Fallout Continues From Trump-Putin Summit, Charlotte City Council Narrowly Approves RNC

Vince Coakley Podcast
Tuesday, July 17th

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Good Morning America. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of Pittsburg. Harris exposing. Nice exaggeration. There are too many guns on the street. We lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiate a better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't go out and find the real. Boy isn't that interesting to watch the news for the last 24 hours quite predictable. And we will talk about a little later I'm very eager to hear for many if you get your perspective on. How this Helsinki. News coverage went down yesterday had a chance to listen to segments of this yesterday. And so I won't just leave it alone for now I would hear your thoughts. So often what I try to do is to find something positive. To start off the broadcast. And one of the positive takeaways from the last 24 hours. Is an extraordinary extraordinary interview I think one of the best interviews conducted. In this particular fashion. By none other than Chris Wallace. It was kind of a bright spot it. In all of the noise. In the chaos. Surrounding the Donald Trump Vladimir Putin news conference. I'm gonna go into much detail about this right now won't have an opportunity to talk about this little bit later rampant. We just say this the outset you by now if you listen this per with any regularity you know. I'm not a person who accepts binary choices. It's they were to be. I'm a person too is absolutely comfortable with the idea. None of the above. I absolutely comfortable with that. Cassette tape little bit of a preview. Of some of the thoughts I will be sharing a little bit later on let it serve that particular purpose. But yesterday. One of the bright spots. Great journalism. Great interview skills. By Chris Wallace. Crew raised an issue that I I'm curious as to whether this was raised with Vladimir prudent. There's no question in my mind. Then if Vladimir Putin had its pad his way. There would definitely be a sharp turn back to what the Soviet Union used to be. I don't think this guy has changed one bit. Domination. Is the goal that's the objective. And I believe that's. The efforts to undermine our election. I don't think there's any doubt at all. This is part of a grand strategy and has been for decades. Now there are plenty of examples of hypocrisy. The media. Which has sucked up to Communists and socialists around the world. Now all of a sudden they are outraged. About this treatment of Vladimir prudent. It's laughable yes I get it. I would say this. Did even a broken clock is rights two times a day. But I want to quickly go to this interview. Because this is a man and Vladimir Putin needs to be called out needs to be challenged. But I've got to tell you I look at this guy. And he just looks like a cold person. Calculating. Destructive. Devious. All of those things. Let's listen to a segment of this interview as it aired yesterday evening and talk about going right for the jugular. Chris Wallace. Goes straight to one of the questions. I believe many people around the world are asking right now listening. Domestically inside Russia why isn't that so many of the people. That opposed Vladimir Putin. End up dead. We're close to it. Former. Russian spy and double agent surveys grateful to see who's the victim of a nerve agent attack. In England for a snaps off a political opponents gunned down. Near the front lines. Investigative report out politics. Called sky. Yeah. Murdered in an apartment building right isn't that so many people who were political enemies of Vladimir Putin yeah I'll attack. What kind of relationship will preach to our terminal for several men all of us have plenty of political rivals for hundreds assured president Tom Paris. Pledge of political right they don't end up dead. When you can almost a million of whom do not always well haven't president killed in the United States have you forgotten about it and if you read it won't shy integration Hess Kennedy being killed in Russia joined the United States and just. Extortion companies when it first all vote. Mr. Sheen home. And they union. Looked at them when you see what happens and it clashes have been between them for you cents a plunged civil society and some several ethnic groups who. Well that's is that something that happens on the US soil in a couple of well. All of us have our own set of domestic problems with the community and going back to turn to what happened in Russia yes would you have crime and we did. Unfortunately. Finish my education because of the process sometimes and that's something that extends. Russia's statehood is speed on the moon. Maturing and there are some. As a side effects can we was persecuted people responsible for these crimes but since you mentioned discrete Powell case. So when I'm done picking up. We would like to get him. At least some sort of documents and evidence about it but nobody gives it to us. It's just the same thing has certainly accusations were worth keeping an inning and two election process in America. Over the Internet to more people suffer from the same nerve agent that is called non B choke but I've never even heard the last names of missing persons who was there anything of him. When you look at the list supposedly they picked up a lot of that was you can tell when a tax free book I come may I ask you one last question sir. But that's pushing it you know we can sit well let's let us when we didn't helps you lose you should first. What kind of package what kind of volatile what's the chemical formula if he coolly and crew got a couple of. Normandy and then there are reasons reasons of death. Romania's internal reasons we use him as being the United Kingdom but nobody wants to look into the you should know we just see the underground and accusations what why is it from. On this little white lie how relationships should be. Made worse by this. This guy is good is neat. I mean talk about skillful. I mean here he is big about this. Comparing. The assassinations of Martin Luther king. And Kennedy. To poisonings. And going after enemies so there's a difference here because regular citizens. We're involved in the killings here in America. There's no question the government. His government is behind killing people. And can I remind you again who Vladimir Putin is I will not say he was a former KGB agent. There's no such thing as former. This man. He is a KGB. Agent. He is not to be believed. Now we can't carry CTU again. Can we avoid the false choice. Between war. And a he's meant. Because I'm kind of concerned. We're looking toward the latter are now as a wise course of action. These are false choices. I would rather not have a conversation at all or an interaction at all. Could communicate appeasement. And I'm concerned this is exactly what is happening I wanna get your thoughts though. Whether it's a call or text let's talk about it. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Maybe it's here to tell you about a new invade. 1019 Vince Coakley radio program. An interesting 24 hours. We'll get to some of your calls and your text as well. If you like to call en Ingles and finish talk on number 809 to 1110. Donna since retirement planning takes line it's 71307. Just to sampling of some the items on the text line so far. Starting near the trump for assured you their true colors yesterday they really came after you. I've been waiting since noon yesterday. Can keep me. While that's dedication. Also. Thanks. Thanks for some sanity you and Lou Dobbs at least we're supposed to be shocked trumpets being accused of treason for not repeating. The PC mantra the Russians interfere with our election. Maybe over the top the sky's falling chicken little's. Include the entire universe of Democrats the entire mainstream media and even a few Republicans like McCain eccentric that's shocking. After the outrage being expressed after the presser yesterday was being expressed for the last 45 days before. Once again I look forward to a montage while he's insane lefty pundits being embarrassed by trump. Being proved a genius. Where is that genius I'm I'm just curious I would love to hear an explanation of where that. Genius is manifest. We also have this. So eight. He's either trying to appease prudent or B he's naive to a point where he endangers our country take your pick. Take your pick him what he's doing toward democracy Donald Trump stood next to Vladimir Putin said he had no idea. Why Russia would try to metal and our election. It's sold out the United States of America I can't really see how this made America great again there's a reason why I wanted to be with prudent. In private with no witnesses and unfortunately will never know what was said in that room. Republicans need to stop carrying trumps water. And take you could look at what he's actually doing. Already. Also on the text line. Chris Wallace charter members swamped dweller really. How did that happen and when did that happen. Can't we hear from all Republicans out there how they're going to fined out trumpet he cal tell to a murderers. Communist Russian dictator. So about the United States of America. These meetings between trump and prudent essentially a place setting meeting with battle lines drawn for the upcoming regional war that Israel is facing. And at least two fronts. So it is important to something bigger. Roy that would be an ugly picture war. Highlights here Chris Wallace asked that same question of Hillary Clinton I'm sure you would love to raise these questions if she would consent to an interview. Same reason so many people across the clintons or just know them end up dead power and intimidation. Fence warm be a good way to explain the borders to my sister. Says she doesn't understand because we can cross state and county lines with no problems she doesn't understand what the borders. Aren't the same. We have it's very simply have very different jurisdictions. You're under the jurisdiction the United States of America and you are protected by the united states of America's constitution. You step outside of the jurisdiction of the United States of America you're subject to. Wherever you are but that's Mexican. Canadian. Whatever their laws are. There you can give a whole list of things if you're citizen of the United States your duties and responsibilities you have to pay taxes. You have the privilege of voting. And you have to be able to have some established. Means of identification and citizenship. To have a country. People inside the country. People who have legal status inside the country. There are people who. Should be able to make those decisions about the future of the country. Just think hypothetically at look at it the same way you're looking at your home. Do you allow outsiders. Strangers to come in your house and make decisions about your household. You allow people from the outside to just drop him. Randomly. And just make themselves at home. Do you do that it with your house. Is a very basic stuff. In the same way. It's not Smart. To do the same thing with the country. Where would you allow people who just walking and more Kim without any sense responsibility without any accounting for these people are where you're coming from what their intentions are. Just not Smart you can immediately look at the dangers like terrorism. They could be much more subtle other pictures. Like crime. Like simply coming into the country. With the idea of polluting the country of its resources. Plans. Basically living illegally in the country. Taking advantage of the benefits. That should be accorded to citizens so. For instance programs like Social Security Medicare Medicaid. I know there are some people say well illegal immigrants can't get these they do. They get access to these things. Imagine. Just think of your mom your dad may have eighty into these programs decade after decade. And you've got people just walking across the border. Who are benefiting. From your hard working your sacrifice. This goes back generations. Hard work and sacrifice of other people. So it is important to understand. The need for borders. It is vital vital. The we have reporters and we enforce those. Are the Chris Wallace subject the question of dead a political opponents this could have been asked of the clintons yes a lot of people. Brought this up. Just because through his drug doesn't mean he interfered in the election like. Rush trump was trump is right. There are plenty of people inconvenienced the clintons who ended up dead in the body counts up to 68. Prudent should've brought that up. OK. That a person simply saying trump is a patriots. Couldn't follow Chris Wallace was he talking about Putin or the clintons what is this Clinton obsession. This seriously. I want to these people are. Relegated. To the dustbin of history. And yes it's always possible she runs for president Tony Tony I don't think the glory of her campaign ever beat. What do once one's I think the luster is gone. And even if she tries. She will fail. I always listen you referred to are false choice is what our real choices. How much truth. About honesty. I'm not addressing the world as it is an opportunity it is different. I know there's some people will be shocked to hear me say this. I show I saw shades of Jimmy Carter yesterday. In Helsinki. I really didn't. Jimmy Carter was so convinced. Do you trust the Soviets until Afghanistan. He said he learned warned 24 hours about the Soviets that he had his entire life dot. I don't know would Vladimir Putin's. Plans are. But if he gets the sense. But he's not going to meet opposition or facing a challenge who knows what he might do. Mark ever I killed Chris Wallace's question exchange through prudent this is a definition of blind setting a world leader. Transparency from prudent excellent. Come on Vince their bit political assassinations since the start of humanity just people want the masterminds. They. Our. They healed the scapegoat for the trigger finger. Prudent and truck are both against global list and elitists. Well they may very well beat it again I'd love to get your thoughts. As we discuss. Helsinki. They victory or something else I don't hear from you. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Molded these conversations of social media from friends have been exchanging messages with the this idea about how blitz brought to Willie good morning welcome Willie and. It looked upon not elected in this in this ready. And the only club in QB Colin you have. Because it. I'm telling you please start with this show talking about Chris Wallace and going that direction he shipped fly away. Home invasion by immigrants. Do you think that's really the topic today immigration again. I mean I'm trying to figure I've done in my hand against the rule five times already missed the deal will continue that and what driver. OK I won't say what will you can go bang your head. Elsewhere. Let's move on to ride good morning grind in tailored its. Very rare that a lot of what our. 'cause he's grown up. So hello lush you run you still there. Now mayor you got me yes you're ahead. So are about I guess with Ford what prompted I have no problem with that at all remark I thought they get set him up to be able exposure of false. Problems that are going on within the agencies in this country. What false problem but first problems right there. What falls problems run. We are well see. Problem where. And documentation has not been this server they're not saying though the damage that begins seeing it are you being tracked ER studio RNC is not even being. Does discussed as having been hacked serves so supposedly our car itself. And in order for him to get that out there. This thing can really be used for the benefit of him doing that I want you can't pay you guess who locking up the carpet out there watching this big thing. Finally how is he doing that how was he doing that run. They may not be doing and actually believe putting this stuff out there were people can see it now lord of the cabinet where everybody jumped on Russia. 850 to sixty million unborn slaughtered in the world. Come on we're not we're not that different than they are. How can he remain a factor problems and need your luck this stuff out there where people can see it. Okay all right so why appreciate your call their run not by the way there's news conference going on right now the house leadership. Led by none other than Paul Ryan let's see if we can listen in on the comments here who's tried. The complex system I have not spoken to him I put out a statement yesterday. Within minutes after that press conference and I think that statement speaks for itself. They're under and delighted that a new indictments on Friday and the president's comments yesterday is there anything. They did that change your view about pressed congress to examine your perfect. Special counsel more as we continue to work or you could examine your colleagues to back off their attacks on the Department of Justice quick look. We look we had complained to sue the Department of Justice how does that just goes to. The legislative branch conducting oversight of the executive branch those compliance issues unfortunately I had to get involved it shouldn't have to take a speaker. To get involved in that. But they are now coming to compliance we're trying to close out those items so let's just that's an important point which is. They were not complying with our subpoenas and we're now making sure that they do compiled a subpoenas on the Moeller. Issue I mean clear from day one. He should be allowed to finish his investigation and carry out his work nothing's changed thanks very much. I already knew this Jeffords thereby polarize and I did not hear the first part of this but I think the point of this. By the way I'm who is the young laid the real love was on the stage which I thought was really interstate. These house leaders were responding. To the kind of just today for imprisoned Donald Trump in regard to the investigation and the indications. The president seems inclined to believe Vladimir prudent over our intelligence community. Which one of the things has so many people upset I'm beginning yesterday let's go out to a calling Greer and Laurie good morning glory. Yes sir and I like you just quick call from words yesterday. He can't we're much to blame in direction and we stand polish. And he said that he was told by can't I can't because they're Russia and meddle in our elections. That they and he asked Putin and Putin sensed they did not. And trucks said why would say I'm still got back here a conservative Republican on your show who are trying to justify this. The issue is not what Hillary care which you would've done. The issue that we haven't sitting president has count count. To. The two Vladimir. Vladimir Putin. Well he kicked his side. On the issue. It then 36 indictment sort of enhance Atlantic down I think that's why. And and it's connected with trump has been a calm manner forward that's harder page. George Abbott Koppel at trial might land. And then yesterday. Any. Marine has pitino who think internal. Worked around it so all the points. Back to Russia over and over. And we need killed luck not a white Hillary can't or not and that's a whole separate issue. I hear people kinda just stepped I inside that there was brilliant. That's front tire around my husband retired from the army recently. And the colonel and was in ball and now one big US we're fighting the Cold War. I don't know if we need generation that's coming up and they. I expect him quietly everything that trumpet Arnold and I don't feel Russia for the enemy without their say they are that if you Google. Or look at any chart he is clear. Preparation and our war against. And Russia Cory had supreme magic wall you're still a brat. They're aggressively. Spying on our country and what light can influence our elect. There's no question about that I wanna get something quickly here Tori. And did you watch match that news conference yesterday yeah I want the whole thing who owned that stage. I definitely couldn't I guess it it when it started trans body language he Lithuanian track. Couldn't prove it was very well rain and it's very in control. Projector that trump gave are at it flight I admire you all want to be your friend. It has led to very weak panel has come from my seat. And and Lori I daresay that if there were performance like that from Barack Obama or from Bill Clinton. We used to everybody knows full well we would have been outraged by that yesterday. Nellie definitely all of us can ever remember when The Dixie Chicks when I bring criticized you ask. In England and I were ostracized. And I'm not patriotic and American and my friend received the purple heart and a wrap my head and gave his ally. You know army and I can actually living around a latter country. Everybody how are you black two are if if people are saying and this is their tanks from trump. Like tend to remember that Trump's hair. When he ran he said I could she's somebody. On the street scenes arm and right in my hand with building loyal and I think that's true. How weak he should cancel look at the issue of what trump did. Or can't Hilary forget anything else can just say are you willing to say this was long current credit. That's exactly it used to keeping we're running up against the hard brickyard this what blows my mind he even started talking about the election and Hillary yesterday at that news conference. I it's still blows my mind how much he still litigating. But Tony sixteen election assists in each event and noted his glory it's it's a profound sense of insecurity. That's what's so sad about this story that this guy still. Is not looking for affirmation from people I appreciate your car Lorena thanks very insights on this. My goodness it's. Good. Do we do with this. I'm I will tell you a lot of prayers I think that's a great place to start 44 minutes after 10 o'clock. It's. This is still Vince Coakley radio program he went on the takes line. Vince you like choices. Here's media off reds media back bleep crazy media on drugs all of the above. At the that's great Vince. Just realized why I never listen to your show forgot to change my radio when the previous host went off the air. It. My goodness this is hilarious. Obama medals and Israel's election. Democrats are silent Russian metals in US election Democrats lose their minds. Wild turn your show on for a second. Found out your back to the CNN format quickly change the channel. I sent a response this person that they really need mental health. Help very quickly. Maybe the guys the white coats can come into cue up for an examination. She's the kind of nonsense this is switzer who sat. You know people think you're you're neutral site or you're on Hillary's side. And I've told you plenty of times if it comes down to personalities. I will say none of the above. Good morning Darryl welcome to the broadcast. I don't know the answer. This sort of blown out and go back Friday when they made the announcement about the indictments. You know and they did. Everybody already knew about Trump's reaction would be zero meddling and that he'd. Party doesn't believe the intelligence agencies in America. Basically. Premier artist seems like Arabic charade the media's gone crazy as planned out not exactly what everybody's gone. So you do you think it's a charade just on one side. A variant basically. Unclear iron on the west side maybe a little bit on right. Yeah I think it's I think the holdings a circus I mean there to look at this. And who you just draw the conclusion that dismiss it seemed reason. I think Donald Trump believes he has stood to do is to somehow distance himself from this Russia investigation. It is because he sees this as being tied to him now yes Iran Contra there's an investigation. But you can look at this you can say okay this counterintelligence. Investigation. Do what she needs to do it doesn't have to necessarily involve meek. Try it takes this personally here and I think he's acting guilty. They've played on it well reported on a well because. There's no way they could have ever expected and they go onstage stand next a prudent and accuse them of being a liar. Well I mean how could anybody expect him to do that anyway. Well here's my question and a bit and I'm just putting this question out there Darrow. How would you compare the way. The president treated our ally Teresa may with the way he treated Vladimir Putin. There I mean he's yeah he's certain things he shouldn't send in an interview. I definitely think he. He. Seemed a little more or intimidated by Vladimir prudent. I don't know if he's kind of built some type of relationship I don't know as far as the deal a defect. You know the investigation that's going on maybe. You know obviously he didn't treat him the same that's for sure. Yeah. Definitely definitely gave more respective Vladimir patent court are the same time. You know. Good yeah I just seems like another another big story that's gonna go on for the next two weeks until thick and. Until we find something else sterile you know how this works or in this news cycle thing I do appreciate your call this morning let's traveled on Iraq kill. And Robert good morning Roberts. Good morning written yes sir. Is are we at BI. Test via. The FBI has been corrupt since its inception. Very effective for the red dress. Not a here's a weird when. You are who work when you were Rick crook. Yes. So how does that relate to today were. Good your PI go corrupt. And so what needs to happen. I probably should you go what are everybody on the top security FBI OK so why doesn't this administration do that. I have no idea. Yeah see that this is part of my problem Robert whenever I hear this. You know while we were being victimized. You are president of the United States if you want a clean house. You can go through and you can clean house you can wipe out the entire agency if you want you. And start all over again or not start all over again. There's a tremendous power you have an executive branch. And it's not be exercised rice he is just a lot of whining and complaining. So. Yet the he got a point where if he were to fire all them people. You'd have people like Paul Rondo and. Terrorists. Ayers this is my point Roberts so they're gonna they're gonna do that anyway. So why not go for broke. And do something spectacular. Scene I even respect that I just don't respect the whining when you're the commander in chief of the United States. When you have power you got power to something with that Mike out of Harrisburg good morning. We go more ignorance. How are they are just wondered picabo one thing do you expect the president of the United States to stand in copper the world. And cold the president of Russia a light. Here's what I would expect. I would expect him. To not throw our intelligence community. Over the bus every speaker Denny Roy a second wait a second here yes he did because basically what he said he puts the the position of Vladimir Putin pretty much on the same level as our intelligence community. Full but he didn't told intelligence community our community. Written under the plots all you have to do you eat. Everybody here respects them all up. Okay that really means a lot like that that that's that doesn't whole Lotta water and I've lived here you know if you happen to be the intelligence community. Carlin I'd love to know what you think. Because you know it's not like. You know you don't have to insult them poised to do is just pay bolt. Mr. Bruton. You're wonderful guide for you made agreed argument against all this collusion stuff here very believable you're credible witness the alternative is that is folks. There right toward general like false choices. Jolts goal to Helsinki in the first place if you're gonna set yourself up for something like this. Don't go all. It's not complicated coming up. Good question about illegal immigration I have arraigned this story to share point. This is this. Coakley radio program. From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so the liberty. Investors don't fit Stokley radio program. Coming up I've got a story that is absolutely horrendous. Horrendous. You know we had a person curious. Earlier in this broadcast about how to talk to someone about the subject of borders and wide borders and enforcing our borders it's so important. What we've got a case in point coming up in the setting is. This happened so many times and there are so many victims. An unfortunate news media has not been very cooperated. Cooperatives in previous to our attention. I mean they can find all these people. With a sob stories. To know who are at risk. Of being wish to raid by ice agents in the middle of the night or picked up from bus stops you know you've heard horror stories. Rod got a real horse story for you what happens. We don't enforce our borders. The consequences are deadly for some Elvis. We will take a couple of quick calls here before we move on and talk about that starting with Tom informal good morning Tom. The more of their value that more each year. Are occupied great example for your friend or at what amazes me and I looked good volley people. I didn't our present crop of gas but I agree currently everybody has corrected the premise that. That workers battled our election. And I'm still light e-book by air and if that's the great we're more about what. But I will wait now some kind of pooped but that's how they're trying to lately all about it and I'm really grateful him. He had discussed how apple remove that threat not a word that everybody is accepted it or else they'll also elite group. That is her problem. Yeah I think that's where we may discard record is that feared what they when they say they excel work ever it really geared up. Course. And be the place where this ultimately gets a firm it is at trial. Win there are trials so. That is something that is is certainly down the road. A nurse skepticism about this have you expressed the same type of skepticism about Whitewater. And about the other investigations of Bill Clinton. The allegations and questions about its Barack Obama in regard to bin godsey. And the IRS and some did you have the same perspective then. How. Their lack Aaron Beard you're basically what they are we've got to remember clearly. They're aired earlier than mayor well I am in this very nervous lacquered grill it was very rare for. I would like yours that you always. Waldorf ever. He faces the fact we therefore are often they would. It's got right there the American people have a permit street. Because gestalt malignant. Erica great here and people here didn't you call beer in your. They're having a car where a book about their their he might eat drink people aren't so blank. But that might really become acute or somebody the opportunity he he made it has got to have a co op. Okay bad sets certainly fair enough Tom and I do appreciate your car. It quickly and moon rock kill mark good morning. Good morning event. From. A while ago in college or they're gay. I'll upon the patient demand class called communication and organization. And we talked about. Here viewer and let McCain Palin take a look at that the woman criticism of the president body language is is correct. Look at who's been that he can't hear remarks he was parallel to the podium. They knew Conklin. What good is super but the kid nuclear powers. Is by hybrid between extemporaneous. Speaking and eight presidential debate in the general election now remember the fair criticism. Of our president I'm not listening to you. People trying to crack PM for the presidential debate. A year and a half ago well. You get like killed both far. Could check in March. After appreciate your call. We will take another. A couple of cause he beginning with John in Charlotte good morning. This corner then I'll you know luck question what they do indictments and everything. How what evidence and everything. Can be captioned. Abstracted. That thus far are from the DNC. Has never end. I'll aren't typically. What we're about the FB. Now in regard to what's. An email and Amy are you talk about the Clinton investigation. None that I bet they may help you out so what does this have to do with. With Russian interference. These are separating shoes John. I don't think so. How how are they related and I'm curious yeah. Our main what an Iranian backed think asked for yesterday. And this was for interfering in the election. But I walked out on. This is something that's gonna have to be presented in court. Oh yeah. So here's here's what I'm trying to say here John and I can't be. That team loyalty because there's a desire and allowed Republicans are thinking you know Hillary seems like she stated she got off Scot free. You know why are they going aft you know and and what I would just encourage people to do. Why don't you separate. The collusion investigation. Which on the surface is a counterintelligence. Investigation. From Donald Trump. Because I think there's a reflexive. I reactionary response to this that somehow acknowledging that jettison the legitimacy of this investigation. At least part seven. Is against you now shoot an attack on Donald Trump and I don't think that has to be the case. Does that make sense do you. Well I mean. That is kind of fire got nobody saw Camelot Bob kinda involved but. This is the main reason you're concerned about this is great you think this is about going after trump. I guess is at Langley fabricating. Americans. And not ever presenting any evidence that that's blocked. OK and here's here's my point if that's going on in if that happens. You have cause to go through and sweep through every single person involved in this and fire at them and better yet you can prosecute them. For malicious prosecution. I appreciate your call John. This is serious business this Weis said again this is not a place for cowards. This is not a place for whiners. So if there's something that's going on that's nefarious if there is no. If there is no evidence. Of Russian interference. And all of this has been fabricated. I wanna see somebody prosecuted. Seriously. Prosecute somebody don't just sit there whining complaint. We need him he admitted he didn't get a really yeah. Do you it if it's fake if it's a fraud. Prosecute somebody. It's very very simple Tim you will be the last caller on this good morning. More. Date for a deal it we've trees to make. You're wrong tactic or if you don't correct it appreciated if you show some humility. I know terrorists say you're not supper show humility and had him on her and she library stared. Did I I can appreciate that this deal. Risks posed no. Terribly low concerned more wound up and pictured inside man hours before. He was gonna new approved yet he can't so that's saying he looks weak he can't do media. T think he had to go through it this thing no matter what. Right I got you I guess it had to go with and I understand where you're coming from Tim this would have been an interest in signal that was communicated there. Jimmy we're gonna talk about us. And an incident did this just profoundly courageous absolutely horrendous and goes to the hearts of what's wrong with our immigration system. And the politicians that have allowed this to happen stay with us. This is still Vince Coakley radio program in the room for little room for. 90 minutes after 11 o'clock on an instructor radio program getting your thoughts on yesterday. But I won't turn to talk about in illegal immigration story. And the sad thing is this story is not all that unusual because I'm next. They're number of people still wanting to comment on this I'm gonna give a couple of view about 363045. Seconds or so. Are beginning with Steve in Charlotte good morning Steve. Old old woman aside and all our search. Just want to ask the big NC server and swoop like a blueprint for the Russians. Well you know you that are dear dear look if we haven't looked fitter. So prepared so here's my question. How does that relate to this subject. Our intelligence report on this but it would brochure but I haven't looked to to serve. Jake. So let me get this straight. Who's in charge of this administration. The warned that would. Be impeached if you try to do in print books. And carriers. Can care Steve are you here here's my point if you're going if if the if the effort is to try to do that. Go ahead and go for broke anyway Steve what what does he have to lose. People are pushing for that anyway if there's corruption if there's malfeasance. If their investigations are not being pursued as they showed. When somebody needs to take action. Very corrupt and whereabouts. But porn director and number one and struck it. OK so so what what is the solution to this Steve. The. Appears to me. We don't have one runner. Okay. Sounds like a pretty bleak picture. Did you blink your home based approach or come to her Bernard urged Europe. What do this a preview here's Steve. One thanks in earnest. This country for the last honored your new budget and our politicians. He can hit it well I know who owns the country. And needs he needs yes unfortunately. Before an interest in and finding that out Steve. Right now but we got to become an intermission Bennett is Democrat and Republicans and I am if you look at who is not running for office. Next election. There's a lot of Republicans but they're not running for all those because they know the troubles come. Now you are you you're you're teasing us here you've got to give us a little more what kind of trouble we talking about. I'm curious are. We whichever uranium Boise and somebody. Benefited from a my question is only uranium. Nobody to arrest a question. As to why I was livid about the. If I I'm with you know I'm with just see it here's my question. If you are concerned about this near the president the United States. Why don't you bang the gavel down on the desk at the White House have a news conference. And say that you want your intelligence officials and you want your. You want the investigative powers. Of all the agencies to get involved in this and gets in the bottom of what happened and why. Well and and tell the American tell the American people bring out the facts before the American people. Tomorrow. Copper corridor arming you thinking well. If he does for a record or demon barber Steve let me say this and and it's contrary to what some people may believe. If this is a problem there's or there's something very. IC go forward and as far as I'm concerned this man will be a rock star if he does it. You're right he will but he handbook. I just have a lot pretty you don't have the right people in place to do well I think you also have to be the right person. To find the right people. Well under the wrong people never never for our industry immune Jerusalem. Well I mean yes we can talk about that but we're talking about now Steve and then the buck stops here and if you've got the goods. You're of the onus is on you to bring them. And bring your power to bear in this situation. Spent a lot of time there but let's go to the other Steve this time in New York good morning Steve. The more because there are you doing sir. Okay person I'll be Ross indictments involving Hillary Clinton. Email server there were not. Ever reviewed by the FBI. So you're statement earlier today has nothing to do it it has everything to do it because that's the basis of the entire Russian allegations that they were involved. Okay you're you're talking. To be part of what I'm I'm I'm a little confused about here because during the course of this conversation today we've got back from fourth. Between talking about the Clinton investigation the previous one. And talking about this issue of Russia and the possibility of collusion. So yes I am in this regard. Nations the collusion allegations were based on whether or not did DNC and the Hillary Clinton. Campaign email server four have been the best. That looked weird to collusion. Investigation started and it was maybe I'll bet if she. So where they'll be added to say that they are indicting these people won't ever do that they've never seen it the sir okay. Now as far as it Kroger has been injured he's able wider than he lowered the boom that ignore the brings the the same reason we don't get rid oppose people you know we've got mail delivery every single day in this country. It is unnecessary amount needed. We can't get rid of the federal government. That can't get rid of that federal agency. RA were rated waive his second year. Which you're talking about I mean this isn't biting day you're you're talking about somebody who is incompetent. In delivering mail version is someone who is involved in potential criminality Steve. We're talking about here. Not won a cup and about I'm not comment lightly incompetent delivering mail what I'm saying it is inevitable and did not know the theory we don't leave home delivery of mail six days a week it did not. Physically he's not financially necessary if not I'm English media. But we can't get rid of it because the government Asia. Government does not reduce power I don't care who's at the top I know it's cannot reduce power. Nobody ever willingly walk away from power Asia for George Washington at the founding learning. And why is that Steve. Pardon why is that. So that the major mankind that's the reason we have respect them bench and it took legal that there is no other way. To remove power except now or we're going to continue to have these fights. So that's what you're arguing for. Absolutely there's no what are what I guess yes well I went and got a good show me another time in history where it seemed unbeatable. Well I appreciate you probably Steve man I sure hope we don't get that could help that road Terry wax I get about thirty seconds here. Then look you bumper music and thank you you're asking what is. The connection between this investigation or that investigation. To create ability. Of the FBI and CIA. These same people. We will turn over evidence to congress. Clapper Brandon. All being called lying. Visit the he has that busting in on it all Republicans. That are under investigation. But they ask politely for the server. And in the end they. Amanda DNC state. Think the bigger but the credit. Yeah there's there's a double stated I don't question at all Terry and I've never questioned that India the same time if you know these folks are corrupt and they've been in office. For quite some time. It doesn't take a lot to just fire people this. I I don't get some of these appointments that have taken place to within the Justice Department. Does that make any sense whatsoever speaking of justice will talk about a horrible injustice. As we continue the broadcast. Will tell you about eight horrendous. Story careened described. Ends. Big surprise they multiple. Offender in regard to illegal immigration. Stay with us. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. I'm 36 minutes after 11 o'clock on the return of the radio program I wanna jump into the story. That hasn't gotten a lot of media attention it needs media attention. Because it it's a perfect example. Of what's wrong with our immigration system. Here's what happened here a serial immigration violator accused of attacking his wife. With eight chainsaw. In front of their children. And her Los Angeles area home. Charged Monday with seven felonies. I want you to think about this for a moment. I attacked his wife with eight chain saw. This is. Just beyond insane. Alejandro Alvarez who DAX. Appeared in a courtroom. Did not and replete with a seven felony counts against him which include attempted murder and aggravated mayhem. Immigration and customs enforcement spokesperson says the 32 year old. Alvarez yeah Vegas is a serial immigration violator. Who's been deported. 200511. Times. He was arrested Thursday in a stolen vehicle. A few miles from Mexican border. According to prosecutors. Tarver is the biggest crash the family car stolen issue V during the get away after the alleged attack. He suspected of attacking his wife at their home. Leaving her and her children between the ages of five and ten covered in blood. We have to call earlier. The text actually someone raised the question about. Why it is important to have borders into enforce those borders where here is exam today. I'm sure there are plenty of exhibits like this. By the way this woman was injured underwent surgery. And stable condition now. Don't have any updates beyond that. The chainsaw involved in this attack were was recovered by police. Federal immigration officials obliged to detain or against Alvarez the Vegas. Asking local officials to notify them before he's released. We don't know whether this container was actually filed their. You know about Los Angeles it's a Sanctuary City. And there's more court documents show he was convicted convicted. Not just charged. Convicted of driving under the influence twice in 2014. On October 6 Torre fifteen he was convicted of his third. DUI. These raw misdemeanors. The day before his third conviction. He was popped with a fourth DUI charge. Because. It was the fourth charge it became a felony. Because there's three previous convictions. This is what we're putting a brief. This is what some people. Don't seem to mind allowing into the country over and over and over and over again he she whatever you talk buddy legal immigration. They wanna show you the images of the poor little children. Or at the poor families then divided. How about the victims here. How about this woman ravaged by a chainsaw. This is another reason why we cannot play around our borders. And the fact that this is not seen this crisis to be addressed immediately. By politicians universally. Something is really really wrong I think you know. By the way before you go back to more of your calls. It's intriguing story. Dread has a link for today a poll. 73% of Democrats want a fresh face in 22 money. But the way George has Hillary's picture about it but who can you. They want a fresh face. Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders Joseph Biden among was touted as serious. Contenders for 20/20 but three out of four Democrats think their party needs to turn to someone new. Someone new. And let me remind you of my prediction. I think they're gonna nominate a celebrity and 20/20. I don't think the politicians going to do they're gonna take a page other Republican playbook. And recognized they've got to have star power that's where I mean I have to put Oprah at the top of that list. In series. During the break. John and I were talking about this and he thinks the socialist woman who was elected in New York. May get some traction and it's altogether possible. She's she's a fresh new face. And it's punches off two of the requirements for the Democrats. You know you got to appeal to certain groups. This appeals to Hispanics. In an appeals to women at the same time you know would you remember all the campaign. Campaign focused back in 2008. About electing the first black press let's make history. Can you imagine if you make history times to electing the first Hispanic and the first woman president. All the in the same person the media were absolutely fought over that kind of candidate. Titled get your thoughts. On how this would be received. And do you think my ideas on the money. But they're gonna look for a celebrity to rescue them in 20/20. Scraps of Tom good morning sir. And you know I keep our permanent. How it would split it got an independent bitter people everywhere everywhere. It can dim view of what. And there cock architecture and brick. It broke our group Bradford did here. On our dime of course. What are and we will be paying for room and board for ten years. They have a threat well let let I report that they're. Overrode it could drag the recruiter. Yeah I I liked the spirit of which you've said here. Or where. Their. Yep there's some validity to that idea appreciate your call their Tom. Let's. Go out to Bob it Matthews good morning. Good morning Chris Kelly and rights. Then regarded as a Russian meddling so called Russian medal. It is possible we are asking the wrong questions. Number one. Did any murder. In the voting boot. Bearish it'll help or hurt yourself. What do what you want me to do now. So. Patently. Happy hateful. Negative. Done were are to influence. Voting decisions. Send any meddling from any country possibly to do. You raise some very good questions you know and and part of this is significant in that nobody's ever be able to find any evidence. This has impacted any votes. I mean you can make the argument perhaps sit and we've seen the stories about companies that were set up. And all the advertising that was purchased over FaceBook I get that. You can advertise until the cows come home. But it doesn't guarantee you're gonna get throats. So. You've raised some very good questions there are Bob I do appreciate your call. Let's get more of your thoughts. On this immigration story. And anything else we've discussed over the last hour or so. Also coming up we'll take a look at that day in history. Great interest in items on this day. That straight ahead. 1149. In the final stretch of the broadcast live as us. Ventured down tour of states studio and argued for months it would take wouldn't date in history. This. Pleased city state. May in Mississippi not a surprise that July 17. They are you talking trash. No I would never do such thing. Nor a wonderful host this team toes DNA you joke doesn't go on today man. Too beautiful day to be alive Vince. Wonderful let's start off with three questions. Beginning in 1938. This is kind of obscure. But this person. Took off it's a pilot broke away took off from New York City headed to California and he landed in Ireland's. There is a person who is modeled after this and giving your hands. In the Gilligan's Island. So at least we should be able to get the nickname of this person. And do you have any guesses months ago. I'm guessing that's not Lovie. It's not let me you're you're absolutely correct about this you know the person's name you know. It's not a levee burst in some good. But new poll. Johnny let's see if you you were laughing can you act like you know something I'm thinking under the Gilligan wouldn't I think it was wrong way Feldman yes yet wrong way is correct elegant but this person's name is actually. Horror again. But I was trying to get it can't give it partial credit the wrong way apart we'll give you half I think he's he give full credit because dialed a wrong way. That's pretty good deal. 1945. There were a free world leaders you met at the opening of a conference. World leaders keep in mind the year 1945. Four you have to do is named one of those people. To world leaders church shell you're absolutely right. Anybody in studio and name another one Roosevelt. No fool all. 45. Keep that in mind. True men that's the other one. And who's the third one. Stolid. That is absolutely correct Truman Stalin Churchill. And less in at least an elusive style and that Charles. I also tater salad if a contract. You bet 1955. This. Popular resorts and fun place opens in Anaheim California. Disneyland Disney land is correct. That's pretty impressive. It's a great job. Two out of three. And out great way to start your day so. No great way to start my day as with this time Vince Coakley radio program oh my goodness. The check is in the mail by the way I appreciate needs to be bigger this time. Hey I can only give what I received does that or are. They slot man against our Tia Tia. Lettuce in the final stretch of the broadcasting a few of your calls sub beginning with the big role in Spartanburg. At good morning bill. Good morning if you look at trop and they public. A former president. And of course in Europe would give him a rather. And I don't think anyone who watched oh to a warmer than people who have talked about somebody don't let things do you did because when you're pitching look at the. How could any. All right it's very pits the appreciate your call this morning to go next to Jason in Concord good morning Jason. Terry ran right over to our rights there. I Alabama State until about that are we had a decent and there are about purpose radical idea for New York. Possibly with a meaty awning Oliver you would Iran by. Some pundits came out there and a break here on the factor as well although it's not about Russian meddling in. The bad and the other one is there any difference to all these millions of people that are here or read that are not US assistant there. Voice their opinions all based book in order to influence other people. Orders the hours that there are. That's a little different in the fact that you're you're now talking about a foreign power directly in and I think this is what's so concerning about this. Did you actually have a foreign power investing. And so you know basically injecting itself into our political system. That's a RS he thinks he result can be the same Jason I get to point to. Yeah actor drama gore or just talking about earlier about all the people that are earlier work reason those are my being here illegally in the called the border of what not settle. Yeah they certain writers. Smaller order to have those other people but. Don't know all American citizens then a right to free I'll bite trump could have really much or done anything terrible. Birdie there in a meeting here or not our most biggest pay at all in the cut and Al or something of that nature pleased that the embargo that slow. I just thank in our theaters settled down because adult or child what is said or done. Maybe they've been harder on me but it's good they really don't stopping not a could be a lot of corporate. Yep this guy is I think he is the epitome of the alpha male there's no question about that Jason and this is how he positions himself. And and I asleep yet have we not heard many comments out of president Donald Trump but first presidency he's always had a tremendous sense of admiration for. Vladimir Putin he thinks this guy is is said the bomb. He really does he's made that very clear our Randi the last caller here on the bright just good morning. Good morning hey let's all thank a lot of your comment I I would like to make out one observation. We end when the when we have a democratic president and in this is bluffing Democrats win a lot of election. Democrats stick together. When a democratic president early democratic legislators spare pump and Steve did makes a bad decision. What they do it they don't go all and national media and polite. They don't. They they make say well you know I don't necessarily agree what he's bad but what they found. They're looking in the nit wit there and then looked at they'll let them. Whitworth trump. The Republican just polite. And I don't think the Republicans really get. Well let me back up here and say you can make the arguments this is how Donald Trump came into this. By four laying everybody else so do kind of what comes around goes around. Not necessarily agree with that but that's how it's happened to have a great day folks. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.