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Saturday, June 9th
Sandy Dickenson of Summit Funding joins Paul to answer your real estate questions and how to finance your real estate purchase.

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Investment advice provided on the following program is on an. Individual basis as they should not consider today's discussion has a recommendation for any investment and she carefully evaluate before investing. This is you'll really see today he's called G 1110 W each each. Hello I'm happy Saturday we're glad you're with us today I'm Paul Jamison hosting this show your realistic today were alive from the WBT studios so thank you for being with us on this beautiful Saturday. I'm here today were my good friend sandy Dickinson with summit funding welcome back sandy allowed it to be here great to be here with fear. Thank you for that then no course of my old buddy George is back. Game he's glad to have Georgian here. Has our producer today so if you call in the show is alive. If you call in to ask a realistic question now let me just tell me how things go off your first time Lester you know that you call. 70457011107045701110. George takes a call just giving your name a very brief description of what she'd like to ask on the air. And then we'll put you on the air with a sincere Indian we'll do our best to answer if you have a mortgage question. If you have a real estate question something with your how should you bill that should you do what should you change its did you sell it should you can picture that you granite. The issue with a tenant. So many different things and of course everything you share also benefits someone else so the number last time is 704. 5700. Intent. But we've got a full showed today saying he's going to be talking about a lot of things having to do with great. She's gonna talk about preparing for the loan. The yard of preparation I call it we're gonna talk some about investor loans. And something what did you call one day certainty when they say we're gonna talk about that too. All right so let's start to show off by the numbers. We're gonna give you some market statistics. And things I do this about once every two months. And so it's rapid run so absorb what you can there's a whole lot of other. And so were gonna just go right at it today. All right and some of these will surprise you all right. In May. Nationally. The top five markets. The average price of homes in these top five markets and I'll start with number five. San Diego. Average home price 6101000. Dollars. Number four on the list. Hot in Honolulu. 775500. Dollars. Number three. Anaheim CIA. Yelling. 8101000. Dollars. Number two. San Fran. 9171000. Dollars. Having been number one in market. For average home price care to guess guys. Paralyze a good guess but no sandy. He writes state of that state. Well it'd be sad sack commend them. San Jose. California. Get ready for this one guy's. Average home price. 1373000. Dollars slash. Yeah house. Huntley. And being I've been interest and payment. And I awarded a one mcdonalds pays there who trump like and none but I don't know I don't most of your conflict with the but the all right. Here are some April numbers nationally. Our numbers were down about two and a half percent over the previous month in home sales. They're down about one point 4% over last year. Median sales price nationally in the month of April was 257900. That's across the whole nation which is an increase. Five point 4%. In the last year. That's pretty good. In April nationally there were one of point eight million listings down six point 3% from last year. An average days on market nationally. To only six. That's short church and okay. How about we talk about Charlotte yes you ready for that are quick facts on Charlotte. New listings. May seventeenth to may eighteens up 3.3. Percent. And year to date down own one point 3%. Lack of inventory folks pending home sales. Last year over this year made in my day up nine point 7%. This year. Year to date only up 2.4 percent. Lack of inventory. Close sales year over year down four point 2%. And year today down 1%. Why not end until I rarely go at it I guess if not you guys not being here yeah. Realistic closed days on market year over years down ten days from 97 to 87 so about 10%. And now average days a year to date is 97. This is still down a little more or less than 7%. High average list price for our region. 3141000. Made amazed. 3000 I'm sorry 341052. I didn't dyslexic moved there 341052. Year to date 33449. B six. So from. Beginning of the year to now it's up about 5%. Our average sales price. Tune in 9969. He made a may have 10% and year to date 283048283048. Dollars so about seven and a half percent. Percentage of original list price verse verses sale price surface listed for a hundred. It sold for walked. Intent now. It's sold for nine 75. Year over year. Or 97 and a half percent and year to date 97%. So pretty stable. He used to be. In the old days a lot lower so if you're getting 97 and a half for 97% of what you're asking a tough ticket and I. Inventory right now. Year over year. May seventeen and eighteen is down. 20%. Laugh. And months' supply. Is more from two point nine months in May have torn seventeen took 2.2. Months may have told you can down. 24%. Dog eat dog out there okay why. Lauren and but that's OK so. So I can't really ask that as a quote as a quiz question to win a prize because everybody's gonna know the answer. Part here we go here are some national. Highlight she wants a national highlights. Yet. Is tax reform preventing a break out in the real estate market. Remember mortgage interest rate deductions Max out at 750 property tax deductions Max out at ten K. Capital gains or as before and standard exemptions have doubled. Right my business income has more deductions. Nine B 9% of homeowners. Pay less than 101000 and property taxes 98% of homeowners. Have mortgages less than 750000. Dollars. So. Finance is now now. Alex gonna be my guess a bit of both Canada are now. What is the largest. Segment of the market that wants to die and we're gonna talk about that and the largest segment of the market that does that one Abbas. When we come back. For the break sandy Dickinson was summit funding on Paul Jamison Jamison realty Jamison property investments. And Jamison property management York post. To show your real estate today happy Saturday march to come stay with this we'll be right back on 11109893. W. VT welcome back to show you real estate today thank you so much for being what are some hall Jamieson your post. From the show here with my good friend and the partners Jamison sandy did consume a summit funding. OK before the break we talked a little bit about some statistics. And one of the things that. I was going to share with you as I finish up the statistics that I mean I just I'm fascinated by this stuff. The largest. Segment of the market that wants to buy sandy what do you think that if well I think it's the millennium. You think if the millennial that's. Yeah here right now that's a 25 to 34. They wanna buy. Okay. What do you think is the largest. Segments. I got to kind of combine them together 'cause they're relatively large between the two that doesn't want. I'm been back and forth on this Saddam it would make sense to be Tom the older people. Yes 55 and over our largest segments we don't want about. And they're tired mail that they're more trouble mom. Don't wanna take care stuff I'm hand raiser on that. You know I'm definitely hand raise you know. 7045701110. If you've got a real estate question we'd love to talk to here we're here live sandy and I bring it to us and well. You know don't be scared just pick up thrown to put your arm and listen. This is from the tour starts so. Everybody talks about and Lee who hang on we'll get to you everybody talks about Google. Right bye now okay. So. When they talk about Google and and you have. Google laying his at a good time to sell or a good time Dubai which one do you think is Google's the most. Oh. Well I would guess everyone has its a good time to sell sell I would say it is edited come to buy that is right three times more people. Google. And Clinton they need to send me money for send their name this many times are good time to die okay all right. So how do we boost home construction. And mentally hang on I'll get to you don't pink tent I don't wanna take your questions. How do we boost home construction. Rapid round here it goes provide regulatory relief to the banks. Removed tariffs on lumber and building materials. Don't beat Jews stringent on zoning and land use and reworked condominium. Lastly projections and at 29. Teens say that he. National existing home sales will still in 22019. Tick up another 4%. Per year so Tony eighteen Tony nineteen. 4% increase. And those much smarter than me also say the median home price. Nationally will rise 8%. Over the next two years meaning 4% per year harper turtle bay. That data comes from large Sharon. Director of economics. For the National Association of Realtors. Are rightly. How I. Number yourself going good how can help sort. Just. This is my first flip. OK okay about the house redid the whole block out the old rhetoric so that bad this 2000 square feet yep. A little over half acre. A lot of activity a lot of so what I'm getting a lot of feedback comments are really not a the part is right behind. But I haven't had any offers and I've got fifteen more days and to be on the market or form are you OK. I don't. Mark why do you think it hasn't gotten an offer just if your gut was to tell you what. Okay area okay. Alright and so it's an emerging areas what you're saying. Well it's up comment area better not where it needs to be okay. All right. I'm gonna offer used to suggestions. And they're completely opposite suggestion okay. Apparent so is so hang let me ferment and they're they're the total opposite end of the totem pole okay. Are you calling back the real Ter sir is your real jerk calling back to realtors that are doing the showings in getting the feedback. You know Allred I think that's the biggest problem has character. Try well here's what I would suggest because you know it sounds to me like one of the things that you may be able to do to help coach them a little bit. Is asked them to give you a weekly report from the other realtors after they call after the show X. 'cause then just there are objections there. You can help overcome those objections by getting real. Person to person voice to voice feedback. Persistently feedback that comes through the computer. I find it to be really helpful and I think you're real too little too and I think you will too specifically. Because let me let me tell you a technique that is used rarely but it works it's called a reverse offer. Have you heard that before late never okay. A reverse offer is if you've got somebody that's been there twice. And they really love it and you see the feedback. You write them an off. Prepared to remain so I have the agent right up an offer to purchase and send it to that buyer. You sign it you actually cued it and you send. He doesn't work all the time. But when it does work I guarantee he'll make you happy. Well so try that the second thing would be is. Again depending on the cost you your leverage in the flip if you have any leverage in the flipped. It is for you to hold the property for twelve months. And rent it. Because typically what ends up happening and Lee Jeans that rancher becomes your bio. Occur. It doesn't liquidate you out as fast and that's not always right for somebody depends on how are you if you paid cash or if you. If you leveraged these the home itself it just depends on your situation and what's financially can make sense for Oreo I don't know if you got a short term. On the wrong turn horribly. The retirement money and pay cash for the purchase okay what I would consider that. Because I think in an emerging area once you get him in there once you get him unpacked and once they see the growth. I sell. About forty. Properties to ten minutes every. While. And that's another creative way to get you some cash flow way. The other passel of you know. I'm not sure how to go about getting a decent coroner. Found him on the terror up everything that has been nuns and I have to go back and redo it bright and well. Willie let me put it to you this way okay. If you wanna talk to me about data offline because you know I have a management company I'd be happy to coach you. I'm sometimes and see if that's appropriate for. And you guys this property thing I think Alan Beaulieu. Of course felt if only he's only doubt it seeing more date all and it almost what I am right well I'm happy to talk to you about that but I'd also encouraging to work with him. And give him a shot that may be column and get you some better feedback. I always wanna try to allow somebody if they've really put an investment in time men. Two to lead to take may be these last time with them toe to. Maybe they can make a quick sale for if not and that time is up and you wanna talk on leave that up do you. Okay all right sir I really appreciate your help Ali thank you thanks for listening to have a great day we developed our. 7045701110. Lead. My that was a real nice column ask them listen to his good guy. I wish immoral that. They give us a call will answer your real estate questions and by the way guys sandy is here with some of funding if you've got lending questions should you refi what score all the rates what products are out there we're gonna talk about some but. You know everything is different and you know. Grab her while she's here 'cause she you know she's actually he's sitting here right now 7045701110. So sandy. Let's talk for a minute about. Bruce. And I kind of teased that a little bit earlier. About. One since we Hadley and investor looked. You know how are they so much different than a regular about. Philly won a stronger buyer for an investor property said he did need to put more money down. Then the minimum on a primary residence or second home so that's the main difference also wanna have super good credit thumb. Horry going to be paying a much higher rates so those are the two main things. We look for really stable he pleaded they used to say had to have experienced we don't really require that anymore. So weakened so new people can come in an investment is nice. But I would only suggest putting 25% and we can do as little as 15%. The thing you're gonna have mortgage insurance in Enders or big great Bob are any thing above 75%. So I recommend signing. Asked for cents or seven if 225%. Who east down this what your saying that's what I think is is a sweet spot yeah. Okay I I need to see and so so. Can still get a thirty year old alone I'm sure OK so and here's here's another nice thing we can now. When we do an appraisal if we order a special schedule from the appraiser who we can count the typical rent for the area. To offset your payment when maybe a minute hold on. I thought there was all of this are credited says soon do and that what happened all that junk that at the Linda. Okay. Guys I want you to listen to what she's saying right now. Because a lot of the qualifications of beat it used to be helped me go back to the past their rules and the Brady Bunch thing minimum. If you were wanting to be an investor your very first rental house we have more. You have another rental house you had to have that renal house and you had to show rental income and you had to be accredited. Doesn't that the term. Investor so that you had at least a year two years experience yet I. I ha ha shouldn't talking about so that's out the window. Yes OK well we got some more. To talk about sandy here are some of funding polled Jamison your post. When the studio live on the show your realistic today's they would we're rocket out. Related to real estate. Plus I'm. Here and that's kind pretty crazy. Had George you've never seized the basement. They show your real estate today we're live from the WBT studious told Jamison your post here with that Jamison family of companies real estate property investment property management. Rescind the consumer some of funding if you're live in wanna have. If your life I've airlines airliner alive and that would help and it and one a Collison. That if you're zombie and we don't want to hear from the Patricia if you're out there were lives so call 704571110. We're gonna put Jerry on in the second. But if you have a real estate question we'd love to hear from a and sandy before we pick up Jerry. Just. You and I were talking at the break when you gave me a piece of information on what we call a homestead or and incidental landlord or someone that just decides to rent their home. Tell me a little bit about the classification. Of that income for. How it's counted 'cause this is all new I've not heard this so this is like breaking news to me. So we we call of the departing residents they're gonna buy another house they leave in the past there and they wanna rent the house. Found that their leaving rather than fretted and selling it. And they they get at least sonet not a family member. But as a stranger. Stranger things change and release her leaking can't 75% of rental income to offset their monthly mortgage payment. That's pretty fantastic. Because then used to do that. Yet at the gun back tilt unlike left yeah I mean if the money's coming in why not threat right and it's real okay all right Gerri Daria. I'm girl are you thank you record last call for of course I can help. I'm. We don't have. Forewarned there whatever so we're thinking you know. You've been around property. And no mortgage sonet and using that to more property and kind of flip home is not a good idea or not. Okay how I'll let sandy talked from the financial side. And then I'm gonna talk from the practical side okay and are they so sandy what do you think. I think if you have sufficient equity in your rent a house that it's a good idea to do that you're leveraging your mom your assets for your next purchase. Common and we're good with that. It's a little tricky because it feared if you gonna do then you disclose it to the lender then they're that you always have the right YE taking cash out. Letter so they know you're getting in the get into new debt in the gonna have to see what that dead is an ordered says. Calculate your debt ratio and make sure that you're still good one too by the next properties so it's a little tricky that way. But we have lots of people do it we have people that go ahead take the cash out there and just market and then when they're ready. To Biden then they deal with the purchase of the new house. And and here's where I stand with the Jerry OK how a lot of it has to be a personal decision right. So. You have to decide where you risk tolerance brought us where are you comfortable. Based on how old you are based on your personal or other financial situation based on New York. Your feelings on balance related to debt vs not debt and and where those properties are and how stable they are. Let me give you an example. Okay. Let's say you own property that that cost or orders worth a 100000 dollars all right. And you both 50000 dollars on it okay so you've got 50000 dollars worth of equity there. You know that you're going to be able to borrow potentially up to 25000. Dollars you heard me so far. Yes OK so. What will 25000. Dollars buy you. Now vs the risk exactly. So when you look at that scenario. Look at what that next step is going to be and make sure that there are sufficient funds. To buy you a property. That creates the same stability you already half. Per carry. So I'm I am semi risk averse but I'm also. I believe. In the real estate investing in like ten and what Dave Ramsey calls good debt bad debt right. Our current. Would follow him yummy too and I like a lot of what he says. So so when I look at it I use the same benchmark. If I'm taking out 25000. Dollars. I may. Wait. And I may wait until I've got 50000 dollars which would allow me to purchase a property that would be more stable. In any grand total environment bad scooter in different. I remember Aaron it was clear we want to solicit and sell it now all I thought you wanted to take a loan on it and keep it. Aren't set the alarm armed. You wanna sell taking equity out and buy something else and for a bit and sell it yes. OK well. I answered the wrong question because there but that was a good answer to the wrong question I think are so here's the second answer to your real question. And that is that. You have to look at. The the amount of gain. That you would have on the property and the potential of what you would do with the game I'm gonna tell you this. A lot of properties that I evaluate like what you're talking about has gotten to a place where they're not gonna appreciate much more. All right. So depending on where your property is good real estate agent Mike can do it for you if you want. Can look at the piece of property and say you know what this is a really good time to solve this here have been the increases. And based on what I know. I can project what's mean not a full degree of certainty about what trends to say we're about a six as good as it's gone again. And then to remove that property forward. So what about. Pulling their money elsewhere we have very his credit. And and if he were the equity out of around the house to. Purchase and they're just there to pay for the repairs that are yet. This takes it up. Yeah again so here's where you start Gerri I'm I'm going to I'm gonna tell you where to start okay. To place and one on sandy side one on my side current. On my side and and and not and I need to tell you this is a perfect question. So on my side chairman mark yeah what you need to do is you need to start with me I need to tell you you're asking a perfect question. And good question it's positive compliment. Okay you need to start with the piece of real estate that you're interested in selling her leverage. And that will talk about first. So if you wanna call me it's 846 done 8463663. And I can give you a quick snapshot of what the dollars were clocked. But you really need to talk to Santa. Because sandy is the key if you can't get what you want from sandy. There's no sense in doing what she talked about weave me makes cents. Where you need to know where you can go and you need to know what you can go there win. Arrogant corporate owned. You can yell really let you listen to what can I show give her phone number hold on you got sub her right went. I did all right Jerry going to personally go ahead. I can't coming at 70457701. Far far. Okay you get that all right and I'm 8463660. Sure. All pro hormone all right hey thanks for college very year you're one of those good collars you get it's you ask good questions are like. Call again you start up last night. Steve what's going on. Well a long. Long story short yet we only have a minute and a half so go ahead I'll get. I thought a piece of property. That winter probate cannot had been quick claim deed. And now I'm finding out that there might be a possible mortgage lane on the property. Best sellers told me what they but it clarity. I'm very you do you have a a general warranty deed. Yes uh huh. Then you're good. OK well like I say and they went through probate and then when they did the proclaimed its mortgage company never put lane or anything else back on the property. Did you get title insurance. Yet Red Sox Steve you're a genius. You're you just covered up your EU TT. I'm well I was gonna say it's only a 24000. Dollar mortgage bad. I really don't wanna pay an additional 24000 dollars is gonna come down. They dig out that closing statement and that policy. And start stance of are Harper's failure cover that's why you get it Steve you don't want it cost about five under barker and I had the same thing happened to our client of mine for 64000. Dollar lien and he had title insurance. And he did a title search in any kind of general warranty deed and his BUTT. Was okay exclamation point just like me stand. Yeah see. These kids Smart man you get the gold star award by a friend mob dance and thank you yes so her. All right what checked with the real estate attorney get the process started. And you can call cost her all the be glad to help the show your real estate today sandy Dickinson poll Jamison were heaven fun live in the studio stay with us. Here on 9293. WBZ. Don't go away with the race. Welcome back to show you real estate today glad your weather says hall Jamieson your host. With the Jamison company Jamison realty Jamison property investments saying Jamison property management here was sandy Dickens and was summit. Funding. And Shandi. Time moving quick connect an elf there I hits today a pair of your weather sudden. You do you have not had a chance to call please do 7045701110704570. 1110 would you realistic questions are things that you need from us against sandy here if you have raped questions are financing questions. If you have questions about your home your rental property anything you'd like to talk about we are here. To share what you're 704571110. Part. Sandy let's talk about. One. Gay certainty. We've been teasing about that. Can't hot off the press demeaning and not. So it's a new it's a conventional. Product that Fannie Mae has put out and down what were they are going to do and I'm sure every everyone will follow Ali other investors but. They're blind to bomb go out in future employment information. Go adding it's your bank statements online there's a secure website that you put your login information on for that. It will minimize the amount of paper people have to give tests. Come including. Including some proprietor tax returns like schedule C. Thought we don't have to add back depreciation or some other things should. Let him. It happened to good but so BM a meat and in a lot of those mainly come out with no appraisals to because they do their own valuation online valuations south. Ultimately the goal is to minimize. Paperwork for the client in the mortgage company. On paying did she much quicker approvals it's gonna be mom you know maybe a few percent initially and then grow ten. To hopefully guessing if that's significant number of of learned so we can do that with we can still choose not to do it that way. Unclear if we need to massage alone to get it through. The defense of an ally slam dunk then nomination say a lot of time. Yeah thanks so I mean. Anything to streamline the process you know death is pretty labor intensive. Because I tell you Sandia mean royals talking about earlier you know kind of kick starting the housing market. I'm keeping it more vibrant from them you know. On your end. It's still not easy now so muddy sea. Hit him better than. Mean yeah it's a lot better and it was a couple of years ago he asked you tell us are born as far as Europe you know they called my doctor at a convention and the screams we no longer need flood Harold love several DNA now. So in this process one of the things. That has been. Something that you kind of brought up. Worse about bank statements and online stuff and. Had some very good players too you basically tit typically two months thanks statements. Thumb which hopefully don't have a lot of large deposits they can't be sourced. But when people give those tests like. They don't get their bank statements in the mail anymore if they do they possible way so that only ask them to go online and get some. And they print the activity for two months that doesn't even have their name on it and we can't associate that account with them because. That doesn't have a name out of so we really have to have the paper PDF statements. And a lot of times at last page doesn't have any information on it. But if it says if your bank statements are one of five or one of six we have to have lost six pages but we're just gonna keep bugging yes and that's a huge fascination. Our clients. None though we definitely have to have all the pages and numb to them and if you move money around a lot we we have to know where it came from. And don't put any cash in the account his will have to back it out. Saw. Yeah I guess it has to season and I passed deceit mean OK all right OK Julie we're gonna try to squeeze you in before the end howry. I'm doing good how are you today I'm good how can I help you. I'm calling on behalf of. My daughter split them up and it's it's raining a lot kind of a luxury apartment. Eight and she really Mike can purchase something in the Charlotte area but it's the constant struggle to. Find a location and then how to see eventually get out that we're winning. Break in the leaves were changing you know not signing up it's it's going to be harder I think suggestions for Moline -- looked into by property. Can she qualify for a loan to. Yeah okay so that's the first part so prepare that and have the financial piece ready have a called sand here. You know and and sandy can at least get her pre approval letter not a pre qualification letter better pre approval letter and there's a big difference between two years. That's really where you gotta start so it takes a little longer to get a preapproved rights and yet because we do have to see the documentation right. OK so there's your leverage point having those documents the second thing is is that she's got a lease. There's two ways to deal with the least number one is if they go to a month to month. If the end of the term you'll pay a little bit more but at least it gives you the flexibility of not having to sign up for another year. If they don't. And then at many places will do what's called police assumption. And that means that as soon as they find it tenant that takes that that makes their owner hole again. Yeah they will relieve issue from the least but I do you know if she purchases a house and she still got released. That's still does count against her. If it closes before that are outstanding 'cause it's still considered an obligation she's paying for little. If un un. Tight loans we do ask that question right. And I didn't didn't quite get how long did she get like a pre approval letter. Or or whatever it he'll be looking for a I don't beat port attic Iger did it. The credit documents are good for four months. But it's not super easy to to give me new ones. So yeah obvious update your cup yeah this rendering Florida's good performance we don't have to re pull that again for four months on same with bank statements and and we get Thabeet Heusen pay steps would you like them within thirty days and then of that application date but. That's easy. I was saying for months. What should give her enough time hopefully. All right. I appreciate you all that may edit it will get them quite did for our I really appreciate your Internet site. All right well good that's cells I won't will have us another homeowner who said thanks Julie. About it by now. Cart what I was supposed nice she's out there shopping for a normal kind of a whole bunch of I hope so too. Hope she doesn't end up buying it for a fact. Gator that paper so you can you can borrow the money you. OK so. Real quick sandy let's. Let me go through how to invest in a rising market so I got rapid romantic guy like two minutes from time I really. How do you invest. And by rental property in a rising market. Here's the first thing you must first pick a horse pick an area pick worked got it and understand it so pick a horse. You know then ride that thing focus on an area. Can go where that. Run it learn it do it. Number to get daily op play updates. Work with a real estate agent. Set up a search get the real data don't rely on. Busy place and that T placed as they're not paying me advertising dollars. And and shop realtor signs you sharp realtor signs you're wasting your time you're gonna be mad quick math right number three. Get short lender in order sandy that I I can read it really strong letter yes she can and then she did it for me today. Number four. When you find something to craft a good offer. Low balling will get you frustrated. If the home has just been listed don't take that. That approach and don't think that just because you have cash they're gonna fall all over you. That's not how it works all right. Five look at the numbers just last week I walked away from a deal because the numbers did not meet that threshold. Get out of the emotional this is embarrassment property. Don't get frustrated be patient. Sometimes a strike fast and sometimes you ride a few to get what you want it is not a fast process. Seven remember you're not living there. Number eight look at property with reasonable. Eyes. Okay if you hate the paint colors don't roll it out. Number nine don't expect the seller to cut the price and pay for your updates. Come on number ten look at the big picture. What are the returns not just for money but. In five years and set reasonable expectations. For that return part. So sandy if somebody wants to read it to to get a loan to buy a home to have to work with their rate and work with you how they get cheap. They come I can I come leader at 7045770144. And she answered your phone but anyway I muffins and you know there. If you're interested in investment property if your interest and enlisting your home if you're interested in buying a home. We'd love to help be a Jamison. If you're. Jamison family of companies are there for you give us a call at 846. Done 846. 3663. Thank surveillance against.