Former Gov. Pat McCrory: CLT Gets an NFL Franchise - Panthers


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Just flu every year going. You'll know what's happening when you get Fitz is WBZ's morning news which tops. I got to college saving 805 and asked me to be prepared to be with you people to move to another area. Which we did and we move on where Russ and anyway. Another good sign up like a win here where you today when we made a presentation this morning I guess we did have a good omen as I had walked through the kitchen to get to where we were going. Messing about the appropriate thing to do for me been into the food business but I didn't do that. Well. We've been wanted to talk about officially this day I mean they're logo on the Collison might have you. We hope to have Panthers at the entryway into the stadium black Panthers. We thank that a camera's highest sleek graceful in we think is a good ground logos for us. You're Richardson answering a question good in Chicago. Where they announced for the stupid maybe holding up the Carolina Panthers. Helmut right now silver helmet with the Panthers look on the side John Stokes back from October. 26 and 1993. And on the WBT hotline. We bring in Pat McCrory who will be with me live from nine to 10 again this morning but. I got to imagine the memories come flooding back for you when you hear those soundbites from WBT back in the day to. I do Bozeman airports two richer than it is time about what couple went out for literature that attitude. Pope put the stadium deal to gather which we all land. And assemble the land where the stadium currently exist. He and others. Was. Oh great leadership role in the restaurant let people vote he of the Arab NFL in the NBA record shall just that about market. So what you're Richardson did belong with his overture came estimated Carolina area. Which showed the NFL will look good Carolinas together would be a big enough market never realizing now or what would grown so much. In the next few decades so that was a pretty crucial group at airports there about extreme bad about it because I wanted it to be shall if our blue helped bring in Charlotte. But Jerry province from Spartanburg, South Carolina. And one need to. Should move the national. NFL people there. That this is a big market he combine the two and better care a lot of papers in the fact the first but in fact game. I'll never forget that now trichet welcomed Carolina it's a beautiful. What don't you are short of it. Yeah I think that was against the 49ers a fire caulk correctly and that would have been. Allen and Dan beard orphan Frank Gifford back in the day but you know the Panthers really. Blossomed and became a thing when you were mayor and you watch this team develop over the years and here we go tonight. I mean it's almost commonplace. For Monday Night Football in Charlotte now but eight you have to be good. Had to get repeat performances at least and you know at least several of them in the the national stage there's nothing I know they're Thursday night and Sunday night and all that stuff now there's still nothing quite like Monday night for your city. But they like but denied that Thursday to order a much law the or not but now when you look at the stylized prepared. The first Sunday in what 1996. At Charlotte failed. For what it looks like today it looks like who do world's. On how solid the whole region of strange to that point. Coming up later this morning in our our broadcast a wanna talk about. And some more behind the scenes of the team coming here. Has WBT celebrates 95 years of broadcasting and also you know the future of the Carolina Panthers what may be down the line. In the in the years to come for this team.