Gov. Pat McCrory Joins Bo - Logo Logo, Who's Got The Logo?

Bo Thompson
Thursday, November 16th

Former Governor Pat McCrory joins Bo to talk about the new City of Charlotte logo. Doug Lebda, founder of Lending Tree, talks about sponsoring the Charlotte Hornets' uniforms.


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905 under is 1110993. WBZ's good Thursday morning I'm vote Thompson joined by the governor. Pat McCrory here and the big stories happening right now. Well Roy Moore the story that never ends the Republican Party so far sticking with the senate candidate Roy Moore in Alabama. Party leaders say Wednesday night even as more women have come to the table. And there are many reasons why this is logistically a nightmare the writing campaign and what have you and now we're talking about believe or not. A high school yearbook. Yeah I hope they don't go back to my high school yearbook. If that well what had never been elected mayor or governor had to go back to my high school yearbook the attorney guys still high school Lucy call for rights though the attorney yesterday for growing more. I had this to say about this particular yearbook and the signature and one of the accusers listen this. After judge Moore signature has the initials capital deep period pay period. We incredulous about that 99 divorce action. Judge Moore looked at that. The judge Moore says he can't ever remember ever signing his name would DA after it but you'd seen it before. He knew where he would CNET. When he was on the bench his assistant whose initials are capital deep period pay period. Delray Adams would stick his signature on documents and then put capital deep period. They period that's exactly how the signature appears on the divorce decree that judge Moore signed. And so this goes on and on and now you have a sixth woman accusing a Roy Moore of sexual misconduct. Sheets. Was in his law office on legal business back in 1991 when there's apparently happened but again as I. So the latest inside information in DC resist. Have the current senator resigned. Have the governor call a special election based upon his resignation. A news special election the only problem where that is Roy Moore might. Run again in net news special election and he could win. In the Republican primary camera talking about Luther strange they want him to step they know Luther strange to step down. The governor calls special election now the governor has not been helpful to the national Republican Party on this. For the senate governors don't really care about senator Simon they really don't hear those old turf between senators and governors. Goes back to the seventeen hundreds. But. The governor doesn't want to irritate. A certain percentage of Republicans in Alabama sushi stand out of the. UCLA basketball players returning home from China yesterday the president has been tweeting about this this morning. The three basketball players club from UC UCLA including Lee Angelo ball the son of love our ball and the brother of Alonso ball that got so much attention with a big bowler Brandon issues in the lakers. I've basically here's the deal they were arrested for shoplifting. Three different times in China. How they are back in America after the president intervened with the president of China and as Steve Alford the UCLA basketball team coach said they have to earn their way back after they have been suspended indefinitely as of yesterday. I understand all three are now gonna major in the criminal justice system. And criminal justice major I think would be a perfect major for all three of men and the first part of the criminal justice system they should. Study is the international criminal justice system. Especially east China's. Because they are lucky they're not serving well over a decade and very hard jails and prisons in China at this point in time and also Charlotte has a new low. Logo if you like to see it you can text the word Charlotte. To 68683. Hi it has a crown and that there are several iterations of it one that shortens the low lunacy LT with the crown above it for you you seen this turf battles this year. Is not a new look at. This is in this city government slow go for 25 years I don't know who is saying. This is a new logo the only differences the city of Charlotte government. Has given permission. Two other Kennedys to be able to use the crown in the past for whatever reason there's turf where no one else could use that. Crowned LC LT a crown NC guilty. Who would know what that means. Not only outside of Charlotte bid inside of Charlotte. Do you think most people outside of Charlotte know what the crown means no they only know who queen Charlotte is they have no idea that Charlotte was of course queen to king George the third. Who is the king during the revolutionary war he'd lost the revolutionary war. By the way he was a mad man two there's a movie named after all the madness of king George yeah actually had dementia. During part of that time and and queen Charlotte by the way we used have a statue of queen Charlotte out of clear per barrel their real pain and it was not a very attractive sensitive. That it's got staring longer shares elect for eleven had fifteen kids not to attractive and she was from Germany. Well and Mecklenburg Germany that's why we're name Mecklenburg County because queen Charlotte is for Mecklenburg Germany. And they also did this to be a boon Oakley who designed this they did some surveying and some research in the eight to be a date. And pulled people on and on what. They associate with Charlotte 53% said at a crown what else would you associate with Charlotte. Time has also topped my head I know what they're trying to find out is you know Philadelphia oh the love right the Big Apple the heart the heart. Very successful at something iconic did you put on a T shirt you immediately know it's not just Charlotte, North Carolina it's Charlotte USA. God knows how much are gonna pay to do this show on the hand you something here and obviously in this is Riley has a new logo as well witnesses and turned us over. Ahead we'll soon did you think of that. What is that. What is it. We're gonna pay. They paid some yeah they paid honored her and hundreds of thousands of that. Now if you're listening on Radio Free Europe sometime looks like a tree to me will we'll send this one out Tia. Has six a six I think alien drug testing and Rollins thanks for not just where the state legislature. But we have the city government they're now how many this is how to how many meetings when you were mayor did you sit around a table talking about what the logo of the city should be. We had one this is the same want this is the exact same one but I do recall there was a turf battle about. They wouldn't the city management didn't wanna give away the copyright. Of this crown. To anyone in the private sector of the time which was kind of foolish. When we come back turf battles there logos turf battles Evernote understands but seal team. Don't like that. See I think that's the abbreviation you most often see on Twitter and on social media that's because it's in the airport but the you know when yet the baby airport pick what airport you go on Friday. I'm I think they're there's something that Danielle sailors would seal team that's returned. We'll talk more about this also an area police now know what Charlotte news you know twenty years ago no one knew what Charlotte was or what state we weren't. Rankings are out speaking of Charlotte now running hostile running people like us rankings are now out. By several different companies. As to where they think we fall on the list of all of those who one and to be you're trying to be. These second home of Amazon to talk about that more it's the governor it's Botox and it's WDT. Jane on WB today. Coach Thompson gov pat. Talking about CL TC. LC. The logo I don't know what. What's the acronym. We'll see LT. Well what else to get a short bit do nothing Charlotte it's just as easy to say Charlotte as it is CLT I hate acronyms when I was governor. And people reviews tech acronyms especially in the health care. Acronym after record MR IT business information technology I had ruled no acronyms are my academy so I could not say when I just said coming back from the break witches. Gov pat. Don't pat now that's not an acronym that's the real thing go is an afternoon I'm not it's good it's short since I have a knack for Nam is a I think for the each word you know G means somebody no means somebody being mean something. Okay well OK so where I'm coming from and ends where CL TE is coming from is shortening it yeah but they take its anachronism. I think they see LT but I think no one knows what's the LT could be Charles what you just said it's still seek could be Charleston you just said a few minutes ago that CLT is what you see the airport and I know that I hated you hey Pete I know computer even requires that. The computer does which airport they take seal team but. I'd be a lot of people go I. I had no idea what Charlotte this what's that they don't know what's Yeltsin years here right now we're remiss using acronym but the point is are trying to shorten and the social media I got I have only you know Euro what Davidson graduate tion it because this is me teaching a group. Yeah they've it's a gradual again. This is the rubber gonna go down here. Really with the content. Hey I just showed you the logo of the new Charlotte logo assured the Riley logo now those are all running back they spent how much money and elegant over 200000 dollars apparently. You know they they should've spent uses 200000 dollars and reduce the sidewalk and for the government and for all the protesters were trip and fall. Now look if you're listening they shouldn't fix attempt if you're listening right now and you wanna see what we're talking about you can you can text the word Riley. To 68683. And we will send via text your Smartphone a picture of Riley's new logo what does that logo have to do with brawl well you're a better question a person ask than me I you're the governor what I had a rule now as mayor. The arts people would come in this is that. You know how much would we. Pay for public funding of art this is always the controversy right you know the bushes at the arena and and need a concert type things ought to rule about buying art I said. If you don't know what it is we're not gonna buy it. The second rule is if you have to drink a six pack of Budweiser. To understand it when are gonna bias and that third rule is in the second grader. Could make that. We're not gonna buy it. And the arts community was very offended when I said that simply they didn't think I was insightful work. Now intellectually sound because I made those three comments on a you know they show me concerns that we ought to buy this sort of get a second grader and a backpack. Well I'd I do have to agree I've seen what's called abstract art and certain museums and if they can I could have done that in five minutes. My son could have done that five and some of those were billions yes there are avid I don't at a beauty beauty is in the eye of the beholder I thought maybe it that our our what the Potomac college I just. Amount number ASEAN now I'm gonna take the high road and not take shots tell college here. But at being the Davis graduate over here that I am so look if you wanna see the Charlotte logo you'll see the rally logo you can text Riley to 68683. We'll send it to your Smartphones he can play along with us here it's like picture pages and I and I did by the way new North Carolina -- when I was governor cola that thought you can text Charlotte not see LT but Charlotte Charlotte to 6868 and our city and you can see the new Charlotte logo -- as you -- it and it took us twenty years to get people know -- Charlotte was our trotted. Make it CL TU. When you were governor you you developed and that's Logan the current. Logo for the state of North Carolina this those slick this road Mihm thing. Whether it. Both agreed saying. She seem rather to to be you're to be rather than the seams and and it has all these people groups and it wasn't really good selling factor so we came up with a logo Charlotte firm actually. Called and see nothing compares nothing compares to our quality of life nothing compares to our current whether or not the bears were mountains beaches and par logo shows the mountains in the beaches. Coming together. Reveal long leaf pine tree in the middle you know showing all ports or states. And it was actually starting to work we only use that economic development. It was starting to work. Horizon to horizon that's still working because the new governor apparently is taking things away of anything that the McCrory administration has their hands on their. Now change and. I like where you're going though with the beaches in the mountains I think that I think a lot of people who live outside of North Carolina when they come to North Carolina that is one thing. That they kind of marvel that of course Charlotte's got a right in the middle right and units for the trees oh yeah beautiful trees. Mountains beaches trees beautiful cities. We have the best of everything nothing compares. To North Carolina and see nothing compares what do you make up oral or what it what do you think of the slogan we use for so long the Charlotte's got a lot did you have did you like that are now. Didn't really get it. Didn't really get it I generally like Charlotte US entry either which was its. Created when I was mayor and all there was to assault the people enough. Raleigh NBA's Charlotte you'll say you don't get a bar North Carolina are up for North Carolina are that code which a lot of grief for Charlotte USA after. We have an old jingle used to play out try to find it where it. Under way I don't blame raw as Charlotte you are out to Charlotte Charlotte Dolly would be part of North Carolina anymore. So that really did not help the relationships with a during the rest this state by not putting Charlotte, North Carolina. Go to dinner somewhere I thought it can become so these are the politics of logos that politicians have to deal with the economic development travel and tourism but it is important. For travel and tourism. How do you sell your city and and one thing that I did as governor are required that same logo to be used in every department one thing I can amend the state government. And every State Department had their own logo logo in state government. We like thirty different logos we've been state government now what this is crazy would call one government wide and we have all these different logos when people be surprised about how much time is spent. Behind closed doors. Wringing hands. About things like this yes. Yes and there's a lot of money to be made as we conceive. This rock city of Raleigh page 300000 dollars fir tree. You know it is and you can't even tell it looks like a Christmas tree well some people on social media have said it looks like an artichoke. As sums it looks like the old windows 95 lookup. Again if you if you went poorly along know the most famous slowed news is a check mark. Mikey yeah and all this is a check him. Well what is it about four that was brilliant isn't Nike the definition of what you want you want the logo to become synonymous with what it is without even putting the name on there and that's that's what New York did with the the apple. Yeah I mean we went I went to New York with my my two Brothers for a trip back in and it was a bit apples are right the Big Apple yet the Big Apple and they also have the IR are now probably being sued by Microsoft for using math they have a heart to me the I love the I heart New York yeah. And then The Beatles started a record label called apple and they sued. Apple computers for use in an apple and the courts ruled in favor of Apple Computer yeah and well once music and once not music although I think they're now paying royalties for some the music to do. Old Beatles publishing well on the I love New York's what I learned that Republican. And that's what everybody that I love New York we went to. And march we went to visit New York my Brothers and I and my brother need a puncher that he about the right Aden in Times Square and what to say it's that I love in the order some other good look at San Cisco. I have no idea what that was a Golden Gate Bridge. That would be one of them now here's here's a thought here's something we can dovetail on this Charlotte wants to be the home of Amazon guard to now. May have come out with the rankings of where all these cities that apply to fall Charlotte. At least according to one is not in the top ten. That maybe you may be elicited CLT. That's and we just haven't recognized that Riley is ahead of Charlotte where are both of them you'll find out coming up. It is gov pat and vote here on WBT she's. 933 under is 1110993. WBZ. I just hijacked. One of the most popular famous CEOs. Founders of the great company headquartered charm North Carolina walking down the hallway you've just taken a date Chadwick show he was on the show earlier today right. I was snowed up to thank you very yeah very founder of violent entering. I guess is ears burn when not peoples are talking about logos these days yellow logos and names talked about we are trying to figure out Brawley's come up with a new logo it's like a we don't know what it is it's a three year as an artichoke some people say it looks like the old windows 95 Marco. Punter alpha here it is Michelle it's funny logos. I think our interest today because I think sometimes you can spend more time doing logos and sometimes you can outsource it to agencies and a lot of times it doesn't work. I know our name. Interestingly came up. From. The notion of how. Our consumers thought about a great loan process. But they never liked the name Lending Tree. So when you wrote but when you related to when you said what's agree long process they gave us certain. They give a certain things and then when we said what's a great name. Are we said what do you think about Lending Tree they're related those two things together. That voice is Doug lab guy he is the founder of Lending Tree were talking about logos today and how how perfect is this last night be a hornet's take on the Cleveland Cavaliers and we debut those new retro. Jerseys in all those jerseys last night for the first time. The logo of Lending Tree and as Doug you and are talking about last hour on WT's morning news across the NBA this season. Kind of the new thing on uniforms where the teams can strike deals is to put various businesses. In that spot dead it's one over from Nike or in the case of the hornets it's one over from the from the jump man logo but last night. Was the first night your logo was on that uniform. We were we it was Ando we were thrilled to be there. For us it was it's really a partnership around well with the team we're doing a lot of digital stuff we obviously by a lot of media. And for us it's also local community activation and also things that we can do. With the team. So viewer and you VA grad school. Famous grad school garden. Gordon Darden red regardless you were there and you're trying to come up with a good idea for your what your thesis no I. Sort of. I had had the edge here for Lending Tree in 1994. And 1996. Our energy. Grad school. That you VA and wrote the business plan for Lending Tree raised about 200000 dollars through that time and at the end of it. Thankfully I didn't I didn't interview wit I didn't get a job with McKinsey. Here in Charlotte I did get a job what Bank of America but they were gonna put me in Dallas and I said no. And Jim Collins was a professor there and I decided to given one year moved to Charlotte set upon entry in our spare bedroom and the rest is history so you came. To Charlotte not because of its logo. It was definitely not because of a logo it was I think that the president should we say it was because of its mayor at the time then again I can really kiss get out there the mayor of Seattle teams right up by Aaron CL Lewis god Paisley researcher every city and solve our parents who's the best mayor and I sat on the dollar and there are unified body that is about quiet out. You don't have five dollar speaking of speaking of recruitment we did that recruited you picture you take Charlotte we did you pick Charlotte and you've stayed in Charlotte I knew for a fact you had a chance to go to other when I was governor. You're expanding right now on Charlie get a chance to go over the border you had a chance to go anywhere in the United States you decide to stay within the city limits at Charlotte your. Building a new headquarters out of South Park. So talking about that we're trying to recruit Amazon. To North Carolina and Charlotte. When he takes work and what's not working. So by the way you're making me late for the meeting. In my new headquarters where I'm supposed to be going through gone through the the new plans. But other than that. I think he we lost the game III. The couple deaths happen let's beat a path. I had to be great for Amazon to be here my I think it would be a perfect city forum. And I've had the fortune and opportunity meet Japanese couple times and he's a wonderful guy personally. I think is the right place now at the same time if they came here it would raise the cost of of engineering talents. Nu wood but you know what it's right for the city its rate for the state. And there's a list out today FYI. One by spur rulings and also the Wall Street Journal that ranks. The cities that are in the Dina bidding process for this. Raleigh in the sperm wings ratings number ten Charlotte is down at 24. The Wall Street Journal has Charlotte ranked 24. Head of all of this and they put Atlanta as the front runner actually in both cases Atlanta is do they call the front of the Wall Street Journal and spurred links a lot of people say or Toronto. Is a front runner. I think fish are honestly Charlotte should be. The place. It is on its a great place for talent. It's a great place to get people people who move here by I remember right recruited my CTO who unfortunately passed away moved down here from New York City. And was safe Rick Steve there was a phenomenal. Influence in our company we've moved people people are now moving here for Lending Tree from California. From our West Coast office. And all of life cost to live and you go recruiting talent Allen entry got an end and you know not too up. We had a plug you too much the taxes are lower and it's a great business climate and I'd honestly like I cannot say enough great things about the city. Other than the traffic on 77 coming up here. That's that's not a change especially their Ballantine right now exactly and north Charlotte no doubt about it we got to do some about it but. Doug we appreciate your investment this great city and not just your company investment but your personal investment. In this city. We heard from are happy to be here we love this town will of the city and thanks rob me on and now we just need to recruit James to join the Charlotte hornets for the logo blended triage. You are we lost last night did you had you had a moment as you're sitting back taking this all went as you were caught and of course I'd for awhile when just senior logo on the uniform of Dwight Howard and and I Kemba Walker that'd be pretty cool. Let's and I have cried so much this week. And my wife and I was permanent. This morning gave me tissues because she knew I was gonna try and David chatter choked. It was it was very very cool twenty years ago I remember going to a game and sit in the cheap seats at the old beehive. I remember BN with with pat. When the hornets left the first time that's right we had a great to moment there when you and Jim Gray were having a conversation Obama and they laughed and while we got the big debate when Jim Gray and and you were right and and and not organization and I can tell you from top to bottom. From Michael Jordan to that debt to the person who greets you. In the locker room who greets you who puts heaters seats. They're great people and and we. Were thrilled to partner with. Dunlap did the founder of lending treachery and now he has has never ordered in Charlotte, North Carolina logos on the logo on the show Laura uniform and next time you come we'll maybe tell the story about you tonight the Philadelphia Eagles game all the way we. I'm more sock more talk about CLT. With the gov. I'm WB today. Santa in front of 10 o'clock here on these 1110 not a bad three WB series. But Johnson here joined by the governor Pat McCrory. Vince Coakley coming up ten to noon and then Rush Limbaugh. Noon to three and John Hancock three to six you know. How it goes here now I was you're talking earlier about this Charlotte NC vs Charlotte USA right. You know and I told you I had something I was looking for John Mars this trigger you know. So that was our fourth of July general Taro for a few dictators. I like the Billy's got a song for the Carolina Panthers better manned the hornets arguing Lawrence hornets favor yes for Greg Greg Doug loved. Cumin and oh yeah that was great how how perfect was it to talk to him but you know what. Maybe with this whole Amazon thing instead of how can we be your city we wanna be we wanna be how about. We withdraw. There may be -- front and act like Augusta national golf course where you know ask us to join we ask you to come here they rank these 200 something cities and then Charlotte becomes the -- -- Beirut maybe that is the case we just don't you know what we'll call you if we want you if that's all everyone else when we're ready for you are more ready for you we will call you end. If you come here you're gonna have to pay us. There to come here. Set of all this if you build it they will come. No idea that's speaking if you build the hornets when the horn its first came to Charlotte. A guy named George should abandon by Hackl who owned WC CBS I've been heckled Rick Hendrick. Felix a bot assault put together a package that did an NBA team to come to Charlotte the New York Times said it time. The only franchise Charlotte, North Carolina won't get they always added North Carolina will be a McDonald's. So when we got the Charlotte hornets deal was. Even a bigger deal than we got the pampered well because we had nothing else we had nothing else I mean around town. You know at 5 o'clock you can take a nap on trial in street not give woke up by anyone but homeless guy before the horn. Came and correct me if I'm wrong but I think you'd agree with his before the hornets game came. The thing that they put on the front in the phone book to say this is Charlotte, North Carolina I remember it was 1987 it was when ramseys the exhibit came to the met museum. That was the biggest that was that was our claimed if so then I'd go through the whole hornet's side you know we built arena type bowler road. Then George Sheehan after while said I wanna buy battery and I want every converted or you need to build me a new arena and then George got old personal trouble with a cheerleaders on her mental health patient somewhere. Went to court the people turn on George Shea and the hornets left to New Orleans when I was mayor so I lost some I loss I was the mayor that loss. Warrants. So then I'd go what are we edited now so big debate about the new downtown arena came do we need to do arena. We're gonna build a new arena a loss or referendum belong with a baseball stadium along would do ports facilities a big package lost. Pretty big margin and you should also mention that there was all while I was mayor there were two ownership groups that wanted to bring a team here Larry Bird was a member of one up Steve Belkin Steve Belkin Larry Bird and then of course Brando and yet would Bob Johnson all sorts of odd jobs yet correct by the way I like Bob Johnson I got I went up to the BET headquarters is mayor. Pam cipher my ticket secret trip. The could be dead headquarters and met with the Bob Johnson. And we thought would Bob Johnson is possible owner we would get. The the hornets are bobcats some time back when that we have been named for the hornets are reluctant to and that's a whole another story has a parallel to restore the Charlotte horn. The came at the New Orleans Hornets who then gave us our name back to McCain in New Orleans pelicans where the Charlotte hornets that used to be the Charlotte Bobcats. It's really cut because on first yet it if it fits with these the NBA model though right because. Why is the jazz in Utah but the pelicans are New Orleans but New Orleans is synonymous with jazz and oh yeah I don't even get me started about the lakers. They should be in Minnesota at this because that's where all the lakes are dead why they're named the lakers is because of the Minnesota lakes. But that's professional sports that's professional sports but it was great that last night the hornets. Went back to. The old you know finals uniforms I'd love for him to keep them there they are just beautiful beautiful beautiful although they work quite as short as the Cilic repeated days. I have peace audio Kelly and it's this is Kelly fairly sure puke and you remember the day I know you do win Kelly too few good modeled the new uniforms. And as you point out is a model when he was they was that day while. And you point out all these things that came with an NBA franchise everything was new so everything they did. Became a huge news story because this town and ever since then it would have imagined years later Kelly to predict a one time was our model and then we have Michael Jordan. As younger by the way I refereed Michael Jordan 1984. In a basketball game I was a referee and I called travel and I'm Michael Jordan's. And he traveled with. Half cocked and did he accept your call he's still complain about it every time he sees me reminds me that he didn't travel and I said you traveled Michael. And you moved your pivot foot all the time because I never traveled I said you traveled according to. The rules of the founder of basketball Mae Smith yes and he said Mason miss a Canadian. That was his argument. And you ask the average kill a guy or debates more than Michael Jordan was Steve Smith to the Panthers US the average kid in America who founded basketball they probably would say Michael Michael Jordan now look at Kelly to duke in 1988 this is what he said the day he modeled the uniform. I'm into might lose like this TO and like pebbles a mobster. Things like that I like spring and summer colors so and plus he's headed in the right direction he might be good really one day. Now you you used to be the mayor for fourteen years and the governor let's see if you know that this trivia question from a guy who grew up here. When they were trying to name the original team the Charlotte hornets the hornet's was not the first name that they settled on you know what it was. I remember they had a contest. And one of the names was the night switch to baseball team was named amanpour it's was the old name of the baseball team. And a play off the south bullpen and also extends back to the hornet battled the hornets has asked corn all said this is bunch of hornets but you don't know the one I'm talking about. It had already like say in a Davis a grad is still made and I don't those sounds Z eight comes all back around. And comes back around us the answer is before it was the Charlotte hornets Charlotte historians out there I know I'm right about this. They were gonna call the Charlotte spirit. Oh that's how it was your rice here. And there you have it would have been horrible time what would the logo be for the spirit of the kind of back to it there's one depart under fire so the next 24 hours or back tomorrow at 9 o'clock gov pat. Coach Johnson WBZ.