Healthy Weight Loss

Ask Dr. Ernst
Saturday, January 6th

Dr. Ernst uncovers myths of weight loss and reveals a no gym fat burning plan.


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The asked doctor and show his pre senate like doctor Aaron urged the board certified chiropractic physician specializing in spinal correction nutritional coaching and cellular detoxification. And as for informational purposes only it is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice diagnosis or treatment she could qualified healthcare professional before changing your health program or embarking on any one visit ask doctor earned. Dot com for more information you. It's time to transform yourself. Which one of the nation's leading men growing authorities in total health. Over the next hour I learned from experts on how to revolutionized the health of those you love most. Ask doctor. Here's your host. Doctor Barrett Barrett's. Good afternoon happy Saturday Q you're listening to be asked records show. The seller countless dead heat it's steadily beat that beat on health problems. I bears today doctor Aaron are spelled out the back if you guys are to him his very first Saturday of the new year I mean come on let's celebrate we've made it. One whole week down under our belt. And also the most up on your belt. So that's what we're going to be talking about today which is how to sort of about cold does not his backing YouTube burning fat like a fiend. And doing it without going to jam more duties were decree the diet and things that effects though. On the call they showed via a new year new you weight loss revolution. And it also comes. With a bit of a am a follow through I'm gonna do health challenge for all of you and down those few who would like to a ten day at seven of them posting. They were pulling out every single stop I'm gonna show you the number one reason people lose ten pounds and gained it back. I'm gonna show you the number one reason most people struggle with weight loss. And we're gonna help Peter really hit all of your health goals be back. To feel better look better get off medication whatever it is this is the big one guys January is that health month for all of us. I think a lot of us are kind of like. Yeah thank god like all these holiday parties are finished Christmas is done new years is over. And now it's time to turn around and like go after our goals and hit the ground running so. What I am doing is two things are gonna give you basically everything you need to know right now. Today by next Saturday you can already beat ten to fifteen pounds lighter I mean come on. And you never have to wake up at 4:5 in the morning in drag yourself out the bitter cold to the GM's. He don't have to do that it teach you today amid the behind working out for weight loss. And gonna show you some simple things you do today. That'll keep you burning fat fast in the course of the new year. And I've also throwing out a special offer for anybody during that showed today's seated now. I have several commercial breaks that come up an open Mike call lines. I am hosting an advance it is on January 20 at about two maybe three weeks next about two weeks exactly right now. And simply special I am giving away an unlimited amount of tickets this is in a new hotel we can hold more space. And it's normally 25 dollars to attend this. You're gonna Natalie get free access by calling in today but you're also gonna get an entire four week I'll call it sort of like coaching guiding program. I mean I've laid everything out at David Hess group over December. And I used this four week group to kind of like Snooki does this stuff work and now we're getting great results IP or message me. I lost seven pounds my blood pressures down cholesterol back to normal. I am everything I have four weeks of what foods you should eat I've shopping guide I have lists I mean I've I've spent weeks preparing this. And it calling during our show today you're gonna get not only access to the event for free. But you're gonna get that entire four weeks sort of health challenge for three. Yes OK you can do this but you need a little bit of a plan in a goal in action steps. If you're Newt ourselves into the new year may be you're newts and listening to this down were called ask doctor Arthur reason you ask a health question we answer it. And how you can do that is by going to ask doctor urged dot com on the top right hand corner there's a contact button. You can send a question directly to meet and I even had people say stuff like out of pocket you help me with this condition or what I do about this I would think of that as like a a free access wait to ask me something that you could do for your house and I'm a certified chiropractic physician. I am at certified holistic health coach I have a doctorate in clinical past or medical services that means acting coach you through your health without using prescriptions. We do it from a biblical perspective to the ideas your body is designed to heal by itself and so we want you to engage step process. So had a head over to our website it is not ask the questions getting to aids and not pay attention today because there's four unique call outs. And I'll tell you when they are where you can call this phone number and boom and you get free access to the four weeks coaching and to that event on January 20. So here's a thing like I know it's the beginning of the new year and right now. The first thing that everybody's trying to establish mostly when it comes their help is you know just getting back on track with their weight. And I wanna spend just a little bit before effort commercial break. And talked about the idea that list and there's this myth out there that if you have a good weight your health the and while it sounds attractive and it sounds good does not that the true that you can. Be healthy and be overweight which I know you scratch your head and go doesn't make any sense or you can be perfectly weighted. And be really unhealthy. So your weight is not a good indicator of your health. Your health will indicate your weight. So what do status again your health. Will indicate your weight if you're healthy. You'll have good weight. If your unhealthy. You'll have an abnormal weight so here's the mindset sipped the losing weight doesn't make you healthy. It's important we should focus on it. But if you lose weight that doesn't mean all of a sudden now you're free from disease you're never gonna get diabetes or heart disease in fact. Skinny people or underweight people are just at risk. For heart disease cancer diabetes and people who are overweight. So watch out thinking this its new year to get healthy I must lose weight now now now now now now now now. We're gonna focus on what health Liz. And you'll lose weight naturally member writes that little teaser army opened up ice at how would you like to lose ten pounds by next week but they don't go to the gym. Don't sweat it off don't change your diet don't count calories can that's going to have your weight let's go after your health this week. And may and you boom you're gonna see it's changed drastically. So right now I promise you meant my inbox with littered with me this gym is 999 for this month in this but has no membership fee is like excellence freeh has come and work out so like if it's this. If this time right everybody wants to lose weight room with a healthy so when I'm gonna do today. Is that gonna show you what is the myth behind what you think you're supposed to do you can't what's wrong with going to a gym what's wrong with counting calories what's wrong with I eighty. And they're gonna turn to here and show you exactly what you should do. And knowing that it is now our first commercial break coming up here's how you get access to orbit the coaching for free and diet and 7UP four. 9062094. Guys were pull out all the stops are so you had a melt fat like a theme. And never have to physically step in the gym at all 704. 906209. For him to show you how to focus on your howl. And you can part as much as a pound of fat. Night light sleep. At no cost 704906094. Death doctor aren't so it's all about weight loss will be right back. Welcome back good afternoon and happy Saturday thing you know you're listening gas sector itself I mean I was doctor Aaron parents loved loved loved the fact that you guys are joining us on this beautiful Saturday. We are discussing a tremendous help topic that relates to the new year which is weight loss and how to do this in a method attacks again it's Steve tremendous results. You know I am a lot of us right now especially during you know the post holiday season are going pocket and it's time to get back to my body against a B back to my health and the focus. And because the number one resolution in most people's health category. Is to lose weight I figured what a perfect time for me to share with few. I think to be one of the best sort of ways of doing this answer is gonna set you free from the concern that you know law last year that the didn't really work in the year before in the year before. So what we need to do is internalize the fact that Sam. Your weight. Has little to do with your health we talked briefly about that our first segment. And more about tiger health has to do with your weight and so if you were you have good health. You would have good weights I want to start thinking of your weight as a symptom of your health. And this is why so many of us have the challenge of our symptom returning with. Our weight returning when we stop focusing on health so listen can I go to the gym. And they'll for two or three or four weeks be committed work out. Stanley treadmill to my stair exercises on its doorstep and lose five or ten pounds yes that case but if you didn't change your health. Is that the underlying roots. When you slowdown are stopped doing that work out which almost all of us are gonna do anyway right in the net them the most gyms are usually. Pack the first 45 weeks of the year in the cup ever marched back to the regulars and and hopefully is emptied out again peso. When you did that what happens is you get results are short and then it comes back because he didn't fix the underlying issue. So the myths behind this are eight. That you have to you know know what you're wade is no sort of stuff and try to work your weight down so watch this that they did you know that your total weight is basically meaningless number. Because they're so much more to what you are that makes you weighed that number than just fewer weight. OK you know most scales work off the idea that there's. Either spring or some thirty digital aspect. That weighs you against gravity so it says how much gravity does it take for me to push back to neutralize. Your weight right so if you weighed 200 pound senior exerting that much force against gravity. But it tells you nothing about one is making up at 200 pounds one EF 50% at 200 pounds is back in pressed the ball. That would be a major major crisis that after bodies back you know a lot of us walk around with that much that on us. What if you were only 30% water or in your ratios were off so your total weight is made up of more than just how much you weigh. And despite it's frustrating when people go to the gym and work out because. Eight water way to the majority of your total weight so again it highway 200 pounds approximately 6065%. Of that is water. And it's good but the issue is a lot of you are holding on into the water. Because you're inherently toxic OK either. There's chemicals pesticides herbicides fungicides or there's still a little bit out hall or whatever still in sight if you. And your body uses water to sort of dilute down that that you don't get sick get or members about your health not your weight. So if you go to its avenue work out you'll sweat out some water you know you're in dated off and on average most of us can urinate out and sweat out about five to ten pounds believe it or not. He got down waterways quite a bit. So the only issue with this the is it when you leave the gym and you rehydrate with drinking a glass of water or eating foods. Your body says this walk man good work. But you do is concentrated my toxicity. And I need to delete begins so as you drink water. You will restore that water weight. And therefore your water weight comes back in the weight comes back is he out works you get frustrated thinking. Is ridiculous I've been working really hard but a loss of wade came back but that's the problem the solution to this how do we break it's meant. Is recognized that the majority of your weight is actually a result. Of how toxic you are which is that aspect of your how. Like a killer a portion of your health loser toxicity if your Coleen. If you're nontoxic. You don't have to hold on all this water. You don't at the store fat. And therefore you wouldn't even habit does that make sense you guys so if you start to collapse your toxins. And you detox he cleaned him out your body will stay this. And and you know as water anymore urinating out open the floodgates to the toilet and it'll say I don't need all this back to hold all these toxins. These aren't. In an amazing but give us this number two. So what your weight when you know scales and how much muscle you have and the challenge for most of it is as we build muscle we could actually weighed more. But technically you'd be healthier so again if you lost five pounds that. You gained five pounds of muscle that was gonna happen is you're gonna weighed the exact same which is fantastic. But it's. You'll get frustrated because again you'll stable. Three weeks at the GM. And now my weight hasn't applied this is ridiculous but by the way. Did you know that technically if you have earned that and replaced with muscle in the same amount you're actually healthier because your concentration your percentage if that is now. And listen to this. You can get a scale for under fifty bucks. That actually show you how much muscle and how much fat and how much water you have which is more important to note in your total weight. And the most support of our total weight of course is much that we have but most of us don't actually know how much without. And here's the problem right yet heard the analogy in order Putin know where you want to go. You need to know where you car. Right like you're GPS is can always say hey 88 where you wanna go first it doesn't say where are you first it says what is your destination. And then it vines where you are and it calculates the best route for you to get there. So my challenge for you right now those of you were like okay man at the new year wanna lose weight how much that you actually half. Don't just say too much can you got to know the exact number. And again for less than fifty blocks you can get a scale there's even one on Amazon called a ten need to 98 and IT eight. Cheap and when you stand on this it'll say the UA 200 pounds again this is my analogy. You weigh 200 pounds. You're 30% body fat you 25%. You know this that the other 60% water. Here's a beauty and it's just a basic math equation right. Probably two towns in scale says I'm 30% body back 30% to 260. So tell you that sixty pounds. Now for some reviewed that might be okay but for some of you that might be an exorbitant amount that you have the kind of now go do some research. Eagle on line you look up normal that ranges from my height and age and you'll find out all my guide at the time. Okay most of us men need to be in the zone of 20% or less ideally maybe 181512. Women it's a little different right when they need a little more fat than men abuse of a B 25 to thirty that the news that degrees so look it up. Figure out your ideal point and now you're starting point so this is why total weight can be does he mean. Because again if I lost ten pounds of fat and put ten pounds a month unlimited budget and I get frustrated but of at least ten pounds of fat and build twenty pounds of muscle weight bore. But I'll be leaner. And the most important thing I'd listen this is yours lean nit. How leaned her you'd not how much do you weigh you could be 300 pounds but it that is all muscled that's fantastic. Give your 10% body fat at 300 pounds in Europe beats. And it's OK there's nothing wrong with that but if you're 300 pound junior 50% body back that is walking disease development. We know that the percentage of your body fat is directly connected listen to this to your mortality. You can predict wind you're gonna die based by how much that you out. And the red flag for all of us this is worth like noting if your body that is over 40%. You're walking on death's door. That is morbid obesity to the point that we know you have. Now of heart disease diabetes development of a cancerous conditions and everything else. So we need to start focusing more on the specifics in just hate mice Gail says by way it's not to that extent. The don't fall into the trap of like I'll hop on my scale. Now Steve what it is and also don't pop the trap of doing it every single you know a day or every single week because your weight fluctuate all throughout the day. So what I want to do is just know eight what your made up as the most important thing you can view what do you actually made of as far as water that it muscle. And then really it's the simple notes and equation okay now with the OK I get too much that I have too much water how to give it in the water. Detox and work out how to get it back. Stick around for my next segment as a we're gonna go over into the zone the burning fat. But that brings up my next concept that tank Canadian heard this fat burning zone right you got to figure out your Max heart rates. And and you got to figure your aides in need to figure out calculated numbers and you you know. You hold handles the treadmill it's like being need meaning being your your fat burning down in the US stayed there as long as you can't get a bird back. That is all a bunch of Malarkey it's a hypothesis. That was never actually proven. It was a lot. Well if you push hard enough you will burn fat what they found out doing studies on this is it only works for ten to fifteen minutes. So if you find your Max heart rate which by the way it's 220 less your. Eight of your 5220. Minus 5170. I know right it's a lot of math it hurts doesn't it. Then he takes 60% of that and there's your target heart rate for fat burning according to sign OK it's all on the behest of the asked me. If you've got there let's say your at a 110 beats per minute he stayed there for fifteen minutes yet you do burn a little bit of that problem Euro on the treadmill how long. Like 30405060. Minutes. You run a six men are even a six mile runner you know you're on the stair master for half an hour what happens after fifteen minutes we'll hear it guys he's gonna Shockey. The new research says you actually use store fat. You don't part. Because your body goes like this one on earth is going on you haven't moved for ninety days. Now iGoogle in my crazy we don't know what you're doing we need to store up for the long haul. Hold off on fat burning double give you the first fifteen minutes because you know you you you you decide to get this morning it is your body does its like giving it fifteen minutes. But after that no way I'm not doing it back on the storm war. So what's a good indication of your fat burning zone OK it has nothing to do with going to GM is in metabolic marker called heat hostess. A cape like twenty dollars you can go to Amazon and buy a key tone monitor. Okay what you do is like like a diabetic you prick your finger you stick with little meter next to it and it cranks out a number that says how much key now enter in your blood. Wind you have Quito junior liked your in a fat burning zone regardless of if you're scanning it Jimmer not. You go to sleep and be burning fat if your NT toasted that the metabolic state it's win you're using fat for energy not sugar. And you can't work yourself out in to keep kosice. You have to do it by bass steam. And by eating a specific type of the diet which is low carb high that's not familiar. Those you ballistic test for a long period time it is the asked doctor Ernst diet it's the cellular guy. You fast prepared to time you eat lots and lots of back. And you keep your carbohydrates down elicit your body has twelve to fourteen hours were distorts sugar on it. The reason yet capacity of the burn through that sugar and it was a circuit burned your body says. Bingo I'm gonna burn fat but we come back next break you gonna find out the number one reason that that doesn't work for people who passed. Because there's something inside your fat cells that are working. It's still we're gonna discuss that on the comeback payless and okay at the last break men are phones exploded so here's overdoing. Four weeks of health code team on the house you're gonna get entire e-book guide everything you need. Diets recipes and meal plan everything in to get free access to my January 20 new year do you total body transportation make over. I'm gonna show you every single thing to burn bag hit it. Get off medications everything else. Normally point five dollars doors right now absolutely free 704. Ninety or 62094704906209. For gas are charts show will be right back. All right welcome back happy Saturday here listening to Seattle soccer style. It's just our how this sad disease steadily to set free market health problems I've heroes doctor or nurse and now wow allow allow you guys are loving today's topic. My idea events manager told me the phone with continuing to vibrate all the way throughout the entire racial segments though if you're just an inning going one on earth you guys doing. We are talking about a fat burning process that requires little to no gym memberships. Little note writing in fact you can now follow this diet that it talked about just a moment technically as much as he once. Until your full of the right kinds of foods that incorporates a natural that earnings statement it is heat kosice. And the benefit of this is your body's actually pre designed for this. And we're giving away a special event you know to the IP access tickets tonight January 20 new year new you make over. I've rented out the Hilton garden in here in Charlotte. And I'm doing is to simply CNET within team needs the nicotine inspiration motivation. Which you like to comment and hear from people who have. Transformed their lives lost a lot of weight gotten off medications the its ground yourself with like minded healthy individuals. So that you can learn what they are dealing. And apply those principles to your life now in these weight and it didn't feel great. And the best part of it is when you pick your health and everything changes your outlook on life mentality. Your energy and your weights because as we mentioned your weight is a direct reflection of your help. I'm giving away tickets a cake right now that normally point five dollars Buick and bit down this Saturday and next Saturday only. The days to get them for free and the cult like seven or nine years 62094. I stayed up because maybe you missed it three game get a chance to call itself 7049062094. And now minded manager will give you more details of the call and we're discussing weight loss in a method that is attractive for us which is again no GMs know crazy diets all the sort. And we're breaking down these myths behind weight loss can you know with the new year in government wants to lose weight. We discussed the idea that your total body weight is a meaningless number it has nothing do with anything really because you could gain a bunch of muscled lose weight status they'd be helped me. But be frustrated. We talked about how you must know like he got to know where you are or where you go. And knowing your total weight is not enough. You have to know exactly how much fat you have. And for less than fifty dollars you can buy a scale on Amazon called attendee that the a and IT eight. Which actually show you your percent of body back you percent of muscle your percent of water and then it's just pull out a calculator. If you weigh 200 pounds. And your 30% body back. That means you have sixty pounds of fat to stare at that number income and I'm like I'm eager to pick up a sixty pound weight well not much that you have on used to get rid of it. OK we talked about how obvious that burning zone is really just a bit. In fact if you do these work outs like treadmills or stair masters or. Long runs for more than ten to fifteen minutes your bodies can actually Thorpe back. To conserve energy rather than burn it the only that Bernie takes place in the first 1015 minutes of an intense work out your targets down. And I mention there's a better way to find out if you're burning fat it that you just basically city you're your your table. And you prick your finger and you hold it at this monitored ill tell you. Are you Bernie that are not paid its measuring blood marker that you can do what you can do is basically for almost no cost at all I think it's like 2030. Boxed buys things. Prick of blood. Stick to meter next to it it's gonna give you a number now listen if it says zero. I hope you guys recognize that means you are not in Quito it means you're not burning fat is so don't get frustrated if you're like why aren't I lose anyway hazard not in a metabolic that burning state. Thank your ancestors for this ready human body goes into a metabolic state called key kosice. This is key to losing weight now and what you need to do is understand that you can create this. I something you do with your diets not something you do with your GM. And what a key toasts at state is is when you take a fat molecule. Bernie for Entergy is that taking sugar to burn for energy and as your as your body adapts to levels of low carbohydrates. Then your body will stable at we're start being there's no food so let's turn this back. The reason we can take our ancestors for this is partly why we are around this species as opposed to becoming extinct. Is we have the potential as a human being. To go for a longer period time without food and other animals we can survive for ought to a month. Without eating anything you might say even make it to Lawrence. Cable that's an indication you're not burning fat for energy when you're a fat burner you can go a long time without eating food. And your body is more efficient at creating energy. So it says zero OK fact of the matter is you're not burning fat at all don't go to the gimmicky trying to work it off. We have to focus on how to get us into that switch at the switch to become a dapper. It fits likes eight point five or one point now you might have some cold bitter cold. If you did in the past that you not do it right now. If you're between one and too many got a little fire going good for you. If your over 2345. Minute it's like a roaring blaze and you are burning fat it's dripping off your body. And people look at you going. What Jim do you go to a new state I don't have one I don't even need one at that that's what went against it is key topics state if you wanna learn more of me about that. Head over to my website makes you join me from my seminar 120 we're we're diving deep into that and here's an excellent that we get sucked into it only counting calories. You know well if I could do is eat less calories. And burn more calories than the scales will tilt my favor and I'll lose weight and doesn't work like that paid the reason is. Is this massive problem with tank how he's won it's imprecise. It's not very accurate to. We don't actually absorb calories when we think we absorb them three. You might start with a low calorie food but that we you cook it can drastically change its calories. And for all of us youth calories the same. I have. Ready for this most of us aren't good at figuring out how many calories are in a food product anyway. Six. The food labeling industry knows that you think calories are important city make the numbers look low by increasing in this serving size eaters the Nat. You know that one protein bar says it's their sixth in your like I hate the whole thing you know at a hundred calories not actually it's 600. So we're just not good at doing the math. And lastly it has nothing to do with your energy or your weight or anything. That's all a calorie is. Is an inner G concept how much energy as in dude how much does it take the raising gram of water one degrees Celsius. That fit that's what a calorie is by definition. So if you look at the handful at Kerry and appease the cake. I could eat enough carrots. To get the cinematic calories appease the cake and doesn't mean anything it doesn't do any thing. It's of that equation is broke it. So we got to literally stopped counting calories and instead count your carbohydrates. You're sugars weighing more important. Because what you'll find activities low low carb foods have low calories because the more calories comes from the carbohydrate and other things. Wow where on earth has this seismic on a flag or commercials coming up her a get ready. I know you guys are gonna love this so makes you call this number seven afford 9062094. I am offering it for week three coaching guide plots access tonight. Weight loss event on January 20 and Saturday. Seven afford 90620948. Gas sector are celebre back. On the back happy new year and what a great Saturday carelessly capped records show doctor turner. Out pictured it and that's today. I'll applaud you for taking your Saturday. And for dedicated to your health because that you know this is your health power this gas doctorate shall we ask hard questions for Al. And we entered them in a method more natural holistic. And inspiration you know for me. I think the new year is kind of restart the focus on the health we've read they want to do this the right way he would frustrated upset. This show is about how to burn fat fast it's about the minutes behind weight loss and and the things you computer really leveraged as. So those either stick around your pencils are probably on fire from taking all these good notes. Do a quick summary states the things he could deal a nose either just Ninan will be able to catch up and you know exactly what's needed they'll. OK so first is this okay. The idea that you're gonna lose weight and get help the I need to test try to crack that out of your skull right. Just because you lose weight doesn't mean you're healthy. I know a lot of skinny people who still a cancer RT diabetes and parkinson's so beans Gainey doesn't prevent them. Mental health issues and also know a lot of overweight people. Who don't have any major health issues. You would look at them and double my god you must be riddled with high cholesterol triglycerides everything but yet there they look good because again there weights. Is about more than just how much they way it's about what are they beta right so I have higher percentages of water. Lower percentage of higher percentage of an awful I can wait a lot but be really healthy or I could be dehydrated. Not have a lot of muscle and a ton of back in I'd be really thick. In fact he can be skinny and they'll be back is to give back incited you to not on the outside visible. Is that why it's really important to know more about your body. And listening to their doctors and physicians even well as coach that can help you this is what I do for a living if the people come to my clinic. It was sent down at least eight what's your health goal. What are you looking for and in the biggest the biggest difference between me and someone else. Why do you want because what I've learned in now eleven years of coaching people. Is that unless you haven't anchored YE a reason and not just superficial like I wanna look Spinner. Elects of the connected to your sole purpose in life for to your family or friends or your kids. You know like damn that's sort of why if we get really paid an average points we actually coach to take you through this process of helping define why. And then we do is we tell you everything about your body what is it doing even things you don't even know it's doing but important to note like he inoperative back. There's not enough water and that's what a lot of people do they still doctor Ernst I drink like a gallon Watergate hop in and not have enough water. Well chronic dehydration is a sign of metabolic ship. Because of toxicity. So what we want to help you re organize your body from a method that gives it its power to work by itself. So if you're just looking your total weight you're going to be skewed. And is the Mitt pager total weight in number of pounds basically meaningless number. Unless you know what it's made up how much water comic muscle comet back. And all the rest is like organs those issues and things like that. We talked about how the active side dating to the gym and in tenure that earnings known. While it might sound good made it might look good you know you might have people look at you like while manic guys but it him for an hour he must be healthy now it's it's just that. It's a short lived indication of can you parts of that for a little period of time. If you get into your target that burning down when he stayed there for ten or fifteen minutes yes he can burn them that's great. But most of us old dispute fifteen minutes and leave right. So I can kind of dizziness rates a brand new the new year you walk in the GM EBP and an 815 minutes later you'd be out I'd bet you all that Tim had to like. You'd have he'd done anything did you just go back coated not to change clothes and leave. Nobody if you work out like that you're actually ahead of the game but nobody does. Case that we mentioned that the best way to know if your brain that is not to go to the gym and work out like crazy to just check it marker. You can check in the comfort of your own home. And you can do it completely by yourself and you can learn. Are you burning fat it's measuring something called Keith on body there's a blood monitor. Called a key town monitor Kate EPO and need. If you go to Amazon any type it and it's not 25 box and he look it's a strips called heat and strips. And yes it looks like you're checking your blood sugar but instead. You're looking for this molecule called beta hydroxy puree it is a blood marker of how much that your priority to make. How easy it. But I didn't notice that you'll never go to look for it and that's why use the now as he repeated it where you wanna go you gotta know. You got to know let's start knowing about ourselves that we that we Saddam. We need to get a ecosystem to talk about a moment. And if we count calories. There's a problem with that because. A calorie doesn't have much to do with anything other than the energy it takes to raise a gram of water. One degree Celsius though it's August 500 calories it has a better potential to heat water. Okay now is that important well you're sixties these prep that waters that yes but he doesn't have really anything to do with fat burning them access to guys is just. A state of how much he does it tenor decay that you'd think well I'm hot I'm burning fat because I'm working out can you believe this fat burning on net and now and and and held it to my advice is let's focus on your help. OK let's find out if your in a state of health the net metabolism. Do you have the right ratio of water OK if you're dehydrated. It's usually because your body can't get the water into the cells because you're toxic. As the what happens is you hold all the water in your body. But it's not in the cell. The scales measures cellular water that you could be puffed up and swollen. But the dehydrated because all the toxins in your polite as the water is there so how do we get rid of all the water we detox right. If you have it for example too much that. It's if you're not burn in the need to part of that by gaining in geeky toast it's not like going to the gym he didn't keep notes that by doing two things you asked. And you eat a low carbohydrate. Low calorie low carbohydrate high depressing to do it to look at. The total number of carves consumed in it day. And it's not as easy as you think I wish I could just say. He go to the back of all your food products. He's able what's the total carbohydrate. But if you're looking up box at the label I guarantee you it's on the stuff that it like pesticides herbicides and CMO products and it's got more carbohydrates and you won. Not by how many cards in like a piece of chicken or not a cot or Kerry tried Google. Casey didn't do a little bit of work but immediate secret here. If you can not to eat every day for twelve to fourteen hours and you might say my god that sounds like I'm not at all. When you go to sleep for about 78 of them right. You don't eat sleep DOW might be at the problem we need to stop that. But if you're just sleeping in not eating there six to seven of those twelve to fourteen right now it's really just that wake up at six or seven. And at the hold off on eating breakfast. A practice the most important part of the day it is if you don't want to lose weight. Okay why if I put calories in the book carbohydrates that puts the open in my body. I'm not gonna burn through my reserves. Right you have a reserve tank just like your card debt and the only difference is when your cart tank run out of its reserve it stops you you don't have any more fuel. But we as human beings can use two things technically three bits do things for fuel sugars and facts. So your take your gas tank is like sugar monitor tech case that when you get to your reserve. Most of bugle time to fill up. I'd eat I'm hungry practice and you fill the carbohydrates back up and notice he never burn through the reserve to get your second and your back. Health all that fat and kids it's loaded. If you wanna bird nest up off you've got to empty your first tank first. With a nine on using analogies to the actual science it is the probably pour all of you are UK if I do this. OK or enter your carbohydrate tank. How do you do that stop eating to stop like not in a water. Hot tea coffee good but don't eat solid food don't eat anything as it carbohydrate calorie and it beat pods. You can burn through the reserve and when you bird reserves here's the magic of the human body goes like this. It was an there are no sugars low round. And there's all this battery there. I spent long times that we burn fat B you know we can do it is. As long as this person doesn't eat any carbohydrates as we're so used to burning car for energy price he won I'm gonna go laughter. He's put it the case that when you stop you drastically decrease your carbohydrate consumption. You start burning your back and here's the problem right most of us never eating fitness because we haven't passed it. And secondly again you guys are all at the gym now go watch this Kate at the gym and working like crazy you do and cross their egos like intense things. It actually stated that says cortisol level goes up. We beat high intensity now work that you if you're on a treadmill for more than fifteen minutes and cortisol start climbing an answer question with chords of the its doors back. It put in your body puts it to put three guys. So we don't wanna do that now the way you can encourage. Yourself to bird that is win your tank is empty right memory said now low carbohydrates. Now I'm Bernie Mac app is eat. I know it's ridiculous is and eat back. Because then you'd never refill. The tank for your carbohydrates you keep adding that to that tank over there. And it burns the birds and birds become more efficient you burn fat faster. But you have to sort of teacher by now I'm not talking about going out and like units Allard Agnelli avocados and nuts and yeah feasting coconut oil all those healthy back because what they view. Is being courage your hormones to working guys and here's the secret OK here's speaker. Weight loss the hormones more than is about died in an exercise you have hormones that actually burned back but they don't work for most of us. Have you heard the called leptin LE PTI and it's a hormone that actually held your brains aren't back. And here's the crazy it's produced by back. And it's a cycle as the fat fills up in your body if that will decrease hormone called leptin tell your brain and it too much but you gotta get rid of but what happens from out of its pre yet. Because of something called leptin resistant. It's the same act as insulin resistance like diabetes that may eat too much carbohydrates. And you Burnett it's the year sector for sugar because they're sugar all of the place and and honest as opinion those cells like being like ringing the doorbell a thousand times a day. And it's now goes acquit. Okay when you're not burning fat in your toxic dehydrated that Lebanese agreement and it is like pop art house and the brains like I can't. Because you're not anti toast it. I'm in a turn off the ability to hear this but think an adult here and can't do it it's called leptin resistance you've applied as the planet happen. There's also a hormone called grow and now it's morale and because it current mix your stomach growl literally it's what it called it rally. It makes your stomach growl which makes you hungry and what happens from most of it is our rally and is high. And a leptin is exceptionally. The work constantly hungry we have to eat all the time to be full and we're stressed out like crazy it's are cortisol is high and what pics is all of that. Being meaning meaning. In committed fasting with heat coast you can reset that with in about five days which is why set to begin to show all it takes is a week to pull this off. And through their ego and here we are almost at the end right so here's my call to action for all of you ready. Join me Saturday. January 20. 11 AM at the hot the Hilton garden and here in Charlotte and it's completely free normally 25 dollars that you don't call this number right now he call you go to my website on Monday. Point I'd Boxee it and yours right now for free that are afford 906. And 094 also. Need to give you at that event an entire four week laid out plan of action to the unity Telesis. Help you burn fat and do everything all at Nino is do you wanna come Thibodeau or. Ninety or six Tuesday night four and if they spoke perform at the final at asked doctor arts Aussie guys next week.