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Thursday, February 15th

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Do hey that's the putting the spotlight on the evils of socialism as progressive as Bernie Sanders is peddling socialism. To our children to took dangers and it's got a solidly proclaiming conservatism for a new generation got. Herman is not the author or source of our rights and you don't make America great again by giving more power till one guy in Washington DC multiple slicing each of people. To reclaim our republic you make America great again by recovering a constitutional republic where Washington has populated by people. Poor service leaders who want to return power of the people into the community. This is my future this is my kids this is my grandkids and this is my country dad and my country. Up and fight score together. So this radio program. And it is prince's program but you you hear a voice. That doesn't belong to events. Good morning to you it's. It's the recovering congressman. And North Carolina native JD Hayworth it and will have a chance to get to know each other. Over the next couple of our news. But suffice it to say being behind this microphone. For WDT. Was a dream I had growing up in high point. And now they have their dream. Opportunity. Where you and I discuss a national maidan here. Radio has the immediacy of events and they 1015 there is a scheduled press conference. Daron park wind. With law enforcement political leaders and those from them. School district. Radio was also war. The medium of the mind. We're you we hear things and at times your mind can conjure rub all these images what you were about to hear. Do you think fool. We are not seen the image. The sounds that you wore a bell tee here. Or horrible enough. I just call it ten seconds of terror. It is yen. In one of the classrooms said Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school particle and Florida. Park Linda. Noted in Florida for virtually the lowest crime rate in the sunshine state. You were about six degrees of separation. Following my days in congress I was cold from the Arizona desert. For a three year contractual assignment good news next TV news Max corporate headquarters is in South Florida. I was living in Boca Raton just just a few miles. From Portland. With the dry cleaners one day and I see this fancy magazine and since Paul beach is up the road up. The interstate I've noticed on beach know what was Parkland. Portland is if it were a suburban. You dream zone. People living out the American dream in. In safety. Stoneman Douglas high school. With the highest ranking of any public school in Broward County Florida. Stoneman Douglas high school. Whose list of alumni and it's a young school I don't believe. It started until 1998. But such is the nature of the growth in the sunshine state. Ranked. The thirteenth best school in Florida. The highest ranking of any school in Broward County. Among the alumni of that school. As an old sportscaster I am this young man caught my attention a couple of years ago. Anthony Rizzo the great first baseman for the cubs there is a list of distinguished alumni. At this high school but it was big kids going to school now. Her and the kids who lost their barge yesterday. And the coach. The assistant football coach. Who stepped up. To block the shooter and in so doing he. Gave his own life. Apart from bad. Portable audio. Of the gunfire. There's a young man. Who stepped into the breach. In fact his dad. Used to be an FBI agent and speaking of the FBI Chris Wecker. The former FBI assistant director used to work for government McCrory. He will love him he won't join us at 1036. To talk about how the bureau. Is hoping local law enforcement and some things that might not occurred to you and me but right now let's listen to a young man. What are you happen to tell the Fox News Channel last night his name is David hall and he is. The son of retired FBI agent he plans to make his career as a journalist. Then showing remarkable composure for the shocking event. He took us through what was happening yesterday afternoon Ed Douglas stone and high school. Listen to David Hogg recount his initial response a man of his classmates. So the first thing that I heard was at one single gunshot. We initially thought it was a drill but it turned out to be anything left after we heard the first gunshot read it's. It started heading down that way because the presume that fire the person I was shooting up the school. Pulled the fire alarm to get more soft targets and so we started getting very tired designated zone for the higher anyways on our way there. We sort of thing a bunch of people running in beset her running with those people in the opposite direction but little did we know at the time we're actually running towards the schools here. So David Hogg and his classmates. Are running into harm's way. Think the good lord that there was a janitor and a teacher. There to help them again David talk. Luckily for the heroic actions of wine that night janitor and actually shot heard. We may save hundreds of lives today because they stopped all the students and out and then one single room men helped save. All of our lives. Chef earth. Actually. Kurth nicknamed the chef. Because she teaches. Culinary arts. And Stoneman Douglas high school I made mention earlier. That there was a football coach clear. Gave the last full measure of devotion. To the students. At Stoneman Douglas high school. I hope I'm pronouncing his name correctly. Because I've been reading extensively on the Internet and I confess not listening to a lot of broadcasters. Erin fleiss FB IS he played football. And Douglas stone and high school returned a as one of the coaches head JV coach and assistant offensive line coach. And he blocked to the bullets from the gunman and gave his own life. Back with more including your comments. JD Hayworth in June for Vince Coakley. New stalk 1110993. WDT. This is still Vince Coakley radio program Karen WB TLA times in the traffic. New stalk 1110993. Double BT JD Hayworth and for Vince Coakley on this Thursday. The day after. The day after seventeen. And lost their lives that Stoneman Douglas high school. In Portland Florida. Governor Corey said something dead tell them. Then we need to talk about and I'm gonna talk about what our first guest but in the meantime we want you wind up. And 704571110. We already have a police officer. And we have another caller from Estonia but right now standing by him Brad Garrett ABC news Brad as we welcome you. News talk 1110 and 993 WBT. I am somewhat chastened. As governor recording said hey don't repeat the alleged shooters name. There are copycats. In this day and age with the narcissus a man leave. I don't warped. Mentality we're getting off the social media and the Internet do not mention his name. And yet I know of who is part of the story when where who what why now. I think and I think he's in I get the idea that you don't listen somebody's name but I do think we need to talk about his behavior. And what he said woody did do. Things that get the lead after the shooting to better understand him. And to give this you know these two at least the potential to get in front of the future shooters. Endeavor with that in mind Brad tell us what you found out we understand he wasn't worth Finney was adopted. Both his adoptive parents died. And then the last year I'd this guy has been on to other buddies legal adult correct. Right and he's he's lived apparently would with a family who took him in any of the other placed a little thing and who knew there early reporting through their attorney. They didn't see any you know issues within which to me maybe true to the untrained guy I mean. I think he was a quiet kid. The depressed I think because it is like circumstances. But you know he was apparently collector Rajon. And social media based on what's been reported so far you know with some really inappropriate. How users may be sent an appropriate crazy spoke on the line and his two kids so very troubled. But being troubled not against the law. In it that's that's where the dilemma with the shooters which seems to come to have. Brad Garrett ABC news with those. Bread and I'm just wondering. Able reporting we've heard. Is that written communication win out from the and I guess the principal's office or someone within the administration. At this high school saying the kid's been expelled. Do not let him on campus quote with a backpack. I know why lit him on campus at all I mean if they for guys expel the isn't that it isn't badges saying he's persona non Grata in called the cops immediately you were. What have you been able to find out about communication from the administration. To the faculty and the student body there at Stoneman Douglas concerning. The alleged shooter. I don't know anything specifically that the let's look at this realistically can he be banned from campus yes. Can you realistically keeping keep a person off place sprawling campus with 3000 kids. The answer is no in reality particularly getting those. I know how to get around the school he would he would do that school. So. Eighty you know that's all well and good. But C is we cannot really creates situations with these schools where as they and that sort of in acting and functioning like presents. And it's not realistic it is cost prohibited so that's the problem is that the problem here is. It's behaviors that we have to address some way but probably not through arresting somebody. And that's what makes it very very hard just to turn around and end stop kids that are potential shooters don't erode. Brad Garrett of ABC news weather Siro news talk eleven chairman 993 WBT. Brad you mentioned it a second ago when I know we only have about a minute remaining with few but inside knowledge of the school the story is we we heard he had only gas mask any pulled a fire alarm. To bring the kids out. As as targets. Mental illness does not necessarily mean mental deficiency. But it seems like he was almost diabolical here. And you can be mentally ill and not be crazy. To me crazy is delusional don't know what you're doing kind of think he clearly knew that he was still on premeditated plan that. Parred all the items that you just mentioned has. And it's simply you know dealing yes I'm gonna guess for a long time. And now he's done it before we let you go Brad as a journalist what is next in your reporter's notebook what is the question you want answered. The are we really need to take these shootings seriously to address. Following up with kids who make these serious disturbances statement. Are we gonna do any thing one way or the other about assault rifles do we really need to be selling assault rifles. The team and this is very heated subject and it it won't solve the problem in a piece stops selling them but it's conversational really need to have access. You keep from those Arenas where I think we need to put a lot of energy in particular the local level. Where law enforcement has moved their money the manpower and the training. Do these sort of specialize interviews with these trouble kids. Brad Garrett of ABC news you've given us questions to ask. Those listening in 74 or 571110. Bread we thank you for your time here. You too so Brad Garrett on the story for ABC news and you readied a comment on the story. At 7045711101. Up as promised a police officer from Charlotte it is William William. Welcome to do stalk 1110 and 993 WBT. Thank you sir com. Or until you got about opened up about seven or eight years ago sort of perk apartments. In Mecklenburg County. I'll torn hip that I got a call to assist CBT and addressed the darker restriction would go out there are culture till late. While they were notified about Earl also bring honest change FaceBook page and they had to. A concern so we asked that speaker of the kick himself to those breaks up Carter tells everything. It was a morehouse school. They were gonna go the next morning and they're model guitar player in America call. They had an arsenal of weapons but they can get the kids stay at they had pipe bombs they had built and tested. They had armor. They had a great blueprint for the school. I don't know how they got that they had changed the law that the worst and the first two targets. Oh though we're considered in the biggest threat will the Tesoro school. The school resource culture and the ROTC commit. Kid pulled everything you would have a football if they had put some stuff all those FaceBook page one girl school. All the liberals concerned about to call and report. Prepare their own thing nobody else bothered with the way things. And that was my whole reason for calling his parents to be aware of what your kids are doing what they're posting what they're into. From their friends door who they're playing a railway. It's like people don't wanna be involved anymore. These kids have also too much straight about it in a way they do when I was a teenager my mom do my prayers to prepare so well versed. They're roughly where we're ready but mostly we're working at a time huh. But if because one person or not kind of concern to place so that we prevented another what locally. And bad debts the key then is the take away isn't it William and we thank you for that cold because. Again you were painting a picture reminding us whether it was bad incident or maybe you've heard of others. Where there was a plan that was foiled ice there was someone speaking up. Or one of the alleged perpetrators having eight crisis of conscience. And stopping. William were counted something that was a little bit of both. And listening to the comments so William who walks that thin blue line. Yeah I'll tell you the paradox is we're in Constant Contact yet we are alone and why do we call it social media. JD and prevents. New store 1110993. Double BT. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. And we partnered with the great men and women of the FBI who are victims advocates would mind. And we're working just to get these families through this to get in the counseling to help they need and not be taken advantage out believe it or not. I'm five back you. That is Florida attorney general Pam Bundy. Last night. On the Fox News Channel. Talking about the Federal Bureau of Investigation in a way you did then we often don't think of write off about this and that's helping. Victims' families. And we. We don't even have the name it's. And all the victims yet. Speaking of the FBI. The former assistant director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Served as head of the criminal investigation. Division he. This working for the state of North Carolina. Under the charge of former governor Pat McCrory. Chris Welker joins us now Chris welcome to do stalled 112 and 993 WBT. Arcade game. This is something. Then. Shocks or soul. But for FBI agents. They have jobs to do we saw the footage last night Chris. Basically the entire high school in the ground news a crime scene. And in less say and because I guess the kids had to put down their backpacks a lot of kids keep their idea their backpacks. So they were still trying to identify victims on through the night. Chris if you had to prioritize. What is happening now at that crime scene. Tell us how you would approach it how you think. Today's agents are approaching this. Very difficult job. We're one of the FBI's strengths is there evidence response teams which have evolved over the years become sort of the the gold standard. In crime scenes. Investigations. And and exploiting the evidence that a crime scene they do a very methodically they have the right equipment. You can imagine the size of this crime scene and how has to be graded out. They're gonna track every entered the trajectory of every round that aspire. They're identified the movements of this shooter they're gonna have some video they're gonna have a lot to work west. But that's really secondary to learning more about the shooter himself and what influence them and what he was doing on the Internet what he was posting. And maybe even learning something about how we can. Give Gerri give us the best chance to prevent these types of incidents there is an a situation that they're believer not as someone who does security assessments were. Corporations and schools. They're just isn't enough information out there to study did this set up there are really good solid security program. Well correct me if I'm wrong crisp but we'd take a look at at many of these school shootings. And duct Columbine and other mass shootings usually the assailant or the assailants. Die by suicide heard gunfire or something. This person is still around two questions for you Chris. Number why nearer your former boss Pat McCrory was on WBT this morning saying do not mention. The assailants name. With narcissus a man social media and mental illness and I'm just gonna add the word. Old fashioned. Evil. It might spark a copycat so what we just stop right there and ask you. Is there anything it it does the governor have a point stay away from any mention or glorification of the assailants named for fear. Of copycats. Well there's there's some merit to that. I mean did these these people do this and I think we're learned more than we wanted to know about his motivations are the next few days. The basic would do this to get noticed. That they wanna go out the blaze of glory and an antiquated servant a demonstration of power that there'd I think in their lives say they don't have any power they. They feel like an outcast and this is their last chance to add to demonstrate some sort of power alone notoriety. Say united the incident and gonna get covered by the media we know that. And it didn't seem to me to matter a whole lot what do you name a name or don't name the name I mean did it with him being alive. You know on a given that that that sort of satisfaction if you will. Giving him that notoriety that he was looking for but I think I think it's more so. Let's learn some lessons from this sort of incidents and that's. It's a better information out there so that we can devise schemes to prevent especially on that threat assessment part of this where. Someone like this guy was flashing red flashing signals all over the place on the Internet. This guy and he gave a roadmap to what it was gonna do basically. And people know about him a little bit action was taken and expelling him but nothing no follow up like a restraining order that sort of thing and and and arrest on site. Type of scenario for a strategy to prevent him from coming on my campus. So that leads to my next question. Yet we understand there was a communication. From the administration the faculty. Don't let the kid on campus certainly not with a backpack he's expelled. But but you mentioned this earlier by the way our guest is. Chris Wecker at the former assistant director of the FBI and he headed the criminal investigation. Division. It's almost twenty years since Columbine. Is it the rise of social media bed makes this such a fledgling study I mean we on one hand we have so called social media. Which seems to us to specialize or prompt anti social behavior quite frankly it seems to be this named. And then you've guide to other shootings that have gone on bud. What will happen now criminal probe profiler sit down with the alleged assailant led him tell his story. Soup to nuts that he will do so walled old probably is attorneys all say. Clam up which is his constitutional right. What happens we have the assailant now weigh and how do we get his story. Well it. To promote from what I hear he has given a statement based the FBI and and the sheriff's department spent most of the night were attempt. I think sort of striking Bob Arnot pot. Before he lawyers up. Against that type of information and yes it'll go into the whole you know the black box of behavioral science profiling there's an entire unit that the FBI academy in many. Spin off units around the country that do you behavioral profiling but. This type of situation that they don't engage you know have a a resource to engage on a case like this this can't be done at the grassroots level. Between the school personnel. And the local sheriff's department in this case. The you know I don't want a second guessed. Or armchair quarterback. I'm just suggesting that. Once you have to have a risk assessment team. And a waiter report suspicious activities so that there's this risk assessment team can assess that risk. And then work with the sheriff's department to do things like get restraining orders or put a guard strategically out of luck armed guard preferably. And put people on notice that her murder I worked in corporate security rumored to have this person's picture everywhere. So if you see this person you call this number you notify the resource officer asap because he had 2000 canvassing Heather that's. And so at its own scorers Willingham we have less than a minute but as I'm listening to you at all. Sounds to me as if both the school district and the county sheriff the sheriff's department ought to habits and your own tiger team. All of a social media. Monitoring what the students are doing. Well. Sit there and you know once there's a threat that's been identified that would be a very good thing to do I don't know if it's for practical to surf the social media. You know 24 sevenths the on the outside chance to win these students might be posting something. I will say that social media has become a good way. To it tomorrow on future threat that's been identified. Is this person was expelled he's obviously a threat. It would have been a good idea to monitor monitor his postings and now what have the responsibility and that that's what he. 704571110. JD Hayworth and forward Vince Coakley whose dog 1110. 993 WBT our thinks. Chris walker the former assistant FBI director. Of the criminal investigation. Division saying. No you can't basically throw a dragnet over the entire Internet. But. When there's a threat. You have to take it seriously. We are talking about. Don't high school shooting yesterday. In Parkland Florida. And we're taking your calls. From Charlotte it's Mary Mary welcome to WBT. IRE. When flying but mighty troubled on what was a dream Dave for me joining you here on WBT this is a nightmare to have to talk about. Yeah it's a tough stand temperature record are tolerant people. Why did try to make something as simple it by hand. Our our world is very complicated my guests at an airstrip there complications with regards to that person. But. Things change in the in the sixteenth when they voted got out of the school. And it's it's not get snuffed out the gavel is prince attracting more on these kids and then don't do anything to break them and break the parents. And you know there are certainly there are homes about god but winners' schools about cotton and some higher power to let these kids. Understand. Bet they should be fearful and loved him at the same time and be achieved he loves you when they don't know that they're gonna do you keep saying it's. And it's gonna keep happening to capping a week. Take a stand against that in the capital to stay and we have to everybody everybody had to hand out and so that's when I hadn't happened what meant to help her on the thought I mean. It's not just that it's really all about our savior. And hit protection of if and his fear that he give act to live life like eight. And the live like for him. These kids aren't reliving liked it can videos has been pushing people and it's crazy I know that's how they live now back to in their right mind. Think about corn up the phone and I'm recording not. See what we're we're dealing on and such being tired they are I think becoming an architect that. Well yeah oh I got on that web exploit. I'm gonna take friendly exception married because those kids it wasn't nor cynicism. It was recording what was going on so if they did led based there would be your record. All of the that heinous crime being committed at that moment so I I don't think that was narcissus and that was the kids almost reflexively. I I just take the white issue to bed but let me go back to your broader point Mary. And I want to thank you for the call this is this is I was sitting down yesterday. As an old Ways and Means Committee member. With a high polluting tax attorney and no it's another where I'm in arrears. We were talking public policy in taxation. And without even knowing. This incident had not yet been reported. What did the high polluting tax lawyer mentioned. Just what Mary mentioned. Spiritual warfare. Evil in the world. Well the great thing about this experiment is constitutional republic. The United States of America the constitution is clear air shall be no religious test for service. From holding public office sort of public trust in the United States. So we are free to worship god according to the dictates of our own conscience even if we choose not to worship god at all. But to a newer. The presence of evil. Or to think that superstition under the mistaken notion. That freedom of religion means freedom from religion. Well Mary did a good job of mentioning what the problem is just one other friendly amendment to what Mary says. God is everywhere and got his powerful enough. To be in the classroom even if the Supreme Court has invade. Against. Collective prayer formal prayer. But it is something. That. Gives a sports. Because we turn to our creator trying to make sense of the senseless. And it's and it's a difficult assignment. 7045701110. From Charlotte Joseph always been patient Joseph welcome to WBT. Hello Joseph. All right let's go to Tim. Jim welcome to WBT Tim. Fits you don't so much so often it's not GD. And it did that. Or I can tell it's it's this. I've got and therefore board. Also or ministers and me but I had them watch what was corner and there's there's broad aspects that it. I'm a big confused guy and you don't know all the facts so they come out work. Security adopted new is that there's no cheese for anything that they accused adopted that apparently the mother. Got a motorcade died. I think this sort they've done what looked at this in the weighted. If I was gonna also do not. Try and also Laporte there's a lot and put decides social media alerted the quiet and they underground for almost. A look at this sinking navy he was reaching out trying to do I don't know. Well that's an interesting theory I hear you Tim they did the other thing is now when did it be interesting how active are your boys on social media or you monitoring their accounts because it's kinda like. Putting on your shoes in the morning now that's the point I would make. Jim thanks for the call. More on this the president scheduled to speak at the top of the hour. And you and I've got next hour and a politics is about to rain down the blame game. It's common will talk about it JD prevents. 11109893. W VT. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Good Morning America. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of Pittsburg. Harris exposing real. Saturation there are too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world. Well we're gonna negotiated better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't rock find the real. Okay. Welcome back to outward to the recovering congressman JD Hayworth in for Vince Coakley. This morning you're colds invited and appreciated at 704571110. What you just heard. Ten seconds of terror. All right the kids at school and day YouTube probably when your Smartphone. Who would've thought dead dead dead video would come to your phone. And everybody could be a reporter. And Jeff I've been taking my shots at social media earlier calling it anti social media but in the wake of what transpired yesterday in Parkland Florida. I gotta tell you I don't think those kids were edited were hitting the record button out of hey mod take a look I'm merely know they were. Chronicling the horror. That continues to unfold as victims are identified the press coverage continues. They're in Broward County Florida all the authorities clear we're awaiting. President trump. It was expected to have some formal remarks. At the top of the hour but obviously that has passed on probably the White House waiting. For the press conference they're in Broward County Florida to conclude. Making sense of the senseless. Is it simply an exercise in futility. What lessons do we learn from this incredible display of evil. Some say. I gotta take away certain weapons. And Yale Washington being Washington and I but I can tell you I've been mayor done bad day and yet have the T shirt. You never repeal. The political cycle. They'd never celebrate oh OK we've done politics. Now we do public policy no clear they are all together they're one of the same. And so you are hearing even before her her feet. Attack concluded yesterday. A certain senator from Connecticut. Went to the floor of the United States since mid day and was ready to blame everybody has certain NBA basketball coach. Who I've known over the years. Police politics yesterday with a think we'll get to all of that. This hour. Unless the president chooses to take our time right now rather than leave. Just talking on and on I'm gonna talk to you. At 70457011. Tim let's go sell food borders so to speak. Dick Shelby in South Carolina Gerald has been waiting patiently Gerald welcome to WBT. Hey good morning sir. We can talk about the shooting. In walked kind of weapon we humans until we are put in place. And that's not going to deliberately and this poor people and there's no sure for people. I couldn't sell it better myself Gerald how do you heal all the human hard it is not a heart surgeon. Needed. This is this is and it's not simply middle held the check up from the neck up. It is so changing. The spiritual heart. Of man. Exactly sure we'll call. Well unfortunately there's no moral. It debt they actually. Get there but there are. You leaning over there were favorable book Serb. And people are poor have got or they don't say they're chilled fuel efficient that Allah and captain. Thought what a little late baseball. Yeah although they don't this is. It's decision. I don't know I coast like I've got to tell ya I've I've not seen kids avoiding organized sports it's just that now Gerald. It seems and certainly in suburbia and you got this kind of crazy thing where families set up. Quote played dates. Where you don't go out and beat the neighbor kid there's a lot of structure Little League is still there are organized sports are still rare blood. Video games and social media seem to occupy. The attention which kids back to what you talk about good and evil and whether you look at the creation story in the garden of Eden. As a metaphor or you believe that the literally. Everything in this world can be used for good or evil and that's that's true about the computer the Internet. They're exactly and want more flex her what are. People. People if people get mired in Haiti. And dictating our it will look a little uptight there will be a big difference. Well I appreciate that Gerald and I think you for the call but I would just barged say in what makes you think people are getting married in each. Isn't the problem that they're just in Eden acting like animals without. The benefit of marriage 70457. Know 1110. I cases on the line in Charlotte Keith welcome to WBT. And help. All though I must say all I'm. Not really what I'll call on my question has and I think that BIR Earl inept. And he'd that you know we said that my monitor by. My question as to where the wall that would allow law enforcement to do anything if we did marketing people. What ball would allow them to take big guns away from the person who does that make a rat. Well you re a good point and it's a point of constitutional wall because no one can go out arbitrarily. And take guns no less a civil libertarian that senator Rand Paul said earlier today. That if there are. Troubled people mentally ill people people making threats. That there should be a mechanism. For a court hearing. Before anyone's rights are taken away so so the point it is. You'll go win like a dictator and say no you're not gonna do anything but the other side of the coin. And I wanna make sure going in to the the hypothetical you settled force. Do you wanna make sure you understand it's it you're free to check the Internet right. You're free to take a look at social media know you don't have to quote fringe somebody on FaceBook. Last time I checked I guess there's no there's no statute to get saying my name is John Q public. Where my name is Shelly swept come get to know me you know that that's been part of the crime fighters no book. Since Dick Tracy packed it away and we go into the Internet age but two of the most salient point you may tease your concern. I think senator Paul was onto something it's not did you take somebody's guns away Willy Nilly it's bad. There that there would be a court hearing new. We're constitutional rights would be aired eighty IR ED. Of course some people think. Bet is an error more of your thought so little 45701110. JB prevents new stalk 1110 and 993. WP team. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. This happens nowhere else other than the United States of America. This epidemic of mass slaughter. This scorch. A school shooting after school shooting. It only happens here not because of coincidence. Not because of bad luck. But as a consequence of our inaction. That is. Connecticut Democrat. Chris Murphy. The freshman senator. Or I should say the junior senator from the Nutmeg state. And yet few years ago there was the horrible situation it's sandy hook. Forgive me but didn't. I've been through this before. Other recovering congressman. JD Hayworth isn't for Vince Coakley. Installed 112 and 993. WBT. What what what did disturbs me is not the difference of opinion I have with. The gentleman from Connecticut. It's the fact that he goes to the senate floor yesterday eight. Before the incident is even over and I got technically did Dave I don't believe they have completely identified. The dead. These go on and do scold congress because somehow there should be limitations imposed. On the Second Amendment. And you you know why you hear the cheer USA USA pretty soon from the left you're gonna hear. NRA. Oh NRA no. NRA edited the the the cacophony. Of that kind of organized. Chant will word come your way fairly soon count. Because as assuredly. As the swallows returning to San Juan Capistrano. Ortho bug surge going back equally Ohio. My former colleagues in politics. They're gonna play politics. Now you know you might think. That senator Chris Murphy. Is simply being passion. I think he's being more word of a political animal there and displaying genuine passion but. That's my take on it. Apparently we're getting word from the White House talks. Then at 1123. Within the next step minute. 11:23. Eastern time. President trump we'll have a statement for us saying we will carry that large so we await the president. Now ladies and gentlemen stepping to the micro kernel meek president drop. To a nation. In grief. Yesterday. They schools. I filled with innocent children. And caring teachers became the scene. Of terrible violence. Hatred. And evil. Around 230 yesterday afternoon. Police responded to reports of gunfire. But Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school. In Parkland Florida. A great and safe community. Very shooter. Who is now in custody. Opened fire on defense of the students. And teachers. He murdered. Seventeen people. And badly wounded. At least fourteen others. Our entire nation. With one heavy heart is praying for the victims and their families. To every parent. Teacher and child. Who is hurting so badly. We are here for you. Whatever you need. Whenever we can do. To ease your pain. We are rural joined together. As one. American family and your suffering. His power burden also. No child no teacher. Should ever be in danger and an American school. No parent should ever have to fear for their sons and daughters. When they kiss them goodbye. In the morning. Each person. Who were stolen from us yesterday. Heading full life ahead of them. A life filled with wonders beauty. And unlimited. Potential and promise. Each one had dreams to pursue. Love to given talents to share with the world. And each one had a family. To whom they meant. Everything in the world. Today we mourn for all of those. Who lost lives. We comfort the grieving and the wounded. And we heard for the entire community of Parkland for our. That is now in shock and pain and searching. Friendships. Two law enforcement first responders and teachers who responded so bravely in the face of danger. We thank you for your courage. Soon after the shoot. I spoke with governor Scott to convey our deepest sympathies. To the people. Florida. And our determination to assist in any way that we can. I also spoke. With Florida attorney general Pam bond. And Broward County sheriff Scott is you know. I'm making plans to visit Parkland. To meet with families and local officials and to continue coordinating. The federal response. In these moments of heartache and darkness. We hold onto God's word in scripture. I have heard your prayer. And senior years. I will heal you. We trust and that promise. And we hold fast to our fellow Americans in their time of sorrow. I want to speak down directly to America's children. Especially those who feel lost alone confuse. Or even scared. I want you to know. That you are never alone and you never will be. You have people. Who care about you who love you. And who will do anything at all to protect Shia. If you need help. Turned to a teacher. Family man. He local police officers. Were a faith leaders. Answer hate with love and sheer cruelty with kindness. We must also work together to create. Big culture. In our country that embraces the dignity of life that. Creates deep and meaningful. Human connections. And that turns classmates and colleagues in your friends and neighbors. Our administration. Is working closely with local authorities to investigate the shooting. And learn everything we can't. We are committed to working with state and local leaders. To help secure our schools. And tackle the difficult issue. Of mental health. Later this month I will be meeting. With the nation's governors and attorney generals. We're making our schools. And our children safer will be our top. Priority. It is not enough to simply take actions that make us feel. Like we are making a difference. We must actually make that difference. In times of tragedy the bonds that sustain us. Are those of family faith. Community and country. These bonds are stronger. Than the forces of hatred and evil and these bonds grow even stronger. In the hours. Of our greatest need. And so always. But especially today. To let us hold our loved ones close. Let us pray for healing and for peace. And let us come to get there as one nation. To wipe away the tears. And strive. Touring much better. Tomorrow. Thank you and god bless you all thank you very much. President trump with a formal state bench monitoring it because so often reporters started to shout questions. But by my lights. He's not stopping you wrote to take any of those questions. How we continue to question what happened but so people know the answer instead evil NRA or. People who are gun owners are got to tell you there was a great column. Why young man who's not a good enthusiast. Putting changed his perception of the orders it was in the Charlotte Observer this morning cargo assured with a curious would you would have more your goals. As we continue on this Thursday. JT for prince. Whose daughter eleven Tim and 993. WB team. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. We can't do something about. Who actually have. Okay. Finance. How that's not a United States senator that is an NBA coach Steve Kerr of the Golden State Warriors. John I don't know coach from me maybe we ought to change the name of your team. Warriors. Suggest conflict and it. Maybe be better if you guys were just here yet it in modern vernacular would probably work. Given. Certain athletes conduct. You guys to become the Golden State and yet it's. This dog 1110993. WBT. The recovering congressman JD Hayworth in North Carolina native who's someone square along the way. In the subway out in Arizona but happy to be here with you. This morning from my friend Vince Coakley hey did you check out the opinions section. Of the Charlotte Observer. Well I did on line I've just got this thing about buying newspapers I. Use the online version bill was eight column. And I think surprise a lot of people. Written by young man whose assault more duped. Majoring in political science in visual arts. It was startled on the web how my trip to the shooting range changed how I think about gun owners. Just free money quotes three pull quotes from this I'll pay it. Young man goes to shooting range and he discovers quoting directly from his column now. There were no stereotypes. Had arranged despite being in the cell there were no big trucks with confederate flags in the parking lot. The post office or the liquor store it was should democratizing. Venue. Where nearly all demographics were brought together without tension. I came thinking I might face on these or hostility as a young black man. On the contrary. I felt more comfortable Baird that I have been many cosmopolitan retail stores. In a way it was everything I was taught not to expect. Nicholas Coleman to do X off more continues. I don't think I will be purchasing the gun anytime soon I have no interest in hunting were shooting for sport. And I do and I'd feel the need to have a gun in order to protect myself. I also do not feel. Then I had any right to judge those who choose to Harold gone it's. Nicklaus Coleman concludes his column closely quoting now regardless of where you stand on gun policy. It is important to know that the power of the gun lobby is not in some dark. Faceless organization that buys political influence. Or rather in the millions of Americans who support its cause. They are not all the same. And they are certainly not all deserving of scorn. For many guns may be for ever. Inextricably linked to their worst youths. But it would be foolish to think that there is not a word. To the story. So Nicholas Coleman a duke sophomore or. I guess proves the value of his duke education over us deeper and alumnus of the University of Arizona. Know what Steve started his comment was something absolutely true you know or you may change at the ballot box. That part is fine it's fine but but for Steve courtesy. No those politicians who have neared campaigns financed by the NRA. And it sorry hey Steve. Judy can I let channel little something. Whole lot of Democrat politicians. Are supported by the NRA as well. I know it's a vanishing breed but rural Democrats. Incumbents. Expect the help of the National Rifle Association and general original something else. The NRA doesn't hinted campaign millions of dollars that's the rhetorical excess. And the blood in the water rhetorically speaking venture offering steeper. Look disagree that's why I would just think the duke sophomores teaching this whole lesson here. He's not a gun proponent buddy doesn't save that those who are Second Amendment advocate should be demonized. Any RA. Should should be treated the same way that's not gonna happen. As I mentioned earlier. And the RA is gonna come in for a round of criticism man does Steve Kerr though basketball coach. Telegraphed that rhetorical punch. So how do you see it anyway to make sense out of what happened horrid now are you birdie new. For the political storm and that follows one of these events even win the event has yet to conclude. 7045701110. Back to the phones we go. From Charlotte Dick has been so patient Dick welcome to our broadcast. Yeah he turned their schools around here and there's something that concerns me concerned I'll ought to enter the the practice of fire drill. If you look back I don't believe there's been a fired up in the school since the sixties however. We have lockdown drills that we do not. Out except for maybe once a year and a very different goal and not even if you. Or do we know what kind of fire alarm will go off for that lockdown girl. You know there's more students being killed. Then these school shootings then I'll fire per the last 5060 years. Why do we keep their practice. Yeah Dick that's a perfect question and have you taken it to the administration or the school board. You know we. Because. You're like me around here edit feature you don't take anything through their administrators hope cordless you. Our jeopardize your job on me this year. OK so so you guys know this is really interesting because. It's a fascinating lesson bed you who word were charged with. It teaching our youngsters are not allowed to have independent thought and take eight page criticism make constructive criticism. To be the faculty you'd you've educated meet Dick I think it's a fair question. And borrowed literally get back to at odds are good times running short now dead but you make a valid point. What about the drills what about consistent action on dealing with good mileage we have the fire drills. More your calls coming up so JV prevent snowstorm. Eleven tip the 993. W these two. Yeah. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. It's hard it's hard to not believe. That the adults of America are not failing the children of America by not doing more to prevent guns from getting into the hands of the mentally ill and those who are violence and would carry out. Us such a horrific act. Jake Tapper of CNN ostensibly a journalist. I joined more of what I do but see here's the deal I'm a commentator. I'm also a recovering congressman in the guest host urban school glee today JD Hayworth. Honored to be behind the microphone. In new stock 1110 and 993 WBT. I'll look a brief. Deal with my Reza may see you know where I'm coming from. Born and raised in high point. I was recruited by Lou Holtz to play football at NC state were I was recruited as right tackle ended up left out. McCain sportscaster. The great woody Durham. Yeah the Carolina guy hired me to be is. Is junior partner the NBC affiliate Raleigh Durham for bear Greeneville item from Raleigh Durham to Greenville Spartanburg to Cincinnati. Way out to Phoenix. And only in America can a sportscaster get elected to congress anybody can get elected to congress really just get a majority of votes. Constitution says you just have to be 25. And a citizen and boom you can go to congress I did it aged 36 part of the first Republican majority. In my lifetime. Hasn't been forty years. I mention that because chances are you don't know Jake Tapper is Reza made. But before he ever became a journalist he was Press Secretary. Two democratic congresswoman. Marjorie margolies mr. Penske. A Philadelphia. As Marjorie margolies she had been a reporter at WR CTV the NBC. Owned and operated station. And it's just kinda curious that Jake who was the press guy for a Democrat member of congress can now BA quote objective journalist. As you able to discern. He'd object. He picked up the talking points he picked up talking points dead dead dead dead Steve Kerr was using that Connecticut senator. Chris Murphy was using and of course you know his old buddy and ABC. George Stephanopoulos so EA just kinda happens but regardless of bad what do you have to say. About the tragedy yesterday. In Parkland Florida Ole song you are cold and you were bad I ran the ten seconds of audio. I don't know the criticism. Was I failed to give a disclaimer at one point. But that was two seconds of what happened. No profanity. Just the gunshots and there's no way to edit better explain that that was the act of violence and yet she worded. And if you're uncomfortable well. I think it gives us old just sadly a taste of red terror. Read the phone 70457011. To and from Hickory grove it's met my met. I extend my call I'm. 22 things one I used to you took the teacher and marketers what future and they're cute heard an announcement in the so far this Internet but I heard an announcement slump. On our Mecklenburg schools in an obvious that I worked well but they made an announcement that concern me that they had. Practically grew load or or eliminated here expulsions. In a certain age bracket. And you're worried as a black and charming little bit the district got but not previously worked where. The global that there is they had an adopted some more off topic. I'm I don't know based start with that philosophy that the amount of support written they had bought some more well speak. And in what it started create what a culture of tolerance intolerable behavior. Where are absolutely. Absolutely you're you're right about dead man because how on earth. They and there are people who were threats this kid obviously was a threat he was six Wheldon dead didn't even solve the problem. Italian I I've I appreciate what you've done Madd is signal every parent. In the Charlotte Mecklenburg district that they better talk to your school board member near principal and the superintendent saying. Don't bend over backward to stick with a expulsions I appreciate the call. Other calls are coming in Jim and Indian trail welcome. Jimmie there. An early night let's give me or for more South Carolina run has the last word Chiron. I can't you know a quick story I alluded. I don't know mounted all around and something good close to emotional. And I've never seen anything like it went to a Wal-Mart people carry guns again begun talking to try to play you'll wish. And now we're told they don't have any permanent turnout and but quietly. Around that area is almost visual Kurdish. People carry guns. And you know they were cold front are gonna believe it Linda Wal-Mart. And people go hold true to their guns on it. The primary news. I won't show they don't have any crime Kurdish. Well it's not a crime is it's not the crime is nonexistent and as loud as a former United States congressman who represented Arizona. I can tell you there is inherited shelve open Kerry. In your right hand and the only thing I can thank god and I know you prefaced that with the OK corral little red bud. Bumper sticker about about the so Wes where there's mandatory. Military service and everybody has a weapon in the the house and armed society is a polite society it is said hey thanks for the call rod and thanks to you for listening. My good friend Vince Coakley gave me this opportunity in cooperation with the management. The new store eleventh did the 1993 WBT. JD Hayworth saying if I stay tuned for rush to stay pretty. Stay free stated. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.