Frank and Andrew Trammell

At Home with Roby
Sunday, June 24th
Frank and Andrew Trammell of Carolina Home Medical Equipment join Patrick and Trent to discuss business principles.

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Following is a sponsored program on WBT. You look at that homophobia. Patrick capacity present these services along for hastened. President and CEO of the relief in his company's Wii or your posts Trent happy Sunday morning Tia it is man I just had done a distant could. A shuttle bus water today hey it's completely if so we wouldn't you explain the box watered thing I think we have never we re reference box water a lot on this. And a speakers will we wouldn't you take a picture this and put on well I don't know bombing you know when you drink lost water it's that the is that I don't know lob at a water tastes like that chocolate milk from element is let's. Has to say same thing at the size home element is all water at clearing and how water re had any kind of open it up a month on the sides here in and it kind of yeah anyways we'll give you night of the box in the paper in your malware on your little walk away. If it's been a bit. Made it would got a great show for you today make it up voices back. You sound like men like them like at seven he's not in the and we know Lamar Boyce was bad for two weeks up I can't say enough felt good now I don't feel and it took my voice back. Adrian and I don't like are there are a calmness. That's due to condemn me it is country get out of here for a couple days you have to look at me for a little roll out. That we have we have a great show today as we do we have we have. The tramples franks the father and Andrew's son care Austin medical equipment. Not to be confused with Alan Trammell from RBIs baseball was played Nintendo and a great Detroit paglia tigers shortstop for twenty years I don't know it now elevated him. Now he's saying can I add depth he's upcoming Oscars it's out yet that it flew open. To us about. That's about right fluffy but Petraeus is sort of is sort of it's it's it's I don't know the right word for about how we met was through all our. Our are are of course course our family member TJ you the past couple months ago back in May. Sorry instant I was twenty months now in it's TJ is why eighth Celia. Works for injured and Franken Sandra now we're connected through that through. My wife for over a woman who were with my wife initially vol I got a text message from the fundamentalist order plants. And and and I injured I don't think we orchestrated against on the page for a Florida family and and that's how we mad and really the first Allen met face to face was a TK's funeral. Yes since call it what it is avid that this is this a while we're all sitting here and ended and it TJ is. Wound down Thomas guy and we're gonna talk about it we're gonna talk about it later later when Andrew and and frank get on Mike but bill. But but I think the core the core resignation here is family business an idea how you treat treat your people and and we try to do the right thing is is sticky and in as long as you try and treat them right and you know. To be it in watt. That that was watch PO Lynette Alice on swap the and but the one thing that resonates when I hear hear these gentlemen tall and does this is slight. It's like holy they kind of lit with a one thing that the world we talk about his. The things they do for people and have gone over decades and decades in their businesses. It quietly. And a legend begins bill are a round bat and they don't care about it that's just what their spokes to do. And and I'm looking and Andrew and when Andrew and comment we said hey we gotta get to know which are the better. I think we can share ideas and and hopefully help people a little bit. But it may yet TJ he was he was special because I need to each day from feet. Team clutch attitude and then 2000 before that positive first on met him. That it ended in I was wrong is April tournament when he passed way it was amassing his birthday was may fifth which is mines may sixth is the day before mine. I'm mature I mean an income came in the WBT today. It's a seeker record has turned a week in May they had tragedy over the weekend as well so we wanna make sure Ruth did an about Dunleavy T family as well they lost. They're head of digital and the visual I think again there right TJ. A mr. Richey yes and I passed a motorcycle accident on Saturday senate's. Was it about them now. I lice fragile man not say it. As you get as you get older you you experience it more I think is a testament to your network grown and more people you get to know Sosa blessing this double a.'s solar but. You gotta help beep when you got to care reform. India we got gov pat cumin and deaconess head in the door mess in the sub today yeah. They don't get out of here. It is. I collect a four up in the listen like four more years Ellington and how I. Don't know what he's doing and I thought he was doing the four horsemen. Aren't Anderson I must be path. I'd stay here. I I don't know about spoke about this that my boy Ford. Has taken to wrestle and a lot out of us. You know it all started about six weeks ago on Monday night Anderson on accounts and a simple. Seem to remember that wrestler came home and nice those common mineral missing about five. And he was he enamored so now now now hill doing invisible road neutral site. Let's wrestle an imbalance after rogues on here. Don't give me a Russian sickle now based Arnold and that's a BT which it was Ellis what it thrower when you're not bank is great doing stifle my degree and a half year old boys learn about the world do the Russians Nicholas. I just hope I never get our real rush and sickle wins it wins I win didn't it was civilian led dropped on the but. What else well not just one upping the Charlotte Charlotte move is the figure for right okay. Through the figure for was what do we always try to do don't think we ever learn how to do it. A satellite. Doing a pogo stick horse run you know cycle so I let's get off the top gonna get that old school Charlotte restless TF market here we know that couples like a job co host this. No we included on the okay. We had Andrew Trammell and frank Trammell the Carolinas and middle Clinton met met care honest and medical clearly you're not gonna wanna miss this it's. Great story to talk about how assertive business their philosophies. And what are you gonna talk a lot of you know warm Buffett nearby has or wins it it's a neat businesses call priceless service they have my have a terminology for. But stay tuned if you went behind your business skills and get excited about going to work Monday will be right back you listen at. At home what drove me thank you for Jordan and welcome back home with Rosie I'm Patrick has a community services along with your taste in from the ruby family of companies. We are here has trim our guests today are injured in frank Trammell. From Carolina's. Moments. Medical. Equipment and they get their I guess multi dragnet out a little longer a islamists have understood Carolinas medical home equipment that's it that's got it we gotta eight up. CM AG not Amanda this is done that for you guys maybe NASA Marshall and doors on the radio I'm gonna learn about some you know you don't think he'll learn about every day. Their smile got a walk around the studio a little bit you who it is they some of the radios Slattery says that glad to have you guess did this year. Thank you very Adams the father son come yeah yeah as a view Lister radio talk about mod my late father all the Tom Patrick we've had Patrick's dad on the radio we're very fond of fathers. So wonderful I have the the Bob going home. Dowdy is cool and you know we. MI down should be never listen to get beckoned us. Here's the podcast he liked him bears need a little bit there's council more stories have been indicated. And I'm sure if we give frank a wanted to try to tell some stories about Andrew as a kid can maybe get him already facing the studio for sure. Well we'll tell us out tell us about your business up Franca I understand he started from the ground up six in the. Tell us how sore how that evolved. Okay well I started out in the textile business guys working full or big company Sony's. Heard Celanese. 49 years of that. And the textile industry would elect. Right I'm fifty years oh what might or denial you know when my grandfather worked for Phil Chris and same thing that ego yeah I they were big customer. And I wound up in this business. My wife was a school teacher. I do business plan. As soon you're ugly teachers do in the more I need you to be mad at me in person. And oh by the way there won't be a paycheck for at least a year. How'd that go for either of us because she said OK I am Molly and this bill now. And I try to work my wife one time that did it didn't work. Based it's it's interesting this is not treated his wife is a project manager for his remodel itself your work in her right now she's she's working you go to eagle senator. But yes it's been a this bill is for the fun time she's now retired she retired maybe six months ago Austin and I'm practicing returned Seles two years ago easily your 52 now move. He said he practicing retirement he's practiced and are tyrants. Well he's got what person never hear rudder in the senate right now he's brilliant he's heir apparent than he's now president then uncle he's doing all the heavy lifting and I'm just call most of the figured Ian so that. And so stopped paying real real good retirement. How about the same as the sale. I remember in 2003. Als at a stop light headed home on May Monday eleven rally is a gas price about four dollars. And and the outlook run in the company right but I still had him in my awful and my granddad in the business and and I was frustrated and trying to build systems from about the right. It was animate main route Armey let me drive home car pulled in the beside each other and gas was four dollar he hated me around home when 2000 user data about about about. And at the stoplight at an adult now rode in and will resemble large. He stopped a truck and payload that mainly SAD give me out of power but it it. You know listening thing ascent into a symbol that Obama takes on the T have a problem that you know do some oath must Sundays or be happy and I need to be at peace with the deal. Could he set the stage and he was always suffered a ball land so I understand that. I'm trying my best to let him spread his wings let's do it and and do it. The right way in here he's got a business coach it's waste more than my film it's. Any he listens to discuss a Hoosier business cuts amount is Harvey Smith. Harvey Smith spoke I never heard of our read these up Harvey Smith with the institute success OK well they can fantastic. Individuals. Okay I'm sure you appreciate you give a plug him as awesome the way he we believe wait we've done Sam ourselves Tran R&R program and and I'm a member a lot the other young president's organization so we believe in. The value of coach you know learn and and continuing education and haven't had a semi hold you accountable and threaten at and you can never learn do much that's. So tell us about your business would talk about the lost face but that's at a well we're in the DM me business. That's a demolition there was close and. He had joined ten years ago I had no idea what the Emmy was. The Amy stands for durable medical equipment. But for the most part we specialize in respiratory devices such as she pat them but perhaps oxygen. Seating immobility. Manual wheelchairs power wheelchairs type and serve in the patients of hospice and pound of care shoulder region. And of life care we've got about 700 patients in any given time under their senses and it's his fast moving. When they need something they need something not right away right away yeah. That's the nuts and bolts of what we do so you'd still be equipment that. That everything we do the renal renal and insurance driven oh you release the OK today and it's it's oftentimes the cap room also overtime after given. Number of months the equipment that transfers ownership to the patient. A guy. Catalog of lace and a vehicle. Pretty much we all have to give it back in Boca Raton maybe somewhat similar to that. It's this is basically mean it was CDU Kallis is some of the stuff delegates about wheelchairs. Explain a little bit morning good to see deets on exactly what you're providing these people mean instead this. It between the knee in the license you mentioned that seat have what exact thirty dubious actual system is this the oxygen itself. Is it a little bit of everything and how to take did you get in this business right textile and I'm already confused not just didn't happen to us. Think that's a great question. One of mud great customers from Burlington industries. He was an executive VP. His old division was shut down. About three years prior. To. My exit. And I get in touch with a and he had a brother that had a very large. And he said come appear in look at this. I think you'll like it. And I did. Came back wrote a business plan showed that this was more people mug printing money and it was the lowest layer of full weight in the Charlotte market in that business know. So you took market share that somebody else there was a big Emeka on the on every corner seem like they were they were everywhere. It is interest thing because now we are the last. Independent. They'll explain this in a minute. Full service to the Emeka on the left in shawl. Explain full service. That's that's that's hello and he and he got it. And respiratory OK okay full I would try hospital billions. Bathroom safety and allow wheelchairs bouquet manual and power. Patiently a slow air also mattresses wound care therapy I mean. You name it how do you Laura I'll learn about all that crap. Well yeah but at the we learned this week as we wish I was just play IOC in a pocket it was the most talented she is a reality stay up late night guy at a lower loss mattress put up the next morning and I had to read up bone in my in big time. Not pay what you we can respect data me so I got into the electrical business ahead I act interest laugh and then I had zero new electoral back I had to take classes CP CC. Read in books I mean need to protect himself while lining you sort of resource self teach yourself. But your point is as being at a sort of a product sales persons if he ours in the product he can't come across confidently with declined to net. Isn't gonna those very well in that took some time to sort of likely but it was it was it city it's exciting console like every day is something news. So now we're to a point where we've got. I think we've got. For a consultants. Did did we use regularly that's awesome who are expert in what they do. That's great I mean we outsource what we KM to the people did you do that for a living. Well that's all they would do is work. On that one type of equipment they're really good it and excited yeah you lyzard real assets exactly. Ellis. When Alice coming into a business that was not my favorite but my favorite line and and I gained a lot of steam with it is it is now it's open it was like idol I don't I don't know the answer. But give me to a 12 o'clock tomorrow and I resource access resources in the world not an hour ago humble up and ask him. Well Oliver learn more about your business thing in your product. And I wanna I wanna hear how eye injuries taken over a world leader so. We you gotta stick around for a few minutes. Athletes and I'm. Hang tight you listen at home with Robby thanks for join. Welcome back then the group. That's the red services a longer than Jason good. Thankfully you valued talking slow you talk in Florida may now you've got them and your phone and I minimum candlelight he hidden everything we got our Bob Franken the studio today. He's got an idea on how to gates de LTE to reopen the I think it Italy today introduced the Pitt who is who has battled the president of the business is there an Alabama business the dram. All the other other son do and if you read is the son Andrew Luster dale man how's business Gordon and will what are we doing in this DMA world these days. Is is going great frank recruited me about eight years ago. You're in real estate right before how woes as I told him. I wouldn't serve about a million a year his family thing now because they'll org out right. A year later it was going great I mean they want our walk in there I'm looking. All over the place and I see hundred dollar bills it's laying all over the floor and I've never a good pick up how fast enough in here right now rally behind medical surveys though. They are doing a great job and I just saw opportunity. Billion and I have a technological background remain mindset name and operational efficiencies. Is a save and we've just been able to. At that time we had about ten people today we have forty something while that's one of five years. It is in Kenya Indonesia seniors only ten years yet and we are our volume has grown tremendously. At the same time we've taken about a 50% cut reimbursement. Our revenue doesn't reflect the actual growth. Slalom. So so is a 100% of your revenues insurance based. About 30% Medicare. But Tony 5% hospice 5% Medicaid. And the rest is probably insurance. Caddie hey we do have some of them we do a lot of business with the the assisted living facilities in town got skilled nursing facilities it's more like a wholesale type party busy right now and that's all else like a cash business as opposed to deal we got insurance world. So it's lose so my dad I experienced this my dad believes his daughters he was old school you know when he was sick. I Alice China gave him some some some vitamins are taken to tell slap me AMA he did act underwent. If I mean if they did not able to pay low worker for daughters and he believed in daughters I hate Don Ellis but. It's eight dale what they say did does the consumer I have a choice in where they go get their equipment. And that absolutely everything about face until suddenly you can choose your own I don't think people know that my dad didn't seem to have Mbenga well it. You know. I recommend. Let's say somebody since you first sleep study then you obviously pat and you've got a prescription for one. Take a moment Google look companies around. They would their reputations like say what kind of service level you're gonna get out. And a and a C path is for sleep axis. Sleep machine any basically batting machine yeah yeah yeah I don't bash for party about a month and I have ago in Mexico and I had a roommate and he had. He had a seat back. And it was a little a little embarrassed about it but I also wanted to hit a pretty medium rare existing Altria and other titles one in three million in the United States has wrecked that right wanted to remain in one and three men and it is Al taste we have the stuff. Very good friend he's if you thought something was wrong with a sleeve and he basically fell asleep at the wheel at a stoplight in Hickory. And let's sums are right when in this ad they've been died as mislead battening started dating my seat that says changes life. Miss a totally different person now because he's getting arrests coming say Betty guys our city you know a lot about this. I don't recall a disease or an ailment or what what exactly is that there's some security unison statistics earlier and it didn't quite frankly were alarmed. It's a crowning. Disease. That is there's nearly a billion people in the world with sleep apnea while. 80% close to 85%. The latest number don't even know they had. Less crazy. So you know so there were assess that are walking around like zombies to their noggin a proper rest that we're all fully behind the wheel that they're tired and or concentration. They're at risk for long term problems. Ranging from heart disease hypertension. Start. Type two diabetes stroke. Aggression we're symptoms soaring amid is as sentiment that would have been a tough losses chase nor is a symptom but didn't it's not necessarily go I mean that you have sleep apnea. Being overweight obviously. Yeah. Is it is gonna be a good indicator. And I would you don't have to be overweight. My somebody hears god and I certainly have not drink one beer just normal mortem when I don't great wonders in my life. CC's Don let me have an excuse me that. That's not be held Macedonia got out Jane the idea that up yeah sue moss male dominated the yeah if it didn't path I'd do not know the feeling that I. That I. Convention that I just wanna hear more about your business only hear about your leadership style I'm not going to school I think this has such a unique business I think it's cool that the the father and son working together and and you came and was it with how you look at stuff and haggard tech technology united. Old school. Has the business Golan and has the revenue and and you go any Selma clean this thing up and up while when I'm out of Greg I think this and nothing is 101 success of how off father son worked together and ended as. They have a similar story from. Our business. Yeah well you know with without our coach Harvey I learn how to hire people then come back. I believe in hiring the right people in the buying into our core values. And our mission and that is. If were taken something out to a customer. If this not good enough to put out for your mother. We're not gonna put it out. And our people need to be compassionate. Patient respectful. And timely. And if you're not buying into that mission triangle. Make it too long and I you know Charlie only you're interviewing hammer don't on the as very probing questions we also give a behavioral assessment to. New hires called the disk outlet and a stuff don't work it well. It's very darn accurate when you get asked these probing questions on top of that the guy who Banda lie detector test invented the desk. And so I'll learn to read that very. Very well at. That's good it is just sit city you do the turbulent. Do the final round I'm gonna it yet. For all all levels those staff. Not all levels. But sometimes it's so so I guess it gave me the game the birds W. Senior business what what levels I mean you have salespeople you have an an out and analysts on the way. We have a lot of office staff and calendars on the delivery stat that as a well we don't column delivered drew delivery drivers because there holly trained. Do technician at saint Denis today and they hang in Brazil it match ups once and down the other roll around to the point where they. You know troubleshoot things over the phone the mill the night. Because this though I'm in a lot of this is life and death stuff right I mean for cook for your client's order. It feels that way it feels that way to them yeah yes. Not necessarily these things are life sustaining but does their clothes that's what that call call that's what about home a homeowner. Says when her kitchen and that's that's exactly right is is it fun. Sometimes we sometimes have we have 24 hour service our golf all of our services businesses. Sometimes attendees a silly you know this. In an emergency like my game caught out on Saturday but the did the correct answer there is it doesn't matter if it's not an emerged edu. It's an emergency to decline and therefore they want their light on and change. On Saturday night if it's an emergency to them submerged yes we take care is sewer that were very similar in. In regards to it to taking care of the clients. And that's really what it's all about if he eat if you don't Otto Frank's red in the might Trent. And if you don't take at a client whenever they call somebody else is going to. We don't call it the golden rule we call the only Platt now platinum Logan. School ally here to tell as units at a nice metal they're doing all the others is able to be done upon the death toll comes up good Italy say it's important to them it's important to us that comes up probably every says that that exact same mean he's well I had breakfast with the gas mourn and and and and he's he's psychologists and rumored outlook we're says some us as we never know as I've gotten over. You never know Luke where somebody's come and from what their angst guerrilla problem or whatever their builder minutes until you walk mom or she's coming so. Wool does is being great outlook should just pick Andrew if you stick around with us on the force same we we got a habit of haven't I guess hang out for few more minutes because I love how you live with your core values and you tell about it. A light here a little more Dobbin of that on our last same as we talk about. That it eleventh annual pace of it looks like these guys appear website or something it did did some McCann sit around the 4 signaling an evening Google's Carolina's home medical equipment. But size Debbie Debbie Debbie got CH MEI. Dot com causing terror on its own medical equipment ink to treat to have the corn hole tournament IKEA yeah a year in Iraq to me. Hang tight you know listen I. Welcome back at home reading catch the pass from rose service salons can hasten from the Robie family of companies. We are your race trim we're still here was injured and North Carolina Sen medical witness followed frank is here well what got to travel plan. And he I said they. I ya heard me say after a mod three dollars a school every day during school and and the last thing we say before regular at a trucking is. Do the golden rule do on others as you want others Tony you know yet. And lord a civil person lord please let others do the cone of my children. And yeah I'll say you believe and platinum role and the platinum role is. Do along to others is they want to be done at four point line said don't move. Don't try to guess. To write all the time that's right we have a philosophy priceless service for a fair price. And I believe if you can become monetize your business suit giving great service. Being in a family oriented business. Ring and on the core values that you talk about taking care of your clients. Your associates are your clients yet and your vendors and so very clients because they didn't I say well here's Shane. And I believe the heat you can give prices are seen grow market share. That resonate with the guests. As soon we're all about extreme service. And they're a sample in differentiates us from groups some of the other you know big nationals. You know we're on a cookie cutter business you know we can Bob and weave as needed we had a call yesterday from a lot of crime and spells. Whose husband just paths and they had a hospital bed in their living room. And they needed it now. And guess what. It was out that morning. Press yeah that morning it will we get it we know families come and in the town and yeah read and they sit com that's the person now touch that a company like us. Can bring to the party you know we can't hear that really hits having truly care about what's going on and we understand we've been there with a family because that. Means so much is so little and so miniscule if you don't understand. But Miami is a world that person at that time loop seals that day on baited her husband was lane in as there laying it is you call Wal-Mart it might be 34 weeks until technicians in the area. That we noted competitors are now that is that it gets a site. Last say Wal-Mart than the DM me. They cannot Amazon now I just think but Amazon priming opened at Ellis Island is where they want us in the drawing them. Had a big dagger on June 5. I Russo. Yes it is yeah anything else along those lines prize a server for a loved that you take areas such as salmon escape. And it's a family business and we take it seriously and we spoke a little bit about it on the first save them but that's kinda how we came together as far as how we're grow and our friend ship. We're rang out little little bit after show today bit but. The bit when we met we said hey do you when you meet like minded people that did trial found success to take care of others as a quote family business and an annulment and famous about I east. Treat people. I think you try to grow relationships with commissioners here business war stories right yeah and wore it not always bad mortars. Thought they live and learn. We'll talk about it passion can always say we're in a ninth round of a Mike Tyson heavyweight fight from the inside for the out of solid no great run media superstar driver from the inside man off the bomb battered Myanmar Mars song mom. Might I MB month almost are never rat but now have to be at W McIntyre we have an old school reference here excesses disorderly this you know what thank you for being an on our show please look load bespoke so Obama Tom Harkin a Lithia deadbeat deadbeat deadbeat dot CH ME dot com CH DM eighty. Dot com on your own new medical equipment Charlotte did yeah pat show you'll recognize limited TS seen on your bands mystery recognizable they're not disagreeing crawls yet. And remember you do have a choice. And also definitely I think people do the WWW and I knowledge Alice I'll think about that all Alan Jackson sound. IB did B debut. Yeah Allen he said it would like he's identity identity that I know that Davey Davey Davey danger Roby that. Yeah what's it looking for in check out who's provide and the problem is you know doing your own research. So we're gonna lead this sand. So Christine don't bustle sub in the handle cynical or how are eleventh annual corn hole tournament the way we started our corn hole term eleven years ago. I wrote the business plan. Mr. Trammell and and when I wrote a business plan I had a give value to the people that dollars expect in the donate money to make a wish foundation. And I said I gotta give them more brand recognition I gotta go sell help them sell their business because they're good people. And nothing go asking for a thousand dollars or 2002. Up thousand dollars whatever sponsorship was but it was providing that value. Tuesday on beyond what we expected them written. 22 gala charity really content to not aiming gala us. And we've carried I don't know we're proud to disarmament of the year to raise well over me and half dollar so. Vertical. And donate to come this year to get involved this. I tell the story. I went to my dad and you know we were struggle Evan years ago inside our business like we are today the Mike Tyson analogy and I go to Monday and mosque. My brother my local in this is in May of oh wait I don't toolbar char shareholder remain in her Warren Buffett speaking up melt palm. That came back except when I start. I'm a dog Cornel parliament and start get back and I had eighteen Monday as symbol. You know in the construction business right and and it it it and a he was ruled morale would hit. When he was say. Three years three and a half years ago four years ago in the fought thing I guess it was into the united my dad's last Cornel turned me he wasn't yet not a house much. They sure enough we have dangerous and he came out spent a couple hours member that would Biscayne yeah I hate it he was -- trial he was because we're raising 200 plus thousand dollars all contractors and a bunch oh contractors get together success love don't feed the till date. They're at the issues term. This belt September 18 fifty else it's sort of fit is the eighteenth. Hit jumper which is this Saturday either the fifteenth there'd AT and look at all of the other ethnic thank you for joining us have a great Sunday.