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This is John Hancock. Their mother or mother or as a Friday's big big. Father's Day weekend coming up no NASCAR they'll do they always are not race Sunday. Mother's Day we get them and they did go to like what Mother's Day Easter. Have reverence to the dead. US open is this as well as we speak all the big names are not necessarily a killer except for Dustin Johnson. Who is say in the clubhouse after the second round at four under and the next. Is Ian Poulter who's still out on the course. Just finished on four and he has even par so Dustin Johnson in the clubhouse with a at least a four stroke lead. And Tommy Fleetwood is up plus one he's finished for the day and are extensive and plus one he's finished for the day and then you get down looking for the names that your gonna be looking for. Rickie Fowler is plus two. I just finished up on three last time I looked at him about thirty minutes ago he was plus three so maybe he's on his way towards. No move an appeal leader board Justin Rose another name ma plus two but tigers like plus ten. No Webb Simpson I think was plus seven or something like that Mickelson all the guys who finished way down and I yesterday. Don't seem to have. Well made up ground yet today. But I I say yet because I couldn't tell you which holes that are honor what they finished with but to. And Dustin Johnson who reclaimed the number one rating in the world last week with is. You win at TSA Jude classic. Is leading the US open. And in that won't hurting man this dude stay number one either solo. We'll watch that about a refund as you got to you got a nice hot weekend and by the time you get to Sunday he'll be beat to death by the weather and you've as wanna sit inside route air conditioning is. And not looking good scenery and golf courses certainly cannot. Not take place and that if you're at Charlotte Douglas international airport. Well I've come to our said he. How's that golden. Eight technical issue. Still somewhat undefined as far as I know caused hundreds. Of all flights to be canceled last night and thousands of people. And I think they were supposed to resume operations that noon today. But that's you know it. Mean your resume operations you don't just go right thousand people get on these planes Syria. It takes a while to recover. So why you had thousands of travelers that were stranded at the airport last night in all sorts of us said stories coming out of that deal. And rental car companies are getting maxed out because people that weren't gonna you know be fly into this was the Piedmont things a lot of that's local commuter stuff so people in that case could just rent a car and you know make till whatever hour drive it is due to the destination that they ran onto and solar rental car companies are maxed out and they're bringing vehicles back again. Haven't done vehicles trucked in to meet the demand. So the airports just been a mess. Four. The almost past 24 hours say no PSA airlines a regional carrier owned by American Airlines and all the big airlines use these. Well regionals to us save money. But you've you've got a mess out at the airport and you've got a lot of angry people and I don't know if you ever been in a situation like but it's just the most frustrating thing ever and then you get into a lie and. I haven't been into a situation like that since online became possible since I pads and laptops and but that's probably justice frustrating. But back in the old days I mean they canceled the flight everybody had to go you know get back in the line of and I can remember doing that and you would be you know 500 people back in the line and so you go through all of that and you get to rescheduled for some time does that the other and then you go wait six hours and now the flight that you were rescheduled with that would get canceled then you have to go back and get maligned in this Adeline out of Charlotte Douglas that airport right now is you don't like. Two corridors long. And people don't like being in lines to begin with and people don't like frustrating waits. And we don't do real well with that so you know there's some hot tempers there. Somehow or another they always get head but it did get ahold of this somewhat level headed people on TV. But I wanna own a seat. Or to see a camera shot of somebody just at the at wits end if gotten us to do is just absolutely had it. All right and in essence you've got you know 35 seconds. And and yet they don't audit that deals. And I got a kid because they carousel. Anyway I'll those people would get. Get things figured out and get on their way because that's now that's just. At system of some key way to start the weekend. I'm I would like to thank diabetes type two from possibly saving me from food poisoning. Because I would ahead sugar smacks. What are they called honey smacks now. In a church Mexico where you can't have sugar anymore. Corn pops initial corn pops it. The days to be sugar pops. They always been corn pops. Well the main brand. And the that's the kind of stuff I used to love dedicated anymore. Corn pops. This makes me have Nora one or corn pops that have actually been in milk for about five minutes so they've got a lot of kind of squishy and our current U anymore. Oh love that. But I can't have those anymore and honey smacks are used to have a regular basis I think this is all up part of my. Adult revolution. When I was a kid my out my dad and my mom and I used to fight about the link to my hair. Consequently I've had long hair all my life. I'm still revolting. To tell and my dad mind your own business. And I never would I never was allowed to eat all the fun sugary cereals when I was a kid. I was relegated to corn flakes and Wheaties and Cheerios and cream of wheat. May vote. You know unaccustomed mommies to get up every morning to fix breakfast for me and down. And so I revolted and when I became an adult and it was just a straight to the cereal or else there was so straight to the corn pops in the honey smacks and while the honey smacks are being recalled because of a Salmonella. Which is his 73 people in 31 states 224 hospitalized. That's sad that's almost to psyche is getting. Canceled her flight into Charlotte Douglas international airport eaten honey smacks and Ambien hospitalized. What are you in four. On he's Max. Sit there in the next you know the same room with the guys had a massive heart attack. You're the ones considered to be in worse condition. This is primarily affecting people in California Massachusetts new York and Pennsylvania thirty or 39 people interviewed by the CDC said they had cold cereal in the week before. Falling ill fourteen specifically named honey smacks and so that's why that's Kellogg's has got to had a the cross hairs on that 123 ounce and fifteen point three also boxes. We're. The best if used by dates falling between June 14 2018 and June 14 2019. I could've been me. Thank god for diabetes type two. I know I'll I just want a lot of people when I won't take a hard stance against those kids and being separated from their families but distill and right now I just think that's terrible. And I didn't get out there yesterday with the other masses of people but there were throngs of poke people who joined rallies across the country yesterday. And if you know with all the stuff that's going wrong. China North Korea the trump foundation and IG report came out yesterday. Hillary said responses that by the look. This immigration in the kids' thing is the one that is got the water cooler talk to people are standing around saying this is just deplorable. That there's got to be a way to. Enforce the law. Without. Separating. Families kids from their families. There's got to be. And I just I don't and I you know way EG future already got a call and say well should have thought of that before they went broke the law and. I'm not gonna take that hard stance. How much I never got separated from my family I never person fail whenever broke lawyers but. I think what's going on right now as deplorable and now I don't have the solution to it and by the way neither do any of the other critics. Because everybody's bitching about it but nobody has a on an alternative to it. On and that would include the at trump administration apparently. Michaela Eller who wears the leader that are organized a rally in Austin, Texas yesterday called the so called zero tolerance policy cruel. And sent his arguably is hard look at the images hear the stories to a listen to the mother's stories of their children being taken away and just being told work taking them to give them a bath that never. I'm saying never again I read that the other day. That that's what they were told on parents were just taken a mall to get good take a bath and and then all of a sudden I had senators and their separated. Com and can portrait of I don't know if that's true or not because there's always so much crap and propaganda in the newspaper that they're gonna tell you stealth that may or may not be true. But families are being separated in Nam. On and I and I think it's terrible. Now Beth Sutton ran spec and associate professor of English in Ohio State University Lima Ohio told NBC affiliate WL IO that you just don't do that to a child you don't do that too apparent. I don't have that much problem doing it to the parent I do have a problem doing that to the child. Child and break the law child is doing. It's all on mom and dad or mom or dad or whatever the case may break. It just got to be a better way. The comments. My guess NBC went into a facility in Brownsville Texas that houses children separated from their parents as well as miners who came to the United States alone. So loud. So that's three got a lot of your TV pictures but then again. The two networks that trump lawyers lewis' being the most biased against Hemmer CNN and NBC. So. They. My skepticism of videos of the press these days of sometimes. Well almost all the time now Washington Post New York Times other things I'm. Probably keeps me from truly believing some of the stuff that maybe maybe I should truly believe him. Credibility. People have lost credibility with there. Now with their publications. Well last month the attorney general Jeff Sessions announced the policy which seeks to prosecute people who cross the border illegally. A misdemeanor for the first offense when the parents are charged they end up in federal custody in and their children are separated from their nor rendered. Unaccompanied. And he has looked into. To chair migrants at the border and is said that the administration wants to crackdown on potential human trafficking and smuggling. Well. I I think there's some validity and now. Human trafficking story. So why you know I understand where you got a number of different elements going on here. But no one size doesn't fit all speech yesterday to law enforcement officers in Fort Wayne session prom and if you cross the southwest border unlawfully than the Department of Homeland Security will rescue. And the Department of Justice will prosecutor's view. And that's what the law calls for and that's what we are doing. And I gotta get that Joseph. We've been complaining for a long long time that you know you break the law you are you've faced the consequences. But there's got to be a better way than separating kids from their parents on the other hand. If your parents are crossed. Our or are. Charged with any crime. Any crime. Citizen. Illegal immigrant. What happens. They separate you from your family. They put you in jail and your family stays back out. Federal government announced today they'd open a temporary shelter for unaccompanied immigrant children in Texas. To southeast of El Paso. Existing facilities have a filled up under the you know zero tolerance policies on no migrants trying to cross the US Mexican border illegally adults being arrested in no separated from their kids. They've had a 2360. Children. That would be housed at this a new side approved today in soft sided structures and that the facility. They think will be ready within the next few days so that's a development that happened today. The president earlier today blame Democrats for the the administration's policy of separating migrant children from their parents at the border. He said he hates. The policy and I claimed the Democrats could do a change the law if they voted with Republicans on immigration reform. He says that Democrats forced that law on the nation. Jeff Sessions. Is the guy who enacted the zero tolerance policy on the border last month mandating that everybody apprehended illegally entering the United States will face criminal charges and actually get it visited terra. That the policy is resulting in parents being separated from their children while facing legal product of prosecution. We heard about the group that was in all float across Mexico. The caravan. That then kind of got broken up for awhile and then started hitting the border. We knew there were coming. I and they headed. Bed it is something to try to figure out some kind of you know read to maybe dissuade people from. Continuing their journey and stuff. So this is to some extent used as a deterrent. And I don't know maybe it's effective I have no idea I don't know what the numbers are. You know maybe they've maybe they've convinced. 50% of the caravan not not to come in here for fear of being separated from their children. But the idea of separating parents from my children's that it arrived from children and his disturbed. I think it's wrong I think this is something we look back at. I generations from now and say what the hell were we thinking we couldn't come up with a better solution than that. And I don't have the solution and neither do you and neither does anybody else. There's nobody is offering one we're just all bitch and about it. Even the people that Hitler rallies yesterday. That they don't have a solution. And it should be up pointed out that. If if your parents break the law while the first thing they do a separate issue. They throw the law breaker in jail innate and your beer your separated from your kids your separated from her family. So. But I still think that this is just wrong. But there's just got to be a better way. Then the trump blaming the Democrats. And in the past for the policy. I Edberg really is more citing inaction. On immigrant reform that it is anything else is not any set policy that the Democrats signed or anything along those lines of forcing him to do it this way. It's the N action on immigration reform both sides have been equally responsible on not on the inaction to some extent now there is. House Republicans have unveiled what they called a discussion draft. Of an immigration bill that includes a path to citizenship for young immigrants brought to the United States illegally as children. There is in that 45 billion dollars in border security funds that includes advanced money for the president's promised border wall and addresses the issue. There we're talking about of children being separated from their parents at the border. And that measure is intended as a compromise effort to deal with concerns of both the conservative and the more moderate wings of the GOP but it's unclear whether or not we'll have enough support. But to be passed and I don't know that the president signed on to this yet either. There's apparently a couple of proposals were going on the president come out and said he he wouldn't vote for released one album. Under the proposals some 700000. Who applied for baca protection under the bar Obama administration as well as dreamers who didn't sign up for the program. But could apply. Or legal status. Which would be valid for six years and renewable indefinitely. And eventually those under the age of 31. Who've been in the country since at least June 2007. Could begin to be awarded green cards based on a point system. That prioritizes education. English language proficiency. Military service and continued employment. And after that they can apply for citizenship. The legislation would also shift the immigration system from preferring family members to of those in the United States. And it diversity to one that prioritizes immigrants based on merit and skill. So to address the issue of children being separated from their parents of the border it would allow children to be kept in detention. With their parents. Ending two decade old rules that limit the amount of time that children can be held in custody. That's what house Republicans have unveiled and nose or kind of the broad outlines of that. Armed and that seems like a fairly interest in compromise on all sorts of avenues that we talked about over the but whether or not that's got a chance. There's been a nice guy I don't know. They drafted this immigration bill ended but he unit to find some middle ground between know the White House and trump critics. But 293. Page bill. Ended the practice of separating families across the border and also protects the dreamers covered in the deck a program and gets the 25 billion dollars to be. But I for the border wall that trump wants. And was a campaign promise so it would do help him fulfill that. Not not totally but make a pretty good candidate. But. Even though you've got this attempted a compromise that bill has been criticized for both Democrats and hardline Republicans. Many who think has no chance of passing. Up Paul Ryan and Franklin Graham. Are criticizing the practice of separating children from their families. And it's just I just think it's distasteful yeah I'm not gonna liken it to would the Japanese in World War II but I mean that's the thing that we look back at now and so what we do want what we think can. And at some point or another this separating kids from their families is I think is gonna become aug oh god what were we doing what we're we think in moment. I guess we'll see Jeremy on WBT I. Sort mark and Jeremy. Didn't that you and thank you are you there you go hey that sounds. The United States have been separating children. From their parents. For forty years in the and the court ended talks about you know murdered children being separated. They really need to focus. On their own people on her own children can change that I am in court ball the government and I think subset. Would settle any children although parents. That would be on a case by case basis and so maybe it would be better if you explain why you were well like your particular case was. You might be clear yes there are upper three and a half years in the South Carolina based on the court. Perjury got an equal time I saw on. I ended up rude and I am not changing your child got it all looked at cal Carolina at age forty or he's on wall. You and while a few 1012. To make sure that they're very gullible children or bodily. Or that and here's what here's what they here's what I can't do on the fly Jeremy and here's what I can't do unless they have all sides of the story I don't know your story as I don't know what kind of person you are I don't know what the extenuating circumstances of all of this is just. I don't know the background your story so I don't know if if what happened view is wrong or right. Are you Google my name Jeremy ought to back out while that's that's a little deal everybody call ahead and give me your name and all start doodling just as soon as we get off this afternoon. Hi. Family separations US Mexican border because simply going on out there are we're heading towards or expand bird top of the hour hour and for Joseph right now on WBT hey Joseph. Why didn't get to talk to a young Q YouTube. I appreciate your comments and therefore they're probably among the best I've ever heard you make quite honestly. I don't know possible solution for all the best. And my solution that I offer. Is that patriarchy it's kind of a take off what they did during the Eisenhower administration. To do with illegal immigration. And Darren are our administration. They just they warn people that they were gonna solid group of people around them that they found. You're an illegal immigrants. And believe it Baylor made a business talk house whatever you had that we're gonna liquidated. So if you being seriously and they'll liquidate if you liquidated it. And well back you know you laid out let's say if you had not liquidated it but I might take up that it's far too big that. While playing years I think we will punish the importers. Because I remember what types of foods. Although this this situation that these people are in right now are free employment they are allegedly. Fleeing oppression or fleeing something or another and I understand that not all of them are doing now but. On the general purpose of this is that they are fleeing. So moto oppressive situations up. They they're they're there's they're they're trying to get across the border but they don't have jobs there's no employer involved yet. Right but it would not come here and there were running jobs. Well I guess that's true of the other part of that is we're aware where a country with a big heart we don't let anybody starve to death so low whether you got a job or not we figure out a way to help you survive. What I don't we're not against that either by the way but I mean now there's all sorts of incentives to coming here or just just the promise. Oh. Good. Better prospects. I mean I've never been in that situation but I guess I can understand somebody doing whatever they think they have to do to protect their family urged judge come up with some kind of avenue of all possible. Decent life. Well you know. Out for the better mock prospect but I lose interest what you learn but I checked it out in Italy I can move back to move underwater there you know visa cards are a little while but actually become this episode. I'd have pretty much couple million dollars in the bank. Now we have some guys left here and he was gonna go a retired Ireland and he kind of ran into the same. A red tape and found that it's not his say easy to do is say is what he thought it was going to be. Exactly so other countries that have worked more controls. And I'm sorry I really am aren't those people that's why send money for eight per. Programs and so forth but. Bring him over here at MI Kim you know our national problem we already reported more you. Immigrants legal and illegal Democrats the world put together in the last thirty years. Yeah not a good about the belief I understand all of that I just don't like what's going on right now I I had but the fact of the matter is they are here. They have gone to the border. They have been arrested and then we're separating families have to I just think there's got to be a better way than that. We're quite frankly these kids are victims. Again and again and again because of the actions of their families and because of the country in the laws that they have enough. And it and they've got a day they've they've got no say so I'd said that the kids aren't doing anything to separate kids from their parents. It's got the Paris have to be a danger to their kids before you'll ever convince me that that's the right method. Barbour you're the only other thank you prevention now I appreciate Colin go to Jimmy on W bta Jimmy. I hate. I would normally here. That's going good how's it going which you so it sort armor that then fairway and yell you're on so. You might wanna take their time. Yeah well Archie. I think we ought to and that every pain. From experience to the north side of the Panama LL. Bring it all ended June united stay. And then over toward year period by Kamal senator Lugar the United States. It would render humanitarian. Reasons that you Leo. Just say these children from being separated from their parents because they're coming here illegally. So your right to make Mexico and Central America the fifties. Some other states. Don't. Now while getting a good luck on that on I'm just gonna assume your being sarcastic and move on Steven Hayes Stephen. Stephen. Stephen knowing wants Stephen gone Michael hi. John I know I'm good and are you doing all man I'm Willie you're jet. I got a tea. I've lived in Charlotte off and on over the last forty years I've been a big fan of yours ever since you bet on the radio I appreciate. Yes sir I really respect you. I grew up in the united states military not lived all over the world. And I traveled. All under Pat's fortunate credentials and everything else. And that's pretty much scare me about the issue about kids and parents is. That there are a lot of people that are bringing children into this country that they can't prove that those are their children. Okay. I I guess that mean they're they're good they're gonna be a million extenuating circumstances. All of these are gonna have a different story. Not yet understand but with everything that's going on in the world today where. So we're at. Trafficking of children and everything else. I I I really think it's part of the world to get a hold on. You know who's traveling with Ku where your going back out at thing I know it's an overwhelming. Situation. Starts. It it it it's a little scary to me because when I traveled as a youngster around the world with my family I doubt proof of who I want. Yeah this is I mean this is one of the things that Jeff Sessions brought up and that is human trafficking and other things and I and then we we talked about that a few moments ago our own way when we did the opening. I you know I think that's a legitimate concerned and you do wanna make sure that you are doing the best for these kids and in some cases. Are they very well could be human traffic can you wanna catch that as well but by and large you are separating kids from families we just got to come up with a better system. Hi I understand that but I I think. I think. You know. With the technology the way things are around the world today I think we ought to be able to come up with a better way of proving who York. And we won't be out all the low because you know you see good people can't in three years come up with a AID to vote with so apparently that's impossible to you know. Head WB ZY. I thought care Stanford women talk to and they are a number of weeks between now my health and his schedule just didn't happen hello mr. Stamberg. Are you John welcome back yeah thank you very much OK here's two headlines. This morning's Charlotte Observer. American Airlines carrier suddenly canceled Charlotte flights prompting passenger fury. Charlotte business journal Charlotte Douglas ranked number two for business travelers. Don't think I didn't think about that detect it it's just a matter what time you go there. I think they get the update I need to call back and see whether they have are re rank. The airport where Charlotte Pittman now because all I can play is I have to Khatami bad not award. You thought you write exclusively on the airport a number of cases and you remind me I I you know we have how quickly you forget. Jerry or Brent Kay Eagles. The apprehension of the airport. About Russo in all of the players that Johnny Harris. All the sudden. Jury or is out in a controversy you'll move and they had the interim Brennan K Google takes over and all these construction projects are on the books and you know for a while there we just weren't quite sure what. Who was on first. Yeah I you know John I'm as actor weren't escalate. The impetus was. The new concourse that opening next month that's where it started I was when an Arabic I get an update on what's coming next and then as we started talking. Brent Capel who runs the airport now I've mentioned that he lives Eddie can do is get here and I about fell over. We had a tough if you and I were just talking about this what six months ago. I within the paper for people who are new to count her target all their five years ago the airport in the future that he airport was. It was a big deal I mean everybody was talking about it what's gonna happen and the resolve a controversy about your or who brought a 24 years and what they're worried you know in this state but try to take you right so. I wanted to get in contact him labor. What happened for those who work here in May be remind people. Just how much things could change because. At least at first blush John. Other than what happened with American last night it's deep like finger Colbert the airport than they were five years ago. This also means that jury or has been out of the gig now for five years. Yeah it does then I don't I don't not get a chance to read through all the story yet but I'd he would give you area call right if you get him if you all. Perspective that he says is that the path that this is the only bit buried in the past but. He he sounded like he's doing yet I need this cryptic as ever and you very polite but he just hit one to go on the record he talked about all those habits from five years ago. As far as we know he's in good health and and and sort of and so forth because I've always I always like jury or maybe he is is look you straight in the eye and tell you go to hell to have a guy IP at the way feels. But I I mean I'll like direct communication of Senna beat around the bush and you have to give the guy. A lot of credit for the time that he was here because men needed some outstanding work here when it comes to Charlotte Douglas international. And that's exactly right let me start with the answer is yes sir firm everything I've been told there are itself and that freaked some call these in didn't find help in going between Charlotte and Carl Cameron to give a speech count. But it's the second point is. The it equally important which is that I I think a lot of people still regard him very highly and even though you know it it did did an ugly fashion and certainly he was at all right if they are all wrong but. He got to continue to get a lot of credit for taking what was a midsize airport everyone that was about what it first with that airline had had a propensity to go in and out of bankruptcy in the concurred that in puke. One of the ten busiest airports in the country which is hugely important to this region and particularly to the business community. Is it fair to say though that ultimately he hitched his horse to the wrong rod. Yeah I think it is fair thing that. Because remember. One of the things that really grated on people. Who were frustrated with your order is that he was a city employee pushy. Do you take it department Albert city government says that it's pretty big. Breach of protocol if you will also. He heated issues Orleans. It it's it Nan very fun to play for any. And I guess the other question that just popped into my head Tony went your memory will come to do to you when you start to bring in the stuff back up. Do we ever know whether or not to Richard Bernard got paid and by whom. I checked on that this week and as far as I can tell. EE he never did get paid or a firm never was paid at least they work paid by the airport in the air or what client LP. City spent 700000 dollar slot on it legal team that there was doing battle with the airport side. But from everything I've been able to glean from city government the airport never paid. Richard can reply offer. Well and he kept him out of trouble and he didn't have to come over your dual radio shows so that are are adequate to those together. So tell me you were we are on at the airport not only has it always been under construction but is. Under construction and factual we just flew back from New York I don't know why begin life in a last month. For the first time that I had walked along and actually seen the rental car area. Does that kind of the barricades were down or we were on a shuttle or something or you or I looked over to the side and went all that's the first time I've actually seen the new rental car area which used to be where I used to park my car. Yeah I and John that was a really big step that open bid is what it hit all fifteen. We got that right when he hit it try to gain an actual plot but it can what do you get what they took the rental car and put them right across. The street within walking distance of the main terminal. With a party deck which is obviously. Much easier for people been getting on a shuttle buss for going TUR rental car building so when that Spanish yacht that started this. Can hear you Q&A half billion dollar series a project that they are now in and I think the one that will resonate that most people it wanted to heal yet become which is the main terminal lobby. Which state the 1980 Q and in a lot of ways looks like say the 98 Q and eight. Well rebuilt that when I got it for about 250 million dollars says that it's going to be. The new cooling in front door to Charlotte Douglas so I think that's the one that you're gonna catch people the pitcher. You'll get to a concourse from time to time concourse say as a good example and and and all the sudden. Well even I think it's seen. Where at least at the front of it that whole configuration is kind of change you can comer and from the side as opposed to going down area that usually came down. And then concourse AM that's where they're getting ready to open up nine new gates and that won't just be for American Airlines in fact that's for most of the other airlines admit. That's correct it is for other airlines and what they will do is see existing part of a that was there all along because of the new gate that early next month. They will then have. Extra gate American we'll take those they will add flights so you'll yet. Side yet more expansion and you know the biggest thing to watch where that airport is what's going on when American Airlines because they run their second art just up. Firms Charlotte and the good news so far is that they continue to expand both in terms of their temper flight that the public employee. And days or without American that airport would be much much much smaller. I won't go and all the cosmetic stuff that's being done but one place that you wrote an expansion of the main terminal lobby extending ninety feet out word. From the existing entrances and what K go caused a gutting of the existing interior so I I guess I don't quite understand that if you extended. Ninety feet out word would that be towards. Me now would be where your road dropping off and picking up right. Yes that sort of wrote remember. That the road themselves are changing. That come in and out the airport I'm talking about at the front door say will go from eight Lang top and bottom we're just for each they'll go round that at sixteen which is a lying above and while playing polo. And so the lay out of those new roadways will then. Be ready for the many foot extension of the building outward so you get both a bigger sloppy and have fully renovated off. And that gives more room dude not the atrium part but to the actual airline counterparts. Exactly yet they don't have an effort they haven't had an effort. For the airline counters and of course the airlines are all going Bork these kiosk you know where you can't bring so they need more room for that. They don't have many a concession areas until you go on security. That would change their core beyond tipping his young that's a big revenue source. So you'll see all those things change in him as part of that you'll see fewer. Check points or rather than a BP. There is some things going on in some airports were they are actually getting food franchises for airports that aren't available within that city I'm not saying that you would get a in and out it Charlotte Douglas international airport but I mean. He had been there in some cases they're putting in restaurants that cities don't have but that airports would. Yeah no you're right and that's been very popular in. I eat eat and and Charlotte while there are funny things that can be improved I think he you know you've lived here long enough you remember when there was really stopping into an airport terms of placed your job or place to eat they've gotten much better on the variety I think you'll continue to upgrade yet. And it's so important because look people the man better food wherever they are whether to air order stadium or anywhere else. And going back to what I said earlier you want to generate their revenues so that you can I keep reinvesting in your. Or I've lived here long enough to remember we. When the airport had no NSA. Or better yet post on DJIA you know every now and then another on a lot of occasions but today and even in Denver you'd drive up park your car at the airport go wandering and takes go up and downs and concourses do some people watching. I'm grab a bite to eat and leave. Yeah he can't do that anymore I Charlotte Douglas international back to the beginning came in just behind. Las Vegas is McCarron international ranking of the best airport for business travelers so what what what's the criteria that they base that on and and who would our primary competition being. I it it all of your major airports. And they're they're looking every bit of what the big factors John that it you'll laugh at this site give of the news last night on the big factor here on time flights. Charlotte had Warner the highest percentages for on time like at least until last night. And let's are good weather delay this. If you are perfect for a thicket weathered like. So you have things like that like you have can convenience detonations almost got to think that that secretary and remember it it to be clear error number of days at the surveys of cranky so you know I don't want to Burton and that you know that bit of the only one out there but it is notable. Particularly when you're talking about airport that is so you're tort fit strap. All right depending on how much time whenever we come back police station a contract. On hold as the City Council look committee battling over minority its participation in construction of Andover North Carolina house. And the I 77 told Lane's been in the news yesterday today and tomorrow and mullah doctor or expand burned about that as well. Fresh over the L one I gonna have time for it but there is say our proposed twenty million dollar uptown police station and they were talking about the construction of the City Council was in James Mitchell who is the he leads the economic development committee. He cited the 10% minority business participation is a may be too low for such a long contract at launch contract. That would be on construction revenues that the other. And we've been substantially under utilized at least that's been the assessment. Under a city government contracts and women owned and not minority owned businesses. This is an argument or this is a debate that we've had before. All right it's a kind of been an ongoing debate over the years in the decades and it's up again so that's one of the articles that you read. From her expand Bergen the Charlotte business journal. But the 77 told blames this is right it I mean this is how this has got some fire going on right now and seems to between the house and the senate seems to be kinda changing. Oh by the hour well what are you know and where our week. Thought they had their a couple of proposals that passed one passed in the house one pass the full and it's great the other well it's like get. You have Republican lawmakers frustrated with each other out we're within the party had been you have some second or whip. The governor who of course is a Democrat. And so what I would say model that they continue to be. At a stalemate the one point that things do change a little bit in this lengthy. Argument debate and discussion is that they're just keeping hope or conservative but it's something we've got the contract with its all but they can't figure out how to pay for and they can't figure out went to do it so don't break your plans you have yet but they're about Patrick but it looks like they're lead heading network. I'm gonna say it does not seem to be consensus that this contract. Probably won't be adjusted it probably will be. Canceled. Yeah I think that's the way it's heading it really does seem to be. Less and less about whether this contract make sense for the state and more more about OK how can you. I'm the birdie he'd negotiate your way out of this but this stay in control of it without hurting other projects not only on the road in and around Mecklenburg County but it to rest this state that's really the crux of the matter so if the legislature can't sort of slow aren't aren't paying in the cultural or any under the gas that. It may be taken that he did but he it's going to be I think a protracted discussion. Yeah I just told by the way those pennies under the couch that's your couch. Yeah but you're out North Carolina that you're now. This the house came up with like. 300 some odd million dollars that they think they can scratch up the senate came up with like 600 million that they can scratch up or they scratch and then up from. Well it did you know and depth of what K that 300 million. People. Sort of thought Beckett that we'll know that money got sort of beat air like it's fit in past years it was basically surplus money. They came in on the transportation side and they'll indicate to the senate then of course are well aware that you brought you're sort of blew a lot of other. Project that has been out pollute. People employed either before or around this state so he can't yet either so I think that's why. You beat him in advance Philip somehow they're going to have to figure out how about the money without hurting a little group projects because nothing. Get over lawmakers' pet here then having to say though it's something they've already promised certain. Pitch him video or expand Byrd joins us on Fridays until 4 o'clock and all talking actually have a high school weekend and you're brought up about it. You'll just big payday. Including us. Like payday. We had a good for the money. Part of it for the a 167 days into the year 199. Days ago 1864. Secretary of war Edwin M Stanton signed an order establishing a military burial ground which became. Arlington national cemetery. 1995. This was the day OJ tried do our foot on the glove. They said was worn by the murderer. I'm Nicole and our Ronald Goldman. To glove didn't fit. And so they had to acquit. 1938 Cincinnati Reds pitcher Johnny Vander Merck. Pitched his second straight no hitter or four days after he pitched his first one. It's a good week. In the only player to ever pitched two no hitters in a row and this was the date. 1970. Chicago bear football player Brian piccolo. Subject of the TV movie that still makes guys scribe Bryan song. We'll that the notebook. It's. Best friend enough fellow player Gale Sayers by his side Brian piccolo bet on the stated on this date in 1970. Newly translated travel diaries by Albert Einstein written in the nineteen toward a show that he had been unfavorable opinion of the Chinese. Roseanne borrow read the news today oh boy now says that her infamous tweet was misunderstood. And that it was actually a believe. For the acceptance of all people. Soccer's World Cup started this week and won't include Intel all the middle of July. And a survey reveals that people around the world who are forty and younger. Feel that religious faith is just not so important. Daschle when profess any good news with of the world the conditions were. Can't they seaboard and parts unknown will finish out its current season following his death the age of 61. CNN currently sharing the award winning series in its eleventh cycle in the remaining two episodes will air as scheduled this Sunday. And then next Sunday at 9 PM. Ford in of course committed suicide in June the eighth Netflix previously announced that it will continue to us stream parts unknown past the June 16 deadline in response to. I'll fan outcry as well. Some criminals just basically turned themselves in. That wasn't the intent or. For mr. Douglas Kelly age 49 of Hawthorne Florida. Who called the Putnam county sheriff's office on Tuesday. And asked them to test the drugs he had bought a week earlier because he wished to press charges against the person who sold them to MC. He had a day he had had a bad reaction after he smokes what he believed to be meth problem. Any thought he was sold another illegal substance so we wanted the cops to come out and test the quality of his mouth. I don't know mr. Kelly it sounds like it was pretty good meth to me. You'll you've got yourself into a state of confusion and you've. He even drove down to the police station and handed over the crystallized. Substance do officers to desk. And they did proved to came out. And he was arrested and charged with possession. And just being really too damn stupid to resist it. California man Fontana California as I've been arrested after police said that he fatally shot his friend over an argument about it. Who got to sit in the front speak to talk her. Shotgun. Nineteen year old Jalen Wilson shot and killed by his friend Sergio Orosco. He called shotgun. You. If you ever gotten. Yeah. Busy or. Don't as well. Although I can tell some stories over here from old though on Julian price was not necessarily involving me I'd just stood and Osama offices are under the at a broad. Some stories. I don't believe any of the participants are still with us. But that's not why they're not with the city longer. Wait at a building that was built in 1954. There's got to be you know something going on sometime. More than one in ten Americans have done the business at their business. These study commissioned by Eden fantasies. Found that 14% of those polled have actually had sex at their place of work. Over half of those who have had an open office romance say it actually made them more productive at work. Yeah. Who's Biomet. More motivation. And at the just because you stay after war doesn't mean they should necessarily guy doing here you know load. 60%. Of all work relationships have ended in May break up. Within twelve months. Also just got to me it's a 25 years ago tonight McCartney. Live in Charlotte broadcast nationwide it was just a blockbuster pavilion or whoever that 25 years ago. In fact I think Jason Lewis went to that because he was a huge McCartney thing. Now a member of the House of Representatives former. WB two year. Good close tight friend. You have to better for awhile to understand that one odd 29 most real watchable movies of all time. As others have found this fascinating if they would like you're you're you're you're a longer look into the channels you're across the movie is stop immediately every single time it. It sucks you right in what would be your first thought. I Ryder Ridley thought as Meg Ryan movies. Sleepless in Seattle would stop what done. Tom wrote house. Although you've been sucked in a road house so many times maybe your past that now rocky. In Karate Kid on a lot. Well here's what they say 29 most free watchable movies of all time. A Christmas story. The 1983 version. No one would think it looks like Chris Miller. Well let me. Not as that is good looking and dapper is Chris Miller is. Nobody could. Back to the future. You see back to the future he stopped on her second event and then you do that for like 81012 minutes and also do you think yourself. But my doorknob party scene that's about ninety times. Big. Tom Hanks play in a teenager and nobody. Caddie shack. Each unit for a Bill Murray or further beaver are good. There beaver. Groundhog and or new beaver. I can't even know begin to talk about the movie that the beavers in three. Well I would be Jerry Mathers each loves but I think and here are the devil wears product a product. Know that will be that would pitcher would do that RT. Dirty dancing. Neither do you would stop don't dirty dancing general Miller would either. Although I might now that Patrick Swayze is passed. Just a candidate. But not prolong eighteen deterrent extra terrestrial. You have to be under the influence of something if it's Ichiro or do you just do that on a normal. Paris dealers day off. Every time up. Could be the beginning could be the end it did that that teen angst the wildness of not. And then they did yeah are irrelevant. The dream skip day from school. Fight club. Brad Pitt Edward Norton. Finding Nemo. Yep you're in Colorado. And. Because of the pretty cult workers that. Well I'll just say and you're already attuned to nature right that's when that's when I tournament. She goes bankrupt. Star Wars the force awakened you are closed you would shut down for any Star Wars thing nowhere near. UN saw last night. The new went. My wife. A drug meet one when we were I don't know where we work. I I haven't kept up on the last eight of them so I sat there watched it was fine it was good amino this special thanks to I've no idea what the story line is at this point. I might as well have been from a foreign country. Injected might have been from a foreign country at a probably had a better idea. Hit it should. Another would be a difference between hitch in touch. One touch the one with Chevy Chase. He had just the one with Will Smith. And the addicts have Kevin James. And you amend it's. She's not. Friday. That's an ice cube. Yeah. Gladiator. From 2000. Made Russell Crowe and international superstar. These are the 29 have movies most re watchable movies of all time. I would say either parts one or two on this one but never part three the godfather. Are one of the best. Artose pretty good. Part three years. You're good go find Meebo. Good fellows. Martin Scorsese's look at mob life. Groundhog Day. Back to Bill Murray out of the 29 you got to Bill Murray movies in the absolutely stop punch in a button on the remote control. Find yourself tuned into that Bill Murray to Bill Murray movies rolling. And ghostbusters two. Now. But marijuana is not legal in the state. How to lose a guy in ten days Matthew a Con-way. You know I don't like Matthew McConaughey neighbors that there is this there assisting us in just being too cool. I mean sometimes you just surpassed being you'd just. Don't stop. Jaws. Mean girls. Memento. The notebook. Women yes guys not necessarily. But if you're set for the other guys who watched you know. I don't know if that's even legal office space. Out of sight. The princess bride to. Raiders of the Lost Ark. The rock. And Toy Story. Right scheck's. Those are your 29 movies. The most re watchable movies of all time. We kick off the big weekend next it's. Radio program. Our basic US open Rascal Flatts World Cup weekend and if. The US open going on Dustin Johnson is saying that four strokes ahead of anybody else at this point and all the big names being befallen often most of them don't look like going to make the cut that would include Ben Jordan street and tiger Mickelson in a lot of the names of you'll be looking for so US open will be such thing as the weekend goes on college World Series was started got the World Cup going on this weekend. You got the cubs in the cardinals on all weekend long ago that excites all of your. Well it excites Tony over to Athens the end of excites me because today he's got to stand on the cardinal failed about the way that that works. NASCAR boys are not racing this weekend I guess that's in honor of Father's Day. And the Charlotte knights are not in town this weekend so I get out and enjoy the heat. Own. He had downtown gas joining us summer concert series continues tonight this'll be the third in the series of the debut about seven of them before it's all on all of them do that so Belmont. I'll hauling him. Tonight is a black water rhythm and blues. Going on I think the chairman of the board open that's Singapore for the Osama and so alone. So that's worth photography had down to a gas story you can not take care that downtown to Astoria summer concert series has a kicked off. They do a disc jockey starting at 6 o'clock in the main band takes the stage at the rotary Centennial pavilion about 7 o'clock and again that band tonight will be the black water rhythm and blues so look at that all Loria Rascal Flatts. Is in town tonight. And I'm. They're back to us tour PNC musical ability to Israel find element ninety minute show. And opening up is Shay and Carly pierce. So there you go on that one and tomorrow night. Tosca music presents the annual Beatles tribute these are always good three hour plus variety show night theater at turley great venue for them. And a task has been doing these for a long long long time to feature local and national musicians that starts at 730. Eighteen 39 bucks to get you in the door and that's tomorrow night. It the night theater of the toss go annual Beatles tribute Stephen Marley. Use in sound bad neighborhood theaters tonight eight TL she Bob's kids. When his own nerve thing neighborhood theater had as 8 PM such a back 46 to 49 dollars and you can does just towed to a neighborhood theater I've come to drive all of that. So. I think it actually pertain to your weekend and Holland notes and train on a Monday night at the spectrum sinner and then the make up concert for Willie Nelson is on no Wednesday at PNC music pavilion. And not only will that now featured the Abed Brothers. But it also will include Jamie Johnson and the triangle share share circuit near shook and the disarm were so long that's. And be a great show this is the show that Willie couldn't fulfill earlier or later in May. And because of illness so there are coming back and there are taken behavior Brothers to join him as well that should be a great show actually a better show. Pair realized that there's an all of buffalo people that were inconvenienced people that drive in from great distances and do all that kind of stuff but the fact of the matter is is that if kitchen David Brothers and Willie. On the same night a switch went to school night. But. School night meeting at a working minister. Robin anyway that's that's on your own for your agenda for next week colonists on Monday night won't be here on Monday I'm going up to a boon to work thing called the killer instituted do this every year they gather. Tony 425. Young journalist from different colleges around your country and they put him in this ten day. I'm. Learning experience and know people from all over the industry our general manager vice president general manager was a third today. I'm mad Hamlin speaking with them but Jack Daniel I think was up there today is so well our body. And lot of broadcasters go up Lotta people from my W BT and this one Julian price please building no go up and gives us a chance I go up on Monday into a an hour hour and ten minutes on how to do a great talk show so if anybody has any ideas of that to you might to a the send me a quirky me. Its stock. Heroes Connors this weekend Charlotte convention center. Started today will continue through Sunday twenty to fifty bucks a century baca to again and there are convention that was founded back in the 1980s by heroes are hard to find comic shop owner. Shelton drum. And that always gets bigger turnout hole fools uptown no grand opening was a couple of days ago also if you want a well ahead on down to the new whole foods in a town you can go check that out as part of Europe big weekend. I'd be looking for stuff that includes air conditioning. Going to be a perky toasty but no we can't stray showers possible for tonight. And and maybe partly cloudy skies down to about seventy degrees but tomorrow cloudy skies earlier far too ball followed by a partial clearing. Our early afternoon thunderstorm is possible but I think that's gonna be almost those heat and humidity storm's overall we're you know we're starting to get to that time a year were right builds up all day long and then drops on us in the mission goes back to hot humid again. So ninety degrees for tomorrow. Lows are generally in the 7071. Area. Mid ninety's for Sunday. Upper ninety's for Monday. Upper ninety's. Tuesday mid ninety's Wednesday. Lower nineties Thursday. 90s70s. That's what you got. You have the craft. Crab and cocktail 2018. Going on and the up front lawn of the mint museum on our Randolph. All day long tomorrow well six to 9 PM tomorrow also sort of hardly alternate. This is the museum's inaugural Summers sore a you'll CA are both they dinner brimming with the southern fare craft beer. And cocktails. And crab. And tender it really can there be anything better than crab on an open buff Fay in ninety degree weather. Well. And you can lose weight. Now I got a glimpse of and I shouldn't do Vick develop Obama people support the mint museum and so. Never mind my lousy sense of humor and I had on down to craft. Crab. And cocktails tomorrow meant museum six to 9 PM sold fast. Going on at the US national Whitewater senator today and tomorrow. The deal weaken kicks off with yoga. And a river jam on no Friday night tonight before going full steam ahead tomorrow. And I'll have craft beer samples down there and the brew dash six K. You can get registered for thirty to sixty bucks down there and to top river races and and more yoga and a whole lot of stuff going on at the national Whitewater senator so you got that too. And I just a quick reminder because it really is right around the corner sky show. 48 team that's always been WBT's baby. And it is again this year and it'll happen on July 4 the Charlotte knights are in town this year Durham bulls will be DO opposition. BB NT ballpark it can't be a better place. I don't think in the country to watch baseball game. Well I mean obviously if you're Brinkley you've got the atmosphere in the history and a fitting way but I mean the view from mothers not a bad seat at BB NT ballpark in the outfield and all the buildings and I mean it's just beautiful. And then we follow that game up with the best firework show in the southeast brought to you by fox 46 Charlotte. And the fireworks soundtrack you can hear hear on news talk eleven Jen 993 WBT we've been doing that for years. And do it in conjunction with the fireworks a beautiful thing. And got the free pre Graeme street festival that'll start on July 4 in about 2 o'clock in the afternoon and that'll be on the street right outside the ballpark of about royal Melbourne park. And that's worth the time could you go live music. And kids activities and food vendors and the BT mobile kitchen will be down there with demos and free samples I think a lot of music is gone fiction and others. Bounce houses and rock wall and kids' activities and a whole lot more Adobe food and food trucks going on down there as well. And if you're a veteran or active duty military are you would like to participate in our flag ceremony. Veterans we'd love to have yet this has become wildly popular especially with veterans it's our honor to have you believe me it's not your honor to be able to do this for us we it is our honor to have you and not. If you go to WBT dot com. Keyword flag FL AG. What you buy community coffee we'd love to have your part of our BR flag ceremony and and they just need any other information on sky show details are at WBT. Dot com and you can key word sky show. Not to get information on know that US open as we said Dustin Johnson is in the clubhouse with a lead minus four. Justin Rose just finished up on fourteen and he's under par now. At one under so he's throws three strokes off the reloaded lead Ian Poulter is one under he just finished up on thirteen. And then everybody else is over par. And we start looking for the names that you're going to be start looking for they are few and far between Rickie Fowler. Plus two. So he's six strokes off the lead with two more days last week last year's winner Brooks kept got. Is plus three I think he had a pretty good day today. Under parkas he was back in the outfield Jim spirit isn't up plus four. But I must scroll on down now looking for the names that you are thinking of right now like Tiger Woods. And Mickelson. Here's sacked Johnson plus six. She rover can find and how long it takes me to find it I mean there's Phil Mickelson he has plus seven. A big plus seven us where they think that via cut off is gonna come Steve Stricker is at plus eight. And everybody else man you gotta keep going go and I'm at plus nine now and I still haven't seen the name sure looking for there's tiger. Ten over par. My article earlier this week in no time. The five things your kids will remember about you. Father's Day is coming up on Sundays so. What. Parity habits of the most significant to kids. They talk about the times that you made them feel safe. When the times that you made them feel unsafe. My folks did not argue are did not fight. They may have disagreements but there were never any fights. Except for one night. We were living outside a golden and I remember some pretty heavy volume conversation original violence that are that never was any violence and Wales. But. I'm an only child online and in my bedroom. Stuff that you remember his kids. And and they were going at it I mean it was a -- to be fairly high volume and I have no idea what they were fighting about but it was just so rarely if ever. And ice to this day I remember them because I said it was just it was it's just never happened. And I mean I got grope for the unbelievably great childhood and unbelievable parents and grandparents and support structure and the whole nine yards. But I've always remembered that night I can remember layman that bad our remember the way in my bedroom is arranged our member of the house we were and I can drive into the house today. And I was a high volume conversation have no idea what it was about. I didn't feel unsafe but I always remember definitely where they say that you know your your your your kids will remember the time she made them feel safe from the times you made them feel. Unsafe the time we chased the monsters out from underneath their bed and held him after a nightmare. Or the time when your temper became the monster that they fear. The kids were all remember the times that you gave them your and divided attention. And I guess that's why fielded dreams always gets to so many guys because dads were a lot times busier I mean there's a million songs we learned that with our Father's Day broadcast cats in the cradle and and songs like down. Because kids yearned for more time with their dad wanted to go in the backyard play catch with their dad and an it'd just time sometimes just didn't allow it to happen. And so when you Rhode gave them my you're on divided detention of some U dads are unbelievable and I think especially today I think kids dads are even more attuned to their kids today. So I know so many really great active dad's. Kids measure low primarily by our tentative to us that attentiveness to them. So the times that you stop what you're doing to have a Tea Party or go outside and throw the ball or jump on the trampoline those are those are members that are etched in their minds. And their hearts forever. The way you interact with your spouse. Remember I got mad it to Matt and fill us steps until Monday and I know roar of it was matter Phil but somebody said something to Susan. That made me mad and and and made the big kids that way we got good kids. But they showed her some sort of disrespect and I don't remember specifically what a wasn't it wasn't yeah I mean it wasn't vial or anything like that but it was just disrespectful. And I remember television doable. You might think it's okay to talk to your mother like that but I'm not gonna allow you to talk to my wife like that. And and I think that remember that. And and and and and one of the reasons I think I said better when I said it was because I wanted to do know that that I respected her. And I expected to say. Your words of affirmation or your words of criticism. He is on the list of it's more about that family traditions is on the list as well think about that whole lot to finish on this just seconds. I think your kids will remember about your from time magazine. There are four words of affirmation in your words of criticism child's heart they say is like wet cement and the impression made early in life will Harden over time. They'll base their sense of identity capability and even self worth largely on the words that you speak to them and those formative years. And part of our job as parent says time. Is to correct it discipline but even in correction like your words be full of love and encouragement and positive reinforcement. It's funny the things that you remember. It's funny though Demi and all the things that your parents. Knocked themselves out for so that you'd have a memorable experience or he may or may not. A lot of the stuff you remember was. Nondescript or was just a moment or was just. A phrase or was. And that's true with all aspects like not just the parenting part which is weird what you remember what you don't. And then finally your family traditions. Kids love spontaneity says such time but they also have a deep need for predictability and they'll remember with great funders the traditions you establish. Whether it's a weekly family movie or a game of night. Or a place that you regularly traveled to for family getaways loosened me taken the kids to Colorado has had an impact on both of the the way that you celebrate birthdays are in a special events or any other special tradition. Be intentional about creating some traditions. The they'll want to pass on to their grown children some day an end to end an absence would they do that. Man that's the greatest. And that's the greatest former respect if some suspicion that you were raised with. Do you raise your kids with. That they raise their kids where. You know. Not just anybody with a C average in governor just back to back. But most Jim. Or the WBT news there we go our guy ought to see plus average you know Larry aerials and with the Charlotte at six governor and a couple of seconds. The epicenter is get a little bit of a bad reputation on the spike during thing this is what two in the last sixty days. And now you got cops coming back out going hey even if your drink tastes a little funny called 911. Well you probably should and I'm one of the reasons they want you to do that. If I in my got my up facts straight here is in a new idea that Lucy so they can mitigate camera footage too there's cameras everywhere now. That's right plus they can test the drink if you get to them fast enough to contest you conceive anything stranger blood but yeah. If you gonna go out losing in the uptown buyers. You're right it's giving me upset her kind of a bad name. Well and somebody of unfortunate TV station last night and there may have been part fox 46 and don't quite remember. Com but it they were saying you know if you believe your cable or something like that. Ask your bartender to hold your drink behind the caliber you know I would that be readily available Amin no way that the would bartenders now become a trained to understand that that maybe you're request they're gonna be hearing. You know that's a really good question I don't have the answer to I mean I suspect word is spreading. And the cops did say that did their guys who work off duty uptown and that does some of the bars are being notified that did there's some issues so yeah I suspect the bartenders are getting the word you rarely sick. No I don't want anybody messing with my eyeball. I have had lacy had you and William Brenner editor Charlotte ophthalmology over in cots Wald did it and I remember he sent me through a drill in fact they turned me down for six months until they go around got me to a situation that they knew they could be successful with Mayo but he was. Very meticulous about it and they're saying it's riskier than you might think it is and and be careful and feds are coming out was some good new guidelines on that as well. Yeah I essentially the feds are going to come out guidelines telling doctors look at lay out everything that could happen because there's some people who've come away even with chronic pain as a result how to most of the procedures go very well. But they just wanna make sure that people are aware of hey there could be some complications Cheryl Clarke president of six torn. I found it fascinating and and maybe you know some of the medical procedures I've just had recently armed sometimes going through the experience been wheeled him know we can have a go into an emergency room and are not a bad into an operating room and NC and all that and monitors in heaven prep UN is that the other. Just got to be experiencing things firsthand and lay sick was another one. Mom and when they appealed that flap back and everything kind of went white. It was kind of interesting from this side to see what was going on well you didn't really see what was. Going into your bank. To experience and his momentary blackout her white you know I Friday I assume you're doing your weekend road trip we are with Charles Jake NN we're gonna tell you about North Carolina town in the mountains the whole town is still with music and you can even they shut down screening goes where dancing some weekends which is pretty cool. Squared as was last time we scored its 98 grade I was just that and I think they match but it was fun yeah admit that it was fun but it was fun. Word answers. Were I'm from Estes Park they they had. A lot of that this natives all a lot of citizens have lived up there all year long were part of a square dance club and made and as so you can go out there and watch him and make fun of him but but it's a cute I remembered it as being kind of fun to have. I I haven't tried it a long time I'm not a great dancer but I might could be talked into. Idea with a double Scotch and waters but up. Or you could either go out there they are basic eye surgery at it slowly like I did all square dance yeah it's 300 Alex tell app to go back but I. We'll see mark Gary and wandering near or just say a couple of seconds we're just talk about what your kids will remember about. Well you I found this article and that's because she see these all the time this one particular one was in women's health. As I read women's awful lot. Birth order reported actually says about your personality not take this with a grain of salt because of their study may be completely different than anybody else's study the order in which you were born in your family isn't the only thing mid terms how you act but. Kevin Leman is AF Ph.D. Bestselling author of the a book about the birth order book. And here's what he says if you are the first war. You're probably pretty successful. The first born is the lab rat of the family. The parents practice on the first born. The oldest children hear things like I don't care what he or she did I expect more from you because you're the oldest so parents groom them for success. And they often are the movers and the shakers as adults. The other thing I'm noticing having a new granddaughter is. You worry about and meticulously go about everything with the first one and then half by the time you get to the second one. Earring you're a veteran. Doesn't mean that is being alleged lover he lost care or on any less meticulous notes but. You're not quite as hard wired is you are high wire or whatever would be on the second one is you are the first anyway if you're the first born child. Comments first portraits reliability conscientious this first born softened. Love making the list. Aren't just super and to surprises. I tend to analyze everything before making decisions if you are the middle child. You refer to he refers to was this author refers to middle children as the peanut butter and jelly of the family sandwich their squeezed in between the crown prince or princess. And the kid who got away with murder they say that's a tough place so their psychological muscles develop things like that middle children. Generally excellent mediators and negotiators are very loyal. Pretty good at making new friends basically they can bring a crowd together. If you are the youngest. That's you mark. What do most comedians have in common they're the youngest in their scramble to line up. Outgoing sales like personality. I don't know that you of their I mean your funding comic but I mean big comedy wouldn't be but you but you you have a sales like personality you approach people you. You wanna know your inquisitive he won an. What's going on they play off whoever is directly above them in the family. They're pretty social outgoing affectionate kind complicated. Unlike the oldest they tend to make decisions on a whim without doing any research. If you're an only child and after me. Your little adults by the age of seven you don't always get along with kids your own age and you often like to sneak in with the adult I was always thrown in with the adult. My dad was a lobbyist for awhile until I the only kid in a room full of parties and weirdness going on you know dead and have me go down and play the drums for everybody and do the twist and all that kind of stuff. Your reliable conscientious and Europe go getter attitude that passes ride along the the only child. I'd just as it would to the oldest so there you go have a great weekend stay cool and mark garrisons next.