Federal Government On the Edge of a Shutdown, Holdup is the DACA Consideration

Vince Coakley Podcast
Friday, January 19th

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I got a good. Empowerment self governance and strong. Character you've. You radio program. Good Friday morning Manny feels good to say that's welcome to broadcast good to be back with you. As always feel like to join the conversation angles a British talk played over 809 to 1110. Cummins since retirement planning text line 71307. And the into the world it's looming. Think he thinks he can. We're talking about yes the possibility of a government shut down. The cable news networks they're having a blast. Because this is exciting stuff. Really exciting stuff. There is a plan for White House news conference at 10:30 this morning on the potential for government shut down time permitting. We will try to take that and find out what the White House has to say. About a wave the house is actually passed another stop gap measure. Which is this is just a joke. Gonna get I I said something about dish yesterday it's time to call out Mitch McConnell for being a wimp. Because toward change the house is actually passed all of the appropriation bills necessary. To fund the government. But Mitch McConnell has failed in getting that legislation advanced. Now I get it you know. Get the issue of needing the sixty votes or whatever I don't think changed the dog on rules. So England pass this thing. What it requires is. Conviction encourage both of those things are necessary. But I'm beating a dead horse because there's about a much chance as Mitch McConnell growing. Conviction courage. As there is I don't know Nancy Pelosi getting a conscience I don't know. Policy. I wanna talk about some good news at the outset though. And I'm very encouraged about this as I'm sure you will be. Reports that a global energy agency is now saying that US oil production is booming. And it's forecast to top that of heavyweights Saudi Arabia and Russia this year. Have we been talking about this for years the fact that we need. To exploit our own energy resources. We have the potential to be at an energy power house. And that's exactly what is happening here. The International Energy Agency said in its monthly market reports. They US oil production which is already risen to its highest level in nearly fifty years. We'll push past ten million barrels a day. Ten million barrels a day. The prices. There enticed more producers to start pumping. And they're expecting this will be a record setting year for the United States of America. Meanwhile. Global growth and demand for or was forecast to remain unchanged at one point three million barrels a day. Mainly due to the impact of higher world prices and consumers. Are switching to other types of energy like natural gas. This is a good thing. Al passing outpacing. The saudis. And Russians. This year when our oil oil production. That's a good thing. Another praiseworthy item. Donald Trump said to become the third sitting US president to address. Pro life activists. At the annual march for life today. Now you know as well as I do that mr. trump has been on the other side of this issue for years. But fortunately. He's going to address the march. By satellite from the White House Rose Garden this afternoon. Trump's fellow Republican. Ronald Reagan made supporter remarks of the marched back in 1987 by telephone. George W. Bush. Did the same twice 20032004. A statement from the White House Sara Sanders. Saying the president's committed to protecting the life of the unborn and he's excited to be part of this historic event. So this is a good thing. Organizers of the march the largest. Pro life event in the country praise from forest policies on restricting abortion access. These policies include efforts to eliminate federal funding to groups providing abortions. Terms and vice president Mike Pence a vocal abortion opponent to speak at last year's march. Few days after the presidential inauguration. He's also pledged to appoint more judges that support the overturning of Roe vs. Wade. Which used in 1979 Supreme Court decision. That led to the carnage. As in 55. Million dead babies. That's. What we have now in this country. And unfortunately we've become profoundly desensitized. To the blood that is on our hands. Quite different Steve days has posted this. About the president's position. He contrasts to people. Here's what he posted Mitt Romney man of dignity and mr. family. Instructed his DHS as governor to force Catholic Charities to take part in homosexual adoptions. We need a chick filet sandwich. When I might have won him a presidents. Actually says she would not eat a chick filet sandwich when it might have won him a presidency. Then. He lobbied the state of Arizona not to defend religious freedom a few years ago that's the record of Mitt Romney. Here's the contrast. To Donald Trump men of decadence and hush money to porn stars. Test today directed at vision the federal government actively protect religious freedom and rights of conscience. And also used his presidency two years in a row to provide greater exposure to the march for life which is media have been willfully ignoring for years. Make about what you will but facts. Are facts. Pretty interesting isn't. Contrasting Mitt Romney. With Donald Trump Mitt Romney allegedly the very religious guy. Donald Trump. Characterized here is the man of decadence and hush money to porn stars. And should look at Borough but both of these men have produced. And uninteresting news and it's. I'm sure this will prompt a whole lot of conversation. I guarantee it especially on the text luck in the a dead if you like you contribute to your perspective all of this 809 to 1110. A text line is 71307. We have a lot to get her in the program. Effect on the way in the studio. I was talking with someone who is asking hey what are you talking about today said. Wait you much. It's going to be a challenge to try to get everything in including. We'll talk about this. Brinksmanship on the issue of funding the government's we're just hours away. From the possible government shut down so I'm sure you're absolutely positively terrified by this. You know let's get out the crying towel right now. That much more as we continue to broadcast this morning it's Friday time to celebrates. We also have feet brokers Friday I will talk about a book. They had a tremendous impact on my life over the past ten years. Ten years in. We'll dress this as well stay. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 90 minutes after 10 o'clock. Positives Coakley radio program. We've set the table here what's going on today. We've got this showdown going on between the Democrats or Republicans. What will happen when they come with a blasts minutes solution. To keep the government from shutting down. And the end of the world as we know it Tim in Matthews good morning and welcome. There. Are. At it check out regular I you. You know I JAJ Mac. App. Look at as well. Com where you won't bode well. And what is it that I live in the country. And you obviously are so high because they're ready statement that. Then cracked bat in their entire G-8 they're gross domestic. Pop product. I don't think about it are where where my great great grandfather. Fought in new pop. Serve and big the first oil well and you are at stake more book that's. An arm spent a year and here. That we shouldn't have an oracle of oil or any other country in the world because we're that we're probably our most oil rich country. In the wild animal based upon oh. Aren't out there aren't that great likes because the foremost. What makes. Pockets of oil. Got to be revealed Murrow or change and what the great thing about it is eat instead. We're back in the 18100 bet all or apply it almost who limited. Based upon how those likes continually change. And you the other thing that it unlimited or it could draw that at our shoot out. Oil is our back pocket and pop the pocket. The great thing about it but those restrictions are. A Democrat ballot they did it it's. It's going to be a bet Joseph and to the world currently Kurt there at stake. It's not a natural that natural progression into the shifting of the art and it permanent materials what it's about lending rate it can't put to sleep pretty bad but it's fascinating to free as I'd. And I you know I at some other big but it history Olympic sailor. You know getting. Thai history and I think a lot of if we let dial. Some restrictions MEI I've spoken before a lot of the restrictions or that barrel small business committee in my business growth in first. In the last year I mean that old debate that or. Obama so extraction then you know letting the oil and start but what we hear in the country I think it's I think that Paramount. That's our our you know you know port. Tim you're absolutely right to it. I mean did this guy's a limit here and there's no reason why we should not exploit our own resources right here at home on thanks for your call. And get another reminder of how capitalism works. It's not complicated at all. Then all of folks throughout the year proclaiming it's the end of the world that somehow. Because we are. You know extracting this oil from wherever. We're going to forever destroy the planet I mean is just pure nonsense is what it is. Over on the text line. Made reference earlier to mr. trump. And the porn star. Vincent appears stormy Daniels is still hard at work shaking her money maker. That is Jim met obviously I think you. Morning Vince we're producing all this oil why are we paying seventy bucks a barrel on the assume that the market will bear right now. This price has been up and down so stay tuned it's bound to change at some point. Well there frontier everyone screaming about a government shutdown of freaking out I'm just sitting here thinking don't threaten me with a good time. Another person saying who needs them by Schumer reference to government employees. Men's senior citizens it Sydor won't get their Social Security checks with government shut down. Neither publish nor Jim's care. It doesn't affect them. Vince regarding trump and decadence I will say we are born sinners we become Christian that is true. This person says I'm having a government shut down party tonight snow any good party snack recipes. Well we're open for those. Vincent shut down stop congress from getting page. Well. They would certainly do something very different. Well the other part about this. You've got so many millionaires in congress they don't care about a paycheck they really don't this is I think for most of them more about power. And connections and influence that is money. I really believe that I mean at that meager what whatever it is 180000. Dollars a year. For a member of congress and what is 200 or so for senator that's pocket change for most of them. It's probably petty cash that's probably their petty cash fund for the year. Maybe it's their drinking money for the year. Probably was for John Boehner or did I just say that I'm sorry. A person made a reference to. I don't know if I told this story because everybody's heard the notorious stories about John Boehner. Serious when I went to Washington DC in 2014 when I was a candidate. I eat meat I ran into him. Ends. He was let's just say I can tell he'd already had little end he had to be drinking a glass of war very nice guy. And for obvious reasons I did not tell him have a picture taken so there ego. This every once you call the representatives and tell them the shut down this perfect opportunity for mold they need to start. Clearing departments. What has agreed idea. It would actually. Have the Democrats screaming back to the table. Yet it's great idea. Thank you for saying numbers of babies killed in this country for calling them with they are babies not clumps of cells. And free man. Who feels it's a woman's body suit their fortune on a man's issue I'd like to remind them that 50% of those babies murdered were Boyce. I also tell you 50%. Of your DNA. Is there 50% of the DNA. Another texture saying hey on the Social Security check issue they won't be affected by a so called shut down. And I believe that it is correct. Clotting kings mountain good morning welcome to the broadcast. What your market and that's what I want to say is I'll guarantee you it or thirty I'll go outside after another. All you won't hear about the ancient burial as the national parts but I do that for a fact or try to chart a route mold everybody. That will be all you'll hear about where no audio alerts that I'll let you close to a vote all your mate. I must all understand how to close several parts. Well here's a thing and and I made this point before we need to seriously have a conversation about who owns government property. As a blonde two corporation called the US government orders are belong to the American people. Let's see answered that question gone. What about what's that. But somehow hook everybody blob that you have made bad for that this. They're district is here straight back at database I don't hear those people go hole articulate but the the parks pressured their shuttle main. Okay we don't having Rangers battle but I can't go out they'll lock the gate so much they're going at that period Smart. Well I think you remind you should remind you who would really belongs to its. Really the corporation that is the United States of America certainly not the republic. That was founded many years ago thanks for your call their club. I'm another text or would like to note of those millionaire politicians pay taxes on their salary well of course they do and that's Paul out of Greenville. Party snack recipes well. They're coming in already Heinz 57 sauce and grape jelly bring in December and had two packs little smoky sausages. Boy that sounds interesting no anybody wanna try to that's it sounds like pretty uninteresting recipes. All right knee. Still to come on the broadcast we'll take a look at the date in history we also has to have as I mentioned faith focus Friday looking back. And a revolutionary book but certainly had quite an impact on my life also. They bombshell report from Sara Carter. About a house intelligence report what is this thing about it we'll delve into it straight ahead on the broadcast. This is Vince Coakley radio program. 1036. On the Vince Coakley radio program we're standing by waiting for a White House briefing on the so called the government shut down. Over on the text and heard a recipe a few minutes ago that included just Heinz 57 sauce and grape jelly. During yen little smoky sausages. Protection responding to this Vince can ship grape jelly little Wiener sounds like a cry for help. A Stoner. Closing down the parks wavered to the federal government closed down the only thing they have the generates money. Government is the only entity. They can take you commodity with inherent value they make it worthless. By applying intuit. That troop you're corset who said. That if you put the federal government in charge of the of the desert. You have to bring sandy and you'd run out of sand and a few years. And that's really true. You know how these these folks operate. Also why. Let's see here. Real I think we will skip valid for now. And could be in the interest of our FCC license to avoid talent. When he gets you if humans were gonna talk about this from port that Sara Carter has come out with about a house intelligence report. And this seems to be getting traction raising concerns. About just what price at the very thing. These morons just approved a few days ago. We'll talk about this in a bit because there's. I think some very significant stuff going on here but the way in regard to the government shut down possibility. There was a bill that was passed by the house. But it's got a very uncertain future. In the Senate's. Basically if funds the government for four weeks. Four weeks that's shipped. And they keep doing this ridiculous. This can be the first shut down more than four years. They've got an impasse over government funding of the fates of young immigrants facing deportation. The real drama right now. Is in the Senate's words unclear. What if anything can clear the chamber supermajority threshold. The senate couldn't even agree on holding a vote Thursday night. Returning after senate majority leader Mitch McConnell spurned. Church members request to hold a vote assuming it failed. Restart bipartisan negotiations and immigration and government spending levels. Senators who is expected another pro today but they're not sure what's gonna come next year. So now we're just waiting. Waiting to see what happens in the US senate's. We if their action or inaction on the legislation passed in the house. By the way. Isn't a surprise we're seeing a lot of hypocrisy now on the side the Democrats. Fractures and uninteresting story. About how the Democrats are assigning blame for this weekend's looming government shut down over failure to agree on the fate of dreamers. Well let's talk about the hypocrisy. The fiery comments made about Republicans. During Tony thirteen shut down. Tony thirteen Democrats called Republicans who refused to get on board the Obama administration's agenda and our kiss and arsonists. With a bomb stretched to its strapped to their chests you remember this hyperbole. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said I called him legislative arsonists. Yeah this is the game they play. Chuck Schumer said of the side he's never seen such an extreme group of people adopt such an insane policy. The speaker John Boehner need to engage in something like the ancient practice of sacrifice this time to the right wing God's. Do we have to sacrifice the economy and help for millions of middle class people he said during a TV appearance. These people come in hinged. In this kind of circumstance and now. They have no problem. Causing the very thing they were complaining about. Just four years ago five years ago. You know it's the usual rhetoric and really doesn't change doesn't. Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Are Republicans unhinged. Would you if you didn't like that you re design of your kitchen would you burn the whole house down orgy try to make modifications to the kitchen. These people have come unhinged. That's Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Another moron. You know mr. profiles really gunned down in recent years which is good nobody wants to hear nonsense anyway. Now the Democrats they're depicting themselves as bystanders. In a tough situation. Chuck Schumer. The leaders looking for. A place to deflect blame but it just won't work we all know what the problem is it's complete disarray on the Republican side. Pelosi to former. Majority leader now minority leader won the voters will blame Republicans because they control congress and the White House. Even after a few concessions to Democrats Pelosi compared the GOP's stopgap bill. The from the government having a bowl of dog eat you and adding a cherry on top and calling it a chocolate sundae. Really. Wonder how long she's been thinking that went up. Kirsten Gillibrand. Protecting dreamers it's a moral imperative I will not vote for a spending bill that doesn't treat dreamers fairly. So let's think oh she's gonna die on. I mean who cares about everybody else who cares about citizens. Right just. Clarify this for use you understand what this woman is really saying screw Americans. No I'm gonna die on. Is. I'm going to fight for non citizens. That's the norm gonna Diana and that's what she's saying. By the way me moving any. From right here in this area. Kissinger's a 5050. Chance of a government shutdown. Miss Gillibrand goes on. Protecting dreamers is a moral imperative I will not overspending bill that doesn't treat dreamers fairly. She compared Republicans to her five year old son. Really. I would daresay your five year old son probably has more sense than she does. This is much more like what I deal with Henry in the morning when he says he. Wants to say I want candy for breakfast it's really a tantrum. It's a Tea Party tantrum. You're there to give me my way we're gonna shut down the government. That was her back and Tony thirteen. Isn't it interesting now. So. Give me in my way. In other words do something for the dreamers. Are gonna sit there and government. When you win win win way. Goodness. Cory Booker another potential 20/20 hopeful. Says he will not be voting for spending bill that does not fix docket Tony very teeny caller senate seat challenger a Tea Party extremists. When it comes to government shut downs and said the senate. Needs people that will not play they shut down politics. There plays with a full faith and credit of the United States of America. Where are you why this issue now mr. poker. You know these people they have no principles whatsoever none. Ridiculous. Just absolutely ridiculous. 8981110. That's the Eagles advantage talk claim number common sense retirement planning takes line 71307. Still waiting here. This is still since Coakley radio program I mean. 1049 the Vince Coakley radio program was brought to Gerald in New York. Good morning. Good morning sir thank you so much I it'll worry church yesterday. And I found out that. What are the whole pocket anyway at University of California at Berkeley I sure you've heard of Berkeley. And that you're seeing that our committee made up a hole. Left wing socialists. And came up with this program because that's how many. Illegal aliens do in order Gordon called. Here going to Berkeley. That was the basis of all ready. And Barack Obama wanted to. Pushing it. And that's what we're on now is the I think it should we or should we not anyway a supporter of it all the morning and now and now. In the pyramid some of the committee port. That is if we don't pass it's their twenty not 800 doubt you're twenty million. People that qualify under under the pockets they don't had a by the socialists. In Berkeley and then that he met if you do it's the end of our democracy is what about it as to what they want all borders in new world order. Part of the whole thing. And it just that got me. That we're even discussing it should be deporting these people I think powder imported illegals. What it would president people who moderate train. That went that southern Mexico and drop them off. I don't know why were are about the end these people are apply for legal citizenship. Mexicans. And every other country in world. 30 AM at the back of the line. To get mark all right Al or norm on part of the Democratic Party its disk that's big. You know that's a great way to describe this Gerald hey I appreciate your caught of York this morning in fact it's a story in USA today. And I believe this came out yesterday. Yeah I wanna sit down before share this with you. It says there are three you know you for this figure about 7800000. Dreamers. Well this. Particular item in USA today says there are three point six million dreamers. Far greater than the number we formerly known. The position here is. We've overlooked just how many there are in the country three point six million. That number of people whose lives risk being uprooted just now widely known in large part because so much public attention has been focused recently on 800000. Mostly young dreamers excepted into your Obama air deferred action for childhood rivals or doctor program. This smaller group of dreamers is in the spotlight because president truck terminated darkened September. Say was an illegal overreach of executive authority I can only come from congress. Which is now negotiating with trump a compromise immigration plan. While many politicians. In this Jewish cent A today story say while many politicians use dreamer and doctor interchangeably. The terms are not a distinction without a difference. That's from Steny Hoyer. Dreamers got their name from the DREAM Act a bill that was proposed in congress since 2001. And this is three Obama folks. It never passed. Three point six million estimate of undocumented immigrants brought to US before their eighteenth birthday comes from the Migration Policy Institute. This is a nonpartisan nonprofit think tank that studies global immigration patterns. That's roughly a third of all undocumented immigrants in the country. Does not include millions of their immediate family members you are US citizens. And this number so large it raises the stakes for both sides in the dispute over whether to deport dreamers. Allowed them to stay under prescribed conditions or provide them with a path to citizenship. This is a big deal. Think about it. Three point six million. The point here. We've been hearing numbers. There will blow this for quite some time to do not be fooled. And you know as well as I do what we will see. It is continuation of chain migration. Once we legalize these folks there'll be more right behind them and the legislation only encourages more people to break the law. That's the other thing about this by the way on the so government shutdown issue I told you the Senate's. Is supposed to be voting on what was passed by the house. Lindsey Graham's already gone on record saying he opposes. This spending measure to keep the government going for a month. I'm not going to support continuing this fiasco for thirty more days. It's time congress stop the cycle of dysfunction grow up and act consistent with the values of our great nation what I would suggest mister mister Lindsey Graham. You need to look over your friend mr. McConnell and tell him to get his act together. And there should be an upper down vote. A majority votes get rid of this sixty vote piece of garbage. And get this done. Otherwise the federal government runs out of money Saturday. Interestingly enough it's the one year anniversary of president trumps inauguration. Wonderful way to celebrate and to think. On the shut down an issue. These are some social media pros have come across Steve says this. While watching hysteria over potential over government shut down consider this. Friend of mine's wife works for the feds in what's considered a nonessential agencies. You know where this is going. There already fully funded through the fiscal year and into August. Is not intriguing. Story fully funded. Rand Paul. I foreign hope for the day of compromise both parties realizing. That all spending must slow in coming to ballot. With revenues given prevailing attitudes in congress. I fear spending restraint automatic currents are decline manifests a time that may be too late to save us from ourselves. While. And this Thomas Massie are different in Kentucky fourth CR coming up Republicans still trying to hammer out a major deal with Democrats. To increase spending across the board. Immediately after cutting taxes. It's surreal incompetence and dereliction of duty. The appropriation deadline was September 30 Tony seventeen. Cuts spending. Now. I think a lot of you'll agree are number two and faith focus Friday we're waiting for the White House well. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Hey are you putting the spotlight on the evils of socialism as progressive as Bernie Sanders is peddling socialism. To our children who took dangers and it's got a solidly proclaiming conservatism for a new generation got. Herman is not the author or source of our rights and you don't make America great again by giving more power to one guy in Washington DC mobilizing media people. To reclaim our republic you make America great again by recovering a constitutional republic where Washington has populated by people. We're service leaders who want to return power to the people into the community. This is my future this is my kids this is my grandkids and this is my country dammit my country. Up and fight score together. It's just this real. Hard pressure gray were about trying to do all this fun and are we need to come together. And get anything done for the American people which is what I'm saying before all real here and us senate chamber. Mitch McConnell. Is speaking out right now about the possibility of government shutdown we are still. 37 minutes removed from the time the White House indicated someone would be speaking about potential for a government shutdown we're standing by. We'll try to take that as soon as it happens Brian very patiently waiting in Charlotte on the line good morning Brian. Live in the morning. Yeah on the part of a larger collectors say that you calling Corey book or hypocrite is truly be are calling the kettle black. But it's not a racial comments Bear Bryant. No I'm deployed you know the US Australian and hypocrites and end and you more hypocrite than I've ever known chord book of the beat. I didn't and that's based on what Brian was sure are and what does that how where I might in consisted. I'd love to hear out. Well you know our call about the immigration issue in the blue and say don't bet. The only native in this country is being made so called American Indian everybody else are immigrants except who would be American blacks because we will draw here at about oh. You know I'll resistance but it and so good thing about it is you have all these two white mini conference. That's debate whether or not these these people here are gonna have their families destroyed separated local or and there are immigrants themselves. Exactly hypocrisy of the. Whole truth so here's my question Brian. So let's sure we just went we just tear down all the borders and just let everybody come in is that we should do. Norton. You're that's my question or your carrier and no I'm asking your question so it shouldn't matter let's just let everybody and whoever wants to comment come on in a group. Why why don't we get paid lady liberty and going to deal can be coaching me nothing there if America doesn't stand by the words they're all net. Beautiful okay. A declaration of independence and old beautiful. Bill of rights in America is nothing but a piece of paper like paper. Where were you talking about two different documents target or a two different messages by the way that thing on lady liberty. What is if I murmur correctly. That was written that was given to us by the French I believe. And that he's not in the constitution. Order so a white or more why should that more war why should that be binding on the American people. So if I if if I puts OK let's let's create a statue. About everybody being created equal and let's give it to the Chinese do you think that means that they'll give everybody their rights is that the way we're starting to Wear American. No I'm just asking you why should American. Bit later so yeah it was back to my question Brian and Brian are you can answer my question so we should just let everybody in whoever wants to come in come in. Okay what's been the policy also had to that would bring that we've done. No that's not been policy therefore would be the ultimate goal for what triggered this. And no one is starting to pick in the way these are all under administration does. Thought I don't own your destroy them you not talk about other nationality not talk about eight you know talk about our European. You know I talk about those other computer guys are getting rid of there are a great sincerity. So blocker called our our neighbor to the southern border. He says we're picking up. That's what I see the other ethnic group. Probably in cold blood as it is let him go and can barely be broken up as immigrants. In this country and you have illegal aliens you have all kind of illegal Obama really has been living in this country if you wanted to go live. And I agreed that we should deal with all of them the same way why have we created these special carve outs for certain groups. That's another fair question Brian. The warm. Up you are at it why should why should people have special carve outs just because they can cross the border illegally. And im mean that's the advantage that being that person crossing from Mexico has. You know I don't think we have an advantage Brian if we were coming. From C another country in Africa it would we have that advantage can we just sneak in while I guess if we drove across the Mexican border we can do that. But any other way we penal any other. Crossing you know that's going to be allowed. We ME try doing that and another part of the country gonna swim across on the East Coast somewhere and try to come into the country does that got to work. You know it's it's. Bryant had the whole thing is silly and I think it's driven unfortunately by people who were looking to advance. The so called rights of these people for political purposes. And zebra. Yeah that's what I don't get. You people this you know about people's lives that's not a lot of political about. All your Tel oh come on you're telling me that every single one of these Democrats are doing this because their hearts are truly set on keeping families together. And their genuinely concerned about these people as individuals. That's Richard telling me. Where were bare corporate or broke. That's what it is that's exactly what it is Brian it's a political vote. To order our agree or disagree error now if you been listening to this program did you listen yesterday by the way. Our our rural we are. Did you hear it I had to say the two stories that I told just no issue I don't know if he's just today the day before there was the criminal who basically said. That he would love the opportunity to get out so we can kill some more FA and cops. Did you hear that story. No I didn't hear that OK that I contrast did that and the guys who did you hear about the guy who's being deported he's been here thirty years. Here are buried here. And did you hear my position on that by the way. No I remember my position was that it was absolutely asinine at the trump administration to allow that to happen. Does that surprise you Brian. And well. Absolutely doesn't surprise you to be honest with these are all because anybody can see that anybody. OK so pretty so what you're taking issue with with meat. I mean it's one thing if you wanna take an issue with what politicians are doing. Don't throw me necessarily end with some particular group because I may not agree with that group. So if you wanna break it down and ask me a specific question what would you do in this particular situation. I will give you an answer. Don't know what would you do render. With what situation be specific forming. They've got a great situation a dreamer situation what would you know be created several popular country are. He. Does not own their own apparel. Thought I am not productive citizens what what do you what do you say these. Here's what I would say yeah and let me repeat what I said the other day. I believe that's what you gotta do in this ought to be open to everyone and provide an opportunity. For the people in charge to use their discretion on a case by case basis. I do not believe in special carve outs for certain groups. So anybody who's in this position. Not just Mexicans not just a lot of balance. Let's make this available for everybody. Is that fair enough Brian. For a period all right so you're arguing over nothing words you thanks for your call. Blows my mind. But this is not what the Democrats. Are talking about at all. There's a political game that's being played here and don't forget folks this is an election year. Can't forget. This is a Vince Coakley radio program. You know it's amazing how much can happen during a commercial break. Hot during the break. He White House. Held a news conference in fact it's still going on right now they're taking questions from reporters. I'm just gonna tell you what we have learned from that news conference by the way this was conducted by. The budget director. Our own make more -- From here in the upstate. Here's what he set that looks very much like things are heading toward a government just. Did some pretty interesting comments. He said that if there is a showdown is gonna look very different than the Obama administration shut down and here's why. It's the Obama administration weaponized the shut down. They did not encourage agencies to use their carry over funds. Ands. That was one of the things that made it worse. They had other authorities they could've used. To keep certain agencies funded and operating they didn't do it the whole purpose was to hurt people. And we talked about this when this was going on by the way. After that in right now. It is mark shortly director of legislative affairs who speaking. He had a few comments as well. Speaking of the house bill that I believe passed by 220 votes he says. The president is ready to sign that built this funds the government for four weeks but he also. Called out the hypocrisy. Of members of the house and senate by the way I shared some of those quotes with you from care Cory Booker Nancy Pelosi he quoted some of those. And one of the interesting things Dianne Feinstein was asked yesterday evening what's gonna happen if there's government shut down she says people will top. Hey yeah. This may Esther how are you gonna vote. How are you gonna vote in this house bill I'm not sure. I'm serious folks you can't make this up. People will die. But I'm not gonna vote I don't I'm not sure I'm gonna vote. I mean what a total moron. These before so lacking in principle. We also have this. I believe it is make sure get the right network here is fox reporting. A senior senate source says to expect to shut down over the weekend. So it sounds to me like. The senate does not expecting to pass this legislation so we may have shut down over the weekend so gracious selves. For the into the world let's go out to gas story and and will not welcome. I'd. Take away our during the ball off. Many people came to the United States. Seeking freedom. Aren't snaps. But were denied. Entry to the United States. Karma or even that act out into the pension. And encountered marital and diet. It's reprehensible. Anger and all had it not there and put a parked by an intelligence report stone church deal. We would not be in Chile and the freedoms. That we can't today. You have. You're absolutely right Wilma I do appreciate your call you know I I heard something about this came up I think I was watching some sort of history special on this just a few months ago. And it's absolutely shameful. What took place there really shameful. And if you well know unfortunately the Holocaust. Was allowed to go on for quite some period of time before we even paid attention to this. It's it's just another example and in in recent years. Another example of you know what kind of what kind of humanitarian support that we show for the people over Wanda do you remember that humanitarian crisis. And everybody after the fact was saying oh we should have done something yes we should've done something. But it was too late by that time. Humanitarian crisis. And one of the things it always has disturbed me we have selective caring and we've always had that problem. Ronnie in Charlotte good morning. Good morning. Here I've got just surge already had. Doubt we'll so they're gonna have to shut down the government because it's already been out there that there. Putting O'Meara that it's so completed a year of an ever troops is strong turnout you became obelisk. And they've got so much positive common out if they can't stop that. That they've got to post something negative that it even took it to shut down for a week in release it to Charlie Williams had to shut down loose and a one year of archery. And you know what else can you bring about very interesting point here because. No matter what happens no matter who's on the bureau which side. You know might be responsible who're they always going to blame Ronnie. Well that's and frustrated so well he says development is devoted soon every channel about what you'd come about a year and a birdie streak. And so they gotta absorb the negative charge to at a Wal-Mart and give blood that I come out so I would say to those. There's an extra ball was so we're getting back award given to employees. Dialing until now most and so I think we got a boost farm out here so that's what it's gonna happen to a low level. Idol mobile does count upon the help we haven't shut down the sort of basic key goal. But. It by I hear runny hey I appreciate your call and it's also going to be interesting here and I'd love this I'll make more rainy the way he answered this. You know Mick is one of those people who's I mean I think he's done an extraordinary job by the way I don't know we'll get to this today. Pound pump the agency mideast right Iran. Remember the one they try to keep him from running. Well he's done there's just brilliant in fact critical and skip to that I was not intending to go into that now. Nick move baby is just brilliant and this is this is just this man's real house in addition to operating management and budget. He's also. Running this consumer protection bureau. And its. Man. This is this is not what you're supposed to do. Our good friend over conservative review Chris Randolph who's been on this program several times lives right here in the upstate. He posted this this is what a government funding request should look like. And in the time here we are talking about government funding and possibly shut down. Make more of any sets the gold standard of government funding requests. Director of the office of management and budget and acting Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director mic moment any. Just set the gold standard of government funding requests every corner. The CF PB makes a funding request from the Federal Reserve for its operating fronts Politico reports last quarter former director Richard Drake. Asked for 217. Point one million dollars. 217 point one. Gorge ray was a progressive. Moving he is conservative. So for this quarter Brady is asking for anybody in the studio I guess would make Romania's asking for for his department. How much do you think hideous. I have no idea I can even begin to just take a wild guess bats only four million. How about zero. Really. I was way off. Zero. Here's the quotes. Here's the money quote from his letter to the Fed this letter is to inform you. That for the second quarter fiscal year 28 team the bureau is requesting. Zero dollars. Zero. And why is this by the way do you know why they're doing this. Why he's doing this is this a political stunt to know the reason is. And and I think we understand the way bureaucracies work. They put money away in reserve. That's what they did it in the 'cause of the money that was put away in reserve they don't need any more money. That's why he's able to make her quest for zero dollars. This is awesome. I'd love this. And it again exposes. The way the government works. You know you've heard these stories plenty of times that if you don't spend it you don't get more. You know how this works for the government. Nobody else runs a business like this yeah. Over the federal government in unlimited funds coming your way all you have to do is winding cry and say people ordered to go away. You know it works. Hats off to make moving innings and seven more that. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. So apparently nickel Vinny says military and border agents will continue to work. If there's a government shut down. But without pay. By the way make more Bailey is referred to this. As the Schumer shut down. I wonder where he got the idea for the liberation. Just putting that out there the Schumer shut down. Let's make this catch on the Schumer shut down repeat after me thus Schumer shut down. Good stuff. Always loved the liberation. 36 minutes FBI we got into the text line. Lot of things to catch up unfair. But first let's take a look at the date in history. As we ventured down to our upstate studio. And our good friend mr. Alonso rates dole and good morning sir are you there. As a matter of opinion. But we're headed that fireworks out that you are trying to use to warm things up yesterday. No comment until with a HR and I know I'll talk about a hundred dollar K no problem at all. We have four items on this list for January 19. But this is January 19 2008 team. And we start they Frenchman whose name is George Claude. He pretended this. That is very popular. For businesses to draw attention to them at night what is it. Neon signs you are Couric's. While I give a pretty good included nine Chris good wow I can't believe the guy actually just. And. 1953. A lot of people tuned in to watch president Eisenhower's inauguration but it's more people than that too and then to watch. This particular show. Because there is a very special event taking place. With the stars of the show. Do you know. What show it lives clearance of Smith's 1953. These people leader owned a studio though it. They popular Koppel on television. See how this is Sonny and Cher but they can't be that as well be too early early early in back to them. These first couple that people fell in love with on TV. Can't be Lucy and Desi. Child on my back yes. More Americans on the way I'd miss that don't. You know how you do get that it is his real name is dizzy are now as anyway they turned end. They tuned in to more people watched that then president Eisenhower's inauguration big event. Thank you keep a new lawsuit in Greek he's real name is doesn't this year and yes to your torso in the first place you destroy him again yes. You're cool you're cool are you. And then you can 1980 relied. Let's see. The US in Iran signed a deal in Algiers. What was the subject of their deal 1981. I give you can't cruise right before. The inauguration. From a certain presidents. What was the deal. Who are US lose the other country US and Iran currently. The release them in the present. You are correct this. That was due and release the Americans held hostage for over 400 days. Let's see if we can go for four for four. This president admitted to perjury after making false statements under oath. Boy this is an easy win when President Clinton you are correct. Four for four man what a great way to in the week it's pretty awesome. I'm so excited to tell yes you should be excited to pay think slots for joining us again man have a great weekend. Thank you prince U2. At forty minutes after eleven like let's go out to Columbia. Country. But the city in South Carolina and Denise good morning. Good morning Ben. Can we get back and address the end the end being the only people who weren't immigrant. Get ready heads. Hit it out of the park forest Denise. Are any. They British were not immigrants they were invaders. And colonize there's. Now Mexico want to man up and then they've the United States. That we can have that fight just like the Indians have that night and by the way. Indians or territorial. In their own tribe. And fought off invaders into their own tribal areas. So it's not like they were welcoming of immigrant either come and ask you this statue of liberty or give us your poor your tired and all of that. That's happened at a time when. We didn't have any any. Social Security Medicare. And certainly no food stamps Medicaid. If we want a roll back. I think the time when the statue of liberty and what it says what is called playing in the 1890s the nineteen teens. Now let's go back and rollback everything's. Who do you see how they know itself armed for people no Medicaid no pre hospital based and no we SL teachers and classrooms by the way. None of that though I've been willing to do that but do that but if you want to have a whole fail. And Beijing and then let Europe as the country let this cup Mexico on beta outdoor. Less so or rock or any other places that are coming out illegal immigrants that says. Denise you hit it out of the park hey there was cued up. You know it and that's a great point. And hatred that they commit totally different environments. They had back then. Because you know as well as I do this isn't just about people coming into the country I saw the figure the other day. And it had a percentage. Are of certain groups. Tens I don't normally like these kinds of things but it was based on nationality where they came from. And their propensity to beyond government programs. And these numbers were just way too high. This is part of what bothers me about the people who complain. About us closing our doors are shutting our borders are changing our policy. The fact of the matter is you and I are paying. For these illegal immigrants to come into the country. We're paying for it. And one of the things I pointed out right here where I sit in Mecklenburg County several years ago. There was a county commissioner who dared to suggested they do a study to find out. What is that true number of illegal immigrant children in the school system because they wanted to figure out what is the real cost. You know what happened Democrats were in an uproar. They were screaming racism. Native visit you know of all the usual stuff they throw out there. So we don't know the real cost. We really don't but you know what they sure are taking our money. And this is happening in every school district across the country. Am I saying they would be denied education no that's not what I'm saying I am saying. It's irresponsible for us not to know the cost. And for us to be have been able to make a decision in informed decision on what we do and part of it needs to be the cost. Because there's no such thing as a money tree. If you can find one please let me know where that is I would love love to have partake. Still to come we are gonna delve into that's bombshell of a story. Fans raise questions about. Where the investigation. Involving Russia where does this go. And what's going on with the intelligence committee would have they on earth we'll talk about that straight ahead right here 44 minutes after 11 o'clock. I'm forty Vince Coakley radio program. Let's got a call from Roger in Anderson and good morning rush hour. I inspector mignon. Hey I wanted to mention two things first stop at one caller who called that the said that all the Republicans were light. Well look like supreme this or something like that they're kicking out. Brown people or whatever however yet sock and call them how back I would have been a bit. I'll leave it. I know that thing and somebody needs to help those guys to know that they just idiots. I'm them. I love that thing about it is in California. You know we haven't even saying though they think that we think they. Two girls were down in that boat. Somebody could live in the book tour but so what gasoline and let him on fire. So that's in Modesto. And everybody knows who it was but nobody would mention their name because they're so afraid of the game. Good you can be gained like that before. We you know we didn't have any of this kind of stopped that that's going on in California. This that this is all just lets you trip. California. Let the Mexicans walked out Q openly and say we're taking their country back this is our country. They say at least a little bit or does it take it back and you. Spat under seventy year old approach exclusivity here they'll look great now I can't get by our. Ice these people turn to you it's they were taken this country back and stuff and and and now California at. A little bet. Dad then let you know that you McCullough that they only Angola they don't talk back to you. They point and grunt because they refuse to using English. And it's. You don't know how it filters to California to put up economic collapse and to have the people tell you rank your face we are taking this plates back. I never disliked than ever until guys started telling me we're taking place back confident that I picked up about my country. My country. You need to be here. That is my country this is. Our country the American country and the viewing at bat by that lady who were brilliant and spoken to party like blank sheet says it won't support that you want. Won't support web good good good people out on the on the ball. And that still can't. Nobody can just really can't do that we have no reason to be. Didn't read this Chinese argument about people who we've seen and can lead our country. And everything is. We anticipate become children like children's. Forty years ago what happens when you get keen. They look at this a good sign that and because they're considered for 16171820. If you don't sign up to become American citizen it's good government can extend and they're gonna take that country back. And that's what's going on and it just missing it in South Carolina you guys are just there to see what's going up. I you have to hear your perspective their Roger and I think you would agree I appreciate your call benched it's not everybody not all of the illegal immigrants or this way it's sadly. Aren't the ones who are this way are the most vocal. And the most in your face these the ones who are carrying Mexican flags. And by the way I've not heard a single Democrat can dim that behavior not a single one. Here's a story need to be on the lookout for the coming days in addition to all of the hyperbole associated with the government shut down. Sara Carter. Has the story bombshell house intelligence report exposing extensive. Friday's sell abuse. Could lead to the removal of senior government officials. And review the classified document outlining what is described as extensive. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act abuse was made available to all house members. This happened yesterday. And revelations completes the removal of senior officials in the FBI and Department of Justice this is according to several sources with knowledge of this document. These sources say the reporters explosive stating they would not be surprised. If it leads to the end of Robert Mueller special counsel investigation into president trump and his associates. The House Intelligence Committee passed this motion along party lines yesterday to make classified report alleging extensive. Faisal abuse. Related to the controversial dossier available to all house members. This report contains information regarding the dossier the ledges president trump and members of his team colluded with the Russians. In the Tony sixteen presidential election. Some members of the house view the document into securian room on Thursday. Peter King from New York. Are for the motion to make the Republican majority Arthur report available to members. Here's what he said. The document shows a troubling course of conduct we need to make the document available so the public can see yet. This is from a senior government official actually who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of the document. Once the public sees it you know all the people involved accountable in a number of ways. The government officials said after reading the document. Some of these people should no longer be in the government's. This sounds pretty serious. Congressman Steve King says I have read the memo. The sickening reality is set in I no longer hold out hope there's an innocent explanation for the information the public is seen. I've long said it is worse than Watergate. It was hash tag never trump and always Hillary release the memo. So. Keep a lookout for this in the coming days amid all of the noise. Abouts the government shut down which is likely at this point by the way Donald Trump has canceled his Florida trip. Anticipating a possibly shut down Kathleen can you like get your comments in in fifteen seconds. I mean can you give your comments in fifteen seconds. I can't. Go for it. Okay and I didn't Kathy nice fund you than other real quick I have cucumbers let's teach. Computer on the Arizona. One of them are retired this year to teach Howard saying that history I had acute who are you with that but it promotes. Mexico take impact California promote. All kind of strange history. Ed does not surprise me at all unfortunate we're out of time you'll recall another time we can delve into that yet further. Stay tuned right here we're gonna have more information what's going on with this shut down woods this is still this Coakley radio program.