Foster Children

David Chadwick
Sunday, December 10th

Jimmy Wayne, Author and Country Music Singer joins David to discuss his passion for foster children.


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Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick businesses. Used 11109893. WBT welcome to the show. In case you don't know this is a weekly faith and values show that tries to intersect different. Issues and people and interest in the culture through the lenses of faith and values it's always a pleasure doing the program thank you listeners. For joining me on a weekly basis now going past our seventeenth. Year. In doing this man what a ride it's been enjoyed doing and I hope you've enjoyed being with me. As well my guess today is a famous country music singer he has recorded many different songs that have climbed the charts and been so successful he really loves music obviously and is a local kid out of the gas stony area. A but also more than that he has a deep faith and deep compassion. For helping Foster children. His name is Jimmy Wayne Jimmy thanks for being with me today. Thank you are well I hope things are going on well with you my friend he'd do an okay. Everything's going great just you know truly a new book and some new music with the book. Which is pretty exciting cause. As. Was that within the past two months it's just. You know and very well been number one best seller on Amazon which is what delicate. Only thing I think of it is it's it's the number one bit so that means someone get to read well which apple. In our somebody would Jimmie it's his judgment. Yeah the titled ruby the Foster dog actually going to spend a good part of the program going over the book but it's really rooted in your heart for. Foster care you have a deep concern that kids get aged out of the Foster care system. And then they have no word ago and that only increases our incarceration rates poverty rates those kind of anxious of that that your real passion and in his life. Absolutely yeah coming. In double fault your kid and though of the power of one and know what can happen. When one person. You know reaches until the kids whose. First of all willing to be helped them. You know there are some cases were kids. Urged rebellious. And that turns. Alter our own pair all morning to help cause. I get it costs have been there are seen at and in some kids one of beatle in the old one of those cute world. As well so broken. Well all the greatly helped and pain from counsel on this wonderful framer. In them that seriously and changed my entire life and I and were met today and calls them that's. Sure you know that they saw in use something special when you do need concede that within yourself. And they welcome challenge your home their home and and it changed her life. Yet again a lot to do with. Wisdom. The fact that this. The same that was 75 is that in myrtle and they've seen everything you'd due to World War II veteran and he had been wounded earned a purple heart so he was very wise very tough gas. She was. You know which is a business owner. Sure in the gas station when he was fighting the war. And so they were just. There under around poles in the polls saying you know they keep just the gruesome video and I don't know they assault something in me that they've realized that. I can be our can be you know. The thing to do so with the. And you know you're do you think about a World War II vet especially today which is Pearl Harbor day. When in 1941. America was bombed by the Japanese and it allowed us to go into the Warren. Handle like grizzled veterans learned a lot there and my guess is that guy did as well and eat you weren't that much of a problem for him after walking through the. At a smoke to straighten it was a it was a good gap that man. And you know our distinctive. It is truly that's what you'd call war and he came back and saying that he's been there and and then exist longer cute with you know people. Graffiti tattoos and a bad attitude. These insult and oh. And I can do something with this certain. You know it really simple calls. He. He just so mad commander in their church and wasn't it was a way. I mean he was not. Asking me he was looking rather he told me it just a period or. Yeah and they also look at him when he talked to me he made eye contact. And that may not sing are a big deal that. You know these folks kids sometimes when they look at it cheaper it will that you wouldn't talk on that looked down the ground. Just the way he treated people in me and he looked at me when he talked to me and expect to be look at him. When I talked to him on the that was just something that's simple crude was. Personal or not disrespect him I just felt comfortable. In. There's a wonderful gas. And that that voice is Jimmy Wayne and Jim meters talking about the power. Of a father figure in people's lives increasingly have to deal with father closeness and our culture were going to have more and more problems like what. You had to go through unless someone intervene against anyways my guest. We come back Jimmy let's talk about your passion. Boss really the Foster dog and your desire for kids to be fostered by parents today I'm David Chadwick will be. Then. Stay out of turn two use. When he was okay. GA. That boy Jimmy Wayne country music star. Local product out of gas stony. Do you believe me now. Jimmie is that your favorite song or is there another when you like even more. Well. It was the biggest phone. If you look at it from a you know billboard charts standpoint. I think all of you this much is probably one Amal comfort zone written and recorded. I'm not think it's helped. People yet really that that's a story of love of a father figure being lost and regained isn't it. Yes and you know. That was much competence Starbucks restored in in my bed. Being absent. You know my life grownups like. Am majority of these kids and you know just realized that isn't though. You know although he wasn't there the ultimate day at Lowe's Nance. Obviously Jesus Christ. Was it was there. Like. They realize that now and prosecuted Britain in policy and now. But that song do you believe me now it's on their right here I have. Little secret in the one of the windows until now. Does that mean we returner returned that phone in your court not. Not country. Traditional country music the way people. Remember traditional gold country music which level. So when we turned it in it is big rock song. In the regular it will go opposite. It is going to improve mandolin. On and so does sound. Reminiscence of country. Can we where we went across the street and winning and into the into the front of that on. And that the only mandolin part in salt. The only. True country instrument in the that. Country so. For all the tricks of the trade. And there and you're giving everybody your insights here today Jimmie wins by guest on your brother. They list some curious about this year's CMA awards country music awards were you know while back on. If you add up an artist you really love to listen to today who would that be your favorite country music artist. Well. David them. I'm being very honest I didn't know you'd. Who owned radio today and you really with like I did it. As old problem and wasn't expecting. But you really don't follow it that much. I just don't listen to go I mean I'm more known writing a book or written printed book and I been working on. Different projects have been a and so roaming a little. Children. YouTube channel program that. It's call good news is to encourage kids to think it's a cute and do it and I just I've that it pixels won't have to on the east. Videos and I mean literally sixty hours minimum per view. So all my attention isn't higher. Year has been on these videos. If I go back and wish somebody was played on the radio. It would be someone like Randy Travis and a competitive local. I just float in the sling yeah and country shouldn't. And you know I don't think we hear it hurt her and even the old school core group electable song that is. But today that music artist. Just and hurting thing. Henry during a rural vote. Then you're you're a little bit like the professional athlete who gives his life to his career in the retires and you ask him you know about an NFL game whatever goes on election anymore. If it's getting better and understand and etc. There will will list. You know let's use that as a bridge to what I want to talk to you today about and and that your passion. And that is Foster care. On your your first book walked two beautiful was a New York Times best seller. Ronald cold you were walking across America trying to bring attention to the problem a Foster care and again like we mentioned in the first segment. The reality that went kids' age out of the Foster care system. They don't have anywhere ago. And it increases. Incarceration. Rates increases teen pregnancies all kinds of problems flow out of the difficulty of people not getting fostered and you particularly are an example of this you were fostered by a couple. In the guest on any area that literally saved your life's a year now devoting your time and energy. Two drawing attention to the Foster care problem again walked beautiful was enormously successful did that surprise you that is at its success. Yeah I mean I don't want to sound like. I put in work but my hope was that it Witten. You know very well again I just know that there's so many people. That has the experience that I haven't experienced that story. And I just felt I mean packages get it. Chance to share I think it would do and I think gonna do well. I was told by the poked competitive you know books you know that they tell you books today that they so well as many copies so let's say 20000. Order. And power. You know I was excited like Russell approximately. That's a lot of hard copy book or over. It's so a little element of zone that is old 100000 cracked copy while within eighteen months while that that's more yeah. Yeah that was really curb warming you know that books feel people still buy the book and they talk about it because it truly is known. It seemed cute stories in them inspire people to. You can become. Ultra rare respite. Called respite pence. It was like. Parents that are quite Foster parents but they they don't want to kid. On the weekends or the parents alternate and have a break. In which isn't the most thinking about being pregnant and traveling respite care. And you know maybe one day a month maybe one day a week whatever. So like babysitting. Kind of trial and if you will that give it a try yet if you might like it if you can do that and cause if people don't wanna jump in right away Christmas really scary. So. What they realize when they do it they realized that its site. In just like it though from shelter you're scared at first when we get here and there is nothing as a breeze. That's Barbara book review the possible I want to. Sure that analogy. And couldn't put in writing so people could. Yeah you could but it wreaks of and that they already know which is just bulk until they get their children get it done at home and love unconditionally. Relentless and then as a bridge Jamie wrote quickly as is okay and Jimmie wins the my guest today and he country music star but also just written this book ruby the Foster dog. And when you look at the title Jimmie you think what in the world that all about Richard giving the analogy between. Getting a dog out of an animal shelter and being like fostering a child supposed to talk about what may if you write the book please. Well they are mile walk halfway across America. Found adult. A little though. Who would have been killed shelter and named her ruby. Brought back to match or Centre back to natural during the war when I got back I mean just like in this dog just really just changed my. Is change model model living habits it changed my life I am just gruesome little distilled in. Yes Lincoln how can have. How what would be the next step in raising awareness for these kids adjusted to small cross Merkel will be the next. In it again it was one of those. Moments where story that god spoke to me incident. You know ruby's story is much like the kid you walked in war. And munitions industrial production was. Mean to be adopted him bloat and conditionally or it's or he tell her story so that kids can understand it. People can understand it. And they'll realize that hey you know this these kids stories just like this pencil though. And and raise more awareness and gamble can do when their parents and instead of waiting until there. You know 3040 years old two years old trying to hurt people at that age to. You know again and don't learn about adoption. You know the Oregon and the responsibility and not trying to skirt and brighter your brain excuse. But what are we teaching younger. About alternate way to grow up. Knowing about it and there might be of who knows in my beer project at school they get involved in the wanna help some local fault it is I think we start your own teach them about your own. Structure of the that is though. Very cute little story is funding in make glass. That make you cry and make each year really will. And and you've really written it for not just adults but you can go to younger levels as well again you're trying to get people interest in Foster care at the earliest possible age. Because as folks age themselves than they might be willing to be Foster parents themselves and you're making videos and out of things to try to make this available to every age group. Yeah well you know walk beautiful pretty gritty and no I experienced. Three murder for eight years old and Saul. Assault Wharton that was so bad I mean it was just. You know when you write that in the book even the kids you know pamper our. So willing to let their kids read that I'm courses just going to veto and when I dagger you proceed to court that actually mean. Nassau and hurt America you know what the security in certain noodles in the backseat and Carter. Killed in the currency. Not to me pairs rather cute book like that. I guess I don't know what but after what are write a book that may do little cute either it's news in this book is for kids. You know around eight to twelve rural. Age that. It truly is an inspiring book for anybody close a lot of adult or read some notes and in reviews thing. And those Slovakia read the book and really love it ruins our. Well again the title of ruby the Foster dog real there's Jimmy Wayne he's my guest today country music star and Jimmy on your own odd. Thought I knew he was a not your real father but you your mom had me was living with him he actually pulled a gun and pointed it to your head in a truck one day and you've got out of the car and ran and that was part of your story that is so vivid in. Helping people realize what you went through and how messed up you were in all that happened to you and yet it was again Foster parents who changed her life. And and made Jews had this turnaround we've got about 32 site in and that was really dramatic for you wasn't it. We had was that was one of many situations experience is it dramatic you know. With all the respect in the a lot of these kids. That age out of eighteen years June. From the Coulter systems so for post traumatic stress. Point 5% Arnold. Wore combat. Or oh my gosh. Hey Jimmy could you hold on to that when we come back and watching you give some of the stats about fostering and kids that go through. The system and and what their experience and cause you were there I'm David Chadwick this is news 11109893. WBT will be right back. King remember. Sounds then ease off. His mind and that didn't stop him. They can do. Didn't eat there own room wall. Words mean here. This is these all have. Our performances here. You can ask you to move away game yeah. And being. Strategy is on it's hard as they go. This news there. All news to know. Yeah. What a great song from Jimmy Wayne country music star you. I love you this much and Jimmy my guest today Jimmy does that song still give you some chills that I get chills everytime I hear it. Yes that's a tape woman and a great song. And every. Every moment. Writing that song recording that song and and another. Story that most people probably don't know that I did not want to record on. A reeling. Yeah I was. Carrying a lot of baggage and I am I got to Nashville are just had so much a month. Mine and I knew I wanted to write these songs and in and try to help the baton in Jakarta just didn't want record a couple of Justin worsening. Every single night and be reminded the well that childhood. Every time your own statement. Where recorded. The record label heard the demo that we did. And they were like me and you got to record the songs they pretty much it's just that I want student going studio and recorded non did. And I am so thankful you know that they've made me do. Because it has it has helped that song has helped a lot of people in them. You know not long ago Coke cola and and Atlanta. I don't know how to get the song. What happened that it ended up own although Coke cola bottles and cans. Was distributed all over the world. But what that title all of it is my little. While Japan enact yeah that was amazing and and and ask Moses did you notice about Christ. And tonight did note. That that's that's a bit of a that. Boy it didn't you know you've got work in mysterious ways is no joke I mean truly is he bigger advocate own them. On the a bottleneck in the product that you know. They do in the with a letter or an equal that's fine. You know Jimmy that as a pastor for now almost four decades regularly I have to deal with what are called daddy wounds. If people who are still suffering in the wounds from a on apps and daddy bad dad or whatever and you basically. Said what I say all the time with this message. On that. Jesus can kill you that your heavenly daddy loves you this much and approved feel like arms spread wide on the cross that's how much god loves us and he can replace that daddy wanted to say to us this is what the father. Intended in and I know that was a portal why you wrote the song as well you want to talk about Jesus who replaced that daddy wooten helped heal that hole in your heart. Oh well I'll make my biological I was. In the backseat of course won them second street in kings mountain Carolina mom mom pointed out windows should sit you mean there are there. If you sit in that you either in Haiti and I. We partner probably two blocks away in Iraq out of hand nine years older rains sent like Sudan where he's sitting on the court winged. Sit there with his arms are out on the back porch swing to swing in just love and I and I ran apple importance is. Mom policy your mind today. And he stops wing. Looked it means. He predicted is waste and sure. And patted me on property it and it was demean anybody that's all he says it he walked in the house. Closed door meeting c'mon come back outside. Remember standing on the porch looking through that the war window on the doors and walk around all that counts and turn the corner. Not that there peeking through windows and he never he never came back. And solve all home. I remember you know knowing. That made me feel. I'm comfortable. Again now yet. Quote grown. You know. In in the system always wondered where it was in many times it. You know people say you don't miss what you never that's not true you do this what you get an. And it goes. You know mystic. And then there's a lot of time on news it exists now wonder like you know my route that it. Probably wouldn't be hungry I would have to be grown in these can be reached over to act and sued. You know world wouldn't be getting veto it and there. You molested the awesome baby sitter I'm a Ruger was around. So. You know there ought. You know isn't though just got to. You gotta like you say yes and it Burleigh and use those experiences as part of the bar. You got users so people will call. You know he's survived them and there's a lot of people who know about him that and so theater. They'll give and commit suicide ever produced goal will be consumed around you can just take your experiences and brother in there and Terry. I can help you he let me talk to you can listen to the end and you never know. And I think it. You know does get to experience. Which are well looked called as a true or he has. Do you walk into. And facility with kids. All gang members they look achieved in your does he look completely different and they and they look at you like me you don't know anything about it. I say well here's my story in the about it now we're finished. Neither one mean shaking hands they want them. Had their pictures made in a site called him they know you relate. Yeah you made the connection. Yes that that voice is Jimmy Wayne country music star and author of walked beautiful New York Times best sellers most recent book released early November. Ruby the Foster dog and Jimmie that's part of why you are so passionate about. Fostering is out of your own experience I can you give folks just real briefly before when you go to break again just a few statistics on Foster care in America today. You know in most states in America acute recuse eighteen years you know in Asia means that state. Alder resources at all. And you can imagine being eighteen trying to figure it all now your own. And that's why a lot of these kids in the homeless. 50% of the signals to Asia eighteen years and within the first year and a breakneck. There's not called the war is called date. There's some older guy confide. Confide. In and they prey on young girls in when they get on they've beaten. And they abuse them. In Italy people in the lead in pregnant mothers too cute we got to. You know try to look after her and then and now the baby. It's sport it's a crisis. And in the course one out of four. Of these boys. India incarcerated within two years and others and others there so we don't help here which is very minimal resources. We're going to help home worker paid for them down the road buckles. 80% of our prison population they were recipients of this system when the markets. Might. How a walk or a statistic coming if you think it is 27000. Or minimum how a prisoner. Once we took winning 7000 dollars a year and we invest that in one Paul Hackett. Wow that's a college to wish into where you. It is either the resources. Well and we can do so much and in the it would become productive citizens not com. Yeah. Jimmy Wayne's my guest today and you can tell his passion for fostering and many of us should have that same kind of passion Jimmy week. We need take another break and you'll come back and wrap up the show your faith is so real to you it helped fuel your heart and give you his passion for. Hearing for Foster kids and I have a story that when we come back when this year with everybody about when you kind of forced to church about a year and half ago and you didn't concert shared your story that motivated a bunch of people to take the steps are being Foster parents and with great success at two anyways my guest his most recent book ruby the Foster dog great book for your. Kids during this Christmas time period we'll talk more about that as well I'm David Chad book will be. And sea and land and again. Back among the and name. You know it's loud in this. Almost tears have been well. And back again. And learning center. It's in there. Staying that wind. I'm David sadly this is 1110993. East WP is it that voices anyway. Country music star on the peace of heart that he's found in his faith in the lord that's given him a new life in a new purpose he's my guest today. Man Jimmy you know I'm so happy you've got the piece of the boarding your heart and I'm so happy you've gotten. A very special friend in your life now and I follow you on Twitter and you know you can pick ever expect you when you came into the studio about it two years ago to duke program with me though. Receptionists at home Jimmy Wayne he's eye candy. At. A half. Ago. But I think you're Ike candies focus now is on another person your life and I'm just so happy some really that's great news it all command. She's she's repeatedly issues that are here all worker Yasser I got whenever I was. There's nothing better than that and Jimmie you're you're just focus. Applause from any of us especially if your port for Foster here when Tate distort when he came and ended the concert for the church couple years ago. And you told George two or use the concert and cheered the need for fostering an American today. On tape when story about a family that Foster child. Eight world African American girl in the system. And they fell in love with along with their two other naturally born children. And and they realized that she had two siblings. And says they started fostering them as well bottom line while they adopted all three in their payment enough namely five. You know that when you saying to the glory of god and you share your whore for this ministry. Com there are several families in my church that hurt Jews in responded and there about ten kids now adopted out on the Foster care system and force torture because. The so thank you for and now this. And I suspect that's music to my ears. Remember that show so well that was one of the best shows up they cup ever ever. Done and been part of in. Everything was just perfect about that evening that the church was perfect the lighting was perfect it sounds it was perfect. And it was a you know the whole packed show. And I just think that that story just really resonated with that audience and their response just overwhelming. And here that. I just noticed you know it wasn't me that was that was the story that. You just connect track and things on all evening and you know people like OK that's good. But when you tell the story. That's when they're moved and truly moved by the story this story is it is you know like you and execute to experience and use it right in your gives an experienced usual resources right. And not and you know black and take advantage of the confusion right really believed in you can really help change the world stories. You know who your story changed lives and it was their other inching thing you know both know this is your principal in high school was one mark college teammates lead deadline at. 611. And you're told me he wore out your career in the couple few dimes. But rather a partner this yet they put eleven imagine what household uses when he greeted you and this. With a paddle. That's at a gallon. That thing would come down from promised land in it would it would man it would burn you. Week did not play around a paddle. This was an hour this was years ago and now we need to be careful with the SS and all of that business but you know from it helped begin to move view in the right direction epic. What you're doing now is so cool this mention this to your your most recent book Jimmy Wayne ruby the Foster dog. Really is something that parents could buy for their kids. During Christmas time period we get several weeks until Christmas comes and this is a something that can be given as a gift to help children now start to think about. Foster here and that's part of your design isn't it. Absolutely the book is filled with like Clinton's. Some history lessons. Talk about forgiveness talks about integrity person's reputation because we you know. We'll we we know the difference between reputation and integrity and I think it's important kids. In case people don't know Jimmy is people think you other people think yeah integrity which I think you yourself. Via a trade ministers who really are right just that little latins in the in the way that track right some kids would understand. What it means they're very simple basic. Like Clinton's written. It's so simple that you know it is and understand it in this fine finding and again says very popular. I just wanted to do so because lord knows we have so much negative energy. Being pumped into our kids' minds and in everyone's Miami where you looked in my Browning. He just sat. Environment feel like taught how can we just constant positive energy in this world. You've got to do about. Yeah I bet Newton keep putting out I'll call the part of stuff. And and you're willing to do concerts at at places that might wanna promote Foster care's that's something you're still doing. Oh absolutely yeah market on the outlook balancing work as you never know sometimes people don't even. They don't they think they're having to Oakmont country puncher in the in the in the adopt an acute. Yeah how about and that's what happened when you came at Forest Hills how can somebody contacted Jimmie they'd be here in this ago hey I like to see us do this now with the contact you. Well I have email address that goes on the web site anchor you mean. Speaker Jimmie winning at and that goes directly. To me there's no one else that handles that email address and it's our business I don't. Open filed an open photos and witness it's just you have some disenchantment talk about him. In the moments in there. Okay and ruby the Foster dog has videos and other things coming out along with that some of your new music's going to be part of that in order to help people get this message of the importance of Foster care. Absolutely and very purging it. The songs that go with brute beautiful girl book is called ruby tunes TO in. And its own action right now on. Amazon's music. It's just every song is encouraging. Positive. Tempo dance in them. So people when equipment it minivan into the trip in this two. Keep keeping awake. And keep the kids in the backseat just listening having fun is that bothering you his parents when you wanna enjoy the hey Jim we are music amateur is yeah really great earlier. Well we only got about a minute now wanna make sure you spend this last minute plugging your passion just encourage people in whatever way you desire. Absolutely you know. Right there in North Carolina there's senator Ernest merit fair anchor. You know popular ones regardless of what your own. It comes down to helping. The children. Politics aside. This lady is its flagship. And she's a warrior for these kids have. Please remember her support earnings senator Tamara there anger and on the out until onion and pastor Terry wood there isn't. No bigger champion for these kids and just ladies fighter and well that it incurred. Yet going at it as as a along with views people. Well opt on the how sinful with terrorists as we you know champions get a bill passed in the in all ears. Age twenty ones that did happen and but it didn't happen without our picture. You hurt people to. You know to you know do what it says it says here for the Orton to windows. In that is them that doesn't really mean if you feel like it means. This is what from religion according to goddess doesn't say any plainer than anywhere else says. This is what we're supposed to do it could command. It it's not optional Jimmy early and an end of the story thanks thanks for being with me today got to run I appreciate so lecture time Jimmy Wayne ruby the false dog recent book here for the widows the orphans folks it is not. Optional love your neighbor that's for call of god I'm David Chadwick heliport talking with the ball. Next week.