Grand Babies, The Vice President, and more

John Hancock
Monday, October 9th

Hancock talks about his new GrandBaby Amelia Mae, the Vice President, I read The News and More.


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I. This is John Hancock. There aren't Monday as we conveyed. You look out the window in your mind telly show what 61 degrees had a cool. And they go outside in your body says wow this is a lot mug here yesterday was really most. Well for those that they are keeping score Saturday 1105 PM. Seven pounds five ounces play one and a half inches long. Million may. Bed to go getter. All day long. What maravent. Apparently it was not necessarily a real great day for mom breed. Amendment violated. Upon hearing muffled screams. I. We surrounded the hospital room and all adds up. She didn't sooner or better. Cute as a button I guess everybody says that about their grandchild. But. Talk well two. But anyway first or greater for grandchild from my own wife Susan. Which means now I can call her granny anytime I want. And and a third for me and so her birthday will be October 7. Which I was kind of hoping for October the eighth because that is my son's birthday who is so maybe your grandfather tries over. Katrina eighteen and as CJ of forging. And and in my old age or have been one less day to remember. But. I don't know Emilia just has not been and easy to work with all in this whole process. So as soon as you can understand Mira sit down and have a have a talk about all of this went down. Now mom's doing fine and no dad's doing fine and I'm. And there's still hospital and I guess will be until about tomorrow Amendola come home and I've never. I've never been through. The process. My son Dustin was born I was not there I was had no effect I wasn't even aware he was being born. I didn't find out. We've talked about this in the past my I didn't know about two you know Dustin was my son until there's about seven years old. And so why I didn't go through the process. Of infant. And a baby and everything that is encompassed there then or one of my regrets of life. And obviously I AM married Susan and it's a time. Matt and Phil were both you know like four and seven years old so. I did didn't go to the infant stage with them either. And this is the first grandchild that I've been around a four present form. And I mean I wasn't there for the birth of Katrina or wasn't there for video birth of I don't see Jerry. So. So it's I aids and aids you know I guess I go through all of the emotions of almost a first time dad and in that I'm just. Amazed by it all. I well I stood there. She was born 1105 I think we do we jumped in the car and headed that direction and got there about an hour and someone minutes later. So less than two hours old and and I'm sitting there looking better. And she's just as cute as you can being. And she's. I want to she's gasping for air but I mean you know she's but I was thinking to myself today your system you don't remember any of us. Thank goodness. When your system. Getting used oxygen. Gay getting use to. Not a sound I mean I know they can here in the room but they. Light. In all of that I would just think that it would hear your your sister would be on and on overload. And then all of a sudden faces. And how clear their vision is but I mean. In all raw and there are there. Maternal grandfather is there. And and Susan. And and then you've got to step grandfathers and oh which general degree items are using that term but it. You know the kids got three grand dad's. And two grandmothers. And and then Matt Phil's brother. Big old bearded guy. And I don't know maybe it just I just watched this. Less than two hour old human beings. And we're all just tickled pink G a little pink herself. But. I just thought to myself gosh what are. When the system overloaded period to all the sudden. You know she does she kind of looks around and yes it's like our prayers are well no but that's why is all of us. This is this is not nearly as dark as the reliability and you guys who are not so I thought you were gonna look like out. But it could be your typical radio announcer type deal and had you know yours meet together is on the radio and you think he's looking anything like I thought he would while she's been here in my voice for as long as she's been heard my voice and yeah I know that would be a blow. Failed. That you're going to be better Nat. But anyway Tom we're all just are thrilled to death and it's there's just the beginning of a new journey for a man Phil and our Madden of Rihanna. Spend our Phil and Rihanna get in the second. And and we're excited for them and and and end. You know I'm so proud of my can't see straight it is going to be terrific parents and and she's gonna we're gonna do everything we can't make sure she's got a terrific life. So. And I'm trying to be good your work I'm not running around showing everybody in my grand baby pictures. When I got to go to somebody's on the hall. Okay. And. In addition to our granddaughter. I also got my iPhone eight late last week. And this idea that the transfer of information is seamless. Is crap. Or I'm just the stupidest person on the history of the planet are maybe a combination of the two. But I think we finally got all that. You're supposed to get your he'd be able to get your old apps through your iTunes account. Now well. Let me know how that works because I just a set their on Saturday waiting for this baby do arrive. And just downloaded just it just went to they have story and worked all my old phone and and and got a ball back and got passwords and and all that stuff so. And and then I also had just bought a new computer recently so I had one of the guys who work from our IT department come over and could we could get it to transfer. I used to have carved tonight. And and and I go to an event car overnight night we're not getting along so that I downloaded another cult I drive and I drive doesn't allow you to exits as you know. Technology and paid all the fact that. My kids get a Dennison a heartbeat on their own but I can't. Because I do you know. So anyway we backed up my old computer with portable hard drive and and he came over Friday and we downloaded it all amounts are now I've got iTunes for like the first time in two years I have all my iTunes and moment songs and I'm an and then but that the categories though playlist that you have those don't. So I don't it's just been a cluster from the now from the get go. In the midst of all of the granddaughter thing she was born 1105 on Saturday night guess who missed Saturday Night Live. Which I would have been added I do wish I would have missed anyway because. I think the Colorado game was still on there. Went down to Arizona. Close game 35310. Defensive battle. I haven't so I didn't see it live but I seen it cents. And if you analyze this last week India was a Tom Petty weekend. It was a Tom Petty I won't back down everywhere this weekend. I assume. And I think I've got it up and Hancock face papers but I assume you've seen at least partial video. Of what we talked about Friday what they were planning for the end of the third quarter down there and in Gainesville it we've investigator to him. And I just sent to chills up and I must not sub that was the coolest thing. Now if you look if Europe Teddy fair and obviously I am. And you've listened to along alive petty or you listen a lot of Tom Petty. On seriously play along a lot of cuts. One of the things it was a great about his concerts were. Everybody was there are new every words of the song so also need given to the audience and mean and mean he's got several live cuts were. He basically I remember wondered come back out to the crowds as he has or put me out of a job. But they in the Gator fans saying. The jug I won't back down on the petty classic and noted and drowned out the LSU band during that. And college football game in Gainesville on there which is coasting ever and then Jason all day and opened up Saturday Night Live pricing and version and remember its of petty. But with special acknowledgment to the victims and had been gunned down in Las Vegas which was later he was on stage when that happened. Just a week earlier. So. I don't know I was. Is that one of the few times this Saturday Night Live has broken format and done something other than I got comedy monologue. At the beginning of their sketch. The other notable instance that I can think of right offhand of wars the first show following 9/11 win no Paul Simon came out and played the boxer. As a tribute to New York City. So. And ended did I heard somebody asked the question. He was in a forum on FaceBook. Is that Tom Petty song I won't back down becoming sort of an anthem for the United States well I guess I know we're in the week that follows fast. With the way you're audited Tom died. Took. Rebel without controversy. That's when we had all the mixed open communication and everything but. But to some extent and the last week gathered to that Tom Petty song I won't back down has been kind of an anthem for the all front for a number of scenarios that are going on Las Vegas and and otherwise. I. About them Panthers weren't one. Quick turn around Eagles are in town they're also 41 Thursday night. The pre game to that we'll start unknown news 1110993. WBT would Jim's -- at 530 on Thursday. I'm my understanding is that we're gonna take the showdown to the dog house. And will be broadcasting from meant in morehead street with the the F kinsey guys in the main studio and I think they're put us on the garage area which is where all the bars are which is sponsored by Jack Daniels so. Didn't think it's show that shortened by a half an hour. Maybe the big bets as to whether or not we make it that long. But anyway I'm so excited about that and the NFL has made the news not only because of a Miami coach but also because of the vice president we'll talk about that next. After earlier Monday and polo got a candle in our pocket and edema coming up got Monday Night Football tonight which. I don't know intense and exciting. Hello we played the Eagles on Thursday and then we go to Chicago to play the bears in the bears are on TV tonight. The hosting the Minnesota Vikings. But the running back up for the Minnesota Vikings. Young guys. Is it cooks. You thing and Brandon Kurtz of the New England Patriots. Well they raise injured. He's injured. In up he was one of my running backs onto my fantasy teams David Johnson Arizona. Running back until my fantasy teams are up for. Yet Delmon territorial. Tom Craig also tight end on three of my fantasy teams. O'Dell Beckham. Receiver on one of my fantasy football teams. I'm getting killed. With injuries. We have vice president went to an NFL football game yesterday. And the players knelt and he walked air queried talked. He said I have left today's colts game because president trump and I will not dignify any event the disrespect to our soldiers our flag or our National Anthem. Said that in a statement issued by the White House Donald Trump has criticized players as you well know sharply for the protests and are pressing unifil the band of our read daughters of publicity stunts on life. The in the first place. I'm going back to my one of my core areas. I don't want to protest either. I don't like. And I got quite frankly I don't turn and no football games for protests and and it's unclear. Like my entertainment without you know in it and addition there were Jackson brown concert never not to ruin his political prejudice. Still Jackson Browne. I just don't really give a damn about is politics. Blow the NFL. Understand that there are shortcomings in this country. But the thing I don't like about the president and the vice president's stand is is if you don't take them at face value your calling them liars. If they're protesting. Racial inequality and that's what they have consistently said they're doing. Then why would you not. Take their word for that's the reason for their protest. When you say. That you're not going to dignify. When they have blatantly at least some of them have blatantly come out and said we are not. This is not meant as they'd it to disrespect soldiers flags first responders Nash you know area. So I take people at face value until they give me a reason not to end I have no reason on not to think that the players that are protesting. Are doing it over racial inequality than. I'm no reason to believe that there anti military or anti flag or and they just don't find discrepancies in this country that. Haven't been addressed in they think need to be addressed now I don't editor at some point what are what's the end game and when does the conversation start and if it's just a conversation. Oh you know and every time something comes up none or promote racial standpoint. Everybody wants to have conversation. Well conversations are hurt in Russia never resolve anything. When she don't find some way to do it either change what you're doing or to. It's it's like you don't fight with your wife and at some point or another either Summers got a winner or loser. Or you've got to come up for it to some. Some path forward. But anyway that's what the vice president did yesterday and the president said he directed the vice president to do that and I don't know the right to participate in the such protest is protected by the US constitution's First Amendment and so I guess vice president has a right to do what he did in players technically a right to do what they adjusted to so we had the uproar the National Anthem by the sparked. 200 more players to protest couple weeks ago and that's. And that's still has led to more than the six who were protesting the week before that. And the president called for them to be fired. Not all that died down a little bit last week a nerve in the vice president goes to an Indianapolis San Francisco forty niner game yesterday. You know what was gonna happen. You know what was gonna happen. So he's getting nudge chided today about the cost to the true up. But since when did we start to again not picky about politicians or presidents. Wasted a couple of 100000 dollars. Com former Indiana governor I and his wife Karen had gone to the game in Indianapolis so they can watch the Jersey retirement ceremony for a quarterback great Peyton Manning. And pence tweeted after leaving I left today's game because so. Of the president of the United States. And I will not dignify any event the disrespect our soldiers our flag or National Anthem. And then trump tweeted I asked the vice president are asked vice president pencil leads the stadium if any players kneeled disrespecting our country I am proud of him and a -- a lady Karen. But they had a nose cone and to know that there are going to be players are rare protest. Of all the teams San Francisco c'mon. So why it's why waste the money. Did take security and errant play in the gas and all nine yards to go to the game when you know what's gonna happen. So are also published that he's done. That Niro may be the vice president the president need to continue to make their stand. I'm not date on to some extent that's fine if that's what you've. But I still think that if you. If you if you choose not to believe the players who say they're not trying to disrespect the military the flag or the country. But they are. Trying to call attention to the racial disparities and it's still alive in this country. Amid then you're choosing to not believe them now Manger called liars. Some question whether this is the pre planned move and it was. You know once. And they cited trumps tweed and the fact that the forty niners have the most anthem protesters some. Since. And then forty niner Colin Capra knicks started the protests last year. And additionally NBC reporter of on Hilliard said fences media poll was left to await in vans outside of the stadium instead of going yen. Course that may be standard procedure. And then Eric freed after all this was such an in place so I told the reporters of appearances lead in the game that today it looked like quote a PR stunt saying. This is what the systematic oppression looks like. A man with power comes to the game tweets a couple of things out leaves the game and attempt at toward our efforts. So. I don't know they don't. This is not the conversation. We need to have to try to get on the other side of all the prong of the problem. The the president playing tough guy with the players and the players turn into a tough guy with the president's all the way to get to any kind of a conversation that's ever gonna have any. In any openly in the end game to me. So this is just high stakes poker match. And they did all listen a bit players don't respect president. What do you know I mean given his comments from a couple weeks ago why shouldn't. And now I should they had all now now now even the vice president. Isn't on the game and I and essentially what they're saying to the players is now that's not what your protesting what you're telling us the reason your protesting for is not why are protesting your line. This is this is an affront to the military in the flag in the country has to be doing racial disparity to mean that's what they're saying to the players. So I don't know call somebody a liar see how that helps to resolve the problem. When Judy Indianapolis game yesterday. There are retiring Peyton Manning's number use the former governor of an overt Indiana so we don't want to begin to run. Now to help celebrate that in no. And do. To honor. Our Peyton Manning. And there were players. Him. Most particularly those on the assumptions to forty niner team and altering me implement no Sawyer got up and left said he's not gonna. I gonna dignify any event the disrespect sorrow soldiers are flying in our National Anthem so that's what we're talking about John's up on WBT hey John. I Hancock athletic. Dugout at not mutually exclusive. I can believe that the buyers that staying there greens and give up that work. Copper nickel originally. But if they're and that's what they're protesting. That's fine I believe them how app where. There actions are still. Insulting to the flag and the national grant them. If there wasn't about that Beckett did their protest at any given time. Sacred crow yo dude there kneeling after they scored a touchdown instead of going to look at medium. But instead they choose to do it during the National Anthem. So then they're based on that and it is offensive to the net a bit of lag and the national. Indeed bad I don't you think that they feel a bit racial equality is a disrespectful to them. Did that the country is and in essence allowing a disrespect to them. Well sure but. Bit but Betsy that's not what they're saying about the flag. If they are disrespect the flag then you can bet there regroup we're going to do you know whatever sure okay all right. But that doesn't mean they're not disrespect in the flag and they are. So I mean at that like that's not it. Well good but I take their rear end. Are you guys I think in order to to make a point you sometimes have to. You got to step out of balance eightieth is the let me ask you this if they made say if they figured out some sort of protest to do every time they scored a touchdown. You think that would be any less controversial. Well but it would not be ready for a bit read the Natick but the point is Leo. If they're. The arcade they wanna make their state get people's attention and they did but Berry met it to being a lot and the argument because nobody thought until their you know. You're you're standing there are people that much of their earning the law and Audi a certainty here. Do you know. You're at it that's ought to mean everyday you just I mean you just said because I'm Wilson they they tell me that they're not trying to disrespect the country the flag I'm listening. You're not. You don't believe that you believe it is you believe they are disrespect in the country in the flag BC believe they are disrespecting the military I don't believe they are I think they've gone out of their way to say that's not the purpose of overdoing. There they did that might not be the purpose but that their action. I mean that's like saying. You know. Down all are some ridiculous fear out. But what is what is protest to do if it's not to offend a protest is supposed to offend those. Who were on the other side of the protest. What gets fired but then they're then they're being disingenuous. This say that they're not protest in the black. Caught coat and cap and it goes bad I'm not understand where flag of a country that approximately Euro or you know whatever his quote was. So they are. You know I believe they have every then a bad bad I mean they're not disrespect the flag. And you know I felt obligated to respect the military but they are disrespect the flag in the National Anthem. All right I do appreciate skull thank you very much and Lawrence Taylor Matt on WBT have mapped. Plays this giant Anadarko resist W. BT broadcast all famed John Hancock. It's just John Hancock. It is now live in swimming pools and movie stars and that's exactly right he's gonna that's exactly right. I don't wanna say some and without getting too involved and anything I had 45 year old white male and I just wanted to say this. I couldn't imagine. If fight. Little African American person that brought World War II were Korea. And I came back to the United States. After put my lot online and watching people get their brains blown out sit right next me. And I come back here and I get treated like a second class citizen I could needed a registrar somebody. Or use the same bathroom or drink out of spring water fountain. I do get it. And I'm not saying that I agree with all this I'm just saying and there's a lot of people that do understand. That there are some things that need to get fixed. And you know it's been my question do you serve in that you don't mind I'll take part of your comment software. I just wonder what is the end game like at what point do we struck. Stan and on and that's then then there is no answer to that I don't know the answer that either and quite frankly haven't heard anybody that knows the answer to that and to me that's the question now that's being asked by everybody is okay so here we are. Yup you're gonna continue to offend half the country. And and now and then and then so what what do what's next window window we get off of our knees and start to resolve and start to work towards. An end game and I don't know that there is an in game so that means that we just keep on doing this forever and they get all the worst the beginning of a circle you young nobody can define that. Well absolutely has an honour to speak usurped. Appreciate it. YHL maybe one of the first football they've ever remember plugged. In was a kid. The storied names. It's about the time they even started do you know little later on recognized the Bart Starr's in the rain and niche he's an. Willie Brown know they are raiders. Get Texas got heavier. Guys feel about his raiders. Well happy is that he's not working here now is that there what two or three now down in a row. Anyway YA tittle some of the so the old household names tomorrow fir father's generations are. Or check in other pretty quick pace as our world. The a vice president went to an NFL game yesterday the players knelt during the anthem some of them dead in the vice president that I can't dignify any event to disrespect our soldiers our flag and our national lamp amend I got up and left. President trump well later. Treated idiot dashed the rest president to do just that. I pretty players that Neil disrespecting our countries and our mom proud of him and are circulating Karen. And there's some months. The the expense of the Eric Reid came out after the game San Francisco player emerge in Minnesota doomed they thought it was a PR stunt. And so there's an awful lot of people that are off. That are questioning the expense the cost of it. Apparently according to CNN yeah I am sorry its own source I have. The Arab vice president flew from Vegas to Indianapolis and then back to. Well Los Angeles. The total air cost for that's about 240000. Dollars. Had dealt pence skip the Indianapolis strip and just flown Vegas to Los Angeles would cost about 45000 dollars. So 195000. Bucks. Well since when do we start complaining about people Washington's out of 195000. Bucks to twenty trillion in debt. That'd be like me throwing a five on the ground Burnett. Pence reps said that the a trip led to the game was planned weeks in advance of the vice president could see Peyton Manning be honored. And the Republican National Committee they say wolf foot part of that cost because pence was attending a political event in Los Angeles. Eric Reed San Cisco safety called today a PR stunt. And other stuff to say as well. The cowboys owner Jerry Jones who has always been no hard core when it comes to players. When they step out of line in Dallas and I'm telling you what they're not. They're not playing. Okay. Jerry Jones comes out and no said after his own teams I game on Sunday that any player who quote disk is disrespectful to the flag. Will not play. Which definitely puts him as the first NFL owner to lay down such a rule. He didn't however quite specify exactly what action would be disrespectful. He had two players on his own team that raised their fifths this yesterday at the anthems of the conclusion. I think they've played. Course that was before the game not after the game on energy aerial step out now because he's a always disciplinarian when it comes to players. Even now with an impropriety and you're not playing for the cowboys. USA today Nancy a mortar. Righteous scathing column and I choosing up pence of making a mockery of the anthem himself co opting for a stunt that serves no other purpose than to sell a sow division. Further enrage the administration's conservative base and try to lock cal NFL owners. And then over on the other side of good for Mike Pence says Steve Hill none on commentary on fox. He faults the players for dragging a unifying national symbol the flag. Into their protests on racial injustice that prevents a respectful conversation from taking place about actual actions are solutions. Com. Also at fox Todd star turns. Writes that pans quote finally got tired of tolerating me Boris behavior of a bunch of intolerance on American malcontents close quote and said the hopes that a NFL fans will look. We'll follow his lead so that's some of them. Some of the reaction that we got yesterday were talking to you about yours 704571110. And Curtis is out on WB TA Curtis. Hey John I don't go to tax. You know I want to not talk on the screen heard what the Zune can't predict in addition to collect that they're protesting the I would actually get pucks Lila I'll go with that then let's look at that. There is losing. He was really hollow and and all the sudden nearest. All right Curtis and after I try to come back. Yeah he's not there are Kurt Iran WBT hi. This or. They act I guess my issue both bang is. Yeah that and we love the country and and when they were an ace before they do it and I may stay everyone please rush for the national and dumb and by achieving entourage. Basically they weren't here is this country sucks maybe they're not meaning that that's what I hear that brand. And you know I'll Wear a word determining. Buyback coming in deporting these same. That are there and not getting paid millions and meg an opportunity and I'll never ever in my life com. And I against the agents disappoint me as a part in that year I maybe they're not the best age occur in equality. I know that that they're probably not but they they are one of the better faces to actually get some attention for a I went and I don't mean this is to be disrespectful the U they have eight talent that very few people have if you make it to the NFL. You you're in at least as far as playing that game is concerned you are the best of the best. So. They make the money that this I don't I and I don't think well how much money they make comes into the equation. Come to me it doesn't but. Bet they make the money they make because very few people can actually do what they do they're the best of the best at what they do for a living. So from kind of from the from that standpoint. That the did the announcer at the beginning will you please stand for the National Anthem I mean in essence they're basically saying it. That this country and when it comes stirred racial inequality. You know I know I'm not for this country in a war and where they stand for racial inequality. Curt yeah but I have bad I mean. All the only issue I have with that is that is it is we seen them and extensible and their job right now down there. So play a game and. And in what we're making sure that they're well taken care of Eric and declared job. There were watching them do. So. I don't hit it. Well today they are well taken hero and I situation they are well taking care of good people of their race are not. So I mean in essence it's the strong. Standing up for the week. 234. Gerald you're on Billy V tape. I didn't add on you don't think about how do affordable you know a lot different than it started and our quality football. I don't remember what he does and I about Kyle does a little rant during halftime. And make a political until football yeah that they've taken away from me a lot of fans. Banned it in I'm I'm I'm with Jeremiah away. Rick I'm with you by the way I have I I can't watch awards shows anymore because I don't wanna have politics pushed an actress. And then why are laying this become a major issue. Bennett is bring along hot and who is responsible for in my Irish possible short you know is our government responsible sport. There are responsible well and that's what I ordered the roof will never come out in the media. Period. There and listen to people set up that debt limit sick because nobody can by the root cause. Rather then that's overtime veteran there's no win game two it I mean if you wanna stimulated conversation. Polar Aurora haven't conversations about their actions right now but we're not having conversations about the core issue. Soledad say I mean to that degree our conversations are not being ahead about what they want us to have the conversations about. And I didn't get in and tell somebody will say I respect your ability to stand up for what you think is right now word we go. Rom then and then you know I've been I'm with you like you know I die I don't watch the National Anthem anymore because quite frankly. I don't give a damn let me know when the game starts. I wanna give up on that tip because even the media during the day it's still shell for the picker also was opened in need solid target that. The media is you're so responsible for causing this Havoc. OK and that bringing out the true discussion about it. And all it does just what perpetuate the whole thing on the hell out of actually like you said I don't root cause of the issue is what do you make it again. And I and Gerald. Appreciate all nervous as I wanna have a conversation but that we have conversations all the time. We have conversations here we ID you know I've tenors or racial anything in this country ever wants to have a conversation. While I'm I'm second conversation. Let's come up with it's come a listen solutions. You you talk about it. Let's get a group of people over here in Zurich and what we do about you know I wanted to solution they hired to the riots was using the uprising. That took place in Charlotte how we doing on that. What have we done to make sure that doesn't happen again. And there is no answer to that because there is no easy. Solution. On call for we get to our resident still like coming up after the 0430 news and. It. WBT hey Jason. Page I don't great thanks. All I yet our caller what a break called again and made a good point about. All the folks their protests and that it Asia's. Basically look and you don't like they're saying and I hate this country. Well my question provoked like him is did you ever sit back there thank Y a whole bunch of really rich millionaire to get to play a sport per living without bumping going on in their library in a world. It would make him feel so strongly that they were willing to make it look like they hated the country or make them feel that like yeah. I know you touched on that of course you have to compound. We rushed into judgment on that we wanna tell these people you know I know what you meant by that you know we wanted Helen how made us feel when they did it we never bothered to look at him go. You're you know one of my neighbors you walked Brandon you're somebody glib in the country let me why do you feel that way and trying to understand you know that in these. Course when you're done and I appreciate all what what what what when they are asked that and give the answer then people like president and the vice president don't believe what their answer is. So. Yeah and so do what you do. Mike you're on WET. Mr. Hancock bank forever known sheriff sheriff thanks Paul. The caliber Barrett thank you for the trapped update we appreciate it they'll love boom. Alia I'm forty year old male but Margaret Boller certainly but what will. Or one M more work through purple heart recipients are stands for the National Anthem but my at all. But I'm not warlords or preacher to go. I'm not alone being forced does say they do any thing else shouldn't be forced to pray before day. In other two up until 2007. The players or even on the field when they did the National Anthem and that's a big change now. The in this forced preacher took them you know that's why we're Americans. Be able to have free speech and and I'm just really proud there are twenty years ago people my age and younger. They had no opinion about politics. This is really good this week that they have a bad a pinch hitter good. Credit that people are more engaged. The upper now. I bet there are good that that's an agent point I appreciate com and try to get delegate David and David's a veteran. I hate David drumbeat Jihad. Larry per particular called are sure thank you. I don't want to put their look at it differently how would apply for a few years assert their duty army and you know what a few places that I wanted to go to Q&A bit ago. Hum well our theaters you know part of being able to Wear that uniform and understanding why you're wearing it. And that you can make that sacrifice not a lot of Americans automatic. Entry respect. You're fighting for their right to be able to you know how that First Amendment to exercise her. It's not up to me to agree or disagree or what they do. Just acknowledge at the end of the day people like me or that flag and put that uniform for the vulnerable computer. Now that's a good and that is the ultimate point. It's kind of like the Supreme Court ruling a number of years ago that you have the right to burn the American flag I have no respect for anybody who does but I understand their right to do it. I would wish and hope that they would find a different way too low voice their opinion. But I understand the Supreme Court ruling and and I'm glad they did the ruling came down the way that it did. Because that is. The First Amendment. All right Jay then Columbus Day. Happy Columbus Day. That's really Ericsson week. 282 days and the year 83 days to go 1888 Washington monument officially opened the general public 1917. Clarence Sanders. Abandon these self service grocery story called the store pick leeway glade. And Jackson Browne and a 69 years old today. Monday Night Football tonight the one in three bears host the two into Minnesota Vikings. Mike Glenn and has been benched and rookie Mitch Drabinsky served risky is. The rookie from North Carolina. His soon we'll probably see an extra week from Sunday to look as we play the Eagles the Bank of America Stadium on Thursday night and then we're off to Chicago. Speaking of Ohio which we work but we are now there are some people and young's Youngstown Ohio who are upset that they brewery now operates and former church. He gave everybody new restaurant and all churches peoples and got I've been to a couple there's one down in Dallas that I remember there was one and Louis filled Colorado right outside of boulder spelled like Louisville that's pronouncing Lewis bill. And and it was an old white church white steeple old guy is beautiful and great food. Toronto a City Council voted against naming a sports stadium for the former frat boy mayor rob Ford. And a high school in Baltimore had to be evacuated due to the fumes from a pumpkin spice air freshener. Her dome Mark Garrison and other about this on a Friday. Now somebody is taken to burning in a candle around here. I don't emissions serious name because ships to be the general managers receptionist and that would just cause trouble I brought you pulled an earned. That's been ten minutes in my day there is some sort of tongue lashing. But do we not get some say so in the sense. Just say I'm just asking. 90000 football fans belted out a Tom Petty edit the Florida. Football game in Gainesville it was just a beautiful thing especially if your petty fan I guess but home game Ben hill Griffin stadium. 90000 college fans sing and I won't back down after it started playing over the speakers and it was. Monumental. It was very very cruel and between that and Jason all dean doing the same song on Saturday that live it almost has turned into an anthem. For our times. I'm really gonna miss some very. There are a fan blue. Survey that says man flu does exist manner said do I handle being sick worse than women do. It's affected by the way. I'll watch my daughter in law goes through just play in watcher I just no what she went through on Saturday before. Xia had her first daughter on numb. On a Saturday night. And I doubt that. Most of us water or you're just got to go to what you gotta go through but. He had a little like a pro. Men are said to handle being sick worsened women do on a recent study kind of confirmed that men do call in sick and go to the doctor with their common colds more frequently than men do. And now there's a poll of 2000 adults from Britain reveals 8% of men say that they visited the doctor for a runny nose. 55% of women say their significant other regularly quote unquote exaggerates. His cold symptoms. That may be true way you better. Going to the doctor is not something I've done until like recently. And it took an emergency room visit to get rid. That time so. Over a third of those polled said illness caused arguments and their relationship and just over 50% of women say that they show signs of sympathy when they're a partner is 666% of men play in the same. If I stay home from work and I'm six Susan always comes of those like the next day sorry corridor today. And she says and in a way that makes you feel like you know if I say no I've been a division failure. But we sure have a policy here. That some people of all and some people haven't. But you don't show up are sick and radio station. Because if you don't we all use the same microphone well he does things better than all the sudden you take an air staff and everybody gets sick. So low we we can't ask people if you think you're getting summer you've got something. Still other artists are. Another interesting find 63% of men claim that they battle through the flu but experts say it's more like that it is simply have a cold and believe that they have the flu and it's. Much more difficult to. To power through a flu so there you go yeah. I'm aware our old friend Scott from Massachusetts they've done rush today. Our rush alert. Hello they'll pick up the theme. I think big rush basically. Pushed him off here just about the time we talked about Bob Kraft coating you're supposed to stadium in Israel. So look like fifth. Scott from Massachusetts. So but it lays volley was on national weather rush's mom didn't come in and say get off the phone. Back to the basement scud had no thanks or drop an in car where title of earlier about vice president chancellor go into a football game yesterday. And and leaving because he didn't wanna be. Didn't wanna be a party to try and look for his words Sorgi get this right. I left today's colts game because president trump and I will not dignify an event to disrespect our soldiers our flag and our National Anthem we're talking about that a little bit earlier to Joseph we go on WBT had jumped. Mr. Hancock. I'm retired. Mail. They'll hold slog ahead the statement here today stand up here made batteries from mom and debated now on the group called why I think we did urgent care center. I. It gave David you've had a couple of birthday is. Hey yeah. Clinton don't you think maybe these guys. I think it definitely could dictate gaining some some type of an and they did hear someone changed their tactics. Maybe come up all the slogans make it come up with a sample our logo or something. I'd rather than. I know he says demonstration that wish them well we're just stand papal but probably hit me that so much is commitment get your attention and maybe shock them. I'm in general. Generally a protest will send some people that's why there's a pro is there's a protest against something to begin with so I believe there's a protest it's probably. It's gonna offend somebody. You know while I'm here I agree with Matt read. They are again. Eight is to get someone's attention and shock government did something and then maybe not offend them so much. And you get them to listen more so than they only offensive bit. I think they've been better served cannot do what they've been due process just make it more people might add. And maybe. Throw real come up come up with some type of an organization. Assemble. A site in own motto will look a slogan or something. And let people would listen I would candidates that are out. I'm veteran and and and I understand exactly what they're saying is I just don't agree with the way they're excited. Now that's and equality and and I think the people have a problem more than that's as that's essentially what they're saying to his so I can understand your message. But I don't I also understand. That your message. Bidder can meet other things other people. At and night and it's so low low let's get to the hardy your message and see where we can go from there and and once quipped a little also looks quit using. A mile loan for my country as your conduit. Absolutely and maybe there's somebody out there are some organization they can help on Monday more speed more effective than what I wanna do that was that was coming my whole. Now I know what maybe like the National Football League players association. Have who has more money and more. You know good things that they are thrown at Durham beckon call the not so I don't know may have got to Joseph I appreciate all you know maybe just got a point. Maybe the National Football League players association undertake some of their money and not help these guys organize uh oh something that would give it attention almost at a campaign. You know I don't know. If it's a racial. In equity. They got that they've got the voice that got everybody's attention now what are you doing that I guess that's the that's the question. I got down about 560 seconds less CW they're all yours. Now. OK thank you John and how I got to do is after they do the warmup that put him at mega back to their locker room. While there in the locker room that play at a National Anthem I don't let them come out until the National Anthem is played. There or their platform is permitted to. Now. Although the players that are chosen to stay in the locker room at least after the president's got they're kind of chided for that is well Majid Al you're you're you're you're you don't take the gas off the fire in the flames and died down and so maybe that's. Maybe that's the best. I'm all right prof ought to wait till 5 o'clock 505 Freddy got an email over the weekend want to know what is the point 05054. Petty. I don't know. What is the point here needing a point. Which way to go and Billy. It's 525. Patty. And gaga WB Qaeda come we saying don't back down at Forest Hills church on Sunday. Think it was a song the way gelding saying it. University of Florida saying it. They can do and I have. Half three million dollars a year. You're. Offensive line coach for the Miami Dolphins. Three million bucks a year two and a half million bucks so there. Hanging out on south speech. In FL football coach. In video meant for one person's eyes just cost him his job in the NFL Chris forresters his name meets the offensive line coach for the dolphins well he was. He resigned this morning after a video emerged of him snorting a white powder. Before a team meeting. Quote hey babe miss yeah. They get about your. 55 year old says that the video per the Palm Beach post. How about me going to a meeting and doing this before I go he says. And then starts to snort the powder. Not clear exactly how the video came to be made public but the consequences were immediately. Coach called him into the office. And spoke to him. He accepted full responsibility and are resigned effective immediately. They figure was making two and a half three million bucks a year and a statement he said I wanna apologize to the organization and my sole focus is on getting that helped that I need. With the sport of my family and medical professionals close quote in the clip Leo fondly recalls to the person. He's addressing how high we got together. Now I don't know of his married or not but if he says this supporter my family he may be and. He may be an all sorts of media. You do. So they go their. Only if they're male football game in town on notes on the Thursday Philadelphia Eagles civilian job Thursday night football. We'll rebroadcast endowment does the a dog house by the way. Up until 530 what you starts the pregame Joey Jim's OK but. Thursdays also the day that day giveaway that Jeff Newton. Built. Saint Jude dream home on channel three. Somebody is gonna win themselves a 440000. Dollar house 3400 square feet up Matthews our medical area. And I'll give that away on a Thursday that should be pretty I don't know that's always very cool. I think the people they may be the last two people that want it moved into it as opposed to sold it. My test somebody's gonna when themselves big house has produced overdone about vice president pentagon Indianapolis game yesterday and I'll leaving early wasn't happy with Theo. People are kneeling during the during the National Anthem. And you have to face after Cisco. And it should be expected they are retired. Peyton Manning's number that was so what are we supposed to be there for so we talked about earlier at a couple more phone calls amenable move on blow wager on the Levy T hi. I don't serve and there are a lot of things that you can kinda look away from. The end unfortunately this is not one firming. Because it it is being attacked a lot of the just small handful of saying they. You know like this country. You know you're around John in those days that. Or none eleven. And you could not find an American flag any where everybody wanted one. Everybody wanted to get. Something that would you know right bill would everyone else. Could you let it sporting event during that time when the National Anthem was played. Every once stood out. And everyone put their hand on their part in every one thing but pollen. It would help one saying that united doesn't bury at just those two. I think beyond dispute symbols. And who knew what track knows that's not about freedom of speech vetted as dumb fight here at any danger impossibly. Being. So why don't support NFL. I don't watch gained anymore willow watched the game anymore and I will go further and will not support those sponsors. Who will not hold the NFL responsible. Or do something that is so degrading. To the very fabric of this country in my opinion. Well Tom of above and beyond that if if if people do that if people do what you gonna do then they have felt all react. But and to but until they start to see it hurt their revenue. They're not gonna react to it. Anymore any more than what they have already. Number leader right now no item absolutely right follow the money that's always that it's always the case Steve Jarno UB TI. Hey John. How are you. Although all of my opinion this I'm a Vietnam veteran strong very patriotic. And when it comes to. The players. Not stoned input European overhaul work. Who no matter what they're virtually an actor doing it in your my arm. Play York actually. This respecting the flag pit calls little late to play you can read a lot of respect to product. And that's for the military to saluted. Unfortunately it's Palestinian group or Oprah you know rural work and mission colonel who wanted to. Well I've bit bitter about it if you feel like the country's disrespecting you because of race so. Doug what you don't. How that guy you know they did did nothing else. This conversation now has and it went on for awhile last year with camper next thing but it has this conversation now's been going on for three weeks. So I would say in their particular case mission accomplished but. Did did now the question is what's the end game Marta we take it from here or do we just keep up with the insanity. Well who operate or some other wanted to put him to all for their own cherished. I'll just don't think you're durable chooses to give me suggestion what what what would that be a bigger impact than what they're having right now. Director take I had to help on TV. And foursquare pretty you don't bring him up and just go public. We're whatever they want to do it now. Saw this and they've suggested that earlier is pull your efforts against the national players association or sectors they've got lots of power they've got lots of money into and come over the campaign. And kind of like a Nancy Reagan's just say no it may not be all that you know depending on now how good it is may or may not be effective but it certainly would be widespread and and recognized. Trust her yeah I appreciate comment. Further altogether as we've heard from a service people on both sides I'm not take anymore columnist. You know I organisms are but we've been doing no two and a half hours so our. OK and our. Play it'll still be here next week. They'll still be here next week. Ameritech phils probably still be here Friday morning. Who's playing on Thursday. One team has been pretty respect. For the most part. And Eagles been doing is if I remember. Somebody called cognitive builders. Amelie architects to fix your kids sets up nest camps throughout the house to monitor your interactions 24/7. And they observed family dynamics around the clock they watch and listen every interaction that occurs in the home between parents and children and Monday sees something that needs to be corrected or something that goes wrong. Then they can intervening in with that texts to parents or speak directly through the cameras. It the F footage is gathered to compile reports each day about what they've seen and what rules should be implemented moving forward. There's one family that said they paid about a 125 dollars an hour over four months which added up to a total of 80000 dollars and then there was in this New York magazine article a mother of four. Children. Who says she's been about 70000. Dollars over a five week period now and it may sound over the top and it does to me. But. It infected does say it is over the top. But research on flow once. Suggests that children coming up in wealthy households have comparable levels of delinquency to lower income households. But more instances of cheating and stealing from their parents and payers. So your net worth alone no oil would necessarily guarantee obedient and well mannered children. And bite they say in hiring these family architects foray few weeks could prevent your kids from turning into a little spoiled brats. And stopping you from spoiling them or are turning into thereof blood servant. So I would feel about that. Cameras in the. So go the wider and easier reprimand your kids and also make all over the cameras they want fair that's not good bad second. And it's. Not take my chances on kids stirred up pretty well. I never knew each. Good bad or good mall that's probably what could happen. Avalon from. Any good. And no go out and. Thin the herd. They estimates of faces yellow you know the yellow faces a smiley faces I don't know what they'll mean. If you write your mouse over the top of them don't know it just Tillie tell you do it. He used again the sunglasses. Cooper's. I anyway they've added a few values and emerges. And I don't know I don't don't use them. Extravagance I'm gorgeous. Every now and then thumbs up thumbs down. Saw one today that I was so I'd been emphasized hand clapping. A little marks on the us hands and so world. Emilia bill passed all over I'm 24 hours old things source of that debris and so Apple's adding new Margie Stewart collection. And it releases its latest software update later on this week among the new additions a breastfeeding mother. I don't know. Reuters at four. And obviously the two women wearing he judged. Which is like the veil the scarf a traditional Muslim. Bring. Gender neutral individuals. Promote G. That she would that even is. I dinosaurs. Go to jail garner. But to let me read a finger around the should be doing and are now miles or so you know Al's down of the beach to have a glass of whiners and on I don't care. Ferries. Zombies. And no more expressions including swear phase. Mind blown. And even nerve foods like broccoli. And dumplings. So while the all new offerings are a part of it Torre seventeen I'm Sergio update to does but decided upon Al by the did you know this existed. The remote Jeanne nonprofit governing board the unicorn. You know codes consortium. Who sets the global standard for the whatever you call those sings picture grafts. And ensures that they can work across all software platforms. So they're gonna. If you work from home working from home is good for employees. And working from home is good for bosses. According to new research finding that people who work from home are happier with their jobs and may even work harder to prove that they are slacking off now. Researchers found some negatives too including that people working from home tend to put in longer hours. And may struggle with separate you know separating work. Out from their home life. The new analysis found that 39%. Of home workers say that they often work more than the formal hours of their job compared to 24% of office workers. And tell you I don't know anybody that kind of a freelance or. Radio announcers. Another hardly anybody that works a forty hour work week anymore. Everybody seems to be put a little bit more time than you know analog companies say you know the hoosiers I have to get it done. Whatever whatever that takes that toward the text. Homework or report higher levels of job satisfaction are more likely to say that their jobs are pleasurable and thus stimulating that office workers. 44% of all workers report having trouble switching off and unwinding at the end of the day in one survey. Compared to 36% of office workers however. The researchers note that dead despite this evidence some companies still have reported having bad experiences with people working from home including Yahoo!. Which band. The practice in Torre thirteen because quote. Speed and quality or often for a sacrifice. But by and large this our report gives pretty pretty common pretty high marks to all of stood tall workers and the latest story Al. Cinnamon candy. Oreo cookie. Hot and spicy cinnamon Horry goes. This will feature the traditional chocolate Oreo Cookies when they cinnamon candy flavored cream sandwich between them. Junk banner which is an instrument count as speculation at the optional hard be available as a limited edition Fallon.