Getting Ready For The Panthers Season

David Chadwick
Sunday, September 9th
Replay of Mick Mixon and Jim Szoke, Panther Broadcast Team, the Yearly Visit w/David!

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Good morning welcome to the David Chadwick show at this special time David guest today or Mick mix and engines soaking of the Panthers radio broadcasting it's a replay from a show two weeks ago as we get ready to kick off the panthers' season later today to sit back and enjoy David and his special guests. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick in this is these chocolates and 99 creek WBT welcome to the show. In case you don't know this is a faith and values program that tries to intersect faith and values with different issues and our culture. I always loved doing the show thank you listeners for joining me on a weekly basis now. Eighteen years is just hard to believe that I have been doing it this long but it's been a blast and I thank you folks for following along with me. Or this show today is probably one that I enjoy more than any other shows throughout the years when I schedule every year. In late August it's the calls the panthers' season is right around the corner and I enjoyed Panthers football I've got to admit that I. Preached through the weekend and I go home after the 11 o'clock service at forest hill and I just crash in my cheer have a good life and turn on TV. To watch the Panthers should I not be watching on television though I will be on the radio news talk eleventh in W BT and 993. As my way of hearing what's going on with the Panthers games and two people. I really enjoy and have gotten know through the years who are an important cog in the panthers' squeals. Or mix mix and and Jim's Okie I Jim is that color commentator for the Panthers mic is the voice of the Panthers via WBT radio. And they're just special friends but they also have keen insights as the season. Is right around the corner there's a near a fall in the air and a panthers' season is soon going to be again. Submit Nixon will be joining us in the next segment but I thought to be fun to have some time with Jim's soaking who's in studio with me Jim thanks for the time David great to be with you our annual. Pigskin preview and David Chadwick I owe a great football and Mick mix and what more could you want to stick around for the hour. Mick and our goal is to convert you to go radio first than TV second as an option on Sundays where you know radio back win was the communication of choice by so many people because it was so available and you know television wasn't as much they are nor for the games all on the TV every single. Day practically and what was the beauty of radio is that you have to create the picture. Of what's going on on the field with your words that's a challenge and it. It's fun it's a challenge but that's the fun and it too you know because. You're right they can't see its attempt to Ewing your descriptions and how you bring mad and it goes feel like. You know we're truly that connection whether it's on a given play or just to the team the information the news we dispersal week. To add it to the fans to the team because you make him watch the game they can listen to the game. But you know where that direct connection where we're kind of we're fans who have access but to be able to talk to the players interviewed them travel go to the games. So whether it's calling game live are telling you about an injury update what are the cases it would take that responsibility series as you do with your job. Of being that connector here expecting people to the word of god were connecting people to what's going on this football team and it get a list of thing. That may be in this town this whole area is most proud of and if you could say what's the one thing everybody wanna hear about. It might be Panthers football and given what time a year it is heading into the season it's amazing how sports really can connect a lot of people know we had. That weird a dialogue between. Donald Trump and LeBron James. Several weeks ago and you know it was really inching the debate was basically to sports dividers sports bring people together well it can't if you hate the other team that's division but if you're in the community of a team that you really love it does bring people together. Black light socio economically whatever the covers I think all bounds and used your right all black and blue on Sundays authority into the fast you are collectively all kind of put down. Down your Republican Democrat the other race gender whatever it is. To be panther fans collectively and and unite behind a common thing which is in that case Panthers football and it's funny you get you plated North Carolina Steve. You see that it is just it is. Really interesting how sports in a lot of ways is at the forefront of four runner. Of anything social let's go one on whether it be some kind of social issue or just having a great experience something as simple as enjoying a game. Sports is a great connector the question for you did you always want to be a sports commentator. Istar has so here's our audience so out of high school unlike you mitigate scholarship offers to go playing continue any sport to the college. I decided at a time and ESPN was just beginning and there wasn't a lot of sports talk radio is going back into the early eighties when I was coming out of high school that I wanted to be a sports broadcaster. And so my first that went to bowling green state university in Ohio. My first day I went to the campus radio and TV stations immediately at the TV station it was a much opportunity as a public television station that intimate sports. Went to the radio station on campus of me to radio stations there. Walked in introduced myself some freshman eighteen year old just this year to radio stations here to be interested in. In helping or learning or whatever I can do. And they said OK so we had to vote on rip and read the audio wire copy it would roll. Like a big fact there was continuing running of the information they gave me some script to read AP wire. And bright it like this little little studio for a minute and I wasn't anything great disputes that the words out they go great what are you doing at 330 today. I think I try to show that afternoon. Do with sports say in between classes a college radio and the rest is broadcast history just gonna build from there from that first they walk into a college radio station you're good you're hired now you have a career yet has been out of oil lasted as long somewhat less today or we can do guy as passionate about it that's what I wanted to do viewpoint it's just a brand new wanted to do and I've been doing it for 35 years my voice and I'm I'm glad you're doing it in your credit to your industry. Mick Nixon will be joining us in just a moment out of her neck yeah American gem. Talking about Panthers football on this David Chadwick show will be back in just a moment. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is his talk 111099 through WPP welcome back championships. Again my favorite shows throughout the entire year I think this is the preview for the panthers' season panther mania is here. Jim's Oki during the first ever got to know the bit about you GM 35 years of doing broadcasting work and in studio Mick mix in the voice of Carolina Panthers though I doubt it all out. Like the crowd's applause not lately and crosses up Rory is ways they may like to thank all the little people. At a match I had half a for me to work with his. You DC element and here we go. This is fun to have you all I'm really glad it's always something I'll look forward to it's it's a program in the just released makes my heart. Laugh a lot because you guys are really funny do you guys like each other all fears this really true new. There is no better contentious. Let's not well the program will. Mick I asked GM in the first segment of this cute too. Broadcasting always your passion had to come about how long you've been doing this prop similar to this DC I'll be sixty in October. They don't look at they were fifty non guys appreciate as decent as the basis. It is the passage it. Ayman Al how quickly auger has been ever since I was little boy little Mickey makes corona in Chapel Hill. And I think I've shared with you before that my original goal. Was to be the David Chadwick the great rebounder in the putter interruption you never saw these you never saw me play. But not as I play like Europe and apple though when you were in your reign of terror with courage and the Tar Heels but. What had happened was was that mom mother smoked and drank so much during my gestation. That I was cheated out of the genetic material that I was supposed to have propelled me to be great career on the field on the court on the courts. Or in the classroom. Etc. and ever since I realize what an unfair science genetics is. All I ever wanted to do was carried tape recorder around a notepad ask questions. And try to try to be a sports announcer and where your arms still try you're good you really are. I'm just curious for both of you Jim and become do you what's your favorite time of the year is it pre season during the season post season what what is. Football to me is probably September this year in the Carolinas as one. It's the start of a new season there's all excitement you could see all the new players which you know and August you see that a training camp in pre season but the ages incorporating an install and what they're doing. Those first couple games when its students fall football. And and the weather's pretty good September October I just love that how many years so obviously you want rippling in February played a Super Bowl. But in general to me Alec Vista that first month or so of a new football seasons you know. New shiny toy he's getting unveiled now this Baptist Angela now about you mix Saban me. DC and you asked earlier about you know gentlemen and you Jinan and all of this relief on the broadcast and it's not. It's not artificial. I have a lot of respect for for Jim. He and sent her some of the class he has. No warmest people that a little Sandra is yeah good point we all married about acute ownership interest on that but. Just writing her coattails thank you the Dutch of individual parts for me is that we don't have to fake it. It's and there's nothing and artificial about it when the mics are on so much that we enjoy being with each other off fair and hopefully that shows on there but. But one of my favorite times of the years training camp wind when it comes time to pack our bags and head down to camp Wofford we've just returned from their last last week but. Just to be down there in that little crucible where your world shrinks down it's just the dorm that the cafeteria the practice fields and our little office area and just to just get totally into it to this great game for Obama always look forward to and. Offseason of turmoil. A lot of change. All of the allegations against mr. Richardson and which led to mr. tepper buying the team. All kinds. Discussions debates about the statue out front of the stadium. On. Do you think the offseason turmoil Nichols for what you will affect this season at all. Not in a negative way I don't think I think sports has an incredible ability to it to bring us all together I think the differences between us. Melts away more effortlessly when the Panthers are play and then. Then in life its own self I think that we need it it's a diversion it's is just fun menace that this the the toy store to candy store. And I think that change is hard DC you know it's hard in relationships is hard in business his heart and athletics but sometimes it's it can be good. There can be good things on the backside of a David tepper to me seems like it. Like he's got he's different than mr. rich somebody's got a similar. Business acumen a similar vision for what this team in this region can be and I think the best is yet to be named Jim what are your thoughts. I think you know at this point now it's it's refreshing it's a breath for a share of the new ownership because you know his mic well knows working in those as always. You know this was hangs is looming over the organization for months you know we don't know the of the allegations and the truce in the stories. Behind mr. Richardson owning the team and why his departure came so quickly. As a unit who's going to be owner what's gonna happen what's it going to be like move the team. You know David tepper is command and hasn't spoken a lot when he has that the government likely has to say annie's. He's a fan he's down their practice and you had dressed like a coach and a asking questions and not trying to be the smartest guy in the room when it comes to football so I think. That's been a positive with all that. You know I would add to David you know you preached forgiveness I think you would Jerry Richardson people just he did bring the football team here he did hurt some people not saying he didn't. But I don't know that it's all bad when you look back at the legacy in the alliance I think you brought a lot of this area this community. And there should be some balance I think when you look at that the grand scheme of things and against your. What you do for a living you preach forgiveness I think he's probably guy in need of some forgiveness right now on that. You know people should all realize that this is just an opportunity now for new ownership and a Kevin new direction this team and knew where. You know what's so sad about it all it is oh what ever happened he chose not to respond at all so all you have is the one side of the allegations against him. And he's gone quiet so everyone's left with Panama. Rotten taste in their mouth because they just don't know what's what. But he did bring a team here and the very excitement we're now feeling as the season comes about is the coliseum vision and he was willing to pursue that vision NC it actually happened make any thoughts on that. One time I asked him. Mistress and if you knew how hard it was going to be to bring an NFL team to the Carolinas would you do it again and he didn't hesitate he says absolutely not. He said not. It was that difficult it was that difficult but because if he said that the bar. The the the financial bark kept moving so just when they thought just when the ownership group back then thought they had met the threshold. Met the standard it went we can go one up and there were times when I think he was wasn't sure that that that if they can do it if he can make it in it I think it exacted. But stole from him. But like stokes said look at look what it's a given all about. And Leno he had have a heart transplant and who knows what that does to a person emotionally psychologically. Physically. I do know one time after his heart transplant I was actually with him in a meeting I had that opportunity to talk one on world one with him for a few minutes. And I asked him. Mr. Richardson my son is starting to new business and he is starting from ground up in kind of basically that's what you did with parties that's what you did with the Panthers if you could. Give him one piece of advice would you say to him. And he didn't hesitate to respond tellem to work his butt off. The North America and I think that's what he did in order to bring first parties and his success but to bring the Panthers to us and so again. Though there are things many of us find reprehensible in the charges against him again with no response. We do have to thank him for all that he did and and certainly if he did do those things forgiveness Jim like he says has to be at the heart of all of hearts the cost. If you don't have forget this year is gonna walk and bitterness and that does no one any good whatsoever but most people are mixed. Act of good and bad when you can't look at it the end in the knoller could not be perfect again had been no ways in my. Taking light heartedly that things for the people that were hurt by him I think a lot of people also received great generosity season. Careers and you talk to most of the Tampa players from over the years thought of him as a father so there are also some people that had nothing but great experiences and and again. There were some people had nothing but negative experiences so it's just again it's a balance is what I'm I'm looking for as far as. Looking back you may be in time Adobe more of that but did your point David tepper your question about that I think you know this is. To ask for fresh start. But you carry over on the football side same GM same coach lot of players went 115 last year. There's a lot of reason to be optimistic and excited about the season coming up. Well there's a man who made eleven billion. Hollers and his own business which path is they're leading impressive so he must have some bureau real leadership skills make. When you've loyalists see when you've lived here one billion us you know when you've lived your eleven billion seconds Alicea as a net worth of eleven billion dollars you've lived about 300. And ten years. While. You know takes thirty who almost 31 years to live a billion seconds he believe that and that's how big number one billion and so little so episode you're born summarizes sunsets are who kindergarten grade school. High school college Christmas is birthdays clocks ticking. So he's been immensely successful in Bud Light mister Richardson. He's been incredibly generous and won his huge initiatives here is in in the community it is in philanthropy and community service I think you'll see the Panthers continue. To try to be undefeated or go undefeated. On and off the football field. It comes out of the Pittsburgh Steelers back Graham witches. In a bring your hard hat work hard success and producer Ed Billick just went fist clench up I thought this front is a Pittsburgh steeler fan. The. Right now of course the Panthers organization as a reason I play the Steelers a fourth pre season game average years that there's a connection between these franchises. In the Rooney's or something to order in their organization to emulate. 49 years three head football coaches want to championships. There's a lot of stability. And winning. And patients know that Beckham would not always knee jerk reaction to things and they've been really patient. And lived through some tough times to get through a more consistent a good time through the decades. With the Steelers I would think you'd wanna bring some of that culture here with Clinton and Jim you're sensitive training camp was the teams in good spirits. That's committing both feel via the odds are absolutely a the other admit knows this is well football's football players or other running plays coaches are coaching so I don't think there. Maybe as caught up with some most of our times for that but not always mostly about the football meant. There were no fights. I didn't see every minute of every practice but I only missed a few minutes of the practices under NC. Did you zone I didn't see one single. Training camp gusto. And there are there are some old school football coaches are Hickey need those that helps you get tough but I think this team gets on well I think there's that there's that. Degree of coach is coaching players and players coaching players with a veteran leaders like equally Thomas Davis frank DiLeo Greg Olsen Cam Newton and other so I think. I think this Disco ball there's no reason why you get a little lucky. What's in the stars DC we depend on you for this pesky PNC are up from a talent stand point the picked by any objective analysis the Panthers are one of about. Six or eight teams that have the roster right now. Tutu winner at all well let's look at them more in depth when we come back Panthers football on the faith and values program I'm David Chad who will be right back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick the 99 WPP welcome back to kill again. When my favorite shows during the year the Panthers three season kick off time with my friends that mix in the gym so keep. The voice of the Panthers Mick and the color commentator Jim op the Panthers radios play by play guys on WBT. Just fun to have you on the show so look forward to this and also many thanks to my sponsors Ruth Chris steakhouse also Perry's fine jewelry. Really appreciate your willingness to sponsor this program now running eighteen years it's been a blast. On guys have got to get and had this been just because I think our listeners would want me to. Not the Neil Lane near. The fists in the ear all of anger that some players are expressing using their platforms. To say they are contrary. To some of the proposed. Racial injustice. And police brutality against blacks. The NFL being the platform they've chosen for doing this it's caused a stir of ratings decline. From last year many predict the same thing will happen if this continues. I don't mean to put you on the spot but you guys are at some level involved in this I'd love to get your take on what's going to happen this season. Is it going to continue. Will there continue to be this exacerbated. Dialogue between our president and the different fans who were out there by the way I would wish to somebody would. Confiscate his Twitter account so that we would have to put up with this but it is what it is he's using that it's his means of speaking to the public. Mick may I start with views would you give me your thoughts on this and any insights you might want this year. Yup glad to be race. EI am. Thought a lot about this says about this team that'll have any hallmark card pros or any words of wisdom that US ought to strutting skin and down and give you very briefly. What I think that this particular Carolina panther football team. And and there are other examples but bring me. Torrey Smith Julius Peppers Olson Newton co Leo Davis. Monitor when I mean I can't think of of someone that really wouldn't fall into this category these are not just bumper cars. That are millionaires. These are aware. Socially savvy. Intelligent. Alpha males that have where the you'll like it or not. Whether you agree within or not. They got the right. To. To do what they want to in this arena. Only up only ever been a white male. My face pressed up against the glass all my life what what's it like to be a minority what's it like to be Asian food or even African American or even female. Only they know what that's like. So if you try to tell these guys. What they can and cannot do you're gonna get pushed back. And people in the military that I have spoken with a police officers out spoken with who may not like who who may want. Everybody to stand for the National Anthem and show the respect they realize that these young athletes they still are Americans they still of the country they're just troubled by some low were all about now. And these wars were fought for their right to protest this in whatever way feels good to them. Well as well spoken thank you Jim what are your thoughts yeah along the same lines I would say there's as many answers that question David as our football players in the NFL battle have a decision to make when they anthems plan. He started to mix point you know we don't know which shoot we don't know what their child who looked like we don't know what their upbringing looked like the answer may be very privileged is that may be where. They know bush incident wears somebody a police officer did wrong and they're grateful profiles or whatever we go to a higher lower level something minor something major. And I was say on the other hand two words. When all of our service members rather its military police fire whatever the case may be. I think you know some have done well as far as players saying you know this is my specific protest protesting for this reason and I feel like there are some there is protesting because it just protesting but again. It is your right and nasty and that's the right to express yourself and you can't put relieved that container and then you can. But let them if they need to be fine than they're to be fine if that's your rule that doesn't mean as you stop them from doing it. So yeah you can put rules in places if you do this at this time. You can be find you might possibly be suspended while that may lead to even more protest because it's gonna just happened up is that what a protest is is to make you uncomfortable. Is that why is at the port this is a Celtics his purpose yeah protesters and sitting in in a chair at homes on us saying agree or disagree with what. They're protesting but they do have a right to protest and that's up to them to make that decision. And how he should probably go down it is not NFL owners say Angel do this URLs. As you know I mean you've you've been apparent you know how that will backing. Would be a more reasoned approach to get with the NFL PA. To get wanted to get. Giving a leadership group of players together and just take a little time. And discounts just passed through all this circuit what what is there is there away. We can present a unified league wide approach that will allow these players the platform to do what they wanna do without them being fine. Without because it's calling attention related diversity tension in the wrong way diverts attention now after the protests and who's taken in the news in the tunnel and is not instead of the of the of fundamental core issues of why these guys feel like expert. For themselves like that. When something becomes visceral when when you feel deeply about something then that emotion takes over so with the players who feel like. There's injustice and social equality and all of those factors which make people mad any understanding of injustice makes people mad and it becomes visceral. It causes people to do what they do it a deeper level. But then on the other side we probably should mention this just because they're a lot of listeners out there. Who have gone through wars or have family members who have maybe even lost their lives in wars. Nick you know are old enough to remember Vietnam era and we we lost what 6070000. Men in that conflict. And you go up through a rock and even to some of the conflicts today there are people out there who say wait a minute to freedom that you do have wads. A life giving cost to some of our family members and others don't you viscerally feel what we feel bear and so when those two feelings. Come against one another that's what's causing the crest of the wave if you will that's almost tsunami in its proportions today Mick what you think. Buckets say that differ with the UDC but it wouldn't be as as eloquent I heard you say one time in a sermon that there's one race in this the human race it is. And but it is complex I mean social the the ways a social issues are these days would it be great. If Cam Newton and Kelvin Benjamin transacted their disagreement in prime. Would be great if when players scored they handed the ball right back to the refereed and it and do any self aggrandizing moon walking she'd off imaginary six guns. Because Dag gum it desolate Barry Sanders did it and that's the way this Lombardi would have done and that's the way too young no connection Masso. But that train left the station about twenty years ago and is never coming back. Cheney through the volatile and conversely this is just too via the more of the of the personality aspect of it Jalen Ramsey who's a defensive back for Jacksonville. Spent time this week ripping every quarterback in the league from Andrew Luck just going through a list of the players out there. And the risks on the responded this is what the NFL needs they need you know you need drama you need bad guys and good guys. So and the world's made up of different type a personalities they don't want to legislate personality that's his individual personnel out that maybe he's doing it the attention maybe he's these. Playing a character you'll may be really feels that way about his players is Izzy goes is that big but. Again the events that's for him to be Yemen not to be honest and a feel that way protests this summer about against that neighborhood police and summer about that's not my president so it's it's different. Things in the not all the same at the protest. Well I do believe that all my heart sympathies the pathway to progress and I agree with you Mick we could jump in the skin. Of other people who are different than us and try to understand from where they're coming I think progress could be made I agree and I it give it makes me mad when and I. Not matter in the clinical sense but it makes me curious when I hear people say are. These times we're in today my god look at the world as going in you know if somebody bring the hand basket because we already know what direction it's going. What could you draw a line. On the map throw a dart at any. Time this same conversation people had I'm sure in the Middle Ages the inquisition. The sixties the forty's to fifty's I mean this is just. I'm the I'm old enough to still remember black and white drinking fountains yeah women just got ready discuss the right to vote five minutes ago. Gain in the in the context of the passage of time so we got a lot of work yet to do it beyond the arc of justice I hope continues to. Point toward what's doing right and unless there is this kind of conflict is that old reggae alien. Synthesis synthesis synthesis and produces the new synthesis which allows health and homes to turn society I hope that's what's going on here and as the dialogue continues we can move forward as one final question before the end of the break. Jim come to you and you think the ratings will continue to decrease if these. Anger issues continue to move forward. No we can pinpoint it is I'm sure some of that is to be on the protests I know without some people say they're not watching like they used to because of that. I think summer turned off by the concussions it and the violence of the game after a lifetime of it. And I think summer. Admit that I've had this conversation their consuming the product not to television news many different digital platforms. Where I think people may not be turning on the TV in the airport that is operating so you're not getting credit for the fact that they're watching. But maybe not watching it through traditional television when you make thirty seconds of jokes. Integrate them in the millennial brain. All ambivalent your brain what they consider entertaining and how they consume entertainment is totally different and you and Anders right now other rooms of Smart people trying to figure all this if you end up on the wrong side of this you end up like blockbuster video needs. Well I'll wanted to spend the last segment talking about the Panthers and hopes that you guys might provide you encourage our listeners for what we. Hope will be just a great season I think there are reasons to look at and be hopeful we'll do that in a moment I'm David Chadwick will be right. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick this is news talk 1110993. WBT welcome back to show with my friends that mix and engines Oki the voices of the Carolina Panthers here on W VT radio. Of the season right around a quarter man what a fun time of year but let's use this last segment to talk about the Panthers. GM should we be encouraged by the Panthers and the pre season and what's ahead. I love this roster it's. Not only the front. I'm talented but it's deep and they're showing on the offensive line already with the injuries they suffered their. The plug in Taylor mode and and it may be great bend road but even though there's other candidates for the same positions you're down two started to Los engine Orwell author office it landed Jacksonville a big contract. There's death and and mic that to meet the team speed is the thing that stands out there are so many options in his different ways of the skin that cat yes sometimes that's. No team speed isn't everything but there's there's so good at football but then you add in the additions receiver of Torrey Smith. Drafting DJ Moore the return to health of produce annual demeanor bird. Christine McCaffrey out of the backfield and then on defense a lot of guessing they would dot Ajax and being brought in a cornerback military capital acutely that Thomas Davis support. Steam is good in their talented but athletically I mean they're faster beats up to contend with even. Positioned. Flexibility like Ian Thomas. Who is a tight end back in a Greg Olsen but he's like Olsen he's got those young legs and in runs. A gazelle like Ralph so natural catcher of the ball. I think what DC I'm I'm like Jim and I'm excited about this coaching staff Pete you've got two young special teams coaches. Who were very very effervescent and excited that's contagious. You've got air Washington who's admitted Stanton died unique one off. Communicators very intelligent knowledgeable will be a head coach someday. And then Norv Turner the profits Sorrell no north park. So what's the Norv Turner offense well. The north turn profits. Previous coaches have I think believe that the system. Will give you the advantage that a mobile quarterback Cam Newton that that your tactical advantage in every game as he can run or on the option throw the ball. Norv Turner is not like that at all Norv Turner believes they were going to be like mr. me I eat wax on wax off. Senate floor we're going to be able to be light water sometimes art sometimes soft inflow and that will be able will be nimble enough with a variety of styles to identify game specific matchups. And take advantage of those well and that's the patriots mop. They'll run it fifty times a game if they think you're weak there they'll throw it fifty times a game if they need to. Okay what about cams accuracy. Will that fit into norv Turner's new system you go first. I don't think he's inaccurate I think that putting him in and the the right through the right situations getting the ball out of his hands more quickly. I think his inaccuracies come when he old solitude to law the place starts to break. So this idea of well he's default bad throws while high so let's go get taller receivers who can really jump I mean that's asinine. You fix the underlying disorder right and what he really think that thought you know a Jim Christian McCaffery what should we expect from him this year. Base say they wanted to touch the ball 25 to thirty times that is mixed that I think you know that maybe that works one week against one team that maybe just not the best plan. The other Rick not that he wouldn't be good everywhere but it might be better options that fit. The weakness of another team there I think it would be different every week's I think it would be a huge second year and he was great. In the receiving game Meister eighty catches by ensuring victory it providers are running average. In terms of yards per carry and things like that but. Cut up all of your question David you estimate if there is a north turn our system of course but that's of also flexible thing is Alex this is a system we ought to adjust at camp has to fit into it he's got an elite quarterback in terms of there's a Cali quickness years in the league. That that you kind of played his strengths so again putting human rights situation and so. Yes as a norv Turner's system but there's a Cam Newton quarterback that you also as a coach after you get the best out of what he's already bringing and I try to make him into something that is not. Nick know Jonathan Stewart what about the running back situation. Great question DC CJ Anderson. Aston Norv Turner. Training camp the other Bassett tell me about CJ Anderson without the ball thereby nose low center of gravity bruiser. But can you gain yards in a fills a nightly rusher from a year ago 1007 yards rushing with Denver. So Norv Turner says he's fantastic in bullet Africa past Perot. Very good catcher of the ball and a punishing downfield blocker and a good teammate. So what's not it's one of those we got Greg Olsen from Chicago I remember thinking what. So we got this guy the go to Toronto right Allen turned out I think I think this is one of the unsung great. A pick ups of the offseason was CG and into the pants and one more thought you eluded to earlier Jim the team speed yeah I mean there wide receivers now they're gently or potentially. A couple of guys who could be Steve Smith reincarnated yep and until lesser level Ted Ginn because I think that took a lot of pressure off the offense to you just add to that right. Of somebody can run a go route it just gets vertical and make everything underneath open up. And went courtesy Daniel and demeanor Byrd both got hurt for most of last year. You didn't have that Ted gain replacement like they've thought when he went to New Orleans in the offseason so. Lots of different options there as not just about speed sometimes you gotta lineups CJ Anderson pick up a yard between the tackles are. Have cam on that power quarterback Iran viewed Apatow. It again figures yet versatility to be able to do things a lot of different ways depending on who we're playing OK Mick put on your swan kneecap. Your professorial. Prediction ability. It is now all and the end on December 2018. Your prediction for the Carolina Panthers season. I'd hate do in this don't do well but only a usable for me all the experts and you are at a is obese is going to be a challenge to theirs there's going to be a difficult teams on the schedule will be some bumps and Annika but I think twelve and four. And thanks take it take you deep in the playoffs and then they'll be ticker tape they'll be confetti. Amid in morehead the Sokol we don't want to float waving during the pageant wave. I'll be driving a truck probably toward the back of line and you'll be listeners I think when he won't admit we won't mean. Yeah what he's. That's a Jim's a key at the end of December what's your prediction for the Panthers this year at the gonna differ way alluded to away yesterday I'll answer that after you answer the return of Jesus is what I. I don't know this I can't predict oh yeah that's why like I was told I ask you and you're not tell you that you noticed there were allowed to an accurate to the players regardless I think double digit wins tonight I'll say this. Like last year and this was the case in the NFC south Atlanta New Orleans Carolina. Those teams the New Orleans the Carolina eleven wins at planets and it's going to be something like that again mr. Celsius drop off in any of these three teams. Roman a bag will be interesting to see we have Atlanta week two and we have New Orleans into the final three games at the end of the year. So it's going to be I think all these teams that they stay healthier capable of doing what they did last year which is all three made the playoffs. All three went double digit wins in open this year we get out wild card round and advanced deepen maybe get this to bubble and DC look here Greg out we love you but don't lose anymore weight because there's only room this talent only big enough for one skinny back to more than is an amount that. I was isolating you. Say human human human input on the pathway to progress well I decided to summerall to lose ten pounds because I wanna go into the next stage of life is light and as. Help is like possibly can be. Okay we only have just a little bit timely Jim Bob second it's a what you wanna say about the panthers' season I think it's going to be great years there's every reason to be excited about it prepaid and as a senator go deep into the playoffs this year pursuant get ready for what's your favorite season nick listened to as many games as you can't. On a proud Carol I'm not a regular. To get that panther. Growl and there too soon. And limit say this to folks there a number of players who have deep faith on the Panthers remind yourself about some knucklehead to do some crazy things but fast. Number a panther players are really good people who love god love their families. Give to this community and keep them in mind as you read headlines bottle the other idiots throughout the year pay and do this for me to folks love god. And love your neighbor looked looked a solve. The lord told us to do if you do those two things you have a lifetime's worth of work to do. I'm David Chadwick this is news talk 1110993. WBT outlook or both we all. Next week the Panthers.