Florida High Schook Shooting

John Hancock
Wednesday, February 14th

Hancock summarizes the shooting at Parkland High School in Florida and plays extensive audio from ABC News as the story is breaking.


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The. This is John Hancock. There is a Astoria that you just heard Mike Vick reference to. Active shooter apparently still in no Parkland Florida which is down about and a vote for a time. This is Broward County we're watching it on the news ABC has a report nor has there report live from there we'll see jump into that you know see what we can learn a. Watching this guy tennis for seeing so many swat officers. Okay not surrounding this building and ready to fire it it is obviously a very active situation. And this high school you you grow up around here this is huge is almost 3000 each kids ninth through twelfth correct. Yeah my understanding loop about what I wonder who Mark Kirk the war. All public Torre off with Leon it's people like. Are being dispersed although around campus and into the wet or campus because we were trying to get. The north side of high school where people we thought somebody injured Kirk well that big believer in that being treated. However when we got off university drive in the sawgrass expressway. There were a number of search deputies that were telling you it's basically what you gotta wait out yet you were here on the board but the school where you become of the folks that there will be looked at it we treat. Well look bad it went that we have we got kind of makes me. Going that there were good people on the ground or being patented hook up and then you walked out in that we believe that we got up and puts the tribe thought of apart. And it became very apparent that that's what parents are being told to go because if you a lot of course folks want to go to parking their cars to beat him or to spot and they were up. Upping it out and try it it acquired what they can't repeat that they're not being locked out. Basically your soccer likely be over here. And again if you're looking at right now to vote on right inside your story and dozens of grief from Coral Springs police basically telling students and teachers who were there at the school. To remain barricaded inside until police reach unity. And I know Carlos where you why are there are people who are trying to get to the center of the worst police wanted to avoid any confusion. And not let people get too close because this is a very active situation you can tell us again where you are in relation to the school. They get by. Myself of that doesn't play an active shooter and no part in Florida so this is not Charlotte area where there's Broward County Florida you know Parkland Florida which is down around Boca Raton great so we are we have seen students on the sidewalk and we've seen guys in their students and we have seen people loaded up on estimated Susan ness or and so forth but apparently there's still an active shooter. How involved in Portland Portland Florida so will stay with the CBC reporter for a couple seconds. Indian a lot of them Obama only got about that they're all our parents and members didn't go to the book we get to partner born all over. Called up at sawgrass but we're out here than what you're not allowed. Governors vote showed up here of course what course cooled off it all got triple a group that's thought that's what got all of our fire out. Just overhearing the conversations a lot of folks out here you gotta think this is trying to figure out exactly where their kids are armed they have you about the UK. There's one woman who seems to have been reunited with someone's chest with a lot of each here. All I'm not quite sure what will that didn't believe that he going to be probably what it is that everybody you know Auburn don't monitor what their. I won't apparently all of it won't. We have we just saw three mothers there to the left of our screen that we can end in tears and it's very different situation as you're looking live from sky ten now outside Stoneman Douglas high right on campus now. Canine officers. What doesn't and doesn't just want the president zine at least two armored vehicles and whom India so still right now only confirming that they are working reports of an adult. Here we have no one picks in the scene. We have heard there are multiple. Felt he had not heard of any fatalities you. He's roaring yes and well odd people that I can help them god but when we are here. Ultimately that got I got this spot mark. Say that again how we had a little trouble hearing you say that again RB. I doubt it right here we saw a couple of reasons could get out of that. He had been helping either way. I'll beat you over patent incorporated. Good bit bigger and we independent pilot for sixteen students with their book bags running. Running out hell I. Well I continue to monitor this as wanna do a kind of bring you up to date and now we were watch him on a TV but without volume and so I needed the audio to kind of catch myself upon mrs. Broward County. Where there are. Is obviously you had the reporters that they're still on active shooter on Minnesota campus of this high school which is around the Euro large campus. We have seen from us some of the aerial shots that we have seen obviously some mow people down on to the extent of now we saw one girl get up and get into an ambulance we saw somebody else didn't turn it into an odd saw an ambulance but that person appeared to have our movement and be who was sort of no was awake Oro was conscious. There were a couple of other people that were on the sidewalk I couldn't necessarily see that. There were life saving maneuvers being. Put on number not but so us is the facts are very very sketchy rescue workers report at least twenty injured Broward County sheriff. Reports this high school shooting this is Parkland Florida which is. But I doubt around Booker were caught on. Well we are seeing our students are being in teachers are being told dual lockdown if there in the school and and a stay there but we're seeing an awful lot of students that are fleeing the building and and making their way across cross walks and as you just heard different reports in Florida that. Parents are being directed to a certain area I'm not familiar with park and so but to address to do a certain area and apparently there are some mud. Our reunions going on no parents no kids and so on and so forth but apparently an actor shooting it's a slow shooter at this Florida high school and we'll continue to monitor that and contacts mail returned to coverage we come back just second. Yeah. Eric Harding the good at least. I'm injured dozen batters specific here's they've gotten and all three of the networks and I'm watching right now assay that the shooter is still at large. And it is so large high school I think they said to 3000 students it's pretty big school. Down Rondo Boca Raton just considerable in return tickets and it was so park on its Stoneman Douglas high school. And the a shooter apparently is still large. FBI's responding to words as soon shooting we started do seeing this just about the time that no we don't walk into the studio about 2 or 3 o'clock so it's been an active shooter thing ever a sense. Willis and ABC for a little bit just got to get mail I've seen they have more to deal local. TV stations with a helicopter over the no scene and so we're able to you can ascertain we've seen pictures of a student so leaving and going across cross walks in familiar scene know with their hands up on their heads or not. And so on and so forth. We all make way at this point to a joint ABC news which you know will bring us up to date on the latest that they know at news talk 1110 WBT 993. My schooling Parkland Florida is on the block downside of an active shooting situations students and teachers at Stoneman Douglas high school. Are being told to stay in their classrooms until help can get to them this can be seen leaving the building so with their heads hands above their head. ABC's Carla Suarez not far from the scene. Well it all got a couple of bad start this one got or are what allowed. Just we're hearing the conversations a lot of folks out here you gotta think that you're trying to figure out exactly where their dark on many doubt is about the we're okay. Police say there are injuries at this point they will not elaborate ABC news contributor Steve Gomez. Wanna sit up a perimeter gonna try to establish. You know where the car wreck in the period suspect or suspects were are they gonna wanna try to get. The students and the faculty are out of the area as soon as possible and get them to a place they can talk to them to try to figure out what help. Area holding our ABC news. The and we'll continue to monitor this situation marriages and are thinking as I was listening to ABC's updates of our conversations. Last week about this company called Yonder. That many schools are using where food kids now are having to check in their phones. When may you know walking into our school. And you can't get your phone out of that little bag you never lose possession of your phone but you can't get your phone out of that bag Intel and I don't know what what point a pair of scissors would open that bag. But apparently there's proprietary lock on it so you could not get your phone out and tell you went back out to the checkpoint worried originally was a locked up to unlock your phone. Now I would assume that that bag is probably not impenetrable. Forward. Disasters like this. Where. Our parents obviously. Are gonna want an all aware of their kids are and how safe are they and and although above but I just got to thinking about that bag and how many schools so that they were using had enough. And that and the side effects that they have discovered of our kids actually talking to each other indebted and note and campuses becoming louder because there's more communication going on and so and so forth and as we watched parents on the TV right now wondering know what the fate of their kids or much got to thinking about that to have bag. You still have the ABC a live feed up. Also laundering and currency with their second. It's been that I get out and I quote my friend this is a little school shooting in Parkland Florida and I at least forty injured and now we cover this is we walked on the air Broward County you know Florida was vote without an active shooter apparently still arch is that we put just. Texting and calling on the phone about the book is called he called an odd I'm sure a lot of my finger is double. Anything less your friends are safe did you know. You have the students you've found that you saw outside your classroom. The victims didn't did you know the victims outside your classroom. No I didn't get a good look. We're watching this is still life picture they're still it and who were still seeing more of the students evacuated right now people walking out. Where their hands up it sounds like your teacher. Knew what to do in the moment. Yeah. And CNN and and I don't know if you've been able to see the text from any of your of your classmates from anybody else to school. Hadn't picked up any more information. From those text from your classmates. Any other information about possible injured. For victims. Yeah yeah I got there at but vocal people I know for sure you can spend my blog I guarantee you there's two desert heat animal forum are not about it is. I also note that all one of my eighth. Both deadly friends' friends are. I've blood all the effort that aren't technically it's been like as if it in the mobile standards board everybody like are you all day. And you may not know the answer to this could use didn't. Could you tell if there wasn't one or more than one shooters. Foam. Aren't we can't you guys are no idea but it's gotten I don't think you both support is there anything you're probably the small number water. And you know that did the shooter continued to go through you heard shots from other parts of the school they do but you. Obviously do not come into your classroom at all B I never saw this in the shooter walked by your classroom. You know I feel a little bit on what he looked so. 'cause you're 'cause you are down. On the ground will Michael thanks very much that was is. Very helpful to all of us on that lets you George Stephanopoulos my colleagues speaking to an eyewitness who was inside the school. When shots rang out. Toward the end of the school day at Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland Florida. Police have been treating its students and teachers who may still be inside the school telling them to stay put. And barricade themselves until the police are able to make it through this big building this big campus and clear the school room by room. The Broward county sheriff's department says the shooter remains at large and so that is why. A number of heavily armed swat teams have been moving into position. A moment of goal word came from the White House that the president was made aware. And the White House said they are monitoring and our thoughts and prayers are with those affected. The number of those affected is not clear but as you heard from the eyewitness speaking to ABC's George Stephanopoulos. That didn't deep there were a number of shots and this eyewitness says that there he saw bodies on the ground that is not yet been confirmed. We did however received people being tended to outside by EMS and loaded into ambulances taken away from the building in ambulances. The exact number of shots the exact number of victims. Is not clear as this still unfolds at Douglass high school in Parkland Florida. ABC's. Law enforcement consultant Steve Gomez is so we're this we're gonna get to Stephen just a minute I wanna turn to Al Lewis. Who's from our affiliate WYOD in Miami but Al give us a sense of this school where it's located how many people go there what can you tell us. All due to large school leads and very nice part of town as well. So this is certainly something they're not used to being in that. Kind of a Nehru it it's a large campus as you mentioned there are many students there. Not sure of the exact number but I adventurous gas. Probably 2000 or so maybe 3000 students positive and when they say they're not used to this kind of thing merit. Doesn't seem like it'd all but there at the response certainly. Indicates that. You know that it and in Broward sheriff's serve you used to do you know assorted tragedies it's a rather robust response. Yeah absolutely you know they. And they do thrills through this fairly regularly so they are ready to go and you never wanna use this kind of a plan but that it appears that they've got that plan in action as were watching right now aren't chopper. Where's Parkland Florida. Arkansas Florida is probably a bounce. One GB fifty models to be just north and west of downtown Fort Lauderdale. OK so near Fort Lauderdale hi this is active scene Parkland Florida Douglass high school because school two to 3000 students. Boca Raton and areas he said about fifty miles from a Fort Lauderdale. Active shooter all networks are still reporting active shooter is still at large. And we'll continue to monitor the situation get an update from ABC and we're back to you in just a few. Peres and act. Active shooter at a high school in Parkland Florida the big story of the hour at least twenty you're injured. Male shooter and they networks and I'm looking at right now which is CBS's identifying it as a male shoot Turk. Singular not plural. Why is still large but we're seeing an awful lot of students coming out of the school some with hands up Sylmar with their hands on the shoulders of the students in front of them. So no you said you have seen people with book bags leaving the school normally they won't look take your book bags with them so wo world that we're we're seeing some of that. So there's an active shooter situation ad Ted Douglass high school which is a large high school in a Broward County Parkland Florida. Which is about 1520 miles from Fort Lauderdale and not far from Boca Raton at all. Let's go at least twenty injured though hospitals have been notified to expect to victims as so well it's wandered back over to ABC and they're alive or. Or deployed. Heavy weapons tactical vehicles all moving toward that scene. And instructions from the at the local police for anybody inside the school still who may be monitoring a Twitter account. To stay put barricade yourself until the police can get TO Broward county sheriff's department says the shooter remains at large. Our affiliate WP LG in Miami just spoke to a student eyewitness named Nicholas Rhoda. OK so they pulled live fire alarm we all left out of there I heard that at least five gunshots near my friends he ran as fast as we could by the west leads gave. We hop the fence went to Wal-Mart and I called my mom my family my friends where were you when shots were announced. I was by the highway over there. Doesn't have a new one that's gonna yeah yeah yeah you knew immediately what is yeah no doubt I heard it I ran in the neighborhood and open your class. Your friends are my sister still live she's sexy about it right now necessity quiet. I'd and that's all I know I know. If you look at her or her god I know one guy got shot in the leg at. That's all I know I've got my teacher got show my nice KTJ but that's all I know I know. And once again you were we're on campus community shop tomorrow by sawgrass they over there and when you were able to Texas themselves when they tell you Todd they told me it. That were in trouble right now we need help pays out its lineup severe sentence than everyone right now is on lockdown in the yes Sissy so I guess you would. Your parents yeah they hear yes what do they tell you it's only if they don't know anything. Their religion any color is one thing. There is tea station there WSV. Here and who. Apparently is quoting police as saying they have IA DD a person of interest in the shooting down near enough park Linda Florida. A student who was in class earlier and appears now to be on the run back to park on. So that people were wondering what was going on and there are no matter that I'll do all the kids go outside they decide to run every 1 I mean every morning. It's pretty campuses yeah crazy they were you like to reunite on the field. I was inside psychology class we'll we'll yeah we're all out there because pilot was pulled OK so that was an excuse my. Yeah and then when you're outside of me yes there are gone yeah how many. At least five I would say three to 51 after another. Two consecutive and then three. Myself into the Pentagon needed you and anyone else scale events and images of long range I think there's at least twenty people hop the fence I help defense. Because people want around towards Wesley it's. It was a routine. And another point it's just became a minimum Caylee accidentally yesterday's game. Call your sisters and yes deliveries. It's when he's got real further. You say you have anybody you know. You India pilots and you hear us I'm going to. How does well it's okay and you are. The utility PLC on the scene in Parkland Florida. That Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school speaking to a student eyewitness new Nicholas Rhoda who said he heard about five gunshots. It appears like there were more gunshots the nappy authorities have not said for sure. But law enforcement officials tell ABC news there have been more than twenty injured. Although it's certainly possible that not all of the injuries are due to gunshots we have seen clusters of students. Sitting in the middle of the street. We have seen students are running across a parking lot we have seen students. Being tended to by paramedics are on the side of the road and loaded into ambulances being taken away. And a number of police officers from several jurisdictions on scene the ATF the FBI. Are responding now. I still no word about the shooter who remains at large which Frankel formerly of the FBI and now and ABC news consultants with a certain rich out of they begin. Tracking this guy down. So. It's really getting big and so looking at. Com videotapes and join the school has probably argued expert people community action videotapes in the area don't see I'm the person currently getting out of our. And apply what are worried what you the parade will start learning look at. Middle. Talked at the students need anyone like if anyone mom again I am. I'm a lot of time with these cool wouldn't it it is somebody who's actually no discord now and it's a function. But the little tracked down arms and do all the interviews to find out it be to be sure you're saying anything that would identify and you know I'm doing this on behalf of somebody your during the course and something I'm so all these these. Tactics or these. Add his commentary. Because apparently hasn't seen the same report that we have and I I don't know that your total validity of this but I do know that WSV. Yen down there is. Saying that police have identified a person of interest and apparently was a student who was in class earlier and is now on the run that was the word that we got just say a few moments ago. Also that's a word from one source down their news consultant helping us. Understand what has gone on in what is still going on in Parkland Florida. At Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school near Fort Lauderdale there are about 3000 kids in that high school. And some of those students said they heard gunshots around the time of dismissal. That's when the school district says that there were apparently shots fired law enforcement officials have told ABC news there are around twenty people injured. Although some eyewitnesses have said they've seen bodies on the ground. Again police have not said the only thing the Broward county sheriff's department has confirmed. Is that. There are it was a shooting and that the shooter remains at large a moment ago my colleague George Stephanopoulos spoke to. Alexander Robinson who was at the school the time. I am at home right now but like half days to me Chris Taylor that I was in my Harvick car. Looking adults. Front vocalists on the teacher showing us and then we affinity that you go back inside and out so it's going back of my head of foreign airlines. But it elegantly through dirty had a skill in the morning but nonetheless I clinic I got my book and that it. So I was little confused the scandal it'll conclude senator called just need to evacuate the buildings. So I can do as a says nothing but I was just giving there's a quiet. Go. I cleared all walking irony and then all of a sudden I had to pop. And that was when I kind of a huge city happening so I disclose in restaurants. I met up with my girlfriend that ballgame you know we're just running for allies and then at one point lead problem. And security guard rolled up next I think he is they keep running go. So that's what I did is to make him so we'll gauge things. Yeah it is about what time was that how undertaking get out of the school. Arm I have to run all the way to the Wal-Mart that you know high school. That's the united totaled ten minutes to get there but actually getting out of school. It speaks book. Public good and just kind of recap we have at least twenty injured there have been some reports of maybe bodies on the ground but that's not confirm Parkland Florida that's Broward County. About fifteen miles from Fort Lauderdale pretty close to Boca Raton. It is Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school in large high school probably upwards to 3000 students WSVN. Is reporting that police have an ID. Of a person of interest to student who was in class earlier that appears now to be on the run CBS's other identifying a male shooter. Meaning one and and no more. And this is say about the active shoot the shooter is still an active shooter is still a large and so that's why we're all continue to will stay with us on nine news talk 1110. I 993 WBT Parkland Florida Broward County. Active shooter students we've watched a lot many many many students leaving the school. Our backpacks all going into a central location into a large pile. And we're watching students now walking out at least one entrance that are pretty orderly a fashion we've seen no students running out of us some others. While there is a strong military presence. And there's a strong police presence as you might imagine I know so were all cut off. While waiting to see at what point do shooter is no longer a large. High school shooting and now Parkland Florida and the shooter still at large and has been for the better part of an hour. At least twenty injured at this is said to go Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school in no Parkland Florida which is in the vicinity of brokerage on par about 1520 miles from Fort Lauderdale. I'm amazed to some extent that the Associated Press Ohio went immediately to our wire awhile low we were inept last break to find any news on this at all updates that they may have that I haven't. Thus seen nor heard run our ABC updates which we stayed with pretty steadily through the hour. And below will lotion and head out to a Mike to a news just a couple of minutes. But. The I see hardly anything about it then Associated Press have we lost her ability to report tomorrow we no longer. Our arm. Then the top story in the sixteenth news minute that AP is delivered a stormy Daniels the second story is rob Porter the third story has to do they shooter and active shooter of Florida high school. It just seems wrong to me for some reason or another. Authorities are responding to reports of a shooting and we that's assured of true we oh we know that already this is Broward County. I'm twenty victims at least we've heard no reports of more. The shooter is still at large the sheriff's offers has confirmed that two other searching for a male. Not males one. The White House says that president trump has been informed that'll help. Students at the high school being evacuated we've seen a number of vote leaving. Some of them on the run no we just saw one entrance. Or exit were they were leaving a note fairly calm manner. Obviously there's a huge police presence on no. Now there was a witness down their student by the name of veggie Ella that do. Who heard a fire alarm go off about 230 this afternoon they would be on the same times on the we are. And she said the high school already had a drill earlier in the day she says she then heard about six gunshots everybody around. That's when somebody that's when everybody knew this was real. Well obviously parents are being section to one area that we've heard about some reunions and have a taken place this is Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school large high school upwards of 2000 to 3000 students. A bomb at least twenty are injured that's been they fear the figure that we've been on for some time we've seen people put into ambulances and we have seen people lying on the ground. Receiving attention. This is. And will continue to monitor this situation no for the latest as the afternoon goes on and and until it's and until we have play no longer have an active shooter. There are still two students and teachers in the school and they are being. I instructed to. To just stay still and and and then Nancy you know a safe is safer places they are possibly Campbell we've seen a lot of people exceedingly high school. So. Broward County. Parkland Florida Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school. And apparently. A person of interest. Single male. Are still at large. And we'll continue to monitor the situation until we come to some sort of a conclusion on it at a news talk 1110993. I don't UBT Mike Doyle and our own WBT newsroom is a coming up next and know we'll continue to see what we can find out in the next five minutes as well a number backfield. It's totally ABC affiliates. Miami being one of them that are reporting some months in custody Mike dual reported then at the top of his newscast just moments ago at a news talk more than 10993 WBT. There has served an area school shooting and no park on Florida we know low the steady number has been at least twenty injured. That last report though we are heard of fatalities as well but I don't know the phils have been confirmed so. WS the end had Dez said earlier that police have identified a person of interest a student who was in class earlier and it was now on the run but now there are a couple of affiliates three BC there reporting. Well that someone has been apprehended you just heard ABC are talking about well what FBI and and members of law enforcement would do. Two are starting to sell or that school and go through every closet and every nook and cranny to make sure that nothing is a left behind this is a Marjorie stone no men armed Douglass high school. Which apparently have a school population of about 22900. People. And let's go back to life ABC's coverage and see if we can get an update not only on injuries fatalities but also that to a person who may have been apprehended. John we heard from our White House correspondent Karen Travers that the president had been briefed about this. It's the second time today. And you've been briefed about a shooting there was an incident at Fort Meade the National Security Agency that in turn out to be anything but an accident but but shots rang out there. And and a number of different school shootings have come to the White House attention over the last couple of weeks. Yeah I mean that's right an analogy discussed earlier we are seeing every have been saying the last three years a significant increase. Can you number without actually it actually works currency Sharon has come church and we've seen a number just there's. This year are at a number of school shootings. But we've also seen attacks targeting also Warshaw a or any other so called soft target. So. You know flop a lot of the public policy discussions. Have focused on issues. Related to. Terrorist some parents. Are. And I know our imports finishes but. State and local law enforcement professionals and yet the islets are here is that we are seeing an increase at least not tragic attacks. I people who are loaded if I'm not an ideological goals maybe they're upset that somebody there's won't leave it there to show what their parents hitting their chat with somebody that day. Go to church where it is the such a day is that there are increasingly Turkoglu here. You know it no he did getting a lap and a letter yet not a sport god nor eat a. Jon Cohen from. The Department of Homeland Security now and ABC news consultant on law enforcement matters. And it has been a day for law enforcement in South Florida. Had Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school near Fort Lauderdale and park in Florida shots rang out around dismissal time. And students who remain in the building are now being cleared. Building by building room by room by authorities who have gone in we've long guns and with tactical gear. It appears that the shooter is now in custody. The Broward county sheriff's department has not confirmed it but they have oh you know said that the shooter is at large although a city commissioner has said it. Another shooter is in custody and we had seen the images are taken from overhead of a number of police officers surrounding an individual. In a wooded area on the side of a road and so perhaps that's an indication that this so shooter is not. In custody we have also seen a number of of tearful reunions between students and parents. Has that the students have either gone home or or it otherwise left campus into the comfort of family and friends. Getting them away from danger. At the outset we have seen students running across that the parking lot. We have seen clusters of students sitting on the on on grassy areas and then. Once police got there. And then as they escort more students out there are more calmly with hands up walking across the campus to safety. How Lewis of W bio DR affiliate in Miami is on the line of us now Alley here. Well we're we're hearing news reports that senator Bill Nelson your senior senator in Florida. And you don't have multiple fatalities we have heard a law enforcement confirmed that part of that is we're hearing at this point that senator Bill Nelson is Paula. If you multiple news outlets saying that there are multiple fatalities either quoted exactly just saying multiple. And end the that that. It squares with what we've heard from an eyewitness who spoke to us earlier that he saw. It has been at least two maybe three bodies have not in the hallway. And the city commissioners that have spoken with our our other affiliate WP LG. It's said that there was one fatalities so what will wait for the official numbers but clearly. Just don't know what were they were just hearing under a natural springs mayor is no confirming multiple fatalities. And there are Coral Springs skip Campbell. Okay but no indication how many just multiples. Just multiple at this point tablet that is Coral Springs and the town just directly adjacent to Parkland. OK so multiple fatalities confirmed by the mayor now and as as many as twenty odd injuries from law enforcement officials after shots rang out. And Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school near Fort Lauderdale around dismissal time so somewhere between 2:33 o'clock eastern time in the afternoon. We I have been hearing from. Carla Suarez a reporter with our affiliate WP OG on the scene at that high school. To air rescue helicopters have landed at eight park. Just to the south of where we are right now I'm told that those two helicopters were only brought in. Should they need to be used or not I however we have not seen any of the injured students being brought. I south of where the school is that I'm told that there's a good reason for that what they're trying to do is I'll basically have our parents all congregate. In one part of town they don't want folks trying to get any closer to the high school yeah. On another piece of information from the last time we joined you we have seen a second team all of FBI agents have made their way to the school that brings. The total number of FBI agents say we have seen since we got here earlier this afternoon to at least two teams a release of six agency got off an SUV. They asked where this command center is being set up and they were directed. Further north. I does seem odd that there is a bit of calm in that war has got an up and apparently they have made an arrest. And that's on the injured have already been accounted for they're concerned offer parents is obviously those that had not been able to get a hold of their kids they're still waiting to hear on plan. They will be able to eventually be reunited with them. A lot of parents you talk to them and they get the sense that this is where they want to be. Every couple of minutes the sheriff's office will come over and say guys we need you to head over to that park on wiles road. Because that's where these kids will be taken to once the all clear is given. And they're allowed to leave them to school. We sought to Broward County transit buses ones out of the bus is that people take on the county lines. With air conditioning goes to buses also made their way on north to the school from this location we are just. I near the university drive exits and he's sawgrass. Apart we expressway. I'll where folks are congregating. That they are being told that they're listening to this at home on the radio worker who are watching our coverage on TV or online. Tried to make your way to this park couple wiles road in May be some time. Before these students are allowed to leave the classroom. There accounted for here it to school and then they are put on when these buses and then they make their way south of here we're we're told they will be reunited with your kids. Let's see if Bob Hartley could have a child because of the school. No you don't need from me. So maybe even a little to get all the years of your daughters I ask where the name she's on site he's outside would be protected so I guess this launch protecting her right now would radiation and bosh isn't tough spirit and great what did you tell you. She says everything's okay she says she got shoved into closet and and there shall sit and then they took him outside. How do you keep rooting your phone is here you can hear from her way she'd been dating yet she's herself which is pretty good so serious photos so they're taking them over to the heron bay merry job. OK okay thank god I heard Betty straddling Hartnett went wolf but I think it's going to be an area at least that's what she said which is not on the bus yet. So what she summit Richards is okay did you when did this we heard from her. Rounds actually I'll call to work and my son was kind of blown up from my wife. And I got off Paula back and I saw text messages so I went our development restore my wife said the elementary school and no lockdown as well toderat. So she was a teacher policy conference and so there's they're stuck in there right now hopefully be protected which. So apparently we have a suspect in custody. We have multiple confirmations of fatalities but no number has been listed. The number has been at least twenty injured though almost since the beginning of the the story go which started right before the 3 o'clock hour for us this is in Parkland Florida. Broward County. Close to Boca Rick talk about fifteen miles up from both fort. Lauderdale. And no this took place today at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school they are large high school of about 2900 people at least twenty injured probably more multiple cell colonies have been reported. By several sources including us senator Bill Nelson. Am I shooting the started doing a slightly after a 230 this afternoon we'll continue to monitor ABC. And the associated press and I bring you the latest is were made aware of it. And. One hour and 43 minutes ago way I'll wandered into the a studio do us starter rodeo program and found out of an active shooting situation in part when Florida and I think for the most part. They the actual details are still sketchy as to how many fatalities and how many injured but we do believe that a suspect is a new a custody. On this was sought to be a single shooter. A lone shooter. That was reported early by CBS in the WS the end had does said that to police and aideed a person of interest that would have been about a half an hour ago on student who apparently was in class earlier and at that point was on the run. Well we now believe that the shooting suspect. I is in police custody. The at least twenty students were feared hurt and there are and this is a quote according to senator Bill Nelson. Quote there are many deaths now how many is many that we don't know. This was a shooting that happened this afternoon and no Parkland Florida they have said Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school which was under lockdown obviously for a good long while. Students were running out of some exits in no leaving and some orderly fashion and others parents were being directed to worry a certain area students are now being taken to. Either a park if I was able to understand this or a merry out hotel. To be reunited with the family. Students in a teachers who were still in the school while the other suspect was still at large should were hiding under desks and know as you heard the one girl saying she was. Shoved into a closet. Ought to cellphones the one father who I talked about his daughter are reporting meant she is okay. And sent her sent him a picture that's gonna be a relief. If you're in that kind of a situation the school was on lockdown for a good long while police obviously on location the FBI is involved. Our Coral Springs I guess is that the actual name of the city or the jurisdiction or the area of this section of Parkland Florida. And more that school is a located Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school. Coral Springs police asked the public to avoid the area at the high school there's a nearby middle school it obviously was put down no put in lockdown. As a as a cautionary move as well. The there were students seen walking. There were students seen running from the area. And that's about the latest that we know star Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school in Florida is a large high school about 2900 students laid you are probably shouldn't make comparisons but I think south Mecklenburg high schools about 3000 students is that aren't. Com and we saw. Hundreds and hundreds of us students still leaving. TJ had heard a big knowledge that. Now we're watching students walk out with backpacks and wind and we hadn't seen that have been active for a school shooting before but. At some point there were also big men told to put them and apply all this thing you know there's they flowed so in the middle of the street there are tons backpacks. And if these shooter is indeed in custody in several sources have confirmed that then no they played at this. Why would be for FBI and no law enforcement officers to load a socially go through every nook and cranny and closet and oh inch of that school and make sure that all evidence and everything is a combined we don't know who the shooting is we don't know what the motivation may or may not have been no we don't even really know at this point hasn't been confirmed whether or not he was an actual student at the school or not. But you it seems obvious that there are fatalities. There are injuries that we know that for a fact. And so we will turn this back over to be a news department and not come back out what I read the news today oh boy and bring you up to date on some Olympic stuff enough Valentine's Day and and keep monitored on this enough find out the facts as they are released this afternoon. There are are reporting at least fourteen injuries and numerous fatalities and that there is not only coming from Bill Nelson you know the democratic senator from all Florida but also from the superintendent has been reported and it occurs to me it with a suspect in custody apparently that is the case as well done that this. Shooting in a park on Florida this afternoon at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school. School of about 2900. People. With the suspect. In custody we don't normally. Get that we go we need fugitive they kill themselves or their killed. So maybe well figure out some sort of a man of motivation I don't wanna jump together under a B melodramatic toros phobia. Appeared to be glib or anything like that but it occurred to me earlier in this thing admitted Seinfeld it's Valentine's Day and there is a rather infamous. Saint Valentine's Day massacre that happened on 1929. In Chicago of a seven men on the north side which was. Of a gang during the prohibition era. Admiral Summers another just kept on think of tape. Valentine's Day massacre during the shooting him you know Florida that now has so massive vote multiple fatalities and and in many injuries with say a suspect. In custody will continue to monitor the situation WBT news obviously is a following that though we should join ABC and about eleven minutes or not. Davis to a what they know as so wells 45 days into the year 320 days to go. February the fourteenth 1849. On this date james' poll of beautiful find bill North Carolina. Became the first serving president of the United States to have this photograph taken. It was without iPhone and one I believe. I think 1849 that would be a really early. Really early cellphone. IBM Melissa founded on this day 1924. In the first 24 satellites of the global positioning system. Were up placed into orbit on the state 1989 we had no idea. We had no idea. We probably read about it but we had no idea what on me that meant or how long rely on Wu would become a matter how it would change. Taxi cab driving forever. And whoever. And me. Navigation systems and your car all that kind of stuff Hugh downs. Game show host in 221 in 97 years old today and a journalist Carl Bernstein. A Bernstein. 74 years old today doctors reportedly are treating the first human to have a parasitic convict infection spread by. Flies. That causes worms to develop in the guy we had the story earlier. And Neil week. One woman had fourteen of them. You know. Wedding dress was finally found after 32 years. After the dry cleaner mistake. Directly or says it'll be ready by Friday. Peace. And down. There are reports the UK says that there are secret talks discussing known to do what in the aftermath of the death of the queen. And none of that hedges and what do you do. The Olympics tonight primetime coverage includes a figures here as skating pairs gold medal finals. These men's super G gold medal final all the men Skelton EL 100 out 1000 meter gold medal final no women's speed skating medal all be on your prime time tonight watching Shaun White last night was for the uninteresting news and reviews been Nara apologizing ever sensible. On get to some of the Olympic stories a little bit later on nine in Needham in the broadcast before we're wander out here at 6 o'clock and make way for Charlotte have six with Mark Garrison. On news talk eleven Jen 993 WBJ but dirt Sean why. Came and re run 94. Some I believe. And then no one of those Chinese guys came in and pulled low ninety's something or other. Ninety fiber I took over first place and so it came down under Shaun White. I mean literally the last. Off the mountain. And he had to have a run of his life and he did. The thing that I guess amazes me more and anything else and I had did they have that kind elevation in the previous Olympics may be I just don't remember but boy when they were coming off that five. And going up. They make moves then I'll allow them to go higher it's almost like they can climb a ladder I mean it's see it's unbelievable and I down talk and elevation holy smokes. They're way up there. And then you come down and have to catch that edge it's I mean it was it was fascinating solo shot wiped out. Finished fourth at the last Olympics. And basically a dedicated himself to coming back and and I go on for gold again and so that's three gold medals and he has I think it's pretty much that he is the greatest of all time. Oh Olympic coverage tonight starts at 8 o'clock obviously on him. Via Steve. Multiple sources are reporting now from mom. Park on Florida that. At least two were killed in the school shooting this afternoon. And the suspect is. Believed to be a a student and he is in a custody this would be the fourth. Shooting and AM middle or high school so far no 28 team. In an incident done enough February the first to fifteen year old boy were shot in the head and a fifteen year old girl shot in the wrist. The two other students were graced by a bullets. Twelve year old girl was booked for a negligent discharge of a firearm in mass shooting which was sort of being. Now considered unintentional. In the first month of 2018. There were two other shootings at middle and high schools the resulted in a student deaths. Or injuries on January the 23 fifteen year old student shot sixteen people. Killing two. Other fifteen year old. That was at Marshall county high school in Benton Kentucky. U student faces two charges of murder and twelve counts of first degree assault. Bailey holt died in the well Marshall campus and western Kentucky. On January the 22 a fifteen year old student was so wounded and they are shooting at all high school in Italy Texas. Suspect was a F fifteen year old quickly apprehended but said earlier we don't normally get the year shooter apprehended the ones this year we had out. Stand corrected. The incidents were area middle enough high school of these shootings there have been shootings on our college campuses this year including me a fatal shooting nova. Winston-Salem state university student dead to Wake Forest University last month. Two shootings occurred near high school buildings in January on January the 31 date 32 year old man was shot and killed in the parking lot outside of a Philadelphia high school during a a basketball game according bit. WP VR IA in a Philadelphia. These stations said that 911 calls came in reporting a large fight and know than shots fired after that and a New Orleans. Shots were fired at. Students who were outside go for launch on January the 22 and WD. SU. In net New Orleans reported that one student suffered an abrasion on his elbow. But those that's kind of the shooting. Up data flow what's gone on this year in note today's shooting Parkland Florida at Marjorie stone in my net Douglass high school. A large high school 2900 people. On at least two fatalities. There are almost they're all but confirming two fatalities. At this point law enforcement sources saying at least two killed in the school shooting at least fourteen others are injured. And I don't know if that fourteen injured includes the two fatalities or not. We were led to believe at least twenty injured earlier and reports and in fact as some of the numbers got even higher than that. But tell you gotta be a little skeptical on information that comes out to L Wallace shooter still want to an at large and and so on and so forth so long I'm sure this will all work itself out to. Is is time moves on. But does this all started to transpire slightly after what 230 some odd this afternoon. And by the time we got on the air at 3 o'clock he was so full roar and for almost an hour the shooter was still large. Non students were all leaving the school and students and teachers in the school were being instructed to work. I attempt to lock down and we we have reports of people being organ and closets and hide under desks and and all the usual but multiple fatalities at least two. Well first confirmation of that came from senator Bill Nelson from Florida and the police superintendent of schools stood down there. And and and more injuries add to note Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school look at the latest from a Mike Doyle who was a coming up in just couple seconds of the WBT newsroom and not continue to monitor this. As the afternoon goes on with any updates that we can find our delta will get a motive this past. Clinton and uninteresting to to see Ruth. If there's Iranians explanation for this you know I don't know one thing I was watching and updates 911 calls on no defeat stand shooting at Fort Mill one. And we still don't apparently that was just a guy that just walked in and shot her random. And so we still don't really know the motivation or or what the motive was or what the reasoning was or what they're going good I mean what. Did that there's still more questions to that than there are answers. Well and maybe the solo turn out to be the same thing but anyway tragedy today in Parkland Florida Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school and with the latest. We'll head toward the WBP newsroom and Mike Doyle on biztalk 11109893. W. Chased. Nap I. Reporting this CNN mayor sheriff says the shooter is not the burn a current student. And law enforcement officials say at least two have been killed and fourteen take into local hospitals. So we'll continue to monitor this situation. As sort of the effects become available. This is all taken place registered duo with a WBT news enough Parkland Florida to our Marjorie stone Oman Douglass high school Leo large high school about 2900 people. And I'll start a little after 230 this afternoon and and that way shooter at large for gosh. Until pretty close to level at 4 o'clock maybe into the 4 o'clock hour. So that was they they had students saw no lockdown that were still on the school Noah and literally hundreds of those students oh leaving the school and obviously larger long prison soon no soul until four solos continued to watch that too as we go it's Valentine's Day. There's a survey that says eight million Americans admit that they send themselves Valentine's Day gifts. Well that's going debuted on the one hand that's got a bit on the other hand it's gotta say add. Is there office peer pressure and stuff like that. To the point that if it. I mean do do do do the girls in the office. If somebody literally and as bouquet of flowers whose serve. It's a flower in V I mean does that stuff happen I don't know I mean don't guys don't get that do make. I got his wish they had you know that guys are awake it. If you're us thinking of I hope I'm not if you've already done this and you're screwed up but if you're thinking you're giving her cash for Valentine's Day it was sort of I would have known him down to how much would that. But don't assume that she'd be okay with that 14% of women said they would dump a man who gave her cash in and cash. I assume that's a boyfriend type situation surely you wouldn't labeled. Pretty amazing. Tom lip started today. Kind of interesting I never had and the first place lent begins on. Valentine's Day. No I don't know about you but when when I was a kid and we would give something up for lent. My mom and I would always give out candy. And does so for forty days. No candy. Which was a big stretch when you were you know nine years old. But it occurred to me today that. You would have had due for a goal. Valentine's Day which is that I kind of besides flowers is kind of did a holiday that's built on candy. So this is the started the traditional season of lent. Which is a period and Christian church of fasting and prayer and penance leading up to Easter. Represents the forty days the Jesus wandered the desert praying enough fasting after he was baptized that. Well laid hands on holy Thursday march the 29 when there is a master represented our Jesus last supper. And then Good Friday is the day that Ted designates the crucifixion and then Easter the day that he rose from the dead. And in kind of a cork the calendar and Ash Wednesday this year falls on Valentine's Day. So you'll see people walking around today with they ashes on the forehead and I'm no Valentine's Day and Easter. Falls on April Fool's Day. April the first. And that just seems wrong. Seemed to me that maybe we should. Call off April Fool's Day until like maybe the second or. The 283 though there are some. So around. Bereft kind of way our credit a quirk India and in the calendar. They release the Consumer Price Index stats today and the prices showed that every day goods rose slightly higher than expected in January. And that wasn't necessarily. Because Wall Street given the volatility of the stock market last week that you know they were thinking that. If that were to happen that could be a pretty bumpy day on Wall Street because higher inflation would likely oh lead to a increase pressure on the Fed up. Raise interest rates a faster than expected and the Fed will meet again in no march. But in fact the a markets are up. The Dow Jones is up to 5304. Closed at 2489. 349. NASDAQ up 130 point ten closed at seven. 10014362. And the S&P was up 35 point 69 it closed at 269863. Solo. But core prices that which excludes the food and energy sectors. Because they're so volatile rose point 3% and economists expected rises of point 4% and point 2% next fed meeting will become a long in March but stock markets actually. I performed better than what they had expected given that report today. So about charging percent of women would frown on you're giving them mint money for Valentine's Day I guess what no imagination no effort no. But. How about fast food. Digging your shall we need to oil fast food place tonight. Celebrating Valentine's Day I usually means going out to a nice restaurant. That we're gonna try to sneak into Glen way pub and have tacos. Antara request outline. Works for me. White castle is old handed ball ended Ted Valentine day they are offering Valentine's Day reservations have done that for about thirty years way ahead of the curve couples who book with white castle gets. Table side service and not. And can order its. Limited chocolate and strawberry smoothie. KFC's giving out scratch and sniff Valentine's Day cards with the F project and smelled two or dinners who Abaya it's. Chicken share meals are a bucket of popcorn nuggets. Nothing really says I love you like a bucket of popcorn delegates that's an analyst said. Wings stop is offering a 25 dollar Valentine's Day or kits which just sold out and 72 hours that game of the gift card and a heart shaped box 20 filled with chicken wings. The narrow wants love struck couples to get engaged in its locations unknown Valentine's Day and know those who do can win food for their own weddings of from the chains so. Agassi gave viewers governor is pretty good. Don't leave BTF FaceBook page asked of in the spirit of Valentine's Day what's your favorite love song of all time. Doug wrote in dueling banjo was. Would you do you think about that. It just gets more disgusting by the month. That one's seen you know auto dogged about. And beyond. Valentine's Day is. Focus on the women yes. Was a story that came out late last year that I saved. I'll apparently married bliss really fades away after a time at least for women there's a new survey out asked 8000 adults about their happiness they found women know our typically less happy than men until they reached the age of 85. You know why. Psychiatrists say that this might be because the women have been widowed by that age. And a. Cable Lovett as the dean of the royal college of psychiatrists and and she says though women might be generally happy that no man for most of their lives because they. They feel burdened by domestic duties including childcare but this may. Reduce over that time Minnesota children grow up but still men are more vulnerable to developing no depression particularly those who are over the age of 85 and have no romantic partner but women seem to be happier after they reach 85 and and it may be in part because or will Burris. It says it has been an out they've got new found freedom. And hopefully go financial stability. So I thought that was pretty funny the other side of that going back down the age scale to women know when women feel most confident about their appearance. Well if they're on the cover of Sports Illustrated those swimsuit edition probably would do give you some indication. There's such controversy about that we'll see if we get that the next half hour. But they're looking your best important to many apparently there's AP gauge for that feeling. They did a poll of 2000 women ages fifty and up and revealed that on average Joseph women were happy just with their appearance at the age of. 33. The magical. Ages when the women say that they were just about the right weight. Had no wrinkles. Hair was in good condition. 62% said weight gain was most likely good to cause their confidence level to drop enough 40% said men applause had a negative effect on their appearance but overall. 72% said that their overall confidence depends really. On how they feel about their appearance and no they feel best about their appearance it to 33 got asked this question before don't tell me you'll towards other like me. It was best your your life. And I don't mean on the year I married and has in mind I understand all that and 36. It was my best year. President best shape I was ever and those living in Florida I was doing mornings I was get off at 1 o'clock I was walking the beach every day await a 168 boundaries of what. I was tam. On my hair was blonde. A single. First that didn't add to my happiness. Really I didn't get fitted truly blissful until I got married to Susan according. For three or. Sometime ago. Now 36. So there ego thought I'd see you guys on the other side cigarette. Valentine's Day. All of them. How layup programming note we will go to ABC for AS special at 7 o'clock tonight on the a school shooting down enough Florida. So. An hour of updated material from my ABC news Charlotte have six. Just about well less than thirty minutes away would Mark Garrison and that also will bring you the latest to report is available on the school shooting that took place in the area of Coral Springs. I'm in South Florida today Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school in not technically Parkland Florida. Mom we know at least two were dead we've heard reports from the Miami CBS affiliate of seven. And so we're pretty sure that the number of fourteen. Being taken to area hospitals is. Is the latest number there's been no reported. So. So was special tonight at 7 o'clock unknown news talk 11109293. W. PG. Areas they test. That reveals that if you're really in love. Or not. And the test could be available to you by 20/20 eight. In that tell me this doesn't settle for a tragic and tell me this doesn't sound like maybe more information and you are true one and don't. Is it lover is lost. Would you like to know that I had to die before you say I do and and lose half your stuff. There can be soon a medical test that reveals how true your intentions really OR. And it would work by using eight MR type. MRI type scanner. To detect the presence of specific chemicals associated with feelings of love. This is that California based neuroscientist. By the name of doctor Fred no war. And he explains if none aptitude it's peptides scares me non peptides. Our president and high levels in the brain then it's a telltale sign and a person is not truly in love. As it scientifically impossible to be in love without them. So for many couples detest would be related. Just another novelty I suppose but in some cases a pre marital scammed. Could help people avoid marrying someone with ulterior motives. Never known anybody that got married to a scam artist. A relative and my family that married a guy. You know members of the family had dinner with him in the whole nine yards and all the sudden a drain your bank account and gone. Believe that with with the right technological. Advancements attest like that could be available by a 20/20 eight. So. It's too peptides. Never knew that did you. Yeah recently lost victim bonus for all your old parts of their. The victim mode I editor Jeff theater view a victim moan he was not playing in Estes Park my hometown he was staying at the Stanley hotel and word got out small town the victim Mona was in town this would have been forty years ago. And also admit just got to be huge news and I was. Work in the very first radio station I was still in my high school and I would have been sent to KK EP 1470 for my work study. And now we got word that a victim Monroe's over there and so I went over there where they are cassette. Tape recorder. On in interviewed victim Mona in the lobby of the Stanley Hotel. Took a back and no I was the I think that's probably why the owner put up with me for another year and a half or so because so that was like my second week on the job. Got a victim mown no big big big big IL imagine that because we're losing a lot of the people from our from our parents generation. That were the standards when we were kids. Sinatra and Ramona and Tony Bennett would fall into that same category. And Marty Allan. Marty Allan died. 95 years old and those of you remember who he was used a guy with crazy here. And The Beatles big reference to that though when they were on Ed Sullivan he was known as much for his furlough pad like here as he was for his what is systems but he was a pretty funny dirty died at the age of 95. He was a big time comedian fifties and sixties. With his cell partner Steve Rossi. Com. They appeared on TV together at least 700 times they were on the Hollywood reporter they did forty stance on the Ed Sullivan Show alone. He died of complications from pneumonia in 95 years old he survived by his wife Karen K black well. Who was biased side when he passed. He spoke and an interview back in 92014. About being on the Ed Sullivan show with The Beatles. And he said when they were on with The Beatles. Scares me he said when we were on with The Beatles they kept looking at me and my hair. And they were hysterically laughing. And we took a picture because they couldn't believe that anybody would have that kind of style haircut and I always had it and it was always more or less a great trademark. And there's no secret formula I shampoo comb my hair. And that's the way it goes insisting that The Beatles would be laughing at him for his hair because one of the things that was so controversial about The Beatles when they first came over here was. Their hair. Little they know how long Medicare would get by the time mow the bands that followed the book came over. Six coming up just feel it fell Mark Garrison on the latest on what went on enough Florida today would feel very tragic shooting and no we will join ABC following markets 7 o'clock foray special. On no the shooting coverage two days in South Florida. So one that'll be it to 706 following the news and Mark Garrison Marcus we will have all the latest stats and numbers and everything. Also Olympics tonight 8 o'clock. Four on NBC. Oh figure skating pairs gold medal final. You'll have a women's Alpine skiing and the giants all on tonight if the window allows you'll have men's Alpine skiing the super G a gold medal final tonight to have between 81130 the men's skeleton qualifying the wind speed skating. Thousand meter gold medal final is tonight as well between 81130. No prime time. And figure skating pairs free skate on NBC sports network also NBC sports network between 8:30 you know 10 o'clock will be the Alpine know skiing men's downhill so that's what's on the tap for tonight. Once we get into do your wee hours soon voted tomorrow morning no men's ice hockey. Will be a featured and I believe that is a Finland and Germany so we're here. And if that's what you have your marked that's where you need to go. Shaun White incredible last night. All the way up until. He had to answer questions following his gold medal. Run. And then somebody handed in an American flag and on his way off the slope B drill bit thing across the ground to mount. And like it either. I don't think humanity just respect I think he was kind of beyond the moment and a sore and so forth and I won't don't give anybody the excuse of ignorance. I can't imagine that he doesn't understand a no flag diplomacy but to some extent I wonder if this generation has been raised to understand. How you treat flag now you don't treat a flag and then known but it must listen. Amongst the older generation can't like what we saw last night in the guy I noticed it immediately. Flag dragon on the ground CO walked off the slopes always had to apologize that today and I said no disrespect it was intended. And he had do are dumb answer. Some sexual misconduct allegations that had a resurfaced because of his big triumph. So law above and beyond all of that he is a gold medal winning performance last night in the half five was un believable. And the Chinese kid who had taken the lead from him. Between him and Sean and I think Sean gets more elevation but good lord those guys get up in the air and there was a one point that I think this was the Chinese kid that I noticed it. He got up to worry figured he had gone as high as he could go and then he kind of made some sort of a new over the looked like he shot himself up in the air two or three more feet you'd think. God how does he do that you know. They way it was did the for the Olympics go on the more fun they are to watch. Because you start to get invested in the stories and and the kids in the people and and so on and so forth so well. The other thing it's got to getting us some there's Arab American curler by the name of Tyler George. And you see all of these athletes and their I uniforms and sort of so forth he is they are curler. And he wears a pair of eight year old Skechers that he found at a mall in Minnesota is part of his uniform and they look like that just came out of the trash. But that's what he's comfortable in and so people have noticed these speed up shoes that have been called a mess and disgusting by some of his teammates but he doesn't care. And not longer after buying the Skechers. Two just kick around any liked him so much he decided to slap Teflon plates on the soles. And use them when he's a curling. Most league curlers compete in shoes that are manufactured by sports brands but not this guy he likes his Skechers. Something tells me he's probably gonna have a commercial endorsement by the time these games are over rough for us catcher. Charlotte at six Mark Garrison tragic day in Florida he's next.