Governor Pat McCrory Joins Bo on Franken, Manson & More

Bo Thompson
Monday, November 20th

Bo and The Governor discuss a wide range of things: Al Franken and others accused; The death of Charles Manson; Memories of Robert D. Raiford and the destruction of the colesium on Tyvola.


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And good morning it's 905 under is 1110993. WBJ Bo Johnson here. The governor over there. Pat McCrory is with us send you had quite a weekend. Can Barney's Molly got married but last of my nieces and I had the most wreck mean. Saturday night I didn't wreck that was the good news but I was given the duty by my brother fielded drive the bride and groom from the reception to. The Ritz Carlton downtown and outspoken in front of 70000 people been on live TV many times but driving my niece and her new husband. Through Charlotte traffic at 1215 past midnight I was racked. The and I was so pleased to get to the door of the Ritz Carlton and say OK get out everything when grace everything went great should beautiful bride what was most daunting place you ever make a speech. What was an Ericsson football stadium all right it I had a two minute speech to introduce Billy Billy Graham infamous 72000 people. That building by the way still standing. As we start on everybody. You cannot know a little bit earlier I said that when John Stokes started his newscast. And the 7 o'clock hour the Georgia Dome was standing in by the end of it. It was gone and after 25 years 25 years to Georgia Dome has been imploded in Atlanta and I bring this up because. There's a precedent here in Charlotte for a building to be here and even shorter amount of time the well we called the new Charlotte coliseum. It was built in 1988 for the Charlotte hornets NBA franchise. He was imploded in 2007. June of 2007. This is a 23000. Foot summit to Doug Doug capacity seat. The arena that you actually push the button on I push a button on the dilemma we have. It was it didn't fit the criteria of professional sports anymore because it was built without the Swedes it was in nineteen early 1987. These design. There's probably the last Serena nexus beamed down. I was also built kind of just. The older arena style and we're either gonna have to try to retrofit it and put a lot of money of that or started do and then the other issue was when it's out there. Didn't really bring any new economic development now by the way that's a beautiful new developments there and that we got a lot of body for the lay up. Well on that talked about skyboxes at the time and it was cavernous it was 23000 plus seats but. For that first season and a few seasons for the hornets they packed and all right there was we're the best attendance NBA team in the United States. Another big story today and this one. All of this when this one's being react to do all across the country obviously I convicted mass murderer Charles Manson died at a hospital near the prison where he was incarcerated. According to a California department of corrections he was 83. Resolve an evil man by the way he was not convicted of doing a murderer himself of Sharon Tate and her family and her unborn child. It was brutal it was brutal and of course are he wrote helter skelter all over the walls which was of Beatles armed. From the white album actually most people think helter skelter was about the Charles Manson. Killings which she convinced other women and Amanda slaughter. The actress Sharon Tate and other friends and relatives and but helter skelter was actually about it a roller coaster ride in now Liverpool. And also the. End of the career. I'm Dale Earnhardt junior now this was yesterday the homestead race in Miami the into the NASCAR season Martin Truex junior won the race Dale Earnhardt junior. Who raced in it for a final time and now he moves on. He will race in some spots next season but being on the regular tour is over he's gonna become a broadcaster now for NBC sports. But did you and I were talking a modern hard off the air over the weekend and one of the things you mentioned was his relationship. With Rick Hendrick. Yeah it was great watching me into the race and then have him go up and hug Rick Hendrick and fans Rick by the way is one that. Class is people not only sports but. In Charlotte N in the United States. But obsolete Dale Junior said that set on the air that he'd be considered Rick a second father he did and here is that. I'm not sure you know I'm not SharePoint but the but the feeling is. I didn't any real OK I think I'm just like entering hit Rick's name and he's been like follow me and I think he's done for me. Personally am facing the personal stuff yeah he's really really helped me. Morning however and and he's done that for a lot of people in. I. Miss trying to make Jim Brown. No lost custody of do you think it will make him proud disease like admitting that. On this Travis Travis cars and. Trying to make you proud generation. I was talking to Doug rice from the performance racing network last hour he was talking about. Powell Earnhardt junior had to kinda evolve and grow and figure out. What it meant to carry the mantle of the Earnhardt family and really all of NASCAR all the while his father dies on the track in the biggest race of the year. And we've really watched this guy grow up in an hour watching another evolution during his career. Well I actually think one reason Rick. Same here and we're so close was because they both went through tragedy. Right tragedy that none of us could deal with but they've dealt with it such classy way. And they've learned to help other people who have gone through tragedy and I commend Dale Junior for complementing Rick Hendrick. And went through and many tragedies himself and lose in many of his family members in a tragic here are the crash. And I in Virginia and so they went through tragedy and they Housley supported each other. And from an age standpoint Rick could have been his dad and accorsi was close to his father also deals with Dale Senior. And so we'll watch what happens the face of NASCAR has been Dale Earnhardt junior for so long plus Dana Kirkpatrick and Danica Patrick denounce says she is ending her full time run. On the tour so a lot of things happening yesterday and and perhaps it was the beginning of the era of Martin Truex junior's got a great story that is where he almost lost his ride didn't had almost had to lose. Never come back to race and again and I think it's a one car team out of Denver Colorado so that's that's quite an accomplishment. We also lost or Robert and he referred over the weekend actually Friday shortly after you an hour off the air we have some of the stories about. Vibrates to talk about and much more on a Monday it's both jobs and it's the governor Pat McCrory here on WBZ. Rory and Thompson. This is flow and the governor George WEG. 918 on WBZ. The governor is a right across from me. I'm both times in memory here on Thanksgiving week. Short week for a lot of people. Now right after we get off the air on Friday. Within an hour or two got the news. About a Charlotte radio legend Robert. When it was here on BT went by the limits clobbering for both Rafer what won an institution in this. In this city and I know I've got stories you've got stories everybody's got stories and that's how you know the guy was he affected so many cheap. He was the Edward. I don't know Edward. CBS broadcaster in World War II. Who also did broadcasting and also commentary. Especially during world war two and and that's what he got away with he was both a great newscaster kind of like a Walter Cronkite type. But he was also a person with very strong opinions cut a libertarian opinions one minute to be liberal the next gonna be very conservative. And he ended those opinions often hear BT Vinny went at news six or 36 of time yes and has. And then he went to John boy ability and and I I used to watch him on his typewriter he continued use of a typewriter till the very end. Nadia tablet of any type analysis it was it was like watching history. In the present time and he was a very brilliant. Guy well I grew up in Charlotte and I grew up listening to ray for Don was with John Wayne Billy as you point out and you also mentioned that that the famous. Typewriter letters and I know this. Carl when I took over five years ago about I don't know six months to a year end. We don't get a whole lot of of regular snail mail as they call here anymore but when we do day you know they put it over in the corner wait first Milwaukee and and as you know for Hancock premier whoever else is on the air and here and one day there was a mean it was. You can tell and had been typed on an old Tommy typewriter boats Johnson W BT and and had to return address on there than you open it up and there was. It was a a typewritten letter from Robert. How he edits and opinions about a few things that I had dying a constructive criticism I would say. I'm not seen since he would give his yes fact to be as mayor off to beat as this and so I posted something about that on FaceBook on Friday and you know the and it's funny how many other Charlotte broadcasters chimed in with their same similar stories. And that was the similar refrain you know with ray for you would he would tell a deal likening he would not sugarcoat it you know there's no political correctness you find us some criticism and there you find does you know you do try to take away a few positive things and there were some. And anybody when I got and I remember thinking okay. And this is a rite of passage for a broadcaster in Charlotte to get. One of these and and as you say a public official as well you probably way more than I ever got I got I got some bear direct commentary on some. Issues but he he when he hit. He hit you fairly. Yes and when he hit yet he usually had a logical point it was it from emotion. In fact some of it was kind of sarcasm. Show on the hypocrisy. In where politicians stood on issues. And so when he hits you you know first ball and had this intellectual. Ability. To dig down and the issue and he had wisdom to an I believe he fought in World War II he was a military veteran. So that we've lost a great broadcaster and so I think a lot of a lot of friends of the Concord area to him and we're gonna miss some. He passed away at the age of 89 on Friday now I was mentioning to you over the weekend and are texting back and forth at the last time. I met him in 2002 that are eightieth anniversary here. And then the last time I believe I ever saw him was back in 2013 when they dedicated the WD TV WB ET a wilder building historical marker. In uptown Charlotte and you were there. And and our camera was out there Doug Mays was a les was there at the time and he was there and and and Bob ray tube is there I that was the moment I got the typewritten letter but that was a moment I remember getting to spend. A few minutes with amend he. And we talked for a few minutes and had some some nice things to say in that that was really. Consider yourself an old comic curmudgeon don't know yet I think mark Washburn said this weekend the observer or observer a curmudgeon at large content that's okay. You now I actually have some audio here's this is this is Rafe heard in the 1950s. Do and is staying here on W beechy. We believe Taylor trio Billy Flynn piano Charles Durning is on base and Marcus Foster on drums. Lady bird as recombinant story though preserved on the Bruce label. What's gonna have to believe in form tonight's adventures and sound Griffin had done for the last dollar Iverson's midnight eastern standard time. This is Bob braver and transcribing. Tonight and tomorrow night's program. While I'm enjoying the Newport jazz festival Newport, Rhode Island. The back here next Friday live as a stand. Went through a report on thought heaven that new Ford and maybe some on thin person words from some of the money. Contemporary musicians who will be there in person. In the meantime don't forget to Jonas that's. 12 o'clock tomorrow night for another transcribe dollar on the bench isn't sound. Tendon and every night by the way from tenderly until twelve will. Just us playing music. Hong WBD radio. And there was nineteen now but early 1950s and he would work here until 19566. Or get fired. He got fired from every station after a certain point in time because he stated his opinion. And and then this particular case is 66 it was about Nat King Cole on some things that happen and actually earlier on 9 WBT's morning news played the value of him describing that. Actual scene back in in 2002 but. Before we go to break here I was a man of the people and yet he had this classy intellectual capability and use a well read individual to CNN NF an affinity for these call letter and I can tell you that and how to I know that well this is what he said at the end of his visit back in relative. The best memories are good I'm mark this place and migrate 57 years of experience in this business. Some market telling him warm place in my heart heart. Told him lieutenant. This is blow with the governor Bob May Rory and tubs and all UC 1110993. Easy. 9:35 and a Monday morning holiday week and then the Thanksgiving and a few days though Thompson. The governor Pat McCrory is with us and this was just past 730 this was the feed from. News channel five in Atlanta for. There's the blast just into the side here let's listen in here dose. And that's what it sounds like when they imploded. The Georgia Dome they did that 25 years old and you know they're talking in Atlanta well it's only been 25 years and immediately we know we think of fear. You know we did that would the top of all marine other short what we called the Charlotte coliseum which was built to replace what we called independence arena which is the old. Very beautiful old 1950s building and still historical great architectural structure. And independence boulevard and at that point in time there's a big debate we're what they build a new coliseum there's a big fight between the downtown people in the people thought. A new arena should be gone outside and they picked the type bola. Site because it was free land there was owned by the city so they saved a few dollars because a freeway it actually think it was a by the water department which. Probably someone checked that I'm not sure that the sleeper but bells before my time. That the use of water department land to build a new arena and then they built type bola which was a big deal because they'd reverse slaves still people get in and out before and after games I guess are still there is the reverse slaves. As far as I know I mean I drive out there every once in awhile and it's one of those things are ours kind of you gotta go is that is that where it was headed over there I can't even tell our outlook could for those controversial bush is yes. That was supposed to be art that they paid god knows how much money for it was dubbed by the same artist that did the Vietnam memorial so. I remember asking the question what's gonna happen to those expensive bush sent back but the whole issue was always. First of all. You needed downtown greeted me another arena you do do you need arena near restaurants because people come to the ACC tournament. And then everyone would leave not spending money and plus or parking issues. They're great parking lot but it was just hectic get in and out of some people at all leave the game 1020 minutes before the just so that you get out within a half hour hour. Yet that's the repeat order right now the building to get out as quick as they can and that's the thing is you go to and uptown arena you know spectrum senator game now and you don't have that huge parking lot surrounding the building yet. Do you get home faster get home faster because there's so many ways to get in and out I had big debates have my good friend Dowd read about that. It's gonna be impossible to get out of downtown actually they're thirteen different ways to get downtown. At the old top bowler Reno there was one way and that was tolerable except if you get a special pass. Sneak out the back room to get up to Billy Graham parkway now here's something people don't talk about much but I remember it like it was yesterday and I know you do tube it. Remember what happened at the new coliseum. Before it held its its first ever event a oh yeah the big. Big big big bill because score or more boards fell down and Ellison considered high tech Scalia have days you'd go debt. Blogs and high school yes saying on curtailed and I thick Franklin Graham. Oh opened up the the new coliseum. Indiana Franklin Graham I'm sort Billy Graham Billy Graham opened up Ericsson stadium Billy Graham opened up Todd bola. The coliseum. And guess who opened up the new arena downtown. This is how far society is changed okay the Rolling Stone have yet weigh in and didn't Frank Sinatra also play at the new coach said he they are there that was the first concert at the bit passive Frank Sinatra. He was. Considered old man then he was probably in his fifties. While I think The Rolling Stones were older than that when they played the Arabia well and here's the thing not thought that I thought the stones played Ericsson stadium to do than I did later on what I've met this I've met I got to meet The Rolling Stones backstage during that time well and you also told me a few minutes ago that you were actually the one who pushed the button. On the detonator. Back in 2007 when the new call and people they say new wasn't afraid but neither it was the real thing. I thought it would just be a fake but. That's got to feel like some power right there. I already pretty neat until that if you could hear that Georgia Dome explosion you can't really it. If it's a shock waves are incredible and literally we should the ball ahead ear protectors on its. Troops are literally cringed at the during the explosion but I love that building ash I knew every. Nook and cranny of the coliseum on top of cola and doctors are used a lot of smear we have a lot of meetings down the basement they're a great conference from there and and the hornets had a side building where the horror office's work. There's a George Shea and I used to fight him well to say that you knew everything cranny of that building is saying something because that. Was one of the biggest buildings in the country for any thing it was beautiful I I actually and the seats were that teal yeah meets sue was actually. Agree bill I own one of the seats that I had done Dell curry about seafood side. And I still have that seat the storage and I had that seat in the in the mansion in the executive mansion and I always say this is this is the old Kelsey obscene. Well you know I think about that building I I mean I'm with there's so many times as a kid to hornets games and various other things there. But it it it's people who do I need to do is somewhere that. He's there and I ought to give it to charity auction Nancy adults are gonna say I was gonna say eBay butchered your won the charitable routes of I don't it's always give it to see rescuers. It is thanks get that from him a but I I think about that building and people listening may say why should the Charlotte coliseum new coliseum. Well back in the day it was quite a point of contention what they would name that building because you had the original Charlotte coliseum which is out on an Venice boulevard. He went through several names over the years it was independence arena in cricket arena and now it's boje angles coliseum. But back when they built this new one. There was all this back and we ought to do auriemma yeah because no coliseum I hope that the policy yeah well one night I remember Henry vote and be in on the station and no one could officially. Declare what it was so Henry get a call on the and they said you know what. Well we're gonna have a call on tonight Bergen is decide on the name and that's what we're gonna call we don't care what of the need to have people say enough. Hi after awhile but yes still confused if fact and the old independents reign there were efforts to wanna tear down that building while I was mayor. And we decided not to tear it down and do it it's a great building a loved it where the char checkers played there. And it just has a certain. Feel about it's a great architectural and it helps the east side I sold the Jackson 5. At independence arena on which is now but jangled terrain that was one of the greatest concert somewhere receive. I don't think you mean it's a rite of passage to live in this town at least drawn up in the eighties and nineties especially the eighties he had to CN WA wrestling. At that bill and there was gas all several shows of that little in the heyday of Ric Flair and and dusty rose and friends that's all assault a circus there for the first time but you know you mentioned that to how beautiful building and is now they've refurbished it several times yeah since the days of the new coliseum so. Cost a lot of money to keep their building up that's the downside in it doesn't pay for itself. But it it's an architectural wonder that building has great architectural value. And it's very very important to the east side that we preserve it that there are many efforts to. Sell it and have a torn down and I'm so glad we haven't at this point in time you an Irish. Escalating on Friday what would they do on Saturday Night Live. In relation to Al Franken a guy who is synonymous with the show because of all his years how would they treat this controversy. With Leann Sweden well Saturday has come and gone we found out will check that out coming up. This is low and the governor George WEG. 949 on WB AG and yes Saturday Night Live. New episode this past Saturday night a chance the rapper. Eminem. You see any of us. Hi I've or read about it I didn't get to see it but the question we had last week woods Saturday Night Live which is tend to be much more liberal. And they tend to pick up the conservatives to much more would they mentioned one of their alumni. Who's now senator Al Franken. Would Dave mentioned his controversy well and you know but you knew I'd be here Monday morning with with the audio for you so a year ago. Senator Al Franken is being accused of sexual misconduct out of 2006 USO tour by Liane tweed and Franken apparently groping her breast while she was asleep. Now I looked this I know this photo looks bad but remember he also is back. I'm sure this was taken before Franken ran for public office but it was also taken after he was a sophomore in high school. Hard to be I got c'mon he didn't know any better he was only 55. Sweden is also claiming that frank enforcer kiss and as part of a rehearsal great comedy sketch they are performing for the troops. C'mon man in the troops in Afghanistan have a hard enough without having to sit through sketch comedy. I mean people can barely stay up to watch sketches after weekend update. KB the first and that actually admitted that convict and did people stop watching after we conducted but. And that kind of where that's where hat and worst SNL has right now. With some of these harder hitting issues they save it for weekend update Michael. You know what imitating him in the opening act they didn't go here's her skit about Al Franken. And then no one imitate one of their own which I don't know if they've ever done which would have been quite interesting how they had Al Franken and may be Weinstein and other people in a skit together. But it is hard thing to laugh at but they blast a lot of things in the past Breyer wondered I was speculating on Friday that maybe they would use that the open in the monologue. To invite Al Franken or Weinstein or. More to come on and and and say something very serious about the the allegations and the situation. Because they've gone you know I mean there are times in the past not many but there are few times where. There have been the overarching. I'm very tragic or or negatives work. Not comedic stories going on what they've they've they've addressed but that that's not the route they went to. You're actually see and within a comedy. Clubs. Which which. Can be rather raunchy but this comedy group from signed filled above build more. And others they're all of sleaze or culture within Mac comedy club that. Is quite controversial most non PC. In fact they're fighting the PC pressure on them right now. Salute they're not sure how to respond to this even the liberal bill bore. On the news HBO show is not sure how to respond to this and he's very upset that there are comparing. It's. The senator's remarks we have other remarks in other accusations and I think there are some other things you have. That have been targeted this week this since we will ask us a purge. We were last together. Brett Ratner he's a movie director Ryan Seacrest. Are Ryan Ryan Seacrest says that now he's denied these are allegations. These are allegations of bosh who possible he's as nice guy I met him I've written on the racetrack. With him. With Seacrest who seek really nice guy. Really where there's vandalism as a U Victor. Pat McCrory and Ryan Seacrest hanging out together. Yeah we pass the market goes right with Kyle Petty news ride with someone else and I should pass him and I'll tell you what I do. And I'll never do it again ever stick your finger out of a window while going a 15060. Miles an hour hey kids a beard. The Russell Simmons the day hip hop mogul. Has been accused a Jeffrey T amber who's on that show transparent. He says that he can't go back doesn't feel like that the the environment there is. Yeah he's OK for him to go back because it's no longer the job and I signed up for four years ago. He says it's a politicized atmosphere on the set. And he played interesting character too and so he comes from some of that comedy. Environment also he's been on some previous comedic shows how did he was on a Larry Sanders Show Larry Sanders Show that's exactly right. So those are four names to add to the mix of the ones we've been talking about you mentioned Al francs Sylvester Stallone is in total denial his ex wife came to his defense this week. So this a tough situation. When you're accused of something so bad. What do you do if you're actually innocent. But the headline bull trillion and I see this happen in politics I've seen this happen them. In the work environment. There were rumors start about people in business I know what happens is the media does it. Well it happens especially in the media these days in the age of the Internet where you have. You know you have a credible news sites and then you have sites that are are trolling for click bait as they say yeah you can make something look legit and I'm coming from a reputable source pretty easily on the Internet time a lot of times it's it's not what it says that it is so there's so many more competing. And media entities and sources these days it you know you throw an accusation out there. And taking nothing away from any of these ones we've mentioned but as you pointed out last week when you're in a position of power or notoriety. You become a target of people who are trying to. You know catch on to some of these other things going took it sometimes it becomes very difficult to. Differentiate with what's real and must not and now with the Internet that accusations. Out there for ever. When you Google your name and you're accused of something even if you are found to be innocent. People pull that up and go I better stay away from an individual we got to mention this before we get out of here did. Pres president trump vs Lavar ball one out there there's a feud for you. President tweets over the weekend now that three basketball players are out of China and saved from years in jail. Lamar ball the follower of Lee Angelo is un accepting of what I did for his son. And that shoplifting is no big deal I should've left him in jail. And his tweet but give us. Look marble or ball. I mean antibodies in watching them those kids are lucky that the president just have to be on an international trip and had direct access to Chinese to. Those kids were in trouble they were in serious trouble and there's a big issue now he's silly how long should they be kicked off the team. When they could have been in jail for ten years we're prison and a Chinese prison is not a good place stability well I read it. Somewhere over the weekend somebody said the bar ball a minister he's doing exactly what he wants here he he's he's gonna go back and forth for the president. And whatever you say about either one of on this is just can't keep the name a couple of our ball out there and you know the president and it eats this stuff up to I mean these two guys are. If. And everyone knows another. The president pretty well yeah I just saw through which scope but this is where an incident where I just showed stay out of it you did the right thing. But those kids are lucky he's right and what he say the strength of the presidency says exactly what everyone's thinking. The weakness of the president is he says that everything. That everyone is thinking that's a that's a subject for another day which and you can always do well you you said a few weeks ago that if you. If you had it to do over again you might have used Twitter a little a little bit differently during your time go around the Charlotte Observer and other people who were spreading false. False information yeah because entitles you to go to use it governing this month. But as much as we talk about people say trump shouldn't tweak. I think there's the overall sentiment is probably shouldn't sleep as much but the actual act of using it to circumvent certain places that you like the idea that. It's a great way to get your message out but you probably have to be more selective on what the messages. He has the governor Pat McCrory I'm vote Johnson that is gonna wrap that Ford today. I have a great Monday on a short holiday week for many people and we're back tomorrow morning after 9 o'clock right here. Primenews 1110993. Poverty rate for that's right that's the word we heard right footed institutional gonna miss. This is blow with the governor to make Rory and tubs and all you see 111099. Tree. Easy.