Flu Shots, Annoying House Guests, and More

John Hancock
Wednesday, October 11th

Hancock is trying to decide if he should get a flu shot, asks if  you ever had an annoying house guest, Las Vegas update, and more.


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This is John Hancock. Other whereas Wednesday as we can mayor Greg good. I don't know what they say today is better the last few days have been one of the humidity and. Still humid it's. It's not quite his soup he is close. So. Let's go to. But the forecast. Says got a chance for shower tonight and 69 degrees for a low. And none of them all issued back up into the 80s81 tomorrow or something like to have an event that talks to pretty much maybe mid seventies on Fridays or percent. But I don't see another a stretcher fall like we had there for about 45 days so for awhile looking forward to that come back again. How many moving on her moving away from the anthem issue alone touch base on that tour got a postcard from a guy who David to said do we put. We we we've have been dwell on too much on controversial issues clearly he likes it better when we're having fun. We always try to kind of ease it up at 430 and and often to a different direction. But they wreckage from started pig noted that bad. As they go about that I mean I had you know I've battled like Carol. A were living in serious times and be. The whole world changed last November. To Casey didn't even and especially in January warrior got inaugurated its energies on climate. And in Nam and you gotta be careful on how you look at it now you analyze it because. You their really do believe that the press is doing us a disservice or are most of the press that you read it figures do Minnesota. But I do service. And and in that we are accomplishing some positive things. With a guy who's just not politically correct he's just socially clumsy he has. But that doesn't mean in the same right that there's not a method to his madness and I mean to some extent the NFL thing is kind of an example of. Something that looks almost absurd. Actually leading to. So resolve and in an issue that we couldn't find the end game four and apparently now it's a word we we're be news. Close to fight and an end game. It at least to the current. Protests and and I may be way premature on but that at least there's conversations being had him. Total work so. De oiled we'll talk about that. Arizona wants deliver packages inside your front door. Or inside your car trunk. This would be technology that would be available. Him through like a license plate holder or something like that all got the story here's all your news. Taxes I have. Where you would be a code or something where they could get into the trunk your car and leave a package or. There would be a doorbell that you can set up for code it. So they could set up package inside. The front door your house. It TJ did the same thing I just I I did theoretically that was kind of given up now I don't think so. First place. Even if I trust to guide you and I had no reason not to trust a guy is delivered my. Brought right up until the point that he could work introvert. In turns into Oreo bitter ex employee. But the other thing is is. I don't have a dog it's prone day. Try to get out of the door as soon as it opens but some of you do. Mom and I'm I'm no I'm not giving anybody access to my house that's why I've got CPI as well this admits armed Kuwait right now somebody goes in that house. All hell broke brick sleuths that. So but anyway that it's Baghdad not just a wave of the future are not happen anywhere we'll talk about that. Nine is the afternoon goes on apple. How many apple products you own. TJ. And an apple phone and I've got a Mac. I've got iPod. I if you count my wife's phone that would be four. Oh she's got an iPad five. Two people five. One person three. The amount of product. That people either apple product of people Oden is. Astounding. Who was that it was. Brad cramps. Who had Apple's stock to member of that. Anyway did he had gone down this would have been what. Were yours. Four months ago. Then how long we've been doing afternoons for your courage. I and I always thought got you'll never recover but I mean I'm. I've talked troops who are recently been turned a bit not about Apple's stock as Sumi probably hung with it. Good decision. But. Robocalls. Yet none of you get him on your cell phone. If you are you asking yourself the question hey what the hell happened to the do not call. Well technology. Is circumventing. The or do not call and then and into the point that they can't keep up with it so it I mean it's as good as it is gone. I get crap phone calls on mice on my cell phone now. And he used to be back in the back before everybody started using their cell phones as their prime. That when no cell phone was still kind of a luxury. It didn't get. Robocalls are yourself on. The you do now. I get all sorts of crap on there and NB numbers people that called me that don't leave a message it you know. From you know buffalo new York and I don't I don't know anybody buffalo I. Oh you want a president. Now back congratulations. Where Puerto Rico. And I got to. At a house guess story roll around in my shall forever Obama forever. I know so as soon as I got that postcard saying I'm tired you guys had noncontroversial star forward. Maybe you'll get into my house get sulphide Betty it. Over five. And him. The fact I think it's wild flowers today. Abu Montana and traffic and all that stuff congratulations to Matt Newton wanted to run off last night to for the City Council seat of sexually winning the seat because they'll have no opposition in district five that includes these low ball. He. He beat. I'm Daniel auto part. Who is the guy who can't seem to quite get his financial records stood out to within the conference Linehan is a guy who's run for office several times before no and as a one. Matt Newton young guy. Lawyer so what he has. 57 point 68% to 42 point 32%. Now you didn't really have to know unless you were in district five yesterday but did you know that there was a runoff election yesterday. You see anybody runner Alan and I voted sticker yesterday. A couple of people. Having a beer until these slim mall lot maybe they had going on salute them. I got to Vegas shooting a timeline update India Las Vegas say a killer tried to use incendiary bullets the fuel tank we're talking about that the other day or a normal bulletin aviation fuels not gonna do a whole lot of although if you penetrate tank and an aviation fuel gets out of the tank than you could have yourself Simone. Some EPA problems but today we're willow we'll bring you up on that one on North Korea reportedly stole US South Korea oh wartime military plans will load got to give below a rundown on that. I and we tied a record yesterday. One billion dollars in weather disasters. They a little bit of a record year or so anyway bill got stuff to talk about ledger here. You do that they would consider I was in this not for. Or non. We may never know. Why Stephen addict fired on Los Vegas crowd killing 58 and injuring hundreds says Clark County sheriff Joseph Lombardo. We've never had one where we haven't figured out a motive. Heavily. So I said earlier. In this guy has no moral direction and and and you know a very fall and if all this life is is what you got right now. And when this is over. In your mind that's debt. Well there what would keep you from not doing from doing anything. Interviews with the pat ex girlfriend Marilu deadly. And his entire family tree two ex wives. Have not revealed any motive for the shooting. Autopsy revealed no brain abnormalities. BI investigation ongoing has so prompted another revision of the shooting timeline which could change even more as time goes on that it changed into checked into a for a free of room. Screen is give me a free of charge room. Ed to Mandalay bay on September the 25 three days earlier than previously known. And then after three days he moved to a corner suite that he paid for. On the 32 floor which is where he carried out the shooting. No new revelation that we start to learn a yesterday is that the guard encountered him the shooter. Citi's name a couple of times and done that you have to alternate. The guarding countered the shooter before. His shooting spree and that raises the fundamental question why it took so long to stop him. The guard made it today into the hallway a phone to call hotel security after being shot but they're not sure how long that took. And in Asia are an estimated 200 rounds into the hallway. It's believe he visited mesquite Nevada several times before October the first Meyer visited you are shooting range there we were talking yesterday about. There was no evidence so I mean he had to have practiced this he had duel of so that's another may be I think in the dead that he went to a shooting range zero mesquite Nevada. The sheriff's Lombardo said he's done aware of any videos are rumored to show another shooter performing shooting drills also dispels rumors that he had a met with a prostitute. Authorities still don't think that deadly his girlfriend was involved in the and his plans but ABC reports that she's have been added to the federal travel watch list. So her designation as a TSA select he means that if she tries to board a plane or exit US border should be subjected to extra screening and authorities will get a heads up on that. And then ABC news had another tidbit by way of resources and that was that day as a perk dude or is a casino spending. He was given access to the hotel's service elevator. So if you're looking for maybe some sort of an explanation on how are you avoided attention getting all of that up to his room. Which actually I don't. Considering he was there for days you could have brought an end piecemeal or dime or. In Vegas if anybody even bothered to ask you could say you were bringing in displays for a convention that was coming up soon and some. But anyway that's the latest from a Las Vegas the. Blue room. Nor does it doctor tomorrow. Good to see the doctor more analysis they'll feel a mid July where we designated room we got to. Diabetes type two. Designation. Have been her doctor and tourism Rodgers now have endured several doctors and so one of the things I'm gonna run and tomorrow is they're gonna wanna give me a flu shot and just know it's there. They're addicted to care about thing I got a website you know that I can go to my charts and they are. And no one of the Honda. Engine need to get done is the flu shot I've never done Solutia. On Amare adverse to the flu shot. But on the other hand every guy I keep reading all the story is about how this isn't. Well don't we hear that every year. But this season supposed to be like one of the worst ever. And then I read stuff that says you know I flu shot has shelf life what is it ninety days or something like that then mean that still not effective but its primary effectiveness is. So if you get it too early then you're. So I'm in among my head right now is in need Doi get the flu shot are doing not get the flu shot. So in all 457 all of intent. That if you do the flu shot. It is there anybody out there that didn't do then or now why don't you do that flu shot. And no one time you hear you've got the flu. And George says the same thing though and though there embed bit and get everything you read her doctors and stuff like they'll say oh no you guys occurs. You're on your mind does not does know what did you flew it must have been coincidences of America. That in essence and inundated note a flu shot is don't page you'd. See I'm I've been hanging around with you all for 27 years now so I'm just about enough of paranoia or because of it that I now I think no this is some sort of Oregon government planned to. 010 inject me with some sign of I drug it makes me no more conducive to. Acceptability of government ideas. And is it kind of like you heard about the lady oh last week that got arrested because. She wouldn't. Your somewhere. Because says she had been warned that if she didn't do theater kids vaccinated they were ghetto restaurant. Mother refused to. Follow court order to vaccinated her son and so they threw her in jail last week Rebecca breed out she's a from the Detroit area she's been sentenced to seven days in jail. And this was a few days ago for refusing to bring her childhood vaccinations up today. They sentenced her for contempt of court after she refused to comply with a court order for her to allow our son to receive all of his missing vaccinations that a week we've had this discussion in the past. And there are some parents say yeah but she not getting the vaccinations objection their kids to. Disease above all blocked. The mother of two told the judge is she takes full responsibility for actions that vaccinations go against her beliefs. However she's divorced. They don't go against her husband's beliefs. So by throwing her in jail I've read the follow up on the story about by throwing her in jail. The kid goes to dad for seven days at least seven days or eating dad dad dad what I've gotten vaccinated. So any interview she has said that she would absolutely rather go to jail little hour nine year old son to receive the sloth the vaccinations in no one week and that that was her primary dealers. Apparently they had fallen so far behind. That they wanted to give him all the vaccinations he was behind in one fell swoop. Now I don't have a child's situation on that but I saw I thoroughly believe that not made my first west he was killed by a bit vaccinations. First place she had a heart. Situation. So we had to be a little careful with her anyway. Arm and we took her into bed and and they gave her all the all the so called vaccinations. That you know they claimed she has to have but she doesn't have to have all of those. And and and we think that's what killed her. And I can't prove it. I meant I mean no malice to the veterinarian. We we you know we thought they did drug tremendous job for us other than that bad. We we we think all of those vaccinations underdog with with a heart valve problem. Exacerbated the problem and that's what killed her. So now that's at the big difference understand 200 dog and a kid. But out of mom's beliefs and so they did that now. I'm I'm kidding to the degree that I'm paranoid about a flu shot because I think it's some sort of inoculation to make me more. Com. Around government entities. But there is of that in there that period that bothers me about having somebody say to me. You have to have the shot and then that is they're pushing it everywhere I guess is they're kind of bothers me about it now has its educate as you'll deal. Tell you walk into a drugstore get it. We can't get my prescription right but there will give me a shot. Tom. I'm sure you can get on your shell station if you are by over twenty gallons of gas or resolute like that it. OG AI you know or did Dunkin' Donuts. I'd like a play controller buzzard off a cup of coffee and no audit Lucia. Saw anyway all on to have to make a decision tomorrow morning whether or not to get the flu shot or not. I don't wanna get the flu. I've had enough health trip going on this here that in order to flu. So if I get the shot I get the flu. Like TJ in Georgia they all paranoid about. Or what if I got a shot and and everybody else got the flu but I didn't get the flu. And then what bed all become one of those they should've gotten a shot. But there's something about. Well I don't know on the other hand shots have I had all but ended. Vaccinations and all that like ended polio and we go to Chad and WB TH yet. Are you don't I'm good man til you get the shot this year you're not get the shot. I'll not get any shot neither will my children my life to the nurse the northeast medical center I'm not gonna name names they do give beautiful little. I don't know about Michigan are other state but North Carolina you can sign a waiver of religious right to keep your shopper being vaccinated but any better now. Yes sir and I'm not a conspiracy dared to allow the constitution that gives you not trust any bang our government says not an 1991. Yeah. Bad bad bad bad debate you believe it does give you the flow. Absolutely but. According to a mile wide has told me and Mbenga being in the hospital that I'm not gonna disclose right now and people have spoken glib and northeast medical center and Carolina medical center absolutely if you get an idiot that let. But you're also trying to work major also a self avowed to. And we'll sort of gonna use. Paranoia. That the. Yeah women government help many years did compared knowing absolutely. All right Chad appreciate there's a little bit of that a nerd in me do I think. Although I don't think that's why we get that I'm very I'm more along the lines of you guys I've heard people that say you know live it does not know what it's for I haven't gotten one ever. I had a flute to a couple years ago. Tom and get last year. I don't think I got it three years ago this odd sales this good without it is I am with it. But then on the other hand. Now on CN doctors again. And then the other you know and then the other part is just the way is the worst of all I hate needles. Water shot there's a big deal about they give you shot your arm gets sore I don't wanna go do that either. John the doctor's office get a shot. And. We'll get more from bow and a minute but. You're allowed to all my fellow. Get Estonia and her best and counting neighbors Belmont. Wilkinson boulevard will be shut down both directions of travel in the 5600. Block this between Stafford drive in north Josh Birmingham parkway until 6 PM. Due to weigh a natural gas leak. So. Alternate route home. Suppose you could take freedom drive to. Whenever that is. Seven days you over the bridge over there and to Mount Holly area. And in your rather obvious or other one's gonna be. 8585. Is going to be a parking lot. And daily other ways and there's no more bridges across a reverse to go to and 49 announced that it that's not an option. And server backup through Lake Wylie and come up that way the way they take short cuts to get Turkey from getting on 49 in the first place so. Wenzhou. Might have. I hardly talk about miracle here and how much is tell me here you know I'm telling you they can do the same trio. And I was pretty skeptical are going in for a hearing aid but tech as I've had one before was analog and I hated it and I tried it but it just never we never hit it just was fake sound and I couldn't get used to the way that it. There's help bid the so called help me here and I met practiced a gun and a box someplace at home so I got a miracle air. Because things got to attend this got to we live moved into a new house which is. Open floor plan so it's kind of cavernous and if you just really got to be a challenge and I've talked Al Gardner miracle or helped films so I thought well give it a shot and I ran into sharing client choose the ladies who have. Works at miracle here and and got to mall tuned in for me another point. You listen to music again. They out listen that miracle worried are hearing here works it's just it's just affected digital their state of the art. Other people are great they've got locations all over the place so other support system is second to none. But their clothes and the there'd there'd they've got to read that there are expensive and not everybody can afford them and that's why they started this thing called the miracle or foundation. They've donated nearly thirteen thousand hearing gates it comes from generous donations from all their local you're a little miracle we're hearing care professionals. And they give the gift to sound of those in need customized hearing aids lifetime check ups from incidents all winter people up in their ninety's to just committed to helping you are here. And there are millions of Americans who need hearing aids and maybe that's you but can't afford them and if that is you. Then stop by one of these convenient nearby and all over the place could miracle or store locations there in the Charlotte area. And ask about the miracle or foundation and maybe maybe that's your answer. They might be able to help you need more information about the miracle or foundation go to miracle bash your dad Charlotte dot com and click on the miracle cure foundation link. And maybe that works for I don't know retirement flu shots. I want not to get one or not Brenda I feel my flu shots. I'm not cute at. Connolly view and I took one near the gal I'd I couldn't. That did you get to flee did you get fluids shortly after. They're not hit it it several weeks are out there but it would really like 08 but I stay. Now TJ hey it added that that having me that I never had the flu shot so a bit TJ said he got that almost a mile. But I lap because every year what I hear that I can't hear what they can only be maybe I should try to be. But what I think back out at Cadillac that aren't maybe not much in the. Yeah and I'll be done by taking your chances. I had not gone more in our bureau. Yeah I have not been the I've you know I've had it cold but what they like it. Now I and I appreciate well I you know I double up on washing my hands every five seconds and and doing all that kind of stuff and doing and try to chaotic crowds. But because of what two years ago three years ago when I got it for the kids first season or that night out at the bike drive I was. And I didn't make it that we can do in the all the kids first off so. I don't know got to make the decision by this time tomorrow. Not at Georgia flu shots. Com. Did this discussion. I'm go to the doctor tomorrow for. My diabetes type two or ninety day deals. Give my new what is it a one C raiding her or that things. And and I don't know to smothered. No no big deal minor you know the said the others. Somebody that had gone to a doctor in twenty some odd years in order Bender more than a couple over molested or ninety days but such as soon in my new life. All but one of the things that I know they're gonna try to get me wrong not tomorrow's flu shot and now I've never gotten the flu shot. For a myriad of reasons. And so I get talking about that in and then before Alonso went crazy and not email exploded in and saw for go to the phones to sail and Alan on WBT hey Alan. Our New York longer are they don't go. You named Amanda did you. Who I think it's big. You know our crew are the girl Erica I am dead and that kinda cool should Jerry do you greeted him miss shots and you're sick people out. We call it ten shots tomorrow. Well you're just as spreader great news argent. There. Well we did no jobs and we at college men and try to live up more days now speaks for yourself. Age is just a number right. Ultimately it is the more active program I'll sell billions circulating and they're better off I am so I didn't even. They sheriff good to hear probably around. I appreciated that is the guessing Gary sheriff. At least he didn't order me to get two shots to the here's another good telemann demand probably go over to Jim wells get the got to man up sawed calls all the way before they start to irritate me that the a general. Hey John I need Dylan good yeah outlook tonight you know I think you mean you're tall blond guys that are working their need do work. There's promote peace cerner and fixing these mixing Europe. You may end up I mean too many crickets didn't shot you know how difficult would that boy you got her ticket. But that now did did did these guys say that they're not getting flu shots because they got the flu shots and then they got the flu so are you ought to that's gonna happen to you they said do I know I think they'll pass. Well when those kids then the flu shots first came out I think you and I are probably about the same age I've been up you're 27 years to. Com both like. Was a kid my dad got to go under the Euro once he got pneumonia. So bad put bet mine said he needs per year. What did about I don't know 57 years ago something like that my wife talked me into doing it. And a policy that I haven't had the blue at all and that's no fun at all no fun. No no I don't believe me I because I have had the flu so so I know. All right just before let's go just out of curiosity what is your low tier rating. I don't know but I got diabetes type two. Sound 63 and it built everything is still vote sending thank you very much. How long have you had it about. How long have you had diabetes type two. Between five and ten years. I'm working with Vietnam managing it. And my number since super what was it before you let me go I have to compliment you. I remember that you are whatever ties neighborhood lender. Well I'm in the middle of the cooking oil with quake didn't. And I called them up. And smoked in the sky is terrific Indy. End up man he he's started looking at my numbers and he's gonna help me compensate me thousand. And now they're good people every fight with them to good they're good people and it's that is easier process enough and they do they play all the closing cause I'm telling you there's there's no smoke and mirrors going on there. No not at all. Listen I want to have a day when we can calling criticize you because diabetic criticism about you but I'm not doing it today. I'll got every day has criticized John nation to energy days ago when no at a level I doubt they email because I said something nasty about the vice president god you'd have thought gonna take in the lord's name in vain. This has nothing to do with the language sure what you're talking about it has to do with people. But stuttering and go on. It's. Do that a lot yeah sync somebody so senior bit as good as you know it from light. You know. People say like I think you know I don't stand out. And I think it and help. And I did do an effort 27 years gyms are what make you think I'm analysts and you. The minute it could well until two caller number complained. Yeah well congratulations it just fell on deaf fears that. Cook and that they don't listen. Thanks a lot I appreciate you man I thought I hope you know every criticism isn't just. Yeah no kinda. And I took a simple good luck with your diabetes ego won't be able to enter Syria wants say. Allen got an unimportant the diabetes thing to me is the best thing ever happened to me. Back and we just I went to a meeting with some other diabetics is last week and they were all wanton and no women and does that make can't do them a kid then I just wanted to go I don't want to stand up halfway through the meeting and say. Cat just figured out it did you gotta eat better food you got to exercise quit line and and take it on beat the hell out of it. Oh man you must have a real ID number top. No I well I don't know I've never had to go get that done. Well let them know. It says that's somebody else's commercial hit it. Now that's somebody else's commercial I do neighborhood Linder somebody else is doing enough. That was Doug Maxwell what that. And you know K Colleen you're on WB tape. Hey Daryn. How are you. I'm great I'm a liar I and he knew I love your oh I gotta disagree here as far I'm OK then I'm health care 35 years. There were rare and get Matta and marine General Electric and let you put yourself back he has saved thousands of Blackberry. No question about that and every year thousands of people die of barefoot. Well here at the color bar out of what what government says you'll never drummer from the government isn't coming from healthcare professionals. And you know what you're talking about. So I I would only say you and I your collared you'd think that slate belt like your parent only make you do something different. I know for he'll learn. Not that there is no risk at all but I know appreciate the group is far greater. But the get to play with Becky here elderly OK it's not an outcome then. If only people if people say they got a shot and they got the flu shortly thereafter and then some people say they didn't get the shot and they haven't gotten the flu. Then where's the evidence. Though the eyes are far greater. That the blue dot will present. Not where there are because it allowed by the way it is can be much. Didn't hit. Didn't they put a dead virus in you right. Well. Publicly yet but I think your body does have to figure that I. But it but actually it and you're gonna say are your all of that it doesn't cause the belt where it doesn't mean I think you have no guarantee of getting yeah. You knew very well may get sick or you could get that from my own. A bit higher all that that we've got bitten cover that not a perfect diet you know they do that apple and they signed it. You know what float around me are you create that vaccine but. Can't pop the ball you got what went from another. Strain of the iris that the patent that haven't been in this year's vaccine because they're different every year but bottom line edit it if you wanna get just what he ot it. You better to have a bit better off together at the night together. Absolutely. And he went into the mid thousands of people die every year because the flu. I think. Now I Colin appreciate golf thank you. You're not a guesstimate is terrorism and I realists had to do with your grandchild. Just do it. Gerri on WBT hi. Bill borrow a man you have a look I've been dormant doppler pat. Almost twenty years amid an hour people's homes all day every day I even clean from the article that they get hit upon does that make any sense. Home I've never gotten from Scott and I have never gotten flew out to figure but the BS it is our defense. I'm I'm exposed to a directly put people out of your packet call it hope he can carry it is not a component of about them. I've never done that Madison is there and yet and a True Blue even more you're exposed to go to various. The only other thing about it in terms in build up immunity to go resistance to a I think where we were good arm around at that moment. Hi Gerri thank you very much I know last year a couple of about flu seasons I've just been really meticulous or flu season on oh washing hands. I mean almost. Well not your sickness but I mean they're headed. I just you know I just wash my hands of foreign five times a day. And then the other part of that is in this business I just try to stay the hell away from people. But you know that works all the way up until you get and the kids first thing and then all of a sudden I'm subject to due to be around crowds of people and go and office buildings trying to get them to help the sought to financially with kids first order of the case may be so. Not his first season which is right around the corner there's no avoiding. Being in crowds of people because so we're kind of out their lobby and for people to help us so that we can make our. There are marks a new and none and help all the as a kid so long. So I don't know. You know we started this what 45 minutes ago. Mr. over norm until the doctor tomorrow. Do I read the news and avoid us coming up for a few minutes 5 o'clock 505 petty. And and it's Wednesday. And if you live guest again in your finger take emotion boulevard you will never get home. So I don't know what that. Yeah yeah assume most of you all know all the back roads and through a Lake Wylie and and 85 but he five have a field just gonna be your partner on. So while we'll give ground no Wilkinson know they think at least till 6 o'clock but you know it seems just. Just from having done this for a while that it's a never see an open early hardly ever see it open earlier if they say until six and that usually means. It's going to be at least six. Flu shots will we got to talking about match up on WBT hey Matt. And John Elliott thanks. They just wanted to kind of whale lives I got my flu shot last Monday and it knocked me out of commission almost immediately for. Probably about 36 hours dying in its let fever nausea. And I were not on but it was not the full fledged flu. And you know I mean they didn't play shots for the last five years but I mean I'm not the healthcare companies. You know like Colleen that earlier. You know you know. Better to have these state senate to ratify the odd. And you know I got there. Yeah it's they have visit your do you feel bulletproof it is pointed out they're very another larger neat if you don't anticipate getting there again. Now I I don't and yeah I mean another go restrained out there that is the best they can buy. You know I'm. I feel like you know it was worse you know build the way I did I mean I hated it the whole time but you know they say it's only 1% chance that that'll happen folks. Yes it about a lottery ticket. Him but I appreciate golf. I'm Kelly if I did the shot tomorrow and I get sick. Then this time next year we're going to be doing a show them. I will never get a flu shot again in my life. 284. Days. Interfered 4070s which means we're almost done with 11781. Days ago. 75 days different. Sixty days filled up by drivers Obama. Daryl Hall. John Oates travel in the country right now I see you on FaceBook all the time they went through Jacksonville went through Charles than they went through. Gina phones for energy to. Fear. Go into all of those concert tonight Tony ma'am my good buddy got a Jack still don't know all of those concert tonight it would. We MC when I worked. It got to Jacksonville would Dave Scott in bella sirens are for real big hit. We emceed the video Hall & Oates got to that was 27 years ago they were all younger Sorrell we held his Daryl Hall today. Can they still have this TV showed Jerrells place on TV. Pirates in a long long time. Seems to step back. 71 years old. Maybe they're nowhere it was him or make him fight itself. Saturday Night Live debuted on the state 1975. George Carlin is the host Genesee and in no Billy Preston musical guests. Ivanov trump. And some mud tough things to say about the air presidents' wives to end three. Jimmy Carter has offered to meet with the North Korean. Kim Jong-un. And a new study finds that were much better listeners if we keep our eyes closed. Tell that to the boss or your falsely for the Stephanie. Mike Ditka. There has been no oppression in the last 100 years. Steve Smith tweeted dinner are sought they were much Steve Smith former panther that it said do a great coach. Kind of close. Did this edited is the is the latest old white guy to think that all Americans are treated equally via pro football hall of Famer former ESPN analyst dove into the NFL protest controversy did a radio interview instead of players feeling during the anthem. He can go to another country and play football because he doesn't know what social injustices have been. I admit there have been no oppression for the last 100 years. Frivolity has ensued. Welders use ranching skills to extract pumping from engine bail to say about this story the second is pretty fascinating story. I. Didn't need in the North Carolina historian are terribly sure where. Robin cause. And stuff my L Wald. Variances get out of her car here's an unmistakable Yelp of a puppy. She discovers that it was coming from the engine bay of a nearby car. Closer she gets the louder the doping at the puppy gets. She. It got to be he he he and he's a welding instructor. So we held up one of no it's a chic pick held up one of her welding students to. To help with the extraction. And after unsuccessfully trying to free the dog through the bottom of the car the pair remove the battery and the battery box and then pulled the puppy out from the top of its Orly jail. She has later found out that the puppy had probably been in the engine bay of that car for at least 45 minutes. Now I've heard about cats crawl on in 20 warm engines and stuff like I don't know that many puppies stories that are heard or. But you know once that might take a video potential of old welder to. Fit to get him out of there. Sunday's offering a new three day window a test window to test drive your car home all I'll tell you about that mistaken and you heard about the three year old that was left in the corn maze. And they didn't even know the kid was gone for twelve hours. There are some parents of the year round is going on right there. Rescue has I don't know I get from the prosecution exclusion zone through. The judge verdict there without having 85. No way to meander your way around from Ashley over the mirror I don't. They deserve to get on a five. 85 is going to be a parking. I mean after talking very bad day avenue until they got a new channel three chopper right. And fly me home. They've always said no the thousands of times I've asked before but who knows maybe this wouldn't gullible you know for them. Mike's up on WBT we're talking about the flu seems a little bit earlier hey Mike. I know Mike's been on hold for about a 122 years he knew I was going to be either. Mike. Sir how are you ma'am. And we'll open up the big yard upload aren't there yet. You can you know you by the roots are I. Guess. It's lose story. I'm not a naughty. Dog I didn't look good and you know they're I don't read them right. We don't got good. They've got out and got a bit of Hillary. And daughter had a bad blood in there would be a new mobile. Well you know blood and broke out and yes he did you like I am completely open jumper went belly diet. It did the police would know. I have the bite and then I did not dude I'm here. Scene do you take that much vitamin C every day. Yes dark and I equipment and eight. We and I did not attend. Now I take vitamin C every day to go and sometimes we'll all feel something coming on all go from like a thousand milligrams to two or 3000 milligrams. And I don't know it's a placebo oral what it is but sometimes it makes CAA bid guys that I I think I have void guy getting sick. Are rather die yeah won't do you look back. I would do it again and can't get off alluded to go you're gonna get into your slate belt. And bottom out there outside of the did you edit the job until everybody would like very good that led to a broad don't really know right and since you get I cried out. You're dead aren't cute I want you to take regular Graham and don't you know cook. Is my daughter didn't exactly yeah. But I hope the community Arnold where it you don't doubt be as of now the man I'm listening yeah the Molinari. And I would take. Didn't know about you gluten that you know. No I do good good let's go to my coverage of college almost always to feel like when I was a smoker. Felt like my immune system stronger than other people's. Whatever it was gonna drop Graham's gonna to be some stronger as I was an article my body was so it's draft that. It was pretty much used to it being a strong mechanism TJ good discipline BT and undone WB two you have faced prepares. Thank doctor asking owe everything to regular flu shot are you getting a Fisher don't call we Ortega the calls them an offer different direction fact we're gonna talk to you about. I read a story and women which Jesus couple times we never got into it people are sharing the worst thing that they've ever had a house guest do. So if you have like houseguest story that or you or you don't. We like to be able to onto a party and you're the one that the John overflowed honors on the knocked out. And then have a long long time ago. Yeah. Babineaux plunger. You know your familiar ripping off the back of the draw and hold that. Would order a pet conqueror of the color thing out there and an and look around for something because as soon as you put that down the water's critical play you know one minute and then not only habit. The Johns got. You don't call somebody and because there's evidence that you've been there and he hit it. I don't remember how we resolve all that our I may have just crawled out the winner of the home. But. The government about a houseguest anybody area houseguest stories hurt you don't. And Martha coasted down on the resting you know your house is surrounded by. So waters. It's a film like that no global head off that direction and not just a few. I Dave says I've never had a flu shot and only occasionally ever had the flu maybe five times over fifty years. Tim said my wife for Mandy was never had one that never had the flu. Forbes had never had the flu shot never will on 65 haven't had the flu since I was thirty. Evan said today you better meaning a better group we have the flu shot. So I don't know. We have probably what he figured TJ 75% of people say and get them shots man up get the shot 4550 am. Knowledge all of government conspiracy to control your mind it's 505. Eddie. I own. Home ran. I don't win. I. I. I. Real wild flower album. I that I really paid a lot of attention to a new all the songs on it but I never really paid attention to the collection of songs are on it that's killer album. Killer 050530. This means is you have found out. 58 minutes to are going to use Wilkinson and get that Alomar word. OK maybe that's not his navel is a commitment. How many people have had the unfortunate experience of having a house guest from hell. And some of them are sharing it was found this on credit and turn around me for about a week. People sharing the worst things that they've had houseguest or somebody just wrote me and said not me but a friend had his brother and very modern hippie wife come over for a week. They didn't use toilet paper at home because they were saving the planet. When they left my friend found a pile of damp soil to wash Kellogg's and hand towels in the bottom of the linen closet. He said they weren't really welcome after that and I have since divorced and the Brothers back using toilet paper again. Got a house guess story where one man no call vote by police halfway through his triple way after a person who was house sitting. Through a huge party that trash the house and then oh drove one of the cars through the front of their home collapsed most of the trial all of totaled car. Now that would be almost like. Parents leaving for vacation leaving the teenagers and home big party. Mueller. Couple of people had a bad experiences with gas Seward had too much to drink one of them saying that they're drawn gas puke to all over the bathroom and the other one that there are talks in guested peed in the corner of the living room. That's a bad house guest tells a story is one person wrote about friends of a relative who stayed at their home while they were out of town. When they got back they found out that there guess young children. It wet two beds which were stripped or changed and they found used diapers underneath one of the beds. There were stories about guests who stole. One person's dead dead dead during his mother's funeral her an apt stole her mother's jewelry painkillers and wedding dress. While another person said that his underwear and Xbox-360. Were stolen by one of the house yeah. House guest nightmare stories so little 457 all of intend. Did you read that somewhere nowhere and LE TT FaceBook page houseguest horror stories. Plus stealing. How big party one time I had. A few big parties back in the day of the live and and an apartment where tornadoes and ankle bruises sort of back in the seventies. And there was a three there were three bedroom apartments. So there were three of us Lebanon. And then right across those breeze way. Was another three bedroom apartment and there are three more nightclub workers rule over and over there somewhere retirement and we worked three to club so they closed at midnight. So the party always started about 1230 over and it was six bedrooms. Well with the breeze way and you just opened up the door and I mean we would get hundreds of people. No exaggeration it would come more of these things. And K eggs out on the freight yard in. It was in the mid center of a car apartment complex I don't know how we got away within every weekend if I mean there's just huge parties. And then into the highlight was always bidder at the end of it towards the end of it everybody would get on the tube porches. And then somebody would run around their apartment complex and hit all the break her boxes so we watched the buildings go dark quantum. But yeah I used to get stuff stolen there all the time in time you knew there was a party coming over you don't want in the trunk your car or something like that. Houseguest horror stories James you're up on WBT hi. Yes sir Donald is there yesterday I liked it but deploy and onions or this it'd been out of work actor Burt in California every week. Brian yeah I did all. Very sale Friday morning I had to go back out at midnight Saturday night at the Israeli bomb locked out sort you have. You know public out there are 360 Taliban either but it's as a good. What are the Apollo and Q4 hours you're on land. So you decided was I gonna be dog parent temporarily lost. Everything we got a good a little bit Rangel told them my email out they doesn't go with my actual followed by clean lot else. The bill Quebec could still out there and there's like you know those who started normal. But the blue a year but let go out and like I mean I thought they don't play well from I don't do a robbery all carry out. They're due to a look at what looked cute and I don't understand what bill giving occasion and it meant. I thank you here's where Jimmy responded I know those of a FaceBook page my parents were visiting my apartment a few years ago when they came Moammar. Now my mom scrubbing my shower she wasn't impressive like cleaning abilities have felt pretty bearish every under mongering over going your place. Not my mom didn't. And and I don't know. You're not all that meticulous we're here. First and first armored ever had a Murphy bed and it. So small and when you pull the Murphy bed you literally had the lightning walker crossed the bed to get to the bathroom if you were an there was a earlier living room it was like one of those efficiency apartments all part of Denver right next to the State Capitol building Capitol Hill downtown Denver. And and as says so he had like a room and that it had two French doors that the into the room small room. And like a little kitchen net and had a bath but when you pulled the bad out it blocked the door to the bath. And it took up the entire living room. So. There was just no really way you if you had somebody over there. Did she didn't relate to. Say what was on your mind when you lose a bit imperfect department for harder Wednesday. All the bad out of the all and in the radio it's so. When you under. Just broke a very special gift that was made sure for me by someone special and it could not be replaced they also spilled red one on my carpet don't want. My ouster. Mother in law bladder infection middle of the night made it safely to the arts at the news or those whose stories now is bigger ones that's and then any kind of feel bad for them quite intelligent that party that. I end up in somebody's Jon and and and I hit they have all invoke overflows city. So you're standing there holding that pet garter whatever that thing is do you pulled back out and there's no plunger around there's nothing that you know that segment that thing down the water's gonna come back out. Hi nice to this minute I don't know how I got back out of that but I remember the dilemma of standing in there then there's a party going on outside. So you don't wanna be don't want that I have no idea I did it's it sounds like what I would have done it was a felt something you brought that pit Garko with and control of the window and gone home. Hyundai is doing a pretty amazing thing one of them. One of the world's largest our car companies. Korean auto makers still kind of a small player in the United States but listen I'm on a couple of Hyundai said that stills probably the best. Best bang for. Dollar ordered cars. I'm responsible for about one every 25 cars on the American streets but it an effort to move that needle. Hyundai he has introduced a new program intended to provide a more transparent pricing. And more consumer friendly practices. It's been mentioned to watch the car industry over the years and doing car dealer endorse in a car dealer right now. So I guess it just throw talks the world openly. But he has been mentioning to watch the car industry over the years when Lexus they came on the scene it all changed. Because Lexus had a way of they're service department had a way of doing things better. The way they sold cars. Was just a was his top notch. It wasn't the old pressure situation there's still some companies that do that but to by and large it was a really nice pleasant experience than they did they. Other car dealers had to adapt to that same mentality and they did and they and so it's become a little bit more of a service oriented type cell. Hyundai seems to be taken that step probe further. I in an effort turned it's called shopper assurance. And they want to offer some you know some of the ease of online shopping enlist. And Bayless in the actual asking price and so on and so forth but they introduce this new program and its intended to provide more transparent pricing in a better family are friendly you know practice. So they were all in an attempt to minimize the amount of time that you spend dealing with the dealer. Hyundai will let you now a schedule a time to do the test drive somewhere else like your house or your office. Also on line Hyundai is going to allow customers to apply for credit see the final calculation of the total cost of the car. Lock in on the value of their trade in all online without having to deal with a salesperson. If you have a problem with your new Hyundai within the first three days the carmaker says you'll be able to return it get all your money back. And one thing dealers are not required to participate but currently there are a handful of car dealers in Texas and Florida that are. That are doing just all of that and none Monday's expanding the list so. I don't know they're probably set the stage for the way that business will be done because if one does it end and people like it others will adapt. So there you go over there. Heard the story about the we have mother of the year out there and Utah. West Jordan, Utah little boy in Utah left behind in a car amazed by his family. Police were called the crazy car Maine is about 7:30 PM Monday night. After receiving a report of a child left behind. So employees of this crazy car may is these are all. Although all the rage right out the front of the Stanley hotel and Estes parkers. Is Droid amaze. Anyway the crazy corn maze out there and you taught told police that they found a three year old boy by himself. And no one came forward to claim him by the time that the maize and close the Utah division of family a child and Taylor serves as was called to take the child for the night. So somebody went to this may is. Which are tough. If fighting your way out of there. And somehow or another lose their three year old. Ged. But then the child's mother doesn't call about dead the police about him. Intel Tuesday morning to report that her son was missing. They didn't know he was gone for twelve hours. How do you do that. Mother says they went to the corn maze Monday night with a large group of people the mother told officers that when the group returned home. They put on a movie and she dozed off and then at some point during the night. She went to bed still unaware that her child was not at the home and when she woke up the next morning she knows her son was gone. Police say they're not sure how many children or how many adults were in that group but somehow or another mama. Lost track ever cared for twelve hours. And say anything here about alcohol but I just have a feeling that bill was an alcohol it may have been some Richard roll off. Dow Jones was up 42 point 21 today closed at 22870. To 89. NASDAQ up sixteen point three goes closed it to 6260355. And the S&P up four point 60. To close at 255524. So our road but I were kind of watch and no Wall Street so minutes from our September all that stuff than they were only two their candidate descriptive known. And didn't affect us stock markets alternates headed towards territory 3000. Along all that last. Who knows. Apple's chief designer says that people were console using their iphones are misusing it. So if you're addicted to your iPhone you're using it wrong says sir Jonathon I have they're chief designer of the iPhone and he was so speaking during The New Yorker tech fest and he said like any tool. You can see there's wonderful use and then there's misuse. So they asked what constitutes misuse and he said well perhaps constant use. He also noted that he sees another visit designs as solution to this addiction and says he said he does not personally check his email accounts toll won easily using example watch. My iPhone eight. As I have and activated because I don't want it. But it has some sort of apparatus to detects movement is that the other that would do basically. Make your phone inoperable when you were driving. I don't is that when I'm driving and anyway I might still take a look at it at at a stoplight. But I know I doubt that'll pick the phone won't mind. New survey by CNBC. You'd be amazed how many people own at least one apple project we are we off we asked this earlier. How many apple products you'll. And if you get into family gets even know but I I have an iPhone. And jagr to iphones now as ever since the five back yeah. Major things though where I wanted to donate for a good to have guru for a so but those those discount to 500 got to I have only had an iPod got a Mac. That's three my wife has an iPhone. That's for she's got and I've that's slot. To people why they apple products. New survey from CNBC reveals that 64% of Americans 64%. Owned an apple product of some kind. That is a number that has increased from 50% and a similar serve way back into Tony twelfth. Garrison avenue apple products you own. Five is that just you are set family. Meanwhile a tape same here. TJ and to. Then there's mr. Samsung over there on the corner. Still has to apple progress. So in this room. There's like fifteen apple products. The average American household holds two point six apple products at all by a full apple product from the previous survey. Up five years ago brag trance was here and he owned Apple's stock. And we used to inundated gone down there observed coming out of the recession and they've gotten beat up until it's over I didn't think you'd ever. Recover because about that time Steve Jobs died in there was questions as to where the direction of the company was go to this the other. I don't be held onto it because it's doing just fine. Apple device ownership rates dip below 50% in this 2017 survey for Americans with incomes under 30000 dollars. Retirees would be a part of that group as well and women over the age of fifty they're not as prone to have apple merchandise but if you're an apple owner. I don't know I Ed and one of the reasons I got a Mac. Was because I had an iPad and I was gonna stick with the iPhone which it has got an eight and I just wanted to do I just kind of wanted it altered. Talked to each other. So long. So apple this is pretty good now are really nothing because apple earbuds that the new phone comes of the wireless earbuds and try to via. But Google is introducing their first wireless earbuds. Technology is stunning. They've released their first Beryl wireless earbuds Google has and there are more than just your average pyramid near birds because that column pick cell bugs. That's what they're calling them and they are part music delivery device and part translator. With the Google pixel handset in your pocket you can tap and hold the pixel. Buds right here good to activate Google assistant. And from there you can ask any question that you would normally ask the digital assistant perhaps most useful though. You can utilize its Google translate capabilities. So if you're traveling abroad. You'll be able to discreetly and quickly tutor yourself on how to ask a question in a foreign language. But these earbuds. Which reduces the chances that you've just completely botched the translation when we went to Europe. And tried. Everywhere and order Scotch and water and it never worked out. So that's I finally decided that the universal word to get at least give what you knew you were ordering was Heineken. I'm not crazy about Heineken but I wanted bill least know what I was getting so rather go out to get to Google or birds Mark Garrison and Charlotte have six next.