General Wascow on N. Korea, Paul Manafort's Home Raided by FBI

Scott Fitzgerald
Thursday, August 10th

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Those at the very end of World War II I mean it was just a couple of days afterward to. When it seemed like pretty obvious that we were going to be getting sideways with the Soviets. So it's not the Russians and pretty much everybody started worrying about what was going to be neck was it a secure three right. And the concerned about world war three. At least in my mind and I wasn't you know I was in the case of the sixties when you had to get under your desks in the year ray girls analysts who struck. But on opposite child in the seventies. And then into the eighties. During the Reagan administration that was when that again via a little discussions about world war three sort of popped up just like Reagan. It's going to be hawk he's gonna he's gonna. I take post war. And a through the years have been some incredible songs that have dealt with the idea the concept of us going to war. And back in the early sixties a guy named Tom layer. Who. Was a mathematician I believe by trading maybe even a professor. Decided it was or become a a singing piano guy. Not a piano that San but he was a guy that Simon played the piano. And he came up with a song that sort of sums up perhaps with some people are thinking about right now when it comes to North Korea. And war you know every great war produces its great hit songs. And after each war we like to gather around the piano or the guitar and play these songs. You know we enjoy the songs because they're remind us of how much we enjoy the war. Now world war three is almost upon us as you know. The idea popular demand it seems. And that occurred to me but if any songs are going to come out of world war three and we've got to start running them now. So I have one here this stuff. There's a song that some of the boys will have sung to their mothers. As they will have gone bravely off to world war three. There's one referencing him I should explain there's a reference to our leading television news commentators Chet Huntley and David Brinkley. I feel that this is appropriate because. As you know world war three will be the first world war to be seen on television. It and I certainly hope that we all have color television buy them. So long mine and I'll still drop the mom it's an adult way done. You want me Marie. Why you as well sir none Erin you are shelter there you can watch me. Remind your TV and while we're attacking from the leading watch bring Elian until they describing Contra Alonso playing us cities we have lost. No need for you its newness men has I'll be agonizing. Holocaust. Little Johnny Jones and he was US pilots and no shrinking violet wasn't even. He was money problem world Lorenz realized you laugh and then do you dozens dad not so therein. And this is alive needs. And his way into the army again and these are my mom did. And I'll have to drop the mom. No way to know me in. All I'm never home in New Orleans my home. Although it. Made me then. Pilot debris and these men learn ma mean I'm all together on me so send me as Ceylon he had trying to styles and yeah I love oriental land war is over here. An hour or not I do right now all. The clever guy was saying that that he decided to give up we have chronic. And go back to to plus two equals before. So again Tom layer and well played again Torre later on the program and as well as another song that. The talks about everybody gone down together at the same time and the deal rewards through broke out. That may end up being what has apparently right. So Guam not all that upset about what's what North Korea has said North Korea has actually put together their plan outlines a plan. To fire these missiles that they say that they have and we now agree and understand that they do you have. And from what I understand. Kim Jung un is not saying what we're gonna land a missile on wall will be somewhere close to mom. But I remembers a kid growing up again dealing. With this entire subject close. And within the home run an up close. Close is only good enough horseshoes. Hand grenades. Slow dancing. And a nuclear bombs so you put those altogether and and there's really an opportunity for close. To be kind of a bad bad thing. So the FBJ is upon us in. We got a break didn't. As you look outside there you see some sunshine it's a nice change of pace is an absolutely is what I would so here. We're make it through this day we're gonna make it through this week well to make it through this life in the system and I can do to help out. And that's resulting shot 70457. Million love Tennessee telephone number. I mentioned Guam on edge Tom rivers who they receive joins us talk about that we'll do it for you coming up. So imagine if Panthers and Texans. You a football field for the NFL over a 130000 people now signed a petition to boycott the NFL. Because no team has signed Colin jeopardy. 130000. People. But tell you what they get another 200 million FL fans maybe they'd make him an an impact but as of right now it's really pain in the ocean. Maybe being in the ocean some wonderful. Which wouldn't in the peace sense have much of an effect but if we look at. Levine CBM's emanating from North Korea. End up landing somewhere near Guam that might change the Lou the atmosphere of the world here at least politically and militarily just a tad. Time rivers of ABC joins us here now. Guam now I'm here and if reports that they're worried and that they're not worried is the is that not worried part just try to put a good face on to a touchy situation. You know it's gonna record because sort of like the situation we have been in in South Korea we've got to of people and soul. And and not being there right now. You can imagine that people are pretty pretty freaked out but no not the case we've seen so many things over a decade raised greater roll with the punches and they're not. Alarmed there are some. If you will concern certainly on Guam but people aren't overly worried but there are other mindful that they are potentially. In the cross hairs and comes on the heels of this. This closure of at the commander of north of the North Korean. Missile. Forces have been told to put together a plan to fire. Four missiles in the direction of Guam want to land fairly close. And that docket there will be put on the desk of Kim Jong blown up to him then decide to push a button or not. But identical rhetoric right now hot and heavy you will know. Candidates and I guess in some sense it's if there is a positive for who's getting threatened to hear it would Guam. Then it's Guam because. They're not gonna get all fired up their pretty laid back misplayed petrol for the most part. So there probably did you do in the hang looser why I think at least on the outside here so we know the plan is going to work to Kim Jung on the fearless leader. Very soon middle of August it's almost total August. Yeah. Is it gonna happen pretty quick. And then what happens slimy you're here all kind of call the the president himself greens that look I am willing. The Fed down to talk with you Kim Jung thought let's let's get a table has been let's let's start let's start pocket. It is hard to see how you wanna square that circle go how how worried that it get together and do that real low when. Fingers so diametrically opposed to with regard to Washington and Pyongyang. It it it's a topple. Yep and venue include China. And in Russia in the mix there. Neither Russia nor China won a unified Korea which has been no one of the goals that we've had for a long long time. And again they don't want to destroy North Korea again because we've talked about this before the refugees that would go all over the place so maybe this is an opportunity for China to step up and say okay here's what we're gonna do Russert taking care of your economy even more than we have in the past. Just cool your jets. Yeah it's interesting that they did both those countries China and Russia signed up. The latest round of sanctions with the had a Security Council so in essence you're you know 90% of the exports from North Korea go to China so please stick by those. Regulations tightly. That won't hurt Korea in a way that ilk have for countries in the world they say remarkably ball with South Korea accused the North Korea. They you know they don't get here they really don't care but when China entered the equation yet that will get noticed and we'll see how it plays out. London matter if you say you're not gonna play ball North Korea throws the ball that your head you got to respond somehow or other. Exactly another player and they in them in the region is kind of worrying dual Japan to look at it in two weeks we have four missile shield over our airspace heading toward Guam. Do we attempt issued a doubt. Eddie Bane and wordy implications for that and Australia. You get more people involved in that area. And that can only create more noise and more potential for. Actually yes and and they've recently kind of upped their positioning. Of their they're anti missile missiles and their fads and to care for just such a thing I think I heard them say there was a quote from. From somebody would only get Japanese administration saying that they would do whatever they could to attempt to shoot down. Yeah exactly we at least that fits the newsletters are bad system in in Guam 20 yeah. And I guess that's reassuring but again none of these things are a 100% foolproof and they are not. And that's just the nature of the beast. Hideous and a launch the missiles start blind in you know tempers start to flare and then people start to second guess what's actually going on. And then it becomes very very Dicey time rivers and ABC appreciate that a sign on schedule better insight into that. I mentioned the that the folks are Guam not all that concerned at least by appearances. The governor there is name is Eddie Baas a hell below he sort of dismissed the notion that the other residents there are in his state of panic. Are easy further for our administration. And for the people who long there is concern and and weary but they're they're notepad. You can call and get going back in 2013. These about it this third force. Threats made my North Korea's decision to Wong as well as other facilities or bases. I'm in Asia as well as the State's eight Hawaii and and the West Coast. We are. We have right now. We got a 960000. American citizen this island 50000. American citizens in the northern marianas and any given day we got Kentucky. 181000. Tourists. Enjoying our shores. And we encourage. We want to let go through their lives and down and let them like how you would do any other day secretary's day and it just seemed kind of oil we have. Are both our civil government and working. In collaboration. Winds are read of the military regional command here. That is prepared for any kind of contingency. This bellicose statements in this is something that is you know no different what he's been doing 2013. At the same time how we are concerned that today as it does not ramp up. Most of our picture here and warm. I will act as your senator gets engaged to a school that made mention that lets have a conflict. And encouraging the administration. To go to war. Because they'd rather have it all over the air and then in the homeland. Moon so load sounds to me like these are right. Also says to me what he's not much of a fan have you Graham at this point in time and for the other rhetoric that he has thrown out. So no worries that there are worries across the world for sure there certainly are the things that we can be concerned about nuptial about one of them could be. The eye of the hurricane season the senate where the main courses under way it really hasn't kicked him. USA today says this year's hurricane season should be extremely active LA times and they said that it's going to be extremely active in and it's been a complete the last. Customs and it's almost every year. They also say could be the most active since Tony tent six named storms already formed. And two with a truck tropical from sending in June and only in July struck the United States but no big to do as far as that goes. So there's a fourteen to nineteen named storms. Now likely to form this year between five in nine. Expected to become full hurricanes. Shall. But the numbers include already the six storms and authority included to burn them or they have and so far so let's up the net that we might blue warning don't be a little concerned about because it's certainly. Could affect us here in North Carolina and South Carolina and I certainly has in the past. But I'm not as upset at that. Design AM about your private little thing about it working on here. There's a an item of clothing that I have been sort of Jones controller here and never Florida killed before but I I wanted to get one. I don't know him real and remember where that front came from. But I've kind of been on this mission to work killed I think I might my thinking is if I could find a really good win the next could be my official W VT uniform. You know and have very a WBT shirt or something made in the when my particular tartan. And there's going to be really cool we're action combat boots. The Braveheart thing you could pull that off I think it's a high in the past anybody if anybody here couldn't. To be in its original Mona tears tried that and not not to my knowledge no not at least in public you know. I think there's some folks here who have voted on the skirt thing you know the mini skirt thing but again those are those are not folks that do things in public. And I won't mention any names I mean I I'm not I'm not gonna say that Mike garrison was the one that you did this. But he once. So anyway MIS search to find to fight again kill us they're not very easy defied. First you'll. They're not his dog that. For sure nodded marshals. And not at all the writing that I go to north Providence but it defied some web sites that that's also killed so right and it just destroyed me. When I found out. 400 dollars and up for an kill it's by. Yeah I wanted to puke in the trash when I saw that Florida with the it's it's a skirt. And they went 400 dollars or maybe I'm gonna have to pick a new item of clothing to Wear. They can yield advance. So I had to bring to gross you out there. So if you can help me get a lot of that killed for less than 400 bucks man I am wide open. It's gonna make me was that the school's history seamstress kind of person. 704571110. Because some assistance airline is that we get a big giant. Inflatable jacket that sort of looks like the president in the backyard the White House plus name calling going on we'll get to her from ABC able to afford it we'll do and just take about Stein 34 is your time. Should have no longer the stuff. By the got used to be in charge and in command. Of that entire area of Asia that we're talking about you would North Korea and Guam and etc. Is lieutenant general general Glasgow he's going to be joining us coming up at 10:15 this morning when is extending by the White House. But first Chris you get a song here today apologized of course of the couldn't get junior normal slot here. Other big donors on and so real quick cut bullish or your Dawson tones go ahead. Fired upon by yesterday this radiate daily radio gig as a lot or pressured I understand believe me you know which OK let us sent her daughter have quit just. I received Glen Campbell and you can have a page that BA great Iraq. One great guy are you ready in the quite sure what to say that when but a good. God is. Who your guy at this stage. And a damn good friend of mine. John and and you may. Key row. Hey. Sky is the real good this Jack. We need. You know eight the best seat. Japan. Most of us Somalia. Dark blue hockey. Each. God you're. The mass. And. I I'm I'm assuming that you're saying that I'm the man in the in the relationship that you have projected between. Glen Campbell and I. And that makes me feel much better designed never to wanna be the ones where does that Kiev could play his Actuate is now. From from ABC how often do you nines up the man hey good morning how often do you joining a radio program and and and Syria. The listener. Serenade the the announcer. I gotta tell you skied given that I'm mostly. Getting. Policy statements and and the latest on in the North Korean threats may in my inbox and I much prefer that they'll sit Tomlinson. Viewers who are. To singing your praises did you get a boring job. And this went off soaring lately but there's certainly a lot that is happening on on this front all right so tell me I'm have you seen the chicken in the backyard of the White House are close to I have seen the chicken I. I'm very curious where they got that second. To a group for people who don't know what good behind the White House yesterday a giant chicken appeared. With what looked to be. Hair style reminiscent of the document count the Oval Office. Somebody. Put quite a bit of thought into Oakland and go to work and improbably quite a bit of money to put something like that together. I would think so I mean this was this was not your ordinary chicken no myth thought al-Qaeda. And a fairly. A protestor who was behind us that reports say something about though about before the president the United States and and how he feels about the present itself we'll see if somebody comes along and pops it that would be some than I would imagine what happened. Well I you know and I'm again I can't go back to weird to begin a giant chicken that looks like president trump. And it Dubai that on an opponent where is it where's that coming from Canada you can have a teacher it's made you know led you to customize team shirts. Are probably something that's. Industrious. Street vendors here in Washington. If you are like it's just way to miniatures and the future it will be out sooner people be buying those in droves so. Hum well let's get to be you know the boring part of everything here via the North Korean military has called via the president's threat to load of nonsense. And now they've pretty much shown of the other plan. For what they're going to do shoot missiles towards quorum here what do you think is going to be the reaction now. The other drug administration. Well and so that there's going to be the public. The public response what we hear coming from from the White House but then there's also. Certainly a the action plan on. What we heard from North Korea most recently in addition to calling the president's comments from president trump comments a load of nonsense. Or very specific plans. To launch four missiles off the coast of Guam. They did. Part of what perhaps is. Is different about this is how specific these plans are it's not just a lot of fiery rhetoric which were used to hearing from North Korea. But in fact they talk about when they intend to do it mid August. Which we've means days or weeks look how many men fully intend to shoot for that even a type of missiles. The cross sung missiles and and and where they intend them to land fifteen to 25 kilometers off the coast of of Guam. If laying do you go forward with this given that president trump has now said. Provocations from North Korea would be met with. Fire and fury the likes of which in the united in the world has never seen. Does that mean that the United States will feel the need to use military action as a response and and where does that where does that then I'll lead us. Engaged in a potential conflict with a nuclear armed nation. Aligned with with one of the most powerful. Nations in the world China yeah and and what that won't mean for the United States and from one house to hope that secretary of state Rex Tillerson comments are. Are correct when he says all diplomatic channels are being worked in that Americans can feel free to sleep well at night. Good but there certainly is a lot developing on the North Korean. Absolutely slam is equity would ABC in the White House correspondent. In not in place for Karen Travers is shrinking bill always a pleasure to go to your insight and you're jealous that singing to you may be tomorrow. I'll sing to you will be Friday after so maybe you can loosen things up for you. Presumably right 100 delegates here to your call here just a moment about the yet kilts. And and then also. Filibuster observations that that I have made about this or Guam playing North Korea's stand by it's on the way initial habitat not in a three WB two. That's a more eclipse is where you come at a later on this morning and guess what when they senate tonight. Guess what we did it again. Where would tell more was really because it goes look at the sun just right. Somebody's getting paid. To use the letters. Don't look at the size head that's the only thing that I can that I can give us. So I've been trying to find me a kilt and I went online and day and I looked and I found one. As you found a couple different ones that were available and they were like 40450. Bucks and it just absolutely made my throat. Dropped down into my testy region Dave you've got a suggestion about kilts when his. Yet but we're together the way I. We were we oh we have a New Year's Eve party you know this scene was. Scott are perhaps they were presbyterian and English and Scottish but. But what Rick you know so found out you know. Sum up my partner is. Obviously had the same reaction you had. That these are really at the and so are is where it got to opt out of flat out we're going to YouTube bit. And you you know there's formal kilts and lenders BO the every day working may have killed so you you can actually make a kilt very easily. What's the difference between a formal and a working man's guilt. Odd just it's more like you're wrap it around off what are your shoulder type built you know whereas the former tilt more pleaded. Pleaded and so. Com so you're saying essentially that they can dig it out of the shower and take that Holloway and normally rabbit around me call today. It's it it is that if this guy you're not a guy that's right it's going to be that robs so. And I am very with that that's an option for opera have a message for Chris. If they complete idiots. I turned him down every time the earth from there on your show he really need to get a life well I do this because his psychiatrist called me. And and asked if I can do in the finger and help out with the therapy for a while. Yeah well essentially that's what they are I. I don't think Laura had a song for you but always said that you get on the we elect John anyway and I appreciated that aren't aren't faced it. So us a formal and informal kilts. So the 400 box to let him try one out right so no I have invite according. Who is the illustrious leader of our promotions team here at WBT and a in the Lincoln I don't do offense and and and you are required a a fabricate her of of customs. Well we all have our hobbies we do we do when your in your amazing candidacy now a lot of the pictures of other things that you've put together before have you ever made a kilt. Yes that's why is actually laughing when you two showed me pictures they're celts to they'll actually look the same I think you copied. He sent me three pictures and they are the exact same picture and not appear to clean the senators are completely different they are worth well they're Blackman why same pattern. What course they are saying you. That button the first was 400 the second two were 450 so there must be something different with them. So why they're so expensive court because you know what materials are alike can and all the things you need to put together something like a script why would it be so expensive. Well you need tons and tons of yards of fabric may I help Mike because it goes all the way up you're asked to cover your bits and goblins dear. I need to look at those words up here and have my and find out whether or not they're actually appropriate to use on the radio well I look yeah but there's an. Hold on let me check. We are getting help for one or at least on the original. That's OK so. So how many yards you think that would mean how much is in the yard for a kind of stuff mutt you're talking high quality will only go anywhere from if you're lucky fifteen to. Heck I've seen some for 35. Our yard yard. If you're getting rarely good quality wool sometimes if it's sure. If your family so be heard and care think it would tarring times Harden if there we are tartan it's harder and fabric they have. There shouldn't make lie about my tartan. Maybe you know and it's like NASCAR flags Valencia with cook but OK so if I could get the materials together would you really help me out make when. Share her not to not sound here enthusiast and if you're the person in a fabric Fareed here. Tonight it's on the healthcare. At least it's for me had not number gears and rent. All all different animal for Hancock which as you can't accuse he's tall he's he's haggard told Eric it's your Hotmail immense strapping kind of they're getting a little. Tough OK Lola 'cause I did find another and that that was available but a debt did not look appropriate it was a maid and a mother. He handled it zippers on a two in those like little metal studs and some brings it is. I looked to me like it was one of those fetish kilts quiz where that's worked plea is not enough I'll save that for the afterward parties so. I will let's coordinate okay hubs are doing to my people talk to your people that I can do about getting some will. And and then maybe we can create a killed defendant and I'd be very appreciative. Thank you so much history and I call him she's just she's just so we're hammering me. That's a lot of people do they look at me and it kind of shake their head like this it's going to be okay Scotty and really well is going to be okay. So give me cut number one here because there's some folks who are in town and they did a little did a little sing a little karaoke. Bring it. The difference on whether we can do that. Oh yeah. You probably don't recognize those voices you may recognize one of them Darius Rucker right with a duty than the other one was John Daly. The call for John do you talk about an expensive Hilton make. We're talking to make urged to cover their men but but he might be the kind of guy that would were killed. Based upon some of the things that he won in the past that we see maybe as a possibility so. Just wanted to bring that to your to your attention we put a song earlier in the hour by gonna and Tom where it was a cold so long month. He wrote another song that I think is very very appropriate to what we might be dealing with here when it comes to. Kim Jung and Guam and his nuclear aspirations I always like to end on a positive note so here is a browsing uplifting song which is guaranteed to cheer you up. I. When you attend a funeral. It's his signs of things that sooner or move later those do La where do exam for you and and you may have lost this tragic not to mention another magic says two things of all the winning they were doomed. When I don't you learn Nomar hash is no more sack cloth and and an arm bands made a black club real someday never harmed our notice leave me. Lawrence a bomb that drops on you. Yes you are friends and neighbor. Is to. Now being no body left behind this degree and the way we're and all together and we all. Watkins Tom enlarging the fact that his overall goal. You and you are so Miriam Montana inspiring. Achievement is yes we all know the Gallo and we go okay. And all golf together when we know old. Paul's views to win anything and doesn't go well lose no one will have India and Europe is. Do not like Don his insurer whose lives of London we'll be loaded landing okay. We're all. Hi David how thorough and away from and it we'll be friends for a night potatoes tonight in the match game. Man really be no more misery when the world is our road disparity as we all else rides again now when we were. And we will always together when you name. Now being old bunny horizon is the way. Remember these are just some things done in Iran ends in our nation nearly three million I'm so well don's saying you can. He will always hard together when we. No I'm glad they're being told moaning all the bar owner and general zinni knows who my teeth Dion when you see that ICBM. And the card game maybe not as you. You know all learned together and we've her then. They'll be no need to stand and wage yards garden. When it's time Florida because then sync user calls us all odds will just drop our agenda as I'm concerned. More and only god only and you go oh cool. Every hockey gods and every basketball cool I. When the air becomes you're any gas. No we well who knows I am old tennis. Here as we all know comes Gallo and we're all gone out there as we know oil goes to bed when we go. Minimum drop the big ones. As far as emergency preparation what you do well people are preparing for emergency holocaust various areas of the United States and the world. Because of our love for Kim Jung on nine oversees meat 1005 we'll talk to about how you might wanna prepared coming up front WB two X. Total for your time preparation. Preparation where we hear a lot about preparations for emergencies and hurricanes and tornadoes and flooding that took effect sort of thought we'd be talked about. Making preparations for missile attack. The italics are. It's just a moment with a stud Joey called and affordable kill so. For those who may be just turning in it's been sort of an obsession tomorrow if you're now I can crooning in WB team uniform that would include tilt you're human suggestion. Yeah man they're a company called the Celtic crawl. And argue group you are among laden and but are there are probably you'll. You're a little over Robert it thought it made and now what. Very night that he woke you are gaining mark art. With and they'll what they'll foreign. With spot here let it go not mark pot but. Yeah there are you Wear kilts. I don't know what size with size are you well it's yeah basically those are rare and play. What I don't own weight but I don't that he. And that they'll be. How do match but about 36 cents. Like I won't tell me if you if you have an of think about taking at the Salvation Army anytime soon you let me know and take about what happens okay. He had a man on Celtic well look at Celtic cross and they've got the economy. I never thought those would be her words that I would be uttering that there you have an hour with star with the ABC the other killed any chance. The fact that I do not do enough. Military would play if I went and got arrested and one of those in Thailand on a good source here believe me a lot of Korean okay. Beautiful so less so emergency relief response plans we gotta for earthquakes are gonna for tornadoes and mudslides and and all sorts of natural disasters. It's been a long time since any place within the the United States. We're never territories that we really sort of had to put together an emerging of the emergency response. To a missile attack what's gone on. Yeah exactly saw a number of cities now and states are looking at especially DNA in the last what would they do we is North Korea targeted them and severed Cisco and LA saying that they are reviewing their plans and they are looking at them telling folks did to make sure that they have indeed been necessary items at their already told there have in case an earthquake about a weeks' worth of food and water. Per person be in the house and they say that's about all you can do that to prepare you know why eight. Very different story they're ramping up they've developed a campaign now instructing those on the islands what to do with Hawaii is targeted in an attack in. We gas ahead of Hawaii's emergency management agency why and he says this is why. And such a long time since we've fruitful and kind of nuclear thing. To pick the public aware of what to expect and what to do can that be bad because. Oh Scott Hawaii is gonna start testing a warning siren in November it's going to be a wailing sound different from a tsunami siren NATO be tested on the first workday of every month. They say they're getting ready for worst case scenario fifteen kill its nonnuclear weapon detonated a thousand feet above Honolulu. In that scenario. They're going to be using PSAs public service announcements as starting your very soon telling residents and visitors to quote. Getting inside stay inside and stay tuned. If they hear those warning sirens go off they think they have about eight minutes it's a twenty minute flight time from North Korea to Hawaii. By the time it's detected by the US and then there are the hawaiians are notified they think they'll have about eight minutes heads up to tell people to get inside shelter in place. They would then dad do evacuations after that and getting inside and staying inside. What if anything were that do to protect them from nuclear fallout. Well it's better than being outside vidro and men exposed and and they say that's about all you can do they they want you to get into a basement or a bunker in and they're saying the same in California if it were to happen. By and not a lot of places have basements and bunkers in the west in California we don't have basements it's not something homes are built with for a number of different reasons but they're they're very uncommon defines. How Hawaii gossip telling folks increase are food supply. I instead of a week for earthquakes to fourteen days because that's when most of the fallout would be out of the air and they say. Did they think for about fourteen days nobody would come in to rescue them. Because he air would be radioactive water would be radioactive. And it would take about a fourteen days did to get crews in there. Beat the tour is raising agencies are worried about all this they say that Hawaii is going too far. That they rely on tourism and ended they feel that that this is going beyond what needs to be done by the way when you land in Hawaii right now. You get a or soon. You get a he had message on your fallen when you turn on your phone welcoming you know Hawaii text message. And giving you information about what to do in case of a nuclear attack now that has. That leaves the visitors bureau none too happy saying that's not the world to know why that they want a welcoming here's what to do if we get attacked our house who's who's telling the visitors bureau to stick it. Because just to me I had to delay the government yeah it'd be edit this state government is saying tough that debate feel ended they've got to do this that aids it's just being. Cautious in San Francisco though. We tacked to their emergency management office and they say they feel there's a bigger threat than North Korea here's they tell us what. The more likely scenario for a disaster of over ideological divide Oro what's commonly known as the dirty bomb. And that's something that local agencies have it would have been just don't have resources or how about this sport have trained for. Yet they say they think bed at 2 AM terrorism attack the way to dirty bomb is de L more likely radioactive scenarios and a state sponsored attack from North Korea but they say you gotta be ready. Sort of world we're living in here. We'll the world Alex don't appreciate the update and and you're in the West Coast visual we've got your your emergency plan. In place ten tennis your time now this is news 1110 Moneyline for WBT as we had discussed North Korea and their plans to fire missiles near Guam. Good news is we're going to be talking to a match for somebody who has been. Facility who lived at that world and those fears and those plans for a long long time we're going to be a military mind. Bubba lieutenant general Astros come anyway would do it next. Thank you for 81018 is your time. So middle of August. Not that far from the middle of August 1. What night when I look at the calendar. But I see that it's August 10 I realize that words don't just we'll really a couple of days away from me in the middle of August and a that is when Kim Jong-un says that at North Korea. Is going to shoots missiles near Guam and looks like perhaps is going to be four of them. Air force lieutenant general Tom last god joins us he retired in bed that was your neck of the woods here Indo since the last time you and I spoke. But to say that the heat has has risen a bit would be an understatement. Yeah you're absolutely right analysts are up by saying about competitors. She that is a good thing to say yes. I was a commanding general thirteenth air force or more per year. The mid. Nineties escaping. Early. 2000 and now this very interesting because most days we consider glom depleted to the despair because it has a significant location. Strategically because the location of the huge cheer runway at Andersen air force base and also the mature harbor down south end of the island come out Mars. Peace of the world there where the subs are over the good atoms are aware the submarines or are stationed. I will not stationary there they operate OK gotcha. And and in fact what what it with the air force is doing as we have or call for a presidential strategic bomber where we are deployed at B ones this BS still speak to end the B fifty twos periodically in Guam. They would practice so long range missions there are two of various parts of the world with. You know who are relatively yeah unpopular without so in fact we have called the facilities are welcome to the despair. Georgia now are you surprised at all that. At North Korea's you know then quote new found ability. North Korea to be able to. To make a weapon small enough to put on a missile mission reports that I have read that. Blitzes that we shouldn't be surprised because the way that they've been testing in the past. Even though quote they look like failures were actually accelerating the process to get to the point where they can weaponized of their actual missiles. Remember that was the effort piece of the discussion item about what you need to have a bigger capability media source material delivery system know what the opposition. Look amortization consists of a oh wait to actually initiates the nuclear reaction which accessible only. Radioactive or what does fired in the period that this has been hit precisely on the that your core. Within nano second to create the energy for the explosion and you can do that but the problem you have to do tracked it down to a point we put them on board weapon likely to do we'll work through for the tour talk I was we have got to not in Japan. So the question whether or not they're capable of doing that I think in my opinion that's the hardest go to street brings them to do you know whether or not they've done it. Is a here is another question. The broader issues won't move of the use of international airspace. If they choose to launch those four rockets store lawmen think. Probably had the capability of doing that now because of the solar 2000 miles and with the immediate. Well I'm range ballistic missile but that's well the arrangement that the capability the system. But the question whether or not they can they have the engineering to be able to create the trajectory political note. Two to precisely hit just outside of the twelve mile limit and so on. There and that's problematic at best and particularly key issue is. But twelve miles remember that international. Law to seat twelve miles defines the national boundaries of the so. Literally if something less upset at twelve miles an hour economic exclusion zone and centrist thing but I. We can't control if it lands within twelve miles just consider national territory. And that then raises the ante on what response would be from a national government prone than coercion into the national territory so. Yet they can probably do it Willie do it that's so problematic at best and remember Kim Jong-Il news is sir. It was a couple French for a short of epic meal you know just have to be really careful in dealing with a person like this. History has you know basically has said the Pyongyang will will back down every day they ratchet things up in the they backed out. But there's some experts who were at this time around that neither side really has some sort of incentive to make the first concession where do you stand on that. Well I think it says it again as problematic. Will affect on or not I don't know I think they they probably will because of my common sense person would stay. The implications of crossing that rubicon of Washington launching a missile picked up by our. Are the space space infrared sensor systems and we all immediately wonder if they are being able to project Richard directory on it. As against airborne. The problem that because what's on board the missile. Kim Jong moons advisors have to know that we spent most of our. Flies during the cold war in a period where strategic deterrence has been the he worked for all the nuclear powers and their four. That requires so mature and and predictable reactions or actions of the apathy those who are. They're capable maker operations and so. His advisors have to tell him that that we've been doing this for a lot of years with established has established international norms. That are acceptable and that it crosses that line then there. The response is gonna have to be. Something that is significant and big and very. Stark and remember. We think that Kim Jong-Il in this series he's basically just doing nothing more than trying to. Retain a iron vice grip on his regime because of these loses a conference of the general also love that. Who have basically cause in the disappear in the middle of the night. When you no longer will be in charge of his serve is domain so. Again so many factors that are going on right now both political military I'm I'm hoping that. Secretary of state Tilson who to this point has done a magnificent job in the international form. There's going to be able to. Convinced it's Japan China. In her other allies in a year in the western Pacific. It's time for them to step in and end. Do whatever they can do economically in a politically to get this guy under control. Well economically if China were to pull they'll pull the plug and and discontinued. The support that they they continue to give the north Koreans. He would mile long before they have been they've become a failed regime and then the question would be can China. Afford to let them go down the tube that way. That's exactly right and a that say yes judgment that. You know the we're gonna have to evaluate significantly because we don't turn sales than the alternative is perfect. She we are very tense time and we do live an interest in times. Hum the entire world would be watching if indeed. North Korea issues are four missiles towards wamp from. I'm gonna guests could be completely wrong that the United States or Japan or anybody who's involved and here would do would do what they kid to go ahead try to shoot these down. Out of practice perhaps. Would that be a good thing for the world to see because. If we miss Bennett tells the world a lot about what our capabilities are if we get a mall road a bit that sentiment from message altogether too. Yeah I would if I were advising. The president I would say let's activate defense system that we do have located on Guam score didn't put. It is equipped spy radar. Pac three missiles and placed on the opposite defensive blue ring around Gorham. And that she does things down to demonstrate he can do that come. You're right if we miss that's a sitting us can be significant problem and of course that'll be something we'll have to do with built early but. I would do I would put up our children uses the Israelis have been in effect to where there are don't systems on expect him that we could probably be equally effective on the scorecard. It's good enough oh we gotta we do get a callers have a question Jim go on your you're on with that would lieutenant general. Time Alaska to morning. I've been morning with the internal thank you Irma reservist just a quick course and how long would take it you wouldn't know. Or one of our summary launch missiles are from at least one of two boomer so we must ask the C Japan. Dictate our military targets in North Korea. That's thirty seconds left and these very these guys are are incredibly accurate on the USO BM's. They are. One of the three legs of our strategic deterrent to try to turn. It would be. It. Physically and and militarily as simple. Thing to do the problem is. Any military response really military actually taking just North Korea is gonna apple record response because there's. Over twenty million people in solar was in New York Rangers the our position and it is just north of the DNC. I felt career has significant special operations capability to our. Cause Havoc in us. Yeah we get go from homely so ugly. Very very quick unfortunately air force lieutenant general someone asked are retired out of time appreciate your insight let's hope that that calmer heads will prevail. We're crossing their fingers and we're saying a prayer and a and seeing what comes our way thanks so much 1027 to break him back. News is on the way here on who's 1110993. WB treatments. Paul came out this week he hopes to medal time. But a poll came out this week that showed them a state senator jolt forward. And leading the democratic primary for mayor. Which is a according this article contrast to the polls earlier this summer. That. Whether there were done by a mayor John Roberts can't pay their children mr. Ford in third place. Guess who did the area this into the pearl. The if he's Agile forward to be right. I love that when somebody does a poll about how well they are loved. Do you think you report the results. Unless shifting it was skewed in your favorite and it went in your direction. I don't think so I think abuse situation where we would never have even known. Really a poll had happened. Just show floor observation so let's September 12 I do believe was the primary and then it'll be Katie bar the door as we make their way towards him the actual election. So then the other Russian investigation is much as it may seem like it's both kind of got away. Because there's so much of the stuff that's in the news right now it it is not done and with the announcement. That that Paul manna forts residents. Was it was actually served in doing mr. within a search warrant they went through investors big and around and it's a clear case that the or a clear sign the cases got some. Momentum here and I would go another Brad Garrett with the ABC. This this this raid was a Y a logo writers in July why why do you think we're just finding out about this now. This July according sex and that's because. They got it sealed search for what we're that your church signed an order of twenty. Surge could not be released publicly aired the Indy do that for a number of reasons. Serbia integrity have what you're doing that time. So that it's that the immediate steps after the search. Is not public knowledge obviously now it against the that's actually not uncommon in cases like. Gunship. What is so what will happen next year we got mad afford I have to imagine some of the other the other players. There have been you know asked some poignant questions you'd have to be going in my gonna be getting a knock on my door here any time soon. I think that it's reasonable that some of those will get a knock on the yourself rather than make end up getting their residence and search. Thank. Records seized through subpoenas or search warrants. So little that are really complicated. Investigation to do. And it's gonna take I think yeah a period of time a year QB might get. Y eight. President has been saying much about this here lately obviously there's other some other stuff this is sort of taking his attention here but it. Based biologists have with a man afford that we just found out here and as well as the grand jury and and stop the silence. That surrounds this investigation which I find me and Thomas ominous sign for anybody who's under the gun here the president still has to be pretty worried about this. It yes I think he is worried and I think it's beyond. Just. Potential collision with the Russians. To get elected. He's got a lot of he and it's failing. Because a lot of business dealings with the Russian it's. Buying and selling casinos. Alone they're Russian banks. The miss universe. Padgett in Moscow or twelfth and thirteenth. There's there's there's a lot of interaction between. The trial proper realization of the Russians. And I think he did he hasn't concern it may be rightly so that some of those dealings. Are not lawful. And that they each week here at Stanley can get caught at the net. Now things that were not lawful what happened before he was president. Could certainly cause folks around him some severe issues here. But what it directly caused the president problems from institutional questions as to whether or not he could be indicted while he's in office. And not white president I hear but I think what happens you'll see. Maybe eventually people charge like like and a fork or like a family member of this is this isn't something like that. The prosecutor so stepped to the haven't seen it they won't cooperate we can't make it well they they want. That but the point being if they don't enough evidence to get the president. They'll probably just take it to the house. And how to go to Connecticut decision whether they want to impeach him merchant to impeach that we got impeached that in the pitcher you obviously after that. Well but you know work a lot away from the Nevada. Yeah. Him. Well as we've said for quite awhile here where there's a will there's smoke there's most likely some fire here. The the idea that this is a witch hunt is that is that getting to be harder and harder for somebody to justify using that kind of language from the administration. Yes and an you know people who have done this type poor before and more importantly. Know the players the seventeen plus season. Professional like competent honest prosecutors in bowler himself. They don't go on which routes that follow the facts and that's what they get out and it certainly some true intent not charged anybody there. So pit with a husband that's what's gonna happen and so. But there's the super layup bunch of super professionals. Looking at a very potentially serious situation. Wouldn't of these attorneys in these folks at that have been hired by Moeller. Give up there were there are other geeks to go on a wild goose hunt. Well of course not and all these people has been. In serious cases before rightly the guy who ran to her BP the Enron that gauge they got complicated that problem. Amid all of these people. Past impressive track records where they work for the government and obviously their back into the government again. Right and president trump I think his three attorneys right now and a one of them is Jim secular who used to basically be a talk show host tonight in hoc phone services. He's not who cleared up enough misery. He seems to be out man to display and time. Well. Yes but having said that he had nobody approaching you know more. Who he alleged that illegal or criminal activities rank for you know what you are saying is it more and more lawyers involved. What the players around for family members there up for EU certainly net. Those folks I see you you'll see a pick up of lawyers without. Have you have you turned people in the past. Turn out okay good that nobody says the most but he sees the most likely culprit to a to turn at this point. It's early are prepared and being. Turning ugly goes through what damage. If it can if you can be costing it in other words what you live reports we don't really know. We we got probably the most extensive connections to the Russians. No allegations of money laundering vocal ala carte eccentrics sector. He maybe could face potentially some pretty serious charges so the question is. Do you give up fortunate though. To get those repaired. It and that's that's sort of what happens in these as debt and to be caught unless there is a majority of cases that it better that's complicated. Touch of so managers missing Yahoo! becomes what sort of player on the chessboard gave may be a white player that turns into some of the from the black side of the just sort so. We'll. And you can take your pick has to do you think of the the guys in the white had some guys block catch a break him back trying to make it's your call come and appear momentarily. And then now take a look at what happens when they don't allow policeman. Do you use aid facility. Outrageous is what I say it won't get your take Mozilla. Imagine this out early this morning just kind of a warning. Especially for kids you as your ticket you just around and that's kind of a consider their cars future. Well those that don't need to be in a car seats you've seen him since they have passenger drive the million passengers on the correlate to different on the dashboard. And on ice and Capri entering into an accident. And then just imagine I mean just look them in your mind imagine that your feet up like that and then the airbag opens up. And based on experience from some folks and who who have cut sort of come outs against places and not something you wanna do. Literally their knees went through their eyes. Should measure the power of the you know under a 150 mile an hour airbags shooting your knees back into your eye sockets. And has been a couple of folks. Woman ordered Tatum mr. -- occur like dead and you have an accident broken femur ankle arm it shook her foot straight up into her face to lure of remote start walking again two nephews luge is still recovering. So you might wanna think twice about where you put your feet there in your car not as us have been an ever give a (%expletive) you never would have thought about that. Then again I'm very rarely in the in the passenger seat the control freak that way yes so. Just a little with little safety advice from your local Scott Brian appreciate you you hang in on here in day you called 7045 X of an eleven time was up. I don't they've got to an all right thanks for your friends and cheer so bill argued that on the debt we feel that they are able. Yes he has that's that's where I thought. That the reason that I could that was because how he. How he presents he. You investigators better handle and Bob Marley investigation he'd probably have a degree in communications you know about owning clutching. Where to put the emphasis on in order to kind of paint. I am not evident to the degree in women's studies. Well I mean not excellent but I seriously if you indicator. So without the combined with that information I think you are armed quit without some type of awareness. Never find it weird topic every time. You know both outside media talk about oh what he had dealings with Russia. Like I just pony deflection that she just said any healing they handle themselves. Are in fact in some way. Our area. Did you notice that stupid way to describe B. Very dedicated and honest people within the FBI you know we truly people up into the bank where I'm looking forward a little bit contact Olympic even. No law ideally. On because we're out here and it's gold for this investigation is getting way out of hand it was my understanding that the scope of this investigate we spoke to be with regards to collusion. Which is it good in the context of the election about the talk about what Paul metaphors big. Whether or not work for the top administration or not when he it now they now we're talking about stuff that happened prior to. The presidential campaign and in charge and what's funny is it. They are fishing for what ever type of malfeasance they can pop the corporate well on the other side we've got Hillary Clinton and bill quite in. Are selling uranium enrichment capabilities. Doing half a million dollars speech even Russia. All eight knowingly and deliberately destroyed. Our silver which Hamburg. They gave. They gave people within her administration. Immunity and and yet there was no indictment so what is going are you won't hear this. You can't hear the double standards are the. What I'd open a guy like that how are. I absolutely do here is an FBI guy so do you think he's going to be dogging his Brothers and sisters who have advantage first of all. He could be because here he is oh despite appeals Scott GOP to protect and defend the top teams in the United States from all any forward and the met. So yep yep thought he should be did not limit when it one way. Why won't. Why should he be dogging the the FBI agents in the in the folks that that that are working on this case if that's and just assume that he's following his orders. Better to do what he's being told to do where in any else was going on the world was not his Bailiwick does that make sense. So I'm so glad you said that Scott we're looking forward from a pump up your stomach when you've been duly elected administration. Or to come from each state. Because from everything that I think here and you'll get to order comes from each state. And it got appropriately is trying to make and so. We are trying to get rid of but disgusting slob wouldn't become our government can what do you make sort but the east it would do everything they can't arrest in that upper. And here we are and. Here we are dumb is as if it amazes me that nobody really knew what the word deep state meant. Five years ago unless you listen to Alex Jones or you're like on a little bit like upload hold on or you run a website of conspiracy theories like above top secret. So first about. You know yes I know and I know that and I know that back during the Kennedy administration there was concerns that there was a deep straight Eisenhower was talking about the other you know. The military industrial complex and and how they had their chemicals in their I think I get that that's the money world perhaps when all is said and done the money world. Is the deep state and it wouldn't surprise me. And if indeed there was collusion if there was between the Russians and let's say just start with may have sort. Then I do understand. Why whence they get that you know that piece of cloth bear. And they pull the thread and say oh he there was leverage over man afford because of this particular deal with the Russians. That thread could then potentially lead backwards in time. Some how would manna fort. And I'm getting connected with a campaign I have no idea. But if it was because they had some common backgrounds because of some deals that have been done in the past let's say let's say metaphor was compromised. At some point in time in the past. And he had sent some of the dealings the same dealings with the derby allegations that the trump family had. Dealing with a casinos and I don't think there's any question. That that happened. That he got money from the Russians. Eric dropped just talked about it if it was very commonly known in the state of new York and beyond that back after three or four bankruptcies however many washed. Trump could not get any loans from American banks. Too good to hit helping analysts finances keep them from my from rowand on it again so there were Russians who stepped up to it and if the loans were. Questionable shaky. Dark at all. Then that would create some leverage and I could see where these threads would go back to that does that mean for a minute. That there should speed should that there shouldn't be somebody with in the DOJ. Who goes after Hillary or goes after bill. No other completely separate issues they can be concurrent. And one doesn't. Reno on eradicate the other does that make sense. Well I'd say we delve a little bit I mean what we're trying to be applied a lot you can break and that's that's really the mainstay of the American experiment. Is that we are all equal in the eyes of the law enacted not a mere fact that you are what's going on here now it. You know you're right in theory in right in theory we are but in in what it all comes down to it it's sort of like if you remember the line from animal farm. Everybody's equal some are more equal than others and in this particular case is the application of the law and sometimes it comes down to who's in charge. Of applying the laws that might be where years into the deep state that you're talking about is coming into play here. The money is what's going to drive all of this and that you know somebody who might on the money be the most nervous at all. It would be somebody like couldn't win it all comes down to it because. Do you think about Pia them against the deal images ski you know half that's keeping money away. I mean does the goodness somebody who's piggy bank got kind of snags and taken away from right to bring up some great points. I think that we can't have an investigation into whatever happened would Russia at the same time gone after Hillary. They're not mutually exclusive break him back in the news coming up on news 1110993. WBZ. Coming up in this half over the conversation about football. And so we have been. The inaugural. Pre season game yesterday. We don't have those. We have protection. But so football is now considered to be child abuse among. Given that conversation. As well as looking at naked chicks is registry searcher has also done right just absolutely research. And willow parlay that story on treat you here momentarily. So the the north Koreans are saying Guam. Just outside of Guam. Probably outside of Guam in international waters is where our missiles are going to go. And they may be nuclear doubt it for good as CBM's that they test and send that way because silly of them do look to waste nukes fell into the ocean right. But these fear. Of nuclear war and the fear of our conflict. Are growing conflict. With the North Korea. When you consider how China is involved and how Russia is involved and how South Korea and Japan. And everybody that's part of that southeastern Asian peninsula and a series of countries. These slightly concerned to show at least. Do you fear of world war three is rearing its ugly head yet again and world war three will be let's face it. Beat the Specter of world war three. Showed up the shadow. Surge inching towards us the day after World War II was over. Then the wheels were set in motion. And it was she wasn't mean ninety to 200 to two when when the Korean conflict began to everybody back and thought this is the beginning of world war three. And in this sense maybe it was because it's not over yet are you ready to put your head down between your butt cheeks and kiss him. But you know every great war produces its great hit songs. And after each war we like to gather around the piano or the guitar and play these songs. No we enjoy the songs because there remind us of how much we enjoyed the war. Now world war three is almost upon us as you know. The idea popular demand it seems. And that occurred to me but if any songs are going to come out of world war three and we've got to start running them now. So I have one here from this side. There's a song that some of the boys will have sung to their mothers. As they will have gone bravely off to world war three. There's one referencing him I should explain there's a reference to our leading television news commentators Chet Huntley and David Brinkley. I feel that this is appropriate because. As you know world war three will be the first world war to be seen on television. And yeah. I certainly hope that we all have color television buy them. So long mom and often drop in time to sit on the way done. You want me Maria. Why you as well sir none Erin you're shelter there you can watch me. Remind your TV and while we're attacking from the leading watch bring Elian until they describing Contra one's on me and us cities we have lost. No need for you move. Goodness men has I'll be agonizing. Holocaust. Little Johnny Jones and he wasn't US Rhode Island and no shrinking pilot this wasn't even. The US mining problem world Lorenz realized you laugh and then do you dozens dad not certain. And this is alive needs. Sudan. He's way into the car again and its. Own on my new. And I'll just drop the mom. And no way no me me me in the that's all I'm your own name into my home. Although it. Made me. Pilot debris yeah. These men learn mommy I'm on the together on me so send me as Ceylon he had dryness Ohio somehow I love Gloria a land war is over here. And our I'm from. Me. Tom layer. Fascinating character in the history United States as far as music goes. Obviously he was not a big trying to work things are sort of a may not be sort of he was a political commentator and I would guess to doesn't pass fist. And he was a man's dude and he was a teacher and then he decided that dominated this company thing did that for awhile. Very very successful and then decided to come back to do what he was doing before. So you can have more than welcome yes welcome down tonight so the president needs him some love. We'll explain that I think we all do Beatles saying that very very well all we need is love. Six different from manifest itself in different ways for different people and football for kids. How to be is what. So I another whole story about your clips. Imagine if you had your trademark on the word of clips. Maybe make a lot of money we'll hold you worry is that story there seem miniscule cost in dollars or when he's in a functional cost you know. She'll run. Another story if you're in the path of totality. Do to make sure your Luke Lewis from the sermon is totally block for just a moment. A certain that's the same thing that he keeps saying here it's like run. Do you keep thinking we're idiots. That we haven't gotten it yet. But I guess repetition is the other way to make sure that we we pick things up front. And if you know where to look on that particular day when Nissan is so blocked totally. Cyber happened for us here in Charlotte but to the south of us yes you get a chance to see four planets. The third usually only available. On a semi regular basis he is very hard to see somebody's. And then also. Since the sun's gonna be covered. And it's in the middle the sky you can't see the stars that are norm doing behind the sun right now which are the winter starts. These are the ones that you see in the night sky during the wintertime so when the sun crosses Selena covers it's covered up their. He revealed to CLU Orion and in those kinds of constellations and if you look close you dosage of Jupiter and Mars Venus and even Mercury. Now I think most of us have seen Jupiter and Mars and Venus if you know where to look and you tarnishing them and didn't even know that the Mercury that's a tough one to get to. You do do you just a right place. Just the right sort of horizon. And it seems to be in just the right place and we'll stick out I don't know what I've ever seen it and that was it. An avid junior astronomer. Many old low so many years ago. Those so many years and said the president meets himself some love of course we all do. And it really doesn't surprise me and I'm actually kind of happy that does that this gets done Zora folks are mic in front of him about this. But he gets so much bad news and so much bad press and people are dogging him left and right. That. Do you folks there within the White House at some point in time decided that they needed to put together a what somebody and inside the other wolves there has called me a propaganda document. And it's admiring stuff and I and pictures of the president to make him look good so each and every day. Starting around 6 o'clock folks are within the team there starts monitoring content to put together. Many Republican National Committee staffers keep tabs on. No different cable shows CNN and a C and NBC fox. And then they scour online stories and social media post for positive things to to give the president. The a team then forwards all this. To the White House. To the president to include in about a twenty toward front page document. That's usually the president's hands by around 930. And it's us up to make them feel good if there is a big any given day where there is enough positive contents to present to him. Staffers reportedly find press photos of him looking powerful. And that makes him feel better too. Second batch of positive stories hand delivered to the president by about 430. And apparently both ex chief of staff are. Previous end a former Press Secretary Sean Spicer. He's trying to elbow each other out a way to be going to personally deliver me. Propaganda document. To the president. So the only feedback there was ever given. And this is and who allegedly based on the story but the president is that it needs to be more blanking positive. So. Which. You know what I say I do think we all need some laughs you're just him and me I can't imagine what they'd be like can you go into today we're all your doing. These is. Is suffering the slings and arrows. A damn near everybody on the planet. You know there's a there's a certain segment of the population. That will continue to say nice things we will continue to support the president come come stickers then hell or high water. But there's just so many people. The underdog. The main Rowland CNN right now we little little crawl there. Senate GOP source suggests trumps of behavior. Killed bill meaning health care bill. There's not a very nice thing to say right. And that just seems to be a constant so. It's almost like wake and that preach today and you know walking into work. And and looking around at the people that you work with in just I don't know shake their hand pat them on the directions of the nice about a given much to Panama compliment. We all need that. We all need some and a Billy you know I don't know sort of lift our spirits a bit I was it was at The Rolling Stones that said we all need. Some. It's all you non. And if you want you can lean on me. So some weather doing that for him. And chances are this going into it to continue his as long as he is the president of the United States we donate some love Willie and you get plenty of its don't brag okay. Okay I'll let her live and who knows he is love and Chris so slightly. Child by sort of the BBP eleven and with Scott FitzGerald. So because they only call this thing the only trade years. So I am surprised that term this certainly aren't technical static you know I get create our. Right I don't know we'll ignited an intern really did you hear me say that I was surprised us and I wasn't surprised. I said this this is an important thing for a show you're. Shocked but you know you got the same pretty much so I was on honored our borrowers who have been I didn't like you and John Moore. And nobody Charles Wheeler Arab news. Charlotte boom boom now want to cue up on YouTube and treat primary bill right now. Ms. Brazil 27 game boom boom he asked whether it be you at home cooking Spanish you know the goal is that he's so boom boom. And what it is is acting which you're a real quick and all you have to do it as well as bill. I suck they consistent where they line up all the ladies that would like to try to be the best but two in in Brazil are. That's the only Gallinari Chandler would make them more dug yourself I you child and young lawyer myself we close this thing you Americans here. I know we don't beat you it doesn't come on no project can guard is saying you cost around out there that do them to pop do we have to do is by video or can we he be goes. One of the pleasure cumulative operated you know my comment on the. We met so you're saying that we replicate what they're doing in Brazil and have brought me here. Played all right here we got a new experiment let's hear a comment that lets you know Carolinas but it failed to genie shall go right there are illegal and and he's boom boom Charlotte. Does. Well Willie I mean I've never been the discriminatory kind of person here obviously like you have to be discriminating about certain things. But I don't know that I would want to leave anybody out of this opportunity here if if they think that they've got via the boom do it. To attend all booms why would we wanna leave them out I mean what we have to card to see if their name is Vasquez. We have to pick the best boom boom and our child myself you are not down more. Well actually entered into witnessed something did judges are not BDR NC NN news or whatever you lecture that you hope you take pictures with Belgrade on FaceBook. Some Upper Darby ceiling fan is overwhelmingly Arabs they don't expect everyone above where they want to follow. I think you you you made a nice little slip there that that. But that Charles and John and I would real witnesses to a certain what are you getting out of out of hand. A lot of really didn't look well if you could we should mean just fireworks on the Narnia and certain. And no anybody and I Thursday but up. Singled out there and now you people call my people get together. I don't you don't need to make me think about and unfortunately very elected and my brain like an ear worm of a crappy songs of the seventies something you know. You you're you're able what are they all did I don't wanna get too distracted. Yeah they're just fighting and it is great you know make Israel more I know that blue shark churning out movies aren't shop lowered the moon or less. I. They moon like moon with a very small sliver of an eclipse. There are illiterate so quadrupled from Brazil wanted something what I don't need to you've said it six times Willie. I hope are what more are Margaret reburial. Adios. They did say it was for charity brand yeah I mean we of course have to come up with some some charity. And another nine afternoon. Little Brothers of the poor yeah. I cannot and of boom boom boy is this kind of how would your Howard your wife takes is a delicate job. Not well. Yes no not. Now she runs he runs the place doesn't she lose. Well yeah yeah pretty much you pretty much Charles on the front trying to sort him and asked about his wife would handle she runs the place to pretty much is placing us. If my wife were here she would probably go on the placements and she's in Raleigh I get free reign saw. She did not have any influence that hey I'm gonna move in with some news so there we have enjoyed our next half hour on two different things don't touch of what is. Child football is Peewee football child abuse. And it should fat and fat people. Being social justice issues. It's. Call the liberal people that you don't have them standing by don't get their input coming up. Obviously habitat I think country WBP. There's 1110 after W beach about a half hour away from Raj. My favorite part of Russia you to present opening segment. And he comes out of the shooting is just. Fired up and arm prepared ready rolls off about six minutes after twelve was when that are gets harder from here on double retained. So if you know your child was gonna be a 100% exposed to something very very dangerous. Would you let them do it. John Moore if you knew that your daughter was going to be exposed. 100%. Exposed to something very very dangerous if she part took of that activity. Would you would you let her do that absolutely not 100% risk of exposure to it and not have to hold back and tell you Hugh Hewitt yeah. Protects a 100% chance 100% risk of exposure. Revenge darling daughter played football I am well. Don't. If if you if you if you knew and you would not exposure child to a 100% risk of exposure to something very very dangerous. Then that then don't. Don't you chopper to book his so when the weapon is what position of America are we being fed a bit of a bill of goods here. The other Doctor Who discovered the link between. CT brain disease and the NFL said that letting children play football. Should be considered. Child abuse. I feel about that. I don't like the idea Mike has played football club particularly because once on as our he has three concussions. And they weren't playing football this is being in a dork gone through life you know. And concussions can cause some major major changes in your brain and kids that we're all sweetened sunshine and cotton candy and unicorn skin turn into. Agitated. Aggressive people because of us and brain damage. Doctor Bennett Oman. Has warned parents against allowing their children are usually tuned to play the sport claiming there is no way. To make it safe against brain trauma. So. If you knew that in if you believed this that your child there was a 100%. Risk exposure to brain trauma. June and play football. I've never wanna make his putt for par is Oleg it was. It was too conducive to have a some bad had to do not happen to their head. Like there aren't of problems and are are not enough things in life to to mess with the head turning. Especially for kids. So clear he's a nerve pathologist. I can remember the movie concussion I know some there around get on and get these these emails from folks who say rhythm and you dispute has been that you swallowed. You went to the big you your being sold a bill of goods about this. I'm not exactly sure. Why this should be considered a bill of goods have you heard anything sort of controversy you'll. About this this study and and about the results of this well yes all the moving yeah so by the mean there's a lot of controversy surrounding it. Just not that he didn't follow proper methods and getting the results right. This today as they didn't Lotta people did wanna hear it may be and and maybe it was the choice of subjects yet disease were people who died right yeah. So. And I don't know if they've done an extensive. Study and and scanned of every professional football player. Mean they did that gonna be much more comfortable with the data I get that. So maybe that's what the the confusion is a worthy of your questions that are being asked about this. This particular group what this man did and he found staggering independence and enough for players sustained long term head trauma. And then in addition declining mental capabilities due to the sport. So earlier in the week. He said a football it's a definition of child abuse. Someday they'll be a district attorney who will prosecute. For child abuse. Now. I think in and of itself it's a bit of a push but let's say had a child who I was up there playing football and got. Got a concussion. And they near the John had a concussion. And then the kid decided they didn't want to play football anymore. India parents pushed another back there on the field again we've got to consider children's. And and not just because the kid doesn't want to its whenever thousands of things in life the kids don't want to do that we make them do. But if you know that your child already had a concussion. And my understanding is second one's. Cause more damage in the first once it's sort of a cumulative effect. So if your child has already got a concussion would it be then considered child abuse to put them back out there on the football field again. Again the doctor says if you play football. If your child plays football is 100% risk exposure. It. It's a 100%. Availability for you emissions there's nothing that can make football safer. And I think they're probably isn't going to be a way to make it safer. I think it's a pretty strong statement that he's making. That. We're doing a disservice to our kids. Pieces there's other country exports of rumpled Anderson of course that of course they're dangerous we know this. And sometimes just a matter taken a risk because you want to. When religion is worth it birdies sank football rugby. Boxing ice hockey. Mixed martial arts and wrestling. Soccer's not in there. President and these are needed to the most underserved in the soccer as a lie and I was telling. Who's telling so I don't know some folks would assume that this is just another step but with globalization of United States India of American children. Have a give it some thought if you knew for sure that your child. Is gonna get a concussion playing football if you knew for sure they were going to have of the eleven play. Let this chance up in jets have been everywhere. We'll break him back fast it's a social justice issues stay with us we'll break that went down payment. So we I had the story. I was in York county that the other sheriff's. We're doing their due diddle and I mean they did their due diligence and they found some. I don't know what how would you George characterize that. Sexual improprieties yet there is Arenas doesn't really was area. Those of mutual deal wasn't really seems like there's one woman and 55 guys. No not all the once Charles know they were it was some different times different guys different then the third time night that I understand the image of that is. Could be. Told of an animal you know there's an in particular now I. Looks like the bakery. Now serving. 107. I get a DMV. That. What if you elect you know that would flash the number where she would do you know this lane is open does. I. That. Please turn on your lays before proceeding through the tunnel. So. So if I got Gary Miller how many were trooper fired. Or put a lever whenever that all the cases I was like three total leaving some to Monica. But. How how in the hell yeah do you get caught honey be that dumb to get caught and then and then. How all how does it cascade has the story cascade so that it's not just be people who are immediately getting caught. Then our under the gun that it turns into then four other dudes. I think somebody said something maybe a disgruntled previous person doing their best yet O former lover protests saying hey what happened where you know so let let's just say it lesser name pursue. Okay it's usually do with tent and they get caught. Entegris will help out bill. When they go talk to bill and those like Aaliyah. Yet Ted give thanks to that but what about. Larry sitting at Ted in bill and then Larry and Larry goes wait a minute limit the they've all about Donald so many got Ted to get billion Larry than Donald and Donald following the angle but you know who started it. There is it was donut Danny he was a line he started it. But the crime rate must be incredibly low in that area you mean they must just be boredom going on that can you know think about that committee can only go to Duncan so many types and so run. Although the cops in New York I think it's a New York it may have even expanded beyond that have decided they no longer going to Duncan because. Some employee maybe employees at a Dunkin' Donuts. Wouldn't searched police officers well yeah so that. I can understand being being angry if if I were to go to some place and they and they said look. You know you know marketers and enjoying income and therefore we're not gonna serve you here. Then I would boycott them Mino is as a sign of brotherhood you know because if they're not gonna get at and I'm not gonna get it either. Which may be the sheriff's deputies should recession put up a bit but so. One of the reasons they bring this up here is. There a sergeant. Sergeant mark commence. Well he's a former sergeant he was a sergeant at one point he then became a a former sergeant because he got caught. Look at a new pictures while he was a work. On the the police the official police. Computers there. He says he was I doing some research. And oldest line in the book is an eye on us of dogs are research. That happened to. Pete Townsend yeah from the hope yeah. We caught in my outlook and that and his child porn or something up and enough just to have some research so I was doing was how bad these people are. So he said that he was looking at these new pictures for research. And researching a specific group of individuals who had distinctive tattoos and piercing. He says he felt. Compelled to look at these for his research in many cities it can be forced to resign or that he would be fired toward he's filed a complaint against the department. I think he filed a complaint because he he forgot the URLs any thoughts in the way those pictures are again. Tim higher you're on WBT tell me about your experience rupiah the New York New York sheriff's department. Appropriate data don't start and then right back yet jungle temple. Hey I've I have been believe or not arrested Friday your insurer so heavy really. A few times and so you know I have been arrested dot dot dot later we heard that Mineta your mountain. That's the first thought that that is the first time. Yes that's the first OK how many how many times could you say that. Three that this could cut or where do it but I still love you man a stolen it was a dangerous situation I was cotton aggressor across the property right. Oh yeah that who. What where are gonna say. It was two different share in all eight guys. I mean worse we're already. Looked like biggest and overwork. And now we're all make sense to it or not you're making a computer connecting the dots here I am tech and got out. I'm gonna look up the human remains or because it's it's the same guys. It skipped may be left in karma is going to be a few. I think I'm already worked. A you got hey thanks Tim appreciate you may have thought. That's correct that but that. Hello dear lord deer and oh boy checking emails that I just can't repeat of the year they wish they could. Mean. There's a question as to. No I can't go to I'm just I'm just doesn't play it safe. Another police officers situation here in day and I've been mentioned a boycott of the other Dunkin' Donuts steel where they're not they're no longer going to be a Dunkin' Donuts. It's. How would you feel if you were a police officer former military person. And you were not allowed to go to a particular facility so instead of the boycott. Micah. They can't cut and garrison you know we've boycott deferred in the we'd stick together. Or the cops boycotting Dunkin' Donuts what was your way around were they said no you can't comment. And that has been the case so there's an Atlanta gym owner. Innocence pissed me off trees and police officers and military members from working out is at his facility. There's. There's a sign. Brits are on the door there this is rules. Do whatever they hell you want. Correctly except cross fit cult system. The mineral owners. And no blanking cops. She's right there on the side no blanking cops. There was a blinking it's the big blanking say yes not. Not a little blinking it's a big. So he put the sign on the door there's a little bar bill club. To announce that the police are not welcome there and told the TV station. That is Jim has had and explicitly stated no comp policy since it opened. And he says an active members of the military. Also aren't eligible. For membership. What's his guy got against cops and against the military folks. Doug Jim Burson photo with a sign on its instant an account with a caption we simplified our membership policy. Now the PD there. Can you imagine being the police department if they had to respond to us have been gone down an agent like things. Oh will be right here. Pat just discount to three. Million. And it looked we'll be right there. Not the Atlanta police department's list that. That their policy. To deal the gyms policy. Wouldn't prevent them. From responding to an emergency at the job. Yeah but again I think that if it were the owner that was having an issue there there might be just a tad bit of the delay. So again the owner says he's taken assigned down not because she's changed its policy but due to the vulgarity. But is going to put up a news new signs will be cleaner version. He told the station that people who work out there are generally minorities. Who are uncomfortable. We've law enforcement. I tell you what that's just a joint statement notched jacked up repairmen. They're literally just how did you get comfortable with somebody. If you don't interact with a. Yeah if you never interact with the police or anybody who's law enforcement. In other than a negative connotation negative situation then yes maybe that's going to be your world that's how you're going to view people look. What do the police do with kids on the streets here in Charlotte. And and within the communities they get to know them so that the kids get to know them so they realize that these are human beings just like them right. So that then hopefully in the future there's a better relationship. Minorities who are uncomfortable with the law enforcement can be very. Just imagine the signs had no blacks. How will that fly. Normally do this particular group of people who woods. Appreciate your time we'll do it again tomorrow same time god willing and the creek don't rise thanks for listening thanks for the conversation until then I wish you lose guys in green lights you take good care.