Former NC Gov and former CLT Mayor Pat McCrory talks CLT Mayoral election with Bo Thompson


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Sixteen on WB today. And here goes starting today and most days going forward at this time we're gonna talk to former governor. Former mayor Pat McCrory about all things politics and here is on the line right now and boy what a day to begin this right pat. While short could have its six mayor. In eight years and it's either going to be Kenny Smith or by Lyle summit that's an incredible which to work. Move last night but very few voters. Voted last yesterday in the primary so we're gonna happen the other players. Since 2009. And I left ball that chapter fourteen years so that continued turn over the mayor's office. They have a lot disarray at mixed messages strictly within the Democratic Party. I mean we had. Player Fallon a moderate kind of populist Democrat kicked out of the O already in the primary patsy in the former mayor. It was temporary mayor after Anthony Foxx football as Al as a long time district represented. Seven point seven point 95%. Turn out and as you and I were talking off fair yesterday. You point back in 1987. The last time an incumbent mayor. Lost to a member of City Council now that was the general election. Now Harvey Gantt the incumbent and sue my Eric was the the City Council member but this isn't a primary pat. Never before it's just been an apartment at least the last fifty years you always beat the Democrats radio. The city but in some jobs bill vote are. Were mayor so we have not seen that start with Herbert Harvick you know a loss that's for firm. The very very post general election with should bark. In those over if you called transportation. It was the one issue campaign that soon took advantage of that and upset RB Gator and I think candies and Arabs of getting this now gonna have to parts of issues the whole Al. By Lyles. Really some very supportive of Jennifer Roberts and you saw her still trying to hang on. To the left in her in her speech last night saying we love ever pull Robert should get a good job. But she just defeated Jennifer Roberts and ran against her so. She probably gonna go to try to become more of a moderate burn the general election. And I think Kenny is gonna happen upon some public safety issues the crime if you social issues transportation issues and tax. Intro. To try to reach out of the middle class independent voters so it's going to be very nursebot average which I know we'll talk about more in the future. Absolutely I Kenny is trying to do it every Republican has been trying to do since you last did it and that is. Be a Republican get elected as mayor hasn't happened since 2000 that you were in office beckoned. A 2009. I'll talk to Kenny live here coming up at 735. I'd just real quick here how do you think the strategy. I know you talked about the you know he's got to find an issue but. Obviously he he's there last night probably us curing to a change of strategy because I think he thought he was going to be running against. An unpopular mayor who had a record that he did a talk about in this case you know this is we're gonna have a new mayor know that no matter how you shake this. Wouldn't run it against the candidate by those who supported almost all of the issues that Jennifer proposed. And voted for all the positions so he's got to pick out what those issues are separate himself from. And it's going to be very personal what independents. He would shoot usually picks. And also see help why either get actually into the issues or try to stay above the issues in. And find moderation would publicly but she's also got to be concerned about the left the eight traverse city. Give a lot of money to Jennifer Roberts of course in a big play it by a defeat for running for governor. Equity North Carolina boo boo both labor unions. Have a lot of money in this primary. And the question will be why they'll hang onto them all should I figured this would support the business money. Which Kenny has so a lot of money in the bank right now. Former mayor former governor Pat McCrory will be back with me this time tomorrow morning in most mornings. Lots more to digest and talk about lot of layers to this will get to including HB two tomorrow at thing. That of course that brokering knows a thing or two about a thank you so much I talk to again tomorrow. Here.