Guest Host JD Hayworth Reflects on the Passing of Billy Graham

Vince Coakley Podcast
Thursday, February 22nd

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Good Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of Pittsburg. Harris exposing real nice. Saturation there are too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battles. Loony left and when Donald Trump says that the war. World well we're gonna negotiate a better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't run find the real. And it did slowest days for theft well for the second consecutive week gave its nod then. It's the recovering congressman. Who served in the House of Representatives. For the fine folks in Arizona but as a high point native. What a thrill it is to be back behind the microphone. On news talk 1110993. WBT. Next hour you know I was thinking about this. In social media. It's called for a back Thursday. In in this particular medium. Of news talk radio. First day has been a day where the news has really prompted the told you know some days. Even in this fast pace world it's he can be uneventful. And so some holes to add some stations will come up with a topic like belly button went I'm against it. But in all sincerity. When you and I got together last week. We eat it was the day after. The high school shootings in Parkland Florida. And you and I talked about the fact that politics would soon intervene in the blame game would start and boy has it week we will talk about that. Next out. But for Charlotte and indeed for the world beer is another major story to day do think. Dead nearly a century ago. There was a dairy farm it's where I shopping center. Sits now. And the family welcomed in a young man. Who would be anointed of the holy spirit. To take the gospel even went to the unions of the York. Has anyone followed the great. Commissioner. In the way in which. Charlotte native Billy Graham did. During his. Ministry. In his 99 years that's why would the news gained yesterday. You know I was on rude to speak at a Bible study. I'd just Boyd. I'm so many images of so many instances we only time I had a chance. To see Billy Graham preach was in the wake of another. National trauma. The attacks of 9/11. 2001. Gave way. To a service. I'll blow. National unity and resolve the national cathedral in Washington DC and dared. Was Billy Graham. Using God's word to try and makes sense of the senseless or at least. Our police. It minute crucial now work. And of course we know of his preaching but as a counselor. To presidents. I his renowned. Was evident. He didn't say he didn't talk about it but. Every president since Harry Truman. Met with Billy Graham in some ways haven't had a chance to visit some of them were actually counseled by. Reverend Graham some of them before they became president. As I sit here and mention the name Harry Truman and as I think of club. Reverend Graham as say as a counselor as one in whom people could confide another important mission. Of a pastor. I think about visiting the White House win George W. Bush was president George W. Bush makes it clear. That Dell when he was evident problem with the sauce. After his fortieth birthday did change his life. The man who helped him change his life was the reverend Billy Graham. And I think about it when you when you go over to the White House. And dubbed steers on the second floor is the family quarters and mirrors are receiving room I'm sorry I don't know the name Bob and I I don't know. It's a sunnier I don't know if it's the so Larry M I call it like the yellow oval room. Because in the Bush Administration it was painted a bright color and there was no hole in the ceiling kinda like an Oval Office thing so that's when I was thinking about. The other thing is you go out on. The porch that Harry Truman had built. And it's the Arab Nicole at the Truman Balcony. But Hillary with his common touch you know it reminded me of the same paint job. On my maternal grandparents sport. That dad who's right here on these fares drive and I pointed many of Pol Pot house. And we go out there with with President Bush on a couple of occasions. And it because it was the swamping this summer get a hard you go back inside. The other thing and I guess I can say this is a less than two aborted Baptist and somewhat more than a Goldwater Republican. Apparently. Part of the protocols the White House is to bring out good. And then heavy duty. Bork cart. And may serve in creole motioned for children you norms say in your I mean it's tight test. And syllabus would sample there. President Bush 43 have this head this exotic. No alcohol all shiner bock beer. I guess denoting the Arab may heritage of the Texas hill country and New Braunfels and all that area down in Texas but you would have. Nonalcoholic. Bock beer while some of us would have something else. But I digress let me bring you back to lead story of the day and my point in breezy new. The names of those two presidents. Two to think about the influence. Billy Graham. And yet to think how his message never changed. How would was a message of salvation what we know. As the good news. So often you when I. You're a lot of bad news. But reverend Graham. Or will the world. And ride it home in Charlotte. As his crusades. What he preached in Charlotte the crusades no fewer than four times I believe I was. Checking the observer this morning. Three times in Raleigh but but always it was this message let's listen to Billy Graham his final sermon. July 7. 2006. Camden yards Baltimore. When you rooted for god. When you're young person it's done. Normal person like me. Do you have to decide for pars you know. We told you know we'll know when your songs come to leave this world. You never know. Billy Graham's time was long. In terms of years. 99 years. But how do we measure that. Against a turn. And where he is now. Your thoughts an invitation to call 704571110. This is whose dog 1110993. It's JD and forbids state with the. I'm going to ask you to do something. The receive calls and some people do in different parts of the world. I'm going to ask you to sort of not do what belongs to change. Don't want to be certain you thought Darlington to have. I'm gonna learn student government this decision but certain that you cords to jewel soon. You can. We dedicate your life you've come. And mirrors reverend Billy Graham. Issuing his last public invitation. Camden yards. Baltimore Maryland July 7 2006. My invitation to you mr. Cole. And 704571110. You were memories of Billy Graham. Surely it's made him so on Charlotte's favorite son. And did you did you have any personal interaction with him. For most Americans Billy Graham well in in might do in cases of baby boomer. It was that bad image on television. And the first time I can remember. A little bit past toddler hood it it was not a crusade. But it was it was a new story or something where. I saw this. This magnetic figure. And the memory has stuck with me. And one thing about doctor Graham is that. Reverend Graham well. What a wife. And what consistency. Joining is now one of my old pals from congress. This former United States congressman from North Carolina Robin Hayes Robin welcome to WB two. I'll go right it'd great to have you back in North Carolina apple it's not that far away but it's sure great to your view on Airways then I was. And threw him anxious to answer your call. Having answered Billy Graham how many years ago. Also so you were one of the crusades that's where you made your decision. I might not dependent and independent. Of the cruise site but I was sure aware of it and I admire the man beyond any thing people can imagine. Many things he did but he always. Gave you that invitation. And I kind of loving way it was a proposal. Never imposing. But probe clothing. Are realized over the Jesus in my will get better. You know Robin page you and I got two served together was a great honor to serve in the congress of the United States the easy jokes to make about Washington and the institution notwithstanding. But the edge you know wouldn't we had schedules where we Ed scheduler is and everything okay and that time was just. Dale to the second it would seem indeed have constituents in it and you have people Lee it was it was kind of manic. Existence. And Dell you don't you would you would make time for constituent she'd fit people win. But what's amazing when you think about the the invitation that Billy Graham. Gave not only Americans but people around the world it was to be unsure DN. Two way too. To be invited in to the most important into deed the creator himself through his son. Did that there's no time schedule there was no itinerary he didn't need to go to one of those Dave planners. To make an appointment and advance. In the generosity. And the the optimism and the promise. Of that appeal and that invitation. It speaks volumes about their about Billy Graham. Didn't really go there are not thought about it yesterday. A whole host the ball ran their mom man number one. There's a huge vacuum. That's been created. By his ball. However that backed him create. A tremendous opportunity. For every one of us to examine ourselves. And pray what Billy Graham stood by our. Honesty integrity. Accountability. And moral purity. Is where I need to take my life. In his argued that. And create other the same level of care and respect. In that vacuum going to be filled and away there wolf saw world problems. That no other solution. Legislation. Or anything else involved. Robin I listened to you and you'd you know hell at times. Especially without our involvement in politics. Bumper stickers at times become the the coin of the realm. President Sidney you're thinking about you actually had me flashback transcend radio formats. Going back to a country song I guess from the early eighties. It was called the gospel. According to Luke and it wasn't a great position we read about bud but the point of the soul was. There is no boy and down main loop. And he followed. He followed the example of Christ was Christ like others and in so doing. That Luke had the gospel this year and that that's really what you say and all this speculation about. All who who's gonna rise up to be the next Billy Graham. They're they're angled to be one nor should there be the challenge for all of us who are believers. Is to make sure we extend that invitation to make sure we follow vague great commission perhaps nod to the ends of the earth. But maybe just down to the end of the block or meet her to be the end of the driveway. With the mailbox to truly. Love our neighbors. As we love ourselves. Absolutely well they're marveling go up and down and I'm sure you've heard rumors that I'm still involved. In politics with Butler way troll goal from the far and very well politics. Can and should be simply how it is sad to order analyzed together. So that in mind I am. Thinking Dan. Eight according. Marat spoke to demonstrate that there had been me. That service. Not simply words and political phrase as a bumper stickers are what we're all out. And I've got something in Charlotte remember really excited this lady. We've got a person. Working full time training them and they with the UNC. Charlotte guard Republicans. Then we're gonna put an effort together with the Charlotte rescue mission Tony Marciano. Again. To demonstrate. And the right kind of way what are afraid Maine goes so big opportunities. That are out there. And we just need to step up and do what Billy Graham didn't cry whatever they're. And we should point out for those listening. No no no look we're not we're not dead taking the scripture and trying to put a partisan label wanted. Yeah the Bible says Matthew was eight public and not a re Republicans are work are work are talking party. But we aren't talking what is the overall philosophy what should be our philosophy. Good going into government and it's true the constitution says there shall be no religious test. Four or four of the holding of a public office or a public trust in the United States but the challenge for all of us. It's how best to be taken up Robin Hayes thanks for check in in this morning and getting the phone calls slow up and running. And and we should note for the record that I believe is our coal. Billy Graham was what it once asked about paying his affiliation and he needed Sri he's a while I was raised a Democrat. But he counseled presidents. Regardless of the party mascot the dog he's the elephants it is due to wipe that away for a second lead just belongs to them. Political cartoonist Thomas Nast. Which may rethink when they did is that where we've. Got the word nasty I don't think so. But but day in terms of blood where we all our. For a higher mission. Just take out your mind. For a second just take away the two. Or future of the don't heat for the elephant and replace it with a picture. Of hard. I mean kind of a Valentine's hard to signify your heart and having. A good car. The good hearted Vince Coakley. It's JD Hayworth knew installed Levin did in 993 WBT. That's great news building brands not dead he's more alive right now but he's ever been and the fact is. That's what he preached just that there is life beyond this one because of Jesus Christ and his message never wavered from that from him to bring. Leave it turned into a man who is both an ordained pastor. And on two time candidate for president former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee. 22. Together. Both the the description that the current commander in chief fuses were so much of the media fake news. But then tie it into a message. Then Billy Graham so often cited. And yesterday's win the word came down. Billy Graham's quotation. Was read and tweed did and the recording of him saying this from the pulpit was. Was played innumerable times. By chance if you missed it. This is what Billy Graham would say some day you'll reader here that Billy Graham is dead don't you believe a word other. I shall be more alive than I am now I would just changed my address. I will go on into the presence. Of god. Now can I can I share something with you. That debt is brought to bide both by. Politics and preaching all but they think about there. Taking politics of profession med now. Has dropped below or used car salesman. Oh not not quite as if you see what's happened to the perception of journalists. Of course Billy Graham year after year would be on the most admired list. But there is one commonality. Yeah Joseph Biden may have plagiarized academically. Any got a little trouble laid one of his presidential run news but the fact is. Politicians and pastors quite often. Storage start borrowing one another's observations. In fact Joseph Lieberman told me one day in Mary Joseph was an interesting guy we had a pretty good relationship. In one day I had him on the phone because I had put out a press release. And I guess it was just independent we tabled with the same phrase so I go all Joseph if you get ready to give greater run again where were your other buddy Joseph on your side of the aisle brother Biden. And all that plagiarism thing. And we had a good laugh about coming up in the same freeze independent of each other he said wait and I've been through this before. And among democratic candidates. We acknowledge that there would be some osmosis they would be some absorption. Of the themes so we made a deal. When we would debate. If we were borrowing from each other the first time we would attributed to. And noted the other guy and then after that the courtesy was over what just adult belie this borrowed. Now the reason I mention that kind of ridiculous along with the dare I call it the divine. Instead christianity today which is a publication and website I don't think plays the game of gotcha. Like the Washington press corps and yet there are christianity today. Posted a column saying what are you able Elliott here's the headline some day you will read or hear that Billy Graham didn't really save it. And of course they're going bad dude two point to a source. The most prominent. Evangelist of the nineteenth century Dwight L moody. And the first line of Moody's autobiography. Says something very similar. Now I don't I don't think. Feared he would try to castigate dead or impugn the memory and the integrity. About reverend Graham beard just trying to to make sure people understand. That both fought had been uttered before. In fact christianity today deals with it in this fashion. Quoting from the article some reading these familiar words might cry foul and accused Graham a plagiarism. Making the recent social media tributes him that seemed T did with dishonesty. Such a characterization would be unfair as biographer William mordant observes. Moody was one of Graham's heroes it makes sense that grant would ever him sued pattern himself. After that great Chicago revivalist. Graham never claimed credit for the words. The we identified with the message they expressed. He was in lockstep with Moody's understanding of life and death and the hope of heaven so much. Then he had very little to add. It has been said that great minds think alike so to do great cards think alike. Arguing arguably using a common language there will be common observations. But I did find that interest in the christianity today offered bad article which. Leads us to another part of Billy Graham's earthly ministry. And that is the realization bad. Yes Billy Graham. From time to time would be the target of pointed. Criticism. I remember youth Pastor Wright had two who grew up in Charlotte who shall remain nameless but in his activism. In the early 1970s. He was so against the the Vietnam War they ADM. You talk about Billy Graham having the prayer meetings of the Nixon White House. Any would say some things about me it's it's almost like the Ferris he's I mean it was it was kinda rough Beisel. And I would take exception both. Politically and spiritually and if they challenge of my youth pastor was too. Was to engage me to think critically. He did so so given credit for there. But even from conservative circles you remember when when the Cold War rose over again. After the downing of Korean jetliner doubles seven. Back in the mid eighties. Billy Graham spent a lot of time. Preaching. In the Soviet Union and I can remember report from NBC news. Saying dead dead dead Graham was leaving himself open for criticism. We're real unfortunate listen this is from. A 1985. Appearance. In Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Talking about a visit. To the former Soviet Union here's the reverend Billy Graham. Put a ribbon touring Russia this past yet. And we want to these great old Oxford peoples that it was my privilege to Clinton in the gospel just like I do yeah. And again the Soviet Union not had a theologian. Probably theological academy in Leningrad but certainly in the car as we were riding along he said. Mr. Graham. He's I would like to see if you can put much emphasis is on the resurrection of Christ because instead of Christ did not risen I'll take it easy today. And I thought to myself there I am learn to get the freedom of Manhattan. In the Soviet Union. About the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Now we eat you listen to Billy Graham right there. And you see that the message transcends. National sovereignty. The super power relationships. It has to do with God's relation to man and man's relation to god but it also points out. The humility. Of Billy Graham. And the pastor over central church and I hope by pronounces spruce named the right way I wore call him. I was Megan notes here Laura Bush has Loran Livingston. But he was talking about just how old. Humble. Billy Graham wants. Indeed and in that same reported where WB TV went over to talk. To the pastor. They used a clip of Billy Graham saying I wish I could take myself out of the equation my name. But lightness in so we just focus on the message. And the thing news and and this is what the what the pastor sad said that that he was. Kept it simple he was focused. On the cross. It was about Jesus Christ. People can be criticized they will be criticized but we will remember and Revere. Billy Graham. More are your memories at 70457011. Jan. JD and prevention new store 1110 and 993. Double EDT. I go to the guy alone if you go price. I believe his eyes are available but I really angels and there is an advantage of and that Angel compounds. Can take you by the hand and leads you into the presence of Christ. Visit one double going to die as a believable. I've seen believe he's dying I've seen those who did not know price and there's a vast difference in the way they've got. And there is a vast difference in the way he lived. From so many of us. It's JD Hayworth and for Vince Coakley and her on news talk 1110993. WBT we are remembering. Charlotte's favorite son. Billy Graham. And helping us remember. On the phone at 7045701110. Is Nancy Nancy welcome to WBT. And he. I'm calling in to share this story my mother would tell me it's not a personal one I never met Billy Graham but my mother taught him in eighth grade. And share in school when there was all level. She taught him eighth grade science and the amazingly. He says he was the Shia student in the classroom. And she tell that story over and over to people because she was kind of a mayfield let god dipped. And made him the most vocal. End and that is a wonderful example. If Cleveland I'll listen to that smoke still small voice. In oh my god can do at all about. Amen well you know it's interesting you'd you'd you offered that store your mom said this guy was. Was shot I respect. Highest in the eighth grade it was like. Com Lindsay she said the get him to. Craig his hand and answer questions. Continental and so it's up against sudden taught through that twenty years and Charlotte and the. Well yeah I you're glad girl. Oh yeah. Is that it's it's amazing because. Billy Graham was all about Jesus Christ in sharing the good news. And and day you know but I think about it there was it's very interesting that here you know you do you take a look at Christ's earthly ministry. And and he went back home and of people didn't treat him very well. In fact I talked about that was his disciples. What what a stark contrast but but remember as well. The people about Jesus and his earthly ministry. As said rather sneering glee. It can't do anything good come out at Nazareth. And so what's your model was say it was there was. One of God's great servants. It in my classroom but before. The holy spirit did work in his life. I. And manipulative very good part so very good. Moral. Of the stimulus and the classroom and it's just not very vocal I'm letting my dog out the door. Let's game this this is a slice of life again what does that Billy Graham the invitation was just as I am you're calling just did you war. Which is scary here's my question for you go Nancy would. Did did your momma ever hear from reverend Graham and later life was there ever an encounter that you could recollect. I'm good if we lied to we listened to it putts on television every crews say they came my father my mother and a and will love it fortunate enough to be on the first. To get a television and she subscribed to the decision magazine and gave money to the Billy Graham organization. And I went to hit the service honoring him minutes. What is now they jackal then. That came gosh I guess I was the seventeenth. Right I guess that was what do that is I call as a kid growing at the high point. Circa 1971. There was Billy Graham gay and I was never did and came down. Yeah out yet that was that was a big to do you know what's interesting did I do you saw the observer this morning Nancy but you're speculating. They think that the current president. In his four predecessors there's speculation what would we do if all five presidents. President trump and his four predecessors. Show up. For Billy Graham's funeral they're all this would this would be. Students who bought at least in my just further. Quiet down the desire to put up with. Smoke. Yeah you know it's it's interesting idea it would when I first went down. To do television in Greenville, South Carolina in the early eighties. I was a sports anchor for channel four in Greenville and this was around the time that Tim. Then Anwar's Sadat was assassinated there was a young man his first name was saying. I can't I can't remember his last name but but also AM. Had written a letter to Anwar's Sadat so he received an invitation. And what you know President Reagan sent since former president Ford and former President Carter and former President Nixon. And old Sam from the upstate of South Carolina. But to the funeral van was Saddam right now I don't know does the mean any any kids don't bring these folks together. But I never. You never know Ed rather than child leading him in this case. Just the testimony and the ministry of Billy Graham may old unite them. Did CIA I thank you for that personal glimpse. From your mom. And a shy. Billy Graham in the eighth grade in science class. Shy. But respect. Which we try to do your have a respectful. Discussion of what's going on you may not agree will meet at school mixed our. Things can get kinda contentious. The aftermath of park. The political blame game and that got you this set ups just about everything but sound public policy solutions. We will talk about bad JD Hayworth for Vince Coakley on new store eleven TM in 993. Double BP to. Hey are you putting the spotlight on the evils of socialism as progressive as Bernie Sanders is peddling socialism. To our children it's a dangerous and it's got a solidly proclaiming conservatism for a new generation bomber. Herman is not the author or source of our rights and you don't make America great again by giving more power till one guy in Washington DC mobilizing media people. To reclaim our republic you make America great again by recovering a constitutional republic where Washington has populated by people. We're service leaders who want to return power of the people into the community. This isn't much you can visit my kids this is my grandkids and this is my country dammit my country. Up and fight score together Casey stuff his weekly radio programs there. This might be all a bucket seat and she's not yet. She's got kids. She said and nor applauded they'll let me what evidence King David cemetery that's like what she might kidnap. And it's stopped them all work together. Can come up with the right into school safety. It's not about almost right now that's that's an all the fight another out. Let's fix schools and then you guys to battle it out whatever you want but we meet our children's. Then is known park wouldn't dare do. He Andrew Pollack. And did you probably saw bad that came from the president's listening session. Oh no school safety. And Andrew Pollack if you heard him they are now a lot of the networks and I don't know what this fascination is I guess to reflect. The passion. And to use a colonialism. That may be moving out of the out of the vulgar it's now trying to become part of discussion in used widely. I'm no prude but I I just have trouble. I noodle this Eminem I'm talking about. Where. Would people wanna say they are upset they use AP word. That rhymes with guests. And does it the sound bites I saw and every every cable net in the alphabet networks always included bad but I thought let's get past bad. Because we're not adhered to to mainstream. Colonialism have been considered. Been considered. Pro feign almost in days past were not weird dude dude dumb down language. Let's listen more closely. Two when Andrew Pollack said in fact it bears repeating if we could hear him one more time please I think it's important. This might. I door unlocked and seen it yet. She's not yet. She's not yes. She's been. Nor applauded they'll let me what evidence King David cemetery that's like what she might kidnap. And it's stops we all work together. And come up with the right into school safety. It's not about almost right now that's that's an all the fight another battle. Let's fix schools. And you guys can battle it out whenever you want but we need. Children so we need our children safe it it's not about guns let's concentrate on the school's. Here's what Andrew Pollack was saying. In the midst of the pain of losing his daughter's bed was quite evident. Translated I don't wanna have burden. Rhetorically speaking the good fight right now. What was wrong in the school and for you since you and I got together last week. We found out a lot haven't. The Federal Bureau of Investigation actually stepped up and said you know what we blew it. Because we'd. Ignored their warnings. About the government. And and then you have the sheriff. Mayor. In Broward County. And dead turns out dead dead the Broward county sheriff's office walk a local law enforcement had been couldn. The home of the troubled young mr. cruise what was at 39 times. Over a multiyear period but still. Doesn't dance show one. And admit you had the fact. That the school administration said do not if you see this guy. I they we don't wanna hear bud V if he's got a backpack that's a specially bad. But that's true to form. When you and I guide get what got together last week. In after the initial shock. I should get ready. Because the political battle is coming I know being mayor. Bid in the midst of that. In my twelve years in the congress of the United States. And I'll talk more about bad now that relates in just a second but let me. Let me move from the comments of that grieving father. At the White House yesterday. To another member of the Parkland family if you police. A student who was very articulate yesterday at Tallahassee as bus loads. A park and students win north and west. From from South Florida from Parkland up to the State Capitol in Tallahassee. And debt Delanie Tories the young lady's name. She was remarkably. Boy aged and passionate to. And freely admitted bad bad part of the frustration. Is it is the kind of rage. Bed that comes after trauma. But she took her concerns in another direction. At the Florida State Capitol yesterday listen. We know what we once we might gun reform we want common sense gun months. We want stronger mental health checks and background checks working conjunction we want a better age limit. We want to privatize selling to be competing reforms you can't just walk into a building with a 130 dollars and lockout with and they are fifteen. We want change and we know how to get this change and the bill that was not passed yesterday that was shot down here in this building. Was it's very disappointing. And it is a step back in our movements we've been asked many time how we feel about it. How are going to go from here and all we can say is ever going to keep moving forward because we don't have a choice. Well respectfully. Do weenie and in the midst of of that trauma. And the aftershocks. You do. You have a choice to either her. While all but the siren song of the celebrity's. And done so much of the elite media and make it all about guns war. Do we focus instead on what. Mr. Pollack talked about school safety word good job part of the equation. But not first last always use. And the recurrent thing. You know it was a guy who lived through 9/11 and had my aide. Fair share of of trauma I was on the phone trying to get to multifamily. When Washington was under attack. We did know the capital was going to be hit. But I never turned around I I did you ever call anybody. Blaming you. The airline pilots. Or the airlines. And saw the aircraft hijacked. There were other problems. As Andrew Pollack said hey after 9/11 we fix some things we better fix things in the school. When we get back. A column behind survivor weapons to be a state legislator in Colorado when his idea. It's GD forbid this news 121110993. WDT. 70457. Know 1110 the number to called the recovering congressman JD Hayworth. Pulling native happy to be back on the year in North Carolina. Behind a microphone for news talk 111019. And three WBT. So hitting into the break and let me make sure everyone understands. I am impressed. With the passion. And did the articulate. Nature of the hard Phelps. Presentation yesterday by Delaney taller. One of the park when students. At the the Florida State Capitol in Tallahassee. But I could not help but noted she freely admitted another remarks that we didn't play in the clip we just cited. She freely admitted dead dead bad part of this is is passion. Brought on in in this is my this is my paraphrase. She talked about teenage passion in terms of it desiring to get something Dylan and yes having to deal with the trauma. Of what happened. What now. Eight days ago old. And Stoneman Douglas high school in Portland. And heading into the break ice. I would bet too good to real life troll but no I wasn't a teenager yeah I was in my mid forties. And where womb never forget 9/11. And tried to get on the phone to my family back in Arizona and the cellular. Phones being jammed then miraculously getting through to my family and it was. It was trauma in its only. But nobody suggested banning the use of commercial jetliners yes there were some changes in terms of security. And yes for a time Washington national bell Reagan national was was shut down right here in the heart of Washington. And Glenn let me take it away from the trauma of nine elevenths. God forbid it at the mention of this say do it I I don't I don't. I cite this as an illustration. In years past when there would be the crash of an airliner. That the standard policy for most broadcasting duties was to take down for a but you'll note. Bad day airlines did not abandon beer commercial flight schedules. So this this fixation for so many people one good news. I I understand the trauma in fact you you may have called him last week and likable beer saying why you play that 102 clip. Of the audio. And dubbed the Big Bang the pop up with a gun and screams they did it's horrible we don't wanna hear it. Why understand that but that ten seconds of terror. Well let you understand what was going on for these students and the faculty. But there were other things that were clear I sided demo a second ago. The FBI between the time you and I got together last Thursday the FBI issuing an extraordinary statement saying you know what. We we messed up. And Mittal reading about vocal law enforcement. Couldn T go home. Of we still must go in the alleged shooter. Young mr. cruise what 39 times. Over a few years. What would that show up. And then of course the faculty memo you and I knew about last week and they're saying. This kid is trouble and if he's got a backpack look out. So against all of that. Maybe we should be here. From the survivor of another school shooting. This man was a sophomore back in 1999. A high school sophomore. Wind. Two of the is a school mates decided to shoot up and too old. Students and faculty at Columbine High School outside Denver. He is now a state legislator. Is Colorado representative Patrick noble. And yesterday. He said. There is another solution that we should consider here's why it callow a pardon me Colorado State representative Patrick nibble. Said yesterday on the Fox News Channel. Well I current policy of countries sounds actually invites these kind of attacks. It's not a realistic policy. And sends a message and our students are soft targets so I wanna and the gun free zones and actually around good people to defend her students. And that's the point. And I'm not here to speak ill of those who passed on but it was cited New Jersey senator Frank Lautenberg who would. Who would really push were designation of gun free zones. Well let me ask you realize question. Whether you own firearms or not. What do you even want it done in the house. Do you think it's wise out outside your residence. To proudly proclaimed bag your home is a gun free zone. You know. Call me crazy but the bad seems to be an invitation. For burglars and the criminal element to say I bought that house is an easy mark or desire. As representative Neville put it that as a soft target. And what's so often happens and I'm not here to impugn the intentions. Of Frank Lautenberg. Yeah we we mixed up the few times in conversation. That's another story for another day. Since I was in the house and he was in the senate didn't do we had our differences. But I I didn't doubt frank sincerity it just does the wrong policy. Because you're announcing hey no good cheer. So so what are being. Criminals horror terrorists sure. Guys look in her fame with sick and warped minds here's your target. And so he's saying in Colorado there there needs to be. And element whether it's the educators themselves packet neat. After being trained of course. With concealed carry. But somehow recognizing the threat of what other noted in we're gonna bring this up a bit later. The whole notion of the item. BA your fifteens the assault the assault rifles. I'm Broward county sheriff's deputies are out Ted Barrett Stoneman Douglas high school in the immediate surrounding area and they are armed with. They are fifteens. Because bad they are. They wanna have adequate firepower. More on the AR fifteen is a bit later and gift. Just did the or use or. More accurately their infrequent use. But but let's give back to the theme of. Having educators armed should they so choose. Or others are due. On school property. President trump spoke about bad yesterday at the listening session. Here's what our president had to say. Then your concept in your idea about school concealed carry. And it's it only works where you have people very adept at using firearms of which you have many. And it would be teachers and coaches have to coach had a firearm in his locker when he ran. At this guy coaches very brave. Saved a lot of lives a suspect. But if he had a fire ami would matter runny would've shot and that would have been the end of it. It out well how. That's what the president says but it's not the end of the political discussion no sooner does the president say that. Then at the senior Democrat from. Connecticut Richard Blumenthal jumps all over him for the idea. Already did it. Mr. Pollack asked for a discussion of ideas for schools security. Not Al morning guns. For getting rid of the Second Amendment. More on eight. 1110993. Double team. Think I agree. The hunters can hunt. And how we need to let. Ideas flow. Thank you. Problems solved. I don't understand. I turned eighteen today after. Woke up to the news that my best friend was gone. And I don't understand why I could still go at a store. Combined with a weapon of war. That is another park when student Salam zaeef. Yesterday he was not in Tallahassee he was in Washington. He was sitting there across from the president of the United States and he shared with the president and every one bedroom and by extension. Courtesy of television radio and the Internet with the all of office. His genuine emotion. The big shock and the trauma of losing his best friend. In the then again while he said there'd. Be these cited the contributions of others in the discussion he talked about agreement but he. Return to the gun. The VA York fifteen Y at age eighteen. Good he's still quote by. A weapon of war. It's an interesting debate. Because when I was coming along and if if you're an X are horrible any old egg get ready it's it's a baby boomers reminiscence. You know I did it you know what us boomers were we were kids do we would hear it. From from our parents are grip while back in my day so it's one of those back in my days situations. But well I was died. In high school or actually I didn't turn eighteen. Until love this summer after my senior year I'm a July baby but what I did. At this point in time. We go have a beer. And of course what has been the case in our all volunteer force. And even prior to that with a draft if you're eighteen he had to you you now you have to register again that's the other thing. My a generation my years as a 1958 baby I didn't even have to register. For anything. But the point is. Win it should we take all of the vestiges of adulthood. And I mean we could take this discussion and a lot of different ways. EC kids and this was I was surprised it was popular to say hole keep kids on their parents' insurance until. What age 26. When I first heard that there was a foreign concept but I came to understand bed then it will. Today people expected. But to do was when I was student body president at NC state. And I remember all the Y represented dead during my days in congress out in Arizona. For a few years I represented. The other eight years she knew Arizona State University. When I was student body presidency stated was the issue east up the boom. Appalachian State where kids were driving over. From the campus in Boone because it was drive drive and a road dead there wasn't especially well lit. And full upon holes to go have a couple of pops. And when we were in school we were actually true we are actually down at the state legislature. Lobbying is student government to let down. Went dead the stayed supported institutions have beer and wine licenses towards student body. And dead. The bulk of lesson undergraduate school were certainly under 21. But but Sam is asking why it may JT. Should he have access to a weapon of war. I did. I hear Sam and I hear the frustration. But more earlier we heard from. We heard from a young man. Who still young man to be buddy was that a high school sophomore and color blind when bad place was shut out was shot up but he says. As a state legislator now in Colorado. He wants to see. Access to weapons. Now for students but for teachers. And Brothers security officials and Ford administration. Members on campus. But here's the larger point. To answer the question. Sam it's not so much that you could buy a quote weapon of war. It's that people who shouldn't get their hands on those. Weapons. Go ahead and get him anyway. You wonder why bumper stickers enjoys such popularity. It's because in a simple freeze. A point can be made in you no doubt have seen this one win guns are out more I do. Only outlaws will have guns. The broader point being if people are intent on breaking the law because there. Sickening head or they just are nasty evil people they're gonna do what they want to do anyway. Witness. Column Bahrain in 1999. Do you realize. The kind of assault weapon ban that people are calling Ford now. Was in place back then we didn't vote to lifted. Until what 2003 when I was there in congress. And I'd I began my first term started in January of 1995. After the 1994 midterm I was in congress remote January 4 of 1995. Technically. Until January 4 2007. There was an assault weapon ban in place. During column why. This. Bill lacked abuse believe it or not of AR fifteen news. In said the commission of crimes. When she appeared yesterday on CNN let's listen. I understand. The desire to do something that feels big significant impact fall. But betting half core category of guns is responsible for less than 2% of I'm content. I feel good but doesn't actually worked assault gun crime if you talk to people who have researched. Nixon and from the left in fact. They actually think the more targeted. Discrete. Narrow. Policies. That address mental health specifically domestic violence specifically suicide specifically. I actually have a bigger impact so we know when we passed an assault weapons ban for ten whole years it did not. Measurably lower gun crime in fact. One of those banned guns was used and in column mine there. Parity it's. One of the banned assault weapons it once did legal for anybody have Obama and certainly those kids and guess what they. Sadly it was used it Columbine. You law did not stopping it. No let me preface this I'm not trying to say callous but but part of what I. Do here behind this microphone. Is try to give you a stream of consciousness and in an honest reaction to what goes on and I won't tell you. So often win win. Something comes up in the news in this case it is understandably emotional and traumatic. But can be something else when the alphabet networks in the big paper start to drive an agenda it's like the original Star Trek series. When doctor McCord it would run to the bridge and save a captain Kirk jumped sharply. Would you really want to do it that way it's JD prevents your goals are invited here at 1110 and 993. WBU. 5701110. And that's the number to call it's your turn. In the aftermath. Of parks. What do we do. The president listened yesterday we heard from people where I wanna hear review let's begin in Charlotte with Kevin Kevin welcome to WBT. I did a very. Sorry you're you're a congressman Robert. I want is now recovering from that experience but I am next year. Why why I want the debate last congress there and that Bengals. Probably to be reform to a degree. What won't be and I hate it when you about rock. But why why didn't have Bobby. While we protected and the crumble. While we have the walls that are there criminal. Instead of but good Iman got hurt about it but it people. You're negative economic there aren't any knows that you have absolutely. No punishment. But there's been reticent to biker in jail. You know Kevin. You're making a point bad bad speaks not only to the gun issue. But speaks to what's been going on with the illegal immigration now for the better part of three decades. What good are laws if they are not enforced. That's his attribute if you abuse but I'm not trying to spur an eight bit computer. But I guarantee you if you let that ban the use of these children who got shot that don't take you're just crumble. There every time without that they'll be. Fewer fewer of these. Well and importantly. And I think did playing ball if you're observation right here. If one of the criminals. Head gear daddies in their home news. Things would be allied different in the case of mr. cruise did they do is. Situation where he went into an adopted family. Is adoptive father died what ten years ago his mom died with new one within the last few months. We believe she had this so horrible flu this been going around. But this young man who was troubled for a long time and he fits in the realm. Of of someone who obviously was disturbed and need needed mental health. It going answer. And are then you'll run but were ordered workers who have judicial source the help people will not help but probably do a good potential allows. The Procter when they get in there and edit an album art really a minister harper body. More or whether this out real loud they would joke. When it started. But you'd you'd let your god you lock him up for twenty years. They come out I thought I am not rehabilitated. Amid all walls are all are prepared. The people of the United States not to protect the criminal and up right now where we get the nation. Pavel all star ballots won't we won't we focus more on protecting. The crumble. Then we do then that's a picked up and I don't Lou. I like if Ahmad advocated that. Could black ball or bring a wallop or the congress and let me. All right Kevin don't don't sell your shallow self assured my friend you common sense prevails in Europe asking. A very good question and I wanna try to answer and I don't I don't go through so big historical discourse. But let me tell you what happened because ironically it it really kind of started this rights of the accused. Not so much sympathies but emphasis. Started in the 1960s. Out in Arizona. A guy named Orlando was not read is right you know we started seeing it on dragnet and Adam 12 those great. Jack Webb produced police dramas when they say you have the right to remain silent we have the right to interrogate you know all that. The reason arresting officers have to say that comes from the case. About Miranda Miranda V Arizona they'd end up in the Supreme Court poorer. Articulating rights so that the accused understands. The rights of the accused which is well and good. But what happens and you probably heard this analogy before Kevin. Government is compared to a pendulum. That swings one way and then the other based on certain events. And when Earl Warren. Former governor of California was made Chief Justice of the United States by Dwight Eisenhower. There was an emphasis in the 1960s. All the rights of the accused now it's one of those what if questions. And only a guy who is kind of intensely interested in politics and history like me understands. There was a man who's been reduced to a caricature now in American no politics in American history his name was home do we. He had been the governor of New York State. He was. Our nominee for president first in 1944 against FBR as a Republican and then in 1948 he lost to Harry Truman. So Tom Dewey is just. Derided. But Tom do we before he ever. Went into elective or before he ever became governor of New York he was the district attorney. In in Manhattan the radio drama gang busters was based on the exploits of Tom Dewey. I can actually win to do we wanted to make him Chief Justice Dewey said no no Mr. President you made a deal with Earl Warren he's gonna be Chief Justice. But imagine head Tom do we become Chief Justice of the United States. With the emphasis on victims. And victims' rights it's why former Arizona senator Jon Kyl. Teamed up with Dianne Feinstein of all people. To put together a bill. Former victims rights. Q I heard what Kevin was saying. The rights of the accused yes we understand them but in so recognizing. Those rights. Let's not ignore. The rights of the victims. Of crime. And whether it has to do with firearms. Toward the fence along our border that has yet to be built it's very simple. If you want people who Obey the more news. In forceful wolves. In forcing that four letter word known this time my time is about up all the bad tomorrow we've improved since. Bill rush bolt follows moves until then JD Hayworth saying. Stayed brave state free. Stay tuned.