FBI's Andrew McCabe Fired Just Before Retirement, Life In South Africa

Vince Coakley Podcast
Monday, March 19th

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Hey are you putting the spotlight on the evils of socialism as progressive as Bernie Sanders is peddling socialism. To our children. It's a dangerous and it's got to stop boldly proclaiming conservatism for a new generation got. And it is not the author or source of our rights and you don't make America great again by giving more power to one guy in Washington DC mobilizing we. To reclaim our republic you make America great again by recovering a constitutional republic where Washington has populated by people. Sports service leaders who want to return power to the people into the communities. This is much you can this is my kids this is my grandkids this is my country dammit my country. But the fight score together. It's just this weekly radio program. Good Monday morning welcome back to the bread just going to be back which you. Hope your weekend went swelled. Well he did not do so well for a certain Andrew McCabe. Imagine you've anticipated your retirement for quite some time and Sunday supposed to be retirement day instead. You find out on Friday. That you were fired. And as a result your pension. That you long anticipated is in danger that's exactly what happens. Just to set this up for you and we'll talk about the new developments in this story. Over the past few hours as a matter of fact. Andrew McCain has been fly church. And following on this Donald Trump has been doing a lot of tweeting this weekend I'm sure that's a shocker. His lawyer in fact is calling for an end of the Muller investigation following from this revelation about Andrew McCain inspiring. Using this as another piece of evidence of the legitimacy of this entire investigation. However this morning. A White House lawyers insisting Donald Trump is not considering firing Muller. On this subject has been discussed throughout the weekend we're gonna share some audio on this including. Concerns by at least one senator. About whether this firing avenger McCabe. Could have been politically motivated. In I'm sure those of you who are listening south of the border meaning our friends in South Carolina. Are absolutely proud of you were senior senator Lindsey Graham. Read an interview yesterday on CNN's state of the union. And what I saw this I ate my eyes were rolling they really work. OK if you listen to this program with regularity what do I tell you about house and senate hearings do I like them. Well there waste of time and energy. And yet. Lindsey Graham has committed the unpardonable sin in this area because he's calling for a senate hearing. Our attorney general Jeff Sessions decision to fire FBI deputy director Andrew McCain so let me give the straits. As a result. Of an inspector general report which recommended his firing this is within the agency itself the FBI. In inspector general. Recommended this firing. But Lindsey Graham is concerned he might be Politico. So here's what he sets. The average American I think we awards the average American to have a hearing in the Judiciary Committee. Where mr. sessions attorney general sessions comes forward with whatever documentation he has about the firing. And give mr. McCabe. The chance to defend himself ugly but it comes to this issue. We need this much transparency as possible and make sure it was not politically motivated. Now argue. Pretty much. Rolling your eyes just as I did. Again another waste of time in fact one which you morons get to work. I'm putting together a genuine. Budgets. Did you hear. We've got another deadline coming up. Not one of these spending bills were actually expire and they'll have to vote again. Either photo again. To finalize some sort of spending plan or they'll have to do another continuing resolution. To fund the government for what a few more weeks another couple of months. Once you spend your time there instead of wasting time on stupid hearings like this. This is right people don't have much confidence in their government. But I'm sure most of you agree with this and I love to hear your perspective on this how many view. Want to see hearings. Hearings on McCain's fiery. It's just. It blows my mind. The nonsense. Nonetheless. There's another thing that was reiterated. From Lindsey Graham during yesterday's state of the union program on CNN. Because previously Lindsey Graham and offered a warning. Because there is ongoing speculation especially after the firing of intra McCabe. And this has gotten the chatter going again about the possibility. Are we seeing actions by the present moving in the direction of firing. Firing. The special counsel Robert Mueller is that where this is going. Which prompts a question. From Jake Tapper Kyrie is that conversation yesterday on state of the union. Are you worried that the president is preparing to order the firing of Mahler it sure looks that way from his tweets. Well as I said before if you tried to do that that would be the beginning and the end of his presidency because we're rule of law nation. What I saw at the FBI and Department of Justice or regarding the dossier really bothered me it was a paid political document unverified. He used inappropriately by the court. Just an FBI agents investigating. Clinton had a bias against drunk in favor of Clinton all that needs to be one that does want wanna separate. Second special counsel phones when it comes to mr. Moeller he's following the evidence where it takes them. And I think it's very important he be allowed to do his job without interference and their many Republicans who share my view. Many Republicans. Who share his view. Kind of interest to let the investigation go on in fact another Republican who kind of echoes this view. Took issue with some comments made by Donald Trump's attorney over the weekend calling for the Justice Department. To put demands to this probe. He Russia collusion investigation. The collusion. Investigation. As it's been developing ends as it appears to be taking a new direction. By exploring the background. Of the Trump Organization. I'm talking about another member of south Carolina's. Congressional delegation referring to trade Galley. He bristled to the Donald Trump's. Idea at least from expressed by the attorney who said he was speaking for himself. Calling for an end to this probe listen to portray Galley had to say this was yesterday morning. To suggest that Mueller should shut down and that's all he is looking at is collusion. If you have a minister declined mustered out act like it. Men who run shot attacked our country less special counsel Moeller. Figure that out and if you believe as we found there's no evidence of collusion. We should want special counsel Moeller to take all the time they have all the independents he needs to do its job. Act like your client is innocent won't. Pretty strong words don't you think. I don't know what you think about all of this and the words of Lindsey Graham basically saying hey you fire Robert Mueller at the beginning of the end. Of your presidency. Do you wanna see an investigation. Of this McCabe matter. Do you trust Robert Mueller and this probe grab another perspective on this as well. A great column that's been written on the subject by frequent guest in this program. We'll talk about it and much more as we continue fifteen minutes after ten. This is this Coakley radio program. 1019 on the Vince Coakley radio program getting your perspective on. All of these matters related to the. Trump investigation the collusion investigation whatever that is. Are Eagles advantage starkly and number 809 to 1110 comments since retirement planning text line. Is 713 your seventh some of your perspectives on this text line. I know so many of you are such big fans of Lindsey Graham. Isn't that wonderful. Lindsay mama says. Stupid is as stupid does. He. No person saying we need to get Lindsey Graham's rear end routes. Obama appointee. Against an investigation. Through the IG of FBI. During the Obama administration results in someone getting fired and somehow it's trumps faults I don't candidates. Trump should turn over all its business records that he deems related to his collusion with Russia. But like Clinton to were turned over her emails. She deemed relevant. From her unsecured surfer her. An immense your comment on congress do your job congress. Which should include. This in no shape matter or form in my eight a Democrat here to defend Andrew McCain but the petty and vindictive way he was fired only 25. Hours. Array. From his pension is disgraceful. Jeff Sessions did to please trump in ensuring he doesn't get prior to. So this is one of the other questions similar view I'm wondering do you think has in this textured do you think. That sessions to the right thing for the wrong reason. That's a fair question to ask. What does it trumps fall from the cable it was the FBI that fired him with zero direction from trump. What's the number to call to talk about my disgusting grim morning in hearing I don't know call him. Who who in his office no you're not interested in seeing the Lindsey Graham hearings. At all can we fire missile NC where he had the opportunity to do that folks and you send him back. So. I don't know when he's up again who knows. I'd like to have hearings on how much Lindsey Graham is getting paid and are costing the taxpayers for being. On TV nearly every weekend. They love they love. Lindsey Graham as a guest. The election of trump was the beginning of the crop deep states in and are you part of the problem how is this the beginning of the deep states in CI. This is the kind of texted drives me absolutely crazy it really does. Because there's nothing nothing has been done to disassembled. The so called deep state in fact all I've seen is an affirmation of it. I just don't get it don't get the fascination with this. Sure mr. Graham and mister Gatti. One to. Two million dollars a month. Have them take all the time needed it's not your money it's ridiculous. Uncle Lindsay rule of law country whose law is that why the clintons. Are free to fall downstairs where the criminals and their allies are investigating. No crime. Would Johnny pleased voluntarily agreed to a two year investigation of every aspect of his life going back twenty years. Hell no he wouldn't how about you Vince if you're not guilty what's the problem. I hope this is the beginning the end of these two South Carolina politicians dowdy and Graham. The Republicans like these who needs Democrats are enemies cherry out of Greenville. Against Russia attacked our country that's laughable the top people the FBI and DOJ. And the Obama regime attacked our country with designs to totally submerged. Tony sixteen presidential election both before and after it occurred. Talent I'm spurred bird I looked called discussed my discussed. All the congressmen and women. Who identified as whatever Washington DC were clamoring to come to defensive McCabe efforts fiery. It shows nothing but the corruption held by all the politician when it comes to saving their rear ends and purse strings. Ventured to a pretty good impersonation of little Lindsay. Need to do with the list to add some realism. Jim meta Beasley or you are so cruel. Are you folks are cruel report Lindsey Graham or your text in a bit let's go out next to a call from Gary out of hunters feel. What are your thoughts this morning Gary. They're excited and their rights there. Good I bet I would look into our public you know this goes over the weekend and and fox in particular. It's kind of like you say the kid isn't that room as parents should be a good and it's out of a total December or January effect. Do you expect this stopped collecting horrendous week that he can't be coincidence is that I don't understand what thinkpad or into the diluted pensions. My understanding is there's a risk of losing a good part of the pension I don't know all the particulars of this. Mean it's something we have to explore further. And I assume there's probably an appeals process that he's going to explore I certainly would if I were just hours away from drawing a pension. And that that has to stating no matter how you stack to hear they what do you think about this are you do you are you OK with this based on. Just based on what's come out from the inspector general's office. That idea because they'd do a criminal you're a criminal whether it's really you've been. Well only what oral without describing what you people think it did before you go to get attention. I'm not criminal or even should have been good to know employment anyway. In others it's an interest in question you bring up can you wonder here. Whether the next step would be some sort of action against him this is entirely a personnel matter at this point. We're not talking about any any civil or criminal penalties yet. But it'll be interesting to see whether that's a direction they go with this Gary I do appreciate your call. Also more text your Lindsey Graham misty is a disgrace. And another person saying prudent just got reelected I guess trump did that too. So proud of Lindsay where else can you make Lindsey's decisions and make that much money. Aha. And this. Vince your listeners should know McCabe will still get his pension money paid into. I believe they said in seven years then this firm Sheri. Moon. So we'll see. We will see what transpires here and kudos but the way things work in Washington he may figure out a way to get that sooner. There's just no telling here what person I have a lot of confidence in. He's certainly got the government experience. He's a guy that I believe. Is a man of integrity keys. Straight down the line when he won when we're talking about legal matters is former prosecutor. On this program several times. I'm referring to injured McCarthy has written a great piece. And this piece. Basically is a response. To. Where this investigation stands today. And these kind of made this point number of times in this piece for national review. Muller's investigation France Justice Department's standards. Just this year as a corollary gates. Was charged with 100 million dollars in financial crimes and pled guilty to two minor offenses one of them highly questionable. And a deep think theme of this entire article which we will touch on. Really goes to the the problem that has been expressed for years about the special counsel's which is. One of their limitations. Aren't there limitations. He says these columns and many times observed deputy attorney general wrote rod Bruce and Stein's failure to set limits. On special counsel Robert Muller's investigation. To trigger the appointment of a special counsel federal regulations require. The Justice Department to identified that crimes. That warrant investigation and prosecution. Crimes. What are these crimes specifically. And and I think. Andrew McCarthy's one of these people has been raising this question for months. Months on end. So far there's not a good answer what is the underlying crime. Still waiting to hear the answer to that. Yeah. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program. Before it's more of your calls and text fans so this article from Andrew McCarthy which is really excellent. I'd love his perspective on the law and this comes back to operating within legal and constitutional standards really good stuff. Coming up next hour I talked about this for a couple of weeks now. Finally today we're gonna air conversation I had with a new friend of mine. Who's from South Africa. Who is discussing some really disturbing events that are taking place neck country and I don't think they're getting the attention they deserve. Aunts I'm saying this is a black man you know how much. How much time and energy was bird. In two news coverage about apartheid. And the injustice of apartheid and there's a danger of another injustice taking place. And unfortunately there's a shortage of statesmen to address this issue not just within South Africa but beyond you're gonna hear about this. And we're gonna talk for the implications right here in this country. Confluence of the United Nations. I'm sure your intrigue is patent already. Let's go out to Steve in clover like to talk about this McCabe matter good morning. They're kimono fan. I have not just to keep it short. As far as strike out he comet or protect their command that your client is an opponent. You know when you have the law enforcement. Work in outside of the world there's a reason we have checks and balances and everything and I also go to court prosecution. And there's a reason we have proper procedures and more employees. I you can go back to every atrocity ever. I'd trade. And it was the government that bid. When you have. Control of the courts in control of the prosecution and enforcement. Then this son of god himself. Because I don't crawl next murder and peace. And you cannot allow that perhaps our bank. She is concerned about the injustice that's taken place here and you have no sympathy for mr. McCain by soon. Not I think at the very least he patiently terminate. Think they may could look into it as far according to criminal prosecution. I think lucrative job. Should be released an historic. If in fact the pain that they say are true. I'm a serious Steve I appreciate your call this morning. Also on the text line. This texture says your fired 115945. Friday night win ago. I don't care if he was five minutes away from retiring. McCord they did to Michael Flynn. On the issue of the deep state how you ask the beginning of the fall the deep states step on exposure every day. More zone coverage. It will reach an end who knows. Who maneuvers but it is a start. We need to replace Lindsay with someone who actually has a backbone someone like Richard Simmons. Yeah the I'm not gonna tell you just came in this room and did they Richard Simmons dance. Is very disturbing and should I tell them who that person is right now. Yeah no I'm I'm going to you refrain from telling you so you will not lose respect for this person. A my goodness Richard has a spine if you've received his exercise videos that were well. And let's McCabe is convicted of a crime has lost personally will be seven years with the pension benefits payments. But cable has net worth of eleven. Million. Dollars which begs the question. How do you get that rich are salary of 154000. Dollars a year. Interest in question isn't by the way there's a great new book that's come out. I say great because he always does great great work. I aim referring to a book. By the author of the I'm losing my mind here. Number one it was exposing Hillary Clinton and spur financial escapades. But also the author of the books that referred choose the investment practices of members of congress. You Berman adds. We've now got another vote that's coming out talking about some of the Washington power brokers including Mitch McConnell. And his wife who works for. This administration. And how these folks they are multi millionaires. It's it's really disturbing stuff. But we're going to be talking about that here within the next couple of months is that I think the books coming out in May. Walter frontier I say we appoint a special investigation to see what all of these people we send to Washington within two to three years to come. Worth millions when the job doesn't pay that much how about that. Another person saying year. Raising the question about the eleven million dollars a TD here but that that is pretty amazing. Also. Went to using this question during this is he very into text I will have to read this a little bit Mitterrand. Let's put alternative realities aside from that the never trump crowd is only holding onto the Moeller investigation as a last gasp hope. To expel trump the only American in constitutional crisis going on his mowers investigation. America looks as crooked as Russia on the world stage. Would Jody. Well this person is reason same question shouldn't someone Rees before. We heat be pleased with someone investigating him as they are trumpet. Try to reach out to treat Gary's office will go for it. And this. Someone else for the great since he humor. Minced no worries say ST benevolence committee of reverend Kenneth Copeland ministry to take care McCabe is financial needs. Doesn't sound like he has defended financial needs. At this point if that is true about eleven million dollars in network by the way. I came across this post. Over the weekend I thought this was pretty cool post on social media. About this whole McCabe manner. Any justice Stephen Miller. It's hard not to feel bad for injured McCabe after he was left without a job defeatist children. I would advise him to consult with general Michael Flynn on how to deal with all of this. Whom. Boy that stinks. I think you get support. I started sharing part of this article by a intra McCarthy infecting their purse this and that the FaceBook page for a 63 to be your deal also. For WBT. And here is the contingent of Andrew McCarthy the rose and Stein. Has put cart before the horse. Moore was invited to conduct a fishing expedition a boundless quest to hunt for undiscovered crimes. Rather than an investigation and prosecution of known crimes. Short circuiting this article I'm just telling you this pretty much tells you everything you need to know about its engine regard these article. This is a fishing expedition. That deviation it turns out is not the half of it with Rosen stands passive approval. Mower is shredding Justice Department changing charging policy. Try alleging earth shattering crimes. Then cutting sweetheart deals. That shield the defender from liability for those crimes and from the penalties prescribed by congress. When we love this stuff to happen. This is just pure nonsense. This is this Coakley radio program. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock Vince Coakley radio program and I can always count on your folks to us. Two I hope my mind focus when those ADHD moments strike. Text reminding me it's Peter Schweitzer is the name I was looking for memories written books exposing corruption in Washington he's got a new and it's coming out. And eats. Seems like it's just as hard hitting if not more so. They're the ones he is written in the past. I also mention coming up just few minutes. We will hear from a young man from South Africa abouts some very disturbing things that are happening in that country gonna start. A discussion about that in just to bid here. Because I believe we need to pay attention to this not just because it's in South Africa because the seeds of what's happening there are here in this country. That needs to be understood. I've talked about to repeat this repeatedly in this broadcast. I'm very concerned that there are people. Who were allegedly on these so called rights and the so called left. We're not looking for justice who were not looking for. Constitutional standards. They are looking for revenge. And there's really no place for that in constitutional republic. It's a very very dangerous thing. Very dangerous. We'll talk about this in just to bid to set up the interview that you hear coming up. In the next hour started sharing with you this article by injure McCarthy. And he talks about how this whole investigative process has been turned on its head is supposed to start with a crime and investigate the crime. When several of Robert Mueller he's been given a directive to find a crime. Fans it goes against Justice Department policy. He's also concerned then process people who have committed apparently crimes along the way. Are going to get some sweetheart deals along the way. In the process of this search for crimes. Andrew McCarthy racist discretion what is the special counsel need to invented offense. To get a guilty plea but is he demand a plea. To one of the several truly egregious statutory crimes. He claims have been committed to. These are very important questions. Going the special counsel. Paul my efforts. And gates they conspired to commit more than 45 million dollars dollars in bank fraud. The indictment charges nine at bank fraud counts. Each carries a potential penalty of up to thirty years imprisonment. 270 years combined furthermore. The two defendants are formally charged with fourteen million dollars in tax fraud. The indictments narrative. Of the offense actually religious well over twice that amounts but there are five tax fraud counts. Fueling a potential fifteen years imprisonment up to three years for each offense. Against each defendant. According to special counsel. Medford engaged conspired to commit more than 25 million dollars in bank fraud. Mind you this indictment final eastern district of Virginia just not a standalone. In piles atop an earlier indictment in the District of Columbia. That one filed in October accuse it accuses Manfred gates of an IA are up by popping 75. Million. Dollar. Money laundering conspiracy. That carries a penalty of up to twenty years imprisonment. I think you get the idea. These are standalone crimes. And I think I'm going to speed along to the end of what he says here. These charges against gays and Medford. Have nothing to do with collusion with Russia the investigation for which Rosen Stein reported Muller. There's no reason this case could not have been prosecuted by regular Justice Department lawyers there was no need for special counsel for this. And regular Justice Department prosecutors overseen by engaged Justice Department superiors. Ensuring adherence to well establish Justice Department policies would not prosecute a case like this. Pretty simple. Basically saying. Justice Department should have gone after this as a separate case. Instead. They're using it to try to find a crime against Donald Trump. Great article as I mentioned we will postage on the FaceBook page. For these radio stations. I want to quickly turn to South Africa set up the interview you'll hear coming up in the next hour. South Africa's parliament this happened. Last month. They voted at the end of the month in favor of motion to begin the process of amending the country's constitution to allow for the confiscation. Our white owned land without compensation. This motion brought by juries but Lima the leader of the radical Marxist opposition party the economic freedom fighters. The vote was 241. Votes to 83 against. This is pretty set. Get all of this phrase in will touch on this again the time for reconciliation is over this is a quote. For mr. Molina the time for reconciliation is over now is that time Ford justice. I would cheated think of this every time you hear the phrase social justice. Because social justice and these words. They eight. They become very subjective. Words. The definition of these words become. Very subjective. And this is dangerous. According to Bloomberg the 2017. Government audit found white people in South Africa owned 72%. Of the farmland in South Africa. 72%. I think you know this is going. Some what we will touch on as well. Is the tragedy of what happened in a place formally known as Rhodesia Zimbabwe now. Did you a lot of media attention as well. It should have. The entire country which destroyed why. Over policies like this and it was called justice of the time. Let's give the land to the people who deserve it let's equalize things I love rush is definition. Of good quality. According to. Socialists. And that is to spread misery. Equally. That's for South Africa's headed for if they don't change course in our interview. With the young man who is very concerned about what's happening very straight ahead. This is still just. Coakley radio program. Good Morning America. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing real. Saturation start to make goes on the street Louis who was 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says civil war. World well we're gonna negotiated better deal for guys like OJ Simpson's things don't go out and find the real. This is Vince Coakley radio program were having a conversation with the annual Hamilton. He is an immigrant from South Africa welcome to the broadcast Daniel thank you for having me appreciate it. Well I've been very curious about your journey in South Africa and the fact you've come here to the United States of America will talk more about that later on but. I look back in the history apartheid was abolished in 1984. You're all of two years old correct that's right on and I need since and that in. Let's fellows then on back then. Can you give us a sense of what life was like in your experience in terms of the interaction between the races. So. So obviously like the first couple years in my life I wasn't for his clients have always hang on but when I went to school. I must say I was very privileged I went to credit wealthy private school. Promised land high school. And the sense I thought was. I mean obviously I've seen everything on the news and I driving around I've been through townships where everything's kind of it's kind of rough you know I've been in school it would punish else's. There with kids of all races in school but there was a while give kids. Beaches until after primary school. It's just differences in the states in the states congress goes quite common like must you better prime go to public school side. I'm in so that it's been the public schools are quite dangerous. I'm there was I mean there's not a crime you know people are getting Rath we're getting stat. Thank you we're getting held up at gunpoint just in the south and that's how bad public school us so I was kind of sheltered in school. But as soon as you. It's very segregated areas in is like a wealthy neighborhoods. Where everything's pretty Gates's. They almost have like yeah I'm shopping malls then communities or within this gated community. An innocent did you leave this gated community and it's like wild west. Which is quite crazy that's like the street from where expense kind growing up. What's your much interaction that you had with people and other groups other races as you were growing up in South Africa. Yeah of course sound like I said within the schools I went to. There it was completely it was a segregated but there was this very diverse but within that diversity. The kids of different causes like we roll quite well. Would say in. And I mean I gotta be careful with what I say obviously. A lot of it is kind of taken as a joke come and it sounds pretty terrible. And school we had things COLT like race for us. And don't get me wrong like it was all kind of trendy it was. But it was. Straight up like. It was almost like a football match we have performed so that it was brought you that we had like sacks vs the wives and then we'd like all kind of charge each other and then. It's kind of like liberal that are friendly roll through that yet at that. Makes sense. So is there any evidence you know we all knew that there was this segregation. But luckily like. Like I say we are able to. Make it took a bit part in these kind of not taken so seriously and he's within school we were able to come celebrate each other's. I'm ethnicity you know and I mean. Know what point did you leave South Africa yes I live when I was eighteen. My graduate high school in between ten. And this is when. All the struggles. Of apartheid's hand. Race issues segregation the son become evident because. Now it's time maybe into college. Com. And I mean like I said I went to private school. I got your grave does pretty good in and I swam primary school. I'm Fred I have floods if you colleges and I just wasn't getting him. The user himself leopard yup that yet need to have its universe the same thing but I'm. I I was getting and I mean my grades weren't good enough you know I was meeting those requirements. But. I just felt I wasn't getting in and then I heard like other people are getting in you didn't have as good grades for the fact that Matta is that. Colleges or universities and businesses and more that they kind of have quotas. And I think it's even worse now than when I left. They have quotas that after the polls that. For example the set a number of students at the exits and this move our feet this colorful Attkisson on after this comment in this coming and that's kind of how works. So it was an issue getting its university and then of course on the other end this fun job win in the workplace to exact same story you have to. Have the sense income and or it's get this job you know if you wanna be a management is management position yet to look like this. That's that was the point where my parents are right. I have two Brothers and that they wanted to take us somewhere where we can't. You know I have that opportunities can be treated equally regardless of us into. So that's what led us coming here in turn ten well. We're talking we Daniel Hamilton he is from South Africa. So Telus you came to the United States what school you go through from there. I in the United States are going to UNC Charlotte. Straits. Graduate high school and then. That you yet starts in January this weekend ends in December jets obviously different views on August type graduating and a tiny tin and had. Like you have to a bit of a gap via. And then I started UNC Charlotte and in August turning them. It's pretty amazing how different do you find the experience here racially. Comparing that to what was going on in your country. I mean almost non evidence you know this is like. When I got you. So I must put this and then I've moved to Beaumont which is obviously like the little down. How afternoon so that's of little red big job I guess not events come from me because of being called upon. But it's. Like. I've kind of heard about like the rebel flag and all that and like kind of a history. But even then those that may be a couple like. So this island guys who have proven their truck and drive around that but there was no. Hatred you know I'm numb and I expansive use and is finishing college it was quite the opposite it's and diversity was celebrated in that. It was actually easier for me to get into college because I was from the different country. Wrote it's funny they record and college judges they want should be different. Which I think this amazing thing I'm so grateful to my friends who bring you have for that reason you know. Pretty basic story so far you've been listening to a conversation. With Daniel Hamilton from South Africa. Describing his security dealing with quotas did a great job in high school had good grades. Had trouble getting to a school in his own country because of quotas. They did not favor him for all the privilege that he had before had to leave the country. And found an easier time getting into college. Here in the United States of America. Pretty amazing story isn't it gonna hear more of this coming up world's gonna talk about the further implications of this Chris I told you this isn't just about South Africa and the unfortunate direction things are taking there. We're gonna talk about that fine organization the United Nations. And what they said that. Demeanor and have gotten very much attention we'd better pay attention to this. Because they're movement within this country where people would like to accomplish with they would call justice. Which is frankly another form of oppression. My conversation with Daniel Hamilton will continue. Right here. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 90 minutes after 11 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program. Even listen to conversations with Daniel Hamilton young man I met just a few weeks ago. And the tech sure like to know is he a white south African Rory black South Africa and he is wait south African. Another techsters isn't listening to your interview with the young man regarding quotas to triggered an old memory of my own I was not accepted to law school in the seventies. Due to quotas and received a letter stating so. I wish I still have that letter to keep up the good work that is from Jim. Thank you for reading and Jim. Will continue this interview this conversation with Daniel Hamilton he's described his journey in South Africa started off. Do very well high school could not get into a college in South Africa because of quotas comes to the United States. Gets into you UNC Charlotte it's. Actually the system here favors people like him. And super listen to a little more historian his experience began conversation with Daniel Hamilton. I have in front of me an article a recent article. On what's happening in your country. Here's a quote. The time for reconciliation. Is over. And this is a story about a plan to confiscate white owned land. Without any compensation for it what's going through your mind and your heart when you read what's going on in your country now. I mean it's heartbreaking. And the crazy thing is I never saw this coming. Even this exact thing happened in Zimbabwe. Meaningless. From the time we came via. But I had Tammy from Zimbabwe and they were telling me on about this. I'm and I was like how is that possible that so unfair than I think it that prison Robert Mugabe you know he's. He's just gone right he would do something like that and I figured this would never happen to us you know. And then this is just recent like the weak us I see that on hustle on FaceBook or something and like I said I was I was taken aback kind of expects that and Kyle. I needed chicken that's in fact it is because I've some time in a live on bombs inside Africa and I make sure they're okay because if it's anything like what happened in Zimbabwe. This inventory. Because it wasn't peaceful. We're talking with Daniel Hamilton and discussing South Africa here's the more on that particular quote the time for reconciliation is over this is a leader of the ruling African National Congress. And actually. This statement is from the Julius Molina. Who's the leader of the radical marxists opposition party the economic freedom fighters. He said that the time for reconciliation is over now's the time for justice we must ensure that we restore the dignity of our people without compensating the criminals who stole. Our land. Those are fighting words I think criminals but what gets me is like. The people he's calling criminals people like me who was two years old when this happened you know how can we be blamed for. Of the costs obviously this terrible people that were responsible. Full. Full oxides and mean honesty most those people how old and frail and. Thank the people that. Plus suffering right now on this. I mean you can call it revenge it's not reconciliation. He was suffering from that we're not even responsible in the first place and it's it's sad you know. Additional quote here from mr. Molina. He's been leading cause for land confiscation. He was pushing for this. And the ANC basically buckled under to this call for confiscation. Back in 2016 he told supporters he was not calling for the slaughter of white people at least for now. What does that sound like. To you. That sounds like a very scary future. For South Africa. I mean it seems like things of this and it really quickly because up until. Zuma was ousted. Everything was fine at one respond on the farms and we all thought now that's an Amazon you know things will get fed up because he's an I was. Not the greatest need he was responsible for a lot of that things save on court you know wins in his outs. I mean this what's Cecil Graham president of for its attempt front door you know you bring the change. But it's scary it nominees for change for shoulder that seems to not be the change that we don't want to need enough. Speaking of one of the things that's discussed here is Zimbabwe you mentioned that earlier. There's actually a leader there who is president of farmers group. Who's warning this is the direction Zimbabwe went. Back in the 2000 us. Here's a direct quote where in the world has X pro issue without compensation coupled to the waste of agricultural land. Resulted in foreign confidence economic growth and increased food production. It's kind of rhetorical question it didn't happen there. He goes on the say of mr. Brohm froze up. Is set on creating an untenable situation he should actively create circumstances. Which were brought famine. His promise to expropriated land without compensation sows the seed. For revolution. X appropriation without compensation. Is theft. There's a pretty strong words here and I assume you pretty much agree with the sentiment you're worried. How the country's gonna go down that same road. Yeah I mean. You should learn lessons from history you know I'm if you see what happens in the cost like. So that's the laws you know we learn lessons from that we've done. We don't repeat the same mistakes and you would think that our country would have learned from Zimbabwe like you say that it hasn't been successful. That the voters. Reforms and that the change would bring some country that they haven't happened and so how can you expect something different to have an inside Africa which. It's actually quite as in the country if you think about it. I ask you finally what does this mean for your future your family's future in regard to South Africa. Well like SN early I'm very privileged Emery like Expedia. In the states that is I. I see on the news and it is heartbreaking cost us for the back so that every idea the real Osama. See my family and friends and I just. I obviously feel for them so being mad I think a lot of them are going to be making some of them news incoming. Years even months you know to get outs. And no matter what I was born and raised that you know my heart will always be inside Africa and it's a beautiful country like as long as this. Top major issues there I recommend anyone to president because there's so much believe in us being taken and mom and I just hope going forward that. They will be a leader that Stinson someone like Nelson Mandela you know what it takes is one person has that vision and can initiate change everything. So I just hope that that comes around. If not what does it mean for your future your family's future in regard to South Africa. Well unfortunately it just means weren't able to visit this. My family and we've had business dealings in South Africa and they used to I'm going to push ups in South Africa. But there's already been transitioning out and bringing all the money in everything it's the states just because. That's fear of collapsing kind economy or whatever may be. It's pressing my time is kind of safeguarded. And so we'll be we'll be okay. But. Like I said it's heartbreaking you know I'm emotionally we might not be as okay and. I hear you Daniel Hamilton thinks a lot for talking with us insuring your story meant thank. Pre show every conversation did you think. Ends this is something that so we ought to pay close attention to not just because it's happening in South Africa. Let me just read your headline from PBS September 29 Tony sixteen. You wind panels says the US owes reparations. To African Americans. Think about this folks. This mindset exists right here in the United States of America. The fans with some definitions of justice. Who knows where this goes down the road it will talk about the historian. It was actually taken place so far along these lines that much more as we continue to broadcast it's 1129. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 1136. Vince Coakley radio program what you think about that conversation with Daniel Hampson eats. Quite intriguing. To gets some insights from someone who has lived in that country part of the white minority. Which now finds itself. Really beyond kind of under siege so to speak. I wanna share a few story again be the headline before the break. But I wanna fill in some detail for you because. This mindset is something that's not going to go away. This test be understood in context. For. Her. You know the context this comes from. I've said this repeatedly this is not about justice. And you need to be very very concerned about phrases like social justice. Because justice. And justice. Are two different things. I'm talking about the difference between two huge true justice. And subjective. Justice. Which very often is just revenge. I cited a story. My PBS. September 292016. UN panel says the US owes reparations to African Americans. Isn't this amazing this organization. With headquarters on our soil. Sowing the seeds. Really the seeds of racial unrest. On our soil. Here's the story the United Nations says the United States owes African Americans reparations for slavery. This is a report by United Nations affiliated group the UN working group of experts on people of African descent. So that compensation is necessary to combat the disadvantage is caused by 245. Years. Of legally allowing the sale of people based on the color of their skin you know by the way. This is something that might be worth the conversation some time. I'm trying to remember where there was Walter Williams. Or whether it was someone else who said it was a black writer. You may have been Shelby Steele Maybin I can't remember who was who wrote this and he makes the point. That blacks were not enslaved because they're black. Is because they were. I don't think this had much to do with race at all it was availability. But I digress. The UN group warned the US has not confronted its legacy of racial terrorism. Her forties non binding specify that reparations can come in a variety of ways including. Educational opportunities. Psychological rehabilitation. Can I just interrupt. This. This just drives me up the wall as a black man. I don't need any free can rib rehabilitation. I don't. Psychological. Rehabilitation for want. Nothing has been done to meet. So in other words I'm going to take out. We're expected draw some sort of deposit from people who've never done a darn thing to me. For something that was done hundreds of years ago. That's an obligation. Nice soon that you white people were supposed to pay me you all meet that. But I find this insulting. Debt cancellation and formal apologies I I nobody owes me any of these things. None of these things. And it when I think of some the great thinkers within the black community like Frederick Douglas for instance. None of this mindset was there whatsoever think about this this guy was a freed slaves. None of this. None of this mindset. Was attached to him. Think of how close he was to slavery. And its closest you can debt. Do you have any of this mindset no. This is all monitor. This is what's so frustrating about this we're going back we're not going forward. The previous story goes on some institutions have started to take the steps Georgetown University announced. It would offer free tuition for descendants of the 272 slaves that were sold an 1838. To help pay the university's debts. The UN report also linked to past injustices to recent police killings of black men that have sparked protests across the US. Contemporary police killings and the trauma they create are reminiscent of the past. Racial terror. Of lynching. Hole my goodness. And you know what hard working black people like myself. Paid for this crap. And I say crap because it ought to be cleaned up with toilet paper this is toilet paper. Whatever it is they put out. Needs to be used for that purpose. The US created. They reparations planned in the immediate aftermath of the civil war that stated the free family to be granted. Forty acres of till liberal land and a mule from the union army. Remember this this was proposed by. General. William T Sherman after meeting with black community leaders and Savannah Georgia. This was reversed by president and you Andrew Johnson and the land was returned to plantation owners. I don't have any. Resentments or. Anger about that. Now here's let me give you this disclaimer. If you feel that injustice was done and you feel guilty about what Qiyue. Not what you have done what your ancestors have done but we encourage you fuel free to give of your own belongings to somebody else find someone. Who has a descendant of a slave give them something. But for the government. To decide this. Boy this is dangerous. They slippery slope. See I fines. Quotas and all these other things to be profoundly condescending. The message communicated here is you cannot succeed without our help. Because you poor black people. And honestly. I have a French too is in the business community. Here in North Carolina who made the comments. During the trump campaign you remember back during the trump campaign. There were comments made about addressing some of the issues in the black community end. I want people make this mistake this is not an exclusively Donald Trump problem. But the assumption is that blacks live in the ghetto all of us black people we live in the ghetto and we need government help in some way. And this monolithic approach suggest. That it's somehow mighty white he's got to come to our rescue. See I find that more racist. Then. And the folks who are out burning crosses. We're I would say justice racist is just a different form. Jim act concerned and worried about the confederate flags and all this other nonsense. I'm concerned the most dangerous people to black people in this country please listen to be the most dangerous people to black people in this country are the ones who were coming. And saying I'm from the government and I am here to help you. When you hear that run for your life run. Because they don't mean. To help you they mean to enslave you. And that form of slavery. In many ways is more dangerous because it looks like. This bondage folks. 1149. On the Vince Coakley radio program or get to some of the Texans pretext here in the text line especially in response to our discussion. Virginia Hamilton a few minutes ago. Not saying apart I was greater good maybe the white south Africans recognize what would happen when blacks got into power. Know the person saying there's never been to successfully run a black ruling government outside of tribal leader ships. And so I don't owe anyone anything if someone comes to take one belongs to me in the name of justice it will not be peaceful. Well that's pretty much what I expect. This is so much a racial issue as it has. What is Allred always existed in the world since the nineteen hundred's for instance the marxists verses the rest make no mistake Obama Hillary the rest of the progressives. We'll have that happen here just as soon as we are disarmed. Because they've captured the minds of the youth of America boy have they done that why else could you have someone like Bernie Sanders get an ounce of traction. Down right scary isn't it. Vince did you ask the south African student what's similar progressive as some he's been exposed to. And UNC Charlotte indoctrination that resembles the mindset of the south African leadership he fled from. That's would be a good conversation effect I need asking that question today winner Reese recognize some of these same ideas. How Long Will be before black activists call for an accounting of how much land is owned by white people in America and the results of that study will be used as a springboard to demand reparations. See you guys are thinking on this you know how this works. Since that doesn't work you can't get an indigenous people. Depending on the government and expect them to be responsible as a native American I believe. This study will be used as a springboard to demand reparations. You you're exactly right. Trump is thinking of implementing new screening to make America greater new loyalty review that if you don't qualify you're put on a watch list and your voting rights may be suspended. Yet ripe with trump now. Obviously dispersants being facetious. Vince they are giving reparations welfare. Government assistance. Hanging so my grandparents came from Italy the 1890s my other side of the family came from Germany actually. But it's from the north during the civil war they were brought from the north during the civil war intriguing. The CE. Other text here my family immigrated to the US 1911. Why am I responsible for reparations for acts committed before our rifle on this soil or there's another goods insights. How are you going to determine who came from where win and who's responsible who's gonna pay. Yep. I don't see black or white people I just see people we should all be colorblind. Well I tend to embrace that there's some people who don't like that they say I remember this moment say if you don't cheat you don't see heat. I remember that woman didn't. It said that's her mindset in very angry at that. I agree with you Eddie Fisher defend the black community I don't think it's about the color either. My grandmother turns 100. In two months she's always told me it's not about color tees are white lady. And was made to a black family in she loved it that's an interesting twist. Are these black Americans running reparation should count their lucky stars their ancestors were slaves because. If it wasn't for slave Lee slavery they could still be living. In an elephant dung hot right now. You know your point is a valid when this is offensive to some people but I eight thank god it. That he used this horrible circumstance to get people like me here. Because we're better off here and we are many other parts of the world. There's absolutely no question about that. Just a sampling of the text here. I love this this person says I'm a Navajo who never hole in my grandfather born in eighteen any three always told his grandchildren know when or shoot anything but the chance to prove yourself. The men to vet. Could stuff here. Really good stuff here. On the text like before ego. When we take a look at the day in history. And we'll do it very quickly because time is running out so Charles is gonna play the game because our friend monsoon is on vacation for the week. Let's go to 1918. And congress authorized to this we did it a week ago Sunday and a lot of people don't like it and all I wanna get rid of its. Congress. Are. Amendment and most in amendment bill writes no rule congress authorized this release we did this a week ago Sunday. Last time you wanna try this. Daylight saving time yeah I saw 98 team it's. Wonder others. 1931. And Nevada legalized this ends this is why people still go the day today it states of tea and a city in particular yes you're right. Charles get this one right. 1957. Elvis puts a down payment on a little place called us Graceland you're right. Bracelet back. Graceland. Oh he's also improved his breaking out in song obviously intends. And I 2003. With airstrikes. Launched against this. Particular city. Operation the link freedom was underway. So I don't George Bush and our Iraq operation desert freedom well I'll give this to you Croatian Barack. Creed are. It was in Baghdad is. Was pretty good not bad there chilly go but it you know seeing some or not enough to back up. Don't tomorrow Graceland. Good stuff good stuff yeah. Folks straight globe interacting with you again and I agree time here hopefully educational informative inspiring. All of those things can we be thankful for this wonderful country that we have. There's a lot to be thankful for the let's make sure we preserve the freedoms that we have ends. We don't look back and look for grudges and offenses it's a dig up. Ends try to wish they extract something out of somebody else don't do it enjoy your day. This is Vince Coakley radio program.