The Florida School Shooting

David Chadwick
Sunday, February 18th

CMPD Police Chief Kerr Putney joins David to discuss the Florida school shooting and the role of faith in the Putney family.


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Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is news 11109893. WBT. Welcome to the program now. In existence over seventeen years it's been wonderful to do this show it's a faith and values program that tries to intersected different issues. In our culture through the lenses of faith and values it's always a pleasure. Doing the show thank you listeners for joining me on a weekly basis. Well today on many of us are grieving over what happened this past week. In Portland Florida. A shooting that occurred by obviously a mentally ill deranged person. Who took the lives of seventeen people and there are many more than are injured and some very seriously says that death poll could have arisen since. The shooting occurred. Many of us in America today who believe the Second Amendment is for all Americans. Should be in existence but. Are still struggling deeply inside. Over the idea of what what can we do to prevent these things from happening over the last. Decade plus we've gone from column buying too. All different issues on gun control sandy hook and and now this one in Parkland Florida what can we say to our children. Who are asking questions mom dad what's going on here and from my experience and the other day hours were counting with my wife Maryland. The numbers of times I've had to go into homes until someone your father has died or. Your mother has died or your child has died it has been a long ride and pastoral ministry and I've had to care for people. In many different grievous situations. What do you say to children especially your asking questions why in the world did this happen especially. People of faith how can god allow something like this can happen and for all of you parents grandparents out there who may have children questioning this week. About this tragedy and other tragedies that occur let me first of all. As skewed to practice the theology of presents a what does that mean it means simply be the year for your child your grandchild or for any other. Little one in you were sphere of influence practice god like presence that simply means you're there for them you're willing to listen. You're willing to hear what they got to say. And you don't offer easy answers one of my. Favorite books in the Bible to read through as the book of joke Joe's goat jokes going through extraordinarily. Difficult situations. He has. A pain in his body and in his heart that is. Excruciating. That that word excruciating comes from the two Latin words X Cruces which means from the crossed it means the most. Painful possible situation. And as you look at this particular excruciating pain that people. Are going through in South Florida a you'd try to help the alma understand it mostly through your presence and Joseph when he was going through. Is difficult time had three friends who came to him they tried the pontificate. And explain away the situation. And basically they said this is caused by your own sing in in some way or another they tried to equate the pain in jokes light with something that he. Did wrong I mean is basically karma you'd you'd get what you deserve. And of course. Joseph did not like what his friends said more importantly god did not like what his friends said the cost. What they should've practiced was not. Trying to theology guys and figured out they should've practiced the theology of presence they should have just been here. And maybe even said nothing to joke just listening to his pain listening to all that was going on in his heart. Well that's what we need to do with our little ones first apologist listen to them try to explore what's going on. Inside their hearts by just being here and then again once you do practice that presence there is obviously the question asking that can occur. Ask your kids what are you feeling. What's going all in your heart. What might you be experiencing right now and amazingly. Kids are just little people in little bodies that they feel what we grown ups feel they have the same kinds of angst anxiety. Questions years. So listened listened intently and when they give you some feeling words like I'm feeling anxious I'm feeling afraid to simply give those words back to them like. Honey I guess it really is hard to feel fear in your life right now. When you register the right feeling word back to them it's like put it's pushing the right but you'll see them go yes that's exactly what's going on in my heart. And that opens the door of their heart yet a bit wider and wider and wider for you to probe even more. What's going on. So with your children practice the theology of presence beater for the simply listened in to what's going on in their hearts. Reflect their feelings back to them. And then they'll start sharing more and more what's going on inside of an. As you do so then you're child gives you permission to really walk along side them. Cared deeply for them and be involved in their own pain at their own questions and eventually their own healing. So if you are in that position today where you have to answer that question that's going on people's lives why. What's going on here simply be there listen. Give feeling answers to what they're saying and and let their hearts open wider and wider so you can put a healing ball of hope. Upon them that's what I do and it's been effective through the years as I've had to walk through tragedy after tragedy and open help she did days we deal with yet another huge. Issue a pain in our culture I'm David Chadwick and this is news 1110993. WBT my guest is chief Kerr Putney. The chief of police here he's coming into studio he'll be my guest and get his input on how to handle. These kind of tragedies will be right back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is news 1110993. WBT welcome back to the show. What we've all experienced the deep tragedy of the Florida shootings this week in many of us are trying to figure it out. I didn't know that was going to happen when I asked chief Kerr Putney he would be on the show with me but really glad that you are here today to begin to talk about this and they'll all wanted to first of all have you share your history and who you are your faith perspective will get to that but could we talk about the Florida shooting real quickly I know many people are just. Sitting back going what in the world is going on this week as you've processed. This event it's now Sunday and were looking back over the last few days what would you say to our listeners regarding the shooting. Yes thank you pastor first thing I'd say is. We were lucky here and troll that such a strong partnership with the school system in the area of security. My heart goes out to the families obviously for the tragic loss. And were were assessing and analyzing everything that happened with the response there and we applaud the first responders for the way they've handled it. Yet you can't he can't help but. Try to think through. And in re re assess our. Safety plans because ultimately that is our job my job is to maintain public safety. And down with something like this happens you have to go back and see if there's anything missing there and he gaps that need to be filled in the plan. So that heaven forbid something were to happen you can activate. And we know our roles and we can fill those rose adequate. You know chief there's a part of me that. Asked the question why doesn't this happen more often and we have a Second Amendment Rights to guns in our nation. Com we also have a huge mental health crisis that's occurring so you have people who have access to guns plus mental health issues. I wonder why this doesn't happen more often a the middle health issue though is real and that's something is going on our culture offline were talking just a bit ago about. The problem a middle help in our country would you start to document that police. Slowly past we've experienced here and in here to tragedy. Our offices at the tip of the spear. They eat they can't of they can't hang opponent called I have to respond to. And a lot of the calls many of the calls that are. That have tragic consequences are because of mental health issues we have somebody who's in crisis even though we have a lot of people were. Critical incident drain on the issue is when faced with a lethal threat. You have to mitigate that threat before you can get to anything that would help keep the ethically and what we're seeing is calm because people don't get the consistent. Mental health services that they need but for appeal there in crisis and in our issue is but for and shorts court. Many more people could be there but it comes down to money the poor people have the last opportunity to get that needed assistance. And that's not only just the pill that is being able to get the counseling that's necessary from the professional who can give you the diagnosis to move you toward them right health perspective. And again we're seeing in our community just praying and hoping that will happen here but I mean there are no guarantees. It could happen anywhere. You know long ago we heard the book title it takes a village and we all need to be a part of this community. Social media now intersects us like never before and especially young folks know how to handle social media really well. We need to make a statement don't we about the importance if you see any thing. On social media that even in the least way hints at mental health issues or a desire to kill. That needs to be reported. Absolutely that's only will we can be proactive and the reason we're doing a lot of work high schools and middle schools is because. Wanna start that. That level of conversation. Establish that trust so that our young people wounded picked that screen shot short parent sure an adult. Give that information to a so that we can now be a bit more proactive sweep we wanna prevent something like this from happened would have to put wanna have to react. And that can't happen Jason Gore really sincere about looking at different issues social media wise especially. They could make the very phone call that could prevent something like this from happening you could be the hero that starts a chain of events that saves a lot yes certain. Seventeen dead die and many other wounded we don't know if that. Rate that number may increase it's really horrifying to think about and you also on both Thompson's show this week short morning's news on Thursday. Talked about the importance of resource officers in public schools let's give them a shout out but also talk about their importance. Well I'll tell you I meet with them every year when they're on their break for summer and it's like it's almost like a reunion of some of the best people I think I've ever met. And they're there for a reason I can't even encourage some of them to get promoted him and move on up the ranks because they're passionate about what they do here. And what we see at times like these days but for those relationships. Who knows what we'd be. Those those are people on the front line. They know something bad happens they gonna have to be there on only island handling issues into the back opera that's and they do that willingly but the bigger thing is. They are there to be. Not just the security. Component of that school but also a friend and a supporter and meant to more and you can't put a price on. No let's talk about that mentor piece on the I'll support the Charlotte off the task force trying to figure out why Charlotte's fiftieth out of fifty large cities in America in upward mobility. We discovered several different things and one was chronic brain problems in infancy if the mom mostly is in. Chronic pain and difficulty that's going to be passed on it picked up by the kid. You also I heard you talk a week or so ago and the Charlotte movement today about. The imports of kids being able to read migrate three and so and then in the quote was I wanna get this right you said that if we don't. Teach your kids to read by great three level they will would've. About prisons talk about what what's studies are showing is that they're not a grade level in reading a third grade. You can almost predict how many prisons to bail and it's a tragic com statistic but one that I think we can impact if we get serious about. Well if you can get. Those of us who have some. Comfort in life to lead our comfort zones and just go into the schools and read one hour a week with children in grades one in two week can get them on great three level and in every study conversely says that if they can read by the integrate three Munro Richardson was on his program and made this its fervent beliefs or it's there's most often the likelihood that the cable graduate from high school icing just read a great three level. And you know the statistics those who don't graduate high school commit more crime have teen pregnancies. They're just there on a downward spirals sometimes so. We can weaken impact and I'm not just saying those who were. Under via ages that I would get him in third grade insane holistic. That mentoring pieces you nationalist mood of that because after great three and grow up too great for certain that's the grade they most need a mentor let's talk about that please keep they need that. Positive experience and what we're seeing is you know myself as an example lost my dad at ten. But I had a father in law Vernon is like my second ball and he never missed football basketball game he was there. Supporting me when I was looking that would go to college he's been a part of my life. And down we always talk about that father figure issue ideally your own biological father. But a father who his or father figure who's gonna modeled that behavior will fill that void. Sometimes. Sell so well it's almost seamless so what we're seeing is that fourth grade is when they really need somebody to step in step up. So we asked the question what can the faith community do to really help Charlotte's poverty issues. And three things come to my mind it as a result of the task force but also listening to you talk as one. Try to do as much we can to get healthy preschools. And deprived areas to help that chronic brain problem especially among infants. Secondly. Meant for kids with reading and just be there to help them read at the grade three level and thirdly. Go walk with kids may be spend another hour week with them just being a positive male influence in their lives. And cheap money is it too simple to say that if you did those three things we could literally impact and change the trajectory of the city of Charlotte. When I'll tell you up pastors statistically is that is the fact. If we have those things in place and and they'll tell you a moment I'm encouraged because a lot of people stepping up yet be Brothers sisters some of the fraternities and sororities. Let's not forget as well though. A little girls need some help to. So we're partnering with women who can come in and and and and walk with the young ladies even when they're pregnant. So that vacant those formative years they have a level of support. That. That role model to lot lean on and and to emulate so that we can change the outcomes I can tell you if we start doing that were Calista click. We're gonna change outcomes what we see is just talk about domestic balusters interpersonal communication. That was. 22 of our homicides last year real 22 so we can teach people how to. Op model of the positive behavior we wanna relationships. Where were already saving lives in this community and the success of. Well someone once said the way kids spell love his tee I him he cannot like Seattle Washington that is because when you're with them your your practicing presence. They know you hear a you can tell when accurate until you're blue in the face but if you're there with them walking with them and that makes. The huge difference that's needed in their lives. It do you have hope for the city of Charlotte I do. I never considered myself an optimist but. Over the last a year and a half in particular I've seen some fantastic things come aboard common into fruition that. I'm I'm surprised and pleasantly surprised he gives me hope. And what we're also doing is connecting these mentors and role models so that young people get that hoped it that sense of of of accomplishment. As they navigate life. And they know that they can lean on some. I really imports of those accomplishments at an early agers so important aren't they because when you feel like you have succeeded in something and if you like you can tackle something that the little more difficult. And that's moving up the educational latter and the success flattered to be accomplished person life. Stalk somebody just yesterday about access opportunity and expectation. If you. Raised the expectations. All you can see those young people do lose his increase a level of achievement it happens over and over again and that's what gives me enough so much. And when you think about all the gifts that are embedded in the lives of those little ones that you see walking around there could be someone there if properly cared for could unlock the key. To it to be able finally cured cancer or some other huge problem and a culture distinct of those lives as being potential. Gifts to our society. While I wanna hear about your own personal faith perspective and I felt like we needed to deal with the Florida shooting first and like. When we come back I'd love to talk to you about. Your own faith development what happened in your life to make you who you are today and also to talk to you about the minister read it you have as the chief of police. We're talking earlier about how I've had to go into homes and tell people that your father's just dodger mothers just died your child's just W had to go and homes. And say. One of my officers just shot your child died and I can even imagine what that's like when you hear your perspective about that chief crew Putney is my guess today I'm David Chadwick. This is news 1110993. WBT will be. Right back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick in this news 1110993. WBT welcome back to the show. My guess today's chief Kerr putt need to chief of police here in. The Charlotte Mecklenburg area it's a pleasure having you on the show and one of the things I've enjoyed through the years that I've been doing this program. Is the number of people likened him on the show did address faith and values issues but more so to get inside their lives their hearts and get to understand them as real human beings and so. Cheap money I'd love to ask you about your own background. Who is your family. What happened to you to make you who you are today just tell us who you war. Well. I think my foundation is my family in my face it's just that simple problem. Grew up in the rule Roanoke rapids North Carolina we call the double our city not really but that's how so we can't expect that that's a small town but it's. It's a community based on faith. Comes grew up in the church mind. Mom was. Always involved in church and com has been a part of my life for as long as I remember. So let's take a moment and shout out to parents that your kids may hate to ago and they may be squirming. In this seat or the Butte and you have to pinch them over and over again to quit squirming. When they're here and that stuff. That faith and values message week in and week out it is permeating their minds it is making a difference even though you might not be able to see it keep. Taking them keep exposing them to face. Agree sort of. You're planning seats is just that simple they might not Germany too much later. But you know in the trying times are gonna lean back on the grueling back on their faith they're gonna have that Finley is our foundation and all of those messages are gonna matter. And you mentioned earlier the year dad passed away when you were ten is that Chris my dad was murdered when I was ten use murder as com and well you know it's strange stories interest in that became law enforcement officer much less chief because I was always. I I never cared for cops because they didn't thoroughly investigate that murder and it was something that I never could lose all. And the time in a long story short I have a college roommate. First black kid a remain who wanted to be cup all of his life. And you know I'm trying to convince them that that's probably not the best journey for him to take him. He convinced me otherwise he convinced me time to shut up been given to try and I didn't hear him two series do you feel like. Your dad's murder did not receive the type of justice because of this crisis are because of race essar. I imagine it did impact your life oh yes quite it was again but for faith and family and I don't know where I'd be I don't know how while would have dealt with the trauma and gotten over some of the things that I had to result from but for that. How did your mom deal with that tragedy well again. She's she's amazing woman and she's. Former in her faith than most people I've ever met and that really I think. Helped me. Two you know find some firm ground in and out move forward she always had high expectations of us as a family and five sisters who have six mothers. And I got a few data a passionate ya. Would would not let us out over our game we always had to aim high she raised the expectations and somehow we always manage to make. National and wife with our kids she always there and accelerate not decelerate I don't care what happens were accelerating the issue you're gonna have to keep up figure a way to do in this market which absolutely you make a mistake you face that you own it you fix it and you move for felt like you memorize them out of her not to touch mr. And then eat your brother stepped into the gap of your dad absence and he became like a second father figure my brother in law Malia Obama brother in law Vernon Bryant who's a fantastic man again. He also helped me develop in my faith he's. He's a Christian back home who didn't have to preach to me but he just he just model behavior that. I think god help me become a man what's that old saint Francis of deceased he quote go and all the world and preach the gospel and necessary say something. There you go felt like your brother in law he embodied and yes he does now lived it so well. And how many sisters again five sisters all older I'm the youngest mum on considers me the baby the baby and I'll I'll take that tighten and in what happened in your education after your father's death re able to stay out of trouble order a well because my mother is a strict disciplinarian there was no way. She's gonna let me venture far. But my brother in law kept me involved in sports never missed two game he took me those colleges when it was time to make decision about where I'd go in college. And it was always the expectation because my sisters are trailblazers. They all went to college I had no choice then had to follow that path Edwards ago in an epic UNC Charlotte OK yes here locally yes there okay answer Anderson's 1980 and you graduated from UNC Charlotte and in what happened with the law enforcement blah how did that get in your power well it's interesting actually I was quite skeptical I was expecting them to turn me down. I really wasn't. I was with the county security at the time is the senior. Sort Ari on the bicycle with training. I never wanted to be a cop but. It's they turn my friend down actually struck placed forum for the merger. And I said watch this I was hoping that's a woman they pave the way to law school. They didn't they ended up harming and I've been here ever since and I really that you would adjourn. So you've gone up through the ranks. Charlotte Mecklenburg police department yes here and ultimately to it is. Most responsible position the first internal since the merger yes. Your wife your family tell us about them shore big family. Wife is keeps the keeps me grounded. We have kids all over the place on two girls to boys and they keep this quite busy. Sir that's great and there's no higher calling than to be a day I agree is the most important. Responsibility I've ever had indeed it is very seriously it is glad you do to go that's a model as well for men. To take responsibility when they Mary to be good dance with the Fam to pass or a member of the night I got married on my dad. To reassign since on just always remember the most important gift you can give your children is to love their mother. And and I've never forgotten that Kurtz is in such an important part of my life to love Maryland also love my three children. And Romans thirteen says that there's a hall upon those in government. That they are like ministers. Of the gospels so that's true that means my calling to the church is as real as you were called to. The government official to bring order to. All fun and uncivil society do you look at you were job like a calling from god. I I think if you asked if you surveyed most officers they tell you that. It it's you're drawn to this profession is not something that. I think it's just choice based on a lot of options and you select the swim at it at random. I always say this is this a profession chosen. It was meant. For me to be an officer and and now I'm actually. Oh lead and try to guide them so I but what's interesting is in I didn't think about it until you put it that way is. We all have a pulpit. We all have an opportunity to demonstrate to model. What we want we want to see in others and it's a weighty. Heavy burden but one that we have to be up to if you going to be in certain positions so I do think I have to use my voice. For good. To try to channel some stereotypes contains some perspectives but also to bring people together. What's the hardest part of your calling. I think we just touched on it it is. Being in a position where you're you have the delicate balance you have to lead with two heart. You have to connect is as I was talking before with the Stanley who's suffered a loss at the hands of an officer. Because. They the the officer's life was threatened. And in it's it's hard to reconcile because my heart goes out to. I wanna make sure we never failed them because I feel like that does them. This profession filmy. And so I take that very seriously but at same time my heart goes out to the officers who are putting themselves in harm's way. They're running towards chaos and other people get the luxury of run and away from. And now people say I'm defending one or the other no I'm just trying to defend what is right and that's why you know we try to search or for facts. And stay firm and our faith. Charlotte went through it a huge racial crisis. A year and a half or so ago on your thoughts on the relationship now between police officers and especially the African American community. Yeah we're strained but improving. I'd just like we are crossed the country. I think we're doing some very good where we have some of the very protesters mail were partners with us. So we're seeing some some mop progress there and will be honest with the I understand the skepticism I'm still skeptical of the profession myself. But I'm enlightenment and encouraged by. The out connections that would make him bringing people together in the willingness to share some social capital that I didn't see controllable for. We'll officers. Are good and bad just like their arm ministers who were good and I asked sometimes about priests who worked at a files or other ministers to take a large sums of money from their churches I go there are some administers most of us or pretty good service try to be the best we can be help people you'd say the same thing I think was absolutely I can tell you is very very few bad apples in in the policing here at children from a police department. And dot those people we passed wanna get out and get out of police. We we don't think they deserve the honor break in the match but the vast majority of our people are fantastic people hasn't said before on them. I'm amazed that allegiance and some of the best people in government. Interestingly when the riots occurred I had several police officer on that might churches platforms stayed with me and I. Said how many tires have you changed in your lifetime and they started laughing uncontrollably and it is said. We can't even can't even count us and that's one of the evidence is what they do behind the scenes to help people they do people in need they they are going to be there to do whatever they can to support people there. They're giving giving people yes like can't begin to thank you for giving your time today to be on the show with me in just share your thoughts your faith your heart and Charlotte's better having you in the position that it stand. I'm humbled by that past or appreciate the opportunity enough thank you so much we'll keep working hard in your ministry calling chief partly because I think God's got Q&A great place these fusion as a minister of his truth. And as you'd love this community will this community becomes. Healthier and more hold on please notice are represented to the faith community we wanna come along side you help you anyway possible publish thank you sir. I'm David Chadwick this is these 1110990. WBT will be back in just a moment. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is news 1110993. WBP it's great to be back with you. And many thanks to chief putt before. His time on the show you can only imagine how many people are pulling at him. And he was gracious in giving us two full segment to talk about his personal life but also his involvement in this city during this time of crisis. If you'd like to hear this program in its entirety a go to UW BT dot com scroll down. To the weekend shows look for the David Chadwick show and you can hear the program from the beginning. To the end and especially those two middle segments with chief Kerr putt you'd wanna listen to what a remarkable man how wonderful to have somebody on his. Faith life and integrity being. The leader op our police force here in Charlotte I can't imagine the responsibilities. He carries and how difficult it would be. To go into a home for example and have to tell a family that one of your police officers just shot their child I can't even. Begin to feel what that would be like be that he does that and he sees it as a calling as a minister of god to be God's representative. Of hope. Grace and mercy to people and have Escude open up your microphone my producer Ed Billick and just talk could be a little bit about. What happened with cheap Putney I don't know if I've had. Two more meaningful segments on this show along time we you know his life experience. With his Debian murdered by a police saw at the age of ten yet and who are there epic kind of fashioned his whole life and and T and I had anger against police officers because he thought there was injustices college roommate who want to be a police officer tried to talk. If he talked him out of it would affect his roommate talked him into becoming a police officer and accounts and they were so fortunate to have a a man of faith and a man of integrity like gyms are policed him up it really is wonderful and just you can see his passion to make this community a better place to live. And the other thing that he emphasized folks in case you didn't hear what three things to help make Charlotte better. One is to be very sensitive to early brain development for people in poverty. When they don't have good. Brain development kids fall behind and win moms especially since there's an absence of dads have. Chronic anxiety chronic fear it's passed on their kids we've got to address that issue the second one is learning. To read at grade three level we have emphasized that on this program over and over again. That if you don't have kids reading on grade three level by the third grade and there aren't enough prisons that will be built in order to howls the incarceration of all of those kids they got to read migrate three. Every evidence says if they can on the other way on the other side they'll be able to graduate from high school. And the third thing that he emphasizes after great three great forest when kids need mentors the most. And if we can somehow supply for kids in poverty boys and girls mentor that will help them be guided in life toward. High school graduation and especially a college degree every study shows that a college degree opens the door for upward mobility. We can make a difference in this community the final comment on the chief he had a brother in law who then kind of stepped in after his dad was gone and it wasn't what his brother in law or valuable time is how he role model behaviors and his presence was what spoke his presence and gave him that role modeling to a pattern has life and interestingly he came in at age ten right after the tragedy of his dad's murder. And that is around fourth grade and he stepped into his life and started walking with him as a strong mother that at him go to church or did you not love that'll eat dog about his mother forcing him to go to church the planting those seeds of faith. In his heart's I would speak to all parents now your kids may hate church it's not optional you take them anyway and when they start squirming and deceit do what my mom did to me pinch. The need or pull. The ear and say sit still and listen. You know what's interesting I can recite the apostles creed the lord's prayer so many verses in the Bible simply because I was there I was bored to death. I was squirming in the seat my mom pinch me more than once but those things were planted in my heart I'm convinced that faith seeds began to Roman eight. And beer blossom because my mom took me a church every week. So important they've I think it's worth mentioning at a time we have left a Maine all talk about little children. How do you help a little children handle what they saw on the news what happened down in part on the floor of the give us some advice which would say oracle owns it with media the way it is today our kids will not be protected from this news it will get to them at some level or another that's the reality all parents need to realize. If kids are getting iphones a lot by. In ten years of age they knows they're experiencing what's going on since then the question that you just ask is a powerful one how to parents help children process. This negative information and the fee year. That it instills. In lives not only children but adults all over the nation and you know fear. I'm causes more fear its just oh wait if he'd all itself to exacerbate an enlarge itself. So I would say it all parents of children are experiencing this to do two things first of all be present in the lives of kids spell love T I in each. Make sure you're there for them oftentimes you don't even need to say a word you just need to be here. But as you were with them in the car or taking a walk with them or their sporting event wherever it may be. Then listen to anything they may say that would open their hearts to be able this year what's going on inside. And kiss her and trusting they'll often times just for a lot of feeling like I am afraid or I'm a bit anxious. When you hear those words get it back to them sing. And if you nailed the right word they'll say. Yeah that's what I'm experiencing. That opens the heart just a little bit wider. This year even more of their feelings in you walk into their heart as they let you and before you know it a year being an important part of their lives to help them deal. With the anxiety and fear that their feeling. And for lost pair arts. What words of was the mere talk security officers with the chief but what. What other filers to me in a social volts well oftentimes we just need to go talk through our feelings and it may be with a professional but oftentimes we just need good friends that we can sheer feelings whip. I would say is a person of faith be with other people that you can pray with it. But cost prayers a powerful instrument to say to god I know you're in control of everything even though it seemed devastating at the moment. Your steel in control of everything the greatest antidote to fear I know op is belief in the presence of god. What is prayer do it takes you into the presence of god in it you and I've talked before about what's prayer it's basically like sitting on a park bench with your best friend next to you to imagine Jesus with a armor around you pulling you closed. And he says what's on your heart and you just tell them what's on your heart and you believe that person first Peter 57 I cast all my years upon him the cost. He cares for me someone wants to deal with your carriers through prayers. And as you deuce oh and you talk to your father in heaven and you give him you're concerned you feel his peace. That totally overcomes. Your soul and it's a peace that passes all understanding. And it happens again by. Talking with other people praying with other people but also use yourself going to the father in heaven and giving him the concerns of your heart you know one other thing elements of quickly here but it's worth saying as the chief said get to know the security officers get to know those people in charge interest schools. And tell moment you appreciate him it was and he saying that the resource officers at the school he says are his heroes that they're the ones who often walked next to the kids here for the kids meant for the kids and he said he couldn't do his job and as he knew those resource officers. At the school. Are doing their jobs and he meets with them annually to encourage them to give them hope and thank them. For all that they deuce. Couldn't be more thankful to chief Kerr putt before his time today. Everyone out there is due process again the shootings in Florida and the grief that surrounds you and our nation continue to trust in god. Continue to mentor children continue to be a community that. If you see anything on social media that alarms you contact the police. And mostly walk closely with god because the way to deal with all of your fears is through faith. Remember this great teaching. Fear knocked on the door of my heart I sit face to answer it faith opened the door and fear was gone. I'm David Chadwick this is news 1110993. WBT talk with you all next week.