all the church that needs to be tall. Again I'm not gonna tell a lot and she can't have an abortion I just want her to be Smart about it and make a decision that I'm going to cost or consequences and. You make you green point here Tony because isn't this portrayed as being something that is for women. And you're you're you're underscoring the fact that this can be destructive to women this can be undermining their own. Emotional health. Not knowing emotional health but there's a physical selves and and I'm gonna add something that I don't have anything to back it up with. I'm gonna say that there is an emotional component. That's settled one there's not understand. And failure to finish with the best. Structure. Oh my goodness. We're Tony I age. I don't think there's any difficulty in in affirming that it all Tony thanks very much for your call. It's colts. A conscience. You know when she used what you do this. This is going to be with you for ever. I was also gonna mention. I get a good for involved in pro life ministry and and really just about all the babies that I see that she's involved in saving they are black babies. This woman is a hero. And I appreciate her efforts. If only if only we could put an end to this. Very deadly practice. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock should we told you we would keep you posted a breaking news. This is the latest information we have. Just in the last couple minutes this is what we know unknown number of people injured from a shooting this morning Santa Fe high school near Galveston Texas. The incident has since been contained that's good to know. Law enforcement working to secure the building group students to another location be assistant principal. Reports that the suspect is in custody and appears to be a student. Witnesses said a shooting took place in an art class one still to student told KT RK. She was in first period with a fire alarms went off students were told to evacuate staff members instructed them to run across the street. And to hide. University of Texas Medical Branch receiving an unknown number of patients. Police cars swarming the scene agents from the FBI. ATF. And at this point. This is all we know we'll continue to follow this story when there's new information on this we will certainly pass it along to you. I mentioned earlier the hypocrisy of the liberal left. You remember how outraged they were about the president's comments referring to gang members as being. Animals this is the end of the world and yet. In response to those comments from the president. We have this. I don't know what I would college. This babbling. Out of Nancy Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi. Who is now setting yourself up as the paragon of moral. Values and virtue. Here is what she had to say in reaction. To president Donald Trump. But some of us who are attracted to the political arena and to government and public service. I don't sound well God's children there's a spark of divinity in every person I don't hurt us and that we all have to. Recognized that as we respect the dignity and worth of every person as we recognize our responsibilities. With that type of community within us. And so when the president of the United States finished about undocumented immigrants these aren't people these are animals. You have to wonder then does he not believed. And the stock of divinity to dignity and worth of every person. Police are not people. Please don't and the president of the United States. It's every day that you think you've seen at all I won't come. The station combine their policies. Myself inhumane. And my we have to choose may continue this debate striving for bipartisanship. With openness about what this site is at stake not the choice czar and. Convenient. And it is it possible yeah calling people and it's not a good thing. Oh excuse me. This isn't that painful. This woman I'm serious she is out of reminds. Now I want you to apply which she just said you remember these comments these are not my words these are hers were all God's children which is alive by the way. We're not all God's children. Some of mr. children of Satan ms. Pelosi. Satan spawn. And spark of divinity is in every person okay. So we're taking out we are putting that sparked out. In millions. And we've done that with nearly sixteen million babies in America do you have any conscience about that ms. Pelosi. Of course you don't. Dignity and worth of every person that is a lie straight out of hell. And you what's really sad about this I think this woman really believes what she's saying. I do this woman her conscience is so seared this or what happens when you. When you practice evil your conscience becomes seared that's what happens. This is why some people can commit abortions repeatedly. The first one they might feel really bad about the next when you don't feel too bad. Oh great this is wonderful let's kill the third and fourth child. This is sick is what idiots. And the fact that this woman who is eight and alleged Catholic. This is another thing I will never understand how the Catholic Church can tolerate. These Catholic politicians. Who are baby killers. There's no other way to describe this. You can say whatever you want about Lou we do would have been exposed to it should religion. You know. How about slavery. Should we avoid that subject to. That's a moral issue folks. Russell. Good morning and welcome to the broadcast out of union Johnny. We can't. Palca madness among the sad how much Alicia who hasn't let yeah that twinkling game well let them. I thought about it that let them about it that. I've met at all that move. I don't know who are at greater passion than that Lola. You know that new. Actually Canada yesterday and news that they they get rid mile she thought it would have always pair me a warm and don't feel that. You know while. That's an interesting analogy about how animals. How animals. Treat other animals. Well what apple should go about it. He started Grunin and Lebanese. After an in if only some human beings had enough sense to. Tim had that's how that sort of nurturing. Perspective. I appreciate your call their Russell. It's powerful stuff isn't in already indicated she I think Q this is the amazing thing about it I think human nature in a woman. Is. In Nate lead there's this desire to protect that infant. So I think a woman who has the desire to abort her child. There's something seriously wrong. And that is why when you have these two this sob cover and which is really what's been created of women. That is circling the wagons to promote the idea of baby killing in that it's somehow empowers women. This is evil so isn't a matter of a difference of opinion at all Jane good morning welcome. Good morning event and I also wanted to say that whenever you do wrong it welcome back to haunt you they're not finding out. They're the higher incidence of breast cancer now for people who abort their baby is becoming more and more clear now. That when they do that they're gonna come back and really hurt themselves. Though the lord Ollie says when you heard other ever come back to hurt you when you kill your own baby and you get breast cancer it did not come back deal. You know it's the principle that's why we have christianity people who christianity but that's really like Christian and he's there to respect. In respect life respect every one baby in in the room elderly people we are we blocked respect what so many people anymore they've become a society. I F the pre one day have we week Salomon the more when the lord destroyed the pig he could be gone be on net. So if you're the maritime I think something's gotta start happening you're gonna get worse. But you know the baby has a fingerprint EO lord make sure that every baby have a different finger prick. He spent the time to take care of these babies and they need mother he tried to kill the baby that there could say god you don't know what you're doing I know better than you but you don't really. If you're absolutely right it's so well put Jane so well put others of you out. Eager to talk about this subject and take your calls as well. We really. Needs prayer and repentance. We have a lot of blood on our hands. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program and update on breaking news out of Santa Fe Texas injuries confirmed. After a shooting at a high school near Houston the suspected shooter has been arrested. The assistant principal confirms an actor shooter was on campus at Santa Fe high school. It was placed on lockdown around ADM she said the shooter has since been arrested and secured that's all the information we have now perhaps we'll have more coming up. At the top of the hour news rates year led to a to a call in Spartanburg. In the upstate. And Susan good morning Susan. Good morning fans telling you today right man. I'm calling about a brochure I received through the mail and I was wondering if other. People in our area received did it from Planned Parenthood. And it's an appeal for firmer and he EU and omni. I may have read uproar should not sure I agree go ahead I've started to trash it well absolutely. It was like three paging. And I did fresh now we're going to trash the return card in and opt out there are a bit and just does it add an unloaded. And I'm going to mail that he had. But it it says. Quote I am joining the fight back supporting planned parenthood federation of America. To make sure that women can get the health care they need including affordable birth. Control. And access to safe and legal abortion. I'm pinning their contribution. Bubble Bobble off. So fish that day out and I read bin. I note and I intend to mail flat and I don't know have I got my name. This is what I don't understand and I am just calling to to see if other people have received this in the mail. That is kind of adjusting it more than likely it's it's probably random mailing. Because you know they get access to these mailing lists as Susan appreciate your call and thank you for responding you know who knows maybe this will appeal. To somebody's conscience somewhere. And bill. You'll begin to ask questions about this is something I need to be doing. We have this. Email that is come in from time you have. And see this person she's encouraging me. Check out muffed a 21 if you haven't already very informative documentary. About black genocide in America I think you can view it on YouTube now blessings. And so. I would encourage you to check this out by the way the spelling on this. Is MA AFA 21 dot com that's MA AFA 21. Dot com. It's kind of interest in here here's how the the web site. I remember hearing about this I think I mean if interviewed the people involved in this project try to fire murmur correctly they may be the same people. I think they are the same people involved in the black genocide web site. They were stolen from their homes locked in chains taken across an ocean. And for more than 200 years their blood and sweat would help to build the richest most powerful nation the world has ever known but when slavery ended they're welcome was over America's wealthy deleted decide it was time for them to disappear. They were not particular about how it might be done. We're about to see is the plan these people set in motion 150 years ago still being carried out today. Don't think this is history it is not accepting right here. And it's happening right now. I didn't see one of the images on this video and it's you wanted to about offensive. Yes. I think campaign John can see it from where he is it's very very offensive. Just need portrayal of blacks. Make no mistake about it in this if for no other reason. If it blows my mind to this date you've got black leaders and I won a whole lot black leaders today those have you. Who are supporting the Democrat party the party of the Ku Klux Klan the party of Margaret sinker the party of slavery. The party of infanticide. The party of black genocide. Would you explain yourself. Why why are you doing this why have you thrown in with these baby killers. Who have not under hitched themselves. From the desires. Of these homicidal people. That's what they are. More high. Let's go out you were brought killed call from Roberts. Good morning Robert. The monogram. Fantasia cringe when I heard women say they were single mothers. And then one day dawned on me. At least they didn't murder her chosen. Yeah given credit for that race. Yes sir. I waited a better but it certainly didn't care. I hear you Robert I I do appreciate your point thank you very much for your call. And you know and in to this point there are people who are you know and I don't use this word lightly they're tying to have a baby. They can have them and they would love to adopt. Is why I so appreciate. And now I don't mind mentioning this ministry I think it's called. It's such truth mercy. Cannot remember the last word this ministry. But it is a ministry different minds involved in an inch. And she posts all the time she's posting pictures of babies that have been saved from the abortion mill. People's consciences. That have been. Appealed to and they have decided to make the choice for life. And as a result. Actually it's called truth and mercy to pro life industry if you're interested you can check out some information on FaceBook and on. The Internet I'm sure. And they need it just warms my heart every time I see in fact one of the things when people decide. They keep their baby's day. Go out of their way to provide resources for them. They throw baby shower for them connected with people with resources. To make sure they can do everything possible. To help that woman succeed its not just about preaching at people. It's about Haiti really here to stay in with you what do you need how can we help you take care of this baby. You're concerned about taking care. And we put that message out there that somebody's in that situation today there are people who care. They're out there. Jury will respond. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Promoting American. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing the lie. Saturation there are too many guns on the street we knew it was 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world. Well we're gonna negotiated better deal but that's like OJ Simpson saying don't rock find the real. 6 minutes after 11 o'clock and we've been following breaking news out of Texas. They suspect in custody. Hence we understand that this points. There have been a number of injuries. At this point we don't know when you think yeah and that's. And tell the situation itself at least has been contained again this is Santa Fe high school. In Texas as we get more information on this we'll certainly pass that onto you. This is Friday and it means faith focus Friday and we've been following. Wayne Jacobson he's written and the extraordinary book it's called beyond Sunday Centralia theme I would to her. Say it's a theme for my life five adopted. Because I I don't believe in the focusing my life on a particular day of the week. And it really captures so many of the thoughts and things have been in my heart for many years Buenos put those in writing extraordinary book. And Wayne Jacobson is back with this on the program welcome back sir. Thank you ventured Buick begin. Hey we're really get disturbed controversy here today and we're not doing it just for the sake of it but I've got to tell you an and I don't hate. I'm just gonna say this I think this is when most hellish things does come out of so called christianity. This doctrine of covering that somehow you have to have eight covering in your life. To provide spiritual protection blah blah blah blah blah where did this come from Wayne. You know I'm not sure come through I think the work toward covering only used a whole lot in scripture or talks throughout ebony covering up from from got by the when after the incident in the garden is Lou about women and head covering the new assessment that's pretty much and we. Draw a whole theology actually did justifies. The role of religious leaders in our lives that we have stepped. In other our protection is found under their education and there anointing their guidance there's something so if we do with the leaders says we're safe and if we're not under some recognized leadership somewhere. Similar approach all kinds of error. And this extends not just live from pastoral leadership I've heard the same thing communicated about the home. But the woman in the children are under the covering of the hi has been in. You know when they fought side of that covering their not protected in blah blah blah and all of this isn't the theme of fall this year. Marine Jacobson. It is it's incredibly fear based and it's causing people who who don't know better to think well I just to be safe I'd better do what I'm going to open. Well you have a family that met people who really they're they're daughters are under submission to the so the father. Until they're married so I can be 354045. Still submitting to death because they needed male leader to keep in fact. Country. It is so really sad and unfortunate by the way I want it just interrupt our conversation a moment you. Let you know we have. Word now of multiple fatalities at that high school in Texas. Multiple fatalities. That's the latest word. Out of this school in Texas of course we will keep you updated on this story. Throughout the morning Wayne Jacobson one of things said on this subject of covering. And and we've experienced this we've been in a number of church settings where this is taught and preached in. I would emphasize something here because I do believe the people we're teaching and preaching this. They really are well intentioned and they believe that we need their protection. Well I don't think some of the more are I think double who actually know what they're doing. And try to exploit people that. Yes I think you're you're right about that how. How should a person address this because they're people. What are the scripture and thirty scriptures in particular you think of that people try to twist or tried to force this meaning into it. Yep public papers thirteen. Is probably the biggest one we're talks about submitting two year. Leaders and more be under the authority to keep watch over you as those who give an account. And people have twisted at first I think we're accountable to leaders. Instead of what it's saying is the leaders accountable we got what I'm more I'm telling you what I'm telling other people. Amid given account to god for that that's what it's saying I think people are accountable to me. When Jesus wallet to leaders and alternative dumbest thing you might spirit and he will guide you so. That given the economic clear number one. Under the leadership gets in the body cries men and women with a gift of teaching and inside that can help instruct me on my journey. And yes says absolutely. That that that's a great thing that we get to share the resource of other people. That then yeah what is or someone I should be submitted to on question I think only obedient to whatever they think or say. And that I draw might spiritual bearings from another person rather in the holy spirit and that's that's the problem here. Do any good leader is gonna help you learn to trust the holy spirit not that you trust themselves and that that's a good line I think they're trying to figure out. Fluoride following here who look like getting help from there are they creating a greater dependence of me on them. Or they helping me learn how to live and trust the holy spirit to guide me and protect me cadets were Jesus put it. And did what counsel would you give someone who's been listening to this sort of theology in this teaching. What's a starting place firm for. Becoming freer from this control. I think the first step ought to recognize that the only input you've had is Unita covering and if you're out front of the covering the devil's gonna get you. Then if you don't look at every negative thing in your life that goes on as proof that that's actually going to work when in fact. We all have trouble in the slight chance that that was gonna be a part of it so the first thing is to recognize at least questioned the teaching whether it's biblical and you know look in the scriptures Jesus told his own disciples. But don't take authority over people elected GO urgent help is there really take authority over it it's not to be so would you you're just serve and then if any ministry. This isn't serving you know that's actually commanding you and pressuring you a manipulating you. Is an unhealthy environment and when you read don't realize that the meaning that tennis sort out where where's a better place for me to be. Well I'm not being captivated by someone else's desire for me to follow them. And this also extend to families I've just this is a very difficult thing in the about a minute we have left here. But what about that woman. What about. And I want to find yourself in one of these situations where her husband is demanding this. Much more difficult situation that looked like until some answers in a minute or so but. I think they really need to seek the lord and sipped their husbands can be in treated to think differently. To get some counsel outside themselves but sometimes it's such a power trip husbands who want their families to be in submission to them because that means they get everything they want. And everything else around them just served them and so it's it's it can be very difficult environment in fact this kind of covering thing is often used to justify abuse. Of children or women. Because the man is right and the woman must be quiet and follow along and that's a very dangerous values said diabolical teaching have silliest. No question about that tonight I just wanted to add here because I think this is really important. That's bad people exercise their freedom here and then the flip side of this is. That would revelers teaches mutual submission that we also admits that description Tudjman is submitting to one another. And this is an all around thing this isn't an up hierarchical sort of thing. This is something that you and I would willingly do in relationship to each other and that's totally different men surrendering to one person. Absolutely events every. Wayne Jacobson. He's the author of the book beyond Sunday's stinks slot for coming on the broadcasting insert. You're welcome have a good day. Hey you miss well. And we wanna a teacher and breaking news story out of Texas interfaith Santa Fe high school. Eight killed in that shooting in Santa Fe a total of eight people killed. And we understand that at least one adult is among the victims. This is thirty miles south east of Houston. We'll continue to follow this breaking news story for you right here in the broadcast. It's. This is still Vince Coakley written. 90 minutes after 11 o'clock I'm Vince Coakley really your program Kenyan center Porsche and new set of Santa Fe. So interface high school this is in Texas thirty miles southeast of Houston. They've confirmed dead she eights. Have died. At least eight students shot dead many injured and being transported to hospitals suspect is in custody. Believed to be a student. That is the information we have so far. And we are winning two out find out more information about the circumstances of this but at this point. The sad truth. As we've lost eight more. Even more students. And I'm sure there will be a story to uncover routes to. The rise in where force right now our hearts are broken along with. Those eight families. And I think of the experience of so many us. We take your children score. Watch them get on a bus. And pray and hope. That's something horrible like this does not happen. But for our families in this community in Texas. It has indeed happened. And there is a great deal of sorrow great deal of confusion. And lots of questions. At this hour. We'd love to hear thoughts and us we reflect on where this is going to go because. You can bet again this will be another opportunity. And I used that word appropriately. For people to. Politicize the gun issue. That's what's it this is going to be about I've already seen the social media pros. And people raising the question. Let me just read what I saw here which just sends me because it tells me that people have no clue what's wrong. No clue whatsoever. I don't know of who this guy Fred Gutenberg is whether it's somebody I should know. Nor about. This has been my fears since February 14 and another. Mass casualty shooting what happened before we did anything now we have eight more children dead and our leadership in Washington has done nothing. We do not need thoughts and prayers we need action and we need it now. And it saddens me. Because here are people once again. Looking to the wrong places. For. A solution to this. And I will tell you this by the way. Fred Gutenberg is a father for sparkling purple and shooting victim. And I understand where he's coming from EC guy who's who's obviously. Suffered grades you'd lost a fourteen year old daughter. I understand that. East peace before a lot of pain and you experienced pain. You want something to be done and I candidates I grieve for this man I. And yet the same time it's said mystery. But these folks still believe that Washington is the solution to their problem I'll tell you what we darn well better be on our knees praying. It's it's ironic to me. That we see such tragedy unfolding in our lands. Ends. And it's time we ought to be humbling ourselves in calling out to god for help. To find out what is the condition and are charged that is producing this kind of circumstance. What's going on with our young people. Rather than addressing that. We're gonna focus on guns or loss. Howard is. Something used. Something really horrible as happens. And we've got to get to the heart of it. This is a spiritual. Condition. And infectious all. I think it's the same kind of thing honestly if were honest about it. That causes us to be callous about the fact that we have murdered sixty million babies. Sixty million. And this is not to diminish your downplay. The loss of these shoulder in schools. It's not. I did this to say. Somewhere along the line we really have devalued life. And we've done it in many place. We do it with video games. Movies. And so as a result. There's not much of a conscience left anymore. I I cringe honestly when I see these. Aims. Sony's video games or not to my knowledge. My children are not involved any any any of these games but some of these you know where they're just blowing people away. You have to wonder. You really have to wonder. At some level does this have an impact. It's about the heart. The heart. Remember we talked about this just a few weeks ago about the crime rate the murder rate in London surpassing that in New York City. This is a place they've got a gun laws very stringent gun laws. What's happening people are using knives and now what are they talking about in London knife control. I mean what are we gonna do next scissor control. Paper clip control. Fingernail clip control. And I'm not being facetious when I talk like this. Animate. Inanimate objects. Are not a danger in and of themselves it's the heart of the people. Who control those things and you can take something perfectly innocent and you can do a lot of mischief with it like up pressure cooker. Do we need to be reminded. If you've been listening to this program through with regularity I told you about the worst school violence incident. A guy put a bunch of bombs. Throughout the school this happened what back in the twenties. That's the worst one on record. And I think he only used a gun in that instance to set off a bomb. There are horrible things in the human heart. Horrible things. And eve you'll find a way. Eve for a world make a way. To garner no guy and Charles in blue ridge good morning sir. Yeah I couldn't agree with you more as has always been. I wanted to also make it very clear that we're talking about government schools were talking about guns breed called the and this should all be every single mass murder that I know. That's happened. In my lifetime there's ever get a good result where they know they're not gonna get any change back. I'm not advocating for a for arming the guards. I mean if you all you have to look at Orlando the first thing the guy went or where was the armed guards he couldn't tell everybody neutralize them he got to do it. Didn't this is stay outside just like the guard. Debt in the park where it did stayed outside it's set up a perimeter to the bodies stopped falling now we need I'm somebody that got skin in the game. Don't show it certainly trained and certainly background checked in the dirt terms of that there. Judgment at all and end it but you know we need we need to don't need to know that any teacher any any staff member. That they come across. No matter how old no matter what fix it they're capable of Pope taken them. And don't even try yeah and don't try places where they know people are. Which you about Ceres and we at least till maximum amount. We need at least and the the element of mystery here Charles I do appreciate your caught a blue ridge this morning the Eller element of mystery. What if somebody serious armed that's. The fear that needs to be there as a last resort for someone who set on doing something like this. If we've already broadcast its again free zone. Yeah. We were basically sending an invitation. And we all become sitting ducks I'm not up for that. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. True. 36 minutes after 11 o'clock Vince Coakley ran your program referred to it. Eight dead in the shooting Santa Fe high school. Thirty miles southeast of Houston Texas will continue to follow this breaking news story for you. On the sex line. Sounds to me it's always the students has nothing do with guns when you have a liberal teaching and school. This is what you get. Also. Gun free zones work as well as dots and prayers. And it's an interesting observation. David in easily Vince there you go again making perfect sense I agree 100%. No protection saying look up Paul Harvey fire with a demo on YouTube. We'll explain everything I knew you agree yes that is probably one of the most powerful. Powerful presentations I've heard. We should chew on this program at some point. Instead indeed. My first questions are how our school still so vulnerable. Like kids have no respect for life today yes every day millions Americans carry guns into public places with no intent to harm anyone. But those millions of law abiding citizens will be the target of blame. And the target of gun grade average all over the country. Town around Spartanburg. Burst near raising questions about. The role of drugs in this. What we need is mental health care. No longer we institutionalize the crazies they walk among us it's not guns. Prince I agree. We'll be hearing soon infirm progressives about common sense gun control this is a spiritual struggle. Jim Beasley says guess what advanced these murders will be blamed on the gun and not on the shooter and your Herman discussion we had just few weeks ago. The last time someone used a vehicle to kill people. And the obvious question should be raised there different looking to control guns. Why are we not looking to control vehicles. Same issue. Because kill many more people every year than gun steel. Many more. We do know now. A little bit more about this gunman it is a male gunman no surprise there. That person is in custody. At this point. 38 minutes after lemon Clark who scrub to a call from Ralph good morning sir. Or good morning. Are gonna commit you call. When you saw that it it's untrue you great group of going to light as if you will. Because the previous caller mention about done for you go around like she got the barrel and ever. Heard of a mass shooting in a police are. Jeff why it's it makes sense it's not a place. You know it it's replaced it would certainly avoid because. There's the certainty that they are going to face a threat to themselves they're uncertainty about that. And here's my question Ralph and and that I'm I'm I'm kind of curious here. Because I am wondering whether there needs to be you know we've got the left these folks are not ashamed at all. Not ashamed at all about calling for gun control as soon as this happens and blaming guns. Where's the leadership that's calling for something different to be done in schools than what we're doing you know we can talk about. Even if you were to take guns away and and it's that's a joke to even try to do that. But it's. In the meantime. These schools are wide open they are they are basically. Their targets they are targets and ought to be clear by now. And what is the real plan for protecting children I haven't heard one yet well. Agree it the other gold eight. If you have ardent enemy you don't bring a night that gun fight. Yes. And see it sounds like Ralph few favors some sort of planned to arms someone in the schools. You know what you start play no restrictions that you've. You're identifying areas that are old are thank you need to relax restrictions. You look at the old wild wild west. Everybody up. Shooter revelers are you didn't have rare shoot because nobody you didn't do some oil. Have I appreciate your call their Ralph. I I I wanna see some solutions here that don't have anything to do. We is. Trying to take guns away from people. That's really not the answer. There needs to be some specific solutions for. What are we going to do to prevent. Someone from coming into our school wherever it is. And endangering people's heart break let's listen in to edged president Donald Trump. At Santa Fe high school in Texas just took place moments ago. We're closely monitoring the situation and federal authorities are coordinating. What's local officials this has been going on too long in our country. Too many years to many decades now. We grieve for the terrible loss of life and send our supporter who loves to everyone affected. By this absolutely. Horrific attack. To the students families teachers and personnel what senate say. Hi. We're with you in this tragic hour and we will be with you forever. My administration is determined to do everything in our power to protect our students. Secure our schools and to keep weapons out of the hands of those who pose a threat. To themselves. And two others. Everyone. Must work together at every level of government to keep our children safe. May god heal the injured and may god comfort the wounded and may god be with the victims. And with the victims' families. Irsay day. Rumors that. Or rather an out. Very positive note. I'm honored to be here today with so many leaders from across the nation who are committed. Can be crucial issue of prison reform. You've heard ever marched there from president tunnel. Trump who is speaking at a prison reform summit. Expressing his condolences for the loss of life that took place he did the Santa Fe high school. And precise correctly here I think Kara graduation scheduled tomorrow. At that school. We'll take your comments see the balance of the broadcast. Ends we have a little less than a minute since starting off fear with Scotch good morning Scott. Very important group guerrilla shoot well I don't really. Of course and here burger out of order while we're never short all the things that we. No little local control board we know everybody should. Do the Garrett Carl. All right everybody. This suit them well. Over the course is in the early years they actually going and treated differently there or 10. Disorder trouble with the bill ball well they're both tough thing to order. Yep you you've made great points got in fact I shared something like this. The last school shooting it was someone basically. I'm just telling us how we need to learn to surround people we know more trouble with love. What we typically do is we avoid these people and we just talk about that person among ourselves like that. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock begin a dead in this Texas school shooting that context line. This person raise the question might have put National Guard soldiers in schools let them rotate out just one day a week every day. Mainstay of armed guards at the banks airports even at the Oscars but we can't have armed guards at school. It's going on with that. So are saying here we need several someone's arms in all the schools. Signed a Brit who learned. Who wouldn't while. Been slow on the show this one time I have to disagree with you about video games and movies being an issue agreement falls back on parents. Sitting down talking to their kids about these issues. That's from William. We need background checks on people trying to get a rental truck can populated areas also. Arm our schools time for action. Thoughts and prayers don't work especially we don't believe in trust god we teach people humanist views this is the result. Whatever it is we've got to do we better to have because schools are teaching. The. Placements are the people in the country tomorrow. Well this is going to have a yes this is going to have an impact everywhere and I was just saying to the guys here in the studio. The one thing I know that we can do today and should be done. I think there needs to be a declaration by all the the authorities involved who have the power to make this decision. This there is no such thing as a gun free zone. For a school. Get rid of it. How well has this served us. Let's be honest about it. We'll take your calls and had taken is finished we can the balance of the program let's go to Jean in Morrisville good morning. I then thanks. I think that goes in your hand in hand with like that allocation of the money for teachers and then other program I'd like to see some of the athletic dollars per Olympic size swimming pool artificial turf football field baseball diamond with a triple eighteen could play on. Think some of that money and make a couple security officers in a school maybe it to a mere long along hallway with monitors. And maybe market during class rickety will be a drug dog walking in between those those security officers you know now on programs as well. Kill a couple Byrd of one's own. But all the money they pour an athletic field I'm sure they could squeeze felt in the security for children. And that's really all I have decides. It's a great point third GM hey appreciate your call a great observation. Let's go to Lincoln city in this is Bruce good morning Bruce. Beijing could go out there thank you. I think you're out both agreed that a large portion of the problem that we should mention this girl skirt. About what their cargo that occur sucker that ever heard anybody else Machida somebody else. You know the last forty years that are symptoms are great as this situation. Both men and our society and the fact of the matter is if we don't have bought you that opportunity and I'm even know what. Or durable about. And I don't get there was an opportunity to experience. Things that are found in nature. It creates the situation now believe they don't understand their value or. But I you know is it art or if you finished. In your pocket and like that. You have actually killed in the living breathing ample. Before and it changes the way that you put between what you can Balkans situation. I think you know Obama and on the form electrical and recommend. A lot of the the all important school but the fact of the matter is though a lot deeper than that in my opinion. And I believe scroll in a lot of places than just art school camps. I Jerry I think some torture saying is it even in things like hunting. You gain and appreciate it's kind of ironic you gain an appreciation for life right. I mean and you are or you're Spanish as a buckled out in the woods Mexican man absolutely. I can assure you that's a very emotional which we are. Occurred in here that for the sake of providing for your cell you we don't understand what you pull the trigger and consequently a during. And I mean exactly it's not awarded the medal at a temple where the cut and they understand that they are and water not the opening act. Consider their earnings. Ask the carpet that ammunition and yet and they call maker destruction. Consider all the program attentions. When you're never really processing at the level that you would understand what's gonna happen to bet the election portrait. Yep I'm here units that is say a big deal for sure appreciate your call their Bruce. Let's try to next to Jeff good morning Jeff welcome the broadcast. I think important sum up what he saw train security consult our security company. And I've got solution. Everybody says it let's go ahead and let it happen airstrip North Carolina we have hundreds security operate or former military personnel work you know there. We can put in these goals are to protect you here to report offered her very well we don't have an awfully soft republics during their particular people out there are now. We need to be using probably our organization fear that the second thing is we need to make penalty. For individual who actually have poured in and be paying more severe than what they are may look at what happened and all the kids sitting you know in jail. Not anywhere near wording may be what took on debt Burke. We were shooting not people we have too many areas where there concrete goal that doesn't work you to edit. Chicago. Detroit they all countries don't they have a moderate or more so yeah of that. What they don't back in the hands of good good creep over a couple of people already have. I know how all these individuals these schools. The money out of shape or additional security. School resource officer you look at one school resource for every 23 schools the FY and everyone's tool that's not enough. You need what are you got out there National Guard. They're they're great but they're not always going to be solution you guys are good because he's out there that you hormel personnel to do. Let it go out been there let protect structural. Let's. You may some great suggestions there let's start working on some of these things. We know whatever it is we're doing is not working. Let's continue to pray for the people of Texas one of the course this weekend progression. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.