Generating Leads

Kandas and Larry discuss how to generate leads for your real estate business.

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The following is a sponsored program on WBT. It's time to Bragg be rich and generous brag radio is hosted by best selling real estate investing up to Larry go exam co host Kansas. For the next hour they'll show you proven and effective ways you can be successful in real estate. From the WBZ studios the flagship station of the brag radio network here right here host the rock stars analysts say Larry and candy. Hello hello and welcome to brag radio really excited to be here along with and that's. You are a so we'll if you ever heard the show before. It's called brag radio network from flagship station uptown Charlotte the BB ET. And it's all about being rich in generous we are local rules state investors we actually bulbs sold properties in about twelve different states. Right from our office and South Carolina. Right and and we focus on the Carolinas and or buys them in Georgia. But but we have also properties in twelve different states and and we teach you how to do that we are coaches mentors. We. In the few books about rules state invested in. Man like this and that are available. Books and so. And my first book was called getting started in rules state date tree. And latest book holes fault Alba houses for pennies on the dollar. And we coach or mentor people from round the country. Even around the world. And today yeah cattle you know a lot of people that they've asked me recently about. The trouble getting the troubled. What this means this. When you were real estate investor you were looking for steals. People's. Steals. Italian. Even though we're still buying we've got three or four Hud deals on the board right now we buy and sell probably you know three to sometimes 72 in deals them. And and we have some hard deals on the board and at any given time you know three deals and blood. You've got to market to generate Shelley's right. You looking for that will let everybody in the business calls it motivated. Seller. And listen. So you know that that's a lot of people have. You know among among notify them properties you know. Closed right now real state. Later found properties are keeping a consistent flow properties. Yeah both immediate problem of currently right of good leads. And so I thought it would be fitting to talk about you know generating leads today. Right generating leads the coast but it is the first thing you've got to do whatever you get into rules stated if you've gotten some leads. You've got to be able to fire some properties. That you come by. At a deep deep discount right now the for sale talk about in doing this is deep breathe in Iowa where I mean I go and he. Or why well. Let's say you're in the Charlotte and mass metropolitan statistical. Area. If if that's the only place you go about properties is in Charlotte and surrounding areas. You're gonna have to go deep you're gonna have to fire and maybe eight to ten different ways to yeah properties right. You have to find that many ways to properties. Or you can go 01 died now going wide just means expanding your geographic territory. So you don't have to use 82 ways you can probably use. Three reported. In Atlanta well. Now I have a saying I would rather have two ways to fund one deal. One way. And so if you've got multiple sources multiple strategies to be able to fund deals. They and you know. You've just got to have that much more success. In getting properties. And an electorate break it down. Into two different things there's marketing. And historical prospect. Now. Marketing is basically anything that makes the full story. Anything that makes the fall. And I love mark the beat calls when the phone rings who's in control. I'm in control right when the phone range and he looked and now. Any melanoma. That's true. Which makes it talks about closure to. A so. So marketing is anything that makes a full Rangel whenever they call right. Whenever it prospect calls may be outdone in melanoma post or media room status then or or whatever it is. When the phone ratings. You know there's and maybe this is some polite you know yeah got a postcard in the mails that you buy houses. You know in. And help. Yes how can help to the phone more people right. He can be actually are there or somebody that does that have to do right. Are you. Mean that it is now it's bad in you failing that's doing Lan peeked at. Let don't have the huge do you work hard to get the people and that's right and you about the list and you can have people to show you how to do that right. I can teach you how to get people to do with the sport. So I will do what I did finally it. It's all laid out in the book right so. So marketing is anything to make the following when the phone rings you are in control right you were helping them not the other way right. And you know it never ceases to amaze me like when we're selling property a lot of people's where did you get that the well. When I found it you know we're just fund the deal when I found it it was a good. I had to create that he definitely wasn't a deal right so the them the key thing here is. When somebody calls you about a house they have for sell more than likely they're not gonna tell you all it's worth 80000 I'll take twenty. That doesn't happen it might be worth eighty they say they'll take sixty. And then after two or three weeks of negotiating you get on down to twenty or thirty right. So that that's just the way it works. And that's the reason you wanna look for what we call motivated. Sellers. That's very very very important. You've got to file and what we call motivated. Sellers and but remember with leads. That's very important. Older they get. The holders yeah. Just remember when you're trying to buy a house that somebody is motivated seller and maybe that got to move out by the into the month. Maybe they've been transferred. Maybe there's a divorce. May be lost their job. All or maybe their foreclosure or whatever it is they've got to sell that property that got a solid fast. That the key is with leads the older they get colder day yet so remember if you don't remember anything of your room this. You can't steal and slow motion. Now you know literally steal right well. I mean you have and yes and no because they you know seeing burglars just walk now have a place they broke into those so there's. You know there is that. There's that could've but that's funny. So. Let's let's let's jump in and talk a little bit about marketing it you're just now majority of listen to brag radio network. Right all across the country even around the world for access for B rich and generous. And it's all about investing in real state to be rich in generous we teach people how to do this. And and a lot of what I'm talking about it even more is in my book getting started in the rules state they trade. Available wherever books are sold or you can get a copy from campus right. Yep I can Ahmanson county I got people that can do now. If you give us a college 877 Larry I'm thinking a little bit of information from Ewing get the digital cam out C. Or you can text the word BR AG to 8038. And 76063. And we can get it out that way. Now you do Aaron taken and a month and maintenance on. And try to mention on every show but only there are three day events this is the warrant. On the topics that has the most. Question and answer right to it right if you have the most questions with this topic so or not the most poses and one of them. And if you just want to know where are going to be next. Our next two upcoming events are always listed on Larry Dolan live dot com C content that on your answer on Nancy. And I mean and mean and that's exactly that's exactly right so. Let's give back to marketing okay we're talking about how to get deals. How to get deals because of your rules that investor specific disputes started you've got to make the phone. You gotta make the phone the very first thing I tell people to do. It is due to some band. That you probably think what is the bandits right. It's those signed sealed corner of this says. How's he should Apollo their argument if it keeps them. Bandits and we've got a she looked a little slow band decides at YouTube everywhere this by house's right with the phone now. Bear in mind there's certain cities including Charlotte doesn't allow them within city limits are you gonna have to make sure you probably. In the county or whatever and other counties that do allow them. Now how do you find out is that they don't allow them you can't you peddle your eyes on this article it. Only counting it as some panic and beat these. We you know once again I have people for that as well so have people that put out our science. And that if we get call from code enforcement. I'll pay the person we have picked the silent echo we don't make an amusement an element no we welcome nominate because they said the steals that's one of the sources we'll talk about right. And now the band decides is just absolutely very first way. There's a tremendous amount of of other ways to get deals and I'm gonna go through all of whom. One at a time out. He liked that part the lakers welcome back to brag radioed leaving the world to be rich and generous I think. Could hear myself. The whole show. I could leave him activity level enough do. Here you enough. Received. Right so we're talking on today's show. This is sure about rules state investing we're talking about marketing because elitism you know make the phone ring. Nothing happens until the phone rings right. You've got to generate leads for motivated sellers if you're gonna be as successful investor. Especially in today's market because today's market it's a hot market Raikkonen of it is it is it's a hallmark air violence here later. Everybody will also be the rules later as muscle and those of the so so we're talking about different ways a marketing and prospecting marketing. Is anything that makes the phone ring and when the phone rings you are in control you were in charge we talked about bandits verses about houses that CC. You know you can pay people potable. You know how much we pay people who put what. London do I yes court Sunday and you know of course should tell the people on the radio let them dollar purse we pay people a dollar purse now. The now and take him out if we yeah we begin trouble we've put him. Another dollar of picabo. But having said that a lot of people a dollar percent around where you crazy. Have people that I mean we programs on Craigslist to recruit these people and I have people that cost me out that got mad at me that he yelled at me. You know sit me explosives. Through even now all of us stuff. You know it's some people could issues olive that anger in energy toward something and Nick Price change in my lap and either way that's probably true of pro two's. But you know what I had to do was recorded little video. Like over assigned Iraqis dot com. Signed jockeys dot com there's a little video every objection every concern everything that I had come up. I put it into a script and recorded a video for select people would say what are you crazy a dollar per son. And I would say in the video you know you may think a dollar persona is not much money but if you intersections he put off for signs. And that's four dollars he drowned in the next intersection you put out another four sons that's for he dropped to about what if you get four to file science. In an hour or offend our intersections in and out work you can make sixteen to twenty bucks an hour right. And on the opponent in season and for for going to the grocery store and back we're taking it gives us gold market but when he signs on one corner and make it all like two minutes we have now you can't eat. I'm a mr. -- however there have been calls their entire Daryn our creation of this little hiring process we created an apparatus that created to. Where we track where the suns are so if they're grouped. All in the same clustered. You know that's not gonna work for being named a nice track. That is yes so so we are able to track where there's a little app called simple crew. Then you're able to track exactly where the science go out who put them out when the put amount. And they take a picture of the silent through India. So we'll tell you to do that's when a bit since tennis and skiing I will tell you that I'm her. You can analysts say double up but I've run into where outputs and sun's out. Com there's another I about house's person that is taking math science down and putting their. So I am taking their science and a group. And they must sign back up so it's get a geotag. You know where you know that dampen the same. Tag doing the same area son in the same area. But Ameren placing on our taken downs there is the exception to me rule that's is wrong. Mean and I mean it's right there are always the primary but he had. You're emea to Collins Taylor did you know we can do is out here I don't have any on. Only learned to do is just my little stickers the size of the phone number is put the sticker of our number over the years at I added I'm disputing this it but as the good idea. Or even get good WD-40 owned your sons and I got to pull ma stated they'd give everything now. And on the the public got to do is pull one level it and I think he could write a whole book about bandits. Yeah. And that's just like one of the pain and in the book and articles or act currently experiencing. At the right at. On this it and just talk about bandit signs throughout they day trading book. And you guys can get a copy of that if you send me an email info at Bragg radio. And that text ad BR AG to eight at 389760630. Or eaten 877 Larry go and you get the Nokia. Now the left. And yeah there's a lot of stuff in the investors can. The other thing I wanna talk about marketing is vehicles. If you are rules that investor you need to have some older vehicle the pickle here owner. Vehicle vehicle. It's V providers that there for you as motor cycle. But and he Hickel that's not a V cycle or. The vehicle okay. You need to put a sign an owner for. The. And I drive and suvs. And a drive an issue be and I have a S slam in the back this is leery about houses dot com have sirens on the side to slightly about a child's life even have a scrolling. Tag phrase LED ten year time frame that like substances leery about tells us call if probably about so if you're listening in your house for sale. Call me. And then lame couldn't. Though he found 58 about they've eight and a seven Larry go for the books eight Alina they let's. So you need to have a sigh and owned or call our. And you can get a lower multiples of famine. Or owners see it cool. And you need to. You need to lighten our and I have Leah champagne colored Lexus and she'll be. So actually ordered signs that were the same color as my caller lettering so it looks pretty cool me it doesn't look. You know nastier and sores and. We need to get an update as what happens with its own that is. Those vinyl lettering loses that shimmer right so it's not the same color magic are right now with a little darker some of the. Yeah. This town so. So that and another thing that you can do to market for properties. It is you can do direct mail right a lot of people do direct mail. I mean that's one of them. Biggest ways that people would generate motivated self released the argument that it will move on them Hilton. There's a huge list of people that you mail tool and there's places that you can list and in my book I'd go into detail. In all the different list sources. In fact that's one level list sourced outcome but there's all the different list sources that you can go to the list now. The first list that I wanna talk about is probate. These are people who are these secularism and state or they've inherited property. And and they use somebody passed away and their and there are probably sell the property rights most of the time they do it on all the time. But most of the time they do so there's probably there's also you can mail out to to what we call absentee owners. These are owners who all the property. But they don't live in the property in other words that could be landlords. They could have inherited the property along time ago right it can be a vacation house. Or in a locker rental house like their land right. So those are what we call absentee owners or not over occupy. People so the next thing is pre foreclosures people who have received was called in OT or notice of default occurred. That's another source you can mail to another source is land eyes section eight landlords. There's. There's a lot landlords that rent the property out through a program Hud program called section eight where they subsidize the renal. The cult renal system. Rental assistance. And you Camilla to those you can also mail to what we call not only absentee vote out of state owners those are actually more likely. To war to sell their properties because real property and maybe that'll live just. Across town maybe they live in another state they're more likely to want to sell the property. And there's tremendous amount of the ways that you can do this. And and we don't unfortunately in the show we don't have time to go through every single one level but we are gonna continue going through home. But you need to get the book in the book talk about. Every single way there's like 67. Different ways to fund properties. And we go to each and every one problem in detail that you come probable. Or you can get for free. Just call campus. 877. Leery go. That's 877. Leary though to grab the book. Up by AB. Little Van Halen and other. Off. So welcome back to brag radio sorry had to drag dress their for a second listen to some. So. Right radio we're all about being looked at still Cologne he just. Days ago. So you know had a right so. Brad radio is all about being rich and generous we teach you how to invest in tools that we are rules to investors full time it's what we do. And now we've done deals in twelve different states right from our office in Lake Wylie South Carolina. And so we teach people all around the country but around the world how to invest in rules that we will be active or passive investor and today. We're talking about marketing making the phone ringing that's very very important. To make the phone ring especially when your starting out. You've got to generate what we call motivated seller leads OK if you are warning to about real state. Right if you wanted to viral thing that we teach you how to file in the last and by Hud houses factor notable call bill hunt holes half fall. Well you can get a copy by call campus 877 days ago but. Also. You've got to fire and we call. And advertised or off market properties right but if it's only MLS served its own how or if its own Craig's list. Or zillow. You know. Already there's been hundreds if not thousands of people seen that deal right everybody in and air by a nose and an Aniston half a month out. That's right so it's very important that you you know you got to find what we call off. Market properties okay and we talked to a bit about the and as far as those of the signs you see the say I'd buy houses. And you can pay somebody to pull them out or or whatever. Karstens a sort of safety technical science. But Carr silenced. For the Sloan Carter says Alba houses minds as we hear about houses dot com and file for Utley buys. And you know you need to have a website like our website later to bounce houses dot com you need to have a website if you're serious about. And Candace can hook you up with that as well we have sources that we use and recommend for web sites as well. Yet issued any non info at Bragg grating and outcome. There you go and also we talked about some direct mail now with direct mail you can either mail letters. Or postcards. We prefer postcards because number one they're cheaper. Right and number two they don't have to be open and right it's not like a letter when you gotta. The person's got to open it right right so it's a postcard just think of everywhere that thing goes that. How the carrier all the carriers everybody now will tell you this now a lot of the mail system today. A lot of the a lot of money where your prep a phenomenal hard where they nobody was adorable that's a we got a postcard that you do when you sometimes when you send malice has returned to sender forwarding order expired or whatever. We got a postcard by the other day no joke. We mailed it in 200820082008. 2008 in fact there's a very prominent real estate investor that has infomercials and things are running. Who has The Who was a speaker for us and is pictured on that postcard. Good. Or it was a post are we turn out there was a postcard we set out advertising one of our three day events. In the three day event was like January of 2009. So we melted out in 2008. Crazier or ten years it just came Mac. Ridiculous that you literally just got it back last week. Can I couldn't believe that slow but for the most part mailed us get delivered a perfect. And it comes back a lot sooners they can. And keep it was clean. That's exactly right that's exactly but in those so so you can use direct mail you can use what we call. Absentee owners we talked about that a little bit earlier. Another source to mail to. Is code enforcement right there's properties in just about every city that half what we called code violations. Meaning. They their houses are up to minimum standards in fact sometimes they call that minimum housing standards department or whatever but. But you Camilla now. Two code enforcement and that's public information wherever you are it's public information it's not something that's private. Now some album even have a web sites like in Charlotte. Mecklenburg County you can go to the Mecklenburg County website and you can see a list of every property the has code violations against right. And you can download that spreadsheet and you can send direct mail to those people and now. Not all of them were gonna wanna sell but sometimes it's a don't want her landlord may be. Or maybe they inherited property and it's run down or maybe they've been raining and now they're tired to deal with tenants trash termites in toilets. And the race itself it ain't. That's exactly right so so mail to code enforcement. And we talk a little bit about probate as well. Probate is well another good source to mail is the eviction notices right but landlords. That are having to evict tenants in single family houses that's another great source. To be able to Milton. Is is to melt to landlords that are going through. Eviction. With the tennis right. Now there's also. You can get on Craig's list and look for ads but there's other other places you can look for as well some people. Like to run ads in the small small papers you know and if you if you're looking for ads like a bitch and though. If you're looking at other people or seen it but if you are looking save your time and only look for certain keywords. Keywords like intimate special fixer upper chief cash transfer motivated reduced. You know all that stuff right. All that stuff. Now it is very important also whenever you you start doing some marketing and make the phone ringing you want to be able to track. The people who were color right you wanna be able to track where the leads come from. And and we use a service called call rail CA LL RA I failed dot com. It's a great service we actually have a separate phone number for every lead source we have a separate phone number for Craigslist. We have a separate phone number for FaceBook marketing FaceBook ads for our web site. And for like likened direct mail. You can have a separate one for say your probate list your code enforcement list you're eviction list. And you were absentee owner list you can have a different phone number for each one level. Now tell my needed net. Well here's the reason you do RA is. We have it set up to Wear whatever the foam ratings. Right we have each number program are like say our acquisition guys I don't have to do it anymore as the minutes and but our acquisition guys have each number programmed in. And let's say it's safe FaceBook that okay if FaceBook lead came in from FaceBook. So it has its own number. Will the guys have that number programmed in their phone. So and the extent and we set it up and call rail so whenever someone dials that number. What shows up for our original caller ID is not the colors number but the number they call. So whenever we put it in our phone. Right when we put it in our fold FaceBook. Cell or lead. When the phone rings at pops open says six Facebook's hourly rate. So now they know exactly who's calling not who's Colin but where they came from right so they know exactly how to handle that lead. When that call does it picks it can't. Iceland GA explained because you know. Sometimes just make one foundering is enough. The hunt have a multiple on the murdering and you know that's true if I mean it helps you in a different script. Scripts for different callers right dependent on how they came in. Are you could and you are able to attract years they and so Oakland's not really producing its which now. That's so true that's so true and with Karl rail. It will record the calls right that record the calls. And it won't keep track of all the leaves and we have all those leads go into ROC. RAM. Anyway OK we have all the leads go into our CRM. And and like I said earlier. We're going through a lot of different ways you can market. But there's no way I can go through here. Get a copy in my book getting started and rules state date ratings for the show you all 67 ways to find motivated sellers. 877 Larry goat can get to the book you can also text the word BR AG. 2803897606. Vary. An and like I mentioned a couple other. Times that three day event is absolutely phenomenal when it comes to question answers and in diving deep into different topics and this is will not be best. Found one of the the longest sessions Elena or three days and one of the best and most intense. So visit Larry Dolan lives that comments well the front however gonna be around the country next thing you registered for that. Welcome back to. Radio leave the world to be rich and generous. Lyrical and here was he says. And we're talking about rules state in Destin habit here. And he. And now we're talking about rules state and that's what we do we teach people invest in rules state. We invest in rules to yourself and we've done deals and twelve different states. Right from our office in Lake Wylie South Carolina. And we teach people we coach people we mentor people we've written books about it we do seminars and boot camps and have coaching mentor. We've got students all around the country and around the world that we talk to stay. We have we have and today what we're talking about marketing to make the following marketing and prospecting. To make the phone operating and and talk about and it's we've talked about right now. We've talked about be physical science. Or players info. Putting slant on your car right. We've talked about a lot of that stuff so why at and and and that is to so many different ways that you can market. To fund deals I mean there's just a tremendous amount ways to market deals. And and direct mail is one of the great ones now the other cool thing about life. It's FaceBook marketing guy FaceBook marketing isn't another way that you can do deals. Right it's another way that you can do deals get deals for motivates helps you know just about everybody's all FaceBook right. Just about it reprisal FaceBook. And the other cool thing. Is so there there's a there is that thing that you can do with FaceBook marketing. Called custom audience not many people know this so pay close attention. Let's say you have a direct mail list OK before we call absentee owners or probate. Or people code violations or whatever. You could take that list even though maybe just to direct mail list okay has their home address you could take that list. You can upload that list to FaceBook to your attic right you're business dot FaceBook dot com right account. And or you can set one up it's very person Opel. And and you upload that list and then you can create short that just maybe a picture of a house that says. I'll buy houses in the conditions anywhere cash right. Sell me your house. Now. With that list uploaded you create what's called custom audience so guess what. FaceBook will match that list. Win accounts. That half the people that have a FaceBook Cahill. So maybe you're cinema direct mail piece a postcard in the when you upload that list of FaceBook Iran and so you're hitting them into different places. And their life while these people everywhere just got a postcard from these people in here they are on FaceBook tried trying to advertised I. It's called custom audience and at the very very very. Powerful. If you are right. If if that's true true if you an incident yeah an and the cool thing is it doesn't cost you a lot of money. Not at all it doesn't cost a lot of money at all. You you can do this for just a few dollars today right it doesn't cost and the other thing you can do with FaceBook. Is you conjoined. Groups there's a lot of different groups out there like on FaceBook marketplace. And then there's groups like you know Lake Wylie market. You know buy sell trade markets in any kind of laid geographic location. There are FaceBook. Groups and you join those groups in the new post like we got a student that he's lead us. He puts a pitcher cruise ship okay. Error by electrical crews he puts a pitcher of cruise ship. And he says it under the cruise ship it says. In the next five people that bring me a house that abide. Owls and you'll recruits for for it right and you combine all those little cruise coupons for. 2030 blocks or whatever. You know. And and his because cruise ships try to feel their vacant cabinets right last minute they try to fill those so they sell those crews Cuba. Right so I mean and you can legitimately get a cruise for very small amount of money so he hits it great deal of leaves. From then I thought it was just agreed the missile would share that as well. You know the other thing that you can do is you can Har what we call bird dolls but there's a lot of people who were just getting started. Our students don't typically labor ago but are still students will typically higher bird dolls right at the coast. You know we teacher got to do this you don't need to be tempered welcome bird dogs are gonna make about maybe or the right. It's a good way to get started and we get tyrants and on another show but. The F for the level in your mouth marketing and doing. That's exactly right that's exactly right so with with with bird dogs or sometimes called property located there's. You hire somebody and I know you just listing of probably seen. You've probably even seen Craigslist ads or bandit signs out there on the side of the road that same rules state investor sikh separatists. Right. That's an investor looking for bird dogs to go out there and source properties for them. They don't want you to. You know or if you are one you don't walk them to bring you Craigslist has. You don't want to bring in my last properties or Hud properties what you wanna do is go out and look for vacant. Houses. Right you want to bring you vacant addresses. Right. And once they bring you a vacant address the and you can look up and see who the owner he has okay. Look up and see who the owner is in their specific apps out there that will let you do that like. Land client it lets it. I'm up there at its agree that it's like it's ten dollars a month FT FT it'll let you search several for free. But you can be in front of a house or type in an address or you can even do a scalp where it follows you if you're going on the road. And you can see who owns every single property. Everywhere I arsenal did exactly the parcel number it'll take into the county web site. As I respect Chinese. Information. Is feeding into. Gas. That's exactly right that they cannot and and they're not at teton techno. Think as a portable form by the technology advanced counting than they may not be feeding in. And you know most of them are now at a sane one in in the years that that's not all right. But another app I really like is called deal machines that they don't feel machine not only. Not only would deal machine can you look up and see who owns the property but was deal machine. He could actually it'll look up and fund owners address. It'll it'll look concern to public records on line and find out the owners' email address phone number. And it'll even you can Sonoma postcard right of the right again which is really cool which is local so so those are some good apps so let's talk about prospecting okay. Now prospecting. Is where you basically reaching out okay. Prospecting is not making the phone ring that's where you are reaching out okay. And and where you are are are prospecting with in let's say you're looking on line. And you're looking at it keywords and ads like handyman special fixer upper cheap cast all of that you're calling code enforcement. You calling property managers maybe you Colin CPAs are moving companies. Maybe you call on hard money lenders are private money lenders to find out. Properties they've taken about what about people that are out in the neighborhoods like mail carriers they don't Wear the vacant houses are. Garbage collectors they go out of the neighborhoods. Every day and they they see the vacant houses pizza delivery people meter readers right process servers loan service companies. Right even eviction court you can go down to eviction court and talked to landlords down there. Right so there's a song move so many different ways. That you can prospect. You know go into your local rules state investors' association like in Charlotte metro lottery that's the one to go to. Right Mechel Maria dot com publicis. And their member of a national association of real state investors. So there's so many ways I wish I had time to go to all of whom I don't but please get a copy of the book. Candace will give it to you for free just give her a call right. If you're ninth via. They'd I heard. You can text the word BER eight seats hit 8038976063. For you that call me on 877 Larry go. 877 lingo like the did you pitch out to your email target a real kit. If you wanna come to the office okay. And even comedy to unease and suddenly get a schedule that and make sure. That Larry and I'll be there that and how to read there to walking around and teach everybody inning gave the kids he or ego. Sounds great thank you so much Candace thank you Larry. And tune in again next Saturday for brag radio. As best selling real estate investing author Larry going and co host Kansas teach you the latest techniques the pros used to make money in real estate. If you like more information about what Larry Candice talked about on today show. But like that free investor skid or to schedule what are the office call 877 Larry gulf. That's 8775277946. You can also text the word bragged 8038976.