Government Shutdown, Honoring a Police Officer, and Amazon

John Hancock
Monday, January 22nd

Hancock discusses the government shutdown, Charlotte's Amazon rejection, honoring a Rock Hill detective and more.


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This is John Hancock. Or another whereas. But this week indeed. So the shut down appears to be almost over I think I'll still have to vote on it but. Dave Byrd decided do work extend this till February the eighth so we have more fun and frivolity to go. They talk about baca and all sorts of other things leading up for the next a couple of weeks. So that they racial talk about that a little bit. There are so much new texts out from. The FBI you remember the two agents and do over. In cahoots and I mean that literally. And we're sitting there disparaging trump emails back and forth to one another no sore and so forth well. Now the FBI has announced that they seem to be missing about five months worth of emails another not quite Richards had a the other low lowest Lerner. Story FBI style. So will throw out out there and then there's a story permeating underneath the news about Republicans trying to wanting to release this memo. That is being described as jaw dropping. On surveillance abuses. Which would've occurred by the Obama administration. During the primaries. Before the election of Donald Trump. The FISA thing. And that you're using information they should have been using. And and then Democrats say it's all smokescreen. And listen if anybody knows a smokescreen it would be the Democrats because we've gone through how many now all over a year's worth of smoke screens daily. But anyway this. Why does wanna jettisoned forward about three and a half for a week so wanna see this. They're saying this could not only toppled some people this could there could be indictments out of this. Actually want a net. Court cases. Wall to wall coverage. So anyway I remembered we can. Patriots Eagles. Early as a football pick her I'm pretty much up 500 Shepard act. I had Jackson nor did I have. I had Minnesota. And the patriots. And turned out to be patriots and via Eagles. Embed the Eagles didn't just squeaked by the Eagles just killed. Which was kind of disappointing given that the first game was actually pretty good the jags game with with with the patriots was a pretty good sorry way that's your Super Bowl. Are patriots and Eagles. No Pro Bowl is next weekend. And then two weeks from our yesterday will be DO Super Bowl. And then two weeks from today. It up no college football no pro football no football. Which is fine for some of you many of you quit watching it what do degree surprises of my. Those views and I'm not watch in the NFL anymore. You didn't. Normally peoples they are never caused an end to that radio station again. But you do. But people this time around said I'm not watching football anymore and they didn't least that's what the ratings. And so I thought that was pretty good stick. The Panthers. On the defensive coordinator. Steve Wilkes is new head coach of the Arizona Cardinals. I'm that was announced today. He had had a number of a different day interviews he finally got Arizona that salutes like a pretty good place to land. Given who what what they already have vote in place. And his replacement toys already on staff that will be defensive line coach Eric Washington. Who has bin with the a team with have been but the Panthers for a sometime now I know Rivera had said as much. That if if Steve Wilkes got a head coaching job that he thought to his replacement was already on staff and I think everybody kind of kind of already knew that it was going to be Eric Washington so that's the case there are so you have put Eric Washington is the new defensive coordinator Norv Turner is the new offensive coordinator. And and we don't know who knew owners Jahri ad and we don't know Marty hernia will be around on a permanent basis yet but we do know we'll be around through free agency in the draft. And we do know that Ron Rivera will be around for. A couple more years few more years because he got an extension on his contract so. See we're all that goes Greg Olsen is one of the finalists for the NFL man of the year he was one of the finals last year as well. I don't know if that helps to favor him more. But I and I think we're already thrown for Greg Olsen to be the NFL man of the year. I think to some extent we are we know about the hardest yard fund. Which. He and his wife Kara. Are put together. When they found out that there and then. Unborn son. Had this. Hypo plastic left heart syndrome. TJ. But I think we tend to forget. That he was involved with. Reps are receptions for researched the Greg Olsen foundation. After his mother had survived cancer. And that was kinda like the beginning of foundations that Greg Olsen was putting together two help other people. And his foundation was ensuring. That good of people get a second chance at life. But I just like his mom had and then that kind of that kind of groove early and 2013 when they found out about TJ so he's got a long history of being area. Being a guy who. Does things to benefit others saw Mo. There's certainly isn't to say that the other two candidates are not worthy as well TJ watt from Houston is so one of them in a Benjamin Watson. Originally from rock kill. Is another. But I think we're all rooting for a probe for Greg Olsen although. Benjamin Watson would be a nice. Would be consolation prize Georgia Bulldog and and Iraq kill natives so up and where will soon all that goes that'll all happen within the next two weeks as well the night before the Super Bowl. Is when they have all that. Ceremony and no stuff and now Ron Rivera suffer reward that night till we talked about that her briefly. But your Super Bowl will be the patriots and the Eagles. And. And so that's that. So that's that mica. I must Don finalists were announced his last day on the air will be march 29. I haven't listened to Don Imus in. Long long long time. I used to have somewhat of a habit of getting up and watching him on it was an MSNBC and any went to the Fox Business Network and battery no fees on TV anymore. But. Is much respect as I have for Imus. And and the radio that he did younger earlier in his life. I thought he was there actually are kind of at a peak about twenty years ago. But not a guy who stayed around just about four or five yours too long. And. I just want you know you're not going to have to worry about that with me. Well it's time appears to be almost over at least at this bow out of it the three day government shut down no will load in under today a us senate the senate passed a short term spending bill. Other Linda government shut down as soon as the house follow suit and I don't believe that's happened yet. Was watching this Michael Dodi. Funeral service and serve. The. So this should end the three day shut down this came after the senate majority leader Mitch McConnell floated area compromises have been worked on no by the moderates all weekend long. And so they passed that bill to reopen the government through February the eighth and McConnell promises to take up legislation to. Address immigration at some other hot button issues. But Danica would be one of the things that they would address border security. Issues that are related debt to a disaster released defense funding. Health care. She bunch of stuff. So. Democrats were holding out for a reassurances on the sun deck of vote dead deferred action for. Childhood arrivals program and. So anyway that's that apparently you say is what happened the senate voted 81 to eighteen to break a democratic filibuster on a government spending bill that clears the way for congress to. Approve these stopgap measure. And in the three day government shut down. The Democrats effectively backed off of their opposition. Chuck Schumer announced on the floor ahead of the procedural vote that they have reached an agreement he said that it comes with a commitment to negotiate on immigration and immediately consider such legislation if there's no agreement by February the eighth. And the White House and the Capitol Hill Republicans. Who would cranked up the pressure earlier today on Democrats to abandon their immediate demands for care for immigration measures. And don't vote in support of a temporary spending bill and so while that assists in essence so what has so taken place so well lone wolf we'll keep our eye on that. But it would appear that the Arab government shut down was they are short lives to deal and and probably didn't affect. I don't know maybe maybe somebody got hassled down narrowed the passport office can't think of anyplace else that what about immediate. There may have been a few people had the day off today that had anticipated having today off government. Now workers furloughed and and so on and so forth so while the full impact of the government shut down was to hit today but. And it appears that. From an actual weekdays standpoint it'll be a one and done none today and then if you count the weekend itself Saturday Sunday its three day deal. But also over the weekend. And I'm not being sarcastic here. But also over the weekend. They have the big women's marches we talk for their expand bird of show business journal about this on Monday excuse me Friday. And down. And then these women marches drew brig big crowds all across the country. A lot of celebrities and and as sort and so forth are calling for women's rights and equality. On the one hander anniversary of our president trumps inauguration and the demonstrations were also held did yesterday. Including some other countries marking one year from the original women's march protests on the day after trump became president. Now the definition of what I just gave fuel which I pulled from a national story. Is a lot clearer as to why the women were actually marching men anything I got out of the Charlotte Observer or anything that I got out of the press here. Ali has a say I'm not trying to be a Smart Alec but to some extent I was Connick I knew when I got done reading all the accounts of what took place in Charlotte. I kind of wondered what the message ones the message has to be simple. And clear. And you have to edit articulated. And and then I don't know that I ever just read simply. That this was eight with women's marches that war calling for women's rights and equality I think you could probably. Surmised that for most of the speeches and there were quoted in inventories of orbit to some extent. I got done reading all of the press about I but I confide yesterday and thought to myself. So what wasn't it your all were actually down there for. Via weekends of Billups culminated with a rally in Las Vegas so launched an effort to register one million voters in target swing states ahead of the mid term elections this fall. And an and as we talk for the Eric we said no wonder what the meat to movement will have to do with. Don't the marches and it held a prominent place in the marches. This has been the big story over the past few months about. Sexual harassment and abuse and misconduct and no Hollywood and elsewhere. And the media and other industries. I trump posted a tweet Saturday likely intended to patrol the women's march saying that they should do celebrate his administration riding. Get out there are now and celebrate the historic milestones and unprecedented economic success and wealth creation that has taken place over the past twelve months. Lowest female unemployment and eighteen years. Something tells me he didn't start a new movement. But I but I didn't I I didn't read with interest yesterday. Especially in the observer count a crowd estimated more than 5000 people. And they started first ward park and then they march about noon all the way down to our Rome air bearden park. And they do this in our cooperation with others on New York Washington Raleigh actually were all over the place. Foreign countries as well. Carolyn loader says speaker for the black women's congress caucus. Are called on women to support each other in the workplace and resist harassment all kinds. Mile Lyles. Was treated as saying we are the ones that we've been waiting for the time is now thought that was a great quote. But I don't know that I ever got an account. From the observer. Or from the speakers. That just broke it down as to what you were actually marching for. Women's rights and equality. I know that sounds picky donation but you've got to make your point. You've got to simplify it so that people understand exactly what it is that you're wanting. I'm watching this procession for our detective Michael Doherty on that that would be TV. I think it originally thought that graveside services would take place took forest lawn Enron killer about 3 o'clock. It is now 338. And the procession is still arriving. In no rock kill. As they went down 77 to see all the people standing on the bridges and fire departments with a huge flags flying from the ladder trucks. Obama that turn out and took calvary church which holds about 5000 people was huge. We've been through this before. We've seen. The outpouring of citizens and law officers when the when when officers have fallen. And now it's always moving. And this is. I'm moving as well. But just to watch this procession. And the length of it wanted boomer say fifteen miles. On is unbelievable people pulled over on the side of our 77. Not decide that they're driving on the side they're not driving on. Our cars stopped. On the freeway. People standing at the barrier looking over into the lanes going the other direction to pay the respects to. The phone detective Michael Doherty. That this that this is sorrow. This is people at their best. This is Saddam. Well yeah they don't so that's nonsense. But it. Eight iron I had done I I'm compelled. Wanna say something about the big guards and the people of this area and and I'm certainly don't believe that to be true. But I I I think this is this is like when you ask for help put kids first around Christmas time. There's good people everywhere there's organizations all over the country that don't benefit from the open hearts and for people to help. Some kids have Christmas or whatever. I'm more a ton of markets I've been here for a good long while but I have to work a ton of markets in my lifetime and I've always found that. If I had a cause. That was we will worthy. And I ask for help I got it and that can be Colorado electric be Texas or I could be a Pennsylvania or Florida or wherever they have happened. I and it certainly is as happened for me in the potential here. But there are good people throughout country and it's just a shame that we can't somehow or another. Pull up the resources of good caring honest hard working. Country loving Americans and somehow or another take that spirit. And move it into the space of compromise. And doing what's best for the country not necessarily what's best for anyone's political career or what's best for. Anyone's political party. And find a way to move forward and be productive and not be the great country that do we all that and always have aspired to be. And up to preempt the long stretch from a bunch of people lined up on a freeway an officer on there too long on talk honor all fallen officer I understand that but to. It's eight it's just when you see. The open hearts of people in this country. Arm and you see how people react. With love and compassion. There's got to be solutions to arm. Did the things that we disagree on. Where it went if you lose a few a couple of you know what's moved forward. And he had that said the government shut down shouldn't this afternoon officially wants the house votes and and mineral lump. We'll get on with the with the discussions of a deck on all the other things that are out there. And in the meantime if you I don't think that their government. And politics isn't a dirty business just read a couple of the things that are percolating underneath the headlines. There are some new texts out. From the FBI agent that was a kicked off of Mueller's team. But we also now know that the FBI's missing about five months worth of texts. Oops. Armed shirt just an honest mistake. The fact that they kind of got lost about the day that Mueller took over the investigation now probably just a coincidence. Justice Department turned over to our progress some additional texts. Involving an FBI agent who was removed from Mueller team or because of his derogatory comments about president trump. And then the Department of Justice also said that it is its record of messages sent to and from the agent Peter stroke. Was incomplete because the FBI for. Technical reasons. To not adjust your sets. Had been unable to retrieve about five months were the communications. Tax that would highlighted in a letter to the FBI director Chris for wave by senator Ron Johnson the chairman of the senate homeland security and Governmental Affairs Committee. And these would've been tax from the spring and summer of 2016. And would have involved the investigation and Hillary Clinton's email server. And so the Department of Justice last produced hundreds of tax that stroke and a traded with the FBI lawyer Lisa page. Before joining the mile or investigation and then Friday provided Johnson's panel with 384 more pages of messages. And these were the two that were working in the mile around. There were having the affair with each other. And we're sending a part. Trumps. An idiot and an independent. It basically. Running their own little. Play by play beta launch the two of them about what was going on now in the world. So the FBI said that it system for a retaining texts. Failed to preserve communications between December 14 2016 in May seventeenth 4710. In May seventeenth just happened to be the date that Mueller was appointed special counsel. Just coincidence. Can't be any thing. Wrong going on here. One message references they are change in language you want the former FBI director James colonies statement closing out Clinton's email case. And now while draft said Clinton and President Obama had an email exchange while Clinton was. On the territory of a hostile adversary. The that the reference to Obama. Was changed to senior government official I assume most of you remember a good deal of the story and now. And then you have another of these 200 texting back and forth they gripe about the then AG attorney general Loretta Lynch's decision to defer to the FBI on not. On the Clinton probe of and down. And then you have Deb Bill Clinton who had the impromptu meeting. And then strokes said the timing of Lynch's announcement looks like hell and page mocking the refers to Lynch's decision as a real profile in courage and she knows. No charges will be brought and it's gorgeous goes on and on and on and on. But the story on the story is that the FBI failed to preserve five months worth of text. Which was disclosure that made was made Friday and sent to the Justice Department head to the senior homeland security and Governmental Affairs Committee. Stephen Boyd is the assistant attorney general for legislative affairs at the Justice Department and he wrote to Ron Johnson the senator from Wisconsin. Said that the tax are missing for that period that I set up December 4016 to may 172017. Attributed the failure to a miss configuration. Issue related to roll outs provisioning and software upgrades the conflict with the FBI is collection capabilities. And the result of that data that should've been automatically collected and retained for the long term storage and retrieval was not collected. And down and and and so that that's where you you have so there's a one story. New tax out from the FBI. And then five months of missing tax. And then there's a story about Republicans wanting to release a jaw dropping memo on surveillance. Issues. And we'll talk about that just to have a second. Golf provide time to time best sporting events on the horizon and you can't wait for a commuter. I mean if you're if you're an eagle Sandra hero patriots and the Super Bowl would be it all back two weeks I can't wait. Number when the Panthers were inseparable couple years going couldn't wait. Feel the same way about this a story I was reading about today were house Republicans want this four page memo. Allegedly containing jaw dropping revelations about US government surveillance abuses to be made public. And it'll probably be at least three or four weeks before you see had David Joyce is they are Republican for Ohio representative. And he told the intelligence committee. Or said that the intelligence committee plans to work on releasing a document. Andy warned that once we see yet. Will be surprised how bad this surveillance abuse it is. And the process of releasing this memo. I'm could take like three weeks. Nineteen congressional. Working days as what does they had said a neo stories so that would put us. Working days will dead that would that would. That would put us in March. The man I wanna see it. Especially if it's is damaging us what they say it might be and they may be it's that's just a whole bunch of hyperbole I don't know there there shouldn't. Although that's so rare government. The F document release window first need approval from the House Intelligence Committee the chairman there is David news. Who cannot decide to bring the committee back together for a vote amended the majority of the committee votes to release the memo then it would be up to president trump. And then if he said yes in the memo would be released so it's got some steps to go through joyous. Said that he this is the Republican representative from Ohio says he's personally read the memo twice and quote. It was deeply disturbing as anyone who's been in law enforcement and any American wolf find once they have the opportunity to review it close quote. So mom. Conservative want memo made public. They've suggested it contains some pretty damning evidence. That the Obama administration. Using the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act which got a new legs last week spies have. Well warrants to spy on the trump campaign as well as his transition team ahead of the presidential swearing him. The Warren as you held I assume no it allows US spy agencies collect information on foreigners outside of the country and was authorized by congress earlier this month. It is then controversial because in the process of doing that. They a lot of times collect information on American citizens but they're not supposed to use it. Obama officials obviously I denied the claims Democrats claim that this is just an attempt by conservatives to discredited the year Russian investigation. Joyce hinted that the memo is so scandalous that quote termination would be the least of these people's worries and suggested that some of of the people involved. Might even be prosecuted. That's what we wanted that. News is the guy who spearheaded the whole report over the weekend he met would do I'd Judiciary Committee chairman Bob good logic. They're Republican at a Virginia and the house oversight committee chairman trade Audi from most of you know from South Carolina. To discuss the possibility of releasing some of the information from the classified document to Florida represented him Matt goats that said that. That did he was call he called the memo jaw dropping. And 88 and he's demanding full transparency. And our own North Carolina represented a mark meadows described the memo as shocking. And trouble. And we wanna see it. And I don't wanna have to wait until march. Of oh wanna see it now. Mom not to again I guess I am glad to some extent after going through a year of day after day after day after day. Of trump this trump that trump this trump that trump did this trump did that sort and so forth. And then every now and then you get a little story that basically says something about the Clinton Campaign or says something that might not necessarily be a Kosher in regards to. Collection of information or whatever. Are we decided all or the Russian investigation in the dossier and who paid for it and who started it now we know. The Clinton administration are the Clinton Campaign did not. Start. The dossier. But apparently they finished it. It's all of that stuff is just I caught up in a league go jumble mambo and swords over but if you get really come up with something. On the very ever so always clean Obama administration. I'll bet I would just look to see hundreds were seen. The world turned inside out upside down. And by the same guy that was talking about the goodness of people on the compromise and not taking the two parties and doing what's right for the country and not necessarily what's right for them. Or was that the guy that was doing freed a 345. There's a. Boomer Castro always thought to have overcast. How the world loosen you bright and sunny although our Wii console to have showers in numbers thunderstorms tonight late tonight and early tomorrow morning's amended that's what were. On set NATO staged or no big deal temperatures are gonna stay up above freezing so that'll be nice considering what we're fed last couple weeks. And and so we should see some rain tonight normalcy some rain no I ended tomorrow morning and I know we should get back to a mostly clear skies and mid fifties through Wednesday and no Thursday he and upper fifties Friday and I have all that holds a true upper fifties for your weekend as well under. Some pretty good their conditions so do you little bit of rain take them. Front page above the fold Charlotte Observer article today Amazon's snow believes city wondering. Why not us. decision to leave Charlotte offered shortlist for AS second headquarters has left many wondering why it. The city didn't make the cut when some similar sized places did. Even. They are radio announcer who gets turned down for a job that you really wanted. Understand sometimes say it's just you were what they were looking for doesn't reflect on your talent doesn't reflect on your. It just means that they kind of had a vision as to what they were looking for and you word yet. Nothing personal. I'm sure he'll get the next job. We'll keep your stuff in our files and notify you should there be any changes. We wish you the best in all your future endeavors. That's essentially what Amazon said to Charlotte. As Charlotte we wish you the best of all your future endeavors. That's the polite way the corporate polite way to do a flip you off that's when bad news. What really burns from Charlotte leaders says the newspaper today was seeing pairs cities of similar size. Picked over Charlotte Raleigh Nashville Austin Columbus. Indianapolis. Charlotte's biggest rival in the southeast Atlanta bell made the short list. Davidson economics professor Fred Smith said that he was most surprised by Amazon's inclusion of Indianapolis city rough this roughly the same size of Charlotte. Without mass transit. On and the flagship our research university did everybody seems to cover which is one of the reasons that we are assumed that we didn't get the bid. The observer pointed to our Charlotte's lack of nationally known research universities like good duke and UNC and stay an NC state that which is probably one of the reasons the Raleigh it's on the final twenty. You also have the Research Triangle Park. Nationally known tech center. That likely outweighed stuff like our rail transit. As Donna Reed pointed out over the weekend and us in my texts and tweets that I saw go by. Some of those cities don't have domed stadiums. There's got into the final twenty. And we have transit. We have the airport. But they point out that to Raleigh can probably address and make other way airport peril work for. If they're chosen relatively soon. Amazon's request for proposals that asked for a S city with a deep pool of tech workers mass transit proximity to good schools. A major airport in the capacity you'll absorb about eight million square feet of new office space there was some. Jeff edge former Charlotte and I chamber of economic development officials that we may have made our mistake. Gag. Offering 21 different sites as opposed to just two or three. But then you get into the secrecy part of this and we talked about this recently on a little bit on Friday. And this to me is where and I'm sure there's all sorts of factors in play here but that's to me is where you get into so typical Charlotte maybe that's why you didn't get it. Tiny town maybe maybe that's why. This this secrecy thing that this city always seems to have. All don't you warrior look pretty little heads about it you let you let the big boys take care of this kind of. The local economic development officials are keeping quiet about why the city was eliminated. Our Bob Morgan CEO for the Janet Charlotte chamber didn't respond to a request for an interview cut a typical is that. Other cities that thought they had a good shot at starting. That they're doing the same thing we're doing their dark dissect what went wrong. I Detroit officials said that Amazon told them that the lack of deep enough talent pool and our poor regional transportation infrastructure hurt their bid. Cincinnati said that they believe the region's trance that was one reason that they didn't make the cut. Saint Louis officials said they stagnant workforce likely hurt their city. But Charlotte we don't have clos that's why got a front page articles they want to hide out us. I and chase used to work and our news department spokeswoman for the Charlotte regional partnership which assembled then submitted the region's bid. Said that the CEO Ronnie Bryant had a short conversation with Amazon on Thursday. So what they say oh I don't know Ronnie Bryant didn't what was unavailable for comment. Why don't have to be. What do they just said you suck. They didn't. But having been now does not extensive. It's explanatory. Anyway Bryant was not available for an interview Friday apparently was involved Morgan. Chase said that the Charlotte regional partnership prison discussions about what parts of the region's proposal to release to the public. Partnership visit subject to public record laws that would compel the city or the county to reveal that information. One intangible they say that may have hurt Charlotte is that. We're not as hip as places as Nashville and Austin. Bulger. And down. Leery with crescent. Said look Charlotte needs to work on its cool factor. Why do you do that. If Charlie Crutchfield had been able to make Charlotte country music capital of the world stood the national. Close. Prior hoppers and all that stuff we talked about that history Arthur Smith and but it didn't work out that way. And for a long long time national laws are considered yep they were just considered to be country music capital now country music's hot. Real hot and then Austin. Austin is just always been hit because Austin is just hit up. Texas university. Willie. Barton springs. First place I ever saw a topless woman. Well I mean Tori. An area to repeal don't even understand that. Lake Travis. Willy is fourth of July picnic I don't think they'll hold them there anymore but and that's. Music. State Capitol. College town. Texas. Brisket barbecue. Go all the elements. You can't. Fabricate. Cool. And it certainly can't be fabricated. By a bunch of people wearing ties. And demanding that the city turn on its tip us. And it probably doesn't really play very well. To have this cloak of secrecy. Where you have the guys in the ties. Not really feeling like the people in the blue jeans would understand the intricacies of their brilliance okay. Amazon releases the list were not audit. Everybody wants to know why. People that might be able to add to that dialogue. They're not talks. So typically Charlotte Jim is up on WBT 704571110. Hey Jim. Stay out job I'm you know everything you mentioned that might be very well live on spot the other thing I was thinking about. Is may be art history social unrest maybe they're look they're our Reza mangoes. You know we're susceptible to may be the riots we had a you're at the go and maybe that was their thought you'd think you brought. Now I don't know per day you never know what to know what creeps into somebody's mind first impressions. Indeed you know about that hasn't come up as they. As they is a possibility in anything that I've read it but who's to say it's not and I doubt that the decision was made by one person but on the other hand. If that's what sticks in your mind if you remember that arrows that city in Missouri that had problems and there was that city in no way I was Charlotte had problems have been you know who knows. It. It could be anything it could they could be there were located 55 miles farther inland than what they're looking for a can be a million things. Third period now that's a good point dog appreciate call. Our top goes Jim mom and yet we don't know. And the people who love submitted the bid. Who are somewhat supported on taxpayer money just oh by the way. I'm. But the people who submitted to bids so far haven't stood chosen to share. And no sand and not get net. Nor 200 and some months cities it got rejected. I'm just because the head cheerleader won't go out what it doesn't mean that you should enjoy life. So loud so I don't always you you learn what you did wrong and providing did you have begged. The mavs do actually. Assess what went wrong. Or maybe share. You know maybe the proposal was hokey. Or like the one guy said may be may be byte hard trying to highlight twice you want to areas as a possible area that you could do to me you should've. X situated. Two or three instead of they need to rap song god came office I don't at all. I think they've had been been a lot of people that are very good chided the rap song I didn't think the rap songs about we actually didn't lead. Go through the words. One day. It actually it was fairly well put together. But you know maybe it may be hokey stuff like that though wasn't what they're reluctant or there's a serious. That's it this is a serious project maybe they were looking for. You can't ever caved hip. You can't be the rapt capital of the world by fabricating a rap. You can't be Austin, Texas unless you are Austin, Texas unless you got that. Luken back. Right down the road. You can't you know on that you that you can't you can you can't be a city that Dell wants to keep things weird and why should the city that's always wanted to be weird that there that's Austin. I can't be Nashville. Nashville's Nashville. Nashville has come along it dated dated the perfect time for a long time Nashville with just were all the rednecks hung out. Country. Now country music is. Is hot and has been caught 1520 years and while it has been in the cities grown up around. So I don't know Charlotte to baking town Charlotte to a buttoned down. Chris White shirt don't forget you're tied baking down yes it's as casual as the rest of the country but it still buttoned down banking town. So I don't know who was that wrote last week that maybe we ought to be what we're Bieber and maybe we should be going after a financial tech. Companies as opposed to places like Amazon and apple and and solar and so forth. We're banking town. None hit about that. But how many other people would like to have via banking prowess that we've had. Where if you look called down. I don't know I think I did I guess to some extent. It needs to be good predicted. When you finally find out that you're not among the twenty. But I guess you get over it. And somebody else out. You know going to the dance with you get a. When the lottery. Get a red Corvette. Try again. In fact next time central red Corvette instead of a wooden box. With your proposal. Maybe that'll work better. Or send a banker. All of the financial reasons they ought to pick Charlotte, North Carolina. Armed they have finally. This thing of apple. Tops fortune's list of the most admired companies eleven years in a row now. World's most admired companies apple finished just ahead of Amazon the air runnerup for the second consecutive year routing out the top five. Alphabet which is Google's parent. Warren Buffett's holding company Berkshire Hathaway. And then drained out fifth place coffee chain Starbucks. Losing your world's most admired companies. So yeah mentally that the one of the cutest girls in the class and turned us down last week. Birds. Get over. Apple topped the list in every category including innovation. Quality of management social responsibility use of corporate assets financial soundness quality of products and services. And global competitiveness. All right take them 22 days into the gear 343. Days ago it is the 22. Day you. The January. 1968. Remember this like it was yesterday but it wasn't. The TV sketch comedy Rowan and Martin's laugh in debuted on NBC. We've never seen anything like if I'm not a short while we're watching it took back in those days you only had three channels and an individual so yeah. But that's what when I went back to school I would have been a sophomore freshmen so while ago. When you went to school the next day everybody was talking about Roland Martin's laugh in goalie haunted room Fuzzy and and it I mean it just moved it did then bam bam bam bam. It was unbelievable. And it was funny. 1973. January the second territory second Supreme Court of the United States delivered its decision in no Roe vs. Wade struck down state laws restricting abortion during the first six months of pregnancy. 1984. On this date January the 22. First of all Super Bowl eighteen was played on the state. That was the date that the apple Macintosh the first consumer computer to popularize the computer mouse and it's a geographical user interface introduced. During a Super Bowl commercial. 1984. And I see area has a birthday today howled. Fifty very good at the Big Five oh for for a guy. Undersea volcanoes have been found off the coast of Australia I read the news today oh boy a TV crew was arrested at the airport in Newark for trying to pass off a fake bomb through security and then capturing the chaos that would insure assume. And the Super Bowls also. While the commercials began and you well you'll start to see some of the commercials that continue to spend that much on a commercial there's no reason to really basically is senator wants. So you will you'll see a few Obama start to hit the screen in the next few weeks even before the Super Bowl statue of liberty. Was open despite the government shut down and apparently the government shutdown has been resolved and so Willis who were all that goes Postal Service was open and delivering as well. Super Bowl Sunday two weeks from yesterday is guacamole Sunday. Guacamole time estimated o.s that cantina 1511 over the weekend guacamole thank you very much. I estimated that forty million pounds of all the Colorado will be eating eaten during the Super Bowl parties this year that's enough to cover the field at US bank stadium in Minneapolis. In five feet of guacamole. Which would make the game pretty inched into. You think you have. It Tom Brady could play as well and five feet of guacamole. You think that you could stand the telecast what they're feet coming. In and out of that it would it would be below article in one minute that the word a look at more importantly the that is the word. Philadelphia last night Greece Sara white holes. You're trying to stop fans from climbing apparently I work with some success but not complete success. Workers in Philadelphia greased the light poles to prevent the offense from climbing up them after the championship game which Philadelphia normally one bit. Won handily. Many workers who applied degrees called themselves the Crisco cops. And United Airlines is fascinating to me is saved a 170000. Gallons of fuel. By lightening their plane loads. By using a lighter weight paper in there inflight magazines. And changing the way to the paper they say will end up saving a 170000. Gallons of fuel each year. Now imagine how much fuel they could save. If we all dropped fifteen pounds. I'm just say. IPhone ten purchase leads to police battering ram and hubcap. Handcuffs and gave you heard the story Rick Garcia. Wife Shannon. San Francisco police they hear somebody yell SF PD and warrant. Weren't quite sure what was going on people beaten on the front door. Within seconds Garcia was dragged into the heart well our our hallway of his apartment complex handcuffed twister way to a police station. He had just gotten out of the shower. Was ordered to sit on the couch. Actually she's the wife had just gotten out of the shower was ordered to sit on the couch. And then after rifling through the apartment canoes. That's the she Shannon. Says the officers finally told her what they were looking for there were looking for her husband's iPhone ten according to the war it was stolen. Once the officers realized it was a mistake to call the police station the squad car brought to Garcia home still unclear on but it turns out to Garcia and no Shannon committed bought. This iPhone and Apple Store in stones down Del Rio. Just a few weeks after 300 iPhone tens were stolen from a UPS truck. In the mall parking lot. But it really if you're using a stolen phone they go through that that much trouble. And has achieved big kid she's sewers are gonna damages for having a shower disturbed. And or something. Mr. Jackson was due to Scottsdale over the over the weekend you know this person. Most cars. They do these our restoration modified that I don't like. Because they take like a 55 shabby a Mayo trickle out now they look great but there's just something about. Take what you got and restore it. To what it's supposed to better. But got they got some great cars on merit and assess Steven Siler tunnel that towers foundation that reject our that our Rick Kendrick. And the money he bit on that 2019 Corvette ZR one. This is they are organization that still works to support wounded veterans and first responders by providing mortgage free Smart homes and work and do a pay off existing mortgages. More mortgages under the Foundation's building for America's bravest programs so. I'm not only does so erect get himself for a electric car for is a museum. But he also benefits are great cause. Not not the first on the mr. Hendrick has so benefitted a great cause pretty good dude. Problem. So what stud strongest you've ever been. I'm gonna say yeah and because this is a deal lies sort of make to mean to make light of a deal alive but this is strong. If only every drive through the world search fest should man Spring Hill Florida charged with driving under the influence after he tried to ordered Taco Bell from a drive through window at a bank. It. May I help you. I know I want to do you tacos. Sir World Bank. Summary bright and. Employs that this Spring Hill Bank of America say 28 year old Douglas Francisco. Fell unconscious. After entering the a drive through my lane on no Wednesday afternoon bank manager city knocked on the window of the guys that blue Hyundai sedan enough for sometime before the matter woke. And it was actually at that point that he placed an order for burrito. OK. Police were called in NATO and the rest is history. As strong. There's they. This should go over well all of you have figured out what you're doing enough for your Valentine yeah. Bronx Zoo is having a visitor's name roaches for their Valentine's. Bronx zoo and a New York encouraging visitors to name a Madagascar are hissing cockroach after their Valentine neo zoo has been offering these Roche related promotions for Valentine's Day for the past few years. Our recently announced this years name a roach campaign. Two I think I've done that two and to name one of the 515 bucks for. Which includes a digital certificate officially declaring one of the bugs via a name that you choose. This year you can also get a more expensive package and includes printed certificates. Are Roche Penn. Chocolate roaches. And Roche printed Sox. Not that doesn't saying hey sugar lump I love you. I don't know what would. I can tell you the story about the road we name wants but. Won't. It's 505. Petty. Good to have. Really happier enamored to read the news. As we headed into the weekend about Tom Petty who died in October from an accidental drug overdose. And as it turns out as a result of mixing medications and included a appearance. So another round another victim of the org Fiore death of epidemic that is so hitting the country though no one is immune. Coroner has said that at petty system showed traces of scent and all and toxic I don't know no whole bunch of other stuff I can't pronounce. He died. Barely a week after he concluded via a tour. The fortieth anniversary tour 66 was out on the cusp of 67 years old appear. Lee had they hip injury that by the time I got done with the tour was a full fledged break and knee problems and and none and other problems as well. I don't think that clouds anything I feel about it Tom Petty and his music driven along those lines but on the other hand it's just pointing. I don't a lot of veteran that a heart attack what have been. Just you know. What I don't know. That I I get tired of again turn to drug overdoses ago. Too many good people would go down if you're having trouble or drugs. Amanda got some help is open you're doing is. That's almost like cancer that's getting to the board were that's touching just about everybody's life in some way shape form or another. Our friends and their kids are. Whatever the girlfriend right now that's going through that that in Florida. Just pressure heart. We were out talking about Smart speakers last week a man everybody's kind of wondered when Apple's gonna come out with theirs is going to be called home applied to. And forest some of us who are married to Al Poland. Apple phones apple computers apple trying to integrate our lives through apple. We already have four. Echoes Amazon echoes. Three and had it a dot. So I'm not so sure I haven't already committed to my. To my technology. Animals surprised that two of the innovative people of apple are so far behind but these Smart speaker around. From apple seems to be on the horizon now apple home flawed. Sort of below be called it was originally supposed to go on sale last year and was delayed. But the latest rumors say the release date just around the corner the whole blog of course a direct rival of the Amazon echo in the Google home Smart speakers. And I will be controlled by voice commands just like them I don't know what you call the home pudge yet. It's it's thought that the home had will be our released sometime in the either this month. And I think if they say this month or in March I would assume that they are meeting February or in March. But then apple has again an official launch date yet there we just know it's going to be called the home applied and and we just know that they seem to be. Awfully late in the day helps. Patriots Eagles Super Bowl. Steven Wilks is the new. Head coach of the Arizona Cardinals. And Eric Washington will be the New York Carolina panther defensive coordinator. Some of the things that are going on in no sports Greg Olsen no one of the three finalists for the NFL man of the year it was last year as well openness is this is so a year. More both know Missouri. I'm assuming that's board vote not urban. Parents of Borg on middle school in the jury outraged. Sixth graders. I think soon decides this is good. They asked six graders in a survey. Done by the department of mental health. Every other year they do this to learn about teen behavior in detail prevention programs. These parents are not happy. A survey question. As parents Samantha. Over Kramer said the most inappropriate one questioning. Was if they were transgender or thought about changing genders sixth graders. And I know six trader today is probably. More mature has been exposed to more things than. And I suppose if you just went through HB two in the state of North Carolina than you probably have a pretty good dough working knowledge of. But disparate and more Mon Missouri said my daughter I mean come on she just didn't even understand that question. Schools and all the letter on a week ago last Friday saying that students didn't have to answer any questions on survey that made them feel uncomfortable all the parents say. Students were told they did have to answer all the questions or they would be in trouble. The letter also said quote school districts are not provided. With the survey questions prior to giving the survey to the students. And they probably do that because if they're asking questionable questions. Then that would just cause too much friction and caused them. Extra headaches but the department of mental health said that districts don't have to take the survey and can actually opt out of sections if they wish. Districts probably would have to know what questions are though would donate to do that. If they're not given the questions and how to they know they want often dropped out. So it's kind of up. Peretz Joyce. Says one. Chain burns. He said he thought it was an incredibly inappropriate he was actually worried about some of the kids had no idea what the stuff was now they know. Kind of apparent choice to introduce that kind of subject matter. Because of the apparent compliance questions on a sexual orientation have been removed from any future surveys India district. Well it is kind of the parents' choice but then again. How did you learn about some of the stuff you learned about wasn't because you're dead set down and had done talk. Or was it by the time you're dead set down and had the talk. You were think it yourself from her bedroom on brush act are together. I don't know about this. Or come to think I know about this you may not necessarily know about it but you are aware. Anyways sixth graders. I'm just not quite sure that. I mean who sits in a room and decides that that question is are appropriate for a sixth graders. Even if every six greater in the land is well aware of what transgender are being said. Sixth graders. Maybe that's my total misunderstanding of when I was in well see you as a fifth or sixth grade. Wind activity was assassinated back bring up a little bit when you're 56 straight now zoo visitors experience. I heard a roar my bill did was close in spirit. Pretty sure it was on Stella Stevens and Playboy magazine it's about where my head it was a bad time. Transgender we wouldn't have known what transgender or we know it's still Stephens was though it should. FaceBook a lot of pressure this last year about just fake news. Exposure to the Russians. FaceBook has just been under the microscope anyway because. I think the whole social media thing is completely outgrown anything that they originally thought. Well they were going to be. So in an order to. To get a handle on news outlets and then news. And a change in our whole. Structure on that they are now asking. You know. To rank news that outlets by trustworthiness. Asking you to the people who use FaceBook which news publications you trust. Mark Zuckerberg the CEO we announced on Friday the social media network is using surveys to rate news organizations and assign them trust stores. And it will use those scores along with other factors. Not defined. To decide how much to show. A source. In people's news feeds. So they're asking you. Armed. Now. I don't know how this will lead to more accurate news I think it'll all lead to a vote. Perpetrators of biased news they even have a larger footprint. I'm not saying I don't really have a whole lot of confidence and a people's opinion but I don't have a whole lot of confidence in the people's opinion. They just know where they go I don't necessarily know whether it's. Good battery in different. We don't seem to be able to understand bias in this country we all seem to flock to were news sources. That tell us what we want a here as opposed to defy and what actually is going on. The company decided to use community input to rank news sources in an attempt to be as objective as possible said Zuckerberg. These surveys the last gay quote unquote diverse and representative. Sample of FaceBook users if they've heard of news outlet and how much they trust it. News outlets that score well can expect to see their stories be more widely distributed on FaceBook while those so with lower scores. Might see less activity. Irish guy I immediately wonder how do you think CNN will do you think fox all do each one biased to their own. Choosing. I think Rolling Stone would have done. Rolling Stone has proven over the last two years to be deplorable when it comes to actual reporting fact. How will that do I don't popularity contest and that's what this seems like to me. FaceBook deciding they're going popularity contest or just a second. Things are rumors that the hard question that we struggled with is how they decide what news sources are broadly trusted in any world. With so much division. Any added we couldn't try to make that decision ourselves. Arson misery we could try to make that decision ourselves. But that's not something that we were comfortable with it. We considered asking outsize experts which would do take that decision out of the hands. Out of our hands but we decided that likely wouldn't solve the objectivity. Problem. So the sources won't be made public. And will be one of many factors that the company will consider when weighing news feed placement. And the new scoring system is only rolling out in the United States two start off with. As the company says they do plan to eventually expanded globally but but not at this point. They say that FaceBook says it's also increasingly. It screeching its focus on no local news. Into what he eighteen and adding a section specifically to read about events and stories nearby. So I don't know if that all. It fell favour local newspapers or television stations I'm not sure how that'll work radio stations. The it changes come a week after FaceBook announced that it will love show users posts from friends and family no fewer from brands and companies to increased. Meaningful interactions on the site. To pretty complex a problem but this idea that you can know somehow or another asked the people to decide to. The trust worthiness of news sources. To meet three of the worst are the Washington Post the New York Times and CNN now that tidbit though that's obviously in my own bias. But the Washington Post in the New York Times are highly year revered. Basically based on history not necessarily current content. In CME and along with fox. Seem to be the two major networks although the ratings have been great for CNN but CNN was the first so it kind of gets a grandfather clause. So I don't know I mean you know it didn't I am not so sure I have a lot of trust in the people. Breaking that trust worthiness. The news outlets I'm not even sure that we can really in this day and age actually tell which ones are the good ones and which one's the bad ones. I guess that would replies our own bias. Amazon has you and I actually think today. And this may be the wave of the future he river the first time that you're ever found nothing and have you been very like go to the grocery store check yourself out you wondered. How will that work. Well what would keep you from just being able you know lift stuff. That works out pretty well. In fact now that you know how to do it know about you but depending on every items you have its preferred. Is opening a check out free store today. Convenience grocery store in Seattle. This has been like a year and a half a neo waiting in testing. The stores called Amazon and go it uses cameras and sensors to track what items shoppers removed from shelves. And what they put back. Customers can as scanned their I Amazon and go to Smartphone app as they walk into the store pick out what they want. And just walk out. In other words you gotta keep your television go in total he said a pedal. Then they're billed after they leave the store on the credit card that is on file and you are set to receipt. There will be employees in the a store. You don't because a stock shelves and and and put together a prepared meals and know be on hand to help shoppers soon know sort of so forth. Amazon's first opened video store and they are test phase for its employees in December. Of oratory sixteenth. And they had a plan to open it to the public in early 20s17. But there were challenges with the technology of the delayed the public opening until now. But they opened it today. They haven't said if for a win they plan more Amazon go locations that'll be totally breached you know reliant on how all of this goes. But keep in mind. They have repeatedly. Said they have no plans to add the technology to whole foods stores which they ball last year. We'll say. Check out free store today you've got to figure to some extent. That's going to be the wave of the future there will be a sensor. And and probably lining the perimeter of your basket. Much put some prop up there in the basket there and all total that if you take it out that it would do. Then it was attractive. What keeps you from putting stuff in your pocket. Cameras now. How old were you when you learned about the two wave heard solos. Two way mirrors and Rexall. Curator cut steel and to restore. Did twice. I stole the stupidest thing ever I don't know how old was a must have been 89. Walked into Rexall drugstore. And no idea about those two a carry those to be a nurse at the unity I'll. And stole of all things a slide rules. It was white plastic it had all the you know the moving parts and all kind of I don't know I have no idea how to use one to this day. Got busted for that just big time walked out of the store with that in no walked down those shop consider. Too I think a grocery store. And about the time that we were doing something in the grocery store some Fineman real Amanda and they are very nice blue suit putters have been my shoulder and should you monitor with me. And the next thing I know. Was sent an office with my dad. Good times. Then the other one or is that just to stupid is it could ever be I was probably fourteen. Small loan limit and a small town. And there was store in downtown Estes Park called Kessler's. And he carried all sorts of stuff for one of the things secured records vinyl records. And I stole three albums from him at a winter coat. No one was the association. Greatest hits. One was Strawberry Alarm Clock. And I don't remember what the third when one's. And got him home. And my mom noticed that I had three albums that. I wasn't supposed to have that. She she couldn't account for. How they came to be in my possession. That's a pair paying attention. And so once again the next thing I knew I was in deep conversation with my dad. And I finally told him what happened. Well of all the things mr. Kessler. Went to our church. And so my dad made me go down to Kessler's the next day with those three albums. And hand them over to mr. Kessler. And tell him I had stolen them. And he and Kepler had come up with some sort of a deal I don't remember exactly what it was but I think I worked for counselors after that for about two weeks. Stocking shelves and sweeping and doing this that the other. For free. But the hardest part as I remember I was having to go up to mr. Kessler who I knew from church you know you go to church and and you go into the oval. You have coffee and doughnuts and all that kind of stuff and it's small town and everybody knows everybody and I knew mr. Kessler and Kepler knew me and our men and that's why I remember to this day because it was guy it was just god awful. Bennett was also all my fault. So. That's what gets that's what happens when a parent pays attention to what's going on with their kids three albums I couldn't account for enough. And I have been indigo. So and blend until now started it but just got me to thinking about two a steel and stone from nine Amazon's new check out free stores. Don't do that. Your mom or bust you. Asked picking up Amazon they have hiked the fee further up crime by nearly 20% Amazon prime is now more expensive for those of you who used the monthly plan. The online retailer increased the price of the monthly pay and plan from ten bucks per month to 1299. Per month. That's a 20% increase in no overall yearly price for those on the monthly plan a jump from about a 132 dollars a year to about a 156 bucks a year. If you pay the one year yeah they're the one yearly fee of 99 dollars. They well you'll not see a price increase there. So it's probably better for you to go with the 99 dollar shot. Existing monthly subscribers will see the increase go into effect on the first renewal payment post.