The First Lady Spars with Ivana Trump; Senator Jeff Jackson Knocked on a 1,000 Doors

Scott Fitzgerald
Tuesday, October 10th

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Strap on Tuesday we are we're gonna. When do some brain storm because of this morning 11:15 am looking forward to arguing some mental calisthenics here. Usually just about counting to ten both forward and backward and about alphabet thing whereas if every little. I czar would have a Taylor KCB. You run him down they flash cards as well let me. So bright so what we've brainstorm is how we get Amazon ago hey Charlie you're the place that we need to be excellent fifteen that would become direct. At 1015 there kind of a social experiment I think Jim Jackson one of our own political dudes in the area. Knocked on 1000 doors. 1002. What was that like. Why did you do it the results of at all. How many times was the aware of the please call that's sort of who talked to him about that template to this morning here and yes indeed we are where Bruin again. Were were poised to tie the hurricane season record. That is more than a century. Half time I was wondering. He hurricane season doesn't appreciate you letting up at all. Tropical storm Ophelia in the Atlantic now. Tenth consecutive storm. To go to a hurricane. Poehler she's gonna what you perceive to be letting up at this point time and right now poses no threat to the land. Just trying to get an old isn't. Up five major hurricanes already this season including three category five storms fifteen names stored. Name one that's when Izzo field. Hopefully where she goes is nowhere. Near the United States or any place else that is ardor received. Substantial land unprecedented damage I was crossing fingers that went on this is a story that that has me. A little on the concerns side here India in if you're a parent and you've got kids in school and any this year and dislocations. I'd be asking some real questions. Active police investigation. What in the world is going on sterling elementary well. Police still haven't said it who'd they arrest Sara what charges they're facing in connection Elvis. An apparent spirit sterling elementary school wish that CNN save cancel classes. Yesterday tube because CMS knew about the threat last week and didn't look here spokesperson said they cancel school. Out of an abundance of caution so officers can continue to investigate. How we spoke with the mother who has two children at the school she said the district called their Friday and Sunday about all of this. Yesterday she noticed a more police officers when the school was on a lock down. And that means that students weren't allowed to play outside now the mother didn't want to be identified that that she's keeping her kids out of the classroom. Until everything is resolved. With the recent events on the world. I'm not only just look at had a concern of my own children percent of all children. Now CNN hasn't decided if classes will resume Wednesday here around this old. We are pushing police for more information about the threat the arrest and how relates to this school. Adding you your balance between privacy. And being informed as to what is gonna. Let's just make up a hypothetical situation here OK I don't know that this is the case delicious make up a hypothetical situation and may not be far off. They may not be far off if you know what's gonna of course please 7045701110. So let's imagine for just a moment that that there's a woman I'm a let's assume it's a woman. Who's over the teachers there may be administrators and but it works the school this would just say it's teacher. And that person is having problems were very our relationship I don't know domestic situation. And then maybe there's been some threats and concerns that whoever the partner is in this. In this so little relationship here he is gonna go off half cocked maybe even made some threats to come to the school. Two to even the score. So to speak. Wouldn't. A situation like that be something that you'd want to know about us parent. Particularly. Particularly if you happen to be the parent of somebody. A child who was inept a good teachers class noggin is all hypothetical this is conjecture but I'm just kind of creating a situation here where you know. Because they're not saying it was a direct threat against any of the children. But then indirect threat. If somebody's been arrested. But to back a look at the statistics. But because somebody has been arrested in situation like this and again I'm assuming minutes domestic violence of some sort. What is the likelihood that after an arrest somebody's going to give up. On whatever it is that they would like to do to quote even the score or to get back to shut somebody up or to say maybe I love you come back. First of those kinds of things that you you're really just can't. You can't predict. And restraining orders don't work we know that. How many times have we had a situation. Took over and over its endless and again and again we talked about this when I came to a gun deaths last week. We're number one gun deaths were suicides. Via a number two gun deaths in the country were eighteen to 35 year old African American man. And the third. Third most gun deaths in the country thirteen hundred plus. Our domestic violence situations. And generally domestic violence situations where. Leave the person. Who ended up dead. Did whatever they could tried oftentimes to look at the other person. To stay out of their lives. So 70457 oil and Jeff I wanna know inquiring minds want to know and as a parent I would definitely wanna know what that the situation was. So that I could make my own decisions about my kids. And their safety of breaking back nine tennis your time this is news 1110. Not exactly WB two ligaments knights haven't issued tablet and five other shots. Thousand bucks is on the line it's the source king had a giveaway you have whose 1110993. WBZ. Not your caddie members sergeant Jenny courtside. She was a supervisor there and apparently she and Daniel Hamrick it's excellent Connors from 2012 through this year. And then the other it was goes on. She admitted to us sexual encounters with a guy named Neely from 2003 to 2007. With a dude named bowling in 2007 with a dude named brown from 2010 to 2011. And with camera from Tori talked to Tony seventy. And she's she was quite popular apparently correctly made herself quite popular. And as a result. Six York county deputies admitted on duty sexual encounters and quite a few disciplined the story didn't end there though. Your Kevin tolls and said back in August that a dark cloud hung over this office after allegations surfaced about sex on duty involving six deputies he said he thought all that have been taken care of but now more questions and more deputies are forced to leave their jobs. Two deputies broke a sheriff Kevin told some last week resigning during an investigation accusing both of having sex while at work. The resignations come two months after deputies Jennifer Forsythe and Dana Hamrick were fired after being accused of having sex while on duty. Four other deputies were disciplined for being involved sexually with Forsythe going back to 2003. Today sheriff told that was clearly disgusted about having to talk about this in public. Again and this is what it is it's not pretty it's not us. Fun to be out here to talk about our employees and police officers assets under him. This time according just Davis from deputies deputies had sacks six times from 2015 to 2017. At times in uniform in a patrol car and then that in a wooded area in Fort Mill. Tolls and says that the two deputies who just quit had not he would have fired the he says deputies must be held to a higher standard however brushed. Sit here and think does a group that these kind of activities don't have an amateur professional I think would work force and I don't know that I have ever heard a situation where one. One woman was at the center of the so much more. That's pretty widespread is pretty widespread. And and how you think the other deputies the email deputies involved. Interact with each other I wonder if they knew you know. I'd go to the league that's right how the world did they pull this off Lincoln and the car. I'm dimming set to report have been in the back of a police car one time in my life there's not a whole lot of room back there and those doors lock right. Don't they locked you can't get away he can't get away. So what they have to be in the backseat you know. Make him the beast with two backs. And the doors locked pinch include. Our distraction I've a got a bit of an issue here. I'll go ahead but it's. When it's somebody with a slim Jim and I'm sure at least. Of the front seat there's more room in the front seat in the Arab vaccines. And I always wondered I mean I I never understood how how police officers of O'Neal. Could sit within his belts on you know with a gun and via the handcuffs. When the taser him in that just seems really uncomfortable. Blitzes the report is that they had they did this in uniform. Missouri there's some gymnastics aren't they Jamie. Yeah I'd bet that the into thinking that they are out there flat but in the back and look you got science. You felt terrible and yet they didn't want it took questions. I'm sorry but like pac bell are suited deep pain in your tank for officers to having sex swallowed dirty little boat speed doing their job. Should we put a dollar amount on each time the activity happened I wonder if we if we know exactly. What the tally is here. Not your grandmother now there but I think your officers or they bishop there there are paid to do the job protecting serve right. That they won another activity in that app your ship there's all over we'll look good leadership. Loads up a fairly they were serving and they were open they could protect that the fact that they did the survey do you think the guys. You via via the mail deputies in this particular case put notches on their guitar on. Yeah they didn't cut it come out right Pamela hold on a segregated we gonna appear another way accountants are. She she notched their guitar and shot. There there are not have been emphasizing the damage Asian. Who we're locked in and I've asked this question. That Sarah Barrett and media which were I think maybe there were four people from the media I think one was from -- one was from WSB TV. Any beg them. Not to put their name in the paper do you or or or broadcaster a do you think I want second airport and not let them know right physics oh yes certain of course we won't do at we will do it didn't. Do that this was all gonna come out now or not and I forget that the TV's gonna barked out the woman inside the one officer. I mean if they're not gonna be pretty good not pretty for York county we don't they don't the people are telling don't wanna see your need to sort out. Well no good note and no Kelly no department. Wants to have to deal with something like this. And I mean I mean Charlotte at their fair share a lot of a month ago what BP you know walked toward the prescription drugs several are critical battleground. Well. Let's not forget first of wall. We we place. Peace officers on a pedestal. And we honor them and we should honor them Bud Day and they are just as human beings you and tell me I had to tell me Jamie. Even if your wife pursue their significant others listen that you never ever been attracted to somebody that you worked with the you know hired through where everyone there. I not record what I what was then called played at my wife is my bought the and is there a story behind this. Yet there is there it's there it's a great story and they're kind of work that we do for a living is how we met and and then from there we've been married and happily ever that's. Let's also. Was there was there any sort of I don't know fireworks complications early on as the as the other romance became known. I don't because what we get sick the way we interact recovered the way we worked together I mean we are just. Elder sister that was it meant because we were just. You know art are on point with a lot of things. And we just meant I'd Iowa I think we can we do have our bumps in the road sometimes but you know why it's in the very. I go home happy I doubled to a freeway and the list does not seen it's just. And I can't I can't really complain about a I have one thing I have a site was sent. And the whole thing with this whole thing what you're getting at bat than their public relations department. They could not coaching well it was really bad and I look folks start for the sheriff but it should have been crap a little better. It's and that's got to be a crappy. Beginning of a crappy day this year if I were looking on your agenda here today. First of all we need to pay out three of the Dunkin' Donuts bill let's overdue. That CBS children gonna come in for tort today they wanna see what the other prison looks like oh and by the way there's a press conference here there's going to be some news reporters and they wanna talk about the did lend again. I want there are things that. I don't want that gay fifth cut cut to hole and they gave give all of me. It's that every other you know he he really thought he he guys you know to go for the cross I mean he really did yesterday. Like you know what this debate has boy it's freedom of information that it's right were put at the plate. Keating I wanna answer those questions you wanted BO he wasn't happy about this for immigrant nation back and say about Carolina it's a law. What you know wondering if you're not that the horse it's gonna get to keep it straight out beat feet. Come out and say yes this happened with people officer. They were reprimanded or they were like Doherty resigned in kind and in Europe he'll look better candidate day instead of dragon and now. It's like ripped the band data. You know just just get it done just just get an on yank off all here on your arm or wherever that mandate might be. We're waxing headed to and I mean maybe if you put abandoned on you yeah to hear that similar so it's not bad for your time I Jaime appreciate it Darren you do the same here thanks to listen and I think it's called the yeah that's never got a B plus. And another and another press conference. Kennedy is going big ice wanna go efficient UK can I just go position. Conservatives are right to statement sent a Dominican film the statement. Your goodness and dependent if I understand correctly isn't there some sort of I don't investigation as to whether or not harassment was going on her involved in this. This one's not over. We say that a lot of bad news stories don't this what we're gonna hear a lot more about this when as time goes on and I'm sure that we will. And this is the kind of thing that this sort of prompts other places and other departments program that we better I would bidders from housecleaning is just in case. You pointing a finger and some of the think fingers might be cloning. Right Baghdad you. The White House is it in disarray there's a lot of folks on the insider as saying wedeman the rage that's going on inside the hallowed halls of the White House is going to be too much Karen Travers with the ABC joins us coming up. Battle BIQ just. Like I gotta think it should actually be a requirement for anybody who's running for political office. In addition to make it true that your healthy and on the Tribune last or whatever term it is that you have. They you should be given a lie detector test we've talked about this before in the program. Two and sort of give us a and insight into how trustworthy you may or may not be. And I also think the junior to publicly take an IQ test. I think that would just be fascinating. To me absolutely. Fascinating. So like human urge the the men in black scene where they had all the the military folks in the police officers. And they're taking a test all the same time. That's what I think should happen I think we should give pop worker and and president trot in the same room. And does lay down that Mensa test and see who comes out on top. I'll jump in there too I'm not afraid you can you all don't show you how little her how much gray matter I happen to have. Talk to a lot of reporters urine and by far I'm sure the one with the highest IQ would be Karen Travers will be Sera Karen. Yeah we'll put that is not a fast that you just say yes and claimant run I mean really share her mentally I'm that testy at its. Part of football is you are will be. I OJ did it the thing with her during SAT scores and continue. 1450 have a you. That was exactly what might want action oh really. Yeah. I knew we were kindred spirit I know I think fell ninety. Patient but now evidently unlike a billion point scale it it has everyday since Saturday it and we just we just he had the two different numbers and yeah and now they have always been it's it's confusing things dude you're trying to. Make the snowflakes you know and not being able to compare with their parents are thinking. Rob thanks to these exactly so we don't feel bad not its so us or give me some insight into via the price of the protest. Album little confused with the dollar amount then goes hand in hand with the flight for vice president pets because his ex explanation must. He was are you go to Vegas and he had to fly back to Washington in a flyover Indianapolis anyway Muslim could stop and pharmaceuticals. Is have to hope she. That's what the way to their White House and the BP's offices saying we wouldn't have spent the night anyway in vague answer. LA we would've Kamal you back to Washington so long flight would have been built and so we have the cost down based on air force estimates of how much it cost to fly air force two was so it's about 240000. Dollars to go from Vegas Indianapolis Saturday. Indianapolis to LA on Sunday. Of course it doesn't take into account security costs for the motorcade any road closures in Indianapolis snags saying yeah and eating extra at the stadium I mean I don't believe this is an announced two things so it's not like every person preceding him has to go through. Extra security measures if we knew pence is going to be their car or something else put in place. So there's slightly different you know when you know our president or EP is coming. The security ramps up when it's an unannounced visit it's a little handled that differently purely. So earlier today would vote Thompson the real housewives of the White House yeah. Com hunt but I didn't see this one comment but that but then again I didn't know that bit of fun I was writing a book. She was soon. She was quite entertaining I think so yeah. She did this interview with ABC's Amy wrote back and you know says that you don't like to call too much because you know should Armani had to get jealous is what she said then and she understands kind of herb place in this whole family order. But she then made a joke you know that she was the first trump wife and then laughed and said I'm the First Lady. It would it just died there it's an interesting story at this downplayed but it's not a big headline making. And in some ways you could say that by vote do first lady's office responding. We're talking about it today gentlemen talking about it otherwise but certainly somebody in the White House took a bit of issue with Yvonne at trump statement yesterday in that interview. Statement put out and saying that this First Lady money trump eyes and use her role to help children that cannot sell books. Some she's gonna write a book someday they'll. No money you know Joseph course. Mean are you that most of them to miss first ladies do yes certainly has some angle of what they're timeless lake with the experience was like and then she. Kind of product and maybe even marlin at that point in time can all get together in doing a book tour. And I can about a quarter honey that water velocity of the gas so well cover it if it happened got you all right so sort of stand on this says this Philadelphia Eagles cure the Panthers came at this point in time. Do you have a prediction. And who. I mean they give one more day to predict that we get a bunch of injuries right now I gotta kind of size up and see where things stand it's short turnaround I mean these Thursday games are tough phone line line line and say you know I know are you guys late that Sunday to get like well you're trying to develop an excuse garnered I don't know if you know I editing the players will say it's it's caffeine you don't get that standard Monday he and Brady skin and film gain on the topic is okay. So we'll see businesses a big a big day from. And then we need to make a bet it's on you know and it's open it's really a monumental earth shaking her. Kinda put into. Well I worked on the exact animal work on that so I appreciate I appreciate the update can Travers. With ABC so one of the things that Nevada was talking him and I thought it was just hysterical was how the president. Hostile tweet. Tweet we. We. And that we're gonna call the president rock and rock and. Love to hear the president go to week two made me. They were you working a little Michael Jackson. I'm voting WB TV. I'm 47 contaminated. Common Imus happens Joseph thanks for listening. Threw a wild action not even never once thought caught up in the world politics of it comes up this this law they think is going to. Hope to be the best thing since apples and peanut butter. And it turns out to be something that people look at and go are you really can I really really really really. California health care workers who willfully and repeatedly. To decline to use a senior transgender patients preferred name more protests are prone towns. Could face punishments ranging from may find to jail time. Did I Stoner. There will be this again. Health care work yours in or who willfully quote and repeatedly quote declined to use a senior transgender patients preferred name or pronoun could face punishments. Ranging from me inclined to jail time new signed law in California. When this when was being bandied about not too long ago. The initial stages of the discussion. Tucker Carlson had a chance to sit down with the democratic strategist. True find out wait a minute. Go to jail First Amendment what the hell's gonna. What I'm talking about at the abuse. This is there but you'll understand this he's misusing someone's probably around there's abuse we see all the time people do this as a form of abuse. While I thought I would follow the all right blogs are they call Michelle Obama I man that is abusive should they went to jail without exception they go to jail or not but it had done NN medical thing I did that would constitute a hole badly Brooke constituted Tucker is. Prolonged continuous intentional abuse by a health care provider that is abuse that should be what criminal. What they should be criminal okay what are they thinking at fortify you have unpleasant thoughts about you and you could somehow find out I have enjoyed them in jail to visit our net as well nature always -- my -- litter but oh but you're using the right words you're using the wrong pronoun should get its economic how many times I'll get how many well abuses is subjective term we're talking a physical abuse were trying to say something that person hearing it doesn't want any mention of the years. The mental mental obvious right let's just totally. Okay subjective category once again how many times I have to misuse of pronoun before I went to prison. It has to be fiery previous three cafeteria prolong and continue it intentional abuse by a health care provider there have to be what is Larry said let's stop using euphemisms here just gets it gets that affects how many times are I have to misuse of pronoun before the police came handcuffed me and Semitool prison cell. Whom to question. How would you hit well if if you were talking to a transgendered person and you should the simulator wrote. And a small sister and how. Yeah. There's so many strange. Gender terms. These days with the great now we're dealing with the this is the senior issue that they're dealing with. But if you if you take a look at the young folks feel the money deals there'd be gender fluid it generation. And they use of terminology that the just has me scratching my head. As if each and every day it's almost like bio rhythms you know. Remember how they used to print you can get your bio rhythms tested or not knew where you were psychologically emotionally and are you centered in India all that tennis and India Korea. So very remind them. But so. I mean here's a quote from somebody. Who's trying to figure out where she fits on the binary scale. Because now it's not are you a man or are you a woman. Or do you think you're a man do you think you're a woman. It's a scale. Someday news this is the quote I may feel more mail. Sundays. More female. And some days I may feel completely neutral an existing in that gray area. So if I don't know do we need to Andrea. A new world approach to pronounce you wanna teaching pro protons or talk to us. So what if you're feeling 60% male 40% female. When I need to say you know I just talked to 6040 over there and a 6040 says that we should probably raise the prices I'm if they ended. And then would there be an offense at which. Which sex or which gender was was first in the numbers probably yeah yeah. That somebody you know somebody who's feeling 4060 that they might be a little on top of you saying now wait a minute. You know I'm feeling for a sixty that person's feelings 6040 but we are completely different and I need you to look. Struck just a thing is if you're a worker with one of those folks and I was in that position and somebody tells me I don't care it's like today I feel like Sally Field and it's a guy. Or it's a woman says that I feel like Tom Hanks today com atomic army guy if you really care for them you won't mind Colin them. But whatever they want to make their day better. If I could do that as it is about if I were healthcare worker. And somebody were doing that if that gave them a little mental you know little kick some and make them feel good OK yes ma'am sure. You know pay in and I go against their plumbing in Mike kept up but hey that's it if that helps you mentally in nature like there are some out. OK a yes ma'am no ma'am you're right. No I know I understand the but I think you and I have a little bit of a different approach to. To saying you know today I feel like Sally treat the so because like like I could say you know what. Today have feeling and today I feel like Scarlett Johansson who'll look at. Just as if I could say today I feel like Mexicans. Death which doesn't mean that I feel like I'm a Mexican it makes me say they feel like pain from mine chip what I would like is a burrito you know. So I could say today I feel like Scarlett Johansson. And that doesn't mean the night. Plus Syria and they'll be careful because otherwise you mix metaphors about launch window you need eating a parade or anything like that was Scarlett Johansson. But then calculator on the day I might say ai if you like Kate Upton include yeah. That was then and again it's I'm not endorsing legislation by the way saying you must call them this if that's what they want and run I don't think we hit it and it gets confusing because it's all based upon how you declare things to be because somebody could say that they're by gender. Which is a person who fluctuates between traditionally woman. And traditionally male. So they they they can be both. And sometimes there's even a third gender. And when we start. Getting all these different permutations. Of things then it it kind of makes my brain heat up on the inside. Did you did you ever heard of the term cyst gender. I CIS gender. This is a person whose gender identity and biological sex assigned a berth on the line so that means that you would die. If we're not transgender. Then we are assists gender. I didn't know that we needed to come up with a term for gender when we're just being normal. Well it's normal the yeah well that's what they're asking me is what's normal. So sexism. This is behavior that grants preferential treatment to says gender people. Mean you could have a conversation with somebody could you know the terminology you would know if you're getting just or not I'd be mad about that that's close to Sissy if your they say yes. Assistance assist sexism and Sissy gender yeah. That's close to the edge our economy as a seat. No I'm not okay. Have you ever heard via phrase constellation when it comes to two gender and then romance. Constellation as a way to describe the arrangement or structure of a poly amorous relationship. Which is another term that that was never really cute in the in the old days poly gamma poly amorous meant you were. Coming out of a hole. Who coached male or female and precisely around there and now it's actually a way of life. More when I missed out on when I was younger yeah. It. A lot of heart they can disease that's what she's stuck if you drop a quick and try to speak like your mom or dad myself. You missed out on a lot of trouble buster Newt got into somebody really had direct their brain and Wear themselves out to come up with a oldest terminology. Focus groups that they must they must sat around on a they're drinking coffee clue. You know if they wish American comet right out of the container. Feminine and senator masculine center. Then again it's a word that indicates a range of terms of gender identity folks who present and understand themselves as one thing we're relate to others and more feminine and masculine. Way but don't necessarily identify as women. I think this is just a way for some didn't say hey you know what I like to Wear stockings. I am very legs come lumberjack. And that's okay it's getting among lumberjack and I'm okay actually formalize we're normal. So look coming over the next half hour 1015 is better spectrum targeted Jeff Jackson it might be apolitical person that you are a where and I don't know anybody who is an automobile group protecting shoe leather might have an issue for him but I don't I think you can. I'd like to emulating some get some advice from him. A thousand to go work what does that mean. Girls guys right filibustered for you to know in this case is something different altogether. Opposition starts right after the blast their way through the news Shia WB two. Maybe go to war. Are you ready to go to war. Best of getting closer and closer. Can Dolan. With the fifth Kimberly jungle when the Soledad we used to have. May come up with a new product for him. She is something else. It's something else he is not claiming that that terrorists CIA agents tried to assassinate him with me a chemical weapon. Scams and other state news agency knew the Korea central news agency cloned. The CIA attempted using chemical or biological poison to take out B dictator. It's. We're going to many details. Chemical biological. They also claim that the US changes its colors like a come million in order to justify overthrowing governments. In other countries. So that said we just one of the stories coming out of Korea. Another one is that that they actually hacked. Into our computer system and and steel and stolen steal it yes that's those are. Well englishman. Store on the plans to our our military strategy to go after them. The British are are making some more plants. Getting ready to to join in the fray if something breaks out between the United States and soccer in North Korea. And Mattis who was our secretary of defense. They got together with front of the of the association. For the army folks. Then he really didn't mince any words. It is right now eight diplomatically led. Economic sanction but Crist effort to try to turn North Korea off this path. Now what is the future called neither you nor I can say so there's one thing the US army can do. And that is you have got to be ready to ensure that we have military options. That our president. Can employ them if needed. We currently. We currently are and act diplomatically led effort. Yeah how many times have you seen the UN Security Council vote unanimously. Now twice enroll. Tempo stronger sanctions on North Korea. The international community has spoken its debt means the US army must stand ready. And sort your readiness that your duty at this point in time and I know the army will always do his duty laid John thank you for having me here. And I thank you for having me here so. Does that make you feel better about the whole situation were to make you we're we're nervous about it. Kind of pushed me out on edge. Just a little bit more it's not just you know political banding in the background this is an actual address. Two of the men and women who have to carry this all out. Roche. An occasion that kind of move you feel. I don't know if it's true or not but there is. There's some discussion at the president may actually travel to the DMZ the demur altered the demilitarized. Zone. Which is so you know what separates the two Koreas. And this would be part of his first visit to South Korea that's coming up in November. He's expected to send a significant message to North Korea either verbally or kinetic leak during the trip. Then the folks who are behind this whole deal. Or are not really elaborating on what they mean. Then be a dangerous move ya gonna DMZ. Mean if if Lauren Kim Jong-un thought for sure that they were going down in flames. That would be one opportunity that I don't know. They would want a menace. But you're you're dealing with or how many thousands tens of thousands. Got millions to tens of thousands of pieces of weapons. Guns and artillery that are aimed at each other across that 38 parallel. We choose the most militarized place on this planet. Even more so than than the borders between Israel and and with a Palestinian it is a phony a drawn out say yeah uncommon there. Well women that getting to do something they have Kathy Griffin again Thomas might yet. Some folks might PS saying hey wait a minute we would we need to speed this up. So. No maybe we end light of all that a guy has jumped the gun a guy named Joseph the darling. I don't know if you've heard about him or not we usually a doomsday proper survivalist. And he has spent. Well he's there's an older man he has spent since the seventies. Millions of dollars stockpiling supplies really into the world. He was ready for a situation such as what might in the capital with the we go to war with north to bring in right those missiles start coming her way. But here's decided to add a little bit. Here's handed over his entire cache of of rice and flour and beans and other foods eighty barrels of rations. Eighty barrels which is enough to sustain 84 people for four months. He's sending on an out of Puerto Rico to help out American victims. Which I think is which is pretty cool deal which is a pretty cool deal. To deal with with what happened after you and the devastation of Burma. Let's cross our fingers that he doesn't need to send any sort of barrels of stuff. Media. Any other islands or any other locales it's a move freely and well and yeah sooner churning thing in the Atlantic right now it's. Another named storm. Had hit three we've had three of them that category five was frozen fingers this doesn't go that direction. In general would like to break hurricane season still well the way up until November. A break him back Jeff Jackson why did he walk a lot not got a lot of doors you'll find out we come back here at WBT get much credit. Still an hour from now futile. Brainstorming. He got into him with Meyer. Here I would critical piece of media observers say we'll be opinion pieces about why Amazon and Charlie are great trip so one hour from now Doolittle brainstorming in that we can use your insight to. So plan on that can't. I watched with interest. Over the summer. Whenever states senator senator Jeff Jackson. Who. Who did something a little little different enough than a lot of folks would ever give him any consideration to. And that would be to go out me a lot of folks knocking on this matter for 2000 borrowers just hash tag a thousand doors of summer. And as I watched is going on here it. It didn't really intrigued me and captured my you know. My attention quite a bit sore wanted to talk to the sender they have fun it was his experience was wiped us senator Jeff Jackson joins us now here in the WBT Ireland senator how are you today. I'm doing great thanks grab me you doing all right I am I'm given everything I got here today trying to leave it all behind me from. Your feet how your feet feel after knocking on the thousand doors it was my first was preparing to cut that was read. Top on the arches. Yeah you can only do about a hundred doors today because then you're you're really cute starter and has started a parachute that started with. Not a parachute and it would really homage go through just want her to her woes the deal. I just went through one but I got to make your parachute now so I'm ready to Wear them out take. She jumped on think about doing the same thing I would need to get a shoe sponsor though you know I I can't just you know further away good pair shoes you're sort of world a better job you could wind data for a lot of people want sponsored Doug again in your world they edited by bit of an issue it's a B try to give you something new and you have to like reported and then pay for and do like Aniston wouldn't it. Yet prepared to think Parker and go to prison for trying to avoid that OK so so overall it's if you had to sit down with a group of kids. They keep the kind of simple and the other should nurtured me at the library and and they said so she sent to what did you learn when you knocked in a thousand doors of some of the first things that popped to mind. There's so much more that unites us than divides us in the news we hear about the political position. Every day but if you actually stopped and talked to people for more than thirty seconds. He has the first thirty seconds they're going to be talking about all the things they disagree with the other side over but if you take the conversation a little bit further than that. You'll find a lot of common ground. So give me an example of of one thing or a couple of things. That our common ground. That most folks may not think of ran off the bat is I think you're right Howard different usually comes out first before we get to the points we know we're we're the same. Well healthcare or something that's been in the news a lot. So we can start to talk to people about health care or they bring it up usually they're gonna start by saying something very partisan and kind of the talking points on the way after the right. But if you talk to for a few minutes. We talked about how complicated the area is how many trade Australia excess and all of a sudden not just on health care but on on immigration. On guns. On education. All of a sudden people seem open to compromise. If you open to reasonable disagreements that's the name of the game. Reasonable disagreement. I'm able disagree I'm like I bet on a bumper Jack and Emma get there a bumper sticker. I had a that would might sell. For people might rip about the back in my car and I'm not sure which. I'm I'm thinking about. Emulating what you did in doing it's not just to you have to get people to know me. As a radio personality but I think Jim and and maybe you can tell me when you think this would work in Hancock does this up. This bike drive each year you know but hey kids it's and a deal. So I was thinking if I could knock on a thousand doors in May be even. Eleven tent you know and as we haven't had not been 1110. Doors and ask pick people to think about given a bike to the other Hancock deal. Do you think people would treat meat is nice is they treated you or even good guitar you know the door slammed in my face. No I think they're gonna treat you better than they treat me you look when a politician shows up at so I am your local politician. The immediate reaction is negative but when you show up people know you people like you and you're there for charity people got a lot of volume make a Bigelow assumption that they like did you. If you have the general thing blew right through all that about 25%. Popularity I don't know what you pull up but I know we beat that. Number possibly use it depends you know just you have the the Republicans don't like you the Democrats love view there's about half the audience that thinks I'm whacked in the other. Bought half of the audience that thinks some whacked half the time. So I got a long way to go here. I'm so what kind of recommendations or suggestions or words of advice would you have for me. If I decided to a beach your record their 2002 are single instant ghost or not gonna will be. Some tips stood to give you warmed up prefer to do this. Well you prepare for rejection you're gonna get some doors slammed in your face before you can have a chance to say something a lot of people just opened the door and say. I'm not fine. In your door to door salesman Craig I would go door to door in a suit and I had a dark navy suit of a white shirt and the Buick dark Tyre red tie it to the politicians uniform. And I had one very nicely he opened the door and take one look at me she says I'm sorry we're presbyterian. I've figured that was going to be a country you're either Joseph was witness aura Euro Mormon. But anybody who's informed would know that if you're Mormon you don't go out so so less. They both Brenda and didn't return a bike helmet demonstrate the purchase or it tripled the all right how how to like deal with a dogs because with a thousand doors. I don't know what percentage of families on dogs in in Charlotte and in particular in your jurisdiction there. What the tips to do the talks. I look most of going door to door is dog management. It's really not about people. Because every single door is going to have a thousand dogs it feels like every single door in your role is the talks can never be wrong. Whatever the dog is dealing infidelities jumping on you then have to be okay if the dog is slobbering all over your suit pants that have to be okay if the dog bark. In fact that we through the whole conversation that's no problem at all you just got to rise above. So I know you kept track of all the different doors and tell you made little notes you know you know door 168. If people knew our story would change the way they think about healthcare it's not just numbers it's about real people seat she made little notations. One of the ideas and I had based upon reading what you were talking about there with the dogs in particular would be to bring along sharply marker. And if the dog were to Nazi spikes robbers rights era. Yeah but in my pocket region you know I can write the president spoke. Door 168 and put a little arrow towards the other dog market for any teeth marks are rips in Munich. Do you think that would be a good way to channel on this socialistic or Twitter. Well and then you sell the pans for charity right now with that Thatcher's I don't think it fetch must they think the dogs would essential markets and Newport. When it all comes down to a did you raise any money while you're doing this to anybody hand you money and say you know. No no I mean that the quickest way to shatters somebody's trust. Is this day and and now I'd like a donation you know you know I can reach for someone's well while you're there to show they'll open with a good faith effort to say. Look I'm not just your state senator I really do care about what you think and I'm here one earned and if you ran that by asking for money when the whole back. OK so you you massage simulate your suggestion is I should ask for money but that of course you're two under prepared you're a little bit different Isaiah was for I say it was for charity when I asked for the money. Up Upshaw makes it. What you get to know me your realizes shady side to me listen. With wholesale and they're want to prep let the except about what went into Europe but yeah I think you're you're probably right. The mom should pick up an insurance license while I'm at this domain because you know everybody thinks what. Drug garner any thing yeah they're mean there were uncomfortable situations sudden I was never in personal danger. Well that's that's going to be a good feeling. Yeah that's a good feeling but then again every once awhile I would walk up to housing to get a bad feeling and I would just turn around and walk away really trying to be hero. Yeah yes not every door is that necessarily created equal salon I guess you gotta go with your gut when it comes to that. Right although I do learn that a door that are hand painted purple clothes belong to the friendliest people really summaries and I can't figure it out but that's the she's very cautious only wants to but to follow your trip what's the best way for them to do that would be on Twitter. Twitter or FaceBook I kept up on both are yet to do is Google finance that I could just checked FaceBook project X Twitter it'll come right up. Good enough. Since you've been down this road here. Would you mind gone out with me and my first day every sort like two girls go to the rest Ramirez wanna make sure that I know what I'm doing and everything you know little little video tutorials. Know from so far conversation I think you could use the word equipment torture in this regard let that happen to provide that cut on Friday. Don't be surprised that I do give you a call here because I'm really think 11100 contend doors would be good. To help pay him you know hey kids it's and I would Hancock we get a good a couple of bike put together and then we would look like Mormon missionaries would wait. Bert Miller will be a duo parity senator Jeff Jack's appreciate your time. A thousand doors Summers and it was pretty cool so for you to join this year on WB two. At 33 hey there. I'm Scott history of regulation 1105. Your next shot three or four K big giveaway still going on so what's your vote do it simplifies. They're an effort to be feeling we'll find another one coming your way during rush to a five in the final five. When Hancock got to take your home so 4000 dollars each day on the line here or on WB to B. So we'll it's prize the this woman didn't suit come and psychic. Children found guilty of tax you. Asian we've called an online it's like you before never had your band to a psychic like in person you know consuming us. I'm Amy one of those players are carnivore never tried it out I didn't have it reads your own future funniest man never did it never tried that looks interesting now I did one not one time. We have the radio station worked at thirty years ago we. We were one of the the advertisers for forbid fair you know crystal festival like kind of thing. And I saying it was the most generic. Crap I've ever heard it I mean I was I was in my late twenties against. We and it looks you don't have the most money coming Aviv and do a little. You can eat 58 years old to be very vague it's nice to kind 58. Program. OK great. Do I have seventeen children. What I cook it. I've already had a vasectomy you know you can't possibly be that way. So up 41 year old Sally Johnson she was charged. We've the tax invasion. She sheds on customer show up three and a half million dollars for her services. Including getting rid of demons. Spiritual cleansing and strengthening. Them in the wrong businessman I got a phone. We're pretty heads. Karma circuit can my name is doing an automated teller you don't value future's going to be I see an area a tall tall woman's. A basketball playing woman do you like woman who are six foot and I know. Get ready it's coming your way. We need to call psychic at some point in time and just see see what does that say about Jodie girl would love to do that it's more as long as it's not a 900 number and we won't get in trouble for. Post an update on what's happening in California always a lot going on there but this time around. It's a lot of heat it's a lot of flames it's a lot of fires in its fast moving what's the latest on this Jason. More than a dozen fires burning across northern California here in several counties. More than 15100. Homes and businesses have burned. At least eleven deaths and they say that number's gonna go up because they have missing persons reports for more than a hundred people may be a 150 people. That they just can't find right now so they expected death told to go up already. In just over a day. This is one of the U. Top five destructive most destructive fires in California. And one of the top ten deadliest fires in the state owners say no emotion destructive is that based upon where it's hitting and then the value of what it's destroying. Now in terms of number of homes and businesses burned. 15100 buildings I mean and that's in just a day that's almost unprecedented. And we're not talking about outlying buildings were talking about in urban centers. Harsh whole neighborhoods just completely gone. Mobile home parks just completely gone hundreds of homes. In one fell swoop and businesses like we usually don't see usually we see Holmes in the hills that might burn but now we're seeing in downtown senators. A Hilton hotel is gone a Kmart a McDonald's and apples and Applebee's. All just burned to the ground what what are they thinking as far as containment goes how how confident are they. That they'll be able to it took to get this under you know under ignore managed to situations sometime soon. The last number we had was out of last night was 0% contained well by this time we would have gotten some kind of update. As this dude sun starts to come out which it did about half an hour ago. But officials here have not given a briefing so we do not know. What happened overnight in terms of containment. In terms of this fire blowing up or dying down we know the winds are in favor right now for the firefighters the winds have died down. And that was really one of the most destructive things was the winds were so bad. On Sunday night just fueling this. Fire and feeling the devastation that's a terrifying stuff do you pace of the burned took firefighters by surprise 20000 acres about twelve hours. That's a big old fast carpet prior you. Fire officials called it phenomenal rate of growth. Unfortunate we've had to save thoughts and prayers to offer nearly there yet so thoughts and prayers go out to the other folks are not in California. The other Nobel Prizes are going out now and we've heard several of them physics and chemistry and that sort of thing. The Tony seventeen noble prize in economics was awarded to a gun and Richard Taylor up from the University of Chicago. And he was honored for his work at in this kind of weird to an intersection of psychology and economics. And what he did. Was he studied how you were denied behave. Differently from what is predicted and this help come up with the other marketing concept of that not huge. Know acknowledges. This is on. They characterize it as a small change to your environment that it can have a big influence. On your behavior and economic situations the most famous example that you understand. He is these online. And nudges when you force people to opt out. Of default options meaning instead of saying click on this to join and that you have to click on this to get out. And his research found that you get more people to volunteer for different things such as an organ donor. By making your volunteering. At the default. So you go Phil archer driver's license off and it's just so you're going to be an organ donor unless you tell me no. And people are much less likely to say no to something that authority yen to as opposed to the other way around. So he found a typical typical typically stick with the default option on the floor. So just remember that. That the next time that your online poking around doing so open. Chances are what they have done is they've sort of backdoor due in two opening yourself up to them. If you do not have doubt then that means that we can send him an album a little luck if you do not doubt doubt that means we you to send you. 443 dollars with a Tupperware every two weeks. COB. So a break and back and we're take a look at a couple of different things here including. Via kkk to set a bit high schools are a great place to do some recruiting. And a drug rehab that be the last place in the world do you expect to get drugs right maybe not because everybody's out to make a buck 1048 time. Mike garrison joins us down he's been extraordinaire and you had a a field trip yesterday I did hit at at and get to go to Jordan arena which is as her leg and the post bush jingles coliseum. For us here go to for the rally folks there and was this an invitation only event to a beloved father feared. It's yet kinda know yeah that is mostly kind of a media thing or they invite reporters and sampled the stuff and and vote on what they think is that. The best new greasy fare from the yeah everything's crazy for me was there anything that was sort of look at solid. No no says there were some there was a homemade bread company there that I stayed away from NetApp right now you got that it would not in a drive three hours for Bratton you. Senate anywhere and her Brothers and hollering here at seventy laws for 42 sorry I forgot to mention to vote this morning we were talking about this I did have some guy made a cheer wine Kate oh yeah there was. Jess killer. We are used they are you sure wanna sit of the moderate guess in the Max I guess sound and then batted some really funky icing that he would not disclose the ingredients it was just really really can I ended there was something like deep fried fruit loops or something like this you have those. It was either I did have. Deep fried cheese Kurds that it tastes like crab cake so announcement and this sailor word just saying the word occurred just demand it rhymes with turn I'm not a yes but there's a big difference thank goodness Malin everything that. So deep fried cheese Kurds did actually have crab and under yes in the batter there was just a wee bit of crab enough to give term and nice cram flavoring new sanctioning you're you're a dual story on this tonight these two women who were sisters from. Cheese country Wisconsin they'd just traveled the country doing really yeah they get tired of their corporate jobs and they've figured America was cheese deprived and so the ages. Travel around doing science they're good I mean that's kind of Leo the carnival fair world right yeah and that's exactly right slip under the trailer. And it talks. So so was a there anything that you look debt and go. This looks really disgusting but I got to try and I understand because a majority and then you were surprised by it. Food and everything looked pretty good I think the thing I was most disappointed in more the egg rolls that are supposed to be a full Thanksgiving dinner stuffed into an egg roll yeah I think I heard you use the word Dewey yet it was. There's very few foods that you can use we're doing on and I'll go oh that's a good. Did then there was another holiday and it was really good news this family from few wavering you know or that there was equipment and they have a food truck and they've got this old family recipe for a barbecued chicken chicken cute chopped up. And they served it between two crunchy waffles oh yeah I'm telling you man that was good low anything behaving in a lawful I used to do that and my kids. I would tell them it was just special to any sandwiches. But there's 'cause they forgot to go get breakfast at F that you say that works and that kind of the the little lies we tell our children to make it through and I also ahead but deep fried dirty rice which was. Okay yet confront it seemed like a work still in progress timidity got on the ground there or is it really disturbing like cajun dirty Rios I cajun dirty rice and and it was it had. Cornmeal and they would throw the bums out in the Fryer. And lobs that he official fair term for your. Check you feel like a blob air Kia and beauty there dwellers who cheat today in his that you go absolutely and I. I see the cell that you brought here so what joy that mr. grab a we're gonna hear the hear about this on and trailers are trying to essar did not look forward to that Mike garrison thanks for June and is imminent if their food yet fair season. The the north costing for kicks off this this weekend isn't it Thursday. Arnold your mortgage write tickets now that you ride tickets now. How we're gonna switch gears go to Alex Stone now and there's a change when I read this story I thought may admit this is gonna this is gonna change a few things in this this whole development. Of the biggest shootings the security guard we were told before that he was shot. After now we're finding out that it was quite a bit before the shooting really begin what's going on with us. Yeah exactly that's so you know he was seen as a hero security guard that he came in at the end and he tried to stop what was going on and even though police weren't there he went in by himself and they turned out that's not how it happened but now police say that they have put together a better time line looking at. Time span as stand some radio transmissions and on other on surveillance cameras and other evidence that they have. And that he was actually the first person who were shot at 959. And then six minutes later. The shooting started out the window as did the crowd that the country concert. I think he apparently was on 32 floor responding to a door alarm that there is a door propped open and while he was dealing with that. Did he whisper shot at by a I panic who was inside the hotel room fired 200 rounds using. Seemingly automatic but above shock rifle. Through the door at him and ended up not killing of amazingly good he was. Kid at least I ricochet in and lose we've injured. The belief is that he radioed in that he had been shot at the one I happen to teach in the next minute time span. Even clearer and police say they don't know we've heard they're trying to figure out why there are report made to Las Vegas metro police. Did somebody call mine on one that would did Dave really keeping it in house to that point. I know armed security apparently responded right and there are armed security guards at Mandalay bay a lot of questions about what was going on inside there Mandalay bay publicly. Won't talk about it. Oh I imagined I can't imagine that deflate easily. Hired 200 shots at this gun yet can water around that nobody would have called my own right then and there and that would have. Completely compressed the amount of time that it would take for the authorities to get on the scene. You would think so except that remember back to the actual shooting out the window bit there a lot of the folks who were in rooms right next door. It took to retrieve volleys. Automatic gunfire before they realized that something was up that would be concert and the music coming from the concert. The crowd everything going on. The committee it sounded like it was fireworks or something else that might have been coming from the concert so that was. A burst your bubble burst into that maybe they thought it was something else that it stopped it. We don't know and at this point police seem like they're confused too about what was going on in that six minute times and we'll come out and they did get the report and for whatever reason would there but he. It seems to get reported having just fired automatic gunfire through a door at Mandalay bay that it would be all hands on deck everybody responding that was an app. Dad yeah 200 shots in the middle overhaul within that that seems to me to be want excessive. To the demonstrates the guy was a lousy shot. And the only way he was and really cause any damage was the fish in the barrel situation. Cardoza we shouldn't on the crowd Alex Stone thanks for the update. He had the this just adds and a little bit. I'm a little more kindling to beat these fire of the conspiracy theories that can you know continue to be surrounded missiles story here. Well Alex Jones stole not letting go of the idea that that things were you know this was licensed driven learned that. That there was another. Another person helping out. That one keeps going back and forth I'm I'm trying to get a handle on whether there actually was somebody there wasn't somebody there the evidence that came out yesterday. There would have suggested that there was another person involved. Was a phone charger that didn't go with any of the equipment. Vet to that had a candid room. Solo. And a crazy stuff. Something else that came up that then have people kind of scratching their head. Things that he worked for major aerospace company that had connection with skunk works. And that kind of opens up the rabbit hole. For people to go seeing he was a patsy. Was one of those Manchurian candidates anytime we get involved in the government it opens you up to her. You know to having that brainwashed thing come your way. So again this is a story that ain't done. Patients patients will be required in order for us to be able to get to the bottom of this what to do much Monday Night Football last night and to the president did not. I don't know if he's a Star Wars fan or not but if you're a Star Wars fan. Tell you what they open the floodgates last night. We are. Yeah okay. Okay. Yeah. Maurice special. Oh boy studied yeah. The Bruins initial. Looks really really. Can I wait he's in early December when nineteen they think is gonna help. There's another far away the other story we're. Coming up you can now get your advanced tickets doing these do Google Star Wars and it'll come up and you know give me your credit card and in your first born child of an ability to do it seems to lift his. There's good news for him. And they're getting it in a positive reviews first trailer was I'd like McDonald's burger president via Google largest ticket to some real heat. They brought back their signature scent swan song for a limited time last Saturday and and they ran out of it almost immediately. So fast food fans I mean they were up there arm blue up sauce we want saw. There's like pastel and sauces life matters to me and they were it was a semi conscious issue of the ablaze. For crowd control because of search warrant sought. They say they're gonna bring back. The sauce for everybody this Twitter so that they can make it right. You're doing the right thing. How to get Amazon com rainstorm coming up at 1150. Amazing looking at some television coverage. Via fire holy. Hole. I mean it's. Complete total devastation. Sponsors in a row. They're gonna Santa Rosa it's a beautiful town have proved to be able to shoot. Bad that. Relationship before and after shots of it and it's just an absolute. Piece of devastation just absolutely nasty so. Hearts go out to eleven dead at this point in time dozens are missing when you some wild fires and these are amongst the fastest moving. They've ever seen. Former trumped what has advisor Steve Bannon. He's a lower pay here he is we sought to toss out some pretty harsh words that Bob Parker from our from Tennessee. It was on Hannity. TV show last night and innocent of Bob Parker. Had any honor or decency he should remote resign immediately. And he insisted it was totally unacceptable for worker. To suggest that the president is childish. But one of the things advance said was totally unacceptable for Parker while American troops are fighting abroad comma. To suggest the president is childless I had been on any idea why that is. Has signed him to do with a price of the potatoes they're just sort of Ansonia. I don't know a bit of an elbow in the world in the side there are can you do this we have troops out there. There's a broken double back and forth for this Sunday with a president minutes continues to go on. Co worker to it'd be White House has become an adult day care Shatner. So now abandoned. In news he's out there to challenge every GOP incumbent. Every single one of them accepted cruise. Let's. It's pretty strong. So to think for a minute. That that ban and is still not operating on behalf of the president. I think direction because there are a lot of folks they went and he's gonna turn. He's he's turned on the president that's why he's leaving. Not that the case and cannot go more down on the outside they actually moved on from the and so it's being from the outside. Yvonne got. Anybody not the related ones to your daughter once the mother of bunkers always in the news that your commissioner. Ivanov was not so much until she wrote a book. You fun at trump is the original mrs. Donald Trump. Ones have the New York city's flash she's eighties power couple now mothers to president cup's oldest children young junior a bunker and Eric. At any point when you're married did you ever think this man. Could be president one DS present accounts that you should towns hope president tennis and he could to do it does Devlin on the scandal. This scandal she is referring to was trumps affair with model Marla Maples. Every medical enrollment hated him tend it and that it can hate him emotionally cooked tons. And putting a scandal times. Obama writes about the flow of the divorce had on their family in her new memoir breezing trump. Did you ask president comes permission before writing this truck no I did not. He's about my life and raising my kids. And he's in the book because he's the starter kits I do not asking for permission. To review have remained good friends how has that happened under individuals pose little tough he can do divorce as a business deal. And he kennel for Lewis and he's he has to win them. So we took about two years announced at a finite situations a little sun that's taken up who's just talk and no offense how often do you two talk. Talk about once a fourteen days I had a different number two right to host yeah. That's another really want to according data because none on the ice and I'm going to close any kind of jealousy or something my dad because I'm. Basically first sounds but true. Look at the polls close to let you get it close today. I. I love that talk he talked him. Approximately fourteen days. For a specific. Brooks movie before Kunduz. He referred to in prone to damage. And an issue was asked about Twitter and tweeting and a. And to do so as and that's the way the president communicate to treats. And most of TT TT treats you well. He didn't have access. And I'm gonna write a song about Donald Trump call in some sort of birds will get a nasty. All these big big beam. And prompt you to meet. Strong views. Way to put a hole up there in not a guys sit Maloney asked me or was it Marla premier and when she was. Milan yes and mark and I'm wherever you. Again I think it's you have to think about it yes that's the Dublin not a hard choice is there. Every new. I'm acutely eighty. This Marla Maples all the way Caylee smiles. When given smiles from Columbia. Now that she would smile have been saying I don't get many. A break him back him we do Amazon wants you to come to Charlotte well there's one man who's got some ideas and we'd like to get some from you on the way. Megabytes 1170 leisure time hi my name's Scott FitzGerald. Thanks for being with us usually we just did via four K a big giveaway things ended at eleven petition but. He didn't get into the don't you fret the chances of winning over yet commit to a five today another opportunity than finals but we've Johnny had gotten so. What would make child aware that they would be a win huge win. For our community and for the state if we could land the next headquarters for Amazon that spewed huge deal forced him wit Myers joining us now. You wrote a an opinion piece special to be observer editorial board today which I thought was pretty neat. And and I don't want to talk to since I heard about an event that you're putting together to help brainstorm. Ways. To give Amazon to come here to welcome to the program are you today. Founder Robert you are and do our men and women large and I'm leaving it all behind me so he. I like the idea what will get to the concept of what this so this get together wrist but what what is it that like may the light bulb go off in your head and say you know what. I know. Charlotte would be a great place for Amazon and here's why here's why I need to do something about it. I Sherry yes so I'm to have the go on are being one of the co founders of a man's work out group called F three that started here in Charlotte. Six and a half years ago and we just you know as soon as that Hillary has grown both you know throughout the region and then you would go work out now on twenty states. One things that I've seen. But throughout the process been. There actually the best ideas thumb for growth and and and how we get to work our groups and find their guys haven't come from mere my co-founder but it comes from the guys who show up every day for the work out. And just sort of going. On that principle and and we sort of use that as we've as we grow on the group and then there's a women's group as well called female and actually use those same principles. It just struck me during this coverage of the Amazon thing that. You know really some of the best ideas about why Amazon ought to come here and and why this should be a great community for Amazon's second headquarters would probably come from from the community a lot of. Trees and maybe the the constant crowd sourcing will gorilla go along. You crowd sourcing and did exactly exactly so we we we call that a we didn't inept group holiday reverse flow incubator the best ideas come from our from the grassroots trillion. Gotcha well and then the other thing I mean just having this event might be the kind of thing that Amazon would look at and go. Hold on a second here this is just not pulled in a public officials this is a group of people who are being. You know cutting edge and an ingenious and using ingenuity. Two to think like we'd like to think and that's as a community here was that part of it you know by having this event this is just another another part of the dominoes. Yeah absolutely so look I mean a lot of other cities are using plenty of gimmicks to try to get Amazon's attention I think I saw a photo of a giant shipping box on the on the sidewalk in Birmingham. My homework they think they're gonna get a by The Who has talked to some folks in Birmingham and they they are convinced that it's there's. Yeah so. So I yeah I saw that and you don't mind my age you know I did to me it's less about a gimmick and about hey let's let's get the community actually engaged here. And and and work and we get folks out to just say that would really really resonate and and I about talked to a lot of people are so I'm not really the brainstorming tie paper. It is not this is really in my opinion and my point has actually just show up I just need I need to when you bodies and our because the more. The more people would show up for this and you're right the more of a statement it sent to Seattle about about you know why they ought to be here and what kind of community this would be to be and. So as of right at this moment here we're kind of crowd do you anticipate. Paul how big of a crowd could you handle. We we we could handle up to 350 I think of what the folks sit at UNC Charlotte at their uptown building and told us. And I think we've got car registrations or how 150. It's a 200 range unmanned frankly I you know look if we if we bust -- 350 people we have taken out onto the on the lawn and at first were parked there that's that's a high quality from now. Well absolutely bad would certainly be that way so how how are you gonna structure this meeting here because if you get a big large group of people together. And you try to brainstorm there's a certain critical mass it becomes too much and overwhelming. But generally breaking down into smaller groups that tends to bring better results which way to go on or somewhere in the middle. No word did exactly where we're gonna break it into smaller groups so gonna try to have groups of of up to ten people. At that the most working together. Each kind of come up with their own ideas and and I've I'm they are our partner on this for Carolina syntax of organization. They've sort of organized around how we're gonna do best. How we're gonna break folks in the groups and and those subgroups are each gonna come up with their own kind of best ideas for you why should Amazon com here. Obama what why oh why is this the right community for Amazon. And then our hope is you know once once those although some groups have come come up with their best ideas to put that in front of the chamber in the regional partnership. And and they're gonna consider those ideas for inclusion in the formal proposal. Gotcha and and whether or not they. They decide to include them this part of the formal proposal or as far as recommending any of the had a ideas it would just be nice to say you know to to make it part of the the wallpaper of the proposal if this is something that the community members did you know bear separate from us. Are there are sort of there's a lot of love and a lot of hope here so yeah if if somebody wants to go to this I understand. They need to register ahead of time that you take anybody Walken and like you said and then and then haven't flown out of the streets right. Yeah exactly exactly we're not there when I got turn anybody away tomorrow. All morning it's were reform movement go from 8830 tomorrow morning just get coffee and kind of networking president. UNC Charlotte assessed on our city campus on east ninth street over and and first war there and then from 830 to 930 war will break folks up in the group's. Com and get himself up so that they can they can work together and brainstorm. And then and then make a submission. Of how their best ideas and and then the way the way we're gonna do that as well as the folks do wanna register in advance and just let us know they're coming I'm go to Carolina. Intact at IN TE CH. Hub. Dot org and scroll down to our next event and you can register right there are also on event bridal hole. Carolina fined tech hub. Dot ORG go to your next event you're a little a little upset at the timing of all this year ten because I use is safe from a from eight until 930. This is really crappy time for me to be able to go look after me on the automatic clock care for. So we're gonna come come on come on overdue live broadcast to a. Good I can get the folksy the powers have been added to let me do that maybe I'll I'll see what I can do but then I might be sitting in an empty room starting a starting at 930 from there on out there where everybody go. Mean I'm used to that people kind of running away from me at top speed. But I don't like to Vienna in a big giant rumor by myself so much been such folks need to stand by and check roaming. Sure. So who's got a few folks can't make it tomorrow morning and they wanna send ideas in. I've got I want leadership consulting business called the iron project. If folks just wanna email them in two inflow. Add the iron project to dot com. Will take them there as well and make sure that did everything gets considered and I know we've already got some stuff common engine sort of over the transom from folks who can't make hadn't. That's awesome because that shows that kind of engagement that will comport. Are you use any ideas that are currently sort of floating around as the beginning firfer stimuli. Because I'm running. Brainstorming groups before in if you say hey give me an idea. People try to squeeze their brain and there's nothing to react to but if you're sick all right. Here's an idea how to we tied into well walking together and we tired into the U the light rail system works or think about what we can do with the good checkers and and the Charlotte knights sure you know I mean you throw out stimuli to a disorderly are. Ounce up yeah I think yes I think the way we're gonna kick it off is. We're gonna ask people organize themselves into smaller groups based on. What is it that you love most about Charlotte liar you hear what keeps you here and I think. For all of us I mean I you know I don't know about you personally but. I'm like like so many of the rest of us I moved here from somewhere else about seventeen years ago. You know I had I happen to feel really strongly about the people in this community I think for some other people it's. You know I and the cost of living is grade or maybe you know today the international airport being right there is just the thing. Some people might be the leather or geography or him being course in the mountains in the beach. Whatever that might be. We ask people the current group themselves by what is your number one thing and then that becomes kind of they're jumping off point for OK well now watch and Amazon beaters. Scott Isaac cheesecake fact remember menu there's a lot of stuff to love. Carolina and tech hub dot ORG scroll to our next event. And and show up tomorrow morning meeting clocked Tim appreciate your time will blow stuff up on the website for your and a baby teeth. Love 34 is your time here they're Scott FitzGerald. Soviet plan we've heard about them a Gionta off fairly regularly here in the news a Charlottesville. Do we're thinking about making an appearance here in Charlotte around christmastime and the senate to. We'll probably have pastors. They were out recruiting for this weekend in eastern North Carolina. Gray's creek high school near Fayetteville. They put fliers on vehicles at that that the football game was going on their Friday night. Going to be from the commence your car organizes as a pizza coupon. How long off his coat at a pizza coop classical part teach me how I can make some people as odd I had no idea how to do is normal. So human mailboxes in house is close by to. It's and it's amazing. Well first of all one thing that amazes me when these when these aren't folks put together I document of some sort it was what that the English. Is. It it surprises me when English is OK. Monitors on the glee was written by a fifth grader. Just in my own prejudices against prejudiced folks I tend to think that they have sloping toward its end of the technical strength ground. So therefore you do you language would be beyond your grasp. A lot of things should be beyond their grass because sometimes I wonder if they even have opposable farms. Patricia Smith but have you as you read via the Tampa that they put out here. If it. I didn't know. That the Klan had always sort of been handed backhand with the anti Semitic groups of folks. Any time somebody uses a Sandra. Personally. Or is this is somebody to blame these zionist occupational government is all the then new unit tells me that there. I don't know that they had eight dry cleaner bag over their head for too long. Does do some damage distillers and syndrome didn't seem brand image. So yes they wanna stand against the Jewish bankers and we will not be replaced they will not replace us that that's another one of those lines that. Tends to demonstrate to us. There are a lot of really comes Canada to neo Nazi can think and so best of luck in your recruiting guys. What do they open recruiting offices like the military to us. And lived in crappy little strip malls. Imagine how that would fly if they'd try to pick one of those empty buildings over their unease way. Try out that didn't happen. Hey guys as perfect place for you to do your critic that's a difficult market for there ideology and it must I was sent via soon. Maybe. Maybe the price would be worth that. Who should go without America's there's a lot of folks who might want to look wanted to join a group. No way to reduce that are under worker and make people. Is that that's we play cards. The most most averages during quicker and made people. Do is say it's a real loving group of people. Yep (%expletive) and out of the bottle and we people green Saudi words for you talk funny where it's a duty where some nasty groups. Good morning I've spied on this people before can you talk has got to morning or WBT was have. Good morning mr. FitzGerald Oreo oh you're one of those few of those I saw us talking about the Klan yeah I wanna you wanna lose is bloggers not I didn't cry about that. I called about the National Football League but if you wanna discuss the plan will discuss what you wanna talk about. Well this is my show and a show. Try and genuine I've already had a conversation. About whether or not you should be allowed to me on this program or not your butt off and and it is you know what Scott I'm gonna head you know I know what you're gonna do. Is you're gonna talk talk and start talking about this in a Pope protest. And somehow. Some way you're gonna twist this around and you're gonna say that it's the Jews fault. You're putting words in my mouth specific child you don't even know what I'm gonna say what's gonna come out of my mouth. Arguably I don't know what's gonna come out of mouse apple want to quit and try to tell me can be twisted round to make it sound like it's the juiced then I would have been right when night. Yes you knew you would be you know it's a disgrace that these players will not stand for the EI NFL for the National Anthem and out most of them are black but there are whites as well. And I applaud Jerry Jones for a demanding that a Dallas Cowboys stands for the National Anthem. On the on the contrary Robert Kraft won't believe what patriotism disgrace. And you know in Massachusetts and New England that so called patriots nation are bunch of morons. Because this man has become a billionaire on the backs of so called patriots nation morons insult everything from license plates stop lottery tickets to Tom Brady toilets seats. You know I hate the patriots mr. FitzGerald. The schools and I hate them because they cheated in the 207 spy game winning. Fifteen to placate scandals you know I'll give you an analogy so you went to an automobile. And the property screwed jump yeah that you would have to debacle back to him again would you not would know that yeah well that's that's the feeling the chart Robert Kraft and Tom Brady and bill that would chuck. Put in my mouth so I don't I don't follow them anymore. They have put millions of other people in the week went off outside a New England may hate the patriot but a New England. They're Tom Brady Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft are taught. The end die you're you're you know you're you're you you talk about. Then I'm gonna make an anti Semitic thing but up above it and I don't mean to but this is that bothers me. Robert Kraft will not demand that the patriots stadium but he nationally have them. But I don't know if you know this cannot Robert Kraft as a fervent scientist at the old stadium and Israel the point I'm making it's that the. No matter what even if he would have been under what is. Net pancreas that will be different without throwing up some you probably right it's got me tonight packet guys are that I now. Scott Scott it's all onto other things and I quote put words into his mouth. And then he goes right there. He hates blacks he hates Jews here's more of Scott's aryan views. Love you made it meant. He's gonna come my boss now complain that I it was a nice to its. The B twice that he did. But says he won't send me an email or give me is on his telephone numbers like karma here we have a nice intellectual conversation with the thought the same way to a break him back this is. WB it's not 1147 time had Eminem is not secure thanks for listening this is there's 1110. Not a 93 WB two or three teams still trying to figure out what happened I would when the local schools here. Bizarre situation where. All the sudden imperative so adamant though kids don't go to school today but we have no idea why the kids and I've gone to school today and why weren't they are yesterday while I was in a Monday only thing where adamant it's not not a danger to our kids what the heck is. Don't run well police still haven't stated who'd they arrest Sarah what charges they're facing in connection all of this. An apparent here red sterling elementary school which had seanez said cancel classes. Yesterday tube because CMS knew about the threat last week and didn't look here spokesperson said they cancel school. Out of an abundance of caution so officers can continue to investigate. How we spoke with the mother who has two children at the school she said the district called their Friday and Sunday about all of this. Yesterday she noticed a more police officers when the school was on a lock down. And that means that students weren't allowed to play outside now the mother didn't want to be identified that that she's keeping her kids out of the classroom. Until everything is results. With the recent events on the world. Not only just look at had a concern of my own children percent of all children. Now CNN hasn't decided if classes will resume Wednesday here at this school. We are pushing police for more information about the threat the arrest and how relates. To this school. I have no audio and truly what the stories behind all this. I have ever thought I have a hypothesis and theory amendment to throw this out here and and get your reaction to what you can do to you both firms got a WBT dot com. Mobile email Scott at WBT dot com or so before function of an eleven taught. My guess is my hypothesis is that we're dealing with a situation where there was a concern over a domestic. Violence. Situation. That would be in that would be my gut if the kids quote we're never in danger right. Then. Then it has to be something to do with a one the other one of the parents. And one of the teachers who won the administrators sure we're gonna torturous thing. CMS is saying we'll update families and staff for what's gonna be going on for tomorrow as soon as you possibly can. But there's an arrest we don't know what the rest what we don't know what do you arrest was about. But I think he would be again that one of the teachers there's not a situation where there's some domestic violence and then somebody wanted to go to the school or they were concerned that we're gonna go to the school. And make eight to do out of it. Which is you know reprehensible and and said and unfortunately all too common. Let's assume just for the sake of this discussion and this conversation that is indeed the case. Now this is a teacher who is concerned about domestic violence or domestic abuse. Should that. Feature be fired. That teacher be fired. Well the answer to that could do part. It is yes. And in most states. Unless you have to be in Connecticut Hawaii Illinois New York Oregon Rhode Island. You can be fired. For being a victim of domestic abuse. Do you know event. I didn't. If you are the victim of domestic abuse you can be fired for that because of your employers. Fear. That that that abuse or that violence may end up spilling over into workplace. Violence. One study found that nearly three quarters of abused women. Were harassed by their partner while at work. Homicide is a leading cause of workplace deaths for women. Then his second only to roadway incidence. And then this becomes a real problem. I imagine if you were to domestic violence situation and you you were afraid you were and lose your job. You know already the V the other person in your life is causing your significant issues. Which will probably end up leading to financial stress if it hasn't already. Imagine being afraid for for losing your job so then you may even. Campion from reporting it. Of the four million. Workplace crimes. Committed against women over tenure period of timeless and half of those were reported to the police. Tried another that was the case here school. So had to produce. Many sort of situation on this one's a sad and whether there's a school enrollment or not. But if I were apparent. I think I'd have to think long and hard about whether or not I would want my child to be in the same class. As somebody who's going through that. I don't know that I would want my kid. Being close to a target. And this is not a situation where I think what you wanna do we need to penalized over this is going through. No mean. How do you help them more can you do have to do regulate better than make their levees or make them safer. But that's not my issue if it's my kit. We stand on this with. 70457011. Time should we be told about that kind of stuff I would think. I think to be ridiculously important information denial. Because if you don't let me know then you're taking away my choices to be able to make decisions for my children. Now again this is all. Hypothesis. This is and if this is conjecture this is what if the story word of this than this is what the reaction would bring. How would you feel. I know people have been going through abuse situations. Breakups. And then the dude shows up at work. I I've been involved in a relationship with somebody where they. They broke up with somebody before we started going out. And that person hadn't shown up for work. And it was ugly in had to call the police. I had nothing to do and it. She had nothing to really do whether she was just trying to move all their life. But then all of a sudden there's a bunch of other people who are in danger because of lack job. She turned out to be kind of wacky too. Wretched of Australian. Shall I I can't wait to find out what this year's. If if a school looks at this is a personnel issue. Then. We won't know about it knowing. What to do because it. So. Can banana story for you radio and usually until nine and and three WB two I still interest to find out if any more any word dirt. Anymore stuff comes out of York counting. Interest in conversation earlier today. You're counting and the deputies they're they're they're dropping like like bowling pins. Paul surrounds one female deputy proved. I don't like to spread love around. Piano and and as a result six deputies. Are now gone out of your counting. Cash being sheriff and a man that just passed a soft. This is got to be a movie. It really good they're eventually yes yes oh and another one thing we call that piano and another note I thought commune I their bench. You may beg your best we don't hold drawer full badges here. Have you seen. Have you have you have you seen any a help wanted add for a regular county shares up are will be soon I guess in the chances are that this important time. The they mania open up the floodgates. To bring some new candidates and any high here on WB 2 good morning. Hi all I'm I wanted to thank that are issued in more than 21 children are killed and one teacher that was domestic team all rapper. That's good score his mom mark I believe I remember correctly you're talking about sandy hook. Yet. You might want to research that I think that's where is small market momma this teacher at any. All guarantee that we may wrap. Sure do offer a little shorter and Eric I'm paying and yet there yet it bacteria that doesn't necessarily have to be a couple. Because I want Matt you know I'll. They're having issues dear Abby. I'm not sure I'm saying to me it is smaller error or why is he sure. All the better that evidently was in his jet went even. Spiritually that. Not a good point domestic does cross. Across different familiar Amelio lines rather than just has been a wife or wife and his right we're back for sure all or are you happy. How does the same situation we are see there are. We're trying to with all the names of the general Murray and other people that were involved and that ample. Accurate that he and all they could protect maybe I'm lying in alternate actually have to get that goal after and I lay out. Know that that could be the case. Okay. Like the wives and children are you know what's going on. Regarding of the better courses probably are they left the park. Any appreciate you're in the conversation with a hit the mark rushes on the way next to a five your next chance at a thousand dollars five above again with Hancock to see you tomorrow till then. I wish you lose guys. Angry nightstick.