Former Gov. Pat McCrory


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716. Under is eleven to and that an actor VW BT. They know the governor and we we trade texts. But stories. For the show every day. I usually and a predict what it's gonna come down like that we're looking at the same things with that I expect that's when. So are you are you more of The Commodores fans the night and I gave you credit for. It would cost problem or actually a Lionel Richie also by the big losses. Was just settled it would. Only three of the remaining commodores left could use the com or so. You'll be ripped off that you do the com or for coming at least that's the real hook that. I'm like the old days when you see the early days of the case should you never knew which countries are impatient you'd city. I was planned a bit of our conversation with Steve Crump yesterday earlier in the show and I was using it as an example of you never know quite where we're gonna go on the paddock ratio between nine and ten and it is true I had an expert be tucked in but The Commodores but you know you and her talking last week. We we had a sky show event back in 1997 where The Commodores. We hiked it up for weeks. And they got on stage and they sang one line of the song and in the biggest storm you've ever seen it blew in and that was that and I think you were there where you. I was there than he does started Rick pals in the first line to repel although light you can debate support get back up. About it. That's exactly right but this. Yes yes half a okay other news this morning here locally Charlotte City Council member Braxton Winston. Says he wants to 87 G. Discontinued at the Mecklenburg county jail now not everybody may no 287 G is I can tell you two things a and you're about to tell me and beat. Claire Fallon is making a return to the studio this morning regarding this. Well 287 G is something that. Myself and sheriff Pendergraph help promote many many years spiritual force emigration law courts here are a lot so we arrest people we know whether rest people for other crimes. We know when they come to work you know whether or not. There illegal immigrants are not apparently. Are needed to superstore. Liberal. City councilman who also want to pay raises a host city to 87 G to our current democratic. Sheriff wants to continue. And he brought this up in the City Council meeting we're gonna have player I'll talk about that more. More activities the Kurds City Council some of their do agendas. Some which are completely different than previous agendas surpassed city council's. Course a clear Fallon a Democrat a former city councilwoman. She was replaced this last go round but does she. Joins us in studio from time to time and always very unpredictable and always a great listens or join us nine to ten today 935 Claire will be here and we'll also talk today. Deborah Cory about the ongoing and evolving story of the Panthers ownership bids and now several sources today saying that Marcus and Bruton Smith. And maybe isn't even a couple of race car drivers. Are now in the mix with his local ownership group ship group have Felix about this is as the name also and here so more more on that front developing. That and also a big loss for North Carolina this past week. The loss of Toyota automotive plant come into the Triad area. And gripped about some of the politics of that frankly some at Soccer City. Governor the governor's office and also coming out of Republican legislator. Branch regarding the offers of well over two billion dollars to get prep plant and they still went to Alabama. Yet and the president tweeted about this. Last night he said good news Toyota and Mazda announced giant new Huntsville Alabama plant. Which will produce over 300000 cars and suvs a year and employs 4000 people. Companies are coming back to the US and a very big way. Congratulations Alabama has said the president and tweet but obviously Alabama is not North Carolina we'll talk about that coming up. We will. And look forward to a great thrill and I'm much need to get something all our church also. All right well I think if all that was an incentive to join has not attend I don't know what is. It is the Pat McCrory show and I'm boat times and I join him every day were having a lot of fun hammer learning a lot of behind the scenes things in a perspective you won't find anywhere else seven point eight.