The Four Biggest Obstacles For Investors

Kandas and Larry discuss the four biggest obstacles that investors face.

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The following is a sponsor program on WBT. Welcome to brag radio which is all about being rich and generous. Every week your host Kansas and bestselling author Larry going to show you how to be rich in generous by investing in real estate. Broadcasting around the world on the brag radio network from the flagship station WBD and beautiful uptown Charlotte here are your host the rock stars of real estate. Candace and Larry eight. Hello hello hello how is everyone doing are you can listen again good to see here. Thanks for welcome to the Saturday afternoon brag radio show all about the rich and generous tell them what that's about what we call our show Brack. Because it's all about being rich in dinner incident. We want seal wow we wanna get people to the pool lanes to where they're not only concerned about you know their well being everything there at a point where they can give back. And how we gonna do their real estate the rules that we teach people how to invest in real state right yet. We teach young invest we will be active investor or passive investor. Do we want enterprise business office and pulleys so lap or whether you want to be. Haven't lifestyle business you know kicked back on the beach with your laptop flip of a few houses virtually right yes. We've seen and that's what it's all about and the end also. Doing the the generous portion right right we have some generous stuff coming up to right. Well we have the thing that is some coming up here in a few days is blood draft at our office alone yeah. You mean you and are the first to. Yes now yes I'd ordered the pioneering and we are the first two on the bus to give blood. There's a Bosnia. Is the blood of Milan hospital to do there is the blood and bill. American Red Cross the mobiles and there were about moving them. American Red Cross is coming or to office in my filing. And if he does winning get involved with that we would we really need to schedule appointments have got just a few left if you guessed kin gimme a call. On the 877 Larry get a number or you can call the op let's directly 803. 8310056. And just ask army. We can you set up with an appointment they will they have said they will take walk ins but they really want to try to get Alomar appointment spots filled. On the old scale are not scale but BO to judge how many of their staff they need to send out with the mobile and everything like that. Absolutely absolutely you can also give you questions about where you can also inquire. Order FaceBook page as well. Yes or FaceBook page email info at Bragg radio dot com. Multiple ways to get in touch from the. That's right and I thought that some there was only the other day I asked him about the cause we you you started bitching in this about. Three years ago. 109 but that didn't even of Ebert and because Allen have a good shot this'll be not urged. I'm giving blood late. Me giving it up and a lot of it taken. For Ian various things you have had an iPad tablet drama surgeries. At tenth and things like you know I definitely in that. So they hate get a much that this is the first time for me actually. Voluntarily giving it floor here do you view you would never knew that I can now that your current. They've been taken from me the anyway hypocritical son but this could be the first time for me giving blood like this in this capacity and also hosting a blood got to use it's about urged me. That's good that's good you know we have a really really good show topic for you today. I'm excited about this canvas that work really hard and we had everywhere from Charlotte to Portland Oregon we've worked on this thing for the last week right. That's right it was the most prepared show and there had one. I would even say that because what if it doesn't go away. I think it'll go great acting so what is her outfit for today. So when we looked at Wyatt a lot of the biggest common denominator it was you know. What am I gonna violence you know what is almost like what is that it. You know everybody is expecting with real estate investing because. You know they hear all these things and they see it is in commercials and things like that you know what it what's the K it. So what we put together was really the fourth biggest obstacles that investors are gonna base. While that's a great topic. Reliant surprise her. Revered in Italy and oh you can't play and announce yes Randy alienate. Q thank you. So the four biggest obstacles and rules state because you know there's a lot of people out there and I are gonna run into people all the time on the warning to get the real story right that's right and the problem is. Most people getting into rules state are already working full time job. Rory working full time job right. So. And the problem is is. You know the working a full time job. But and that won't do rules stay in two weekends. Blue but rules that becomes second. Right yeah it does not help that in the first and how they got to Larry. So we can help. So what is the first obstacle that people routed to the rules that. Money list and in the biggest thing is money that's only here yet that's what we hear them this money you know it's kind of funny I did it webinar. This past week. I think it was Wednesday we do web world ha right now. And a lot of people even faster you know one of the biggest question could we do Q would it into the webinars. And Lotta people were mostly related to money reported that the money Portland. And that's what I get a lot of emails about is how it is that their money come under then this wouldn't you know limited money. And before we talk about that a disorder to bitch and that you know it's been my experience. You do your best deals when you have no money. You do your best deals wouldn't have moment right even according to. Lieberman coral own little warmer and drier and I'm across. So any ill when he ran them and do you want you have no money well listen. When you start giving some money after you start doing a few deals. You start getting comfortable and confident. Antley. I know I'm not even say lazy but she a couple of upgrade to Smart. I made this money I can do this you know but. Listen I've had some mistakes I mean. It's. For complete with a few Chicago. But. Made a lot of mistakes. Lost as much as seven thousand dollars will be on book fortunately it was worth at one. And I can afford to lose nobody for loose. Do you think that you think you're more careful and more. Blake just the secular and how things we're here to care little Immelman. Cautious right here more careful and more cautious. Right and and the first the first we will talk about it in in a money situation. Is the model determines the mud. Right. The model determines the money plain and that would explain so what that basically means is. There's a lot of different ways to do bill's right you could do fictional flip. Right what you see on the TV shows flip this house flip that house would do almost house flip and flip and Vegas with the ball still. You know all the stuff so there's the house flipping. Right about fictional themselves as what that is and then the hitters you know being a landlord. Right annual report is bar properties and keep the remit or lease option or maybe even stellar finances. And then there's also what we call wholesale. Right. What we call wholesale. And whole selling. Is. Just by shell really quick are collar rule state date trading of fact I wrote a book about it called getting started in rural state patron. And that is is the quickest way to get started with nobody. Now if you don't make a how to get that booklet or how would you get that book I don't know canister and. The votes and then yes I view the net. That have to be done is give me holiday sentence and Larry yeah that was a radio was a review your radio that's pretty good. I didn't anomalous but let's talk I did my regular. Just turn it over to Chad Chad how they get the book just. You know. I never had a love us and make as many of our that's awesome about it. So with real state date trading AKA wholesale write rules state they try to that's artists or else the same day used in the right. And that is one of the quickest ways to store I. And you can do a lot of that wouldn't know when enough you're gonna do fix of flips. You're gonna have to have cushion and almost property anywhere from thirty days to maybe six months or more right edited it you've got to do the fixing can't sell until you fix it right most of the time so. Yeah. So even if you beat even if you buy and rental property you're gonna hold for a lot currency gonna have the money. Withhold selling or date trading getting started and we'll stay date trading at any. In day trading rules state. Really the only thing you ever have that risk is a hundred dollars to the. And like he said yes he goes through this so why in detail in the book getting started or else they day trading can get that in the investors get along with a thud both in the mother of our training. Gimme caught 877 Larry go. Or email me info at Bragg radio dot com or you can text the word BER eight seats at 803897606. Very. From back to ground. Brag radio that this in this. And Larry what's happened and how are you doing and welcome back to brag radio lead the world to be rich in generous here's what we're talking. As we do we can right here. Is that what you call that restart restart Rica for whatever. It was an open race in Atlanta you know recap for me aren't that's does. So we're talking about. Real estate investor and ranked in the biggest obstacles that investors twelfth fourth biggest obstacles and and honest uneven menu is not even always new and it's round. Right so and the first one the first obstacle. Is money right and and really the model determines the and you can you'd have to hold property for thirty days to six months finish worse right. If you're doing rentals of about a property. To read it out unless you have cash Kabul for us you know can be private money can be hard money can be. You know they called what do over uncle Ron whoever right. So then there's other money that you need for. If you don't wholesaler or you really need is at the pond. It. If you don't holes so don't write when we teacher but Richard and it was called signing contracts. Right the unit under contract for 640000. You were two outs in the country or somebody that will pay you 50000 right that's assignment of contract it's down all over the country. Right. And. And I think I think that them money flows right into the next on rue is spent idea because especially leotard and other different models. 'cause the different models like you're just say in the hold common things like that is the model. Really goes along at the time commitment. So time is number two times a second biggest obstacle. For a new rules stated mr. is tied it could be any estimates in. Well especially especially you know yeah because reverend for certain talked about. You know a lot of people getting and will stay hopeful and GOP. Right in. It for a lot of people that stands for just over broke. You for a lot for a lot of people I mean but the cool thing is we have helped a lot of people that have a job that they felt like they were stuck it right. And and they wanted to do rules to. So anyway the second biggest obstacle that investors run into his term it because to be a successful rules that it Lester. It does require term. However. A portion of all of that a portion of the disliked money does not have to be you write a threat money you have OP yeah other people's mind. Right. Electrical cycle time other people's efforts Z. Other people's effort but when you're starting out you gotta do it yourself right. Edu and I think that that's good though because you really want to know when you start bringing people volunteer team when you start scaling effect something that you're looking to do. How you want it done right to you wanna know you wanna be able to around inspect. What they've what they're doing it for you. Inspect what you expect right and so I do like that so if you if you Dunn at first then you know how you want it done. And then you'll know what to look for when you have somebody else doing it. And there's three different types of cut power and commitment there's three different types of time commitment. And in in basically anything but in real state. If your to starting a lot of people working full time job so with rules state you can do full time. If you do part time reproduced but Erica right now a lot of people say I wanna do expert. Just make sure that you're committed to the spare time. Cannot tell people that you need to be committed to at least five to ten hours a week right. And at least in you can work into a situation where you have other people. Working with you and helping new weather be a virtual system. Or local assistant. Or something like that we talk about in the books take that idea or not use other people in the sense and use them but. Just how few via use their efforts to run to get that what you need to because a year Thomas other us committed. Other people's efforts and and also we talked in the beginning about you know. Them in the in the money sex in the money determines the model the model determines the money right. It's the same way with the bottle determines that effort remember term. It's the same thing because if you don't fix and flip it yes somebody else might be doing to fix up for you. You know I mean you may not know how to install carpet you know paint. You know to the quality of the jobs that somebody. Else would expect to write about else. You know you may not know how to work on each of these senior political pro you root for saw them. However. However you know if you don't fix it flip that requires a lot of time you can do with contractors that were caught yup from Lowe's or Home Depot. It's. A you know they don't have this right size vanity. You know for the bathroom or you'll way to do it to order a full time job we have the right and end here. I'll be telling everybody to 6 PM when I get off work if you can't do that right. So you know if you're doing land boarding could be the same thing you know and lashing out some help right. But as I've mentioned many forums. Especially in the money section earlier is. If you do with holes rules state and trading it probably requires the least actions that it requires the least amount of effort. Right of any of the bottles. Let me and it just about the Phoenix. Right if tickle a lot of the time without the landlord that's an area. That's exactly right that's exactly right had a we have a lot of art in a short post ups right. And he was a brand New Hampshire student group just into our office just two weeks ago right. And any authority have a couple rental properties but he's still working full time job and the reason he wants us to help it is because he works full time right. So he said one day one of the one of the pipes burst in one of his rental properties right now if he's working full time job that he calls his balls and says. You know him really sorry but I repeat later pipe burst over one in my room properties. And his balls literally chewed him out right there on the folds that look. Your number one priority is to work for me I'm the one to provide you with a paycheck you need to find somebody else to do that and get over here all the time. Now right. It's brutal right. But I could certainly understand what the guts coming from. Dispute in yet in the employer Friday night. So what you wanna do is you wanna get yourself into position. To where the first of all. If better that was viewed you'll rural property you just say I had a pipe burst at the house you don't say the ripple strip right couldn't look at the. Do big good key component right there that's exactly right this should be worried that you isn't it I. The second thing is starting out with something males right star now and and and I tell people don't ever quit your day job. And two you'll rule stated. Surpasses your date. Right. Don't ever quit your full time job into Google stating coach. That. Right that's very very very important that was and your actual income analysts say I'm working. Ten hours a week on real estate and it would. It would multiply to include you know to be legislated gently let me clear father for. So here's here's the way that works if you make 60000 dollars a year occurred. That's 5000 dollars them. Don't quit your day did you interview me about the cause what you make of pop album. You know. That is in your putting in rules that you putting in ten hours a week forty hour week job. Just think what you can do if you were now putting in forty hours a week in ruled Tuesday. You wouldn't even have to you can put in twenty hours a week Emeka 120000. Dollars. You right. So. That time. The shortest amount of time needed for a specific model would be holes right yet. Whole selling that's giving store rules that date keeps getting started but it's its date tree right past the name of the book can store rules Tuesday. Right so you could start that full time part time. Or spare time either way it does them and what she once you get. What you learn the systems and processes and procedures yourself. You will be able to. Bringing others to help you write like virtual systems you can literally hire a VA or virtual assistant. Or anywhere from two dollars an hour to five dollars about. That can go about it I'm properties they can they couldn't take calls that can make all calls they can make offers the composed ads on the Internet they can search for deals were analyzed deals they can literally do anything. And in the book are going to work the two. Yea you do. And say yes give me a column 877 Larry go out and I can get a copy of the investors get out she has certain they're getting started reels they day trading book in there. It also has a pump half off which is play his latest book and it some hard deeper training cents a webinar links and things like that seemed to know these models a little bit better. You can delicacy gimme a call 877 lingo are takes the words the RAG to 8038976063. I. Welcome back frank radio. Leaving the world to be rich and generous that's what we're all about we do it they're real estate yet so well we teach. How'd you invest in real say in just a point where you are able to get generous. Give generously. Like everyone here at WBT goes right. Yet if we get lots of cool we're talking today about the four biggest obstacles. That prevent investors from getting started in rural state. Or. Keep them from scaling the business right right yeah so in the first section first. A segment we talked about money right yet and the different types of deals could do with money and without money. In the second segment we talked about. Right. Hear it with those two actually off for these we hear Alex from these are either. The biggest things similar look at that what we could talk about today this seemed to make sense to that covers the four biggest things we get him on about and called about. Absolutely. Ups. So. It's very important very is very important cause a lot of people get started will stay as mentioned earlier you know there are to work full time job of the needs for parts start. Any harder to come that I have and haven't named a part in total proved that out in detail on flight Nicole personal home. And you may it be in you don't notice it beaten with them. We need Carthage land here. Anyway. The meanwhile back at the rights. Three number three or around them at their arena no rebellion Tom and intimate thing. Number three is getting deals right a lot of people especially new investors. They're afraid to make offers on the heels now do what the biggest fear is an insane yes what do they say yes now what do what do I. So. You think it could also be armed. Keeping ilsley getting deals one for a new unanswered and deal float for experience and us. Deal flow yes but and that's what this is all about listen. When your in a buyer's market. There's plenty of deals ultimately passed there's plenty of deals on and don't get me wrong we still make offers all and still make offers on the MLS. However. However. We're starting to get a lot more deals would direct mail and direct mail that report requires a global expertise. Right and a little bit more time. It requires well. You know you can be the sober when you have the right fulfillment house and have the right mailing list you can literally get a virtual assistant to pull that list for. Writing out you could do that he can have a do that which he descend on a simple post party but it's if it's handwritten says about houses call me. Right so. Getting deals right getting deals is you've got to have deal flow right you've got to have two things to do rules that you got to money. And you gotta have deal flow right. Right the money doesn't have to be years down get hung up on that if you're just now join an NC can go back. Studio recording this listen on brag radio dot com and listen to the first section about money. There you go go but it doesn't have to be yours but also you know you can get other people to help you but she'd need deal for you gotta have deal flow. Right. That's funny campuses kick coming over here. And so anyway. Deal flow but you've got to have lead it's just like rules state investing. Is no different than any of the business right we can be by an insulin like we can be on shall corks right you've got to have deal flow you've got to have leads. You know you gotta you gotta make the phone ring right. You've got to make the phone ring you know if that's the difference between marketing. And prospecting. Marketing is in and makes a follow up. Marketing is anything that makes the phone and prospecting. Is where a year like looking for hot houses or you're looking at. MLS listings house right. Marketing is making people call you we just in postwar right when he said though the latter. You know postcard. And. When you get an India can be when you get a new deal. Under contract in new need to get that sold Houston on an in also list that you bill. Right right you know because W really there's. There's only old market properties like zillow Rupert Arco. Craig's list. And you know all those even even Hadi a mallet in petroleum Ellis right right if it is or anything homeland like Craig's list. Or home. It in he wake up offer or let go I mean fewer post and robberies everywhere or face a book groups CN right. And the imminent that's not considered in the last standstill advertised it's a listed because it's only my diet drug. Right it's say it's. All market property authority on market but what where you really get that good deals. Is going after what's called an advertised properties right. Where you're doing direct mail where your your posting ads and right for properties. You can post your own as a Craigslist. That says they'll buy houses and conditioning where cash. Now would you say that and advertisers. As people calling in from bandits that could be bad descendants which we put out lie that you put a lot of pandas and those are the sons and UCL around this about houses are we about houses or. About it that whoever right right. Canned response houses who were so. Yeah that's just one of the ways of marketing it and an unfortunate wish we had time to go into all of whom because canvassed their 67. Different ways to make the phone. And she's out of so far sixty cent a but I had a dismal end and in every one of whom. Are in the book. Everywhere. As I the book getting started in rules state hatred. As part of the investor's kit that she asking get if you send me an email info prank radio. Call eight and seven link or you can text the word brag BR AG to 8389760630. Two days ago ago so. You know we've talked a little bit about direct mail we've talked a little bit about and his sons you know you can just order Roman like. A local place a local silent shop for somewhere like bandits on dot com. Or dirt cheap silent stuck. Mucus and a post cards or letters with direct mail you know you can post your own ads on Craig's list. You can postal community rule states sites joined rules state groups hopefully you know entities. Jordan rules state groups or FaceBook. Oh my gosh I've seen so many people get deals in fact I got a one of our students. He started running and love this couple this really being creative he started running and that the sure pitcher but crucially. And is set off reached cruise to the next person that brings me a property and Obama. It's huge and you can buy those little cruise certificates work toward trial books but I. Yes yes and I mean in the Carolinas here they sell out of Charleston ounce not. A big deal. You know that that's true that's true so. So yes that's you know you got direct mail Uga pay per click advertising. As well. Like that's Google AdWords when you do a search or Google there's some ads across the top pleased sound on the side but that'll do that it was just across the top anymore. And then you can also run FaceBook ads as well so you can pay for that as well and the band sounds like Kansas mention and in. One of the key things. Is networking to regroup. Greater 31 of the biggest deals we did in the last year or so. We made down now I'm talking about wholesaler okay right so we bought a house from somebody threw a bachelor Maria. Which which I look over in Ireland he Ireland yeah there it was an insurance adjuster that was there initial do you buy luxury homes. Like well it depends at and so. Now is the pins sellers say no he doesn't think you got to get. My information so we ended up in this house under contract for 750000. Dollars and we hold sell it for 795000. Even at 45000 dollar cost him for. And any intelligent any mistakes I don't his son. And we had 500 dollars. In earnest money put the deposit of 500 option write the check crazier war. Maybe it is some money. Well we do I'm only in my early in the field the only thing that was overdone. I was so moved on them in my. Q and by rules state you can buy and sell property you combine real property. You could do all fix it slips in a retirement account and our array they just say yes day you know in fact one of the bonuses with the book. Is an audio all about your right but I boat getting started rule states entry. And we've also got. Another. I think is a short webinars link or something like that that you did report a national director custodians on that. Included in the material to that comes with the investor's kit right so her company does can you call 877 lingo. To get that investors can sit out here email you could send a text BR AG. It is 38 on 76063. And we'll get that right out to Ian. Welcome back Fred radio. I'm out of us you know it's that you read and that's right and that's exactly right and today we're talking about. The four biggest. What does it before big obstacle on our biggest could move to right there. Look like hey hey yeah like some kind of book of certain abuse them and explicitly. I could throw a couple of free market turbulence when Kuroda. Maybe so maybe so because we did it on the plane headed to Portland. Last week anyway so. We're talking about the four biggest obstacles investors face number one is money. And we talked about all the different ways and do deals where somebody need money and some you don't need him right in summit be opium of the people money. Then we talked about time a lot of people getting into rule states that don't have a whole lot of right and time equals. Money this sort of by says right at that it at our exactly. So there are some some methods that you could do rules state that were you can store full time we have to start for common some part time. And some even allow you start spare time right. And shall we can help you with there. And the third thing is getting deals deal flow right right there's you know there's advertised properties in the there's all market properties as well. Right and then this show along with all of our other shows are always put up bomb brag radio dot com seat could go back and listened to the entire show. At your leisure. At your leisure. That's good. The fourth on the number four the fourth and final being that you have to do the four biggest explicit is obstacles. Stick golf the four biggest obstacles that investors faced the fourth one is staying motivated. It's especially after a bad deal I think you know what. See here's the write off the thing. Everybody. Gets started in rules state that can't give it the economic and the kind of Kennedy right yeah no. Yeah it could be right. So many people get into that whole Monica in the dealer got to get a deal. And somebody comes along the trust sells them house and though OK okay. So is sold half of them nine. That's exactly were those goals lately and you're right on point today. Because your phone has whales there. Reagan. I can't I can't Diaz if you're on the long are doing the show doesn't do. So let it anyway it's you know I got to get a deal got to you know you've got to give it to the deal right good so here's the deal. When people first is started rules. Or they have a lot. A lot of energy enthusiasm enthusiasm into museums are excited they're fired up they're ready to roll right. They're fired up. I'm overdue is that in a van down by the river who is that I know that Chris Farley Chris Farley Matt Foley Matt Foley. So anyway. When people first it started rules state they have a tremendous amount of booze yet but they have no one now no knowledge and knowledge. And but after about thirty days or six months or whatever it is. You know after going to seminars and reading books like ours is started rules that day trading or huddled tough call for arrogant or February. You know. Have a lot of now they have a lot of war now but what's called in can see the enthusiasm ago. You know that's one with a high level students are commercial corporate stews. We have a system players were we have out. We have a call for that meant to call that we can you don't fall on the phone right no seriously what we do is. We even have caused we know that's one of the obstacles people face when they get home from the theater or whatever or after read the book and guess what happens. Life. Right. Life and so you need things to help you. To encourage. And that's one of the reasons you should join. Our FaceBook group because it's all like minded people that might be human and they keep you motivated and share it I just got my first dealer buys like woo. Who way to go you have baby that didn't exactly. And oh so you ought to join that it's FaceBook dot com forward slash later he. They each go FaceBook dot com. Force lastly it's go and if you join our our FaceBook page or followers FaceBook page you know you'll see other students and their posting stuff and we also have a student group as well yes. Looking at the investor's kit if you Holland to 877 Larry go where you send on text messaging and or if you email me and you become a student with the investors can't eat your quest to join Larry gone official inner leery guards official student group. That's right and then use the word official yet I think immersed with other students that are trying to do the same thing I've done the same thing and can help you. That's right make sure would go to FaceBook could you look for the leader go into the group PC leader who owns officials drew right because there are some unscrupulous people out there that are kinda gain command name off of FaceBook just McClanahan. It went down. We did we did. And they had a lot of followers. On Taylor and tools Austin listen to me and said that the issue. Notes of FaceBook from them like literally within 24 hours on it was you know. I don't. That's always drove adult. The that's good so stay in motivated. Go to your local review group. Go to your local re group. And met Hillary is in Charlotte if you don't know where the fire and one go to meet up dot com is the local group I don't care if you're in the of services go here in Jackson Mississippi where did you grow the lobby group. Out. And and you can also noted national Rea. Dot com national. Are the day. Dot com and they have a listing all the groups that girl what's called local chapters Fernandez. Right right. And a Portman to lottery is won the local chapter for national Rea. And it's very very important right. So. Joint meet up groups Jordan your local re group. Get around like minded people there's also other FaceBook groups to two conjoined. As well funeral FaceBook if your. If you don't FaceBook it's okay it's not a big deal. You know a lot of people that are. But I would say probably the most important thing you can do. The most important thing you can do to stay motivated. Is the four I mean. And whether it's being you know us or anybody else you know whoever you found in needs to be somebody you know. Like and trust. Right and it is you line has been where you won't go because there's so many. People out there that would give him Bob federal state and they're taking advice from the broke friends and relatives. Right now it's our it's kind of funny. Seeing students before there. You know get around that negative naysayers. And you know going to a rule states and you were beaten them both for your never going to. Imitate what shots. The negative place write a check. I you bring home a check. And it will shut them up our walls literally. If your take a tour of our office of your core box but the unit investors theater just abuse or whatever we'd love Debbie do that we have people stop and every week and okay and as for that show shall settle. Our walls. Our largest office at her whole build and build and square feet the largest office it's like a big huge conference room. It's line that's where we teach our circles to ended his life and with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of testimonials. Of students. Who have known before you do the and they have over and done deals. In the in the exodus testimonial. A lot of that is pitching them hold up checks. As we're going to hold up the check for 200000. Dollars that was the profit. Profit. At home alone and that's favourable so what you wanna do is fundamental right and a mentor and somebody. You know and whether it's us or anybody else I mean we'd love to work with you you know we we don't. We don't take on just anybody would want somebody that is going to be serious about it that put forth that effort you know cause quite frankly op unlocked. In two U. And frankly I don't will be pushing a parked car right. I want to make sure on Manning. About at all wanna make sure that it's somebody who's who's gonna take action it's action. But if that you. I'd be more than happy to talk to you and we'll go through commitment to processes if it's a good fit for both those right yeah Leo mentioned it to Candace. Yep yes give me a call 877 lingo we can get the investors can out tear talk about anything that we mentioned today. On the show check out brag radio dot com for this and all of our craft shows text the word BR AG to 8038976063. To grab your kids. Thank you Candice and thank you Larry. And make sure to tune in every Saturday for brag radio leading the world to be rich and generous. Larry and Candice we'll show you how to invest in real estate in the many ways realistic creates the ideal investment. For more information about what Larry Candice talked about on today's brag radio or get a free investors get. Call 877 Larry go that's 8775277946. If.