Four Things You Need To Do To Be Successful In Real Estate.

Kandas and Larry discuss what they do in a three day event and how you have to make time for action as well as an in depth review of four things you need to do to be sucessful in real estate.


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Yeah. It's time that way be rich and generous break radio was hosted by best selling real estate investing author Larry Dolan and co host Candace. For the next hour they'll show you proven and effective way to can be successful and real estate. From the WBZ studios the flagship station of the rank radio network. Your prior host the rock stars of real estate Larry and again this was but Harry's. And you'll also Bubba you and that's great so your bit and so hey Matt is this is at the farm export. That's how does that do not know that's just to keyboard mouse and keyboard and Newton no fun and then no the decision to throw away the over here. It looks like a phone dialer. So. Candace we're gonna talk about today. News well we just came off of three day event and so that's right that's right we have a three day event. A the tire what you have term guard general assembly. Are you got the best name for it we don't get it I mean you go into eternity tell you cover a lot of different things. But he still didn't have him make on you got to kind of get everybody on the same page. With what they know on Friday says that you can gauge the rest of the week inning goes deep or just as wide as you need to recover everybody's expectations. That's true that's true and if you're just now joining us for the first time you are listening to brag radio be rich in generous. We teach you how to invest general state and they will want to go out and be generous with your blessings right initiative we a lot of different charities and missions that we helped support we talk about on the show. Like go veterans path. And yet you know we're getting ready to go to do a com. A dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony for them donating house to run into a new family. That's also tells them in fact we were involved with. The financial friends network and raised about a 140 ran to help and time. I'm not in Atlanta this particular house that they do good work so I know that the mines but again needs the due to at least is doing a phenomenal job over there and it's a great calls it really is yeah I'm looking forward to answer them. That would is that. There's amount it's on the Tuesday you know announcing it had happened we got again the it's on eighth Tuesday so it's coming. Article. Salient thing that's an okay kind of pollen that cells. That that accounts. So. And our three day events in Noah if you're a resident rules stay with you wanna be an active investor or passing a master it doesn't really matter we can help you. To do that a member for political level you. So we can help you some people just want to write a check can collect a Motley checked we have a lot of investors we work with like that. As well as some people want to leave their JO BI and and learn how would I want people. Do I am not I would certainly hope. Not yes he did so on the yes so we have our three day event this past weekend in Charlotte we do a couple to a three of them a year in Charlotte the rest of them around the country. And you know coming to a city near you we do about six rate of year and we're spending calendar for next year tips. You hear any entity and there is talk about that and yes so I'm really excited about that we use have a really good group of people and forcefully l.s little under the weather at this past when. So didn't it to shake in the hands but hopefully I mean getting by sick either. Lee used to be paying conscientious of that and aware. And it is like they whistle while bell bottoms of did he did evened it at UN human being likened this on like there was no hands. Really hanging in contact now air high five nothing you know. Her let me tell us that. If you did you play Galena -- over there he just uses see you kind of weird. On the front table where I have liked it's not podium as the front table with the PowerPoint projector in my in my laptop. I have like cold these emergency vitamin seas act Kim seem acted Asia and cough drops. In a giant bucket of pure rail between. A close look at her. He had popped out there after every session and had to go clean up has little area because there's cough drop papers land everywhere get a men different glass of water as. One of them and airborne. Inning constantly. Grazing. Yeah people were laughed and chemicals that would mix up those little emergency thing that was used in you know I mean that just started. Everyone else that wanted to do them up front in front of a hundred people and you know I can go anywhere. You know an effort. To. So let's talk about rules state we've had a lot of we actually have a lot of people sign up for an inner circle. At the three didn't didn't we did un excited and its fuel. Meet to lead to an amount planned on come into the office in December we try to make it arm in the schedule to where. There is an inner circle has been a few weeks after. The a three day event they can keep the momentum going and keep the keep investors you know excited about what they're ready to do and kind of strike while irons hot type with Angola and it Ali training education. So that you can put a plan and a place to device and it started instead a Landmine in the line. That's true and you know one of the things that I realized about rules state there's a lot of people out there that wanna learn rules state. But everybody has things courtroom in their life. And and when you go to a three day event in fact I spent a lot of time talking about this Friday morning and you know. A lot of people wanna succeed and whether it's real state or whatever and rules state happens to be what we teach and you know our students. Follows four. And but. You go back home to go to similar or you Bob books about courses in the go back home and guess what happens what happens when you Michael I like I absolutely. Does he do we have acted out effectively mean. It does yeah it does so. What you've got to do is you've got to make sure that you set aside some time. And you make the time and you set some goals. And and and you create measurable goals you've got to have measurable that's the key to anything you want to accomplish right. Right but they have to be measurable that your actually gonna measure. And they can't we we've actually failed and I don't have a problem telling us that we're not perfect it's not overnight everything that we do in our offices are always. You know completely perfect as is not ever going to be that way. An I hated our Kate he asked see the calls I didn't feel like it gave me good representation of of being able to project trans. Right look at actually store data. And so I gave up on. Buckley at a meeting the other day. And now we re addressed what Kate yes we were look enact. And after a better about it now I think that will be able to get people back on track with that and that I think the ones that we have set now. Will help us predict some kind of excited about it Ian disorder KP yeah let's tell our listeners. Key performance indicators who. Oh yeah. Absolutely QB the look like and no they don't. KB as their key performance indicators. That are supposed to over a thirteen week track give you some historical data and found that he can panic gauge some and may predict. In zones aren't things you may need to move on or just keep a closer eye on warnings are in a while. One of the things that we use is what's called scorecard. And you can get warned about reading the book traction right that's right at that attraction and out of a lot a lot of a lot of other things. That you go into I'm at the three day event to. It just kind of help and structure eared business how to operate. Loyalists on a daily basis even if you're the only one minute. Aren't you have a clear picture of what you want to visits a look like even managed to Hughes is gonna help you add people in any more. NT manner right when you get to an area when he can't handle it Ali Al. Right right and I love the vote structural of the book rocket fuel. Outline come out like the consonants and there aren't easy for me to read them. No they're not rocket fuel artery for me. And an M and asked say read I mean listen it's unknown and don't read. Hard copy vote that it didn't help you understand me instead it is that it did tell me he used. And that I'm not alone few dealing with everything and do it with you. Idea where I am not the only person. Likely are as he used to think I. Think Europe and China it is you know. I'm just as a whole there's a whole burritos and I'm one of them ultra maneuvers. I know. That. He got rid say gay quick break lauer on the give give operas or call 877 Larry go request your investors kit. You're close enough that somebody off desperate story can pick up the physical version of that if not we continue the digital versions. Ask about enact that come in through Davis you asking it in on the action that we'll be right back. Welcome back. Brag radio. Was. Investing with Israel's fate could be rich in generous he did do it however you want to read with real they work for us that's how he. That's right. Are you near me or voted on how to take care of some minutes out of three things there's something. Yes my wife. My wife has texted me right now. A lot of money a lot only her alone there. Are a so yeah we were talking about our our three day that we just had. Because if you're if you're looking to invest in real state if you warning to get started. Unity don't have the time he got to find the comment and when you go back home like even if you go to with three days you get a bookie at a course. Most people who buy books and courses that don't do anything with the they go hang in the life happens. And we listen that was his brutally honest with the people wasn't. At the event this yet ear ear kind of like that especially when you don't go read your more. Brutal. Now an honest than he is honest rather than you know what this. Ernie used to that and some other people on thirteen said that as well so I was trying my best to be nice to people. But I do give a little short. It would need to be short tempered collateral have a temper. There would be more on. Short. I don't know what it would be. Yeah but anyway. So what so yeah we we had a great event a lot of people they they asked a lot of good questions. And we had just a really good time and and and and we've had people one of the things that we do and a three day events as you know Ken this is we bring some of our team and consult what's. And they sit down with everybody there and do what one or more and create their math may action plan. They. They don't wanna sit down and that's okay because we really don't wanna push a park car even talk about that. A near in your presentation and so anybody that needs a plan or wants a planned leads to a point. That's right we make sure edit before before we leave the event. That's exactly right that's exactly right. So well you know we will find out things like your likes or dislikes are stretcher weaknesses are assets or liabilities where you are now where you wanna be. And desire and 88 critical path. To get you there and cops lose shortest period of time and that's what we do ami we hope we. We buy and sell houses all over the Carolinas. And we're starting to buy and sell in Georgia now. So we can help you pure and arrested. And getting started in in real estate investing whether it's state trading a wrote a book called getting started and rules that day training and it's available wherever books are sold. If you call Candace who gave you a copy of that book clearly it's an investor skit Sherry is and and also wrote a book called Hud homes half fault. How about Hud houses a 5040 to 30% list price. We just got to hub house we actually got two bids accepted. Yesterday. To bids accepted yesterday. One was listed 444000. We voted for won the award. Another only got accepted it was list of for 67. And we got it for Ford the eight to believe it is. Mean think about that but that's a great discount or property right after. And those are hunt houses. But he got to put the bids up he's got to put the bit. How many bids do you think we've made to get those two passes. Yeah how long we've been an illness to houses or how many weeks when idle on typical month well I know Andrea told me. Yesterday that she just analyze those deals and had middle market loss would probably be little room for a couple of weeks. Ultimate. But the way we do it is we were Biddle every house. You know when it comes on the market on the price reductions or whatever we wanna Biddle all the houses. You know every day Bret Hart has the daily auction. But the daily auction and slow. So that's key right there you just it it's like I say the three most important things and rules that make offers Waco for Waco for right. Yeah and 'cause really can make it easier to submit offers some minutes. You go through an agent agent that's an end and you do it every day. That's true that is true. A lot of muscle the real quick with talk about focus group calls. You know. We teach yet invest general statement you know people go home and they get confused. And don't like pulling their hair now or what do worse oil go from here. And you've got to set a plan and we talk a little bit about KP us or scorecard. So I want you to just if you're you know it'll do this suit your drive and Moody's and show notes. But. What you can do is. You know just to set a goal for like let's say I want to make three offers a day three offers right. Really before even do that if your brand new need to learn atlas. Of the very first the need to learn how to analyze the specific wholesale. Right. And we talk about dollar come on the show so if you haven't heard us talk about it this is your first time. Hearing Larry talk about analyzing go to brag radio dot com and pulled the show archives. And according to try to you'll be able to tell which ones you know we talk about analyzing and that's right there lately talk about out front. That's exactly right and also pursing need to do learn how to analyze. And and it's not that complicated it's a RV after repaired value comes point seven. Minus repairs minus what you wanna make if you make a quick 101000 dollar check. Then they are vetoes point seven minus repairs minus ten grand boom that's a much you can pay for the house. My aunts and a couple of other episode on radio. You can check out arc out and allow that he would specific example that's true mr. so well and then after you learn how to analyze. Then you double your money right. It's pretty simple I mean there's private money this cast partners credit partners is different ways to close bond deal that's one of the things we went over the three day. Every single way to close and fund deal and none of record federal money right ray. So every single way to close the fund to deal. So well you know that's that's another thing you know analyze line up your money. Right and then start building your buyer's list especially for wholesale but I don't like fix it says you know and we have Edelman contractors. And more of the quickest ways started it is. By. Wholesale property rules state Dave training camps for your free copy of that book is fuel so we'll analyzed line up your money. And then builder buyers' list and there's many many many different ways to build ours we would overlook those three days as well. But some of the things you can do is go to your local real meaning. A rules state investors' association just Kugel at Charlotte metro Atlanta metro Atlanta rules that it messes association is the big one right here on profit. And and they aren't there at their third Thursday of the month calendar Rea. Dot org I believe right to agree with that aren't natural and party IA dot org. And you know you can go to your first meeting and they may charge you a few blocks can't remember exactly what's the chores for the meeting. But. Go to it's a great place to network builder buyers' list on other people were doing deals right. That's exactly right and then the fourth thing simple make offers. Make offers make offers makeovers that's the three most important things and we'll study and make offers make offers makeovers so. Number one killer in Atlanta last. Number two line up your money. Number three builder buyers' list number four to storm into offers that's all there is to it to get started now. Once you learn those four things have those four things like and a beautiful keep going to sit here I was well aware of that stuff on. Looking you know political operators shall we wanted to throw out the window. If we had a window in here. So and so once you get those four things lined up. What you get those four things land. Right. Then you need to start work on KP this way and that buried things and I've item money matters and make offers USC YouTube. I said makeovers meego from Mexico offers. Maine is is he went it is. I think is just a standard I don't consider that. That is a step that that was a good save on an apartment there. So but anyway then then you can get down to 22. We're communicate via its like I want to make three offers a day Olympic offers a day or put on a hundred bandits the week. A war to call 25 Craigslist today hold the post to Craigslist that every day whatever it is that you won't do. You know you need to to set a goal and write it down and then stick with the right. Right and watch the goals though her you know a couple weeks since. Sometimes you hear really anxious right at the beginning and you can back the gold down based on watcher actually able to do. What's producing. So don't get frustrated with that let it be fluid for a little bit but try your hardest to set the goals I mean to keep the goals that you Doucet. Is give the opposite call 877 Mary go. Pick up here investors kid if you can come map for a tour or we can. Talked to somebody about our coaching mentoring opportunities are getting signed up for the next three day. We're gonna take a quick break we'll hear about 877 Larry yeah. Welcome back brag radio. We've been talking about. Our three day event that we just had. And I am kind of sentence and API and things like that Ali talked about the four things in the last segment that you need to get started let's. And you wanna expand on any of those who. No I just love being on the real radio because you can have real music. Real Van Halen music. For a little about this show. The little fires Chad. Are you in fear of that happening. And it really will like mile. Now. We do and have people come up to a set of this like Candice who you gonna have somebody else on your show hasn't happened while. But it has happened what happened. Happened. That's an ad man Manila. June. So well so let's talk about we're gonna talk about the struggle lesson deals. And. You about it you don't we just the house and yet there's a house that we just picked up that effort on McClellan that went 44. There was listed for 144 have been dropped a timer to a belief and and I think that they are he has is probably around 180 something like that. I think actually Andrea told me maybe 190 when he defile one I need something like that. 185 in play and we picked it up for 101 of believe. But they were probably sell that for 115 to 119 simpler then. And all the all this property really needs this carpet just about it. This Hud pools at the carpet stain at the house this thing here whatever that's gonna pull the carpet out. You'll really locked into a stinky house so I kin and Hud house have a no carpet pretty common thing. That that's true that is to never been in a smelly house never ever ever. So whoever is good about this house from us we're gonna make a quick 151000. Or whatever and then whoever buys a house from us. They're gonna put carpet and whatever else maybe pain. In the gonna sell for 117. And one. Ever. Right and so it's win win for everybody right right and we make a quick book. And they make. More money book they're gonna settlement longer but. Yet go close what we're doing a wholesale and that's what we teach people how to do. We do wholesaling and we do lease options seller financing that this long ago also so. Another cool thing about this league it was built in 2012. Maybe you know. And and but it's somewhere in the Carolinas while somewhere that I addict always an order announces now. It's. Oh no it's in the Carolinas. But. Yes hello all slow. What else about this oh it's got about five makers away and that's not them. This should be an easy sell for us to fix this I'll slow. Should be an easy sale in fact we've. We just got the property and restarted mark and one guy came by the office today. He came by the office and and and told him about it is like. She might even though. So these houses go quick when you got to deal. And if you've got to deal they're gonna go. They're gonna go that it is so it's a good house to house. That ethnic. About it. The second house it is day it's a manufactured Holm. With a permanent foundation. Bill and it was a hug as well. And it was Lister for 67. Probably depicted up for 44. A believe 4142. For a force. In the low forties. And so oblique was shelved it for 54 maybe. So polite that. This house race it's huge house it's over 2000 square feet by a four bedroom at somewhere in the careless. It's Caroline missile. Maintenance property means. I work. It doesn't really matter where it is it's going to be as a human life. I think in the carpet and might even just need the carpet stretched. You know they play it ripples. Yeah yeah so there's deals out there are a lot of people say oh you can get deals anymore the deals are hard to fire and you know yeah they can be hard to buy and but it's like I was talking to an inner circles to we have we have of course Irish report from this program. And calls talking to an inner circle student and he was questioned it there for awhile. But then he called me and says you know award you know does struggle with some things. Which. Slow. We can on the fold and I was asking how many offers you make. Me that it offers. Well I mean it's a question which you think of Obama. Gimmick but I don't. Oh what'd you think you have about a house right. So approximately. Ready zero zip nada. I wouldn't happen my line he. Life threatening and life happened. You know and that's true it happens all what was done and when that happens all of us. And an even me I mean you and I were sitting and going over some of our TP it's the Mars or court earlier. And to try to simplify things right now so it does it does happen in the got to be so careful. About getting back home life happened so. You've got to work. Is what you have to do this is very very very important right where ever important man or do the things that most people won't do now. So you can live the life that most people can't late. Right. Do the things most people won't do right now. So you can live the one quoted today and it actually on it and write me I didn't make enough right. I didn't make up operatives for years. You know and you have to work as hard on yourself. You know and if you were harmed yourself. Like four will be much easier for that to work hard on yourself like will be much easier for and and I always say take it to you make right. You'd gain. But you can't just go on Google seminar or read a book or whatever you got to take action the book is not going to make you any money. But if you used the tools in that book. And you take it applied and put it in action. You will be an enemy. Will be able to grow your business you will be able to you know situation period bill lot of people. A lot of people who have this mentality. Then you know I've only ever made 40000 dollars a year. It they can at 101000 dollar check. They're like number one they're blown away but number two. There internally. They don't feel like they're worth more than 40000 dollars a year so. They feel like they've reached that Sheila yeah right. And they can't get past that. So what they do is they get that big of a 4000 dollar a year salary. And then get a 101000 dollar check. And and they're ecstatic. But at the same time. They're like subconsciously. I'm not worthy of that and that was because sales of Hitler is that. I have a son or students. I have. Noticed that they self sabotage with a lot of different aspects in and sometimes what we talked to students about isn't always real estate it's about how to get out of their own money. You know that's true sometimes being a good rules state coach. Is helping them with the rules state deal and sometimes it's be in the bartender sometimes and I. It's it's just personal through that's one of the reasons that we have. Our ASAP program you know IR advanced success accountability Brian. We will hold our inner circle from the students accountable. We want to make sure. That they're focused. That they have good time management. And that they have clarity but causes so much noise out here about rules they write in about everything really. We're bombarded about stuff every single day. There's so much noise I hear so many things that you can listen to so. We want to make sure that we provide our students with clarity. Because. The main thing is keep the main thing the main thing to put the main thing is keep the main thing the main thing. That's right you gotta have that one main thing that you're doing I am successful coming out again on that's the clay. And on a teacher there and go. The main thing is the main thing to me what I like that. Yeah I didn't. And news haggling. C does let us help you at this give us a call at the office is starting with the investor's kit. 877 Larry go if you think somebody opposite pick up the physical can't we'll have one ready for you if not we can humility a talk to us about our coaching mentoring opportunities also about any three day events that are coming up. 8772. Larry go check out brag radio dot com prop have to show our paths will bear back. Bono Mack to brag radio. I was. My favorite segment here for a famous falling in love it. Oh man Palin segments we're you're so funny. He would even have to do that if you just listen to Van Halen come in the studio and you intensive listen and then another right that every dollar in Livonia I'd love it now. That now. So anyway let us set forth segments of this gives us a chance here around rag radio a few dozen or less than those for the first time. To talk to students or how I students that are. Investing in real estate just like we do like how we talk and today and so this week we have dose of what us. What's happened in Jozef. How are you sir I. Are you create a ROU I ran into an awesome we're doing great we're doing great. Sorry that Helen couldn't be with this only. Level the radio today. But we really really appreciate you taking your time well guy has Joseph Addai Helen his wife. Our our inner circle apprentice program students. And they're out they're just questioned at their rocket in Roland. And I'm just so proud of what they're doing I'm just so impressed. And so Joseph to tell our listeners a little bit about. Moises jewel. On the street and commute arguably the only date we fueled by and you'll. And people well oh and while many years ago in the going to be. Nineteen year and it wasn't there tidal wave Mika mortgage and live and we'll go money as a down payment from Poland so. And then you being. Tool mainly coal ship and the a lot of different approach but these did not like all of them. Mean pick up some chrome or other courses but in the Vietnam like compute your broad. And only going to be a true American Larry and different outcome when computers through. It is Soviet and realize is that this is actually what you're looking for. Or are on the leg there. You are doing exactly what lays. By you get rid of your people mommies. And so imputed. Either can't look at all of his older and and polite very simply. Alone on Friday and actually you sold 10. Four cash. And believe it found that we all know I mean can. And he got Nicole from the one lady and Shia controlled much reward in the year. 2.5 thousand dollars down there and I was hundred feet 101000. Then 180. All right guys did not even know which is going to be. Well let's go to. And then took over okay now that companies are pointing to follow. Pay annual cash though so much. You look for how much you wouldn't do it can be. Told me negotiate with a little bit and the Soviet period. They've completely. Wired big budget minded toward Jordan though it may be because I believe equals. And so he bought the people that how. Maybe he thought it was odd thought followed in between may be light. If he'd come before. You wouldn't. Before you go out there you go actual. Warfare and they bought it. Holy book tree it was a very it would really nicely and I unfortunately am not that there would you go away. It was nice. It was nice. And other media sold. They're so. We go and are trying to advocate it actually what you view life. All of you duel like this film airplane and thank them people who appreciate it pan Soviet myself and 10 yeah and Dixon almost Carolina. And it looked double wide mobile local boy to a law. Right. Like clear now I think he does the love Ali. Why do you. Outlook I've spoken about SpinRite while I was in your future. We've tied to their old. You remember you can view of it. Yet engine debuted on migrant boat on the same side of the Boozer also not trump. It was their pals. Oh and the side yeah it was turned sideways but it was a face in the road like this should be. Yeah exactly what it and yeah. The aggregate income the idea in cool because people go out started. Yeah actually banned by people a lot of time and your physical you know. As great. Yes Gil Gil now and go what actually it what actually is just buckled. People upon sign it cools the wool mart and you don't people ever made they're both Saturday Sunday. And Belmont. I definitely don't they don't pay people. Meanwhile gold to have any of the way and ask your win in the NCAA the other side of him and sort of just meant the Wal-Mart. A are. Next the Wal-Mart that flow of. Are I would really terrible. Yeah and the list I enter I started to build a view hotel and I'm proud. Pocket executives. Like Larry there. You've got mad because you needed to orient you to. Came in nothing more nothing manager. And it looked absolutely. Oddly people of the poor can believe in drew. And I cannot be women agent who create produced. This story absolutely are great and you Republican was my life and the I actually because you have been to blitz. Did creep Soviet because he peeled out to implement nugget in camp is yeah I don't it will carry the and anything okay may be made and also we've got that call for a month and they do it. Which show hugged them both before and though. They negotiated. Really quality. They negotiate it 900 dollar deal with their under both seven and 99. And they go okay do you may be 79 going to be so I'm going to be okay. Because debated and don't know the. They got a 900 dollar diskette that. And undergo it. And it and I BMW doing it and people. Will mean war. All and I love the lower. There's gonna show a lack. Like a lot of good Florida is dead end of the island. It was very scary to me national health club and Julio what we've been under and you're. In keep all that he would story idea. You know Florian being. So this is why all the equipment change heavily in so well what you can be exploited on the ball because you're gonna change we can. He's so. Many years you have your mortgage. Born to guard to march. Not want them for life. You win one year but you know alone is going to be completely different ball not a problem. Andy and I am so many people a year. Lyle look at the Palin or Uga. Our campaign. We've seen in the company's gone into the lot the day parade kicks fought victory insurance and mortgage. While that's a better deal than you could ever have imagined in my right. I am absolutely dictate what people look normal very funny I thought well why you wanted to do is read what they've been able ambivalent. And they wanna you're heavily gimmick that's a win win for everybody. Okay. Wow wow. Now that's how she sold for 79 how much did you have an. I told you bulletin for. Torre. Why am I believe or 31 to your blog oratory tool and being viewed on street Politico. Light sport where remotely like 800 dollars I'll side. You know the light. A law and they'll probably at about 800 dollar and did you out of going to go out there may be going doing. While that's great that is great now you got 15100 dollars a month come an end but they did Wear you down man hundred. The that the. If you. And so give people keep me when you negotiate and build okay. I've grown up 6000 dollars. Yes it means that my mortgage is going to be on seven you'd be followed them then like mole. Invitation and you and he's district it is not certain that the united liberal favorite to beat. While. That is also. I don't hear from united guys so looks like so yes. Does the guy if you are the man the legend in the mills. And I'm so proud you I mean I know you just about a couple deals but I know you guys are doing a lot of deals. Congratulations. Thanks for grant they're making it happen and taken action. Thank you Larry and Candice and that's gonna wrap up today's ranked radio leading the world to be rich in generous. More information about what Larry pianist talked about on today show or to get a free investors get. Call 877 Larry go that's 8775277946. You can also go to brag radio dot com. Make sure to tune in every Saturday for ranked radio leading the world to be rich and generous. Larry and Candice we'll show you how to invest in real estate and the many ways realistic creates the ideal investment. Here on news 1110 not 93 WBZ.