Grilling and Mount Kilimanjaro

Carolina Outdoors Podcast
Saturday, June 23rd
This week, the #outdoorguys, are talking backyard grilling, Mount Kilimanjaro, and the summer heat!

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The following is a sponsored program on WBT. This Carolina outdoor Chile's brought Cuba. The outdoor guys from Jesse breath. You are right over here at the outdoor jazz on his eleventh and tiny mastery WDC. Also via the airwaves as a podcast what's. I guess that's not Airways has digital digital players join and share with us brand. Six Carolina outdoors where we come in to talk about different things to do is in our Carolinas and beyond including signing alive on folks who have talent and adventures that we would like to learn a little bit about. I'm bill party and TJ bogs it right everyday news in morning. They day of course some of the things are not just high adventure may in the Carolinas some of what. To them are just us being outdoors and enjoying a little bit of music. And we're to talk about some music opportunities but one of which. Is nearby at the South Park area in fact it's right back on the South Park moll. Charlotte symphony summer pops has taken place we have to kick off last week. But this week June 24 in next week July 1. Charlotte symphonies annual summer pops series is back in symphony parks I've I'm we've got celebrate America. With fireworks. Join the best Charlotte symphony for rousing salute to America with a night of patriotic and favorites. Including that John Phillips Sousa marches America the beautiful and all of that sort of thing messed July 1 at 815. Am right before that is going to be the best of Broadway just some of the things that are happening near to Jesse browns. Where we hang our hat through the week outfitting people for for some adventures. I've always wanted to go to one of those specifically policy events and I've never and never pulled the trigger Gunn. Hey this is your chance thinks now if you don't wanna heading into the South Park area blues who do we wish she would because Jesse Brown is located there in the sharing corners. Shopping center. Maybe you're to the south of South Park in fact beacon head over the border into Igor Downey. Because Rock Hill we've got a little something going on. Yes don't sort of fess later this afternoon has been going on since Thursday. Nine bans ten dollars starts at 4 PM. 201 east main tree there are killed right across from Tom police and the new your unless you through this match right there in town right in downtown that it's been core room they Geddes. Which it was the old core room and post office in no. It's been re purpose says. Art studios and we put on concerts there troubled times a month and there's big stressful every summer and this is that today's the day. Today's the day don't miss it downtown Rock Hill at eight it will waive or shake his hand TJ Bob will be. On hand right there at that venue on either of either work and arts. I if you don't wanna sweated out there listening to music whether being Rock Hill or maybe it Charlotte Stephanie summer. Pops you can. Hit for better and North Carolina because if if you're a bicycle rider you know what this says I'm gonna read it out loud anyway here on the Carolina outdoors. Blood sweat being gears is going on this is a challenging. And strenuous. 100 mile loop ride starting and ending invalid chris'. On the approximately five miles south of that in the cumulative climbing elevation is. Almost 8200. Feet with a climb. To the gap it's snake mountain which is mile point 159. Which is a 20% grade. Near the top so blood sweat and gears for all of a bicycle riders out there it's help showcase the mountain communities. About Todd and ash can unease. And our whole bunch of different bicycle riders will be out there. It's put on by blood sweat and gear events and all the money that is raised by the writers. Goes to the nonprofits. And charities located in Bihac connect. Pro reel recorder there tear rules don't you know twenty degrees or so polar and is so high here as it out of there and and over and talk to Jim Knowles Lou later but it. I've been trying to grill outside as much as possible just to keep the heat out of my house well. And today today there's something to that. And I heard earlier this week on WB TT Tom blocker came on it with both Thompson and I were talking about cracking. The windows of cars which help release. Some hate people sometimes get worried about. About security and has sort of things that are just say. One inch crack or so in your car window when you haven't parked and mr. blocker talked a little bit to about is you can future car in the shade. For that so I'm it would bring that bat because. Of a warning. It's a terrible thing that I have to warn about but it's something that we need to warn warned about the inside temperatures of cars can quickly reached. 120 plus degrees and never leave your children or pets. In your vehicle during the summer months maybe never been especially during the summer months other heat safety tips. I'm staying hydrated drink plenty of fluids we one of the best wants to drink is guesswork. Blotter hi you guys did that avoid drinks with caffeine or alcohol which doesn't go as. Well with where we're. Genesis state was shipped Jim noble about right right thing that the dagger is great with a little bit of a backyard ticking yeah I also on Wear loose fitting lightweight light colored clothing. Avoid dark colors because they had they soaking in the sun trays and did these days it Jesse Brown set which I always like to go to thanks sir friends ever layered Jesse Brown switched. Help us keep on keeping on on the Carolina outdoor style about her visit 'cause that's where I hang. My hat come we sell sun protective clothing use these protective clothing in light. Fashion and it is so nice to be able to put on clay they like that as opposed to on the taking up the different sun blocks and son protecting oils that are out there. You can just Wear long sleeves. You see protective sun shirts. That it did happen and it did have with the same thing nab these days. They are able to integrate that protection into the fabric now. Many people say Billie just said a long sleeve shirt isn't that counter intuitive. The answer is no back especially these days with they've fabrics that they're using and they have. The ability to keep you cool field cooler. Babbitt wearing him protecting yourself from the sun belt wearing a long sleeve again light weight at least stating. On shirt says from. We can talk about that any time digging stop by Jesse browns were gonna talk to Al Conklin to use and maybe he'll give us some insight. On how to be safe. In this summer heat it's affecting the all of our Carolina outdoors suppresses it when we get him in here I'm also gonna ask him about. Two places in the Carolinas specifically we all know hit into the mountains like. The blood sweat and careers they gears up in the high country twenty degrees or so cooler. But there are two places one Fayetteville, North Carolina the other Columbia, South Carolina. That are correct and you just made it sound that Schulte. Aren't those places. Really hotter than the rest of the Carolinas. Coast perceptive late they are deemed. The hottest places in our Carolina's. A year oh I would agree with that and mom professional unscientific. Well church we may be putting him on the spot. But we're gonna find out if it's just a perception is that anecdotal is that a wives' tale. Or are is spam Leo in Colombia especially June July August. This is our day scientifically. Hotter. Then ash belt and but it is this just in Spartanburg being Greensboro and Charlotte. Sort of stay tuned for that segment of the Carolina outdoors all of these segments are available. Every Jesse Brown dot com just click and a copper menu podcasts. And you have these four segment from this lake and all of our segments available for your listening pleasures where it take a quick break and be back with more. The Carolina outdoors. Professor of contrition for your conclusion from tradition where the but it. Here we are on the Carolina. Al stores recently as a talk about the different things to do in our Carolina outdoors maybe satellite on people and things. That are happening all over the Carolinas of course if you are in the Charlotte area. You know how wonderful it is to be here and access we have to the mountains to the beach and everything in between. If you don't live here maybe you're listening VFW DT open down the eastern seaboard. This is a fantastic place to visit to come in and participate yourself. This is bill RT right here out orgasm WBT and TJ Boggs is on the other morning. That's his voice right there Don Yeager on assignment as always I think that means he's gone fishing too hot for solutions. Did you become an extended fishing trip it is just too hot for fishing but here in the Carolinas it's never. Ever too hot for a little bit of outdoor grilling Alia says here we are in the summertime and the fourth of July is right up ahead and all of the things that Jane July and August Brington us during the summer months up for many it's a time for work. The millions. Culinary ability to sign in whether it's hot dogs hamburgers. Or maybe it's that prime steak. Hitting the grill her. Right now we're gonna get a little bit of advice from ship Jim noble of notables include net proceeds. Tom would treat he's in a restaurant business the bakery business king's kitchen and widely successful. Roosters franchised. Jeff Jim notable welcome to the Carolina outdoors. Well thank you bill I think it would anger or where I am doing wonderful and air of course you've been a great outdoorsman that you are summertime turns our whole bunch of us. Into our own backyard chef so where we're pleased that. Have a real share your outdoor and indoor Chernoff has had a to edit the order to give some advice on this so the boot let's just jump in feet first what is the best in your opinion the best. Go to sue for a neighborhood. Picnic Barbeque or family get together what's your guide to. Well. According to the case you know it it may vary sport to July he cannot think about Berger about the they let them barbecued jacket up the grill. And I have agreed date we're gonna change everything be out there that think it's. And allowed you to smoke the or Lou could always good car seat. They're real cuts that we resume record breaker bitter recruit all this order. Would do burgers look at airport Turkey burger that there. Would it be wanna cut that whoever doesn't think it plays into this but that. But you tour either. Advances that some aren't true tease right there he's gonna cut into dental we mr. we mr. John that when we lost your first that it. Debate a year or charcoal. Well and and stay as we break out with chest Jim noble from notables Buddha pursuits we're gonna find out what his opinion is an Adidas city user green egg. But the difference between charcoal could gain. And and gas thirteen set nobody you have an opinion as strong opinion for those of us who were out there in the backyard trying to cook up something good maybe sell offs. For our family do you have a strong opinion on the charcoal vs gas verses. Anything else. Yeah I can hear me okay yeah yeah yeah OK yeah I use natural struggle I'd I'd prefer to Google would put it. Yeah but down gas. In a whole lot more convenient to do it in the wind probably got wish seek care you get now critic or the web but before. She just wanted to get Jordan are goes there. Both of a bitter court what you have but if I have a choice that that picked that struggle. Over Britain get out recant that bit got a president reach Brett. And now pretty much every grocery store at petrol up juggle our upper part that. I don't bring it up a car and headed on my list to ask you about but as he said bad about you know fine. Iron up to grill. What about safety. Is there advice that you can give. It's whether we're using now on the starter fluid lighting up a grass grill in fact he reminds you five years ago Hannah Storm. The the sports center broadcaster. Blew up a grill C head abuse she suffered burns facial burns lost a lot of hair and it was in January right before. The Rose Parade that was taken place at this he was going to televise she had a she left the Airways for for three weeks to recover. In a burn unit. But he came from her lighting and gas grill. So whether liquid fuel or liquid lighter feel fluid or gas grill can you give us advice on how to handle that when we jump out back outside just. I mean and yet you gotta be careful that your spirits. We like it so it looked at the book and that's another reason while like he's a struggle. But. When you charcoal. Only use slider shortcut so that all happened that you play at the food. But you can need to get those chimneys if you can that be a charcoal top and yeah. Toward opposite bit lazy but they newspaper. That pretty easy or I used. Little. Little corporate pieces of wood. Wax together and doesn't renege makes it out of the people make it but you'd a couple of those pilot truck or start here. I try to stay away from fluid. Or any kind of electric starter and then the other one that they didn't make sure that people. Do you grill awake without so awake but all materials. You know get get away outlook survey say. Just take it out doing that yeah. But that would be it tablet may also chuckle when you're sick it's written Paula we've structured it. I'd I just got that charcoal chimney a couple of years ago when my friends turnaround of that. That is a game changer. He's into the restaurant accurate causes her regulators started yeah you'd. Get the very bottom where it lands. In a take culture and if so what I got blown call on standard is a great way to save you know. Well I don't we like safe and by the way everybody's had never TJ Boggs house work cut out after after the program. On the Hannah Storm thing in fact I haven't she went into the PSA. Business after that public service announcement would prefer people grilling a propane propane accessories if you press they'd and I are. Button and it does not lie turn off the gas and give the girl a few minutes before trying again. Big gas is heavier than air and needs time to dissipate. If that's what happened to her it didn't dissipate paid we get set Jim notable notables booted pursuits on the Carolina outdoors TJ boxes over there. I'm bill RT noble student pursuits includes. The king's kitchen here in Charlotte and rooster franchises in Charlotte and Winston-Salem and we're glad to have him as we are odd given out for family reunions neighborhood barbecues. And hit Nixon we're getting a little bit of advice from a professional as we jumped again. To the cut out thing back to food. Seth noble do you have advice on how we should maybe perhaps the food before we even hit the grill. Yeah I'm. I crazy these arms without salt pepper well every used. Bulk sort of amusing would've could've been popular in that I'll keep couldn T take it to be grouped picked it up because the good. Under cooked like rare bit greater so. Keeping everything admitted that the inside. Cubicle we go to the grill and particularly own cook out on ought to go like that. Watch out a mandate to sit out a long period proud of the big control bat on it Levy's Signet. When you took and chicken just like she's keeping everything senator explained I don't want to cross contamination. It's your hand and chicken watcher and the senate the book or go do that got so out rated B street because. If you have objected to maturity date you don't. You don't get lectured at first you can. You know you can transfer them until they let that hole. Well I have a feeling that you took it on the green egg if you are a believer brand except for what you do for a living. Slow cooking is a sacred to. Retain ended ceases to retain any flavor in whatever food at work cooking but we don't want to undercut and we now for news and a meat thermometer. On the and we get a measurement author of army to whatever work thirteen. That they continues to cook even after we take it off the grill do you have any advice says that we can be safe with our food and not under cooked it but not give it odd dry and never took either. Yeah. Well on the court Kurdish state should be gumbo and rare bit recorded two but don't chicken due to make sure you get it. But it could go through Billy Hunter picked up well they're make sure they did a bone could. If you open it up and look at Ike. Quite done to get back on the grill Austrian. You know. And it where you're. But particularly these adult ticket but I bet. Yet that you. But it it will continue to look a little bit longer would you take it out cup outsiders are. And that leads that heat transfer toward the center and what you think about it's still a transfer illegal British took it that way. What you read. Pick a bigger per game. You liked about take a look at Quantico locked up like thank given. When it's get a big Turkey leg about it but I traffic could depress sister drought there. I think you smaller burka that read it took separate. Well and then left. If we mess and I'll liable come over to roosters innate or mailer was a hair yeah but it just hit it well before but it probably will be open our hosts only got to get it right plus that. It's opera. All about how about you remember our epic. Fantastic notables lewd and pursued says a lot going on king's kitchen and roosters I introduce today's restaurants bakeries but what else do you have coming up in 2018 you're busy man. Yeah our. We're gonna compare actual trigger a barbecue place noble but you go at all. Trade in drugs. Would love negative about it that you could be ready for the year but we're out burger well well the group. You guys have all the luck out there it breaks but how brutal it whether it will have an outdoor bit darker wherever I could do that Alex. A couple of little I don't. He's a freedom drive this pretty close during the years that's I think that's right around the corner from one Julian price place where the Carolina outdoors as. Happening right now ninety says Jim notable for joining us. You're listening to the Carolina outdoors with the outdoor gazprom's Jesse Brown. Available where podcaster herd and be a bit airwaves at WDT on an early Saturday morning. Welcome everyone took that Carolina. Out stores available wherever podcasts are hurt if you listen to the Carolina outsourced share it with a friend whether baby a podcast. Or you just want to make get extra France on the give up early on a Saturday via the airwaves and news 1110. WBT 993. This is bill RT one of the outdoor guy has all the other outdoor guy has our have disappeared they are. An hour hike on a ridge line may be fish and Trout stream maybe they've gone to debate all except. TJ the DJ Bob the last ones standing and air heat it says. We just found out about his charcoal chimney that he has in the backyard that we all wanna go. Over to his house after the Carolina outdoors and share in whatever he's gonna cook up for us. We have that you have summer plans bring your own meet ya ya ya patent. Yeah you heard it right there from the voice of DJ he'll do the rest maybe want to bring napkin to Laura are a paper plate yet because I but this. That's what it means in the summer that is to get out there and took up a little something. Maybe go on vacation. Go on an adventure somewhere. Hopefully your adventure starts here with the Carolina outdoors program and maybe sneak ever where we hang our hat through the week. It Jesse browns out bidding people for excursion had in adventures. All over the Carolinas and beyond. Listen do you know a mountain that is shrinking and no it's not Crowder mountain. I'm gonna tell used a mountainous ranking of course the U lorries to Charlotte's beasts are recognized the some of the world's. Oldest mountains back in the olden days that thousands and millions of years ago they were the size of the US Rockies or even larger. How about a popular international destination amount that many people want to climb as a part of their bucket list. This Tanzania and volcanic mountain caught Kilimanjaro Jordan. And after jetting out of that African continent at 191318. Feet. As it was measured in 2014. In 2008. It was 190327. That's nine feet bigger. In 2008. In 1999. It was four feet larger at 19331. And in 1952. It was ten feet larger than added 191341. Via a British ordnance survey that was done back then in 1952. Do you think that makes this mountain easier to climb. Honestly doubt it attitude. That's. But we're gonna and I. Ask our next guest here on the Carolina outdoors 'cause he has climbed this mountain since he was forty years old. Seventeen or eighteen or so who's asking his canning. Years ago Macon down again took on Mount Kilimanjaro. And climbed it and since then he has climbed it. Forty plus times we're gonna learn more about maps dormant are right now with Charlotte sound Macon down again make him welcome to the Carolina outdoors. I I can and it bill I've got Rick I've got a reason why that amount actually. Open it we look we won a net. Book called all the Charlotte seems common thing Beckel and I asked for its all of their boots. I believe it involved a cult of people from Charlotte his club that. That mountain to it's the dot com that Burton 1998. Together pretty well this could. Well it. It is deeply yet you've lost up fourteen fake since 1990 Gator says hey does that make it easier to climb make him. I absolutely not this is the old bill or as little political challenge whoever voluntarily ever ever to withdraw life. And people say although it was not he can be harder to bear on or store all Cabrera thought it it is called it wouldn't you gotta put in our altitude. And then in Europe and America I'm you can just stop and walk all the patent got a crap to me are you still gotta come back down the thing. Schools. You know what before we had you on I was doing a little bit of research and what the name Kilimanjaro mains and and nobody really knows there are many many debates some say it's the White Mountain. Man some say is the giant mound but one of the reasons or the reasons for the name was in translation. It stood for the young client mobile mountain. Some right what are so some of the major challenges of climbing this and climb mobile mountain. Will ought altitude number one. On that is that the biggest by parole that people continental Europe. And now we use I want to see this homage to get root out to eat certain and so on and are another thing is just. Being in shape. A lot of people think it's just going to be a war there's going to be no walk up the thing that they find out how the COLT is called either seven different routes. And so each album has different ways of honesty and stick to it and can't it just. I dot com or log out well now keep inside about. The calls probably isn't the most collectible but it's also the most beautiful. Although well coach could look achieve that intensity up during the seventh based on mount. Take it tell us what what is the importance that out of those seven routes. How important is choosing the right route for us and why does that gradual wrong guy route matter. And ended climbing when you're talking about altitude. Well a lot of people take a while most are sure I'll schools all of this well are they take eight days most most people believe that. The more content around the mountain important more than they acclimate to the an altitude. Of others believed on the charm hero which is assuming Indy anyhow it's it's goes up to bail so you go high low high low. And that they do know a lot of people do that the move away routers from people who just want to get get it done on. At a stop paper out those series did. But people want to be challenged and why do quarks route is the putted well where you don't stay there are actually you know hot. All the way up the mountain. On the Coke Coke coal out but the easier but I don't think it is. And does not belong out well of course oh just. Myopic about it's your gradual beautiful book. The only downside is six Korean half hour or because it will. Odds are you do travel around the mountains from here or four from rigor stain to get to that to the trail had to take on. Mount Kilimanjaro were talking to make him down again. I'm who has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro forty plus times will get into the exact number with this but Macon is on a lot of people's bucket list because. Although didn't some say it's Kilimanjaro stance for the and climb mobile Mallon it is a mountain that a lot of people can climb we don't need. Technical mountaineering skills like you would maybe an Everest or renew year. It's somewhat affordable in the scheme of the seven highest summits on eats continent. But tell us about the climate changes not only do you have to date through to a higher altitude it nineteen. 300 plus eight you had several different climates that she'd go through tell us about that part of the challenge he. You know what that that flew right over a cool thing about don't throw it is what you work beat waiter who brought pull it back and didn't sit there you see all the the revised Syracuse start off out of the bottom of the Arab culture. And then the next well there you go through the great horse he tore one pouring of course and after that occurred Tuesday are. The highland terrier in the Portland area where there's just shrubbery. And then after that hot desert and then after that doesn't swell of her seatbelt put area. And are out there and got on canal which is the top which is to round THE output. It just really wonderful he put all experience is not their people to get a kick out but it you know. Right down to wipe out there that don't look down at the rainforest they came up and now there. There at the moral and various service so it's a wonderful experience. Well it's crazy it's not a kid yet take all your clothes on your whole matter. Of course every Jesse browns we've outfitted. For people do in this sort of thing Macon down again Charlotte's and treasure. And Ed making you have worked as an ambassador with oh with Tanzania and the T Antonin government you've been recognized by the governor of North Carolina and ever saved. Several citations of the positive kind not the time that the Highway Patrol gives out. And like and how many times have you climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. 40 to forty below and I do about 44340. Or we are now they are in July. And those three bitchy guess they had 434440. Bad. Are are somewhat special. Or somewhat dangerous I don't know which is which tell us why. Well you know I've got to I've model first climb is the first week of July and the only climb up got people call it the coach you want to climb there about twelve opposite but my second climb this American seats. Our local group everybody goes so many. And what he's done what some urgency and I'm taking them maquiladora. But what I'm doing if I'm content color of this. Coming out of 16 July after the seventeenth to July. I've got polite back up who would the road with the can school. Don't we go up Kilimanjaro. And white behind that group is the right read our local rotary. Do an in Korea and now club with my wife count who'll be a Mac on a sort of on the back to back on coming down to sixteen going back up the seventeenth. And then the between India are solvent till now that we first solid all the you're. And didn't come back down and pick up my wife and I hope sort of stuck between Al Popper who beat the rotary group. And take them back off. So I go from nineteen popped out fifty. We can in the regular grip and then eight hours later they're back up to whom keep to do that so would go back to back climb with a couple on the. That is a rollercoaster month and can now make it are you worried at all about the physical told that this could or would take on EO. Absolutely yeah ivy. I'm 58 your goal then Cubans hoping that this strenuous arm. It is. But again climbing Kilimanjaro one. Foot in front of the younger that the US accused murderer the mountainous model race. Nobody that you will be the first. An arm I've done it being about a power points or without arms until I've got to really get out built what I'm doing great and do but. I think you can having Cuba with me of the mountain. To take her up till dark for the first stop all the way to route he will be motivation goes off Thursday at fifteen out of Butler beat all the candy and school quotes go work back Delta's request for help and for a way out. I've ever you know hot shell rob stick around the seatbelt while Twitter feed itself. Cuba and on to hang out and Blake among white greatest group show up in eight hours later we heard a report back up the mount. Many a man has been motivated by his wife's. You aren't that you aren't any different that way hey Macon down again you're going to be yet Jesse Brown after all of this August 8 two. There's 6 PM everybody is invited as an information also lifts Mount Kilimanjaro. Is on your bucket list hey it's a shrinking mountains maybe it could be easier about the times you get up that stopped by Jesse Brown August day sixty him make him down again thank you so much for joining us here some. And. There's a designer Carolina summer when the month of June July and August did here. But what about the climate differences within the Carolinas. Part of the beauty of living here is. The variety that is here for us and those that are visiting here with the landscapes that thanks to David. And the climate. But how would you like to be in charge of forecasting. With those differences and communicating it to a broad viewership whether it be from a coast to the Piedmont. Or to the Appalachian Mountains that I'll call. Carolina's times we've got Al Conklin WB TV meteorologist. Is dornin is here on the Carolina outdoors. He has that duty we're gonna find out about those challenges. Along with our own challenges of dealing with the Carolina whether. On this segment of the Carolina outdoors. Out Conklin welcomes a good to be back bill thank you take tell us about that this variety of geography that we have here in the Carolinas from the coast. The sand hills the Piedmont still you know up until the mountain. It's always a topic of discussion. And when you think about it we have some of the most diverse. Weather and topography and geography and geology. In this region. As opposed to all the places you you think about a place like Hilton head or Charleston. And all the way up to bald head island in North Carolina is classified as sub tropical. And you go down there and there are naturally palm trees palm trees naturally grow as far north. As bald head island now can they survive in England and north of there shore. But the not natural and of course alligators have been found as far north naturally. As the dismal swamp in Virginia but they're not late Norman naturally so you when you go west word we go up in elevation and when we go up in elevation we changed whether we change climate. And somebody once told me that. You know every time you drive an hour north it's like going up 300 feet in the air will we do that North Carolina when we go from the outer banks. To say mount Mitchell which is almost 7000 feet the highest. Point east of the Rockies so we get as much snow on our mountains as they do an upstate New York but yet we had alligators in the same state. It is a very very diverse place. We now opposed to when you have to put on your met meter a meteor out logical pat borders parasite that went that's. Mom and that's when he usually you know reach for the Advil Tylenol can you point your hair out on I can honestly remember a time here not that many years ago. Where we had. Tornado warnings in the eastern part of our viewing area because temperatures were in the seventies and we had blizzard warnings in the mountains at the same time. You know or WB TV week cover. 23 counties or whether from the Virginia and Tennessee line all the way through to Rockingham that's a huge. So you go from 300 foot. Elevation to almost 7000 feet and so yet it it can it can create so many challenges you know I'd just because the weather so different. Across so many different places within that. Just across our region just your viewership gal that's right now don't even take into account. A place like the outer banks which frankly is just one of the most typical places to forecast whether it's all depends on wind direction and unity of so many different ocean. Currents there. But I heard one time somebody said and I don't have any reason to doubt this. That that this is the most challenging. Place to forecast weather in North America is this is own right here because we do go from subtropical. Too. Those peaks are they equate to being in the maritimes of Canada when you get that far north say like grandfather mountain mount Mitchell so. It's just sitting and now if we were to drive from Hilton head to Canada it would take just two days but yet we can do it in a day just by. Going up and elevation hears the talk about a dramatic climate all energy. Well it is as bad did an open there's no news no news for us that it's hot here yeah yeah. Yeah relaxes you. We're gonna talk a little bit about how to be safe yeah in our Carolina outdoors at do you have advice so many people out there are from her high teen or young machine are running a recycling doing thing. At the obvious things are you know when we talk about heat we've got to talk about just knowing your body and how your body reacts. Our particular rule were active I mean that's what they show was all about as you said biking hiking swimming. And I'm not here to throw a damper on anybody's outdoor fun. But the moms and dads in particular you've got to pay attention to your kids and your pets as well know the signs of heat stroke heat exhaustion. If we're going to be in the water fantastic. But keep an eye on everybody and make sure you've got life jackets at the servers are going to be out and vote. Things happen fast you know and it's unfortunate but the news constantly have. Stories about things that didn't work out the way you know we had called and we just don't want that for anybody's families but. Yeah I'm insects snakes you name it this time of the year things are active here so we just want always remind and I heard one thing that's really I think a great idea. Especially when you've got you know a bit infants or babies or whatever in the backseat. Put a Teddy bear in the backseat your car. You put that child in the backseat of the car take the Teddy bear put in the front seat of the car. And if you see that Teddy bear in the front seat of the car that in that way you know there's somebody in the back as we get so distracted the phone rings. We've got a big meeting to go to we don't think about what we got to be thinking about which is maybe you're taken the kid to preschool today or wherever Tommy you know so. Those are the types of things is one reminder relates a great time of the year have fun. But we gotta be careful. Well it's an unfortunate thing for calm my best set this matter is this what is reality it's reality it's important that we talk about it just depended app there's of people do locking into. I remember. Right the Teddy bears in the front I think about a bill. This is the time of the year we're all kind of let our guard down on a bit you know one. We too much we probably drink a little more we sure that we were get fireworks. You know all kinds of you know we go out on the lake we jump ball for rocks we do you know we do all kinds of things we probably. Wouldn't normally do but that's what this is that school's out we should have fumble we gust got to have fun but be careful to that's all I'm saying. We've got out Conklin off from WB TV series now. Sure in good advice about the weather and also had to be safe in the weather of course there I don't drink campaign and how policy minds and drink that water that's right make sure you hydrates a. Best thing you do lose the war and anyone thing while were on that subject you know we're just coming out this week where we hit 97 degrees in Charlotte. And that was the hottest temperature we've had an almost two years but I have looked down the road. The last week in June and going into early July the forecasts are generally four somewhat wetter weather. And also. Somewhat warm weather not necessarily as hot as it's been but. Co closer to average which is closer to ninety typically were in the upper eighties to about nine to disturb you that we can handle tickets the 9899. And the heat index gets over a hundred. Harder and that's a little more out of the ordinary do what we normally see here at least for an extended period of time bracket talk to your box about at the past few years it. Something's gotta heat dam has just been elevated into NCs I don't think we're in it he damn well we're not. Which is unfortunate but that perhaps save that for another thing out to get back to the water into the desert yes that you mentioned so many people improve as we talked about being an active maybe there on a ridgeline hike may be they are out on one of the area lakes and this is something that we learn an elementary school but I think we forgive her maybe is just may be out for gas. Tell us about thunderstorms OK and then how we should react to spur fishing. Under a tree he had a farm pond or maybe we're on that ridgeline hike or maybe were in about it in the middle of lake Norman. What do we do with thunder and especially lightning yeah. A lot if I can give. A shameless plug here. That free WB TV weather app download that thing and and the reason I'm so impressed with the it is because number one. It's got that. It's got that interactive radar right there at your fingertips you know he used to be the joke ten years ago you'd go to party and somebody ask is gonna rain this afternoon simple I don't have a pocket doppler here you know what now we have rock. We have basically radar writer our fingertips OK that's number one number two is. Would this particular app if we have either heavy rain in the area or lightning within five miles of your location it sends out a little work. To let you know that lightning is a ruckus sometimes you may not hear the thunder but of lightning is close by it lets you know but to get back to your answer. Are your your question. This the lightning is a killer and so if you're walking that ridgeline or if you're out on a lake you have got to be able to get back to someplace safe quick and I'm sorry but under a tree is not a safe place. Lightning is simply electricity and what it's looking for. When that bolt comes down. It's looking for the path of least resistance so if you're under a light stand that the baseball park if you're under a foam poll if you're under a large oak tree. Guess what your direct line there that is not good the idea is that we wanted to take cover. And here's the thing the rule of thumb is if you see lightning or hear thunder it's thirty minutes out of the water or off the ball field. Until we're sure that things have passed and there are definitely I can tell you this there definitely bolt from the blue. Meaning a thunderstorm can be ten miles away and you do not see it or hear it. And the lightning can be out. Very far in advance. And so and unfortunately my wife's got some members or family that were actually struck by lightning the from a storm was nine miles away. And that happens so we just need to be careful. We'll get that app also its Twitter Al Conklin. I'm did today air comes all that stuff spills ever got all there all of FaceBook as well I'm hit me any time coming in trouble with the Jack got to ask this Fayetteville in Colombia yes they've just two of the hottest places in the Carolinas is their real. It is very real and here's the thing it's not just those few places you think about from Augusta. To Columbia to Fayetteville to Richmond some of the hottest weather we have in this country. It has to do with where ancient seas used to be that sandy soil down there it cools off quicker night but it also heats up faster and that's a place that gets much more heat than we do in the Carolinas that's why you don't go very part of east. Or south and it's much hotter. Colombia's typically five or six degrees hotter than Charlotte as is Fayetteville Richman a gust at the same areas often. He's out Cochran meteorologists at WB TV thank you so much for joining us here on the Carolina outdoors always a pleasure bill people.