Football, Hurricanes, and Charlotte History

Carolina Outdoors Podcast
Saturday, September 9th

The #outdoorguys are getting ready for some football! They'll also take a look at the disaster areas after recent hurricanes, and discover some of the signs of Charlotte's history.


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This Carolina outdoor Chile's brought Cuba the outdoors guys from Jesse breaths. Well good morning welcome liquor on out those valve are trading against its gonna be rainy weekend could get knocked up it would kind of speculate. Here I am I ever hear I don't know TJ Bob outdoor dad gave us the weather forecast over here. The fall preview for the rest of the workweek. For next week watch in the category five hurricane Irma. For the Carolinas. But today. It's going to be nice sunshine and upper seventies lows in the mid fifties well before we commit to that let's admit that were pre taping us. Yes. But mine today is the prediction. Hurricane arm. Tropical storm conditions possible mainly cloudy all of that sort of thing you've heard it here on news eleventh in WB tape before. Steady state city and there are more. Where that outdoor guy has Carolina outdoors on an acre of their bill RT ever hear it we're glad that you are joining mess as a week. Talk about all the things under the sun or. After the weekend. Under the clouds under the class how the word person got a gore torturing code ams are more deeper roots Obama thing that is my line right there at Jesse browns were to get where we hang our hat. Through the week. Before coming in here for some Carolina outdoor activity. We get all that sort of thing in many times people say. It's not bad weather it's just bad. Reindeer on work and all day Monday so come on Anna a stiff arm and get their metro station that well anyway we gooders as we're on the second floor in fifth. True so let Iran Iraq. That's the no late you re suggesting browns were located everyday in the South Park shopping district in the Sharon corners shopping center as Don says upstairs. High atop the scenic sharing corners shopping center parking lot. On you can access this via the stairwell. A war. Free elevator rides up and down to Jesse Brown to stop while biting get a Jesse Brown dot com. To see who we are that away and also. To join the podcasts of the Carolina now Dorsey can listen doll we're segments. To your interest level. Again we are glad Richard joined tenacity gives us an opportunity to talk about these sorts of things like the storms that are coming out and Don I'm course. If you. Seen any candidate any thing about storms in the news lately no arms and businessmen and a I've had my head in the slams who we are covered ever heard of that group. We've got ate at K okay Alley we've got all these storms all kind of coinciding it once first time in however many years but anyway gives us an opportunity to talk about. Preparation here on the Carolina outdoors later on we're gonna have Angel Brent join him. I'm seeing is the western North Carolina region director of the American Red Cross. So we're gonna find out what's going on as far as western North Carolina in the Red Cross meet people. Do everything from babysitting. Licenses to to blood drives that we don't know about but also. Tom advice on prepping for a storm. Like arm. You know one of the greatest devices for getting through a storm when you've got no power no electricity no nothing. Yours are an old barbecue grill. Load do tell us sir aghast barbecue grill you can boil water you can cook on either which you need to do but. Make sure it or leave it outside. Yes he had he had carry on about best bet because that's an important part of the other side of the tail. On 'cause there's dangers involved with as barbecue grill. Good news is it's not going to be cold so people won't be trying to heat their home to a barbecue girls and things like that but. A barbecue grill as a good disaster relief for advice especially the ones that. Or knock cooked through our natural gas lines and Clijsters and problems there but the ones they used those you know jugs of gas that you get blue rhino on all icon as. Right stock up on love stuff. Well I think that's part of it stocking up I went to one of our neighborhood grocery stores. Recently and guess what they were all sold out of bottled water. And it is all in preparation for. The upcoming storm. To whatever degree you know it is it is unpredictable to a degree meteorologist. And sets are trying to plan out may have been different planet grams for house storm will hit and where it will hit that essentially you'd never know till it happens. Well fill up the kiddie pool level gave your water and you come Boylan on your barbecue grill when you're got some spaghetti you can always cook that up and you know Osama. Pre made spaghetti sauce sugar I'm gonna start out today when I'm a big I don't know me and chain is pretender back in college pitcher Roman noodles out. I'm a huge fan of something that we sell it Jesse brown and it is a solar power lantern one of those little waterproof compress the ball. I'm solar powered lanterns that dole. And then you can use it when the sun is not out like at night that sort of thing you know and when you know power you just go to bed at dark well. That is the Decker who let them. Listen something that we did you know linked hand predicted is gonna happen is Sunday. Is that opening day of the Carolina. Panthers football season at all on the regular season we're going to be out in northern California. Who's the San Francisco 49ers are are. We're gonna bring Jim's Turkey. Of the Carolina panther broadcasting and of course we know him here on Charlotte's morning news Monday through Friday. Tom with both Thompson he's gonna give us kind of his prognostication. Of what the Carolina panthers' opening games in the looked like Woodward to have the powers out we can't locker TV. Well you have to get yourself on an island took on Brady. They Uga. There you guys have we're gonna find out gyms like he did make the Carolina Panthers football team this year were happy to say. In some of the best shape that he's ever been and we're gonna find out from his mapped to our ears. How about the upcoming season and lastly Don this is something that we have coming. That includes a man that I just mentioned. And everyone is invited all of our Carolina out or friends of listeners. Join suggested Brown's September 21 that's a Thursday night for. Storytellers night it Jesse Brown. Com here and neighbors adventure we get three great friends are gonna stand out they each have twenty minutes to see here. There are story. First off the bat is Mimi in me. Back Katherine Farley so accurately is signs of the times back Christopher line and lastly. Why about it talks about it Thompson all of them are gonna stand out in our gas one of our guest today. On the Carolina outdoors is Christopher asked law in an eight generation Charlotte's Neeon who's gonna share. A bit as bad version as this story is. His adventures through life three being a Charlotte Neeon. In his travels and such but also. His past has been lit by the neon lights of Charlotte and in fact he's gonna tell a bit about that signs of the times is in reference to. The science of Charlotte we're gonna have him on. Today's program to we cannot let us know how that passion of his developed. Now I'd use the word prognostication. A couple of times already hit in the introduction here. On the Carolina outdoors last week we were prepping for dove season. And it opened last Saturday. On. The word on the street that was kind of what she needed says that you had seen out there com on your properties in sag is. Light. Populations of birds flying and that's seems like. That has been its way although random the Carolinas to at least that does hunters that I spoke with. When I doctors said the same thing barbecue was good. The Clinton and that barbecue was dead and they didn't quite get their limit. Course on how the kid you always asked how many parents shot and sales it's to get your lament that thing anyway I don't Ackerman and limit shots I don't think we can play that game than any word lie. What dad is a man out is it just like this and the dogs are the hurricane was coming and I went north well you and to the south. And those you know I mean I certainly in Oakland we don't know. So anyway. Bass the word on the street some you'd have owners out there may be able to correct this may be had a fantastic opening day and it fantastic opening week. But if you did congratulations. To you on man. We're gonna take a break. And come back and continued we are the outdoor gas on news 1110. Nine Nina three WBT. Can also join us via podcast Jesse browns dot com or WBT dot com keyword Carolina outdoors he's done Jaeger on bill RT. Stay tuned for more after these words. Do you. With a. I don't Marjorie we might be the outdoor got the Sunday evening word column with an indoor sports. He's a veteran right. It hit five as the seasons change and they bring out the pigs in an NF boys take the field. It's fun to be down there on the sideline Don. The prize. Remember appear to have you not work goes her game goddess to an end at WBT on your battery powered radio waves and that's exactly where our introduction leads to next because. This man is one of the fabulous members of the Carolina panther broadcast payment. He will be on the airwaves and news eleventh in 1993 that you beat the 1 o'clock is the kick off says. This Sunday because the Panthers are about to take that northern California field Jim's Becky welcome. To the Carolina outdoors. They'll Donald supplies ideology. And. Teddy got to do it analysts and you don't know how excited we were when we went to see who made the team. And on the top of the list was Jim's Oki says congratulations. Or another successful training camp and for making the Carolina panther team. Appreciate day yet 43 years it's the battle out. A lot of competition luckily our position but it was able to what you. When Don mentioned the television ads in Turkey we didn't narrowed the talents you've had on their own run in that the play about play besides just doing the commentary because. On many of our Carolina panther folks listeners and viewers may not know a bit Q take the reins because Mick mix and the voice of the Carolina Panthers goes over to the television side during the pre season. How do you like doing that play by play. Podsquad especially the reality of the play by play and also a fact that. It's preceded and so we got to the games aren't quite as many or interstate and make them or just seeing meaningful you know the what about what it bought and joint work we Eugene and again really Abdullah met every year. Well it adds a whole bunch of new names and speaking of that can do you ever remember. A training camp like this not just emits an obvious but before training camp. We changed Jenny Jones right at the beginning. Tom we brought in veteran players Canada matched the 2015 season that successful season so with peppers in my honor line we cut some better players during training camp this year cat two kickers. In your view what does all that mean for our 2017 Panthers. But the decision like between. You betcha I think there were some leadership role that it is deep field this year bringing. Upper back in captain mandala the nickel spot. Mike Adams juvenile sports safeties in the league for fourteen years those guys. Solidify. What was that type younger deeper with a rookie quarterback last year I think you're seeing more recipe at deep at that bullet to do things. This season because they can trust the guys that every year and they're well. I'll let you know that adding Christian camp where he. And also current Samuels the two guys it top to some of the opera the battle of excitement and that they really needed so that apple. And my little a little and I think that preceded or. Should. And bring back Marty argument to GM it's just. You're trading what the other you've got a boat he would be open did really. Big parts of Portland yet to rule that each team so you know Marty big world now watch together and have a back. Seamless. If indeed they do a good season this year for the Panthers will take the interim tag off of Marty Ernie as a general man. Yeah I don't it would Marty is more personal decision. That team performs this sort of what the record is a bigger Super Bowl I think you know he got out. The business for a few years. And he's got back in the mindset that he voted for your time at this point a couple of months. Helped facilitate by the next general manager respect could be ready by themselves being about all I think it's Ehrlich got about. What Marty wanna do what she gets in this are you want to get to see that inequality likewise something he wants to keep your injury doing we we had great success lobbies. It is a Super Bowl 38 back the debate to. I think it's laudable Marty about the state like this so that Europe. How has that gone is being a GM of an NFL team. Kind of like riding a bicycle that he just all into it and start pedaling away or where there any bumps from your view. Tuesday job. I mean he obviously doesn't Wear a red card keystone were to Bank of America Stadium so you get right back to work and they want it. This first full day on the job beside the tree turn Pro Bowl guard to a new contract in particular some other business in the debate so. I think for Marty agency most likely in the back in that role been though it got to go about it. People relate to that organization does it not just one person that it. Marty sit down and deciding that Dietrich at Gloucester you're boring or pro and college scouts and personnel directors but it go to church so it really clever. One of the questions I think on everybody's mind is during pre season of course we didn't see much of Cam Newton. And were all wondering where we are with Cam Newton. A double play together Sunday because the Odyssey through two passes in the preceded that the body more hours game action NASCAR's. His conditioning either in great shape that lawsuit teeing grounds. He is Leo bit and are broadly. The nickel metal ware upscale home market all the playbook in the article that stuff so mentally to dispute. I think the question will be. That is he injured or sore but it'd be rusty you know that would at the timing with the receivers in live action game that matters or four quarters so I think that's sort of find out. I get support niners is the actor via target. And the saw went smoothly for four quarters so it is a player so. I would expect is going to be. But the unit along the way or the opposite the bout have a much pre season but in terms of result precinct literally shape. We got gyms are key here at WBT and Carolina Panthers broadcast Damon on the subject of candidate and that our pants. Do you have do you have play on how it will be different it's different for younger Cam Newton to now. Like a seven year veteran Cam Newton on how they work that op fans to keep him in the pocket you hear a lot of talk about the Pittsburgh. Steelers and how they handled Ben Roethlisberger. We brought in McCaffrey as you mentioned. Any ideas on how they may use cam differently than maybe in the past. Well I think that general what they want to of course keep deep. Anybody who labored in general they want to run the ball brought in. And every reason he would Jonathan Stewart want it all is that. Pretty much gonna close down the goal line. And inside they don't want it follows kids. Are hanging on the markets in and out the last moment right traditional running game you know I've formation thank. It got to the passing game has stepped it up and running when there option is there a short pass that I'd like to cap Reese Samuel Sheppard. And that that electing a terrible report card put them one which is currently the agent years but Tom Brady so you'll also probably list. Deep downfield throws him more short so what is good guys. Ordered speaking of deep downfield passes what about bird. Probably in beauty deal would target on Portland's. They need to have some guys that you'd pick up that slack in terms of deep threat that bigger bird can do that at present to do that these guys that. Run our ports you'll port 340 speeds so I think the combination of those two guys and replaced them that were out and did you know that saw princes of real pick it up. But they. He's Jim's Turkey. Carolina panther broadcast team Monday through Friday you can hear him right here on his eleventh in 993 WBT Charlotte's morning news. I ask you this because a year ago we talked to you about a quarterback Colin Colin peppard net. And we're still talking about that now one year later he's not on an NFL roster. Can tell us about the culture of the NFL we have a Colin tapper nick now. Tim Tebow who com is kind of a name from the past that had similar struggles of making an NFL team with a bunch of talent but not on our roster. What is it about the culture of the NFL and these guys make him attain. I think we're able particular Tebow capita in terms is Gilles. But it did at college like obviously keep vote for example what I'd shall be it property attack article but it decorate them out of college but. They aren't traditional quarterback that it is not racial stay in the pocket. Redraw the progression in the round today indeed economic quarterback there. You need Corbett got to change what you're doing polls topic way to that would be running quarterbacks the and it broke while on the line. And with jeopardy anti by the super accurate passers in the web. Kibo. Was pretty much taken Natalie just because of the inaccuracies. It high character guy jeopardy on the other hand it was a guy that does some people out as approach to do it up and in culture that has something to do would that why you're not in the league. I think most of it is you agreed that while quarterback. You really have a system that it's him predictability that that ever been accurate passer in the league. In the game in Italy so I think Japanese series. You know probably should be getting it from somebody at least in the back up maybe not a starting quarterback but that a combination of factors now with a quietly at the moment. Tim's psyche Carolina panther broadcast team also Charlotte's morning news here on Debian BT thank you so much for spending some time given us some wisdom. In a look at that upcoming kick off for the Panthers in the NFL this weekend. I don't know. It. Our egos were gonna go off to take a quick break for the news he's done Jaeger on bill RT we aren't dead yet BT's outward door guys on the Carolina output ports. I felt RT when you're in trouble we're gonna call. I'm goes well I'll bet that those Hillary and American Red Cross is here to help you out. Did you see Mac I applied I mean you wimps on I don't know and that's when I know the answer to. Ghost busters in our those sir he said that. Just to maybe that's all make believe I've tried but there's a lot of things happening in real life and that's where the American Red Cross comes into play and of course. On the we know a lot about that but we're gonna find out what happens. At a local Laver level. With so western North Carolina. Regional director she's gonna join us and find out what's happening here. Listen her cancer in the news other local emergencies happen. Find out how we prepare for these and then what happens is as far as response. From. The American red cross and we're gonna bring Angela broom on right now so the Carolina outdoors will welcome her. He's done Jaeger on bill Marti Angel thank you for joining the outdoor guys here on WDT. Thank you for having me. Well there's an elephant in the room right now and it has to do it is this great big hurricane. They may come our way may not we're gonna get something from it some kind of winds some kind of reins but nobody really knows. Angela what does the American Red Cross. I have to say about us preparing. For a storm like that. And the first thing you should do it for payers now. And your family. Because the person we expect or any you need expert and a few hours mean you'd get shelter in place probably. Like your told to evacuate. And you need to be prepared you need to make sure you have a gallon of water per person per day. Stayed for your am Ali. Self titled they'd get things better in can't patriot he can't protect you might not have power. That your dog Japan you can't I can't say and water toward and 38 that the supply that is treatment for right number if you need baby formula diapers Medicaid and all of that should be prepared. But while the senate does shunning. And plant they'd be put in place it he didn't actor acting right. Make sure that you have information like. Your driver's license and your phone numbers that you might holing get in touch with. Important documents. Take we are happy that we knew we neatly that. Thinking about Ewing you're really neat to prepay. Now you said some good things couldn't there about the apparent. With food for yourself and your animals of course I mean. I just keep seeing these pictures from from taxes of dogs and cats and horses and cattle. Apparently have been left behind. It's the same in the net it's weeping like that you would usually play and bring your hair just like you would firm. For the rest of your family right in making need to evacuate. Evacuate with it the victory packet which filter. Take take the dog can't we Q. We make arrangements and our shelters sport has to be cared for. The product like the court. But but but in the character helped stands burned into the shelter and we will make sure. With animal control and other agencies that the attacks are taking care of there as well. Well and if you have a large animals and an evacuation plan is even more land. You know the the new equestrian center at trial on has made offers for people in Florida to bring their horses are for example. And you know there's always people within that community that are willing to help but it's on year to get him in our trailer and get them. Exactly need to think about an implant male and don't wait until yeah that the storm hit it right immediately. Better to be safe than sorry right calling it as planned. We'd rather you have all the things imply can be radiant this year. You're an earlier animal out of harm's way and then that storm maybe not come your direction at least you to that and then that there precautions. Well I'm Harvey down there in Houston and in Louisiana Texas and Louisiana and then mayor Tom gives us kind of a window of neighbors helping neighbors people uniting. In a moment of strife to help each other but after that 72 hours. Happens where is the where where does the American Red Cross come and apply had to make some interplay. It. It and making an emergency response asked. The sir what will actually start before any we have under twenty our time trying that we start toward the hurricane ever get here 120 hours before him. We're starting to prepare were starting to make sure shelter locations are available. Here Charlotte. Twenty tractor trailers are loaded with blankets cots. Sub plot that will be needed to shelter people their day here again where it might be immediate. Delivery truck collided hater but it came have that it needed it well there's. There's pay their positions and as we watch the storm we're ready he's and that is right and to where they need to what I need to get it quickly I need to get an act. It here in North Carolina we've got the bank thing happening in South Carolina and Georgia dale that comic I'd spent more than two arms leaning our volunteers. Bernie at aberrant percent of the people respond to the actors for the Red Cross volunteers spent that are trained at a shelter at city. Mental health workers who volunteer nurses that give their hat to Wear calling upon and the day. Are you maybe you know king you be available following day and have so we're doing now the preparation. That. Winning yet it does come to western North Carolina we're going to be prepared we're gonna have days shelters are open for people to get it we're going to be allowed them to make sure that you pour it. And warm their say and actor that I am partners in help and that'll help support in the shelters. Afterward. One or on our. Say in there and at what Turkey party we have any means started the recovery effort strike up the that you have people living in shelters. It 13100. Red Cross volunteers am taking your side. Actually we start hand holding family as they start their long term recovery we have K workers that Palin I. Let's talk about next steps. And we rally that can mean during all the agencies together and we OK he's gonna provide clothing is emperor add series and Kirk. Archer and provide financial support we eat during all of that together and start. It giving him they a victim of the disaster directional what being 'cause they need there in shock they did when they blocked everything. And then you talked back to meeting rally really what happens in the term encountered disaster. We eat we deal in the air right on the first responders the rate costs but and it takes. Multiple agencies coming along side. We eat delivered. Not on a Baptist name cooked. We're we're partners I can name a list of and organizations that come along products in every community. To care for the community and help the community recover and then of course she hourly but that stepped up and I. Right what can do and we people. And long term they can get Red Cross trained. In Maine and shelter are. It debate it repeating. Are you and Shula. Armed armed and they had great volunteer that day I want hail pummeled train you put it to work right away it well you can get him. The rate cropped leather it. Luckily whether we we need to trying to get toward Columbia like hurricane Harvey and hopefully her trainer but we trying to get it. Well and that makes me wanna talk I need to reintroduce Angela brand is our gas C is the director of the western. North Carolina region of our American red cross and it's not it's easy to talk do you win these huge natural disasters are happening big storms are coming in and that sort of thing but also plane on a local level and on ours at Rotary Club of Charlotte meaning on Tuesday and tell us about we have an apartment fire here in Charlotte. In July. Tell us about using agents seizing clubs in Canada cross pollination that the American Red Cross they view helped do. For victims of that fire. She says that many disasters at the Red Cross street unstated but people and I think ultimately how. Somewhere at. At that point in Carolina we have about a net present 27. Week. Somewhere tonight across western North Carolina is going to be acting out. And volunteers will go out and work attacked mainly historical recovery. Again here are in Charlotte we had a day forty an apartment building. Can stack and what. Indian. At 230 people that were displaced and hand and were again and that we sheltered. And that. And again ninety. For a little. Great what to say that community camel shot that crisis at frontier in Charlotte came in and and and supported. On the Graham we had at different great comedian and helping. That breakfast lunch and dinner that that in part to recount but that just wanted to hail. And Gregory the great eight and there's forty children need back to school apply. And they rally right Melanie and we were able to get all forty C three children their school supplies. They're uniforms there winner candidate and they went back to school killing hole. And that's really important to the thing that Stanley Ken and I can have it back hold it replace him. Contract get back to work him back at school as quickly as possible. That may recovery. And that factor and that happens almost every day western North Carolina. And it's all because volunteers again overnight or ever workforce is volunteers who give of their time. To get take care of their neighbor down the street and it. If the people at the city each and everyday. In a short period here the importance of the latter course to the Red Cross. Beyond just disaster. Sure well the great crop supply and across the United States and forty per share of the nation's blood supply. So blunted some thinking meaning became being manufactured right after he had them rolling they are leaving allowed to take. And and acting is a tricky at every donation can help a qatari people that might be an annex it and fighting cancer or whatever the case may be and in terms that we are just getting out of here. Are blood supply critically because people travel kick her out of school people think about old gimmick at an appointment to give blood. That we need to keep blood supply available and you can imagine. When their lord of the actors like it bullet count it canceled. And I know it's important again that stock of Le I Opel. But let players and we have to keep replenishing stocks says at some point Guillen is truly against. And their enemy people at immediate and we need to make sure that and blood supply is always available. Let in you do so much more to tell us the way out of from CPR certification babysitting certification lifeguard certification all of that tell us the web site Angela brand regional director of our American Red Cross here. In western North Carolina. Red Cross dot org that are you need to remember that it did get it across dot org and get there and you can pan out how to get involved. Here how to make a blood donation how to make a financial Kia. All of those who wait to get involved operate crack it is your hair can bring crime and it. Wonderful people from the community helping others in need and we loved art and get involved with the. Thank you so much for join and us here on the Carolina outdoors and thank you for what you do Angela Graham American Red Cross Don and bill will be back after these messages. I drove our van neon sign. When he got to say about neon signs I think they're outdoors. Sometimes. A doctor inside. Our neon signs a thing of the past and floors I know. Over about it but I still make neon I believe they do I don't know for a pure dollars more. And I guess it's your writers and manufacturers. Probably Roland there does that waking up to the Carolina outdoors here on the is eleventh in 993 WBT. The voice of Don Yeager on the left side of your radio dial. Bill Bartz the on your rights that. We're glad to cheer waking up to the Carolina outdoors or maybe you're listening via podcast and you're wide awake in the middle of the day that is accessible at Jesse Brown dot com just head over to podcast where we have. All four segments of our weekly program available for your listening pleasure. Don the reason we're talking about knee on sciences because our next guest. Has a project a project and a passion. With neon signs he's an eight generation Charlotte the end users had adventures. All over the place and he's gonna share a ban on Thursday September 21. It's storytellers night at Jesse browns that's gonna kick off at 6 PM. Com here and neighbors adventure. 320 minutes stories one of which is signs of the times. Back Christopher S line. And he is our next guest right now Christopher welcome to the Carolina outdoors. Good Mara you look. At her well we're excited to have you we're really excited to learn about this passion. It's you have called this the LT science project dot com that's the web site but. Tell us your background in how he got into. The history and the passion of the neon signs of Charlotte. Well you know what started out as most things do mayors small and can't unintentional. I started out so low for color and desired and some local history but I also could partner. And it is about seven years ago. Summer of 2010. That I first started taking. Some of these pictures around Charlotte. You know places grown up with replaces. That I had earned my parents talk about. Being around when they were kids growing up shortly and such started taken pictures whether it was on digital or on film. And the one picture between two which came war. Which McCain and eventually a lot more. And they are on all of all of this aren't firm media arms science bright colorful campaign in terms. That are around our city you know many more Italy would realize. Well right now you're talking to a whole Lotta people who may be old Charlotte's eons and currently your blasting open down the eastern seaboard. The WBT's airwaves but she have a whole lot of new Charlotte's eons in Charlotte area people who are listening as well. Tell us some of the most famous. Charlotte's neon signs. Very true yet so there's probably I'd say two or curry. You Dick actually are known to outsource Charlotte. Sign that the better known one is downtown right smack dab downtown Charlotte. Amateur clips for our workers. Long and that's fascinating. About that silent. It is the businesses will no longer there so they are east of the floral shop on trial on straight. It's south Tryon street actually. And hit it close to many years ago still operates the holes that they'll. Floored. You shortly. But decided to. Still there to peaks goes public or work it still like. So every night into the city keeps maintained bright green and red and blue. And it is it's remained in position bankers and people or. Downtown or gallon passed it each morning each night and I'd say that's probably the pattern and aren't. And it's actually Charlotte's older aren't that dates from 1920. Not until it is chart older. Neon sign that we still have a buried. Wow I there's another one I don't know this is they are not I know it's not there now on I don't know it it went away. But that it was in between the 277 beltway. Is JFG. Signed at Charlotte was that. And neon sign and what happened to that. Well yes sir use email that second one it is. That's a beautiful. Blue and red in incandescent bulbs silence for the blue and Margaret are in the arm. And that was the power of science that was on a billboard. All of the fatigue set in some Lulu. For many years and it he went up in 1964. He came down in 2009. Indians who was are stored. By a local company and reappeared a couple of years after that. Over the music track treat it was a there beach volleyball. I can you know I can only imagine plants and beach volleyball. Nothing in the factory with a gloat shining down on net you know ninety Eli. Haven't hot cup of JF Duchovny lawyer Ali volleyball you have to that's not wedded to a bad lied sponsorship again we've got to JF gee did I earlier profit. Not argue and all signs are. Art and one of the things and amazes may as well pare down a sign. And put up a piece of quote unquote art. For example the queen's park tower sign that was on south boulevard for years to have really a landmark which tore down and put up. Some disk wheels what's up with left a. That is signs. It's at that he'll replace it. Interest in Spain is that are near term was saved by DH groups and when Manny. Or contract it talks artwork on the side. And it sort Charlotte which is now part of the natural museum of history. And say actually. And took applications. For individuals and organizations. You would preserve it straight Brooklyn Park. Sign and it is essentially. Would give them to a group called queen parks social. And they have earned a bowling alleys and kind of eatery. You know beer garden area across. From the original location late bill. In each hour and a small you know maybe thirty be I've but it. It's pretty good size and I put that sign back up there they're re. That it's street for a little bit of art for themselves. You can say or write everyday air rebelled queen's park is I guess right office south boulevard. In that brewing net district of Charlotte now August economists out span that's. The dark side of south and as it continues to grow as down south try on and south boulevard our guest Christopher line. He's going to be aired Jesse browns for the storytellers. Night Thursday September 21 6 PM is start time. Come here and neighbors adventure his story signs of the times. We're looking forward to that it's open to the public free of charge so people can come on in we'll have the three storytellers there for questions and answers. Christopher you've gat a website it has a 120. Photographs of these these signs the website let me give it out is CLT signs. Project dot com. People can gather there they can also economy Cuba's sad story tellers at Jesse browns. You're going to be at festival in the park later on in September. On signing a new book its upcoming. I will I will be excited or Adam. It's it's that the curtain current strike now so it's. Hopefully you're old enough as we speak but it it'll be full color it will be coffee table style book. And you're really challenged shared that they history in your area that we don't have with. Newcomers who hasn't made it polite. His name's. Christopher line Christopher thank you so much for joining us here on the Carolina outdoors also gyms are key of the Carolina Panthers broadcast team. Thank you for joining us as well as Angela Brian a regional director of the American Red Cross.