A Few Details of the Proposal to Amazon for HQ2 to CLT Have Been Shared

Scott Fitzgerald
Friday, November 3rd

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Oh it's my favorite they're doing. What do we get to say everybody morning John Moore you. Well we get them that's one I guess we're creating a list of things that we did not because like this have on Friday that's exactly right trap on Friday. Tread on a weekend that gut feel good. But the guidance on their. And that to be noted that we do it's so lemmings if you haven't called today and I you're more than welcome to do it and points had 704571110. I you have to when I see hate you know Bob welcome to WB UT. Instead of immediately going into what is you'd like to discuss you need to go I need. I mean I am learning that was pretty funny listening to to folks what the F sponsors and Thom Tillis richt changed so that's rocket man. That is rocket. No idea I know the idea passenger talks. Listen on a regular basis and that's gonna melt from Jamie who had deputy chief of staff and mentioned that Taylor taxes are going through and and mr. passengers you know obviously involved and that'll tie tacks were I'd really. Wanted to Jamie what was what was. Was mr. dangers first concert. So I'll go ahead and it's Jimmy name their Cummings got a WBT dot com I know that you've got beamed up and looking at the one you just sent to me about fourteen minutes ago. So was slowly Elian pure joy and about your first concert too and apparently that's perfectly fine to be happy to. Did football have started this morning and and roll with the punches here. Yet I'm still trying to remember if if it was Chicago or for was about to lose lose. I tended to break my heart Mac is really big ABC's wings and I thought to be able to fly and did not mean daily news little rubber banded things on my back and not happy Chris good morning on WB TE. Oh very good the first one out of the chute pay. Okay. Oh. Oh. Dude you got some serious issues. Maria. I'm glad you listen and everything. But you got some serious issues the biggest thing is though. Is that what it was tighten his belt I'll be an operating heavy million wedgie yet and it's almost error group. He did you ever get away edging. Yeah I think I did junior. Middle school you I was not the deliverer of those I was the recipient and occasionally not a lot but a case. I can't believe I admitted it Gary Shively. Was this little guy. Why you effort like I admitted I got away T I want him to I'll I got him to battlefield so that I never I never gave it my little brother gave him a few times. We don't speak much since it found a Gary Shively was he was at one of the littlest guys. In his class in using your enemy and I think he's heard smoke in when he was like each thing that stunted his growth because his brother was like 65 so you know I think you blew it and during gym class. Boost the morale Joseph rock whose star football player. Game which you pick him up and then hung him on Hulk opened you know they like the towel looks buys underwear. And that's brutal course I still don't know to this day for garish hardly ever had to build it and children. To find out. Political correctness is that is running rampant India and I know you're tired of the two. And I'd like to know what to do is it to that makes you most upset when when people are being politically correct. A story to blow it blew through this week earlier Agassi has talked about that was bad days burger bar. If you saw the story or not. Bad daddy's burgers mean it could how the burgers are asked. From they have breakfast menu to and there's Syria and there's a dish there for breakfast includes ex. In color Pena peppers and galloping you bacon and pet project she's with salsa and sour cream what would you guess that it might be called Charles you're the food guy who would you work. What would you call something like that. We bags and being you know the pain bacon pet project salsa in sour cream I called a sudden scramble skillet. Southern scramble skillet. And depend like he's food dude there would you culture and more I'd college putt that hot. I call it dangerous for you. Have entered sure some bad ammunition there. I know they called it the Border Patrol scramble. Was what what could possibly be wrong when it. Hello Border Patrol unscramble. I've noticed pretty funny I mean that to be honest I thought it was pretty damn funny. But obviously to some folks who get up in arms about the steep political correct type folks which you know again what is what is you would have seen. What's the world of political correctness that haunts you off the most and this would be an example of that kind of thing draws from iTunes so I guess the focus on them. Well I go back in your court on. It. So they had to change the name of it. Because of no outcry on Facebook's. Hussein was races and everything so big changes to pretty close to work. Charles had suggested the public via spicy morning scramble. Down. And you can be politically incorrect when it comes to your bathroom doors. Another one that's funny not politically correct that certainly funny we'll get to and we come back here and there's 1110 that he went through WPG epic Friday. Valderrama has. That was a that was like the entire. That in California. Carts to the words. Whenever you're you must. So what DC talked a moment ago about the the border deal you know be a border scramble that was a bag bad dad is and are now. It's a little whiny folks got all upset. All upset. Wonder this because. There was an it's in south aren't. Please I could be that could be one of the reasons that remain different at different locations in Concord arm I don't think that as many folks to be upset about it do you. No probably not but it that much whether it's important not to do restaurants in the hotel are not run by. The folks who run them outside of the airport. Did you go to the ones in the airport and restaurants there in the apart are not run by the people who own them outside of the airport. This has to be the folks the contract it. Hospitality people don't work at the airport so no matter what the brand name is it's not the folks that own. The bad daddy's not their employees. It's got put itself into the airport employs and makes a slight difference because. They don't. Necessarily setting another look at that daddy's at the airport. I'm just W hasn't done on right. That's on a sound business not east title glory and several of them announced idea and you may fight and people may say that's totally different experience how come. Because it's not the same people running it. Up I'll take him out. Turning to make unfortunately makes it does makes makes a difference not merely for the better. Got you got to make sense similar sense. Another restaurant. That is dealing with some of the species stuff dodi's place cajun bar girl this is right in Allen Texas when I saw this with the islanders lose money to. But I guess when when you hear. What they did you're gonna go I don't know or understand or other levels of Franklin mountains not politically correct yet. What they didn't have on there were on their restroom doors. They have very a full length picture of Bruce Jenner. And Caitlin Jenner strongest which ones on the men's room for a shrine which was on the other ladies and Caitlin Jenner that. Was only that that's pretty funny I thought it was funny about cable and even laugh at that you probably won't. But no again. Folks have any fun anymore really just came out yet I mean. Think of all the different things that are you know politically incorrect these days that that you know the liberals just lose our minds about. And as would be in a and certainly the reaction obviously was mixer folks are and this is hilarious others saying it's stressful. Thing to know. Are we not allowed to have fun anymore are we not allowed to. To make jokes about and I think yes Matt. Maybe somebody this somebody at some point time's gonna come out with a a list of topics. That are appropriate for joked making. And then and a bigger list of things that are appropriate for joke making do I have to apologize for still watching three stooges why. Well because there's so much move politically incorrect I mean you name it from Adolf Hitler. To a Demi is just did you have every other line and its violent all the night poking at us like mark they make fun of of everybody and anybody. And it was not during a time when men were chauvinist symbol misspoke sustain the kitchen and all that. Let's hear it all TV shows prior to a nine tons and a half your bag now two prior to 2000 drifting. And no don't know want to be my house even Simon and Simon come at a news. All right so Dan writes in about bathroom doors my favorite ever bathroom door side. In male public venue. In a restaurant in central Illinois was called sportsman's paradise. Sales couldn't. Well wait a minute that millions sports men's fortunately exports man who just want. And I guess that's what it is as is and how Dorsey kind of place with the fishing and hunting as the motif there. Yeah I guess we do need to change into sports person's death if that it. The net discriminates against animals because Russian sporting animals so they're delicious but he says the assign on the bathroom door says pointers. And setters. The thing about it is pretty funny patent. Is get to pointers and setters that's pretty original did really is. And hopefully what they they hopefully they put dogs on there and other than others sort of images that. That could be a little bit more on the disturbing sideshow a listener Dan thank you so much tea. I appreciate that. You've been givers are indoors he just our actually amazing you know love that show that kind of stuff to Jerry you'll called a 70457. Or 1110 welcome to a four. Do you do right and I dare go. I was a series do. What I think Reagan and that everybody it is analysts have that. Thank you keep people out but I didn't thought I'd like you wouldn't go that much liquid but look who got here. No good one that you let it drag you can't be out all morally more demanding great that would hitting a lot of it is. No I know and these two cigars would blow up and then all of a sudden they be there in black face. Yeah it never let that man I'd love. And good luck in the important brought out more and then Tom and Jerry did you read Tom and Gerri right. Well I don't know them well now that they're the great. It's. I didn't make that connection. Very repeated the same thing give it to get its alliger because of the the the black. And options and NATO. The muscular groom dead yes oh yes. My baby got back but it. Now it almost cartoon geek associate among what is it to. It was a disaster adult swim no attempt at home. John Moore was to it would be I yeah I don't know I don't data is that this is a cartoon channel yes so cartoon channel like Indian immigrant when it's on the and those around all those are on the you'll ensure the Bugs Bunny will run our OK I loved those those are those pretty cool what are you going to be if you gonna be really. Politically correct. And non gender specific. Then you must change the name to person whole cover that thing in the road and you're pushing it. Richard weir right right. Yes it's why I mean we're all these years up to instill we call him the man local call it an access panel now own access panel I think sensor panel. Well two big disk yeah. I knew about it I could do that could be used to steal those and insult Asia. Yeah Eddie Israel for the time being I think person whole course or holes cover it. More will have to come up the list of things that we're we're gonna need to change to change the names of and then who we have to we submit those to. A federal government Tom tilts it's a recurrence and a contempt until she. 'cause of the White House yesterday all of us couple of reasons as a matter fact Twitter for his it was down to the president for about ten minutes. And I guess they it turns out it was an internal employee there was the last day of work in Asia the son of dementia tends account. Is and those are the meanings of federal offense. For competing the communications of the president United States have that it will be after this this event I'm sure he's going to have to create a new law as far as the titles. In addition to that taxes they talk about taxes I looked to have been a Twitter. After that happened. At the meeting. 02 here I really would I I'd give anything. We'll just a final Silicon Valley got to do so I'm sure. That that they were all excited about it and I thought that this guy should be actually a national hero so you mean more gimmick when gay got more time okay William could you put her not typed it wrong it's not so let's you'll protocol obviously. Someone must shouted after that. Where is. All. How come one guy on his last day that didn't sound like these CEO or a supervisor I mean I almost position. But nevertheless. The guy on his way out and he's able to simply pushed the button and stop the president from tweeting let's say you do that you have access to oh my god Sri powerful is wow so that's a big. Yes it is the Asian trip is on the way so when we get together with your folks from ABC coming up at 935. Camp mode as matter fact going to be in for Karen Travers today. And within several folks who sent any emails about Cameron. And with the idea that they don't believe that she's a big fan of the president. And there are certain times where shall say some things that and are obviously a little bit at little little digs we'll see if Kenneth mode and does that force when he joins us here. On the program and a and again that's coming up in just a couple of minutes saw a break and back and in the next half hour why should you get more vacation than other people. Well if you don't carry around a bit lighter explained it's on the way and there's eleven to nine and three WBT's. So Eli put together could be joining us at 10:15 this morning here a couple of additions to talk about one of the must be having our affiliate yesterday. About Amazon any excuse to bid. To Somalia that they came out of that. Part of the presentation that. I get a real issue and we'll talk about some of that as we make it through the morning here on the BP take. But right now it's going to be a busy busy couple of weeks for me the president of the United States. Because he's getting ready to my stick in his first official tour. To Asia because mode now with ABC joins us now into the president from what I understand is exposed to want to talk to us before you actually gets on the plane to win any update on when that might be yet. Yeah he just spoke Armey axiom ear right now Bobby they didn't tell us yet you spoke some breaking and his team and ARD spoke he and the First Lady arm got on Air Force One minutes ago and they are in the air. All the way to Hawaii. So there may guess I don't know why he's gonna meet with the debriefed by the Pacific Command. Common then tour of Pearl Harbor the USS Arizona memorial. And then tomorrow morning is on to Asia where he's got a big big agenda they are on a big itinerary. Where first stop is Japan. I'm just gonna stop and South Korea China Vietnam the Philippines with a lot of the focus being on North Korea that North Korea threat yeah. We were done a trip like that. Too and I have a budget you know the person to ever speak to your allows Karen try errors she is yes Karen's Curley of the airport army she's about to touchdown that telltale sign Asia and a few hours he got a big trip to and she's going to be covering. Every angle of the president's trip next week. The enemy action to launch however both reporters. As well as the folks around the president. Can handle that flip flopped world devote you know both of time on the other side so yeah I'm sure it's a bit of a test. Top broad tax overhaul plan the buzz about this. And here's some folks love and and other folks going around and a couple questions you know what did. A GOP obviously leaders the president they're loving him they feel like this is gonna help the middle class thousand dollars in savings a year on but you got the critics who Democrats who say look this is tax cut for the court referred big business. And corporate tax cut here and they say that this won't help. You know the those folks who make a lot and those folks with a little class. That this war definitely hurt them over a long term out period of time you have the president. Was seen he had GOP leaders over the White House yesterday it was Tommy mad. On and he's hoping any media who spoke about it this morning that he hopes there obviously there's something C united stats when he gets back. Pretty optimistic job pretty ambitious by the president their butt. How likely that all units that's when he gets back arm there won't be a gold assigned by Thanksgiving but we'll see on the president's open also give a Christmas present to our. Two of Americans buyers and in the way of a tax cuts so. We will see if that happened yet. Usually. When the other subject of central banking and the Fed come up big can be kind of an eye glazing discussion. But sometimes when you're dealing with people on the story about who and what an NY. And I can get a bit more interest and the president has decided to tab Jerome Powell. To replace Janet Yellen is the Fed chair. When she's done in February who is Jerome Powell what's yelled about and and why this move. Mile accounts everything that I've understood to yell has done a pretty decent job. So you're saying your you don't really go to the tell about interest rates and the gradual per worker card it's. An. I end up kind of a thank you. I'll never were debts are so it yet this actually have to say because Janet Yellen you're president trump really. Candidate try went after yellen who during your dormitory succeed campaign. And did he really criticize their heart but apparently. He's. Did have a great report with the over the past ten months of working with her. And so we there was a lot of thought that he would keep yelling in that position. But she was tapped by President Obama and so was what we've learned. Is that Treasury Secretary sees miniature one of the president have more to stamp on the Fed reserve Biden nominee his own a chairman so. Powell is that person who he's nominated Tom he's on no and centrist Republican. Who's not expected delete any sharp change of direction for the Fed especially when you know stock markets is strong unemployment at a sixteen year low the job numbers just came out. On the economy and it went like 260000. More jobs that went down unemployment went down another point 1%. And so things were pretty good under young drain and so Powell is expected to. That same pace yet because that she seemed to work sort of hand in hand with the policies. That you the president has been implemented as far as the economy goes so can't mode appreciate the update the president actually sat down had an interview. He's been he's been busy behind the other TV screen here over the past week Michelle. I'm mostly talks broke off talks on Fox News folks yesterday it was Laura Ingram talked about this tax cuts that we were just talking. Well have big tax cuts the biggest cuts in the history of our country actually we have reform we have simplification. And honestly I I'm surprised a little bit here we just think as we've really gotten great reviews people are loving. Even nation newspaper that I don't like very much came out today and they gave Schumer forward swore Pinocchio us. And they said because he would is not telling the truth when he came to the middle class because you said it's for the rich and usually not for the rich it's worth the middle class. And it's for jobs. And I would say maybe even in that order so the middle class is a big beneficiary jobs and companies are big beneficiary is that the company's. Really created jabs. And we really have Laura we've had tremendous receptivity to it. To a point that I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it so I and I do think Rand Paul by the way who like part I think he's gonna move forward. OK so luggage up from the present. Coming up just a body of bat. With a guy you've probably did not hear about until after the hurricane slammed through Houston. He's made a lot of people happy he did a lot of B in the dialogue great during the hurricanes and just maybe kids poor people happy. I'll I'll tell you why and and that may be an idea you need to suggest to your boss about how you can get some more time off. On the way here on news 11109 entry WBT figure much credit. Amazon we're trying to get Amazon to come here for a HQ truth do you like ports deal with the observers have tournaments coming up until 1015 and his wife title of the about the pitch and what what we know so far bottom which at this point. Seems to be very very little but I'm gonna guess that some is gonna start to leak out here look. We'll go through some of the audio part one apart of the presentation for as we as we wind up for that. Remember the name mattress Mac. At a Houston remember the good mattress Mac OP. This was the guy that. When Harvey came through. Allowed hundreds of people who tourists boot camp I'm always furniture stores and that you know and we're just opened his heart and it was just there was just a phenomenal one of those really you know good feeling stories as a matter for that thing it might even have been. Part of one of our you know good news segments here during writing them and he made a bet to. Back in June. So wait before the Astros you know were really look like they were gonna go all the way. And the bet that he made was that. He would refund customers. 3000 dollars on their mattresses in his stores and that they bought from him. If the Astros won the world Syracuse. And they moved so. He's gonna have to pay out about ten million dollars. To fans who have purchased mattresses. Over the course of the year. Now I mean this is an all coming out of the you know directly out of his pocket and goodness you know in his heart he paid an insurance premium. Are of somewhere between ten and 20%. Of the total value of what he had to pay out. So that would go you don't balances risk out. Troika are those million dollar hole in one deals. You know we were to hold one of those contests. Well we're not sitting on a million dollars in its debt insurance company by you know by a policy with the insurance company because they know what the odds are of that actually happening. So. He he also place some bets in Vegas on the Astros. And one about a million dollars. We've those actual threats eyes yes I was lucky. You get lucky a couple of ways he got lucky. Because he gave so much of that community I meaning truly did he's going to be pretty known for years is a hero there. I'm sure at some point in time if there is an already there's going to be a mattress Mac street. Or mattress Mac bowlers something along those lines. So. Then he made a bunch of other people not only happy because he helped then because here strokes weren't they got lucky so he shared the load there. And then and then as he makes the bed in Vegas in one million bucks. He got. Lucky to. I have never had that kind of will run a good have you never never had a good look at her and know ever. Instances where something came your way and let you became a winner and you're looking dude Paul won a gold rope chain on time. College raffle is valid Goldman's world changers are around your neck looks like a kind of rate of growth hug got you so your your Chinese things that failure anyway. I actually 'cause it has earlier on. Kimberly mores is lucky to choose she's in north Caroline into their Wake Forest. And she bought a lottery ticket. And two and 101000 books. Which is which is pretty cool she did that a Monday afternoon but then guess what. Militancy the FBI got lucky. I didn't. I'm actually dedicated that's okay. Life so anyway I'm. So she bought this 101000 dollar ticket and and then she went to the lottery headquarters to claim the prize which is pretty cool you think maybe this can be a good day grind. Can be a real good day and then. On the way home she she stopped as she bought another ticket. Then in December she won an island. Five million dollars but now come on now that's that's a little too much not yet but she did she won a million dollars well. Shake hands should pay holy Moly. Gold robe that woman said. Errors in her belly that you rub in the euphoria around its -- or bingo hall or something along those who know she had an elephant's foot I mean she had to be good to have. Didn't look like that if you're lucky before and tell me the other lucky this episode you've ever had your life. I mean besides a relationship for a new meeting that the person of your dreams oh I remember another way when you're in a way yes. When I was a high school Jones Brothers and grow our grocery stores Mount Holly was given away a skateboard. So random but then raffle ticket they went to skateboard Elena escape or you on this people still have yet to your skateboarding gold chain dead militants. But I think your style and that's about all I got them that was it. Seven miles a year at number. I have them man and a much of a gambler. And and then I am I took a trip to California. Moved out there was a couple of guys and we were made a bunch of other folks to a distorted theater group that was out there. And we stopped in. Oak is welcome news and local Red Cross the border. And one guy lost all of his money he he was ER brought under bucks to go start his new life out there and Geoff Spencer but the judgments of the works here different. And if you had a time machine lost every single dollar that he had so he was left with a carton camels. Panda a sleeve of surrogates you know with good budget. So we decided we were now trying to help him I'll give him little money and we didn't it do so well either. As we're walking out the door though. Was like guys I got one lesson one last silver dollar looks to Canada into the machine initially back when you actually can put money in the machine. And I think our ghost month three musketeers one hand you hand three hands. All right there we yanked it down. And the money's airport IME we won I think is by examining her books and to let him sleep cement goofy just start to shovel them back into the machine you know begin paying almost underway. And we Carly you know to be deep breath and stopped and we give Jeff his money back. And and call of the day because I'm more sightings. He definitely on the I'm sure he did he points to lead them. And then on my anniversary trip we we stopped at Cherokee. And my wife tonight I think we each had a hundred books and who's gonna you know play. And I won like 11100 books on the one they video poker now yeah. Pay for the majority of the trip that we were taken and and that's it as far as my luck goes how much you're 704571110. And look for you Charles. All my life time we won a dance con contest. It was that a block apartment a block party in New Orleans why would that be lucky that skill. Albeit well. If you looked at us then burns me do truly look where you're in the Charleston which epileptic at this important it was to him I thought it did not out of the can. Up up do you now. Under way now. And I would have imagined that intrigue and whip up an egg 704571110. And I tell me about some luck because. There's so much bad news going on. And I mentioned the turn around and look for some viewer from bright sides Charles visited the funky chicken he did on his way over to the telephone to answer. CS or 704571110. We have some weird emailers him in. So or Tim writes and I would trade. My pillow the wanted to go out and buy a Mac mattress. But I wouldn't. I wouldn't do it must keep my pillow by a mattress on top of it by had a Tyndall furniture though Suzanne hi you're on WBT happy Friday to you. Thank you are great right well as all of us Susan this is this is a Friday so you play by the rules and connect. So when I see Susan good morning welcome WB two the first thing you need to say is. IP. Okay hey there we go the other women get to let me say hello pick so. So isn't hate happy Friday welcome to WBT. UIT there you go up and tell me about your luck. I am born into a large Irish Catholic family would say. Hereditary disease that genetic disease and I learned that genetic lottery pool because I did back in here this is beat the wow. That's a 23 family members with the disease. Oh my goodness. Well I'm glad for you and and hopefully you've been good support for. The other family members talking to do it thirty seconds. Yeah out mechanic out downer ladies single mom really depressed. Ten dollar tickets and I can't pay my rent I hope this does it it was a thousand dollars ticket she stood there and cried. And that's what like oh yeah you know what that's slow. Because you've got to watch some look like that that's a very good feeling I appreciate the story Angela you'll be first on the other side as we strap on this weekend here on news 1110. 993 WBT here's what. I don't know about your green lies we're certainly gonna get some blue skies today showed. So we'll have a son coming up. Plug it to a BD. NC. Hillary Reagan and if they're coming up and uninteresting allegation by the president that that Hillary threw the election and I guess. They're just familiar we here's why he says that she can be electric industry from the start so just before the other news. Top of the hour there we story about a mattress Mack who are gave up ten million dollars to those who brought mattresses from him. Through the years because the Astros. Won the World Series. You to get insurance policies so he's not you don't have an all this commodities behind. And then he made another bet on the Astros should to Vegas and won a million bucks got very lucky. And in North Carolina woman brought out a lottery ticket won ten gram but not have to take of one million dollars. Some serious luck going on and had a couple calls about that. Hi Angela I appreciate you up hang in on here good morning welcome to a Friday. I'm not a it's not knee high to you your backwards as I. I'm very now you got a day you're a professional now. I well I have a dear friend about. Then I met in the the midnight. And that's why not the beginning I think it will I bet he did not able to have one I'm. And then he kept thinking you loaded up the baby girl her husband really I don't yeah. But he did decorated and when that daughter marry Britney was fourteen years well. And he was visiting her mother twin sister and accurate either the next hit go to win. They had left the department store they're there in the parking lot they went back inside and they want to winning by a million dollars. Do we how how did that help me when he met made her look good good. A lot of party and then he would come comedy dinner hour there are arming him slightly that not only you hadn't ever you know I had a volatile campaign and I don't let Barack Obama. You know I really don't you're not anything you have to have that. He hit me like BP bit dependent. One it theory that well. 25 million dollars. And it put her fourteen year old daughter while she could have been out got our work and yet adopt any. And you get the next ticket they'll only know. Education you gotta just got to said that on a whim. Like like she just had his premonition. Yeah he bought. Into that bipolar. Kind of pat. And my credit or edit or how they're pregnant renteria there Catholic funeral they are okay and that you felt like she. We're broke and that two. Inner guidance. While. That's really cool as a group or this or that he'd be adopted children her substance then let it keep on getting. Is she this you buy good Christmas presents Korea. And heft cut. In any. Is she married. He is nearing the end out he has three children either not there and I'm her. But other stupid but you know I guess adopted brother. You can have a very colorful why he's got a good well. We on the scene there and deliver. Not the people who lives in Portland is how I felt they never what I. Well you give you missed the real reason for my question their Angela asked if she was married. Did notion would like to talk show hosts from Charlotte just. I don't know whim. Tennis senator Tommy laboratory is going to be joining us here momentarily about Amazon there was a video released and a maybe you maybe Clint Dunn of the observer got a chance to see some of this year. It's part of the package to try to lure Amazon took all. I had some real questions about it but I want to listen we'll. See what's your take is on this whether or not we just blew an opportunity. When you were born in 1994. I wonder if this debate goes knew how fast we. Would grow up quickly would expand and explore the global market for new started. He started it all online bookstore. Not delivering groceries goods and more to people's front door Amazon. All time world connector in search of my real estate to establish a second headquarters up. Replace for progress well we'd like to extend an invitation to use to come and spent some time and shot. So do you start a the presentation. We've. My telling somebody. And things that they already know about themselves. And you did this you started as a bookstore and and that I am sure they can listen to this and going to. I didn't know that who shares of bookstore really. Oh we deliver groceries brilliantly. So is it just seems like it was. I don't know most and a bona a stellar effort. It was good to work to cut number ten and and again it's like we're supposed to try to convince them to come here. We could send a brochure. Charlotte we call our downtown uptown metallic he'd used that once you come round. We have all four seasons here unlike Seattle it only rains here sometimes plus we have sunshine. There's some other things you should know about shot it like our reputation for hard work we caught up five dedication for all of our new. Industries because that's five innovation all roll call. Appreciate. Our neighborhoods in town this story came brand new car urban high rise apartments and modest country. That way and enjoy the silencing critics a suburb of surrounding counties in the shortcut. In the bud sophistication. Of this. Would you pick direction for the would like a gentle rap song. I don't know I don't know that I would say I'm more rock and roll into it sounds to me almost like this was a project for local high school av team you know it's. It's lacking a bit of something. The details that we have. About the pitch to Amazon lacking a little something and what is lacking is some details plus you can sneak some mintier. When we come back Q and leopard to join us next you have to be too. More of what we judge Amazon. We have plenty of breweries for making the finest craft Beers delicious soul food and other southern staple sweet tea and phone saying this we also have a football. And we have a basketball. And we have baseball. OK there are minor league team they're very good and we ultimate stadium downtown cause we like him. Now. At the stadium downtown. He's a delta he did all of you have the deal with the observer why DC to. Well I believe that there's another point that video where he corrected himself and that actually we call our downtown up around the day started with the started with the one of those yeah that's one of those little quirk that out folks who aren't from Charlotte and before I was from Charlotte. Didn't really understand it. I think that's something bad he just just say up down without paying downtown people probably won't get you yeah yeah it would took me a little while. And I said a couple of I slipped and a couple of times have been very very beginning to see via the general manager log me pounded on the wind go as tough as it talks. How can still learning still learning and staying in the hotel by the airport for crying out loud I'll figure it out. So it can't wanna go play you know when you're true garlic in it when you understand that yet and then an annually and up to think about it's like street in a new language you know you can sort of dream and and it just all comes out. I love your article and I guess the end of the big questions heaviest. Why so much secrecy you'd think that. We'd be given how noticed a little inkling that vote of voted is that the other groups proposing to bring Amazon here what's your what's your take on why it's also secret. Well there too quick look at this one is the way that other regional partnership with the group that's leading this bid and the other groups that are involved. Have put a which is that usually the kind of relocation. And headquarters decisions are completely secret so a lot of times you don't even know that they're happening unless it leaks out. So by that standard this actually is much more in the open and how we do know how many like they've submitted when they expect to hear back. But the other way to look at it is true that comparison to other cities. That have admitted. Did for Amazon HQ puke and some of them have been much more forthcoming for example. The state of New Jersey has said that they are offering Amazon about seven billion dollars worth of incentives. To pick the city of Newark. Chicago and down their leadership there has outlined there a bid which would total about 2.3. Billion dollars worth of tax incentives. Other cities like Boston have laid out some of the site. Where they. Have been telling Amazon they could build. The regional partnership has said that they're not going to disclose. Where the sites are in the Charlotte region that we're proposing for Amazon's silk. Through one lens it's a much more open process than usual but through another it's still much more secretive than some of our peer cities that there yes. How much do you think. Via the group the original group had to. I don't know sort of regional partnership had to work with government officials to say hey you know here's were opposing do you think we can make this fly because. I would imagine to a certain extent there have to be some legislators involved. You know how this will all play out. Yes I don't think there's any question that the incentive to offer. It is probably either the largest were among the very largest ever made to a company. To come to North Carolina or South Carolina because bears down. Sites in York county upstate South Carolina that are included in this bid. So that would require some legislative involvement and we do know that I'd reflect economic development. Partnership of North Carolina. And other South Carolina equivalent to that would have been involved in this and they've been sort of up. Playing a supporting role and helping iron out. Those are questions about what could be on the table. How how difficult do you think it's going to be for the folks let's say at the state level true. I don't know I would be sort of impartial between our surrogate Hickory and and Wally since all those dudes you're in Raleigh and you know that's where they've lived for the most pardon and spend a lot of time do you think there's any sort of favoritism towards Raleigh. Well we haven't heard that suggested yet north Carolina at four CDs. And areas submit their data and curry. Charlotte Raleigh Durham in the Triad area. And state officials have said that they are impartial and that they would provide. The same level of support to all of those. How their anticipation around the Charlotte business community of course favoritism towards the lolly that's where the state government has but I think if dot Amazon order come back and say hey we are actually control it but not Ali I don't think you would see anyone try to think that bitter or anything like that. Down. You think yours is there any opportunity you think four for multiple. There's any chance in Emmons I must say well you know let's put some of it here and some of it another place or anything it's all gonna get lumped under one city. I believe it's going to come down to one city it wouldn't really makes sense for Amazon to. Invest all this effort into building on a new headquarters with 50000 people. And then split up between multiple places that are hours away by car yes this I think that it'll be. In the same city as he's seen in Seattle where they have about 40000 employees now at their primary headquarters and they kind of built the other our own whole section of town over their millions of square feet of office space fallen. Seattle yeah what. Of what you know about this proposal and for Charlotte itself. Do you think gives us the best opportunity for this I mean what what can put us into at least the other next round of negotiations and looks east. Well one thing that the Charlotte. Officials of colder that they emphasized. Is the lead in the diversity. For example they submitted. Sites that are right in downtown or up down. And sites that are in town is like your county that are Greenfield site. They are really put a premium on telling Amazon hey you can have. Huge range of choices. When you come here you can look at you know places. That almost feel bucolic in the countryside and you can come right to the middle of this city so that's one thing I know there is they've really emphasized the airport. One of the most connected one of the busiest in the world by a number of takeoffs and landings they believe that is a compelling. A business case for Amazon content so many business unit. I'll cross country and across the world. And they also emphasized. The region's workforce. They're trying to make the case that Charlotte is they. Not necessarily. A tech center on the level of somewhere like a Boston or San Francisco. But that there is the tech talent here. If bill. This job Amazon had there also emphasizing the life style. And the attraction to Mullen you'll probably be heard and that video clip anti millennia old by that they're pushing may think for a growing company like Amazon. That they'll be able to make the case that this is a place where you can hire the tech talent you need. And retain them. Not have to compete necessarily. With a million other firms like in San Francisco. Word or even against tech firms like in the and Archie period in the Raleigh area and the other thing is that to me I don't think we have enough tech talent here. To it to fill all their cubes. But as you just mentioned to me it's an attractive place to be so in the he would be much easier to attract. They attack millennial to come here then saved buffalo. Most likely just because we do every engine because it's a pretty awesome place to be you know. Right so that's one thing that they are emphasizing his you know. Cost of living and I believe one of the phrase they used without a tax salary goes a lot farther here so that could be attractive to. Attract and retain employees we're also here a bunch of universities and the tech companies that are a few hours away. And various other cities though the theory is that even at. Charlotte doesn't necessarily have. All the bodies to fill those pets job fair within easy driving you can attract those people have more than here. You know remains to be seen if that'll be offered places to a company like it. I thought all right you I appreciate you taking the time member of the stuff that you read the paper there's so we also find you online what's the best way for him to do it. Can follow me on Twitter at yep port deal orchestra Cantrell an observer dot com. Com he's not what do you appreciate your your insight into Amazon as we can play some more the other presentation India the spoken word songs Terrance you're the question or comment on that. Yeah I think you seem kind of negative towards this. Spoken word poetry and I just did it it sounds like you don't like it iMac and I'm that the defense could. No well hold on second terrorism adultery this is Friday so that in order to be able to under the program winning June well when I say eight terrorist you need to go he okay. Would you dual. Yeah I don't I don't now know argues that when I when they say Tara wall and the programs when you say that. I look at and I just said it's but I'm glad you didn't jump into fast because it wasn't an official ones so. Jarrett say you spoken word welcome to WB to. And he merry go you that you did a good job and I'm glad you part of the team now has I'm this is not that Artest right. All right so you could see who you're thinking I have oh are a problem what was spoken word. What use you sound very critical about the spoken word. Poetry and I don't think you have much appreciation for. How difficult it is. Com you know I'm a big fan of spoken word poetry actually have a group and it's called. You know we where we have a thing has bellicose you know we were Bandana when we do our spoken word poetry were called. Actually answers and Bandana. Stevens is in Indiana asks you yes you can follow up into bigger and I think fans in Kansas. We perform all throughout Charlotte but I I just don't think you have a good appreciation for how difficult. Internal candidates are did you have some examples of your spoken words joy that that you would share with us. I mean I'd like to try and free file open well with the Dow and put you on the spot and I have a higher standard that art. Six and thinking so if you wanna hang on a B I'd be happy to talk to you on the other side and if indeed there's something you would like to lay upon us in the world apart. Then then I'll be more than glad to extend an invitation to you some terrorist. Spoken word I mean that's what we do every day here when we have this conversation so I'm not certainly down on that. And that's the truth and Milosevic and Obama for something that rhymes did we come back break him back on WB two step coming up ma. I'm miles will be in the studio this content killing eleven obviously via the democratic nominee for mayor. And the candidates that you could vote on him Kenny Smith follows from eleven until well. In 1994 I wonder if this debate so I knew how fast we grow. Quickly would expand and explore the global market when you started you started it all online bookstore. Now delivering groceries goods imports of people's front door Amazon. All of my world connect. Sir I just hours I think that that's an there it comes to its heritage are you still there. I am OK I appreciate you and I am you seemed a bit of pretty outspoken where portraits it's not that I'm dismissive of spoken word poetry that that's not they should step. We're making a presentation to to the Amazon. To have. You know this this huge. Second headquarters come here and I just the dead disfigured they might be had a different former Bart. That could potentially be more enticing to them but. But you are spoken word ours what's the what's the mistake stand as what it was a group. So we when we perform we Wear Bandana and so our group that called standard and against Kansas and and and it's. Gotcha we have YouTube channels well. Cox our interest and okay. Well did you and lace them spoken word art art history on me me and I try to keep up but. And I don't have that much of the way with words but do I I did jot something down turn the the commercial breaks for the news I'm so I'm I'm I'm. Are we gonna go now yeah I mean do we nerves certainly don't mean so help you it's in the yeah how can just. I can't come back how much as you can do. Scott you mean you should see. That you and the WBZ. Should not make fun of poetry. Well. You need to see Terrence that that's not the case at all. Here I am talking to you with a love in my heart I throw you now the bull. Well I I know I sound like a nerd but I should still be hurt it's it's very hard. Spoken word I would ask that you not treat it like deterred each. So you say your group is called stances and band danys which is cool I like it a lot. But now I think you need to go eat a banana and stop smoking pot. Grow up that's just screwed the. It's just it's just hard man so it's all business are right. I just haven't gone right I guess so yeah yeah hunch that I acted are your feelings. Album art I don't know popular frontier shall walk. I'm sorry. Tomorrow are you candor of candor on the phone. Room. What will send me some your art and and a link to stances and Bandana us and our tolerance no. Us I played squash dessert used to dream. So I'm sure he'll look I'm sure he'll continue on. I Keefe. Yemeni. Any idea poetry form here today. Yeah oh I don't want that we gave we've rebuilt every operation I'd I didn't cut him off for you got to understand Hillary either I learned he hops off first all keyed by the way it's Friday you know the rules for Friday right what do what do you do when I see first. When when I go to USA hey Keith yeah you there you go are you ready to hear ya fifth Keith welcome to WET. I do you know you're good man you are a good man go ahead of faith there would put an oral form an indoor tournament everybody knows everybody we. Well I will LA LA LA LA away away away away away away when they were anyway. I. You need to change direction right now a young man. I. Did you need to straighten up and fly right here this is a family program and as a matter of fact we have via a young job job shadow were here named Nate was an eighth grade. And if you go off the rails here you're gonna have to deal with his mother. Well armed are you an apology you do and preferred you know that I you know probably not except it absolutely accepted that sort of you know I had worked around a battle I think well do you know Utah the outlook earlier yeah. And you know what you what is your suburb it looked to me and it turned my life around. A started taking silver bullet colonial. Do not get in May end up those little local really turn my whole life or don't it's what I stored that they in the Super Mario back totality. I'll tell you what man when you worship the first church of the Alex Jones conspiracy theory when you're you're you're world could turn around there is for sure. Eli hi good morning you're WBT. I've got to tell you I am living large tonight humbly and it all behind me. Well I think what I'm angry government richter show you the net Joker aaron's before I've been this group performed well or yes and they are they are terrible. They are terrible and everybody note spoken word quote we are the content of comment on side. And they can't do any performance and this is not a lot dot. Lukewarm about what color or should not wrap it up throughout the insanity. I don't I now aired only recently out of area battle up at half two months ago. And that thing you do it the Internet dating to week. And an Internet dating these sick yet actor okay and I would paired up with a girl much younger than me and I want it took records show her that Albert the open. Oh work or refuted it await. We get whatever is one a day. So really you'd be here at this group as we start out in encore. And about five minutes you know an outlook that are not so what their outlook and comments here. Ed we did a we get spoken word track that hurdle strategy to drive the trucks you have to and I look back and not I took my record where they. I. I don't blame. I guess my real fear would be that once they start. Doing their spoken word about turtles and pickup trucks and what the next potential rhyme would be pumping. Damage control. You I appreciate the golf Carl you stand by and get you next on the sides imported this is a profit and we strap an unmanned your WDs. Today you're much birdies at 1048 now come out of his 7045 so I don't know 1110. It is just a little bit of poetry there a moment ago was kind of cool spoken word stuff by the resume words don't even have this discussion is because the oval package. They're Charlie put together to try to lure Amazon. To come here included some spoken word art shouldn't. You know there was rhyming in there you know it's almost. There's like slow wrap. Almost all I wonder if this debate shows you how fast we grow. How quickly would expand and explored the global market for new started we started at online bookstore. And that's that's enough. It was too much. There wasn't enough focus on meager you know meter is so important when it comes to opponents that it's that rhythm that's where the accents are. So that you can feel when the Ryan is coming to film this commodity in just a little bit just a little bit mentally and to do the work. Mon 704571110. If you wanna be part of the conversation. Karl good morning you're on WB TE. Your art or broker note all lowered as well and at all hurt is good. But it's so good that it's aren't right yet so yeah. I've I didn't have a doubt duration and I just I think you're ready parents umi may Borger for nobody anybody former but he Terrence. I think you're in this saint I think Chris. You're there nobody doing the same thing during this same group all he took a Chris who used please call upon all the time. Yeah yeah you can't get used to seeing Kerry you're more yeah I don't know why he gave that up that. Or you he called everyday kind of off with a vote cool so yeah. Well. He's weird mean he called in this morning Jimmy called in right out of the chute this morning. And fair to say parents of the little straights and I think got beat servicing group ordered state person. We know a not another not the same person at all I mean there's no word yet there's so did. May be like their songwriting mirrored there whatever it is just can't kind of Brothers from other mothers kind of thing. Big bear I think dairy it will be quicker each other. Okay. That I don't know next time it will mean if Terrence. Can continue to listen and call back I guess I could pose that question to him. But it would be interesting to have those two doing poetry battled back to bag limit. You know they sell. Good went to throw it out there are yeah I'd gotten it if it was like a dual you know we do you think I'd be terrorists. Yeah yeah I iiroc did an idea it had only to pat myself on the Bagger in the metrodome humble right now. But there is a pretty cool name is his stances and band danys. Yeah. I did like the what was the guy's name McCauley line. Yet this or some. And that this turtles and pick up trucks. Yeah. Yeah yeah see I think I was right so I think I was right when they were when I said to Terrence you know that he needed to quit smoking pot I mean the idea being to be offended by the blow me but Hawes who simulate that gonna come up with the idea that the internal revenue pick up truck. Well you or me is probably there are so it could be anything else Carla or or or must you be off. Yeah you know war got you. I'm trying to me and I am trying to so yes and I must be off. Cool stuff that I do I do like. You can call me 745701110. And as a matter fact that said let's let's switch and yeah she. You know so often. So it's quite regularly. The bad news gets me down and I try to look at the bright side. Is there is some serious start settling on a sand. But if you look if you look hard enough sometimes that even take too much. We find some good news. And and I want you to share. Bargainers for me is my my daughter. My daughter Hannah. Is but she's she's a new mother and every single day she'll she'll send me. She'll she'll send me a picture you know shall we shall should remain on the phone here and she calls that the daily dose of Silas. Which is just cool cause of my grandson my first grandson. I whose name is Silas and you know I'm not. I think I'm biased at all when I say he's isn't the most beautiful babies who were content that gets so that's good news and and I wanted to share that windy and I know everybody if you you can't OK I know you can look at your life. And you can tell me some good news so calling and share something good okay you may make somebody Tuesday. More than she may do is you may remind somebody. Then if you look hard enough there's always something something positive that you confine Suzanne hide their urine WB two week. I eighty days ago I suppose we gave you trained up right here. Yet when he got I think I think it's your lucky you'd have to do something good with that luck. I really. Crowded and and if you had blocked then your life doesn't stop at my only Rangel but. But I wanted to tally is that. It is these that I talked to you earlier about that my family had might stricter handset. And I did not inherited our. Like yours do so because of that firm when my sister collapsed I gave her one of my kidney and Tony is. She is alive and well and has stansted or daughter's wedding and had a grandchild. A new grandchild like Q. And he had a right kidney all and I like the good and facts he is heading up a fund raise their apart both. Park this weekend. I'm so proud of her and she raised. Turning 1000 dollars for this little known disease our family has had her daughter has had her grandson could. That is good news and and god love via wears or even a moment's hesitation. In your mind to give her your kidney. I cried and kicked and wind and greens great into the the start circles. Operation. Into the apparatus and. So you you wouldn't kick in and scream and it was a and green at all. How do you feel about it now though I think it's different feeling now as. Well. I get choked up because without it Q and my parents CNET grandchild. Terms of the little grandson. Man I had I really am glad I didn't. Tonight and I know aloud about. Basically blocked ten can't remember that movies including her mother. So I knew what her lights that light cannon arm felt that it can be a bad luck that one eternity and good luck it changes your life. You're an inspiration Suzanne. Dario aren't dying out and here me to thank you very much tech environment and you have a great day. That's beautiful story they're really really was. 70457011. And shares searchers some good news to me if you. If you're so inclined Kazaa and like you said a moment ago you know you just might make. Somebody's day better you know they may be their focus in on the negative it's so easy to do you watch the news you listen to people. Why men and gnashing of teeth all the time about what's going around the world but you can find something positive if you really try to spread good morning you're going to be VT. Oh Fred Charles tells you have to get to he's up to hook up with a Hancock and go to America earlier. So and Fred do you know the rules for Friday. We are he jobs. You sound like he York that healer with gastrointestinal. Problems. To cut. I I applaud. Fire away if you could do it in about thirty seconds if not I wanna honor you with the as much time as you need on the other side to go ahead. Well I'd. Done that struck when you have a lot like water off. Not. Olympia hockey puck. And I think that's about all the risk numbers to take with you Greg I. Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor that there adding that I know you were ready that's. Jeff he had his arm he was ready to pump there's a button he has and it don't let the not to be confused with the other portion of John Morse wrote that there has submitted who don't show what. We'll leave it that's good news she got some 70457011. That we got regular news kimono and is back to you. Strapped on a flat. Menem. 1104 and under. I'm Scott. Tiger ought emails I had telling us try to do the best I can to try to return motion. And he's one person who just says you know you've got to do is beat up on Hillary. Look at. Hillary cricket Hillary cricket Hillary cricket Hillary. So I get a guy. For some folks at an incredibly great news that that the revelations came out that the world deal was rigged so something you could just share some good news with you. But it's a Friday. And I don't know that that conversation can go anywhere. Other than to a place of of anger. Managed I'm not in the mood for it you know when you start the week out. When you start the week out with people die and industries and your city. And that follows upon Las Vegas and that follows upon so much other than just brought news thank you just gotta give to break every once in awhile you know. You just have to give it break. So Wu will look back to would come Monday okay. And if you wanna be angry about you issue me an email on this you know not tolerated. And then I'll go and look at some puppy videos. To wash that out of my face you know remembering. A life I could be reduced to. They'll some. Goodness you got some good news 70457. Though 1110 I'd like to hear chair with a world are today okay Chris hi good morning you're on WBZ. Who they both good morning that was a pretty give and is almost always going to pick up a cross between a cat and dog how it. Well I got a lot of those I got. Your tickets we goats it and can you imitate your goat. Paths. You've done that a time or two. Aria does that when I want called a baby with two had they react to that is it did to me is it like a frisky reaction numbers just under what would they do come round. But some quality about them today we had a baby the baby Pollack. It in the worst part of it attracts the the buck. He doesn't say that's what I mean the it does the buck go cool zero babe out there for me. And it he does says but it anymore I don't want path I don't know you can't that's that's a wrong way to put it it's a well. But it is but. Artist that I have my good news okay what is against please share. OK I am a cancer survivor for eleven months. Eleven must congratulations. Thank you and part of my. But despite affect what I got the development route but. Couldn't get rid of it they offered me all kinds of medications like that no because I'm trying to still get these chemical out of my body I don't wanna put more in. Listening to get like EDT like I do. I heard of doctor Shapiro. And I made a phone call and after one month. I am now able to rock and roll on top of my I'm on my feet that's when not able to do before. Certainly LeRoy that made that much of a difference in your world. Yes. Not only am I cancer free but I can walk without stumbling and look at like I'm falling down from. Which is good if you go and it and the buck starts coming your way I can cut. Well congratulations. To me a favor when you get two year your one year mark. Yeah call me back of tank is on how to sing happy birthday Tia. OK okay care hate Chris thanks for listening they had a good thing you do saying thank you so much. That is that that is good news. They're very very good news. Against 70457. Or eleven to it and we go now to a gym hi Jim Tim to be next morning and WBT. I don't know I hold on Jim. Sometimes we need to take a deep breath and a step backwards and educate your this is a little mentoring okay. You just and ye ha and and I appreciate the the exuberance. And and your willingness to participate. But it's IE. Oh. Proof you'll be a tough one I'll let you slide this tablet by next Friday do we favor practice a bit and and we'll try to get with the OK I thought yesterday. I guess I'll go under law you talk about it a lot earlier what do you know about that global transport billion dollar boondoggle later nor contractors. Take all your energy and see you don't think about it. No I'm not allowed in Kingston anymore. Over and out yet there's a it's it's a long story. Yeah had to do with the that would gambling dice geese and in a bunch of cherry pets. No no women involved and god forbid broken leg trouble that you get here every confirm where won't. Here's here's where the free while VoIP only entered into it certainly can be so. Well they're global card or every bargain but there is saying here and is the bow. In my opinion about the rest of the world obviously junior outside their room to grow throughout this country it is AM now. And. You know there and they're at the end there are legit companies what their books comic you're in if they're really Smart about what they'll city. And also he's got these are boring bit bigger airplanes fighters in the global. Understand golf so I'm glad that global trends are who carry the biggest airplanes in the wall. While that may take over that thing get rid of loved billion dollar corporate taxpayer boondoggle and Alter our. And indirect grew louder pouring in Eastern Europe Latin girl are awfully true because you have site. Jim a question for. You do you think that if we put out their recruiting yet. And they went all across the world may be through zip recruiters something and we were looking for hip young millennial tech people. Do you think they would give up their lives and moved to Kingston. War own no and knows the answer is no because all they've got his gamble and diced and decent cherries. And they'll all be in trouble and they won't be allowed. Mistake to break him back Tim your first Scott you become an up 70457. Only 11% of you broke through his body here on WB too its slams it's not fun days. And again the sand and the 11 o'clock hour going to be dedicated. Two that you folks who would love to be these mayor Charlie showed 10 o'clock so Carlisle is in first right. Glad this right. She had yet. Positive test can going to be from eleven to me so we'll have a crowded room here and I Hancock the part of it garrison. Both times and as well. Arguably lead the charge on all this. I get you that last minute information that you might need to be able to let him make a decision as to who you can probably before OK so let's are coming up for you on Monday. 704571110. Gonna join in the conversation here today. They're trying to find some good news and and and things that that make you happy that you could share. And when they exhibit that's good news and makes me happy don't share with you the news it is some of the awesome people. That it may or may not call but to a bit but sending mails. And and yesterday when the conversations was about the of the New York terrorists in day in what makes them tick why do they do. What they do. And so Chris traits and they're just upset because they've got low T. Maybe you can. How come up with a my pillow to. We have fertility. With an aerobic Chris just what we need horny well rested terrorists I. Have cut cut cut cut back. Superior has been with a good point. May be just fix the low ET. Or not when all the time hiding out there in the mountains I feel bad for the goats enough or ready. I don't know but I don't really understand what that means I think the track Jimmy called 70457011. Test pleasure to look into the program. How would carry it oh well it a tip tip tip tip tip wanna talk to hold up hold on and out we gestured over. Some are 4571110. And that's in the vertical Timmy just did that I wanna welcome you Friday welcomed the program. You know. Wow I didn't get there we go ladies. Don't let me down man Amendola and don't don't ask and act like your exasperated. By just a small simple little request to to join in the love fest that is this program. I open terrorists finally get there are certain need to do. Hubert thank you go let's start running the right I don't have a lot of news but I. It's unspoken words for you you you do it okay yeah sure. Our. America it is so in the U Norman keep record. You vigna I mean they're like frying pan. Yet as opposed to a French cooker what you don't know whether callers. The Dutch oven yet the Dutch of. Like my great. Just. But I got that is a rep for your it's got Charles and John Moore. Turnaround in backed up Campbell all through it the cost of the name me. After I wasn't very nice. It's the truth hurts and stroke care to restart Intel. Keeps saying. Oh yes yes clearly that's announcement. During your fuel up and receive your stretched the god has a problem with goats. So where does so well. Big city. Vote not again what else. I don't know that I appreciate that but the I predict either Colin they can go to stop poppies here let's. It's not that that was Chris there was a lady and yeah and she's very good at the goats out. I'm very worried but I had to bring it up then if I'm bad memories for you know. What about the goats. Scott good morning your cure a WP chinoy. I believe god love you man you are way above and beyond the call of duty there are puppets awesome there. I know I have a little I've never heard the spoken word spending by I can't more a web server that I have the most potent word for you okay. Okay. Lipton is 90%. Reality. The other give pursuit is what we really see. Has deepened. Yeah I think about it. For really say that again you could say this they say that again here is meant sometimes. When when deep thinkers call nearly do you intend. It reminds me again where I fit. In the in the spectrum of things 'cause we we all of the John Hancock is Charlotte's most beloved. And I and I am proud to to Wear the mantle of Charlotte's most befuddled. And you just put me there again so so say that again Scott. Okay perception. Is 90%. Realogy. The other in person here is what we really see. So what do you what do you think that really means. I think that means. Everything that we've seen. We have to personally what police say but it may not be what we really truly. What you say it isn't as when he sees how would you thank you see. Exactly right and and everybody you can take it I want the way are very alive and give him the value of flag perception that probably mailers and things. You know these people that. Say they have an agenda and they represented this year there. It's what they perceive in the mind to what they see on TV they perceive that as one way. But they can really be another way but it works in retrospect for. The goals we. Millions from the other side obvious we may perceive that they're doing something. That we don't agree wit but we can't see where they're coming from and they can't see where we're coming from both the reality for every one is different. There's just all of how you perceive it. If that it are you did well I'm an Obama figure to the game on field until the dog that was wandered down the street. And and someone had put her out without a lot better for two years now and to get a bit mode turn all this stuff but she had never. There and say furry she had a chain around her Mitt apparently the entire time. There's no where is the bears say it was ten years old but dispelled that even though I don't run. Wow your old Adobe they've built such a short change. And just leave it I'll run was completely hilarious because I'd rather know than chasing the other dogma and and she was ten years old. And had to learn how to learn. Tennessee at neverland. You don't Jennings. Two things that you said that I find to be up pretty fascinating here want is you talked about you know. The people on this side see things one way and they can't recognize that thoughts on the other side and then vice Versa you've just described America. To not to a tee where we are right now that you just described America and then the other thing is you've described the really interesting. Wage to sort of let characterized. Too many of us with our own thoughts we put ourselves on a very very short chain near you heard we need to set herself streak. We are free at last free at last good Google moved the real I had. We appreciate your comment about what you've taken care all right our. And arguing against go to a Willie 7457. Up 1110 what's had to wheel it. Oh. Designed to reduce US biggest aren't here. Charles just said that was the Spanish translation for he. What I was when I was dias who does blue aura about that go ahead. Either but our attitude our interactions. And get a reaction and you rub conference what you want to do whatever is what you know. I think what did no thought about before. I would give I would feel as if that's what's happening here with the it's bush in America is that people are emotionally attached. You know although I do air and simple as that royal bank here that says the overall. They've been rationalize it but they probably had their biggest count anybody out there. They're applied culture whenever they beat up favorites as specified in the way he advocates the measure and Harry. And the way that he. Tried there. People different but it ought to be either the rock and Granada. Option route aboard yet another it would be exports so. A good bit more emotional at this at this state right up people just emotion all. You know. Well I just think of it. I know I I agree with you on that. We talk about you know people's idea does you know they hold on these idealized. It unfortunately what I think ends up happening. And I'm no psychologist or in the damp but the almost Utley and yet you got that down to get their Dennis space here but that when somebody has so much emotion attached to that particular idea. It then becomes embedded. In going to open their brand becomes part of their identity. I saw you. Getting who was involved. But I felt like but I have lots of mountain to make it work let's look at. But we've about bought. Get her out the schools are built segregated. Boom and the about the ebitda net to keep it that way even know. You know that this. Really by getting a bit yeah. Yeah I don't have been to eat comfort but I saw that it basically it just I a lot of people think the goal of these they've done. I'm no different. But at that point that year but yes. Beckett went I did I did other people happy about it and then there's the thought the better part you know and and that's where there's. You know even a bit in my but I 45 is the idiot are you as they see and whenever we know he's gotten a lot about your attendance but I know that causes forever until. Right dad and all of a sudden your your your vote. Exchanging hands signals how Willie had to take a break gonna hang on more than welcome to a great American menus as we roll to this Friday morning here on WP team. So the president is on his way to Asia. I guess it's harder on the plane right now headed to Hawaii and then. Replenish the toilet paper and then head on over Asia. Bad. Mattis is is being announced it's just been told is expected to address North Korean threat trade policy and open agencies during his trip in this. Comes on the heels of some warmer bombers flying over the Korean Peninsula and it has Kim Jong-un. I'm very happy. Not bring him about that situation. Would you try and it is not our job in life to it to make this guy happy he's become one in the hinged. Here can sorry but it's a good thing it. Did you say it was a good joke just you know got our. It. But I think puns are the the lowest form of communication available. Euro. Stephen King. Wrote a book called on the writing. Phenomenal book absolute phenomenal book via. The beginning a bit of it is how he became a writer and then the second part is essentially it's an exploration of toolbox you're your toolbox is a writer. And there's a section in there about puns and you could just tell that he is. His noses curled up like he is smile on the dead possible. You hand out the stock. And then the last part is the a story about how he got it by the van and and then recovered. Which it's phenomenal book even if you're not interest in being a writer. It's a it's very cool. This of them at that dead that I saw and I that is pretty fascinating too and I don't know quite where we would go with this. But so maybe we can find in Egypt ecologist at some point in time to us to talk about this. But a bunch of us science techniques. Which what can consider myself to be. Placed on the periphery of that. Used an imaging method based on cosmic rays. Which sounds really far out of the net I mean eyewitness there Reagan this up. This can't be real. This is ESP years and to my dad but they have detected a large and mysterious. Internal structure inside the great pyramid of Giza. Why. Yeah. Yeah I did that was that will rule one the method. Which I thought it was cool. It's it. Actually it's like really geeky stuff its so called move on tomography and ordered it in its tracks particles that come down to earth. Which almost at this beetle like that will penetrate through anything commercially next race. And so through that process in the equipment they've got they see this huge void strength cavity inside the pyramid. And they have no idea who wore was floor. I know it's in The Who wasn't there bigfoot. Gotta be even talking about it for weeks which is ironic that you bring that up and down and I'll tell you why edged to second. So this in this particular places about a hundred feet long. And in this located above another giant hallway on the inside it's about a 155. Feet long. Could be a runway of some sort for this spaceships we hope that it it could be. It's as you brought a big foot the that out of east Glazer. Which is the Blackfeet reservation I'll list. Doug Thomas guarding who is. I don't know X. Sort of formal meetings were my heroes slick Johnny Bench my dad Mohammed Ali and Tom discarding you. Because she's a yeah big bigfoot researcher. Upper Echelon bigfoot researcher and oh by the way I'm sorry. This report and the bigfoot news network is brought to you buy that John Moore. Thanks so he's partnered with a couple of folks who on the dancing bears in. And they're gonna build a 100 foot so Oscar watch hotel. Hundred feet high aisle in the Millen know where. So I'll squash hotel is that where SaaS squad will stay is eligible to assess what's hotels there. I like for people to go and experience the whole SaaS quantity as you saw a scratch on her being MB yeah okay we're at right guard now that's got to have a hot tub. So what are not not flurry of that mess with me here. There's a real there's a good question I shouldn't have a room reserved for real Casey shows up gutsy if indeed. Is gonna heavy world's largest big foot museum. Plus a live theater conference center retail store or restaurant and lounge. That's. That's a gutsy entrepreneur or right there yeah. He can help that I understand going on eleven make it you know big big foot. Cologne or something like that that the local version does. But to go that far out and a 100 foot tall SARS clutch hotel. Now the way that this is written this report really poorly written. It could be they're building a 100 foot sauce watch. Hotel. Pick a museum. Well again it is left to come as something that that could be what that is so. What do that was fascinating. You do not know this. There is a a holiday. I don't know if it's an official holiday here in the state of North Carolina or even within this company that we observe it but it's one that I tell you look and I would be totally uninterested in. Should we can make it happen. Has summoned to a negative. We knew that was. Stand by will get that story coming up here and everything. So did you jaundice at the Ford John Mark when you know when you saw this breaking news here but I couldn't believe it about Moe berg gulf. And holy Moly if you see that's. So they had the judge. Came the decision and he's not he's not gone to jail mall knows zero prison time zero prison time. Dishonorable discharge. The world you know but came down so whatever you know prime that are sort of of the cases take it as paying yes. But no prison time. Well. There's going to be some real anger in the ranks of the military dimension. Yeah there's going to be some folks that are just a bit on the on the upside. So. May what you're going to get dug it up there get comfortable and in the chair him a cartoonist second. Tom. You know it's I can understand why this may or may not ever become a real holiday. And Nate you know I know you're not working yet you know you you pull the microphone real close to. But you know their center and the things he can look forward to would you actually do go into the world work you know I mean. Do you do seem like we have fun here yes I a lot of fun years and a mean we're having fun right mrs. It's pretty cool right. You know again what he says funny stuff the cut and then and you today with a sports guys right. Yeah branches and go and hang with the sports guys and we talk on their little bit I don't really know yet but and then there what it wanted to do what it does Tony to say he was gonna do for you and your team. Isn't a gimme too hot dogs local load. Yeah. He said he was gonna give you three but then he took the other Tony tax you know that there's. Give with one hand they take it away with a guy you know say. So yeah I mean this is cool things about working. And every once in awhile like lectures on Halloween we had the costume contest. Yet the I don't know if you sign the pictures of that with some incredible costumes people walking around that we the woman who won. She was the one that up to the photocopies she dressed up as the Joker and it was phenomenal just absolutely amazing. But they. In and so places around the world this particular this to happen in Poland. But there was a woman issues of boss and manager you know and she wanted to motivate her stance. And get fired up and and and as a manager this morning your job she did you wanna make. Now the morale you know and give people feel good about things. So. So she went to her big boss. And said what can what can we do here to motivate the other workers. And then and then he suggested that she just take our clothes off a walking offers. Hope. Which is funny because that was my exact reaction when I read the story. And you timing was brilliant. Materialize as very very good US do we know who hold what are some of the things that you need to have in order to go to you know. Do his job like this yes he did really good timing and you know you you're you're spot on a case of congratulations. Sew up deep crater apparently. To just go ahead and do that you know that. And and and then traipse through the office there. And it was so that I guess there were celebrating walker and make it work it. And that she put her clothes back on and she quit. I. Rick we learned go well I guess that's the only to motivate your work that I did let alone time everybody's different if I know America. That's a good my momma used to tell me is that that everybody is different and a that would be a different kind of they learn what it much different than what. Don't want suspected that drew. No me that would that would that would that be a motivating for mean. They're their places that you know they give you free lunch every day to any snacks all the time you know you did this basketball courts and trampoline to me to do different things to incentivized folks to. Take jobs I don't. I don't know the that was via a motivating factor for me to go to work someplace that. I'd give it some thought arrogance live distant mountain so so what did you wanna talk about to Maine. You gotta have some questions men and besides the questions that you hook you Marty asked this year. What is it you've always wanted to know about the inner workings of a place like this. Font size won't know what actually go on inside them because like you. You don't really notice like the little things like music in the background and stuff like that is all a lot of stuff and you realize it when you come here and launch. You realize what all work goes into doing those little tiny things. So see you until some secrets you mean you wanna sort of you know pull back the curtain and tell us tell the listeners you know just what you've seen here. We have a button by the way that you can we can push. That will erase what it is you just said projection so that they can go away so that nobody you'll hear it's if you say anything is too embarrassing about me. And and I am pretty thick skin I do then you know that'll that'll cut you off for go go go ahead so what is that you learned. Well. I learned that there's a bunch of switches and notches and then that I have no clue what. Mean handle I don't know how he knows will lose mean he doesn't know. It is it is Bush's in the nose for the best again I get lucky heard described. Would Charles to us. Well I guess he. Prefer. And is he answers the calls fox and the people yet in the night goes on again is on the AM as lines computers in the fifth and he doesn't sort. In memorize his restaurant menus. Ask him what is the third appetizer. On the Applebee's menu what is done all those on the Applebee's minions of guacamole. Welcome walk mollid. Check that later on China than hello look up copies and you. Make that up. So so what is your biggest observation about medium and I I'm well aware of what many listeners observations are. Me and again I have thick skin so what are some of the odd observations you made about me. Well I think. Even if people feel like mad that you want there are they get really mad years they Sutton you disagree with you know how to like. Know how to respond in their right Whelan what to say insult say you dole. You don't say the wrong things that don't get only people's nerves I guess that you can. You can have an argument with somebody but you can't like take it too far slipped a point where it's not supposed to be said yeah I feel like you you're pretty good at that even if someone says like. If someone says something you disagree with you don't like. Says some nations say you keep your cool. I guess idea try there there is one guy. He was actually was just on hold. And his name is Scott. And and he and I have had a couple rockets now literally just hung up he's no longer and hold and he has some very. Bad attitudes about certain people in the world. And one of the things that we don't Iran here's your not to be angry yes angry is is an emotion you know you almost can't help it. But what you can control is what you do with it right yet as much as it is as much as is humanly possible so. That's fine angers OK hate is not yet you know there's a big difference between anger and hate hate you hold on to. My anger you you'll ago at least you know hopefully otherwise it'll little lurch in the long run turns into depression. But he hates certain groups of people. And in he'll start conversation going to be you know how mr. FitzGerald hello Melissa Scott. And you know what's going on New York City right now the terrorists all horrible just absolutely terrible. Economic a couple of pretty decent points they then he'll start figured out a way to blame. And point a finger. At the people he doesn't like it's always the same people so will it's got a leg. I don't know of a broken record not a record it's yeah yeah record this truck so. And OJ could just writes in the emails coming all the time so you don't try to respond to them and Jacob writes in us is Scott the caller that hates Jews. And OJ Libya Syria. That is the correct answer. As we we tend to say when he comes on the air if we decide to let him on the there is. He hates blacks he hates Jews here's some more of his aryan views it says gut. Oh yes and and we make light of it about. We make light of the very dark subject you know I'm saying yes so what are the questions do you have an Acer inning I can sort of help you prepare for when you good on the hole and deal would be at sportsman's. Plus got home. Not really sure I just got to work on not stuttering as much I guess one that taught me a study if that's not even started and sometimes. How good guys how can we how can we set him up. To go pumpkins them. What can we do to set something up we're where you get them really good film anymore hot dogs. All right on the net you'll be in there with frank and Colin and and Garcia ranked Baylor lingers in. So what you do is you can look at him back for the go so which one you guys is heavier. It was a circus has Bailey's really all about right and Garcia is a former football player right frank Garcia yeah so. Which what you can eat more vetoes are good questions. Which one of you didn't shower. That's the perfect question to ask a series this kind of like. What's what are you guys didn't take a shower today but the window and wait till you say on the air okay. What joke. Who's a better broadcaster. That would put a full report afterwards we had more fun when you come back and so I couldn't beat you hit the left of my mouth do hey thanks for listening GM Monday until then. I wish you lose guys in green light stick.