Forbidden Cancer Cures

Ask Dr. Ernst
Saturday, October 7th

The cure for cancer has already been found, find out more this week with Dr. Ernst.


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The asked doctor Cho as priests and live like doctor Aaron hurts a board certified chiropractic physician specializing in spinal correction nutritional coaching and cellular detoxification. And as for informational purposes only it is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice diagnosis or treatment seeking qualified healthcare professional before changing your health program or embarking on any one visit as doctor Ernst dot com for more information. It's time to transform yourself. Which one of the nation's leading men growing authorities in total health. Over the next hour and learn from experts on how to revolutionize the health of those you love most. Doctor. Future hosts. Doctor ere in here it's. All. What a great day thank you for joining us. Yes Terence O'Hara amusement. 993 to BET. Eight it's our path instead defeat these data rate be it free market health problems when you activate your head now. It's not earners and again where about inspiration code team guy needs to be like your full health potential. You know I know we've been now off the air because of all the preemption as of late so it just feels really good to come back on air. And die yet slightly different time for us so good morning and 6 AM errors are you guys loved my beloved here as it is today. And there's a high chance you're probably watching this as a rebroadcast live at 3 o'clock organ deed that. And maybe your off to join in on our podcaster ITN's welcome welcome welcome guys at the October. It's national cancer awareness month. And were talking about cancer and more specifically. About the fact that I am. Is it going to rake your mind. If I say that the is that highly controversial so topic of the information and sincerity today's been kept secret. From the EU by the government mainstream medicine and mainstream media. Pharmaceutical industry and even the cancer industry and you probably already know what I'm going to be talking about. Beak highs the cure for cancer his accident found several times and back over and over and over again. And the ultimate question today. Is hey did you note that the you know the cure for cancer has been around and be. You know why is it then at some people still struggle with cancer if we found the cure for cancer and I think you already know be cancer. It's because cancer need massive industry. You know in fact I I've pulled some stats just because you know for me out like these now these pistons in the line. Last year the cancer industry generated a whopping 130. Billion dollars billion a 130 billion which is an income pre and the bull. In conceivable. Number. You know it's not even just a billion. Were noteworthy. And now I mean your reference what do you pretend you're taken a dollar bill. And you stack another dollar bill on top of that and you stack and other other other currently have a billion. One dollar bills you ready for this that stack is 67 miles tall. They'll 130. Billion to 8710. Miles a stack. One dollar bills back in Spain here's another reference. It is only about 101000. Mile drive from the East Coast of the west with the United States to do that trip four times over again with dollar bills. Stacked next meet together. Holy cow that's a lot of money 130 billion. So do you think that this once the poof disappear. So of course you know unfortunately. I get a little excited behind it because you too. My friends my listeners aren't the answer for cancer you ridicule or when you understand what is. You can take responsibility where Al backed you should. And your called that. And secondly. In order you to know that cures for cancer you have to understand what cancer is and what clawed its though again I realize that I have been on the air for quite some time but. Every week I've been pushed up podcast. We've been launching FaceBook lives so I am Laurie you. Go to the aspect turns pace but aid which is FaceBook dot com might ask doctor Ernst AS KD RER and asked the and watched this Oprah last week it was one is cancer. And it's not what you think it is. It is not a disease it's not a diagnosed is that the industry. Cancer actually is something that occurs every human being in all of us that cancer and all of us cure cancer on databases because our bodies. How the will do that for you. And so. Now today though. Really discuss with you were literally reached into the bag were given empty for three d.s aren't the top. Natural cancer cures these all have been expelled from the United States the chances of you be able to receive this their peak in the US is slammed the row. But it doesn't mean you can't activate what these people do what the heat right now for yourself. As long as your your own doctor and the FDA can't the map is knowing you're going after its yourself. You can become the can't secure. And so be cures for cancer and now it's gotten today and it was all throughout the show today and give free tickets away I am posting here in Charlotte. Something that I'm term in the Charlotte cancer summit. Is on Saturday October 14. It's 11 AM in the morning Saturday about what about a week from today right so week from now. And it bit. The tickets are normally if not dollars I brought 25 of them I am curious if that day I think it all went by and wait for pre. You're gonna get general access you'll get a copy of the cancer summits. You'll did you know all of me you're also going to do it what we call cancer ebooks it has all may know what it is. Highlights of all the various cancer. Cures have been found and author of them great help me where you. So how are we gonna do that came well in it at every commercial break and out a phone number you can call and phone number goes directly to my ticket line. And I've been manager Tom will indeed take it in that simple and so we have an open just a quick minute or two. Now that today's topic ready to care packet has been found what is it. And Huckabee never heard about it and down in all honesty let me be totally transparent view. It's cures. For cancer there are multiple people that are out. The last century or so who have found various things that have high success rate. And for years they actually practice it. Now this is unity back as early eighteen hundreds but there were several doctors and several cancer clinic in the United States. And had Matt's success story. But the reason you heard this because of the votes well I'm term it's just me. The medical mafia it is the combination between the cancer industry. And or what I would stay. The American medical society banding together between pharmaceutical. Beat cancer industry the American medical if and the government to come up with what we term readiness the Big Three on the ball. That three treatments that are the old ones available for you if you answer which is. It there you radiation and surgeries at the break those guys apart and talk about what's dangerous about them. And it acts if there are alternatives like what could you do instead of you know actually has a better success rate did you guys know Cuba at about 10% success. 90% earlier what do Portuguese in its 5060 MD 80% success rate does that hurt your ears. Do you currently have Ansar youth and that's dealing with this. If so here's the call line for the three tickets up for nine years 694. That's 7049. Instincts as a nine points yes doctorates we've got a quick break will be right back. I thought activists and gas sector so apparently has led three giving me the what a great day thank you for joining us we have incredible help topic. Discussing cancer. The therapies currents in medicine and the alternative ones and realist to know about what it is juicy ones right given the ones that blacks that work. The were discussing that today we're talking about the generalized topic. That the cure for cancer has been down multiple times yet most of us never heard of it because it's big business to AA. The Indy field of medicine and cancer and B and fortunately. Cancer patients are a big cash cow for now are two companies featured companies and doctors and medicine. 130. Billion last year. If you're just tuning in. We talked about how he took basically 130000000001. Dollar bills stack them end on end at 8710. Miles stack of money. Would go between here in the West Coast four times he's got the way it goes back and forth and back forty per roundtrip. That's a lot of money guys. And down the Big Three today exist for one specific reason we're going to be discussing now why is Cuba our round Brady's surgery why that was the only three talk ever talks about anything else. We're going to be talking about the various carriers have been found and Alter showed they like we tested every last commercial break. We give seven tickets it it's pretty good for one commercial. But my goal is up 2.5 so it's free admission to the Charlotte. Cancer summit that I am hosting. At the Holiday Inn express here in Charlotte on Saturday September 14 if your eighteen to get those tickets are free. We'll stick around next thirteen minutes or so we have a commercial break coming up and on an open those lines again during that hour. So maybe or somebody who is currently diagnosed with cancer maybe somebody who has a family member who had cancer. Maybe your health and whose is too doesn't ever want to get cancer or maybe Taylor you're listening to this after the fact because either I've sent its use and makes you listen to this. Or because your search team around looking for natural cancer cures. My name's doctor mariners tenure joining us today on the gas doctored so disgusting hate this and cure for cancer has been found let's go deep into this. And let's talk about the traditional cancer therapies and what's so dangerous about that because I'm sure. If you have to sit inside your head you'll probably agree with me that you would never wanted to. A therapy that actually causes the same condition. They are trying to get rid of and dust that's why it's human radiation do. With candidate to study published by the journal of natural medicine in 2012. Is relatively new. Found nickname that therapy affects the types of cells responsible for connective tissue around cancer called fiberglass. This study found that the DNA within these cells become damaged with chemotherapy. And they produces Pacific pro team. Google this have you on WNT. Sixteen beat you can tell this is scientific study as who in their right mind would come up with a name for pro team. Other than scientists that they Debbie NT sixteen B let's call it that. But in fact that pro team when president. Initiates. Cells that are normal to become cancerous grow invade surrounding tissue and thus become chemotherapy resistant holy cow. The very therapy or receiving to try to get rid of cancer makes another cancer grow. And that's crazy radiation has been long known to also cause cancer. Eddie's particularly strange to me when you think it is because the incidence of people who work in a highly radioactive. Areas like nuclear clinics or submarines tailors back in the eighties and nineties will ease the use nuclear. Powered submarine things like that three now I'll the bombing of Japan Lucas in the all the sort what are the long term effects. Cancer and yet we're gonna go organic UV radiation help you with your cancer now they stand. A tank you're gonna be told stuff like if load out or for example the idea that you would use radiation and he detects the presence of cancer. And therefore use it to treat cancer. You know like mammograms as example. I hope that I am now I'm OK with the guys here are me sharing this with you guys. Mammograms are a form of radiation that have done annually Europe here year backs have been shown to cause breast cancer the very thing we used to look for it causes it. And you don't believe me just look up the Ed dose scene of an average mammogram it is point four mil seabirds. That says the management of radiation. By the way that's 400 times more exposed radiation and if you year arm or your leg or something X Rayed so 400. Times more radiation to get a mammogram. And mammograms alone have a 50% false positive rate what does that mean that means that you don't have cancer. And get a mammogram at 50% chance they're gonna say what you have cancer. So the false positive hi it's radiation therapy if done annually they've done studies and it says it can cause cancer. And also when you get radiation there PD also civic and create cancer so two of the three big. Standards of care than medical therapies for cancer caused the disease in the first place that seems little strange to me doesn't surgery in and of itself may not cause cancer. But the risks and side effects of surgery. Art you know outweighing the fact that you potentially wanting to have surgery in the first place. There is the risk of death because of some sort of medical mistake taking place or over it and that's the ties eccentric there's the risk for infection which can lead to death. There's also the risk that other things can happen during surgery causing organ failure and other regions the surgery is not just as all of a sudden safe thing to have. And imports make of the cancer surgeries and never the cure it's always the downstream effectively to become so big. It's invading other areas we try to cut it out not to get rid of the cancer but the decrease the loads then maybe that radiation chemo will do the rest of the job. Nothing against this I'm not against cancer chemo radiation surgery but I'm against the fact that you're not being told the truth that they have low success rates. That they never really cured the disease and that down because of the combinations of the medical mafia that's why they exist. What I mean by this okay. Your likelihood of being told to receive anything other than Q ovaries to surgery if you ever have to deal with cancer is extremely nonexistent because that's standard. A care. Wind this becomes standard of care well it dates back to the 19100 and yes for gonna go old school on you can you do need to know your history to understand why things happen. Kids are you've heard of a German named John. I mean right in that as well one of the wealthiest industrialists back in a twist entry it's a speed before it became wealthy to be at tech wealth writes no. He didn't have billions overnight in the FaceBook or. Apple or I'd be hammered like that like those guys did this guy just with wealthy for a fact because of steel. In other industries in the United States the nineteenth century. Let's and he was so rich in one of the richest man in the planet the actually gave the US government alone because it will the government was not suffering and just like it is now. Anyway. What he did was he owned the oil. Steel and chemical pharmaceutical companies of the time in 1910. He actually purchased a German drug company called ID Robyn FAA RP and are bent. And Rockefeller being a brilliant businessmen said listen if we can make a ton of money off these medications these new things that are coming up at number nineteen hundreds not a lot of medications back and but them penicillin thirty discovered other medications you'd never. And Rockefeller said as a business than a week can make a ton of money but there's a problem there is a challenge. In 19100 it was not common for you to go to a doctor. And receive a pharmaceutical drug. You would receive some other therapy herbal or you know magnetic or whatever acupuncture except her. So Rockefeller said we need to do something about this we need to basically say if you're gonna go to a medical doctor. We need to standardize what the therapy will be because of too many other therapies out there so he hired a gentleman named Abraham. Blacks there and you may know his name it Bjork. Health enthusiast he's a gentleman came up with something called the flex their report if you've never heard of this before. Some fun Saturday reading is to Google Abraham blacks there. And the black's new report and just start reading what you're gonna see is he was a famous educator. Who was hired by Rockefeller to tour the country go to every single school that talk anything they had to do with health. And asked the question would you like money. A case that most people would say yes and he with stable if you want Rockefeller to pay your schooling her with a man money then you must adhere to its guideline. Heats the fact that medication is the answer for health. Heats doctors to prescribe and diagnose and treat with medication. And dies if you do that and agreed that we will give you and without money and if you do Europe medical school if you don't your quacks school you want these alternative schools. So in doing this the flex their report standardized medicine it became the standard of care. For prescriptions. And surgeries etc. now more than a hundred years ago standard of care. Has become a known fact the leaving example. You go to doctor you have high fever you have a scratchy throat it's the red they swap it they'd find out yet strapped to him Carrey's antibiotic he would do in the south are now because it's the standard of care. With it's. With cancer for example you diagnose that cancer the standard of care is chemotherapy radiation and or surgery all of the above or one or the other. Typically we start with you know and that doesn't work we had radiation when that does work we had surgery and it doesn't work there's nothing left they'll say nothing can be done yet. Have you heard the fact that cancers. Have been cured multiple times over by doing alternative therapies. Let me give you the first of many in our show today alternative can't secures him without one Gerson therapy. Where are you going worth looking up Max Gerson with the German born doctor medical Doctor Who actually immigrated to the United States and worked here. After World War II. During World War II he realized that when someone within a lot of pain had a fever whatever and they were running shy of any medications that they had. He discovered a cave they think you just quickly give a soldier a coffee and a a lot of their pain diminishes and they start to improve faster than if you didn't of course. You know when your in wartime he'll do anything and everything to get better. So as he started studying this he realized that something unique happens when you give someone a coffee and and what is the coffee and Emma. It's instead of slowing coffee here now and enjoy the taste of it if it's doing it from an it perspective which you might scratch your head now as they got insane evidently never do that. But it has been well documented a coffee animus where the introduction of organic clean coffee into the colon. Actually engages the natural detoxification process helps to clean out your liver flush toxins and guess what one of the number one causes of cancer as. Toxicity. Accumulation. So even in the 191950s. Gersten suggested. A daily and or multiple times a day coffee animate if he had cancer. Ace direct organic vegetarian diet. And drinking vegetable juices sometimes in large quantities even up to the nature of five to ten to fifteen pounds of vegetables to use daily. Now to share this with you because it's a unique. This guy was a medical doctor was known for meticulous record keeping and he was also a top notch research scientist. We didn't just likes to come up with this and say let's do this to see what happens I mean he was document in case after case after case. He had his high is a 50% cure rate or success rate with state opt to state for cancer page 50%. The F 50% chance that you went to garrison in the forties or fifties your cancer just disappeared now was he curing cancer now he was helping human body. To eliminate the source of the cancer and embodied in turn itself but. Because people went to him with cancer at left without. The US government started to investigate as you can imagine they said you know I think you know it to reach ninety surgery you know standard of care. We're going to not allow you to do this if you're gonna take care of cancer at Agnes stated your cancer doctor you must be chemo radiation surgery you're not sort of put your license. You do everything pepper thank you for doing this. And now Gerson therapy has become a thing of the past unless you know to go to Mexico where they're still Dickerson panicking getting. Illicit realize that community asked that a lot of information. There's no way that he says can he be everything you need that's why right now I'm opening my call line so that you. Your friends of Sammy loved ones can join me on October 14 which is Saturday next week. It's my cancer summit here in Charlotte 11 AM. In Charlotte at the holiday and express would you like to join us at no cost seven afford 9062094. That's 7049 or six user 94 its gas our parents show will be right back. Welcome back Hillis and gas sector so here on his left hand thanks freedom EDT if the seller Condit said this season dead every beat that read my health problems I mean host doctor Aaron or Stan thank you again pertain to this morning. And today what a great day we are discussing. The natural cures for cancer that have been found. Been kept secret for. Praise. Or you know just people coming after me the haters of the world like how can you share this and now what kind of doctor are you I'm not I'm about hope. And brought inspire that such thing I liked inspire hope in people's lives. On a chiropractor a consummate boxer a sell your hand specialist I do things the people to. Open their minds and help the to see the you'd do you have the potential to heal yourself. Eight if you know what needs to be done. Beat if you get the right tests done and see if you take action. There is nothing on this earth that your body. Cannot do in regards to your health your healing it's actually David status now knows that they can't be done that you can't put your mind to. And so with that let's continue our conversation by the way I during the last break Wu we almost take guys is only six tickets left. And what I'm doing is I'm giving away tickets to my cancer summit here next Saturday in Charlotte. It is October 14 11 AM so I'm just gonna throw it out right now just in case because we are quite a lot of calls coming in which makes me wonder if the lines were busy. But 7049062094. That's seven afford 9062094. That the call line. To get tickets eccentric and give us that you watch on FaceBook live because we do stream itself. What you can do is of course just messages that we if you would like let them love love love the fact it. We have people going illicit I would have never left break a calling up myself but haven't been remembered just beat they diagnosed with a beat it's more based on this love that. Lob that. So that's you'd do it if you just recently got diagnosed with cancer or listen if you're somebody who's like man I've seen the misery of that I have been infected with family of lost a loved one. Idle and let that ever happened to me. Then once called the number and join us that a foreign nine meters six feet 094. To be discussed Gerson and how back in the forties and fifties he panic here with up to 50% success rates. And his method was. Detoxification and organic vegetables mostly foods that were green. Pete and collar and kale carrots eccentric and juice in them too large quantities while performing somewhat daily coffee animus. That's I received such great success rates that and fortunately he was disbanded in disbarred his license was taken away from him. He was investigated for medical malpractice. He was also. Expelled from the United States and if you want Gerson therapy today you can still get it. You just have to travel down to a small place called Tijuana Mexico just south. The United States on the California border and debit cursing clinic exists today Charlotte Gerson Max person's daughter is still running it. Two day and that there is no way in the United States you can receive that there repeat and he'd do it yourself or you travel abroad. Down to Mexico and receive it. The next insecure is that back in the early 1920s there was a nurse her name is Renee Kathy eight. She actually observed in a cancer ward. A woman who had cancer that survive which was extremely rare. And actually started interviewing this woman and I found out that the the cancer survivor was Dayton native American. Descendants of he had native American blood inner history. And at one of the native American and Indian and a call them you know doctors and Indian doctor. I came to this woman and was giving her this special he while she was receiving her chemo radiation surgery ticker. And down. The instituting lies she drank this tea every day as he survived and Renee put two and two together. Well no one else has survived you're the only ones that there must be something about this he says he started investigating. And discovered that there were four key ingredients to this heat. And you can Google her name ray nay cast CAC AI SE. Or you can look up with now known as ST act TES as I AC which by the way is her last name spelled backwards. So ES SI AC. Were cast yet. I so basically these four key ingredients again are extremely powerful is being too toxic fires with in the liver. So here's what happened. Renee cast BA saw this woman survive. Cancer drinking misty. And then ray and days hit and became diagnosed with liver cancer as so she begged. Indian you know doctor to say. Can give me some of this T he did she drank it and she lived for 21 years without having to have the deals of the cancers that she survive through her cancer. Sellout what happened was he started secretly slipping this key into the various cancer patients in this set clinic she's working at. And they sort of game really good results were talking Mike or even the medical doctors scratch and had some of the doctors started noticing. That's you know that their patients that were under. This nurse's care we're having better results that they started investigating why is this one clinic getting such great results are amazing. And that was the tea eased during this he every day. And so years years of research going to and finally what happened was. She decided to leave that the cancer ward. And open up her own office and so she called it the Renee Kathy cancer clinic. It it would it ran for eight solid years 1934 to 1942 and she treated according to you know what you find in line. Thousands of patients thousands. It got to the point in the 1938. 1940s where the government started looking into this because again if you have high cancer success rates are going to be investigated. Says the Canadian government in this clinic was in Canada. Started to investigate her. And Saddam wanted to set the clinic down. He had 55000. Signed patients 55 that's a lot guys in just eight years. 55000 patients signed petitions they know leave this open it's working it's helpful. Tom then the FDA the American organizations got involved started investigating instead listen I can't do. Eight you're not a doctor your nurse beat you're treating cancer without using chemo radiation surgery. And so we're gonna set to count. And it's very it's if you read that research on this. He said Melissa if you're gonna set me down can you at least you this need to take my recipe and share it with the cancer. Doctors can you do this can you give it to them and they said down now. And seasonable will you buy it from mesa then you can make money off of it and they said yes will bite from new but we're buying and it's that it weakens silence that animal never share with anyone. And dams he decided in her ripe old age to never felt the technique never sell the recipe as he passed on to some of her friends which by the way now I mean guys as years ago. The recipe is known to Google S yet heat for specific herbs we're gonna go over them in detail. And my cancer clinic because there's a special way to make you can't just go get these four herbs. Real IT and drink it I think it's gonna work yet to make it Pincher. Which is little complicated it's really simple to do yet to basically soak these herbs for a long period of time. Using the vs about all extract them. Make it he out of it could ago the would you like to learn. Gerson therapy would you like the iron past the eight FXT has not giving all of them away there's hundreds of them. And my cancer summit. And it gets you and you'd like to come for free it's real simple pick up the phone right now 7UP four. 9062094704906209. Ford doing that gets you free admission to the Charlotte cancer summit. Here in I actually next Saturday 11 AM at the polity and and sweets we get to a quick break we'll be right back. All right look immaculate and gas sector itself what a great day today thanks for joining us today and because doctor Eric. Were discussed in a controversial secret topic who knows maybe a set us down and they haven't done yet on the cures for cancer. And now I'm exposing them and therapies have been discovered is as early as of that. Late eighteen hundreds early and it renders the accident found to be highly highly successful and the pinch hitting today is that he just union. The aids cancer therapies are still available but yet the out of the United States to get him as very intriguing to me. Why almost every other country on the planet of thousand natural cancer therapies to be done yet in the United States we do not. And as we got idiots it's partly because it is 830 billion dollar industry to take away the main. A call it customer. These hundred money. And that you might think to yourself how cruel mean Huckabee did that mean cancer is something don't ever have to go through I've seen this happen at Q Martina happily. Reese and I've seen people die with surgery it's turnover yet that's not what you need to do. And now we talked about Gerson therapy we talked about the F the act heat there these. Renowned I shift gears into probably the most famous cancer scandals known. The United States. It is the hot seat method in the hot seat formula. Back in the forties and fifties doctor Harry oxy was being natural path it doctor. Any wealthy businessman that he was able to really fight. All of the am the misery they came along with him finding a cure for cancer technically he didn't find accurate these great grandfather who was veterinarian. Found the cure for cancer and here's how this story goes. This bet doctor oxy had a horse that was diagnosed with cancer. And because it was a horse and he tried everything is that will listen to gonna kill this animal would let him roam free in this pastor that we have in tax. And so they let this cancer of course three and now lo and behold. They find it several months or years later and now it doesn't have cancer. And I'd been hacked and mark and you look of course that's why. And they said that when that's fascinating. We let the horse go it had cancer came back you don't have cancer what are what happened and they started watching the horse was specifically eating in the past here. Certain flowers in certain weeds that were natively growing area and wouldn't eat anything grass that would go straight but he flower street these herbs. As net and with this on it there was an innate power driving this horse's decisions what to eat. And I am a firm believer that there's an innate wisdom for help. And if you can acquire your mind in quite your soul you actually listening your body would tell you exactly but did you. We Steve it's right when you're sick what happens do you keep it like eating no you feel like sleeping in asking why athlete and athletes and it bound to boost immune to help heal. The debate with this horse and the brilliance of this that's an area defeated Thursday hated the unique. They started testing stuff so what they did that's now Meisner human. They would give other cancer animals these flowers and weed and herbs and hope nobody in the Kansas are now so they start coming up with this formula. To create a cancer therapy now this. Businessman Harry Cox he was an actor Patrick doctor and he said you know I wonder what would happen if we are given its formula. To humans and adults and kids that cancer and yet so much money that he basically. It is practically for free. Set up multiple clinics all throughout taxes had some of the largest natural cancer clinics in existence in the United States with high success rate. Between that works so well the people began flocking to the toxic thanks to be cured from cancer from all over the days it's all over the world. And alternately it became the largest natural cancer clinic in the United States it was in Dallas Texas. He tried to get is formula patented. And actually started wanting to convince the American medical that he said it was legitimate. And the American association for Madison actually offered to buy the formula from him just like they offered to buy it from Kathy yank. But now oxy said why I don't want to just sell its view I want you to approve it. And to set up more cancer clinics and in fact he'd like I am wealthy. The guy who was a oil tycoon and his dad or other struck at rates with oil they were wealthy beyond there in the degree. And he wanted to yes it let's do it but laughter let's cure cancer and making important that the so the American Medical Association as they view in the FDA everybody else hired someone that more is this spine. You actually go around and at this credit days since it became a PR war it got to the point where oxy withstood multiple times after basically. Draining his independent wealth on trying to fight this. He said you know after some 1015 years decades of doing it he's like you know what. Rather than fighting in the United States that they are never going to allow this to be known. He left when across town south of San Diego Mexico. In Tijuana which is where the earth including kidney setup what is now known as it is the bio medical clinic. Hockey about medical clinic and I am un arms that I have to tell you this but it's still exists today. They're still getting incredible success but you've probably never heard of it. But if you'd you'd history you be accurate the guy with a brilliant business and he was probably the only one that got as far as anybody ever. We sign up multiple cancer clinic having great successes and fighting for the longest time. To try to make this thing now and again squash and out again. Another famous position in The Who did the same thing is doctors and it's wild present key and Albert in ruzedzki. Obviously from Poland a biochemist and positions that 35 years coming up with a cancer there the that he does performs on the US but he is under massive at the investigation. His clinic is in Texas it's known as brood bruised and eat there. He discovered that specifically with brain cancers. There's a certain peptide in the brain. And down he came up with this treatment that he called the anti neo plastic because when he outlets of the called neo plastic. And if you have a lot of prank at street and have a lot of new classes. So that Antonio class then. Tom is that the therapy that can be provided it goes after and destroys this peptide turning off the cancer causing gene. Very very decent success rate he got opted about a point five to 30% success rate which by the way make sound like pretty low but considering chemotherapy and radiating cancer have about a 2% success rate he was doing quite well. Throughout the eighties he was repeatedly investigated and brought to detect the sport medical Examiner's. For violations. In standard of care in this guy's a medical doctor. Not using humor because it didn't work and you think of the now it's getting good success rate and the American medical 53 go after the FDA even thirty go after him. But finally because of again multiple petitions and people saying no no this does work. Even trials going after the FDA did approve his there are people with this. In 9095. Even with FDA approved yet he took him. The trial and persecuted him but they weren't able to do it partly because again he had so many petitions of patients seen it work. I had cancer I don't have cancer it worked I don't. And the government began filing patents for his they're so the only way they can attack him with the stable actually we own the antennae a plus in therapy. That they did a few of Lebanon's successful copycat. So basically negative he'd found a cure that works. The government that will we can't put you down because your medical doctor and you know we have so many people understand it works the ball will do as well will. Own your patent for your drug. And by us on needed we will then be able to say who can do it. And not in history this is one of the cleaners in its infancy of a positive cancer treatment working being suppressed in nine states. The US government yet the in the tech export medical Examiner's peppers per am. On afterward as you so much over the last thirty years he's been fighting and fighting and fighting him. They allow it they don't allow they allowed they don't isn't it strange. That they would steal patients from him. To say why don't you let us use it will patented will do it rather than just stand less than go to hybrids and he clinic and you get the treatment. And eating it therapy for brain cancer now the unique thing about his there is it only is successful in brain cancer so if you have a different type of cancer like. Pancreatic repressed Europe variant whenever. The anti new pots and they're not work for you. And the most famous cancer cures we sort of finish the show up in this and there are more I can keep going which is what we're going to do it the cancer summit coming up. Let them back in 1930s a German scientist his name with a hotel Hinrich Warburg. Obviously not an American but he side German scientist who won the Nobel Prize and 1930s for discovering. The cause of cancer. And now here's what's unique you find the cause for cancer used the united skip for the cure for cancer can what you find causes that you can remove the cause. And not allow for the cure. He discovered every Seles out of your body specifically your mitochondria require oxygen in order to perform a function. And if you'd just pull out your basic biology 101 book. There is a mechanism. Called cellular respiration. Cells need oxygen is just like you need oxygen and live and when you'd deprived. A cell of oxygen. And you turn into anaerobic respiration that it aerobic. You'd switch and start use glucose as the primary source of energy but it's not just the normal form of sugar if they permit did that this year. So cancer cells do this they take thicker and it permits it they take the fermentation process in the unique energy without the use of oxygen. Very very unique to what he discovered is that when a cell is doing now at its cancer and at what causes that to happen is the depletion of oxygen. In fact his study showed it to deplete a cell oxygen. By 35%. Up the 48 hours on this which takes place in the the normal now is now cancer cell. And thus if you restored oxygen. 200% or anything above 35% reduction it switches back and it's no longer a cancer cell. He won the Nobel Prize for this finding back in 1930s. In fact it wasn't till 2005. They studies started to confirm that he was right. And at the Warburg hypothesis actually is true. Nevertheless here's the thing. Are you being told about oxygen therapy I mean think about it how simple is it increased the oxidation process that your body you could breathe oxygen. You know directly increase the and you can start creature oxygen therapy his famous quote is this cancer above all other diseases as countless secondary cause. But even for cancer there is the primary cause. Summarized in a few words the primary causes the replacement. Of the restoration of oxygen. By and normal body cell. Into the apartment he sugar in quote that him. So what's the cause of cancer the lack of oxygen. Causing respiration to switched to an aerobics source with fermented sugar as the primary energy driver. And it's now that's cancers what does this mean it means the Portuguese eat the more like the artistic cancer in the cancer it also means that you deprive yourself the oxygen. You get cancer so his they're happy as crazy as it sounds. Why's it increased oxygen and put baking that in your water increased its absorption into creating an environment. Of boom. And I think even start Google in his you'll feed our. Would be caught by carbon cancer cures on the Internet today guys we have run out of time pressure today but that doesn't mean you still can't decree information. Next Saturday October 14 and hosting needs are the cancer summit. If you'd like the last chance to get free tickets through this is it this is dead last show before the fourteenth 7049062094. At 7049062094. Normally play five dollars you were three and they don't forget. All month we're hot we're talking about cancer not as next week to keep doing and each week here and he VT thanks so much for joining us on the fourth inning guys. Every week.