Harvey Weinstein Under Arrest in New York, Faith Focus Friday

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Friday, May 25th

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Good Morning America. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of Pittsburg. Harris exposing the lie. Saturation there are too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiate a better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't go out and find the real. It's pride day thank goodness it's celebration here. Yet every. Great to be back quick view of the hope you have. Great weekend plans in store in this extended holiday weekend a lot of people will be traveling. The crazy thing is. You know with the for all the traveling that I do. We don't have a plan for this weekend. We're trying to figure out why and last minutes. I welcome ideas by the way so if you have ideas that involve travel the not too far away. So around. There's that. So if I seem distracted he could be because I am also surfing web sites to try to figure out where to go I'm just kidding. It's not that bad but it's close. Welcome to our broadcasts as you know we've spent a good bit of time not necessarily in this program but on medium past few months. It's been embroiled in the lead to movement. This involving allegations of sexual assault. Inappropriate. Sexual incidents that have occurred. In Hollywood and politics. And one of the people really got this entire thing going. Well he is now. Being seen in a very different way in handcuffs referring to Harvey Weinstein. UK Daily Mail as an HD version of this story. And they put it all caps. Laps. The word laughs. As he emerges in handcuffs outside New York police station. After getting booked and charged with the rape criminal sex act sex abuse and sexual misconduct. He emerged and handcuffs and 8:45. This morning. Just a little while ago outside precinct one TriBeCa. Laughing and smiling as she was led to his car. Harvey Weinstein arrested process charged with rape criminal sex act sex abuse sexual misconduct according NYPD. Charges related to two of the women who spoke in those first articles. Lucia Evans and another woman who remained anonymous. Evans said new interview with The New Yorker Weinstein had forced her perform. A certain sex acts on him back in 2004 at his office the second woman also interviewed in that story alleged. Weinstein forcibly raped her hotel. But asked to remain anonymous. Weinstein seems. Non trust is he walked into the precinct. Carrier copy the Rodgers and Hammerstein bios something wonderful. He also had a book. Another Burke whose testimony to the house committee on un American activities in 1952 exposed Communists. In Hollywood. So it'll be interesting to see how this particular story plays out. I think a lot of people have been concerned because. For some time it seemed like the only way. To have charges allegations aimed your way. Was to be conservative. To be the Republican lawmaker. And this is kind of interest in because it looks like it's open season now. Open season. For. People in the entertainment industry. This was previously thought to be a secret towel. But it's not anymore. In fact we're going to talk about another name that has now emerged as. A target of allegations. That person. Is Morgan Freeman. CNN. This really surprise me that CNN is actually. Been very strong in promoting and covering this particular story. They're reporting a young production assistant. But she landed the job for dreams in the summer Torre fifteen she start work on going in style bank heist comedy. Starring Morgan Freeman Michael Caine and Alan Arkin. The job quickly devolved into several months of harassment. According to CNN. She alleges Freeman subjected heard unwanted touching. In comments about her figure. And closing on a near daily basis. She says Freeman would rest his hand on her lower back or rub her lower back. In one incident. She said Freeman kept trying to lift up my skirt and asking if I was wearing underwear. She said he never successfully lifted her skirt. He would touch it and try to lift it. She would move away and then he'd try again eventually she said Alan Arkin made a comment telling him to stop. Morgan got freaked out didn't know what to say. So this is kind of interest in the idea that you've got to witness to at least one of these incidents. Freeman's alleged inappropriate behavior not limited to that one movie set. According to other sources who spoke to CNN woman who is a senior member of the production staff of the movie now you see me in 2012. Told CNN Freeman sexually harassed her. And her female assistant on numerous occasions by making comments about their bodies. We did comment he did comments on our bodies. We knew that he was coming by not to Wear any top that would shore breasts not to Wear anything that would shore bottoms. Meaning not wearing clothes. There were fitted. Sounds are an interesting atmosphere doesn't it. This of what's really crazy. And scares eighty years old. One of Hollywood's biggest stars and movie career that spans nearly five. Decades by the way how many of you. Do you know. Where Morgan Freeman Freeman first came to frame. I lest I watched him on electric company is a kid yes that it yes and a I was stuff I think that was where he got his start. It was pretty cool in fact it's its need to. Do a search sometimes of some of the old shows he used to watch on YouTube and deceive the intro. For electric company and CN he had this one segment he did called EZ reader do you remember that it. That was really cool. That's why these are harder and harder to believe first Bill Cosby now I don't know layman. Not to discredit anyone who makes accusations but it's really tough these people you. Kind of believe in a little bit I know that's what's so sad about distance and think. That I am it's likely I'm just speculating here this really did happen. It's likely this guy was probably doing this all his life. You just can think this guy just started when he's eighty years old doing something like this. It it it really is disheartening. And that's part of what I wanted to communicate during this first segment. Can we dare to look at this through. And in and this is not to diminish. The ugliness. Inappropriate behavior. But also the same time to dare to have a sense of concern and compassion even for these guys. And recognized that even at this hour they are not beyond redemption. Or not. I'm not piling on here the whole thing is just sad no matter how you look at it I'd love to get your thoughts on. These situations Harvey Weinstein Morgan Freeman. Weinstein. Not so much a surprise Morgan Freeman yes. How did this strike you when you first heard about these allegations. We continue to broadcast 15 minutes after 10 o'clock. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Tony minutes after 2 o'clock. On the Vince Coakley radio program getting your thoughts on Harvey Weinstein also Morgan Freeman. To a lot of people this has been absolutely shocking to hear about this. Start off also mentioning. That I'm gonna quest to figure out where to go that was actually caller on holes I was eager to talk with. Who had an idea for some reason disappeared called back. I'd love to hear your thoughts. We're on the text line. We would start here don't cruise the blue ridge parkway. That's sounds interest in another person saying come go backpacking with me. But shed new Kilby that would this is that. A another person suggesting your politics had paid trip to Boone heeded the Danube food in our some fruit. Whom to day. The other person I'm not a fan of armies or margins but whatever happens. To be able to finish your accusers. Yeah and this turns into. Kind of the and not seeing business. Another person would like to know if Oscar the Grouch will be the next one accused. Yeah good question. I love this text. Vince back in the day for men got fresh delay he would slap him in the face. How to Holler fresh and that was it everybody around would know and you know they've beaten the first would be a shame to miss penny out of cal prince. You're so right pity this used to be so uncomplicated. You know one slap in it's over with. Not a person says sounds like he's not committed flirting awkward inappropriate about criminal. Lessig did something we don't know about patient referring to. Mr. EZ reader. When you said Morgan Freeman I literally said I don't know. I'd love to myself Perry said he's one of my favorite actors. Can happen. Hollywood harassment being exposed is likely trump campaign spying being exposed. Nothing surprising anymore. Also this it was a surprise for Morgan Freeman stories I've always dot he acts superior to others. Caught. That's kind of intriguing. Getting your thoughts your perspectives on this side beginning with Robin in Fort Mill good morning. Hey how are you doing well. Half. I had the calm because I want you on the heat in the morning and I am shocked that market currently. But actually I didn't say that nothing shocks me anymore. Without the Hollywood stats but a different kind of from a personal first back then. That person causes that you just slap a general. I don't think that person had ever been true at least sexually harassed in the job I. Could hit in five years old but when I was in my early twenties. And you know. Guest says so sick here whatever young man who's afraid of the superior. You look that you work for. A lot of her accurately your mind and it is this is today just made me cry watching on television that I tried that oh yeah somebody. And in the day when I tried. Nobody believed me eat it it goes on way more than anybody. People just don't realize it makes me angry. And figured somebody be as flippant about it. So when your case there's really no resolution. No absolutely not I am aware I'm originally from California. And I worked it agricultural business where my uncle was actually higher as the company. And there was the man who was harassing me so I went that the owner of the company the talent here. I was leaving my job in this blue black and as I was sitting in the land office. He asked me if I would do one thing before for him before I laughed and and I eat you know young. How jetlag and he asked if I would show him IE you know top hat I'm like you say it on television radio. And that was how seriously need to clean and that's what he said yeah me. And I locked out of that office and I was at her idea is that area for Eli I'll turn it. Truly need years later. It is determined to aid. Huge issue because it goes over these are areas that he has been molested as children. Bernie you know my old Noelle. He cats are. I can't fly people wouldn't kind of think that this is like a just a little slap on the wrist or you know just say don't you barrel. You don't understand. These men are powerful. These women that feel like he didn't have a choice and our along currently didn't I want you unemployment in California and told them it actually what happened. This was in the early eighties and nothing happens. Rob and am very sorry to hear of this happening and I'm kind of curious broke before for you go. Have you been able to find any you know obviously there's been no justice in your case and a have you been able to find a place of healing for yourself. In some ways. I think that the double edged sword with me. I am still big very uncomfortable around and I'm married you know and I mean I've worked in. A lot of different jobs but there's certain men that I instantly get a vibe around. And its site I can't I won't be in the same room with maybe may be right. You know I know that people make mistakes. I understand that because I made a lot of mistakes in my life. I also know that. You know don't just obviously is seeing that that girl is that I was just alerting when a girl says. No it was way important match. I mean because they're leaving indelible mark on your salt it really. To walk around in society and should be fearful. Men and contenders similar to the man that did that either. Is horrible. I Syria I hear you Robin I do appreciate your call again sorry about your experience there appear to you. Find a place of release from that fear that's what's sad about this this guy just goes on and should in this case. The people affected. Are hunted by this day after day. Let's take a quick call here from Stefan he got about a minute or so Stephanie. Just wanted to talk about very saying history actors and the almighty dollar. India in the history of Hollywood and just shows that they are inherently weird even. The fact that they are paid such incredible amount of money. It it gives them an earn I earned respect. And if they're bad bad people what happened but the comments will work. That is just so so hard breaking. Item she's right there there are predators out there and forums. We don't know our history because I'm Connie lawless and the history of Hollywood may be unimportant. But if he felt he had to be powerful war and is calling on him. If I I hear you're not surprised at all appreciate your call there Stephanie. This is obviously something to take very seriously yes. Everybody deserves day in court. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program we're talking about harassment. Allegations and worse against Harvey Weinstein and it now Morgan Freeman. Dan's lots of interest in tanks have come and by the way before I forget. I'm so vacation idea. It's pretty entertaining. Yesterday evening or was talking with the children. And it's getting their ideas in the U wanna do I mean and I was just throwing out different places to go and I. Of all the places I came out with the thought you know my wife now it's Chicago years ago. And here is the discussion trekked across this on social media. My daughter asked the question Chicago what do we do in Chicago. And my oldest senator homestead get shot. These guys I'm serious they come what was the funniest lines. This morning on the way affect my daughter rode with me because she's going to hang outs all day. With someone and she. Let's see if I can find this. I don't know why it is it's taking you so long to find this in any case so we're writing down I 77. And I looked over I saw a car by the way this is bizarre this car I don't remember the name of the car. But it is a car I first learned. To drive a stick. It was my first really good pastor. I stayed in his house for a few days. In the straw sprawling metropolis of mount sterling Kentucky. And he taught me how to drive stick. He actually tries to be to drive it boy. Bushy crazy. I was really shocked and actually saw that same kind of car on the road I mean think about this. This was back in the 1980s. I didn't know these cars anybody even which driving one of these. So I'm driving and I looked over and I said well that cars ancient. And my daughter look Turin she said so is the guy driving yet. Can you believe my kids. Where do they get the sense of humor. I needed blows my mind I'm the tech slide I hope I have this right. On places to go go to a Duff a ski island. You heard that before. Never heard of this historical beautiful golf cart island accessible by a vote in theory only. It's intriguing. I wasn't surprised by Morgan Freeman stories as I've always thought he axed superior to others. Another person say I can take you canoe packing kidding canoe. When is this can new packing. And by expecting to yeah I can pack those things. Going out and the president of the earth they hit it. On line state I have no sympathy for these women that took part in the casting couch. Also. Person saying here we used to be ashamed but our owner used to mean something it and it's kind of out the window for a lot of people. These women didn't slap him because they want to be stars some women will do anything to reach their goals somewhere else. Another person saying predator we have in the White House I'm not surprised at all. While. Also. It's the old days a woman woods promptly slap you for being fresh now they wait twenty years and slap you with a lawsuit. That's Alan I've Spartanburg. Some truth in that went to. It email that does these things to women should be set straight right away. That said women who do certain things should also be set straight I heard a woman with my own ears saying there's nothing wrong. We want stroking the old family jewels to get ahead on the job. Both are wrong. Each forresters the other yep you're absolutely right you're absolutely right. Muslim women actually get raped in May survive American women get made uncomfortable. And whine about it for years hash tag first world problems. You make great point here. A day in court that's right used to believe tell. I got hung with false accusations of sex but sex Sharif went to prison. Because anyone accused his automatically guilty until they can prove their own innocence. And certainly sorry to hear that man. Hollywood influenced by humanist devalue the fairly glorify recreational sex women Wear less on the beach or by the parole. They do in their bedrooms to get angry when men consider them sex stories. Here's a responsibility has reclaimed all the way around. Since the early seventies my mother got corner by Airbus managed to get away she told my father who's a police officer at the time and Vietnam vet when the Marines. My father had a little talk with a guy never bothered by mother again. Are some. That is good. You said everybody deserves a day in court almost sounded like everybody has done something wrong. Wish it wasn't true. We've learned from our mistakes or someone else's god have mercy. Also referring to my children my first shots. Your daughter wonder what would you do would Chicago. Yeah it is kind of bizarre incident. My my side really stays up on the news I'm really impressed my two oldest sons they're really sharp they don't miss a thing. At all. This is really funny. Vince your kids called me they want to let you know they wanna go skydiving. Yeah that's gonna happen. Kids cult. Let's go to a call from rusty good morning. I column. I won't make clear I'm not justifying any of us I think it workplace sexual harassment. Like your call a walk and experience. If a lot different from what school aren't Hollywood. And take a look at the rich and powerful it country. Rich and powerful older man. How many are still married to a white space act when they 120. I mean if you're starting here all. Back to block it and you put the moves are billionaires early how that works I mean what are you went through eighty year old but it was. Old man smell a little ever spot. Hollywood people have been trading sexual favors to get a leg up for decades. And anybody that meets Harvey Weinstein and an elevator and he says oh they're completely in my outlook. I think you're wearing that dress really well on how to get there quite. God and how much evil people. You raise good question here and there and there's a it it do you think again this is part of this is a desperation. Two. To succeed and I think there's neighbors the temptation to want to believe that. This is purely innocent and and it's obviously not rusty appreciate your call. Let's quickly go to Michael got less than a minute Michael there. Art. I'm sobbing on detention and I think of this. This case two we feel we have the little attorney general in New York church betterment stepped down. You've been competing very NY PDA's ability to prosecute. We Anthony Weiner just had a Cuban partner are at anfield. My group. And the one who until there's a new assistant manager boomer decree lose but she's in charge of human ethical thing to search wallet and cell. They have more crime control and hit the spending time for you must now. So a lot going on for sure appreciate your call their Michael. It's a very interesting time. For sure by the way coming up. An amazing amount for a rape victim a settlement we'll talk about coming up. This is so this Coakley radio program 49 minutes after 10 o'clock on ms. Coakley radio program will be talking abouts allegations of sexual harassment and worse. And earlier I made reference to a particular segment used to watch years ago is Childs. And hence we are we will be tracked down this particular Jim say. See you. Top to bottom left and right being stuff is. Fight and come early. Well I have been talking to staff and you know who that is starting. With the easy reader Morgan Freeman. Who is that speaks well and he's pressed even playing the lottery it is read a marina. Zola wow this really goes way back I remember watching the show way back in the early days. In Indianapolis. Fond memories of events particular she's an of life. Truck to a call in at Greeneville Susan good morning. I didn't a couple of things I thought I never thought that. Morgan Freeman acted happening I think he actor by itself. And my experience and that's called sexual harassment they want you know I have problem in college with a compressed air but. Even if I could go back now on thank something I want to know what I did do was I think with a cock only because that my parents house. I'm my way home from the city and I happen to pick up their local paper like reported it actually I never do and I saw an article that he had been charged. With attempted late and it took like five or six years later so I immediately called the college and told them that I had done. No problem with the perfect hair and saying it and they called beat her deposition and he was charged so I feel like. I did my part there. And sound like federal help with the god believe he beat him make that accusation but I never ever thought about like filling the colleges feeling the professor. An armed women coming forward so many years later. You know I know a lot of women won't agree with me that I just think you know when you look he can put can create it kind of ridiculous he should've done something about it and. Camp Arnie I hear richer scene and Susan I so appreciate you sharing the story in the honesty out. And he diligence that you showed by doing something about that it's certainly does mean a lot. And this is really important for. You know I certainly understand the secede and see. Parents have a daughter. Here especially conscious of this and making sure they understand these things have these conversations to warn them about the potential. Dangers out there. This really important highly important to have those conversations early on. And this isn't just you know adult predators. And the things that kids are doing these days is downright scary. And similar you parents know exactly what I'm talking about it. It really requires vigilance. No question about it. Coming up just few minutes faith focus Friday we have somewhat of a double feature for you we're going to go back earlier in the week to hear from. They newsmaker. Who's involved in aid in the event of very important event not one that I watched. Willingly anyway. Share that with few Wayne Jacobson also rejoins us. We see a book he's written beyond Sunday's that conversation just a few minutes away but first. Let's ventured down I 85. To our Greeneville studio and our good friend Alonso. Who's going to attempt to answer a few questions about this day in the history. They did Morgan Freeman the ways they come on leave. And if I'm kind of creepy right. Idiocy everything's should be read into now isn't it. Everything will be this this is how this works. For better or for worse you know. Let's go back to 1787. And we had the constitutional convention. Do you wanna answer crew was convened by or where they met. I'll let you take your pick just to which one you wanna answer and so. I don't answer either. Okay that's been questioning I'm sorry but constitutional convention. Started in 1787 on this day. Would you like to answer who was the person who brought it into session or where they met. On the new deal with Philadelphia. You're a genius. Your corrects him. Philadelphia. To establish a new government by the way the person you convene this constitutional convention was George Washington. 1935. In just over a one hour periods this American trek star broke three world records and tirade of fourth. Just don't you're correct sure. In 1965. And less than two minutes into the first round of the heavyweight fight. This person knocked out Sonny listed and in 1965 to win the title. Mohammad Ali. You're correct again. And and we drove for a sweep in 1969. This film won the best content best Oscar award the only. X rated film to do so and I don't now and we're out of time. It's Midnight Cowboy. Learn average through street. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. This. Is still Vince Coakley radio program. From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so liberty. There's this young kids Coakley radio program. And we should tell you about eight developing story. And I just wanna give you a heads up his you know other media agencies will be all over this. One suspect in custody after a shooting and in Indiana middle school to victims reported there. An active shooter situation no rules no western middle school in Indiana. Not far from where I used to live in Indianapolis. We understand by the information here to people in critical condition following this incident. The victims and adult added thirteen year old thirteen year old girl. Schools on lockdown. And fired a permanent police still on the scene. So this story obviously will be getting attention throughout the day before we go to our guests I wanna play quick clip for you. Last weekend. We had the royal wedding. And during the course that wedding there is a message from bishop Michael Curry I want shall listen to just a portion of it. Charles. Carriages but. How quick and runs batted love it can be. And initial. And in so doing. But comfort down ten. And de Mayo celebration. Sacrificial. Pretend. Changes lives. Can change this world. If you don't believe me. Just just from day. Today. They don't mention. He can imagine. A world where love the way. In match. Our homes and it's the way. Communities when is the way. And that's. I don't know and patient is. Really the way. They imagine. Do you imagine these tired old world when it's. The way. Love yeah wait and selfless sacrificial. Yeah. I'm great in this world again. My own. It's just like can have a loan. I love it. We need to. BS actuary. And love is away and we will laid out our swords and shields. The words there. A bishop Michael Curry speaking during the royal wedding last weekend the great leader and as he talks about unselfish. Sacrificial and redemptive love. A great lead into our conversation we if Wayne Jacobson he's written a great book it's called beyond Sunday's. And it's Chapter Eleven is a very interesting chapter that speaks about. Drawing lines. Drawing lines that are not really necessary. Welcome back to the broadcast Wayne. Thanks Vince great speech by that pass through and it. It was it was indeed. I want could jump right in and talk about this issue of lines because this begins. In the church. And that's really the starting place. M and my wife Brenda and adjusting observation about this years ago. She senior I used to see you know people put fish in the back her car you'll be it deuce a symbol. Of Christians and you know for years that's what people were put on their cars now it's such and such church and its. You know and I think this is kind of symptomatic where we are what we have to get into all these labels Wayne this is really which you're talking about isn't it. It's it's a part of it it's it's Jesus ass says the one thing yes the to do was love each other like you love dust like you just played a stickler above. It it was meant what was meant to change the world for some reason as we drive it says 21 century here. What we're concerned about drawing lines which church you go to what denomination here and what what group you're affiliated with our group spread in your group we know more we have a better we ever right. And it's all that division where we just drawn lines trying to figure out who is truly truly saved and there was only maybe sort of save then. And it's just divide the the body of Christ and part of writing this book was to help people. Let go of those lines and recognized crisis in each other not. But what church you go to or don't go too but by the power of the spirit that dwells in the people were relating to. And it doesn't matter what church they go to which when they dealt. How do we begin pulling back these layers waiting. We would have to find something I think more real world personal journey seven people who struggle with this stuff. Their whole identity as a Christian is locked into. The club they belong to that the identifier behind that the denomination or the church or the pastor they follow. So if that's you identifiers then you're gonna struggle with a you know who respect if they're part of the same identifier I have been where we're good we have unity together and if people have it another way that they're not. So get their personal journey of an individual who's engaging Christ in a meaningful way. We'll be able to recognize that Christ and other people around them no matter what church they go to U. Or or bill. And it's that presence of Christ that needs to pair focused it which is best expressed in what. You just played its best expressed the way people love each other that's that you know we're Christ wells those who love living god that's what John wrote his first job for. So part of this for us is we've got to focus on our identity in Christ rather than. Titles labels to things like that. And stop drawing lines like the book is about you know the number of people who have left. Organized churches on Sunday mornings and they have left their base they continue to grow but they're not new lines being drawn you're not true Christian if you don't go to church. And some of laughed or sang about a true Christian if you gulf because it's so politicized now and it's so focused on this national priorities. And the fact is gene doesn't make himself known everywhere it's more important. But here the focus on him and if we would stop drawing lines you know like I can be close to you because you go to the danger try to do. Instead of just love every one dot pushing your path today. And watch with don't go by even the world is you have to exclude the world from that loves just like everybody got put senior staff today and watch what he does in the world. We only have about a minute or so left in the segments. I was thinking about this earlier that. One of our temptations is to get caught up in identifying sins. You know outside the church. Well this person has this particular sin you know if they're outside of Christ does it really matter. Hello wolf of course not mean that the biggest thing they needed to know him. First dress sacred inside the guts no longer counting our trespass against us especially the finished it right there across. Remove god and they pick out sin and yet we still do. Because the hope of our freedom percent is not counting heads and trying to do better or excluding ourselves from people. The struggle was sent our freedom from thing comes in the very thing we just talked about about. Living inside of Christ and living in his glove that will displace and demoralized. So god not counting anymore wire leaked. Very good question. For those interest in learning more about tell Wayne Jacobson and your books and ministry. Light streamed out or will help them find everything many. My stream dot org. Wayne Jacobson always great talking to you again. Have ourselves a great weekend god bless you thank you don't ever hear. What are your thoughts on this subject. The rafters I DN ADs that we cling to it and make. So much of a big deal about. We realize sometimes the division that causes what do we willing to cast decide not saying we compromise whatever. You know what are we willing to out. Take away from these titles and labels. Could so easily divide us. Let's talk about it. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 40 minutes after 11 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program we told just few minutes ago about a developing news story. And that's about a shooting that happened and in Indiana middle school to victims reported there understands can be a news conference shortly. If we're able to try to bring that to you. Our understanding is. To keep forty critical condition. The we have an adult and a thirteen year old female. Nancy information that we have so far will keep you posted on this story. There is there are developments. Had an interesting discussion there. Country's focus Friday wing Jacobson talking about avoiding pitfalls of making unnecessary blinds drawn and Siri lines to divide us. Which is something that increasingly am trying to be more. Watch four of let's squad to a call from Corey. Payment to be plentiful so must stick McCaw thank you. Yes sir I think that if you need to currently operate wholly understand. Now on climate neutral emotional content was very hurtful Kirk. Aren't four years. As a channel 46 as those made a rubber very unfortunate. My mom has never forced it to go to church. That this Kristen. Kingdom halls synagogues not open. And we could never understand and his children while we couldn't go to Sunday school with a cousin. Oh well we could go to Bible quiet that's what others are there we were blown up we've. My mom has got at a hospital four days ago where our heart failure in the stroke. And I couldn't understand why are so Stearns wouldn't come see here. And while mom wants it they're Jehovah witnesses. Because I would not be baptized. Because now we build against a religion as a check out they always treated me like a black tie black sheep. And it seemed more pertinent to just to have our systems. Normal occured whole currency we love you knew that he is harmful to us. The religion. Has always been a factor in my mind. Why do we say god bless America vs our Bristol or. Why do we have fourteen churches on one block all one community. Why do. So I mean church's error is the strive against construction but yet the people in the community you live and in part of the why do so many politicians. Athletes entertainers. How are about their careers news. But yet there's so many people as were starving and mount coal. So many veterans need help. How can we be Christians. And not do that Christine then. So what conflict in for the U. They don't understand it they don't want to get part of it. So religion back in school when NASCAR terms religion back here will not start anything I think such as of people. But not parks was stopped and stuff. And I thank you so much as we listen to lose we. Sorry I'm kind of curious how you have worked this out in your own life. Yeah which you you have shared here because you know it's really moving which you shared about. Your mother's experience. And have you been able to resolve these things in your own life. Yeah your own journey. My own children are trying to explain you know I love with a Leo Hulk. You don't have to go inside a church you don't have been built so senate are mosque where there's not that you made right in peacefully within your heart. You would do right by others. But when you have evil imitating your heart feeling sweeping we'll call. Does this suspect is Eric explain to my church and they don't give up a Christian burial would go to church on Sunday. You don't do. They decided that we love you we love we don't do the best thing that we can do and I like an ass all of America maturity. I appreciate your call their Corey thanks a lot for calling him cheering this and man. I understand what he shared Darren. The fact that. So many times. We unfortunately hear these stories of the inhumanity of religion don't week. Not a good testimony. Not at all. Mark in Russia Q good morning. Well armed Corey kind of Kurt an installment lenders so all I'm. I'll bring him back from another from another perspective. I grew up and cry quite the paradox the he could say that it remains small world town there was a very small group of professionals or small businessman in his hand to people about teachers went to me. Evangelical fellowship the starter and a started K. Coffee house belongs one of the longest running ones in. In the mid seventies through about 1981 geared for about fourteen. Age fourteen to 21. As an alternative so why come a point of batters throwing it disturb our religious people if you. They just had to be leaders just had a heart for kids. And think kids getting him to come from have been different backgrounds. And Ian periodically. During the school years. You have something like a topic it can aid interactive battle for the facility of one of the leaders or someone that was complaining Bible college. And so we learned how to talk to each other rather than talking at each other. And the program is that left in me through college so I sought out peers. Who talk like I did. Label refine where he would do one thing. Jimenez supporting each other in the academic him in the economic environment and ram and pursue our vet prospective bachelor's degree. Hit some my best friends. Understand that understand the problem I'm having establishing a really finding a church home where people are disinterested and to steam rolling your way into some kind of mold in effect. Using the analogy of founder. A foundry bolt hit a home. Yeah. I understand when you're coming from mark I do appreciate your call and we use ahead. It's really a lot because. This is. Unfortunately what ends up happening weep. Some some atmosphere is or such they produce close. You know I was I was in one of those atmosphere is where. You know so many times I cy young men tried to act like. The leaders of the church. And they really. Mosques their own personalities and identities the process. Is really. Kind of disgusting to watch to be honest with you. It's. I get us passionately to hit it. 28 minutes after 11 o'clock a couple of Carlos on the line. Let me encourage you please hold we will try to get to you in advance here I did also tell you that story for the first hour. An incredible settlements. Mini break takes this one group through the amount is going to blow your mind that it will be up there. Through that much more as we continue to broadcast 29 minutes after 11 o'clock. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 11 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program. I told you I would sure if you read an incredible story. About a settlement award in a rape case. Goes are you waiting to you hope to talk earnest just hold on for a bit we will get TU. This story reported out of Atlanta. Clayton County jury's reached a record breaking decision a woman who was raped by a security guard when she was a teenager. She's been an award she's been awarded a one. Billion. With a B one billion dollar verdict against the rapists employer. Hope chest in this the victim. She's I was fourteen you took my childhood from me. The good identified in the lawsuit. Brandon Lamar is Zachary he's on prison after pleading guilty. Judges already determined Jack Kris employer crime prevention agency was liable. I zephyr irony. This guy was working as a security guard. An apartment complex in Jonesboro Georgia. October 2012 when he raped this woman. This girl. Fourteen years old. She was visiting her best friend that lives there she is therefore sleepover and a birthday party. One billion dollar jury award is historic. But obviously doesn't fix the harm that's been done. And it's likely she'll never see this money. This is going to be appealed. They're going to reduce this amount. But the attorney says this is really not about money it's about us. What twelve people in the state of Georgia senator victim of rape is worth. May say little black girl increasing county whose raped. Is worth a billion dollars. That was a big win for us. Pretty extraordinary don't you think. And it. Fourteen yourself. Getting your thoughts on what we've discussed in this hour which is about love. And how we walked that outs and how we. Take away the focus on identifying labels there's a there's a place for labels but when they become. Tools subdivision that's where they become destructive. Starting with those of us who say we are Christians. We have so many dividing lines in I would daresay. Unnecessary. Dividing lines subscribed to a call from Bob good morning Bob. Good morning area writes if that's good at this said the I've noticed. About Memorial Day. I think some people forgotten what it's all about one of local hospital have a banner front. As the years their having a Memorial Day celebration of and we never cutting board and came in the paper candidate said happy memorial back. And they've been good they've forgotten. What debate about. Yeah isn't it interesting you know it is kind of intriguing that this is a time when you know it's become kind of the the I keep there's there's a lot of commercial aspects to this I think that's really which your decrying care rep Bob Wright. And how we lose sight this is it time to recognize the loss. Our lives. The loss of lives people who have laid their lives down to protect us and we need to be reminded that for sure Bob I do appreciate your call. Describe to Shannon in Shelby good morning sir. Oh my favorite Mark Warner. Are they are are cared about that they'll talk about it momma are in the search. Earlier op. I'll have a car handers signed that kind of age average eliminates all palmetto. And sister daughter start out medications it is in your first thought about or check back at the Medicaid stand. See ya that my sister like. Yeah I just civil had anything to do any chart it at all. Can you. There are a lot of coal out there there are a lot of coal and all religions. Japan. I've been amazed at church I go to. His upon our old bill Mott church going Catholic Church Lou this is bought he and what it thought. And up there preacher mail order that we are all that member of the spot. And not. That sure had a lot. Are they people. Stepping up a bit later between us and god. Patent. There's. Just one church this bird today the world always. People people pretty people liars. Mostly people they're everywhere they're absolutely everywhere pure rights I appreciate your coalition and one thing I would add to your comments. It's on just particular to nominations are churches it's just bad teaching in general on this health issue. If it's meant there are so many. So many dangerous things out there. We did I was hoping to spend more time in this we probably will at some point. And maybe have a gestured to on talking about this. I told you earlier in the week there is a and then I was Paige Paterson was his name dismissed from a southern Baptist seminary. Because he was basically making comments. It's you know he. Made some bad comments but he also there indications give bad counsel. Two women who were in abusive situations but basically they need to stay in love their husbands. And it's it's. It's it's unfortunate to me it's an abomination sometimes the council. That women have received in this is. One of the reasons why we've had a neat in explosive growth of the women's moved the so called women's movement. A lot of them are reacting to the abusive men sometimes. Facilitated by religion. And it's where this is happens. This needs to stop. Let me just say can you because I think this needs to be said if you're in the situation. Where you have church leadership is bill is demeaning women. And causing women to be left and abusive situations. Encouraging women not to report abuse. And abuse against children and saying the church leadership will take care of it run as far away from that place as you possibly can. There may be personal that this out of my voice right now this is happening TU. And you've been told will take care that's where the leaders were providing your recovery. I run. Run for your life. Let's go to a call from Jack Q. Good morning Jack. Good as start number of years ago my wife and I wound up for a variety of reasons no longer associated whether. To purple organization church organization we've been where. An established a worker or the group downtown it was street helping policy of world income people. Tenth. That are pertinent that. It hadn't. A few years ago we ran into somebody civil do you ignore you go to church now we were telling what we're doing just so. Instead a simple Pinochet was somebody ought to do something. You're actually doing something. Like DL. I thought that was from a broad they're guitar that of course sat quiet analysts thought I'd be charitably give when I was just do what our public life. Standard and it will split it was refreshing to have somebody say that to. And to and to reinforce what we weren't there. Tend. I think a lot more people ought to be doing rapid short of using any excuse. Old. The church that's what do this let's church doesn't do that whatever. Yep you really great point here. Hi this is about individuals acting walking out their faith that's what really matters. Not to just having all kinds of internal discussions about it. 44 minutes after what. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock final stretch Vince Coakley reading your program for this holiday weekend. By the way we told you about this story some weeks ago you remember all the attention that's been on. The animal issues for one particular airline. Dance there's been a settlement. This settlement with the United Airlines remember the little French she there was put in the bin. In the overhead bin. United Airlines to settle that family. Who's ten month old French Bulldog. Could Tito died in overhead bin. They've reached to settle with the family the amounts. Well of dough that united spinning out of this is confidential according to the family's attorney. Clearly did threatened to sue after a flight attendant allegedly ordered the fairly puts the dog the overhead compartment. After two hours of Sparky the dog died of suffocation. This was a PR crisis. For united. But we can tell you there has been a settlement. That you would be intrigued find out a practice. Steve in Charlotte good morning. Good morning. And what are you boxer. Eight beds while my I was put simply it's just caught the tail end but I thought I wanted to maybe take a different tact on this learning. When when women Fonda if they found that kind of bad advice in the church a good course especially maybe we're supposed to be soldiers were caught. And I think maybe the time for running is what we can he church. They're not doing it if you have a daughter in that situation I would chore. If you if you find yourself and some without kind of advice from farm to other people in that church and help change the church must. It doesn't happen it doesn't happen Steve. Most of the time I hear what you're saying now. I didn't damage them we just had this. I IE embrace Shura Council. In terms of yes perhaps finding some other people some other friends. If they're willing to stand with her my experience is they side with the pastor in the leadership. Well then then then then of course you gotta you're gonna fail but my goodness. Somewhere in here strong Christians have to start standing up. No they don't Steve god my experience over and over again is that people growled down at the foot of the pastor in the pastoral leadership. I've seen this so many times it sickens me Steve. There's a lot this who I am saying. Her little period to period sort of arm slide here yet I and then please understand I'm not knocking anybody when I say this but most of the atmosphere is where this is tots. There is this they also teaches we were talking last week with Wayne Jacobson. This covering doctrine you need to follow your pastoral leadership covering your your pastoral leadership of the covering of your husband. Covering of this covering of that and yet these layers of so called authority which is false authority. And so most of the time these women end up just towering and suffering in silence. Instead of following the lord and let him lead or yes. Or Latin guys who were Latin guys run the show and as we need to we need to stay with the lord almost. Yes Steve and you get it and I know you do and I. I appreciate your hard which is I hope you didn't think I was jumping at you because I'm not but I must run its so frustrates me because this is what I. This is one of the reasons why I do not like colts I don't like religious cults. And I do not like political cults because most of the time when people follow cults they throw other people they throw their neighbors under the bus for the system. No matter what the system is. And inner its its most hurt foreign religious context you've heard a couple of callers on this program today you of what happens why can't. Oh gosh I've got us a better stay within the church here or there and ostracize me in the. I think we need ostracize those guys and keep rewarded that and the metal. You better you amen to that Steve. I've priests are called do call again some time but. Love guitar could you further. The liberal in here with the pithy comment with from Gerald because I'm sure we'll get on good morning Gerald. I don't know its search APEC Bosnian war. Reports out that they are not content this year you're welcome thank you. I don't know it's probably for the national. Birth control of their probation or install it that we. Normally ends. Gerald you are so crazy you're did not. It's horrible quality we did by the way when he's talking about. This is a story in The Washington Times I just briefly tell you. They're going to provide condoms at the upcoming world scout jamboree. We world organization of scouting movement handbook requires the host organization. To ensure that condoms are readily and easily accessible. For all participants. At a number of locations on the site this is in West Virginia July 21 to August 1 this team is unlock a new world. And with behavior like this. Who knows what else they're going to unlock. God help us turn shows great weekend while I try to figure out what to do this weekend take care. This is Vince Coakley radio program.