Gary Cohn Leaves White House, Wall Street Reacts with Drop in Markets

Vince Coakley Podcast
Wednesday, March 7th

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It's a new day afternoon. Putting the spotlight on the evils of socialism as progressive as Bernie Sanders is peddling socialism. To our children. It's a dangerous and it's got a solidly proclaiming conservatism for a new generation got. And it is not the author or source of our rights and you don't make America great again by giving more power to one guy in Washington DC mobilizing we each of people. To reclaim our republic you make America great again by recovering a constitutional republic where Washington has populated by people who. Sports service leaders who want to return power to the people into the communities. This isn't much you can this is my kids this is my grandkids and this is my country dad and my country. And number of the fight score together. So it's real program. Wednesday morning welcome to broadcast good to be back with you and we start off. With some mixed economic news that's going on. There's concern on Wall Street each. And the concern relates to look turmoil. In the age from administration. And all of this comes back to the terrorist issue. Which we'll spends more time on at some point. But. On the surface gonna Dow that's down about a 193 points right now. In all of this traces to. The exits. Well the top economic advisor. For the trump administration. His exits. Was all about the terror issue. Pretty interest in the Bloomberg headline Wall Street frets about losing White House friends. As cone exits. I love the secondary headlines here. Trump vilified bankers then hired them now they're leaving. How much more confusing can you possibly yet. One big key executive said to himself. Old that's a problem. This particular story the Bloomberg version. Talks about what took place yesterday. In Manhattan. Lady by the name of Kathy wild set off an email inviting Gary Cohn to get together again she runs a group well connected. Corporate executives. The partnership for New York City that met with Conan Donald Trump to talk infrastructure last year hours later. Wild clicked open email. From a colleague with the news that Cohn former president of Goldman Sachs. Is resigning. This president Trump's top economic advisor. She said to herself so much for that. But as the new start to sink it and she's grown worried. Cohen's departure undermines confidence there's somebody in the White House who understands the financial industry. This he is concerning. On the campaign trail truck painted Wall Street executives as greedy villains. Many tap therm for top rolls across his administration. Where they helped push for hefty corporate tax cuts and deregulation. These are things he industry's been craving for years. Now cones leaving the White House. Not long after former Goldman Sachs colleague Dina Powell the industry is troubled. It's losing friends. On the inside. But I know what some viewers think he. Because there are a lot of people that want this guy in the administration the first place and the Zora would raise the question. If Wall Street is so evil. Why hired these guys in the first place. Tersely I'd love to your good answer to that question. I heard all kinds of crap. During the campaign. Specifically. Has an example. Many references to Ted cruise's wife. Fans how horrible and how evil Goldman Sachs is and then you're gonna. Hire a former Goldman Sachs president. There's a word for that told schizophrenic. Anyway. Bloomberg further characterize business for more than a year the nerves are the most powerful people in financed they were sued by Cohen's presence in the White House. Days before trumps a die duration JPMorgan Chase and company chief executive offer officer Jamie Dimon explained a Bloomberg. Television interview why wasn't worried about the future. Despite the incoming president's populist campaign troubles springing on theories serious people he said. Diamond went on to say some people read about trumps a mutual trade policy but it was blown out of proportion. With such rational people at the Helm. General cone. Is leaving. And the big blowup. Was over terrorists steep tariffs on steel and aluminum. He was opposed to these tariffs. In the statement put out by the White House they of course did not mention that. And there's concern now. About the unleashing of protectionist policies. And the effects this could have on the markets they heard chart. Infect the S&P 500 index futures dropped more than 1% shares of US banks fell as well with Goldman Sachs. Down roughly 2% in late trading. Now there's some view may look at this again and say. Look good when you want to stay there in the first place. Can we raise a question here about judgment though. If you're concerned about these kinds of people being part of the inner circle. This administration. Right now have a concern about the decision making process. And for that matter who will be the replacement here we're gonna go two Goldman Sachs and find another person. In fact there's a lot of information about Goldman Sachs in and I'm sure some of you've had fun with this. You can fight all kinds of material online. Some of it kind of crazy. But the truth of the matter is. There's a pay an extraordinary presence. And oversized presents for Goldman Sachs. In a number of presidential administrations. It goes back to the idea. And I can't remember who communicated this. That who cares about politics. If somebody else owns our currency. We're not really free. Rent free at all. I love to hear your thoughts on these events that transpired. The Eagles advantage startling number 80931110. Common sense retirement planning text line is 71307. This set the table for. The next thing we would dress. Which are also walking the talk about and this is a conversation that is not really new. But we can see the intensity of this conversation is picking up. Which calls for special counsel. One of the things to address price abuses. We had an interview. On the fruit Fox News Channel with Bob good lad who is the House Judiciary Committee chairman. And also with trade Garrity. You're gonna hear what they had to say about this is I think it was. Very instructive what they've communicated. I'd say it's very likely we're going to end up with another special counsel. This is getting really crazy business. They're going to explain. Why special counsel was necessary and I agree with him at this point. It doesn't make sense not to appoint a special counsel who delving into that also. Those of you who have been concerned about the possibility of the continuation of Sanctuary City policies. Well. Those fears can be put aside because it looked like this administration is going to crackdown. In fact they're going to sue California. This is something that could develop this morning we're waiting for a news conference. From the attorney general. If that happens this morning within our broadcast we will take that life. It looks like it looks like finally someone's going to take on California. Well. Yeah. 1019 out of it totally rid your program and we mentioned coming up. Sometime today it looks like there will be the announcements of a lawsuit against California. For interfering with immigration enforcement's. Man this is way past due. And the mini review would agree with that who started off talking about it's the departure. Other top economic advisor for president Donald Trump in the him to match this could have on the future. Let's said take your call first from pat out of union good morning. Good morning. I know I want to take you back about 27 years we now are point seven I'm tired so it getting out of the military. And a special ops station Dodi was in K count chairman. It took his car built in trying fuel filter type yapping and you want. He went to that point I want they propane 375. Dollars since. I. Back then import again and it was 846 weeks according to get the part. And you know when you pick up the phone and if you hear. Yeah yeah. You know to get in trouble actually what the problem is that I need a fuel filter and I can't wait the 46 weeks I think Mike are now. The topic at that. I went up and ten dollar spread that guilt felt. Ten dollars so Gary I like it did step Jeremy he escaped me until probably accept a lot. I am I got up and I only spent a lot cheating me. Now you've got anybody over there and chairman you are well prepared these parts take a friend in the US they can ship to tell you what you would say a lot of fun. It think that this pretty amazing. Hey thanks for sharing that story pat friends say this is for. I would tell you I believe fundamentally in free trade free. Now. Supporting free trade is that the same is supporting a so called free trade agreements. Don't get those things confused. This is what happens when you don't have a free exchange of commerce like that you get nonsense. Unnecessary expense. And most the time just who pays for this. We do. It's not government. It's not for those people and I think this is where the wrong headed thinking so often comes from the somehow we're gonna punish somebody else. And we're gonna make ourselves better off. Increasingly with the fact that we've got such international commerce. That we're not gonna get around this we really arch. Ryan and good morning welcome. Are there particular cop. Yes you're OK so what most of the better understand today and if it is so important we are you know Portland currently. Alexander Hamilton said when he when he was working for George blocked it and that's. Are you garner the currency. It's more dangerous this country then. A standing army. Bennett standing army when they didn't give an idea to illustrate that point but not people celebrate cinco de Lyle don't think I would about. About the battle of Puebla that Mexico after all the wars ever so much debt that they defaulted on their debt if I so afraid indicated Mexico. When the battle level was Mexico. Abrupt policy back in eighty. So I mean country gave invaded behind not paying your debt right outlook won each four million dollars in. So that that that represents more danger than anything else we have on our now what you are talking economics to people and eyes glaze over shining. See we can't be concerned about this because things she'd be going well bans. You know we got the economy vicious zipping along Ryan so weighty wanna be a party pooper incumbent bring up something like this. Yet check out what's gone Venezuela right now meant. They're they're they're leaving. You're right now there's that they're the massive people exiting Venezuela are going great up and and you'll never hear that on the local news forum that even the national. But yeah happening right now. But people weren't gonna leave America right and America's the land. Of the free the home of the brave. You know what people are gonna look really gonna go that's better than America. Well not the World Cup what are open. Good idea which are saying Ryan I'm with you MM one of the problems is it this is where. We have what's called a normal she bias. Because things have worked nothing's blown up. For this period of time where we've been running up these ridiculous debts. And you know and I even heard that some famous radio talk show hers have pretty much communicated. Something to this affected nothing's happened yet but we didn't hear of him and scariest this. Boogie man of a debt is gonna come get us some day and it hasn't yet so therefore why worry. Our isn't isn't this the mindset Ryan. This Q did the same goal. Figured out the other big on this election there's only one got actually one candidate Bob let its electric gear lever they are I know you're referring to. We got the call that he only wanted to talk about it for years and it paid what. They keep derided by the media. Obligates near that. And an inside your time. Well be looking back like all like god you mean we can if we just had these guys I think cute or aren't but care more about who would appear worse. Right right. And let's see how that works well see other worse for you long term thanks for your call Orion. The other part of this and I said this before their folks who wanna focus on winning and losing right now. That's not what I care about. When I care about. What kind of winners are we going to be re going to be winners or losers. Fifty years from now or 100 years from now that's the real question. And people look back I belief with scorn. I'm the generations of people who allowed this to continue. Let's talk abouts in the ongoing situation. With the Department of Justice tour the department of injustice. Might be a more apt description. Let me quickly get to this I want you to hear from trade Gatti and Bob give it the are members of congress who were calling for the appointment of a special counsel. And they explain why listen up. But some of their two dozen witnesses or Michael par wish inspector general would not have access to so. Your options are DOJ investigated themselves they can't do that because of conflict of interest let's inspector general do it now I'm a big fan in my car was but he has no jurisdiction over witnesses. Individual left the department or never work there. So when I Khaled up 24 witnesses said he would not be able to access where he to a investigated. You have only one conclusion that special counsel who's on that list everybody from John comb in any McCabe to predict he. Plus Sidney Blumenthal Cody Shearer any one. I'm no longer works for the Department of Justice or the FBI our State Department you may recall a couple of weeks ago there was some indication that the State Department employees were feeding information. Diffusion GPS they would be outside the reach of the inspector general so anyone who's not currently employ you DOJ. Michael Horowitz doesn't have subpoena power there was a report that McCain was a liter four to Hillary Clinton matter is that true. I don't know and Tom Horwitz will be issuing that report out a lot of confidence in him then and he. Billy's a straight shooter and also into chairman good luck you said earlier today about the fines and court specifically the process was abuse. How broad was abused by. A gathering of information from a very suspect source not disclosing that information to the court. And in my opinion. Getting authority to look into the background of an American citizen's life upon. Questionable circumstances in that is. Very serious Katrina the FBI is America's premier law enforcement organization. Every day thousands and thousands of great men and women keep us safe. Investigate crime prevent terrorist attacks. But several people at the top of this organization. Have engaged in activities that are questionable. And I think that in order to. Set the record straight. Clear what is going on the FBI and make sure this does not happen again we need to have an outside special counsel mess looked. An outside special counsel investigation do you agree with this is it time. To essentially investigate the investigators. This is getting very messy but today it's 29 minutes after the Arab certified. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 1036 on the Vince Coakley radio program do you agree it's time. For a special. Counsel to investigate. The investigators. As a relates to the FB no way these price a process. And I keep coming back to this one particular angle of the story. And it drives me completely up the wall because they just re authorized five cents without. Any substantive changes. This is this what blows my mind about the schizophrenic nature of politicians. They're gonna complain and whine about. Manny hit it ended thing we always have there this is not news. And they have the power to rein in these people all together just a few weeks ago. I want somebody to explain that to me how do you continue to authorize the continuation. Of a program that's being abused. And then turn right around and complain about it's abuse. I mean it's just absolutely stupid is what it is. This really frustrates me. Really does. But unfortunately there are people who are so wedded to these processes. I don't know if it's fear whatever idiots. They dished they just cannot let go. They catch you. At some point we've Catholic girl. The so many of these things that we've been perpetuating. Over a period of decades. Whether it's things like face whether it's sees these big government programs. That are bankrupting the country. And where's the leadership to do something about this I just don't see I do not see it anywhere. 38 minutes after 10 o'clock Q. Probably a good time to take a look at. In history. So I can settle down a little bits. This year on tour upstate studio in Greenville and our good friend months good morning and mourn them always glad to be calming influence when. Well you to have very good job so. Hopefully you also do good job with today's questions there are three of them these seventh day of march 2018. Is harder current date. We got back Q 1876. And Alexander Graham Bell received a patent for. A very special device. What is it. Telephone. You got it she. Dollar flow. And how do I explain this would 1965. Alabama. A peaceful civil rights demonstration. Unfortunately they were attacked with Billy clubs on the Edmund pettis bridge. This particular day has gone down in history and has been referred to you in need. An unfortunate way. What is this particular day referred to us. 1965. March 7. I'm sorry I know this whether it is the name's Clinton screams Bloody Sunday. Bloody Sunday in Alabama and this event are you that throws you pursue in there are problems lie you have a feeling you probably would have as well. We have this final question 1987. This box are unified the WBA and ABB C titles after beating James own pressures Smith. Who was it 1980 said that Mike Tyson you're correct. Loans and rose two for 300 give you a bonus question. Gee you know what's. Famous and popular movie that Vince Coakley has watched over and over and over again that debuted. On March 6. 31 years ago 31 years ago yesterday what was it. Lethal weapon you are correct and his senior post. I'd this year get a say that. I was gonna add someone probably sell my FaceBook post. It's one of these these sites that's. They go back in history and they whether it's a song a movie whatever it is just like if you remember share if you watched. And I mean seventy scenes I mean it's just it just takes me back and honestly I can watch is over or it's a right does this seem. On the street. Where they blow up this fueled truck. I mean it's. This is just great high octane stuff we with a question for you are you up to date on the TV series. You know what I have gotten behind in the TV series warrant is it still good oh yes and still getting it's getting better. Really but let's say that's really saying something because a lot of these series based in this they tend to start off strong. Enemy wean over a period of time so a lower number they have the same writers if I remember from from the movies do in us and it does only keep. He's writers the shows go amiga. Yeah I've I think our whole season to catch up on so. I need to start rolling that. Great show lethal weapon in the movies were great this series his grades and yeah. I appreciate that reminder I need to you right get rolling on this thing part of the challenge of this this of other shows are normally watch with my wife. And so we have to synchronize their schedules to watch it together. It is so I can can just watch this on my own. That's part of tricked so we'll figure out. Thanks very much months ago you have agreed to pay you to distance. At 42 minutes after the power of 10 o'clock. We told you one of the other big stories is going on. And this is kind of a preview. Of what we're expecting. A lawsuit. Will be filed against the state of California. What this relates to. Is their interference with immigration enforcement. Serena talk about this and hopefully will be able to take live news conference I believe Jeff Sessions is going to speak to be attorney general. And give more details about what they're doing and why right now screw to Willie in Charlotte's. Good morning welcome sir. Okay my dear friend of me though they send a 1001 sailor moons in one night and I'm shocked by that by the way lethal weapon that's your favorite movie. It's one of them not. My feelings are okay well it does not. Every time listening on the radio was not much wrinkled cult work is only if they were he's. Antonio idol when you thrown out. Should hang up on this guy. What are your current home page you are you are having a good time. Net and you know how do you know how that that what that implies Willy you know what that implies. Agrarian. You can call in Israel Obama. But apparently I didn't really feel unless you are a Little Lulu you have coaches and their could not continue that can't can't trade book I want as you do that car and then my. I know that's not gonna happen you don't wanna on you don't you don't wanna hold your breath waiting for that to happen. I want to edit a little bit about the blocked everybody is trying to block. Hospital accomplished. Here make you pay you can post that somewhere and have a lot of forward that really made its good dear tribute thanks a lot for your call. And seriously I do you take that as a joke of people who don't get that maybe I'll explain that after the break this'll Carlton things. And another friend who had the nerve to see that to be. You know I'm gonna miss that friends. 44 minutes after 10 o'clock. 1049. Vince Coakley ran your program one of things we mentioned just a few minutes from now they're super street news conference. From attorney general Jeff Sessions he will announce formally. A lawsuit against California for interference. When immigration enforcement. Great story by the fine folks at daily wire. It starts off in a really good place. The US constitution. You know this is in the constitution. Article four section four of the constitution says this. The United States show guaranteed to every state in this union. Any Republican form of government and shall protect each of them against invasion. It's pretty simple don't you think. Now invasion can take the plea form of a country coming to him in here with bonds with troops. That communication. There's no other way to do an invasion. How about just coming across our border. Without permission. That's also an invasion. It's the federal government's job to prevent that. This is not complicated folks. Now. I'm going to say just as an aside. I strongly believe. That people who defy the federal government this area should not only be held civilly responsible. I believe they should be held criminally responsible. I'm serious when I say this. I think it illegal immigrant comes in this country. And you have a place. That is offered as a Sanctuary City a sanctuary states. I think QB you should be able to sue the living crap. Out of the elected officials for allowed and that happened. I think if you have the situation were illegal immigrant finds refuge in a Sanctuary City. Ends. Gets drunk. And kills. Someone. I think. The civil authorities who were involved in allowing that to happen allowing that person. Facilitating that person to be in the country and in that state in in that city they should also be held criminally liable. As far as I'm concerned there accessories to the crime. See if you take this that seriously. You put on you put an end so a lot of this foolishness in a hurry. But they do these things for the impunity because they know. Nobody's gonna do anything about it. OK in the Brandt. This particular story daily wire. Based on the constitution goes on to say can certainly be argued securing the border is not only are right for the federal government is to find the constitution. It is in fact a requirement. To which it must adhere. Then there's the supremacy clause article six clause two. Which establishes the constitution the federal laws made pursuant to it constitute the supreme law of the land. This constitution and laws of the United States which Shelby made pursuant zero. And all treaties made. Forward Shelby made under the authority of the United States Shelby the supreme law of the land and the judges and every state Shelby browns. Thereby. Any thing in the constitution or laws of any state. To the contrary notwithstanding. In other words what this is saying this if you have borders. If you have a law that says you have to be lawful would come into the country. There's no state in this union there's no city in this entire. Country that should have the right to say we don't give a crap. We are going to facilitates. The presence of illegal immigrants in this country. That's really what they're doing they're flipping the bird the constitution and it you. And saying I dare you to do anything about it. I know this is strong language to use. But I don't hesitate to say it the people who defy the constitution in this area they are traitors. I know that strong. But it's true. Facilitating. An invasion. That's exactly what's taking place here and invasion. If you're not invited Ian. Turn in trader. I know this is not the kind of talks some people like. Because they wanna think of people as potential new skin needs. That's all well and good. But these potential Americans need to come in through the front door through the legal process like everybody else there should be no exception. Just because you have the opportunity to walk across the border or swim across the border you should not have special privileged over somebody from another country who can't do the same. Barack Obama didn't bother to follow the constitution. George Bush. Wanted to give millions of people were entered the country illegally a path to citizenship. Supposedly now Donald Trump. Once to back the constitution. So let's see what happens with this. Do we actually get a lawsuit. Will there be a price to pay for defying the constitution of the United States. I know this may be kind of found. Uncivilized to some. Let's be honest we Q I would love. For the Department of Justice to arrest some of these city. And state officials in places like California. Arrest them. Oh wait you wanna talk about setting up a constitutional crisis. That would be arrives. Are ready really to be about thirty seconds here for go to break can you make a quick. Yes sure sure can't. My question which is relatively rhetorical. Would they did you don't leash. Mayors are all at you haven't taken. To uphold the constitution of the United States and therefore they write that it. But they not they said to be penalized or possibly even prison if they are fed doesn't. But. Rate you're absolutely right great rhetorical question. And the sad thing is some of these people we elect over and over again. When they're clearly not faithful constitution. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Good Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of Pittsburg. Harris exposing the lie. Exaggeration. There are too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says civil war. World well we're gonna negotiated better deal for the last like OJ Simpson saying don't run find the real kill. I cannot believe what I'm seeing here. The Drudge Report there's in ads here free night joy in our day. And your membership for only thirty dollars. So you enjoy the NRA you get a free night. I don't know why that cracks me up it's just. Different quite different. We're standing by waiting for a news conference from Jeff Sessions the attorney general this to announce a lawsuit against California for Sanctuary Cities. And you know what I'm saying here stick it to him stick it to. That's my perspective on this. On social media we have someone who's written in the past few minutes here if I can pull this up here I saw the first part of the message. Jennifer. Writes in 100%. Correct on the Sanctuary City issue I agree completely. Loan. I'm very glad to hear that. Insurance report. It'll be interesting to see. How this is. Addressed within the court system. Knowing an Afghan to appoint nothing surprises me anymore I mean you can imagine. Our money because from my skepticism. Just based on the past performance. Of so called Republican appointees. To the Supreme Court. I mean what's his name. I can remember the guy's name. Right after the topped my head I mean just proved to be eight. Incredible. Disappointment the Chief Justice. On the issues above obamacare for instance how in the world do you find. Constitutional justification. For that. And yet they did. It's setting a matter of finding it it's a matter of creating yet pets which really demoralizing. About where we are on the court. Can affect the court can just create long. And it doesn't matter for instance your position on homosexual marriage for instance somebody please show me where that is the constitution. Because it's simply not fair. Roberts thank you. Also on the text line. Personally like to know didn't they just now double the price to cover the knife I've for the NRA. Also detects light Lindsey the rest of his democratic buddies with NAFTA. Hurt our steel industry by allowing them to dump their steel here. Also I'm opposed to Sanctuary Cities in the US because they're essentially. They are essentially in opposition. To our. Justice system. Vince I supported path to citizenship for illegal immigrants only have to do is get their posterior back across the border. Final application and waiting in line Tony out of Dickens I'm with you man. This is not really complicated at all. Not complicated are all hoping and put all of this message together you're probably the best person on the Rainier to address this question. I'm the first to Sanctuary Cities in the US cruise date. Essentially amount to a duel justice system applied on equally to different people. How as Christian conservatives. Do we reconcile this opposition with the example of Sanctuary Cities. Given in the old testament. Well I can give you can keep the here's your beginning answer right there stayed out of the old testament. I don't minister up tensions by saying that don't go find some. Freaky and proof text under the old testament. For eight theocracy to apply to a democratic republic. It will screw you up. I hope that helps you. Just remember you're you're trying to compare apples to oranges you cannot do it folks. The old testament. Israel operated under aid theocracy. Theocracy. God was the law giver. It was not a constitutional republic. So no there's no foundation for a Sanctuary City pulling approved text for the accuracy. And applying it to our system of government. Is simply wrong. I hope I didn't come across it's being brash in saying that I just wanted to be clear that this is this is one of the reasons why people get so. Twist it. And I adjust my eyes just start to roll whenever I hear people pull text like eight Eaton let me let me give you another one. Second chronicles 714 when my people call but my name blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda. Next time I hear selling used that scripture to talk about America. And revival. I will projectiles bomb it. Okay. Is not talking about the United States of America in 2018. If people would just pray and Powell and humble themselves and repent. No it's talking about if Israel repentance. God will bring about eighty harvest. He will restore their harvest it's referring to agriculture. Read don't hold text people please. We have Americans still recording this for general mood people called one mind. Justice. RA I'm done with that grant Wayne deliver me here Wayne in Charlotte good morning. Yeah good morning and mantle who your topic this morning and and and you really did not stay on top about it. My question is sort of going back. Previous caller about the mayor's. Why can't we impeach Schumer. Pelosi and some of the rest of them who are voting for all this crap. For perjury because they're violate their posts when they took her off the. Well the problem is this is all become very subjective way in. All very subjective. I mean what would you charge somebody with four impeach what I mean they're they're they are the duly. I elected representatives. For those states and these are our states that are very friendly to these viewpoints. Yeah but why can't arrest servants who are not friendly to the viewpoints of violating the constitution. Began impeachment against them because they're voting to violate the constitution. Just we didn't elect them and that's why. Often the only people who can begin impeachment proceedings against each individual legislator or. What made them. It within their own state. That's really thoroughly in and it's got to be a cry it's got to be some sort of crime. I mean I understand where you're coming from brain and it doesn't make sense this is where I think ultimately and it's not a nice thing to say. I think long term this country does not have a very good future good wrecked were direction we're going we have as John Edwards referred to what we really do have to America's not for the reason you describe between rich and poor. Is between people believe in the constitution. And people who believe that's a living document you cannot reconcile those you cannot. And the people who are going in that direction who believe that's a living document they will destroy and rip away the fiber of this country. Fiber by fiber they're just pulling it away that's what's happening lane I do appreciate your call. I'm with you win hearts but unfortunately. You know I. If we have time I do wanna go into this about Texas memorize there's all this angst about Texas. Well it's not as dire as they were making an out to be but I tell you what. They did the top third game. Tens of a lot of Democrats showed up more than they're showing up I think for eighteen years or something like that. We better take notice. Because our educational system. Is basically a factory it's a factory for Democrat voters. And Republicans still have not figured out how to turn that darned thing off. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 90 minutes after 11 o'clock on the Vince Coakley reading your program if you like join the conversation Eagles advantage startling number 809 to 1110. Haven't since retirement planning text line 713 series 72 out two and in Charlotte good morning. Ed are you doing here yeah. Do you lease. I love the program. I got a couple planes flying the pair of aspects. I think people get overdone and it sent a letter or. Finally some might start to understand trouble. Then. Bed and pointing out that the did you know this is this shot over the bow of the 25% or whatever and if so Trout lake drop that percentage is. Or may not know what he will do is I think. He's built. Get and Canada Mexico Lou and then UK and point out this is for strategic defense purposes. Now. You wanna know how much is already a can of soda or beer for aluminum Kenya 88 yeah. Isn't there a few cents. It's look any false. And so just expect. So that I think we can affordably at canary in the nickel more for our national defense with all the monies to helping people. Keep with tax codes so and then. And ten and then this goes to to take heed the pit end and if you recall you know I think his stand Emeka would head of a new court here and and they point out when you go to Canada. You can't put your laptop and they still everything. To. And. I thought oh what the what did what the Chinese are doing they're trying to destroy our strategic industries and they're dumping called it's called nothing we have agreements already barely illegally overdoing it. To try to undermine our industry I don't care they actually. Being Communist countries they lose a little bit skeletal also linger in a restaurant. With the product. So they don't care if they lose a little bit of that gain market share and have heard our industry. Now in the Charlotte paper in February the back and look what devices. There economy not to do anything else trump and can't do any called Bob Bob Bob. Well the Charlotte cycle and had a one inch Atlantic have been Obama but instead it was a wanted column in the business section was foreseen it is clear new core. Quinn no Taxol had been under is going McCall's trumps stated any cell backing it up. We're gonna protect our our steel industry it's being undercut. We're not all had been dumped steel and ten new corps of male staff a new client. All on the fact that quote. Trump is implementing our policies and he's calling out the dumping of China. And in February they announce a new plant for six million dollars 600000. Dollar. Sixteen made about 68. Million dollars for a new plant in oh. That created some jobs. And that was back in February so all this past together. Basically. And and in addition it if you have another minute Bill Clinton. You know he'd probably look this up later. He wanted to say the words human rights violations of the speech on Chinese dirt. And he gave the Chinese a CD with all the pat down pat opposite tendency to look it up it's against the recommendations. The State Department the Defense Department the United States dog catchers association of every body in our government said don't do it. But he did it. To end up like to sometime go over by the text that brings a lot more revenue. And you may not have count. Right why I have no doubt about that that's that's not something to be argued by the way I won't say Ed to add this edit I'm curious about your perspective on this presiding dish universal agreement. That the last time we had steel terrorists put in place by president George W. Bush do you remember what happened there. Well yes but but once again you'd you have to look at it in the overall context of what's going alone and national defense. And and what he finally ends up doing what he ends up doing. You know it's it's I think you know he got to pay attention to the hands. And and and how things are in this. Sears saying that bad so this story is not complete yet. That's side that's which you're okay and that's your argument here. Exported that out 8 kids thought central the letter any that I really think this is just the shot across the bow. And Obama but think it's that influx coming Netflix some bargain this stuff you know eco. He starts out with something those who you know unreasonable. Because now it'll matter raise the mullah number whatever that. Let let's let's just you know what I think's going on there's disliked. On the tank that thing and also won during the gat Kevin Collins. A month ago when he refused the numbers about how Obama's economy had done better on implode that well you know that the unemployment the region. But it seems to walk this is what they can put I have inflation we don't have it look I'll look at the participation. Just pull it up. Of the US and and working. Percentage an experiment 61 or 2% off that 67 Macau's. Clinton also didn't want in an unemployment heartening said he got a law passed in if you look for a work over a year the thirteenth but it send out ten resonate. They dropped out anyway that say obviously someone's not looking anymore. And it is keep the numbers in the old way in the 70s90s. Which someone is done we got up to 18%. Of employees. So now it might really be an international level lifted. So there's still people willing to work that are added jobs for. There are an and I would also add here I appreciate your call it Ed Wood to one of the big problems we have still is under employment and I and I know this. And I think a lot of you have any total. Pieces of evidence on this there are a lot of people that are working and they are working more than one job. I mean I ran into people all the time. There in this situation so things are not the same by the way when I mentioned about this George Bush situation with. Terrorists. There's a tariff. That was announced on steel. In 2002. March 5 interesting. Timing. March 5. 2002. Took effect march 20. They were lifted. December 4 2003. Deemed to be a mistake. So really interesting to see what happens yes the jury's still out because. They really haven't been imposed new testament and been announced so far speaking of announcements. We're supposed to have an announcement at 11 o'clock I never understand. There and we have to create a new a new thing colleague government standard time GST. They were supposed to announce. Action against California at 11 o'clock it is now 1127 so far. No Jeff Sessions but we're standing by and when that happens if it happens before the end of the broadcast. We will share that with few. All this about strategic defense and such is great to look back in the history of their effects. One of our first on the sugar imports to protect sugar producers how much sugars produced here now. No one. In our producer make better products than the United States. Color falling on deaf fears since doesn't care about the American worker only virtual virtue signaling. About the free market. Can and yes I don't care about the American worker really. So glad you spoke about the issues of second chronicles 714 when preachers used that. When they used adverse they're really saying Christians are doing evil deeds that's Erica out of tape record it's a a also. Vince we've spent a year looking for the Russians instead of overhauling our voter systems I guarantee. If fraud. Is a serious issue we were looking into this from the same zeal as the Russian investigation. It's a classic diversion from saw that Lynn ski we've been duped again. By the slick. Talking used car salesmen. It's Jun out of captains. Yeah much more as we continue the broadcast in fact. We are weak for an announcement in fact I think you may be underway now. We'll try to get to this from Jeff Sessions coming up. After the news break right here stimulus. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 11 o'clock on Vince Coakley radio program expect. We have. Jeff Sessions the attorney general speaking right now in Sacramento let's listen in for. Telling federal officers to remove. Sites. And rather than I spouses to do their job. Trying to with the transfers at the jail house. May force operatives to conduct more dangerous arrest elsewhere. Where violent criminals might resign. Where children can become an across far. That's just not unconstitutional. Because of playing violations. Federal statute. And a violation. Of common sense and violation of good partnership that we need to bill between state and federal officer. Importantly the laws are harmful to Californians. And they especially harmful to our law enforcement your lord forced. So that's probably department filed a suit. Against the state of California. To invalidate these unjust laws and to immediately freeze there effect. Federal agents must be able to to do the job that congress directed them today. Contrary to what you might hear from. Open borders radicals we are not asking California Oakland or anyone else to actually effectively enforce immigration laws. Although we would welcome. The popular assistance the majority of yours fictions in America provide throughout federal offices we would certainly like that. But I say yes do incredible work every day. They're not backing down they're not going to be deterred and we are not going to stop enforcing law and in Alabama or California either of them man. We're simply asking mistake and other sanctuary jurisdictions. To stop actively obstructing a federal law enforcement. Stop trading immigration agents differently from everybody else for the purpose of these disarray in. Border and immigration. Laws and advancing and open borders philosophy. Shared. I only a field the most radical extreme. Stop crime protecting robbery. And giving all operatives more dangerous work to do. That so that politicians can score political points on the backs of officer site. I can't accept that. You're a professional. You know the risk you we're talking about you know the reality of what happens on the street and your options opera. Now our federal offices Koppel. Think about the same Iraq officer knocking on a door to execute very wrong. I don't know what's on the other side of that door. Does not fair to them to be putting them in a situation. Like bat barrel racing criminal aliens into the community who shouldn't even be in the country. Plus sign condolence letters from law enforcement. Cop who's killed in the line of duty assigned to yesterday. I have fundamentally. Believe at mount coal. That we should not further endanger the lives of those who risked everything for us. Because some officials want to violate the law and promoting an agenda that the American people reject. So California absolutely appears to me is using every power it has. Powers it doesn't have to frustrate federal law enforce. So you can be sure I'm going to use every power I have to stop there. We're going to fight these irrational. Unfair unconstitutional. Policies that have been quote been imposed on you and your officers. Nor have federal officer. We are fighting to make your job site. We are fighting to help you reduce crime in America not increase it not keeping criminals here that I ought to be deported. Refining. Tori lawful system of immigrants. One that we debate product. One that's consistently applied fairly applied. And we intend to win that's fine. So. I'd like the color. I'm not reiterating my deep appreciation. And profound thanks to all the women men of law enforcement. Federal state local trial. The work that you do it that you have dedicated your lives to. Is essential. It's essential for any advanced nation. I believe it. The Department of Justice believes president trump believe and you can be sure about this. We have your back. You have not facts thank you all thank god bless. Jeff Sessions and I have to say this is one of the most. I think one of the best speeches I've heard him make. He's not really the best torture in the world but may end this really packed a punch don't you think. This was good stuff we have your back. And you have ever thanks. I love this line. About the use California authorities using powers it doesn't have to frustrate federal law enforcement. And Jeff Sessions says we're going to use every power that we have. To fight that. He's telling him he's calling out these law enforcement authorities these politicians. Don't endanger people's lives they've been doing this for decades. Endangering people's lives and why they doing it he explained that to score political points. This is all about injury especially to Hispanics. Pandering. Because they want their votes. Fans it's time to cause damage but how else in the Lindsey Graham's. Others of that ilk who also pandering because they also want their votes. They also want the money. This comes from big businesses that want to hire illegal immigrants. Stop protecting lawbreakers. Stop obstructing federal law enforcement. Those of you who were against Jeff Sessions are you still against it now. I mean I've not heard anybody. Maybe I'm missing something but I've never heard an attorney general speak like this in regard to this issue. Did you hear this out of the Bush Administration certainly didn't hear it out of the Obama administration. Somebody who's taking this seriously and saying enough is enough it's time to enforce the law. And if state and local officials want to obstruct. We're gonna do something about it. Long time coming you know event. What do briefly touch on what took place in Texas. Texas Democrats more than doubled their primary election turnout from four years ago. More than doubled their primary election turnouts. From four years ago. As early as of early Wednesday morning more than one million Democrats cast ballots subscribers. In the party's primary election compared to one point five million who voted in the Republican primary. This puts the democratic share. Isn't this the democratic share of votes cast in about 40% of the vote. A significant increase from the Tory fourteen mid terms we're Democrats made up less than 30% of the vote. I don't think there's a serious threat this election cycle. But you continue to have illegal immigration. He continued to allow our our so called educational system do its thing it's just a matter of time folks. Better watch this thing. Texas goes to even purple and be hard to its. 44 minutes after eleven. 1149 time goes by so quickly. Insert your response so far it's been really good about Jeff Sessions just few minutes ago. Dennis writes in and social media I agree with your assessment of today's speech now he needs to appoint a second special counsel. From the FBI DOJ abuse and corruption he does that. He truly we'll have America's back covered. We shall see whether he takes an extraordinary step. Another texture is time to rest the mayor who trekked to justice aided criminals in interfere with federal agents carrying out their duties. While Jeff Sessions just what America needs to hear. Please continue calling out people and bring changes. Are actually charges to those who continue to obstruct justice. Thanks Vince. This is why is Republicans continue to nominate hardline pistol waiving Roy Moore types they will lose ground. Up raw meat imports it's. I would not confuse Roy Moore with these people. Just don't too that don't try to throw these people in the same category come on you're better than that. I'm going to guess number search Richard dead people voted at twice the rate is the last election in Texas. Some suspicion about what really happened there. If California is trying right now imagine how they're going to few intrepid forces martial law and rolls the military into that state to force. What we already know is right. Really temperature you like to see. Jeff Sessions going to have to make some political arrest in reference to this before has any Tea. Party guests are really raising the bar here. Let's do all we can't to ensure the words spoken of followed by clear swift and decisive. Action news. While I couldn't believe I was listening to Jeff Sessions that was good. Just turn the radio on why can't trump talk like that. Came and went and screws sessions he should've walked in there import cops on her and given her the perp walk. He's on here asking permission to do his job I guess a reference to Hillary Clinton. I don't know. Or Ravi let's go out to Mike in surely good morning. Hey man it was cool I'll be all right. Accessories Milwaukee trop ul mr. McGhee. Is that we told him mr. June. Thought oh my goodness what are thought. I mean and what do you think do you agree he's mr. McGrew. I haven't actually got Cheryl without the thirty cal mr. McGee I thought. YouTube search and watched him mr. Rick do you really need to watch it up. And call me back because I wanna know what you think. She. Seriously and you know. Seriously I mean there's there are times I laugh at some these moronic things that Donald Trump says sometimes some things really are funny. Other times I'm just shaking my head because it's so juvenile. It really is. And and honestly I do find juvenile funny some times. Just putting them out there. My goodness. Mr. but the. The only moon. By the way I hated that car to anybody near like mr. to do when that was signed love that you don't like that what do you like that I think it was because of the voice is Jim back to us because I loved among Gilligan's Island some on their posts. Yeah he does have a great he did have agreed to voice over voice I ya really make go to visually impaired look let's see what do you remember by the way when that movie came out who the dead Leslie Nielsen ethics and I mean honestly because she may be listening now there are actually people. Who were protesting that movie. Because they thought it was tacky to make fun of people who are visually impaired. I'm serious. We can't let that anything any more people. I mean I mean I hated that has to meet those mr. mean good things seem to go on and on and on and on forever and I just. I couldn't take it I didn't find it funny. I really didn't I don't like the Pink Panther either did. You know Pete highlights I've got that was kind of funny that we could still be friends okay. I was about to start singing god forbid. That I do that's on he and rescue this year out of Harrisburg good morning Ian. Hey mark the public view again I appreciate it my all the ceilings mutual. OK so I would think about what Jeff Sessions should do in regards to all you'll legal immigrant Sanctuary Cities. And what's that. Honestly at this point. It's basically a rat infestation of my head and my hero. What they should do it just. Roll out the National Guard. Go out there houses. Behind every last one upon. Get some buses and dump them wherever today came from because at this point I really don't think we have much but short. Wow that's pretty harsh man. But I'm sorry but I you know I'm an immigrant. And I just don't see any luck away around this state don't pay taxes. All. And we just really not have a choice at this point and I really just think you're about to hit. Because we have a kid editor dreamers to American children how American dreams still. I think we're losing site that because the opportunity the American gets on the Mets. Because well people coming in and ignore the country. And to me. If they wanted to be here so that they would not taken a risk. Well getting deported they ought to come here illegally to begin one. Egypt where he's from he would. I'm from airport OK I came here legal way. I came here right way and because of that I am I American dream secured because I bagels. Imply are here where you're coming from man I H wow that's pretty harsh roundabout him on buses. And take them all back together people who say this is impractical to what do you say to that. Carl long term I think it cost more to be sincere. And keeps paying for. The crimes are being committed like Kate Albanians. California I'm Ben Francisco Stanley I'm sure she had American dream to do so because of these so called dreamers. That didn't happen or got killed and now for sure was released. And let go. Hi Gerri Ian will be much more conversation about this thanks for calling. You guys have a great day we're back tomorrow lord willing got bush. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.