Five Former NC Governors Met In Raleigh - Here's Why

Vince Coakley Podcast
Tuesday, August 14th

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From my heart. Corner. I'm proud. Why don't legion. Jesus Christ that's. Hi Mary choice. Is alive. Vince Coakley radio program and good morning welcome to the welcome to the broadcast it to be back with you. And man this is this circus. Getting better every day. Let's see we have one network talking about Peter struck. So I guess he kind of struck out. You think. And the other network predictably. Still beating the drum on the Amoroso story. Now the president calling her a low life dog. I mean folk she really can't make this stuff up you can't. And no go online and on and on and on what will be the outcome of this who. Knows. I want to start off talking about something that's been in the news especially. Syrian North Carolina have over the last 44 hours because a very important decision awaits North Carolina voters. These are really tricky issues because. This is my view anyway and and I am just having an honest discussion with you how many times have you walked into the voting Booth. And you have no idea who these candidates are you know they are. Especially when it comes to judges. That's the most difficult thing to deal with. And I think this is across the board. One of the other challenges. Is when you have these ballot initiatives. Sometimes locally you'll have any. Proposal for a bond referendum or something like that you know that there were there wanting to. Said these bonds in order to purchase. To build whatever it is most the times it's some type of infrastructure for schools or. Whatever it is. And one of the challenges. It's a lot of people have no idea what they're reading. It's like OK this is for schools and this is for batter this is for ands. There's really. The good part of the time. The little media attention paid to these issues. And we have such an issue that's developing now. And I'm quite surprised in one sense but then again I'm not surprised because. And and this is no attack on anybody. But word a stage in. History where there's a power struggle. And the power struggle is over guess what power. North Carolina's five. Living former governors. Came together yesterday to review. The Republican dominated legislature. For a couple of constitutional amendments. There are set up for a fall ballots. They're concerned this Walsh would shred. Gubernatorial power and government checks and balances if this is approved. Three Democrats to Republicans. They've served a combined forty years. All joined together. Urging voters to defeat the referendums. This is among the six lawmakers is submitting to voters. So we have Democrats Jim Hunt Mikey easily. Beverly Perdue Republican Jim market yet Jim Martin and Pat McCrory. Serving between 1977. In 2016. Now it's quite. Unusual to see this collection. Of former governors coming together. They all agree they're very concerned about this and I think we need to have discussion about this and where this is going what this means. Long term. Four year. Specially if you live your North Carolina. So I've asked my friend that Pat McCrory. Overtime I'm working overtime gas seas check about him through most of program here I know and NeuStar according to W BT and I've asked him to come in to explain what's going on here. In this particular issue and why it's so important from this perspective. These constitutional amendments get rejected one alms program thank you I'm speaking as the former governor of north here on not a as the host of phone or radio show understandably so around. First off here at the idea is to. Really shift some power over to the legislature to make some choices very important choices for positions what's wrong with this. Because the legislature's responsibility is not to X acute the loss of North Carolina they're responsibilities stopped operates state government a day to day operations. By taking away the governor's powers which allow him to operate the day today. Doings of state government the legislature's going outside. Their lanes they're going outside the boundary of separation of powers. Can you imagine congress now taking over trumps responsibilities. To run the secretary of the Department of Transportation. And forming committees which tell the secretary had to do the job but the secretary reports to the president. Who's the boss that's not the way the framers of the constitution set up or or or government. And it's wrong for legislators to try to do the governor's job just like it's wrong for governors to make laws. What are Lisa I'm curious about here and and on the surface this is how I look at it from the outside. You know eats it seems like this is a political thing okay we've got these Democrat governor we don't like him being an office this year polluted. So what we want to do is to take this power. So this Democrat can't accomplish these things is this partisan in nature or do you think in general this is a power play for the legislature. Puree it. Well they try to do with me in my own Republican legislators. Try to take powers away from me through law. Which I then took to the Supreme Court. I've beaten at a pay overrode it not took it to the Supreme Court the stream court or Republican majority Supreme Court at the time ruled in my favor saying. They have. Broke the constitutional structure of separation of powers. And now that was called McCrory vs burger and Lamar Republican legislation were furious with me for dare taking them to the Supreme Court. I was only protecting myself close protecting future governors because they wanted to appoint people which would tell my secretary's. That report to me do their job in day to day operations. That's some but there were elected do there they were elected. To make the Walsh not to enforce the laurels. We only have about a minute left in this segment how important it is this for the average North Carolina voter what's the impact. If this prevails and people end up voting this in. Well you'll have legislators determining the operations state government and legislators. That you don't vote for. The only person you vote for Al large as the governor and other members of the executive branch secretary of state. The state auditor at the state treasurer. And the legislature to do that told him to start taken away chipping away the responsibilities the secretary of education. The other state wide elected officials there are elected by all the people of the state. Not the speaker of the house not the president of the senate. They're elected only by there are surrounding district which is most likely gerrymandered. Can pick from Bush's old other issue this is not a Republican or democratic issue by the way the Democrats try to do this the Jim Hunt. They're trying to do this to Jim Martin. And the Republicans. Tried to do it to me. Another doing it too. To the current governor Roy Cooper and listen I don't like the liberal judges that little Roy Cooper wolf a point. But he won the election you only won by 101000 votes out of one. You know four point six million but. We'll stay on this slowly toward more about it coming up. And this is still Vince Coakley radio program. And we continue to broadcast talking about. What it's going to be on the ballot this fall this is important. Let me tell you specifically what we're talking about again trying to redirect your legislative appointments to election board. And commission's amendments. No this makes the legislature responsible for appointments to state commissions also judicial selection for mid term vacancies amendment. This creates a process involving your commission. Legislature and governor 2.2 vacant state judicial seats now and I and I said this in my opening remarks by concern is. A lot of times people read these things they don't understand what's going on here. This is a huge shift of power and one of the things that governor Pat McCrory mentioned is there's also a voter ID amendment requires a photo ID to vote in person. Might people come along and look at this and say you know what others during these commercials running about. The concern about these two legislative issues maybe we should vote against all of them. Let me encourage you would every do read them all three of them you know read them read them read them and that's. I've got a Republican legislature overreach they should've stuck with a voter ID. And now victims Wright amendment which is a very good amendment. And now I've got to get a campaign against two of the moments which I will because I'm gonna protect the constitution. And separation of powers. But it's gonna confuse the voters on voter ID I didn't they just put voter ID on there and victims' rights and stick with that. Your concern here the legislature just overreaching because they can't. Because they can't. Because they came there they had. This is what the Democrats used to do 1015 years ago when they're in control. They try to take governor mark this power of some way and he followed him. And governor mark and stop please with a senior fellow Republican recently yesterday during the press conference in the old. House chambers. The 1941. I knew it was such an honor to be with my fellow governors to I strongly disagree with who are run against for governor. It's gotten very personal. We agree on this. Now the Democrats ought to be please Wear this because it's the democratic party's going to be fighting against all the amendments. This is pretty amazing so. We overreached and I'm sad to see it may overreached when they tried to sue me. When they try to override my abilities when I had a Republican legislature trying to take the Republican governor's. Powers away. Do you think that not a cost me 101000 votes for reelection yeah that had an impact. I want to touch on a couple of these things you also mentioned the expanding constitutional rights of crime victims you're okay well that's that's great it's it's what well needed and I'm. Gonna work with a group trying to promote that. I've also capita income tax from 10% to 7% I don't think anybody's I'd argue we could have. And a constitutional right to hunt and fish that's kind of stupid. I mean what in the world salutes them over thinking they think it's gonna bring out the vote for hunters and fishermen there's no rights being taken away by hundreds of vicious. And what's Khamese that is what happens if that's defeated. Yeah this raises all kinds of questions what governor Pat McCrory I appreciate you sticking around coming into my with a but I wanna vote for a but I'm not gonna vote for the constitutional amendments and I encourage our Republican legislators. To say I'm not gonna vote forty either put it on the ballot which is fine but I'm gonna vote against it. We're gonna reach out to them to have this congress is a lieutenant governor in the councils state should be abstinent. We'll find out what their perspectives are in this. They just were cumin and you take care buddy do a great job market thanks a lesser governor Pat McCrory. Expressing the concern. Of not just himself but also. Other former governors very concerned about what's happened here. With this legislative process this is bizarre that I would I do wanna ask about. Why in the world do you put on here a constitutional right to hunt and fish. I'm and seriously. I mean what in the world would he really drinking something when they put this together I I really do have to wonder about this. Let's go to a call from Debbie welcome to the broadcast. Good morning then how are you doing while men. Great I love your show. I have a question. I'll know what is the reasoning behind the legislature are warming to take away the power. From the governor. Well that's. Discussion we'll have to have with them I'm gonna be reaching out to infect Charles. You are tasked with tracking down the leadership. That is brought this abouts so that we can ask them directly. What in the world are you trying to do because this there's there's the governor's mentioning this. Is not just now this predates. Are these amendments this been going on for several years so I don't think it's anything other than a power play that's what it looks like to meet. Let them look like me but I thought you know there's got to be on my reasoning behind bearer or wanting to do this and and it may just be. Now they want all the power. And only they can explain that Debbie and will give him the opportunity to do just that I do appreciate your call. Because we want you to get some perspective on this this I think this is one of our biggest problems in America right now. And this is. The desire of certain people for power period. Set about serving. Its about power. And whenever you start standing on that ground. Look out. Because it's going to undermine our constitutional system one way or the other that's what ends up happening here. Not as healthy perspective at all. Also. And Vertex lie and I knew it was a matter of time. Before somebody weighed in on our new open. There. We have Johnny compensating this ventured to open and has some dude. Save Jesus came down from across said truck was guilty he would not believe him. I cannot happen because first he can't lie. Second he's not still run across one more ride. Oh my goodness on this issue of these cans do sure amendments. We have this sounds like North Carolina once the same corrupt set up as the South Carolina legislature you know I was thinking the same they. And they know there is viewing the upstate were listening to this broadcast now. I'm sure you're thinking. While these people sound awfully familiar if they are. People are the same. Everywhere they pull the same tricks everywhere. There is the blind. Pursuit of power everywhere. And here's the message from this text her please don't copy us North Carolina. You will regret it. And I think basically what they're they're trying to warn those viewed North Carolina to do. Is to avoid it masculine eating. The governor's office. That's really what this is about. Don't emasculated your governor. You know I thought it was really interesting. Even humor her back when we have all of this discussion. About the gasoline tax. And Henry McMaster was threatening to veto. It was really a moot point because legislature is going to override anyway. These are people who want to ultimately. Rule. That's when it comes down to. And if they can do that's. From the legislature as opposed the governor's office they will do that. And I think governor McCrory get this right on the head. It doesn't matter who you want to be in charge the fact the matter is you have a constitution. And the idea behind it is given executive branch and you have a legislative branch and when those get confused. You're asking for all kinds of trouble. Don't we see this enough without courts' overstepping their bounds and trying to make law. And trying to enforce law. It doesn't exist. This is what we're up against. Also on the text line. If it's to keep liberals and animal activists from curtailing hunting and fishing conjure up springer seems he can either explain this. I think upstate outdoors covered it. Thoughts we need to bring our friends from our six through February deed you talk about this hunting and fishing they may be so. Stay what is. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. We're back to Vince Coakley radio program. Over on the text line. Pat says this the only job of legislatures and judges is to separate men and women from their property. Power. In the name of efficiency. That's pretty insightful. That's the way this works in you know the efficiency has to be understood the context. Of their efficiency it's not yours. If the we would not defined this as efficient. Let's if they efficient for them. The carry out whatever it is they would like to do. Where another text are asking the question. When is the upstate. I'll be glad to answer this question. Also notice the up country that is less. Not used. And it is really a defined as a ten county area. Along I 85 in the northwest corner of South Carolina. The biggest area in the states. Is Greenville Spartanburg Anderson. So. Those who are curious about that we have listeners. In that area as well so. When you hear references to upstate. You know what that's about to present New York here at least one more during the course of this broadcast. For very good reason. You'll find out during our date in history segment a couple of big stories going on. In Europe. Really bizarre incident. And unfortunately this isn't the F first time and probably won't be the last time this has happens. Another terror attack meteor shoes this side watch this this morning. You can see a car mowing down pedestrians and cyclists. Before crashing into a barrier. Fortunately this man's been arrested. And jobs have confirmed the very senators the sinister smash. Being investigated by counterterrorism. Command people. This guy used a silver Ford Fiesta. Too proud to several cyclists. The guys in his twenties. Was led away by armed cops after people were left in church. In this instant it occurred about 7:3 in the morning there in England. Witnesses describe the terror of seeing the car driving toward parliament at speed. Before there was a loud banging. Three people heard cops say none have life threatening injuries. This guy was going about fifty miles an hour. The suspects arrested on suspicion of terror offenses. Extra cops will be stationed at key transport hubs across the country now. One woman suffered serious non life threatening injuries. Rush through other men also needed medical treatment. This guy's not armed at all with the exception this car. That's hit just a car but as we've seen before. That is bad enough when you have someone with a sinister motivation. Like this particular gentlemen have you also seen this video of what happens in Italy. My hand. But a hundred yards from a murder weigh bridge in the city of general. Class this morning in a strong thunderstorm. And rainfall hit the area. And structure mostly fell on to railway tracks. There are also some houses under the bridge hit by this collapse cars and trucks fell from the bridge. This is like a scene of horror movie. And we've got to multiple deaths here. Fans. Probably dozens of people injured. This described as an immense tragedy by government officials. If you get a look at the video on this today you'll see just how horrendous this is just absolutely horrendous very sad to see. That development in Italy. This is the fourteenth day of August and that now is probably a good time for us to take a look at the date in history so we wrote ventured down. To our upstate studio in Greensboro and our good friend Alonso who is hopefully Borger good morning sir. If he is there. Permanently from him some issues. Hearing mr. right so this morning. So we've got some tactical issue will try to work out here. And come back to him here and a few minutes sometimes. Technologies. Will cooperate and sometimes it does not so Iraq will have to work around this. This next story I'm kind inflicted on and I wanna get your thoughts on this. And and let me explain some context. For why I say this now. I'm at a point in my life where I am more conscious than ever about the importance of choice. Of love. Preferences. And it's. Especially in the area of spiritual matters. I can not dream of trying to compel somebody to do something they don't want to do. Now I'm I'm not talking about. Issues of law and order anything like that. Here's what I'm talking about. Public schools in Florida. Must display the national motto in god we trust. Starting this week. According to the Orlando sentinel public schools must display this model in a conspicuous place under legislation sponsored by state representative Kimberly Daniels. You know I do what's intriguing about this. Kimberly Daniels is a Democrat. She also leads Christian ministry. Florida governor Rick Scott signed the bill in March a requires each. District school board to display the national motto inside all of the schools the district and each building used by the district school abort. Daniel said this motto is inscribed on the hauls the great capital into our currency. It should be displayed so that our children we exposed an educated on this great motto. Which is a part of this country's foundation. Daniels previously told state house committee members were pushing legislation. Something so great should not be hidden. National motto has been part of the state seal since 1860 aiding guy we trust. Has only been the State's motto since 2006. The State's previous motto was in god is our trust. This is. In the event that takes place as legislators across the country including Tennessee Arkansas South Carolina. But also discussed and passed similar measures requiring public schools displayed this motto. What does this accomplish. I'm I'm just curious. In one sense of making great let's remind people remind children especially. For the presence in the reality of god okay that's a good thing. But does this. Make this true just because. D'Amato. Is hanging somewhere. Team and this is my other concern. I wonder how many people. We're to believe in this motto. They really don't trusting god. Insert danger here that we put things like this up. And she. We really don't understand what we're doing we've become a nest the tightest. To the true reality of what it means to trust god. It is. For many people all of this is is a model. I know I'd love to get your thoughts your perspectives on this is this a good thing in god we trust may inventories at school so. This is this. Coakley radio program. Backup Vince Coakley radio program let's go out to Willie into Estonia good morning. Why would we all know yes sir. Welcome. And on mine are answer. A lot of wanna comment on on the school's. You're ahead and I think we should we should go back to let you know 'cause that just goes come from from the why they. White. Does this do discussions. This blew a lot big well we want to. We run this country I'm tired I'm probably without it they're never. A break. And I sometimes you get some interest in people who coal into the broadcast. And we have this on the sex line Vinson belief and religion is no more valid than the belief that god doesn't exist. In god we trust has no place in the school. I don't know that I would say that either by the time. That's one perspective here. In response to what is taking place in Florida I believe we have our technical issues resolved. And were ready to go down I 853 trend lines no welcomes share. Today a fixed it. Very good very good. By the way I'm not sure if I mentioned. Going for a ride in Europe lecturing car last week he did not. Had a great time out by the way I mentioned yesterday. I think it was that we had a out really successful. Campaign for GHS Children's Hospital last week that it's why I was not here in Charlotte but. Broadcasting in Greeneville. And Thursday afternoon. Hyde who Alonso said hey Leo come pick you up and let's go out to dinner with with Toronto's family to integrate time nice car. Yeah and I made sure I didn't drive too fast enough mature advanced age I didn't want anything to have. Cold. Wow. Off. It kicked it touched. The abuse that I take my goodness. Let's go right into our question. I'm gonna get you for this 1930 foot high. This became July the blank acts. At the time there about a 160 people contributing for every person receiving benefits today. It's two point eight to wind can you believe that. What was the name of this program they got started in 1935. Welfare. Not why. And he guesses here in the studio that. Well yeah Social Security Social Security acts 1930 cry I think about this 160. People contributing for every person receiving benefits. Now it's down to two point eight to one is the ratio. Listen I'm on this every question when it's no you won't if you miss this I'm an inaccurate said dad I'm still nervous this centuries you're not nervous. This country surrendered to the United States in the World War II in 1945. What country was it. How you think so that we bombed them this country into a vanity and yes. See you for. Come through like I fully yeah you've had a tent because only got that wrong you would not have. 2003. We had this happen mostly in the northeast. And there was a fear that this was another 9/11 type attack. What happens in 2003. In the north east. This stuff to do pounder and mail. No that's I'm glad you asked that question because it does not. Let's just say it has something to do with the Jews. When waves looking haven't we had a power. OTJ massive blackout in North America. Hard to give hints for that one touch because we need sound like it has its own and do it terrorism. That's what people feared that the time again that's why. I mentioned that a particular nonetheless we move fraud and. Now looked up Alonso in Greenville this is deep brain Kendrick and I'm come into the upstate tonight. But you know who Bennett's well yeah he says and. 'cause that's very cool that really is effect. And that reminds me why I'm so nervous right now at 18 because I just interviewed Charlotte and it is I. I got struck by my acute shyness in the middle of it mob brain is what completely. Blank we're. Really for those uninitiated were talking about WWE. And yeah in this case you talked to Charlotte from the women's division to save phone interviewer. Almost eleven studio Lou go to my FaceBook page and see some pictures that's a great picture by the way I dislike that. Well it's pretty cool picture we will have to share that with our WB TR audience as well. So that they concede this that's pretty cool man but I she she's doing the rounds because smackdown is here in Greenville tonight. All right yeah as first time I've ever met her ran again. It's starstruck mapped and by the way for context other people certainly people in the Charlotte area be familiar with Ric Flair this is Rick flares dollar. And she is. You know proving to be quite the had champion in her own right to. So she will be there in Greenville tonight for those few interested in checking out the live show. And at the other part of it you heard pro V Brian Kendrick who are rim into randomly yesterday. It's it's one of those things for you seize somebody's like this guy looks awfully familiar. Dad I said you looked familiar I shook his hand that. And he said Brian Kendra and I said Steve Bryan to injury in this big smile came on his face a well. Really nice guy too and I've they have never say no to use the ever go to get away from it no hole it's never happened never happen it's it's pretty amazing and I think you know what went through my mind one and being sick crossed my mind I really think for people like. These these wrestlers especially in this division. This is the what is it called again I'm the 205 life. These are. Cruiser weights so they are there are a lot lighter. And I'm not being. Facetious when I say this they're also coming shorter too. Seriously cannot predict on the pick. Exactly. I think I should pose this picture as well as you can take it out but. Get really really nice guy and I. These guys are really super Tallet. I don't ever to coming up. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so liberty. This is no Vince Coakley radio program. Howard ever to. I start up. With something like the fact let me share two items. From. My friends of Babylon beat. Now I wanna see how well. The guys here in the studio and and for that matter Greenfield listen to me. And remember certain things and and yet would bring one to appear if he wants to chime in on this. What is my one of my all time favorite far sides. What is it about. Well my all time favorite far sides. Any guesses here horses. I gave a horse what is really good they do one about. There's one horse hospital. You know where the doctors going from room to room with shotgun. That that's one of my favorites. And also had the the equine. Treatment Brooke. There's another way that I mentioned just a few weeks ago. Gates of heaven tonight trying to get into the and no it's not that way and but you're you're on the right track when you're talking about the afterlife. See John Nolan told us there was going to be a task. I ever ready for the path. It has something to do with driving. Do you remember it now. To insist driving cat. And this is the wise and where iron in the last play yeah gas is still glad with the dev boy you know. With a pitchfork in the GAO you know he's pushing and somebody and to hell. Into the label under it said people who drive slow in the left in the left lay. Babble I'd be came up with a masterpiece. I love this when this came out just few days ago. And the dateline years in Vatican City. Following his recent announcement Catholic Church no longer supports the use of the death penalty. Told France's clarified it may still be applied to slow left lane drivers. I do think greats. It almost goes without saying the leader of the church commented whereas prior church teaching allowed the death thirty in certain cases the catechism now teaches. The punishment is always impermissible. Except set of Vatican spokesman. For those rapper bait souls who just hanging out in the left lane as if nobody else has anywhere beat. This decision is angered some conservative Catholics who favor playing the death Hillary and wider circumstances. What about the guy who brings his guitar to a party and totally ruins everybody's good time when traditional Catholic asked. What those people who insist on making small talk. While in line at the groceries. I I know people that that is just torment you know they wanna go in Dayton not one has talked. Anybody you know you're that guy or a no no you're back yes you get out of here you're the guy hey yeah you do it and I'm Hilliard all all you're saying I'm the guy who gazes conversation yes that is me. Leave me alone let me. I'm not Pepsi and go all. Like fingernails on a chalkboard thing and I'm. We see you walk enough from a mile away with a smile on his face like dollar amount here he comes again the you see and I'm one of those people sue I will turnaround in the elevator how are you doing today. That's great escape I wonder what John does in the elevator. No comment. Okay. I think Quebec who grew up on it or I can die I can answer that. And finishing his story it's unknown whether probe Francis will also call for the death affinity for people. Who wake a whole neighborhood up mowing their lines at ADM on a Saturday morning. Sources close the part of state he's leaning toward the affirmative. Is this great writing by Babylon AD take com what with the most. Clever stuff I mean I just love it absolutely love the humor here. Or the text like we do have some responses to the subject abouts in god we trust going on the school this Montero. As to whether you think it should be there. This person says of course the display of in god we trust is a good thing justice our flag speed limit signs or the school name. You don't have to respect it but can serve as a good reminder. Perhaps so. We also have references to. One of our callers who unfortunately was somewhat unhinged. But this person saying it's no wonder why some call. Some in your audience racist you get a lot of regular callers that are a little slicker than that racist you just cut off set. Another person here saying a similar thing while why did you cut that trump were off so quick don't fool yourself he speaks for many troopers. I think that's kind of a reach here. But the person saying that person needs to go back and hide under his kkk hood now. Can break. And our reference to wrestling. Then Charlotte flare is and the courage and she's challenging forward on summer slam this Sunday great athlete. Who's raised the bar. For that division she certainly has no I was not meaning she's champion now on the cheap has been champion. Sometimes we make reference to people as. Having championships. Or at some point in their history and I know a lot of people who are into this will be watching summer slam coming up and the present a nice guy I have a texture asking for the key word. And this time around I won't give it TU ED is bunker. The UNK. Also no way had known as CNN I'm just kidding. Did I just say that. But that is the key church. So. Veronica enjoy that a good luck. She asked that by the way. You know I shouldn't go there just leave that completely alone. I'll what are the things and and I just wanna say this. As a reminder because I feel like I always have to say this when I talk about Babylon B. It is a parody sites memory remind you. You cannot imagine how many times when I oppose something from Babylon ADR give people so upset. You know they'll post fight news. It's like really. It's it's kind of like the onion it's satire. Towards Seattle in Bora woods reports. I mean that one's really way out there to. There and that's the whole idea behind it it's it's supposed to have some element of truth. That this is just. You know taken too far it's a joke. So let me just clarify what I just read so nobody says the Pope would never to lose those two witty such date. Because I'm sure. There's always one person who does that. And I'm like surely they didn't think that this was serious a serious news story. But unfortunately along the way there are people who do. Believe so. So I've taken that completely off the table it's everybody feel better now. Random thoughts I'd love sharing for social media. Here's something someone posted just a few days ago and I love this. If we would stop thinking about politics and elections as winner take all wars. And the other side is X instead existing chilled threats to life itself. We would have better citizens. Better discourse. And a better country. This was posted by Corey few days ago. I get it tonight pay I would confess I've probably done this at times. But I ate and not their now I don't want to turn people on them into enemies I really don't. Now I I make a very important clarification. There are activists. We're very dangerous they're people from these activists who are very dangerous but I draw a distinction between these people. And your rank and file liberal. I'm certainly not going to treat my neighbor like this very important distinction. This is still since. Coakley radio program they have done. And we continue Vince Coakley radio program describe to a call from a rod jury in Charlotte good morning. Hello Roger do you care. Oh yes sir. We will rocker yes we now Roger we'd like to hear your comments here. Yeah sorry we use that were brought to a call from them which. And young. It. Okay. Well yeah I'll awhile back that doesn't do it here you get started about Satan christianity and all that there a couple of months ago I think what you that is something about it news to report from Switzerland where people were haven't. Chet stood their skin. Please stand firm buying groceries and stuff I think it's what you work. Hand ball type into the whole market would be staying in the number that he's just a number of man. It Federer and I know that that they want my Bible that put sticky note and a number of what you have at it I've ever get a chance to talk India don't share that's what the if you if you would adult meet for a second. In revelation thirteen that talked about his numbers he is 660. Fit right. Right. Okay well we all there yet another place in the Bible that I I get few people take the time to look my. Elsewhere strictly due on the seventeen. Bad numbers there walk. Remains. Could have been 60666. Is the way. A good goal that was brought into the temple under solvent. That's not a coincidence he moved well Solomon did we broke all the law. Championship. That that god has laid out it's because in the you are attempting that change in our core great numbers looked forces. He must not take many wives. And not accumulate large amount of silver gold he knew he believed he blew all the whole yes. And so that you know second kings. And so he had 700 wise you widely read in the straight. And then in. Yeah. First thing. Little important part of Orton Jerious. CNET TV nor is in the gold how many wives. And boom boom. Message to the early church at that time was. This is this is a Jewish Cain who's in power now. But man that talked about another another book the man who has already here. The I could be wrong about that home. Really proud young the year he's among the remaining in the many any try to shut Oakland structure. Hum. Until the method I think of him in the first entry was. We're we're looking. They evil machinations. Our Jewish kingdom raining right now which would have been one of the terrorists. And the Arab world wicked man. I think there were. Either it to me and are happy to me and enemies of Israel but you're friends with the Romans. And one of the terra was of course the war of one of the kings who tried to kill off the Christ child by slaughtering thousands. Newborn to toddler is. Because you know the problem the further prompting some accuse them of messiah was coming and all the. And this was thought to be a threat to their kingdom. Right a direct threat how how does this apply today rancher what do you see happening here. You know. When I think people were afraid I don't I wanna encourage Christians to just forget about this whole market that these non sense. And yet and move beyond sick of that you know anything you talk about in the futures speculation. And there are a whole lot of that going on especially about the whole market will be number would be saying it's been really good. But somebody you quoted somebody earlier today that. Was talking about the difference between they're being a daughter not be a god religion validity blah blah blah. Okay my first thought was. I quote the proverb pool says in his partner's Nobel. If I'm wrong I don't have time to. Play scriptural ping pong with people. Who. Really aren't interested. In Maryland or if you're a sack they repeat question AF excruciating involved. We're better than that it. I am completely waste you Roger and I mean this in fact this conversation when it totally different place than when I was expecting enjoyed talking with you. It's a certainly talk again another time. I was up a concern he was going to suggest to the anti Christ might be I thought that's where this was going. Seriously because there are people who do that. I have a friend who were who remain nameless to protect the guilty. He's doing something on revelation maybe have him on this program soon. But he's going to take totally different approach with revelation to him part of his concern is. People don't like kooky stuff and there's a whole industry associated with esque ecology. And I. The email exchange I had with him about this real pretty humorous exchange and he was saying. Well the into crisis this person and he actually referred it to a television evangelist who I will not name. He said that person has the handicrafts. Which I would not dare. Mentioned on the year and anyway he was being facetious. The whole idea behind it is. There are a lot of people would've. Speculated about this for years I remember the first time. When I was and ask intelligent early on there's this guy who is insisting their cries was Jimmy Carter. And this mideast peace agreement he made Jimmy between need him to any of G Egypt and Israel. He thought the rapture was imminent be ready ago. I'm still here has an happens. By the way you wanna have fun with somebody. And I. It's risky to me tell you this I don't believe. Men are in some sort rapture that's gonna help people escape before tough times happen I just don't believe it by the way but for the sake of the joke. I remember hearing this joke back in college. In fact in May have been a friend of his removal this weekend. Its offense ever big favorite askew you. When the rapture occurs when you take care my fish for me. You know actually. Thank you are excited to think about that for a moment the first time I heard that joke. Boy. I wanna go into. An update on a new angle because the old angles are really getting boring week. They really are and the back and forth. By the way. I'm my attention is grabbed cheered the ever. ADHD person that I am because I saw a Drudge story about a poll indicating the presence at 50%. CNN up with a troll or pole now saying he's at 42. I know you're shocked. New angle in this investigation. Of Robert Muller's. Relates to another person who may be in the spotlight now. And so this person. It relates to testimony from Kristin Davis. Testing before the grid test testifying before the grand jury of Robert Mueller. Andrew Miller was held in contempt for his refusal to testify at the grand jury. And so a subpoena was dropped on Randy. For each show. Who despite his public denials was the source. Who said WikiLeaks had the goods on Hillary and would release them in October. This was characterized as a deep state trifecta. Andrew Miller's contempt citation. Is a lot more complicated. And his appeal may be problematic. By the way this is reported by daily caller. Mueller is running or criminally abusive constitutionally. Unaccountable professionally and politically incestuous conspiracy. Of ethically conflicted cronies. Colluding to violates. Fourth fifth and sixth amendment rights. And those of almost every one grid any sort of political or personal associated. With this person in the last ten years. I'm referring. To Roger Stone. Who is very much concerned about what direction in this investigation is going a name you probably ever heard in awhile but keep your eyes on him. He's very much concerns and he probably shoot me. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Back convinced totally ready program. I wanted to I'd turn to something is taking place locally and I wanna get a perspective on this now when I see local referring specifically to Charlotte but I I do want to expand this to the upstate because I'm sure there's a similar thing going on. In terms of houses. I mean every person I've talked with shoes in the real estate business. Has characterized the atmosphere. Right now is just downright crazy I mean. I've I've talked to a number of people sold their houses they've talked about getting multiple bids. And tasty cases where. Someone was trying to buy a house and they thought hey we put an offer for more than the person was asking. And somebody came along with cash offer. And got it right out from under I keep hearing this over and over and over again so I'm just curious. For those of you who may be in the market for house or. You are trying to sell a house whatever the circumstance is I wanna know what is going on with you in that regard Howell. How it's working out what your finding you finding that's. Your house sells quickly are you finding your having difficulty finding your house and getting the house that you want because. Things are just getting snatched up so quickly in the competition. In some cases is downright fierce. I would be curious to know your thoughts. In about the cost. Because this demand is certainly driving the prices of homes up. And amid some point I don't have a more substantive. Ends. How and I know how else to characterize this some ballots. What's going on with the issue that we've come to know is affordable housing. So we all too easily those of us who say we are conservatives. Can dismiss these issues. Know what is the insert it in because I think we need to give people an answer. We talk about free markets and that sort of thing how does it work. And maybe just here's the reality. As you see more and more of these high priced homes being built. Especially in areas where. Formerly you had slums. And I think this process is known as gentrification. Where they're coming in and saying while this place is a dumb well let's fix this up. And let's make some nice condos or house this year and you know we can make a killing and people are. How do we as conservatives address this particular issue. We just. Basically end up with a free for all fans. Ultimately. I'm mile porn marginalized people. To be priced completely how old of having a decent place to live. Surely there's got to be an answer here. I I mean I'm just I'm not standing before you right now isn't a person who knows it all and has. Answers. I'm just saying we have to have the conversation. I guess this is really getting away from us see here's my concern. If we don't figure out a free market way to do this. These progressives will ultimately used the power of government to compel us to do something. This not only not in our best interest but ultimately will not in the long term help the poor. Everybody's gonna lose. Liberty lose its prosperity loses. You understand what I'm saying here. And I see the same thing the operations of corporate America. In one sense I think you know I'm not gonna. Complain about a CEO making some crazy amount of money. But on the other hand. I'm also thinking if you've got people who are barely above minimum wage in some companies. I think at some point they've got to address that issue and figure out how do we do this how we engage ourselves. In this free market society in a way that is moral and ethical. And human. Because I think the humanities been stripped out a good part of this. Let's get your thoughts let's go out to Michael in Matthews good morning. Good morning events and sparkle. An entertainer Michael salute. I was just Colin muted here my own experience and I appreciate you. Cover in a topic we actually just finished selling home and went on the market and had furry offers within four hour. One holy one of which way is sight unseen. Got three offers. And two which were above our asking price and are asking price was 90000 dollar higher offer health or three years ago. And he operates Eric was one of the two offers I was about you know as a cash offer route thirty they've closed. Yeah. We are opting for over the world and rental basis justice challenging. Then that's what we really experiences. I'm we've been shocked that rental prices. For homes that. Really aren't. And they're not work what the court you have to. I hear you. I know which you're talking about. So you know I'm I didn't think from a free market perspective. Eventually. Interest rates will push up high enough to soften the art because I'd I think right now. I you've still got a large swathes of them market is taking advantage. Are eating money at cheap prices. And I do think that market Willett that's eventually soften up. But unfortunately it's like everything else our government involved also and it will more than likely be a result of another sustained. Default. Epidemic. And and if they decide that you don't waste. The economy about that seemed to be the direction we're headed and again from my perspective but I peeping greats well eventually. Route normalized. Look I think. But it certainly it does certainly pretty outrageous right now. I hear him but I do appreciate your call their Michael some very interest in information kind of confirms. Exactly what I've been hearing for awhile now by the way we've got some breaking news. The trump campaign has filed. For arbitration. Against armor so this is a new story that is developing right. Now. The trump campaign filing for arbitration. Against Amoroso. I assume she's seeking some sort of damages or something I don't know what the entire circumstances are. But this from campaign wants to take this to arbitration so there's more information on this. We will bring that to you Al it's very quickly go to family have about a minute Pamela. Maybe I part of the problem is the great government. He and the reason that the government because begala indicates our neighborhood I'm about art should he he's among inmates. We showed that he gave it permission that tape yet. He hit all hype and with eminent domain should take my property. So well other private property owner internal. I'm pretty battered housing for that he can make more tax. You know and you've really touched on that on the evil underbelly here of the government incentive here because yes if you get rid of these. Dilapidated homes in the U bringing these high press high priced homes. This is a win win for government it's more tax dollars for them to spin it. You got it and where family that I have a domain happened. Even though I truly doubt it I totally get it. Pamela thank you very much for your call on the takes a more I've calls and the other side away and getting your thoughts on what's going on the housing market. You know in terms of the prices selling and buying whatever it looks like. When your experiences but losing. Final stretch of our broadcast today were talking about what's going on housing market what your situation is what you're finding. Quite intriguing text here this will put our house in the marketing Cornelius had fifteen showings three offers first weekend. That a person say no such thing as affordable housing you get when you pay for it okay. We purchased in Monroe about three months ago the listing eight hours old we walked it made an offer by that evening five more offers were on the table. We got lucky. Another person is pretty simple there's demand for lower priced from someone will fill that demand if there's not there would keep building higher end homes. Just a sampling of some the items have come in on the text lines scraps dug in Charlotte good morning. More intense interest you're doing well thank you I'd like to try and shed some light on this defined meg. Right the problem is that you have offshore companies. Who are buying up these houses left and right for cash anytime you see a signer here commercial. For a company that all firehouse for cash and there's literally cashed the check they literally show that the suitcase full of cash. These are predominantly offshore accounts gore buying houses up and renting them. You can go through many neighborhoods and you'll see more for lease or full rent signs and for sales times. So what's happening has people who were wind to actually purchase a home. Hand not because they'd been gobbled up by these conglomerates. And that was striding up the price of housing here in Charlotte. And other areas across the country. If I've heard this before at a lot of people were doing this and you know it's kind of it would see in game here. Well dirt there's two in games well first of all is that you have these. Companies who are not American companies and I have not looked into to see where they're from but it would not surprise me they did not originate in China. But the idea is to first of all. Drive up the cost of housing by making it limited and second of all. I would kind of suspect that these second and game is to remove private housing altogether. And eventually because people would much rather have cash and their pocket agricultural mortgage company. So these people are offering more than the house's work for cash. That would kind of fit that bill would not. That's is pretty intriguing men appreciate your call their Doug. In time raises all kinds of questions here I wanna give us more information on this breaking news story we told you about. You're familiar with the food fight going on between our Marissa and the trumpet demonstration Donald Trump today referring to. Amorous as a dog. You know I I'm not making this up. Here is the new development we told you about his breaking news just a few minutes ago the trump campaign is filed arbitration against armor so for violating. Her nondisclosure. Contracts. This was filed. Today. Saying she violated her non disclosure agreement with the trump campaign. The official says Donald. With the American arbitration association in New York City for breach of her twice sixteen confidentiality agreement in the trump campaign. President charmed as well known for giving people opportunities to advance in their careers and lives of the decades but wrong is wrong and a direct violation of agreement. Must be addressed in a violator must be held accountable. So the desire here is to lower the boom. On armor us. So we will see how this thing. Plays out. In public in the coming days. Pretty ugly. Getting your thoughts on housing and what's taking place there at Donna eager to talk this good morning Donna. Hey this site to been kind of late today but I'm there I'm going to be casually a bit I was in the neighborhood that's rapidly gender assigned. Four or five years ago I would think in a move and out of town and at that time I was told my little. 1950s style brick home was worth about 85000. Nancy if I would've put it on the market. Now there are getting. I can probably get close to 200 from a slipper now I think at least 180. The house next to me sold for over 300 their desire and is up and slipping them and I'm. My income on Social Security only 181000 something a year. But that's considered way too much about poverty level like I can't get help with medical or anything except. I'm just like to see when they do this next property three and Val which they're in the process. It say they've got to at least double meaning like triple me a thorn bush value of good stuff. I don't know the ones of us that are listed in this you know in my situation I don't think they realize when I talk about the property taxes going up. They're thinking about that little ray is that they got this year you know that that's doable they're not understand what they're gonna do but. I just can't believe there's such a short period. I mean by that long ago that friends remind anyone of the is that me a lot shamrock in the Lebanese way and people turn their noses up at this neighborhood and now it's like. It's like no doubt our plans amid Bledsoe and I don't know what the answer is at and where you don't know you know his failure how she can't afford anything cheap so it's a nightmare. And sell part of what you're concerned about is it makes it more expensive for you to even stay. That's what I'm thing and it scares the devil out of me because like I said that. Believe it or not and that was my encounter. You know for a single person household 181000 something here that's considered wealthy I mean I can't you know like if I had medical bill certainly think well I've. I'm already coming up I've already minimum. I'm gonna be an Arnold has done a not gonna you know but the point is. It is like how you afford to stay here but can he help. Especially pure love and all the love the most healthy person like where you go out. But does say is that it will work several years ago they ran out a lot of the older understand them I don't know. They answer it has been in this turnover like that in 2000. We are we're actually a begins drive Donna I do appreciate your call and I wish you the best. This is something we'll talk more about because this is becoming a hotter issue by the moment for good reason. Thanks for joining us today however shows a great day and god bless you take care. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.