Fear and Greed In The Market

Bulls & Bears Show
Saturday, March 17th

There’s a lot of fear and greed happening within the market. Now is the time to understand how to protect your capital.


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This is a paid program from my training academy stock trading and investing involves a high level of risk Amy can lose a significant amount of money. On the entry candidates personnel to not provide investment advice or make investment recommendations. Nor are they in business transaction trees are directing client accounts. Welcome to bulls the bears out here hosed Adam it's just go sit back and relax and enjoy and a great day weekend and fired up excited. So many things going on out there in the financial markets so many things happening here in the Carolinas and just pumped up and excited to be year. As always want to thank our sponsor online trading academy a school that teaches people how to trade and invest in the financial markets. 401 k.s ire raise independent cash accounts understand online trading academy is a school that teaches you how to itself director of portfolio. Talk to them give them a call 88875087238. At 8887508723. As always in studio co host of the Bulls and Bears senior coach. Of online trading academy a friend of mine and undermines the coach Steve champ what's going on Jim yet the weekend man lost the cover loss of talk about the market is really volatile. Higher highs and lower lows lot of movement a lot of activity lot of fear. But agreed it's amazing time and learn the markets and understand how to protect and preserve. Got a lot to cover about we wanna head off with capital preservation because obviously it's time for you to understand how to protect against loss because. We are to new market and it's change it's not going away folks it's absolutely where the new market and you know before dive deep in the show don't forget to head over to FaceBook like is that Bulls and Bears radio. And of course we have a question as senior coach 24/7 in college coach hotline 877. 904 trade that date 77904. Trade we get a good question coming up a little bit later I'm excited about that. Jabber as we're talking about this market higher highs in the lower lows exactly you said a lot of people right now are concerned a lot of people are. You know nervous. I saw people in the crash of 2008 it became paralyzed when they lost money in the market. A lot of times people they get an easy about it and as of doing something they do nothing. Well let's think about the market's history we go back to 1982. From 82 to 2000 get a straight up market yes and he went up thirteen 100%. Over eighteen years that's unprecedented. Straight up movement on the Internet came into play in the ninety's it generated a lot of the move higher. Prices get really high things get over valued very similar what we're at where we're at today happen in 2000 the market collapsed. Prices got you tie reset in 2002 rallied all the way to 2008. The real estate market a free money giveaway was a credit bubble that basically burst in 2008 and it was a tech bubble that burst in 2000 now we're sitting. And it strayed equity bubble I mean we are in a market right now in the S&P in the Dow where we're at the highest prices in history. The valuations are very high I mean the valuations are the port that everything's priced too high and other words. It shouldn't be trading at what they're trading act and the reason is because we've had stimulus we've had. Tax reform we've had a new administration so it's risen the treated and unlimited heist and the reality is is this we're gonna see correction we have to do. It's the nature of the market is a version demean and when that happens. People are gonna get hurt because the average American sit in a 41 K which means the track in the S and p.'s performance and yes a can you afford that and the reality is this he can't. And many of us many of the listeners. Have taken these drip dramatic moves down there for one case the last 1520 years. In the collapse of 2000 the club at duke does and now they're back but they're ten years older than they where they were ten years ago but wished primed for another collapse. And so capital preservation them protected against loss is key right now. And what we focus on your Bulls and Bears is that you can learn the steals to. Practiced that to utilize that to take advantage of protecting its loss in a down market because when that collapse comes and when the correction comes. You don't wanna give it all back again you don't return a winner into a loser. And we had a good run up in the markets but you know what no tree grows to the sky and order position now with capital preservation he's become Paramount to the list is because of it doesn't. They don't lose again in the gonna run out of time and never had different intervals. You know Jim that's that's the biggest. The thing that people are worried about right now I mean how many people are really set up for retirement. And when you think about retirement than the number years ago you backed a decade two decades ago was a million bucks or basal by get a million bucks will be fine. Lot of people look at their portfolio one of the things they don't realize is when they're stared at a 41 K or an irate a lot of that money is pretax they have not paid tax on that money so. There's men and there's women listen this show right now you got 67800000. Dollars or million dollars. Can pay tax and that money via the net amount is going to be a lot less and then you get a factory in. Any unexpected long term medical care issues that you might run into him. All the major institutions will tell you the insurance companies in the financial companies will tell you expect 3400000. Of that money to go to things that I covered by the Medicare supplements so. In we're living longer with disease and we have a finite amount of money. That could run out and so it's a real struggle for a lot of people in the baby boomers especially the biggest worry of a baby boomers is run out of money before they died as many of the listeners that's why you're listening. And there's things you can do to protect against loss to preserve what you do have and grow greater in the market with the things you have as well also. Preservation and growth in combination or key but if we don't learn the skills to protect and preserve against loss. Growth becomes irrelevant because those big losses of crush us long term so we have to learn capital preservation in this things that the listeners can do even a 41 K. This things you can do using options and futures this so many process season systems are available to the average person that are not that complex. To helping you to protect preserving its loss of your forward Qaeda uniting and aware of and that's why we bend their drama on Bulls and Bears because once you learn what's out there what's available you can start to take the direction of preserving protecting because it's going to be key. Ultimately long term. Well that's the biggest thing is long term where you gonna be out long term are you going to be situated where you're ready to go I met a guy one time and he retired. His last day at work was December 31 2008. And I met him loose late January the following month and he goes I gotta go back to work because my company of with a plan on our retirement and of 08. First of all nine and he was here I am I'm down 40% my portfolio. All kidding aside because I gotta go back to work and there's going to be someone coming up at the end of this year when this market corrects that does not have preservation. In place and it's gonna really change that retirement future that. And the beautiful thing about the financial markets is this. And this is why we bang the drum on the show you can do what Wall Street does in other words Wall Street makes money regardless the direction of the market and they know how to protect and hedge against lost on the market doesn't go on a direction they need to go in medal is an embargoes on the don't lose their profit or they least protect against lost all delicious can do the exact same things that Wall Street does in your own accounts you can do that and what I love about the academy what I love about our show is that. Which tell the average person you can self correct learn the skills to protect and preserve. Against loss and not take that dramatic move down you know you don't just have to sit there and taking less of uniformed K. And so once she stuck to understand the things available to help you protect and preserve now it's on you in the responsibly false you'd go find out how. And that's what we're here for sure it is a path and as a way for you to protect and preserve it as lost as you ought to take a loss for the everybody else. Well there's always a path there's always the right way and there's always a wrong way to do things of preserving capitals Paramount. The sponsor Bulls and Bears online trading academy they understand the general public the masses for a one k.'s diaries people working full time jobs. They're concerned about protecting the retirement account they don't know how to do it they don't know where to begin they think it requires a one time. That's why online trading academy as a class specifically on capital preservation is a 500 dollar value. Every time we give it away here I'm Bulls and Bears the phones let up however few seats to give away we're gonna take callers ten to twenty does a 500 dollar class. Pick up the phone right now and call 84451. Trade that date for four. 51 trade for callers ten to twenty the a 500 dollar class on capital preservation. From our sponsor online trading academy that's 844518782338445187. ET 33 for callers ten to twenty. To get this 500 dollar classic ever frustration again 401 k.s higher raise fear in the market. You concerned about a correction you do don't wanna miss out on this learn the skill set before it's too late. 8445. Wine trade is adamant champ fumbles and banners and welcome back the Bulls and Bears a little bit this effort and it's. Nothing screams wealth and talent it's like a little Sanford and Son though yes absolutely don't forget to head over to FaceBook like is a Bulls and Bears radio. And of course 447 that's seven days a week toy cars today got a question or senior coach called coach outline. 877904. Trade at 87790. Portrayed your question ends up fumbles and there's a nice prize pack and ass of myself and. Did as a tease here and there really nice T shirts off the Bulls and Bears teacher didn't. Some other information some less than wag we have Darcy from Alpharetta Georgia who called she's our caller today and to get a great question cerebral question I'm excited about. Currencies in the market as a whole so. Can't wait to address that it gets a great time call through will help in anyway we can it again Tony 47877904. Trade. Chip talking about a variety of things here ambles and bears one of the things a lot of times you'll get hung up on. Is vanished in the mart goes up and down they understand you know there's ways to make money in a more up market. But yet they don't know how to make money in a downward move the market has called shorting you know as well as anybody probably the one of the best and explain it. Let's take them all those socks Alyssa why someone would want to learn how to short sell and when that acts would be great skill set to have. Well one of the most important aspects of success in the markets long term is when you can profit regardless of direction in other words when price goes up. You make money when pres goes on me mine now the problem in the listeners is Naomi money one direction if you're in a 41 K for three B. 45070. SP account. Traditionally you have mutual funds which are nothing more than baskets of stocks that track the market as a whole the S and piece of the SP goes up traditionally a Forte goes up. So we've had about a nine year run of up movement in the S and peace a lot of foreign k.s have gone up since the collapse of 2008. But the reality is is this is that when the market correction goes down you lose or you have to get out of the position knows if you go to catcher. We'll go to bonds are trying to. Figure out where the top news and most people aren't. Prepared to do that and if you think about it we need talk somebody with a foreign Cano asked them. When you getting out they really can't give you an answer they give an H. And the reality is if we get out in the markets go about to go down. Then we're timing the market now what's beautiful about in the mark was out as we can profit from going down and that's called shorting short selling. And we talked about in the market or somebody buys something if you buy shares are mutual fun and a 41 K your along those shares that's the technical term here long the market. Your long that mutual fund if you own a stock you're along the stock all shorting is is selling something before falls in price now here's the disconnect for a lot of listeners. They don't understand how I can sell something that I don't own because that's what shorting is on selling something I don't own. And that's what people get confused. Let me give you an example let's just say GE stock T even beaten down recently at the Dow component one of the thirty stocks the Dow Jones industrial. Down around fourteen bucks a share really gotten beat up lately still a good company still up powerhouse company blue chip large cap stock. Just went down dramatically now if you believed it was gonna fall to ten it's at fourteen. Let's just say you believe ten was where the bottom wasn't. At ten it was gonna start to find some buyers and go up so you believe that it's at fourteen now. It's going to ten in you wanted to profit from that Ford all moved out you could short the stock you can short GE stock. Then he is what that means when you open your brokerage account TD Ameritrade Scott trade whomever he Jed. They give you the ability to sell short now selling short means that you can sell something that you don't know because they don't it another wish your broker owns that they have an inventory of the stock. What they have availability. To get the stock. And so when you set up that brokerage account your broker allows you to sell shares out of there inventory if you think prices gonna fall that's called shorting my short selling. So let's just say you site GE was at fourteen which it is and it was going to ten. And you wanted to sell it fourteen you can go and your brokerage account you can hit the sell button sell short button. You broke would sell the shares out of their inventory into the market at fourteen bucks a share. And that profit below that of the price that they generated when they sold that would come into your account. Now who would now be sitting in your account now you wouldn't have the ability to go buy stocks with that money your count because. The money do we would be held at your county you have to buy this year's back. See you sold the shares Audi bro was in Madrid and to the position. In order to profit you need to buy back at a lower price will you think it's going to tell him. Now the go to tenure but back what do you just do what he sold at fourteen you bought a tent. Well this four dollars profit that Steve senior count because the moment you sold it it would Nadia broke his inventory into the market at fourteen the moment you bought it back. The ten dollars came out of your account to buyback. Before that you took in your first originally sold shares stating your account. And ultimately the stock then goes right back do you brokers inventory so to fort all the shares key senior account you keep that that your profit on afford all moved down in the stock. Think about that. On a hundred Shea he's made for a box on a thousand she's just made four grand on afford all moving a stock that you know. That's shorting now think folks think about a feud assured the S&P 500 back in 2008 before collapsed and fell 50%. Where an all time high in the S&P in this people who are gonna sell short the S&P on a correction and make a fortune in the markets. And you can do the same thing any of the listeners can do the same thing it's a simple process shorts on and it's not difficult as is different. And once you learn it. It's a game changer. It absolutely is game changer allows you not to worry about market direction. And others individuals out there listening to this right now youth he laid out in 94 go to bed you're thinking to a you know the markets sells off 10% 20% and it takes. Five years to get back what does that get a duty you your portfolio you and your family. Jim directions Paramount for a lot of people. Well it's programming I mean we've been taught by Wall Street that up is good and down as bad. Think about that you're driving on the road right now listen to us are you expecting anticipating a 30% move down the S&P need excited about that. You should be. Because there's an opportunity to profit from that move down. And it's gonna happen it's not a matter of if it's a matter when and Wall Street has you convinced that doubt is bad I mean once the news some nights what's Lester holt and NBC news. Good evening it was a tough day on Wall Street today you hear that terminology it's always on a daily the markets down. So the masses think down as bad in up is good seat the most successful traders investors think up is good and down a skit. And once you start to understand that process a short selling. It can take your profitability the next level and ultimately help you hit those long term goals financing you have. It really takes you that next level but it simply separate you from the masses and its key steal that any elicits Cutler. Absolutely ciskei skill and exactly champion won the somebody dealers how to do that and they learn how to do the right way it's a game changer not only short term it's a game changer long term. It allows them not have to worry about market direction. That's why our sponsor online trading academy have a class specifically on shorting the market when I love about this classes every time we give it away here. The phones light up here Bulls and Bears we're gonna take callers fifteen to thirty is a 500 dollar value on shorting the market from our sponsor online trading academy. Pick the phone right now call 84451. Trade that date for four. 51 trade for callers fifteen to thirty 500 dollar class specifically on shorting the market from our sponsor online trading academy. That's 844518723384451878233. For callers fifteen to thirty. To get this 500 dollar class are shorting the market feel 41 K and hire a concern about market direction you do not understand how to capitalize and a downward move. Of the market is the opportunity for you 844. 51. Trade Chamblee a lot more to talk about here on Bulls and Bears is Paramount for somebody learn the skills well what's great about his in the course of this session on shorting you'll really have an understanding how works. It's a great great opportunity for a lot of people so if they call through their able we're in the process in the process. Big kudos to them for sure exactly again caller fifteen to 33 of the phone call 84451. Trade at 844. Five wine train does that mean champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears that heroes out of it says he'll have the blast so is a good time hang with the boys here is studio talk about a variety of different things don't forget to head over to FaceBook like is that Bulls and Bears radio. And of course 447 if you have a question her senior coach called coach outlined. 87790. Portrayed if that's 877904. Trade as 24/7 if your questions up. Honor the show bulls the bears price tag means and a Tia. My shoe bag bag T sure at mayor some lessons from the academy in just some great starter stuff for the markets and understand the financial markets it really is. A great prize package so we look forward here from you got a great called Darcy from Alpharetta today over in Georgia. Our chat about listened to her so we're excited about all this stuff because. It gives you chance to ask the coach personally and you need to know 87790. Fours as the coach outlined so. Chip talk about variety different things germ Bulls and Bears won the biggest things a lot of people ask us about his. Ellis Ellis you know I can't do anything with my accounts I can't I can't manage my 401K Meyer AA now allowed to do anything with and a lot of people don't realize. The in man is their own money you know a term that we use quite a bit self directing their own funds. I said I'll time you say all time nobody cares more about their money than them. Yet they give to somebody else the manager what does that look like for the average listener out there if they did want him as their portfolio in the forward k.'s IRAs. Regards the council as what does that look like. Well one of things I learned from Amanda years ago as financial success requires me to pay attention in my own money. What I find is just what it looks like it looks like first of all opening statements I mean I mean a lot of people that come up to me and say I got money and 41 K and they don't even open the statements. They have no idea what's going on that accounts they sit and an envelope somewhere in the home on open door there electronically delivered to them and they put him they keep them in the inbox with a never opened them. That I understand them. And get your pain fees are you getting the commissions coming body returns and in your Dick Chernin your account of what they called the financial industry and every month to pay in fees regardless of performance of the market. And so what I tell people is that if you're really six satisfied with the form cape reformists and it's made you millions of dollars and stay in the game. But the average 401K bounces less than a Hun agreement. We're talking about all over the country sixty million accounts that's retirement income and that's pre tax that money as Lehman tax yet that's not enough money to retire on. Pensions are gone so securities bankrupt I mean it might be their mind not you can't rely on it. And so this is the he'd been. And the bucket of money that people are on most. And most people have no concept how to run how to manage it and don't even look at the results and we talk about self directing first of all that means you learning that you have to. Do better and men learning that you have to make more decisions around that money because the financial is a decent has your money. Is making decisions on your behalf to make it on their behalf we see constantly. And that's what the frustration is a lot of people 'cause it look at the math of I got X amount of money I get X years to live it doesn't add up. And if it doesn't add up that's your fear run out of money you need to learn the skills of self directed because you do something dramatically different. Or won't add up and we talk about self directing we'll talk about six to 101000 month at the average person could contribute to the markets. And I believe they can control that money better than many institutions and I think ultimately. Give battle long term results while they care about a more than anybody else and that's why they need to sell direct alleys. Give the example you know you would take your Wally would take your person you would hand it to the stranger next year. And why would you do that with your well I mean a lot of individuals have a 41 cannot ask my good do you know your 40 okay providers and LC fidelity or Schwab Laguna. You don't you don't version of manages they have no clue whose minutes a Wall Street institution its UBS ATA craft. And they're competing for the money against you an amazing years it's a divergence of interest. Wall Street has this game wired. And we start to disclose to people that you can do the same street things Wall Street does in your own account and irate heck you can go to 41 K depending on the structure the foreign cake. Or as ways to get access to that money in the forward Kate we can manage itself trick drone wealth and what's great about that is once you learn the skill. It's just that it's it's like anything else like writing this a stick shift driving a stick shift. It's literally just repetition over time in you can start to grow your account over time we've seen it. And the beautiful thing about the markets is this Europe the put it there nudie somewhere have somebody manage it you can take that responsibility on yourself and do better. We've seen it time and again in the masses and Wall Street as he convinced that you are not sophisticated effort Smart have to manage your money. And we're seeing a difference and people are flocking to learning the skills of self directing its Paramount because if you don't learn those steals the results are getting an have to be enough. And for many people you realize it's not going to be enough. Play Nino itself directing isn't difficult champion mentioned you know six to ten hours at a some Huelsman for five hours a month. Some real spend six to ten hours a month the really just depends on. You know what their portfolio looks like how it's established and how much time except available and a lot of individuals don't know where to begin when it comes a self directed and have accounts in the market they don't know where to begin. Online trading academy the sponsor Bulls and Bears they teach a class specifically on self directed. Have you been in the market for years and you're not managing your money does a great opportunity for you. Maybe are new to the market you wanna take over your money you don't wanna leave somebody else. This is a great opportunity for you there is a 500 dollar value this classes start right at their campus you do not want to miss out on this fuel for one K and higher rate you're in the market you'll learn how self direct where it take callers ten to twenty pick up the phone right now call. 84451. Trade that's a 4451. Trade for callers tender twenty to get a 500 dollar class on self directed from our sponsor online trading academy. That's 84451878233. 84451878233. For callers tenets when he get this 500 dollar class and sell direct to your portfolio. Again if your brand new the marquis bit in the market for years but this is time for you to take over you do not want to miss out on this opportunity for callers ten to 284451. Trade. That's 844. Five I want to trade this is adamant champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears IBO is data the Disco and the glass always always a good time. Don't forget to head over to FaceBook like is that Bulls and Bears radio. And of course anytime we get a question for the coach ask the coach 87790. For trade and at that time of the week right now we got a question. Darcy from Alpharetta go ahead. Just protecting them Contra Alpharetta my question is how the about a million the year might it affect all the current you'd around the world. The foreign exchange of the US dollar compared to other current eight. That's a great question Garcia it's amazing because the average person doesn't think about currency values of currency so. I applaud iffy question kudos to you will send out a nice gift package in let me address the at the answer for you. It's amazing because the US dollar is the world's reserve currency what that means is that. All. Global economies have to house and harbor certain amount US cash they have to have a certain amount of currency in order to stay in the global reserve currency what that means is that. Everything revolves around the dollars so what's great about the US dollar is that. It goes up and down its value. In other words it can be worth more or less on a daily basis and what that means is we talk about purchasing power they Udall will go further. And so the fact the US a question about currency valuation is key because the average person doesn't think about that. And I wanna deviate example. In 2000 when the market collapsed. The stock market. I'm never made it media guy who Toby get out of the top piece and I get out the top of the markets I didn't have to take the loss. A close up my 401K went to cash right at the top of the market right at the beginning of 2000 so in the market collapsed due to the technology bubble burst. He feels like he was able to not sustain or take that loss because he cashed out before the loss and had cash. Basically sitting in an account somewhere and the reality is is this the market fell about 40%. And the currency fell about 37% what that means is this at the height of 2000 his dollar. Would buy a dollar to 44 with a global goods and services in other words your dollar has a global purchasing power. By the end of 2002 in the market to collapse his dollar was now worth 77 cents. So even though he had a million dollars. Eighteen months earlier it bought one point 24 million widgets if you will. And now a year and a half later by 770000. Which is which yet the same amount of money so even though you didn't lose cash or currency you have the same million dollars. It bought a lot less goods and services. Which means that a lot of people what do they think the market's gonna collapse they say a woman noticed a would go to cash we always ask which currency. It's amazing because they don't have a father of there's a different cars that I can be and it'll grow. When the reality is the dollar might not grow Michael down in value. And so the fact that US the question absolutely does the dollar affect all currency markets. And it's it's it's benchmark protocol a dollar index and that dollar index is how the dollars do against a global basket of currencies which is amazing because you think about it. It's a global marketplace it's important know your global current with the currencies worth on a global scale. And so the fact that you ask that question is awesome now as far as it affecting the equities market absolutely. I mean when we have a strengthening of the dollar a lot of ties we start a sea change in the equities market and as what they call a core relation effect. And so for the most people's perspective out there they think cash is safe they think cash is the place to be. When the reality is is that cash is a position and you might not want only specific currency because it might be the time of their cars is about to fall in value. Now what's great about understanding currencies is that. The currency market is a great market trade in and invest in more put him make an income from. If you understand it so what I love about your question is at least to the fact that you can utilize. Trading currencies. To generate cash flow and income on a daily weekly basis and many people are doing that Darcy in the key thing is is this. It's simply understanding that currencies are treated globally and there's a great opportunity for people that are created short term income flow or cash additional stream income. Part time job kept income if you will. Plays in the currency market and the fact you have a question about that most people running and thinking about that I apply Jeff thanks for the question. The goal obviously utilized in the financial markets to profit from price movement. And the currency market is a great place to play for short term income and is open the doors to a lot of people don't of atomic capital. That wanna be able to profit from that currency movement valuation and revaluation. And it's great because once they learn the skills it allows him to generate that income on a daily weekly basis. Well you know Jeb and that's that's exactly right you know a lot individuals when they have capital in the bank hits the US dollar here in the United States they don't think about. You know what they can actually buy am analyst somebody's at the grocery store they're looking at fuel prices they're not thinking about the fluctuation of price but every single day the dollar. Fluctuates up and down and you know what weather's Darcy awards anybody else out there they should be concerned about the dollars. In imagine if you could utilize that price fluctuations on a daily and weekly basis. Trading a currency account where you can literally trade just a couple hundred bucks because you don't have to have a big pile money to trade currencies. And generate an income based on those price fluctuations what's great about the markets. Is that not only can I learned to protect and preserve my capital. Understanding that currency is at risk in a position I can also use that currency to generate a short term income. Because it's a leverage product which allows Munich a bigger Terrell less capital investment. And there's always daily movement which allows for a new income stream for a lot of people that really is opening. In the markets is that ability the utilize the market for short term income and use the leverage product like currency provide for most of the listeners. Absolutely and champion our sponsor online trading academy they understand a lot of people are looking at generating come they understand a lot of people. Are turning to the markets these days they're trying to figure out leveraged products and that's why online trading academy as a class specifically on trading for income. Many listeners out there would love additional streams Inca maybe just get a consistent second stream. Whenever that may be based out of accounts eyes a lot of people don't know where to begin online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears as a class specifically on. Trading for income is a 500 dollar value we're gonna give a way to our listeners right now. Were only able to take callers fifteen to 25 you do not want to miss out on this because fifteen of 25 pick up the phone right now and call. 84451. Trade. The state 4451. Trait for callers fifteen to 25 to get a 500 dollar class on trading for income from our sponsor. Online trading academy that's 8445187233. 8445187233. For callers fifteen to 25 to get this 500 dollar class specifically on. Trading for short term income you do don't wanna miss out on this call right now 844. Five up one trade is that a champ fumbles and banners. Welcome back the bulls the bears that the Cisco holidays always laughs a lot of laughs C you know really it's been fun today it's always good to get to get WGA and yuck it up below are not yet exciting times tables and there. Don't forget that over to FaceBook a light does that bulls the bears ready to see what would look like go over there yeah it's a good that is good or bad depending on what you tastes are doing over really the era bald guys there's two of three of us perfect face to react fresher. And Gaza also 24/7 if you ever have a question for cedar coach called coach hotline 87790. Portrayed. As 44 hours a day if your questions up on air is nice wag bag. Bulls and Bears way absolutely and you know what the good thing is is that we really cherish those questions because it not only helps you. It heals many of the of the listeners as well of course of course Jeff talk about a bunch of things here Bulls and Bears. One of the things a lot of people don't realize a lot of people don't realize the market how it truly works. And the professionals out there that are in the market now and how much argument is that teaches them talk about the fraction of people that. You know trade professionally for a living to one of the biggest things they do is they separate this from a hobby. To business you know that's a game changer for a lot of people they separated from a hobby to a business and I want take a moment or talk about what does it look like for someone actually trade. As a business because the average those are out there if they have money to put the market they can truly start a business from this. Let me be blunt. Wall Street has you convinced you're not Smart enough to self directed mantra on money and that's a lie. We talk about a costlier Bulls and Bears that's why we're different than anybody else on the radio and not try to sign an annuity would not try to sell you insurance. Where you're telling you that you can learn the skills to better yourself in the markets and do a better job in the money managers can do. It's been well documented that you you can outperform the S&P and most of those mutual funds don't do that that are in your 41 case or even performed the level the S&P. And so what we've basically put together is a process where people can learn the skills and that's all it is is a skill. And through time Stockton treat this and trade is if you're in a business. And what's great about the American dream free enterprise the free market is that. It gives you know cap on the upside and so we approach the markets from a business perspective. It see this is an hobby does is not a hot and a lot of people that we know. We use the markets to generate income we use the markets to pay the bills and makes has used the Marxist says up for retirement. And we learn the skills of self directed and has a lot of people out there that don't know what to do. And so when you start to understand the market beat can be treated as a business and what you think about a traditional business in America small business. Overhead liability insurance workers' comp employees inventory leasing a building. It's cost prohibitive it's overwhelming it can be very very. They can be very traumatic or are ultimately can scare people off the list even start a business because of all the all the expenses they go out. Imagine a business if your business on a listen carefully. Where you didn't have to pay all those overhead expenses immediate at the least ability after. Hire employees. You literally go to a computer will either buys up those people in the cell tier. Mean this also those people to buy from yet you never had to leave the company owned home and you could have all the upside opportunity that the market provides few that's training as a business. And it's available. And it's a skill set and anybody could learn it I've seen dumber people than those he'll listen in. That have learned the skills to be a successful LaMarcus by following a plan to follow a set of rules and so once you have a system down. You can doubt take over in control and run a business that generates few. Are limited upside opportunity without a lot of traditional headaches in the business think about that it's the dream it's the American dream it's available but you gotta take the step to learn about it more poorly. He got to put inaction. You know I Jim a lot of people can do this a lot of people want to utilize the market as a business place a lot of people don't know how to get started with at online trading academy the sponsor Bulls and Bears they understand trading. As a business Sanderson a lot of people wanna take trading investing from a hobby. To a business generate that Sega streaming come or maybe primary income. That's why they have a class on its a 500 dollar value for the person who's always wanted to start a business from trading investing or maybe they don't know how it begins as a great opportunity for either as a 500 dollar value we only have a few seats to give away. We're gonna take callers to the twenty pick up the phone right now call 84451. Trade a date for 451 trade for callers tender twenty to get this. 500 out of a class on treating as a business from our sponsor a 4451872338445187233. For callers to the twenty get this 500 dollar class specifically on. Trading as a business again if you wanna take the market from hobby to a business treaty as a business 844. 51. Trade does that mean champ on Bulls and Bears.