Fathers Day

David Chadwick
Sunday, June 17th
Pastor Mark Harris (and congressional candidate) joins David to discuss Father's Day.

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Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick it's the talk 1110993. WBT welcome to the show in case you don't know this is a faith and values program that tries to intersect faith and values with what's going on. In the culture of local league globally it's always a pleasure doing the show thank you list listeners for joining me. On a weekly basis now over eighteen years that I've been doing this. Happy Father's Day also to all of you and that's obviously the subject I would like to cover today because it's in our face everywhere. Fathers are so important when we think about. What fathers mean in our lives for those of us who had great dads we are overcome with terrific joy and today I wanted to talk not only about Father's Day but with someone who. Had a great father but he is also probably in the news right now. Mark here is the former pastor of first Baptist Church here in Charlotte now running for the ninth congressional district. For a Republican side in the state of North Carolina mark thanks for being on the show today David thank you for having me it's always a pleasure to be with human off fathers and their incredible aren't they had you at a great dad did you. I did have a great dad just then you know he in my mom. When I lost her and October of 2012. If she has lived till December they would have been married 65 years. And and then of course I lost him almost eighteen months to today that she passed away. And you know ended there was such an incredible bond that they had there once or took her home. You know eat we could just see that the mr. angry for her in so many ways and so wasn't overly shocking. That almost eighteen most of the day. Lord to and we we've seen that kind of thing often as pastor maybe where. Win a couple really loves each other and they're attached to one another that we and one dies it's almost like a part of the other died as well it makes biblical sense data that you become one flesh and we've often seen I think in your Ministry's well that. People pass away when they lose their spouse that it was a much they really do and it was it's fascinating. And that that I was blessed I was blessed with a dad and in fact dolphin tell folks that you know is a pastor. I was learn from an older pastor when I was in my twenty's about interviewing staff. And they said. He said one thing that I always would ask. Potential staff people that helped me can I get inside and then get a little feel for what they might be. As a staff member is I would always ask one of two questions number one. I would ask tell me about your relationship with your dad calls that allowed me to kind of get inside and see some things that I might not see otherwise. And then he said another question how would often asked is tell me your hero is the calls you can learn a lot about somebody based on their hero is. And and I would just say today David when somebody asked me who's not he wrote. It it would be my dad. Mayor mark you know I tracks and several early on that time my mom died in 2005. Dead did live four years longer. I do think he grieved so much for her. But win mom died they had been married 63 years and and and dad became increasingly weaker in those next years after mom's passing. And I watched him go to be with the lord as well but. If you ask me the one person who has impacted my life more than anyone else it's my dad. And and I have coaches and teachers and other mentors who helped me but. My dad was the one who was always there of always encouraged me always disciplined me when I needed to but he was the one who gave me a model for how to live and that's the way god intended it won it. It really really is spent and I think that's what I think dads so give so much to their children. Not only in the things they say to them or. Teach them that just by the living example. That they are to them and and you know my dad 1 time I am often asked why should managers hero. And mad as my hero because he is the epitome. Of an over calmer. And he came up against a lot of bad odds in the news. Mom was died when he was six years old with cancer his dad was an alcoholic couldn't take care of him. And so and he dropped him off an aunt's house at that point North Carolina. And she quickly realized she couldn't raise six year old boy and she took him and dropped him off at the Methodist children's home on an older wrote in Winston-Salem. And my dad from age six all the when they graduated from high school did so with the Methodist children's home and I'll. Beef forever grateful to the United Methodist Church for race in my dad and he came out of there and immediately went into World War II. So. I'd love to take a little bit more about that. Well let's do so when we come back from the breaking news or I could just make a quick comment and our our paths intersected some interesting ways my dad was raised in rural North Carolina and his mom died when he was twelve. His dad tried to find jobs in the middle of the great depression and couldn't find them he and younger brother and oftentimes they would have to drink warm water at night to try to allow the hunger to go away from the my dad kept pushing forward. On and kept moving forward with his life at a call in the ministry except that called graduated from high school age of fifteen. Seminary at the age of twenty and in winning the ministry and he talked about a man who's over comer that's my dad as well as a unit that's why there are heroes are etc. so today happy Father's Day to all of you listening right now. For those that you were great day as there's no more powerful gift you can give your children and that. Mark Pearce is my guess we come back mark let's talk about the importance of fathers in our culture I'm David Chadwick this is news talk 1110. 993 WBT will be. Right back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick welcome back to the show this is news 1110993. W BT and it's a pleasure being with you today happy Father's Day on this special day when we remember our dads in our lives and what they meant to us my guest today is more cares former pastor first Baptist Church here in Charlotte. Now running for the Republican congressional seat in the ninth district. Markets a pleasure having you on the show and one of the reasons I wanted to his because I know how much you love your dad. On let's talk about father lawlessness in America and we look at so many issues that are confronting our nation. And somehow I don't think god minute to be quite so complicated. I think there's still an important place. For fathers in our culture and father Lou business is causing I think at least contributing to rate problems would you talk about your feelings on that. Subject oh I agree with you 100% David I mean we need when you look at from a very foundational. Aspect of society in the culture. And from a biblical standpoint very clearly. That that fathers are such as the aid foundational aspect of the entire family structure or not at all they're not and and when mutate the important aspects of provider and protector. And you take that out of the home. Then suddenly there is a void there there's a vacuum there. That. Unfortunately. Children and and and even as young adults they try to fill that void in that vacuum and so many different ways. And and it leads to oftentimes. Much trouble I mean we we hear of all the gang violence going on an icon country today and oftentimes wind. And young people that have gotten caught up in gangs are are interviewed or talked to about it oftentimes. They will admit that they were looking. For some kind of structure in their life they were looking for some kind of family. They were looking for some kind of acceptance. And unfortunately. That's where they ended up turning to the gangs the calls they provided. That kind of a structure. That was lost in the home and so and there's no question about it this success. Of a family the success of young people. So so many times are drawn to that structure. And in the and. Mortenson will someone has done a study out it recently and I'm not sure of the exact statistics so if this is the exact forgive me but somewhere around here. That twelve of the thirteen most violent school shootings that have occurred there was no father present in home of those boys correct there wasn't one drive and so there is the assumption that. Had there been a father there whose major purpose was to love them first of all but then also to draw some boundaries around them and to be a disciplinarian. That then affects a kid's behavior. So market to talk about those two words you just use provider. And protectors that that news. The father's role. And I had that would my dad I saw him provide and protect his family and I think when you take that away you allow all kind of enemy forces to attack the family and ultimately destroyed it and I believe as goes the family goes the nation know if you attack the family destroy the family the nation alternately is going to disintegrate. And since you're running for congress you know this too. You can't have enough social programs by the government alone to care for all the needs of people out here if the family breaks apart. So talk to me about the father first of all as provider. Well you know I had to privileges were talking about our dads today of of watching it dead at work hard I'm I'm the youngest of five children and family in fact I. Tell folks oftentimes the first four. Of my siblings were born within seven years of each other from one to four. I came along teen years after the last when she's at multiple different parents didn't that's right tell folks I was the bonus that oops I'm surprised. And Miller and I actually had one of those and are a lot of those I'm sure you are like our Michael he's the joy there you go ahead and I remind my other siblings of that same thing you know my parents waited two years after the last was born in the and he got it right. So that's what I would always arrest them wit but. Seriously. You know watching dad. Go to work every morning. Dad were to container corporation of America where they make corrugated boxes. And on the loses supervisor production planning they're. And and just watching him I I remember times that we would be. There's a family. At the beach and oftentimes a big container corporation where he worked. The folks on the floor we're unionized and they would go out on strike and I can remember times that. They would go on strike in my dad we get called and he'd have to leave our family vacation to go back. Two were because they would try to keep the plant go wing. At times like that and so I saw all those kind of things in just the sacrifices that he made not only with that were. But an ounce on him raise a garden every year I mean we're one of those strange families my wife and I even now shall shall came green beans. And in the summer for the fall that's the calls we saw. Our mom and dad do that in our home and that would raise a garden. And and we would just. Really just seen those themes. They were always providing for us and in meeting our needs a good dad says I'm going to provide for these kids that god has allowed to enter into this world through. My life and making sure to the best of his ability that they have their means met exactly NN as a provider. He not only provided for us but that I think the provider means not only the financial provision that he made forest. But he provided us the lessons of life. And taught us how to be responsible my dad taught me that you don't ever put more when your credit card. Then you can pay off with the Indy chargers of debt boy in my and it has to piece it don't spend more than you make absolutely it's a simple life principle but if you stay honorable to the principal. You'll what a lot of problems no question listen they scared me to about credit cards the point that I think I was probably 24 point five before I even got one. And was married for several years before I even got to credit cards the calls they had taught us the important principle of this day. Our refused care you balance a much credit card. All those kind of things. I think are are really the provider that I see in my dad and how that influenced you or not like or mark talk about the spiritual. Provision that he gave you because sometimes we overlook that and think that the call of the day at Asia's financial provision. There's a spiritual side that's so important as well and hasn't lived a good value shows ago for that no question I mean. My tell folks that people say well how long have you been a Baptist well -- born Baptist hospital in Winston-Salem. And I was carried into church. Every Sunday nine months before I was born in my mother's womb. Because dad and mom always status in that your in church and I grew up there Winston-Salem grew up at College Park Baptist church of Winston-Salem. And dad served as a deacon. That is served on the pastor search committee before. And they're the church and was always active leadership mom led. The choir at the church and so all of those things we saw all the importance. Of faith in our family and and they obviously. Played a major role. In meat coming to the commitment and HT end to invite Christ and in my life as my personal savior and even then it was fascinating. It calls armed it was a neighbor. That had come home from weaken revival. And teenager who was thirteen I was TN. And he had shared with me about what they've talked about it church that night and so arguing that also met Saturday evening shared with my parents but I heard outside. And now they began to talk to me talk to me about faith talk to me about that commitment. And then said world. We needed just take you upstairs tomorrow morning and how we want you to meet with the pastor and that's exactly what I did. And the pastor course you mean you're family. And in that Sunday morning and pastor study he led me down that Roman road in the media faith in Christ. You know you and I have another thing in common and I was born in Baptist hospital in Winston-Salem as well. God and my dad obviously was a pastor but my mom and dad made sure that we were in church every single week. When I started to wiggle in the pew she would lean over and pinch hit my knee. She made it very clear that I was not to do that. And you know I thought church was boring and irrelevant but mark he we never knows the seeds that are planted on in those little ones hearts when you're there just listening week we may not think that their absorbing that they're so were being more than we note. That's another reason why. Dads need to leave their families to some kind of faith community involvement. Even of the kids might be bored and complain about it they're learning things they'll help them be able to have faith. In their own parts talk for a second about this whole idea providing the spiritual life in the faith community and the importance of having folks. In that body because they can't learn even when we don't think they hour. Oh no question about it and and I think that. You know when we look at the body of Christ in the importance of being present just being present here. Where you are being influenced by those that are willing to to teach. The principles of scriptures that are willing to live them out. Day bad day in their lives that influence is going in and I. I can tell you story after story not only from my own family's life. But from just watching. Over thirty years as a pastor just the influence and impact. In the church from those debt that we're just faithful and those that were serving in in always engaged. Thursday it had influence to my my my dad used to say all the time faith is more. Caught and taught to him when you see your dad live and out it makes a powerful impression upon your life does and no question about it I. Well let's talk in the next segment about not just the dead being. The provider but the protector and we've we've sometimes in our. Culture which is experiencing some real sexual dysfunction Allen team on that Meehan or overbearing when they try to. Used their strength and in a positive way but you and I both know that when you do that well and you become strong and you see the job of protecting your family as exceedingly important. Kids feel safe no question they need to feel safe don't think they do that security there is no substitute for that security. So when we come back let's talk about that but before we do that just just one more phraseology that I wanna give to people today. My dad said to me that the greatest gift I could give my kids was to love their mother on your debt load your mother. No doubt about it in fact is so funny you say that we talk about things we have in common that statement actually was Allman magnate. On our refrigerator and our home that stood there because that's very very true and I think it is the greatest gift. That fathers give their children the calls and that leads right into the hole protector the security. That children have but knowing that they do it's gonna stay intact. There's no substitute will mark here's is my guest today were talking about. The ads his dad my dad all dads happy Father's Day to you all we come back closer look at dead as the families protector I'm David Chadwick will be right back the. Yeah. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick. Eleven tonight 93 WPT welcome back if you'd like to hear the show and it's and tardy with my guess more terrorists. Please go to WBT dot com scroll down the week in shows look for the David Chadwick show and you can download the program in its entirety. Mark is just wonderful having won the show today happy Father's Day to you happy Father's Day to you it's great to be here what a blast talking about our dads today on. You know you and I were missing in the last segment about the purpose of dads are to provide that and secondly to protect we talked about provision. A not only financially but. Spiritually correct this whole idea of the father being a protector. Of the home talk to me what talking about that please. Well when I think about my dad being a protector and in our home. I think about aid the security that he brought us as we were talking about last segment. The love they had for mom I mean we we lived with a certain security. That. That they were together and they were on the same page and that they truly did love each other. And they would meet the challenges together and they would be able to get through whatever challenges were faced so that security. Was it was just this year. But then there was the protector. In that aspect of the impact that dad would. Would have on each of us in teach us about dealing in the society I I had two Brothers and I had two sisters. And I remember watching as my sisters would would date. And and how old dad would would make very clear to them what the boundaries were. And how he would know the guys that were taking them out. And and with those boundaries would be as well. I got my bedroom quickly inserted that it had had two rules about dating I'll never forget he said. Always vertical never horizontal heat and nothing below the Mac days ago those were his two exits on the beat them deep resonant voice that outing got was envious. It's on the there are two rules that you should practice whenever you date Indy girl first of all always vertical never horizontal never get horizontal UB say secondly nothing below the neck you do those two things you'll never had any problems. Wednesday they don't know what. Pretty Smart guy a pass those onto my kids by the way and and hey and anarchy but that's protecting that is just like protect them from some evil that could harm them. No question about it so was out watchers protection for my sister's. I would also see his protection for my Brothers and for me. N and very much the same thing that your saying showing in teaching where those boundaries are. An end to be arms with yet I think probably one of the greatest gifts he gave us. In learning about relationships. Was again watching how he treated my mom and treated her with respect. And treated her with love and treated her with dignity and you know I just saw that model and our home and and that really meant something. You know for me to I think about my dad as a protector of the family. I believe and you believe this is well it's very biblical and for anybody who doesn't believe unlikely live very long on this planet and that is there is an evil enemy force insults to destroy people he wants to destroy families who wants destroying marriage. In the name the devil means the divider he wants to divide husbands and wives and parents and children. Right and if that is the truth we have an enemy attacking us and one of the roles of the fathers the spiritual protector and I saw my dad constantly pray for us I saw him lift us up before the war. In and I realized that's the kind of model I need with my children to be the spiritual protector talks about that to mark because I know you as a pastor and I as a pastor. No that's important for fathers to realize the spiritual protection they need to give their children. No question about it and I know is I watched my dad you know he was the one that taught me the important spiritual principle of tiger and and it's giving. It was not unusual to know every Saturday night. I would see my dad right out this checked. And he would put in the envelope novel opens sit on the mandolin seed in my mind right now as we walk up Adori reach over you pick up as. Envelope that is as we would head to church on that Sunday morning when he was going to give. And and he did that on a regular basis and and he taught me the new summer jobs for now woodworking and bring home a check when I was tossing newspapers when society journal. That I was delivering each morning and I would get my check. He taught me the importance of the passing in and what role that played as well as you know when we set down as a family. For separate each night he lettuce in the blessing and taught us how to pray. And those kind of things again we're being the protector spiritually. In giving us those foundation and in answers to questions that would come up. And and he was he would keep up with what was happening in school what we were being tall. What we were learning because EE Saul obviously in the seventies the culture was changing. And he saw things that were happening. And and they got engaged and he wanted to make sure work. That the things that we were being taught in influences that coming to bear on our lives where were those of a positive nature. Nebojsa marketeers he is running for the ninth congressional district for the Republican Party. A former pastor of first Baptist Church were talking mad dads today on Father's Day march dad my dad. And you know I've always taught mark that kids spell love T I MT know let's let's talk about the bees they're dad you know. That kids don't want your presence PR EST NTS. Than they want your presence Peoria CNC eat and when you're the year with your kids. It speaks volumes. And create that love environment where you can speak into their hearts wind. They don't do things well talk about that. Well the thing about my dad is. You know as I mentioned earlier it was kinda unique his dad was a little bit older. Particularly in that time when I was born casinos 42. When I was actually born mom had just turned forty. And so. Or per you know I was surprised that so he had already been through all of the themes with the first four children. Of Little League cheerleading all those kind of things in my sister's and my Brothers had been through. And now here he was how easy I think back on it it would have been for him just to say I've been down that road on I've. I don't have the energy to do that anymore but he was not I have the same experience as you know. Meg in and you were eight before you actually sound a Little League Baseball not when you were three or four I think we do it now. But but I remember signing up to play in the northwest. For site Little League Baseball at age eight. I remember dad getting me involved in basketball. And commend all of the basketball games all of baseball games the pop Warner football games all of those things that. That he was their practices he was there at those games things that again. Took sacrifice of time to sacrifice of energy to be engaged in that way. But that it was apart of growing up. That that I will never be able to to repay him for a except he never expected to be repaid. I mean do we talk about pay and things forward. When I look at a picture of my family today. And I think back to taken our kids to the while for basketball practices taken to soccer having them involved in pop Warner football. All of those evening practices Saturday games. I was just paying forward what my dad had invested in me and I'm now seeing my children. Began as they have my grandchildren to do the same thing so. May the circle not be broke. I'm not you know broken at all mark I mean that is so cool deceit. That kind of thing happen. And you know when we have this kind of dads involved in our lives it makes a huge difference in how we grow up and how we look at life and and I'll never forget all the my dad did for me and when. I think of the idea that kids don't want TI ME I remember that my dad wrote my basketball games into his schedule as he would any other appointment. And when someone call and say hey can you do this meeting at 7 o'clock on. Wednesday night my dad would say no I'm sorry I have another appointment he didn't tell that was a basketball game you need to sugar he was not lying he had another annoying when you just bought him being at that game was more important than. On that committee meeting and he used to say all the time you know. Twenty years from now who's gonna remember if I was at that committee meeting twenty years from now will my son remember that I was at that basketball game absolutely. Easily and in kids spill of TI ME. Dance. And they're amazing they're so wonderful. So thoughtful their our protectors of their power providers. And then there's also this phrase I've used their guardians and gardeners is the same ideas they were barred the garden right there also nurturing the garden constantly and that's what allows the plants to grow that's it now you have a family. Let's talk for a second I got a picture of you and your family good heavens more clearest there are so many kids in this picture I can't begin to describe them. Talk about Europe and fan. Well Beth and I've been very blessed. Actually. June 20 and just a couple of days were gonna celebrate our 31 wedding anniversary. We're very excited. About our family we have a daughter Laura and who's married to Jordan. They happen to live here in the Matthews area. And I they had two of our grandchildren. And we're very blessed and then fired next child was John. And John I actually lives and apex North Carolina he's made erred on remote here Ian. They also have to. And at Johns an attorney there in eight addicts in Raleigh news and apex and then our youngest son Matthew. Is married to Mallory and they have two children. And now he's actually a high school pastor park would Baptist Church in Estonia. And so we are we are just blessed with a phenomenal and and. Grand kids number six was just born April 23 is there anything better than and I know people get sick in the east saying as though he's all the time and say. If I'd known grandkids were so much fun and I dispute being apparel I don't know with the you better believe that they are the best aren't they fun I mean they don't love amending give them back ever ask. Wal-Mart we have one more segment to go and when I'm in love to talk about shifting some from fathers' day and talk about this sense of call on your life to be a congressional candidate Sharon Howell a call happens for people to be able to now Al call from god might happen in their lives as well. I'm David Chadwick will be. Right back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 1110993. WBT great to have you back on the show happy Father's Day to you all my guest today Mark Harris who is. The ninth congressional district Republican. Candidate for that all this and also the former pastor at first Baptist Church here in Charlotte. And real quickly many thanks to. Perry's fine jewelry and also moments of hope for their sponsorship of the show I appreciate it more than you know it allows me each week to have this microphone to speak faith and values to this culture. Mark I want to talk to you about a sense of call and I think this'll tying in the Father's Day in the gulf I think I know where you're going. But many people out there going how in who got his calling me to whatever. And you felt a call to leave first Baptist here in Charlotte and run for this congressional seat that you've tried run for the senate and you run for the seat before hand and lost. And it you have been persistent to. Continued this road toward a political career. What happened. Well as fascinating David kind of go all the way back. To. I was graduating from Appalachian state university and majored in political science I was headed law school that accepted Campbell university law school. And except in February was finishing school that's burning getting me to death in June and starting law school in August and believe streak. And all of this in 1987. And two weeks before my wedding and two months before I was to start law school god called me to preach I knew it. I knew it was clear in my heart. God had made it very abundantly clear als say. And just through the the desire that he begin to place in my heart for. For his word for answering that call for leading in shepherding people. And it was just very clear passion within you that's being met in what you feel like you're being called to that's one of the sign absolutely that was definitely a sign and and I remember sharing it with my dad and my dad was very very cautious and and I'll just say you know dad having middle layman miniatures of the years. He had seen pastors. Not always get a great. A great treatment if you will sometimes bastards get raw deal do you salute from being a pastor and he would seem pastors beeper. By about church votes do the years and egg you won back to that protector thing I think for my dad he wanted to make sure that I really. Really had that sense of call and and so. And he he helped guide me through that to a great degree. Was excited and could see gutsy and moving but that he was very cautious in helping me make that decision. When I got ready to make this step and was feeling this sense of call after the marriage amendment frankly in 2012. They've got it placed me in that position. Helping lead the marriage amendment here in North Carolina to pass in 2012. I began to sense that may be a call again in my heart to step into that arena. That there was a vacuum of leadership that there was a hole. For people that were were willing to stand on principles and in the stand with righteousness. In Saturday. And and are remembered going to talk to my dad I mentioned to you earlier that he came out the children's home there. We're right after came out the children's only went into world war two and it was a waste and one B seventeen plane. And found dead at flown eight missions successfully. On his plane which was called eight ball. And on November 2 1944. They took off for the ninth bombing raid they were successful in taking out some all refineries and then they were making their way back to England. When his plane was shot down over Holland. Which was under German occupation. Nine million bailed out of that plane one of and I don't impact. My dad and seven others were immediately captured. And we spend the remainder of the war in Nazi prison camp while I was marched over 700 miles when he came out. After they were. Set free he weighed a 125 pounds came back. Fell in love with mom mom he would do NC state on the GI bill she went to Meredith College. They. Got Mary and as I said I was fortunate to be the youngest of five. But I remember going to sit down when my dad I'd lost my mom is a sit in 2012. And I said Alan my dad. Not a year later is I was wrestling with this whole. Arena in this decision to step in their arena and my dad looked at me David and he was a man of few words about that point. And he just said was signed. Just please be careful. And I remember look at him and say and seriously. You of all people. Would say to me be careful after everything you wrist and everything you sacrificed. Everything you've gone through for me. And in my siblings in my family you would say to me be careful a sedan. You all were called the greatest generation. For a very important reason and a lot of people say it was because the risk that you took. I don't think that's it. Some would say it's because of the sacrifices you made I don't even think that's it. I believe dad did you all the greatest generation because you all managed to see America from this 30000 foot view. You all managed to see America. At a time where everybody had to stand shoulder to shoulder and arm in arm. And do what was best for America. A said that my generation we dropped the ball. You US gusts in the midst of a crisis the first thing that comes our mind is. How's this gonna affect me. How's this gonna change my comfort level. Sit your generation and think about that you looked at America from that 30000 foot view and you asked how's this going to affect the nation. And I said dad that's what's missing. In Arab leaders. In America today that's what's missing in congress were more concerned about our next reelection bid. Then we are doing what's best and right for America. And I believe we need somebody is gonna step up and be willing to have that 3430000. Foot view. And be willing to do what's best for America and at bats while. I'm sensing that call and I would say to you David that that was the sense of call. They got was placing in my heart and I Trace that back to my dad and in his whole experience. So we're talking about a call from god more that called Cain to use. To preach yes it is as real call now with as similar passion and to go serve our nation no question exactly your dad's example. Off his love for America which what planted that within you to calls this surge of patriotism that's making you run for. The ninth congressional seat absolutely and recognizing that. That we need leaders that their really have. That 30000 foot view that that are. Are not so divided by by party and not so divided. By all of these things at all and do you divide us but recognize that if we can start looking at what's best for the nation and I'm not discounting that we have very different world views. That are at battle in this nation today. But but we recognizing. That overall. We've got to begin to think what's best for America. And in. That's that's the sense of coal and that I have in my heart and you have that call fuel run in. The election in November against another opponent and you're trusting god with the outcome no doubt about it. He he guided us. Through the primary. Beth and I journals and we could tell you story after story of how he put people in our path it just the right time. And and we went through a year process of praying and seeking his face to if this was indeed his timing in his call. And we're seeing it happen and were running out of time but real quickly the question in your previous defeats have only added a sense of just not God's timing yet that's exactly right exactly I think outstanding is always perfect okay mark here's. Happy Father's Day to you happy Father's Day you know I think he has been wonderful landing on the show and I pray God's best upon you as you seek his will. In your life thank you and may I say this to all of you hate dubious love god with all your heart soul mind and my love your neighbor as yourself if you'll just do those two things to adult lifetimes calling. Annals lifetime's worth of work to do I'm David Chadwick I'm afforded talking with you all. Next week.