Former Gov. Pat McCrory - Charlotte Election Results

Bo Thompson
Thursday, November 9th

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Speak about if we. Canada Abbott case her unique hole always put our cities during. Charlotte deserves better and I'm Kenny Smith and amassed municipal. I'm campaign for man UC 1110 in 1993 total UPG presets. Continuing coverage of election 27 team. For the tide point studio. Tears flowed tops it. Good morning it's 905 on news 1110 on a 93 W beating the Thomson. Along with former governor and mayor Pat McCrory who is in studio with us and for the next hour we're gonna. Process further what we saw happen in Charlotte politics last night Vince Coakley the Vince Coakley show. We'll pick up things 10 to noon this morning so conversation all morning long would welcome back to the studio. No recovering from last night from a national perspective from a state perspective or not. From a city perspective a lot of new news. And it's going to be a lot of action. Starting today and through the next year on what happens in city government state government also national politics. We talked to by Lyles we talked to Kenny Smith on WBZ's morning news. Over the previous four hours will get to some of what they said to me this morning and you and I can react to that coming up but I wanna start. An askew cause you know. Vial Lyles what is what is vial Lyles feeling right now. As she won last night she's starting to process okay I'm about to needed to be mayor of this city. Put us inside her head right now. Well first of all she's got a lot of new friends. A member of the Nidal was first elected to our mayor in 1995. All of a sudden had all these new friends. My phone was filled with messages impact overflowing with the messages I just tried bar Lyles stunned. But her message machine is full. And that's the way it's going to be for the next several weeks that is people trying to find out what Carlyle telephone number is. Because they now order read churned teller man Euro my person all long. I saw Pat McCrory as they pending friend. New friend of violence just slept for our road are taxed and congratulated honored since she's gonna have a great view of the fifteenth floor overlooking the sunset of kings mountain. Enjoy the view and enjoy the opportunity. Well and you talked about she's got a lot of new friends now. Those friends how many of those friends that became new friends do you do you continually talked to all these years later. Oh I still talk to him but you drop they'll listen there are people who are friends because they now want to do business with you right there are other people that'll be friends for life by knows the difference advised in city government for a long time. She knows there are three friends vs France not seen either one it's bad it's just look the way business works whether your business or politics. People are nice to you when you're in office when you're out of office. They disappear and she seen that with former city manager so that she has worked for the minute you're out all office and you lose your title. You lose association Kenny Smith and by the way I want to congratulate both of them forever the court. Case risk kind of in shock right now because he's been going through he's been going a hundred miles an hour. For five months raising money gone every community meeting you can. And all of a sudden his message machine is. You didn't get it great job but in the waning days. He's not gonna have a full message machine and he's gonna have to go what's next because your on this rollercoaster. That end so suddenly. So my thoughts and prayers are both of them they're both gonna go through some major adjustment. After last five months. Kenny Smith said to me earlier here on WDT quote folks are entrusted in my future and I think a lot of folks want me to have a political future. We'll see what it holds on quote and as you point out he's kind of high end in a tailspin right now just trying to process on his mind that his mind is cluttered assault last night he was looking at the screen. I think he was in shock him by the way I get it. But he didn't embarrass himself he ran good campaign he should hold his head high. But that's hard to think about now and what's going to either win or lose it's like making the cut the golf turner missing the cut. Well as I said last night you would wanting you don't know you can't relate to is what it's like to lose a mayoral race you you lost a governor's race but not a may oral race. But the governor's race of course is much higher profile so my question I guess is and this was you a year ago. To a larger amenable for a larger stage after losing their gubernatorial reelection race but at what point in time. After it ended. And you know how long was it before you really started to process and think what what what does happen neck. I'm still going through that process I think Kenny will still be going through that process. John Lasseter my good friend who ran for mayor is still at times going through that process usually take six months. They'll take six months to a year for Kenny picked continue to process this moment. And give them that time and give his family that time to go through a process and why is gonna go through this process by. And the City Council candidates the out large candidates especially are going okay what's this mean. The City Council candidates who no one knew their names are probably have 1% minimize the all of a sudden their phones are ringing. And they're getting notes and they're being called the honorable. And surf wife's him spouses him husbands are going what's this all about honorable. And so their lives are changing and and one thing I recommend all of them. And I've I've told this Clark. When he got elected basically the primary said OK keep your keep your feet grounded don't start believe in this stuff that everyone's telling you right now. Because she wore everyone's new best friend but there's a reason for that it's your title. Not because of view it's the title of the job that you now have. And I assume is that titles over. A lot of those people are gonna drop off just understand the reality of that. News 1110993. WBT I'm both times and he's Pat McCrory. And we are talking about what went down last night election Tony seventeen by Lyles. Of course is now the mayor elect hammer gonna talk about. What to expect down the road with by Lyles on askew about what you make of Kenny Smith and the candidate for any thing going forward we're also gonna react to us some of the comments both candidates. I made on my show earlier this morning last to talk about here on WBT it's not eleven votes Johnson Pat McCrory and more to come. 98 team. WB team. Both times and Pat McCrory with you here on a Wednesday morning the morning after. It's November 8. Categories with me here in studio I wanna play you had eight clip from my conversation with him by Lyles a bit earlier. Al Wada say I have to say that about my yes my read Pat McCrory even though either Republican. And I'm winning fourteen and he said the mile today bed biting you gotta be mayor of the city let so pat thank you for that. I'm prediction and here I. And here you are now talk to me about what these City Council that you will look presided over what that's gonna look like come December because. You know so many ways we can go with this last night. The Democrats sweep the at large positions Julie I sold. Who you know well smudge you Mitchell and then there there's Braxton Winston. And dimple allege Merrill Braxton brand new dimple not you know she hasn't been their very long and she was an appointees so. There was there's a youth movement going on here. Well I'd like to say that there's the movement about what's going on the community at that made it possible for them to be elected. And I believe that how insight yesterday racked that I haven't Robert thank you that something. That really resonate with making that I approach life as if this does that teens or. And he said you know what he barely UN and you ought to be the best deposition. But at some point you have to make sure that the game plan. And I thought that is the kind of attitude that we're gonna bring forward that's what we're at a dealer I'm looking forward to working with everybody. And that that got sent. That we had a tough election but now it's not that govern and we need to work together to do it. By Lyles earlier on WH he's mourning news. Did you remember that conversation I had forgotten about it until her say it I do recall that conversation in fact I was kind of surprised she didn't. Run for mayor earlier. But. I know fire has a love for this city. And we had our disagreements. But when I was mayor and she was the budget director and assistant city manager. She all she never crossed the line politically with me she and Pam cipher by the way which was the most underrated. City manager earned history and I think had a great deal of positive impact on the city of Charlotte she worked together very well with Pam. And those two stayed out of politics. When they were in net job. But I always saw all the chiefs liked politics and I saw that she had this natural inkling. They're not just wanna retire from city government but stay involved and you you can't hide it either have or you don't and by having it not told her she had it. Well and as much as we can talk about the new faces. As far as city government last night and there are many of them as you point out. Why Lyles is the new mayor bit by Lyles is about the that it is much the opposite of a new face down there as you can bitty. Well not only that but she'll be able learned from mayors that have made mistakes including myself and mayors have done well including myself seat she'll look back at what Harvey Gant did what's remarked it what Richard Finneran did what I did for fourteen years. Then what the five. Mayors in the past eight years have done. And but she also know city staff extremely well she'll know. And factual problem may be separating her role as mayor will be that of a city manager so was mayor she needs think bigger broader. By her initial conversations do you on the radio I think she's doing that. She understands that the City Council and the mayor are like the board of directors for the city of Charlotte. They are not the day to day operators in effect her biggest struggle may be with the new council members you're gonna new council members are gonna wanna be the police chief. We're going to be one to be. They're garbage pick up people. As opposed to the bigger picture of what's a budget going to be what's your policy going to be one or strategies going to be. By knows the difference. And she's probably gonna have a tough time going wait a minute to City Council members that's not your job if you wanna be the city manager. Go apply for city manager if you wanna be a City Council member on the board. And directing policy and strategy. And land use planning and zoning. That's our job. Well and and she. She brought up something in our conversation this morning and that may be to get into that clip later but I'll I'll really kind of what she said early at least the theme of what she said. He is it's been a turbulent several years. And Charlotte city government and underestimate. No doubt about it and and look you had I mean you obviously were somewhat preoccupied with your. Your job then as governor of North Carolina so you probably couldn't follow as closely as you would have if you didn't have that going on I sought I sought head on during the riots but what I'm even talking about before that I'm talking about. From when you were in office to where we are now the sheer number of different mayors that you had. You better be up there rallied on what is the hunt hunt down there. Well I did and I hated to see the corruption. I hated to see. I saw a lot of interference in day to day operations were City Council members. It's kind of like school board members wanted to be the principal of a school and we've had cities we've had school board members who just elect today. And some of them are gonna think they're the school superintendent or the a teacher. Know their job is policy. And they're gonna have to remind themselves or others have to remind them of that we fool the public a lot of times in the local jobs thinking. We give the impression may have more power than they actually do. I'm now as governor the governor actually does is in charge of operations not just policy. So it's going to be very arson think and you've got some new City Council members who have made some pretty controversial statements about police. You've got some very strong activist groups who's who don't believe it inhabit a police department. I mean literally you've had some people who are elected there were helped elected by interest groups who say we don't think there's a need for the police department. Well now that's going to be a very generous and job of by bill to bring them back into oh wait a minute yes sir his role for the police department and we need to let them do their job I had a bumper sticker kind of when I was mayor and that was let the chief beat the chief. Because there were times when I was mayor where I had City Council members trying to tell the chief vowed to do his job. And I went if you don't like the way to chiefs doing his job get a new chief but you're not going to be the chief of police how often did you meet with the chief when you were mayor I met with the chief a lot but I also met with him with the city manager recognize in that city manager was the boss of the chief. At times you have members of the City Council and mayor's that we've had in our past history who think they're the boss of the police she knows they're the policy directors. They're not the chief of police were the fire chief for the water director. You and I talked as about a month ago I think as we had Claire Fallon on the stationing Claire Fallon who did not win reelection. I made a comment in the weeks after that. With all of these new faces in this or shortly after the primary where you saw some of these are younger candidates. You know being in the mix and in some cases essentially winning. Declare Fallon said dead they have no idea of these these new younger faces what they're about to undertake they don't understand the logistics. Although much of what this job is to be a city councilman. So I guess I can ask you this question as well as I can ask you what by Lyles is is feeling today and what advice she would give her. But when you were 32 years old you began as a Charlotte city councilman Mike and and. I thought I had all the answers so I thought I was smarter than everyone else and and by the way when you're elected you must think you're smarter because several also and everyone's asking for your opinion. So are you assuming your ego won't gosh I must be smarter now than I got the title of City Council member let me give you warning. Your intelligence and IQ have not gone up in the last 24 hours since you've got elected. So your biggest piece of advice that she is Braxton Winston to Larkin Eggleston Justin Harlow met Newton Antarctic McCarty today. Would be. Listen learn. And present your ideas and a professional way and vibe right now is probably going to be meeting with each one of them and reminding them of what their roles as City Council member is and she's got to deal with their egos right now because the mayor appoints committee chairman. And all of them are going to be playing the politics of who gets to be chairman of the economic development commission he gets to be chairman of the public safety committee. Which frankly is far overrated also it's more of a political title and what about mayor pro tem. Mayor pro tem it's gonna that's got me interested battle you've got the leading vote getters truly iso correct. And then Braxton Winston is number two Braxton Winston and then you've got smudge you Mitchell varying in there a long time. I always signature goes for leading vote getter. And we interests and political dynamics which you've seen on the county commission yet or were people. Play logistics of sometimes revealed other party but you only have two members of the Republican Party now I'm Charlotte City Council which is just amazing. I wanna talk about that that dynamic to do it on the other side of news but. Ed dregs is there he wins reelection Ed dregs is. Isn't there a low voice and into park if you know now fills the Kenny Smith seat so you still have the same numbers. Two Republicans there but. Again. The the scene has has changed and the all kinds of different dynamics with that we're talking to you Pat McCrory former governor and mayor I'm votes aren't supposed to WBZ's morning news here on a Wednesday morning following the big election last night elections when he seventeenth. We'll talk for another half hour here and then we'll join Vince Coakley the Vince Coakley show. With more reaction coming up at 10 o'clock ten afternoon. Ahead of the Rush Limbaugh show big day post election on news 1110993. WBZ. 935 under is 1110993. WBZ good morning vote Thompson here from WBZ's morning news. Some bonus election twice seventeen coverage vote Thompson and former governor and mayor Pat McCrory in studio this morning he was here last night for our election coverage emerge. Talking about what happened by Lyles defeats Kenny Smith so easily 59% to 40%. I had both candidates on the morning show this morning I wanna play a clip of Kenny Smith. Pat McCrory was on my coverage last night and we just before you here actually this hour he said. I'm not sure Abraham Lincoln could win mayor of Charlotte right now in this in this democratic city. You know I do when you look at the number it's not the number you wanted what what went wrong here. You know we don't know and that's what we're gonna need a little comfort to go out voters. We lost early voting in my much larger percentage. Than we anticipated. If you look at early voting number three in country plant. Shows that looks like again got 181000. Straight ticket ballots are very close to that. Which is. Almost unheard of you know analogy that sells an anomaly we weren't expecting that they. You know we've coordinated our telecast when that happened but. Again depend on how you perform on Election Day he could start chipping away I believe we over performed. In a lot of ways we over reformed himself. Areas that we needed to have turn out we hit our number that it felt happened. Area that they needed turn out they got to do well and I mean to put it in perspective. You know nothing by. Almost certain passage I think you're capacity at me pop. Who had a you know 800000. Dollar. Campaign and it just. Our model in front of the word on the street and above we did not see those. Thanks for 28000 votes out there will figure out where they came from so we can do. I get post mortem speak a word probably work well tiger now. Talk to me about the makeup of the City Council going forward now we're gonna we're gonna get go back to Pat McCrory here because. How various kind of armchair quarterbacking now what he thinks about it right now will change when she he dives into those numbers. But again and again back to that Abraham Lincoln quote for you last night. And I said I don't take Republican Abraham Lincoln could win. The mayor sure Hillary even in that large City Council race right now in Charlotte because the demographics have changed as I've said this morning. A lot of the Republicans have pared down to certain districts almost too by the way there gerrymandered now and only two districts. By the Democrats like the Republicans have done statewide so it works both ways. And a lot of Republicans now live in Union County. Rock Hill area of Fort Mill area Lincoln canny casting can you compare scanning. I can tell that from where I got my votes in the governor's race so Charlotte like a lot of metropolitan areas is becoming. Much more liberal much for Democrat very similar to Atlanta so we don't have that we assist. I used to use as a selling point when I was mayor that we were very diverse political system which makes us go more toward the middle. I think that's changing so has been changing dramatically during the last four years. Put yourself in Kenny Smith's choose it knowing what you know. With all the victories you have here. Albeit it was a different time even though 2000 nine's is not that long ago for the reasons you just itemize it's a different. Playing field if you were in the shoes of Kenny Smith or the next Republican that runs for mayor. Or how would you approach it in this day and age. It's too early to tell for Kenny he needs take some time off pennies they're going reintroduce himself to his family. And I'm Carter's brain because right now he's gone from a hundred miles an hour to zero. At a moment's notice swear by India at large candidates who won. First is that large cancer laws also they're walking up sworn to what the heck did I just do the last six months I spent a lot of money. I made sacrifice from my family if I've probably lost income for my job what may heck just happened. It's gonna take a long time for them to get through that we're. As again the other City Council members are warning them now that you'll sit behind that bias does it make you right you go up anymore. But if you roll the clock back two months. How would you. Attack this differently than Kenny did titled I think it's too early to tell I don't think he could have done anything differently I thought he ran a good campaign. He ran a lot of TV ads maybe I I think pride had much more of an underground network than we anticipated. And I think some stats will come out that by have a lot more money from outside groups that we anticipated. From the DNC that I heard there were a lot of buses go on which churches during early voting and that's probably the answer for the straight voting. And that's a grassroots campaign you got to congratulate the DNC for doing that if that's if that's the group that did best. Democrats won nationally in both Virginia and New Jersey last night how you're hearing the narrative today that these were referendums. On the trump administration one year and now are you an hour just talking off the air and I said. We're one year end to the trump administration he's got three years ago. A lot can happen in three years a lot has happened in one year I remember back to what was it after the first Persian gulf war. And the approval ratings were through the roof for George H. W. Bush and if somebody had told us at that point in time. Then he would be defeated just a few years later he wouldn't have believed them. But it happened and Bill Clinton Clinton rose to power so I bring all this up but to say. Net one year end to the trust administration this morning your hearing a lot of news outlets say well this is the beginning of the end this is the referendum on your number one. We saw what happened yesterday and yes Democrats won. For the most part across the board what do you make of. The national numbers well first of all historically. The presidents. Party always does bad after the first two years senator the real people worried right now our congress. The next year at the next November's election in 2018. They are nervous because historically. When Obama was in office would Clinton was in office. That the Democrats got killed and the first congressional election they are looking at the Virginia race for example. Collection Nelly was a good Republican running for years ago he lost by less than 1% no one game a chance. And now you see a very legitimate candidate lose by a much larger percentage. And there could be a division within the Republican Party where you have the horror court from people at 3035%. There is some murder what Obama had to hit a 35% group. That no matter what President Obama did they are gonna support of you are gonna talk bad about him. Same thing with trump the dilemma is that 5%. Of Republicans or Democrats that may. Switch and met five to 10% of independents. They're gonna swing future elections and that's what's going to be extremely generous during the next yourself I was a Democrat right now. Heck yeah I'd be saying that because guess what it. That raises money. 941 and WBT vote Thomson Pat McCrory we're talking about to what happened. Most in Charlotte and across the country yesterday. Election 2017. And today is the day after or probably the best way to say it these days is it's day one of elections when he eighteenth ranked. But because they think you saw. May never end both times and Pat McCrory back after this yeah. Look a 10 before 9 o'clock or at 10 o'clock rather tender for ten on WBJ vote Thompson's. Former governor and mayor Pat McCrory and studio and we're taking you up to 10 AM and then defense Coakley show from ten to noon. Speaking of former mayors. Mayor John Bell allies like that event that's Coakley with a mayor wasn't the. John best times are you try to be a congressman and yes I got to give him credit for drive it well events is coming up and of course. Rush Limbaugh when I'm sure much more to say on the the national elections we spoke out in the John Hancock this afternoon Mark Garrison Charlotte at six tonight but I John Bell yes. Child belt after I got elected a member of we met together at the famous John belt three term mayor highways named after mullet stuff. I call the mama says hey I got this great idea and a camera of some regional idea they went oh yeah we did at 25 years. So that's what all these City Council members in the new mayor and everyone else and stay or members and I got a great idea somewhat studio yeah we've we've done that already stating your lane rookie direct effect but. The rookies who shall bring it up as a mob in new strategy in which to implement a new way to communicated the new policy item but. They'll they'll hear that often yeah we've tried that before. So you were watch in this last night car. I think I can get to see it all John Mark yet that clip roll that real quick Ric Flair oh on thirty for thirty on ESPN last. Use like the pied piper to. Defiant young athletes. In that cool. Crazy. So would you want do what you want to live this lifestyle. And believe me he was living the lifestyle. As a key grown up watching Rick flair he was wearing an inspiration to myself coming out of the hip hop artist. Because he represented what we want to be loaded to be rich why we wanted to be flamboyant and you know to kiss still unwilling to do. We want to be Soledad. Was a part of our culture and I laughed as probably Lebanon's shares and we always held a kind of black community because Rick is when us. The pac ten especially in the Arab League says it was a new thing to be challenge how much money you have you would brag about how many women yeah. You were really groundbreaking. Doing okay and where did that come from. Right before. Now you watch the whole thing last night I'll watch the whole legal you have politics all do is watch politics less I have to get away from it I counted on ESPN. Tony 3030 program so Ric Flair I'm Rick extremely well yeah I know and I wanna add talk about that I was worried that Ric Flair was gonna run for governor against being. Back in 2008 well there you go I was talking to lead director of this thirty for thirty he was on the show yesterday. And I said you know there was a time when Ric Flair. Was mentioned in circles to run for governor here and it wasn't a far fetched idea and that was right him around the era of people like Jesse Ventura in Minnesota George Shinn the other the hornets yeah out about a run for governor one time that's no that's it exactly so you never date. I'd do was any of that end this 3230 well there was some of the 3030 he actually Ric Flair bought. Governor Jim Martin's limousine. That was back in the days when governors have dilemma. I never had a limo ride and suvs but are they used to have a stretch limo and Ric Flair bought governor Jim's. Martin's limo for 121000 dollars used. I didn't 1974. Limo or something like that and a penny and I I think he did things cement limo that Jim Martin did not. But yes and then I think we'll leave it at that some I've watched the whole thing yet I plan to a DVR is what it's it's very do what I did see now I also ask it's a tragedy in it too you know Rick's son. Died in the South Park hotel of a drug overdose in black tar heroin and you know it's. And brick road down about that Rick was rhythm and a son died. And he. As I said there is they was he was such a mega life care I mean bigger and like he still has been he was. A legitimate consideration. At least some people said he's got a shot he may run for governor it didn't happen and I think based on all the we've seen it's it wasn't the right thing. But I was watching the clips of it last night in. I understand they didn't talk a whole lot about his you know Crockett. And days in Charlotte in the and the Crockett but I did see a clip where he's getting out of chopper nine. You had on channel nine and stepping on to memorial stadium's field for what I think was the great American bash back in the day but and just all of you Ric Flair could have been even wrestled here in the studio so used to wrestling. Maybe they'll be BTV studios summing when I was grown up. That's where the rest Russia and issued some old videos of Ric Flair and studios where they've been like thirty people the audience. I don't and he wrestled well into his fifties and the physical told. So you're gonna shape to run for our governor but based on what he drank and did other things I'm not sure he would have survived the campaign trail well on and have to game these days in the wrestling gators got to be able to. I represent yourself behind the microphone and he's never had a problem there army's one of the most quotable guys. Not just wrestlers he's done that we personality that's second to none and I'm I'm glad he's alive he was in use in a coma just several months ago he's come. He's getting his health back apparently he's got a new relationship and not to wreck OP get it's it's life grounded we'll see that was last night at 10 o'clock. After the election. Hoopla had ended and I am think and well there's there's a couple of political connections loose ones here SL bring that up and then you said are watched the whole thing. I can't protect ago I had to get away from politics for a while last night so Kenny Smith's gonna get away from politics for awhile or watch the 3030 special out of your mind off of it to all the City Council candidates the barrel candidate's school board candidates. A big thank you from former former governor Pat McCrory thank you for having the purge to run you've joined a a great club. We've both had success and not success and and thanks thanks for doing that and for those who were considering and get the purge chronic run if you're interested right now. Charlotte is going to be an interest in place to watch over the next couple of years there's the acclamation time that we're about to see where a lot of these people learn how to work together. You were mayor for fourteen years you had to do that a lot the kind of start and stop I got to imagine there were times when you. How were used to the group you're working with an inning gotta pull back and kind of restart and that can't be easy as well as a group of viable start having some turf among the City Council members. And on who gets what committee assignments who gets the power he does against the power. Fights between the at large candidates whose district candidates but the big fights are to come budget time. Because all the candidates talked about spending money on new things but the biggest issues where in the heck they plan to get the money. All right well I have a feeling your pretty tired of me by this point. And he did a great job but I at least ten we've been in this studio for a while the two of us and that's been fun. We'll do it some more and I appreciate you being here last night this morning and one at times due to view the Ric Flair. Can you do it me yeah. Mean at the heat did that. Because it bombs have been there brick layer style and profile and Wheeling and dealing because it's the best thing go and today yeah. All right blue tops and thank you have never. I thought I'd go that far you. Thought I'd best comically the Vince Coakley show next right here and there's 1110 elementary WB team.