Have The Democrats Lost The Heartlands, Why are Conversations less Civil and More

John Hancock
Tuesday, October 17th

Hancock talks about the withdrawal of the nomination for drug czar, the democrats in the heartland and more!


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This is John Hancock. And other business this stunning outside the so we were it's what we were hoping for a last week Taylor got. So. I say everybody starts sniffling real heavily in the workplace and a pitcher but out there. Not the dal made little history earlier today rate is their restored 3000 for the first time it's gonna have to hustle but to a close there. Currently. 22. 985. Up about 28 point 10 points so. It needs gained about fifteen before those sort of run that no big deal but it would be kind of interesting it would be if you were to close above to 43000. It would account for the third fastest thousand point climb ever and its fourth climb of that amount in the last twelve months if you are. And if you get this on yourself or not but that's right. And they give you a graph. And you can break it down no anywhere from a data two year Ers. And I headed to. And I don't know three months. And it's you commanded. It goes up and up and open up and opened up its it's pretty amazing. So while. NFL commissioner and and the owners are meeting today in New York you heard that during no my drills newscast just passed. Everybody trying to figure out how to get off their knees. The NFL is on its knees because their ratings are going down because CBS and NBC are unhappy because they're revenue was down because ratings are down and. And via NFL players are trying to figure out. How they can now. On par lay all of this into. Something productive. So it'll be choosy with the went to owners meetings those two USA today. The NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and Doug Baldwin is a player for the Seattle Seahawks. Expressed support for a bipartisan criminal justice legislation. Bill that is before the senate. And promising to help the upper chamber passed that bill. The sentencing reform and corrections act would address some of the and for quite a few of the issues that the players have. Claimed to be working on to raise awareness in the last couple of seasons. It would dare reintroduced legislation that was its first. Org in about 2015. The sentencing reform and corrections act. And among other things the bill would increase mandatory minimums for our crimes like domestic violence and cut mandatory minimums for Samoa drug offenses. So love. Tulsa were all that goes. The president and John McCain or spit back and forth at each other today so we'll talk about that a may have few seconds. Being drug czar nominee Tom Marino. Has backed out. I've been collecting OP Lloyd. Articles now since about the first of the year. And I'll Auld acquaintance friend contact me who had been down to the bottom of planet earth on open Lloyds. Seems to have. Dug himself out of the hole. And told me that he was available anytime I want to amend numb I told them I'd give back to him at some point and maybe were pretty close to that point. But the idea that. That this is a crisis. Probably our biggest drug crisis right now. Is without question and so are brought a lot of that stuff Phil and some of the background stories things that have happened back in August and April Olin may. So I'll share some of that with you were more talk about the the Tom Marino withdrawing after being accused of weakening the DEA's fight against don't feel it's. We talked a little bit about this yesterday if you all follow the money and you look at all the money that the F pharmaceutical companies have put into politics. It's no small wonder that they have a. A pretty clear path to. Not have to be responsible. On the one hand. But. Amass huge profits on the other a ball for huge profits. I'm. Responsibly. So rob anyway that's in there the Russians are in the news and the clintons are in the Russians are in the news and the Russians and the clintons and James Komi aren't the news. So willow throw about we'll throw that out there is a well. There's a survey that says that most people would end of friendship over a 500 dollar dispute. It's not the money. The principal. If you lump. You know it's funny thing and still friends let him. A thousand years ago when. When I was there nightclub business back in the seventies. There was three have a share are now three bedroom apartment. And one of the guys. Just all the sudden. Quick pay his rent. He got fired at the nightclub any continue to live their but he never. And no we went on what that for about three or four months. And then all of a sudden. He just kind of disappeared found himself a girlfriend and moved in with horror. And now left us with a about I don't know. 15100 bucks for the unpaid rent that we already paid for him under the premise that he would pay aspect. I've never forgotten it. Let the not to this day and he's still a friend of mine. But if you know they're still sold them in the back of my mind. Es say he's right across hard times sets I don't maybe it's in the back is mind do because he's never asked me to help him. And I wouldn't. Because I don't already been burned. Is our Marty singer of the character. Character counts. Title or author of that match if we get time mode TJ reminds me that we have throughout our question yesterday. And you're fast food weakness or something like that we never got to a lot people have to bet on not. On the UAW BT FaceBook page 505 birdies coming up I read the news will do that at 430 boomer on Canon traffic right around the corner. And pay your kids to do chores might be the wrong approach as well so that's all on the agenda for what we got to a planned as we have venture forward towards a 6 o'clock and then make way for. Charlotte there's six with. Well with the Mark Garrison and we all keep our eye on the Dow just out of a curiosity and interest beautiful day outside and Haitian minister of the Yankees beat the Astros last night eight to one. So the AC LS's. Two way two to one lead and want to present games start this afternoon for. So I know Georgia get fed on the they are on the TV so I can keep track of that and then the cubs game tonight that's late. Because the TV schedule said five but it's nodded it's nine there. So bomb. So all told you cry on the on the area and the Astros and yankees. And just in case you didn't. Ever find out because I'm sure interest must've just been overwhelming. Although the ratings were only about a six share for Monday Night Football last night. The titans beat the colts. When I went to bed burn out the colts just beaten the crap out of them. 3642 for Monday Night Football solo. If you hadn't heard those that we get a out client. Affair last night at a restaurant down to add to. Avid music exchange. 820 bar and restaurant. Never heard of went into the website unity and they've got a thing called a cauliflower. Crust pizza. Embody ever had cauliflower crust pizza supposed to be low in carbohydrates and sounds like it's custom made for. A diabetes type two type drug person. They didn't serve that to us last night but the stuff that they did give us last night I'm kind of a ball fake thing was killer. Meet skewers with kind of an all of Colorado. Spicy avocado something or rather over the top of it and impostors ignores those and salads and they're good stuff. But I'm really I'm really intrigued by this cauliflower. Crust pizza. Now did you do itself with cauliflower now that it's almost like mashed potatoes. You like cauliflower. I'm not Kelly emails today funny we should because I brought this up. Yesterday a ball Friday first time and then yesterday. Walked into. WF and C. Program directors office. And said. Where's Jordan Rodriguez. She hasn't had an article in the Charlotte Observer now for. What's it been two weeks. And nobody seems to know. I'm all for jobs in jeopardy or I don't know I hope not. Are they just decided a letter lay low for awhile or they decided to put her off to decide for awhile or if they're gonna reassign her to. I don't know speculation is rampant. She became kind of the center of our controversy. And then she became controversy all in her own right because of sanction it says she had done on Twitter. And she's 25 and I think she sharpens attack and and I thought that I enjoyed reading your stuff. And if she's only 25 now hurt her growth. Over the next few years would be. Unbelievable. It took to the point that I think she's really got a chance to be a really. Incredible sportswriter. But she can't yeah yeah yeah you gotta watch show what you put on Twitter these days and inertia put some stuff up that. Was racist in nature and no. And and that doesn't work for a while these days but I. That the observer has said the neat thing I don't know that any of the observer columnist of our written anything. The guys over there are death and they don't seem to have any kind of concrete answers I don't. You know I've read some stuff on no FaceBook but that's moral along the lines of some people worrying about weather and on her jobs in jeopardy your way or that I mean there were underway at the same questions. They observer. We're Jordan Rodriguez. Client appreciation that we did last night Steve Clifford big coaches feel hornet was there kind of talked about his. Five key is the leadership and when you listen to him talk and I'm not sure this is probably your speech that is given several times but. I was very good. And you can. You can see why the guy is a great motivate her of people because C he understands of the human mind works and he understands how to deal with people when he understands how to motivate people and he understands. How to analyze. Before you criticize them. It was say in waves are good it was very inching you probably talked for at 1015 minutes or something like that took questions afterwards and none so. I think we're getting on with us on a Thursday which will be the night after a they opened the season which is tomorrow night in Detroit. So mobile we'll we'll talk to us Steve Clifford on Thursday is my understanding and I. I think we're GNU get to a Dell curry on. Sometime in the next two. I told look at for the. By visitors went into. Anyway Dell curry I think Morgan Bill Curry on it does some point Tautou was so Woolsey what they're goes like that so when zero Friday may go we'll talk to a dual solo. Hornets season now is get ready you fire up they've got some month injury problems already and Michael Kidd Gilchrist is that a deal with a personal problem I don't know what the definition of that is but apparently won't be either for the season opener so. That's not to necessarily good either. But the new draft pick. And and and and Dwight Howard and everything else that goes along with the team. Kimbo. So we'll see what journalists who were all that goes. The president and John McCain urged swiping back and forth at each other. McCain takes a not so subtle jab at trump nation and now criticizes quote half baked experience nationalism. And trump responds with people have to be careful because at some point I fight back. Currently the president's on me conservative radio tour today was should. Point that he had made to the no Milwaukee had to a billion mailed. Radio row I assume that's what they've got some going on there are and then now McCain responds back to the president by saying. Saw the McCain and mayor and the president aren't get along real well but Mitch McConnell and present wrong. Seem to be just as tight as they possibly can be just body just it's up combed by up festival. So John McCain and trump for us that back in northern each other today. Yesterday. But two former opposing forces. Turned into a come by the office. Now Mitch McConnell president trump. Having a get together and he Rose Garden yesterday declared their unity two gathering journalists. Amid reports of a fractured relationship between the two enough. Trump has publicly attacked him just held just a touch and because they've been unable to pass legislation to do anything. Much less repeal obamacare. But yesterday it was a show of unity and it came amid declarations of boat war on the Republican establishment and as particularly unknown McConnell from what trumps former advisor Steve Bannon. But trump said yesterday that booked on pole low world will probably now closer. Then ever before. Course if you. And never really been close at all then. Really just standing next to each other would be closer than. Panel like me and my former general manager. I would say now that he's been out of the building for eleven and half months. We are where we're closer arrived by feel bad he and I are closer than we've ever really been before. That not having to do it in every day. In just a godsend for both of us I'm sure I he said trump said of McConnell my relationship with this gentleman is outstanding. And he insisted don't just so you understand the Republican Party is very very unified. And then McConnell. Said quote contrary to what some of you may have reported we are together totally. On this agenda to move America forward. And this is why I hate interviewing politicians. 'cause it's just such a pile of crap I can't even barely stand it. But he went all the fellow figure out some way dual march forward and get something done. The the president. A look at the stock market today. At a meeting at my financial advisor next week I can't wait. The stock market or part B two or three thousands of the next week I can't wait. I guess my big question in my financial advisor and he'll tell me know but. Should we basically take everything now I just put it someplace really safe. So I don't have to go I don't auto you know I can't take another nineteen men ninety no 20082007. I can't. I can't go back there are I'd just assume maybe take what I gotten. But he'll say no come down. Don't panic. And I won't. I trump defended banner and as well by the way out also suggested that he might talk to talk him out of some of the primary challenges that he wants to bring mixture about the Republican senators running for reelection. But anyway that was the big two Mayo festival there and everything was just going swimmingly. The two British German and. They were answering questions on a range of other topics during this unity press conference Mitch McConnell in the president. But one of them in particular question in particular I drew a little bit of a backlash. And that was four Trump's claims about if and how Barack Obama and other previous presidents paid their respects and the families of fallen soldiers. And frivolity and suit shortly thereafter. And trump was asked why he hadn't spoken publicly about four green berets soldiers who were killed earlier this month in Niger. And at trump said that he'd written Naira families letters but had already have been sent or he would do a red bearded. All or would be going out that Ted Knight. And that he would be our calling them after letting a little bit more time pass and many said the traditional way if you look at President Obama and other presidents most of them didn't make calls. A lot of them didn't make calls. And reporter asked how he can make that claim many retreated a bit say well I I don't know be dead no I'm I was told that he didn't. And a lot of presidents don't they write letters President Obama I think probably did sometimes and maybe sometimes he didn't I don't know but. Now what I was told all I can know do Issa asked my generals other presidents should not call they write letters they and some presidents didn't do anything. Close quote. Now that's that's trump bad news. Pull it out of us. Worst. Improvising and answer. Which he's prone to do. I an explosion just bridges cutting getting used to it if that's at all possible that drew anger from us some of the former Obama administration officials and and the White House later said lets anyone criticizing his predecessors he was actually stating a fact. Now the statement said sometimes they call sometimes they sent a letter other times they have the opportunity to meet family members in person. Individuals claiming former president such as their bosses called each family. Of the fall and are mistaken. So there's some gray area and all of that and and so that's. That's what took care of their so every day little bit drama. A little bit of keep your eye on the target. When they're trying to keep us to keep an eye on the target for. But today the they are dated today it's McCain and yesterday it was McConnell. And than yesterday it was also Gregg Popovich. The coach of the. San Antonio Spurs. Possibly. One of the greatest coaches ever. I don't know about his politics he's not a Donald Trump Fannie certainly let us know that on a couple of occasions. I called him a soulless coward yesterday. Called up and editor. Asked the nation. Dave zero and. And called trump a soulless coward. Greg Papa good Popovich didn't. After he falsely claimed Monday that Barack Obama and other presidents did not call or reach out console the families of soldiers that were killed in action. I'll Popovich said quote this man in the Oval Office is a soulless coward who thinks that he can be he can only become a large by belittling others. This has of course been a common practice of his but to do it in this manner. And a lot about how previous presidents responded to the deaths of soldiers is as low as it gets many went on to say we have a pathological liar in the White House. Unfit intellectually emotionally and psychologically don't hold this office. And the whole world knows that especially those around him every day. So he ended their right. Not exactly. In then teed off at the people that work with. And surrounded the president and said quote the people who work with this president should be ashamed because they know. It better than anyone else how unfit he is and yet they choose to do nothing about it this is bear shame most of all. So not the first time that up Popovich is taken a stand against prompt. He back in November talked about being sick to his stomach he's in charge of our country and that's disgusting. Great basketball coach not exactly sure how is that. Political science. Stock markets about seven points. Away from my towards closing at 43000. Hit two or 3000 earlier today but we're back down. I had no big deal but don't cover your brownouts are very few more minutes to go before they are close so maybe it'll be inclined or try to make history there I don't know. We were just talking about the president enough McCain and near president and McConnell and George Popovich the San Antonio Spurs coach had a few. Points of view on me a president as well there's an interesting article in the and it talks about wired Democrats losing in the heartland. Ed a friend of mine come through town who lives in Kansas City. All before that he lived in told side I knew him cash. 358. Years ago when I was sort of for Leon Russell and we were all based out of Tulsa Oklahoma. For about five minutes. But he's lived in the middle of the country all of his life makes for a little time in Colorado but he spent most of his time in Kansas Nebraska and Oklahoma. Now if you really wanna know where the heart and soul of a country is go hang out in the middle of the country. Go a lot of drive through Kansas. Where there's people grimacing right now and it's a longest drive it's it's not quite as long as try to get out of Texas. But it's added it's. When you leave Missouri and head across Kansas to get to Colorado. Not only is it just for ever. But then when you got into Colorado you've still got 34 hours on. Terrain that looks like Kansas. But if you stop and a diner and you listen to those people. That's. They're on encumbered by big city. I mean out there in the middle I'm not talking about Kansas City or saint Lewis or. So this is an article in the Kansas City started it why are Democrats losing in the heartland. And it says the Democrats gathered here in meeting the Moines Iowa. Are strategizing of. And what they have to do to win back rural voters. Did not speak kindly of their own national leadership reputation or behavior. They're doing a seminar that's called winning back the heartland and they've bemoaned the condescending way that some fellow Democrats talk about their fellow midwesterner particularly those who live in small towns. Todd Tom Vilsack who's the former Agriculture Secretary under Obama said we forgot to talk how to talk to folks. And when we dead we talked down to them. He said he often hears Democrats assume. That of course rural Americans served in the military and disproportionate numbers because they wanted to get away. He says the real reason is he sees it is that farmers know better than anyone else that you can't keep taking and taking from the land without giving something back. And so that's a mindset they they get that they could that they get in the way that others say don't. Don't know how important and necessary thing it is to give back to our country through service. Sure some more of this in just a second day but it's inching to hear a Democrat analyze as in why the Democrats are having so much problem in the center of the country. Harris killed at the center of the country is everywhere feel about just some of the outlying areas of a North Carolina South Carolina if you want real life politics starts to cave in on your head to head. Time. Arm and you know own gender card jump on your motorcycle or jump onto some time in and don't go wander out into the middle of nowhere. I go sit down at a diner and listen to people talk. And you'll find just a whole lot more level headed this and know a lot less divisive and assume. Apple pie and. Sometimes I think the big cities. Really big disadvantage. This article in the Kansas City started it wired Democrats losing in the heartland. And Tom Vilsack the former Agriculture Secretary under Obama. Former Iowa governor said I'd I think we forgot to how to talk to folks and when we did we all often talked alone. Many talks about. All of the people in the heartland does serve in the military and he says I think it's because of what they learn from taking and taking from the land without giving back. They so they they they get get it in a way that others don't know what you know how important and necessary it is to give back to our country through service. You learn that from farming. Farmers know that anyone. Better than anyone he says to Judy can't keep taking and taking from the land without giving something back to it. There's a democratic pollster he says John bad ends a Loney. Andy told this crowd that is gathering in. De Moines Iowa. And I realized that their most of you are leading now to the left for the democratic side but. It did seem to see them try to regroup because they really are Graham and are there literally. And that the press may be on their side but. Then they got challenges right now. Even with this president. They've got challenges right now. Problem. This John and zoning. Democratic pollster told the crowd and a more and wind. When he asked focus groups who Democrats stand for instead of the longstanding answer of the middle class what he hears his immigrants refugees. Gay is and knows who knee all. Does that sound like Jennifer Roberts field. I mean that is kind of what the Democrats have gotten to. An entrepreneur or that is in the morning Chad Trout line. Grew up on a cattle ranch outside Kansas City told the group that he split his time between Kansas City in California. And he said quote. You can love both but the divide has shifted. From north and south. To coastal and not. And as a mid western Democrat. I don't always feel comfortable with that he said. When it's in the the views of the post that set the agenda for Democrats the middle of the country in the middle of the political spectrum well. That's why the midwest is becoming ever read her he says. Kansas City mayors slide James. Gave one of the best received talks of this conference is going on and a more and and he said as AP poll. We're stuck in this endless ideological argument. And don't seem to be willing to admit that either side is going to be won over by the other and instead. Of staying locked in. That trap. He said we need to elect leaders with common sense and put people ahead of party period. And it's a true they said that day it's easier for mayors. Then for members of congress but it's not something that you hear very often from the Democrats on the coast. And so one of their philosophies that was coming out of this democratic conference. Is that is the two coasts that are. Forming the argument we've talked about the radical left on the radical right are the ones that make the most noise and thereby they dominate the headlines. Steve van and gets more than. Then a moderate Republican. But they they break it down to coast. Almost a philosophy. East Coast. West Coast. Why are Democrats losing in the heartland and its. They are afraid that today I got a link to it from somebody did today. And I have got to agonize summary Nat I'm thinking about. Because having grown up in the middle of the country although Colorado certainly leans farther left now than it used to it used to be a pretty good dear Republican state John love and all those. All of it did back in those days it is not anymore it's it's John Hickenlooper no. And it leans pretty left it's got more California philosophy to it than it does. I knew it. An East Coast took. A philosophy to a but. But there's still a you know went to military school in Kansas. Com and I have an awful lot of friends. From a Nebraska and Missouri and have lived in Missouri for awhile and and Oklahoma and and I'm just telling others. There's some real. Honest American purity. Located in the center of the country. Some real level headed missed some real hard working people people that are voted devised their strategies and their philosophies. A bomb through hard work and dedication to family. And loved god and some some pretty solid principles. Tammy your on to alleviate Jihad. Hey John yeah I enjoyed your sure it's clean and what are you seeing the problem. I'm. Are a little Billy what we're hearing about it. We go at least try that this week and Norton and you're usually a moral problem and you know. You know every yeah I looked a little bit of that I'm like all right well I think there are like the Toronto. Well they don't mind if you do that just along regional slot over snoring in the store. What are combined where there again that wrote the court that you please let. You know. I've got a rock I would eighteen. All over the country you're right about the heartland and end in May start my own company like this spring training an arm biblical city. But I can't find out aired. Let people get so critical problem and pop and that speak right but god do about it. Leadership and thought you were speak absolutely. Right there were little. Eat right there arm. I'd get a whole lot more golf would topple or. And I mean they they beautifully I I don't. I'm glad I am having a political. All all of them kind of fall into the same category and that is leaders of men. Yeah the because you know we're we're we're doing it. Goes bad apple. We think that I don't know why they think about what I do yeah. You've got the vehicle. And shake out yet but I never hear anybody ever met in my wallet dot. The Bible would step but there. Are return to look like rural trillion dollars. Truly. A economic wealth of the country. My older OK. That they can ruin shot mine duke. And edit and that. And I got blamed solely on I'm a guy that the man who looks like. About Oprah if not let's figure something better out and why why Larry I'd like the arm. Let them go out of the year Obama I'm pretty I would doubt that the times. And he would. He did midwestern well probably I don't Negroponte saying yeah like that apparently when I look at Florida. A little. Call at what point are you a little bed. To bed at night and they came out and they spoke every able. And I look at where we were little quick. But upon little or no but you know there are so quick they can put a little. Quick start again but yeah and I don't they don't wanna explore or yet. And my god or go out there that let you have the guys it was absolute bundle be around. I enjoy your shell met with Colin Powell thought I'd district eight bit out of. I can't thank you appreciate all very much. They did did actually as per my read the news today it more than actually did Tom arrest yesterday. Family and friends it was a private service those voted to Pacific Palisades which is sort of for a little bit further down the area coast too from. From Malibu. Santa Monica. You got Santa Monica and Andy got Pacific Palisades. And and further down the coast is Malibu from that Malibu was wearing at his house. Pretty nice place to have a house. Johnny Carson has a cells are a lot of are lot of big money you know Malibu. But anyway our services for him my yesterday. And a say about that this morning. Two weeks. As unload the dishwasher and Summers and other Tom Petty popped into my mind and I was taken two weeks. It's already been two weeks. Which just lets you know how fast time goes. Sometimes. There's that phrase I don't know who was in the senate adjust to recently heard it like we're in the last couple years. Days go by slow years go by fast. I just signed a new deal to stick around here for a couple more years. And still doing this. I wish our air we showed that we had the art of conversation more than we. Sometimes do. So I missed that. And I talked yesterday about to and normal amount about the good old days but back in the ninety's we used to get in some pretty good knockdown drag out fights but there was always understood there wasn't personal. But it's gotten personal. And that's fine nine you know whatever. Doesn't doesn't really affect my life one way or the other very rarely take anything home with me. So. But. You know two years. Seems like a long time and and on the other hand I know it's it's going to be it's going to be over tomorrow. I know we'll see where we go from there. But. Pretty inching stuff. Trumpet says he will very strongly look at welfare reform and if you look to your 401 gave all slightly. I have looked edits until judges it's via stock market got to about 22. I'm meeting with my financial guy Larry Carroll next week I haven't sat down with him for a while. I'm looking forward to that just kind of see where we are and where we're going to know. But. We've gotten to 23 I don't think we closed at 23 to de able were brought a world where we were within know four or five points of what I believe phones if confirmed that reporter a quirk. Stir twenty to 99744. So we we mr. buy about two and a half points. 23000. Just kind of makes me wonder if ought to just freeze everything enough. On and settle with one I've I've gotten. I don't think we'll all be by a new Lexus are traveling to Europe every year on the money we save but I'm not so sure we're gonna starve to death the. Let the governor is still a lot of heat on WB TP. Hey John great new to stick around for awhile. Yeah I did my wife thinks so. The halfback at duke it out she was sure she likes the paycheck and I do tune so but the cult I'll take their money I guess as long as they wanna keep handed it to me direction. Are absolutely or that tell you what got a list and he'll wave factions the Mike Powell space sort of back orders were dug deep cease I have the ball better have your apps out there. I'll play and built. Voters decorum thank you. They are and I just yeah I've noticed in Austria for you know you've got any talk show host today's call politically what are you must be a bruised. That factor in the Monica Lewinsky days. But you remember things got pretty contentious during that period. I guess I'll like that that are important more than any other you know we're just people boil order I tell you they are. It was hardly simple idea what you say to walk away from salt fortune in the additional. Oh my god my whole. Political feelings but you know. Remember getting pretty loud during the Ross Perot days to go out by. And I don't suppose that the reason behind it all and I mean you know why I think your NASA it's one of the reasons it becomes personal list. Outside still love their country decides do care about their country. It whether or not we look at. People now what they changed it with a difference of opinion or actually let's see them as an enemy had bet that the lawsuit may have changed a little bit man maybe that's why it's got a little bit more volatile. Yeah W do a great job and went and bought most people caught with your great call call it a maverick thing to do so or work but. Nobody is still what the war quickly what was Manchurian. There are sold but what to say don't take home would you advise. Now I don't every now and then somebody gets to revert to that's about three year. And I generally I'm over that by the time I wake up in the morning so where are you don't you got a pretty thick skinned doing this after oil. You betcha don't rip off what I thanks Peter appreciate the call me a support off we go I read the news today oh boy comer run around the corner which means that we originally used over the next hour and a half get you home boomer Montana and traffic in the life. Stock market didn't hit 23000 today but tomorrow's another day. All right. The seventeenth. 017. 101717. 290 days into the year I. 75 days ago. I got that text message our messenger from there are. That's pretty here. Passenger and on messenger pop up. Modified don't say the earned her friend's daughter run. Buick guy writes reassure us and he says. My daughter that I it's an eight day as husband and that's a daddy can I go sing a song period. He said Jack I guess and she sings I read the news today oh boy and then she stops and says why do break bulk and says she's going to be broken hearted Richard finds out that one doesn't really actually go the other one. Right. We're having an impact on generations that we no idea of 290 days into the year 75 days to go. I 1997. Whiskey ham salad and porn magazines retrieved along with be more conventional golden paintings one a private safe. Actually private safes. Were opened after a blaze at a Paris break. Bank staff at the at the bank. Told reporters that one customer kept a bottle whiskey in his safe and came around to drink behind his wife's back. Another kept a salad and a slice of ham which she renewed every week. And still another stored tiny bars of soap that he had stolen from hotels. They still got say to bother box trying. I thought about doing that take it all here really because do everything I go all the paper. You know you got so much on computer these days but. The paper backed up it's still. From a good place to have it 2006 the US population now reached 300 million so that was eleven years ago. They expect 400 million by the time we get to 2039. Which sounds like a long way away but it's 22 years. Not that far away. Anybody remember seals and troughs. Jimmy seals of 75 today George went all arm. There's just 69 years old today and speaking of norm. McDonald. 54 years old today the most underrated comedian. Of all time that's a funny funny man. Deadpan delivery but funny. Well Rick retainer was officially fired yesterday in the wake of the recruiting scandal or residues to dale Lloyd. 31 year old Sebastian Kurz. Expected to this week to be the to be named the head of Austria becomes the world's youngest leader. 31. Years old. Joseph Jonas enough Sophie Tucker game of drones willow. Gotten engaged. I would assume that there should be a party at Nellie is it to Belmont you know about the Jones during his dad. And and family owned bellies up in Belmont big deal. Every now and then you'll get a clientele and there that looks not Belmont. And that's generally how you can tell that the one of the Jonas Brothers is in town because they are they they bring out the beautiful people. And a GOP congressional candidate in Florida says that she was abducted by aliens at the age of seven and has kept in no contact with them ever cents. So she'll be perfect in Washington. We'll talk more about her just a few I mention Tom Petty laid to rest yesterday private service at Pacific Palisades California. Which is right next to Santa Monica and a little bit farther up the coast monitor Malibu worry lived. He died October the second cardiac arrest 66. Years old researchers uncovered a flaw that makes wife five vulnerable to hack shall pay attention to this. Security researchers in Belgium have discovered a flaw in Wi-Fi that can allow hackers to read information thought to be encrypted. Or infect web sites with malware. The Wi-Fi alliance an industry group that represents hundreds of Wi-Fi technology companies said the the issue could be resolved through a straightforward software update. The website crack attacks dot com has been set up to provide technical information about the flaw. And now methods hackers might use to attack vulnerable devices every day. Every day were hearing about some sort of new hack. And than there was an article yesterday about the north Koreans and this network of hackers that they have. And then I heard somebody talking to Scott FitzGerald today nine to noon. And he clay all it was so striker from the of the former FBI got it Chris riker that we used to talk to a regular basis I don't know why would also talked to elect him. He claims China has the Rio was at 300. Now I've got to remember 300000. Hackers government hackers. Not so sure computers are gonna be the death all of us. We'll see if it is why haven't and are update. Crystal and Donnie Everhart. That's the name of the couple that broke me last night and said. Putting my three year old daughter to bed denied she asked dad can I sing you a song. And I said Sherry you consider me a song and she sings I read the news today oh boy. And then followed that out with a loud 1 June 30 or. That. Her little glide will be blown engine finds of the those two were different songs. But you might get a kick out of that and our our back arrested that is very funny wait till she finds out she was influenced by air radio. And she'll have to go into a steady yellow AM radio and what was that. Was that before after the 78 dad. So anyway thank you sure that would mean I got a big kick out of that. Our man in Florida killed a family friend because he thought the friend was hitting on his imaginary girlfriend. No problems there. Man rescued from the Taliban. Canadian man. Recently freed after being held in Afghanistan by Taliban tied kidnappers for five years. Said he thought his captors were joking when they told him that dropped what the president. But I own it outright or gave no seriously who won. Joshua Boyle told the Toronto star that one of his captors said trump was elected president but that it didn't matter good dinner my mind that he was being serious. The boils were kidnapped in note 2012. No were held for five years before being rescued by Pakistani forces last week. Now that's. You'll be down in the same category that I was talking to our own woes are guys named Charles or. But I enjoyed all of Maryland big Daniel they'll. The money and have a chance of no win in the driver's. Now he didn't even Jesus became president of the United States. What time of day is your best we'll talk about that coming up. How would you feel about your teenager having their own Amazon account we'll talk about that coming up we were talking about death cleansing guest today. And so this isn't necessarily. Related to that but it is kind of and will tell you more about that politician who claims she was abducted by aliens she's running for congress. Perfect. And a new California law says that pet store pets must come from shelters. And rescue. Agencies. When they get to that as well. And who knows where we're going. In fact there's a man's Halloween graveyard tombstone ABC this has trends that died in 27 Jane. In other words that did the tombstones say things like. The old Taylor Swift. In other words we lost that in Torre seventy. We lost that in 27 teams always got all grey art of stuff that trends that dive into its seventh day. In the beginning that should be on the list will throw that into next hour to its final five. These. There is stunning afternoon today. All right hey it. Never ironic. Man am Iran act New York ma'am I'm sure there's someone and from a New York's Dave Wright it was saying well you any. It's. Whatever it is. Has created a Halloween graveyard displayed to the news for a long. Children with tombstones marking trends that died. In Torre seventy and he's an art teacher's name is Michael fry. Sarcastic grave stones. When she began during August a couple of years ago covers topics including pop culture and fashion and politics and explain the mold ABC news this way quote. Things from that year that have either died or are dying or are no longer fashionable. Or no longer hit up. Being a teacher he said I get input from my students and friends and family members and it's become a collaborative effort. So some of the things. On his. Tombstones this year include. The old Taylor Swift. That would be innocent Taylor sort of tried to big fish is not so. She's she's grown up. But dabbing. Although it does can still do that occasionally. If he's still a guy who can get away with a A he's the one that. Well I need the one that pretty much popularized it I know some bands but I any data from the band but. Nobody would've heard about it and had been for cam. All gray hair. Nor even know what that is. Hash tag rose all day. So I am an excuse TJ I'm older. You're supposed to know this stuff. Course you live in Rock Hill. This. Watching TV alive. Having normal seasons. That would be a global warming dig I'm assuming. Payless shoes. There are no more reserved. Are they don't. If we ever bought from Baylor issues. Ben why would you notice. Accountability. Parentheses. Look at the unilaterally Ailes. Plump lips. That'd be Botox and it. Wherever and then you run into somebody go. As your mirror work. And is that by Syria and from game of drones. So those are all things that he says among the things on the tombstones and his front yard. The things that died in Torre seventy and somebody just wrote me Scott just wrote me and said Hillary Clinton's political career. Oil one can only hope. Create for Halloween graveyard displays been doing who's an art teachers so we get some input from business students and there's that are about things that died in two when he seventy pop culture fashion politics reflect that so I dabbing old Taylor Swift watching TV alive. Payless shoes. We were talking about two. Similar artists and Hillary Clinton so political career. Newspapers they are radio. And radios got good stuff. Newspapers' tough. Ronald were officially dead yet or not. So maybe that's a little premature this'll be honest tombstones and. How long. But at that. I said RadioShack Kmart. But. TJ said no that was last year. Now they're still keep radio shacks around and there's still kmart's around but it was a good lawyer middle letter of their got an email from a guy named mark. In March says aghast and county man picking on somebody from Rock Hill that hurts but it at that. They acted to secure. What else is all in. Two bill argue. Don't do it. Bo Ryan's up on WB TA right. Maybe on our good. So what that is not fighting and trying to eighteen I would say. Confidence in the FBI and political polling. Well kind of political polling is a good one we lost confidence in the FBI. Why I think so I mean they gave. They gave Hillary Clinton. Entirety. And are not an activity you can. And then didn't and had an indictment nominally and downed it in England has got to be indictment. Now about that. And that the chapter may still be open on that there's been some pretty inching news it to came out about to. Mowed the former attorney general and others over the last couple it is saw the abuse embassy were all that goes. But the they are political low pundits the the polls that's. They didn't see they didn't see Donald Trump common. 90% can can you think of anything that cost more money that is more useful expand political poetry I mean Hillary Clinton got at the biggest key. For a fraud ever neighbor told her 90%. In. I'm in trouble now she believes size yours has what she wants to believe that the way that when ghost. There are some high school students who opened up I haunted house and an abandoned funeral home in our Rogers still Missouri. Frivolity has ensued. People don't like you when you mix Halloween attractions with real life spaces associated with death. It's not a working funeral home. It's a closed funeral home. Residents and Rogers film Missouri are angry after the now abandoned Preston marsh funeral home is being used as they are haunted house. By the Logan Rodgers still high school project graduation. Critics call them hot and house cloak and quote on quote very disrespectful. And not cool at all. But I mean technically. It's just a building. That is to be a funeral home. We always got to talk about that in the past and kind of around about way about. If you were gonna buy a house and you found out that a grisly murder had taken place and there are would you buy the house. What if you buy a house and then find out years later that there was a murder that took place in that house I talked about how's that. I was behind the house that we rented for a while mom why dad built a house in apple would mesa right outside a golden Colorado. And the house behind us was rented to rule and it had a split family and it. Com. And so there were two boys that word. Video of the mothers sons and then there was one boy. That was the father son and so they all you know they had gotten married and all three album the three boys and a two parents lived in this house. And I was a young kid I was down eleven years old ten years old so Micah. And these guys were 161718. Years old and they were always working on their cars out there in the side Lott knows you know also I kind of got to know him and everything and one day this son of the father. Killed his father. Who apparently was some sort of an abuser but shot him dead inside that house. And and I've always remembered that because I I said the backyard and cried for three days. Because I you know I looked up to these guys they were teenagers and their own cars and all the sudden. The whole world had changed. And so idol pass every now and then all drive past old houses and no one megawatt Colorado and if I'm gonna drive past the house of my dad built his block and a half away is how's that we've rented. And then bribe behind that houses the house where this. Sterling moss shot his father. And I'll see people out in the front guarded the house were the killing took place water in the longer. Clearing out the garage or something like that and I've always wondered I wonder if they know that a guy got shot that house. Anyway they're not happy and now Roger's still Missouri and set others defend the use of the building which will be torn down soon as the haunted attraction funds will be is sure Roger. Graduation. I do it to some extent it kind of adds to the hearing this of the whole thing then it. A haunted house and an old abandoned funeral home. Anyway that's what's going on in Rogers bill Missouri. I we're back you just a few on our way towards 530 news and then all our way towards 6 o'clock or will join mark Harrison and Charlotte has sex. 59 Florida politician claims she was abducted by aliens when she was a girl she's run for congress. Former I drought counselor councilwoman vying go for retiring are Republican or representative. A lawn Art Ross Lieberman's. Let the men's seat. Newly resurfaced TV interview from 2009 entrepreneur or Bettina Rodriguez and you'll Lara says that she was taken a bond an alien spaceship when she was seven years old. Described it as having around seats. And courts rocks but controlled the ship. She also says she remained in contact with the with three of the aliens afterwards and described them as being our reminiscent of the famous Christ the redeemer statue. In Rio de Janeiro. Does that mean they couldn't put their arms down. Rodriguez bag you'll Lara further claimed that she learned some interesting information from the aliens including that the oh world's energy senator is in Africa. And at a popular limestone attraction in Miami Dade County called coral castle. Is actually an ancient Egyptian pyramid. Of the egyptians get here. And what was there a draw South Beach. I figured to have naked women on South Beach. I'm not building anymore pyramids were going to Miami. Maybe they were played in the Orange Bowl. Asked about her alien experience by the Miami Herald Rodrigue is regular wouldn't identify them directly but said I personally am a Christian and I have a strong belief in god. I joined the majority of Americans who believe that there must be intelligence tips. In the billions of planets. And galaxies in the universe. She should fit right into Washington. That kernel level headed to us. There's a new California law I don't know if I like this or not I think I do. California's passed a new law. California whole fruits and nuts. I was passed a new law that says that will require that all pet stores. Get the puppies kittens and bunnies they sell from shelters or rescue agencies. The aim is to try to prevent puppy mills and kitten breeding factories. Which breed and keep animals and inhumane conditions from being able to operate and it also can save the lives of animals who need a home. There are pet stores that are arguing that the bill alarms responsible breeders him with puppy mills and that it might actually lead to more business. For the underground network of animal breeding for customers who want a certain breed or mixed breed. I don't know August or arguments to be made on both sides of that by the kind of like the idea of pet stores and they're gonna sell pads getting your of the shelters and rescue agencies. Yeah and given those animals are shot and then I mean you know then then you get the question. Just your own personal preference you like months or do you like a certain breed or mix breed I almost feel guilty about having a KC registered west east. When there's so many great putts out there that generally turn out to be the best dogs and he'd be a truck dog can't do that with a western. And I and and I'm very shares delicious listening to our. Our older gray at out here and Charlotte, North Carolina budget congratulations Zumaya seventeen year old granddaughter out and not Colorado who got her. Acceptance letter yesterday from Colorado State University. I'm proud of her. Pretty proud of that whole damn family. Considering that their father never really had a very good father me. To those never around. And he grew up to be just or his own man and a man's man and he. And just Tony's raised great kids. And he's done it because of his own. Fortitude is on backbone in his own character. And Katrina. Who hates the fact that there was a destructive hurricane that was named after her. But she got to. I got it I got to thinking about that time in your life. Where you're running in and out to the mailbox trying to find out if the college you wanted to get into. Is in there except you or not. And she apparently has had her eyes on Colorado State for a long long time like four or five years. And then she got her acceptance lever yesterday so we're all pretty frock. And achieve true. Pretty much just. Cooper education by the horns and no one out and did it yourself got a grandson named CJ and he did the same thing I'm telling you that's got to. The family of which I probably don't deserve. It's thanks guys appreciate all of that and he had. We're trying to shelter. There's a new California law that says trust or have come from his rescue agencies so on and so forth and there are some who say maybe that could backfire and actually. Little lump responsible breeders and with puppy mills and and actually Emeka. I can lead a more business from the underground network of animal breeding and that's what they're trying to avoid that we got started about much sir Lorie you know certain. Now breeds mixed breeds or and so forth a man I know people that to swear it the most but Smart. CLU guys out there was your pickup trucks and your dog in the back. What I want or pickup truck dog you can't do that with a away ST. And here. It. Unknown god mine would geez you've leaped out of she'd last about four and a half minutes if that Renee here on WBT hack. Okay how Ari do you good. I am wonderful and out of our age EUR glory and congratulations. On your granddaughter. The patient absolutely pressure there thank you very much as very cool. Some I don't wanna play and having that could be an eight net owners turns out it worse. Eight at five. I eighty. Stray. Cat doll or one that you rescued from the pound. Or made the greatest. Pet that you ever. They almost seem appreciative don't they argue would like you've saved them from some sort of a fate. Today they didn't and alcohol says I have had. Caved purebred. I had pure bred that. Then McNamee health problems. And I have got to purebred German shepherd. And that is hyper and that day it'll all out love virtually L'Oreal. But it's there arrest routine that. Better that I salute. Then yeah in my it at my opinion. Yeah well I'd ever an average of collier probably not alone in that mired I have several friends that have a amend very when I did when we went out and bought another eight KC registered US TI had several friends that just. Ripped me. Because they want me to go to a shelter and let's idea I understand. I can understand the sentiment. But the AK Sears and home to you know. I just think about the Billy VT you know I'm a newsroom that's got. But. I think I know we've food rescued after those guys and something sailor rescued Mark Garrison from channel three. You know there are good read and very you know put him out there bolo water on the back porch there right next to the to the it's a storm chaser truck. So we know we put only Sean embodiment your potty trained him and there's been you know pretty well ever since. Throws like until. Mostly posturing just that every now and then there's a small accident but. But other than that these cities are pretty good you'd be fine with zero teenager having their own Amazon account when you. It if you have a belt. And now we get into the had debated spanking. Armed. Traditionally teenagers needed you know who needed to buy something on Amazon either at best their parents to do it for them more log on to their parents cal or mom and dads are viewing history would be on full display. Up Amazon never really had clear rules regarding a minimum age for making a purchase they distinctly stated that. In its service terms of anyone under eighteen may use the Amazon services only with involvement of a parent or guardian. Well now Amazon is giving teenagers. Thirteen to seventeen years old more autonomy by introducing Tina accounts. And parents choose a payment method. And a shipping address. And decide whether they want to be able to approve every order that their teens make Forsett are free approval spending limit. And then to start shopping teens must download the Amazon happened create a login. And when they're about to buys something their parents will receive a text or an email what the item price in the optional. Note from their kids saying something Baghdad. Can I get these cancer my ski trip so there's some safety guards in there I guess that teaches some kind of responsibility. Now I would now republic that at all.