Former Gov. Pat McCrory: Advice for Charlotte's New Mayor

Bo Thompson
Thursday, November 9th

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Okay. 716 under is 1110993. W beating. I'm bringing on former governor and mayor Pat McCrory as we do every day at this time. Good morning. That border yes sir the question for Stockton a bit earlier about by Lyles and and you had said a couple of days ago. A leading up to the election you'd bought outside of New Jersey and Virginia. And may be one of the racers to that the most watched Nash most watched race from a national perspective. Might just have been the the mayor's race in Charlotte. And so by Lyles. Mayor elect now goes on MSNBC last night now the first thing. And buys gonna have to be to get adjusted to is that people to name wrong is right under the gaze at. Lyles. I do in a serious note one askew. Now she is made here and she's the first African American female mayor Charlotte is ever had and we know the backdrop of what's happened with race relations last year. What do you think or how much attention you thing by is going to get as the mayor of Charlotte going forward from the national media. 040 MS NB and that's certain he should be a millionaire. Our tribe should have yet street you know benchmark of a democratic awareness. Although there are blue states of New Jersey. Virginia and the blue city of all it. They're sure that there's momentum of the democratic revival. And by it's going to be example the start of the good part of that bank situation. Actually going to be holding onto visa ban would actually use. And be forced to bring up the strongest. And so forth that Jennifer brought in look shall Sanctuary Cities to. But the true gender issues to other this statute. Although the national democratic global issues that. By it's going to be asked the same statement in in in old order Sheila focus. While the core issue that should primarily talked about the campaign. That's going to be a major decision board that we have talked but they are. Yes sir OK so I talked to two newcomers. Within the last hour a doctor Braxton Winston the Democrat who won. At large couple nights ago we just finished talking to park the car a and hey even though there's a lot of new blood on the City Council the numbers remain the same nine to two when their two Republicans. And dregs of course Antarctic Arian has talked and Emma said. You know obviously get to figure out how to get things done. How especially with this seeming wave. Of Democrat voting here in Charlotte maybe even more than normal. How does a Republican get something done on City Council and this. Upcoming era what we're gonna see. To be frank we're gonna have to kind of get anything done only way to get extra. What happens were blown forty assumption but Jordy is they are fighting among themselves for power Republicans do it Democrats still it. They get a circle and they get ready in our action of the each other. And that's all there were the Republicans like it's a coward for people should to sort epic power struggle among the nine Democrats. That are controlled will they have a consensus. In human dynamics say they'll start fighting among themselves natural human or. Dynamic and so that's going to be a big. By its bigger challenge are valid social sheet but economic issues on heroin Europe he all the should we talk about the chipped in terms. Are you and I will continue this conversation and more nine to ten today here on WBT that's it for now Pat McCrory with us on WBT's.