George York

At Home with Roby
Sunday, June 17th
George York of York Properties joins Patrick and Trent to dicuss business principals.

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Following is a sponsored program on WBT. Good morning welcome him home with a broad. Classic president of ruby services along with the Houston president and CEO of the ruby family of companies. We are here host. For the lead. Cut through has lost his voice stress on a big big fan snuff last I don't even know much. I should just purely making fun of trying to decide he's down life. I don't rub noses song that nothing was popular when I was a teenager may be may be in my LaToya is set. America. Let me clear my broke her arm. They're desperate. Did you keep China and you could gate gate data man alive pay this happened to me a couple times now delivered at your pretty gracious about it south I admire my I mean and and honestly albums that you and your luck I don't feel that bad does not always has gone on NBC analyst right now and I think he feels bad and everybody thinks outfield bat I don't you feel any sympathy did you do it Sonny's we had heard ducks are placed on house cup about a year and a half again that I. I have not had a happened since. Summits we had when you shoot a little Saigon to bring fun and Lindsay and I'm. And as just in the cross they saw what you say you hate yourself last quack O. Ottawa's color Stiller on the river. The fifth at the port ducks had never even saw it coming. Back. And they saw that classical and in the water dip in the said the idea yeah it's also a solid. Which it was got we got a great says that he did train has lost his voice that he's he's gonna I think he's going to be able to muscle through it it is cool it is tough but then you wanna Maicer it's. That tells a good stories and and have a big conversation about you know bureaucrats get my voice is better to an incident last three or four days. The tells who got let out but I'll say UTE if you listen to arrest sedition we have Georgia or. President and CEO of your properties and and he is a true leader ain't in you're gonna hear what he tells about. He's a true giver. And opera is going to be exciting and I just enjoy being around me. We I mean as we gotta talk a little bit to have before before the show in in Georgia has three boys and he's a fourth generation hands. This is senator at at a Raleigh and then this. I think I think you were telling me and I haven't heard yet stories that there's a lot of similarities. Between his business in the really Stanley Cup NSR I mean he's in the services business and he does he articles all of the services. A Teddy outs aided this'll resonate. But what I like about as we've grown our business when a likable about his business is day. It would if he keeps resonating you don't get to spread out he he vertical services that he thinks he can provide better service first clients and be more profit was a business. But he would never hear trying to do every everything for everybody. And and and it's really a geographical perspective through that so. So it is can be good its ultimate. When I mean it's it's similar with us right and I think to do with our with our newest service suffering with HTC. On the residential side and an ad plumbing and electrical these are all strategic things they all got Tenet. Inner makes it their their service is taking used by each other. Citizen I think what we're similar in that regards opinion it is the services that we offer really in Charlotte all in the got an electric and Greensboro we really want again right here. Before we take the plumbing it's NH CAC. You know we had alleged goalie suite general doesn't it was the least need base. Figured we sir it was our lives profitable service and I'll tell a story later about how we get added that it was just the thing he was just a doer and a hustler. But how he got into a bit but it wouldn't we tract and it may delay school and in South Carolina. And and Greensboro and this and that and and. We're still in Greensboro and were pretty successful at it. But but now it's like let's do really good with the current class we have and provide better service lets stop this stop looked at our head let's look look at bullpen guys. So I think that particular nets don't experience. So that's a little story so who I'm not live on river and if you don't know my house's I'm not live and in my house in my house is. It's like Connecticut man's and then there yet like a closet left onto it in the and a MO YXPMNCs. Project managing get in the stuff done she so frustrating because. Nobody shows when they say they do in that they expect you do their job when I'm. So so fun to watch to see that even an. My house to sit there. Exposed but anyway dishonor house willow river and in the slot load river so much in Belmont is Tony minutes from from shock and and a young man in his upper Tony successful. Him and his wife bought a house beside us as their route for Els who's twenty minutes away so had been aired in weekend. But this young man it is the son of of Andy Cox of Cox and shipped destruction and and had recklessly in India cobol times in the past couple years but Indy. I'm had a moma show I'm Clinton accountability. Indy grew his business from 2000 a lot to 2008. From zero. 2250. Million in revenue it. Building Billings for developers and then Lou we don't know what happened but this crazy story. Peace to read about in my east Iran Iraq told the and other days so Sunday I got to hang out with him on the boat don't eat all we edit. But we just hit it off so well he's got semi war stories bit I said ma'am or marine are collapsed 405 in the business Arnold. Now is exercise and run about Matt and I can't say you know go from zero to look under me like forefront years. A center who ran over my dad's teachings he lives on his door as I checked that out what do we know and the deficit that was about Jeter and he's well you know nobody that you noted now Rosie big roses beautifully talk about what he's learned. And now house operation and businesses student. I just think it's funny. How life spans and and that's par haven't Georgian that the people would get on the show here. But but how has some old house hound Sonoma but not wake him how he's so kind. Annie is he's a great guy and and we Hamlin said about style that would really really cool. That is calling Ford had a launch amber were coming up on a break. TJ is very appeared on the jugs and hang tight with the journalists and apple alone and Georgia or your properties and we get. Welcome back Cecil Rhodes comes Patrick hasn't from rugby services along with Trent hastens the ruby family of companies. We or your posts trend we have George dork enough. Almost. Theft affects. Hayden and will achieve bullets into the key seat no problem has been in New York City the how are you concerned that. I need a homebody I'm doing well thank you yeah Jeremy Jordan made a trip down I'm been agony of for a little while he has such a great story. Palm O on the family business and on the services side business and only construction business far. Then nothing there's so much education anti Iranians and English such a great person and it resonates thank you very much you're welcome well. You're the president of your properties are. President Greg your presidency of your products yeah okay and what it tells them to tell obviously you'll probably it is. Right see your properties is. Primarily a commercial. Property management and brokerage firm the offer. Associated services without so we've we employed about a 180 people in the triangle area manager in. Shop in senator's office buildings warehouse space. That we do the broker to work for all those types of properties. We offer security services you know just on armed guards primarily. Maintenance. Landscaping. We do association management. I would been in the triangle since 1910. Some for a luncheon. Leader of that business and it's changed quite a bit since nineteen to end at the the markets change what we do as a business has changed. But is that it's so what services do you do and acts. We do all of that and house. We do we do have a general contractor Madonna you don't company that is say for general contractor was subcontractors but. In terms of the work we New York properties we do all of the work in house. I don't Zaurus electrical plumbing the ACC ala south is you see you've got technicians and elect. I worked yeah absolutely we'll all I don't do. Roofing. Janitorial. I would ordered major plumbing or or major patriots installation work Magnus working to flush out you need to change from wipes out the some debt analysis kinds of things absolutely. Yeah and and geographically wordy Al currently work. Most I think 90% what we do is within about thirty minutes a relic so riders the triangle area. That little bit east we have our properties throughout the coached we have some different clients and can and other parts of eastern North Carolina. You re familiar with the ones of the coast. Not just chuckle because we've told pet told war stories because the idea. Yeah that's right well that is a different market. But we've got to get jobs that are down there that we that we own in and managed. Good would you know we used to have a a custom residential construction office now and again. Atlantic beast when they're on. Now we have very yeah we started our property management office they're primarily because we bought mystery shopping centers and thought. I would we get on here and and grow our management business our services does like we did Raleigh and it just didn't I didn't pan out the way we anticipated. You live in our right hands and and and and you get older you he would try. I think one and one of the key takeaways in my life as our business has grown don't and we Arab leaders like Patrick in fees. Gained focuses you trot he tries to page your risk to a point. And enforce send it. Doing crazy stuff like that at times didn't kill us that's right right. Yeah I would do what the major bet I mean we we were able to do we're basically doing everything we were doing down there from Raleigh now we don't have an office. We're only two and a half hours away right that's right okay well I'm six and six hours. Yeah. When I had a problem Owen get up at 2 in the morning and drive down Harangody took me net now and in. You know lord Upton and knuckle heads of the beloved king but it will get back in my car get a home run seventh. Yes alone was not look at Wentworth have an out of office. So they just another easy Utah and the shopping sinners do you is it primarily stopping reached on eighteen to get to the game and of what type of properties he's so he manage in which none in his Esther. Oil primarily. We do retail retail yeah that's the largest former business and his grocery anchored shopping centers. Through violence Harris teeter things like that. Some smaller on anchored retail. We manage some office buildings warehouses. Some flex space things like that but it's. We're we're most known for our work in retail so. So I never I didn't unduly Andy Murray into a real estate sadly does it I guess some articles that you help the south and senator did you manage for other people you buy Anselm when they need. That's right we. Historically we've developed quite a few shopping centers and home and we and we continue to most of those that's been sort of the way in my my grandfather and dad. Used to run the business who. That built and a supposed built us to sell like a merchant builder can't can't we have grown up as a company over the past couple decades and started doing third party management. Four other clients whether we're where we have no ownership in the property right and that's been that's been a big part of our growth is that is. Handling the business that way. And you lead that charge correct well I I have we have certainly in the last ten years grow in that part of our business more mud sort of started that. That process and an even back to my grandfather but what a focus of our business you know most of the things that we did. Fifty years ago where things that we and and we're just happy when I'm on our property. It's now so traditional generational construction industry family business. You're not that efficient and stuff because you got your car partners or whatever your servers doesn't housing get them over here unity this could do that. Is it it is is sixty from the outside in this gray needing negro long term assets. Picture that you really not a profitable operational business right. Right well that was that was one of the big challenges is that you know. 34 years ago and I say let's do security per farmer let's do make its division it was. It was for those. You have no accountability and house and and you better response times you know you've got you've got people all you yeah it. But. That it wasn't unintentionally not to make money but it was hard to make money when you run it that way. When you're your own client you know yeah. Exactly now that you are for other floats your held more accountable that's right and you got to build systems and efficient operation that's right in your properties we don't and real estate prices that some family ownership of businesses put but the actual operating company. Don't own any of the properties as a business issue runners the operating out of the strike. And Doug operating companies. Has had to learn to treat the family or an assets. As a client just like. The clients are gone through I mean this boy this is frighteningly similar act like I've read this book before you. Almond tea story George my dad's started we had we have an electrician. That I'm not in my whole life malice he comes on the radio so he's a legend. That he was working as a carpenter dove into the hole nineties that electric let's cool little one man much company were poor he lived in my neighborhood. You know he retired and and we were going it was feels like 98. I was still in college and we were doing a couple jobs home from ma hi Ian house cup kitchen remodel residential side. And and thereby I was so busy man EA did electricians were shown an error fell on inspections and it was just bad smog is because he's. My and I am tired of this. Wolf finish it says he did what we got in trouble and I'll listing gaps mean unit reported listen. It took us about three years don't wind solar and get into it because we wanna servers ourselves better for us while we did it. Now now we do very little our construction or could jump Tony years. Because we wanna run services business but that's how we got into it in the league did the majority of our residential role models come and work effort for years and years same thing not much accountability. They're nice fight and her mom myself walking office one day in and Patrick one of the electrical company. Is remaining a mob project manager and own my construction project. And there are you and I were thousands of dollars in well one of them might win that argument but I lose the argument right and I say this is enough. So this camera. Very similar situation yeah. Poem that use our brand and our reputation and our climb this. To go out and build a better to a better operational come in goods and services they don't own vertical side. Right I think that's it's been a benefit all our clients to that we sort of grown up this company and that we are more accountable that we are. You know even to the extent that the folks working for us they are there more proud about what they're doing America they're trying to make. A successful company and when you're just out there. Spinning your wheels and not feel like there's the proper level of accountability in your job and value of what you do and Obama think it makes a big difference and so. No I agree I agree and end the from the first time ever talked shop years and years ago. Three weeks that resonated looming. We fight a same battles and that's all some time I got a couple more stories element soaking you stick around for FEMA is absolutely. I Georgia or your properties as witness hang tight here listen now. I. Welcome back at home with Prodi a catcher but has it from rugby services along with the pace and from the room Stanley the company's. We or your posts go back to check out the last couple segments on the podcast. We've got your New York in C news. Very comparable symbols similar businesses added that we have here really is well entry you're you're about to tell us the story I think is we as we wrestle. Let us and I had a cold war stories in my bag about George but you know about it but before that I wanna say we didn't say this'll last segment. And not peas and rice is in the North Carolina chapter or nor cannot tempered egg rolls up to the southern seventh. In our state organization. But George's also. So economy he leads he's a leader he likes to you know Bob he likes to put his foot out and take take risks to learn. As what us. Yeah absolutely have gotten quite a bit out of the while PO opportunity and my it. It's similar to my dad's philosophy about. Doing business in Raleigh does that you know we're we're fortunate to. To be doing business in Raleigh in an area of growth where our business can thrive so yeah one of just be a taker all the time you want to give give back and continue to make Raleigh great. And allow it continue to flourish as it has in the past and so that was kind of my phone floppy I was I got in there and I was. Felt like I could take a lot from mafia of their lot of great guys a lot of Trent Haitians in as the organization and soft felt like it would be a selfish of me to take it what it was given me without putting a lot come back into it so I have and it's been a very meaningful. How have you been a member. Tony tend not only can calculate co leader on the remaining. And I am out can relatively 'cause a lot of the veterans all the better sit I looked up to when I joined. A lot of those have aged adults are more locked vehicle which is when you turn fifty that's right the senior tour is a signatory let. Another great we're trying to embrace them and embodied in McCabe and don't miss the goat that have different life lessons during her folks my iTunes this. On make the UM brand Easton and everybody on the list there Sarah knows brands I don't says he's one of my very best friends and aura yell yell became really good friends. And embrace certain. I think I think me Embraer I have this straight if we like so we got to sell our buddies and nothing in. It would Brit was the go out and when I was membership chair for North Carolina he came in to the organization and then instantly week we got to hit it often. He's he's you he's piece of work but we. Worked on the trip to Cuba together. Yeah Britain Blair did an awesome job doing the social for that event and you share data net. We gave up Parker my wife and I chaired them up so you chaired a trip to Cuba for how many people. We had we ended up and who we sold eighty. Couples slots 460 people cope well there's a lot of our last minute folks pulled out. It was it was difficult but you know as the same this risk reward to our doors within. He did an excellent job Reagan and how we're fortunate enough to go let truth and and we had a blast it was a once in a lifetime experience. And I know all those surveillance and eve you know how to get down uncle Toms get the scene is a little different culture. Yeah absolutely not being able you know these wac give meetings are a lot of work. Like any any big meeting but when you can't talk to the people. That are on the ground helping you organize it it makes a little more challenging and I'm not to mention the fact that it was of vetoes a mission. Trip we had to organize it a certain way so that we were falling within the guidelines of travel to Cuba and what we did there and who met with them how you know the type of trip Vick couldn't be. A normal Latvia meeting anyway so we had it took a little bit of extra work open extra. I thought had to go into it to create a popular type experience will move. And followed you know follow a different playbook. Not not a role that don't. That was a couple years ago. You led the state eluded to look at DE two at risk she led probably the toughest drill that did I've ever felt we could go on to Cuba. And next year after Ted McMullen correct correct. Out of Atlanta who is a wonderful guy ha he he just became our chat every chair that's right for the southern certain. And not ending your gonna step and it the last and new year as the chapter chair for seven southern state. That's right now mom very much looking forward an opportunity it's just give me. A great opportunity to expand my network throughout the south. Met a lot of great people and doing a lot more extra travel. Of coach Brent decent back in the PM Blair their room one of army units during that year. But I you know I think that they're opportunity to to do the Cuban being and successful employment often and it. There was. 50% planning and 50% luck. That it will close build I mean the weather cooperated that political bottom cooperated. They just did it all come off as you know we left and then hurricane Matthew had a couple days later it was. There are a lot of things that went right that that we didn't have control of become the minute the sun came back in that was. Well thought of experience and then. They asked. Ask me to take it to the next level and not think they knew what to say. Congratulations I have to how many people in the white pillars are there independent the southern seven imminent. Any idea yes around 500 vessel appealed to be Georgia black piano internationalism is that is a world organization and the southern seven is the biggest chapter in a world mop almost double. That's the that's about right or roughly borderline that is in just don't look popularity of the grameen and ended sees wondered certain things like ten minutes not there's not the most populated area. Write to us that we we operate more like a region. Than a than a typical wild pitch after many if not most popular chapters are city guys I kept an arsonist that is. And that is it as I kind of well we inherited right yeah exactly at the time when you win now wow PO was was getting a stronghold in the southeast there weren't really a lot of areas that were big enough to support a chapter and so they kind of worked together and inform the the regional. Chapter ended just. You know sort of the strength in numbers we. We're able to do things even within what you that that many chapters aren't able to do you mention why pure gold. Earlier a lot of chapters around the world that have not grown enough has vowed to integrate. So there won't be a chapter in the while pure gold chapter function as one. To help help build up the numbers and we're we're very fortunate. Not only just ever strong Lapierre chopper but the gold chapter. This is dynamite as well you mentioned a lot of lot of legends that we've had a chance to lead over the years or are still going strong. Is a concern AGB huge agent of the gold's. What are your goal what your fifty year old apparently went to fifteen year old and your gold bush you know when I was a kid Lexus said this last week and I just turned forty. When I was a kid up health forty was sold I didn't think mad dad was old but we still watch his fortieth birthday party don't VHS and imam but he was sneak didn't look at. That's right and it's been a tough pill like come on 300 enough though one hour Tony want really to be on a certain look. I don't buy someone tells stories at certain so you are a couple of years ago to have lunch came on the Charlotte hello Austin and winter storm was coming. And assay Elisa do with your properties that your life man I don't know if they hits this great because I have this zealous still. Live to the elevator with this series they're laughing called white gold. Yeah and yet there is the most decorated up and our landscaping business arming us guys they put them. Extra long hours they work details often. But it's it is it's a great opportunity because you know for a landscaper. There's not a lot of work you know even in some parts of the country that lay them off I was the winner. We're able to have to do work because it's not just a total shut down but then. On top of that when it's when it snows you know if you get a good three or four day cleanup bill and then cinema under arrest. They do it turns out. But it way to start. You had to get feed her family and they get an opportunity a war reckoning are also providing great service for your client send us a profitable servers pretty bits of business and investment and I have a friend insulin Stephen business and he bought his substance in clearing equipment in its incidents like three years the strike is. It was like letting. This thing up this as we get a weather forecast would listen to bill Wal-Mart pick up snow shovels and commitments and some of our. It you need to pay. That's our values and he was named in the good nurse a strike if it is 6460. I underneath. It definitely you can go back and look and see when the January's were more profitable months what was a captain that is Alan compare financials eatery here day in eminent sense. We like it to you that we were in the generator business and and obviously have any kind of weather in. Sit scenario especially winter storm repent you know hurricane kind of touches you because. The calls to start coming in and which is great advance in this book how we feed our families saliva the stuff the budget for their way I would basically try and ignore it in the budget and then it's a windfall. Now for the folks of that happens. When George got to leave us with your philosophy in and business alike give us like your one main post on half. In. Again I don't know that it's an original thought but I think back to my dad in and out. And how he. Has sort of viewed how our company interacts with the community around it. And so I've kind of stuck without like I give back a lot to the community and try and three developments that we work on properties were involved and you know put down one of the I want a bill to drive my kids are saying hey this is something we're involved in. And be proud about it and I think that that creates more sustainable community and and one that that might afford my fifth generation and opted to commit to run the business. Would George thank you for how homeboy you Lauren thank you for Heidi take risks to lead to learn. And thank you for what you do to give back again I'll say this it. Your wife Parker is an Angel I am married to an Angel I think we both Armitage she's so pleasant to be around thank you thank. Welcome back their helmets ruby pageant passing. From room service is along with the adhesive the relief in the company's. Tammy Georgia or in studio is one thing we failed to mention India is George talking about his dad at the in the last segment. With his dad and his grandfather were we're both inducted to the North Carolina business call thinks. I I did not know that yet that's this is pretty pretty big shoes to fill in Georgia still in the studio he told this. Hang tight we might we might among ninety is less than you might need to look at this you could. Could build a better. Also he has actually that is. It's daunting. That incredible look at the list let down you better relief some things I got that they both did they were unique. Comes in their style leadership then and how they are. I approach the business and what they did in their business careers and and very very different. Folks and they're both you know the growth rifle and there are scurrying brought me into lower the bar so that. Generation it's where that he wasn't so good she used it there for a beat yourself humble. We were talking traditional system Al Lee not this is June. Lead note to our corn hole pitcher for malicious so you are fifteen to him to fit yeah. She lost the touch on that every segment. I ask George assuming George knows everything inside and out about me. It did he know about it he he he yet we have not had that conversation. That is so my starter Luke this our eleventh year. And it's really polished and our domino of our clients and our vendors and our subs to to raise money to make corn hole tournament. We have to Guinness book of world records for the largest number of players I mean official slice or on our wall and and and the first year. Started zero oh in away. Some crazy ideally we raced 30000 dollars and our first here. And I think we're now a good lays over one and a half million seniors and I was very impressed and it's really. The Robie family which we call our vendors ourselves our employees thereby are my children are children. It's really everybody put forth the effort good to polish our Dauman. And now annually we race we will raise Weller 200000 dollars for make foolish Dalmatian and that's great. Yeah those kind of the same philosophy how loyal. Outlet and condense a lot of times and yes it's like last year that he had to make a wish granted a wish. And the little girl she wanted a puppy is used owner story and now the corner your site has so one of the make a wish and I would that it employees that and that's not the right term. Walking behind her with the about the key is copier senior life. And I and we tell us throughout the show all the time there was indeed we have a lot of he has a tough blue collar. Construction guys not to say there must have been as a crazy. Dust storm or some zero there what a dry eye in the whole place that's really that's really what it's all of our lumps. There's somewhere very very proud of the union in its cool looks a whole community can be involved you don't have to play just come hang around. Did it bounce house each face painted. Listen trendy to pledge of allegiance. Litmus owning a similar thing I mean do we got a problem make a list as I did corn hole tournament and a late into another erased thirty and 42000 dollars respectively. In at least supported the leukemia lymphoma society which is greatest blood cancer. And and because of that because they sell that I'll I led enough with my actions and I can help raise money. Make Alicia vitamin. And that was a big step in 2000 and Teahen young guy for my career highs. And it was not take a lot of my time but also learn how to lead Els and I didn't get educated network and I did that. And that was a prep precipice of the recessions and nobody was wrote that the donations of charity Witten are. Tolerance. And I'm on the board and I was the crazy one that they asked to be the per board president. It's a Kurt and I did a one year that I in the not doing it two years that this kind of have to among them health but I actually know Jose's become president. But calm and do that I think under Mott senior I did not. The veterans. Around me on the board did and I played along but we hired Amy grimly to be the CE. Of our organization. And that leadership her leadership has taken us to the next level and and I'll learn from her she's learned from me so. Very similar to what you said about watch the news to hear day in your granddad. He. And then you know when you did that 22 and when when donations are going down that's when the need is going up to yeah it's always there right there to agree that is. There's always enough stuff. And now pretty educated in the charitable world now is really frowned upon as a board member. Because. I was born and raised generation only in Charlotte only and we were since 51 to kick counties. I thought family business. Some on network kit is somewhat insulated they thanked. And construction industry in 2000 not 2002 handsome man at. Yeah none I don't bring light lawyer boxes. Is CPA boxes. That big banker and network buses. I checked like the confused boxes on the grid. Sorry but you bring your great work ethic in your heart's in the right anyway and Eminem makes a very daily news number. And I speak up more looking at our matrix and Al diversity and stuff has Borg and and very taken out of a business and other board. And then we're going to speak up for the gat it just as an inning or her to war caller comes upbringing and admitted that there's going to be greeting get it. Nina yeah. So good luck to the corn hole tournament which ninety your common Didier if you can. Brent Brent Mason actually made it out did this this last year wrote a spam and Robert wrote his parents. So I think they got a little taste of the of the of the excitement as such I think he'll be there may be maybe guessing come in Charlotte and Hank and stay with the masons or stay with us. Cotton in my house only nineteen send me these are on the on the total and also breath it to the limit on how imminent death next great in the Dallas house is a whole not bring you three boys and and it did it say it's a day of Stanley found a way are we ever take freedom car and almost say this or get off the air Harris teeter partnered with this. A couple years ago erase 75000 dollars had their tournament that he can conjoined with hours this past Friday thanking Harris teeter. Thank you were listen now one very George thanks for being here. Thanks yeah had a wonderful today.