Festivals and the Iditarod

Carolina Outdoors Podcast
Saturday, April 14th
This week the #outdoorguys are talking festivals and running the Iditarod.

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Killen stewardship is brought Cuba the outdoors guys from Jesse breaths. Well good morning and welcome to the Carolina outdoors billboard DR feel like spring is finally Iraq let's just go ahead in college it officially came in of several weeks ago and I'm officially got pretty cold after that. And we got to celebrate off four seasons that's part of why we live where we did a year in the Carolinas as we did get to celebrate four seasons with candy. Pick exactly when they're gonna occur and it was severity they may occur or not and not severity but it. Anyway we have reached the spring. Absolutely it's been gorgeous and beautiful in the mountains fishing and been great all over the Carolinas. And you know it's just certainly time to get out doors and it's also. Festival time. Investor we're gonna cover a whole bunch of different festivals on today's berg Kramer author gonna talk to a gentleman that we talked to before he completed a thousand miles. Running of the 26 days plus Peter rip mr. king of the Iditarod. Went with the dogs got south and on him not. But you're right we're out again and again and at a Rock Hill South Carolina becomes Amy festival has kicked dolphin. Of course here on the Carolina outdoors we'd like to talk about hiking biking in the nation and all that sort of thing but we also like there's an alignment and cool places whether it be in Charlotte around Charlotte urges someplace accessible. To our listeners and hold them to ourselves. Zero. Right in the comes Amy pastoral biggie just south of Charlotte and on to the Rock Hill South Carolina and you're got to get out of town sometime. Go down there and see what a beautiful city that is. And I think about the gentleman we had a account councilman men from. The eastern part of the state he visited all 41 state parks in the state of North Carolina. And he did that as kind of a challenge to get out of his comfort zone and in C. Parts of the state that otherwise he would not see in it reminded me we had edit clips back last year 27 Dana. In the and in early fall late summer time when that clips happen and so many people get pushed into. Some towns in South Carolina smaller towns that were in the belt line of the eclipse in Iraq kill I don't know if I'd necessarily call a small. Small town you know Richard. And a blow through it on 77 on the way to the Beecher were going and you don't really get downtown and get the chance to get the flavor of that now mind in this and in what at times that with with Charlotte as a metropolis in this area growing it is a great time to go celebrate. The identity of another. City that is a part of the Charlotte metro region. Rock Hill South Carolina and that's where the comes Amy started in 1962. And will learn from. From Nate Mallard about its growth in what it means now and 2018 and state week two weeks to get down there let along the festival lots of opportunities are got a great website it's got all the day's events and they even have a map but Apple Store bounces that you can't get away from that's right. Paid the other big festival is coming up in of course. That a little bit of similarity. In net from the there's a lot of different sports to do out at the US national Whitewater center and my words I would call this their spring kick golf now it's gonna take place April 19. To the 22 so if you listen it's us. Via the airwaves of WDT. Uganda a week to prepare for that for the nineteenth. But that is tough stance Abbott the US national Whitewater center. Right lots of things going on their food and entertainment lots of backgrounds and lots of different races and races competitions climbing competitions paddling complement all these things. But also they have national vendors this is a little bit close to our heart dom because of course we hang our hats ever. It Jesse browns in the sharing corner shopping center of the upstairs outdoors store located on the second floor of Sharon corners shopping center there in the heart of the South Park shopping district but. At Jesse browns we kind of celebrate an outfit for the outdoor lifestyle. And that's what type best is at the US national Whitewater center. It's a celebration of the outdoor lifestyle that a bunch of vendors are going to be out there. On the showing their waiters talking about their stuff whether it be asking so where Bolick dire. Some of those types of sponsors will all be on hand and that says a word and about with all archive the stores well right that's right says. How many thousands of people are going to be it that fast listening to the Bane Albanians doing. Mountain bike riding do and wrath Dayne doing flat water standup paddling. Darren all of that he gets kind of busy unique gift cannot laugh out so if you wanna escape. On Friday. April 20 you can escape I have to Jesse browns because we're gonna have a Hawaiian party with all the cast but where there will have representatives on hand. They'll have some hope wine beer they're actually whatever that is yes I thought might have some pineapple squeezed I don't know we'll have gotten well and find out but they'll also have giveaways. Challenges. In in and talking about the magic in success and the support in the fashion that all the half footwear has brought to the outdoor industry into outdoor. Wearers of apparel and but we're back with all that are the most candid comparable sandals you've ever put on in it men poured into our perfect the I'm all about fun. So anyway die (%expletive) but they are bill barred T here we are the outdoor guys talking about the outdoor things to do here in the Carolinas says. Don I know that now we need to delve a little bit into the on fish scene in might point out specifically with you delayed harvest mission because here we are essentially in mid April. The delayed harvest waters have continually gotten stopped here and they in the early spring months and they'll continue to be stocked into may. Is it good time to get this. It's a great time ago fission worst in some actual patches on our mountains in the afternoons. Which means were able to fish them drive flies and that's a rare occurrence for us turn the Carolinas we tend. Really stay down and dirty and hammer home with them spent a man and afternoons we've seen some canisters coming off. Some little yellow salaries which are your little bright yellow stone flies and even. So my applies as well so a lot of activity out there especially in the afternoon just a great time to get out there are others. Thirty some delayed harvest streams that are catcher released until the first Saturday in June so that's a great opportunity but I have to tell you. Driving back forced the the mountains every day here that lately this week I've been Leon Lott that Turkey is out there. Castro why we get to Turkey season's game rated take. It happened at the same time South Carolina is the artery open you know it's bright eyed slack Jack in the middle of debt in the North Carolina. Is open to so a lot of Turkey hunters may be wanting to find out where mr. Turkey is an I've seen some nights cobbler from the road in of course you know as soon as the season opens I get a little a little more cautious Japanese it's funny how that works I read them they read the web sites there is again Elmer fud to cartoon right they're right it's turkeys these dwellers. They disappear globe that are spread out if you will have a little more cautious as well as so anyway a whole bunch of Turkey hunters getting up early of course there is such a thing as afternoon hunts do because it indeed it's not just when they come off the ruse that you can BF date. Ahmed may have delayed Marty knows a great time because those hams go to nest and all those guys are out looking for love and all the wrong places them not. Hopefully you can become part of labs so that late morning is very very good 11 o'clock in matters as well. And enjoying an afternoon and they get a little bored little only. Don of course it's a great time to go hiking to travel season is in full effect to SO we're doing a lot of outfitting it Jesse browns for that what's your favorite. Season is spring summer fall or winter. Boy I tell you what it's hard to beat spring and fall those transitions are just wonderful. You get some great weather summer you know sometime to get awful hot sometimes where all book called shall spring and fall got to do it for me. Today if you haven't been on the net Symbian had ever built it Jesse Brown dot com we'll read a mile on upcoming programs what is your favorite cities and states and with us here at the outdoor guys Don anchor bill bar team will be back with more. After these messages. Cargo barge you're back on the Carolina outdoors and it may be news to some but there is life outside surely. Watch the pop up a over the state line in Rock Hill great place to live. Doll. It's a great place to do everything in the white dying tigers bring in that bag just everybody knows if you're listening and via. News eleventh in 993 WDT we are currently blasting open down the eastern seaboard and we lie and are proud of our Carolina outdoors. Now we are not bound just by this state boundaries of the Carolinas nor are we bound by the city of Charlotte. Nor are we bound just back. That UDT were also available via podcast Jesse Brown dot com. As we break eats segment now per week for your listening pleasure. But Don as he said that there are many people who aren't Carolinians and who are not from Charlotte. And they need to know about the wonderful things that are going on down in rock kill the other bond down going down there year round and things are. But for the next couple weeks we've got a huge thing it's gone on since 1962. And got bigger every year becomes Amy festival. We've got Nate Mallard on right now but tell us all or at least almost I'll hold the cool things. That we had to do with the festival this year Nate welcome to the Carolina outdoors. Burial. Thanks happening. Mean we're glad to have you we don't even had a kick this off cause or settlement this so many different things to cover but starting down oh well so we're hearing on Saturday early early on a Saturday morning here in Charlotte says. Starting right now. Kick ass off and tell us some of the things going on this week in and rocky hill with the comes Simi festival. So Saturday is absolutely huge day. That Ole. One on our program. That happened called gourmet garden. And gourmet garden in Kuwait or local restaurant even some local organizations come out and girl Urquhart type appear at court. Dick had entered a penalty under a sign that a fair and but also mixed in with we arm Rock Hill. They come out decent paying local vendors. The income grab some lines as a kid a ball like that label bunting did you. And in that happening at the Oakland coliseum. It went through late the fantastic backdrop to bring a picnic blanket. I'd get the hang out in the status as the beautiful armed. Also happening around the same time there. Are accessible today. Be year. Garten a stained seat and come in and it's thirty dollars and pants or by tea that forty. And did unlimited sampled it and it's like 1 o'clock to 4 o'clock on Saturday. Others yelled at craft beer available try or night it is common craft beer and the beer trucks. When admit that festival takes admit you were to start mass Saturday in May is also the I think a bunch of the road races take place on Saturday as well for runners and that's right thing. Yet be it if your runner there is. Five K and I. I don't know app on it is here are my identical speech that some team leader that that happens on Friday night that. On the reverend happened that morning and they also leave. Out of the routes are there out when to play as well and that assists Saturday which is you stay Albany on. Or a damper crop was. 6:7 PM at their place. And then we get through the week Sunday we have the mother these gland which it great. A banker hit moniker comes out read storybook for crap going on. Didn't get a picture with Glen Rock who is that fiscal a diplomat got a come see me. And then Sunday talking about outdoor that take place in and Karen are that out or that you. England and Garten is kind of where. Something he came from originally it was the part where wasn't come he uses all weekend long. And during the week in the park. They're going to learn there's music aligned in music in the evening Sutton and every day. Monday through Thursday and at 6 PM every day there's lot music and Obi who benders. Here you're welcome to bring alliance aren't coming to hang out and order a critical part in Rockville. Candidate take us back you just mentioned it a little bit about the going can't gardens and the beginnings. Of the comes Simi festival back in 1962. Or says. How did it start was it a garden showed just for a weekend and it is is just cannot bloomed so to speak yeah. Yet though. Basically. Illustrator burn and grant to heed the development and then it snap crackle pop on the Kellogg. Illustration that the mascots for them. He married until girl he moved down here Iraq hill. And he wanted to day invite all of it is how I look at your friends from one it was a big illustrator. Up there to come see how pretty it was here in the little town. In South Carolina hand and the man at the time Nikki Albright and the chamber of commerce got together. And pay decided Q. Have aid. Picnic party in the Clinton garden is at that time I think we're still private car but the bigger stamp. And they got together at that mountains to Q and everything count a call from there he started happen parade started to happen. More kind of beaten and then and it says earnings and now. One of the biggest in this state and one of the top rated that. We'll update you know how many people come to see me there is this festival than a I believe we. Estimate that we have a bowel. 150000. People come through different now that might be counted polite good. The major event on Friday night each batch it up the oracle or go to those are all green and in port 8000 people the weather right. And then the ball and got in gotten yet. We have in my dad also played and we haven't they tailgate. Fireworks extravaganza on Saturday at a close everything off and but the that it detracts. Okay normally brings Saturday is the biggest con event that every one and out acting majority of the city of Rock Hill com we've had at. And then in the pleased that when he got out and equal countries that packs the lake entirely out like a giant Woodstock acceptable. Art Willer so much going on how to how we get the information how we. How to carve out that the best way to find a mate and come meet dot org. Or eaten apple or Google play door and down our app this year which really. Really all I'm because if there's any inclement weather you can set the push notification it'll tell you they're Cheney diskette or any event and the news. Under anything like that goes on check this Google or dirt that story and search come seeing. And that app as everything in it is that super easy interface that shows you all the events happening that day when you open. And they are confident and a community events that are happening just a brown completely at and there's music there's. Partners are all I suck honestly it checked out about excellence and out. In fact that's something to speak on because it's quite amazing as it started out there at the Glen Clark garden. But since then it's open it's not only adopted bat city government in Rock Hill but also the Winthrop University dia. The rock kill school system homes the businesses. There are participants. From almost every a category of existence in in Rock Hill as far as I can tell and everybody has a part of the celebration at saying. Yeah and it wouldn't come see me is when we say over the war against. Volunteer only festival so everyone that it has the part in planning at whether there or helping secure sponsorship or whether they're someone like me it is and target than a band. You know. It is all volunteer hours and and everyone that's at the best all X upper security people for that giant event on the second Friday and Saturday are unpaid. People that put all the on and it wasn't for the cooperation between the city of Rock Hill the volunteers with the university. And all are fantastic sponsors I mean it is a gigantic production to put that thing on back but it does that mean that Maria is it. Really also are it is name is Nate Mallard with a come see me festival talking to the outdoor guys here they give us some outdoor tidbits to 'cause I guess river walk. Will be prominent for people who were coming down from wherever they may come from to Rock Hill as well as the BMX park in the velodrome all of that will be open as well. All of that will be open we have. This year we are good I don't think there's. We have that have been caught help he hit which happens that the vote Durham. And the kids can come out right by that think they electric bike helmet they're all different. Hit it and don't know. On how cynics that basketball and they set up on the field of the children set. That happens that means. Saturday dispersed Saturday coming up on the fourteenth. It doldrums and of course river walk will be open to protect and a happy of course if you have been to downtown Rockville. Lately please do we have are now import here downtown is really turning around and is looking amazing now. It's something to say Nate Mallard with a come see me festival Rock Hill South Carolina thank Serbian ohm at the outdoor gadgets. Yeah. Art Bell barred Q we're back on airline around over and spring and the Carolina always means a lot of activity throughout the festival's lots of things going on all over the place. That's what we always say Don they'd be different seasons bring out the different folks for the different pursuits in whatever it is in our Carolina outdoors in beyond in her which you were just talking about a Don. April 19 we have a continuation of another wonderful festival that we're gonna learn a little bit. About on this edition of the Carolina outdoors in it happens at a place that we talk about frequently here on the Carolina outdoors. A little place of the US national Whitewater center. So when we go out to the Whitewater senate that's when we invited on an army man Erica mr. how's that. Give us the lay of the land so let's go to air right now and find out about the Whitewater center. In this thing called tuck best Eric welcome back to the Carolina outdoors. Thanks guys appreciate your back on. Well let me go ahead and settle a sand here what is tough access is it a festival is it a connoisseur is it a competition and is it demonstrations. What is it. It always is in talks as board celebration of the outdoor lifestyle and it's it's really to have pat long weekend of what we try to do reach. Each and every the Whitewater center that you're April. 22 we got in the sport stale and the people have come out that in the past let is that there's. Going to be a couple extra days of additional programming but I. I don't think you just mentioned that it is in the sport day outdoor sports music about clinics. That industry vendors all connected here. The US national Whitewater right here shortly. This will be the six years that we hosted the event apple orders that are work cited continued. Even more progress we've got thirteen billion subject over the four days this year. Over thirty about competition is demos and clinics. Almost sixty vendors throughout the outdoor industry so where did you get it gets started and get out to senator George you know side. Yeah how did it come by the name talk fast. Just about to kind of our heritage tradition of Mecklenburg County. Charlotte historian Paul Pataki portrayal. Went directly across our property which ultimately led to Indian training ground that it is now trading trial itself. Adding our property right that the without ever an integral part of Charlotte coming in history. We've done this to be an important in a neat way to kind of nod to that and Michael structure. Well for those people who haven't been out to the US national Whitewater senator if I don't know campus is the right thing to collar but would you kind of paint a picture. Tuck fast and how it spreads across the entire campus from the Qatar about all the way to the to the front gates of the Whitewater senator. Yeah you're looking at about thirteen hundred to the lakers but certainly these days which is grow pretty exponentially in recent years but it. The majority activity you'll be happening right on the world's largest man made Whitewater which is right in the middle our property. That's sort of the a lot of these competitions taking place. The record and we're all over music take place the Whitewater center is located right in the middle of the kind of congregate that general area competition. And the rate it won't be over forty. Mile. They'll go all out the property itself Utley and explored to get outside and let me and we look and have an urban and suburban environment. Charlotte Mecklenburg County we Whitewater standard that got income. And really sort of negate nature of your your backyard there. Each and every Internet at one point during the weekend that he'll people enjoyed that it is right there and it'll. Erica mr. houses are gaseous on the US national Whitewater sinner and everybody is under preparation for Tug vest which is taken place. I'm April 19 through the 22 they're on. The Whitewater center property US national Whitewater Samper standard to be from proper and Eric come. I can only imagine that all of us know what the warmer weather months. Mean for the for the US national Whitewater center. But we let us know as we've moved out of February and march. What the month of April may and Jeanne brain along with Tug best what does it mean for participants participants who were on the property. Yes we we feel. You know a lot of activity this year it was virtually enough cabin even expect to get back outside. You know not only warmer but it's staying in greater later and he's out there that are coming over after working your seat. You know let people fired 6 o'clock it we all that they're coming out there by the respect kayaks are going up firm on. And we love that's learned that we think the ability. Come forward a lot of people are enjoying it all throughout the year so yeah without that coming up at the end of April will we get right into the river caught here he immediately after that. That your three nightlife music every week. Thursday Friday Saturday evening may to September and not the region and all that throughout the country. Bought about one major festival every month it you know following. Talks will be invited to the Memorial Day celebration on May 27 that Sunday. Lead counsel to break into the post that on Saturday June 16. And of course look at them summer holidays but before the July that for the later on this month the other put Ingrid school here now some people everybody who. Everyone wants to be it's on different way to do it so you look into it. Get off to a biker and we have heard you look at that you're into beer enjoy immediately to open the live music that's there for all these. We'll speak of the live music tell us about the band's little bit talk fast. Incredible. In that sport. Appreciate greens which are now that we all. Excited about it Saturday. Of what would play well. Here click on Friday. Mr. investors and as well a great mix of all commit a lot of red rock. Well written off we ended it you're just common outlet for the music there and charge that we got expelled. The that would otherwise. It and haven't taken. Great musical we. You Don your favorite brand that's he's going to be out there of pigeons playing ping pong or you go well he you gotta love just the name out there. We're dog and Erica just outside of the US national Whitewater and he's given us a breakdown of what all is going out there as the warm weather is upon us is it okay for me to go ahead and say that Don. Absolutely summer is here that's right so era officially knew where insurers and ready to roll now. Now we're done with this cold frosty weather and I agree build a new springtime in the Caroline's. As one of the big sponsors out there at that this is a look at we hijacked. A few of them for a little cocktail party in celebration of type fast but it did Jesse browns it's going to be. April 20 from Puerto sevenths or appear from out of town and in not stay in it is admitted staying closer to South Park stop by Jesse browns for a little all account party. Hey Eric what about you you mentioned the outdoors this for every one in we just have to find our place and everybody's in agreement that licences. Listening to music outdoors is is a wonderful thing for everybody but what about the competition what are some of the competitions. And who are they for this year. Everybody wants to come out and be acting as though you're running your first I've heard your you know trail running betrayed or. You wanna go in there there have been able open for everybody we've yeah. Thirty. Competitions all covered under one time registration. So that won't it mr. and he gets humid all competitions all week long about your. You figure out a schedule gives you got adventure obstacle race. Got by. Rock climbing kayaking. You've got rate the vote gotten one. Or more geared towards Whitewater dollars. The big proposition that were really excited about. Is the second and you'll be supporters thought that before. You got about 1% in the past couple years dot that we don't feel the world first. Deep water so climbing. And those unfamiliar the discipline that's essentially where we've got law bill O report that you climb up these all have that and about 130 and 48. It's an incredible experience to be calm cool and the ball in the water locked out anticipated in a lot of. Now number one thing they don't tell you about billboard two years later put sharks in the water this year Omaha and cut a path to encourage those climbers Ryder. Now make them climb past slayer now now in all festival is not a vegetable without food tell us what we've got good deed out there. Restaurant bar area that water and opened during the week and we've also got the pumped out your garden over forty beer vodka there all throughout the week and we've got to talk to our air stream certain Barbeque all weekend long. You wanna block reforms but did you. Hey it's called tuck bastion Dedham for more information view S in WC dot ORG. Erica mr. house from the US national Whitewater senator thank you for coming on the Carolina outdoors again it's always great to have you so we can learn a little bit about tenth best. And the other fun things that are going on out there at the center. And got them out. All Baird says Don Yeager every day or bill bar T year where the outdoor guys here on WB ET we're gonna take a quick break come back with more after these messages. Our bill RJ were back on Carolina outdoors and we've talked about it before that I am a firm believer that the Iditarod is the last great race in the world. You won't get any argument from me and it was playing that we've discovered over the years at the Iditarod takes an a lot of different events other than those hopes letting. Oh that's right and we've talked about line. This invitation. Only we talked about a bunch of things here on the Carolina outdoors over twenty years Don. We have covered a bunch of different things including. Sled dog and machine and how to say bush hurt in the north as they say marching through this. A I think we might say that meant in the south there's not smooching and that over and play it. Alicia come out liver my eyes but anyway if you welcome back everybody gone negative they are built partly here. But one of the prizes that we have gotten a talk about in one of the people that we've gotten to meet. Is a gentleman from North Carolina who took on the Iditarod. But not with sled dogs he did have a sled but he didn't have any dogs. And he was invited to invitational. Three years ago anyway and has learned along the way from. 2014. To 2015 to 2016. To 27 team we're gonna learn about 2018 from Peter ring master. Invitational. Iditarod invitational. Shall we say. Complete her. I would say reigning king personally he is king was in the team who's earning a map but before him but let's bring him on Peter rantmaster welcome to the Carolina outdoors. Thank you and so it could be back with these guys again why now tell us about the imitation. Yet that and he you know an invitational race that it's all the power we goat meat beat the dog. And we go on look like I do. Some people buy it satire bite and you people's ski and there's a record thirty mile race. A pretty fit in my outrage and that battle mile race. I'll I'll it is or has been my old app here. Finally laid to drag in the future. So this is happening in the medal winner in Alaska well relate no support. Absolutely. We're. We sent the bunch of food out there. Brain power so that we get in the we can pick the increase. Can't and so while in Neal and actors and and to should. Treat. Mostly just. It's it's very tough conditions the trend a lot of sleep deprivation. And it takes. Oh I have to get anywhere just so. Your partner of the time three miles from now. Three miles an hour days on am pulling a sled with your supplies. Yet there or imported by pop. I ended up averaging 38. Day for six and a half days. That that apparently that's what got me that no matter what it's well third 38 miles a day. 38 model days for six at bay and this was. This was not on paved roads by any means. That there was probably less on. The net. And that ball where opens grossly. Wrote lakes and rivers but now that all types whether. Tough things but he's got to get through but. I've gathered here. Just glad to be done with that this has been huge. Huge piece of my life for the last 56 years. I can't tell you how good he'll be back to Carolina and there. And now it whenever you lost thirty pounds and if people are just join in the Carolina out or whether they're waking up early on a Saturday morning or maybe they're joining us via. Podcast we gat. That Peter rip master on who just completed the invitational Iditarod invitational now. It Jesse browns we have upcoming may seventeenth. Storyteller knighted Jesse browns from six to 8 PM it's a Thursday night Peter rip master. Is one of the alarms of storyteller night and he told. The story as him getting in their running. He tells the story of him getting into the an Iditarod invitational it's an awesome story but let me give a little Bagram and we're gonna find out about 2018. In twenty or detained leader he took on the 350 mile Iditarod. Raising money for hope chest for women. And and that sort of thing you view. Pulled a nine he pounced led a came in last. Complaining that 350 Mallard. In 2015. Learning from your mistakes. You get to sled down in half 45. Pounds or so and placed third in the 350 mile in 2016. You took on the full 1000 miles. Four days into the race you fell into the freezing. That Tina river. Almost died. Got out but still completed. 500 browser so so with that that is your back held. Tell us about 28 teen in what happened differently in what was going on in your mind to help you not just completed. But when it. Well. All. Are all I put weight on top of a goal like deep down at full. I've known that I have what it takes to do so I have to say that that part of it. And I have a group of people that have believed to be two. I've always thought that I'd. I finished but they're here let it begin. That beat 2006. And 2000. You still yet. That the river is now 0500 miles per year last year dealt with minus sixty here right on the trail. And that lead the bodies beside typically pack eat if the so I think about it that's an iPad comeback as well. Not completely okay. Not completing. The news and Pamela let you realize you have. Almost the old year before you get back on the trail and yet others at work together. So. I you've got to. Appreciate that I would know what I might well at the baseball player. I was always really good with two strikes. And that kinda or know about this trip this year was that I had to strike if I I. Here at the time now. Big these are amply why. Forty days is there that quote on accidentally. Into. Constant. And so this year but then after having two years they. I was willing to deal with an easy out there trailed only that I had the person you're cheap go we are what they'll let anything stop. And so I had that brutality. And then has what it took him. I'd that was not my goal because there's no doubt in my name is Tim Hewitt. It took Hewitt and it took. Kind. Oh. Tim Hewitt is currently over there. He would injuries this year. And 500 mile race he's beside it stopped he'd drop out of race. Or Lou differently. Drop outrage whichever. All. They're the guys have always been and is not in any and our opens up an opportunity for B and in front of art who was quite. Close to be a whole time. Lieutenant Dan and all my competitive nature came out I had the everything is. To continue on for only six days but with a shot at its people. That would hurt it. Here too but there. And then I expressed interest about it have been behind so that took that approach this year. Now I'm not only that but the double sent to temptation in the form of a snowmobile or I understand. All it happens regularly has people compromise. You've been released yet there were outraged to think just little trek through the wilderness. And this bureaucratic. Law and I don't even like the work either I'd dealt with. Sideways. People it and be ready to be repeat anything you have been. It'll look like well thanks for health. It. I. It is it is like. And a fine but you know like these like you're gonna take pride that the next checkpoint I'd like we have raised our well. You know. Well it took only got a built like him back. Date the machine and I I that. And oh. Super fast. And and well art the. Peter you're the kind of guy that when he said you're in the middle of the storm you said yourself well I'm half way out that. There is an open. Into the ways and it is obviously like I. Can't get much worse. To right though. Bet that had a the fact that exactly right but that bad it's got to get back. If there. Listen thank your master is our guest here on the Carolina outdoors on Nagin mayor bill RT here Peter. Atlas and you won it before you started it Arba and they're not yours bad economy you'd did complete the full 1000 mouse finishing first. 26 days thirteen hours 44 minutes you mentioned Europe family man we can't get away from that you were an husband. Com and a father of two young girls. Tell us how they kept up with you I mean you're gone a month so. They are part of your support how did they react when you get back to ask bill airport. Well that that have been about her. Or first. I. Or fear that the true and I. I've been saying and and you're gonna have to do little just. Guess we're here I had. Serious serious. Issues and dyed jet it's it's. So we're talking about being on the trail at remote this year. After the my trip and so that did not get any better Wilbur. Probably should we separate out there that your that your. Actually be hydrated. And bought a 35 hour. Can't keep any food down to back people up who beat down and not keep it watered down. And why they backed off any bridge actually it'll be right. And sector I'd spit the bit. And it's it's just that there's been eased sixty hours it. And then as that. Line from Atlanta the last like the Atlanta. To Asheville I checked FaceBook and see that. So a great. Cheap and Ronald going to be at the airport. I. Couldn't do without being slighted by truck and yet. And actually I felt like you know. He had their it was everywhere there's people that you know me and asking questions and it was just me and me. You know forty. What will only. Now I got all. I can be. Well. You know inspection and answer questions put it at face but. Meanwhile nobody knows or upright and. Yeah man on the moon to beater at masters thanks for join and just congratulations. Here from the Carolina outdoor guys. We're proud Evian glad you're back safe and sound and recovering. Also thanks Erica mr. house from the US national Whitewater sinner and make the Mallard from the comes Amy festival or TJ Bob he's done anger on billboards he's saying get outdoors. You get the trash and we'll see you next time right here on the Carolina. Out civil.