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Home Improvement with John and Dave
Saturday, September 8th
Lauren Acosta Huckleberry of Acosta Heating and Cooling join John & Dave to answer your home improvement qyestions

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Will consume less John in jail with the answers to your home improvement questions sponsored by The Home Depot. Lennox dealers Charlie Comfort Systems and a College Station leaving. How do you see 1110993. WBT. Do morning everybody welcome home improvement was done and they climbed on board with The Home Depot I'm Dave noble David good morning how are you sir. I'm my friend how are you always good then look awful week upping your. Your beloved native state. Well she begins Mitch again yes although Alice. Way up from Adrian yeah you were way up there thought they would do U verse. Where were you guys in American RB beyond no bill came across Mac and I just flew into Marquette and then drove overthrew. Blake can go go back. They got some funky names for lakes Upton. But that was great because. So gentlemen that I I we went Kampman. For all he's been up there for awhile I went for about three days than me who we know each other since we are fourteen Menem has freshman high school. And managed to stay together. And touch for a for these many years was about putting ourself. I'm right where that lies spoken. Let's talk about home improvement we got lines open similar 045701110. No he can always send us a note and ask John and they've got congress asked John did that come pick on the questions month. Send a signal that way David understand we got a fair number of emails out there this week is Eric. We do in to apologize I was very busy and I didn't get the answer. Any of them. So I'll be working on that. Now mr. William. What we'll talk about some today may be folks are listening and then and we get that in. Yeah normally this would be one of our are Lennox weeks I think one of our partners are a way are out of town this week Raun. So so we'll do a little bit of that next week I think with Scott right yet Scott's going to be in next week. And done talk a little heat they see in. Then and I think they'll both be back in on the following month and on the regular time and time again that we good. So I had some HTC stuff I teed up but what will set that aside remember last week we talked a little bit about. Roofing and we are we gonna do we I think we got as far as this talk about basic inspection and looking at the ruthless and stuff like that we never got to. The different types of roofing there are an option. And number five I pulled some information just sunk costs. Of other different types of options and then also some information kind of like the pros and cons. Of on. And each type you know why this is a good thing in life you know what some of the drawbacks are thin though so we can talk about that little bit too I figured. If phone you know there's and is people have questions of course several for approximately 1110. We'll take those questions in whatever their related to. We'll talk about. I think that's probably a good plan yeah what are the stuff. So rom any any new developments at the house. I mean we are not far we're we're haven't see where redo the play ends we can't scale some things down. And it's all did you know we're we're we're we're we're not far from breaking ground in will love certainly keep everybody posted as we go along. It's just done. It's tough I'm not I'm not as young as I was the last time I built my house. It's reviewing its and sold so everyday life and work in and all that and throw that in the mix and it's not it's it's it's going to be a challenge. And it's it's a lot of work that is that is not what I'm looking forward to it. I'm about I was gonna backed out a couple of times and then NASA have are gonna do this well imitate. Gina told me I better go ahead Davis. The effect that now. I would say that that's probably some good guidance I would say that I'm doing the right they didn't write it. I sounded that's always gonna say great I mean it's it's it's an incredible blessing if you think about it. It is and then you just. You would truly appreciate shelter. You know I just spent. In Michigan the trees are already changing yes and the in the upper peninsula choose or change and arm. I got out to shower yesterday morning for a flew out and it was 44 degrees in little shower room there crash of a sudden you're like. Man suddenly you appreciate. Calm those little things you take for granted like grown out of a nice toasty warm bed into a nice toasty warm shower. It with a heated floor here at right. And I know. Almost the water hit the floor it was heated. Up there. Anyway. We've got lots of stuff going hour to come up it's a break here Dave Lewis like this only wants a question off the air so will let you tackle that during our break. It gives caller we've got some lines open doors 70457. Know 111070457. Or 1110. Welcome back let's talk about different types of roofing and and maybe some ideas even some solar stuff it's actually pretty slick. Has also pretty expensive. But it might actually be on the first count on. Ruled that this thing could eventually be they actually be viable from a cost perspective shall take a few minutes on that also serious questions ready. Give us a shop 7045701110. Home improvements on a date gonna take a break we'll be right back after these messages well. Some reports on these runs on board which. I'm Dave noble right now we're gonna talk to Simone and good morning Simone here on home improvement with John and Dave are you this morning. I'm good how are you actually. I can't call a couple of weeks ago about soaring term. From them to dog and you can't integrate. I let the track so we Garnett and I am about to start. Let me down today Brett. I have a book shelf that I have Bill Campbell shocked that it had installed after. The car that would let any committee double booked up but there's no on top of the carpet. And some time to figure out if fact I haven't put it up next to it yet though bullish view mode and can't be number economy. How to compete love how do our level that we'll put that. The part that the against the wall the other through walls you know that's going to be. Yeah it's it. It's sit non ESO sitting on pad and carpet in your in your new product is is much thinner so you get you've got a gap right at the base there. I don't know what that key and get biz com or what have you measured how what the distances. I have bad eyes I did you know there was something in general it. You're gonna do is I Suzanne this or we've been in the situation before and what we did I. Well I don't know what color of the bookshelf as so that's that's pry the toughest part benefits just Pena Y eight. All but there's a tell kick underneath it. And bet more your feet fit so has raised up off the floor correct. Worm and it Tokyo so what we did was we just had a piece of wood we we we ripped a thin piece of wood a quarter inch. And we cut the carpet back tight to the toe kick in and we just put a new piece of wood in there and dropped it down. Did put the flora to it left the space and then put our our own age you put her she makes yes. And I think you make and it's okay on that book shelf look like it's going further down. Yeah yeah exactly and now covered a carpet in the the bookshelf is. Some weights on the floor but most of it's it's it's it's fastened in place so it won't be a problem once but that toe kick out there and hide it. In you'll be in good shape. A pennant and a pick that great. Okay what great summer. Welcome you're welcome good luck with that wouldn't thank you are needed you refine take time. And Kara thanks an old allies. All right cool hey album when lets you know we have we did have and it cost stay here. We did OTR. Like ours Laura and Harry hey man. The morning good morning how are you and again I think it's good to hear your voice when it's not a commercial hitting Q and hello let me rescued. I actually have some stuff that I'll love to talk about from his GAC this offer any time here to Robert transitioning. Into into heating season if you can believe that right we are actually come have you guys started scheduling your false offer ready I'm sure. We absolutely have gas. So we do a promo in September well what do you if anybody wants to go ahead and get a jumpstart on there all you know heating safety check will do it for 59 bucks and so. We've got from customers are deftly taken advantage of that that discount perk you know get a jump on it early June and September. That's awesome. Hum I was always jealous of you guys. I'm not. Wanted to maybe two weeks ago three weeks from now prior conditioning on the first floor like stopped working Bruno. And that action and even notice that it has stopped working and it's just it was is sin it's a little room behind my office. Then I tell my cut through there I was it's an opinion and you know with the cut off switching case accountancy. Colleges look down as a habit. Or secede there's water in their own I don't know if and Robbie did tell look this morning this 1 morning in and there was water in the pan and so that ended in the switch it trips in Iowa enough long enough for us even to notice that it was getting warm and house of sooners. Tough pockets come and say comparable whatever I an anti mark caller guy out it wasn't the pump. There was like funk from the you know in the they're quote it's thirty Newton and it blocked up that the line up so great thanks for thankfully he didn't try to sell me something I didn't need. And he was super great and I'm like wait a minute. You groups were out here. I NC Kooks who had a few folks were out here. And whatever month it was to call myself. Why didn't decade cleaned out. Right that I mean. I have been nice filters on there so somebody didn't do a good time when they didn't check the Newton. Does Matt. So it's a lot of air conditioning companies. Don't make it a practice to clean indoor Quayle so most everybody cleans out recoil because everybody can see that customers can net. But not all companies. As part of their routine service will clean that and indoor crawl it says it's that extra charge or it's too much hassle so who even bother with that. It is for our means is customers are customers that are on the cover club with us we do clean. And that's that's the reason I'm jealous of them I hear you guys talk about it I like it why did these guys not why didn't they do this you know. So anyway it's a good good good for you guys. And that's it and that is a great thing for people to know and understand what that coil is so. But may we should explain a little bit yeah and tell us tell what that coil isn't what it does because that's the let's face it if that's not work and not. Where can get religion or that's where you can trashy condenser really quickly tied the I have met Croyle and Porsche at some more and go ahead. Still that that greater oil is just say air conditioning part and it's inside your house so for some people it's an erratic some people attend a crawl space some people attend a class at the Fed has cut but it sounds like your house. And it is. The part that actually pulls the air so the park outside is get re getting rid of the hot air but apart inside is actually cooling in the air it is doing the biggest job. To it being nice and clean and well you know free of boxing your filters are nice and clean so it's not getting dirty. That makes a huge difference. And how well your air conditioner works and that that's coil is nice and clean then your system where connect peak efficiency. Otherwise it's gonna have to work a whole lot longer. To cool your house if it's all covered with guns. I'm filters or fat especially the F pats Alia. You know if you have carpet in your house a few not changing your filters regularly. And then in the end for people have allergies in that I have a sensitive does the smells Alia that can come from that because of who wants eats like a science project sometimes as. It is it is an evil coils that you know. Well there's that there's at. Seeing it within the industry it's called dirty socks syndrome has just that I entered then we talk about that so it's always something like that it's a training for. Our ladies in the office said that answer all the phones ladies and gentlemen I shouldn't Persian smoothly and and an interior found but. Four embodied in our office at entering following on septa train them. Aren't dirty socks and from because people calling in and say. My house smells really bad and they'll be like well. Carla carpet per sinner you know whenever our more confident and really know that we need to go out there and check it out especially if it's coming on in time they turn air conditioner happen in my own house. I was I was at at his make in the bed and I was on my husband's side of the bed I was making the band in the air conditioning came on. Eighteen to overhear us. I'm gonna hit it. I didn't sock it should. I went over to my side of the bed to finish making the bed and it was sings I was on my set up like. We've got a problem here are. I have edited does it. I wanna I wanna talk about palm and I give you some time because as I'm pop in the Sonja like no. Preparation right so I don't want do that on the air but I would really like to spend a few minutes on. Armed when you buy. I wanna get us off topic but it but when you when you're in the market to buy a new heating and cooling system choice or the nice thing hands. And what are the must haves in your opinion so I give you some time during breaks and you just have no sound and that I would love to go through that but I bring it up because. Ultraviolet a lot UV lights are are some of the things that folks will it will talk about to help. Prevent dirty socks syndrome correctly right yet as so we can talk about that but but before you it's kind of like saying all right well. I've got this fire suppression systems so every time a still a cooktop fire starts it can go out. What Mo you try not to have the fire in the first place right and so. There's some things like change in the filters and get these your coil cleaned. That sort of take away the likelihood or make it less likely that you. I mean it's not just nasty could be unhealthy yeah yes you can be grown some stuff in there yep. We had our house had it has week. We had just moved in to this house. And eight hits sat. NT for about four months since all kinds of stuff had started to grow on our core and that's how we ended up with 32 I just think about if you worked in Colorado or Washington. And and people took away the UV lights and put grow lights and their what you find in that book was. Pay close to a house I was terrible. I was not that was an even funny all right. We're gonna get word no we got we are a couple minutes yet. So let's talk for a second about the UV light you'll come back improve on which list nice to have a must have a little bit later but blow what is the idea of the UV like than for this Lauren arming. So the lights. Are they heir to kill any microorganisms. Any sort of live bacteria anything that potentially to kill anything that's alive that might be flown through your air. And it does a nice job of doing that directly on your coil to help keep your quail clean. Found that those that you'd be rights really are only killing. What's within sort of four inches of the ball they don't I'm not too much further beyond that sort of four inch skier of the ball bulb. He ends. That actual ultraviolet light the ultraviolet part of the light all the usually lasts for about a year to two years now the bowled itself will still in the light in so it's kind of gives people a false sense of that it's working got it right. The actually ultra both ultraviolet part of it is good for about a year to two years and so we generally are recommending that our customers change that he be. Bulbs. About every eighteen months that's usually our recommendation and customers to make sure that it's still actually killing. What it's just be killing in SoHo it's you know week if we do have to help explain and and help it get our customers about your yes Eric the bulb itself. Is emitting light. Let it is. I don't hitting the right type of like well exactly ecstatic you know I called I word close up to a breakthrough that we got to take so we'll get ready for that. This is home improvement with John and Dave we've got our partner from Lacasse heating and cooling warrant constant with the old Tom. Well blog at the names right and admitted I think it's a lot of winds can give us a call. Where is 70457. Elevenths then we can talk to Lauren or any other topic that you've got Romer returned home improvement with China Dave. 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It's all led up to an argument between the two men yelling led to shoving and that's when the suspect pulled a gun and according to witnesses. Fired several rounds at the victim the police aren't sure exactly how many rounds the victim was actually hit well that's. WB TV's rock the leak police say Clinton is considering armed and dangerous the name of the victim. Has not been released. All interest along the eastern seaboard will need to monitor the track and intensity euphoric heading through next week as far as the weather on this Saturday it will be dry early that a few thunderstorms may pop up this afternoon with behind your ninety scattered showers and thunderstorms will weave through overnight the low 71. Other out of scattered showers distortion of the afternoon Sunday with a high of 86 the rain will be possible Monday with a high the upper eighties. I'm Jeff mark from the weather channel new stock Levinson and 993 WBT. A 68 degrees and concorde seventy degrees in Iraq killed we've got 72 degrees under partly sunny skies and uptown Charlotte. North Carolina's governor Roy Cooper has declared a state of emergency is tropical storm Florence approaches the East Coast. Cooper announced the declaration and a news release on Friday evening this is the storm neared and Bermuda. Cooper says it's too early to know exactly where the storm won't go but he says residents should use the weekend to prepare for the possibility. Of a natural disaster. A third person was arrested on a charge of murder in connection to the fatal assault of a man and Lincoln County. According to WB TV 31 year old Joshua Chenault was arrested in connection to the death of Christopher Easter. Officials responded to the 2200 block of east main street around six on Tuesday. That's September 4 and found the unresponsive man identified as Easter lying in the parking lot he was later pronounced dead. Jason Carlyle and wife Carolyn were taken into custody that same day and charged with murder they're both being held the Lincoln county detention center. Officers arrest each and all the third suspect in the case after finding him hiding in the ceiling of a motel room in Lincoln sent. He's also being held in that jail. Approximately 250 dead fish were found. In an unnamed tributary to long creek that's in west Charlotte. Fox 46 reports the fish kill as a result. And a major traffic accident that involved an overturned gasoline tanker truck on Mount Holly road at I 485 on Wednesday afternoon. The overturned tanker released about 7500. Gallons of gasoline. Into that tributary of long creek. Despite the dye our US warnings and fears of a humanitarian disaster the trough administration has little to do to stop Russia Iran and Syria. This from him pressing ahead with military assault against Syria's northwest province. Washington has threatened military action in case of a chemical weapons attack. And WBT sports here's Sharon porcelain. The cowboys have one of the best running backs in the game in Ezekiel Elliott. The Panthers defensive and west towards is that also got a slowdown quarterback duck Prescott's. The key is going to be keeping the sky and the pocket you know balancing out the rush lanes and you know have a great effort. Given to him you know otherwise you sit back there you can extend plays in. Usually let him get comfortable back there. Profits of Lima that mean he's still a toll in Darrell bullies have both been listed as questionable for the game. Could try to bear said today they could be game time decisions. That share endorsed won the Panthers take on a Dallas Cowboys if you haven't heard Sunday afternoon. Came times around 4 o'clock. And WBT weekly local I'm Deborah Tobin who struck 1110993. WPT. I'm John Gordon. I'm Dave Goebel. I'm gonna have to huckleberry with a costly heating and cooling. Org thanks freeway this morning appreciate it we're gonna suddenly we're gonna talk to Paul right now Paula good morning Yahoo! open with John and they. Hey good morning guys sorry this morning actually just don't think it has I hurt you talk about all the inside and outside inspection. Well that's a real or one of the things I love figure you'd talk about as. In Oklahoma inspector can identify day initial signals of a problem. But we started actually having. Companies like a cost. Calm and do an inspection on the unit prior to purchase stirring. This examination period that I think it's so great and white thing because like I said earlier that it looked for things that other people what. Chilling effect that's that is a really good point and I think. David we've actually spoken about that. Lauren with your dad seek it with Scott who about bringing in somebody like that in because. Could cheer point you can tell egregious issues if you're an inspector Holman Specter. But it takes. It takes somebody with gauges in and paid attention to what's actually happening. To really do that right Lorne do you guys you have Fairmont do you get called out for those kinds of things for your hearing. We do we do so we have a great reputation of doing a thorough. I realty inspections so we get a lot of referrals from that from realtor to realtor about our our home inspectors and we we actually spent some time with with all of our our search professionals and training them. On how to deal home inspection to be incredibly thorough. And and we may get in and now and then like when you're working for the buyer or working for the seller worse saying everything and brown and so that's obviously in a super important. But according to take a Ferrell looked at both. They air conditioning side of things are heating SATA pink and then the dot quirk which he now. There could be a lot of hidden problems within the network of somebody's not take the time to look through that. Right and Paul I know that in and I know you know this and I know this split. Technically. Oh home inspectors last season licensed. Heating and air conditioning contractor mechanical contractor. He's really not allowed to do any type of exhaustive search or open that unit up because he's. Money's not shared Morant and two since he's not licensed and it's the EU you know your opinion is really. This is not worth it just really not worth all that much hours a flip yeah. So. But but but I pre we do appreciate you calling in Paul Jamison didn't end. Wind and Telus Telus tell our listeners about your show up for May be folks that don't listen in the on the afternoons. And. Well unfortunately today I am up preempted by Carolina football but. On the normal Saturday at two for the last ten years we talk about real estate we talk about a meat and have a good future home. You know great topics like Jerry you'll always. But others sell out of body best buy property leasing. And now. Things like Florence talking about the data protect you from pre existing conditions with HBA he says I don't know lower member companies they have a great company could do great work. Leaks phone. Yeah and Dan pol you guys emigrate so I listen anytime that I can end always great information you always have great guests. You guys too thanks for all you do it earlier great short while less than a few guys in the morning have a great Saturday guys. You too thanks Paul thanks Paul are thicker. David I'm glad you could read that I could himself thank you for do and then you have what I talked him off the air and at this it was was a great segue into what we were just talking about without a home inspections and it's it's it's so important. And it's and it's really easy go at home inspector can and cannot bring his HB AC people. Electrician the plumber. Armed a roofer whatever he needs because if if you really don't and inspection that's what you really want every one experts and all this field so. So it's good they can then now we think offer that call. Awesome awesome awesome stuff. OK here comes policy okay with time yeah we got a time her cup does David David good morning I'm home from what John Dave are you. I flew you are sure hope guys are great it was relaxed our I'll listen to these are is so much out of it won't take much time. I go to Moscow gets slower and smaller amount. I absolutely. Want question. Do I really don't you little follow what you opinion that you should. I. Oh. So I'm the best thing dude David is to buy yourself a weather station or digital high ground under armed they make gate yacht and a unit its wireless. And what to do as you put their transmitter in the crawl space the receiver. In the in the house in which you're looking for is mainly humidity. On that won't deviate temperature reading as well which is always kind of nice enough but. My mainly were look at for the humidity and you want that humidity be somewhere around fifty to 55% and that crawl space. You don't wanna be a whole lot lower than net you don't wanna be a whole lot higher than that. Palm aren't as. I wrote that benefited if people are young and yet this format own ditto. I'd sometimes though haven't there end. Middleby. In the garden section is in the garden section usually on and yet model but isn't in Atlanta and it's on and can't. And then you can also. Also I bought some from Amazon because sometimes will bylaw that are three pack. It were an Obie is it'll give you three transmitters seat Capote won and living space one in the crawl space of one in the attic as it's kind of nice to know what's going on Adriatic tea. OK we're not a Linear. Please distillation of the at a job where I'm well covered there are yeah. Chair I'm just talk about a few moisture level ever does upper Ohio you might or might recognize that there's a leak so. You know on a day to day of basis and you kind of watch this thing it's nicest but I didn't kitchen may be near the coffee pot or something that you do every day. I'm and you get it do you get an idea of what's your normal readings are and if you ever see one fluctuate a whole lot they knew that gives you a little indication that something could be going wrong and it might be worth a check they've got a birdie in the did you like min Max on TV history how to write if you push a button it'll say hey the highest since when was this the lows that are what was that's yup absolutely. Thank you do not go to Colorado will take ability to accomplish greater country except the obvious. Who. What Mullen removed at the momentum back and I was impeach late prince uploaded sort of issue number about pork and that new iPhone. On the dead and David if you got another question order put on hold grow because we've got to take him we had take a break or yes or very high tide of mortgage score right well thank you thank you. All right did take a little break we're gonna take little brick home brewer John they've come right back welcome back. The stomach flu shot a day I'm done Gordon with The Home Depot I'm Dave Goebel and I'm gonna have to huckleberry with the cost of heating and cooling. Laura thanks drew thanks for being with us we're jump back over this updated real quick in the Charles we see you out there were coming your way. David thanks Roy through the bridge armed US a question about installation. And we said yea two thumbs up to that does sound like you at least one more question. My idea this live on that score 88. This food alien it was summertime I port I don't. Down down one at blowing on you. Okay that and that's the windshield that we that we talk about and it okay and it doesn't really cool the rumor that air I mean it does help move air offered the ceiling some yeah but mainly what it does it's just like when you when your outside in the wind blows and it's hot you get their cooling the fact. And and that's what you want inaccurate that's Richard F. Here's what you think about David with if you want the temperature to feel like it goes down. Load down if you want temperatures feel like it's going up blow it up. Makes it makes a prelude got a great to get uptight liberal quit compliment to what your sponsors. Sheer. O'Costa. I think as I live look there are some or the best at least I have they would there where I did not let me I was told them there are. Drop murderer just got so. Did. They're great there. And I just believe it is always out doing battle. You've got to have told you this greater I don't we'll take a bunch of dumb I don't live Ichiro. I do enlisted Tony thank you have a blessed day. Do you say David appreciate your call. There is a reason. Lauren do we invite you guys back girl like you guys back every single month I think you bring down Ozzie yeah I have confidence. Tom Charles C good morning your home approves John Dave are you this morning. Good Marty and I appreciate your show as well las David comments where. Right all. They know I'll say always they are 99.9 999999%. Of the time right on. Bob any worry I had a encapsulation. Of not quite there yet. Helped build that might be deadly man. And a cancellation done about a year ago and it. And I want revered boxers and they did an excellent job. Everything seems to work outright but there was one problem I could not get resolved. The big dance that worry you see this being crawled fate of the want to just open. At the bottom has been replaced debate plastic I'd be out there buzz. Temperatures bit this bit about opening who has yet have juror there and they did do encapsulation. They eat some of the sport they went up the walls we have. Good out here and he does best. And that they had the Bill Bennett felt is that they're cover just real much study at the end. Do not hold it right call with company. They did they'd pull out here five times. Am very good that he thought out. Yeah this emergence got a little extra jackscrew count on the side of it yeah hello little low compression serious farm. Yet. Yes so. Yet at that. Really this is is this prize sounds look crazy but the best thing to do is to pop them out and just. But it put it in each corner on the plans put it but they yum some clear silicon. And and push him back in in the and you have to lean something against them and told that silicon dries. That makes sense if they're pop and out on their own and I don't know if there's a liner against it or. Or what's oppression against it because those vents stick through the foundation especially throughout appeared curtain wall a little further. And that if it was a block walls. I'm does that make sense. Yes I was wondering if they're if they're. The bitter that I care about probably about ten years ago and replaced bill medal went to they had thought a more decorative they are or. Harder. They do you can have. There's places online that you can find it would advance. That she would hate. Any color that you wanted or staying in polyurethane on. That is so if you have options to do that. I would not out of guy did it why. I did a good job how have little disappointed that the eight Libya bailed out before I let them. Yeah that's that's always a problem with as fans because like I said there thicker. And Don you really have to you. They really need to be secured with us silicon you don't wanna go all the way around them you just wanna put one in each corner that way if they ever have to be removed he can take abroad knife and just pop I'm proud cut the car clues and then scrape it off of the foundation and then you you're good ago. But it's it's fairly normal and for it I see him fall lot of houses when they don't when nobody's even touched and there's nothing gone on in the crawl space suck. Don't don't feel bad. But that's. Agree that's the thing is that they are good to be bigger they thought they brought out one before the very without ever yet now here. They're they go so there's that's really the fix that's that's what we've done in the past and that works well. You can just cut it to buy for something and make a stiff. The any any piece of lumber anything that she can lean up against them the Holman place for 24 hours. And our that'll take care rep. You guys think like that yeah they didn't get to what you thought you would have done. I'm well maybe they don't maybe they're not aware of that fix maybe should bring it up to when you call. I'm out there and tell me know what the fix this. Appreciate you ever right appreciate your ya I dropped him on thanks Charles. I guess she can also use some really good duct tape. And none you can you can tape a man while the glues drying bad I just always have lean something against John it works well. I wonder about the power grab did you they have don't they have a clearer than that all they did it does strike clear. I'm so it and it may work we've just always you silicone and I did a totally get it. And it's been up on your prom mom in. I remember the original manufacture those guys and how they set them and it's yeah its just. Sometimes well sometimes openings to eBay you know some people say well okay put speakers and on you can but it doesn't always work out while. You know it tends to shift him in the hole. If you try to put him on the face of the plans that may not be enough enough area freedom behind it earlier you have because like I say the holes aren't always standard. The end does I can be a problem but dumb the other eight by sixteen but that bet eight by sixteen can vary because they compile a lot of mortar. Around them so anyway hopefully I'll get that worked out. Let's see we are prepared got a couple miss our second our brakes appear. And let's do real quick until a quick email KK had written it wanted to know what was the best time of the year to close the vents. In the crawl space or keep them all and it is. And it's it's one that's been debated and it still being debated in volatile we're gonna have some folks on here in the near future we're gonna talk more about crawl spaces in and out the different ways to handle it. Com. And anyway. Ridden reality if you're gonna open events probably all winter spring. Is the time to do it and then. Keep them closed in the summertime you know as much as possible you really some air movement he needs some. Are the best thing is to have a professional come out and and look at it give you an idea of what's going on the crawl space and as we said it with the earlier caller. Buy yourself a weather station and put that device and they're so you know. Do you what's gonna you don't know what to do it tell you know what's going on with the crawl space so it's wet T humidifier. That's really the the best thing that you can do. Tom sound some ball. And I know you know NN of course down what's the other thing you always say if there's nothing wrong don't write that stands alone. That's the hardest things that you might be okay just don't mess with it right if everything it but it's all about the data and know what's happening to center. Lee and you can't know with the data about what the that is unless you have some type type of device to measure some. Just a big proponent it's a 25 dollar fee. To did get that you do have to crawl in there and mount the thing that's what people say you mean I have to go in the crawl space and met up just yup I did lots and lots and lots of time I say look what I tell people say well if you're not capable pitcher catcher air conditioning purchase person and do now. We had a caller last week member resendiz kids in there yeah he had his IQ that's good on our Angolan and Mike nice. Listen I. Hi hey we're going to be we've got Kelly out there but we're like seconds away from a break here so I say we take our break and then we'll grab Kelly after the break point yet cannot take your whole. I did deal Kelly hang tight we got to take a little break here Lauren don't go away we we appreciate you being here we know you're not gonna go away and now in order to take breaks. Anyway you slice it we wanna make sure that you get really good home improvement information and one way to do that is to stay tuned because home improvement John Davis coming right back. Welcome back everybody this home. Hey I'm John bored with The Home Depot and they go home I'm Monica huckleberry without cost heating and cooling. Then here comes the ever patient Kelly. Who's been on hold through our break Kelli thanks for Carl thanks for Colin thanks for hanging on to our break their hurry this morning sir. My pleasure I'm doing well I hope you're having a great day David German Lawrence thank you for let me and problem. I am running to a job in pulling gallery cheered me up in the mountains area and I hope I hope my. Smartphone stays on pot. I had heard two calls earlier about control space system one of them settle according to respond surge with don't quality how. And I'm sure he's frustrated I'm on the side there are frustrating but I. That being said we won. We work on your help we wanna make sure it stays working. And if a guy came out a couple of times in the sense still pop. Please call we wanna take care of yet apparently we didn't do as well as we thought we did end. It's important to us so we take Gerald yes. To be shut and there was a man a little earlier said he had a hole spacing caps isolated. And he asked if she needed a humidifier. There and you why usually ask you need to humidifier or a which causes me to think you may not have indeed humidifier. And it's really really important for him if he doesn't encapsulated crawls place. Just have a did I talked to load get better throughout. No to UK that was spot on. And now we appreciate it and your just a similar assuming that it was bad bad bet he may have been talking about you maybe talk about somebody else could. But I know what you're saying you guys will take care of it and end. And and I know affirm my years of being in business I I go to many houses because if I have to gonna crawl space the first thing I'd do is go around and look for penetrations. In the crawl space to see. If I'm gonna run in the dimly any slithering friends Ozzie who might be visiting in the ourselves. So any time that I see of it completely laid out there and I'm prepared for maybe Iraq news Norah squirrel or whatever is they don't like being penned up in the corner so. Anyway yeah that's true. So I've had black snakes stare me I'd guy a couple of times and come down out of the installations are like though is make sure it's closed up but. Those vents are notorious for fallen out. The the solar events is what they are which. It in my estimation they work exactly backwards I think they should I think they should close when he gets hot and open when he gets cooler but. That's that's just me. Believed women that are lowered that like the I don't know well they Kelly he put it backwards ass kicked. No I don't think it at all and I think but he com. Bimetal oil it'll work out what I did sure and every crawl spaces so different dynamic could be air coming in from the outside the temperature in the poll. You dated her just. How related let's forget that a writer earlier you know a pretty simple words don't get excited. But if you tricks that you wanna friction based on the conditions. Write a particular crawl space for a. Yeah and there's not one there's not a one fix for all crawl spaces it's it's just think it's different each one needs are. Needs a little bit different attention I believe. Yeah I hear what you're talking to a crawl space guys source saying cancellations perfect every time but if you're correct there are people who don't need encapsulation. Did it can be a bad trip but it may not be required. In short yeah I'm a more I always have a bias doing jail and jabs but I've seen some beautiful I've seen 1960s. All places. We were each ordered meaning it's never got any strong liberal anymore sure Andy thank. Right. Because it just got out of that particular old. The conditions more rights to not create these problems Cirque. Certainly they're older. Ali we appreciate it thanks thanks for the Australian beer and your have a wonderful day you two examples thanks thanks thanks back. All right appreciate call from Kelly here comes Phil Phil good morning on home improvement which on a day are you this morning. Great. I'm gonna battle water heater OK they're renowned band. It happened last week the water in the love. Just all the little tainted ground and not a nervous about this probably need to do more narrower fit well thank our children are quite a few years. We will is a fused three or more right. Yeah our or and yes so terribly New York we're prepared Arafat here but I doubt about it in your girl. Again there's X or it. You can usually find a date on the on the side of the water heater sometimes that sometimes the installer will actually right on there with a sharp B which I really like shall you know I like CNET electric panels I like to see all of it you know why not advertise if you can't anyway pitch name on there. But. Look on the side of the water here you can tell. If it's not written that sometimes it's stamped in the in the end we're all the information is there's other boilerplate peaceably it is and and actions are manufactured date you can tell that it's probably close to within a year they usually it'll state. In a warehouse for more than a year or so. About ten years on. Is when you wanna start thinking about water heater can last twentieth you're willing to take that chance but. Tom if that's more than ten years old he should probably start thinking about changes out on your terms. So it put OK but so then. What about the brown color he's getting because when when the water hot water gets pulled off the tank is. It's pulled off the top right so either something has swirled that stuff up. In in the tank well yes some color come and he could have. How old is a house so. Corporate scenario and they have side. Yes so you know one of T face probably happened either possibly they worked on a water main somewhere there's a little bit of mud in the water. Dirk clog got in there and it broke loose at your place in dissolved in in in you can have that or. When there when the water fills in the tank there's a filled tube in the cold water goes to the bottom. Well when it bounces off the bottom sometimes that the pressure jumps up if the water heaters not been drained or or been flush I should say drained a flushed. Tom these and you can pick up some some of the sentiment is sure and as the rust and durden or whatever is in the water so. Tom you know there ego it's it's it's it's your choice but usually the best way is to take a look at that water heater see how old it is and then you can make determinations from there a bit. After ten years. I'm here we are here working on borrowed time. Right and the thing is just not consistent. Maybe once every two weeks or maybe twice and you won't come out this sort. I just got broken well maybe that's what we should you ever checked actually yeah if you have someone color back. Pretty recommend. Yeah I want you are all about the pipes plumbing. As a good company. Yeah then I give them a shout and then. Getting bombing two if you bomb if they're if they're too busy which I tape these guys everybody's busy right now so. Oh my god and are up about load or hold regardless Home Depot has an install program and they can work with you pretty quick. Because they did mind. And they do a good job they're all license commerce up okay great opera I appreciate your aunt. Thanks for the call fruitful. All right we ought to take a break we're back to normal from what's on the day prior to these important messages welcome back. It kind a contact sport we're going to help I'm Dave double. And I'm gonna cost the couple ferry with a couple he can Corwin got our HEC expert in the house so. HTC questions certainly. Great to be great to get right now. Lauren. That's fair conversation and usage we we need more time to kind of think this through but. Are brought the idea of nice to have it must it must have sworn you were you thinking about replacing the system is there such a thing is something's it would be cool to have but maybe. Aren't really super critical and and what you do and. SI mean you you got to have filters right eke out right make sure you keeping your dot parking assist them refrigeration system yet. So you know I can be the simple filters he change at the grill. From that I'm a huge scene and a whole house filter it doesn't does a better job filtering out the that the smaller particles. It's sad it puts less stress on a motor to pull through its it's a better south filters so. I'm a huge proponent and healing had to change that filter once or twice a year. Does I was gonna say no less soreness is right next to the to the hum key exchange unit is that right exactly exactly so it's and it that filters can be and that's finance that filters it's nice thick filtered. And it it's gonna go home where ever your indoor portion is so you know to be in across that to be and a classic to be up in the attic. And so just when you're getting your system of checks twenty here that's when you change the filter and that they don't worry about it any other time and visited better with that scenario that if you have minor leaks in the ductwork in the return duct work. That can you have a conventional filter that filters. Dust from the living space but if you've got does sneak in and from. A little leak into an abductor it's not seals this there was no way it should it have been or has kind of you know. Developed a week over the years yeah that whole house is some stops that you've done worse is that who better so better deal right absolutely it act. That's exactly how it works and so. It some say it's a nice to have a highly recommend that I guess how is it young recommended and then in you can get. A little fancier with us whole house filter she can have one that just is the filter just as the five inch filter or even have one like Linux makes which is the pure air that has. It UV light and it's it's gonna kill all the microorganisms the end it's got an electronic charging grid so it can. It can I and I think and capture that really speedy speedy tiny particles. It actually it filters down two point one microns and so one micron has the size of a human hair so they can filter down two point one. Others you can pretty important if you have up pets we have. Or anybody in the house suffer from seasonal allergies or asthma germ we have had great success with that product and you know my dad. The fastest allergic to everything under the sun and he has on enhance house and it really saved the day for our. It now that that's some mouse yeah. I cannot tell you something this is this is how how I know that those are probably the best filters and and you know meet John I'm I'm I'm the tar ides I changed my filters regularly I stay after it. When I walked by the return I'm looking for dust on the is I've vacuum every time when I change the filter to have backed general. And when I take the filter out I've vacuum the surrounding area well what does that tell me bad. The lip that holds that filter any keeps it from sucked in into the event itself. When it's covered wood dust. I know that dust is getting around past my past my filters so you know therefore bad filter at the Ferguson is the way to go would be build a new house that's exactly what we're gonna have and then it and it will be accessible. The where where can be changed stuff fairly easy. I'm gonna make sure further for the people have to work because. I know how it is when you have to work on things he can't get too it's aggravating so. And a lot of times that's why things get looked over to simply because of the position of where the furnaces and people. They aren't they get to yeah they don't wanna go when they're doing is too hard to get to say if you make it easier more likely to do it into a right. So are you okay so. I wanna pay attention to time here I think we're okay so what about him. One about like kind of let the big category of energy efficiency. Com. We we've spoken about you know like in a dual fuel or were you got heat pump then and and natural gas is. But sometimes that may or may not be the best scenario are they're kind of like nice to hands and must hands in your opinion calm than in the energy efficiency arena. Just so you know that the minimum. Standard of efficiency as it is today and how to Carolinas is that it's fourteen seat here as ER and that's seasonal energy efficiency ratio. But meat Packers make equipment now that's clinics in particular make fun because all the way to 25 C Ernie Banks had and so it is going to use so for every syrup points about a hundred dollars less a year to run. So that. 814 fear compared to 2525. Sierra is gonna cost about 11100 dollars a year like last hurrah and I'm so that would definitely be nice to have and it's gonna movie aired a slower speed it's gonna do a lot of things to just make the house more comfortable not only. Less are more energy efficient but also more comfortable. Okay naturally so now you said something that makes me wanna ask another question. Bombed so you said it moves air more slowly. So that means is probably doing a better job a thumb but does that then require a different type of thermostat. It will it will so we at this Fairmont capacity systems are gonna wanna use the meaning fractures there stack because it's gonna have all algorithms and it to make sure. That that system is working exactly how it should aid. Company doesn't use the air more slowly so like you mentioned it'll have an opera team to do more. But just like we are talking about with a filter is if you're live in the air more slowly you're given that filtration system an opportunity capture more of those particles as well. Right or invent more often it's immoral and carpet yeah I can he turn air over my house. More often due to filter you're gonna have a of the last dusty house actually didn't make sense. But so you don't just run out to the home we love it if you run out to the home people buy things by the way you think but armed. But you are an alta home people on by our thermostat. Off the shelf even even like a special high tech when you on use what was designed to work that systems correct. Do you do. Yes and we we do. With clinics they make some great thermostats to go along with their bare book passing systems I have fun things. With them like they'll show you a five day forecast right on your thermostat such are getting ready in the morning could see look at closing he'd put on. But also it says something that I take advantage of a Manhattan. Which is called geo fencing pleasing to tear phone. And when you go out of town it recognizes that your phone and out of town and puts your home in two and a wave owed. You're not a necessarily heating cooling your house in China have to think about it it just recognize this tape. Nobody who should be in the houses in this house so let's not keep it cool it as much as we would if they weren't. How does that work if if if only one person if one person's how many other ones out of town so you can think up to four phones do it so that's nice so like he gets in teenage kids got a funny is they get their two if it. That it if I just think it's yeah. I'll make sure they'll have a party over their pick it it it it it it it it any utility kid even also remotely change you know you put it on your phoning you. Can change it while you're away I mean I vividly remember the first time we put in a one of these times are Wi-Fi eight enabled thermostats. And I had a customer who traveled a lot for work and he sent me an. Not a lot actually put in that the system FM set he's and it all in caps he said I just changed my thermostat from Germany and he was all excited. Then he was out of the country and was able to still control it was gone on in this house. So you that I like these he can go to year cameras and you could see that your teenagers are having a party you were there you can check the heat up the I was in my lap. Allergan alike won't go away and you'd be calling David the hostess in his is in his warm when you're here. CA I we got to take a break Lauren this great information we got a couple more things to be awesome to talk about the we're we're gonna sneak away for break your heart because that gives us time to even make referrals to partners like. How Lauren and and and and and at a cost so don't go away hope from which candidate come right back and welcome back and Cisco. I'm John Gordon with The Home Depot I'm Dave Goebel I'm gonna pass a couple things with a half sticky painful. All right and we got say him good morning saying you're on home improvement with John and Dave are you this morning. Well thanks they might call are you bet I. I have a 1950s. Just cinder block branch they had to drop ceiling. And that's ceiling has won I want files roughly do you answer lets you are falling down there. So they don't tell me it could be asbestos some people say it's circle not I ordered its search just you can purchase. All this distributed at practices the project for the sake of myself are just some sort what you can't what is. So it's it's possible that it could have asbestos in it and not it depends someone that put that sealing up right from. But everything. From anything got a hold of the potential certainly exists. Com. I can't recall if there is it. And asbestos tests that we think is more confident you could you do it yourself version. Yeah I don't know of I'm not home can attest I don't think that they're well I'm I'm I if there is I don't recall that there is out there is is. I had reliable. It is it's it's ISO accredited in their insured is surely results and it's in a day so. That you can it done soon we can send it off somewhere though yes yet you is not like you can put drops of some the monitor doing it's it's so we take a sample send it off and you get an answer back in the day. Oh that's a little be dead that'll be the way to go see him his David do you have a link to that are. We're don't you find it distill a surge for asbestos testing yet. Kits. And then of course there's local. Though there's local people in town. That they can do that is well. And and they probably can do it in a day to are pretty close to it but now. Everybody's busy Sofia that day means that after they get the sample calm after its retreat that they can try get the results back in a day. Gators got a project the removal of activity vehemently just put it black trash bag so that I. Process admitted that's out there it's death it's a pick up myself or should. Probably not because. I mean I think you could probably take a course and and learn it's it's it's that the taken it down part is easy but has control in the dust and what you do with the product FD take it down. That that you have to pay attention to you. Tom you really need to have clean rooms on so. When you exit that area of course and all these to be cordoned off where your where your where your work in the AC cruise HEC met yet everything is taped in sealed off. And then after everything's bagged up and you come out of that room. Tom you would clean yourself up you would have to go into a clean room and take your your all the clothes off that you were wearing anything end in dispose of those. Armed and then wash and then of course everything needs to be put in the landfill properly it's tag didn't end they know what it is south. But technically I'd I'd. I don't know if you're allowed to do it yourself and I don't know if you would. If you would want TI don't you know at the ramifications of that are being exposed to it a one time like that but. I don't know why we would risk it. From our biggest problem is doing your disturbing act right well that's that's when problems and that stuff is dusty would you take it down how high your ceilings. Kirk. You know the dirt dropped orders they feed the eighth he cautions assumed particular vacant house Toussaint the part got to convert two more storage or. Our facility I've proposed a revenue again the president. Right so did that Tom tell me if this is crazy and option would be. Screw sheet rock over. It is he says he's got some pieces that are coming down so that all and that presents a problem again. Yeah so that's probably had moisture. The humidity in there and that's what's caused that can release out there I would get it tested or I would call a couple people let him come out there take a look the get a test they'll tell you whether it is or not but. You better off to hire someone that tests and and and get it tested. Then to have somebody tested. And tell you they can remove it. Not the and I and I and I know there's probably companies out there there on this but I just talk with the customer. They had done some popcorn ceiling is removed in the house was built. In the in the mid eighties in the people came out parliament had asbestos and my own. Are you know so you don't I mean that's that that happens but it doesn't happen every day in this probably far and few between but may be with that company happens every battle now. So. Like we tell people with water yet you did disinterested party that that's there at their interest is in testing not necessarily remediation. Sure. Okay there girdle or corporate giant be careful if you did is stopping and think about nick has it won't affect you right now will be later on when you are perhaps. Yeah and in if you get it on your closing you don't get it off we take it home to kids will get a Dominic can breathe that your wife you know south. Soccer share our same. Can I say appreciate call Jerry don't go away we got to take a little break and then we'll be back to home improvement with John and Dave. This is homer from the list does believe I'm John Gordon with The Home Depot I'm Dave Goebel and I'm not have to huckleberry with the cost to keep control. Lawrence thanks again for being with us this morning. Ladies and gentlemen we are in the lightning round we had this is our last a little segment here Gerri good morning your own home improvement with John Dave how are you this morning. Our final figure out our true. I have a simple question and it just the album way comparing the age spiritually in your home. Do your own mobile. They are all the build it play slim argue conclude that it does show evidence that taking on the doubt Solder or degree circulate didn't. Am charter. In your whole. Word is or isn't there any outsider. Legitimate art that all place we circulating a leader only intra. It is always re circulating the air on the inside especially in. Home to have him that that wrapped bombing outside of them the tile next rap that he has become very popular as part of the building energy code. I'm sure there's some there's some problems with that losing your house doesn't breathe and then. All the things you bring in their off gas inside your home so. There are products that that we install that would allow for for fresh air coming in from the outside and we highly recommend them. That. Practice it's even into the point now let's make up air for an exhausting and if you get over 399. CF him. Mom and exhaust fan on the kitchen remodel you have to have a damper that opens up and brings outside area and I'm I hate that system because. It's not it's it's not conditioned air saying you're not bringing it through the system you're just bring it in from the outside south. I'm but yeah that's a great great system in and non ERVs are becoming more and more up popular enough and soon will be part of the code I think willing not. I think so too I think sitio now you know when homes are being done and Costa doesn't really deal with with new home construction bank. Now that is part of the process the you do have to bring in fresh share that's part of that that energy code. But existing homes he can add just like I do those talk about you can add aid. I am ER RB and G. Then later and so energy recovery ventilator is what it is but it is just that it's bringing in fresh air and it's gonna feel trip before comes into the house so it's a great add on product to get some fresh air. That was you know one of the benefits of a older homes we talked Byron about that that house that from the 1950s that. It's. Didn't have any problems in the crawl space and that was because the humidity was going all the way through an out of the house it wasn't just sitting underneath the house getting. Trapped underneath a house or because without all this inflation now. You know very well I learned slocum you know the big. He not so we are very very. Thanks we make British car. Yet it's it's almost like we shot herself in the foot yet. He can get you you get you get we we make it more energy efficient to save money and that conserve energy but we've made our houses less healthy. So you know all along with that there's there has to be new technology to run to fix at all so this gets more expensive. May we be better off just to have rickety windows and doors to get a lesson excellent patient. There are some that fits too but I they're they're definitely definitely especially if live at the beach right yeah I think it it hit. Well here comes skin 10 good morning album from with John and Dave are you this morning. Okay. I got a problem of garage door opener so we try to close that it's come down a bit thin is due to go right back up you. I did tragic those little electric eyes down at the bottom you know. If there was some deliver him in a way and I don't see anything there they hinder it. But when I AM try to keep it close it. Oh Inky because it's pull it read that record. She earned it manually and then found its way into would you it tell the story John about the sun and well that's what I was gonna ask but. Hot and how far down does it come can. All the way down it's just don't always down in and then it goes all the way back up. 'cause I I kind of eliminated the sun thing when I heard that piece of a boat but you may check it because is this this is obviously a new phenomenon. But if it got bumped a little bit but not enough to put it. Off you know more than two that was the shoe sensors are read in boot though the light signal across. Com is as the time that as a son the elevation the sun changes in the sky. Both David and I have had problems personally where the sun hits armed what does the gum the receiver. I forget which word is but he hits to our look and see where the sun has hit me from the little electric guy. And we had to make an adjustment bomb to to block the seller to keep the sun out because there was it was causing a false read. Arm and in the door wouldn't come down but David is Ara called Mon wouldn't come in this series I hated it would do the blink in thing in and not come down at all. It makes me wonder did you Dorgan bumped dirty thing. Not because you know 023 nights ago I heard some kind of a noise of playing in the night in night. There have founders came to explain what it was. So look just watch the door come down because the the the little palm strips the metal strips on the back of the door. From debt. Did give its rigidity when it's suspended. It is something may have happened to that may have gotten bumped that it if it's bumped just enough for if there's something on hinge. Did that first you have to be a leading hinge. A big way and there are though that edged Astra goal on the bottom of the door anything that proved true each pass that I. As soon as it picks set up it's gonna kick it back up again. And and then my thought is maybe something is on the door that's that's cause and that's a trip also. Yeah. Hope you look to see if that's should share yeah suggestions. Just. Try and you're buying fair amount is excludes take those closely and if you find anything to do if you thank you very much. Before we go away kid if it can before we go way if you come up blank overhead door Charlotte has a crew that just does trouble shooting like that. Which makes it very affordable experience. Arm and I know that they're very honest people they're not gonna tell you got to build a new house to secure garage door. Com and so. You may check those guys out overhead door Charlotte this would via good sleuth partner if you don't get down the path you wanna get down. Okay overhead door shortly ago via. All right well I appreciate your suggestions. Skin. Bite. From Yasser Arafat does that at different times of the day than you can always always rule out the sun right thumb but if it doesn't about the same time every day are resisted a certain time of the year so that's the kind of up and I would I I had two positions I put those eyes and. So. Actually we switched. Only switching out I think a switch them out yeah that worked there and and it still works so. You're just Kevin Kelly good morning on a privilege on a day are you this morning. I've got a question about an air conditioner OK and I've been told by a more than once first technician then my air conditioner. Well only cool my house says ten degrees less than it did temperature outside. It doesn't seem right to make it. Is that possible that way in my air conditioning units are. First checked out. So ten degrees is a little shy bride what narcotic code requires is that winning is. 93. Degrees outside that it'll cool your house to 75. Victory is so that's more like eighteen degree. Tax and minimum standard or the other. So again remember that's when it's 93 federal coup it to 75. That's what we designed for us were required to design force if you're trying to keep their net. 72 or 68 it may not appeal to get there. So what what's possible Kevin other in the war and keep me honest here checked how they're getting to that conclusion is they're they're measuring the cold air coming out the register. And so they say at the rate that this errors Caroline out. It's not gonna do any better than packs in my is that about writer or or or or answer the questions were quickly. It is how are they determining debt numbers for Kevin. Well also we're usually doing it right in the attic across the coil we're trying to agreed to achieve that temperature difference across the got out okay and so what can happen is that enough to have really leaky duct work Cory of a really hot attic. By the time it makes it all the way to that register it might not eat that eighteen degree temperature difference anymore and. You might might units are. 2223. Years old tunnel. If it was because different. Yes and it was different any end. About every every five years you're losing capacity and I can't remember the right stat but I wanna say it's. Did five or 10% the year losing incapacity every five years so that's maybe how they're getting to net ten degree temperature. Chair and and also. Europe your house was both systems were put in before. The duct work. Was changed so you have no less our value wrap on her insulation on here. Ductwork and they're probably it's probably not sealed. So explorer was exactly right it's probably leaking so you're leaking out in in you have a very you have inefficient equipment at this point beyond what what's what's made our what's available to you. We can't sort of right so when it turned concert played there should. It should be able to improve that and yes absolutely absolutely and if you spend a ton of money to get a high sear system make sure Thursday you can some ducks dear duct work redo the duct work it's it's it's worth its. It's kind of like taking a bath with your socks on if you can. She's if you don't talk that multitasking in my house into my I don't know which promise I know if I'm him I thought I. Well thank you very much courage and it into your show on Saturday morning so thanks very much appreciate it thank you. We appreciate called Kevin. Armed do we have enough. The word broke in the well look let's let's should be good great to get Robert on air real quick wherever we're just like we got thirty seconds or so you got health forum. For the garage or question though. The Pope because what they do because she says in the middle America or don't want our own and then after that the drug store and work hard and walk yeah because of that group. Oh yeah make sense that makes good sense. All right there you go Ken was can't write yet hoped hope your solicitor Robert thank you so much for right common sense solutions that are. Thanks Chia. I don't find out how anyway that's it's worth checking sports jacket. Yeah I'm enjoying it and find as it's going down so yeah that is an and so senses that pressure on and kicks it back up but it's not getting it to the very bottom it's worth looking ahead. Robert great call we appreciate it. Loren thank you so much for being with us we always appreciate the great support that you guys give them the great information that skewed toward listeners are invaluable so thanks so much and then have an awesome week. Folks who want to remind you as we do every single week that we think that the most important come home improvement that you can make. Has all the make your home at your place to live and don't forget to work on the project this week and we'll see you next week I'm home improvement with John and me.