Government Shutdown in Day 3, Congressman Jeff Duncan on the Shutdown

Vince Coakley Podcast
Monday, January 22nd

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Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of saturation there are too many young some street Louis who was 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiate a better deal for the last like OJ Simpson saying don't go out and find the real. 1006 out of its complete radio program welcome to the broadcasts and on the way to start this program but. Let's listen to marble mouth himself for Mitch McConnell who speaking on the senate floor. It and shut down. And restore shop full funding for the federal government. Through February today. Second. And extend health insurance for non million vulnerable children. And third it will enable congress to resume serious bipartisan talks. On the important issues facing. Our nation. I respect the passion that many of my friends in this chamber. For the Democrat and a Republican ally Brian. And a major issue of the for the sun and all these issues. Feature must brings our own views and personal perspectives to discussions. Of immigration policy. For healthcare reform. More details in government tranda. But we should not let the political feuds are policy disagreements obscure the simple fox. That every member of this body cares deeply about the challenges. Facing our country. All of rush wanna make life better for the American people. Bearing this in mind. I hope and intend on the that we can reach bipartisan solution. On issues such as military experiment. Immigration. And border security. And disaster relief. Before. Before the February 8 deadline. But yesterday evening. I restated opposition that these negotiations. Cannot allow us program. Should these issues not. Be resolved by the time the funding bill before a search bars. On February date. So long as the government remains open. Along with the government remains open. You would be my intention to take up legislation here in the sun. That would address golf border security. And related issues. As well disaster relief defense funding health care. And other important matter. Let me be clear. This immigration debate we'll have a level playing field. That's enough. And an amendment process. That is fair call soft. This immigration debate. We'll have a level playing field at the and an amendment process. This Ferrer. Calls off. And would be my strong preference for the senate to consider opposed a proposal that could actually be found at all. A bipartisan bicameral group has already negotiating I'll look forward to completion. Published work. But it's abundantly clear that the senate cannot make progress on any of these crucial matters. Until a government Israel public. We need to move forward. And the first. The very first. There's it and in the shop. It's evident that this government shutdown is doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. To generate bipartisan progress on many issues the American people care about. Every day always been arguing. About if you don't like song is another day we come out down the negotiating debacle or defenseman and or any of our other shared. Priorities. Sure look. Let's join together. Puts a filibuster behind us. And get back to work for the American people. So there you go senator Mitch McConnell who is basically saying look. You know let's get down to business year let's pass this short term funding bill. Until February 8 and we can address these other issues later. This is a story developing right now you just heard Mitch McConnell alive. As the Senate's just open their session this morning. Here at 10 o'clock. And again just to recap this fund the government until February 8 this is another short term spending. Bill. This is not a budget. By any means. This is a short term plan to give. These legislatures time to work out their differences on some of these other issues it funds the children's health care plan. It also. As mr. McConnell describes enables talks and some of these other issues. Where they're having some difficulty now I'm sure if you listened intently as idea that. You're sitting there and you're shaking your head I guarantee. How about the line all of us want a life make life better for Americans do you think. This is what's going to the minds. Of these senators. We're sitting listening to Mitch McConnell do you think all of them are motivated first and foremost by a desire to make life better for you tonight. I don't believe that. Not in the least. And I'm not just referring to Democrats. There are people with other agendas. That are focused on other things. Other than us. Any case. Some of the issues. That he made reference to the military immigration border security disaster relief. And he said you know we basically here's what Mitch McConnell saying. What we need to do now. Is we need to from the government. This is another short term piece of legislation to do that funding the government to February 8. Then. While. We get this thing passed let's get this thing passed. Provides some funding for a couple of weeks. And we can iron out some of these other issues. And then at some point yes we can deal with doctor we can deal with border security. Later on they don't belong in this particular piece of legislation. Which is one of the sticking points here because you have Democrats. They are hell bent. I'm pushing for Dhaka. This is. My shoulder they're willing to dial in from my perspective I'm thinking let them die out it. I was listening a few minutes ago there indications some of the polling. Indicates that Democrats are a lot more fired up the Republicans right now. I'm watching right now looks like there are more conversations taking place outside the senate chamber. Susan Collins. And also mr. flake himself. I believe these folks have probably been working on. Are some sort of sort of alternative plan to try to get these. These issues resolved but. This is kind of laughable. And one of the questions I would put TU. At this point would you favor would president trump has called for which is a nuclear option and the nuclear option holders are we needed. I've Lindsey Graham. To save the day boy were saved now are we. God help us. But I like to know what is your perspective on this would you favor. Getting rid of the filibuster basically Mitch McConnell coming in and saying OK. Time to put an end to this nonsense we're gonna take a vote. We're gonna take a vote to change the rules of the Senate's. Get rid of the filibuster. All will take it is a simple majority. To pass the spending plan. Would you favor that because once this thing goes down that road. You know what's gonna happen Democrats. Are going to be in charge at some point. Are you willing to risk it. Love to get your thoughts Eagles advantage struggling number 809 to 1110 common sense retirement planning takes line 71307. This is since. Coakley radio program. Because I have sensitivity to your stomach so I mean Eveready tortured you would Mitch McConnell. I will not make you listen to Jeff flake or Susan Collins or god forbid Lindsey Graham. We have instead he genuine statesman joining us now on the line a person I'm. Very proud to call a friend congressman Jeff Duncan who's joining us to talk about what's going on in Washington. Good morning sir welcome back up. Well good morning event thank the academy on not calling you live from Washington DC and actually sit outside the letters. Warmed up enough for maybe get out and get some pressure this morning before we go to conference and find out. You know what's gonna happen with this humor shut down. I'm curious. Because obviously that the house in the house is not a problem at all you guys have already done your job everything is hung up in the senate. And I and I wanna ask you bluntly do you think. That's it's at a point where Mitch McConnell just needs to pull the nuclear option. And so I'd change the rules to allow a straits votes for whether a majority vote can approve. The funding to get the government back open again. Well not just don't signing up off for a long time that they ought to go to a simple majority rules that the cost escalation this is out. That body announced its gonna govern itself and Ali we see way too much obstructionism gone on the fairway. Whether it's judges and justices or just simple legislation just to try to rain and the out of control federal government. The cultural need sixty votes Maine that yeah Republicans have the majority of senators were that you want I haven't not to actually move forward. The policy rollback the progressive agenda that was implemented an Obama administration. So if it sounds like you're very much in support of the idea of what president trump is calling for. Absolutely. Not budget promises you but down on other issues going forward. A simple majority should rule over there. Now are you concerned about the long term impact of that she if god forbid later in the year the Democrats. Are able to take over and this enables them to carry out. Some more of their radical policies that will have to try one duke later where. I mean that's our argument because. It's the center at the if the Democrats their take over the senate the whistle stop never changes are older and brought you clear up about. If they wanted to. We know how be they progressive. Policies the Obama administration the last eight years. Hurt the United States of America and job creators and individuals or member. To purchase things that the government you made a mandated them to do so. You know I love this and a constitutional issue this is how one body governs itself. And in most places. Simple majority rules. And not think that is that big detriment as in the center rolled to the detriment. To move in that country forward and and in making America great and that's. As you know the Democrats have been making a big issue about its immigration. Matters including duck got. And now we have a statement just a few minutes ago live for us statement that was made by Lindsey Graham. One of your cohorts there in South Carolina who's basically said you know if if I. There is some sort of a deal to give the government back open again. He believes they can find the sixty votes to approve doctor or would you agree that this is something that a direction. The things we'll certainly take once the government is funded. And do you support that for that matter. I know well it looked deferred action in its charter early try to unravel what my policy implemented by Barack Obama when he was president. I this is a pay all that was duly passed by congress and show. That is set to expire I think in March there's no deadline we can work on immigration issues that might look out my focus and I'm bill Mexicali Labrador. I'll work on it that has been 88. And a lot of workmen put into it has tremendous effort. And the that is the right piece of legislation to address not only does the dreamer children that came here. As a youngster made about a about a match are sent here by their parents. It currently residing in the United States illegally. Calm but a lot of instances it was to have thought about. There are a lot of people that have heart for the big dreamer gets demolished to do something I'm not necessarily knock over some sort of you know legal status but I am. Then there's a bill that actually hairdresser back. And address the Sanctuary City but first and foremost is address certain border security and interior enforcement and it Sanctuary City then. The director of the illegality and and the criminality of a lot of these dreamers and other immigrants they're in this country that commit crime over crown not the army and after they've been deported and come back and so. We have a bill to do that and this issue docket should not be kind of government funding bill on national are shut down. Where you know think about their. But the you have to capture of the senate passed a short term funding bill but actually. We authorize the chip program at Children's Health Insurance Program which a lot of doubt about what it's my district. Benefit from. The term entitlement program and how Republicans passed a reauthorization that historic power levels. Another entitlement program and the Democrats are shut the government down over those wow think about where we are do we. The government make sure our military. Was gonna get paid now a lot of us wanted to fully fund the military in that sense arm or the end of the fiscal year. This could get away from this start and stop the that called problems where the Defense Department the Pentagon had a hard time training. Our horses the readiness suffered when he have operating governing Peru not CR so any long term permanent funding for the military at all this year. We should be held hostage for that the ocean or shut down we need to reopen government and that would address these other Richard that's. You it sounds like we're we're coming back Q before the foundational question the so many people are asking which is bottlenecks seems to be in the Senate's. Why don't we just have a call for Mitch McConnell to change the rules. And so far the only person I hear talking about this is Donald Trump. It is the freedom carcass do we have anybody else in any other senators speaking out on this issue Jeff. Love the pre caucus to the house caucus and we really don't have much input summit summit we have had meetings were likely it. And Ted Cruz and others who disagree whether it's on such and you roll over there because. They say that you know added that I 51. Vote threshold over there we would have had. Cap and trade and a lot of bad policies and that the Democrats take over. Their non that we would get those policies but. I think that the Democrats they control the senate wants to stop him from changing the rules anyway and going to if you want in getting their progressive agenda back on track. We have a chance. To return American a great sense. And we're allowing senate rules to stand in the way Democrat. No bones about destroying America where their policies but yet we're now let's better rules stop such. A private seemed part of what I'm saying you Jeff and and I agree with what you're saying. But there's no messenger and and then Donald Trump speaking about this publicly I've not heard any voices. Calling for an end to this nonsense. And it's I I see no inertia whatsoever in that direction. Well I mean we've been a little bit government shutdown over the weekend and skeletal staff is there any week we've alert our staff over the leak and then some we're on essential staff only and in the capital but. I think you'll start hearing more than messages the shutdown continues by the shutdown may end today but it's gonna be a short armed dale Ambien and despite. So you and many others on talk radio and conservative blogs and and that conservatives like me need to continue pound that drum because. It is the right message that we're allowing a minute rule just stop us from being able to move forward and and basically return America the greatest that you are trying to do. But this year or shut down Israeli up toward our effort right. We've only got about a minute left in the segment the fact of the matter is and I keep seeing on social media Democrats are having fun with this. That you guys getting the blame no matter what because they're saying listen you guys have how Shiv Sena yet the presidency. And yet you're blaming the Democrats so why. There's really no way you're bro you gonna get blame no matter what so why not do something drastic. But a great message announced they speak a message or landing in Yemen and seven North Carolina senator's well and really our friends and Ted Cruz and Michael AM. And I ran on them because I think many generals are going to move forward and keep this obstructionism like whichever shut down from happening. And I look forward continue that conversation with the events. They absolutely awesome Jeff thank you for your faithful service to the country keep it up who look forward to catching up with you again soon. Yes sir thank spent gobble up about. 28 minutes after the hour of 10 o'clock what are your thoughts on this where are our senators on this in both states. We'll talk about that coming up. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 1036 on the Vince Coakley radio program the senate in recess until 1130 we're following breaking news about the government shut down the I'm Mitch McConnell spray can just a few minutes ago basically saying listen and few people we're not gonna do it aren't fighting about doc or anything else you want and tell ya fund off freight came government. I put a little more punch. Than not Mitch McConnell wouldn't. In any case also we had comments just few minutes ago from Susan Collins Jeff flake. And also Lindsey Graham. Lindsey Graham finishing up his comments by saying. If the government is fund it we will find the sixty votes necessary. To deal with duct. I'd love to know what you think about that is that a good thing are you approving. Of that kind of activity. By the sent let's drop to a call first from Craig in Charlotte good morning. Good morning events. I respect their Republican is really just need to use a nuclear option and a 100% of all legislation passed. Choke on day one so the Democrats we don't need you stay home parade here we're gonna do call ourselves. That's pretty extreme. That is well I mean allowing Communist like them to have a hand in the legislation is bad for us we've we've passed the legislation we don't want their fingerprints on it. And the Republicans are gonna pass bad legislation that they don't have to compromise it will political. I know I was making the point earlier and we talk with Jeff Duncan you know at this point Republicans are taking the blame for everything anyway so you may as well get some things done. And if you continue to deceive V positive developments with the economy. I think that is really the best. The best message that could be communicated rather than just words and arguments would you not agree. Yeah our radar out of it like here and as well polished black broker. Legitimate argument you're Republican buddies are real conservative. Senators disposed to be warriors in Washington farce of us. The victory is supposed to be their goal not compromised. Yeah unfortunately. You know what I dissident nor you as well and I keep hearing this over the weekend Mitch McConnell keeps referring to our friends. Our friends. On the Democrat side. And you know as somebody person the other day you know wait a second here he's not your friend. And you have to understand and I think you know this Greg they are Mitch McConnell friends they're not ours but they're his friends. And it isn't one more thing while we need government to meet you gotta go there they get out of a real job. They go where they have to produce zero results to get an incumbent you can't if you don't produce. A result of the real world who want to pay you give are prepared to consider for the rest of their lives. Yep and a lot of them certainly do and it's some rumor basically almost comatose. And you know he practically got a wield a mean to the us senate chamber Craig thanks a lot for your call this morning let's go out to travelers rest. And John good morning. The more events and not anchored or pre trader you can. But the one thing that bothers me about these continuing Mercer resolutions. The lack of regard or respect for any kind of budget. You know look at the paper opera. If they actually work within the quote your a twelve month calendar budget they have to say OK to all of you want talk. Are we are not people oats. And you know all the respect to mr. Duncan. Why are they reasoning that point local that we all have to live within a budget. Continued resolution or Turkey on a credit card. For all intents and purposes. That's really all I have to say but it's such childish and it's insulting to. Anybody that pays attention. Tour at all. Our world and an in defensive Jeff Duncan in the house side here John the house has done its job they approved the thirteen appropriations bills. Our way back those were done in September as I understand it. This and it's is basically the road blocked ears they everything has bottled up in the senate Mitch McConnell refuses to change the rules and he's been held hostage. By you know chuck off Schumer. And should the other shoe are are essentially out there running things even though of their knots they don't have majority their running things. So. What do you do. Hurt him. It is side John I do appreciate your call. And again this is one of those questions you have to go back to the campaigns of Tony sixteen and ask yourself the question is this what you voted for. For the senate to just roll over and play dead. Because that's essentially what's happening here. A trickster has a similar question. Short term funding bill are we ever going to pass an actual budget again good question. The one either shut down the better off the American people are by being shut down the cannot legislate BS. I still don't understand why the Lindsey Graham sorts aren't getting more heat for all of this. Two good ones who have betrayed by the media as being a reasonable ones. We're gonna worked at a cheap at all we can come together and be bipartisan. Isn't that wonderful. I'd like to teach the world to sing. In perfect harmony. I mean seriously that's what we're talking about here in this the media loves this especially when you see people who aren't. In all how else can I say it traders. To the conservative cause. They love that. Vince have you seen all the homeless nonessential government workers panhandling at the interstate 85 bridges with the airport old starving. Shoeless children. I am neither. That's Jim and obviously cricket text. Well do we have your dear sir the founders put in the filibuster for a reason our government is meant to move slowly to prevent tyranny. Anyone who's for getting rid of it. It's clearly no respect for the founders' vision of our republic of specially. For short term gain and from all the minor and I understand your point it's it's a valid concern as Jeff Duncan was mentioning. There are very strong conservatives like Ted Cruz Michael Lee. I mean you you cannot question there are. Credentials and their faithfulness to conservative ideas. They're not for changing the rules and I get weather coming from don't necessarily agree with them. You know here's. I'm gonna get myself in trouble for saying I'm just gonna say it. You know if we're gonna vote for somebody who's not a general a genuine. Lifelong Republican to become the president of the United States and we're gonna put up with a all the BS that comes out of his mouth and we're gonna support that. Why did change the rules. Right rules matter what does anything matter at this point if it's you know if it's if this is a no holds barred sort of atmosphere. Well let's pull out everything but the kitchen sink just go for it. That's what I'm saying. Do. Yes sir thank you very much. What I'm one talk about well shouldn't this dot Danny and why did I did that seem to budget. The Democrats are shutting down the government. In some form of can't treat someone Bamiyan talent oh will let him go Pete do what we shape. It's evil you're evil what they're doing. And it's our docket then turn. That was made up by a committee of socialists in Berkeley California University California at Berkeley. And it's not not what I'm made up by all kinds of different people from different backgrounds. And and the government's cocky about it it's just it's something to Kmart congress. The number killed if you pats got that they had stopped and by the web part I'll never voted implement it Gramm supporter or girl's school years. The man it's a traitor to own country we have black people any job we have all our people need jobs. We don't need people coming here they have no ill are children dead. Brought here by no fault of their own like what's going home in Florida right now airplane loads of Chinese women pregnant and are not yet. And what you're saying Joseph is we need to take care of our own and I think this is what this last election was all about. People are saying America first let's take care of Americans that's the priority. They need to get that don't. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 1049 Vince Coakley radio program your calls welcome if you like to join the conversation. And provide some perspective especially on this idea of the nuclear option. Basically. Didn't the point where we have a majority vote. No more filibusters no more sixty vote threshold it's. Do you think that's a good idea in goes a Spanish talk on number 809 to 1110 Cummins since retirement planning takes line. 713 jurors seven scrap to lay quietly and stay and good morning sir. I'm in Perry Jones lawsuit. And I'm illicit content you view different perspective I'm heading out. What I'm saying this weekend and one of the parcel of asked a question about second 2013. When Barack Obama gave the. In the dreamer that basically deferred status. The Democrats had control of congress to console market nickel and deal with the green and Mexican citizen. And it Donald on the mental want American citizens and how they want to change the very definition for citizenship as. But having citizenship they the fact that you're just here regardless of how you go lucky and so when Donald Trump the culprit he rollout that he called their bluff. And gave them to mark fair to make them legal which is why they're so they won't go along. So do you think ultimately this is going to happen one way or the other because the president seemed supportive of the idea. Yet look at what Democrats want a change detonated a little bit not a dreamer operating here without being legal for a while as they came in. I'm just have been the definition of censorship yes kind of simple dispute or just debate the matter how he got here your certain what brought. Remarkable and and Donald Trump has not we're gonna actually been late but no horse but Bible but look at the Democrats don't want a front door policy. And Donald puppet saying not all people who come here are gonna have to come in and go to uncle. You know it sounds great theoretically but I think the they kind of erosion that you have mentioned here is already well under way. And I think the ultimate goal you know this is for these folks to be voting citizens. So they're able to transform. The electoral map and they the other big price for them is Texas if they can continue to get immigrants into Texas and flipped Texas. We are done I think you know that stand. We all accord signed it and numb. I'm just it was a good open Republican did this legislation if they ever do it. They're in the Democrat now or trying to claim it used to be a 100000 mail so they're trying to quite named. And I think it's really going to be harder to pass legislation to actually the fine. The difference there was such a block two and at some point even have to pick it played out in the future. So where it's like OK then let the people come forward encompass the front door and instead they were intense and go to the process at some point you're gonna have to consider all people here. I didn't come to the spot though it legally start deporting them at some point even have to do is there. I hear where you're coming from this this is it's pretty messy there's no question about that they dropped your call their stand. And it's one of its dangerous whenever you do these permissive. Immigration policy issue always run the risk. And inviting more people into the country and I think that's the message that's been communicated right now from Democrats and Republicans hate. If you're in the pipeline you're thinking of coming to the United States do it now. Now is the opportunity. It's really kind of scary. And it's 52 minutes after the hour of 10 o'clock now's probably get time to take a look at the day in history don't you think. Let's try to cover that's ends we of course will continue to follow this developing story a vote coming up at twelve noon I believe. On the possibility of reopening the governments to set it reopens reconvenes at 1130. And two we will continue to follow whatever happens. Even if that is nothing which. There could be a lot of that going on these seem to specialize in that for some reason. Any case. Let's quickly take a look at what is happened on this day in the history. Today's date is 22 of January. 2018. And we have three. Three questions to address here with a good friend mr. right Cho good morning sir. Good morning ready and raring to know mister Coakley. Pull it started in 1905. This was referred to his Bloody Sunday. In Saint Petersburg. As troops killed 500. People. 500 people what country are we referring to Saint Petersburg. This ours troops killed 500 people. To Russia you are correct. Or I got Sunday Bloody Sunday I know that's that's my very easy to confuse that. Here's why in the very timely. Some abortions became legal as the Supreme Court ruled on this particular case what is it called 1973. Roe vs when. That is correct. Ted Kaczynski pled guilty to sending bombs that killed three people injured more than twenty. What was his name his nickname. Unabomber these unabomber is correct 1990 eighths. And we have for mr. right so they trifecta. That's pretty impressive. Also what I went. I'm the opportunity to come back on this program again while. Cool aren't you lucky can't get askew what do you think about what's shaping up for the Super Bowl. Well I hate the patriots so. Go Philly. What else can you say I'm. Re watching that game yesterday by the way. Yes unlike some people who say they don't watch the NFL I do and I don't care what you think and yes unless both camps today so what are what are the impressions are you surprised at all. By Tom Brady leading his team back from I believe is a ten point deficit no I'm not surprised. Some people call on the goat he made very well be but you don't give him that much time. It was pretty interesting I saw and social media there's something circulating you know about this finger issue he's been having. And one of them was he was making the joke the truth of the matter is he was having IE six finger put on. In order to prepare for a reading. He's the sixty. Some people can cover. Critique incredible is that two I watched this for sure. Any case. We'll stay tuned for this mr. right so great to talk what you get man. Coming up next are we gonna talk about us. More controversy related to the FBI. Great this is still Vince Coakley radio program. Observing it you wearable. That's really do like fix things what the straight day. Got a good. Empowerment self governance and straw. Character came home. This is the luckily radio program. 1106 are river to the broadcast again. The senate reconvenes at 1130. A vote around noon. I'm basically. This sounds like we think we'll be done before. So we'll see if this is a repeat of what happened the last time. Really just don't have the votes. They need sixty. I don't know maybe Mitch McConnell grow a spine or something else between now and twelve new and who knows. Over on the text line. This person referring to the nuclear option no can have the nuclear option because dims plus Rae knows equals a majority now. Mention the house and senate paychecks stop at a government shut down of course it by the way we have several members of the house. Who have gone on record saying hey they're not going to take any pay. During the time bishop Denis and away. In fact take saw one person in particular here in this area. Who actually took that position. And I'm trying to find who that person is. Because. If they wanted to get that out fair I think it was mr. mark meadows from western North Carolina has gone on record. Basically saying that he's not going to take his salary. While the government shut down basically saying look if the military. Folks are not getting paid then I'm not going to get paid. So that's. Quite a principled position to take. A very good thing. Also on the text line the dams are trying to come out they are not trying to come of the compromise flake Schumer. And others are meeting figure out how to shift the blame to the Republicans. Maybe if all these illegals don't get their welfare check they will leave. Keep the idiots in DC shutdown can. As far as I'm concerned this is a Republican should down from beginning to end because their refusal to use the democrats' own rules against them. Also your member Harry Reid did that to move legislation that is from Larry. I don't understand why and some things to say it has to have sixty votes and some things they only have to have a simple majority why well. First certain. Pieces of legislation. It is required. But again these are senate rules these are not. Constitutional. Things. So. There's really in one since nothing sacrosanct about senate rules. No new cops shouldn't just keep the government shutdown when Schumer can't get more publicity have to shut down it ends and in quickly. Regardless of numbers the Democrats appear. In charge as long as they maintain government media outlets they operate as a majority. The dims don't play by the rules they adjust the rules as they go not used in the nuclear option now does not mean the dims would not use any tactic. Fair or unfair to push their position screw them. Give them nothing. Vince Susan Collins Jeff flake both the news explaining how we got here and how they will fix it. Somebody please slap me. If that's John out of jobs and will reach the radio right now and slap view. General with the help but you know US force. Let's see here why are we talking about. This person Vince to heck of this continuing resolution the president should men and actual budget and refused to sign another CR this is utter nonsense. The budget was due September 30 of last year and and I just wanna double checked this on my. Texts here with. My friend who's a member of congress. Who I believe sent me a text the other day about these appropriations bills that have been approved. We way back I think in September. Who will disappear. Because he answered that particular question. And let's see just bear with me because I believe that answer is here. Maybe not but I do believe. They were all passed by the house. House did the job they were supposed to do the senate just. Refuse to do is necessary to get the job done. September 30 you're right that was the deadline. Also we have this. So saying that. Are. This is interest in you don't have to command to do so that's a personal message to her not going to miss. Venture correcting your kitchen sink analogy also color Craig was correct in his assessment how we get this going for real John out of Jonathan's. And and I wish basically saying. You know this election is kind of thrown out all the rules and all the protocols and all of these standards and values and principles that people claim to believe dimmed for. For decades. So I mean hey what's another search set of senate rules who cares. You gonna do this all out warfare thing you wanna do warfare. Let's do warfare. Get rid of senate rules. Just throw them out. To a simple majority and go on with business and you really wanna get these Democrats. After you change the rules. Say we're not gonna talk about daka. Oh crash can you imagine what that would do. Tate because you didn't cooperate. You know you know here is the great plan. Follow with me on this moment. Here's what Mitch McConnell ought to do it twelve noon today. We've got these Democrats who are refusing to work with us they're trying to inject something into this continuing resolution has absolutely nothing to do. Absolutely nothing to do. With the legislation itself. So here's what I'm gonna do. The house has sent over there are thirteen appropriations bills to fund the government. I'm going to give Chuck Schumer. And his moronic minions. They have exactly. 24 hours. And I'm being generous here. They have 24 hours. To come and vote and approve this continuing resolution if not. We're going to gets all of those appropriation bills that have been passed by the house. First we're gonna change the rules. Secondly we're gonna approve every single one of those appropriations bills we're gonna follow the budget process the way it's supposed ago. Next thing we're gonna do everything the Democrats are concerned about including dot com. We're going to table for all of 2018. It's done. So you either come to the table and you deal with us or we're going to do this all on our own. What do you think about that plan. Can play hardball with these people. I that's what I think is the best way to do this texture last year so what is the solution to passing a budget. Don't to a pass another continuing resolution just call it that stock market. Were rocked today the free enterprise system is temporarily free. You know while checked you Nero fiddles. Not only bringing illegals into the country putting them at the front of the line uncle Lindsay is guilty of treason. Well there are a lot of people really ticked off at Lindsey Graham. And for good reason. I think he got to keep asking the question of who these folks working for they working for you are they working for somebody else. And yes I frankly I don't think it's that complicated at all. Coming up we'll delve into this issue with the FBI as well more revelations. Isn't amazing. With all of these surveillance going on out us. Should there ever be such thing is missing documents missing Tex. Well it's happened again and we'll talk about it coming up. This is so is Coakley radio program. Go go through another. In nineteen out of its broken radio program getting your thoughts. On the ongoing breaking news on the government shut down the possibility of some sort of movements of vote scheduled for noon today. These senate's will reconvene in just a few minutes about ten minutes from now Joan in Pickens good morning. I began to. Good morning good morning TU. I want to say is. I'm. For help and the trainer kids you know look at something out. To keep them over here and help them come out but now. The Democrats have made me so mad. That I'm ready to say defend them all back home. They can come and elite that legal way K good Democrat sweatpants. And AMP. Off. So let's thank you don't like they're let me boy. Have an Iowa state fair you as well June. I understand where you're coming from I think there are a lot of people. Tend not to throw with Lindsey Graham right now it amazes me and this is a reminder. A reminder. You wanna deal with people like Lindsey Graham you better. Get in place registration by party in South Carolina. This is one of the reasons why he's still there. Because Democrats in voting your primary. They can help choose your nominee needs one of the major reasons why. Lindsey Graham is still there. So just a friendly reminder. If you wanna deal of this issue once and for all. You've got to deal with registration by party. I wanna do a sharp turn here. Because you've probably heard in the news there's a big funeral today. For Mike duty he's your caddie police officer died he was shot and ambushed by domestic violence suspect. The funeral is set for noon today calvary church in Charlotte. And should reminder for those of you going to be in that general area you can expect a whole lot of traffic. One of the reasons why they choose that venue they really needed a large venue pro all of the people who will be coming out to honor might story. They had to find a space that was big enough to hold. Thousands of people. And calabrese basically run the region's largest churches. Will be able to accommodate all of those folks. This search results or use for the funerals of Charlotte Mecklenburg officers Jeff Shelton Sean Clark. They were gunned down back in 2007. Also the funeral for NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt back in 2001 after he died. In a crash at Daytona 500. And the plans are for dirty to be laid to rest at forest hill cemetery. In rocket killed. So I would just remind you of that taking place today. Any opportunity to honor this man who gave his life serving his community yesterday in fact. Hundreds residents gathered outside the York county courthouse this was very moving to watch. Found they were singing. Amazing grace it was just really moving to watch this. As they paid their respects to. This officer who gave his life. To protect us and very often. We've soldier of these situations that are most dangerous in the domestic violence situations responding to domestic calls. This thing escalating its ends we had other officers injured as well. I wanna share with you some audio from the sheriff. Kevin Olson who spoke at this. Particular events outside the courthouse sheriff Kevin Paulsen honoring. A narrowly. An officer died but those were injured to end really the entire force these folks who. Our. Our our third day after day serving and protecting us. You. You have to. Jim Rice. And behind. Usually use one mile change. They got you yeah. Monday night Tuesday morning. Well the one million details. They had your back. An army men. Looking. To do harm. Her role Ministry's annual count. Tens sorry my duty. Sergeant William Brown. Sargent Randy cleaned things aren't powerful means. And I mean. We'll tell you. You know you hear. A sale. Police officers live their lives on the line you. And we're here this evening. We just. Did you. Want to bring. Community. Together to try and destroy it. All I'm fortunate Brothers and sisters together. Trying to destroy them. Because you're only making us stronger. They took calls it. Into the darkness. Into the uncertainty into the chaos. Fearless link. Courageously. Trying to kill people. I didn't. There is sheriff Kevin wholesome they're speaking yesterday outside your Canaccord us I'd love that was not powerful they image there's she's talking about how. You're surrounded by all these deputies they've got your back. I don't know about you. That means a lot to me. My daughter for instance is involved in. The theater production in York county. So I turn around your Kenny all the time. It's encouraging. To me to know. These men and women who serve. They've got my back. And I think this goes for all law enforcement. Agencies. Just remember that. And when you see an officer today any other time. Make a point you just thank him for having our backs. I just thought that was very compelling very encouraging. They've got your back. Also mention. Yesterday evening I ran into it young man crew. I met and had some pretty significant spiritual discussion with several months ago. He's an agnostic. And here we had a great talking. Very friendly discussion debate. Yesterday I ran into him. NSR heat and tears and decisive you know what was going on came to learn. She is mother passed away in the country of hungry. I pulled aside talk to him a little while in June and mainly just listened to him. To share his heart. Lot of tears. Immune to me and said you know one of the things I regret. There are things I said I did. I never got to say I'm sorry in my mind. Just sorry last week expected to see her again by the way the diagnosis apparently. There may have been a misdiagnosis here. She had stage four cancer. I don't know that that was clear last week. But she's gone now. He's heading back today just preformed. I'm just. Give you is an issue would seek prefer him in the Stanley. But I also thought it's good opportunity to remind you. Pure within the sound of my Porsche right now and there's some relationships specially family that's not right. Especially if you've got a health situation floating out there like this. Don't put it off. Maybe a mom and dad or brother or sister or fringe. If there's a relationship that's not right. Go make your rate to day. Don't live with regret about what you should have done. But for us tomorrow frankly is not promised you know that and I know that. Just thought I would share that with you very fresh experience heartbreaking experience. 809 to 1110 or text line it's 7130729. Minutes after eleven. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. I have a strange feeling someone's listening to this broadcast few minutes ago I told you about this government shut down. Freshman mark meadows in fact here's what he said in his statement to members of congress should not be paid while our government is of running a reforming. The CEO for the integrity of the Schumer shut down I will not be accepting one dime of my salary. Plunge our military members and families are being paid I won't be paid either. Interestingly enough. Just a few minutes ago 1129. Injured clients paid during the shutdown. Congressman passenger won't accept paid during Schumer shed doubt co sponsors legislation. To block paychecks for all members. But congress. So W put that a fair. 37 minutes after 11 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program if you like to join the conversation even lions wide open for you to provide your perspective on things we've discussed today. Including. Those comments I made abouts. Reconciliation the importance of taking advantage of the same that we have to date. Ingles advantage startling number 809 to 1110 kind of since retirement planning text line it is 71307. Here's an interesting story that we've learned about over the weekend. And I were feeling there are more. Revelations like this that are probably not far times. And relates to the fine folks over the FBI. Daily caller reporting the FBI failed to preserve five months. Text messages. Between anti trump FBI agents. Five months. Exchange. Of messages between Peter stroked in Lisa page the two FBI employees who made pro Clinton. An anti trump comments. While working on the Clinton email on the Russia collusion investigations. Can I just interject here. If you have people making these kinds of inflammatory political comments. Why these people were not immediately removed from investigations is actually beyond me. And there's a strong case Steve spoke should have been fired. But that's not the point here. This disclosure actually came out Friday in a letter sent by the Justice Department to be Homeland Security government affairs committee. Department wants to bring your attention the FBI's tactical system for retaining text messages sent and received on FBI mobile devices. Failed to preserve text messages from mister stroke in ms. page. What a coincidence I wonder how this happened just a little technical. Staff to. He says the techs are missing for the period between December 14 2016 and made seventeen Tony seventeen. Stephen Voight. Through C assistant attorney general for legislative affairs the Justice Department. He attributed the failure to miss configuration. Issues related to roll outs provisioning and software upgrades. That conflict did with the FBI's collection capabilities. You know this is. This is a bunch of BS. Who in the world would write a sentence like this. Miss configuration. Issues related to roll outs provisioning and software upgrades that conflicting with the FBI's collection capabilities. Co writes like that. You know I think somebody who writes like this ought to be fired. Seriously just reporting S senate's out like this is this. Translation. We screwed up. Kids can you just put in in plain English we screwed up. He goes on the result was data. That should have been automatically collected and retained for long term storage and retrieval was not collected. This is sound very convenient to do. Stroke and page were significant players in the Clinton and trumpet investigations both of them. As deputy chief of counterintelligence stroke oversaw the trump investigation one was open in July Tony sixteen weeks earlier. He wrapped up his work as one of the top investigators. On the Clinton email probe. Candace. Both worked on special counsel Robert Muller's Russian investigation until July Tony seventeen. Stroke was removed after the Justice Department's inspector general discovered text messages he exchanged with page with whom he was having an affair. In which both expressed strong criticism of trump how many policies to these people violate. And I'm just curious economy. And once again I'm sure these folks are gonna ride off into the sunset together. And it's. You know screw us the American people who cares. All that matters is they get their money. May get off of any potential charges or anything. This just blows my mind. In one text stroke. Called trump and idiots in another he said F truck. This is a person conducting an investigation. In other more cryptic exchange stroke spoken insurance policy the FBI sought to take out in case trump defeated Clinton in the election. I want to believe the past few throughout for consideration and Indies office. There's no way trump gets elected. I'm afraid we can't take that risk. This was a message to page August 15. Tony sixteen. And your reference to FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe. It's like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before your forty extra added. Republicans have questioned what stroke Mets by insurance policy. Page left the mower team prior to the discovery of the tax. Johnson expressed concern over the missing text messages. Sent her a key period of the Russian investigation during that timeframe. It's when the steel dossier was published by by his feet. Stroke participate in Virginia between January 24 interview with then national security advisor Michael Flynn. And when James Kobe was fired as FBI director. When coincidence. This is the timing question. The end date of the missing stroke page Texas also significant. Significant that's because may seventeenth is V today. When Mueller was appointed to take over the FBI's probe of possible collusion between the trump campaign in Russian government's. Some records from this period is concerning. I love these words but it's concerning. This the best you can come up with concerning. Tony wrote a letter on Saturday to FBI director Christopher ray. Along with a its disclosure of the missing text messages. DOJ's Boyd handled over 384. Pages of additional text messages exchanged drew between stroke and page. Do you smell a rat here. It amazes me on this stuff just disappears. Disappears. Archie got about thirty seconds to start off here anyway hard shot out of Charlotte good morning. Lord yeah just wanted to get your chance to be a lost welcomes possible if you have found that FBI agents said Bennett back include Hillary Clinton. Would you be just as upset. They're calling for the same actions. Oh you better believe absolutely. 100 on a road report thanks well I'm glad you did because. You we've got a lot of tribalism out there and I think you may have heard police say. A few weeks ago a lot of people who were cheering and I was out there to curing the investigation of Clinton. Even though it was originally to looking into just Whitewater. Play. Now win Mueller goes other places other than Russia and you know who might complain now we were cheering before we better cheer now. 45 minutes after 11 o'clock. 1149 before the break I told you about these missing emails just happen to be missing from a very critical time between these. To folks who were involved an investigation to investigation the Clinton won hands. Trumpet investigation. It is just absolutely astounding. Over on the text line. I think the republic needs to exercise our constitutional right to get up to Capitol Hill with some guns to open seats for people were actually willing to work for the people. Well. Pretty strong here here's another person saying bring back the gallows and Kia teens. It's pretty strong language here. The FBI field to maintain anyone else's text messages during that time period or just the people involved in the scandal well. The (%expletive) up up up up up up up you know how many extraneous emails perceived somewhere. On an FBI server. Very good question. Since I continued asked her attorney general get abducted by aliens. No not from over the air from up there. I mean where is this man. Also this and everybody thinks we live in the home of the free and brave there's no law or constitution here for people with power or money. You know pretty much. Also on the issue of these members of congress not taking their salaries to medicine couldn't jurors spread the word. In fact I would add mr. dangerous called for legislation. You put this in place so nobody gets paid. In terms of lawmakers. I have a feeling that's. Well we leave them alone for now. If you're Democrats don't see how their representatives are selling them out for their own greedy per exist they never will. Also on the text line. We were in Charleston Friday saw hundreds of police. Cars motorcycles from all over the states in a motorcade to this very same officer. Lot of people. Of course making reference to the funeral taking place today. To every church again them. An opportunity to honor this officer but be reminded of the sacrifice. These officers make every single day the chance that they take my serving you night. Another person you're saying of the text line this is no longer the United States no longer a democracy it's a corporate talk Christie. Which is driving the unit party. The fight is a memo is only the beginning people were going to jail over their crimes hash tag released the memo. This needs to be repeated over and over 94% of Republicans voted to keep the government open 95% of Democrats voted to shut it down. Pitcher idea won't work people like flimsy Lindsay and flaky flake. We'll vote with the Democrats. Prince I totally totally agree with you really sick by the government is if they're going to shut down. They should not get paid. Along with the stop of the federal taxes we pay well you know they'll keep collecting and I mentioned this on Friday. They're continuing to bring in record revenues. Keep that in mind. A wretched record. They records. So. You know what is what incentive is there to change anything everything's working just fine for them. Good morning Gerri out of Wesley chapel good morning. Highway it meant to Gerri from Wesley chapel. Yes during ahead. Three and I'm Colleen upper arms are delighted you are. Here but thank you you that your great addition it is to this perhaps thought. And I hear you talk about missing email during that particular or dispute that I don't think anybody is part of but it. It a little bit of deja kind of reminds me of President Nixon and Watergate and all of that is the type should help. Up in arms the Democrats are when all is that going on. Small little bit of similarity there. You're absolutely right into did you also remembered the missing FBI files back during the Clinton administration. There are only just. Magically reappeared how did that happen. Yeah I just don't understand how this happens appreciate your call their Jerry. Stay in tetris with us for sure scrub through Gerald out of Calvin us who has something pity to say I'm sure. Very good morning. You know rent me. I'm more a lot I don't even double fault that borne fruit bowl early it feel great billboard. I'll double double of the ship it back. But you know if they got a hit. They can't help you talk about beer watched block shoot. So are you concerned that they me miscalculate and think that this is an opportunity to do something. I would think so here how great for me feel it. City from the back out Rust Belt truck that got the. I hope you're wrong. It hurt Davis would not be an opportunity that would be taken your Gerald always good to hear from you by the way. On the subject of money. We've been talking about budgets in the fact we don't have one. Dylan this about how your money is spent. The State Department spending 592500. Dollars to explore. Gender identities of boys and men in Kenya. Does that sound wonderful you. This is a tax Payer funded study. That suggest ideals of masculinity in Kenya are contributing to terrorism. The department's bureau of counterterrorism is seeking a nonprofit group to explored gender identities of boys and men in Kenya. The green a proposal states that men being tough. Heterosexual. Aggressive. Unemotional and achieving. Can make them vulnerable to joining Islamic extremist groups. I'm serious. This is an actual quote. Gender is increasingly recognized as an essential aspect to understanding encountering. Violent extremism throughout the world. If he's the front that said it before I actually hate that phrase violent extremism. What is that. People just. This is the kind of garbage that your taxpayer monies being spent four. Who's going to be real back on this mr. Tillerson get a real back in this I'm kind of curious. Case study shows a great day got bush and this is a Vince Coakley radio program.