Gravestone, N. Korea, Richard Spencer at U of Florida

Scott Fitzgerald
Wednesday, October 18th

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You rent a car repossessed John. You talk about me nom de Beers do you judge I'd never ask you that John and you look I like it. Total well why got you there John but if you had a car repossessed nullify the are known somebody's attic every possession. You don't hang out with those comes like that sound a lot. They don't tell me much that's rising two point Stoller stoked appreciated us our pajamas by John Mark. Do you know anybody's a red card exist no repose and I'm not familiar with anybody directly now battery blow like that. I'm never had a car repossessed. There was a guy that I knew from high school who got a car repossessed and then he became a re Bellamy after that. The reason I bring this up is out. You're on to repossess cars. You can repossessed boats. You can read his it's. ATV and it's nine jet skis. Mobile homes but further is being repossessed convention coming home from work when there. In Europe and the carbon assumed to be repossessed applaud your mobile home and have the peace can't go look it. Relayed on prime. Reuters NATO climate I'd take it back. I don't. You tell me 70457. Elevens and never heard of a great start being repossessed. We had this is a first for me. This is differs from the you've heard the story John's been playing it in the news and good chances are. You know folks you know are long can you believe things this dude took away the grave stone of five year old vehicle borne and died of a Kindle last year. Apparently was a financial Tug of war supposedly between the parents and the monument company. Well now the monument do understand that I'm. I've been given it some thought. In hindsight you can have big mistake to have a cemetery to remove it didn't we didn't mail. But where do Alberta and there are good knowledge and if you're probably give us very it has hurt everybody involved. And we hope the sale Cinemark forget the important. Never heard a whistle handling then we hope that we can give them the room. Unity charters to be patient cemetery tab is preinstalled we are come by mail or did you doormat. Showbiz is named 73 yoga it's been a minister for fifteen years and he's had a good run southeastern monument company. Second thoughts about the action. Do you think you would have second thoughts and all of the world would blown up in the the social media world wouldn't gotten all over the sky. I doubt he had data to. The money was what was he what he was thinking about it. Then again. If if the couple really did owe him money. Then. You see that wrong. To take it back. In that situation it it's a delicate thing I as I would have done it there's an owner. Partly in part of it. You can't separate the gravestone the parents and the five year old boy too much emotion wrapped up the view and that that's an emotional story. If we weren't talking about a five year old boy. Then not only good thing to be having this conversation do you. If it was I don't know. A 45 year old dead beat dad that that they found dead and in the gutter. And they didn't pay for his gravestone. Would there be anybody complaining that it got repossessed. I don't think so. Intel may 7045701110. Under under what circumstances. Does quote decency. Have to trump business practices. Because essentially that's what it seems like we've got to a comment coming to a head here. It on the news and there's nobody is Nabil argue you know gee this was an awful horrible thing for this family to have to go through I get that to mean as. To lose a child one. Horrible horrible thing to have to contend it. And bearing that child after you lose them. It was going to be a ridiculous horrible painful experience and they cannot imagine it wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. And then to go visit the grave. Only to see that the stone has been yanked. Wow. There must be like you know or 123 for. Now who knows what the real story is but apparently. Noted that the parents wondered some changes to distill on. That added a bunch of weight and Tony 500 bucks an additional cost. And the stories of those additional cost were never paid for. What would you do if you're in the business owner John tiger what are your WB two. Yeah I. You know I've I haven't ruled it looked like on this. You know my my. Other side of the coin comment would be which is more disrespectful repossess swing. But it strong. Or. The parents be in deadbeats from their payments and not respecting their child up pay and further I waiting for the struck. What that that's sort of where I see the confluence here where where things are hitting each other you know where which trumps switch quote decency. Or or or business. And and and I agree you added a layer there the other word respect. To the conversation that I think is appropriate as well nobody's gonna argue that this doesn't suck right John. Bigger yet are we and so that so that's not the issue at all. We deal would business and part of businesses life and part of life is death so they all go hand in hand Alan hi you're on WB to you real quick before the break. Hey guys you know either didn't donor I think well I think that. It would be content that. Is it business does have eighty a component of a bit moves emotions. And has been donors. You know you know we're we're trying to get her own payment says well I'm one thing that this social media. What they destruction but I guess that probably could work or. I'm really caused is that the business. Owner of the month the company. We're rethought its position and then he helped tendering process if it certainly is about making a property and bitten. I'm but Italy has been told we can certainly change that Gretchen. Based on. Situation so no I agree with the there's there there are ways to chase but I think there's also probably his solution that would allow the business owner to come out on top. Two to look like a decent human being but then also. Allow the parents an opportunity to fulfill their obligation. Com and again just based on the details of the story that we had there may be something is missing I don't know. Respect decency. Business. Life and death. There we can officer who stuck with it why can't we talk about bigfoot find me a big but not eighteen is the time. Hi there my name is Scott FitzGerald story five year old boy inside but he's yet. Obviously parents totally heartbroken. Nobody wants to bury their children nobody wants to do that. They have been together a deal with a little memorial makers stand up. Allegedly the story is that they they made some changes and to not pay Ford and the storm was repossessed. Not a not a pleasant. Situation to have to contend with by any stretch of the imagination. It was the right move. Or was this completely and totally a business decision heartless as it may feel Roger good morning or WBT. Yeah man went to the small building all and separate itself but earlier I understand it didn't have a you know I'm very hard bird and her sister lived for years and and I had a paper already brought its appeal to our. Broad brush group. Am I stole the based on their story. And Marat at my game and importantly. I was I would sit there and good routes are here who do it could be mom brand. You cute. Whoever I want to repeat I think he should the minister. Yes I don't buy art that it heartburn yeah I mean that's as well. I mean I remembered it well there they blew my band star home. I don't know but Barry. What what he can relate a Roger what do you do for a living. I'm Robert peck. What if you put together a deal for your truck continue to make payments on and they decided to come back and take your truck is there any sort of similarity in the situation at all you don't if you don't follow through on on your payment agreements. Oh is that what you deserve. We suspect that that's that's a different animal all together there are about somebody. My ability to obviously he put it earlier that we are all pretty. I don't know that neighbor thirty years. And I got a minimum number of companies dictate grandma birds aren't there and I depend more crowded urban I'm an idea. The end ecosystem but it man they did not yet there are so that the very I don't know why are there to give it all around when you're in the end it right. And those. Well men and men on gas and Roger that that's probably one of the reasons. That they need to get a payment up front I mean what's order records do they have after the stone is planted in the flowers surrounded in the name is engraved on it. It's not like you can kind of take that back Kenya Mike hi good morning hero on WBT. Nobody you know and all I got in you. Oh yeah absolutely I think this whole situation the divorce off. If the carbon into the bracket she did not give credit want individuals. It's especially when it comes the the cover up like this they just want the job done you know. You know a lot of people out there and wolf will not pay you first open especially after already been done because it's nothing you can do to make okay. The very different when it comes to working with the company then there's the business better actually because then you can't miss Ukraine alert the public. The death of life in business that you always leave any kind of lonely living is like you always clean slate of third party. I mean like Apple Store you go by computer you want apartment that they don't know. Turn you would have Barclay card in the and you start that would go to best buy a little bit by the guardian Citibank. I mean it's that's what companies do that. And it's you know when it. Women accompanying window in the morning the company went ahead and may do it made it has sold everything before they had the famous. There was certainly built up with a. So it's inappropriate for for a business to offer credit I understand what you're saying that. They should did you know they should use outside credit. Yeah but. They didn't so in assess where they do in this where they'd trying to do this family a favor of front and and just sort of fell apart. Yeah I mean give you a bit let well enough he'll seem very quickly that he would favor people don't really pay off. It's a bit about saying you don't have to unite the people I'm not saying don't go the extra mile and it and you need that they've seen their expectations. She brought it. You know when you when you're talking about money and doing favors the it didn't badly more than half the time. And this is what happened. So in my opinion. Beaten them the business owner should have made sure that money would agenda but now working better actually and we could definitely yeah we could I mean we talked about. You know change to the cute name and didn't sell to somebody else on the headphones and can't do that you don't know what you would that be a car what you do resell it do liquor is taken from them back that you never really get. Yeah I think that's where you don't think that's where the bills sold away from the bad decision to horrible. I got just a mistake. This is not gonna get his money can't we can't really use it against him in a way it's is basically retribution. Yet in my opinion what happened was is that the business don't read that this has stalled in the family got what are you know all about it but didn't they would probably. We're just post on Hezbollah leopard into the ripping destiny yeah. And then. I gave you that that does boulevards turned around like that and put it back. I think about it he would fit right in an area that you know the people that we can't do nothing about it you know all we can do it is to rectify a situation and removal. Should of should use teachers should take it to two small claims court. Yeah I can't think why don't you go yeah well well maybe maybe you maybe you would have done any good. Construction you can put a lien on somebody but you know. Yeah quite important I mean you can go to small claims court you can give to try. And then it would be a matter of what is the paperwork say it was a contract sake and that weather and a judge gonna say you can you to step up serve make the payments. And then it's up to the that the family to have the wherewithal the industry and openness to go the star in the region into the wallet. Billy neither you're on WB two how crazy can customers speak. Well I had a cut might be construction. Cutler had a fire knocked out quite a bit damaged. Damaged one sided the root insurance company said well we'll pay for the one side not bode. And I tell the cut let's say why not I'll do it I do the job opened the front portion of curry for no cost that I get a you know not profit in the job so we're doing their job and she wants to upgrade everything an accountant who learned that you want separate cabinet that the deficit when it's gonna caucus she goes. But a lot of money at the white you know you upgraded everything else she goes well can you give me credit for half the route that you say your big corporation also. Believe it is it is I'm bullying a global. So so so let's assume he had given you a hundred dollars worth the roof you're given a tear for freedom essentially she's saying what can you give me an extra fifty bucks since it coaxed into your life. Like well you know it's like I'm gonna do a hundred dollar put the work for free and the customers well. Can I get the hundred dollar. Yet yet has yet Moreland and and it's it but as it is but it's like that. Any. It's unreal doesn't help doesn't matter race color creed religion and it appears street course. And when she said that. Did you keep a straight face order now I expect I said you're crazy you just drop in your mouth a little bit. Oh no you know I'll do anything for every I talk a bit Kabul we are going to say and do himself like that that's. I had what conference they are are wheat or whole picture all new cabinet. Out of the really bad shape if you blame me for brand cockroaches could happen. Yeah its brand new cabinets always come with cockroaches that's the addition that I always ask for that's an upgrade isn't it. Like free hardware only could you throw in the road just to some little baby ones that they stay around the furlong time they may choose a big ones in there too. Break him back Karen Travers breaks down yesterday at the White House coming up here WB two examples. Korea says that they got missiles that can land and it's now. They're going to exploded big giant explosion things in the US time they want to do that than the sedan and negotiate with us is that a good idea bad idea for us to wait we'll. We talked to some folks from The Heritage Foundation come to a 10:15 this morning special insight into that situation. So yeah president been busy this morning. It's amazing you know sometimes you get on a roll when your New York. A kind of an end to create a feeling you know whether you're writing your cleaning your viewer your building something you know whats you went to get over that writer's block then. The rich just start to flow. News on Twitter. Two hours and bam bam family court in a row. Did you hear what he sent. OT yeah. Democratic congressman totally fabricated. What I said to the wife of the soldier who died in action. Intricacies I have proof sad. Sad. How do you prove it. Had improvement because again there's a congressman in just a losing her mind over. What she says she overheard. When the president called to talk to the wife of a deceased soldier. So that was one of the tweets your toes decided that it will not push players to stand for the playing of our National Anthem. Total disrespect for our great country. The Democrats will only vote for tax increases hopefully all senate Republicans will vote for the largest tax cuts in US history this is all all the same type two hours ago. And then of course as it has turned up James Karmi who lied and leaked and totally protected Hillary Clinton. He was the best thing that ever happened to her. When there was more than went along with the idea of people being interviewed him right in the letter at a time that sort of thing so be a president has been very very busy. With his Twitter account today. We go now to White House correspondent Karen Travers with ABC. And and Karen the that they discredit tweet here a moment ago about the about the fallen soldier. And the president says democratic congressman totally fabricated when I said to the wife of a soldier who died in action and I have troops had. Probably know all what's the truth here preserve this kind of weird situation. It really has and it's an unfortunate back and forth right now where. You can step back from all of this controversy and at the heart of this is a grieving widow who just lost her husband she has a six year old and a two year old. And is pregnant with their third child and to send video yesterday from the airport as she met the flag draped casket is heartbreaking and now this is become another political football and this congresswoman. Said Los think that she heard part of the conversation about who the president said. He says it's made up and he has proved she says she has she has proof to back up her claims in this kind of almost no ways. IA kind of piling on a we've seen for the past couple of days related to this broader issue. And you know of course we'd ask the White House what the president was talking about without tweets I'm glad we have not Nancy and now. And seems like it's another one of those things that just let it goes sometimes silences Pia is the best panacea for a problem. But maybe I maybe I'm missing now. Huh huh. Your guy and you know we haven't had. And the president and that's not one of his. Go to move sliding something go we've seen acts many times on many controversies and it's also the first time that he's. Suggested that he had some taped proof that something of course back months and months ago. Where is that egg suggestion that some general Hamid better hope that there weren't tapes of their conversations which he later said. Toronto. Such John Kelly chief of staff John Kelly came up as part of this whole discussion here command of the Obama administration and him losing his son. What do we know to be the truth as far as who talked to who and who didn't want what politicized. The Obama staff are not telling us the other certainly not saying that it's. President Obama called John Kelly after his son was killed in Afghanistan I think if that phone call of the need they'd probably would be disputing what the president said. They are noting that Kelly is with attended a breakfast at the White House for gold star families and sat with the First Lady have those six months after their son was killed. I know John Kelly has made it very clear over the years he does not want to talk publicly about his son's death. He did one interview I'm back in 2011. The Washington Post which is disturbed gut wrenching read recommends working an opt. And that's the nets and you know the president bringing him up and his son up in the interview yesterday when he's doing his radio interviews. Crews just surprising turn to this latest chapters a controversy dim. And it is just sad it's sad stuff seems to be dominating the that the narrative here what sermon let's get to some good stuff but no of the Friday. More fights to god John McCain and president trump they're gonna be going had to have they already short has sort of bar. In other driver and gun and here I mean John McCain now leads it says. He's gonna push back him the other night in Philadelphia with his good buddy Joseph Biden sending a pretty clear message together of what they do not like about the trumped administration in foreign policy ignorant and I can hear the end of that from John McCain. Orlando and the president says he's gonna fight back and it won't be pretty. I'm I'm trying to think what shall could possibly be in the personal that the John McCain would care about at this point in his life yeah yeah absolutely and. He's always that that maverick image and reputation up on Capitol Hill he game under criticism for supporting the president last year you kind of going along with the party and things that. Now you certainly see Agassi steering liberated to speak his mind. For John McCain spent five and have views as a Prisoner of War and he spent six months with Sarah Palin on the campaign trail you have you more than that too scared just to say hey fights coming away so he's a he's under quite a bit Karen Travers. With ABC always a pleasure to be inside his to a Saturday with a White House. Certainly never ever to dull moment. Charlotte is prime are we really. Are we ready for Amazon do you think we've put together enough of the package she feels that that come anyway we come back few runners 11109 had three deputy chief. Despite threats to the contrary to the president. First trade representatives. Not commence in the White House is not actively pursuing withdrawal from the North American Free Trade Agreement. He he said his name is or Robert liked their front frankly I'm surprised and disappointed by the resistance to change from our negotiating partners Canada and Mexico on both fronts. Or some experts are saying that you know what if we make any made changes to NAFTA really United States and we want to pay the price forced. So. Another one of the of the agenda items kind of slowed down just a bit as of this point in time Charlotte is primarily Redding. Are we ready. To have 50000 jobs five billion dollars in investment come our way. The city is celebrating the show look to it's time day Mayer Jennifer Roberts declared today as part of the effort to score Amazon's second headquarters. The Charlotte regional partnership and the Charlotte chamber are hosting a picture and video contest for people who show the retail giant why the queen city. He's the prime location. Officials need to submit their bid by Thursday after that it will be another two months before we learn. If Charlotte earns a spot on Amazon's shortlist. The second headquarters is expected to bring 50000. Jobs with that team. The more attention as you that we really got. Bo had a chance to have a conversation earlier would place some. About the package is going to be going out today. This is one of those situations where you've got to pick the right delivery service doesn't do an overnight delivery and I want to know what an absolutely positively has to be there overnight. She's so yeah I get a stamp though and you know double for sure make sure that he gets there. The F folks from the Charlotte agenda. Our role happy with what they think. Is going to be the package and the pitch to especially considering what some other cities. Are gonna be doing Dallas building its bid around a fifteen billion dollar bullet train. Can't imagine that they might think that's pretty cool New Jersey offering of seven billion dollars in incentives. On Georgia stoker's Georgia which is a suburb of Atlanta. They had they would DNX a huge chunk of land name it after the company. I don't think as a brilliant idea the the idea also. From the for the folks at Charlie agenda is to connect. Downtown to fraiche Q2 meaning the the new Valentine area down on the beach on the river. Connected to connect him with the train and a and start a new downtown new uptown whatever you wanna call. Chris I you're on WB to get more. Larry Dillon I'm all right man what are you doing today. Well I found out I've done some research on mine owner not found out where why and being motivated he gave to Eric Clint Moore went. Pajama Harvey Weinstein and the money he gave to the foundation. Yeah. Okay worded it boarded the money shouldn't told her yeah she donated it to a bill court ordered out for girls or go all the way off. In his in my toe you know using a similar restful sleep a lot obviously to bring that. I'm a little little short there so. Prime Charlotte prod. I think to be fascinating letting it be wonderful that would be nice to get to Europe to be on the short listings when I don't know that for a little while here. Abu we'll keep you up to date as far as what we've cut capital. And what we know what sort of information comes our way of your suggestions of things that you know I know it's the package is going it but there's any sort of last miss things that we need to throw in. Two percentage appease those within within Amazon and none. Don't be shy Estrada WB two weeks that comes got XWBT. Dot cuts so they have the president we won over some of this tweets. Fernando one of the tweets today I parlay it on to you here earlier was the the NFL. Had decided that it will not force players to stand for the playing of our National Anthem total disrespect. For our great country. And I'm guessing that tweet came after. Via the little get together on Tuesday NFL commissioner Roger Goodell got together was some players are actors Q would ABC joins us now and what went down. Well he did not ask our commitment from players to stand or the national Anthony said that was what yesterday's discussion about it and it was about. Understanding the social issues the players care about he called the discussion productive so they meet again and another a couple of weeks. But there was no apparent resolution to the controversy over the match our. Sort of the next steps here I know that that there was a discussion that you know when they're gonna open up. I don't know sometime or some presentation or some sort of forum so that they can talk about the social issues maybe make a month of of awareness or observance. Are we at a standstill or is it a truce how would you characterize that. Now I don't get any of those things I I think you're trying to resolve it. By giving the players. And out and making them feel like they you have a platform to speak out. Not so that they don't have to then make a spectacle of BM because clearly they wouldn't be an appellate. For further that the players do stand but maybe in this charged atmosphere they feel like they can't mandate it orchestra wanna you know. That they don't want that to be good I never. Do you think that as long as the president continues to it to tighten the screw in turn the screw on this. But that's going to Harden the resolve of the players. It may and that's what makes this so untenable he it's you know the players don't want out doubts it. You know it's it's that the wind have a president on what the next president says you know you should. I don't know dude jumping jacks or international soccer whatever it is a so that the players I don't wanna do that but the NFL also. But on one idea of a political football and and make the active going to a chamber watching became you know something parts. And you know that the president has said is. Pressure has led to a ratings decreased the ratings are down a bit greedy ass belt but you know we don't know what it has to do it but they've certainly been under pressure. Yeah well I talked to a lot of sports folks and we got a couple could get a sports station here in the building intersect that. Yeah may be the anthem flashes got something to do with the predominately it's because the product in the field is not as good as it used to be. Got a connection scoring in order for folks to really be interest in the game of football. Charlie you've called 704571110. Glad that you did welcomed the show here. You don't think Amazon would be good for us. Not thank you will be devastating to the people who are here now why is that yes you can't franc 50000 people in their community. How proud of the cult of home cult living. Everything would skyrocket. As those people coming in and compete for. For the or the other amenities that Charlotte and golfer now I think it's you know. Thousand a year maybe but not treat you and thank you will be devastating luckily. I don't like the city of Charlotte though not by the court. I don't like 50000 people would just drop out of the sky like paratroopers that chart out I think it would be up up up over a build up in a period of time. And yet it would change the housing market here for sure but what that would do then you will it it would spur an incredible building spree I would imagine. Oh that's possible and and united probably. They're not they create 2000 jobs they usually. Promised the when NASCAR per taxpayer money that you could that happen. She really open doesn't come up carpet there and go but I'm sure we're not though it would all we're not come up yet filed billion dollar anybody. You don't think. I mean I noticed some Democrats better woods well I mean that the Brett demonic yeah. New Jersey's willingly give up seven billion dollars. Halliburton bought the governor certainly not me man we got a greater or or immunities that I'll be enough for anybody to walk over here live more well. You know you'd think so and and at one point in time and our history perhaps that might have been the case you know we got good weather we get nice people. You know and cheap haircuts comfortable shoes. Number all of our very right. But all you want money to be as simple I'd like to know when that started. Because she. I would got great radio heard him like let's get solved our city every other person you don't rare New Jersey lets you add up billion dollar he's excelled. Stop all this. So that's sort of like a compliment Charlie. Idiot you ought to go area. Your good man I appreciate that very much thank you I enjoy your day in junior to help of course elegy talk. Plus you have half cocked on the well you know 'cause even I even allow Scott. Scott the other man who which to some. Don't want to like Paulson. It's called mr. FitzGerald. Overvalued he says that mr. FitzGerald. We'd record debt so that that can be part of like a new opening an intranet mr. FitzGerald. Yet. Always got it on tape I don't like it when there was a recent mr. FitzGerald a sort of makes these. They end up and go wait a minute a man trouble. What is the future you know mr. FitzGerald. Up to the blackboard plays. Went to Jamaica is to draw a little teeny tiny circle. About an inch above where our noses on the chalkboard and if we were in trouble way to stick our nose into that circle which meant he had to sort of tiptoed just a little bit. You try to after a couple minutes and tell me that you have gone absolutely hate you with a lot of your prize. Tough break him back we'll let Dick Anderson more local stories here including some. Moon shot that. What do we do to negotiate with them and an expert coming our way attentive came this morning here who's. Help us figure out how we can mess a little bit more with the fat kid Kimberly Jones flew. It's all on the way here on. Every team. Yes Simone shatters the there's still things. Maybe we that story just a moment here but some plus firing Jack Daniels types not too far away from us. But don't we go to Steve and and Steve was calling up. Just before the break had a few little mentions about that's why we need to come up with a an an additional name for Scott not just Scott can mean something in front of a meter title of some sort. You know I mean John is is going to be you know don't be something good right mr. FitzGerald Mecca and there he calls on a semi regular basis. And it doesn't matter what the topic this week could be discussing. Navel oranges. We give discussing navel oranges and shoelaces and somehow. It would it would come up to be a Jewish conversation in some form or fashion Steve hi good morning you wanna talk about Scott. And I thank you'll for good morning mr. FitzGerald mr. FitzGerald yeah another mr. extra fees under par micron now. Right to come into my brother. He you'd think he hates. Asians seem to speak your brother I don't know what he's fighter confederate flag to. Iraqi cured Barack final mom here it's how straight Ali. He's he's in here and background he'd been doing it salt they are. What's on tonight's event crying you hurt him bad. You target feeling sad mr. FitzGerald. I think you all my brother an apology. Dude it's. God oh gem. Steve Steve and mrs. together I got doesn't tell our product misses hurt him bad Tammy say I need to apologize to your brother he had to apologize to imitators. All over the world. There's a very very nice try. Fell well short the market. Not to apologize to Scott. We do need to come up with a group. The title form because it's it's hard for me to say his name in essence is might as well in my designer you know we have in this neck of the woods. Our county deputy cited demand for making his own liquor. Deputies and alcohol on force and agents found a thirty gallon liquor still on fifteen court to bring date on Douglas fox wrote these are photos from the scene. Deputy cited Timmy king for manufacturing and possessing non tax paid liquor. Authorities also destroyed 140. Gallons of mash and ingredient used to make out. Hall while. A lot of match. Remember the other the song though girl mound do ask for medicinal purpose in his credibility and her little home and got out and again lose sleep a debate nudity border. Do you remember this on Google map today hit an idea my mother used to sing that when. Tell us when we were young and I remember I did that for a talent show. In third drink it. Because I have been instrumental record win this bluegrass records have on their. In my teachers has got all shocked that I am singing a song about moon shot. It's picked up the TV your budding alcoholic may that I exist unit and a group starter is what analysts. So I have never ever had. Moonshine what are what is the deal with moonshine and why haywire prices are coveted liar people wind of this. I I don't understand the appeal of it. Mean because from what I understand all of really does is burn all your tongue always around Europe you're stricter. And I guess get she was hammered is is this can possibly be I knew a little girl. Choose mission was under agencies took off to some on some neighbors. And apparently had enjoyed and she did three shots of Anderson like that and then to carrier literally carrier through the neighborhood. So I'm guessing that's. It's quite hefty. But is there an enjoyment in that does it I can't imagine what it would tastes like in in whether or not to be. Any like pellet type reason. To have a go analysts say in you have to mix it with something that otherwise it's just like Clinton Robin out called undergo. Because it's basically a 100% net fiery. Yeah I mean like would do what was this stuff back in college or but ever clear. It didn't take off Rivera bring that name up I remember well. That was it for the Harry buffalo parties what did you call this to everybody brings a bottle and oxidant that PJ party with a big trash can in the better knowledge stuff up PGA DJ party won his PG I'm not sure what it's dead or. I don't know it can get in trouble with O yet in got uglier looking uglier looking uglier look in the more than you poured into. And in so many would cut up some fruit right and sticks and Fernandez. Citrus and I was just punched zone live on. So much each Theron and legacy than maybe maybe that makes me a bit of a wimp. I've mentioned. The hillbilly that you told her Phil Billy is what we called his name was felt I used to live next door to us at one point time in Dayton. And here's a dude never wore shirts and long greasy black here that trailed down his back. An image you literally look like. In his yard was hey let's go to central casting and and tried to set when he defined over a acacia to shoot for hillbilly. And this would be like the perfect the perfect setup you know garbage piles and that sort of thing. All over and he was a moonshine dude pain he came from the hills of Kentucky. And I don't have a couple of months you've got somebody drive in my truck in a truck with a couple of I get Bob ball to ours yet to wither and with peachy and it in his big giant peach and it. What did they have a munch on the day you said to PJ stance for purple Jesus. All novelties I never knew that yeah you're gonna be there as I have a drink a person's business. I just doesn't sound right does not enough. Parents or break him back in when we come back North Korea says it we're gonna sit down and negotiate review but guess what. Two things are gonna happen first in your not gonna like the United States what are those two things. Find out what about your news eleven tonight that freedom to be seen you much ready for seventy days time tomorrow Blackstone shooting sports as we're going to be. Free lunch for some barbecue about it talk about some gun safety in another an infusion you can find out whether or not. We'd never see another weapon in your arsenal. Or if you just consider getting into the world of personal protection if you go to Blackstone shooting sports are likely to please you ever seen before this is an upscale. Shooting range. Retail area huge and beautiful. And does a great place to have corporate parties you know I think he'll scrapbook open some golfer you know those kind of things now. But some real street with the union co workers holiday time be a great time to do to Blackstone shouldn't sports. Again I'll be out there starting on choosing off the program and we're a little Lula will get together and you can join and so. You're so inclined to Blackstone call. And say hey I'm on my way or connect so what North Korea is it disturbing to hear that they're really not that interested. In diplomacy. Not interested in talking to us until they have. Reached a couple of milestones. And Peter Brooks with The Heritage Foundation joins us now here into the milestones that they are looking in to. Should have us a little on the nervous side should they Peter. We got them in North Korea is committed through its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile program. And although they have a lot of the ballistic missile the one they're really working on his want to reach out great distances such as. Parts of the United States while Hawaii Alaska and of course the Carmel United States felt. Yet they they are definitely on a trajectory to be able to do that although they're not there yet. So they say it would go sit doubtless they'll have some negotiations with this when they have a missile that can hit anywhere in the United States. And then also after they have detonated a bomb. In the sky. Over the ocean for another sort of test Tom we're not gonna wanna wait that long are we or do we have taught us so. Or that they're going to do this atmosphere tests in the net that would be something kind of unprecedented. In this in this stage nobody's done that perk for decades and has that could have an effect on a lot of a lot of people and a clear they can do that but that's what they're doing is they're trying to increase. Their leverage if they ever decide from negotiating table but. I don't think you've become the negotiating table their covenant negotiating table to. Negotiate away their nuclear weapons program. I mean this is what makes North Korea important this was mixed China Russia the United States you're Nash community Pippen take notice to them. It's not there you know medical advances are there technological advances outside of these weapons. It's because they have these last. I'm so I don't think I'm very. Reluctant to believe that they're gonna come to the table and negotiated poor economic development to work. A peace treaty with itself they've been offered these things for many many years. I hate because skeptical but that participate the may have been dealing with them for awhile and that that's what makes these weapons McMurtry important and there's lots of reasons for them not to. We'll be willing to negotiate them away. Would we have any we would have no reason almost to even have discussions with these people aura about them. If they didn't have these programs I mean no talks about Namibia but if Mitt that Namibia had the bomb then they'd be somebody that would be on our rader as well so you're right this. You know it but it's also know they've been a threat on the Korean Peninsula for a long time and conventional level right you know that there are these big. Before they had these weapons I mean we could they. 1950 so they've only been a conventional threat that doesn't terrible thing to us in the South Koreans over the years. But now other just in in a greater threat than they were before. Now what does that we had discussion. Some grumbling that that China is looking at deploying huge armies on the edge of of North Korea here have you heard much about that that came out the news. The express and and also business insider of yesterday. Military exercise they do military exercises the more they're concerned obviously for Korean Peninsula has a couple of things there could be behind this one. It could be a signal to the United States the Chinese have come out and said basically look. If you start a fire in North Korea if you start a fight with the American we're gonna stay out of it. They also said hey America you start a fight with North Korea which is an ally of China. We won't remain neutral. But there's a couple things like will be sending it to look in the United States be careful what you what you're doing here the other thing is. They could be worried about instability in North Korea and large movement of people out of North Korea such as refugees. Are there a lot of north Koreans that have come across the border already in the China and I'm sure they don't want a massive flow of people so there's a lot of things that could be going on here. In terms of the things that the north of the Chinese military is concerned about. Duchess so the the next sort of milestone. That should concern us the most your Peter Brooks what what would that look like at this point. Polar bear and. After North Korea's capability. I think what we're we're really looking at it it's hard for them to. Actually has a nuclear warhead on a missile like we're unifier. They don't have a large. Land mass 22. Fire across like Russia might have or United States and bears think that a lot has previously has but it that there is out to the Pacific Ocean. But I think they're really at the accuracy and here they're long range ballistic missiles if they're able to demonstrate that they could. Range that accurately and reliably the United States. I and then we're gonna obviously very closely watched near their nuclear program their weapons program and we have to assume the worst case scenario in terms. Bet yes Morris and testing their accuracy I don't know that there's a country in the world that would be willing to. Well I don't know lend them a small island for for a science experiment you know. Yeah absolutely certain that big they have some odd occasion when they fired the missile over Japan. A lot of it has to do with yarder in physics. He'll get into the open ocean and they have to fire over Japan which is obviously not very comforting to the Japanese there's. Peter Peter Brooks would be Harrigan who's with me with the I'm so clues in my mind here. The thought that. Paid for Brooks is an expert on North Korea I appreciate your insight into. What might be the other next the big bad nasty thing that can become an hour away from North Korea so I don't appreciate your insight has got to work cut number eight here. More disturbing news coming out of Las Vegas. Didn't your getting kind of confusing here how many times has this timeline changed. A visibly shaken Las Vegas sheriff revealing a new timeline nearly two weeks after the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history. My intent today is the Bryson clarification Carl some. Outstanding issues out there in a public forum. Correcting information given earlier this week. Saying hotel security officer his discomfort had been shot at 9596. Minutes before Stephen paddock again his vicious assault. Mandalay Bay's 32 floor the hotel's parent company disputing this time gap. I am very well aware of the MGM statement provided yesterday. I agree with their state. Now Las Vegas authorities agree at 1005 PM paddock shot compost and seconds later unleashed his hail of gunfire on the crowd below. All right so is seconds and sometimes it was minutes. This is really confusing situation here and the plot seems to effect and now. And I don't necessarily. Give Alex Jones much credence but if you watched the sheriff. Through his different. Different press conferences he has a very different demeanor now than he did in the beginning and Alex Jones has got a theory behind it. Las Vegas sheriff Joseph Lombardo. Even not the shooting was calm and composed. But in subsequent press conferences he is agitated he is scared he acts like he is in fear. He is a lot of Tim. Then when you discover pollution control of this investigation. Did you understand why he's so concerned and want my sources in federal law enforcement and others are concerned from what they know. That the sheriff Bob Las Vegas is being threatened. That is why is in danger and that he could be suicide. Or are incited. Any time to cover up what really happened yeah Los. Nixon. So amongst the conspiracy theories now. These shooters motive was carrying out and then Newman not be blood sacrifice ritual its great to. Yeah. Sheila as an Hinske is the one that came up with the that went and there's more. This killing in front of the sphinx and pyramids this mobile us no courts. Jeremy and us listen to grow their business. Both entertaining may may be in a conversation don't do the world's much good break him back in demo we do we'll be joined. By ABC news. Jim brought interesting stuff developing and he's got his finger on the pulse of it almost coming your way next on news or haven't had not heard three WBT. Get ready for a short time later and good morning Linda Scott FitzGerald thanks for listening. Now we know how polls goes right. Sometimes. A little difficult to give him any credence. There's CNN fox hole. That is showing. Basically a flat out tie this is kind of surprised flat out tie. In the Alabama senate race we have former chief judge Roy Moore I had to head against Democrat Doug Jones 42% each. 11% say they're unsure 3% chose other. So I think that means you're gonna vote for Nick Saban. I mean if I had to guess that says the situation going on there and Alabama but but then again remember when we've seen polls that have been so off vet. We we shouldn't be surprised. That anything can happen. Than anything at all and happens on let's go to a bit different topic cured by brought this up yesterday in order to see how the story developed. And it looks like it is continuing Jersey a state of emergency in Florida. Jim Ryan and ABC's last time we were dealing with a state of emergency in Florida it was a hurricane not so much this time around it's a man with a voice. That's the meet her car remain committed this is perception but we're at the camera out the governor Rick Scott to sort of course where a lot about in the last few months with each. Hurricanes that have threatened and try to hit it states you issued its state of emergency unit you know advance is something that's happening tomorrow. That is the appearance by Richard Spencer. I the national policy institute in so called all white founder who will be speaking at University of Florida which. That's welcome to course after the violence a couple of months ago in Virginia the clean delightful one person. Cause injuries to nineteen others so you want to be ready for that so distinctive that emergency won't get. State police local police other resources mobilized in advance of a potentially volatile situation do we know how much is going to be mobilized. Well I can trillion dollar amounted to about half million dollars sloppy Archie out. At that point from both the university and from this state coffers as well as Spencer and his group are being charged for the use of an auditorium at you up in being so. About 101500. Dollars but that won't be nearly enough to cover the call after all the security that's going to they've met Mickey should have to say about it. That's. Doesn't quite seem fair. Just at first glance so we need to go in the hole is a government to allow somebody to for free speech. You know I don't. No I don't know I think it was already there that's why you are last month he was supposed to speak. That they do that universe you're sort of further the president said then the president urged supporters not ready we we don't have the security resource and we don't want to have what happened last month that thought I should. You know Charlotte were there to be happening here. So where we're not going to go outside and there was I didn't need it school president mind. Grounds to say yes or public's eighteen security would you do. Now we're declaration of what all the money is being spent on security he says he really does have a choice but to allow Richard Spencer to speak. They. It was a no before now they had to capitulate. So our dollars our our dollars going into Adam let's just let's just hope that that comments prevail and ideally. The folks who work and tie Richard Spencer will just stay home and not give remain. Can't Yemeni fuel for an fires you know. Well that's exactly it precisely what that the president if you have has told people he and agent YouTube video says she still like what Spencer's gonna say just stay home and you ignore him don't give them form. Yeah throw cutting kind of an interest in spot that the president kids the president university because you know you you have to uphold the right to Richard Spencer and anybody who wants to by the way. To speak on campus here from the states or to charge them there for dispassionate available only. Yet and yet did not necessarily ascribe to what that person might say. Yeah you know you don't like it but you gotta let it happen Jim Ryan would ABC. This is not necessarily. There's not by any stretch the imagination kind of conversation that I thought we be having about states of emergency. That's got to make Spencer just use his head just swell. They're just as it mean it just blows me away when in when you go to the national policy institute and searching other website. Sometimes you're strong stomach to read some of the crap that he puts on there. So as of right now it looks at the protest arguing that. Almost 3000 people have said that they will be attending demonstrations. That have been organized by via FaceBook page no Nazis that you left. And then another 7200 expressed interest in doing so. For Huckabee 101000 people. And if if those people show up if those anywhere between seven and 101000 people show up then that number. Will dramatically swell they were able to stay there. They'll start they'll start tweaking they'll start texting or start FaceBook in their friends and then pretty soon that tend could be an absolutely huge number. And I would guess that the bigger is that number goes. The bigger the number on the other side. We got the other crack research staff. Here WB teeth looking into reaching out some of the different groups that are down there like god or not she's a few laps and there's going to be. Supporters of Spencer we're trying to find some of those troops or stay with us here not coming about ten Florida this is news 1110993. WP team. Probably four K a day giveaway to. Can't you figure this money fashion. 'cause why would reports that wartime today 705110525. And then again mr. finals I would Hancock and arrival. It works is we'll give you word in menu. Text that we're doing specific number that we will give deal and then now you're out of the race so okay. So again liberal fives you next time that comes up for your on WB UT. We we've been a constant. Purveyor of bigfoot information here on this program you've been listening furlong you know that is very very important of course recover. No politics governor who's going to around the world sports almost as soon. No human interest story but any time bigfoot rears its beautiful head. We have we get a dig it. Who we certainly do. And another bigfoot sighting unfortunately this is not a North Carolina because to work. We know who'd go to we know where the experts are we know where they work wind we know where the expeditions are. A bit Jeffrey Gonzales. He's a the paranormal expert. What do you do go sort of certification do you need to call yourself a paranormal expert. They are yet to listen to George Noory every night problem you don't think that's the kind of thing you can just go on down to the local. Quickie print. Mixing business cards and haven't seen paranormal expert on an aunt who's gonna dispute it. I would I mean. If you are pretty good let's say that's heated normally you rocked the immune to medley for the first time this what Obama paranormal expert not a featured asked what kind of questions would you ask me if I had to if you knew there was a paranormal expert you ever seen alien I have seen as a matter of fact Bruce seven years old. Yeah it came down in my backyard it landed in the swimming pools that reflect. It put on his bathing suit. Did three or four laps. Check the chlorine level and then got back into a spaceship and what a way to the most disturbing thing to oversee what else would you wanna ask me as a paranormal experts say could you can mix up well right. Yeah Maine coast to see ghosts are watching ghosts I see a lot of this is a net effect is goes in this room right now I have the ability to see these goes it's a gift that has been given to me obviously by the work not only can I see ghost like and also. To your future and for a psychic CEO 52 dollars an hour on behalf of the silly what's gonna happen in your future I saw it my all sides agree Lou it's in your pocket. Well you are tonight I upstate so me being a paranormal expert seems to me to be something that the you can sort of strap on it will. Unlike you know army Ph.D.s electrical engineer and it might take a little bit more work than rebelled print job. So so back to interpret and zealously paranormal expert on he headed to a northern California to check out a recent sighting. From a farmer who said that he didn't see just one big foot. He saw six of them running around on his ranch well it six civil. And a parent it's a pictures. I am able get the link for the pictures to work. But boy I'd love to see me some pictures have been put. The farmer said. To have one of the big foot shot was. Running with a paid over his shoulder. Could be a big dude run with a rug as it ends up being the biggest. Values runner with a pig in any tripped. Yeah and India dropped the pick and Gonzales said that there were at least two other sightings in the area as well. Quote what are the odds of three people. Three different families who don't know each other within a radius of two to three miles come and tell me what they witnessed it all matches up. Well. It's add. There's a tragedy going on in some of our communities across the country. And in as a community in West Virginia. Population 392. That had nine million. Hope you wait till its go through its pharmacy there nine million. So when when Jeffrey Gonzales says what are the yards three people. Through different families don't know each other with the ratings of 23 miles Khatami would pay witness in the matches up. It could be yeah they're a little whacked out on the same thing can be no I don't know proposed that specifically make you see bigfoot is sound like they witnessed a recreational activity the bigfoot greased pig competency that could me. We've gone on the well to do what I can't to a to dig up Jeffrey Gonzales shouldn't be too hard fight. Concede seems to me my experience has been that paranormal experts. Are always looking for good luck you always looking for good clock. Overnight on the George Noory show on W. There are a lot of the similar looking governing. So I attorney general Jeff Sessions is testifying on Capitol Hill and it's the the usual suspects that are grilling him house you sound just. I'm around against our pale could be dropped. Senator Feinstein. On. I cannot comment on the yacht private conversations I may have had with the president. I would decide that attorneys in the Department of Justice at the request of the judge prosecuted that case. A federal judge found. The defendant guilty of a misdemeanor. Awe and joy is our actions. And the president on decided to issue a pardon. But let me ask you this what was the process stand by which that decision was made to pardon our pale. I'm not aware of the details on it to the extent to which. I can provide views and writing com. I would I would be pleased to do so well on. On the president has the power to issue pardons with or without the Department of Justice involved. And that that has been done in the past in some very dramatic in. Because that would be Jeff Sessions attorney general Jeff Sessions that particular cases are talking about sure Pompeo. Chula. Let's go to blue in the got a lot of different subject to elect cover with this man who today one or the other big political flaps that that seems to be stuck in the wind here. Started when the president addressed. The fact that he had not addressed the soldiers that we lost in Africa and they talked about sending runners and then having conversations. Poor depending on who you believe there was a conversation that the president had with one. Grieving widow. Then a US representative. Happened this year. We were in the car together in the lemon being handed to. I mean the body at the airport. So. I heard what he's scared because the phone was on speaker. What he's saying. Well basically he's scared. Well I guess she knew what he signed up for. But I guess it still hurt. That is not something that you train tour greeting he. What was your reaction represented. I asked them to give me the phone. Because I wanted to speak with him. And I was gonna curse them out. That was my reaction at. At times. I would submit it. They would I give me define. So don't give me the phone. Who does more than once tied to a story though. Mean there's always more than one side of the story. The president. Tweeted after he heard us. Democrat congresswoman totally fabricated what I said to the wife of a soldier who died in action and I have proof. Sad. I have proof. CNET. Why why are we to this point. In life where we have to defend her we feel like we have to defend every single thing that we sick. Because think of everything that that we sake it's attacked. In the case of the president this time around it's representative Frederica Wilson. From Florida who may be attacked com or call. Never say the word. So why. Well I guess she knew what you. When it's. I'm just takes over the family. You don't mind. And the fun now the role models at all. Jimmy is a horribly sad but I could certainly see how somebody could hear. Even hear those exact words. And twist them has it all depends on how it's delivered. Because of I told you enjoy your wife had died in the they have an attack he message on more. So sorry for your loss. Preacher which your wife. You know what she was sort of a floor. When she went an all out and she gave parole and unfortunately she had to give you ultimate sacrifice. You could say at that way. And it wouldn't be something that would blow up in his faith. Gentlemen good to you and your conference about two congressmen when we come back after the break here. Just poor guy he can't touch got a break. Maybe you just need to put everything to Twitter and tweet every single piece of communication that way. It's written down nobody can make. Make make up how it was delivered because it's right there in the words of brick and back in the new. Money money money money money. We have got 1000 dollars right now I hear me here's a word threats PRI NT print tech center 72881. For your chance to win a thousand bucks you get to 1115 better. To national contest that message better it's Bible contest crews available at WBT. Dot com forward big court court K odd day give away another thousand books on the line and in the words printed PRI NT. Texas to 72881. Till 1150 what do you weigh in voter. When he used to kill spider John. As you issue then this is not a family feud today where the you know the movement that's the most elected as. Although that would be a good one and that I would be the tough answer right rolled up newspaper wrote it and came zooming have a definitive death abilities laughing over the way. And what would you used to kill spider I was in trouble. You just trample on it. You'll you'd you'd use a tramp on the spider you hit him with a tray. Let's not very nice. No issues obviously. If you if you ever thought hey blowtorch is to be right up there at the top of the list. For at least one Persian your right fire crews in Tucson Arizona were sent to a mobile home fire. That they believe was caused when a propane torch was used to burn spiders from under the trailer it. But yet it's one of those situations isn't it works on the Mormon leader projects. An elderly woman was rescued by her son and some neighbors and thankfully only had some minor injuries. No word yet to. On whether or not the spiders were successfully removed. The investigation continues. Some people are stimulus was there any alcohol flowed in and tend but tend to think there might be. People just don't connect the dots sometimes you know. Spiders blowtorch all obviously a great idea Jen not you think so blow torches and spiders they go hand in hand rights are like a peas and carrots. No no. Irish figured out much smarter man in the when I was just talking about so. I'm glad you joined the program here I know you would like to make a comment about be representative and and the president. In total back and forth as to he should he said she said what's up what's up. Cheer loud you know rodeo out but not yet horsepower outdoor rodeo. The other more danger Arctic and go to it is in the background I don't know black. They don't have beaten up Florida State prisons so worse but she does suit pocket or out but you know you don't show respect for the dead. I don't know what pres just said I'm not gonna argue the issue but what I served in Vietnam War we've got. Men were killed. We should respect Joseph but does own spot. Would wrap the middle poncho. And we let the helicopters. Little moan. Structures. Protect a lawyer. And he'd be you know it's so be it but man Penn State more than half we majority body was guarded that no one. Bother body but to military goes through personal prop make sure it is not the tour actually. Looked. I know it was actually. But you know out and get our. Had a lot. No respect for the dead to me is more important. They're not maybe bank east. Your world war and it senate must look out they still do right. And I know that navy and unreported. And Pete's. It's. And not respect for the day at its charge that political Osce mission crowd oh world. Some of their comrades or killed sure. Is disturbing but it does look AD into law will look to president said that I'm sure it was with respect. And not presidents. People don't real artist Prez just do street figures. Of the number of kids that are certain people more. And Jim Anderson. Jim Jim helped me out here come because I'm on board review. That respect for the dead. It's it's expected. And and anybody who doesn't deliver that. And in follow through on that you know that needs to be talked about but my question is who will rule where is the congresswoman. Not respecting the dead is it is at her or is it the president in your mind based upon what you know about the story. Pesci is a vote getter. That's true yes that's true well Souza president but to you know but I understand what you're saying go ahead. What she. She total respect to me. Help bridge he would end up that bit. She was with the widow. Yeah. Just it was caught dog and pony show that's all wish sort of worry. About don't we should note just compressed. The yup. Let the media that's all about and that's why are you were there you don't. She probably share about just she just found out about it all the people are obviously knows it. Could be. So what. In you and Jameer right there anybody who's out to get votes any politician. If there's an opportunity to vacancies. To get in front of the public NA NA NA in their mind look good then they're gonna take it. So one side of the story is that the president's that he knew what he signed up for but I guess it's still hurt. Could that be taken as insensitive. Yeah maybe. He says she totally fabricated what I say to the life. And I have proof you will see that proof. I don't know I don't know we will learn and I doubt it. If we do. This congressman knows a big old apology don't she'll break him back on news 1110 adding that three WB to think about 1116 it's your time either Scott Fitzgerald's. Very soon and don't keep an eye on the sky and those are the birds and planes and Superman. A Chinese space lab is gonna be crashing down under. That's good news and it's nice to know space junk should become a downwind and on our head or we're not quite sure yet where these these large pieces you're gonna land. It's a beat young long one. Which translates to heavenly palace has been going around her murder for the last six year old he left I think have beaten their both methods. Into itself like restaurant does that. That there reminds you skylab. Whoever that when I came down yeah of course gonna know is gonna end. Troubles and your backyard heavenly palace. Now. Peacock power anyway it's been is have been around up there for the past six years instrument supposedly burn up in new thinking that it's gonna burn up completely. When it comes back into the Earth's atmosphere sometime between now and April. Good to it's been doing the descending thing for more than New Year's Ginn look closer and closer and closer. And then recently it's been falling faster. They're out there watching this are keeping an oil this year. When eight and a half tons so when this comes down on the Anderson there's some potential for some fragrances largest 250 pounds to land. And we have no idea where. Picked because we don't know exactly when. Is gonna decide to go and his grandfather and Kuerten had the slightest movement. Who was as we don't know when it's gonna happen they can't predict the where part either. If you think about it how much how much water there is on the planet. Most likely the sentinel into the ocean just keeps from a statistical standpoint. I have a neighbors that doesn't keep their line up right at. Then I'm thinking and there's a way that I can order it to land. Quit because if you could order space junk to land on on somebody that was Natalie Hurst another person. On on the thing was irritating. Than I think that Libya. That's a superpower I would like to have this'll lead to conspiracy theories I'm sure already for the space junk and the people might think as some. The problems in a paranormal expert that's right I'm in the business Christmas today. So while one of the topics of earlier discussion here today and I like to bring this up again is is a situation. In Hickory. He gave her brother had anything taken back that you bought near urban you know car repossessed. And us and reaper of folks. Dangerous ride to work I don't know that. Re pulling the car. Should be kind of a bit of adrenaline that goes handled him was that. But repowering. A gravestone is that a dangerous endeavor. You know I'm sorry you you have big mistake you have this amateur Ager mermaid. Wish bitten nail but. We do all the little fanfare. Dulles. Can't forget there's probably give us. Then as hurt everybody involved. And we hope the sale they're hardly give us forward. Her wrists and legs and we hope that we can give them the room. You know these charters to be greater secretary to have this preinstalled we work on the Toyota tradition should do yeah. So the mom says he repossessed it. He repossessed. The reverend JC Schultz took paktia gravestone for this five year old little boy who died of leukemia. He says. The allegation is that she made some changes in the stone ordered to be different way a lot more and is gonna cost a lot more like an extra 2500 bucks. Who's those monuments are not achieving. That are not cheap at all. The united. I tell my kids you know just I mean nice rock you to do all rock payment name on it in a ton box this fear so I need it. So actually they're doing it was shrouds now you can do wood and cloth out now has a hundred computer boxes and Miguel. And that's where wanna go see people some people are we behind some money. So so allegedly a 2500 bucks an additional costs and mister Schulte says reverential says that was never paid. So as a businessman I mean what what sort of recourse do you have. If we weren't talking about a five year old little boy here who died from leukemia. I'd be willing to bet this. This would even be a topic of conversation but the immediate response. And in what is your 7045701110. My first immediate response to was. Holy Moly what do heartless on. That was my first reaction. Then my second reaction was. Whoa he's in business what you're supposed to do. We don't know how many times he tried to contact the family to say you know I do what you told me to do kind. Eat eat eat you bought a marker and then you made it changes and then we spent this money to put this together for yeah. And you didn't pay for winning gonna pay for it. Which is gonna be a crappy phone call to make. How awful would it have to be to make a phone call to somebody who is just lost a loved one. Whether it's two have a bill paid from the estate. You know. Or in a situation like this where your money on a headstone. Where dues. Empathy. Where does empathy and business. Rick they intersect. And which side of the argument. Do you need to be on. What if there's a situation where every single time. That that somebody was an a in a position of sympathy. That was session of honest if every single time that you could use that as a way to negotiate a better deal on something. Would would you look at the business that broke my wife just died so can you take 3000 dollars up this car. No no you're so heartless because I just had a at a loss of life for them. John Gray stone where you on this. Is. Well it's not a cancer. And build don't stop common man I mean you make news most the most debt console when a child has cancer is it to Brian perk I am. I know I hate it but it is though. In the bears a man and. They need their money aren't we learn to decided they went on it but it's for our guests you know I. Arm like castor said but they ran out Bart or else. I thought. We we paid it always color cartridge and spoiled by boat people get it worked out there are. It happened by now as they're. Well guess suck but people need to get a coordinator. In my guess is and John I have no idea what the interaction on an impersonal sorry for your loss and I can't imagine how difficult it has to be. But. I. I'm not sure how many times you probably called. Or or tried to have a conversation with a and in my guess is if the family what is said look I understand the position that cheer him. We just lost a child you deal with people like us all the time you know where we are you know we're going through. You know how much you have to have an idea of how much money this cost stood. To treat a child and try to keep them alive and happy and wind helping as long as possible. We hope will pay yet can you just give us a break can you give us a little bit of time. I don't think that we would be we wouldn't be having this conversation I don't think the empathy where the other thematic and. Can't sub island at they had the panelists say that made it look Goran not play out and we have a payment like we do this let they do that. So I mean did they in other avenues family contacted doctor Conrad Oslo market coworker casserly says. What do you take what he knockoff ally doctors actually you know they do not call a lot of stock by the end of the Miami. All of you saying hey you know we can't afford this are there any way you can donate some sort it has something under the act you know that not one half percent a much. And up to the quality of music until you let you know Hercules be out of it there's a lot of they're. And I think I say they were contacted this company in there that you know they would have a situation. Yeah it's a it's a weird confluence in met there was a business transaction. Nobody wanted to make that business transaction had made no family in the world wants to have to go by the headstone. Aren't you know but changes and instead it was a low potatoes and and a mom who. You just had a car accident you know we all have tough times and if she says well you know I can't pay for the other little dictators are you brought me because my MacArthur right. Wolf I'm sorry that's not my problem it's your problem. It ends in this doesn't have the part that sucks is that there's the rational logical thinking part and then there's a human side his right. I get it I understand holy Moly zone while while they John I appreciate Kirch for Colin thank you are big time and you greater. We'll have talked mean we're all going through something. You know. And I feel like if you if you if you know somebody's up and Daniel let another jab and hard times but you walk into it and with the with the belief in the feeling in the in this. Then I'm gonna pay off that don't ask for the break let them give you don't want. We're a much better in the long mega church. How reassuring how much money at your cocktail. I don't know that I let my wallet I don't. My name is John to borrow money yet figured me out there is this out of work. I'd gladly pay a remark he made five but tell you would you put him back to tomorrow. This could happen. Quite often and some of the places that I hang out. It's not self Parker is out there under deal worth where you see somebody going. Hey give me finals and do more vivid the general and haven't. But I live outside my laundromat. Because it is my laundromat or go watch Monday's at all. That was almost every single time if any in front Ellis. Given that you can. I don't know who you are expecting that. Our and you don't give them the five dollar I do not know when sorry staging an alligator arms they don't reach into my into my pockets. The F Forbes list of the world's most richest people has come up. And guess who's at the top of the list. Michigan's. Bill Gates yet you right now. Food. 86 billion dollars as Hamachi guts. He's got five dollars. C'mon bill gimme five bucks a payback tomorrow. Warren Buffett necks every five billion Jeff Bezos of CEO of Amazon. 72 billion dollars is amazing how much money some of these people are doing Laura Taylor the other not to. They're too much month at the end of the money there. The president his his dropped a bit. Cute he was a 156. Most richest person in the world and now he's 248. Who via. Some shrinkage there there was finances yes 600 million dollar shrinkage. Must have been called in that swimming pool the money swimming pool there 600 million dollars with a shrinkage. So an alias three point one billion dollars. Still mattered at all. Are we gonna get a tweet about this all this is wrong. This sickness. But I guess probably the I don't think his accountant or any of his attorneys would want him to us to address that very much. But that would probably be the case. So what if you're gonna be doing any traveling you be doing any air travel in the next Al Pacino playing in the next year. Your fine if you're north Carolinians and he got a driver's license you're real ID but south Carolinians. Might have a bit of a issue. The next time you pack for a domestic flight you may have to bring your passport along if you plan on getting up in the air or in act if you live in any of these states and blue carrying a second form of identification that travels may soon become a requirement as you can see about half of the US is under review for meeting the requirements of the 2005. Real ID act the bill came after 9/11 has a intimate travel safer the deadline to comply was on October 10 which demanded stricter standards for state issued IDs grace period has now been extended to January 22 when he eighteenth after that you may need dig either order a passport which can take four to six weeks to receive or carry a permanent resident cards for a military ID does satisfy the TSA. You talk no good fears that. Padilla when I when I got my driver's license renewed back in July. Did they were his two steps to it and it may be very gone through all this were they say well if you only have this you know year old driver's license then you can get. New driver's license but it won't be your real ID and by 20/20 you need to come back here. And bring me years shall security card and your purse to advocate load. I haven't heard that when yes oh yes now it's it was a national movement came out to. I believe it was part of the Vogel and all the backlash after 9/11 of the Patriot Act and all that sort of stuff to us to get all. All people in the country. Aligned with the sort of similar ID. And I it was funny because when cheek when this woman toll a lot of the DMB. Was the first I never heard of it. And I had never heard of it you'd think that that would be the kind of thing that. Certain segments of society would lose their mind over piano slippery slope that's right slippery slope just in various art. Yeah chip in your wrist. But somewhere I would want my chip. And beat him because we know because you if you if you gonna have a chip in your body. And you need to walk by a machine to you don't register the true there were to pay for your odd drug lord of the cases. I think it would be much more fun to put into a place where you sort of had to do a strange maneuver. And maybe even a small flipper cart wheel to to get to go buy him something acrobatic that's right why you would let mad at me I'm not I've just tried to pay for dinner. It's still it's not. When emails are really blessed and this congresswoman about but president trump and the back and forth there about the the dead soldier. Finish is so sad to me that what we're looking at is the death of a soldier and that has become a little old. Point of contention. She's saying that I heard other people are saying I heard the same thing what they're saying that they heard is that the the president said. He knew what he signed up for but when it happens it hurts anyway three people so that they they heard that on a speakerphone inside the limousine. From. She says that they have proof that he says that he has proved as well so who's a who's tell the truth who's telling the truth yeah. So we we're gonna go to a game to a right in just a moment here and talk to us from Florida Gators. We'll global we'll give you an update on this or Richard Spencer for the. Foremost prominent white supremacist right nationalist is not going to be speaking to University of Florida and it is causing a big giant to do how much of what to do you'll find out when we come back thank you for real. 47 time either. But it has got the shields got a double BT dot comes were you can always retrieve what should an email at WB he's got Twitter users and other. So what we heard the story it's like it happened that it was gonna happen that Richard Spencer. Was going to do his little speech thing his. I love it at the University of Florida in Gainesville and for awhile but now this is what happened then you're a big event. Because well it's a public facility was will pay fort. That's what happens going to be tomorrow. Tomorrow at 230 on the go on the campus there joining us now indicate maneuver managing editor of the independent Florida alligator. And and I appreciate you joining us here today I'm guessing that and to say that maybe there's a little stress building up there in Florida would be an understatement. I yeah. A lot of that he'd have a lot irrelevant in a hurry out. Are really concerned about looking event that's happening all fun and on it seems kind of on edge and chat. Yeah so when this first sort of hit the radar. What were the conversations like within your organization of the newspaper about. How to talk about it how to prepare fort questions asked but the things of that nature. What a lot. What do you pick out so they aren't was and yes. What Palestinians are activating. What do you even colleges and regulating the white and the fact he's taking the white Nationalists in the league even you are not me. I'm a lot of what we do that the organization is look here look reputable national media outlet yeah. Tied it used that language let a lot of it will none of our heart really experienced anything like that before a lot of Miller left China they got a report on us. Yeah and and after Charlottesville know that that has is unfortunate echoes. Even though pre event echoes going through people's minds what about classes tomorrow in the area where this is going to be happening are. Are people saying I'm not gonna be on campus or I'm going to be on campus or I'm gonna go to class or I'm not gonna miss this who will what does that like. Barbara classroom this year is actually blew huge arms yeah I have my chance what Koppel and tomorrow. That there are some buildings around to see it go up front Delhi event being held that are going to be closed. But it's not only on the main part of Tampa. Photo op that are happening but it's up to individual in fact there is if they want to chance of crap and I. I'm a lot of it and they're just saying they're sure don't knock it down because. They don't feel safe coming to camp a. I know that there's a face broad group view that's against Nazis or something like Benton. Tony seven hunt almost three dozen people so they're gonna be showing up as a counter protest and then another almost 7000 sand. They're given it some consideration. Obviously you know we don't know what's sort of turn out is going to be but based upon your your feeling Indian in the ground swell. I mean people you think you're gonna show up to to protest against this. I think it would be a lot honestly. In the puppy really big. Movie and when people say they're going to go cart path they usually you show up. I only caught a lot of protests in the past year now but it yet but a big enough that we're seeing people from all over four even. North of up up in the Georgia saying you're going to come in July as an insult just to try to ask. Any concern that. That it's not just going to be people who have 88 peaceful demonstration in mind. That some of the rabble Rouse is the anti (%expletive) You know the extremists are gonna show up to endure and potentially cause violence is very any rumbling that that they plan on showing up. You've always complain about going to happen and I'm back or indeed. Start apparently being our children that chamber her arm borrowers are left comments made on fortune and read it is that karma. You not think it's gonna show up who haven't seen anything official being scheduled online and see if preparing paying it. It's probably going to happen yet how many people. I know that charts fill one of the stories that. There was a through line through battle was there were several groups that work. Doing nonstop Constance and what they called intelligence gathering about the opposition meaning the neo Nazis and the other white supremacists and in the clan that's sort of thing. Do you have any connections within quote via. There of the anti fascist our intelligence community did to sort of keep up someone thinks. No we don't have any inaction and Carmen Bennett who are not about you act through compared to Mars come about pre election. To me then it impacting lives about the try to pass but arm. They are not at the end of organizations can I come out of it early don't really. How that much to reach but it. The end there I go out. Yeah but curious minds want to know and I know that if you work for newspaper general those are some curious minds here explained what it is that the police. Or the authorities are doing to set up. If physical space. That is going to dictate your on this side your on this side. Great let the salad and how they areas that they're acting and around Phillips and their. I haven't heard much about the Indy pro cast there's any counter protester except for. I'm in protesters. Have that some of the planet where the people here who want to eat closer to the anti protest it was an affront in Roanoke you'll need it in the fat. I'm I personally haven't seen any. Plans to keep everyone separated out. So nobody's like already saying this is we're calling this the battlefield. Not on the most reassembling the area are a lot and there is where. Both expected to show up and up where we have like a list of banned item. Like I was gonna say that I'm sure the at the authorities there of the in the administration and saying OK you can show up in this is your right to do this but don't bring. Dot dot dot what are some of the things they're saying there are going to be prohibited there. Very well they're saying. No biter at that torture is like if you eat I just know math. No nothing back as he possibly used as a weapon. They're even saying no backpacks no person is and no water bottle as a very wild left them. Wow. Yeah. So they gonna have concessions there. Almost eight gigs that somebody has just I think I'm gonna make a buck off of this year or. But if it's if there's going to be a long hot day and nobody's gonna water at him like that maybe maybe they're hoping is. If people don't have anything to to stay hydrated and they're gonna get thirsty then probably even early potato. Flat and now it. All bunch of security measures up okay. Oh yeah. Now it have you had any conversations with the groups that are organizing the visit because there is a specific group of people that are selling tickets to this event any any sort of interactions with them. Yeah how we have reached out to be national policy and the kid not alienate origins and that the president of I'm Alina we've been talking to them about ticket distribution and because. They weren't beholden to accept was that. We tried to reach out to them as statements parallel Arctic polar sometimes. I was not making them. Yet there not to that'll make it really does sound like hey hit this button here and now you'll you'll automatically be talking to somebody so yeah. If you could sort of characterize and summarize your biggest hope about this. And as well as your biggest fear and completely Newburgh managing editor. Of the independent Florida alligator is with us here today so biggest hope for and you and your biggest fear for this event. But my biggest hope is black. You people who want to compress past what we're trying to do it peacefully. And at bats this doesn't carry an inch heel. A tragedy for gay and now. I honestly hope it just kind of blows over her and bit. And today ER Richard spent a lot from Brad doesn't he really our community. The biggest fear of course is that something violent will happen and but it we have so many security measures that are being appraised that I think it'll turn. No governors are declares state of emergency ahead of time and a already made sure that whatever resources and forces he needs are are in the ready so. It's going to be. On one hand a little unnerving and then on the other hand kind of comforting I was sickened when you. What are horrible. Hey listen can we talk to you on Friday at this all is said done and then sort of get a they look back this is a look ahead to get a look back from you on Friday it is a he went through this can you give us. You know firsthand account of it'll. I'm that would be awesome Kayla I appreciate your time today which again. I'm Caitlin uber you might be read heard the show observers ambitions are you managing editor of the independent Florida alligator. Now we're at times review showed import tomorrow Mike's worked Stein is not in for rush today so Gerstein fan you assign had been you're in luck. We're just about nine minutes away from your opportunity to join in on that conversation so. Thanks for listen and see you tomorrow same time till then I wish you and your friends and your family everybody loveless guys in green lights take care.