Greenways, Warrior Exoeditions and the Movies

Carolina Outdoors Podcast
Saturday, March 3rd

The Outdoor guys talk to an advocate for greenways, a warrior expeditions leader, and we’re going to the movies!


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Carolina outdoor Shelley's got you by the outdoors guys from Jesse breaths. Well good morning and welcome the Carolina outdoor billboards video windy Saturday but it's gonna be beautiful on Sunday. So that's right today we learned he had to pay apply to our lives. Something like that I thought it was get out your kite implied a forty mile an hour wind took it away from me I thought that. Tell everybody of. Out and. Our outer banks fishing trip that one year. Although one where where your certain hotel rooms for too weird two days and got her car sand blasted into the drunk on Dramamine. There. Because we never got off for sure. Oh small craft while I was more small craft warnings only inflate the freighter were out. Have you hit his head I wonder if any of our listeners have been. Under similar types circumstances on on a great trip gone around because of weather tried let's go to Harrison go fishing oh wait. There's like a hurricane winds up to air what's going on. Well and how Lazard are the best part of that trip together. Chicken lever on the way home oh yeah member of that we're gonna gas station I was worried about four pounds of chicken legs after an amateur that's one of the best chicken livers are always are go I definitely anticipation and recollection robust parts of that trip certainly the anticipation not even the recollection. Oh my gosh you have to bring that one up we're we're gonna go catch a tuna fish who had. And we didn't even get we get did look at the Barrett but we didn't get to get on the dog being pounded the pieces in the harbor. Holy cow. And and I. Was introduced to people who were going to pursue their activities. Out there they weren't fishermen they were. Kite boarders element I of those guys were not smoke but when was agreement. These guys were in the air more than they were on the way yours but I tell you what that's that's not the kind of fun my oh in vision narrowed but I put it they're better. Neoprene suits on they had their boards tad bit today. Right now I'd like general all tied together and hopefully they didn't end up binge sure inland somewhere. Well and speak and have Don do you ask a little bit early you know this weekend is the kick off of the Iditarod the dog sled race the great race that's right senator I've been practiced today says they're gonna kick that thing off I have no updates right now I can't tell you who's the favorite can't tell you. Too much about it so far nobody's in the lead nobody's dropped out. But it brought a puck abroad up our one of our guest earlier who participates in the race the one week before. The 2018 Iditarod it is the Iditarod invitational. Where they have three different lengths of races that people will either rather fat tire bicycles. Or even run pulling their parents led. And Peter master was one of the ones who runs pull an advanced led I don't know if he's there this year. I don't you're gonna tell you what that's one rugged deal where head out across in Alaska wilderness them what is still a medal winner then long that. Nights and very short days and does not sound like fun. And now I'm all for Alaska but I preferred in July when you got about twenty hours of daylight some stranger follow salmon and Trout and maybe you Alter or learn to fly. Lot more friendly that time mere. Well you've done that trip before to Alaska and it's funny you bring that up because we have fly out travel who's going to be on the program witnessed today Corey Loma. He and the summit his gang if fly out travel have done 100 miles and it's about. Or France escaping into the Alaska wilderness on a fly fishing journey in the 100 miles as one of the films it's going to be featured. And these Thursday march 15 event ever at the visual light theater as the fly fishing film too were 28 teen addition shows up in Charlotte. Fly fishing in social event of the year Brooke nearby billboard to me and I don't know Bob Dole Bartz David Jesse browns as the presenting sponsor or they'll be there. In full RI that's where we hang our hats that through the week. Don down but hate when Ara. Solve a little trailer and you can see these bags good lineup fly fishing film tour dot com. This fly out medium AV 100 miles reminds me of the trips that she used to do to Alaska where you had to get rafts. Get your chance pitcher stairs did justly to bags did all your fishing gear. And a little bit of student in the and you had hit the river and then catch the rest of your food. I've tried lot of fun thirty miles down the story cook river back in those days Sen I'm kind of get an update on the Astoria approach right where they were talking about build an old pebble mine and force I know they got that shut off in the have you I don't I haven't done any homework aren't been a few years since I've been up there but what a wonderful place. Thirty thirty miles. Eight days on the river absolutely see no one else other than your own group then caribou and all the resident critters are Rick Fox's. All kinds of things porky pines from arranger food. That sounds very similar to the Peter ring master trying to run 350 mouse if he's not a it's not in the end Alaska aren't sure a lot rather slow down a river Barack thought Torre allowed a a but anyway. That's what these jazz have done they went 100 browser I can't tell you what what the name of the strain was but found. We're gonna learn a little bit about the adventure as they went fishing. Much but they have limitations on what they can take it as you well man. And down both find out about there adventure and how many people today may have saint. On on that little journey. Same story there pastor go on a float plane may flown out so you've only got about thirty pounds to work with the memo a few more pounds for the food for the group and so forth so. So just a matter how much you can fly out there. How did is fresh salmon when your fission that there in Alaska it will make you never eat salmon in a restaurant again. My wife has always amazed that that I seldom are forever Walid salmon restaurant. Because it's just not to sign him. Well it also I thought you gonna say it makes me never when I eat salmon again period now let me tell you what. You you get yourself a little portable smoker hot smoke you're slam and out there on the river holy cow body you can need a pile of it. Like pound and half per person who got it it's ridiculous. How much a bunch or campers to leave when your smoke and up some good salmon with a hot smoker who have played. Through mass media act out to gonna say it's like a backpacking trip with. With gore just does what she trail mix or gore for. I value Australian they're good kind of burned out on don't boom went down as a way of saying that's not my ex beauty yeah travel pass on that ill. Take six months before you can. Being here rekindled in day eating the gore portrayal makes or whatever you overdose on. On any kind of backpacking trip or rafter the kill one or more of those trips and when you're treating people with your noggin compliments just freedom a couple of hours later tomorrow. It makes it all the better LA Belle was suddenly like you're Kirk. Well listen not only are we gonna talk to Corey limo from fly out media with about the but facing film to in the movie 100 miles were also got an invite. Rick what occur on he's gonna talk about green ways for Mecklenburg they're advocating for speeding up Doug Greenway process and getting green ways. Put to bed so to speak in Mecklenburg County so we're gonna find out who they're partnering with westar advocating a baton how they're dealing with it. And local trail groups as well so stay tuned for more of the Carolina outdoors in the outdoor gas Don Yeager and build Artie as we talk about green ways for Mecklenburg. And also we're gonna bring on. One of CNN. Heroes from a couple of years back stronger open from warrior expeditions. He was it in the marine is a marine US marine with. Three and it is to resume duties to an Iraq when and Afghanistan. And he has something called warrior expeditions which helps combat batter veterans come back. And take on adventures whether it be at the Appalachian trail may be. It's the Florida trail. I think they're working on the mountains to see trail as well. Ominous not just hiking necessarily he can bike across America. With the warrior by. And or you can do the Mississippi River. With the warrior paddle but we're gonna have songs live and on to talk all about that Indy and on the Mississippi that sounds comical at eight the year you're an old Mississippi River boy he try and have a good friend that did it. By a motor boat that's not quite a desire. But there's something there that are great adventure nevertheless you are kid and sand states on that panel will learn a little bit about about that also. If you're doing your spring cleaning and need a fly real service same job McClain and live every Jesse browns lions stick nots is expected. In a thorough once ever will take it apart put it back together make it all better just bring that are real over. To Jesse browns outdoors and we'll get you back fish and this spring. Better and bigger than ever he's Don Yeager Arab bill bars see where the outdoor gas here on debuted BT's. I know mark you're back on the Carolina outdoors and look at those beautiful weather this weekend you gotta get out for a stroll. That's right you may be heading west to the mountains for your stroll you may be hidden east to to the beach for awhile on the same B beaches but let's take it easier not just head out the back door hit a Greenway was who would've thought about that let's do it and why not just stay right here in Mecklenburg where we have. Strong green hues and hopefully we think he's getting stronger. We're gonna bring about Rick when occur on from angry waits for Mecklenburg to tell us about that group what they have going on. And what the current situation of our green ways in Mecklenburg are Rick when occur welcome to the Carolina Al doors. Good morning thanks for mercker certainly aren't. Well it's fantastic to have you on an assist ticket office. Quickly what is the current status of our green ways in Mecklenburg County. Well unfortunately we're were wave hi. Mine on planned. I grew up right off of the year granddaddy of the system the McAlpine green way. He himself be Charlotte. At that time by the late eighties. A vision word. Created where maybe 79 Malcolm green ways might be constructed. He had not 1999 the county commission approved a plan for over a hundred miles of Greenwood in the coming. Let that stand right now here in 28 and we have 47 miles on the ground. End up being without some real. I've because he had a real push. Between not only that element but the public and private. Partnerships. We we are not with a population. And dancers were gonna have to in the count and we're not gonna see division of the connected green way network. About forty or fifty years. Whoa what now how does that compare with other meat municipalities. And cities similar to Charlotte. Well we've got wake county just put down the road. Days the last here approved a plan to have 150 mile Ukraine led by 2030. And that that are significant. Advanced they already. More miles on the ground that we do. And their Greenway system in the county connects up to you well he's capital rail network. So they're there. Significantly ahead of us and that there that we. Another good example was the Atlanta belt line you know that only twenty miles. And abandoned hope real. Line that circle some kind of did the Atlanta metro area. Very they have a program being inducted go up 400 billion dollars the thought that 22 mile system that also include discrete caller line. They've already seen a return on investment. 821 adventure in the billions of dollars and I'm so. Communities that have sprung up communities that have been trying to send businesses to inflict and we're hopeful that. Let people and Matt Burke county concede that the division those are really good economic investments are shouting for the future. I'm a little lost here because we've had to people from the Carolina thread trail on its sound like things were alive and well but. Within Mecklenburg County things are lagging behind. Absolutely that we are significantly behind duke you know there were the in 2008. There were series of bomb projects that passed in our everyone likes to point to what happened there was the yacht. The Great Recession that occurred right after it's so. They it wasn't without a significant public input that. That even goes 2008. Sporadic projects that are included some green which segment scattered around the county. Finally got approved last year in India and even made it on the radar. Even those haven't been funded many of them have been plotted to even begin. Planning until 124. And that's just a few little scattered segment around the counting there isn't really of vision and commitment. To complete a green way network in the count me understand what you know that's. Part of that a lot of volunteer dug in on the Greenway advisory council working with our contract and the rule of first group of people who. Kind of realized split their there's a problem last week brings some attention to go. And it's not gonna happen much content. Rick when occur green waste from Mac number you storming the outdoor jazz Don day urban air bill bar T ever hear you're just going to miss we're learning a little bit about. The current. Situation with that green hues of Mecklenburg and talking to Rick about Graeme race for Mecklenburg and and there Rick it sounds very similar to things that have happened to in our area and across the state with transportation. That's one of element of education as well we're. People commit. Maybe we drain big look big think big but then we don't do follow up is ever green race for Mecklenburg steps SanDisk Trent advocates for the follow up. We're trying to advocate for the pole there one piece. We're trying to also see how we can work with community park cars maybe I'll read some of the gaps you know. In Charlotte. It's cup. You know whenever the city. That occupies most of the space in this town but in 1992. B a park and rec department with consolidated. Between all the towns in the city of Charlotte to one entity and that the Mac Merck Scottie Parker rec department. That's where Greenway planning. Land acquisition and everything is kind of central out of there but. Park in Iraq has seen a huge gut in their bonding and the Great Recession and that she never really been restored their a lot of really important priorities and counted funding China libraries. They of course on the schools but it came time real to have had record. Revenues you know I mean you're so last year was one point five billion dollars. There's just some really big numbers and green waves are expensive especially in an urban county as well but we we really want to highlight the fact that we think that. It offers more than just health and welfare but great economic investment. For community and in respect it deserves more attention and it's gut. So the major roadblock is money. The major roadblock that money may we all the meat that we need to we only have one experience. Quite an error on a park and reckoned. Bush is really really busy called between community meetings and to try regular job on. And we also need staff at land acquisition and our county at the facility main entrance I mean there there are a lot of different ways to cracked the nut. And I think that there are a lot of different solutions that are potentially out there but. Until we recognize that there's a problem and we're behind we're not giving it huge star and from the solutions. And every day at 44 nuclear. Or moving to Charlotte. The population is due to expand in the city is so another 400000 people bought what with dirty. And you know it is not going to be available and it's gonna become more and more expensive. If we don't make a commitment now what what off the top your head doesn't cost to build a mile green light. So you know it depends on what direction obviously you're here in rural you know they've been peaking you've been wrong. Part of Mecklenburg County. Anymore but you know it is going to be a lot cheaper in some areas and others but estimates are between one or two billion dollar model. That expensive. But at the same time that the payback that we yet. Poor not only those segments agreeing ways. You know where they are I mean look at the look at development that changed around the metropolitan area. Near uptown Charlotte and you know coast businesses and residences and things like that respond now but we had to connect agreeing my network. That investment that would really help as a tool. And and boast. You know in the southeast. Well let me let me ask a question just out of the ballpark. Here throughout Mecklenburg County there are sure arrangements everywhere correct. I why are two Greenway is just following the story is much seems like your idea owned property or the rights from the property it sound like would be an easy solution. Somebody you know it it would be great girl out of there are a lot of hurdles you know there. In terms of building on top of shoreline there are issues you know regard between. You know solid Waste Services it kind of managers are so reliant. And Aaron and a water department. There are you know yet worried about setback easements. What talks you know any time you're building near natural areas sunscreens are a whole lot of regulation then. And policy because they have to follow but at the same time we do think that there are solutions in uniform and there was a community are poets such dignity. That area private individual looking to donate about 250000. Dollar worth of land to try to connect our community up. The problem if they're there isn't any one even for them to go to the Vitale. Was ready to accept that it took. They about a year and a half of real concerted effort just for that one donation because we're so in terms of what coordinating between the different. People for different entities you know between the city of Charlotte and accounting and even that different divisions within the counting. There just isn't a rope priority to try to come up with easy solution when you suggested. Or where you have Providence of the group looking to donate one hander easement. It's just not a party out on a very great. Listen some of the partners sustained Charlotte Carolina thread trail Charlotte based units and adversity city partners there but we all need to get a green ways for Matt. Dot com because whether your developer work first the municipality. Or are resident. You can be a partner green light from Mecca Margaret winter thank you so much for joining us here on the Carolina outdoors. I bell Bart GM last segment we were talking about taken a stroll on the Greenway is around Mecklenburg County let's get a little more serious about this now. So one foot in front of another that's one way to does that where they outdoor gas zero WBT. As we blast happened am eastern seaboard early on a Saturday morning if you're listening and that way you can also join us via podcast Ted ever did Jesse browns. Dot com. We break down all four segments of our weekly program for your listening pleasure and Don we oftentimes talk about on the Carolina outdoors. The therapy. Being in the outdoors where do you. Just need a break. Or maybe you just lost your job maybe your girlfriend broke up with here. Or maybe you're returning from war. And our next guest is kind of immersed himself in Matt and his organization the warrior expeditions we're gonna learn about warrior expeditions. But before we do let's learn about its founder Sean Tobin as we bring him along with the outdoor guys here on debuted DT Shaun good morning. Good morning. John act out give a little bit of background and then let chief Phil and around the blanks because it's quite a story and we never have enough time to tell. These stories on the Carolina outdoors but it on captain Shawn Garvin US Marine Corps. Did. Three combat deployments twice to Barak want to Afghanistan. In the new returned home for good in 2012. And that's when your next step of your stories started so will you tell us what happened upon your return. I'm here to reserve duty. Sure he would it was dumb you know all we might tour where. If you're on the timeline of Iraq and Afghanistan are pretty pretty kinetic tourism being ideology really starting to struggle as a result those. But those three deployment and I knew I needed to make you know significant life change. You know for the next chapter of my life and I don't even had. Bucket list type in the minds. To hike the Appalachian trail and so my last day in the Marine Corps was march 14. 2012 and I do about it back he's it was years in North Carolina. I'll with the Banjul military get an Atlanta my garage. And then and export half months I know on the entire Appalachian trail. Well a lot of people may not know that the very first thru hiker of the Appalachian trail. Was in nineteen for 48 they were still kind of piecemeal in the trail together it was still a young. Hiking trail at that point Earl Shaffer. And he told a friend and it's a quote it's often used with Warner expeditions he was going to walk off the war. And that. You are following a similar path but you know what I found it interesting that that transportation. Changes arm are curb something different so. In the past people had time. To. Because it took awhile to get overseas her cross country so they had time to. Two or recollect together or separately these days your backhand. Really quick from from a war in the Middle East tour or wherever it may be. Is that how can a warrior expeditions came about is trying to take a moment. Of peace and found that we don't get in the 21 century. Absolutely and the and I look back on all three of my combat deployment Dallas home within. Certainly few hours is actually you know fighting on the ground being back in the United States and you know the significantly abrupt transition once nevermind three times veto. It's an interest in you know to learn about ancient history and how Asian army march home and they're cute that was for the you know soldiers marching home and we blocked that you know today it did it in Egypt modern transportation and so. Kind of war expeditions we replicate that you know that walking home. So is grown quite a bit in in a short amount of time tell us how warrior expeditions works because it's not just. Hey we're endorsed into into we're going for a high acre may be aware endorsed we're going nom for a Mississippi River. Trip how does one to Tom. Is a veteran of combat bad veteran engage warrior expeditions. On the two. Sure so we view it you know veterans can apply to our program from the web site. And then now when we selected veterans easily select about forty per year across the and trail that we support. In the program does is it completely outfit. Our veterans and all of there equipment clothing and supplies. You can completely entire journey the journey depending on the trail last anywhere from three to six months. In addition that we also provide our veterans with community support along the way. So we made contacts come with community members located in the towns along the trail. So typically every three to five days we have people that are available. To host our veterans for no I didn't play the stage. Kristi cleaned out parish our hot meal before getting back on the trailer here. Now how many veterans are you working with a New Year's time. Are about 49. And then how to play how do they know by you have a they come about. Get in contact with you. Sure there is an assistant pat on the pretty much been a grassroots. Ground swell not to our founding in 2013. And so a lot of work now are stark people finding out but yet ignore the web site. Obviously there are people I've page and you can submit their information and networking applications are now for the the 2019 season because we just in selecting that seek out any team he's veterans. You know court and trail this year. Yeah and these trails this is something that you really grant censure apple latch and trickle journey. Way back when and we are we have a friend of the Carolina outdoors he's proud. Previous storyteller. Over Jesse browns as well rich day leader who's an active participant in. And it what was once called warrior hike in its because of its growth and it's growth and other categories is now warrior expeditions. But rich talks quite frequently about the powerful board that you have assembled together today provides advice and support. And then come as the warriors take these different hikes or adventures if you will do that I hiked together. Separately. Or either. Yet actually either does and actually create an interest in dynamic. Tom there they're still really really powerful impact. That I experienced myself that my life veterans report the game. Which is the first thing is just you know happy and content based a process and decompress. I'm from war we talked about you know the abrupt isn't coming home. But the second part of which kind of dovetailed on the question that you just provided wise I'll tighten together so we start each trail with everybody together. It gives everybody a chance you know each other. Yes those initial bonds are and then it got them within your way up the trail as far as you know staying together usually people pair up with people that are there seem like he did. Buddy you pair up in an finished and dynamic to how. You know veterans that understand what you went through. In combat and also understand that the process that you don't now that your home until. These veterans essentially. Establishment support groups if you will on the trail. Doesn't make him where the trail you know conversations just happened naturally. We get somebody to talk to understand you don't they're. And that third impact. I would mention about that he supported you a lot of times he spent a lot of time overseas in combat you're dealing with you the absolute worst of humanity and so. Lot of veterans come home and really cynical. Towards people and society as a result you know a trauma from combat and our community support we provide these veterans. Connect him to always wonderful people on the trail in what dad does it not only logistical support for the veterans but also it helped reestablish. But they decreasing humidity that comes to matters of lost along the way. Pay our guests are stronger over and he is the founder of warrior expeditions I should say founder and director. Of war your expeditions. Helping bring better together raising funds and awareness. Fur disabled veterans to. Walk off the war and he is been recognized about a multitude of different organizations for. The good that he is doing. An and Sean of course you know this but once you've completed an adventure. Once you have done your your Mississippi River warrior paddle or maybe one of the warrior hikes. Is there a follow up with warrior expeditions. Come width the participants. Yes absolutely we do you think to keep engagement are veterans that we just started. I knew quite this year called our our veterans day reunion hi Bob and we did in the first time has passed this past fall where we. You know send the message out to our former veteran you know we met up in Maryland in the right. Our per week a hundred mile section of the Potomac carriage trail are at it goes into Washington DC and we ended up in Washington DC on veterans day at the veterans memorial followed by reception. Our complete with beer barbecue blues and so that kind of our annual reunion I think we're gonna we're gonna support for veterans. Fantastic get everybody back together let's bring it back to the founder Chanda Rubin. After that high that you did on the Appalachian trail are you testing all of these hikes are you still get an out there for hikes or or or paddles. Where you work in all the time. I am working all the time my nine original design without gonna go do the trail before marching. Any program on a trail but. You know right in more expedition today. You know full time commitment so. Essentially I just had to start that was such high demand for the program that we just doesn't rule out the program and all the different trails. Our own thing out we have as yet additional resources how but I still be get to god hike I spend the first week with each group of veterans on each trail. Mom to talk to them about what it would be what to expect out of the experience how to use the year. Our tips and tricks and how to be successful and so. Yeah I guess about you know anywhere from market peak eight mile on the weekend. For ten weeks a year and I pick up all these different trails. What heck man accounts definitely yeah yeah. This is super good they are that we need to give out of course North Carolina has a hotbed. For veterans as well as before the military so if anyone out there is listening via the airwaves of W beats the and once to a pot full warrior expeditions had ever to that website. Borger expeditions. Dot ORG. Sean Devin thank you for what you do out there may we'd get a gives you United's one of the warrior hikes available is here in North Carolina. The mountains to see trails 12100 miles across the state of North Carolina we may have to get you down here for some of that hiking. As well we appreciate your time here with the outdoor guys. Well thank you still a proud and honored and the interview with your today. All he goes he's Don Yeager are built bar scene where the outdoors as young as 1110993. WDT. Carmel RJ were back on the Carolina outdoors in the last segment we were talking to warrior expeditions and one of the many things they do is to float the length of the Mississippi River on one of their expeditions for warriors returning from war. And now we're gonna do a little something different we're gonna go off to Alaska and do a hundred miles must do it. Welch sound insignificant compared length of the Mississippi River and let. Let me tell you what in the wilds of Alaska hundred miles could be quite wonder. Well we're gonna learn a little bit about it and how about documenting it with a camera. With some cinnamon tiger fee which is gonna bring us back to the march 15 event that's upcoming here in Charlotte the spot fishing film tour. Which has a 175. Different showings across. North America and six countries is going to be in Charlotte and one of the featured films. It was an official selection of the fire fishing film too were 28 team is titled 100 my house and Don it is exactly. Which you have done before and what you just spoke. Taking on Alaska a hundred miles at a time and enough opening credits of the description fly fishing and adventure getting together like pizza and beer. But I daresay in this 100 my house there was neither pizza nor beer. We're gonna find out officially from fly out traveled to the ones responsible for the 100 my house now Corey limo welcome. To the Carolina outdoors. That they are currently. We'll bring you up to speed bill you are barely last warming models else have. That's exactly what I wanted to get that first according how much phased that and how much beer in if any how long does it last. Yeah you know that the pretty no real trip. It was. You know that was sort of wanted to Maine into the no matter. You know we didn't get to bring state senate cooler full beard and whatever we wanted it was it was more about freeze dried meals and and they'll limited supply have some ground water. I. That that upkeep spirits it's more bang you have more bang for the gallant a brownout stuff I'm not not. Absolutely. Tell tell us how this comes about how how it would namely does a trip occur where you're willing to bite off 100 miles and you are using. Rafts on the spot fishing journey in Alaska. But then the next step of not just doing a hundred mouse a bit taking it on is ours filming it and making it may be. How did this group come about and he makes up the group. Yeah while I mean. The adventures start just like most contentious start looking at a man happened and dream in a little bit and coming up with a you know. An ideal in this warrant certainly came up over. Several years that I'd been looking at this this particular area in the history. Alaska is. And the passion of mine and so in the many many different places there but this particular. River system stood out to me and and the and we finally decided it do it we have the tools appeal packer wrap. Which. You know are designed for lightly travel. No frills travel and of course Adam a predictor of both willing buddies that one help me. And it just seemed like a good film idea and that meant that business that we're in as well and so. You know we want to do film with light hearted. It was attainable by other people wouldn't. You know some exotic thing. But it you know mote mostly focused around on and in and we went for a walk river was assault. You know well we like most. Ketchup like Richmond we keep a secret folder they're here you know. Pollster. Calls start so we're not we're not given up river name is. For the the first. Butler approach having a different way you'd get a fly out to get there right. Gerri remember them and what was the name of the lake if you landed on. I don't. Package got some some of them just have numbers on me what was the number that like. And I we. Wanted to find out you care and I. A little more investigative reporting required on this but tell us about the trip to new adventure I mean. It always amazed me the dynamics of group and how they changeover few days on the river. You've been well that is that you know the difference here is I've done many adventures with with the guys that were on the strip. Lot of experience in the back country with with band. At least a handful of them so there. You know. Who ought to different skill game and it wasn't just like fishing skills you know back entry skill academic skills we had both men you know experience Whitewater Packers. Sort he's used to president. Alpaca rap the rap company came without. You know until there's a lot of experience there and you know over the course of a hundred mile border remote river system. You know there's significant breaking to be done depending on the weather and what light edit view so. They ought to just you know pro fisherman it would it would brand new like it did outdoors and and and enjoy it took like that. Hey there Haiti knows the assignments before before the trip begins you know who's the best logistics guy you know who's the best quartermaster you know news. Hey very important the best cook. Issac and I now and urges it just cannot happen because. Different situations. Call for different talents. No other purpose but together with great intention I mean. Yeah if you you know I basically but the group together and if there's a lot and become under all the things you just mentioned. As well as how to get it in front of the camera which is pretty important for. Toward that the goal produce and don't soak. You know that goes into it you know all the skills required to be in a back country for 910 days. That that'll those send it as well. I used to do similar trips of those and one of the most dangerous situations I was ever involved with the involved a porcupine and a waterproof bag full of food. In any terrible things like that befall your. You know. So these these rap you have to stick all all the all your gear inside that shoots. So you don't you know there's no gear though it's just they're two man perhaps. Super light they wait you know sixteen pound. Told although. Everything Ukrainian basically goes inside the tubes wire wrapped in there's there's zipper locker zipper and so. We we were doing a little bit of product testing on the strip and so we did we did at the bit to kind hidden rocks low water that sort of thing. But he's easy catches and and back. You know of course we we have all right meal so bad that even though you know. It's its in its own container. There's no there's no way of to get spoiled at all. Hey you've done a bunch of trips a bunch of different types of trips to dump William Davies and has sort of staff. But Tom what was the most find none of this trip or may be the funniest. Part of this strip. It was or was not caught on camera. Oh man. Yeah I have I have a real. They're rated. You know. It was at the big fish break dolls or was that somebody knows somebody stole the toy type. And it's not a lot camp antics. The guys held under it pretty well I would bet that it that little. But rely blah bunch depiction you know the riot breaks in the it happened we never we never really got that shot but. You know of the dispute it can happen and execute it around and talking about certain things that and you know in this group with so. I mean just worked so well together this is hilarious stripped from top to bottom and you'll see Batman film I mean everyone just Latvian. Throughout the whole trip over the patent there's no period you know nobody's taken until he's serious. It was just all about having a great time and so you know I think that was really that he does this whole film actually. We'll camp conversations have a way of wandering in the some dark areas some fact that we're sure. It. Yeah I guess that they get cute. You can use your imagination on on what that might be put yet. It you're welcome to go to the see the trailer spot fosse film tour. Dot com 100 miles is the name of the movie corollary must from cloud travel. Thank you so much for joining us here on the Carolina outdoors we had tickets available to the fly fishing film tour. Charlotte addition it's a division light march 15 there's going to be loud music there that's a Thursday night starting at 530. Loud music and then at 7 o'clock the movies that will start up including. The one we just got top three talking about was Corey 100 miles Corey thank you so much for joining us. They're big they're. Also thanks to warrior expeditions founder Shawn got open for joining the outdoor gas as well as Rick Whitaker from green ways for Mecklenburg remember. If you need a far real service claimed and live death 25 dollars will cover bring it on over to Jesse browns. Again where those politicians don't tour tickets are on sale. Thanks to TJ Boggs and Don Yeager on billboards he's on and off for the three outdoor guys in here thank you for listening and and give up early. Take out your trash and we'll see you next hour right here on deputy chiefs.