The Funeral of Billy Graham-Where Do Christians Go From Here?

Carolina Focus
Monday, March 5th

The Pastor and children of Rev. Billy Graham at his funeral. Rev. David Chadwick and the future of evangelism.


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I'm mark Thomas and this is Carolina focused on who's talking 1110993. WPT. 1079 the link. 1025610. WFANC. It's where we look at issues events and happenings for the quick Carolina's. Charlotte region and you. Welcome. This week we looked back at the funeral for her doctor Billy Graham. And we hear from his children and in their words about their father but first we begin with doctor Don Wilton who was reverend Graham pastor. In the first Baptist Church in Spartanburg. Would you join me as we pray together. How broad enough father. We lift high the name of the lord Jesus Christ today. Recognizing. That you alone all lord. Your god. You created us. And your purpose for us. Would be that through the love of god in Christ Jesus. We would be reconciled. To a holy and righteous god. Mr. Graham. Would want us most desperately today. Just think of nothing other then lifting high the name of the lord Jesus Christ. His lord and savior. We give fuel price. And gold jewelry. And as we celebrate. The lack of your servant. We trail bought. That you would bless us today. That you would speak to us and that we as a people would rise up. Can be determined. To live lives. That would be real pleasing in God's sight. Just as mr. Graham did. We pray these things in the wonderful name of the lord Jesus Christ and for his sake alone. Hey man. We begin with his daughter. And Graham lots. When I was a girl growing out mother. Medicine and the emotions every day. She read about them and she braves in that respect. My daddy was home he led and and the diversions. You read the Bobble but he didn't just read it my daddy would stop and make it come out here and ask a question and we would discuss the scriptures. So my mother taught me about her example to love reading my Bobble everyday. And my daddy taught by his example to think about what our misery. So that ten years ago eleven years ago when my mother went to heaven my daddy started asking need to read him about. And at first it was very intimidating and then it became. Such a joy and there were times when I would sit in front of my daddy it was hard of hearing so I would sit in front have been needed me. And he would ask me to give him a full sixty minute message. And he never took about half my face once and awhile he would interrupt me and asked the question earlier this guy. But he loved to hear God's words. And then as he got weaker three Albert from sixty minutes the top ten minutes. But the pattern was always the same. Whoever wins in the house was called to gather around him. And we did that whether it was in the kitchen or even that he is studying are more recently when he was in his bedroom. But the pattern and I think people would gather around and Albert greener pastures scripture but before I did out explaining why it shows in that particular passage of scripture. Our. Neighbors are all these actions. And they need and actually. But you we would gather round and I would explain why I chose not passengers scripture and then Albert read a passage German power always and I think daddy. I love you. So I have want to do bet. This time when we're gathered around that. And I want to read a passage of scripture but I want to explain you why I've chosen this particular passage of scripture. And the reason I admit I believe from Kevin's perspective that my father's death. Isn't that significant as his life. And his wife was very significant but I think when he died that was something very. Strategic from haven't point of view. And another before the foundations of the war related February 21 2018. Was the date that god chose to take my father home lot. And I had a three friend urged me to look that up on the way out there I looked up what was significant about that day and I found out February 21 2008 team. Is that they wouldn't choose to focus on scripture reading that Brooks is on the death of Moses. Moses was the great liberator. He brought us. People millions of people out of bondage to slavery got into the edge of the promised land and got sick and I happen. And then god brought Joshua to lead them into the promised land to take them home. And my father also was a great liberator. He brought millions of people kind of bond was just me and it gets us to the edge of heaven the edge of the promised land and then got it called him home. And then critics say that got a hundred brain Joshua. The latest in the promised land to leave it there haven't been you know what can you just my name is Josh. It's jade. And not okay this is a shot across the bow from happen. And I believe god thank white church wake up world wake up pay you if it's coming. And isn't that when I got split breached the whole rock every day in the service as against the church's missionary ministries. Judith credit package ready or fourteen. When the doctor has breached the hole well ban. The unwelcome. I would like to read you first as millions chapter. Floor beginning the first urging them to read it to the way my mother taught me up my name and make it personal. Now I have read in the way my daddy taught me comic come here and there. And it says I do not want you to be ignorant I am concerned those that follow honestly. And honestly as just the biblical term floor when God's children it's just a part of me that's what you. Closure on this like opened the face of Jesus that's when your faith becomes night. I don't quite clearly ignorant and concerning those are falling asleep lest you sorrow as others who have no hope. Or did you believe that Jesus died and rose again and other. Even though probably within goes to sleep and Jesus. Producer reached eighty about the word about our business gods were not benefit outweighs its not a hoax. This recent eighty about the article or that we you are a lot and remain until the coming of the lord will by no means free C goes to personally. For the large hands now. Josh yeah sure ride Jesus. Will defend and haven't finish out motherboard archangel with a trumpet of god. And the debt in Chrysler rounds prior that's not bad that's not my that's how run. And you and I were allowed her remains to be content together with them and the clouds than meet the lord in the care and that's when shall always be with the lower. Therefore comfort one another with these words and this is a time where there is halt or tomorrow. This fight is not out there had the best is yet to count. I want to make a pledge not. And not let your daddy. That India reviews appeared and learn about these witnesses. Well reached the work others do the work of an advantage is that we're sharing the gospel. And double rush hour race that outlines of that happening before the G. I have no program yeah I would vault bar the name of the orgy. I. N. We now hear from another daughter. Ruth Graham. I have followed her all my life. It. I want to thank each one of these for being here today. From those in the very back here and attend to the very different route we are blessed and honored that you're here thank you. And I have learned this week as never before that everybody has the Billy Graham story. And even this week president trump told us about his Billy Graham story. As a little boy his father took him to Yankee Stadium to hear my father preached and he hit this is a big deal. Yeah they know that there hasn't cost. Many many years later. But I have my own kilograms story I'm gonna tell you that wouldn't and I told it many times and some of you may be heard it many tabs. But it bears repeating because to me it speaks to the essence of who might otherwise. India's. After 21 years my marriage ended in divorce. I was devastated. I floundered. I did a lot wrong. The rug was pulled out from under me my family thought to be a good idea for me to move away. To get a fresh start somewhere else. So I decided to live near my older sister. And her family. And your good church. The pastor of that church in her dismay your hands and whatever. Do we begin to date fast and furiously. My children didn't like him but I thought you know there were almost grown. They didn't know what they did they couldn't tell me what to do I knew what was best for my life. My mother told me from Seattle my father called me from Tokyo. They say hi I want to slow them let's wait to get to know this man. Big European single parent they have never been divorced what did they know. So being stubborn. Willful. And sinful. I married a man this meal on New Year's Eve. It was a 24 hours and it made a terrible mistake. After five weeks I fled. And was afraid of him. What was I really do. I wanted to go talk to my mother and father. It is to take on. Questions swirl in my mind. Think a seat advantage. Posing a single mother. Significantly children. I've been such a failure. Oregon State and you. We retired at home with you. We told you not to do it even their stuff. And let me tell you you women will understand you don't wanna embarrass your father you really don't know and here's Billy Graham and and many you know that we live on this out of Milton. There's no way around myself up the mountain surrounded the last and in my father's driveway. In my father was standing here waiting for me. As they got a new car. Directors arms around instead of welcome home. There was no shame. There was no blame there's no condemnation just unconditional love. If you know my father was not Kohut. But he showed me what it was like it and when we come to god with our season. Our broken is our failure. Our pain and hurt. Contents welcome home and an invitation is open to you. And the. And we now you can words but teach grant. I'm ill this. I tell people that I don't like Italy oldest or the elders anymore with him I want to be called the one that daddy loved the longest. They you know I've read many many articles. I've seen things on television. That cars are so many have written. There's so many as two inches an opinion about daddy they're all so wonderful. The shoot I want to read something and I wanted to share this little girl that was born many many years ago. Aren't far away country. And she I don't believe it probably ever heard of Charlotte, North Carolina. Issues for many many years ago along the way too long time Alan Juno. Put her parents had taught her. To pray. Even at that early age for the man that god would prepare for her. And so there's a little boy here in Charlotte. Milking cows every morning and every afternoon and he had no idea that there was a little girl praying for him in China. Jim other many years after that wrote. Worth of mortgages about thirteen when she wrote this little poem that I could think of any suggestions. They have business. That could do better than this problem and I want to share this problem is that many of you may have heard. Archer quoted but it's worth to you again. Thirteen year old girl remembered. Dear god I've prayed all unafraid. As were inclined to it is. I do not need a handsome man. Old let him feel like you. I do not need one big and strong or yet so very tall. Nor indeed be a genius. Or wealthy lord. At all. But let his head the hi. Dear god. And ladies I be clear. He's shoulder straight. What air his state. Let air his earthly sphere. And oh god they kids face have character. And I arrived in this of soul. And let his whole life showed America. A single illness. Uncle. And Manny comes as he will come with those quiet think bill. I'll understand he's the man. I pray for a long ago. You know there. The lord answered every single one of those prayers that mother and me anymore. And the cars that little girl. I sisters and my Brothers tonight calls mom and a little boy was standing and I'm grateful that you guys that brought them back together again for an eternity. It. The reverend Graham son Franklin and keep his eulogy. Mr. President. Personally the ammonia com. This president pence a Karen. To my family. Government leaders. Notable guest. My father's friends and pastors and church leaders. And the wonderful supporters whose stood behind him with their prayers support all these years. And to my father's. Incredible staff. We have come here today to honor. A man of god. The library in back of us tells about the journey. Of faith. Then my father traveled his entire life. My father preached on happen told millions. I don't find heaven. He wrote a book on happen. And today. He's in heaven. His journey is complete. You may wonder how I. Best remember my father. Well I cannot remember my father without remembering my mother. She loved my father. He loved her. He would order. She was his soul made in life. And when she passed away eleven years ago this coming June. It was a big hole in his heart. He missed my mother. You had a big picture of her at the foot of his battle on the wall. And he could lie in bed and look at that picture of my mother. Sometimes I've come in there to see him his say Franco on the issue among the more today. I've ever. Mr. in my life. The last few years of my mother's life my mother was sick in bed that you would lie. And bet on her side of my father would comment and he would sit beside her and the two of them would look at each other. Just look at each other in I mean I had a high. Four hours. And if I sat in the remote felt a little uncomfortable like I was intruding. He loved her. And she. Loved him. My mother. Was. A part of my father's life at every turn. Well I think about my father and I can sit quietly and I can still hear is his voice. A word of encouragement. And sometimes a word of caution there quite a few of those. I can recall him. At home just laughing with their children have a great sense of humor he loved his grandchildren great grandchildren all of this family. And I remember we were taking walks to go along the mountain trails above but his long home there in Monterey. But the Billy Graham that the world saw on television. The Billy Graham at the world saw. In the big stadiums. Was the same building Graham that we saw home. Their work. To Billy Graham's. He loved his family he stood by us he comforted us he left us meant during legacy. His uncompromising testimony of God's great love. All of us children came to see the world. And our father in heaven. Through my father's eyes. I think the most compelling. Vision I have ingrained. In my memory. Is my father the preacher that bad for standard behind. This pulpit right here. And stadiums around the country and around the world. And his voice booming. Proclaiming the gospel. Of the lord Jesus Christ. His office said that some day you'll read that Billy Graham is dead he said don't you believe one word of it. These and I'll be more our lives. That I am now. I'll just changed addresses that's all. Every Sunday. That I was home I went to visit my father. I hit. It looked walk really could. I shared with things that we were doing he would ask questions. We talk about the Bible. It like to talk about politics. Sports. But the last few years he became rather quiet out. This last year of his life he said very little at all and I believe that is mine was on heaven. He often said I'm not afraid to die for no the joys of heaven or waiting. If they could speak. To use today. He would ask. Will you be making this journey to happen. Someday. My father's greatest long and has been granted. He's in the presence of god. There are few things up my father would want meters share with you today announcing just a moment. My father would want you to know that he believe the Bible to be infallible word of god. He didn't understand at all but he sure believed at all the Bible was his sole authority. When he preached. He always took the Bible to the pulpit with him. And for most of his messages he would hold the Bible in his hand. And he would quote scripture. After scripture. His sermons were filled with scriptures. And when you would quote the scripture you always say. The Bible sales. Why. Because it was his authority. My father believed in heaven. He also believed in hell but you see Jesus preach on hell. Pillows reserved for the wicket. For those who refuse to repent of their sins and acknowledge god son Jesus Christ as their lord and savior. The Bible says that god doesn't want anyone to parish. But all should come two repentance. This motivated. My father to preach the gospel. With urgency. He wanted to warn men and women of the consequences. Of their sins. That one day we will all have to stand before god to give him an account of our lives. That there was a judgment. Coming. But Bible tells us that man has been separated. From god by sin. And San as a disease but humans so the human heart and his infected the entire human race. The Bible tells us that we have all sinned. And we'll all come short of God's standards. His glory. And the penalty of sin. Is death not just physical death. But spiritual death for eternity. The best news ever declared is that god so loved the world that he gave. His only be gotten song. That whosoever believe within him. Shall not perish but should have everlasting life. This person was probably. In every message to my father ever preached. Because it demonstrates the love of god. It gives hope to a lost world. When one reads the papers or listens to the news we wonder what hope is there. But 2000 years ago god broke through the darkness of sin. And sent his son down from heaven to this sort of identify with us. To bring us the light of salvation not man Christ Jesus came to seat and just save that which was lost. The Bible says. Boris bike race but you've been saved through faith. And it's not of yourselves it's the gift of god not of works. Lest anyone should votes. And Jesus and I'm always the truth in the life. No man comes to the father. But by me. Millions today are searching. For the way. We're like go. What do I do Jesus said follow me. He says I'm way. Just a few days ago my father followed Jesus all the way to heaven. Most of his life what's been traveling the world but the last week he embarked on the adjourning. He had been looking forward to all of his life the journey. From earth. To happen. How about you. If this were your funeral. Would you be in heaven. Well you sure. Jesus still calls us to follow him today. Jesus said I'm the truth. Many ass today what is true. Volvo lies and false information what is the true Jesus. And the truth and all truth. Astounded him. He said I'm a life. Most people spend their wages improving. And tried to have a more comfortable life. If we follow him and trust him and believe him to be true he will give us not a better life because of promise that. He doesn't promise us a more comfortable life. But he does promises eternal life. Jesus tells us that no one comes to the father except through him the world with all of its. Political correctness. We want you to believe that there are many roads to god. Is just not true. How could Jesus make these claims. How can he say that he is the way the truth and the life involvement comes in the father but by him. You see. Jesus. Was god in the polish. Because music totally want industry. To take our sins and pay the deserts him. And my father would want me to share this with you today that god sent his son his only son from heaven that those are to take our sins and he took precedence to the crossed. And he died and our place he shed his blood for region every one of view. And when he hung on the cross god poured out the sins of mankind on his son the sins past present future. He shed his blood Parsons. He was buried Parsons. And on the third day god raised his son the life. Jesus is not dead. He's alive and he's here today. We've trusted him. He'll come into each and every heart that invites. And if we repent of our sins. And by faith believe on the name of the lord Jesus Christ. The Bible says we will be say it. Are you saying are you forget what. Are you trusting Jesus as your savior. Are you following Emmett Till lord if you're not sure there'd be no better time the right now at Billy Graham's. Funeral. To settle this once and for eternity. It's simply by faith simply by believing. If you were just to pray a simple prayer like this to say in your heart. To say this in your heart god. I'm Alison. I'm sorry for my sins forgive me. I believe that Jesus Christ as your son. And I want to trust him as my savior. I don't want to follow him as much more. If you just principle per like that god will forgive your sons. And you can have that hope of eternal life. Our last visit with my father Sunday February 18. And on the 21 of February. He was escorted by God's angels to book throne of god. And I can only imagine what it was like for my father to step. And it happened and there was the lord Jesus Christ to say. Well done good and faithful servant there was the throne of god can you just imagine that my mother. His mother. Father friends. Clapping cheering him bells ringing trumpet blowing. Not because it was Billy Graham is just as another child of god have come home. Another child of god. Then there won't we'll see on this. Earth. Again but I will see you again. I'll see you. May be soon. Not chip. God didn't. Thanks for listening to Carolina focus on news talk 1110993. To be BT 1079 the link. 125610. W offends the also available as a podcast at WBT dot com. I'm your host mark Thomas. And next we hear from the reverend David Chadwick before still church. Yeah. You're listening to Carolina focus on news talk 111099350. BT 1079 the week. 10256 and a Villa fans the also available the podcast that the BP. And as we look back at the services for reverend Graham. Who wanted to take a little different approach here because. Looking back at doctor Graham's life and career has been done extensively. But my question is. Where do we go from here. As a Christian community. And joining us now in studio is that reverend David Chadwick from a forced he'll welcome again thank you gonna be here a good fixture here on WBT. Doctor Graham was. I guess she did he some of an anomaly. When it comes to the ministerial community is he not yet on the cause he was. Deep belief public. People heard him and knew his persona but he was also deeply private when he got home he wants away from everything and tried to devote himself simply to his wife and family. So we really didn't know who the true doctor Graham except from what other people might cutlass. And as far as what he represented in the ministerial community I guess. He didn't really have a church. He was and he was in night I got into a discussion in the past few days with. So my friends about doctor Graham and Hui was and what he was in his message. And the thing that struck me as one person said what he wasn't a pastor. He was an evangelist. And it kind of stopped me in my tracks I think you know because he didn't have a church. But he was probably heard as someone who is preaching the gospel. By more than anybody ever in racially and. What do you century two to 200 million people live by his podcasts and a television and radio ministries. It's been estimated he could have preached to as many as two billion people you know 40% of the world's population. That's extraordinary. But I would say mark that his wife wants a deeply committed. Church Goer she came from a presbyterian tradition her parents were both presbyterian missionaries in China. It's a she kept that reformed Presbyterian Church perspective very much as an important part of her life and background. Right and I you know I'm I'm not it's not a matter that they were churchgoing people. He just wants him home from there was a marionette or stay right at MI guess motto where I guess I'm going with this is. We look at the the Christian landscape today. You know the United States is what remote were both most familiar with the of and you see the mega churches you see pastor for it here in Charlotte you see people like god reverend hanky down in Texas. Jules Goldstein etc. you know ten was at a funeral by the way I just on him and his wife walking and and those are more traditional preachers they have the church. Big church. But. I guess this is what Timmy separated. Billy Graham from other preachers in that he didn't lock himself into one place. Is there and how does how does it come about. That's somewhat evangelize is like a Billy Graham is there anybody that you can think of that might. Not necessarily fill the shoes. But how does that happen where someone who doesn't have a church all of a sudden becomes the global minister forward with the word. I just think it has to be a call of god upon his life when he. Experienced that call he knew it wants to be an evangelist and not a pastor. Of a local church and I would say those folks you mentioned earlier or necessarily evangelists they are pestering a local church and taking that message they give in the local church. To a much larger audience but doctor Graham felt called to be and of Angeles his purpose was to preach to the masses the multitude. To help people come to faith in Jesus Christ. Crawl sickly easy ethical boundaries crawls all churches denominations. Again his purpose was an evangelist not a pastor. And I think that's the one thing that really set him apart because we've heard him called America's pastor. But he was really. America's evangelist and it probably an evangelist to pastor people. Not a pastor who did evangelism and I think that's a huge difference he had access to people because of his integrity. Because of the way he used the media have become so popular. He did give pastoral help to folks but again his primary call was that of an evangelist. And we're talking with reverend David Chadwick here on Carolina focus. I'm the host mark Thomas again glad you could join us here. Is as far as. Evangels and then. Going forward you pastor a church but you also engage in evangelism. And so you're not an evangelist the does plastering. Where does that come for me you and I understand you say it's a calling. But is it some things that. Just an average person could find themselves into what they were how does that how does that come about or in where does evangelism. In and of itself. For christianity because we've been told to evangelize as followers. How do we fit into this and word we go from here. More interestingly in Romans the twelfth chapter there's a list of spiritual gifts that are given to different people in the body. One of those gifts is the call to be a pastor another when is that called to be an evangelist so they really are two distinct. Different call links that every Christian is called pastor were called to care for one another every Christian is call to shared their faith with other people. But there's a particular gift in this particular calling. They've got has given certain numbers of people I think in the area are being called me an evangelist doctor Graham is. The PS Delon crazy Stoltz if you will he he's the best of the best. But there have been others through the centuries in fact who've done that. From Charles Finney to George Whitfield. To John Wesley or more recently Luis Palau a south American of Angeles has preached to millions of people. But there are others who were just called to be pastors in the local church and care for people in that capacity. Again all people or call two pastor care for others and call to share their faith. But there's that special gift that calling that god gives to just a few like doctor Graham liked other pastors. And how do you see do you see anyone on the horizon. That might fill in the evangelical rule such as that. In this day and age. Because doctor Graham was Holden in 1940 getting us he would have been about. Thirty something years old right so use relatively young. It's not something. That in I don't know he set out to do it as such. Do it he was kind of drawn into that. I guess that's my question is it what do people look for another evangelist. Or will one just come onto the scene and will it take bullet be soon or. I know you don't know you don't know God's timeline. Because or watching it doesn't have a calendar and stick it already. I'm not sure what god is doing in his calls upon people's lives I think if you look at the spiritual landscape. Not only in America but throughout the world. None of us sees another doctor Graham at least at this time Greg Laurie who's pastor of a church in California does a lot of crusades around. He has been thought to be maybe the next Billy Graham but I don't think he is he's in his sixties as you movement well mentioned doctor Greene began his ministry in his early thirties. On you could look up perhaps at Franklin himself who does a lot of crusades around the world but he doesn't seem to have that special. Gift that is dad passed and also he has a great calling upon his life for humanitarian compassion needs through samaritans purse. Interestingly doctor Graham's grandson will Graham is stepping into the issues and is doing increasingly large numbers of crusades. In America and around the world perhaps he might have that anointing upon his life I guess only time will tell. And of course we look at I'm I hate to use the term but I'm not sure what other term applies. The Billy Graham evangelical association brand. If you will and his grandson will is going to inherit that brand. So he's got that little. But that go on form which is nice it will help more but you know unless the anointing of god the call of god is upon his like it doesn't matter how strong his brand is. He won't be successful and again only time will show whether that. Call really is upon him we can pray it would be because if doctor Graham touched his many lives as we know he did we would want someone else to step into issues. But maybe god is doing this he's saying to all Christians everywhere. Why don't all of you just be faithful and cheer with you were neighbors and if that happened you would need one person sharing with millions you'd have millions Schering with a one person which would produce tens of millions. More followers of Jesus. It's more like the at pebble in the pond with the single individual and reaching out. And living the life and talking to others. And it's but it is difficult for individuals to do that I'm sure you've seen that over the years you have people in your congregation that might want to. Be a little more evangelical. But they hesitate because of society's push back and what we're told you know is. The proper way to control yourself in today's society it. Is remark welterweight no one wants you feel like they're imposing their life on another person but I just tell people just imagine. You found a cure cancer how could you not tell people about that Q were well for Christians we believe we have found the cure to spiritual cancer. That we have love and grace and mercy from god that pours upon our soles and heels are selfishness our pain our turmoil. How would you not want to share that with other people and just don't do it offensively just share your story sure how god has changed your life no one's really offended with that. Well and you say that and it brings to mind. A short video clip. That is running around on the Internet on YouTube etc. Penn Gillette who you may be familiar with Penn and teller but he missed the comedy magicians. That are out there and of course he's the one that speaks of so that this thing could video of him. But he's atheist and is. I don't wanna say devoutly atheist because that sounds like you're committed to something that doesn't exist. But. He's strong and he is in his beliefs in his feelings that god does not exist. And someone came to one of these shows and make him backstage afterwards and said. I'm a Christian. And I wanna tell you. You know you can accept or reject that I am not trying to force this on you when he went ahead and gave his testimony and reached out to him. And Angeles reaction was supposed to video to say. I don't agree with what this man was telling me but he believes it that salvation is only through Jesus Christ. If that's what you really believe how must much you hate humanity to not tell people. About that if that's what you truly believe and that's the sort of individual evangels and I think you're talking about. And I remind myself all the time mark that I'm in sales in God's in management that it is not my job to draw anybody to the lord my job simply this year. And in for the potential it's of the world I would say. On you're doing pos gulls Gump gamble if you will only if you're right then it doesn't matter worlds in chaos and we just need to move on and die and and forget it. But if you're wrong you are gambling with your eternal existence so you'd better be certain you're wrong and ask yourself the question why am I so resistant to god is it because I don't want any accountability in my life is really just because I wanna live life on my own terms. Be honest. And as you're honest then you can. I think come to grips with another god exists or not but again my job's not to draw anybody to god my job just simply this year. I'm in sales. He's in management. And as you said you know it's it's a matter of reaching out that no one is really offended if you do it in a kind and loving way that you really are trying to help people. And not give them a list of legalism so that you know your bio hitting the slaw there for you know you're going to hell yeah initial report. Share what god has done for you this who can ever argue your experience with the create or. Who's put his infinite. Unconditional grace and mercy into your heart and if you live that way and love your neighbor and care for the poor and the needy in the oppressed the disenfranchised if you live that way. Who wouldn't be drawn to that kind of god who loves us unconditionally. And again we're talking with. Pastor David Chadwick from Forest Hills here on Carolina focus on your host mark Thomas. It's. Something that we as individuals if you are Christian. And I count myself among that. To reach out to others. And do this sort of thing to take the small steps you have any advice unit is if we become a million. Little grams if you will. The grams out in the community for. The faith. As to how to overcome that to. Kind of break out of our defensive shell are shyness. To reach. How two people in that kind meet them and gentle way well the first thing I would encourage people to do is to pray. Prayed to god would open a dual war in the heart of someone that you were like his burden to shear the good news web. As you pray and you seek his opportunities and god opens that door then build the relationship with that person. Before you Sany thing love that person there there's a great quote from saint Francis of a CC the great Catholic saint who said. Go and all the world and share the gospel and if necessary say something. And then after you've built that relationship with them. Use an opportunity that may come do you and asked the simple question may I have the privilege of sharing what god has done in my life. If a person says yes then share if the person says no back off and and keep praying. And in when you have that opportunity just trust the lord will use the siege you've planted in that person's part to bear fruit one day. God's the one who ultimately bear the fruit it's only your job this year the seeds. And as you do so I think you'll see a movement of the holy spirit that would draw people increasingly to the love of the father in heaven. And I think you're going to be your your message about prayer. That applies to people such as Penn Jillette. Myself. I considered myself atheist for about thirty years my wife wants as well for many years. And it's a matter that certain people were always praying I didn't know it's. Probably would've you know just if you have a praying mom more eager toast. As well give up you've got a brand mom just going getting giving and you're gonna come to face that one day and I also had a praying wife and praying daughter all of the zone early work don't tell him to have an and I had someone else who came in in my life that. Basically struck the match and with the fuel that they had they had been praying for for all those years. So it's in its not something I know sometimes we think well and I was 55 when I was sick. People think well if you're not say by the time your at a high school or college. Forget you there's no hope. That really. Is something that I think people need to take a look at and realize even that person is losses they may seem still can be held. In the gods in God's arms and. And saved you know you're so right then there's no one beyond the redemptive love of Jesus. I don't care what age you are you can be on your deathbed. Gasping your last breath and you can receive the mercy of god and know how much she loves you so again it's our job to share peeved with people what's happened in our lives and then but the holy spirit do his work well. Even in we look at certain people and I used to when the roof as an example okay killed nine people probably with the anomalous. At a church down in Charleston. And everybody you know his execution is what everyone seems to be calling for but I look at him. And I think of salt. Who was making a career out of killing Christians in fact correct me if I'm wrong your pastor not a high. He was on his way to Damascus. To killing killers don't restore and it could be in the hundreds more than numbers that he killed. And he was saved. He became Paul one of the greatest. Evangelists. Of the word wrote over 13 of the new testament. And if someone. As simple as that can be saved. I think we need to put the scales fall from our eyes if you will and the kind of mix our metaphors here. And realize that even someone is lost perhaps is a 21 roof. Could have salvation. And no one's beyond the grace of god isn't that good news and I'm convinced that those who love god the most are those who know how great their debt is. The person who's had a billion dollar debt paid off loves more than a person's at a ten dollar debt paid all of if you really realized like a Dylan root for an apostle Paul like a marker David. That our debt to got his huge. We can't pay at all fireworks there's no way but god because of his great grace and mercy through Jesus paid all of our eternal debt. And we now have a relationship with Jesus and the gift of the total life. We should love greatly not only god that our neighbors who need that same message in our neighbors really is everybody everybody Jesus that's the question who's my neighbor he basically answered yes. That everyone in the world everyone in the world. And so that's who were to pray for. And to care for and to love. As he said in John thirteen 3435. Love others as he loves them as they and that's quite a task sometimes he said by this the world will know the your mind that the way you love one another and not a new evangelism campaign not the number Bible verses you memorize not even the numbers support that you serve. By this the world will know that you wore my follower Jesus said by the way you love one another that is the key earmark of a person polished pieces. And I think you know the other aspect is we often hear you know whether it's will don't do this and don't do that the legalism. And it's not what goes into your mouth that counts but what comes out. Yeah under the Christian faith is not rules and regulations that we can't do enough to earn God's favor nor will be punished enough and we don't do what god wants us to do. The Christian faiths a relationship with the living god in this universe who told us who he is through Jesus by becoming one of us. And when he died on the cross we accept him by grace through faith the holy spirit lives inside of us and literally. We have an ongoing personal relationship with the god as universe through Jesus. A conversation through prayer he's our intimate companion are closest friend and we never have to face anything without his presence being with us while is that good news for one. That is good news I guess that's the thing we need to remember when we as little Graham's. I'm gonna start using that term death SF after a you know I think that's well at the holy spirit is doing in all of this to be raising up up millions of people who have doctor Graham's spirit of evangelism. That they realize that he touched them and then now we have a responsibility when you were test by Billy Graham or not. As a Christian to. Pick up that. In a pick up the gauntlet. You know. Take that picked out on to do York's your small part as you said a million people reaching what one person as opposed to one person were trying to reach a million. Is gonna have a far greater impact. So do you indeed I think you just said that this is this may be part of God's plan. To really reach more people by taking Billy Graham out of the picture I would hazard as it is weird is we might look at that symbol now Billy Graham's gone what do we do. By taking him out he's saying okay now some rest the. He'll mark I have a Sunday morning shall I do and a BBT from eight and nine and I interviewed and Graham once a year ago in and obviously that point her father was still alive and I asked her. And why do you think. God's keeping your dad around here because he's in firm can't see can hardly talk and she said something very powerful she said I think God's. Keeping him here remind every Christian in every church that the great commissions not yet fulfilled. And I do believe that with taking him now home it is a huge reminder to every Christian in every church the great commission is not yet fulfilled. And if I think what's going on here is correct. That god doesn't have anyone else whom whom he's identified yet to fulfill the mantle of the Graham evangelism legacy than it must be that he wants all Christians everywhere to assume that mantle and do what Billy Graham did individually in each one of our families and our communities. And you were talking with David Chadwick from forest hill church. Here in Carolina focus on your host mark Thomas. Any final thoughts going forward as far as the future of christianity in America I guess that's kind of a broad question. We seem different battles on different fronts on different days. Where do you see it do you see the the chill in the air when the chart going up. I think I have a feeling you do. Yeah wolf first of all the epicenter of christianity has moved from. West earned America 22 places one South America. And secondly China and probably including some Central Africa as well that's the epicenter now of the Christian faith. The greatest theology and the greatest movements of God's power and Mike is being seen they are not in America. I think we're becoming increasingly secular arrives and I think as things get darker in America which they will and there's more persecution of those who believe it gives the Christian church a chance to shine brighter. You know diamonds shine brightest against the backdrop. Of a black velvet backdrop. So if we realize our culture's getting darker it only gives us the chance to really believed to shine brighter and I think that gives us hope. And you can hear a moment of hope every morning on WBT as well as part of WBT's morning news with both Thompson. With David Chadwick. Which you've been doing now for seventeen years or can you believe eight and years car racing it's possible I can remember being in studio with you when you were. Producing other people's shows you know 151617. Years ago it was a it's middle it's been a little while but in the overall scheme of things. As far as the eternal goes. Just a little blip. Yeah so he has but and of course again you have your show on Sunday mornings on WBT. And that's that's something that people can tune in to as well and were important here in more of that and your daily moments of hope. Because I think that does suit assists a little tick and my wife listens that every morning on the way into work. And it it helps her out in her game becomes just get it just gives you a little little reminder. That there's something larger something better the world going to be dealing with. As far as our eternal life as opposed to the traffic jams on I 85 or dealing with the that particular moment when you are giving a moment of hope. If we really believe God's in control of everything in an even our personal lives there's hope. There's reason to face tomorrow and believe that. There's something good that could still happen in my life. David Chadwick for still church we appreciate you being here on Carolina focus. Thank you markets a privilege being with you again and you have been listening to Carolina focus on who's caught 1110993. To compete T 1079 the link. 1025610. WFANC. It's also available as a podcast to compete T dot com. I'm your host mark Thomas and until next time it. You well.