John Hancock
Wednesday, May 10th

John talks about the James Comey firing, I Read the News and much more. 


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This is John Hancock. Huh there are as low Wednesday as we can beat. Mark doesn't look good day she's so. He's I'm guessing you know. They're very good. But he does it always has the story as those are isolated showers and thunderstorms possible love. But most of us like tomorrow we're supposed to be. Like to warm today into warm again tomorrow. The eight US three possibilities and another weekend ma Mother's Day Sunday looks perfect so. Hillary go there. So I've got a job offer a generally good job here in Charlotte. And and you got a job offer in buffalo. Would you take it. Well I guess it was GM jobs are a few and far between in the NFL but. The bills are. Northern Virginia and they'll protect some of our scouts too but they hired Brandon beamed to be their new general manager who was kind of the heir apparent. Well I've Gelman ever but you know you can't sit around and wait for somebody else took. So. I have met him a couple of times I certainly don't wouldn't say that I know him but today young sharp. Good for him. These guys that are. Oldest abstain and into with the cubs. You're Gilani when he took over the Red Sox what Neal like 26 or twenty hater something like that. So he goes that he becomes the GM of the Red Sox anyone's a World Series further Red Sox who hadn't wanted to and forever. And then he leaves the Red Sox and goes to the cubs. And winds are World Series for the cubs. Who haven't won in longer than forever. And he's an in your right he's he's like 33 now or 32 or something like that now. Like a city's only 48 now. But when he got is cause August when he got there Boston job Benny was probably in his early thirties. Or in his thirties. Now that to me I mean dreaded the GM of of the Boston Red Sox. In your thirties. That's the waters 301982. I had I had just finished spin my wheels. Because it was 28 when I finally got into. Back in a radio. Tom. As we were leaving the air yesterday no word came out that Donald Trump. He's the president you know of the United States. And fired the head of the FBI James tell me. And frivolity has ensued. So we'll talk about that in a just couple seconds if you're headed to Atlanta. The I 85 bridge that collapsed. Is set to reopen. On. Well next week. Boomer was just in here and what do you say they're doing. Soft opening on Saturday or a partial opening on Saturday but then it's supposed to be full fledged open on Monday. If that seems crack. Do you remember when the fire was. March 30. And is quit at six weeks to take greater deterrent to do a bridge. On a major interstate. That's a you know. I'm pleasantly as the governor. I'm pleasantly surprised by the short timeframe. And we all should be it's a testament to the dedication of a lot of people. You know the interesting thing about it is they'll put the bridge back up there. And traffic won't improve at all. It sucked without it it sucks whether it. There's articles someplace Edinburgh and M. I'm sure it was an observer. And they were saying that mass transit. The trains and stuff we're supposed to change our views on cars. That we were supposed to do. In brace. And become less. But that doesn't happen overnight database that hasn't happened a lot yes it has. How many people are living up and down south boulevard own car. All those apartments that are broken off on the and the light rail line amino gather all up and down south boulevard it took awhile for degette bill. But now they're there we just went down to. The Mexican place. But I can't think of the name of it is sort of a great place you're stupid anyway we were down there on no a week night to celebrate to Matt's birthday. And parking is impossible. But all those people I was watching people come and animals part of the buildings walking up and down the sidewalk and going to restaurants in this the other so. I think it is also take a look at young people these days. Young people are not as enamored with a automobiles as we were there not all just chomping at the bit to get a car and again drier plus runners 68 god I was. Stay awake nights when I was fourteen. Sorry I do think that to some extent. If you give it to them but it's expensive. If you could get if you could get on if you could travel anywhere you wanted in the city on transit. And you could but it's a bus. In your not gonna sell people on buses. But if all the sudden you've got this that the other going here there and everywhere which there are trying to propose new world consultants come out this week and talk about South Park in Ballantine for light rail and this that the other. I have wishes were horses that would be great and that would be very would probably be a big. Young people's flesh you would become less reliant on cars given to work I mean are central a parking areas or and so forth and I need to get. Anywhere else I'm going to a concert at PNC the billion or somewhat got all over. In that the way young person would think today. So I do think I do think that the light rail has had some. Affect on our reliance on cars but anyway the bridge on the ID five bridge in Atlanta. I should be opened by Monday. And the governor. Nathan Deal said. Which is quote. It's a testament to the dedication of a lot of people. Oh yeah and sixteen point six million dollars from the three point one million dollar bonuses they get it done at a certain time. So yesterday at this time. And we are really just been in a lot of time modified. They the headlines are reading that via FBI director James combing. May have messed up and his testimony on no mother Dina and they emails and forwarding to Anthony and Bob all blog this on the other and to me was much ado about nothing because we said yesterday. It still comes down to a lousy email system for somebody who was secretary of state to compromised information in lawyers' petition big compromise you expect. You expect more from your elected officials especially the ones that are sitting in the big seats. And two I just Willy Nilly go about email on this day and age is just irresponsible he certainly wouldn't want that be your president when Joseph. So that was a big deal and I don't know the colonies things been uninteresting from the get go because. Can you really explain the explanation. Can you that's a little redundant and can you really. Well it can't you questioned the explanation about that late opening of the email thing in the election and now that may have heard Hillary and and I'm not. Pushing for Hillary but I'm just saying c'mon there have been some actions that have been taken by Komi during the election that you just go all. That's why it was surprising to me that at trump fired him yesterday. I thought he got road kill me one. But anyways so that's what that's all forgotten yesterday as were as ran it right to walk out of the building is a James Tommy's been fired by our president trump. In the White House and issued a statement and they have. Said that trump acted. Quote based on. The clear recommendations of both deputy attorney general Robert Rosen Steen and the attorney general Jeff Sessions. Trump says that the move will mark a new beginning for our crown jewel of law enforcement. Crown jewel. Saw him. This frost and seemed as per uninteresting we'll talk about him and a few minutes because he is highly respected and ethics and questioned. On both sides Republicans Democrats and the whole nine yards. Roster and see incident took home he was fired for his handling of the Clinton email situation. And said he cannot defend economies behavior. And no sessions who had recused himself you'll recall and a trumpet previously praised Dick Armey's actions leading up to the elections so that was one of the reasons it was a surprise yesterday. And in Trump's termination letter to a combing. He said he and I thought this was at the that you would put this in a letter basically saying. Hey how are you or your fired. He said quote he quote racially greatly appreciates. On three separate occasions. That Ted calm reassuring him that he's not under investigation but nonetheless he does not believe comic and effectively lead the FBI. I guess that was kind of news. The three different occasions. But. Don't call me was three years into a ten year term. And and learned of his firing. Have you heard this from television reports. He is standing on my understanding is that he is standing in front of FBI agents making a speech. And the TV is behind hill ma. Are saying. FBI director co lead relieved of duties or fire her order that while these data mean. He's. Is this can happen to me at the induction ceremony. At the. I'm going to be doing my this thing I'm working on no whatever that turns out to be in my so called acceptance speech and in the background they're gonna. Be holding up copies of the Charlotte Observer not that they cover us anymore. And got fired it. So Bob. Anyway he's talking to the FBI employs Elliott all the sudden the news of his demise starts airing on the screens behind him. I thought who gruden who did this. An ex radio guy. Radio firings are pretty amused. There's a million stories and a radio firing business. I went to work one time in Fresno California. And met the guy that was replacing me. Walked into the studio and a started 9 o'clock in the morning no walked into it about 845 and there was the guy that I you know followed. And then there was this other dude and there was a program director. Had been working there for five months or something. Morning jog this champ is going to be your replacement and Z in my office. On. You know so regular you know I mean did that could be anyway that's how Komi found out about. About all of them. Not trump has come out today. He was asked. By reporters. You know wife fired Tony and and his answer was quote unquote just wasn't doing a good job. Trump used Twitter to defend is a decision. And name brings up a point that I think is pretty ironic you said the Democrats have said some of the worst things about James Tommy including the fact that you should be fired announced they play so sad. He said that call we had quote lost the confidence of almost everyone in Washington. Close part of many predicted when things come down they'll be thanking me. He. The president pledged. That tech commie quote will be replaced by someone who will do a far better job. Bringing back the spirited prestige of the FBI calls quote so not only do you find out that you've been fired on the TV but then. Your boss doesn't even give you the. Traditional. We wish Jim all the best in his future endeavors. Or thank him for his service or you know something and now we're gonna go out and get a guy who'll do a lot better job than this dude. He just wasn't doing a good job. Well thank you Mr. President. So why and then Schumer got in on it and then not trump shoots back at Schumer solo global talk about that only come back in just a second. Is trig outing from the fourth district down in a South Carolina. Sergey lob Roth who is happens to be in Washington has to assay and I'll tell you what the Nixon library has to say. And we'll talk about who this Ryder Ron Steen guy is. So stick around and. It's coming got fired them BI director yesterday we were drugs going off the air to make way for Charlotte six. And now from qualities and soon just announced. By including some late night tweets from the president one of them directed at Chuck Schumer who Schumer came out with his criticism of the firing of a James Camille which was party insert cat pretty and singular focus Schumer and well Pelosi and and others said. Don't know if they've outright I don't wanna Wall Street Paul separation I don't know what they've outright called for Tommy's. Dismissal in the past but they certainly have questioned. Some of its procedures. Schumer told a reporters. Tuesday evening that he had a phone conversation. With the president prior to call mis firing and dad told trump that he's making a big mistake and many questioned the timing of the firing. And many asked whether investigators. Or investigations into the trunk campaigns possible ties with Russia were getting too close to the president. And Narnia must say that and I are really thought to myself well I don't know chuck. Where they. Or is it just a framing of the question which turns out to be an accusation. As opposed to Leo because you got nothing. All ya I mean you know you are you ask the question are you really curious to the answer or you just want to plant the seed Alberto make sure that you and that's what he's doing. That's what they held it. Crier and Chuck Schumer stated recently this is via tweet for mother O'Donnell last month outcry and Chuck Schumer stated recently. I do not have confidence in him any longer meaning James combing. And then acts so indignant. Hash tag drain the swamp. The cry in. Must be everybody is. Goes back to a November interview. When Komi had the decision to send a the now famous letter to lawmakers less than two weeks before the presidential election called an appalling and I think he. It may have tears in his eyes or something about that night. You can't really throw the crime thing around a mostly well wanna get Tinto what was the loops. Beta was a Boehner. Yeah. So the decision to fire call me was made at the recommendation of top justice officials won't get into one of those in just a second term claimed it is controversial handling of the year Clinton email case last year. Armed if I have not I have not heard Hillary. So and a Tweeter. A phone call to the president or anything like that thanking him for having her back. If you they had to check the wire Scott see if that's. I'm sure that's probably judge she's probably busy working on her. Acceptance speech. Senior White House official told Fox News purely coincidental. That does the firing occurred on the same David they're coming face to scrutiny for giving false testimony read email sent to Clinton eight while the demon and a native gave it up in May Anthony winners. Bilateral Saint Anthony Weiner takes. Well you know I very possession they had their ago. So much so much less descriptive. And nudge Schumer then call for personal pursuit of special prosecutor to investigate and possible ties between trump campaign in Russia and Schumer called on the deputy district are the deputy attorney general. Robbed. Robert Rosen listing due out to a point prosecutor and again this fraud rodents seemed I'll tell you who is in just a second because he's at the center. All of this swivels to take a few phone calls for a couple seconds we'll start with a head on WBT head. I know they're going to. Yes. Find it ironic you know it it fired the guy that. Nobody really has stood up and say hey you did a great job view you made a mistake iron it's all been about. The timing. And they trumps not a politician. You don't hear about how it lute he is that it. What he's done business volatile lyzard if you're doing the job and he wanted to go to fire. Now. It's. Well I agree with the guys it is it's into C though the Republicans. A circle the wagons from birth to Rush Limbaugh and Lindsey Graham to that they they have savor circled the wagons Spurrier quickly on the opening. And you're right nobody is talking about what a great job he did they're an end and timing would always beat. Questionable. Even if it was just that he was three years into a ten year term timing would come up. Exactly. Some. I appreciate all Stephens up on WB DA Stephen. Hey John I got a story you might appreciate it got off topic but. I would like college and turned out there and West Lafayette, Indiana worked in his station. And our morning guy got arrested. It's 6:30 in the morning for cocaine distribution. So I had to do morning drive 'cause there wasn't anybody else there. Well that's an answer promotion. Yeah I bought an. Yeah I can. It and what I thought I would only one day wonder about it but I have Bonnie I'm like yeah I've never heard of such a thing Stephen drugs in a radio station I that the two I just never heard of the association between the two that would be like drugs and rock and roll it just. They just so rarely happens. Well you know especially during the idiot can't we all just said no yeah blog at all then that's exactly right. Anyway and and I thought you might enjoy that story you know I think it fired I got promoted. Well while about an end and that's the better side to be on a thank. All low. Securing a job and radio made. You know I go up and do these things get ready to do one none in mid June know where I go up and I talked to young broadcasters open app. Called the killer instituted dude are your loan. But I voice itself to take a picture of when I arrived here. And then and what I look like Mel and just told up of two pictures you know no and say you sure you are broadcasting career. Because it'll beat the hell out of here in so many differ or is. But yes. Hopefully there's still some people in that room that would say yes so we need dedication. Our Jim you're on WB TI. I yeah I don't jump to bury you. I just want to let you know I don't know if you watched some of the news today box you know it was playing. Clips from all the Democrat. Where they were calling for Jim Communist resignation. Three months ago every single one of them was calling for his resignation. And now you know they're crowned a different turn. And it's and it really just Mike's mad it. They won't get together and try to work together and get stuff done instead of you know I never little stuff like best which yeah. Well somebody had picked the guy who called wrote her right before you did or caller before you did I decided to essentially what her rush was saying today and that is and the thing that people have to. The delegate used to order they want but. I trust not a politician. Frozen negotiator. If they've trump wants something it's gonna end up at a 150 million dollars he's gonna ask for 200 and everybody's gonna say that's ludicrous but what he's trying to do is get there though it is is get to the means that the other part of that is. Think trumpets probably savvy enough to understand that he wasn't gonna be popular secured cancer in his first six weeks of office he won going to be popular. And this is a great time for president to be unpopular so if you're gonna do stuff do it now. Because what you need is the first two years to get stuff done in the second two years to recover from a so you can get elected again. Well you know it's just it just kind of went my actually sad that. You know and the Democrats Howard. And it's signed that. It's both sides I mean come on Jim it's both sides it just depends on and on which they are much Jersey you're aware and I mean if there was if this was flipped it would be the same thing. They're all they're all planned party nobody's nah nobody is that necessarily representing the American people are all play and party. I agree with that and then you know that's why he got elected. People want change. Yeah not and that and I and I think that's I think that's true enough to go up people were saying or started this stuff. Bella and act and now you got a guy who'd generally care what you think he's gonna do what he thinks is right and and I guess the scary part of that is. How does it all live and for. Or thirty everything. Available at 505 days. A little more powerful right now I am garrisons back on Charlotte is sixes faster than the holes of the some people will be their lives so that's where were hidden this afternoon talk now about to James combing you know everything Madrid came down yesterday. Back to the phones for couples Steve's up on double. Bta Steve's. Saying I don't and they'd done a great man thank you would hit an OK get the F crime drug shore bank about actor. Trump pretty and that. Immigration and saying he would on the podium cried about his ancestors. Best right now. That's your right bigger that's exactly what I was. Yeah well I at thank you they would probably also Gramm. Not a big fan. Neither me or why it won't break down well thank you I appreciate the memory refresh James is up on WBT hey James. Hey Don thanks but not offer our thank you return nailed Perry right side followed your. We've got a couple weeks got a good commercial saying he had got a kid and that really a Smart product I appreciate you are. Trying to don't do it. It's good and if you stay away that I mean you know it's AEA it's less expensive and they delivered to your door what's not to like. Yeah continued air nob among trickery we got a blade which is remarkable not. Pit stop now when he's at when you sign up what their program just so people know. They can engage you listed at find out what your shaving his and then. And then send it to your accordingly right. That's right and you can make adjustments like I saw how long their first play a lot to me and I went back into my account and adjusted accordingly so I would. I would not end up with you know I am coming to walk ons you can adjust the frequency and how replay yet and the other part. These aren't it's easy to join and it's just as easy to get out if you wanna get out so just just ability to thank you I appreciate Sana Yemen but but here. All right there he goes I study it more an audience something else. Some of the names that have been bandied about who might replace combing. Include according to Fox News tray dowdy. Now when we were talking a year and a half ago about possible presidential contenders a lot of people were talking about trig out. Dre Gotti is a rep for the fourth district attorney's. They. Is an attorney or mis South Carolina grad and he may have gotten one of lawless Baylor somewhat February is a he's a big time favored on their Columbia. Actually green bills were strong. So I thought that was an inching name I don't know these other people via combing it deputy Andrew McCabe who was the acting director right now. After what took place yesterday as a potential candidate. John for stalling. Got a picture of him in the Washington Post today. Or he's a straight lace. Up pardon. Core in me you know. This is the guy who spank you when you burn are bad report card on my gearan duties this looks like a but anyway I guess that's what you want an FBI director and Richard Simmons would probably not be a great FBI director. Just. And a lot of a jerk and their don't jet. Sew up a stall it was the FBI's. Deputy director under W. And was the TSA administrator under Obama. And another name is bandied about is the former Noa NYPD commissioner. Or Ray Kelly. Who for thirteen years. Wednesday MB New York cup police department commissioner before rejoinder Clinton's administration. Giuliani. Chris Christie but that's not happening. And we apparently won't have to wait long among White House official says so at least they said to New York Times New York Times is reporting that. Trump plans to fill that post by the end of the week. So now it and as of the news Arctic amount that he started he got a good plan in this for a while and so he probably knows he's. He's he's got his nickname lined up so we'll see where all of that goes. And 51 votes to pass the senate just oh by the way. So why they got that. Vice president Mike Pence came out said does the firing of James Toney had nothing to do with the fact of former FBI director was in charge of the bureau's investigation into whether Trump's campaign as a colluding with Russia they interfere with the Tony 69 US presidential elections. As has been stated repeatedly. So this quote. And the president has been told he's not under investigation. There is no evidence of collusion between our campaign in any rush Jolo a Russian officials and that. It has its stated today that's exactly right. So there you go there McConnell. Said nope not gonna be a special prosecutor. Lot of people are calling for one a new investigation he said would only serve to impede the current work that is being done so I'm not going to be. Any us special prosecutor. As the FBI director filming was heading up the bureau of investigation into the matter of and the Senate Intelligence Committee also running its own investigation and McConnell said too much is at stake that's his words. In that investigation to appoint a special counsel so he's just no special counseling and the Russian minister who happens to be in town. Sergey Lavrov said yes on his firing. You're kidding. They're. There. There was a break in last night we can't quite hear about Jeff Sessions we kept on hearing about this guy named rod Rosen Stein. And he's the deputy attorney general. And he had sent a letter. On the got lots of coverage last night. A letter to calm me that was delivered FBI headquarters. Said the firing was needed to restore quick public trust and confidence in the FBI and the White House put out a memo. From this deputy attorney general rob bras and Stein. That criticized call mis handling of the investigation and Hillary Clinton's emails during the presidential campaign including his decision to hold this news conference to announce this. Findings at which she was harshly critical of her ball all blocked. And there was also a letter from attorney general Jeff Sessions. Recommending con mis firing. But the dismissal of Komi they say comes. Amid this FBI probe into whether Trump's campaign had ties to Russian interference and that's for the timing questions coming in while he was a fraud roses to go. He is that he recommended to trump that that he fire James Colombia's the FBI director. And when you start reading about the guy he is widely respected. Both political political parties. He was the Justice Department days the newly appointed deputy attorney general. And overwhelming approval. 94. To six. That's. That that's that that's being popular with members of both parties and and respected by civil servants as well. So it kind of came as a surprise to some when his letter explaining his decision regarding call me. Pointed at former FBI directors. Questioning other of the Clinton probe. As opposed to what combing had been under fire for. And you know it would have been with females and and this at the other end not the investigation. To the Russian ties. Quote I cannot defend the directors handling of the conclusion. Of the investigation of secretary Clinton's emails and swear Rosen eastern wrote. And I do not understand his refusal to accept the nearly universal judgment that it was a mistake that it was mistaken. Almost everyone agrees the director made serious mistakes it is one of the few issues that unites people. Of diverse perspectives close quote. So. Interviews with some other former colleagues in the attorneys who know this guy. According to Fox News story that I read today. Say. His integrity is without question. And the independence of the Justice Department. It is at stake here as well. Quote regardless of his title in his position he makes decisions the same way he did during the decade. As a career prosecutors is the former department of a justice attorney general Weinstein. Who worked with roses in Ed during them the bush and anti Obama administration. He said that a quote that means following the facts wherever they lead pursuing justice and doing the right thing without regard for politics. This is a partisan minefield no matter what he decides but partisanship won't be a part of the equation for Helm. So when you when you start. I mean if you start to do a little bit of background on this guy. Then all the sudden his recommendation to the president starts to carry a little bit more credibility. It it doesn't. It's not just trump doing something. Erratic. They can I mean did that this this guy is a measured prosecutor. Who as she says follows the facts wherever they lead pursues justice does the right thing without regard for politics. He was a young attorney in the ninety's when he was tapped to join Kenneth Starr's team of prosecutors investigating. The Clinton real estate dealings in Arkansas. The attorney Megan Bowen who worked with him at the Department of Justice tax division. As a spoke last night on no Fox News about his rocked solid ethics. So guy carries some way when he away what he makes a recommendation and no and says some things he ended the debate into. Now the other story that's coming out today is at the White House says the trump fired FBI. Call me. Over his handling of the Clinton email but critics. And they're everywhere. Think that it's kind of fishy that it just so happened that he got rid of the guy who's leading the investigation into the rustling Russian meddling and all of that stuff. I New York Times says so that it says that called me asked the justice department for a significant increase in resources to expand the Russian investigation just before he got fired so they're using Mattis. Is a possible reason. Our Kobe went to the deputy attorney general. Iran broadens stand the guy we just talked about. Last week. The FBI director goes to this rod bronze are resisting guys and so last week. And makes his request. Now. Remember again the attorney general Jeff Sessions had recused himself from the Russian inquiry so that's why he went to rose Wednesday. And then days later this Rosen stain guy writes the head of the Justice Department memo. That's been used. All last night and into today to justify comb his firing though the memo focuses on the Clinton emails and doesn't mention Russia. Justice Department spokesperson tells the Huffington Post that that told me died did not ask Rosen Steve for more money. But then they don't elaborate on exactly what you asked resources put I would assume that probably would mean manpower something like that. So anyway that's what's going on today and and say FBI director I know so you got one sided distancing C. Why is Lindsay Graham always on the it's. I don't get that. They love bill list of people that the president has talked to since this decision was made in men and Lindsey Graham's on their idea that he is because of the committee did he sits on. But. I just can't think of a guy who. An accommodation him and John McCain. That's one of the bigger obstacles that the Republicans over there or have to overcome. I don't know I don't quite get it. So the FBI directors out of a gig. Opera polity has ensued. And Woolsey were all of that leads. I'm sure we'll learn more on tweets. Not coming up soon up his arms around politics. He change horses here for just couple sorters. And go talk about are the Republican senator Orrin hatch. Orrin hatch. Charged yesterday. That people want everything they can get from the government when he you know was asked about whether a public opposition to the house's GOP health care plan. That dismantles large parts of obamacare. Would affect the ascended as he puts together its version of the bill. So. There's a new poll out yesterday. And it found just 31% of Americans support the proposed American health care act 44% oppose it. I'd like to talk to those people and find out how much they even know about it this comes from the Huffington Post slash Hugo poll just oh by the way of com. Business insider reports that statue chairs the senate business insider. No he chairs the around Senate Finance Committee. Told a reported that the public want this is his quote. The public wants every dime they can be given. I mean face it once you get them on the dole they're going to take every dime they can't. We've got to find some way of getting things under control or this country in the near future is going to be gone close quote he's exactly right. Why doesn't the government do something. What about me. Perennial victims. Republicans proposed. American health care act. Would come more than 800 billion dollars from Medicaid. And they would shifted to a system Joba block grants for the states. So that means that states would get a certain amount of money per capita to cover Medicaid cost. And an asset no more. Regardless of the amount of claims. The American health care act also changes tax credit subsidies. That would be used to pay for insurance from being based on income and how much insurance costs in the area. Which is how it's done with the current Affordable Care Act. To making them based on age. Instead. And not very by regional cost of insurance. But the story to me and there was Orrin hatch saying. The public wants every dime they can be given. I mean face it once you give them what I want you get on the dole they're going to take every dime they camp. It's almost incentive. To not get off of the dole. Because. You know all. You can teach Amanda fish. In the battle lines are you could just drop fish off at their house every day you'll never hear of people who. Just wanna mind. Mean things George Weston. This may events. What's the name of the song. No I should know that. But it almost sounded like. Blood to should do a cruel and had. Armed federal appeals court is rejecting the claims of an Alabama death row inmate who says he should be executed by hanging or firing squad. Rather than lethal injection. I think they should make an exception in this guys case I'll get to that in just a second although there was some like the guy yesterday wants to bring a lot of follow the law. Eleventh US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled today that Anthony Boyd cannot be put to death by alternative methods since lethal injection and electrocution. Our Alabama's only approved XQ shouldn't methods. That upholds a lower court ruling that rejected disguise arguments he's on death row for the 1993. Slaying of a gray agreed. Hugely. You goalie. Who unloaded buoy data and another man. 200. Dollars for cocaine. The court's decision says Chile was kidnapped at gunpoint. They are these guys 200 bucks. They kidnapped this guy bind him to a bench. Doused him with gasoline. And set him on fire. He wanted it to. Be hung in or die by firing squad. And does the court said no the only approved methods and Alabama are lethal injection electrocution. Can we not make ought. Exception here. How about fire. You know. I hate it when I get barbaric. But you know that sometimes you just. You do get to that guy. How about your turn. I story found yesterday. Hawaii. The Hawaii legislature just voted to make it easier for hawaiians to pass down land if you are Judith future generations by lessening the requirement. The percentage of native OY and blood. Now you know my wife's. Dad. Why are. So I wonder if there's anybody that. They got a law thereby 1990 and a native Hawaiian population to try to like 650000. People do good. Century Napa vote colonialism. And that led to the passing of what is called the Hawaiian homes commission act of 1920 which set aside about 200000 acres of land for residents with at least 50% native Hawaiian blood but don't go holders. Of the new homeland leases could pass them down to their children and beyond. Provided that the descendants maintained at least 25%. Native Hawaiian blood while this house bill 451. Lowers the required level of Hawaiian blood do and Eric homeland. Probably do what three point 125%. So this actually means that Hawaiian so we'll be able to keep the land otherwise there would have been that they could lead to a whole bunch of people that don't would have been kicked off the property. I'll. I I need to go check out Susan's relatives and find out if there's any of land and our future. All right K then we are 130. Days it to be here. It's actually pretty inching its own right has been to Washington now lost three out 235. Days ago. Bought us 57 today but kind of a sad story and Chris Berman and former ESPN sportscaster who just retired. Was probably pushed out he's only 62 I saw his name on the birth they lost last night. 62 years old so. That is to me as he was pushed out by ESPN which. They seem to be. Having some vote him in effect we'll we'll talk in just a second about. BS via this dragon down busy right now used to be exact opposite used to be profit Disney opens become less profitable and in some cases because of cord cutters but anyway. The Chris Berman. Whom whose claim to fame as one of. Originals that ESPN a 62 today. But then the bad news. His wife. Was killed in a car crash yesterday. I in Connecticut. She's so five years older than he Katherine and Berman. Two vehicle crash happened yesterday afternoon in Woodbury. Connecticut. The other driver was an 87 year old by the name of Edward. To Willis. Police say that they're Burma's car hit the back of virtual us SUV and has sent both of the vehicles off the road. Both ended up overturned Berman was wearing a seatbelt virtual us was not. Berman. Chris Berman. Joined ESPN. One of the originators back in 1970 united as a matter of a role auction them earlier earlier earlier earlier sports owners and these to go to Damon's ribs down in Jacksonville and I was working down there and watch this new sports sets and everybody read although all the net where all the stuff. Merrill they announced the weather channel and stuff that was the stupidest idea other O we are some is gonna sit down and watch the weather channel. You know what. They do. In fact they used to have I at the weather channel used to have all budget hue Jackson. John Moore used to. Be able tell you have by name. But anyway as sad as Chris Berman and they he joined the network and 79 he's dead than he met Kathy she was a teacher they got married four years later they got it to two kids a dog and Meredith enough. On any 62 years old today but as a said David Berman household eight that kind of news number for the day is for all tell you why just a second. Am happy I never for the day is for. How far is the number of days a standard roll of toilet paper less than a US household. War. So you put an overall auto Monday and it's gone by. Tuesday Wednesday and so deteriorated Thursday. Yes you're on all water diet. And that. Other go. I'm without words if I'm thinking and our house to what does this say about us. Now. Over and over and nevermind I don't neutered. Follow up high school senior from Nevada set a new world record for re tweets and a contest with Wendy's and has earned a year's worth of chicken nuggets. You guys are shaking your heads because if you're young gators were the chicken nuggets is. That's more beer money your gas money or whatever. Mean I'm thinking and we have sounds great and after about three weeks or so sick a chicken and educate its history you're just. There's like that dough when I got that job at the dude didn't drive them. And she made fresh. Glazed doughnuts every morning like Chris recurrent. And I remember getting that job. I would be there in the morning opened with a prep and all that stuff and should be doing those doughnuts. Now it's going to be the greatest job ever because they just sit smelled sensational. Plus second walk right over there as soon as she pulled him out of the pick him to throw on your mouth. So you know but but the smell was. Tremendous. Then about three weeks went by. Ever smelled that smell again I'm going to. Yeah right there it goes on the spot and to this day I don't like Liz don't. So there you go. Better be careful what you wish where you might just get. I did say that America's sink holes are in the injuries. Would be a sinkhole after it was built over a mine used to open northeastern Pennsylvania. They can happen twice while I was living up to no smokes for his grim thirty years ago tweeters to where it. 32 years ago. Did you overnight how also would just. You know mind would collapse in the house for just disappear. That's got to be it should. But sink holes. Wanted to sink hole that took up the Corvette museum up there and Bermuda. President Saudi Arabia told the father they could name is a daughter of Lanka. Because I guess they can do that there. There's a new study that says that reading to infants increases their brain's ability to process language skills when they eventually had to skill. That's a school. So loved reading to entrance off I will find out this weekend the gender of mind. Soon to be grand whatever it's going to be. They're all saying son. Because I guess that part of the family news. And you know I'm still gonna be a step grandfather's one assortment to but but nonetheless I've. But the way I'm acting. Can't wait now see I'm think your granddaughter 'cause I always wanted to daughter never go on saw mom think granddaughter but you know what I don't care. But I'll long been out of bed but now Barbara debts study reading to infants increases the brain's activity in process in language school also when they eventually had school. So that's me I'm to be the run were to be the read your grandfather. I'll start off with fifty shades of gray really get that kid's imagination Roland. And then while naval tries some of the way to prove books or something like that. Amazon unveiled this echo with a screen. We talked about this yesterday for a little bit and I did some more work on it last night and now I don't want one. I don't yeah I don't. They unveil this 230 dollar echo their calling at the echo show. And it's like the echo I've got one of those Alexa. And day its voice controlled assistant named Alexa that we'll answer your questions play music do all that's on it also has a seven inch screen. That can play videos and show recipes steps see that's cool mom. And displays song lyrics and act as a digital picture frame and do all sorts of thing but the biggest changed is the addition of Alexa calling it. Which will allow users to make web based phone calls. With video. From their echo. And I don't it's they sedate start shipping June 28. But apparently there's a deal where you can just anytime you want. Basically do one of these. Alexa calling web based phone call things. And if the person on the other end doesn't say no within ten seconds or something new just pop up. Any other part of that is. I've been hanging around what do you people too long that's my problem wanted to go back out west tang that was some liberals rely also on a paranoid about every right. But the other thing is I'm not so sure that I want on Amazon or Google or Microsoft or apple or anybody. I don't trust anybody anymore after Edwards Snowden in the NSA and all of the stuff. If if somebody can. Hacker camera and see and hear how somebody can hack out. Egg again on not just not so sure I wanna necessarily scheerer. Video of my lifestyle and they were falsely by. Well except for trapeze Tuesday of course I forgot to mention trappings Tuesday but. Our American idols coming back to the not just cancel it. Okay come back and it didn't go away. How can I miss you if you won't leave without a country song. If it isn't it should be. I think it is a country song or something along those lines. Surely I can't be that brilliant. And the return of American Idol confirmed yesterday. I don't think that they have a nationally. I thought they had already announced Ryan Seacrest would be the host but apparently according to Hollywood to a reporter of there have been no discussions. Between ABC and seekers I would be prone I would Oprah I would consider watching and repair it Seacrest wasn't on the. Fox wanted American Idol back in BC wanted to ABC offered more. So what's coming back on ABC not fox and since ABC is owned by Disney. It should probably come as no surprise that the location for the first auditions will be Walt Disney world in Orlando. So American Idol is coming back we just saw enough on live TV gray house down in South Carolina that is for sale. And comes what they mystery occupant. So we'll talk about that in just a couple of seconds. We've we can't now while lying. So look out there won't cover that in a just couple seconds. And see what is the other thing that we're doing and refuse a few minutes. It's 505. The okay. Okay. Oh. There's 1110993. WBT able had a traffic just a second I'll bow wow Karl lying about his or private jet you're gonna Scott did you get caught lying about your private jet. A limo and it flies. The rapper bow well which I know is. Is is is being with our audience. Most of us stock photo of Lear jets saying that he was on quote and quote travel day. But his private jet became bash dig fake news. After a fan snapped a photo of him a sit on a commercial the earth what he said that. So proving that Veoh private Joseph was not news. It's now up big. Is he Lizzie. Own airplane big. Yeah I get you never know I mean can you wells that you hear about people that are just made. Unbelievable amounts of money and they you know they've that they've done. Which we'll word is that put us. When you think about it a hunter's bill Ford Bridget traffic I seven to seven X in 23 and voters rural Montana. Wasn't he wants a little by how well these. TJ was a blue Bellwether of the game bell while. It's not something so clear what you don't wanna be is old belt that's right could put up a bit. Pacific justice good across the carpet that's old decrepit now well this weekend. Fellow mr. walker makes a battle was the next couple might hit it. A little and then you forget the words that's right that's good raping a instructed. That fifth fifth. I'll rapper he'll be doing to forty years or knows probably Christmas that's that's that's our that's it that's it you got that may affect. The award winning director Steve McQueen MMI CNN news I think in the others. We've had figured generation thinks of the TV director. Can do a documentary on 2 o'clock. Billed as a fully sanctioned by the LA to. If off partisan stayed McQueen is. Good job. Twelve years slaves because it's the moment he's most. We won best picture for a so that's probably the one Libya. And I think he got best director for that anyway that's that's careers and to assure wondered why the South Carolina house is preemption. There's a South Carolina house has been listed for sale. But it comes with mr. Reid occupant. Now are merely thought on it. But no. South Carolina house some zillow. Says that the -- home comes with a mystery occupant who lives their rent free. And says quote don't bother asking. About the person. Tick it once in a by the house but they don't want to desk. The listing is for a two bedroom home in the town of that Casey. CA YC. Which also comes with a separate cottage. And it says quote upstairs apartment cannot be shown under any circumstances. Buyer assumes responsibility for the month to month tendency. In the upstairs apartment. Occupant has never paid. And no security deposit is being held. But there is a lease in place. Yes it does not make sense please don't bother asking caps what ballistic for the real states us. The properties being sold as is 130000. Dollars no repairs are clean up. Hi after last being sold in 1997. No local station down there Kate TV you. May have solved the mystery however saying that an older hot pad dot com listing said that a professional artist lives in the upstairs there. Why would you advise of them if you. I don't makes no sense at all but that's a listing of South Carolina you can go find an. It's we briefly mentioned yesterday. That Amazon and unveiled this new echo and a half of the screen. Called echo show costs about 230 bucks they go on sale load June 28 that the pre order now and in fact they got some kind of a special where you can buy two for. 350 years some two. They are where we are worried about this and we're that to general target but this earlier. Same basic capabilities as the regular voice only echo those of you have a Alexa know. Or just some of you have Google home is that what they call them. And and and and what's that called in there. Have no idea. They Google. That would make sense when. So you know I echo can set timers know you can listen to music you know I got a guy get. Alexa played Tom Petty. So odds got a built in display. Are now. And that gives you some new functionality. It'll give you more information about they need to quarters that you had made a full weather report for instance a debut sale like so whether she'll give your weather report now you've got to touch screen news they'll print it out. Our it'll show it on non permanent. Steps of a recipe I know a lot of that but that's. I mean I don't wanna see you worry or do what you've done a word you're going next and so the screen would allow you to do that. Can be used to a play videos say can be used for news briefings from people. I assume much CNN fox and sorrows over I don't know fox will be at or none says here's CNN. And content from YouTube which I find and that would be cool and and Amazon video. So he got all that but the new feature that I think it's got a creepy. Access to video envoys to. Is anybody can make or receive a call through this echoes show if they have the Alexa add up. An Amazon is also unveiling this new feature called dropping him. Which would let designated. Friends. And family. Make a call at any time not so you have to approve who could do this. The receiver than has. 8102. Window to reject a drop in call. Or switch it to audio only. But if you don't react in ten seconds. Then Bosco is a right there are whoever starting at judgment. Amazon says they imagined it feature will only be used in a small number of scenarios like checking in her you know like ought to checking in on an elderly relative or someone got. That that's BS Amazon knows that this single. But the thing about it and as I say. Now that I'm super paranoid because I've hung out and talk radio for its own. Well trust anybody of skeptical about anything everything's a conspiracy. I don't know that I want Amazon to have access to a camera in my house. We are really on them they get more of their well being and I am a lot of it. I don't put somebody to go blind. Well my god what is that pushes back in the water. So I don't and the other thing is like messenger I hate messenger 888. Messenger. Because people can just come daily whenever they want to and if your on. FaceBook and they see a lot of bang for your privacy just been an aura. I hate messenger and yes I've I've opted out of messenger and then perhaps your others dumped more. That texting instead of like bad so I hate messages this to me is messenger with video and somebody you can just drop in. John and good. Did you hear vitamins. Dissolved on phenomenal lets you guys have bad echo show. More maybe I'll get one end get some gorilla tape and put it over the camera hole. And and. Today you are one of the suspects in the Sean grow Levy. Deaths remember her and and and then man anyway he big. One of the suspects was deported the other day. And day and enjoy brought ups as Chandra Levy's name she was the wanted to have died young girl died blow Washington DC and congressman was suspected for awhile and mobile. So they they deport this guy who was suspect and now for awhile and aggravated I've got fingered by Chandra Levy or not was one of our major summer. Distractions. And then while begun on Jewish sharks were or weren't sharks like the big deal look for one summer we always seem to come up with some sort of summer distraction. So it. Is this summer gonna be the airlines I mean above and beyond the of all the shenanigans of congress and trump a mess and all that stuff. But it seems like right now not only are the airlines in the news on a daily basis but. People are revolting. People are saying no. No I'm not gonna be treated like that. The airports have had their way for a long road out of the airlines about their way for a long long time and it just kind of seems to me that people are. Fed up with a and that's that's led to tensions that are need each other two guys that don't. Got into fisticuffs yesterday of Southwest Airlines flight lands and all the sudden these two guys are in a big old hairy brawl I don't know what happened on that. But it just seems like every single day there's a summer distraction. One of the things that you'll notice this has nothing to do with the airlines but one of the things that you'll notice that Charlotte's airport is. There are going to our rely on wheelchairs now they're gonna stop relying on those electric carts to carry passengers you know the big deal that holds six people but never have six people autumn. Do you know didn't and you you know they're mixing you know you look behind you and there's one like on your heels. Not gonna have them anymore. They did a study and they found out they're not as efficient as they probably thought they were. The airport said they made the change in early April and instead of view a and instead they're using wheelchairs for customers that require special assistance. The airport is the hub obviously for America and it is the sixth busiest in the world are based on takeoffs and landings in fact Charlotte Douglas had about 44 point four. Million passengers walked through last year. That's the time. DO moved to get rid of electric carts and is they've done in conjunction with the airport was done for three main reasons I'll come back and tell you about those in just a second such Charlotte Douglas is getting rid of the use of the electric car suffered passengers and will instead use the wheelchairs and attendance. The airport is the hub for American sixth busiest in the world. They say this move was made in conjunction with the airport and done for three main reasons safety and congestion and the main terminal. They say the cards were adding to congestion issues and causing safety concerns shall riders and the people around them. Secular reason customer service because with carts. Passengers. May have needed to transfer they say up to seven times. While people in wheelchairs will remain in the same chair. And then efficiency came into the third decision to do this as well out of Charlotte Douglas. American did a study last summer and they found that the carts are not nearly as efficient as the wheelchairs. Customers who. And move on. Is get to their connecting their flight quicker with a wheelchair chair push than they did with the carts. They just seems like the summer distraction to me is gonna be the airlines. And and maybe this all dies down and then surely we've got time to have. It's only may. So we sir we we have time to replace it was something else and maybe we don't need a summer distraction we've got Donald Trump. But and I just wonder if if this is gonna continue with the summer you know how crime goes up when the temperatures get warmer. All of wondered if people say short tempers are GNU would do the same with the warmer weather. And more congested airports. And narrower seats. And belligerent airlines and customer service citizen customer service it's it's its stockholders service at the expense of customers. Get a doctor dragged off of a plane you have I did a Ernie and heard of this one. A woman who claimed united death forced her to. Ever seat location because she wasn't allowed to use the plane's bathroom. I heard about the guy you remember the guys that was trying to get back to the bath and go on sale I gotta go I gotta go I gotta go and they wouldn't let him go. So anyway no more carts at the airport. Reason to celebrate. Yeah okay. We're sending her sluggish heading towards Providence had not you don't wanna be sluggish endured trauma. Providence says in. Divine Providence has in. Ordained events outcome site here in order sluggish. Articles or want to register of mr. Prove notes Eiffel was impressed scud on. They opt. Told yesterday in my build we're all this week. My builder Jeff Newton is the guy who are built. Our house on Belmont but he's also doing now his third saint Jude dream home and what and one what happens they're. A builder builds these and then channel three auctions off tickets. June July I am not sure exactly when that happens. And I'll make a million and 100000 or Saudi about it over a million dollars for saint Jude's children's hospital and if you. If you've done any homework at all on saint Jude's it's just the most amazing organization. Ever. On no no no for no judge no no parent. Gets their child to. To say Jews ever pay is done. And a day it's just amazing thing well anyway it is the third year that Jeff Newton has built the saint Jude dream home and they hold events all yearlong. To try to defer the cost because as much as they can get that house. And pay off on that house get things covered. Then all of that profit goes to saint Jude's they sell that they make a million ball above one point bill but if you're not subtracting the good 23. A 100000 whatever that is so. And not all this weekend moot g.s which is Oreo barring a grill out on not a wide road 15060. Idle wild. Is is have an event they did a big golf tournament today. So they should be doing they turn on an after party I assume as we speak but tonight at 6 o'clock on the outside stage in moot geez. Is our province of thing years. A last year asked Jeff sent us a band. And they send this province of thieves. Greg is a great Clark. Anyway these guys are unbelievably good I mean excellent I mean. When are they gonna. Make it big because I did cyst. We were really impressed for the so they're playing a move cheese tonight 6 to 9 o'clock and if you go out there communal money you spend will benefit the saint Jude don't dream. How's tomorrow. Just going to be in the neighborhood so we're gonna wander in or about 4 o'clock and not talk aluminum out of the corn hole tournament know everything that's going on there tomorrow. And then no Friday. Last Saturday they got bands I mean all days bands. So. Moot geez. Never been there it's in the 151000 bought a bottle while Rhode and and no province of thieves is playing there tonight so look at yourself out there and and it turned underwear really really talented. While local fans. Darryl Ledbetter earlier but. Chris Burma's wife was killed and. Car accident. He was kind of I I don't know what they official is he's 62 years old today so this is a sad story all the way around. But he. He just left as an anchor of ESPN and I assume probably. Was given some incentives to leave. So all the sudden now here's his gig is gone and and his wife just got killed ES PM. Has been no you know big big band loaded about a hundred people last year there are. ESPN's getting killed by sports rights fees and people that are unplug and and ESPN has always been the most expensive. Into. ESP and wants it but I'm not so sure that's not changing. And as they have tried to cut corners that are talent has gone downhill. There radio station could not suck enough I used to love ESPN radio but they've got rid of everybody and they are on rob they are cut and budget you can tell. They couldn't afford Conan Conan went to fox Conan is chicken but I don't like it as much now as I used to. But. You can't lose Conan O'Brien's and maintain. They're degraded to split up Mike and Mike. But one Mike's going to TV and a goal it's gonna be teamed with somebody else. I don't know if that's good battery and different but ESPN and had their woes ESPN's woes they did they'd lay off a hundred people. I including on air personalities and it's dragging down Disney and that's uninteresting story because this used to pump Disney up when Disney was have a hard time ESPN was a money machine. But now it's the exact opposite they're struggling. Disney reported its second quarter earnings yesterday and that showed every part of the company became more profitable compared to the. Same time last year except. For ES PM. So there is a Disney blames higher programming costs. Especially big money deals for NBA games. I guess to some extent I'm looking at all of this happening and I'm thinking to myself you know it is start to catch up with what was sports maybe not the NFL. Which can't pay people. That much money to play a game and you can't played. Leagues that much money to broadcast the games before sooner or later. We either people are actually paying the bills are not gonna say hey you know what. I can find other things to replace sport Somalis themselves. They are Charlotte is six would Mark Garrison who finally got off the beach I guess it's a coming up next.