Football, Facial Expressions, and Erik Spanberg

John Hancock
Friday, September 8th

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This is John Hancock. They're either there I think were as relieved as we can be all though I I'll draw big. However in there divested bribe whoever remembered completely different deal. How will still see wind and we'll still see Reynard and they're still certainly a chance that the direction of Burma and decides to. Go a different direction of willow talked to our mark to the no of the weather channel after a 5 o'clock we should have the latest. Believe there's an update to others host command no sometime around four or thereabouts so we should have the latest from our mark to the notre 5 o'clock but. As of yesterday afternoon while Horry on they are distinct or credible west turn announced. So it looks like willow not see. As. Active of wins or as much rain although we will still see winds and we will still see rain and they still think that there will be power outages and and so on and so forth so. I don't want everybody to just relax and say OK there. As will still have to deal with they are pretty powerful of tropical storm if for nothing else but don't. Nothing's taken a definite turn for the better as far as Irma is concerned and as far as our Charlotte is concerned I was talking to a boomer and ball. I check in with him in just a second but he says 95 coming out of Florida and Georgia. Georgia especially. I 95. Coming up towards 26 inventories sixes just took. In 26 is a pain in the butt anyway good to worse drivers ever 126 I don't know what it is but it. You have you have people that are do enough 55 and you have people that are doing a 105 and it just doesn't really work grow old together. 26 more than any highway I can think of where your clipping along at a pretty good pay 6570 miles an hour and then all of a sudden you're just in a dead stop. And and then also Nagy get going again and you drive for the next five or ten miles you can't figure out why you were at a dead stop. It is stated it's a fairly short shot from 95 up just 77. To get to Colombia but it's just. It's just just the worst. And now given the conditions that we got going on now and they're still fighting that battle down enough Florida people are still waiting for gas and I think it's eased up to some extent in some areas there were. Actually reports on another morning TV where they were showing you were gas was filed in a beach in places like that there really. But you gotta figure CBS nationalist saying hey I'm senator gas station has got gas cell on getting that last. Tom. It is an exodus. The likes of which I guess we've never really seen before. When you try to get that many people out and the governor almost to a Florida. Almost to the point that as an onlooker for here you just think all right I get it. But he's I mean he is diligent on every show he gets on. About saying. If you're given. Oh orders to evacuate you've got to evacuate. Mom and end and you know that we're gonna get in too late Sunday and by Monday. And no we're gonna see reports of people being. Rescued out of their houses and so on and so forth people would decided they were gonna stay. So why am. Hey I had nobody to anyways so. I here in North Carolina our governor's been on TV a couple of times today to say yes those those boot. The impact has lessened to but. And as I watched this today I was as watches it on a TV you are without the sound because I did watch two earlier. The single sign language people. And they got more animated is that it and and why is that somebody who knows sign language. I don't either but I bet it used to be you would have a guy that would dar somebody that would be standard dude did a science. But now they do heavy facial expressions and as Saunders wondered what to what the science is behind. The facial expressions and and the sign language even seems to each gave exchange of if the governor talks about an avalanche. Then they'll do some gesture with their hands which. I can't say I don't know sign language but does that mean. Avalanche to. People who know sign language or does that mean. I have an agenda back in my hand. Don't people have closed captioning on their television sets anymore well I don't mean I'm it made an artist earlier because it's like. Everybody does this now. And how many people are there that actually understand American sign up that sort of master and don't they have that's Automask and that's that's all I'm curious about people who know sign language I want you to kind of explain the language or don't sign language to me. Because it has gotten more animated and and the facial expressions. I don't remember the facial expressions ever being their before frowns than smiles and and it's I mean instead to the casual observer it's just almost bizarre. So I I'm just wondered if it if it is. If they have furthered the definition of sign language or whether or not people are just. It's kind of thought of that Los at her watch and a few seconds ago it's just so though the lady who stand next to the governor. Just weird just. Just weird. I'll be at Carolina panthers' final injury report is out and Curtis Samuel probably see some pretty good time in San Francisco on Sunday and Cam Newton is listed as questionable and I don't know that that means any thing. I hope it doesn't mean anything I hope it's more along the lines of we're gonna quarterback it's coming all soldiers have shoulder surgery and everything's as we said it's been for the last week or ten days Punto we don't necessarily wanna. Until the opposition that. And everything's just. Hunky dory so Lola listed as questionable on. If all the sudden their work to be a a real question as to whether or not camera playing in a game or not then that what it kind of hacked me off because. And I understand that part of the game of follow football as to why not give too much information or to. But it also is kind of a disservice to the fans when you basically say no right on schedule everything's fine. And then. So I don't know what the questionable millions. There are a couple of players that are listed is absolutely out and one would be the undrafted quarterback coal Luke with an ankle. And one would be the reserve linebacker Jarrett nor swear they groin injury. And the rookie defensive end to Shawn hall has a need. Injury defensive tackle Kyle Love with his ankle but both those guys are our should be able to play. Vernon Butler is doubtful. Because of his knee injury. And like I said Curtis Samuels expected to play and in fact it says after a good week of practice wide receiver and second round pick Curtis Samuel Slater into a play. On offense and special teams unknown Sunday. And Rivera is quoted as saying we feel pretty confident his workload is while we believe it should be so we're pretty excited about having him are ready to roll. So of Curtis Samuels ready to roll full speed. And Christian McCaffrey's ready and her role full speed. And and the questionable on the quarterback is just. A classification without any negative meaning. Mom that is everybody ready for some football. Our job market comes in hot. All right Elena go to the phones Shannon has a call them an omelet you believe former sign language interpreter Shannon aria. I'm during great darn right here I'm good so you know this sign language stuff. We get there. So tell me by are is there an explanation mr. wise sign language people I've seen on the TV over the last four and five years Mitt Nikki haley's comes to. Now comes to mind are so much more animated than what they used to be. I mean it's just a natural progression of the professionally and being more accurate in your interpretation. Facial expression and conveys. Turn avoid intonation and any parent of the speed car. I saw I think the word that was used one point he was talking about an avalanche or something like that and know she took her hands and kind of did a forward roll movement type of thing on it and then made a facial expression at the same time and and that's where I got to think and so does that mean avalanche. About. So they've they've they've they they've increased. The definition of sign language so what they would teach you what do what you would be taught from sand loss highlight Jewish twenty years ago and what would you do today is not just a owns. But it has to do with a all sorts of movements and facial expression. The correct and I would go back even further than that because. I'm not all. I am we were taught that facial expressions say your partner and maybe 3040 years as it Lybrand as animated. We are Todd we are talking now say that we actually have to and bay. The intent of the speaker whipped our facial expressions so at some and happy you have a happy place as someone that you have a flat face. If you're not life threatening situation and their facial expression is going to fly. Can turn our southern Ontario. I'm a McCrory SE remember had a fairly animated one end and sometimes. And I don't mean this from a negative standpoint but it says sometimes it's almost disconcerting to the person who is trying to here does struggle listened. To what the person is saying. And you just gotta gotta tune out building the sign her because. They'd be you did then they almost attract your attention Noah and you're not listening to what you wanna hear. But that's what would that can be true for some people and if some people find it fascinating why they have to remember. They're deaf people watching KUN. You know they have a right to have the claimants race. Oh yeah no absolutely I and it's I say you know we almost have to train ourselves. To be better listeners and not. I have our attention span diverted. Our active to the signer because the sign are also has a missionary and that is to get out the same message in the same concern are the same. A level of emergency or whatever is being conveyed. But at very turn now hey I thank you so much appreciated. I'm preacher Charles. Now Aaron improbable. Account but I. Why is just an observation. I just say I'm not have been critical evaluation perform it just seems like it's taken on a different. Mark just pulled up an article I kind of forgotten about this but do you remember when none. When Obama went to South Africa and they had the signers standing next to him and they determined complete fraud. The guy knew nothing about signing. And he was just go into the gyrations and the next day this Carol loaning the director of sign language education and development in a Cape Town told the oh wire services there this guy should complete fraud. On the White House spokesman of the time Josh Earnest referred questions to the south African government. Said it would be a shame if this incident became a distraction for the many tributes two Mandela including the one from Obama that's what he reserves and historic event. But the guy did he turned out to be a way are complete fraud mediate knew nothing about sign language I got there I don't have any idea. And you think well that's absurd how does a guy like that get that close to the president of the United States well how does a guy get all the way across the White House lawn and into the east room. You know things that you just won't think you're going to be absolutely. Impossible on holiday would drop that guy after he was ten yards inside the fence. Now he's got all the way into the east room. So pretty at six will bring it to their latest on Erma would come back in just a second and an even bigger story well not a bigger story. But. An equally big story. Not with such a meat well yes with such immediacy this equal facts breach. Could be the worst ever. 147. Million. People. Sensitive data. Driver's license Social Security numbers. Compromised. Equal facts and if you go to equal affects you keep on seeing articles that says to find out if you've been compromised. If you go to those web sites. They don't tell you whether or not you've been compromised or not they wanna put you on some sort of one year tribal. Dude got thing. And the first thing they ask you for years. The 61 six digits not 41. Six digits are the last six digits of your Social Security number. This is from a company who has just proven to not have taken care of your information. Sufficiently. To begin where it. Is now asking you to give up. More. So low low low lol we'll talk about that in and just a second and and then kind of just an outline of what you can do if you go to a CT net they've probably got the best article leverage so far. But. Anyway that they equal faxing. And and the the help that they offer on their website. Ought to make you just man. And the we're not off the hook we still expect a very gusty Monday we still expect two to four inches of rain or thereabouts. Tornadoes are still possibility. Pom and we still could see lots and downed trees with sustained winds and gusts and we could still see power outages and Monday don't expect Monday and Tuesday to be a walk in the park. Now like this weekend's going to be alternative. All right latest on Irma I know we'll talk to Mark Taylor go in about an hour and a half. From the weather channel and get the latest on the latest. By any turns or any. And new information. I think updates supposed to come in 4 o'clock hour so we'll get to I've slowly the latest and his interpretation at 505. Coming out of the a 5 o'clock news with mark timid or from the weather channel but. Irma is losing some steam this is not to say that one it's Florida it's not going to be a huge huge you'll be a category four. It's winds have a diminished down to about a 150 miles per hour that's still a strong. Category four. Hurricane. The projected track has shifted westward this happened while we were on the air yesterday and that reduces. The expected impact on the Carolinas. But. And I and then and then it didn't end. Don't discount the blood. Charlotte should still get gusty winds on Monday and we'll still see two to four inches of rain. And tornadoes are still possible although we're on the eastern side of this soil would be a little bit less heard the error but that doesn't mean that there's. Than there's no chance of tornadoes. And there certainly is a chance of enough rain and wind and it too good downed trees many of them. Well and lose power. So. It's not necessarily gonna be a cakewalk on Monday and Tuesday and you should be aware of that and you shouldn't serve remain no vigilant you should do continue to be prepared although I got to add tell you. You don't quite understand the water things. Shelves of water disappearing at stores throughout the showed a picture in the Gaston gazette today of the Harris teeter and meg Estonia and we we go there from dot to dot. Well they billed hours in Belmont. And all shoals were. Big can of water. But even if you have low wind and rain and trees falling and power out. You know just on water coming out your faucet. Well would be electric. So this would be all well orders that are in the water. The other is that if you have a well do you not to for a situations like this. Would you not save the jugs. I mean you know like have ten or fifteen or twenty of them. That it does someplace storage or select out. You could fill those up and you wouldn't have to go by the water I had just to dissent cannot. I'm insisting to me that water tennis. But on the other hand I think it's a good sign images of people are trying to better be prepared for whatever. I'll wait and don't Wal-Mart yesterday and me the Belmont and the water was gone I under relating everything to go buy or Wal-Mart I just wanted to see. The Eminem supply looked like it was down. The the a woman trying to say. The pop up toaster things. Pop tarts. Pop tart shell was completely ransacked. I guess that's people with kids trying to feed their kids. Have something gives you you know you don't necessarily have to have a toaster for that. But that the big the greatest bit of advice I I've read the last couple days was if you're depended on electric can opener make sure you've got a manual can opener. Because that trying to open up McKenna can't meter tuna without. You know I guess say and acts really is all that efficient. Com. Irma just. Savage did Caribbean. I downgraded to a category four sustained winds of 150 years and approaches so Florida. That should happen no Sunday morning get to the keys and and a command and ever Everglades state park. The storm is expected to land in the Florida Keys in southern Florida by a Saturday night or Sunday morning forecasts late at Thursday showed Irma taking a decided westward swing which is probably good for us. I can I had a look at the map to see where was Ed 2 AM on Tuesday saw I think are most crucial time is probably going to be Monday evening. But we will love we will be on at all day Monday and I know the morning shows coming in early on Tuesday and news resources were double and open. Traffic can I just sore everywhere are all hands on deck on especially. Especially late Monday and early Tuesday but to all day to Monday and Tuesday the. Split should. Obese officially packed with people and information. They senator is expected to move across the western Carolinas is so by that time and will be a weakening tropical storm Monday night through Tuesday. Quote we will definitely have some gusty winds starting Monday with the strongest Monday evening. Charlotte should see sustained wind speeds of 2025. Miles per hour with gusts in the thirty mile per hour range that's less than what we were thinking yesterday but it still means that. Trees can be felled and so I you know I I I still would. You know prepare for a lack of power and winds should diminish by Tuesday. Charlotte they think two to four inches of rain from Burma. May be Florida six expected in the mountains mainly south of Asheville. Tornadoes possible but because Charlotte is on the eastern side of this expected tracked you'd have a little less tornado or risk. But let's let's emphasize you would have a little less. Tornado risks they're still would be a possibility of tornadoes along with the wind along with the rain solo. So there's still reason for concern as we head into Monday Tuesday in this hood area. Al Conklin. This morning's said he expects sustained. Winds in the attended twenty mile per hour area in Charlotte and and I think he was talking about two. Sunday. But otherwise the weekend. Beautiful stunning you almost feel guilty for all the people that are having to go through what they're going through or sitting in traffic or trying to get gas or. Having to leave their homes or board not by us all the people down in Jacksonville beach area I'm familiar with all Borden up the none of the stores retail earlier today. So are mine is now expected to move. Up the eastern shores both Florida to adjust northwest of the Savannah River valley. And then into South Carolina and then eventually into western North Carolina mountains in Tennessee Knoxville probably get worse than Charlotte. The forecast still show sustained tropical force winds but 39 to 73 miles per hour in the western Carolina area by 8 AM on Tuesday. And it's all but certain Charlie can still expect hundreds of downed trees and and widespread power outages that that impact will begin to be felt on Sunday with a gusty conditions. And then by Monday morning Irma is remains are expected to to bring rain and increasing wind speeds into Tuesday of higher rainfall amounts are expected on the east facing slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The rain could fall fast enough to cause a flash flooding on Monday night and but that storm is expected dared to move quickly and do a limited duration. Tropical force winds in south Carolina's upstate in North Carolina southern Piedmont including Charlotte they say could reach showed. A sustained speeds of 35 to forty mile five miles per hour that was their word this morning I think those wind speeds have been diminished somewhat as the day has gone on. At least the projection of them. And winds of that magnitude I would still knocked down you don't trees probably hundreds of them across the region so. Things are looking better. But. Stay prepared. I. This Equifax. Breach could be the worst ever. Maybe just really got the had no matter how careful you are. You don't open up any attachments you don't do anything year old careful about where you go on the Internet you I don't expose yourself to good things you'd. It didn't matter. I think cal and computers for everything that they were supposed to be from a convenience standpoint and and we're so dependent on them now. Are going to be our ultimate downfall. You'd say what you want about paper. But. In less somebody actually broken your house and got into your files you never really had to worry about some guy in Sri Lanka see in your. Your credit report. Tom. Almost half of the US population may be affected by this massive there quote fox data breach. As I heard a boat Thompson's. In WBT this morning show Arafat you've ever. Used credit for anything you're probably one of them. Who does that not include. This would have revealed the personal information of as many as a 143. Million customers. Even a handful they said that there were a handful a top executives at Equifax. Who are facing a pretty good barrage of criticism and questions because they sold nearly two million shares just a few days before the hack was so called did discovered. But the company is now on trying to deal with the aftermath and alleviate customer concerns and know quite frankly Equifax. Is sucking at that. As well. CNET. Offers. Primer of she and what's kind of sorting going on but there's other sources around the web that also were talking about it from the point of view of all ours tech Mecca. This breach could be the worst leak of personal information ever. Not just based on the numbers alone because Yahoo! and eBay hacks resulted in actually more people being affected but instead. That label is earned they say from the quote breathtaking amount of highly sensitive data that is handed over to criminals. Full names Social Security numbers birth dates addresses. Even driver's license numbers. Now if you say to yourself well I'd never done business with Equifax before I've never called them and had my run run my credit report through Emery guys you have. Because that's just one of the three agencies that. Keeps all that information and use your credit rating you got no choice. Well unless you. Are cash only from the day you're born. And good luck on that. Two tech crunchers reports note that the online portal work customers can find out if they've been affected. In other words you go to Equifax and and its failure or go online here and you can find out if you've been affected. Bull. You don't find out if you've been affected. They try to push our credit monitoring device service with terms and conditions. That apparently. And CNET looking into this but apparently bars you from filing a class action suit against Equifax. And the other part of that is they start off by asking you for the last six digits of your Social Security. Number. So here's a company that has just proven to be irresponsible with your information who's now asking for more. One of them decided to call Equifax is emergency response line to check on their own status and she said her experience didn't earn them top quality service marks either. And then Bloomberg piled on a little bit later this morning saying the customers are actually being left clueless. In their quest for answers but if you see that thing where you go to Equifax to find out if you've been breached or not you won't find out. They'll try to get you on this credit monitoring service it's like a free. One year while I haven't gone any farther than that so I don't know if it's after that is that is it an opt out. Probably. Washington Post details a major problem with that to find out if you've been affected. You're prompted to enter your last name in the last six digits of your Social Security number. Just watch a game last night and watch all of that verbal. But I. Just watch in the early part of the game Mo looked like it was going to be good game I was 1714. Patriot fund them all into bed tomorrow and then I kind of figured c'mon it's at home and you know patriots are Belichick it's going to be I woke up this morning and find out that stood. Chiefs and beat the patriots last night 42 to 47 opens up the NFL season and your chiefs look pretty good although they sustained some off. Some injuries last night so we'll have to wait and see you know what to oh what happens there Eric Berry's out for the season with some sort of an injury and I don't know the latest on Korean hunter who also scored three times on the key when out of some point in the in the fourth quarter but to Super Bowl champion New England Patriots start off the season with a loss. In addition to set already for the first four games of season. Now the commissioner was there are. Homered to the executive offices of Eric spam burger corner office high up on hill overlooking no boon North Carolina mountains so in the river Belle is below. In I don't know what your own. As an officer Cuba caller I forgot. I don't know how we define I don't even better qualified to be cute of course it's probably just saying. Do you a bit I mean do you really even need one because I mean that I usually get exactly do you do that you guys all work from me and all the sports guys I know are pretty much 011 out of their computer. Yeah we're we're we're just haunting the Starbucks and panera than anyone else who has fought side. Between whatever beating your network coverage so yeah right it does it better. So why does the parent company that you work for have. Four buildings in town. Got caught up and conclude that the second Circuit Court yeah well what part of it is there are a lot of people who are in the office. You read far more important thing to what I do all day and generic they're not Al can belt they're they're doing this and not so I think it would be. Probably isn't the first incident this second warning is even more obvious they really just walking out of there air force Austin. He reminder too much or forget about Paul Ryan and quite frankly people are really up on Paul Ryan right now. Not really helping me get there I figured table at a restaurant in knowledge in India won't. There's there's people within his own party there trying to oust him is the speaker of the house I was reading that today and one of the people they'd like to put in there is Newt Gingrich did you know. That constitutionally. You don't have to be elected to the house to be the speaker of the house. I would get about to say that he's gone I've read that today I had never heard that before because Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum were mentioned at our civility. And I it. Did not tell you could do that Powell's strange would that be. Yeah now lodged in like I say I I read that disorders I iron I saw all the rumors had Newton Santorum and I've and I thought. Home. Yeah I've had for I thought the plane they don't you have to have another step which used to be an awful but apparently not. I don't know it just gets stranger and stranger word and then. This guy it really dark side bring me up to date on the latest on ML outs. Because inquiring minds want to know where where where are we on this Mecklenburg County rescinded their. They're approved package and the City Council economic development committee did something this week denied. State that they prepared this week that. The readers that you're not talk gravel pit that is do you presentation with the news site in city government. Taking the reins for the public portion. The bid. That's not going to happen next week as expected debt is now be sick. Down the road to October. The problem here John and MLS. A Port Charlotte market Pittsburgh they continue to say they're very much committed their bit the problem here is that report that junior teams are. Waited to be elected in December so you can do the math all the calendar very deeply years you don't even have a veto late are proper and there's no stadium site and has stadium funding plan. I don't see how they could pull all this together but maybe I'm missing for a. We talked last week about them expanding their looks for four sites and I read I think it was on Charlotte agenda and I and I thought I'd copied off the article and I can't find it now so I apologize or not being able to give the writer credit. But he had today his sick he said that he thought that the pamper practice field might be the perfect location. Four an MLS soccer field and and that's interesting I'd never even thought of that. That is to entertain. I am I have not seen this sort I am I and I'd I'd divert their pocket god not cnet's sister story. I'd be the first problem I would feeder though of course there's the Panthers would be highly reluctant to give up their practice field I would think that maybe there's a way they can work together and that's something that you had not talked restaurants there were apparently twelfth fight considered before memorial stadium was chosen and then of course they would uninjured and if you will. But we don't know what those other sites are where they're located. Who owns them and I think you have may have just thought this before it seems highly unlikely given that. The expert group looking for help paying to build a stadium it seems highly unlikely that they're going cute be willing to pay for land on top a stadium more half of the. So now. I am used to be I if you were player in the National Football League this season and ended then you go to your other job because it all back in those days it didn't pay enough money to to actually live on this would have been back in the sixties back in the cookie Gilchrist is back in the so why are we used to live next to our Pete Blanco. And he played I think it was an old Notre Dame guy and may have played for the Broncos but Denny had a job in the offseason and then needed it to help us make ends meet so. I thought it was sad to see that Steve Smith had to go back to get his job Beckett Taco Bell. I accept accept. Except if they're Barack way it has guys who should've loved and a little bit no more protective of his money I guess on a. Perhaps a contract I I thought this through. I keep him saying hey you're you're court document NFL network where he's Smith is sort of be an analyst starting this weekend and put together. A little break yet they put it seems slip in a Taco Bell in Concord, North Carolina here like Charlotte. And let him work the drive through window and let it sit stake held suburbs. Appreciate that went on but. And the and the reason being he used to work at Taco Bell and Los Angeles when he was a kid had. Right correct he he he would going back here every if you will and at. I don't know if you if you watch the clip job but there's there's one where he ripped that threat so we have a drive through window without opening the window first and it's free music and so or locally how he does this weekend as he continued. In his new job. Was it yours or us someplace else that I read about this for he talked about when he worked there in Los Angeles as a kid at Taco Bell. 01 day he looked out the window and no Sugar Ray Leonard was in the car that was picking up Sudanese say he's always remembered that has do you know way it was Sugar Ray Leonard. I awhile back now I have not seen had a prayer you're pursuing her reality. The effort straight ally is that someone that's been Payer he slipped and he says absolutely not that he looked down its main tactic he says well my name is C. Don't. Think it definitely did art degree and got NATO. It out Steve semester like John Smiths everybody uses the name of their checking into a strange motel now on order or don't have a Polaroid hey act college football the opener in Charlotte didn't quite. Who well I don't know why they they say everything good good to you have an awful lot of empty seats. He did have an awful lot of empty seats you know they're 50000 people and that's 75000. Seat stadium and remembered yarn and 4015 award and Charlotte at North Carolina South Carolina. They had a disappointing turnout and they blamed that on a Thursday night kicked off this time it was on a Saturday afternoon and the organizers. Said that that would likely. Cure or help the attendance he did not end so it looks like back to the drawing board one of the things are going to do it tinker with the upper level part is because there are selling the lower level seats but the upper level has just as fast. See if he blew. Where are you we core guy by the name is Steve Hall principal at the signature sports marketing and he says it comes down to ticket prices at bats got to be else what else can it be he said. Can't let well how about may be were not a great college football town. Well. Yeah certainly have to put that on the table given. The last few. Gains and the disappointing turn out the belt poll has struggled that that fear right around 50000 fans and the eighty people ought Kissinger has done much better. I want in all the preferred Uga was. You have a holiday weekend you have the first weekend of defeat in action scenes within easy driving distance. Amputees that. Well they're not world beaters they are expected to be much improved this season and yet you still end up with Tory when he tapped out Nancy they sell he he kept ticket prices. You favorite you know black or Richard. All I know resist here. To radiate heat seek an air compared to the other being delivered there were eight neutral site game over the weekend and only one of them had fewer fans and then Charl. And that was the Louisville Purdue game in Indianapolis correct correct now. Which. I can get that. Yeah so. And they had to work to do now on the flip side what what you're here from the organizer here it. The paint her happy that's all we're happy to schools like playing here because you have an NFL stadium and because. This is up high school. Recruiting area Richard Green area for PG HTC in the SEC show. Remembered they have commitments. All the way up through. 20/20. Three I think or are most of those years so somebody's going to have to figure out something because. Those schools want those hefty guarantee that you can't get that guarantees an up on the pick. Right here did you talk to Johns Wofford talking about the ACC championship game so we'll talk to you about your talks with him when we come back and just a second or darken to Erick stand Byrd senior staff writer Charlotte business journal Charlotte business journal dot com. Thank you understand American journal of business journal you had a chance to doctor Johns Wofford you know I don't buy into our really go read your article today. The ACC is insisting. And managing plays always thought to be a basketball conference and all the sudden a few years ago football was not very respected but it's highly respected now they got the national champion they got the reigning Heisman Trophy winner. Com. They've got significant scandals going on now but on the other hand rode the football side of it probably has never been stronger and you talk a little bit earlier about the championship game being played at Bank of America Stadium back after a one your hiatus because a house bill two. Armed he seems pretty Charlotte. Optimistic. Yet he really does then no one that things are not what you're about. Well what the long term group the long term future that they keep people all temperature a member of first let's play here in forty Chan. I admit that you mention it was absent in place sixty come back this year. So when I came back they added a year you beat her contract. I'd take him out threw 20/20 and I understand a word out they're not expecting much mantra there's so where do you begin to think about what you'll stay here in the future. And he's had very soon and then he had we really think that Charlotte is the best place to play to gain. May not only on the attendance but the proximity to a hotel and restaurant. Up from Bank of America Stadium so that was a pretty definitive answer that it Charlotte will be hosting this game for quite some time become it is the most valuable and only the most popular but the most valuable of the three. College football events that are here each year. SEC's got to Atlanta and Atlanta has taken full advantage of that and always SEC always in his there's a least one if not the strongest conference in the in the land from good berries were varying from your year. But the ACC really has has picked up their game. And certainly has the credentials. I'm I'm try to remember this was in Jacksonville for a few years wooded go to Orlando after that. We're two they would Jacksonville Tampa. Struggled in both of those cities came to Charlotte. And I believe with a sellout the first your he had Virginia's secondary and then it's if labour a little bit and then came back strong. And I'm sure plenty of people around here do you remember when he fifteen the last time I was here it was say. Pack Al Gore or Clinton in North Carolina and obviously that kind of matchup is exactly. What you're not you're here would like. Say what did he and I'm short on time all what did he say about the ACC cable network I windows that go on the air and will it be Charlotte based. 2019 T expect at least some of that operation to be based here and says that all systems are go we should be hearing more earlier here about some of the pictures. I'm Tom. All right very good the new did the new addition to show business journalism out we didn't get a chance to talk about tonight's attendance records but to last week's weather got to kill them. And they did not they will not be the reigning champion Indianapolis won't get the now with the attendance title that's not to say that the air Charlotte knights came in. Really any weaker they actually had a pretty good year. Better year than the year before but they just didn't get the attendance title this time around a lot of good stuff in the business journal and just look for spent Burke thanks man appreciate your. I recant Alter egos and off we go fast. Half an hour from now we're gonna talk to mark timid girl from the weather channel is the latest on a remote readers should just be getting your. New information this hour still don't have a tourist at 505. And after via news September the eighth had 251 days into the year 114 days ago. This day 19100 powerful hurricane hit Galveston Texas killed 8000 people in and of the warning systems that we do today. Not a northern technologies and know when they recover and where they were going and how long they would -- they're 19:33. AM began marketing Scotch transparent tape. 1974. Or Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon many crimes that he may have committed an action in office. And on 91966. The world changed. The TV series Star Trek premiered on ABC. And William Shatner became irritated almost immediately. Pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly is getting rid of 3500 jobs. Former circus tiger escaped from the back of a transport truck and Georgia. They had to shoot him by the way it is used Jason dog through a neighborhood. The driver wasn't aware until they arrived at his destination in Tennessee that the big cat it got loose. You know I thought eight. Former second in command at TMC has created arrival celebrity's gossip site. And according to data analyzed by 24/7 Wall Street the worst place in America to raise kids is. Fairbanks Alaska. For them to Fairbanks don't get it. I'll former president's but joined forces to raise money for the hurricane Harvey relief. This is pretty cool when this happens. All five former president's. Bill Clinton Barack Obama Jimmy Carter George W. Bush George H. W. Bush. All announcing their want America appealed to help victims so you'll see that imagine through the weekend. There's a a petition. Is really stupid. To change hurricane Burma's name. Kind of too late for that and that. Petition to change hurricane Herman's name to hurricane. Yvonne got. Has gathered nearly 8000 signatures so far it's hoped to collect at least 101000 signatures course to petition will be ignored because. Hurricane names are selected months in advance and we don't need Herman's name mode to change right in the middle of the chaos but. After all we already have. We got people at the weather channel who can are randomly a name winter storms. So there's your. You know it do you blizzard of bunker a bunker blizzard. Whatever. Petition asked that the world meteorological association. To make a name change quote to put pressure on members of trust administration to take a real stand for the health and safety of our world and generations to come. Some people just have too much time on their hands. I. The good reason to quit smoking. A Ford Focus. Exploded. In England. The car's driver 51 year old woman had just purchased some air freshener she said. I put the air freshener in the backseat lit a cigarette turn on the engine and pull. She suffered minor injuries in the incident firefighters say gases leaked from the air freshener. Were ignited by the cigarette her car doors roofs and no wind screen were all blown out so this can't be one of those little Christmas tree. It's got to be something else tonight. And we could be facing. The great chicken wing crisis of Tony seventeen. We'll explain that to you in just a second also how we get tricked into buying unhealthy food. And why thirty somethings are. Really boring. I have final there early voting tomorrow from 10 o'clock in the morning until 1 o'clock you can vote early vote until 7 o'clock tonight. At the how Marshall sooner or the eighties Ford road library or the independence from regional library over the main library down there on north trial on. Had 22100 redshirt road that's a new site. The south county regional library over there on the ray Rhodes Steele creek library university as city. You can early vote there until 7 o'clock tonight in west boulevard library as well but tomorrow last day for early voting and the site so will be open from 10 o'clock in the morning until 1 o'clock and. Percent to one there on Tuesday kind of not feel all ill defined at this point. Mom and so we don't know how wet or how Wendy your house still way at our house still windy it'll be by a Tuesday morning. You should have a pretty decent chance to get out and vote on Tuesday but like I say it's just there were just not exactly there sure about the definition of Burma at this point so wanna. Tomorrow my bureau best shot if you just are really wanna make sure you get a chance to get out in no vote. I NFL season note kicked off last night Kansas City beat New England kind of a surprise. Football fans have maybe even a bigger problem to worry about than their favorite quarterback being injured Cam Newton was today as questionable by the way. That's probably just a formality Woolsey. I nationwide dead chicken wings shortage could be on the horizon. Wholesale chicken wing prices are on the rise dive bars tail gators are facing the prospect of saying divided 25 cent deals and now. And mountains of all you can eat wings. Why now why wings. Chickens that went on strike. They're tired of it. You we will kill all our ancestors all the Brothers all the says mound. They had decades ago chicken wings were a great way to sell wants unused part of the chicken. They were deep fried in there sold by account like a dozen wings for three bucks or whatever. And as swings became more popular consumers benefited from the industries a genetic super sizing of chickens. And chickens got veteran wings got bigger and wings sellers started selling by the weight instead. And that's all Great Britain consumers noticed these super chickens didn't taste as good if so the chicken industry didn't focus as much on the giant feather Rio chickens. And wing sizes dropped. But they're still selling my weight so more wings are needed to get to pound and that's how you create a wing crisis. Economics. Chicken economics. So the long story short. If that's still possible you can not probably say goodbye don't wing night specials and grocery store deals for the time being. So we are probably something else. Like you're real strong. Love of celery. Our tail. I've I've come to were as we announced the benefits of scale since we did the diabetes type two or diagnosis. Kiln and fire now. Well I would dating each other are pretty regular basis. Guard to area there's just no the money. Might like kale. Now well what killed. And the public is tricked into buying unhealthy food I'm not any longer because I'm now I health expert. But health experts in the UK say that the world's obesity crisis is being fueled by businesses pushing unhealthy food and larger portions like we didn't know that the royal society of public health do we have one of those. I don't think we were royal society of anything here they say consumers are being tricked you by a marketing ploy known as up selling. The tactic involves stores and cafes and restaurants. Encouraging customers. To upgrade to larger meals and drinks. By adding high calorie toppings and tides gosh I wonder where they got this from you this couldn't be an influence of America credit. The fast food industry do you think. The job. The royal society of public health says 78% of his experience of selling each week the average person experiences a 106 of cells each year. Of selling works. 35% of people took the bait added sides like Fries to a meal and and and bought in 34% bottle larger coffee. As is like meal deals and stuff like that you don't just get the burger know you can have two birders enough Fries and a large drink. So while selling means an extra 171000. Calories on average over a year and. Before you annoyed juve. You have Kim Kardashian. Palin. Oh is that not right. That rude. Although that's supposed to be all the rage now admit he used to be that you wanted to. Lol but now it's. I don't get it. It's an animal into more sales and tell him. It's the millennial thirty somethings are. They say it will really boring. Women get boring in their mid thirties many of boredom and about 37. That's the conclusion of an analysis by statisticians. On the vacation rental site air B&B people in their twenties are relatively open to new experiences and spontaneous thrills. I and then it seems the responsibilities of adulthood seek in and they still stop seeking adventure. And then once you hit fifty. Over. I was wander over to the weather channel where Omar Kevin go is a standing by to bring us the latest on her mom hey mark I appreciate you joining and is sorry. Have you on Gary guys aren't I while they were doing pretty good considering that turn that Thurman took yesterday how were trying to emphasize that we're not out of the woods in that no wind and rain are still going to be a reality for us on Monday but. What what what has developed to the might be new forest today. Well they did you write that model have kind of further west so it did this the very wide hurricane accretive impact humble side be up sort of simple on the Gulf Coast as well the Atlantic coast. Are now fully computer models actually able ample critical to Naples Florida. By 6 PM on Sunday which of course is on the oval yelling code considered the the Atlantic coast. On the other side but it's such a wide hurricane at the end the impacts are going to be pretty widespread. Across bolt the coastlines of affordable and club as far as we are concerned. We also are seeing an increase in wind and rain in our area I think it's we get into Monday afternoon and Monday night's with the potential for some strong win. Overnight Monday and early Tuesday helped strong winds are talking about we could have a few gusts may be up over forty mile an hour. Minimal tropical storm force wind gusts as we head through Monday night into Tuesday along with some very heavy rainfall and because we are gonna be used to Wear the center makes landfall. There is the chance that we could have a couple of isolated tornadoes across. Somewhere across the listeria as we head into Monday. Afternoon Monday night being in the right side of the storm that each side is strong that is to say I think as we get to Tuesday it's still going to be windy around here. Shall re type rains we'll continue breezy weather and the we're gonna see a couple weak weather system scoot across the area. Through QD ninety can arrange it's going. But I think by Wednesday to Friday were drying out we're back facilities of the worst of the weather for us here in Charlotte is gonna end up being Monday afternoon. Into Monday night with improving weather conditions expect about it can't we get to Tuesday night and Wednesday. We are their primary elections here on a Tuesday. After you get past say mid morning do you think there were aware of the point were were. We're still labeled limit it to move around another day and then function in that regard that most people should be able to drive in the conditions that'll be present. Dahlia I think they'll be able to drive I think it's just going to be showery type brains and it's coming get beyond mid morning Tuesday with the windy weather still a good possibility but I don't think we are going to be talking about. Com tropical storm tight conditions Tuesday that I think that's gonna be reserve probably for Monday late afternoon into Monday night. He said this is Kevin and around Naples what does that do the state of Florida is it still pretty much go on right up the center of the state or horror or staying on land in Florida all the way throughout from top to bottom. The current computer guy and has the making landfall near Naples thing going up across Florida going up atop the world window and then. Heading and then kind of west were banned as he gets caught between high pressure. Two big east and low pressure the west kind of pulling him back to the less a little bit the center could go up over Valdosta. And you wrote quote maybe west of Atlanta Georgia. Then heading up toward the middle Tennessee perhaps by the time we get to mid day Tuesday so that's why. We're on the east side that we could keep German arraignment that's type of setup as we had an early next week along with some gusts. You win western Carolina mountains. What does still get a little bit of the outer bands of that Knoxville Tennessee that area and through there as well. Yeah act could be gap could be getting some blustery temper demand and some gusty winds Monday afternoon and Monday night. I'm very good well like I say the weather's improved for us not out of the woods and knows stay prepared and know stay vigilant and keep yours on a WBT but mark thank you very much appreciate the update. Thank you I've march of an off from the weather channel and that's where we stand and it sounds better than it did does this time yesterday. Arm and no hopefully maybe we see some more improvement as the as the weekend goes on not the catastrophic event that we were off. We were fearing 36 hours ago but still one don't keep your eyes on. Traffic Suri go which has also been a busy afternoon brought you by hunters shall Florida I 77 exit 43 enters boomer Montana. I 85 southbound a collision exit 26 Belmont abbey on I 85 northbound just past exit 39. Stays real road there's some heavy delays go oblivious. We have a collision to the north Harris boulevard at Mallard creek road to the east Ottawa wrote a conference due south on shop and road west this ledge road and a multi vehicle collision on highway 49 southbound that's the your wrote about approaching up buster board bridge. Backups now to Carol Westinghouse boulevard there's not a good alternative in this LSU wanna take the road does 77 south to rock kill Celanese road and highway 274. As your alternate drive time 85 northbound exit 38 77 exit to dig congress Annapolis. Less than 28 minute mark your calendar for 1 tomorrow morning round three we'll have a class so basic beginner gardening. Be sure to visit locally and family owned around replaced it occasion guard and center on shoals road just off opined bill. WBT weather channel forecast cleared through tomorrow the overnight 57 tomorrow's high 7878. Now and hunters VOA and the queen city. Next update at 520 boomer vying Kenneth WBT all day time saver draftees. Radio then you basically NFL Brad Paisley southern ideal home show we'd give. Have Brad Paisley is in town and I've had to be a big joke PNC music pavilion 7 o'clock is when that'll get started Charlotte music pavilion dot com it anymore. Information on no doubt Wimbledon Brad Paisley showed should be funny excellent and especially with the weather there were heaven tonight. Where you're close. Be down to about 57 degrees so what does that puts you in the sixties for the concert. That's sells pretty perfect for me your bare stays cool when you got those sixty degrees. Charlotte roller girls double header that's taken no place tomorrow Grady Cole sooner for 30 to 9 o'clock. First the roller girls. Take on Nunn team from Greensboro and then they'd take on another team had. De L and shot blocker. Golf OK so here's the deal on the roller girls admitted they take on opposing Greensboro roller derby teams I knew there were two of them. Basel it's a double header. This is tomorrow Grady call senator for 30 to 9 o'clock season closer will start with a BYOB tailgate party at 330 in the air Grady call lot. And in an hour later the doors open and me a body checking begins. And no players and experts roller roam the crowd and explain the game to a newbies and and all that stuff so anyway there should be a good time by Charlotte roller girls dot com. If you need more information about that Steve burners at the comedy zone all weekend long. And then next week and it's a David tell and in the weekend after that it's Sinbad so they got a pretty good dough line up come and downed the David exchange or music factory. But this week. Thursday through Saturday. Steve burned his the entertainment food truck Friday going on in Mount Holly tonight. None south main street 5 to 9 o'clock that will be a big time free concert by too much Sylvia. And Dallas. But there are no guest in Downey hosting AR concert and crews. 6 PM tomorrow featuring the Catalina is and that should be a pretty good night to considering the weather will be a beautiful enough I'm good dinner reservations and Estonia tonight. And what's supposed to be their finest restaurant. Well I can't wait we'll see. John highest daughter I should probably hates that it would just to soon have her own identity its her third album mother she's or two or on the tundra from low Lehigh that is your name. And the name of albums called trinity Elaine she's a second generation national songs singer songwriter and she's at the evening news say evening news every now and then just pull somebody new go really. And the visual lights tonight will hold. Which is a pretty good which are pretty good draw for them as well. And I got a call today from the lovely. Diane stokes John Stokes wife this morning and she said hey. Just saw your John Hancock Bobble head on eBay. Eleven dollars and 99 cents. I think Larry's Rickles was going for 1499. Fans don't mislead you call it over there himself boulevards so a little insulted. The portrait. High school football big party your big weekend in May have big game I had just south point. The Belmont south point clover undefeated south point oh undefeated. 21 year coaches. Undefeated. Somebody loses tonight Richard Riordan one hell of a game. Clover itself one of the clover beat them last year crest is a Shelby denied York get nation's Ford. More spills and dale brown pine crest is at Providence east mex at Weddington. An attempt butler's at Richmond tonight that should be a good game State's Jill Christian at Charlotte Latin. You have Gaffney. Had to Harding Hartings undefeated so far this year Winston-Salem. Parkland is that Marvin ridge and Marvin ridge. A number two in the observer poll. And they're undefeated this year. Duncan burns comes in undefeated against northwestern. They're stronger again this year. Audrey Keller Charlotte Catholic oh in Korea against three you know good luck on now on Berry academy at the Mallard creek east Mecklenburg are Weddington. My south mex sabres no. Without a victory so far this year play Myers park who wish three you know. It's a pretty good will rival reporter ridge plays Sun Valley tonight and no mores Villa dale brown just to mention. Well fuel high school football didn't get much better than that traverse county fair is going on all of this weekend started today goes through. Next weekend actually converse county a fair. Eleven acre midway. Comes. Your high flying go yellen paid racing goodness. I'm not to mention some pretty tasty festival fair can be Harris County fair dot com if you need more information on that. And huge event. Annual. Yazoo. Greek festival. Started yesterday. Goes through Sunday 600 east boulevard. Greek food music and dance. This is gosh this has been a huge event since the day I wrote ended down. And and still lives so they Greek festival in a deal worth that the holy trinity Greek orthodox church goes through Sunday. They got cultural lectures but they've the music the dancing the arch and obviously the food. Place what digs brings people back year after year after year there's more all over share that with you ours are part of our big weekend on a Friday. When we come back following news on news 1110993. WB team. And I some more stuff for you do I'd take care of this weekend if you're an apples would be a larger it is over it is going to be a big deal down there in York South Carolina and seeing good new year a pick your own apples they go pretty fast. And was called slider down there and no hot doughnuts and no live music and they'll be doing that all day you all know tomorrow. On add to that we knew orchard so you might want to wander on down there in the twenties. Third annual festival of India. What you bring you are rich culture of India to a Belk theater in the surrounding streets if you're uptown wondered what's going on to des arts and now cultural festival from traditional to. Dance performances enough painting and pottery and crafts and street markets and clothing and jewelry and music in nine and a yoga and food and seven box one such back and you and down and rural Harold Hill farm. Just north of I town if you never bend area ought to go it's a great place. And they have their amazing and Mays. Mays. Seven acres. And I mean it's killer. So we'll do that over the weekend with a two miles of connecting paths. And then they not only opened this weekend. But if you want a serious challenge then go in for one of the after dark may is experiences. Saturday only this weekend Fridays and Saturdays there after. I'd just bring a flashlight. And your courage. The day amazes eleven bucks and I may is cost sixteen. And it's rural rural farming and and that is against the annual pops got music festival that's where TJ is today the annual Raleigh. Downtown music festival. See I thought he was going out there to put chalk on the sidewalk and no apparently not a whole bunch of bands that I've never heard of but he can't wait to see. That's going on in Raleigh this week you know 119 annual central Carolina fair kicks off in Greensboro run through the seventeenth rides and carnival games enough festival sued in no circus performers and farm animals and nightly entertainment six date back some of the concerts are free with admission. The Charlotte ideal home show at the big east and manual. And Ted design and renovation and landscaping and building experts and ideas at all taken place at the park expo and conference center it's going on right now will be open through Sunday. A map monster of HG TB HGT bees bats pressures show. Is among the the guests there. And they'll be 200 plus. Exhibitors local craft brews are serving up samples ten dollars free at Tora twelve and younger that may need to get into the festival not the craft beer samples. Three for ten and under. Probably not someone you really wanna and the Chinese lantern festival. Going up and Gaston County at the Daniel still botanical garden and this is just the coolest thing. Armed features about 800 eliminated plants and animals. And other objects. Created and an ancient art of lantern making. Other aspects of Asian culture include entertainment and food and crafts and it's day it started yesterday and it goes through October the 29. DS. DG. Daniel still botanical garden DS. BG. Dot org. If you want more information. When I say a lamp burns. I don't do it justice. But there's a picture in the paper if you get to Charlotte Observer. I have a picture of a rhino. Yeah it's a it's really cool. And Daniel Stone is a pretty great place anyways so that's part of bureau big weekend there and like I said Brad Paisley tonight 8 o'clock PNC. A music pavilion. What company has been a bit rough this pretty rough left notre amazement. We'll bring you don't. Time for you got lit them Philly tonight series have a continued very heavy traffic between rock hero and Charlotte. He'll have his sudden urgency for giving me just say if you follow the other David Villa though the chant is lighted that are just told about the home ideal show I just told you about failed my bill. Older who does the assay Jude dream home Jeff Newton. I is doing is open house. And this gives you a chance to go I think all the tickets are sold out but they start this weekend at the saint Jude dream house. Mom tomorrow nine to five and and Sundays noon to five and they'll do this all these weekends between now and October the eighth. The actual address is 2806. Fox hollow road. Which is right off lawyers road. And and I know it like to get a big turnout and and see what this house is we went by it last weekend and it is beautiful. So if you're easiest directions would be take I eighty had taken a 485 to lawyers wrote exit. That's exit 47. Perot lawyers road and then turn left bundle lawyers road. And then turn right onto a faux hollow road for governor promote mint hill. Then when you start to approach for 85 not too far from four to five maybe about a mile from Torrey fiber less. Then you'll wanna look for fox hollow road and if you're coming permit uphill turn left if you're coming from 485 term right. And know you'll see it it's got a big sign in the front yard this saint Jude dream home are ready for you to take a laundered through and know see what Jeff has done this year. Our for a saint Jude's and again Saturdays nine to five Sunday noon to five and battle be the case all the way through October the eighth. We always bill is boomer available. All right we'll go over to boomer get an update on traffic growth quick brought you by commercial for I 77 or security breach. We heard you having fun with another radio station and our feelings are hurt down the hall held down the hall you have those sports guys you guys who have now they have they just they just list towards a disturbance series go to their body I think it's sort of put it. Heard from my characteristics since. So Collins they're not out tonight but they aren't Harrisburg tomorrow night and all the food drugs be goes Mac Shaq dragon boat Mel blt kitchen. Good boxers queen city sliders southern snowball the African coop enough. Award winning ice cream sticks and Cohen so grab the kids and bring the dog and grab your chair and. Get your neighbors and bring your appetite. They did this last month opened. Harrisburg and it was a huge success would love to have you back the weather looks like it's gonna be perfect tomorrow night. So off 5 to 9 o'clock at the field in front of town hall at main street and keyed lane of in Harrisburg your basic food truck Saturday. And a pretty busy sports weekend however talk to Michael over the Beach Boys unknown Monday. A little left at 330 a flow weather allows of those. Hurricane conditions don't have a soon to emergency mode and all weekend long people were watching that storm and oh Thompson all get things started on a Monday morning and down. Now Scott FitzGerald and we are ready just react to in whatever way we need to react. In fact we already know we're starting the morning show early on know Tuesday because we know that's when some of their Cuomo whether or no the wind down and so on and so forth but. They do enough. And and watch and and planning and and no widely covered on information that you need to regards to Burma no matter how severe. Or non severe it is it's still going to be event it's still going to be a lot of rain it's still going to be a lot of wind we still think there's going to be power outages we still think there's going to be trees down on and will be ready two. Not keep you informed give you information near that you need US open continues this weekend. In the big series. Monster energy drink or could not think of it saved my life they've only had 92 sponsors in the last four years so it it's hard to people but I still want to call the ones to tell. So I anyway on night bracing for a NASCAR starts at 730 tomorrow on me NBC a sports channel. Our college football you got some good early games tomorrow Louisville and North Carolina be able to see you went to North Carolina does and while the jazz are all basically starts tomorrow winched to see a man. I northwestern at duke cut tomorrow also a noon game Charlotte is that tech Kansas State that's a noon game. On an unknown fox sports southeast. I and then you get to Auburn at Clemson 7 o'clock tomorrow. South Carolina had Missouri. 7 o'clock tomorrow. Are we out. And Oklahoma. Travels up to Columbus. For a game with the Buckeyes a 730 tomorrow on ABC at the same time that Georgia's play Notre Dame so there's pretty good football games on tomorrow. I and then late game by 830 tomorrow night Stanford as southern cal this seems early for a pac twelve matchup like that. But nonetheless that's that your NFL calendar for Sunday. On television. The early game on CBS will be the Steelers of the browns. The early game on fox will be the falcons at the bearers. The Panthers play at 4 o'clock pregame starts here at 130 with Jim's Oki unknown news 1110993. WBT. So other Fox Broadcast on TV starts in about 4 o'clock to be able kick off in about till 430 for a Panthers at the 49ers. The injury reports came out today. Cam Newton is listed as questionable. I wouldn't read too much into that I don't to a believe Du'Shon hall and defensive tackle Kyle lover both going to play despite injuries new you know ankle. I've done that coal Luke the undrafted cornerback. Ankle and reserve linebacker Jared Norris are absolutely out for the game Vernon Butler is doubtful for the game. But. Curtis Samuel who didn't have a lot above playing time in the pre season duty injury. Is slated to play on offense and special teams on Sunday and Rivera's quoted in the paper saying we feel pretty confident as workload is what that we believe it should be. So Curtis Samuel should be at full strength Christian McCaffery should be at full strength and now. And hopefully the the Panthers will be at full strength for the first game of the year out there in no San Francisco. And now. Then you'll have the US open women's doubles final on now Sunday my afternoon 1 o'clock. And day US open men's final at 4 o'clock. I in the afternoon on no Sunday. And so why assume that means yes the US women's open final will be tomorrow. At till 4 o'clock so a pretty busy sports weekend pretty busy weekend in fact all the way around. I Charlotte have six with mark garrisons coming up next herself a good weekend and now remembered tunis and on Monday. Because whatever happened and whether or not we'll have the latest and will be there for you because. That's. What we do. Have a great weekend John Hancock Charles most beloved out of here.