David Chadwick
Sunday, August 12th
Jason Romano, former ESPN producer and now Author/Podcaster  joins David to discuss forgiveness.

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Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick in this is news talk a living in 99 point three WBT welcome to show. In case you don't know this is a faith and values showed the tries to intersect faith and values with different issues in our culture locally and globally it's always a pleasure having you listeners join me now. Almost eighteen years we've been doing this together and I certainly appreciate all of you who join me on a weekly basis Walter they have got to shore have been looking for two for some time. My guest is Jason Romano who used to be a senior producer with ESPN radio. I he is now the one who oversees sports spectrum which is an interview radio process. Podcast which interviews. Great athletes and other people throughout the nation to help them understand their own faith perspective in light of what's going on in cultures so. Jason written a book called live to forgive that will look at. During this segment we will talk about his relationship with his father that was very painful that he had to learn how to forgive him foursome. Pain he inflicted upon him but mostly we're just thrilled adjacent join us today to talk about his wife and his present ministry Jason thanks for joining me. David thank you. BO here. What Jason let's talk about Europe past we all are what's made you who you war begin with your early days. Yes sort of up in upstate New York we'll tell Colbert unity or outside of Albany capital New York State. And growth in oh. I get the normal kid in the eyes of what should get to do. Our parents were divorced about six years old so I never really. Having a model together in the hole. The sport was a big part of my life but certainly just the normal. You know intricacies of being a child growing up but so. Was locked in keeping their sort of on the street there are allowing it to experience of being acute get to experience. Certainly sports was at the center. Please wars. A local watching all work load talking about sports Woodward weren't collecting baseball card or cards and cup keeping my own little notebooks which stats so I was I was sports word but early. That's kind of what really kind of the fight to be if you ask anybody that you via your age sports why is that bidding. And got her two Brothers herbal younger sort grow as older brother oldest growth story. And in the just enjoyed my right side of the Q are saying you know what there was no sort of our boy that you will Wear a certain it with a broken relationship but I I would like father. There I didn't really start to discover that nobody and so I was older. Blood. As a kid you know he knew was there that you look back and think about. Time dedicated in doing so many things that I get to do experience in my day it was either not around the waters it was usually in that period unhealthy. Situation where he was probably you know drinking war or acting in a way that was not a conducive to the board fodder should. The sport don't you discover that and that's eventually what let me college. Pakistani sports broadcasting it in journalism. And then eventually getting a job in the media worked in local radio or. Took a job that yes yet. In 2000 worked there from any. Here's yet you were there Eddie is entering its eighth day it's absolutely incredible growth talk about that percent. Yeah yet Pierre what I got there it would news July 18 to doubt it never forget your first day yeah that's right. And I worked there for almost seventy years. And just the evolution of the pleased with our Micah there. Not just from a standpoint of the plate building in order amount of building an increased the coral the spores people on the growth as bars. To the beauty is immense. Landscaping a place you know it was. I think five buildings like Audi is here where leapt it was a copy 220 or just a channel corpus. He evolution. It's growth that was really popular worked out there but it was mostly just the sports radio and television entity what the web. Just starting to infiltrated police into. The lexicon of the way people consume concept but now what I laughed that he. I left my last job idiot you know with social media and digital media director so you can see the evolution because social media. Didn't even exist when I started working there and suddenly it was. It was a job that I was doing it it grew immensely the popularity of somebody at the chosen the personalities that are worked with there. It became you know part of people's. Daily DNA of what they were consuming you know what when people think sports. You know especially where to go which sport you view the plate to Tinker Bell and that was. That was evident I think in the work that I was doing NC because that worked on the radio side the television side. And then the social media digital media so what you saw. You know you saw the effect it was having in the amount of people that it was a reaching it was it was. Incredible. Now that it wasn't my guess is Jason Romano Jason did work previous paean but he has a much more important work right now and Jason I wanna give time for you to talk about that when we come back out of the break working for sports spectrum right now and are being Christian athletes all over the country. And what's amazing to me as you have been given a new ministry calling the support of your pilgrimage that's outlined in your book live to forgive. And that's what I wanna talk about today the very pain you went through with your father but each warden area opportunity to god be viewed through his great to a new ministry calling. I'm David Chadwick this is there's talk Clinton three WBT will be. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 1110993. W VT welcome back to show. My guest today is Jason Romano. Who has written a book called live to forgive it's his pilgrimage of learning how to forgive his alcoholic father who. Relief keeps some horrible pain upon him but you know as we who follow Jesus knows that as weak. Have received his forgiveness we are to forgive other people in this book is an extraordinary story of how Jason learned how to forgive. Jason again thanks for being with me on the show an analyst nick. Up the whole program. With fewer movement from ESPN and what's going along with you when your father at this point in her life. Yeah so you know the period starting in 2015. Gated which beat. Caught the disorder wrestling doing. Spirit because I felt like the lord had not audibly. Well continue to kind of impressed by our. It was time to do more for him there and you know for some people you can stay in the job anymore I truly believe there. You know wherever you are god has called you to bloom where you're playing and do you know you'd call wherever he has you block I felt like from being. That maybe it was time activity in and look it's something different and I didn't know what that meant. In and falcons it was 2015. An expert. You got seventeen when there actually. Sector body he has yet so it was a couple of years of wrestling got a lot of prayer. A lot of networking. Just meeting people talking to people not looking for job person it would just try to. Having different people would like to talk to and bounce ideas just struggle was. Bible talks about seeking wise counsel I'd definitely. Tried to do and that it led to meet talking to a person who would. Who leads the ministry called sports spectrum. There were sports Specter did is basically telling stories on intersection of sports the fate. There and obviously sports is sick and want to go. Two will be. Topic part of my life. And using sports you point people back war in to tell these incredible stories that people have a bowel. LP has impacted their lives. Sports. Something very appealing to me and something good will the war was saying we're bigger this is where your call the go to net. And through that. Again to a lot of prayer to a lot of talking to my wife. Wednesday dated debt. When you go to your work and tell her that you take a pay cut and leave the biggest sports Mujica. In the world to go work for this tiny little sports ministry based Denver Colorado. That's our conversation that I can imagine the did that give it took a couple times and in some simple prayer and a lot of discussion. Until it was finally. Time to walk through that and yet so sports Specter when it was something I was you know very intrigued it apparently left. You know they came to me and ask me to be a producer and do a lot of things about it don't think he has yet which was really need to undertake toast now and steal that acquired. During my time in the broadcasting business and use. To crack them you know what god Gloria I guess if you will terms of sports Specter put them out yet articles. I had hosted anything in twenty years ago I was in college in the opener due would've got out of college. Producing it was where I really start to find it was less sweet spot and sort of our guy. I would want to make the people who were doing theater you sound better. Operative in what sort of sweet spot when and host I was very apprehensive about it. But they kind of re just reiterated a few times it was and you know what you're doing interviews and debate in sports. In the world you can do visit we want it abusers and so. You know sometimes got called the get a little uncomfortable with with our lives and that's where you're comfortable area trying to took place because I know I would. Even know how to host are likely carry a programmer talk to anybody for. More than ten minutes about Carter you know dual socket and you would show and in dotted. Has granted it is amazing platform and it's been such a need during that appeal to learn how to do interviews. What to do that podcast that we now as we're speaking today. Just passed 300000 downloads in just eighteen months all we really need to seek. Just opening up a police were buried in appetite this type of concept. And the athletes coming to and say I want to talk touchy that were bought out by state that never leaving the C. And certainly just due to go to arguing your son. Were guests on our part yet and so it really neat thing to have different types of gas to notebook people. And it's better. And we really enjoyed that as well Jason and not all into like it to tell my son on that Father's Day podcast how much I love him and how proud I am of him and that low freedom's not based on his performance just the fact that he's my son and I appreciate your giving me that privilege let me ask is who's been your favorite interviews. Although as you interviewed on sports spectrum podcast. In others so many network where he liked personally you know when you grow up sports standard nobody has their guys but he has the people that they. It buyer that they root for you know league baseball cards they collect their block are the easterners and east that they Wear. From being I grew up big New York Mets and band you know on the in the forward in my book. It was written by former leader that great Darryl Strawberry stepped else robberies. In that it was my sports hero west well look she sports hero. Yet this stern that he was the straw that stirred the stuff are this. If you will. Yet people. That he Wednesday or better yet. Larry and and when I'm met there have been able to meet him a couple times to talk in the build a relationship with him. All during my time has him at that actor. Darrell was nobody's interest to get my life which was interesting to me because. Who cares about me you know he's they'll probably put you always interested in my life specially the relationship with my dad. You know Darryl had a very rough go after his career even at the end of his career with alcohol addiction and substance abuse. And broken relationships and I got in your mute girl that podcast this was back in December January. And it's so what they were almost wasn't too podcast which is neat for its. It's one of my favorite because I'd never a million years would get thirty minutes to an interview. My childhood sports hero and I get now kind of thought maybe that can happen because of the platforms in the opportunities that are given to yet yet that sports spectrum blocks. Talked to Darryl Strawberry words. I was nervous and I know I don't say that because I don't get really nervous talking to athletes and more get. I'm very intrigued interested and I understand that he didn't eat they were privileged to be able to do. But Darryl Strawberry is different animal and to get to talk to him. And interviewed him and talked to him about his state talked in the darkness struggles in his journey. It was such. Unbelievable. Privilege and such a cool opportunity there and just corporate. Now I can only imagine that Greg de Celek a wonderful interview and in the reasoned that he helped you so much again let's go back to your book lift to forgive. Was the about your father or your father was an alcoholic and really did disappoint you and call list. Great pain in your heart a rift between you and him. That caused bitterness in your heart toward him that you had entered the journey of learning how to forgive him let's talk about that now please I'd takes Ramani is my guess former ESPN. Hop producer now the head of sports spectrum podcast Jason what about your day. Yeah like you know brickyard in Baghdad. Words around when he was president. He water into law this kid that I don't you love is kids what he was consumed by. By alcohol and approval them by. But just try to starting you know in that sort of just. Partying in implore popping type of lifestyle. That ultimately led to an addiction. A very strong. In deep addiction to alcohol. And Jason you solve this when you were a child right east all the evidences of his alcoholism. But he would I don't think I knew what was happening pat as a child but I remember going to the bar which mr. cute yeah you know he would buy soda and give me a couple. Ordered Michael pinball machine. And he would go and sit at the bar watch sports and talk to respond to plenty of drinks and fur except operator nine year old boy. You know I don't that's a cool it from me about that Iran short of like a pretty simple so yeah NB dad. Everywhere like that even though it would want to but it was. It started buried there ago an onion. But moderate felt it was something that was going on even before. You know I was four you know we were. Pork remember report by so so when you look at it from that point it's something that and going through forty plus years now. And as I get older as I got my teen years and that got to. Like college years in a maturity starts to kick in and you realize something there all here. Something very confusing I used that word a lot speak to different churches and their audiences about this. This story of forgiveness because I want confused you know I was confused because. And it was my father who I love it was supposed to look me. And yet you know I'd leave. At that inaugural we want to bet your kids and if so even though he watered the best for our. He never chose the best because you we chose the alcohol or his kids and as I got older at least start to develop a deep seeded. He rooted anger for this. In many ways that he treated. No I don't like using the word IT IP port. I would say in interest say at 161718. Years old especially my dad drank while he was so over you actually pretty pleasant person to be around. But the sobriety was very few and far between sort of oh each shopper here but it's super. Do you interpret hatred for alcohol. Never drank or urban drug in my entire life because it develops situation Atrix four because it must. Jason we only have about a minute left and we wanna make sure we get into the story well but at this this hatred that can lead to bitterness. Ends up only destroying your soul. On and one of the things you wrote in your book again and title live to forgive Jason modest my guess is that. You've found your own soul being destroyed by your hatred tortured dad take just a minute set up the last segment please. Yeah it's it's something that I only it didn't discovering oh well after it became a follower of Christ which didn't take place until marks late twenties. What is what I thought that would. Holdings grow larger set bitterness and anger towards might debt. Are we talked about I was truly giving him let. It's sort hung on to that bitterness out for a long time I thought that you know like he's still dispute to the younger instilled as quite back to him. Yet that's what it that's what bitterness and and forgiveness does it wants the other person to suffer like they've inflicted pain upon you. Could I ask Paul your Jason let's take a break and come back because wanna make sure everyone here's the full list. A historian David Chadwick this has been talk eleventh in 993 WBT will be. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick has been tough Levinson 993 W VT welcome back to the show. If he'd like to hear this program in its entirety with my guess Jason Romano and his book that he had written live to forgive his journey up forgiveness. With his alcoholic dad please go to WBT dot com scroll down of the weekend programs look for the David Chadwick show and you can get the podcast from beginning to end in its entirety. And Jason Romano is a podcast expert himself he now. Overseas sports spectrum podcasts. Is they podcast which allows him interviewed. Christian athletes all around the world and he is quite good at it. Jason thanks again for being with me on the show on your book live to forgive chronicles you're journey with your alcoholic father. And he has tree on been drinking for. Your youthful this year childhood you have resentment and bitterness built up against him it's lasting into your adulthood and in came into a deep faith experience with Jesus please talk about that. Yeah David it was a situation where there's you know after I got married. Still on our. We want to have children. Are to be reached immoral war that has children so badly Oilers because I want to be fodder. One to basically. In part and instill into a child what I was never able to receive. Basically do the opposite of what might. Kind of live doubtful costs. And we struggle with infertility for a few years through that I released storage you. See my brother Chris who was the first and are apparently no pastor of our bill which become a Christian. Without the seat all the state walked in that was intriguing to me and sort of Thursday at 2000 war. He shared with me to gospel for the first time and it made sense it's something that my heart was ready to receive an election yet. But it's only through that process that even at Burke. You know I became a Christian aid my wife didn't just suddenly get pregnant like the genie was scratching my wish which is kind of window open or. Upbeat there was still a lot of it is in me that or start to understand. What for differences about who Christ wars why she's a star crossed why we need to ten. Clark and importer trusted him why that he'd take place. I still was struggling. And mightily with bitterness and anger toward my father. And so I really thought I had forgiven him because epic turmoil loud impact life. You know whether it was a simple simply talking to him on the phone or whatever seed that. I just I kind of thought well while impacting it sort given. And that was clearly not the case because every time he would during. Be dropped in all or involve ourselves in its world. When he was in that city. I was just turning right back to bitterness and anger outrage and clamor it all these words are caught in the regionals. First try to wait I was turning right back to. So forgive that was struggle for a long time even after our king I became followers of Jesus Christ. And Jason's the one thing we need to make clear to all of our listeners and you know this is July. A win Jesus taught to forgive seventy times seven he's not a thing on the 491 time we get sucked the percent. He's basically using that as a euphemism we've got to learn how to forgive over and over and over again because oftentimes when we think we forgiven. And in the person's name or whatever comes back in ore mine in that feeling of whatever bitterness especially comes back to is Angela thought I've dealt with that. And yet we still have to continue to forgive bill. Hobeika that's so true and I use them. Seventy times seven illustration a lot what would speak to churches and play because. It really is Jesus saying every single time somebody hurt you. We are still to forgive and that's pretty easy from a human perspective because our dealings fuels so real bet that pregnancy and yet. Crisis. Or did you every time where the so you have to you'll be Christ like in part that turn around and give others we are they are you. Band that was art and photographs and so that really didn't even try to injury cheap deeply. In investigating until my dad had his low ball. In 2013. And he was at a point or just didn't want to live anymore he tried and his light to try to. You know just not wanna be around anymore and he was unsuccessful and still alive thankfully. What it would that all the worst bird to a vet it or. Bitterness but I have been released and I realize that gave Mike that it wasn't because he deserves it. In Nokia burned eatery like it was because. I needed to be free aren't defined as freedom that I struggled with part of this sort. I would like bondage in Rostock and change these. Think chains inciting need network just keeping you wrapped up anger towards whatever it easily understood and finally. Realized the freedom. And forgiveness again not because applauding the other personal outlook because I'm the one. That was being stock are the ones that need to be given to need to give him. To be free. You know that voice Jason Romano he's the former ESPN radio producer. Now overseas ports spectrum broadcast just marvelous book he's written called live to forgive his journey of learning how to forgive his father who. Hurt him through his alcoholism. And and I've lowered to Jason that with. Forgiveness you've got to get in touch with a billion dollar debt that Jesus paid for you want a cross which then allowed you to forgive the hundred dollar debt of those who have. Her cute but it's a process and in your alluding to that with a seventy times seven forgiveness let's talk about those steps shoot lower that you had to walk through in that process on the first one being you know you've got to own up your feelings. And and net something in again. It is something I knew what to look let's be clear that start to write the book and start to brilliant place where. I was getting in touch with what was happening like it had happened. We came up with the sort of four principles that aren't he'll help me get to a point were elected and burned to a place you've missed the first is healing the pain. Are you don't really it acknowledging. That I had these emotion acknowledging that something wasn't right. They're not really helped in the process that fueling both physically very if you would never physically abusing type of person was mostly emotionally. And mentally and so emotionally I had to deal. And so you know I really believe that we can in order to. Moved towards for him he must move through the pain. Or we can add to that and that requires dealing in acknowledging that those those those feelings are there. Yes someone once said admitting the feelings the beginning of healing. And I really believe and and we have Samie people living in an idol who's never admit that they really got hurt by somebody and if they keep pushing. That negative emotion bitterness down in their hearts eventually they're the ones who remain in total and complete depression and that's the dangerous denial isn't it. From completely people sometimes don't even realize that deep rooted. Bitterness is still in there. Or that they need to have that sort of mortal like we're given electric given that Italy and acknowledge that you'll bear that's so important I believe into entering the place of a real true repentance towards students but also real true forgiveness and that just the perfect place started just recognizing that you have those he'll. Yeah what was next at discovered after that. The next step was evaluating trauma really looking at what's happening in your life and you know creating boundaries was a big part in the books from this part of that. Are you evaluate the trial period and it's important I believed to create the trees are addictive and myself. From my dad and created space for male coerced grow what a way to college. You know moved to Connecticut and a lot of these things I was doing. Not invite like this to my wedding not happy here. There are the most what was probably a pet animals for their light. These were all parts of evaluating trauma and looking out and say oh wait I need to. I need to be. United to create boundaries here create a safe place. To do dep welcome you to create. An atmosphere to a policy people entering tomorrow world. You know my pastor and in by certain that white bring her into this. Not that I was living and provide. You know I had to be able to evaluate the trauma peak level. To go to that next step and rarely allow myself should. But it just sit through this pain this trauma. And being vulnerable to let others into the world that was so broken in my life. Jason let's pause and talk a little bit more about this because this is import a lot of people think well and I've forgive I got to re entered the relationship with the person. And that's not necessarily true beat the person really it changed even in you'd cautiously. But drawing those boundaries around yourself it's perfectly okay. But closures saying I can learn how to forgive you but I'd ultimately you back in a mile like to continue to hurt me. Talk about that please. And so true army their it's it's it's interesting because I think people think that they forgive some more. Reconciliation. There and you know re entering relationships with the people look virtue is is the next step. In many cases the the pain. The abuse. The damage that's been that is just too much to even remotely into a place where you can reconcile so can. Center back into a relationship. You know so the unfortunate cases of people being abused physically. We just domestic violence and things like that sometimes those are not terrible relationships. Forgiveness still is very possible impact it's it's gut commands us to do. And again not to let the other person off the hook it's really too. Entered to a larger so to answer to a place of freedom. And moving forward yeah which is what a title of the book is moving forward them both when those who Kurdistan that the. And you sit so well Jason that this release is for you work benefit for the person that hurts benefit for you but calls. I've joked allot about said tool and and Hampshire people get targeted bit. If you continue to live in bitterness that's like drinking arsenic in expecting the other person. So let's let's let's talk about your last two steps we come back I'm David Chadwick and we will be. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk eleventh in 993 WBT welcome back to the show in. Some you may recognize that tune from mercy me and Bart Millard one of the singers for mercy me as one of the ones who endorsed Jason Vermont those book lists to forgive Jakes is like yesterday. There's that voice. Just so thankful Jason your with me today talking about your pilgrimage of forgiveness. About your dad and his alcoholism. You're talking about the steps she went the route to help free your heart to from your bitterness toward him. And let's talk about the third step recovered the first two real quickly and go to number three. Yes so the first two steps were you feeling the pain acknowledging what's happening. In this situation. You got a language problem allowing yourself to create about tree so. And and recognizing what happened in the in your life not trying to just oppressive but to acknowledge that it there evaluating it in there and the third step. Which we yet talk about transforming the world. Transportation is is that sure. A powerful word because that's really what takes place for artists. Where that we enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ that's transforming their park transform lives Bible talks about. You know being formed up into orbit as were being transformed. Either doing Vermont and so we don't look that particular place of peace in that struggle with giving support we need to transport that war. It's a process you don't for it to come version that kind of take place. In setting that course toward healing and forgiveness and you know for myself the transforming. He had one expert blocking with the war propaganda that told you forgiveness is the process and even giving my it took me. Gosh twelve years after it became a Christian until it was evil should produce it. But that's really what it's about transforming. That wound from a place of pain to a place of purpose. So that's the third step like north of fort yeah out these Google yet. The fourth step is literally what books call but to forgive and giving you user. It's kind of obvious step but that's really the place where you are kind of fight club are back to more right or everything changes in Wednesday in a war. I did you do that for me what I gave my father it was quite a place where I recognize that movie Jason models that are the side. But it does that bother you know the father like daughter has been. Follower of Jesus was no different that might in the guise of Jesus was and how you viewed your yours. Then how is as great as it is. What it was is great it is and it is great it is because we used to have my dad uncle leveled toward the bottom of of what he was going through what I looked at my life as the sky looked at just yet had a a white wood beautiful white you know White House Ricardo by daughter everything looks great. What that I looked at what the crisis that I realized wait has achieved. Of a center. And that messed up in in terms of decision that I commit at my desk and went back out when that happened I have something that I never have let them before which was empathy. Seeing it from his point of view. And that's what I was finally able to go to fort step which was for giving you. So that's powerful Jason and you're somebody once said that forgiveness. Is giving up your right to. For the other person to hurt as much pay per view. And I've always liked that of the calls when you realize that you are as great dissenter is the other person is. How can you hope the other person will hurt like you hurt you realize you deserve the punishment just like may do. You give up your right to retaliate you refused to. Operate in or change net sales like where you'll ultimately ended up. Ideally I mean he has what was that this great quote has to be a Christian means to keep inexcusable. Because god has forgiven if you excusable in view and that includes my cell you everybody listing. That's what happened here will you ask for Christ it you know into parts and ask for forgiveness of our. He's producing these usable. So what we're asking too because of Christ's light of that nature to enter in us. There we have to review the way that he. Is forgiving. In exit data to others forget as we have or give it you know and but that's what it finally was able to come to a place where. The personnel had to change it was me not my debt. And the person that if it was me I didn't have to have like Curtis or doing thing different. Who were that forgiveness it was something I just was I'm supposed to do. Again it was a process sport that was where we have. Rita chased I have two other quick insights from my years of pastoral ministry in my own struggles in life with having to forgive. One is that you leave revenge to god Romans 1219 that we don't return evil with evil with evil with good. And as you give it to god we trust him that he's the one he's able to take care of it that releases it within your heart the second thing properly lord. Is that if you were this year in the sufferings of Christ Jesus. A storm the pain and punishment for my CN. On the cross even though he didn't deserve that sometimes we have to absorb the pain of other people's behavior even though we don't deserve it calls that's what Jesus did and his love operating within us. Allows us to share in the suffering and it helps ultimately decide this free as well. It really does and it's such a great thing and remembering chief Mitt. Forget that must be granted Portuguese shell to that's I like double hop beat him. We regret forgiveness is the process no reader trust the process a lot sports were certain sports teams and that's really what is the process forgiveness. Something that we start by correcting and that we enter into place. Really. Just understanding that. It is a process not something that takes place. Instantly it's it's a daily walk almost like a daily dying yourself like Christ called us to do dale. Process of forgiving person we sort of. The book is live to forgive moving forward from those who have hurt us Jason Romano my guest today is the author. Jason I assume people can get the book on line. Yes that and get or books are sold everywhere books sold including. Our web site just Jason bottled lightning dock rate listen we've only got a couple minutes that that we would be remiss if I didn't ask the question. How's your dad today. Look like crap he's actually doing very well the miracle of all day or so or 54 years. What he hit it lower bowl and want to live anymore he entered into a treatment senator to a hospital. A miraculously. Able choose art get sober and has had a drink since that that he's doing well our relationship there's. What I call it a terrible. It's not perfect it's still a little weird little awkward bought it that much better place at war. There's really proud of him being able to stay sober. Believing that god will continue to do work in his life and that really kind of you know touch in the way that you never. Our report terms of being counter with jockey and we will take place to be he's doing very well. I'm glad to hear that and how will believe with you that. The one hour god who began the good work in him that he's now sober will be faithful to complete it in every possible way and in use to measure continuing on this journey. A forgiveness as you said it's a process and will last for some time and and just take if you don't mind I'd. Fifteen seconds employ export spectrum and if anyone would like to listen to some of your podcast all these athletes you interview we're ago. Yep thank you figure at sports spectrum to very easily web site and could also fired Arquette everywhere apart chest out. ITunes apple podcast who will play stitcher everywhere you looked podcast. Just search by name or search sports spectrum apart kept up well there's a hundred. It's 45 episodes out there that you get to Ottawa and choose to do what are your but they really need to be part of. That's so cool I'm so glad you're doing that in and thank you for your time today appreciated again the book is lift to forgive. Moving forward when those we love her honest Jason Romano is the author just a wonderful book to be able to allow all of us to experience the process of forgiveness. In our life Jason again thanks for being with me today and those would you do this for me I and every show with this same word. Love god with your heart soul mind and might and love your neighbor as yourself. If you'll just do those two things you have a lifetime's worth of work to do. I'm David Chadwick this is news talk eleven in 993 WBZ thanks for listening and not reported talking with you all. Next week.